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You groaned, your upper back and shoulders aching in pain as you attempted to relieve the pressure forced by the wrappings recently applied by Kabuto. A sigh escaped your lips as a rather loud crack and pop were heard from your shoulders. Walking slowly, you made her way to one of the closer kitchens to make yourself and a couple of your own snakes some food. Pulling open the fridge you took out some meat from the previous meal and warmed it up, while also pulling some rat traps out from under the counter and in the walls. Seven rats, enough for your four snakes and three of Orochimaru's that occasionally stayed with you. As the microwave beeped you pulled out your food and, with the rat cages in tow, headed back to your room. Once inside, the snakes seemed to notice their food. (S/n/1), your Rainbow Boa, lunged at one of the cages. The rat hissed at the snake who returned the favor and attempted to lunge at it again. (S/n/2), (S/n/3), and (S/n/4) waited patiently, eyeing their meals silently. Once the cages were set down (S/n/1) forced her way into the cage and quickly swallowed the rat, who was screeching until the snake's insides had suffocated it. (S/n/2) did the same, only he slowly strangled the rat until he was satisfied, (S/n/3) doing the exact same. (S/n/4) bit his, as he is a Cobra, and waited for the large brown rat to die. The other three rates were quickly eaten by Orochimaru's snakes, who joined you on your bed after they had finished. (S/n/1) curled herself in her master's lap and watched silently, while (S/n/2), (S/n/3), and (S/n/4) were seemingly conversing with Orochimaru's three.

As you finished your food you heard a knock on the door and answered 'come in.' You sighed at the person in front of you. His shorter black hair and black eyes annoyed you, as he stood there and watched you.

"What is it, Uchiha?" You asked, setting your plate next to you on your bed.
"Orochimaru told me you were supposed to go on a mission today."
"Not happening, Uchiha. Your chidori injured me more than you think and I can no longer go on any missions for about three weeks. Find someone else." The Uchiha scoffed and walked away, leaving your door partially open as he did.

Sighing in annoyance, you slowly stood to close your door. As you did you felt a heavy hand on your back, causing you to let out a low hiss. Turning your head slightly, you saw him in your room. His long black hair hung over his shoulders limply and his golden eyes had strange look in them that you couldn't figure out. Moving his hand again, he applied more pressure to your back until you groaned and a 'crack' sounded from your once-stiff shoulders. Looking back over at him, your (h/c) hair falling over your (e/c) eyes, you thanked him.
He smiled before closing your door, and moving your hair from her face. Keeping a blush from your (s/t) skin was a struggle all in itself, but the look he was giving you was making you feel strange. He spoke suddenly.

"How badly injured is your back?"
"Kabuto said that it would take a while to heal completely, but with some of his healing it should get better in a few weeks." He nodded before speaking again.
"May I see?" You were quiet for a moment before nodding. Removing your shirt, you turned around and allowed him to see the bandages. You weren't able to remove them yourself due to some of the pain in your back so he began to unwrap them himself.

To your surprise he was gentle and moved his fingers carefully as he pulled off the slightly blood-stained wraps. Once they were off you crossed your arms over your bare chest, accidentally allowing Orochimaru to see some of the bone from your shoulder blades stick out. He went silent as his fingers lightly grazed over the deep cuts, earning a hiss from you. He looked over the rest of your back to find a some-what deep hole in your back, not enough to kill you but if it had been any more you would have died. He sighed and growled to himself, accidentally causing you to worry slightly.

