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    Iida Tenya is just human. He has need and fantasies just as any other young healthy male.

    It was weird. It was very, very weird. He wished for it to not be weird, because there was nothing particularly weird about their situation. He was sitting in the kitchen table of the dorms, watching Uraraka and Midoriya cook, both getting all messy, and  he was surprisingly turned on by the sight.

    It did not started all at once, it was not at first sight, it was so gradual, he did not realized until it was too late.

    It started with him noticing that Uraraka's hair smelled really nice, fruity and citric and her entire body seemed to smell like pure pheromone, then with him noticing that her smile was beautiful, her laughter was like music and her eyes were freaking sparkling, culminating with the realization that she had a selection of shirts that accentuated the sensual curve of her waist and the plumpness of her breasts.

    He was allowed to like beautiful girls, he was a boy like any others. So his friend was a hot girl, she was also friends with Midoriya and he was clearly attracted by her, and that was okay. But that led to a whole other thing. He noticed that when Midoriya blushed, his freckles looked beautiful, he noticed the boy's body was all muscle and sun kissed, and he noticed, when they were in the locker room, the Midoriya was also his hot guy friend, because his ass was a goddamn sculpture and he could probably smash Iida's head with his increasingly muscular legs... maybe that should be his next move.

    He had hot friends. It could happen. UA students were in peak physical conditions, they had healthy bodies and sometimes that would mean that some of them were hot. Iida himself was pretty attractive. Momo was very well endowed on her front and Ashido had killer legs. Kirishima had a nice body and Todoroki had the whole good looking stoic distant rich guy going on. Tokoyami and Tsuyu, even in their less human appearances also had very well defined bodies.

    There was nothing wrong with thinking your friends were hot. Specially because he wasn't doing much more than stating a fact, but then, that other thing happened. That thing where he couldn't sleep and trying to move while adjusting the annoying boner in his pants. It was pointless, he needed to get rid of that problem before being able to close his eyes. He cursed lowly, while sitting against the headboard and pushing his pants down to the middle of his tights. He placed a hand around his cock, annoyed and bored, and started pumping, too sleepy to think of something he started having random thoughts.

    Girls with plump breasts and boys with muscular bodies. Yes, the lowest common denominator was good enough, he just waned this finished so this could end and he could sleep. Yes, breasts and muscles, that was all he needed. Girls with big breasts, brown eyes, brown hair and a happy, round face and boys with muscular bodies, green hair and eyes and freckles all over.  About his age. And heroes in training as well. He really did not wanted to open that door, but it feels like it has been unlocked a long time ago and he has been peeking through it for a while now, because he has been thinking about playing with Uraraka's breasts and pressing Midoriya against a wall for quite some time.

    Fuck, not here, here they were Ochako and Izuku. He knows he will regret this and torture himself for this, but he is far too gone and the voice telling him to stop has been silenced by the imagined sounds of both moaning in his ear.

    He thinks about licking Ochako's body, from her bellybutton to her neck, leaving hickeys and bites and going back again. He thinks about grinding his length against Izuku's ass the very next time they are alone in the locker room. "This is against PDA rules" his mind states; "shut up, not now" he whispers. He thinks about licking his girl friend's nipples until she is moaning an begging for more, and also about some light spanking on Izuku's ass while he cries out to be fucked.

    He starts buckling his own hips against his hand because now more than ever he wants more, he feels like he needs to decide on a fantasy but he doesn't want to, for once in his life, he wants to be greedy. He wants both, he needs both. He thinks about them grinding against each other on his front, lewd smiles begging for him to join them. He thinks about the possibility of both sucking him simultaneously, licking his dick, kissing the V of his hips, kissing each other...

    He gets there while picturing getting oral sex from his two best friends. He manages to sleep after what's probably the best orgasm of his young life, and spends the next week trying to interact as minimum with his friends while he still bitters in his own guilt, because, as much as he wishes, those fantasies don't stop and he has taken up that nasty habit of keep doing that for almost every night.

    He tries to get over it, he really does, convince himself it's just a crush motivated by hormones and the adrenaline of action.

