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It was a well-kept secret that Izuku Midoriya was ripped.

Damn, Midoriya, you got some nice muscles!

As Eijirou had aptly stated as soon as the green haired male had entered their dormitory’s shared showering room naked.

Indeed! It is as if your body were sculpted in Greece!

Soon after, Tenya had entered the conversation, which only increased Izuku’s unease.

Holy crap, I knew you had a good punch but I wasn’t expecting all of you to be beefy!

Denki slipped away from his cubicle to marvel at the chiselled body of Izuku with a whistle.

Oh, man, what gym do you go to?

Rikidou made his way to the growing crowd whilst still rubbing at his shampooed head.

Shit, dude. You’re more buff than Ojiro and he does all that kung fu shit!

Hanta snickered as he heard Mashirao scream out an ‘I heard that!’

Yes indeed, what a marvellous physique-

Out of the fucking way faggots!

Thankfully, though, Katuski managed to defuse the whole scene by entering the showering room and shoving the green haired male away; while also silencing Yuuga in the process.

Helping Izuku stand up, the other boys looked on with anticipation as another figure entered the showering room.

Now, all the boys knew just how buff Izuku really is.

And that Fumikage was only bird from head to neck.


“Are you certain you have the vegetables?” Tenya leaned downward to inspect the plastic bag that Mina was carrying.

“Yeah, sheesh!” the pinkette furrowed her brows “I’ve told you that like five times already, Iida!”

“We can’t be too lenient with our vegetables!” the blue haired male retorted with vigor “For they keep us healthy, and as heroes in training we need to be-“

Opening the door to the lobby of their dormitory, Mina shook her head “Yeah, yeah, we need to be ‘well-fed to function properly’” Tenya was slightly taken aback by the acid user’s impression of him.

“Are you sure you don’t need any help, Deku?” Ochako smiled nervously, furrowing her brows a bit when she had noticed Izuku’s arms quaver.

“I-It’s fine… really!” the green haired male huffed as he took a step inside of the building after Ochako had entered, gingerly lowering the bags that had been hanging from his arms to the floor below.

A wave of relief washed over his tired arms as he felt the weight of the bags lessen “I need to train my arms too-“ Izuku turned to look at the concerned brunette to give her a reassuring smile “So, yeah.”

Ochako yelped in surprise at the sudden eye contact from Izuku and felt her heart pound. The adorable smile that he gave her made the brunette’s cheeks heat up “O-Oh, well, if it’s training, then-“

“Come, Midoriya!” Tenya’s glasses glinted a bit “We need to put the groceries in their proper places before the afternoon heat gets to them!”

The blue haired male suddenly whizzed past Ochako and Mina, snatching away the bags that they were holding onto “I appreciate the help you two have given in the choosing of the groceries! You two are dismissed!”

Tenya ran off towards the kitchen area; who was then quickly followed by a fumbling Izuku.

Ochako watched the green streak that was Izuku shrink off towards the end of the hallway, while a small gust had rushed past her face thanks to the sheer speed that the two males had put on.

“He is cute,” Mina leaned on one of Ochako’s shoulders “I can see how you fell for him.”

“What?” the brunette blinked a few times in confusion “What’re you talking abo-“

“I’m talkin’ about Deku, silly,” the pinkette smiled deviously as she waggled her eyebrows “I have to admit that he’s more of a looker up close, plus his shy nature really is the cherry on top.”

“E-Eh?” Ochako felt her cheeks burn up “I-I don’t foll-“

“Relax, though-” retracting her arm and shrugging, Mina then proceeded to make her way behind Ochako and took a quick slap of her butt before placing both of her hands on the brunette’s shoulders.

“Ultimately, he isn’t really my type,” the acid user pushed Ochako forward with a chuckle “So you better get him before he gets swooped up by someone else~”

“Wh-where are we going?” the brunette was too shocked to have noticed Mina slapping her behind and was more fixated on the fact that she couldn’t get Izuku out of her mind.

“All that shopping tired me out- Let’s take a bath!” Mina giggled, which snapped Ochako back to a normal state of mind.

