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It happened once every 100 years, when the sun burnt a new flame and the people of the Park Kingdom sent out a sacrifice to the fire breathers that roamed their skies. Everyone was completely terrified of them. Scared of their large elegant wings and sharp glistening teeth. Most of all they feared the very fire that huffed out of their snouts even at the faintest bit of annoyance. They were menacing creatures, dark and the only way to keep them tamed was to offer them something, someone of value every century.

The unlucky souls were not picked at random. No, the fire breathers had certain requirements they wanted when accepting a human. First, you had to be of royal blood. Second, you had to be born on the third sun cycle when the flames burned the brightest and lastly, you had to fear the fire breathers. For your fear fueled them as much as the sun could.

Park Jimin just had to meet those requirements. He was the fourth son, prince of his kingdom and surely wouldn't be missed. He would never touch the throne and didn't seem fit to reign anywhere else so his family and council voted him as tribute at the fair age of 5.

"We offer you our youngest son, born of the third sun, royal in blood and most fearful of your kind." The King said holding out the child when the head fire breather swooped down to see the child.

"No. I cannot accept this child." The fire breather said.

"What ? Why not ?" The King asked all but appalled.

"This child, he deems not up to expectations. For me at least. He shall go to my son." The fire breather said, large green wings spreading out as he circled the humans.

"But you will take him right ? As tribune to the sacrifice ?" The Queen asked.

"In 13 years time, my son shall pick his tribute. And if this boy is not ready, then you all shall burn." The fire breather left with a haughty laugh. His deep voice vibrating through the humans ears.

Jimin grew up like a sheltered prince in spite of his fate. He was cared for and taught how to yield a sword. He knew battle tactics and proper manners fit for a king. The only thing was he wasn't going to be king. And Jimin knew this. How couldn't he know this when everyone told him all the time. His whole life he was being told how he was born to please the fire breathers. How his life was going to save their whole kingdoms and many more as once he reached 18, he would be swept up to the sun and never brought back. How he should fear them. Fear them like their lives depended on it because his was already gone. He couldn't go outside the castle walls, couldn't play with the other children and he wasn't allowed to get hurt because he had to be perfect for the fire breathers. The perfect sacrifice.

Jimin hated it. He hated those useless dragons. Hates to see them fly around everyone once in a while, large wings gleaming in the sun taunting Jimin, letting Jimin know that yes, we were coming for you, that you were born for us. He resented them, flying around so free and Jimin was chained to the day he would be taken away.

"You must not frown young prince." Jimin's knight, Namjoon, says to him the night before Jimin's eighteenth birthday. Jimin had just finished his last meal of the night. His last meal with his family. They all seemed to happy with the fact that Jimin was giving his life tomorrow to beast they could barely trust. "Tomorrow you are doing the kingdom- no the world, a huge honor."

"But I don't want this hyung." Jimin said as he curled up in his bed. "Do you really think anyone wants to be sacrificed?"

Namjoon just sighed as he looked down at the dark haired prince. He was standing guard by the teens bed, posture straight and strong. The moon shone brightly through his window as it illuminated on the prince's soft skin.

"I don't want to leave you either hyung." Jimin said, face budding further into his pillow. "You're the only one that sees me as a person and not some figurine waiting to be traded for further goods."

"You are more than that my prince." Namjoon said. "You are human just like us. Our kingdom may have twisted views but these are our only views that has been keeping us going. Surly you understand."

"I understand." Jimin's fist clenched against his pillow. "I understand more then everyone here thinks."

"Then do not frown my lord. Your last night here shouldn't be filled with sorrow." Namjoon said.

"I wish you could come with me Joonie-hyung." Jimin yawned.

"Shh. You're tired." Namjoon said though smiling at the nickname. "Sleep. I'll be here with you till the end."

The little quirk of Jimin's lips was enough for Namjoon as the prince fell asleep. He was grateful no tears had spilled or he would have a harder time letting the prince go.


Jimin was awoken six hours later, the moon still up as the ceremony will start when the sun rose.

"Happy Birthday my prince." Namjoon said as he watched Jimin sit up and stretch slowly.

"I don't know if this birthday will be a happy one or my last one." Jimin said.

"Come on my lord, you must be washed. The sun rises in two hours." A hand maiden said and Jimin let them drag him to the bath. They scrubbed him gently, making sure not a inch of his skin was dirty before changing him into all white hanbok. Thousands of mugunghwa flowers were stitched in the brightest gold at the ends of his sleeves and robes. His shoes were a bright gold as well and cheeks dusted with a faint pink powder. Jimin was then led to his gama where he would be carried to the center of the kingdom where the dragons would meet him.

The whole walk was torturous for Jimin as he hid behind the white vales of his gama while the citizens shouted out praises and thank you to honor Jimin's on coming sacrifice.

"My prince, you're awfully quiet." Namjoon said lowly. He was walking beside Jimin's gama to make sure nothing bad happened to his master as they walked the path to his destiny.

"What must I say Namjoon-hyung ? Every thought I have is filled with rage." Jimin said, hands clenching against his pants.

"Do you really hate us so much ?" Namjoon asked.

"I hate you not. You are my most beloved knight." Jimin said and wished the vale was pulled back so he could see the flush on his normally stoic knights face. He knew how Namjoon got when he was complimented.

"My lord-"

"I hate those beast." Jimin interrupted. "Hate how much power and fear they have over us. So much that they convinced us to give up a life every century. Why couldn't I have been born in the second sun ? What would have happened then if the royal family could not produce a child of the third sun ? Would they burn us to the ground and start over with another kingdom ? I hate them. I hate them and yet I can't stop them. I don't want to leave Joonie-hyung. I don't."

"I'm sorry my prince." Namjoon said after a moment of silence. Jimin then felt the gama come to a halt and realized they were at the center. Jimin had never seen a ceremony to the fire breathers but he read about it. How lively and bright they were. How happy the people were when the dragons accepted the sacrifice and was left protected for another 100 years. This ceremony was no different. The city was decorated in all sorts of bright colors and the center where Jimin had to stand was filled with orange marigolds laid in a thick circle.

The king and queen were supposed to stand behind Jimin and they waited for the young prince as he walked slowly to his spot. Namjoon following him close behind.

"Welcome everyone to our ceremony of light and fire." The King started making ever one cheer. "We are honored today that this ceremony is to be the sacrifice of our youngest son, prince Park Jimin."

The crowd cheered even louder. Soon there was a large shadow in the sky catching everyone's eyes. The crowd screamed before coming to a complete silence as the dragons dropped. Their large bodies taking up most of the space as they circled the royal members of the kingdom.

"It's been so long since I've smelled humans this closely." A large blue dragon said.

"They smell of fear." A purple one laughed, fire breathing out as it did so.

"Knights, let's not frighten our human friends. For today like centuries ago to this day, they have come to sacrifice to the flames." A large green one said.

Jimin watched cautiously as the dragons circled them snickering. Those creatures thought they were toys to laugh about. How much they looked down on them was sickening. It was only until the dragons finally stood still and morphed into their human forms that Jimin's father smiled.

"Seokjin, you look wonderful." The human King said taking in the sight of the tall fire breather. His hair was blonde and shoulders strong. He wore armor that no human knew of the material and was definitely handsome.

"You though Seungjun, have aged quite a bit these 13 years." Seokjin said and Jimin's father laughed.

"Ah yes we all can't be immortal creatures like you now can we ?" The King said and Seokjin smiled. Jimin's eyes shifted to the two fire breathers behind the blonde dragon. They stood close to Jimin in height but taller none the less and sturdier as they looked down at the humans. They haven't said a word since they transformed and Jimin wondered if they transformed into humans a lot or was their dragon form their ever day from.

"Shall we commence with the ritual ?" Jimin's father asked and Seokjin nodded. His green eyes the same color as his dragon skin gazed upon Jimin.

"Ah it's been so long since I've saw you little one." Seokjin said now circling Jimin. Jimin went frigid as the tall fire breather stepped closer towards him, sniffing him. "How magnificent and fast you have grown."

"Is he suitable, my lord ?" Jimin's mother asked and Seokjin smiled.

"I have rejected him once and I shall reject him twice." The crowd gasped. Jimin's eyes connected to Seokjin's as the dragon stopped in front of him. "Maybe you have forgotten but this offering is not mine to accept. Instead, it is my son's." With those words a large flap was being heard and everyone looked to the sky. There flew a large white dragon, it's wings expanded greatly as he landed right in front of Jimin. Jimin's eyes did not close as the dragon breathed heavily in front of him. It's breath hot and snout a third the size of Jimin's body.

"Do you like him son ?" Seokjin asked. "Is this human worthy to become one with fire and light ?"

The dragon suddenly changed, morphing into a tall human who towered over Jimin as he stepped closer. His hair was as red as the hatred that burned in Jimin's eyes and eyes as green as emeralds. He met Jimin's gaze as he stepped inside the marigold circle and sniffed.

"Born of the third sun, royal in blood but those eyes, they do not scream fear." The dragons son said.

"I assure you my son fears you as of every sacrifice before." Jimin's father started but Seokjin raised a hand to silence him.

"No these eyes do not fuel on fear..." The dragon said looking Jimin up and down before looking towards his father.

"I'll accept the sacrifice."

Suddenly the marigolds surrounding Jimin went up into a blaze and Jimin didn't have a moment to think as all four dragons sifted back into their original forms and swiped him up. They tilted their heads up and roared, fire breathing out with their cries and they flew towards the sky. Towards the sun. Jimin closed his eyes then, feeling his whole body enclose in heat as they flew higher and higher. The air was thinner and he suddenly felt faint. The last he saw was his kingdom below him glowing, glowing in their thanks.


Jimin woke up to faint whispers. His eyes was met with the bright light of the sun and he winced at it. Confused as to where he was Jimin stretched before looking around. This was definitely not his room. He would probably never see his room again as the events before be blacked out played in his mind. He was sacrificed to the fire breathers. His family had given him up with open arms and his kingdom with smiles on their faces. Where they so happy that Jimin was to die now ?