    He tries to remember Uraraka, the friendly go happy girl who is his friend, only for them to go to the pool and she wears a sinfully small bikini and he has to sit away, legs crossed and just watch her having her fun. When she comes back, her skin is tanned and there's a white streak on he shoulder he desperatelly wants to mark with his teeth.

    He tries to remember about his good friend Midoriya, and how they are good bros, only for a heat stroke make said bro to wear a crop top and shorts in the living room, skin damp in sweat and basically deepthroating a strawberry Popsicle.

    He tries to think of them all as a group of close knit friends, who can count on each other on the action time. Only for him to get sick and both of them play his nurse, touching his skin with those relieving cold hands, spoon feeding him, spending the entire day by his side, smiling and grinning and being careful and just so fucking perfect.

    He wants both. He needs both. In his arms and in his bed. He wants to fuck them both really hard and then cuddle the crap out of them. The realization dawns on him that he is so fucking gone, in love with his best friends.

    So the smallest things are enticing now. Such as sitting down on the kitchen because his friends wanted him to taste something they wanted to bake, but at the same time, they were maybe planing to murder him, because they both were wearing clingy tank tops and aprons, there was whipped cream falling around Midoriya's mouth and some on Uraraka's rack, and that whipped cream will feed his fantasies for weeks.

    The worst thing is... Iida thinks they know. They know, and they can't not know, because suddenly they are all too touchy, too close and too seductive.

    Midoriya has a sudden collection of clingy tees and tank tops, and two crop tops, for hot days, he says, blame global warming. Uraraka has adopted a wardrobe of increasingly lower v necks and has been touching his knees every time they are sitting down and moving forward and showing off. Now, they just finished putting everything on the oven and Uraraka is playfully sprinkling whipped cream on Midoriya, and all Iida can see is that at any moment he can push het into the corner and they can start making out.

    "Iida-kun?" Midoriya says sitting down on his left while Urakaka sits on his right side. "We need to talk with you."

    The hand again. In his thighs. but this time there are two, one in each thigh, moving a bit, grasping just a bit so it's too ambiguous whether they are trying to be nice or are about to give him a handjob.

    "You have been kind of distant lately, we just wanted to know if you're okay." Uraraka's sneaky hand moved to his inner thigh and just an inch upward and grasped the flesh there, Iida had to swallow a groan. "We know those last weeks have been... hard." She pressed his inner thigh stronger, he just then realized Midoriya had been drawing circles with his fingers and he had to let out a shaky breathe. "We just want to know if there's anything you's like from us. We'd love to give it to you. Ease this build up tension in you."

    Midoriya's breathe was suddenly close to his neck, and Uraraka's eyes were as if looking to her next meal. He turns to avert his gaze from Uraraka and has to see Midoriya's eyes taken by something dark and needy. He can't look at it anymore, but on the other side, is Uraraka's eyes filled with something predatory and hungry.

    They are closer now. So close the smell and sight becomes just intoxicating. Midoriya's hand tilts his chin towards him and breathes out, almost on a plea "Tenya."

    And that was it. He closed the distance between his mouth and the boy's because he tastes like sweet and iron and that was just intoxicating. Midorya... no, Izuku, moaned into his mouth and that has enough of an opening for them to finally clash tongues and it's so, so good. Ochako moves to kiss his neck and finally, finally places her hand over his painful hard on, threading lightly over the fabric and tempting.

    He gathers strength and pushes Izuku over one of his legs and Ochako over the other. He wants to take a moment, he needs to guarantee, he looks to them, Izuku's dazed eye and Ochako's smile, he needs to go all the way. He does not know any words all of a sudden and every question just dies in his throat.

    "It's okay, Tenya." She calls, and his name on her mouth just fits so beautifully. "We want this." She confirms and caresses his face, placing her other hand on Izuku's waist. "What do you want?"

    "Kiss him." He lets out, she laughs and complies. She holds Midoriya's face between her hands, he is blushing and she kisses him. And it's really, really amazing, because Midoriya Izuku and Uraraka Ochako are making out in his lap and he is about to fucking burst in his own pants.