“A bath does sound nice right about now.” the brunette smiled and started moving of her own accord, making Mina fall to the ground behind her.

“O-Oops, sorry!”


It was also a well-kept secret that Ochako Uraraka was absolutely head over heels for Izuku Midoriya; a.k.a Deku.


Mina was the first to react when Ochako had finally decided to come clean. Needless to say, the brunette was more confused as to why most of her classmates looked like they were expecting exactly what she had told them.

It wasn’t such a farfetched notion.

Momo shrugged, then quickly turned to Kyouka with a smile.

Sheesh, fine, I’ll give you your money tomorrow. I just thought she’d be more into Iida’s type.

Ochako looked on with disbelief as she surmised that Momo and Kyouka had bet on which one of her two friends she was crushing on.

It was to be expected, ribbit. So what are you planning on doing?

Tsuyu’s words had stuck with Ochako ever since then. She was happy being friends with Izuku and she’d be happier if they took their relationship one step higher-

But the fear of rejection, of losing a friend because of confessing ate her up inside. So many “what-if’s” and “but’s” clouded her heart that she ultimately decided to try and shut him out.

Emphasis on the word “try”, mind.


“Midoriya? He’s in the showers, why do you ask?” Tenya ruffled his hair using his damp towel for a while before turning back to look at Hanta and Denki who stood by his doorway.

“’S at so?” Hanta snickered “Thanks, Iida!”

“You’re welcome?” the blue haired male furrowed his brows as he placed his glasses on his face “He’ll be finished in a few minutes, so don’t go barging in the shower rooms ‘til the-“

Frowning when Denki and Hanta had completely ignored him, Tenya couldn’t help but feel that something bad was going to happen.


Sighing in relief as he turned the shower off, Izuku reached for his towel that he left hanging at the top of his cubicle.

Furrowing his brows when all his fingertips could feel was cold rock, the green haired male frantically looked up to see that his towel was no longer there.

Slowly pushing the door to his stall open, Izuku peered out and looked left and right. He remembered that there were spare towels by the cabinet near the entrance.

Tiptoeing his way towards said cabinet and opening it quickly, Izuku’s eyes widened in disbelief when he found it completely empty.

“Yo, Midoriya!” the green haired male quickly turned his head towards the source of the voice; which had come from the entrance of the shower room.

Hanta showcased a towel as he waved it in the air “Need a towel?”

“Oh, actually, yes-!” Izuku’s eyes widened in disbelief when Denki had shown himself, pointing his index finger to the floor and effectively electrocuting the whole room.

The green haired male had disappeared for a split second and then reappeared on top of the cabinet, seemingly moving out of reflex more than anything.

“Shit, his reflexes are too damn quick!” the blond snickered as he rushed off on the opposite direction, with Hanta quickly following suit.

Blinking his eyes a few times, Izuku furrowed his brows; Denki only used his index finger, meaning he wasn’t trying to kill him; so, he surmised that they weren’t under attack by shape-shifting villains.

But what-?

Gulping audibly, Izuku quickly understood what was going on and he leapt towards the door; activating his quirk mid-air as he started sprinting towards the end of the hall.

“G-Guys, wait!” he screamed out in a rather begging tone “Everyone’s here at the dorms, s-someone might see me!”

Skidding to a halt by their common room and looking around frantically, Izuku placed one of his hands by his crotch area when he had felt a draft pass through his body; effectively making him shiver.

“Kaminari? S-Sero!” the green haired male pursed his lips, readying himself to rush off towards the laundry room to try and find a way to cover himself up-

About to sprint off, Izuku fell to the ground when he had heard someone gasp in surprise- And dreadfully, it sounded female.

Quickly standing and covering himself up, Izuku turned to the source of the voice to try and explain himself; only to find himself unable to speak due to sheer shock.

“D-Deku?” Ochako’s brush fell from her hand and she started mumbling out incoherent phrases.

“Aha, this isn’t what it looks like!” Izuku bit at his lower lip “I-I need to find myself some clothes so-“

The brunette covered her face with her hands, but could still see through the divisions in her fingers. She was, however, too focused on… Izuku to have noticed that she was actually floating at that moment.