"Lord Orochimaru, is something wrong?"
"No, it's nothing. would you mind turning around?"
"W-what?" You looked at him over your shoulder, (h/c) hair falling over your shoulders and face.
"Turn around." You did what you were told with a sigh, your arms tightening around your bare chest. "You don't have to hide, you know?" He took your arms in his and moved them to your sides, allowing him to see your bare top half. As he looked he found a scar, more recent one at that. It traveled from your right ear, down the right side of your face, to the left side of your neck, down the middle of your collar bone, and then down between your breasts and ended below your left breast on your left side. He glared at the scar, only able to assume from whom you received it. "Did Sasuke give you this as well?" You were silent for a minute. It was training, you were bound to get hurt; so why was he questioning you? "Did Sasuke give you this too? I won't ask you again, (Y/n)."
"Yes, but it was in training, so I was bound to get hurt anyways." You watched as he placed two fingers on the upped part of your scar and they traveled all the way down to the end at your side. A groan escaped your lips at he applied pressure to different parts of the scar. A growl was heard from him as he looked over the wound. "Did I do something, Lord Oro-"
"Get on your bed, (Y/n)."
"Get on your bed. I want to look more at your wounds." You were hesitant but did as he asked, sitting on the bed.

Orochimaru walked over and (S/n/1) slithered up onto your shoulders as he did. Moving closer he placed his fingers on your neck and gently moved them until he found a more thin area of skin and twisted it in between his fingers, causing a light gasp to escape from you. You looked over at him, waiting for an answer.

"(Y/n), you asked me before why I kept you here. Why I never sent you on far away missions or ones that could possibly end badly..." Leaning closer he pressed his forehead to yours until you two were kissing, and you returned it rather quickly. He pulled away slowly, only to push back against your lips and use his longer tongue to invade your mouth, your tongues fighting for dominance. He won in the tongue battle and, as he pulled away, he moved his long tongue along your jaw line and down your neck until it reached your collar bone and he found your sensitive spot, leaning in once more to bite down and suck on the spot.

You gasped as he began to draw blood from the bite and pulled away, a bruise quickly forming over the area as it continued to bleed. Moving his long tongue he kept eye contact as it explored your breasts, one of his hands beginning to play with the right one. Moving to his knees he pushed you onto your back and switched breasts, his tongue on the right and his hand on the left. You groaned as Orochimaru played with your buds, his fingers pinching it and soon traveling down your side until he reached your pants, which sat low on your hips. Teasingly, he ran his longer fingers along your lower hips, pressing heavily once he reached the center point. You groaned as he did, his fingers traveling into your pants. He noticed you reaching for his clothes and he stopped teasing you, assisting you in the removal of his clothes. Once in only his undergarments he removed your pants as well, leaving you naked in front of him. You closed your legs in embarrassment, making the pale man chuckle. He pulled your legs apart and licked your clit, a moan escaping from you. He continued in his motions, one of his hands going back to teas one of your buds. You began to groan and moan louder as he moved his tongue faster, stopping just as you were about to reach your peak. You moaned in annoyance and slowly sat up, moving over to him, you pushed him down and removed his undergarments and hesitantly took him into your mouth, your tongue moving slowly and over his slit, your teeth lightly dragging over his head. Orochimaru groaned loudly as you did, his hand moving to your already messy (h/c) hair and forcing your head closer. You moved your tongue faster and faster until he almost reached his peak and suddenly slowed, your tongue going unbearably slow until it rubbed over his tip one last time and he came into your mouth. Pulling away, you swallowed all of it. Grinning, he pushed you onto your back and his three snakes slithered around him until one was near your heat and moved just along the hairs. He watched you carefully before speaking, his eyes meeting yours.

"Have you ever done this?"
"No, only the blow job." He chuckled and moved one hand to your breasts.
"I figured you had."

Blushing once more you felt him move one of your legs further open then stop, only to pull his other hand back and play with your folds. He then opened you up slightly before speaking, one of his fingers teasing you. "Kamchi is going in first. Ready?" You were silent. 'Kamchi!? One of his biggest snakes!?' You opened your mouth to speak, only for your words to turn into a groan of pain as the large snake slowly moved inside of you. Your breaths turned into heavy pants as the large snake continued to move his body inside of you. As the snake moved, Orochimaru's tongue went back to your clit, teasing you until you came, and the snake removed itself from inside of you. The blood from breaking your hymen covering the snake's head and upper part of its body. Your breath came in light pants until Orochimaru moved over your body, positioning himself in front of you. "Ready?" You nodded 'yes' and he plunged inside of you, his dick being a perfect mix of long and thick. You groaned as he moved slowly until he hit your g-spot and you moaned loudly, yourr fingers gripping his shoulders.