"The human is awake my lord." A female voice called and Jimin stilled. How could they tell ?

"His heartbeat picked up just now. Is he scared ?" A deeper male voice said and another person laughed.

"There's only one way to find out."

Suddenly the door slid opened and Jimin was met with two familiar faces. It was the two fire breathers who stood behind Seokjin.

"Oh look. He looks so pretty in white. Humans do know how to doll up their sacrifices." The light haired brunette said.

"Indeed. Almost pretty enough to eat." The silver haired one said. Jimin frowned.

"What do you want ?" Jimin asked arms crossing almost protectively around himself.

"Oh so the human can speak. Do you really not fear us ?" The brunette asked as he took a step closer to Jimin.

"Why would I fear such pathetic creatures ?" Jimin huffed.

"Because we are here to kill you human. If I was going to die, I surly would be a bit afraid." The gray haired one said. Jimin paused. They were going to kill him now ? When he just woke up ? How immoral.

"What are you two doing in my room ?" A deep voice boomed through the room and all eyes went to a tall haired male. It was the red head that Jimin was sacrificed to.

"My lord." Both dragons bowed. "We heard that the human was awake so we came to check on him."

"Oh. Well leave now. I wish to speak to my human alone." Both dragons nodded bowing again. "Oh and hyungs, Jungkook-ah is looking for you two. Something about sparring."

"Oh right !" The brunettes eyes lit up. "Hyung we are late." And they both walked out the room.

Jimin's eyes left the odd pair and went back to the fiery red head. The tall fire breather had moved closer to Jimin.

"What are you doing ?" Jimin asked scrambling back. The dragon quirked an eyebrow.

"This is my room meaning my bed and my human. Also you do not ask what I'm doing human prince. You are no longer in control here."

"I was never in control anywhere but that doesn't mean I won't stand up for myself, beast." Jimin spat with a glare. The dragon smiled.

"Oh how your rage does fuel me. Maybe enough that I'll keep you alive." The dragon boy said.

Jimin blinked. "But don't you have to kill me ? To commence the ritual?"

"No not really. Our deal with you humans is one human every century but we never said we were killing anyone. You humans like to assume a lot of things. As far as I know, every sacrifice lived a good life up here." The dragon said. Jimin scoffed.

"As if being with you creatures is considered 'good'." The prince said.

"You intrigue me human prince. So tiny and frail and yet, filled with so much anger. If I did eat humans, would you be rich with rage ? Can I taste ?" The tall male was suddenly flush against Jimin. Jimin let out a huff as he scrambled back only to meet the headboard of the bed.

"Get away from me you sick creature." Jimin tried to scramble away but the dragon caught him easily by his calve. Jimin wanted to kick the guy in his handsome face but dragon reflexes weren't anything to mess with and soon Jimin was being pinned down, legs holding down his and hands clasping his thin wrist together.

"If you're scared you can show it." The dragon said as he looked down upon Jimin. Jimin sneered.

"As if I would be afraid of you. If you weren't so strong I'd punch you in the face." Jimin said still struggling.

"Lovely little mouth you have don't you human." The dragon said.

"My name is not human, beast." Jimin said.

"And my name is not beast. Call me Taehyung." The dragon, Taehyung said. Jimin still glared.

"Manners human. For being a prince you would think you would have the best. A name for a name." Taehyung said.


"See that wasn't so hard." Taehyung got off of him with a grin. "Now get up. As being my new human, I have to show you around."

Jimin rubbed his wrist as he watched Taehyung walk to the door. Getting up himself, Jimin looked around for shoes. When he spotted none he huffed and walked towards Taehyung.

"What ?" Taehyung asked.

"Shoes." Jimin said.

"Oh right they're out here. Since your feet were so small I had to ask to see if we had hatchling sizes." Taehyung laughed.

"Hatchlings." Jimin grumbled, disgusted as he put on the shoes. He was still wearing his ceremonial robes so maybe that much time hadn't passed. As they walked out the door, Jimin was surprised to see the outside. Everything was so colorful and bright, it made Jimin squint. The sky was a bright blue with fluffy clouds and the grass filled with flowers and trees blossoming with fruits. There were dragons everywhere and Jimin didn't trust any one of them.

"Are you hungry human ? Would you like to eat a small meal before I show you around ?" Taehyung asked.

"It's still Jimin. And do you actually eat normal food ?" Jimin asked.

"Of course. Meats, fruits, grains and vegetables just like the rest of the world. We aren't much different than humans." Taehyung said.

"Besides the fact that you're dragons."

"Minor details. Here we are." Taehyung slid a door open and they walked through a large hall to get to where they would be eating.

"My lord." Two guards bowed at Taehyung and thgae tall boy gave them a smile as they opened the door. There to Jimin's delight was a table set for a king. Food of all kinds was placed before him and they smelled wonderful. It made Jimin realize just how hungry he was as his stomach suddenly felt empty.

"Come sit human. You are thin." Jimin turned to a familiar voice and caught sight of Seokjin. He was sitting at the head of the table with those guards behind him.

"Father, where is Jungkook-ah ?" Taehyung asked taking a seat.

"Flying. He will not be joining us for today's meal but I'm sure you'll see him later today." Seokjin smiled and Taehyung nodded. The red head then turned those striking eyes towards Jimin.

"Sit." Taehyung said.

"No." Jimin said.

"Why are you so stubborn. Just sit." Taehyung took Jimin's arm and tugged him down. The human prince all but lost his balance and flopped into Taehyung's lap.

"I didn't mean here but if you insist." Taehyung grinned and wrapped an arm around Jimin. Jimin scrunched his face up in disgust before shrugging Taehyung's arm off and sitting on his own cushion.

"Interesting." Seokjin said before taking the first bite.

"Isn't he ?" Taehyung grinned.

"I knew from the moment I saw this child, you would like him. He is different and you favor all things abnormal my son." Seokjin said.

Okay Jimin had enough. He would be damned to let some fire breathers talk about him as if he wasn't there.
"Abnormal ? The only thing abnormal here is you people. And you two." Jimin said glaring at the guards. "I don't know why you're wasting time like this. If you're going to eat me just do it already. But I'll warn you I'm not going down without a fight."

Seokjin blinked. "Eat you ?" He then turned to the guards. "Did you two say you were going to eat him ?"

Both guards smiled nervously. "We were only joking my lord." The graynette said.

"Yes we wanted to humor the human, my lord." The brunette said.

"No wonder he thinks we eat humans." Taehyung said. "And here I thought he was just stupid."

"Hey !" Jimin shouted, a frown which looked heavily like a pout on his face.

"Oh don't worry young hatchling." Seokjin said. "What we do to sacrifices is not to devour them. Each sacrifice is different so they come here with different destinies. You are Taehyung's human now and where your destiny once was, now lays in his hands. You won't be eaten or killed. We are not mindless beast. We accept all our sacrifices with a purpose."

"And that is ?" Jimin asked.

Seokjin just smiled. "You'll know one day."

"You should tell me now." Jimin said.

"You should watch your mouth human." The gray haired dragon said. "You're speaking to the King. Not some silly common dragon. Show some respect."

"King ?" Jimin's eyes widened.

"Was it not obvious human prince? You're in the hands of royalty." The brunette said. Jimin looked shocked. Well that did make sense seeing as how everyone called Seokjin 'my lord' and how he never seemed to be without a guard or two. But, if Seokjin was king and Taehyung was his son, that meant-

"Eat Jimin. You worry too much." Taehyung said putting a bowl of rice towards Jimin's face. Jimin didn't say another word as his stomach got the best of him.

Once breakfast (was it breakfast ? Jimin still didn't know the time of day.) was over, Taehyung showed him the rest of where they stayed. The castle was huge, different from the ones where he was from but similar at the same time. They had long huge buildings that soared up into the endless sky. They were surrounded by nature and valleys and Jimin didn't know if this kingdom was in the sky or down in the hills somewhere. The sun seemed a bit too low in the sky and it didn't move in a arch like it did on earth as time passed. Was this earth ?

Taehyung showed him where the kitchen was, where they practiced fighting at, where they fed the animals, where they played at. Everything was so oddly similar to humans way of living that it confused Jimin because at the same time you can tell he was surrounded by magical beings. Half the people walked around as dragons for one. And just the air that they carried themselves was unearth like.

When the day finally passed and Taehyung had shown him most of the east wing, they set for a bath. Jimin stared clueless at the cloth and soap he was handed. He fumbled a bit with the items in his hand as Taehyung pointed to where his private bath way.

"What's wrong ?" Taehyung asked as Jimin hesitated.

"Nothing." Jimin said.

"Don't lie human prince. Your heart beat tells a different story." Taehyung said. Jimin frowned at him. "Don't tell don't know how to bathe yourself ?"

Jimin flushed. "O-of course I do." The human sputtered.

"Then do it." Taehyung said.

"Now ?" Jimin asked lowly.

"Oh how sad. They butter you princes up so much that you can't even clean yourselves. Is that how you human royals live ?" Taehyung said.

"Shut up." Jimin tried to will his cheeks to stop hearing up more by glaring.

"I'll help you."

"D-don't you have hand maidens for that ?" Jimin asked not wanting the tall fire breather any where near him naked.

"We do things differently than you humans. Females aren't allowed to see males like that and vise versa unless they're mated." Taehyung explained. "Now come on, you smell like the pollen you were surrounded by all day."

Jimin tried to struggle as Taehyung tugged him to the bath but it was no use. The dragons grip was like iron shackles and soon they were in front of a large bath. It was nice and warm inside and the water looked freshly drawn. It even smelled nice too. Like honey sickles.

Jimin forced Taehyung to turn around as he undressed. He slipped off the white hanbok and after, his pants. His undergarments were swept off quickly as he slid into the warm water. Jimin hummed at the tingly feeling of the water before sitting down fully. The water coming up to his collarbones.

