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Cherished Affliction

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Despite the royalty that was seeping from the Fabray name, Quinn had always been and would always be so very different from them.

Of course, there would always be qualities that she shared with her family that were linked to her genetic make up. Overachieving, for example; it ran through her blood stream on both her father and mother's side. They were both early high school graduates, an received early admission to Ivy League schools and eventually proud Columbia University alumni.

It didn't take much work for her path to be cut the same way and it came to no surprise that she managed to finish college and graduate school by twenty-three, gaining her MBA in business. It was in her blood. 

So much, that she was actually concerned about the stigma that might be applied to her thanks to her status as an heiress of sorts. So she did what her father would have done. She searched for other opportunities at other companies and excelled at them before ever stepping foot into her family's business. It defied the common belief that the company that Quinn Fabray owned, the company that had been in her family for years, was just handed to her.

No, Quinn Fabray earned the right to control every single inch of what her family had worked so hard to build for her. Quinn Fabray was special, and she always had been. 

Her mother always told her she was special. Even before she was an honor student, before she was standing on top of billions of dollars.

Before she was Quinn. 

Her mother believed that Quinn possessed unseen qualities that were blessed upon people through God. 

"People are just different. Special. They are chosen by God or whoever you may believe in, to exist differently and achieve success at a quicker pace than others. I knew the minute I was pregnant with you that would be one of those people." 

Quinn never really understood what her mother meant and she was confident that she never would. She did however know that her father shared a similar opinion, although his thoughts were more of a combination of what her mother believed and a more logical assembly of genetics and how she was raised. 

Her father initially called her the perfect little girl. She was her mother's lookalike - born with all the natural beauty and poise that had been passed down through her mother's genes for centuries. Perfect blonde hair, flawless skin, grace. As superficial as it may have appeared, her father was convinced that those makings would set his daughter up for greatness. But it was the intelligence and creativity along with her ability to think through things - even at an early age - that God had bestowed up on her. That was what made her special. She was a natural born leader. Willing and able to take control of whatever situation she had ever found herself in.

A trait that had been developed and honed throughout her years, thanks to the insistence of her father.

Eventually - that trait would come in handy. And not just when conquering her profession. 

Her personal life, thanks to a series of unfortunate and peculiarly timed events, would cause her to apply what she had initially considered misguided compliments from her parents. In order to prevent herself from crashing and burning, she would need to take control. Of everything. 

She was no walking pity party. She understood that life tended to shit on everyone - for lack of better words - and despite the range of particular events that had she had been affected personally by, there was nothing about her struggle that made her more tortured than the average person walking around with secrets of a painful past they hadn't quite moved on from. 

That didn't take away from the fact that she did still in fact, have a painful past she hadn't moved on from. 

She had a therapist once, when she was nineteen. It was no surprise that sitting on a couch and sharing her feelings didn't exactly bring her much peace. But the advice she had given Quinn turned out to be substantially helpful. She was told to channel her pain and sorrow into something. And while she hadn't begun working at that point, she managed to stumble onto a particular hobby that allowed her to refocus her energy. 

It didn't come as a surprise to her that sex would be that particular hobby. 

Quinn didn't consider herself a sexual person when she was younger, despite the fact that she very well should have been. She had definitely been attracted to women for quite some time and harnessed certain desires in response to that - but hardly pursued those desires. 

Luckily, through a specific chain of events that she tried not to think about, she ended up opening herself to sexual exploration that would essentially shape her personal life from that moment forward. 

She discovered a way to experience pleasure while staying in control of her emotions. A way to simultaneously be the person she was in her every day life while not being the person she was in her every day life. 

Quinn realized that channeling her aggression and sadness into something that she could manage kept her bizarre range of emotions - emotions she wasn't sure she'd ever manage to work through - in tact. It wasn't just about blind sex with women. The type of sex that happened quickly, under the covers, and with little attachment. No, it was about finding a connection with someone that lasted long enough to allow Quinn the opportunity to gain their trust and hand them an experience in which they would relinquish something important over to her.

Something she cherished, deeply. 

Something like control. 