"R-right there...f-faster, harder..!"

Orochimaru did as he was asked and moved faster and thrust against you heavily, hitting your g-spot every time. You began to move your hips in sync to his, his thrusts meeting yours as they moved faster. You began to gasp loudly with every movement, only to cry out as you felt added pressure inside of you. Kamchi had entered you again and was moving at thrusts opposite to his masters' own. As the movement of both the snake and Orochimaru increased another snake entered, this one smaller then Kamchi but just as teasing and erotic. The smaller snake moved all the way up into you, moving himself along your uterus and walls, then curling around Orochimaru to make him slightly bigger and giving both of you even more pleasure. As the two of you were beginning to reach your peaks, Kamchi forced the rest of his body all the way inside of you, followed by (S/n/1), (S/n/2) and Orochimaru's other snake Soruka. As the pressure began to make you more sensitive and the movement of the snakes making it harder to move, the two of you came at the exact same time, his semen filling you and your eggs. He removed himself, but kept himself over you as he caught his breath before slowly moving himself down onto his knees. You groaned as you felt your body come down from its peak, but also at the amount of pressure the snakes put on your back, stomach, and pelvis. The biggest of the five snakes, Soruka, pushed herself against your walls. You gasped and gripped the bed sheets, the snakes almost feeling as if they were going to tear you apart.

You looked at Orochimaru in confusion as the snakes moves again and he looked on in confusion as well until he looked at (S/n/3) who hissed a few times. He looked back at you and sighed, a slight grin on his lips. Another movement of the snakes caused you to groan again and you twisted slightly at the feeling.

"(Y/n), they want you to push them out."
"They what!?" You looked over at your other two snakes who curled up on the floor and watched you silently. "Come on, really?"
"Unless you want them to stay in there?"
"No way, are they staying in there."
"Then push, (Y/n)."

You did as you were told and the smallest snake, who had wrapped itself around Orochimaru, came out first and moved itself onto Orochimaru's lap. The second to start coming out was (S/n/2), and he was the third biggest of the four still inside of you. At your third push, (S/n/2) slipped out of you completely, covered almost completely in semen. The next to start moving was Kamchi, who required you to push him out completely. He was big and took four pushes, and you were a mix of annoyed and tired. Coming down from your peak had made you tired, and the five snakes wanting to be pushed out made you even more so. (S/n/1) moved slowly, the thickness of her body and roughness of her scales caused you more pain than you thought you would have from pushing out snakes. Orochimaru watched and was getting hard once more, moving the snakes as they came out and getting closer to you again. Once (S/n/1) was out, the next and final snake was Soruka, who was very wide and almost four feet long. As she was pushed from your body blood and semen came out with her, and stretched you more than when Orochimaru and Kamchi were inside of you. As Soruka was slowly pushed from your body Orochimaru pulled the snake slowly, getting the snake out of you.

You panted as the last snake left your body, only to see Orochimaru move over you once more. You didn't want to admit it, but the feeling of the snakes rubbing you as they left your body had turned you on once more. He waited for your to nod your approval and you did, the two of you going at it again. Blood from being scratched on the inside by (S/n/1) gave him more lubricant and allowed him to move even faster than before and the two of you met with every thrust. As you thrust against each other he moved you onto your hands and knees, one hand going to your hips, one to your left breast, and his tongue to your clit. He move your clit slowly, teasing you even more than his quick-moving fingers on your breast. His right hand, which was on your hips continued to tighten as he went faster and harder until he came, stopping his thrusts as you came together. As you ended your peaks he began again, this time his tongue moving quickly on your clit and his thrusts continuously changing from fast to slow. He came once more, you did as well, and you pushed him down onto his back and began to move on top of him. Holding onto your hips, he helped you to move fast and to meet his thrusts, his tongue still teasing your clit. As you both moved for a few more thrusts the two of you came for the last time that night, neither moving off of the other as you fell asleep, Orochimaru still inside of you as the two of you slept on your now-broken bed.