"Ready ?" Taehyung suddenly spoke from Jimin's ear making the prince yelp in shock. Taehyung chuckled as he dodged the swipe at his face before dipping the cloth into the water. He added the soap, making sure it had a good amount before putting it on Jimin's shoulder. The human jumped.

"Relax Jimin-ah. I won't bite." Taehyung whispered as he trailed the cloth down Jimin's arm slowly. Jimin sneered at him but closed his eyes as he enjoyed the relaxing feeling of being bathed. He felt Taehyung trail back up his arm to go over his shoulder blades and down his other arm. He felt himself being tugged up and the water cascaded around his hips.

"Such pretty skin for a human boy." Taehyung's deep voice rang through the silence as he washed down Jimin's torso. "You're all pink now." Taehyung giggled.

"Are you enjoying yourself beast ?" Jimin asked, one eye open. He regretted it as Taehyung dumped a bunch of water on his head, making him sputter.

"Very much." Taehyung said. Jimin wiped his eyes with a glare but sat when Taehyung motioned him to. He took one of Jimin's legs and scrubbed up it. Doing tender circle motions as he went up Jimin's thigh. Jimin twitched.

"Y-yah." Jimin said making Taehyung grin.

"Sensitive ?" Taehyung asked innocently.

"Stop being a pervert." Jimin said taking his leg back.

"The only one thinking pervertedly is you human." Taehyung said, finishing Jimin's other leg before standing up. "Get up. We're done."

Jimin stood up and outstretched his arms. Taehyung cocked an eyebrow.

"Dry me." Jimin said as if it was obvious.

"Oh of course." Taehyung said, the 's' rolling off with steam as his breath heated up into flames. "I'll get you nice and warm."

"Never mind." Jimin said grabbing his robe as he jumped out of the bath and back towards Taehyung's room. He loathed the way Taehyung laughed at him.

When he was finally dry and warm, dressed in the fire breathers sleep wear, Jimin laid down. He thought back to today's events and sighed. He wondered if Namjoon missed him already ? He surely missed his older guard. He didn't have the same sense of protection as he usually did with the knight standing beside him.

Jimin frowned when he felt a dip in the bed and caught the deep green eyes of Taehyung.

"You are not sleeping here." Jimin said.

"Of course I am. This is my bed. My castle, my rules. You're my human, you don't tell me what to do." Taehyung stated simply.

"I could kill you in your sleep." Jimin said.

"Please do try. Us dragons love a fight." Taehyung grinned, sharp teeth glistening in the night.

"Ugh you're sickening." Jimin said turning away from the dragon.

"Aww you do like me." Taehyung joked as he settled into his bed.

"I demand my own room by tomorrow." Jimin said.

"No. It's dangerous to leave humans alone here. We may not eat humans in the castle but dragons outside of here aren't so caring. They would love to have a bite of your soft skin." Taehyung said, using his claws to nip at Jimin's cheek. The human slapped his hand away quickly.

"Stop touching me." Jimin said, moving further away from the dragon boy.

Taehyung frowned. "You can't just say that when I just bathed you. Touched all over you."

Jimin covered his ears. Cheeks flushing. "Why does everything you say sound so perverted ?"

"Only other perverts know what perverts sound like so you, my tiny Jimin, are perhaps a pervert yourself." Taehyung said.

"I am royalty. You are royalty. You should not stoop to such low ways." Jimin said and suddenly squeaked when Taehyung pinched his nose.

"Such a high horse you sit upon. You have so much to learn from me. But we have a lot of time on our hands, so sleep human." Taehyung said.

Jimin huffed but didn't say anything. His first night in the land of the fire breathers was a start of his new eventful life.


A week had gone by with Jimin living with the dragons. He had spent his days trying to find a way out of the hell that these beast lived in but much to his avail, there was no escaping the castle unless you had wings. And everyone here had wings. Everyone except Jimin.

He had learned the two idiotic guards before were named Hoseok and Yoongi and as menacing as they looked, they were both just trouble makers that would always end up getting scolded by the king. Jimin thought them as idiots if the two weren't so damn strong and authorizing when needed.

Taehyung was the most annoying. Every little thing he did made Jimin want to punch him in the face and Jimin was positive Taehyung knew that, which is why his antics never subdued. He bothered Jimin in his sleep and when he was awake. He was childish and a brat and Jimin wondered how someone like him was going to rule a whole dragon kingdom if he couldn't even rule over himself.

He was so different from his father, the fire breathers king, Seokjin. That man was the only almost sane one. Jimin wouldn't call him completely sane because no one here was in their right mind.

Jimin missed his home. He missed Namjoon. He spent moments when he wasn't plotting his escape, thinking about his kingdom. How happy they must be to have him gone. Their kingdom flourishing thanks to his sacrifice.

Jimin was having one of those moments now as he slipped away from Taehyung and the dummy duo to think a bit. It was dark out and many of the fire breathers were inside enjoying means. It was utterly human of them and it made Jimin sick. He walked past the castle walls out onto its large fields. The moon shining low but brightly as Jimin sat on the edge of a rock to gaze into a stream. He wondered were this stream led to once and it jumped in it only to pop back up where he started. Taehyung called it magic, Jimin called it a hindrance.

Right now the stream was flowing slowly and Jimin was too caught up in his thoughts that he almost didn't noticed the giant dark shadow that was hunched beside the tree that stood large and wide aside the flowing water. Almost. Jimin jumped up quickly at the figure, preparing to defend himself when he noticed the dragon making odd squeaky sounds.

"Hey are you alright ?" Jimin asked and the dragon finally seemed to notice him. It flinched back, curling in on itself. Jimin looked at it oddly before he noticed the blood gushing from one of its wings.

"Oh ? Are you hurt ?" Jimin asked. He didn't know why he cared if a stupid fire breather was hurt or not but this one seemed...different.

Large green eyes stared at him before the dragon went back to whimpering. Jimin realized maybe it was crying.

"Hey hey don't cry. I'll help you." Jimin said, thinking quickly as he ripped his robe into a long strip. He then slowly moved towards the dragon. With cautious hands, Jimin touched the dragons wing. The dragon screeched out and Jimin jumped back.

"Calm down !" Jimin said. "I'm not going to hurt you." Jimin sighed. "I'm here to help. You know, to fix." Jimin gestured towards the wing. He oddly wondered for a moment did all dragons know the human language or was that just the ones in the castle ?

After settling the dragon down, Jimin finally managed to bandage up its wing. The dragon looked at him curiously as Jimin eyes went to its scales. The dark scales glistened in the moon light making them reflect the dark blue hue of the stream.

"You're a pretty color aren't you." Jimin said, small hands rubbing against the scales gently. The dragon grumbled and Jimin stopped for a moment. "Does it hurt ?" He asked. The dragon shook its head and Jimin nodded before running a finger down again.

"You know, out of all the dragons I've encountered so far, you're the quietest. It would be great if more fire breathers were like you. Not like the mongrels that lay in these walls." Jimin said sitting down once more.

"Do you mind if we talk, dragon ?" Jimin asked staring at the moon. "Or well, I can talk and you listen ? I don't mind." When the dragon made no further inclination to speak or even move, Jimin did.

"Have you ever wished you were born as someone else ? I do. Almost every day since I learned what I was born for, I wished I wasn't." Jimin started. "It's not that I want to die, not at all actually, I could live for something, have potential in something, but my kingdom never gave me a chance. They seek out with greedy hands the power you dragons have bestowed on us for centuries. I think they've all gone mad over it. If they weren't, they would have realized by now how important ones life is. We aren't made to be given away like live stock just to make profit. I'm starting to find humans quite sick."

Jimin's face scrunched up as he said it. He jumped a bit when the dragon shifted but said nothing."But than again, I can't help but miss them. My mother was warm and loving, my father was strong and protecting and my siblings great people but none were to me. They never showed that side to me. Maybe it was because they knew I wouldn't be there for long but eighteen years is so long. I was coddled and sheltered and pushed to the back because of what I was born for. There was only one person who didn't view me a delicate object."

Jimin felt his eyes tear up a bit as he thought about his knight. What was Namjoon doing now ? The knight was given specifically to him to protect only him. He was sworn only towards him. So what was a knight without its Prince ?

"Do you have someone like that dragon ?" Jimin asked and the dragon hummed. "Have I spoke too much ?" Jimin laughed as he looked at the dragon who's eyes were now closed, those deep green now hidden in the dark. Jimin was about to say something when the sky began to rumble and rain began to pour.

"Oh no." Jimin hissed. Of course this would happen to him. He wasn't even close to Taehyung's room. Or the common room. It was a ways walk to the stream and he was suddenly regret taking it as the rain came down on him. He might have not seen dragons earlier in the night but it was late now and who knows what those creatures did at night.

Soon a large wing wrapped around Jimin shielding him from the rain. Jimin turned to look at the dragon who wrapped around him. He was using his uninjured wing block the cold droplets.

"It's raining." Jimin states obviously and the dragon hummed.

"I don't know if it will be easy to get back but can't fly just yet...I guess we will have to stay here." Jimin said.

Jimin curled in on himself, thankful that the dragon blocked the rain. He yawned as he realized that yes, it was late and darn his body for being so used to sleeping early hours.

" will get cold..." Jimin said mostly to himself as his eyes began to flutter. "But you're a dragon, cold blooded but full of fire." Jimin leaned into the beast. His body curling into its side. "...warm." Jimin yawned. "You're warm."

And then he was asleep.


The chirping of birds was loud to Jimin's ear as he stirred in his sleep. He moved around, oddly warm and surrounded by the musky scent of the morning dew and the river stream. He blinked his eyes open to meet with darkness. Was it still night ? Jimin thought for a moment only to deem that ridiculous as it was obviously morning.

He rubbed his eyes again for them to clear up and register that oh, this darkness was from the wing. The dragons wing.

Jimin slipped out of the dragons wing and was met with the bright morning light. He immediately checked on the dragons other wing, surprised to see that once he undid his make shift bandages, the dark scales were healed.

