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Where Have You Gone

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Cat Grant was missing. That’s all everyone knew, they didn’t know where she was or what had happened. She was on a return flight back to National City when her private jet went down in a forested part of Northern California. There was no signs of her or the pilot’s in the wreckage. So a search party had been sent out and Supergirl soon followed, if anyone could find Cat Grant it was going to be Supergirl. Kara had to admit with her new job keeping her rather busy and her daily saving National City routine she barely saw Cat anymore.


She missed Cat, she never thought she’d hear herself say that. She’s not sure when or how long she had started to feel something for Cat Grant that was more than she should be feeling. But she tried not to dwell on it and thus the reason why she found herself so busy all the time. Kara was angry with herself, she wasn’t sure why it was taking her so long to find Cat but she couldn’t be dead. She just couldn’t.


A week of searching and the search team had been called off but Kara still searched every chance she got. James momentarily taking care of business for CatCo until an answer behind Cat’s disappearance could be determined. It was the eighth night and Kara searched, coming to a waterfall in a clearing, a cave nearby. Her super hearing picked up on a heartbeat coming from inside the cave. Thinking it was just a black bear at first but she caught a familiar scent on the air and flew to the mouth of the cave.


Kara gulped and shouted into the cave, “Miss Grant!?”


But there was no answer back. Walking further into the cave Kara noticed a faint glow bouncing off the walls and as she got closer she realized it was fire. And sure enough in the back of the cave was a fire and a small figure curled up next to it. Cautiously walking up to the figure she knew had to be Cat, dirty and smaller looking, but the same blonde hair. Reaching a hand out Kara shook at her shoulder, “Miss Grant?”


Startling her awake Cat screamed and pushed herself far away from Kara, looking at her with panic.


Holding her hands up Kara took a slow step forward, “It’s okay now Miss Grant, you’re safe.”


But Cat looked at her like she had no idea who she was, trying to push herself as far into the cave wall as possible.


“Cat...Cat, it’s okay, it’s me Supergirl. You’re safe now, I’m going to take you home.”


Cat was clearly having a panic attack, breathing hard, and Kara could hear the rapid beating over her heart.


Crouching down to Cat’s level Kara looked at her with a warmness and protectiveness reserved for only her. Reaching out a hand which made Cat flinch but she remained stationary.

“Shh, it’s okay. You’re okay, I won’t hurt you,” and if there were ever a time that Kara didn’t know why the next few words out of her mouth with this it was now, “It’s me….Kara. Let’s go home, Cat.”


Cat’s breathing evened out and she looked from Kara’s warm eyes to the hand she held out and back again, “Ka-ra…”


Cat’s voice came out unlike herself, like she didn’t know who she was. But Kara smiled and nodded, “Yeah, Kara, that’s me.”




The disheveled blonde reached out slowly and placed her hand in Kara’s feeling the warmth of her made Cat feel safe so she threw herself into Kara’s arms and clung to her like her life depended on it. Cupping Cat’s head to comfort the woman’s trembling Kara picked her up and looked around, noticing broken sticks and berries and small animal bones. What had happened to Cat Grant and the two missing pilots?


Why hadn’t she sought out civilization, why was she hiding out in a cave like this?


“Now don’t be afraid, I’m going to fly us back to National City. Hold on tight.”


Kara heard a yelp and felt Cat’s grasp around her neck tighten as she launched them into the night air. She had to take her to a hospital and figure out what was wrong with the woman. She must be in shock is all Kara could think of. And so she flies faster back to National City, Cat clinging tight and a nagging worry that whatever happened to Cat might happen again.