Her father had been onto something when Quinn was younger. He had seen something in her that she initially considered to be a burden of sorts. How could she ever function as a normal woman if she was incapable of giving up control? If something so shallow and selfish was detrimental to how she functioned, and more importantly how she achieved success...or peace? 

She now understood that her mother and father had just seen in her something that she would never understand until she was an adult. She was special, for certain reasons. She always had been. That wasn't a burden, but a quality that she would grow to appreciate and accept.

It actually made Quinn Fabray every bit of the wonder that she had become and despite sometimes feeling unbalanced due to the memory of how important the social construct of a real relationship had been to her father, she lived for it.

Quinn closed her eyes and took a deep breath, suddenly becoming a little lightheaded at the mere thought of it. Flexing her slim fingers, she lifted herself up on the balls of her feet and opened her eyes to the sight of the darkening skies of New York City.

Had she really been standing at her window that long?

It must have been a particularly slow day for her; she hadn't even noticed the amount of time that passed her by in the midst of her silent musings. Reaching a careful hand to the glass, she allowed the tips of her manicured fingers to slide softly against it.

Studying the city that she had loved for so long - her city - was something she often did to achieve tranquility outside of her personal life. A way to meditate, so to speak. Sometimes those musings would leave her longing for another means of distracting herself. 

Thankfully, she had other plans for that evening. 

A beep suddenly sounded and as the voice of her secretary came through the speaker, Quinn drew her hand back from the window at almost as quickly as she had touched it. 

"Ms. Fabray? I'm sorry to interrupt your meditation, but it's five-thirty. You told me to remind you when it began to get close to your reservation. If you want to make it on time, you should probably start preparing to leave. Your car is waiting for you downstairs. Is there anything else I can get for you?"

Quinn Fabray smiled.

"No, that will be all Renee', thank you."

"Have a good evening Ms. Fabray," the woman spoke genuinely and Quinn pushed her bangs away from her brow.

She made sure to always be the last person leaving her building, a routine that insured that she was putting in as much work as she could and not just sitting back and allowing faces without names run her company. Every evening, she would tie all the loose ends that she could, meditate, and dismiss Renee' before locking up and heading home to indulge…whatever she so desired.

Tonight would bring a slight deviation from her normal routine, though for good reason. She would be spending the evening having dinner with a possible new person to share her desires with and if it panned out correctly it could lead to a very promising opportunity.

It helped to know that Quinn didn't keep submissive's for long periods of time, so periodic meetings with potential companions were required. She used an initial sit down to determine how committed each woman really was to being with her in that way and always made sure that each woman always understood that she was not looking for a permanent arrangement - via contractual agreement. 

If Quinn was being honest with herself, she was still humoring the idea that she'd find the perfect woman; a perfect companion to meet both of her needs. Realistically, she knew that she wasn't anywhere near ready to encounter someone like that. She had attempted it once and it didn't really work out. Until she stopped shying away from her issues with attaching herself emotionally to a woman - it was easier and safer to keep her relationships temporary. 

She couldn't bring herself to draw something out that didn't truly satisfy her completely and every submissive understood that. Fortunately, there were no hard feelings and no vengeance. They had all managed to handle themselves with grace and class, giving up their allotted positions so that she could begin her search for the next submissive. 

As gratifying as that routine had been so far, there was a part of it that was getting a bit old for her. 

It always seemed to be the same women that continually sought her out, women that she sometimes felt held her back from the real thing falling into her hands. Though, she would never complain about their eagerness.

She needed it.

She required that constant structure in her life to keep her going; otherwise her dedicated precision would be practically extinct. However, she couldn't help but wonder if 'the one' - the woman that she liked to think of as a diamond of sorts -  would be the person who would finally wreck her.

Somehow, Quinn both feared and hoped for it.

So, though she embarked on this interview for the opportunity for a fresh face, she also held on to distant hope that maybe she'd be sitting down with her future. So far this potential person fit the description that Quinn favored: short exotic brunette, brown eyes, and long legs. 

She never strayed from her pattern, and didn't plan to. It was in her genetics to never settle for less and she believed that she would find the right woman and that she would also fit her desired profile.

The woman she would be meeting that evening, Jessica, seemed good enough. Nice laugh, good personality, and fully willing to meet all of Quinn's needs.