"Wow." Jimin hummed. "It must be great being a magical creature."

The dragon soon stirred and Jimin watched as it blinked it's deep green eyes. Those jewels looking right up into Jimin.

"Good morning pretty dragon." Jimin smiled as he ran his hands gentle on the dragon's scales. They really were beautiful. They were black but so black they gave off a blue hue. "Your wing is all healed."

The dragon blinked again, watching Jimin carefully.

"What ? Is there something wrong ? Does it still hurt ?" Jimin asked looking back to where the wound once was.

A sudden rumble happened and Jimin watched as the large beast transformed back into its human form. Now the dragon was gigantic in its creature form but as a human it still towered over Jimin.

Jimin blinked at the almond haired boy in front of him. Those wide green eyes starred down at him with an innocence and Jimin suddenly smiled.

"Do you speak ?" Jimin asked and the boy nodded. "Then why not do so ?"

The flush on his cheeks made Jimin laugh and lean closer to the boy.

"Are you scared of me ?" Jimin asked cheekily and the boy shook his head.

"How old are you ?" Jimin asked.

"Ah...402." The boy said.

"Wow okay is that like ...young here ?" Jimin asked confused.

"I am a hatchling." The dragon reassured him.

"Ah well I guess that makes me older than you." Jimin grinned. "So you'll have to call me hyung."

"I want to...thank hyung." The fire breather said.

"You don't have to really." Jimin said.

"I want to. No one helped me like you. Ever." The boy seemed to fumble with his words. "I'm not good at human tongue." He explained and Jimin smiled at him gently.

"Well you can start by telling me your name." Jimin suggested.

The young dragon didn't even get a chance to open his mouth as suddenly there was a large screech in the sky. They both looked up to see the striking white of the Taehyung, the two guards following close behind.

They all landed heavily with a gust of wind, blowing Jimin back into the young dragon who caught him swiftly.

"Jungkook ! Where were you last night and why- Jimin ?" Taehyung blinked confused as he morphed into his human form. "What are you two doing all the way out here ? I told you not to come out here." Taehyung said more towards Jimin.

"We got caught in the rain. His wing was injured so he couldn't fly and I wasn't going to make it back indoors through the storm so we waited it out but fell asleep. Wait why am I explaining myself to you." Jimin suddenly huffed.

"Because you do as I say Jimin. I did not peg you for one to sleep around dragons you do not know." Taehyung said, glaring at Jungkook who hunched in on himself.

"Unlike you idiots, this kid is much more pleasant to be around." Jimin said.

"Sorry to interrupt my lord, but we must get back soon to ease your father's worries." Yoongi said.

"Ah right. We will discuss this later. Jungkook-ah, follow me." Taehyung said. Jungkook was about to take a step when Jimin held his arm.

"Where are you taking him ?" Jimin asked.

"Don't worry human prince, Jungkook-ah won't be harmed. I can't harm my dear hatchling brother." Taehyung and Jimin froze.

"You're...brothers ?" Those striking green eyes suddenly making since as all the royal dragons seemed to have them.

"We don't have time for this, let's go." Taehyung said. "Hoseok-hyung, grab Jimin-ah will you ?"

Jimin was soon being picked up and thrown over the taller knight's shoulder and they walked back to the castle.

"Put me down you horrid beast !" Jimin screamed as he hit Hoseok on the back but the knight was a solid stone. He only let Jimin down (much like dropping him) as they reached the common room where the King paced nervously.

"Oh Jungkook ! My dear hatchling did you run away again ?" Seokjin asked grabbing his sons cheeks. Jungkook said something in a language unknown and Seokjin eyes widened slightly before responding.

"Come." Taehyung said picking Jimin up by the back of his shirt like he was a rag doll.

"Will you let me down ?! I can walk !" Jimin shouted. He would get a headache soon. Being around Taehyung always caused a headache.

"I know you can walk. But I also know you can run away. So you won't be walking until I feel like letting you walk." Taehyung said. They were now in the dragon prince's study. He placed Jimin on the cushioned seat with a thud before sitting beside him. Jimin glared up at the red head.

"I hate you." Jimin said.

"I know. You tell me awfully many times." Taehyung grinned.

"You're annoying." Jimin said.

"And you aren't ?" Taehyung cocked a perfect eyebrow and Jimin hated how perfect he looked. Perfect eyes, perfect nose, perfect lips, perfect teeth. Even his red locks which laid simply on his head flowed effortlessly across his forehead.

"You're staring." Taehyung said leaning in with a smirk. Jimin blinked, then flushed, then glared.

"O-only because you're so ugly." Jimin said turning away.

Large, calloused fingers touched Jimin's chin to force him to look back at Taehyung.

"Am I ?" The fire breather asked, head tilted, eyes taunting as he connected with Jimin's brown eyes.

"You-" Jimin's couldn't think for a second. They were too close, Taehyung fingers felt like fire where they touched. He was too warm, too big, enclosing in so much space of Jimin that it confused him. Taehyung leaned closer.

"What's wrong Jimin ? Is there fire on your tongue ?" Taehyung hissed out lowly and Jimin cheeks reddened at the sound of it. He placed his hand on top of Taehyung's but didn't move further as their eyes stayed locked.

"Let go of me." Jimin said, there wasn't much bark to it let alone anger.

"Make me." Taehyung said, their noses almost touching. Jimin wanted to, he really did. But the way Taehyung's eyes flicked from his down to his plush lips had Jimin doing the opposite of what he wanted to do. When their noses actually bumped Taehyung pulled back. Jimin blinked in confusion as the warmth left him.

"You're so interesting human. Come, let's get you cleaned and fed. A long night outside must have you sticky and smelly." Taehyung said standing up.

"...I smell ?" Was all Jimin could ask.

"Yes. You smell like...the rain."

"Is that a bad thing ?" Jimin asked as he was pulled up.

"No. But I want you, to smell like you."

Jimin didn't understand Taehyung. Not one bit.


Jimin didn't give up on escaping per say but sometimes he just didn't have the energy to be man handled all day. So today he was watching the fire breathers battle while he sat near the flower beds. It was Hoseok verses Jungkook and Taehyung battling Yoongi. The younger prince was doing a good job. They were in their dragon forms and Jimin watched them spar in the sky.

It was a pretty interesting sight. Watching the dark dragon fight the colored one in a swirl of fire and swings of the wings. It was also dangerous. They could get seriously hurt right ? Jimin didn't care too much for Hoseok but Jungkook was only a kid to these guys right ?

Jimin's thoughts only came true as Jungkook came crashing down on the ground. He immediately changed back into his human form.

"Oh my heavens Jungkook-ah are you okay ?" Jimin asked running over to the younger (?).

"Yes I'm fine hyung." Jungkook said as Jimin helped him up. Hoseok said something in their dragon tongue that made Jungkook laugh and pat Jimin on the head. Jimin looked up at the taller curious but Jungkook made no further intention to speak or explain. He pushed Jimin gently back to the flower beds and they proceeded with their sparring.

"You need to not worry about him Jimin-ah. Jungkook-ah is strong." Jimin turned to Seokjin who was suddenly standing next to him.

"My lord." Jimin bowed and Seokjin cocked an eyebrow curiously.

"So now you have manners human ? You really are unique. But I have yet to see what Taehyung sees in you." Seokjin said.

"You and me both sir." Jimin said.

"Call me hyung. I may be centuries older than you but you are a ...important guest. We don't have to be so stiff." Seokjin said.

"If you insist...hyung." Jimin said and Seokjin smiled. They both looked back to the fights. They were in their human forms now, Jimin eyes glancing over at Taehyung and Yoongi who seemed to be going neck and neck.

"Your knights are good." Jimin said as Yoongi flipped Taehyung down.

"They wouldn't be my knights if they weren't but still..." Taehyung got out of the smaller's hold, flipping them around and pinning the older dragon to the ground. "My sons are better."

"Aren't you going to ask me if I'm okay Jimin-ah ?" Taehyung asked once they were done.

"I'd rather you burn in the fire you breathe." Jimin said with a smile and Taehyung pouted. Such a spiteful human.

Jimin was surprised one night when Jungkook sneaked in Taehyung's room. They were both supposed to be asleep but Jimin was feeling restless. He looked at Jungkook curiously before glancing down at Taehyung. The younger put a finger to his mouth before leading Jimin out the room. They tipped toed through the halls and Jimin didn't say a word until they were outside.

"Where are we going ?" He asked.

"I wanted to thank hyung." Jungkook said.

"I told you, you didn't have to. You would have probably healed anyways." Jimin said.

"Not for that. For...understanding." Jungkook said.

"Understanding what ?" Jimin asked curious.

"What its like to be different." Jimin paused because oh, Jungkook was a bit different. He wondered why the younger didn't know the human tongue like the rest of the fire breathers, he wondered why the boy was always alone unless sparring. He was different in color too, the darkest dragon he saw but Taehyung was white so maybe white was more common than black ?

"Get on." Jungkook said, swiftly morphing into his dragon form. Jimin would never get tired of the sight of the dark dragon whose scales glistened in the night. Jimin hopped on and let out a yelp as they were suddenly up in the air. The cool night breeze hit Jimin's cheeks and he looked down at the dragons kingdom in awe. It was a very different view from up here, he could see the castle walls clearly and how far out land stretched towards the city and beyond.

"Wow." Jimin said. They flew away from the castle though, Jungkook taking him further than he's ever been much faster than he's ever traveled before. When they finally landed it was at a large willow tree. It stood isolated on a hill top but looked down below thousands of flowers.

"This place is beautiful." Jimin said as he slid off of Jungkook. "But...why are we here ?"

"This is the Lonely Willow. It grants every person it counters wish. But it only grants wish to person who is deeply longing for something." Jungkook explained.

"So if I wanted to go home..."

"Do you ?" Jimin paused at the question. Did he ?

"Think. You only get one wish." Jungkook said.

