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Colour Run: PREVIEW

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Yoongi smiled at Jungkook, and the younger boy felt his heart nearly beat out of his chest, feeling heat rise to his cheeks and he couldn’t stop himself from launching himself at the man, his hands coming to cup Yoongi’s face as their lips crashed together. Yoongi let out a surprised squeak, pulling away slightly. They both stared at each other, and Jungkook felt himself shake, thinking I’ve done something wrong, before Yoongi’s hands were at his waist and lifting the boy up to sit properly on his lap, lips finding each others again, but with Yoongi in control, it was less rushed, if only for a moment.
Jungkook barely had time to enjoy the soft kiss before he opened his eyes. His vision was assaulted with a strange new colour, causing him to nearly freeze, his lips popping off of Yoongi’s with a wet, pink, smack. He had never seen so many colours at once without them looking hideously crowded, but this... this was something different. Something new. The color faded slowly, but Jungkook wanted more of it—wanted more of this strange colour—so he kissed Yoongi again.
And again.
And again.
Jungkook kissed Yoongi until his lips were numb and his body was aching. His fingers were tangled in
Yoongi’s freshly died brown hair and his breath was coming out in soft red puffs, mingling with Yoongi’s own nearly white puffs of air. Jungkook tugged lightly at Yoongi’s hair, and made a deeper grey growl rip from Yoongi’s lips, his lips breaking off of Jungkook’s own and trailing to his jaw, making the younger boy gasp, a bright pop of iridescence filling his vision, followed by a red splash that seemed dim in comparison.
“Shit, Jungkook,” Yoongi chuckled, his teeth nipping at Jungkook’s jaw, making the younger whimper and attempt to grind his hips down discretely, his unsuccessfulness obvious when Yoongi gripped his hips harder in order to drag the movements a little longer. “Excited?”
Jungkook couldn’t even find it in him to nod, only pressing Yoongi’s face further against his neck and bucking his hips down, the colour that filled his vision driving him forward. But suddenly, Yoongi started pulling away, leaving only fluttering kisses to the skin of Jungkook’s neck before moving up to capture his lips in soft butterfly kisses. Jungkook whined, trying to hold Yoongi in place, but the man wouldn’t have it, instead, whispering against his lover’s lips.
“This is your first kiss Jungkook,” Yoongi said, his breath ghosting over Jungkook’s lips and making the younger boy stiffen, dropping his hands from Yoongi’s hair and onto his shoulders. “Lets save your first time for another day, okay?” Jungkook feels a heavy blush coating his cheeks, but the calm grey form of Yoongi’s words makes him feel better, letting him melt against the older man, completely lax in his hold. He nods softly, but still lifts a palm to Yoongi’s cheek, cupping it in the hopes the older man would understand his request. Yoongi chuckled, pressing his lips softly against Jungkook’s, making the younger sigh against the soft pink lips. With each separation came a pink swirl, but with each meeting came dozens of iridescent bubbles, filling Jungkook’s vision with the soft spheres.
Yoongi separates for the last time with one final pop, and Jungkook watches as all the bubbles fade, before his gaze is on Yoongi’s eyes and he can’t help but gasp at the adoration filled in them.
“Come on, dream boy,” Yoongi smiles, his hands giving Jungkook’s thigh a soft rub before moving him off. “Lets get out of the house.