Her only downfall was that she had belonged to someone before Quinn and Quinn Fabray did not do seconds.

Unless there was an exception.

The dinner was to determine if there could be an exception made in this case and to say Quinn was curious about it would be an understatement. She was hoping to find another adventure, someone special. It was a yearning that had previously never been fulfilled.

Despite that, Quinn couldn't help but feel that tonight…something had the ability to change. 

Entering the restaurant, Quinn was met with eyes from all over the place.

Instant fame was the social norm for her from the minute she took over her parents company, both thanks to the size of the business and the fact that by taking actual leadership within the company versus only holding the majority of shares she went from just another spoiled heiress to one of the youngest, wealthiest, people in the world. It was a rare an unbelievable thing and subsequently a major headline.

It didn't affect her, though she did often wonder what it would be like to introduce herself to someone who didn't already know her name. 

The host greeted Quinn with a knowing and slightly nervous smile, another thing Quinn could live without. She disliked the intimidating fear people felt because of the size of her wealth. 

"Ms. Fabray, it is wonderful to see you tonight…your guest arrived fifteen minutes prior to yourself and is waiting for you at your reserved table."

She follows directions well, Quinn thought. She had indeed informed the woman to be as obedient as she could tonight – in lieu of a test.

Since Jessica had informed Quinn that she would not be requesting a 'twenty-four seven' relationship, the instructions regarding her behavior seemed pointless, but for Quinn it would reveal several things about her.

Aside from that, Quinn hadn't embarked on a relationship of that type of intensity in a long time, nor did she plan to at this point. She was only looking for something to fulfill her needs for the time being.

"Fantastic." Quinn uttered with a small smile, and the host led the way to her table. They were always so formal to her at these kinds of places and although she didn't always have the patience for it, she always to respond with class and respect.

"Might I add that you look absolutely grand in that gown." He spoke and Quinn smiled at the compliment, swallowing her laughter at the irony of his statement.

"Thank you." Quinn said calmly, before she spotted her table. Jessica was sitting with her eyes cast downward, her hands in her lap and her shoulders back in the short red dress that Quinn had specifically request she wear.

Upon approaching the table, Jessica stood. The man looked at her curiously but chose not to respond. Instead he turned to Quinn, but before he could speak she had already cut him off. "Let's start with a bottle of Chardonnay." She said firmly.

"As you wish, Ms. Fabray."

He hurried off to give the order, and Quinn touched the smooth cheek of her potential lover. "Very good Jessica. Eyes up."

Brown eyes looked up at Quinn, "Tonight will be a test. You normally will not be required to accompany me anywhere in public. That is not the nature of the relationship I have requested from you. However, I would like to see how well you can follow directions. You have done exceedingly well so far." Quinn smiled.

The woman smiled softly in return and Quinn allowed her eyes to sweep down her body, appreciatively. Jessica fit the dress that Quinn had purchased for her perfectly.

"You look exceptional, Jessica." Quinn complimented and Jessica smiled.

"Thank you, Ms. Fabray." She said lightly and Quinn nodded her approval. First names were not an option, not yet. But she was pleased with Jessica's way of addressing her.

"Well done, you may sit."

The woman waited a beat for Quinn to sit down, before she took her seat and placed her hands on her lap, smiling at Quinn.

"Do you drink white wine, Jessica?"

"No, Ms. Fabray. I've never had the chance to try any." She responded quietly. Quinn clucked her teeth, "Hmm, that is unfortunate. You will have your first glass of white wine with me tonight, is that alright with you?"

As the confusion passed in her eyes, it looked as if Jessica had never been asked if anything was alright with her and was struggling to find the correct response to the question. That left Quinn curious to find out if Jessica would turn out to be a bit of challenge.

She loved challenges.

"If it's alright with you, it's alright with me, Ms. Fabray."


It seemed that Jessica had all of her ducks in a row, a fact that came bittersweet to Quinn. Jessica appeared perfect, only because she was practiced. She had already been taught how to be obedient and although it seemed convenient, a part of Quinn wanted someone who was fresh. She wanted someone who was absolutely and totally clueless when it came to the lifestyle but passionate about being submissive to her.