"Then can I...can I save this wish ? For later or until I'm one hundred percent sure I'm longing for this thing ?" Jimin asked.

"If you wish." Jungkook said.

"It's really kind of you to bring me here. You're really thoughtful. So unlike the other fire breathers. I wish the others was like you." Jimin said with a sigh, looking up at the sky.

"Do you wish others or do you wish my brother ?" Jungkook asked and Jimin narrowed his eyes at him.

"What's that supposed to imply ?"

"Nothing. Let's get back before they notice I'm gone." Jungkook said and Jimin agreed.

The flight bank was quicker than the one earlier and both males sneaked in the castle quietly. They pattered to the floor the princes stayed on and Jimin gave Jungkook a nice head ruffle goodnight.

"Sweet dreams pretty dragon." Jimin said and Jungkook gave him a smile before bowing goodnight.

Jimin turned around as he slid Taehyung's door shut. He jumped as he met with the barely clothed chest of the dragon prince.

"Where were you sneaking off to ?" Taehyung asked looked down at Jimin.

"No where." Jimin said. "Why are you awake ?"

"You went somewhere with Jungkookie didn't you ?" Taehyung asked.

"So what if I did ?" Jimin asked.

"Why are you so nice to him but so hateful of us. Of me. What has he done that we haven't ? Have you forgotten he's a fire breathing beast just like the rest of us ?" Taehyung hissed.

"Of course not. How could I forget when he has the same stupid eyes of yours ?" Jimin said.

"Then what is it ?" Taehyung snapped.

"Why should you care ? Are you jealous ?" Jimin asked suddenly smirking.

"No." Taehyung denied.

"I think you are." Jimin said.

"No I just don't understand you. You look at me with hate, such strong hate it boils the fire in my core but with Jungkook you're a completely different person and I don't understand why." Taehyung explained.

"Maybe he's because he isn't a controlling bastard like you. Maybe because he doesn't lock me in this castle like some pathetic princess. Maybe it's because he actually expresses himself in a way I can relate to. Maybe it's because he isn't you." Jimin snapped.

"What's wrong with me ?" Taehyung shouted, offended.

"Everything." Jimin glared. Taehyung glared back.

"If he's so much better than me then go be his human."

"Fine. At least I'll be happier with him."

Jimin was about to turn back to the door with Taehyung grabbed him and threw him on the bed. Jimin scrambled up but Taehyung climbed on top of him. They began wrestling and Jimin found himself flipping them over and him on top.

"Stop telling me what to do." Jimin said.

"Start doing everything I tell you. You are mine." Taehyung says flipping them back around. He bared down at Jimin.

"I am no ones." Jimin spat, glaring up at the tall fire breather.

"Keep looking at me like that." Taehyung said, grabbing Jimin's wrist in one hand. "Look like you want to kill me."

"I do want to kill you." Jimin said struggling as Taehyung leaned down towards his face. Their noses bumped.

"Like you want to murder me."

"Every night."

Taehyung trailed his nose down Jimin's soft cheek.

"Burning me alive. Your eyes could burn so many dragons alive." Taehyung hissed.

"Can I start with you ?" Jimin shivered as the nose touched his neck.

"You smell absolutely delicious enraged." Taehyung said breathing in deeply. "I want to taste." His tongue was long and wet as it lapped at Jimin neck. Jimin shivered and moaned at the muscle. His body twitched when teeth nipped at his neck.

"Mine." Taehyung said as Jimin started to fall limp in his hold. "So pretty and angry and all mine."

"Let me go." Jimin said, eyes still ablaze.

"No. Want to hold you tonight. Besides, you might sneak off again you untrustworthy human." Taehyung said.

"At least you aren't entirely stupid." Jimin said as Taehyung shifted so he was laying beside Jimin. His arms wrapping around Jimin's waist tightly.

"Sleep. One day, I'll show you what happens when sacrifices disobey their masters." Taehyung said, forcing Jimin to lean into his warmth. It didn't take long for the human to fall asleep. All this fighting was mentally draining him out.


Small ticking feelings around his neck made Jimin eyes flutter in his sleep. He groaned as they peppered across his face before something nuzzled him close.

"Kim Taehyung what are you doing ?" Jimin groaned out in his half conscious state.

"Kissing you."

"Ew get off of me. We are not friends or anything of the sort, don't touch me." Jimin said immediately squirming and trying to push Taehyung off.

"Ah you were so much cuter asleep you know. You actually smiled and leaned into my touches." Taehyung said pulling away with a pout.

"B-be quiet." Jimin sputtered, his cheeks flushed.

"I've decided today would be a great day to educate you my sacrifice." Taehyung said.

"And how does anyone as idiotic as you plan to educate me ?" Jimin asked, watching Taehyung get up and strip out of his shirt.

"Today is one of many dragon festivals. We will be attending one so you see how the civilian dragons do things. You will experience culture and food much different from here in the castle. It would be interesting." Taehyung explained, looking through his wardrobe for new clothing.

"But you told me I wasn't allowed out these walls." Jimin said, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Not without me. But since I'm coming, you can come too. Also you remember things far too clearly." Taehyung said, coming back out in loose light gray pants and a sky blue hanbok shirt that brought out the color in his hair and eyes.

"Now let's go my dear prince; you must change into something you can move in." Taehyung said picking Jimin up like he was a baby by his waist.

"Must we go through this every morning ? Put me down." Jimin said, pinching at Taehyung's arms. The dragon hissed and dropped him.

"Bad human." Taehyung said tugging at Jimin's cheek.

Jimin smacked his hand away before picking clothes. He settled for dark purple hanbok and gray bottoms as well with gold designs. Taehyung changed him because Jimin had still yet to master that technique. Jimin watched Taehyung's long fingers as it slowly tied the ribbon. He only did things slow so Jimin could learn but Jimin didn't alway pay attention. Like now, he was caught up in the fire breather's nimble fingers to even notice how close they were.

"Look at me." Taehyung said taking his chin. Jimin's wide dark eyes met Taehyung's big green ones and Taehyung smiled.

"You are so small, I could just eat you up." Taehyung said pushing Jimin gently back into the wall.

"You had enough of tasting me. Let us go eat real food." Jimin said, cheeks slightly pink as he said that.

"But I'm hungry for my human." Taehyung said running a hand through Jimin's black locks before cupping his face. "Your cheeks are all sugary instead of heated. Like a pastry."

"You're being odd." Jimin said flushing harder. "How can you not get embarrassed saying such words ?" Jimin asked, reaching out to touch Taehyung's tan cheeks as well. Taehyung leaned into it immediately. He could only bask in Jimin's tiny handed warmth for a moment as the smaller began tugging at his cheeks harshly making Taehyung flinch back and let him go.

"Bad I tell you. You're bad." Taehyung said as he followed Jimin out his room.

They soon met everyone else in the common room. The fire breathers all dressed in elegant hanbok. Jimin smiled as he took in Jungkook in black hanbok with fuchsia and gold designs.

"Jungkookie you look very handsome !" Jimin called walking over to the young fire breather. Jungkook flushed but smiled when Jimin gave him a hug.

"You look handsome too hyung." Jungkook said and Jimin smiled faintly.

"Wow you didn't say that when you saw me." Taehyung pouted.

"I didn't want to see you." Jimin said.

"But you always want to see your dear Jungkookie." Taehyung mocked before sucking at his sharp teeth. "Humans."

"Now now boys don't fight. You all look too handsome to have frowns on your faces." Seokjin said coming into the room in pink and white hanbok. He looked amazing to say the least. The blonde of his hair going perfectly with the light pink. Hoseok and Yoongi looked nice as well, dressed in all white armor to reflect the king.

"Father." Taehyung and Jungkook bowed. Jimin did so as well when the king ruffled his hair.

"Are we all ready ?" Seokjin asked and everyone nodded. They transformed instantly and soon Jimin was surrounded by five dragons. It was different seeing Taehyung up close like this. He had saw the albino dragon like this once but now was different. He still looked all the bit intimidating but Jimin held no fear. His scales were pretty like Jungkook's. They shined like pearls and reflected the gold around them from the common room.

Taehyung grabbed him in one of his claws as they took off. Jimin yelled as he was carried into the sky.

"I could have ridden your back you know ?!" Jimin shouted and Taehyung laughed.

"Yeah but where's the fun in that."

The flight wasn't as quick as the one last night so Jimin took the time to look below. The castle walls were gone and all that laid below was grass. There were other dragons around of course but none close as the royal family surrounded by guards. The closer to the city they got the more houses and dragons began to surround them. Jimin closed his eyes as they suddenly dropped down, the air whisking around his face before Taehyung finally landed.

"The royal family is here !"

"Long live our king !"

"Long live our princes !"

The fire breathers shouted happily as the family and the guards began to shift back.

"Your hair is sticking up." Jungkook laughed as he patted Jimin's hair down. Jimin thanked him as he looked around. The dragon city was decorated beautifully with lanterns and flowers and jewels. The fire breathers all in fine hanbok and some flying around in their dragon forms. It was odd to see the mix as were they dropped could pass off human.

"My lord ! My lord ! Happy Harvesting!" A bunch of kids ran up to Taehyung. Jimin was surprised to see kids. No one in the castle looked to be younger than 16 so it was odd to see smaller fire breathers. He wondered how old they were. He couldn't understand a word they were saying though as the dragon tongue flowed out their lips.

"Is this your human ?" A child as and they all turned towards Jimin.

"I've never saw a human up close." Another child said.

"I have last century! But he was much bigger and scared." One taller child said.

"He smells funny, like fruit." A girl said giggly.

"Fruits and honey !" Another girl agreed.

"Can we touch him Prince Taehyung? Can we ?" They asked. Taehyung laughed but nodded. They all immediately jumped on Jimin and started touching at his hands, his cheeks and his hair.

"He's like dough." One boy said.

"I want a human too if they'll be this pretty !" A girl said.

"You'll have to wait next sacrifice."

"The prince is so lucky."