“Uraraka?!” Izuku called out to her, which made her snap out of her staring trance “Y-You’re floating!”

Ochako then panicked and started flailing around in the air, and turning to look at Izuku only made it worse.

ImsorryIdidntseeanythingIswearohmyGodohmyGodImsosorry!” she covered her face properly with her hands now, and drifted off slowly to the opposite direction.

“I-It’s fine, don’t worry-!” furrowing his brows when he had noticed that Ochako couldn’t actually hear him, Izuku groaned as he turned around. He was going to get her down after he hopefully finds something to cover himself up.


After finding the only article of clothing that he could, which was unfortunately a speedo, Izuku rushed back to the common room and saw the still floating and mumbling Ochako in the air.

Leaping upward and taking her into his arms, the green haired male effectively silenced the brunette in the moment that he landed back on the ground.

“A-Are you okay?” Izuku smiled nervously when Ochako had made no response and only stared at him with the occasional blink.

“Ura-“ he was cut off from his words when he had heard the chatter of his classmates and Izuku mentally prepared to explain himself to whoever these people were.

“Yeah! I saw that on t.v, too! It was pretty inten-“ Mina stopped speaking when she had noticed Izuku at the end of the hallway, and her jaw dropped when her mind had processed who exactly the green haired male was carrying in his arms.

But what really shocked Mina was how ripped Izuku was. Like, damn.

“Midoriya? What are you doing?” Fumikage was the first to speak up; not really concerned about Izuku’s lack of clothes nor the fact that he was carrying Ochako in his arms.

Kyouka furrowed her brows and then chortled “Damn, Deku, nice bod!”

Setting Ochako down gingerly and shaking his head and his hands, Izuku smiled nervously “I-I can explain-“

Seeing Denki and Hanta coming out from a hallway behind his three other classmates, Izuku frowned “K-Kaminari! Give me my towel back!”

The blond quickly turned to look at Izuku and smiled mischievously “Oh, shit!” before making a run for it towards the laundry area.

Izuku leapt forward but fell back first when Hanta had whipped him on the stomach using his tape “Sorry, dude, we’re not gonna stop until everyone knows how ripped you are!”

“W-Wait!” the green haired male shuffled onto his feet and groaned when he had seen that Denki and Hanta were already far away.

Sighing in disbelief when he had heard Kyouka whistling, Izuku turned around to look at his three classmates with a dejected look-

“Not helping, Jirou.”


 Izuku managed to catch up with the two, take the towel from them and managed to hastily retreat back to his room for a proper change of clothes.

By supper time, everyone (the girls) already knew just how buff Izuku really was; much to the chagrin of the green haired male.

The girls who hadn’t managed to see him semi-naked were curious, while Mina kept pestering him to take off his shirt because she didn’t have enough “eye candy” from earlier that afternoon.

They all ate in relative peace after that, with Katsuki blowing up a fourth of the table because he was pissed-

And when was Katsuki Bakugou not pissed?

Retreating back to their rooms, goodnights were shared between the students at the common room as they went on to their respective wings.

Ochako plopped herself on her bed, feeling the same blush that she had from earlier that afternoon.

Not only did she see Izuku butt-naked, but he also carried her in his arms while wearing nothing but a speedo.

A tight looking speedo, to boot.

Feeling her cheeks heat up even more, the brunette covered her face with her hands and felt shame and disbelief course through her body as she reminisced and remembered every rippling muscle that her eyes could see on Izuku’s body.

Biting her lower lip as she felt an all too familiar warmth in her lower body, Ochako reluctantly took one hand away from her face and towards her stomach; which continually slid down lower and lower-

Until she started floating in the air and started to panic, and effectively losing all of the libido that she was having a few seconds earlier.

“R-Release!” she shouted out, falling down to her bed with a plop as she then started flailing around in like a child who didn’t get their toy.

Turning herself around and burying her face on her pillow, Ochako sighed in disbelief.

There was no way was she getting over Izuku now.