    Izuku guides Tenya's hands to his own waist, and his other hand stops on Ochako's. He can feel this time, it's not a dream, he can actually touch it. He actually grasps the boy's ass and he makes the cutest little whine on the kiss and leans in the touch. The girl stops the kiss because Izuku's moans while Tenya is violently groping his ass and she moves because she hasn't kissed Tenya yet at that point, but dear god, she tastes like orange sweets. "Slap him." She asks in a whisper and he complies because even through the black shorts Izuku is wearing right now, he needs to know that his ass will be glowing red once that is tore off. His other hand started groping Ochako because he has been wanting that for so long and the crazy vixen is not even wearing a bra.

    He can die like this, he decides. One hand groping and slapping Izuku's ass, the other on Ochako's breast, feeling her nipples over her shirt. His breath hiking on his neck at every slap while her kisses make wet filthy sounds every time her tongue moves. Each one had a hand on his chest but they were going down, lower each one counting his abs but going lower, lower to the v of his hip and he feels like might cum, he is     going to cum, but he wants to do it on their friends hands, so he needs to hold a little longer, he tries to focus, but Ochako is biting his bottom lip and Izuku is licking his ear lobe and both their hands are inside his pants, but over his underwear.
    "Tenya, it's so big." He whispers, on a mix of anxiety and eagerness.

    "You're gonna mess us up so fucking much." She moans into his mouth.

    And now Izuku is fondling his balls while Ochako is giving him a handjob with three fingers so slow, so agonizing he fears he might be a little masochistic because he is loving it. He buckles his hips towards the hand and the kisses are suddenly switched to moans, because of course, they are now grinding against his thighs harder, trying to not stop doing whatever they were all doing, because it was so good and they were too gone on it. Someone might walk in the kitchen and see Iida Tenya getting a handjob from his two best friends while they grind in his thighs and he would not be sure if he wanted to stop. He wanted to have both of them against the table and try to fuck both simultaneously, he also wanted both of them on their knees sucking him and he isn't sure he is going to get his now, but if someone walked in on that scene, then, tough luck, they were going to be treated to the vision or leave because he would not stop. They would certainly not join, because now Izuku and Ochako were his, his boyfriend and girlfriend and he is the only one who is going to get to hit that. They were his now, his lovers, his alone and his head is overflowing with ideas and craziness and hormones and he is so close, he is almost there and feels like the others are closing in as well.

    And he is about to lose it because they are all groaning really loud and someone might hear, someone has definitely heard it by now, and he never felt more like a sinner and never would have know sin is so good. He is going to fuck his two best friends on the kitchen they share with all of their classmates and somehow, this makes everything even hotter.

    But there's a sudden outside interruption. A loud ringing that makes the 3 jump. They have been at it for 20 minutes and the cookies are ready, the scent of vanilla really faint over the smell of sex and sweat.

    "We... need to take them out of the oven." She smiles, pushing herself into woobly legs and leaning into the table to she can get to the oven on the other side. Iida is left there, with Midoriya in his lap, afraid of going on with the grinding.

    "I..." Iida calls. Uraraka and Midoriya are looking at him now. "I love you guys. So much. For so long."

    Uraraka smiles kindly, leaving the cookies over the counter, and takes one for herself to bite. It's hot, but nothing she can't take. Midoriya kisses Iida's cheek sweetly and turns to him. "We know it silly. Why do you think we are doing this?"

    "You have been eye banging us for two months." Uraraka goes back to her position and delivers the piece of cookie she didn't ate into Midoriya's mouth. "We just thought real banging is better." She pulls Midoriya up and signalizes Iida to stand up as well, he follows the order quickly. "Now come."

    "I was almost..."

    Both of them chuckle and the sound is just so fucking heavenly. "Well, we'll take care of it. You're our boyfriend now, you know?"

    And it sounds so good to be called boyfriend, specially while he is being pulled by both of them to her bedroom so they can continue without fear of interruptions.