They all agreed at that before Taehyung felt that Jimin hand enough and pulled him away. They said goodbye to the tiny fire breathers before walking off to a different direction.

"How old are they ?" Jimin asked.

"The hatchlings ?" Taehyung asked. "A little under a century. Some older."

"They're all older than me. I'm going to die in eighty years and they will look like they're twelve." Jimin said feeling a bit of culture shock.

"The perks of being magical is our bodies age slow. It took Jungkookie forever to get that tall but he too is still a hatchling." Taehyung laughed.

The rest of the day seemed to go by fairly quickly. They ate and Jimin watched them play games and tell stories. He watched the fire breathers make unique candies and toys and everything was so eye catching. They played with fire, seemed to live on it as they cooked food with it, told stores with it, ate with it, even talking with fire here and there. Taehyung and Jungkook led him through great monuments and walls filled with enough jewels to survive three life times with until they were put into the grassy field.

It was dark now, all lanterns lit up and every fire breathers began heading towards the cliff side. Taehyung and Jungkook were in front of him busy chatting in their native tongue. Jimin took his chance to look around. Something shiny caught his eye and he stopped to see a unique necklace for sale.

"Human. Do you like ?" The seller asked in her accented Korean.

"It's very pretty." Jimin said.

"It comes from the eastern skies. Their craftsmanship much elegant than ours." She explained picking it up to let Jimin see it better.

"Such a pretty jewel for a pretty human." A deeper voice had Jimin looking up. Two male fire breathers approach him with smiles. Jimin didn't like those smiles.

"Do you want it ?" The other one with lighter hair asked.

"No thank you." Jimin said and began walking away.

"No one told you to leave human." The first one said, grabbing Jimin back and tugging him with them.

"Since you don't listen maybe we should teach you how." They threw him into a dimmed er alley, away from the festivities and Jimin hit the wall with a thud. He immediately scrambled up, trying to push passed the two but they pinned him back.

"Hmm ?" The dark haired one sniffed Jimin. "You smell of dragon here." He said gripping Jimin's neck. "But your scent of human reeks out so wonderfully, I can't help but want to taste."

"D-dragons don't eat humans." Jimin said trying to gain more air.

"Who lied to you ? Those disgraceful castle dragons don't know what they're missing." The lighter haired one said giving Jimin's cheek a lick. His long disgusting tongue made Jimin want to gag.

"You're still fresh too." They tore at his hanbok. " I really want a taste."

"Let me go you beast !" Jimin shouted kneeing the dark haired one in the stomach. He groaned and immediately smack Jimin in the face. Jimin paused for a moment, his world spinning as he never been hit so hard that it tore his lip.

"You watch your tongue human while you still have it." The fire breather said as the other one worked on Jimin's pants.

"He's so small but thick. Do you think he would be enough for us both ?" The lighter one said already clawing at Jimin's skin making the prince wince. His skin tore at his thighs and the dragon licked his blood from the scratches. Jimin tried to pull away as they began to bite and claw at him. Using actual fire to burn him a bit. It hurt. It hurt so much he felt tears pool his eyes and run down his cheeks but he didn't stop fighting. He tried to push them back but that only made they dig their nails deeper. It was only when Jimin finally felt teeth actually break his skin that his heart began to skip. He was scared.

"No no get off of me !" Jimin shouted.

"Jimin ?" Both dragons stopped as everyone looked to see Taehyung and Jungkook.

"Tae..." Jimin didn't get a chance to finish as Taehyung ripped the dark brunette off of him. Jungkook pulled the lighter one and punched him in the face. Taehyung was angry. He clawed at the dragon like a beast. Punching him multiple times, biting at him, blowing fire on him.

Soon guards came to break the four dragons up. They quickly grabbed the two rebel dragons and cuffed them in shackles. Seokjin was busy trying to calm Jungkook down whole Taehyung was still seething. His eyes softened at the look of Jimin bleeding on the ground and immediately ran over to him.

"Jimin-ah my human prince are you okay ?" Taehyung asked, carefully scooping Jimin into his arms.

"I want to go home." Was all Jimin said, sniffing heavily. Taehyung nodded as he brought his wings out, already flying into the sky. Jimin cried the whole way back. Even as Taehyung placed him in a warm bath and cleaned him he cried.

"They burned you." Taehyung said touching the faint burn on Jimin's cheek. "They bit you, touched you. You are mine." Taehyung said pulling the human into his lap.

"It hurts Taehyung." Jimin cried and Taehyung seethed angrily.

"Let me rid them of you." Taehyung said as he laid Jimin down. The boy was barely dressed only in a shirt and undergarments so Taehyung could wrap his wounds. But Taehyung didn't wrap them, instead he licked Jimin's cheek making the smaller whimper.

"No no no don't look at me like that." Taehyung said making Jimin look him in the eyes. "Don't fear me." Taehyung licked at the cut on his lip. "Hate me." He said licking the wound shut. "Hate me as much as you hate them. Want to hurt me like they hurt you. Don't fear me." Taehyung said kissing Jimin on the lips fully. Jimin moaned at the intensity of it, letting his arms wrap loosely around Taehyung's neck. Their tongues danced hotly for a moment, Jimin had never kissed anyone but he was sure it would never feel like this with anyone else.

"Say you hate me." Taehyung hissed as he kissed down Jimin's neck.

"I hate you." Jimin said through moans.

"Say you want to hurt me." Taehyung slipped in between Jimin's thighs and licked at the red cuts on the pale thickness.

"Oh god I want to hurt you !" Jimin moaned loudly as Taehyung lapped at his very sensitive inner thigh. "I want to hurt you so bad you'll be begging for forgiveness."

Taehyung encouraged him more by doing the other thigh, this mark closer to his on coming hard on.

"Oh god Taehyung." Jimin twitched at the feeling. His hips arching into the touch and thighs quivering. He noticed something as Taehyung licked him that his wounds were closing. "You're healing me ?"

"Royal dragons can heal in many ways but saliva is my power to heal others. You may want to hurt me but I don't ever want to hurt you." Taehyung explained after doing the last wound.

"Taehyung..." Said dragon dragged the human back into his lap, back to his lips as more tears poured out his eyes.

"Stop crying. Please. Tell me what you want. I'll give you anything." Taehyung said burying his face in Jimin's neck.

"T-take me to the Lonely Willow." Jimin said.

"Want do you want ?" Taehyung asked.

"I want protection. I want comfort. I want a knight." Jimin said as Taehyung stiffened.

"You want a knight. I'll give you twenty." Taehyung said, green eyes blazing.

"No I want my knight. I want Namjoon."

"Fine. I'll give you Namjoon."

Jimin sighed. "Thank you."

"But first-" Taehyung grabbed Jimin's waist and grind up. They both moaned, Jimin's eyes fluttering as it felt just as good to thrust back down.

"What is this feeling ?" Jimin asked as his hips began moving down on Taehyung's, his bulge rubbing against the fire breathers through his undergarments.

"You're so innocent my prince. I'll make you feel so good you'll think twice about calling your knight for comfort." Taehyung said and Jimin flushed.

"P-pervert." Jimin said but didn't slow down. In fact, they picked up the pace as Taehyung gripped his ass tightly, squeezing the plump flesh. Their erections rubbing together intensively in feverish notion that had Jimin addicted. Taehyung kissed him hard as he came, moaning into the dragon's mouth before twitching out in pleasure.

"Ah ah !" Jimin moaned breaking their kiss as Taehyung moved faster. "Taehyung too much."

"Shit." Taehyung swore as he spilled in his pants. "Don't call my name when coming. It'll make me do even more dirty things to you."

Taehyung kissed him again before Jimin pulled back. Their eyes held one another gaze for a moment, emerald clashing with mocha and Jimin felt his heart flutter.

"I'm dirty again." Jimin frowned, trying to ignore the feeling and Taehyung laughed.

"Yes let's get you clean my prince. Can't have anyone seeing you like this, especially not your knight."

Jimin flushed at that. If Namjoon knew they had done such sinful things, he would kill the dragon prince.


"Do I wish it like a normal wish ?" Jimin asked standing in front of the willow tree.

"You wish it how you want as long as it is something you truly long." Taehyung said, quoting similar words like Jungkook. It was the next day and they had set out in the morning to get Jimin his knight back.

Jimin knelt down on both knees as he clasped his hands and wished. He did long for his guard. Longed for their chats, their laughter, their hugs. He longed for someone who had been with him who understands him. Who was sworn to be with him till the end. Jimin felt a wave of warmth rush through him as the ground rumbled. He opened his eyes to see the thousands of marigolds rustling in the wind. They all seemed to chime as they shook and Jimin watched in awe as they lit up like the sun before it all stopped. Jimin blinked.

"Did it work ?" He asked staring into the flower field.

"You tell me." Taehyung said from behind and Jimin turned around only to gasp.

"Namjoon-hyung ?" Jimin stood up.

"Jimin- I mean my lord. My prince. You're alive ?" Namjoon looked shocked as he suddenly knelt before the eighteen year old.

"Of course. Do you think I would die so easily hyung ?" Jimin asked, smiling a little.

"Forgive me my lord for doubting you but you did get sacrificed. And sacrifices are usually ended in death." Namjoon said. "But I'm so glad you're alive and well. And young, you're still so young."

"Why must you talk like this Hyung? We are but a year apart." Jimin said. "I've only been here for at most two months."

"Oh my prince, it's been years since you've left." Namjoon said and suddenly Jimin could see the age in Namjoon's face. The sharp lines of his jaw and the square of his shoulders. He looked taller too, even kneeing down. He was no longer a teen but now a young adult.

"Oh my beloved knight." Jimin's eyes filled with tears. "I'm sorry I left you for so long. What did they have you do ?"

"I've been positioned to a normal military guard. It's boring and dull. Nothing rarely happens with the magic of the fire breathers keeping us safe." Namjoon explained.

"Then you wouldn't mind...mind being my knight again would you ?" Jimin asked shyly.

