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Set Aside and Allow to Thicken

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It began as it had many other nights, with Malcolm giving a nod of his head towards the barn, not making the slightest attempt to wait until everyone else was occupied. The first few times she'd resisted, had pretended she hadn't seen, but he was pleased to see her shoulders sag now. She gave no other sign of having seen, but that was just as good. Better.

He sat back in his chair, legs kicked out under the table across the chair opposite him. He was achingly hard, tenting his pants, and he was confident enough that it would be missed by the others, hidden as it was beneath the table, that he lazily draped his hand into his lap atop it. Stared directly at his oldest daughter where she still sat across from him as he worked his thumb and forefinger beneath the hem of his pants and closed them around his cock. He hummed satisfaction, eyes drifting half shut. Allowed his hand to drift back and forth just slightly before falling still.

He watched her from beneath the fall of his lids as he clenched and released his hand around his length. Knew that he had her when she shivered, her hand coming up to grip her upper arm, watching his avidly as he sank still lower into his chair, sipping at his drink as the room slowly cleared out.

Leandra came to kiss him last. Didn't look once at her daughter, her shoulders held stiff, and he just barely resisted the urge to ask her if she wanted to join in, just to see her expression, before she turned and walked to their bedroom. He knew she would lie awake for hours, waiting for him, and decided to give her a treat.

“Come here,” he told his eldest. Smiled when she hesitated, though it held no humor and quite a few promises he knew, they both knew, she did not want to collect on.

She made her way to him with jerking steps and stood before him, clenching and unclenching her hands at her sides as she pushed his chair away from the table so that she could clearly see where his growing erection pushed against his work trousers. “Well?” He said, not bothering to keep his voice lowered, a slow smile curling his lips. “Make yourself useful.”

She hesitated again, for the space of a breath, but sank readily enough to her knees. Reached for him with hands that shook, as they had no matter how many times they did this, and pulled him out. He let out a long, unselfconscious groan when she wrapped calloused fingers around him, pleased, as he always was, to see that she couldn't take him all the way into her mouth without that hand wrapped around his base.

He waited until her mouth had sank halfway down him before bucking up, pushing as far into her mouth as he could. Gave a satisfied grunt when she choked and snapped out a hand to grip her hair and yank her down onto him until he felt her throat flutter around him, held her there as he fucked her mouth as hard as he wanted, making soft wet sounds he knew would be easily heard in his and Leandra’s bedroom. Made sure to groan his daughter’s name aloud before finally released her, only to haul her up onto the table where they had eaten just a few bare hours ago and yanked his daughter’s pants and smalls down to her ankles.

She turned her head away when he ripped her shirt open, scattering buttons. She grit her teeth on a harsh noise but he grinned with satisfaction to see her legs had started to drift apart, baring her the rest of the way to his gaze. He wasted no time in shoving them wide. Gripped her thighs, digging his thumbs in just way he knew she liked, his breaths going near soundless when she shuddered and twisted, her heels digging into the table legs as she arched up into his hands, a whine building up between her teeth and tongue, near begging him to touch her.

This was one of his favorite parts of this game they played, waiting for her need to overpower her pride. Sometimes it took hours, and he reveled in every moment. He wondered how long it would take tonight. Leisurely bent to take a nipple into his mouth as he circled her clit with one forefinger, never quite touching it. When she started to squirm, her breath coming with more difficulty, he moved his hand down to trace up and down her folds, almost but not quite dipping inside her as he circled the slick evidence her own arousal around and around and around until her voice broke on a plea. “Touch me,” she begged, wriggling on the table to try and press up against his cock, but he easily held her down with his other hand.

“No,” he said simply, a fierce bolt of smug pride mixed with arousal flaring through him. She flushed with shame but couldn't help the first of what he knew would be many moans this night when he slowly pressed a crooked finger into her waiting cunt, her hips leaping up to follow when he drew it out. “That's not how I brought you up. We ask proper when we want a favor.”

He knew the phrasing would burn her up, and it did, the pretty russet glow to her cheeks deepening when her lips peeled away from her teeth, then further when he replaced one finger with three without warning, pumping them out of her slow but hard, relentless, pulling out a sharp, high cry of need that broke upon meeting the air. “We say please when people are doing something for us that we need,” he said gently, so gently, a counterpoint to the harsh slap of skin against skin. “Tell me, or I'll stop.”