Quinn was looking for something she'd only find in a woman that was head over heels in love with her, or vice verse. Sadly, Quinn could not trust many women enough to allow that kind of relationship to take place and she hadn't in a long time.

Considering those circumstances she figured that though Jessica wasn't exactly what she was looking for - she would just have to do for now.

"It feels good to have a first with you, Jessica." Quinn commented, unable to keep some of the bitterness out of her tone. She was annoyed with the idea of re-training a submissive. Because there was something that did feel a bit sloppy to her about not being someone's first. She knew how ridiculous it sounded, but it was a specific standard that she had grown to accept about her preferences over time. The woman across from her lowered her eyes at the remark, feeling the instant condemnation of Quinn's comment.


"Eyes up, Jessica…you seem a little hurt by that remark, is there something you would like to share with me?" Quinn said curiously and Jessica looked her in her eyes.

"No, Ms. Fabray-"

Jessica's words were cut off in a gasp as Quinn's hand disappeared under the table swiftly, up her dress. Quinn let her fingers caress the girl's thigh, watching her face turn a little pink at the touch.

"Something wrong?" Quinn spoke calmly. Jessica shook her head.

Second mistake in less than five minutes, maybe she isn't that perfect.

Quinn squeezed her thigh, before sliding her hand upward...towards a place that caused an audible stutter in Jessica's breathing. Quinn couldn't deny her own arousal at the reaction she was pulling from her.

"Use your words, Jessica. I can't read minds." Quinn spoke firmly and Jessica stared into the hazel orbs before speaking.

"I-I apologize; there isn't a-anything wrong with me, Ms. Fabray." Jessica said, her voice shaking.

Quinn stared at her for a moment her hard eyes looking through her rather than at her, before she smiled and removed her hand. "I will overlook your mistakes."

All that could be heard in the silence was the soft heaving of Jessica's chest. It seemed that she hadn't been expecting what she received from Quinn at all. Which caused Quinn's interest in the woman to grow considerably. 

She glanced around the restaurant in interest, amused by the way the servers and employees bustled around to please the wealthy customers. Of course, the customers ate it up. It constantly annoyed her how they used their influence to boost their own egos. She wasn't into being sucked up to and would prefer people to just treat her normally. She was just a woman, desperately trying to continue the success her family began and remain in control of her life. 

It would be nice if anyone could truly see her for what she was. 

There was no time for her to ponder that however, because she was suddenly being pulled from her reverie by the sound of a loud crash and cold liquid being splashed into her lap. 

Standing quickly, Quinn glanced down to see what was now identified as the white wine she had only just ordered seeping down her thousand dollar dress and into her heels.

"Oh my God! I'm-I'm so sorry…I tripped, and...and I'll get something to clean that up, I'm so sorry!"

Quinn allowed her ears to catch up with the voice and her eyes soon followed. A short, tan brunette was scrambling on her knees now to pick up the glass that had fallen, along with the broken bottle of Chardonnay and Quinn watched in amusement as she fumbled with everything - including her words.

"I am so fired, damn it…" She mumbled, before shaking her head, "I mean...I mean...excuse my language...I just need to get this, get this glass up a-and..."  She rushed to her feet again and finally Quinn had the opportunity to look at the waitress who ruined her dress.

Upon laying eyes on her everything seemed to slow down.

Quinn's heart seemed to flutter as she shared a gaze with the woman. She hadn't had a reaction like that to a woman in so long that it actually shocked her. Where were these butterflies in her stomach coming from?

She watched the brunette falter for words, mouth hanging open as she stared at Quinn almost...curiously.

She was breathtakingly beautiful. Her long dark brown curls were pulled back into a high ponytail, preventing anything from obscuring the view of her face. She had smooth skin, defined cheeks, and plump lips that looked absolutely delicious.

Without shame, Quinn allowed her eyes to glance down at the body of the woman. She was tan and exotic. Her white button down shirt was unbuttoned at the top showing the dip in her chest that led down to her breasts which appeared at first glance to be average sized. The perfect size, Quinn mused further recognizing that the shirt was tight enough to define features that otherwise would go unnoticed.