"I was sworn to you for life was I not ?" Namjoon took out his sword and held it out, head bowed. "I am yours my prince. To protect your life is my only reason. Any request you have, I shall serve it."

"I have one request Namjoon-hyung and you have to promise you'll always keep it." Jimin said and Namjoon nodded.

"I swear."

"Then stand up tall and look at me not only as my knight but also my friend." Jimin smiled brightly as he heard Namjoon gasp, his face flushed as he stood, towering over the teen.

"Yes my lord."

"Great. Now do not fret but the only way back to the castle is through the air so..." Jimin turned to look at Taehyung who was busy messing with the flowers throughout their whole interaction.

"Oh right." And suddenly be changed into his large albino form. Namjoon clutched at his sword but stopped when Jimin offered his hand.

"No killing our only means of transportation." Jimin said and Namjoon blushed again.

"Yes my prince."


Taehyung and Jimin didn't necessarily get in trouble for bringing Namjoon there till the next day. Seokjin came storming in Taehyung's study, arms on his hips.

"What have you two done ?" Seokjin asked.

"What do you mean ?" Taehyung asked blinking up at his father innocently.

"Don't look at me like that. What is another human doing here ?" Seokjin asked pointing towards Namjoon who stood silently behind Jimin as the young prince was busy sketching a drawing.

"You can't just take humans Taehyung-ah. That's now how we work. It affects the magical deals we make. If they aren't within the set guide lines, things could go wrong." Seokjin explained.

"But father I didn't take him." Taehyung said.

"I wished him here." Jimin explained.

"You what ?" The blonde King blinked.

"Are you getting old Seokjin-hyung ? I said I wished him here." Jimin repeated.

"You brat. I'm not old." Seokjin tugged at Jimin's cheek.

Namjoon placed a hand on Seokjin's wrist. "I advise you to let the prince go."

Seokjin looked down at the large hand that clasp his wrist. Hoseok and Yoongi got ready to pull out their swords.

"You're pretty brave for a human knight." Seokjin said twisting his wrist so now he was the one holding Namjoon. "No sacrifice has ever wished for their knights. What makes you so special ?"

Namjoon tugged his arm towards him, pulling the blonde fire breather with him and slammed him against the wall, pining him there.

"My lord !" Both dragon guards now had their swords out but Seokjin held his free hand up to stop them.

"Interesting." Seokjin said as he looked up at Namjoon with narrowed green eyes. "The last person to pin me up to a wall led to my youngest being born."

"Ew." Taehyung gagged.

"The last person I pinned to a wall, died." Namjoon said and Seokjin smiled, sharp teeth glistening white. His emerald eyes suddenly blazing in interest.

"You'll have to show me sometime human. I seemed to forgot what facing death is like." The blonde said and Namjoon was about to say something when he realized how provocative Seokjin's words were. He flushed before letting the dragon king go.

"I'll let this human live Taehyung-ah, Jimin-ah. But you two are still in trouble." Seokjin said, setting away from Namjoon.

"My lord are you alright ?" Yoongi asked and all eyes went to Seokjin's badly bruised wrist.

"Oh this ?" Seokjin held up his arm and breathed fire on it. Both humans watched curiously as the orange flames danced on his skin before fading out. Leaving his skin smooth and unblemished. "I almost didn't notice it." Seokjin said winking at Namjoon before leaving. Namjoon felt irritation spark from that wink.

"I don't like him." Namjoon said to Jimin and the prince laughed.

"I know how you feel." Jimin said eyeing Taehyung who went back to reading.


Jimin was curious about his duty as a sacrifice. Seokjin had told him once that he would find out but nothing was clear when your fate was in Taehyung's hands. He tried to ask Jungkook about it who directed him to directed him to Hoseok and which the elder dragon looked down upon him oddly.

"You are one strange human. Tiny and frail and your mind thinks too much. But if you seek answers about our culture then who am I to deny you it. The books are great for things like this but if you want to understand a sacrifice personally, you should meet the old ones." Hoseok said.

"The old ones? But that was centuries ago. Do you mean they're still alive ?" Jimin asked shocked.

"Of course. Here magic flows not only within us but to the humans who have been accepted into this world as well. If you want to meet them though, Yoongi-hyung knows where to find them. He's the only person our majesty Seokjin trusts with such valuable information." Hoseok explained.

"Why is this information of value ?" Namjoon asked. He was standing silent behind Jimin until then.

"Because human knight, not all dragons are good. Some rob, some kill, some eat." Hoseok's sharp eyes looked at Jimin who flinched at that. "But you will learn that as you live here. Now go find Yoongi-hyung." Hoseok said.

"Thank you...Hoseok-ssi." Jimin said and Hoseok lips quirked up into a smile as Jimin walked away.

Finding Yoongi was relatively easy as the dragon knight wouldn't be anywhere but beside Seokjin and if he wasn't with the fire breather king, he was in the sky.

"Yoongi-ssi! I have an important question to ask you." Jimin shouted up at the blue dragon.

"What human prince ?" Yoongi asked, circling the sky.

"Show me where the other sacrifices are." Jimin said.

"What makes you think I would do that ?" Yoongi asked landing on the ground. The blue dragons wings sending a burst of wind to both humans faces as he did so.

"Why wouldn't you ?" Jimin asked.

"But why would I ?"

"Stop being difficult beast." Yoongi growled at that making Namjoon grip his sword but Jimin just narrowed his eyes.

"What does his majesty Taehyung see in you ?" Yoongi said before morphing into his human form. "I'll take you if you give me something in return."

"I have nothing to give." Jimin said frowning.

"Oh, but you do little human. But maybe it's best if I take after you receive." Yoongi said.

"I do not trust this creature's words my lord." Namjoon said and Jimin agreed.

"You are playing fair dragon." Jimin said eyes narrowed. "What do you want ?"

"A jewel." Yoongi said.

"I have no jewels." Jimin said confused.

"Yes you do." Yoongi said and Jimin thought about it before looking down at his hands. Of the many rings he had there was one with a tiny blue jewel. It matched the shade of Yoongi's eyes ironically enough.

"This ? This has no meaning. Value maybe but not important." Jimin said.

"Give it to me." Yoongi said and Jimin frowned before throwing the tiny jewel at the fire breather. Yoongi smirked.

"Follow me."

Yoongi led them back inside the castle. They walked down a fairly long line of stairs before coming to another door. This one shown and glowing from the jewels stuck inside of it.

"What is this ?" Jimin asked.

"The gate of sacrifices. To open it, you need something like this." Yoongi said, holding up the jeweled ring. "And this." Yoongi blew out a flame.

"Open it." Jimin demanded and Yoongi complied, sticking the jewel inside an empty slot. It glowed a bright blue and Jimin watched the fire breather take a deep breath before blowing flames on the gate. The flames flowed through a spider web like trail before connecting in the middle. The door opened slowly and Jimin eyes widened to see darkness.

"There's nothing."

"Step inside." Yoongi said.

"How will I get back ?" Jimin asked and Yoongi smirked.

"Call upon a dragon."

Jimin took a tentative step forward then. Namjoon followed but Yoongi held him back. "Sacrifices only, human."


"I'll be fine Namjoon-hyung." Jimin said smiling before stepping into the darkness. When he did he felt his whole world flipped. He suddenly was falling, the ground beneath him gone. The darkness was changing, growing lighter and brighter until it was too bright that Jimin closed his eyes.

"How do you fare ?" Jimin opened his eyes to meet brown ones looking down at him. Jimin looked around, it seemed like he was in a normal field.

"Where am I ?" Jimin asked.

"You're where all sacrifices go when they aren't needed anymore." The man said.

"Not needed ?" Jimin asked, accepting the hand that was offered to him.

"Yes. After the century is up. All sacrifices spend the rest of their long lives here." The man said.

"Why ?"

"We have filled our purpose."

"I don't understand. What is our purpose. I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing with these dragons." Jimin said.

"Come child. Let us walk." The man said and Jimin followed.

"I am the 215th sacrifice." The man started. "And as the centuries go on, I noticed it all was the same. Royal blood, third moon and most importantly fear. The fire breathers feed on fear. They thrive in it, fueling the flames that corse through them until we have no more fear inside of us."

"Why is that ? Why must fear be a requirement?" Jimin asked.

"Their magic grows on it. Ever since they've stopped eating humans to strengthen themselves they decided to go for something a equally delicious." The man said.

Jimin frowned. He knew the fire breathers were power driven but not to this point.

"You said until the fear runs out. How is that ?" Jimin asked.

"Over time, things become less scary. Same with the dragons. Except this wasn't a simple fear passing. No the beast are draining us." The man said. "Sucking out every since of fear to the point where we fear nothing at all."

"Well shouldn't that be good ?" Jimin asked.

"One would think but no. Fear is a human quality. It's what makes us rational and instinctive. Without fear, we are soulless. Without fear, we do not stop to think at simple things like family and love. We think nothing can harm us, there is nothing dangerous and this type of thinking is deadly."

Jimin looked at the man seriously.

"They're taking away your humanity and throwing you in some fake haven for eternity. You've lost yourselves the moment you were sacrificed." Jimin said.

"In that moment it wasn't ours to loose, but theirs."

"I have to go." Jimin said abruptly, Thoughts already swirling as the man nodded.

"See to it you don't become like us child. Or else you'll spend an eternity of nothing."

Jimin closed his eyes. Call upon a dragon Yoongi said but he didn't say which dragon. Damn dragons. This was all Taehyung's fault that he was here. If the beast didn't accept him from the start maybe he wouldn't be in this predicament. Taehyung was only using him to fuel his magic. No wonder he didn't want anyone or thing to touch him. And once Jimin's anger was all but gone, he would get rid of him. Throw him into that mock reality. Leaving him as a void.


Jimin jumped as he opened his eyes to see that he was in Taehyung's room.

"What ? How did I get here ?" Jimin asked confused as he didn't notice himself being removed from beyond the gate.