“Fuck you,” she grit out, just this side of a sob, and he sighed, pulled his hand free so that she let out the shaking cry she'd been trying to hold back. “Please! Please touch me,” she babbled, her hips leaping up towards him when he smiled, when at last he started to line his cock up. “That's a good girl,” he crooned, making her snarl again, just the way he'd wanted her to. Made sure to lock his eyes on hers as he drove in her in one long thrust that made her choke on her next words, made her scrabble at his shoulders and his back. “You're being so good for daddy.”

He passed a hand down her stomach and back up to tweak a nipple until she cried out and clenched around him so tight he saw stars. Grunting, he gripped both her hands in one of his shoved them down onto the table over her head as he rocked his hips, burying himself between her legs again and again. "Quiet," he ordered when she sobbed for breath. Hitched her legs over his shoulders and used this new angle to fuck her long and slow and deep, gliding in and out of her with agonizing slowness, memorizing every inch, what drew forth what sound. "You're so wet for daddy," he said against her ear. Smiled when she shivered and bit the tender skin just below her ear and bore down until her hips jerked, pushing herself further down his shaft. "Do you touch yourself, thinking of me? Of this?"

He held himself still until she whined and fought the grip of his hand against her wrists. He lifted her wrists and slammed them back down even as he thrust in her hard enough that she gasped an inarticulate noise when he bottomed out. "Told you to be quiet," he said, then bent over her when a thought occurred to him. "I told your mother you beg me to fuck you," he whispered, lips curving when she hiccuped out a sob that was half a moan and worked herself against him. He could feel how slick she was, spattering him every time he drew out, and he gripped her hip bruisingly hard and yanked her down on his cock until she moaned for him properly, until she spread her legs wide on his shoulders. "Told her you wait for me in our bed when she goes to market. That the first time we fucked it was there. That the second time was on her side."

He hadn't said that he'd fucked his daughter from behind on that occasion. That he'd wanted to really see her tits bounce when he fucked her until she cried, but he was more than certain Leandra's imagination had been able to fill in the details. Like the way her chest heaved when he pressed his thumb into the soft skin of her hip and followed her when she jerked away, all of his breath tumbling out when he drove into her hard enough her breasts swayed, so he did it again, and again, setting up a rhythm she couldn't hope to keep up with, though he was pleased to see that she tried. Worked herself against him, panting harsh and loud and wild, broken whimpers falling between thrusts that he didn't bother to quiet.

He let his hand fall from her wrists, down to her thigh to grip it hard enough she wailed as he pumped in and out of her fast enough her every breath was a keen. “Touch yourself,” he ordered, eyes locked on her, caught and held in breathless expectation, knowing she would obey but needing to see it for himself, the power he had over his daughter turning him on nearly as much as the tight, hot clench of her around his cock.

He let out a ragged groan when she did, when she started to pinch her breasts, hesitantly at first and then with greater urgency when he only quickened the pace, balls slapping wetly against her tight little cunt. “I wonder,” he said louder, “if you'll give me any children? Brothers, twins maybe, who would grow up knowing what a-” he grunted, lifted his hands to hold her ankles up and pounded her harder, making cry out, making her hand fall back against the table with every hard thrust,”whore their mother is.” His daughter sobbed but twisted, fucking herself on his cock with just as much clear desperation as he fucked her. “I think so. I think it might be this time. Beg me to come. Beg.”

She tossed her head on the table but remained silent until he slapped her ass simultaneous with thrusting into her hard enough to shove the table across the floor and screamed, “Please! Please come! Fuck!” And started to sob, weather with need or not he didn't know, didn't care, his mind fuzzing out with savage pleasure as his hips stuttered against her once, twice more and giving a loud, harsh yell as he spent himself deep inside her. He could feel her come almost as he did, squirting around him so that his last thrusts were sloppy and wet and so arousing that the world whited out at the edges.

When he came back to himself, it was to find himself bent over his sobbing daughter in the kitchen table. Now, that was no good, was it? “Let me tuck you in,” he said, groaning as pulled out of her with a shockingly loud pop. He didn't bother to rearrange himself into his clothes. Why bother, when he'd be getting much more use out of his cock before the night was through?