Her legs seemed long underneath the black slacks that were covering them, though it was obvious that this woman was particularly small in stature. Quinn finally tore her eyes away to look back up into her eyes.

She was absolutely stunning. Quinn swallowed, feeling her mind, spirit, and body strain against both her composed expression and the fabric of her expensive dress. Her control was slipping and it wasn't because of the wine soaking through the material of her outfit.

The waitress finally spoke again and broke Quinn's stare, "I am so sorry miss, I didn't mean to…listen I can clean that up if you'd like? I don't know how much wine a napkin can take out of a dress, but I can try." She offered a nervous smile and raised a napkin to the material but Quinn caught her wrist before she could press it to her body.

"It's ruined, actually." Quinn spoke with a smile and the girl suddenly looked like she was about to cry.

"I'm so sorry…listen-"

"Berry!" An angry voice cut her off and Quinn watched as she wrung her hands like she was about to have a nervous breakdown.

"Oh god, listen I'm really sorry, I'll have someone clean all of this up, ma'am. I'm really sorry again…" She pulled her arm from Quinn's grasp before hurrying off, offering one last look over her shoulder before she was out of Quinn's sight.

Quinn couldn't take the smile off of her face as she memorized the features of the woman. A man who Quinn assumed was the manager appeared in her line of vision, and instantly she snapped out of the haze she was in.

"I want her name."

"Ms. Fabray, I am so sorry! The girl is new and in training but consider your evening on us-"

"No, give me her name."

Quinn didn't even look at the man, still watching the spot where the girl had disappeared to. She was entranced by her, having never seen a woman so…perfect in her life.

"That won't be necessary Ms. Fabray. She will be fired immediately." Quinn's gaze snapped to the man, her patience beginning to thin.

"You will not fire her, you will not pay for my evening, I only request her name." Quinn said with finality.

He looked at her confusedly, "I don't under-"

Quinn leaned forward. "I can't make myself anymore concise. Either you give me her name as I've requested or I will call the owner of this establishment and get it myself, but not before letting him know that because you refused to rectify the situation to my standards, I have made the decision to withdraw my patronage from this restaurant and will encourage my colleagues to do the same. Your choice." She said lowly, her hazel eyes ablaze with promise. 

Quinn hated intimidating people purposely, but she had no other choice. She needed that name.

"Rachel Berry."

Rachel Berry.

Quinn couldn't immediately explain why, but there was a distinct feeling of need rising within her. It wasn't something she felt regularly. But rather, when she was in the midst of making a particularly special discovery.

Like a rare diamond someone would pay millions for, simply to be able to stare at it.

And then Quinn realized that this woman was rare.

The very woman Quinn never thought she’d find had been standing right in front of her. Despite only having the memory of her beautiful features and now her name, Quinn was sure about one thing.

She wanted her.

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Rachel knew she was fired the moment she stepped into George's office after closing time. Actually, she knew from the moment the wine began to seep down onto the poor unsuspecting woman's shoes that her fate at the high-end restaurant had been sealed.

She wasn't complaining about her circumstances, but the reality was...she'd been every bit of a dreamer when she graduated from NYADA. She was confident that her talent would take her places once she finished school and didn't plan to be a waitress. She knows how naive it may have looked, a young girl from Ohio not having enough sense to know that New York was big and cold and filled with thousands of talented actresses like herself, hungry for their one big break. 

Rachel Berry had a lot of confidence. Or at least, she had a lot of confidence when she left Lima, Ohio. 

Growing up in an environment where you existed as the most talented individual around left you unprepared for the possibility of not achieving your dreams right away. No one taught her how to serve drinks properly without falling on her face in embarrassment. No one taught her how to be domestic and starving. No one taught her how to live without the career she dreamed.

But she was trying. 

She was honestly trying to be the very best at what she did, although it wasn't what she originally dreamed she'd be doing in New York City. Despite her valiant efforts, she had guessed that it would only be a matter of time until her incompetence would make an appearance.

Tonight, she had outdone herself.  

Though there was an insurmountable amount of evidence that proved why she should have been fired on the spot, Rachel still prayed for a miracle. She was barely holding onto to the job she had in the daytime and now she was teetering on the edge of what would have completed her half of the rent money.

