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The Hesitant Alien / The Punk Rock Princess

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The Hesitant Alien


01 - Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In - The 5th Dimension
02 - Dream Weaver - Gary Wright
03 - Starships - Nikki Minaj
04 - Come Sail Away - Styx
05 - Motorway to Roswell - The Pixies
06 - Mr. Spaceman - The Wandering
07 - Books About UFOs - Husker Du
08 - Starman - Tomoyasu Hotei
09 - Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft - Klaatu
10 - Tonight The Stars Revolt! - Powerman 5000
11 - Zero Zero UFO - The Ramones
12 - Mr. Spaceman - Omar LinX
13 - We're Not Alone - Nas
14 - Rapture - Blondie

Songs like Aquarius, Dream Weaver, and Come Sail Away really evoked the kinda of dreamy, New Age-y feel that Gerard-as-a-alien gives me. Throw in a dash of classic punk like the Ramones, some alt rock like the Pixies, some great hip-hop from Nas, and you have something that Alien!Gerard might really dig. There's no soundtrack about a alien!Gerard without Starman, but I chose to go with Tomoyasu Hotei's version, and a cover of the Byrds' Mr. Spaceman by the Wandering, a Southern roots group that includes a kazoo. No mix about aliens can be complete without Nikki Minaj's exuberant Spaceships and I chose to end the album with Blondie's Rapture, one of the earliest instances of rapping (by a woman no less!)

The Punk Rock Princess


01 - Never Say Never - Romeo Void
02 - Bad Reputation - Joan Jett
03 - Horses - Patti Smith
04 - Typical Girls - The Slits
05 - Peek-A-Boo - Siouxsie And The Banshees
06 - Identity - X-Ray Spex
07 - My Cat - Jack Off Jill
08 - Driver - Perfect Pussy
09 - Jumpers - Sleater-Kinney
10 - Reactor - NOTS
11 - What Are Little Girls Made Of - Spitboy
12 - Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill
13 - Wednesday Night Melody - Bleached
14 - Leader - Bif Naked
15 - Give Violence A Chance - G.L.O.S.S.

Lindsey is in a band that describes its music as electro-punk jungle pussy or industrial jungle pussy punk. She's described herself as a feminist, and has a known love for in-your-face performance art. Which to be honest, is a great definition of the punk genre in general.

I wanted to put together a mix of songs that Lindsey would love and appreciate, but also something that would highlight the women (especially women of color, and transwomen) who are too often erased from the history of punk. And I wanted to include some of the newer bands, the young women who are keeping the tradition alive by getting up on stage and proving (again) that anything men can do, women can do louder, faster, and better.

For more information, there's this The Story of Feminist Punk in 33 Songs.