"You were calling me. What is wrong? You look vengeful." Taehyung asked.

"I went to see the past sacrifices today." Jimin said, anger returning to him. "You beast are truly sick you know that ?"

"What are you talking about ?" Taehyung asked.

"You think I'm just some living ball of energy to keep you going ? Will you feed on me like that rest ?" Jimin spat.

"Jimin I don't understand."

"Of course not. This is normal to you ? How life has been for centuries. You don't really want me do you ?"

"Jimin.." Taehyung took a step forward.

"Not that I care what you want. I'm nothing to you. Just something to keep you strong until the next sacrifice."

"Park Jimin." Taehyung grabbed the humans shoulder.

"Let go of me beast." Jimin shouted and now it was Taehyung's turn to get upset. Something flared in those green as as he pushed Jimin back into a wall.

"Shut up." Taehyung hissed.

"You shut up." Jimin hissed back. "You should have just killed me. Or better yet, I should have killed you."

"Seeing those old humans has distorted your mind." Taehyung said. "Your anger tasted different."

"That's the exact point right there ! You're feeding on me. What will happen if I have no more anger left ? Will you disregard me ?" Jimin asked.


"Liar." Jimin said using his other hand to hit Taehyung's chest. "You're such a liar."

"Stop !" Taehyung growled, pinning the smaller's arms harshly to the wall. Their faces were close as Taehyung glared down at him.

"Those lost souls are messing with you. I told you, I'd never hurt you." Taehyung said.

"How can I believe you ? How when there's proof that-"

"What proof ? You are my first and only sacrifice. The others are for my father and what my father did to them won't happen to you." Taehyung said.

"How can I know what's true ? How can I know that in the next century you won't just toss me away ?" Jimin asked.

" want me to keep you ?" Taehyung asked shocked.

Jimin blinked then flushed. "Well no I-"

"You do. You want to be mine human prince. The thought of leaving me angers you so much, how exciting." Taehyung said smiling down at Jimin. Their noses bumped.

"You're cute."

"Shut up."

"And tiny."

"Taehyung shut up."

"And mine."

Jimin didn't get a chance to speak as Taehyung's lips placed on his. He froze. Taehyung's lips were soft and moving at such a languid place, Jimin could help but follow. The hands stopped pinning his wrist and wrapped around Jimin's waist, pulling them flush together.

"Your rage may fuel me but your jealousy excites me." Taehyung said as they pulled apart and Jimin noticed the bulge pressing against his. Soon Taehyung picked him up, wrapping Jimin's thighs around him making Jimin moan.

"You like this too."

"Shut up."

"Is that all you can say human ?" Taehyung asked.

"What would you rather me say ?"

"My name. Actually, I want you to scream it."

And their lips crashed together. Their tongues fighting, spilling out all the anger and confusion Jimin and Taehyung were having into something passionate. Jimin gasped as he was being moved towards the bed, Taehyung climbing on top of him like some sort of prey and crashing their lips together again. It was sloppy and rushed but it was hot and felt good to both of them.

Taehyung slipped in between Jimin's thick thighs. His pelvis lining up with the older's making them both groan.

"Ah mmm." Jimin moaned, breaking the kiss as he let Taehyung trail kisses down his neck.

"You want to be mad at me ? Then show me how angry you are." Taehyung growled into his ear. Their hips snapping and Jimin felt his eyes roll back from the intensity of the thrust. It felt too good. He gasped as Taehyung ripped at his shirt, exposing the pale skin of his chest. Jimin, only wanting things fair, did the same. Marveling in sight of Taehyung toned tan skin. He didn't have much time to soak it in though as Taehyung let his claws grow out and rip at Jimin's bottoms. Those thick, toned thighs were practically ripping the fabric themselves making Jimin a bit shy.

"Don't hide from me, my beautiful human." Taehyung said making Jimin look back at him.

"I am yours." Jimin said. "But do you only want me ?"

"Only you." Taehyung said kissing Jimin's lips. Their eyes connected.

"Ah Tae !" Taehyung had thrust his hips up, bulge grinding into Jimin's almost exposed one in a delicious friction.

"I want only you." Taehyung said. "Can I have you ?"

"Do it before I change my mind." Jimin snapped.

"If I do you, can never go anywhere. You'll be mine as long as I live." Taehyung said ripping his own pants off.

"How long will you live ?" Jimin asked.

"I have an eternity." Taehyung said, spreading Jimin's bottom to get a better view of his hole. He slowly entered one finger, letting Jimin get used to the feeling before adding another.

"Ah Taehyung !" Jimin shouted, the fire breathers long fingers hitting his spot. "Oh ah more." Jimin moaned, his slim hips rolling back into Taehyung's fingers. Once he was fully stretched out, Taehyung lined himself up at the entrance.

"Are you ready ?"

"You won't throw me away ?"

"I go where you go."

"Then yes."

And Taehyung thrust in. Jimin held him close, arms wrapped around his neck as Taehyung pushed his cock in slowly. Their hips connected as Taehyung was fully in. The taller looking down at his human with such deep green eyes.

"Does it hurt ?" Taehyung asked, cupping Jimin's cheek to catch a tear.

"I'll punch you in the balls later if you want to know what it feels like." Jimin hissed and Taehyung smiled, kissing his cheek.


He then slid out, making Jimin moan before thrusting back in. He did this a couple more times, making Jimin adjust around him until there wasn't much pain but please.

"Ah yes." Jimin hissed. Toes curling up and legs wrapping around Taehyung as the fire breather fucking into him at a steady pace.

"You like this ?"

"I want more."

So Taehyung gave him more. He fucked Jimin hard. Pushing his cock into him, drilling Jimin into the bed until his moaned became cries of pleasure.

"Oh yes ! Yes Taehyung yes right there ah !" Jimin's nails scratched at Taehyung's back but the fire breather didn't mind as the human moaned his name so beautifully. He screamed especially loud as Taehyung drilled into his spot, abusing it with such precision Jimin felt himself getting lightheaded.

"I can't I can't." Jimin moaned. "Ahh I'm gonna cum."

"Come on Jimin-ah. Cum all over us. You're squeezing so tight I might cum too." Taehyung hissed, his words slurring between the common tongue and his own dragon one. It took only three more thrust to have Jimin spilling all over them. His thighs shaking hard as he buried himself in Taehyung chest.

"Ah oh god Tae ah !" Taehyung kept thrusting in Jimin, feeling his orgasm tighten the bit of his stomach. Jimin couldn't take it. It was too much. His legs shook but his ass kept sucking Taehyung in deeper.

"Ah fuck fuck !" Taehyung shouted as he came. His lips immediately connecting to Jimin's neck and biting him hard. Their was a soft green glow around them but neither noticed as Jimin was too fucked out and Taehyung couldn't yet stop his hips from moving into the tight warmth.

Pretty soon they calmed down, Taehyung pulling out slowly making Jimin groan.

"So pretty." Taehyung said brushing the brunettes hair out his face. "And all mine."

"Yours." Was all Jimin said before falling asleep.


"You mated with him !"


"Why aren't you freaking out he's a human ! Your father will kill us for letting it happen."

"Father isn't too traditional. It will be okay. And if it isn't, he can't take him from me."

Jimin woke up from the noise. He felt something rub against his skin and opened his eyes to see Jungkook.

"Jungkook-ah what ...where is your brother ?" Jimin asked.

"Your mate is with Hoseok-hyung. Hyung asked me to wash you to make sure you nice and clean before being presented to father."

"Why am I being presented to Seokjin-Hyung ?"

"Mating calls for a ceremony. Dragons rarely mate. When they do it never with human. This is new." Jungkook explained.

"Oh. Will be get in trouble ?" Jimin asked.

"Love is trouble. Dangerous too. But it might help you today hyung. So accept it." Jungkook said giving Jimin's hand one last pat down to dry before slipping on the robe. Jungkook then stood up.

"Let's go."

"Wait." Jungkook looked at him. "I can't move." Jimin said with a flush. Jungkook didn't say anything, just picked Jimin up like he was nothing and carried him out the room.

"Hyung. Your mate requests assistance to the ceremony." Jungkook said holding Jimin out like he was a baby towards Taehyung. Jimin flushed as he looked at Taehyung. The fire breather smiled, taking Jimin gently.

"You know if you're in pain, I could just lick it better." Taehyung whispered in Jimin's ear.

"If you want to do this ceremony today I suggest you keep your tongue to yourself." Jimin hissed and squeaked when Taehyung licked his cheek.


They made it to the throne room where Seokjin was waiting.

"Taehyung-ah, my light, my son. What have you done mating a human ?" Seokjin asked from his seat.

"I only followed instincts father." Taehyung said.

"Your instincts were to mate your sacrifice. Why ?" Seokjin asked.

"One cannot help what they're attracted to." Taehyung said. "From the moment I saw this human I knew, he would make a great mate. I should thank you for offering him to me instead of slaying him and his village. His anger father, it's a passion so different from fear but a passion none the less."

"Yes. I heard you met the previous sacrifices human. How did they fare ? Did they scare you ?" Seokjin asked and Jimin thought about it. Because yes they did. They scared him into thinking about what he could be. What was happening to him.

"I won't be one of them, right ?" Jimin asked.

"No. Unlike them, you fuel Taehyung on a different passion. May it be anger, lust or even love." Jimin blushed at the last part. "But you have mated him so that shows something unique. Your core is too strong to be drained. In fact it's overflowing and meant to be shared. Maybe that's why magic let you mate." Seokjin said, humming to himself before nodding.

"You two shall hold a ceremony today. From now are you are mates, no longer sacrifice and master. Are you willing to accept ?"

Jimin looked at Taehyung who smiled down at him. His eyes filled with worry though and Jimin smiled back. Yes something inside of him was telling him this was right all along.

"I accept."

"Then follow me. What happens this after this won't be easy." Seokjin warned.

"I wasn't chosen for ease." Jimin said and Taehyung laughed in agreement. No he was not.