To say she was worried would be an understatement.

Rachel wasn't trying to whine, because as she stated previously - she was acutely aware of how poor you're supposed to be when you graduate from performance arts school with no work lined up for you. And she wasn't complaining about having to get two normal jobs while juggling auditions. She was just overly-aware of how terrible she was at being normal.

But Noah couldn't afford the rent all by himself.

This is what made walking into George's office the most humiliating feat she had ever accomplished. At some point she wouldn't have cared what he thought about her, but now it was detrimental to her survival.

"Rachel –"

"George, I'm so sorry about tonight, I-I just lost my footing and I was trying to keep those skinny little flukes from falling…but I just couldn't and so…please, please don't fire me, I really need this job. I really need it."

George sighed at the pleading girl, rubbing his temples as he spoke, "I know, and I'm not going to fire you…but only because it was requested of me not to."

Rachel released a breath of relief; she could have kissed his stubby little fingers for salvaging her job.

Then something he said caught up with her.

"Wait…request? Who requested for me to stay?"

It couldn't have been the owner. She's never even known the name of the person who apparently made millions off of the restaurant.

"The very woman that you spilled wine on. I was about to fire you - because I would assume that in a situation as horrific as the one that occurred tonight - our most prestigious customers would certainly demand it. I honestly thought someone as prestigious as Quinn Fabray would most definitely ask for your instant removal-"

"Quinn Fa-bray?" Rachel interrupted slowly, confusedly. The name didn't hold any significance to her.

George said prestigious, which translated into really rich. Rachel had no personal connection to, or knowledge of any rich people in the city unless they were connected to show business in some sort of way.

"Yes. One of the most influential women - probably the most influential woman - in this country saved your job," he said, shaking his head in wonder.

Rachel raised her eyebrows, staring in amazement at George.

"She didn't demand your removal, so you're allowed to work. But let this be the last time you spill anything in this restaurant Rachel Berry. I can't afford this happening to someone less…humble than Ms. Fabray."

Not looking to push her luck and grateful for dodging a bullet, Rachel stood while nodding her head in agreement rapidly. She shook George's hand, thanking him with a grateful smile for allowing her to keep her little job, though she should have been thanking the blonde woman whose eyes she suddenly remembered practically piercing through her soul.

Because now that Rachel wasn't teetering on the edge of starvation and possible homelessness, she realized how amazing the woman looked; even with liquor dripping into her heels. Rachel turned to go - choosing to ignore the thoughts plaguing her brain of the mysterious woman who saved her job - only to find herself slamming on breaks at the door when George called out to her.

"Rachel, you should know that for some reason she asked for your name."

Rachel tilted her head both in curiosity and a small dose of fear, briefly nervous and concerned about what the wealthy woman would need her name for.

"Um…would you happen to know why?"

"I have no idea…whatever the reason, she was so adamant about it that she threatened my job."

Rachel's expression instantly switched to that of shock. She was just a waitress, what value did her name carry?

"Well, did you give it to her?"

He gave her a pointed look, and Rachel was surprised by his response, "We both still have our jobs don't we?"

Initially it was incredibly odd that a random and gorgeous stranger would take one look at Rachel and despite all of her incompetence feel inclined to save her job, let alone care enough to ask for her name. Though, one would think that Rachel would actually be concerned about a woman she had never met now walking around with the knowledge of her full name. 

However, as Rachel left George's office and went home for the night she recalled how the woman's eyes looked staring into her own and she surprisingly found herself quite unconcerned with the consequences of George's actions. 

Today was an important day for Quinn. 

There was a presentation being made to her, showing her the combination of diamonds that would be offered in her new collection - yet to be named. 

Many people in her company, most importantly the creative design team and the small group of diamond cutters that worked exclusively under her to shape the gems and stones to her liking, had spent several hours of their time working to impress her and she had been looking forward to having a look at what all of their hard work turned out. 

It was a interesting and beautiful process that Quinn had always insisted on being apart of - she had been obsessed with the way diamonds sparkled since she was a young girl - despite the constant stigma associated with being the chief executive officer of a company. She was sure her colleagues would much rather her dictate orders and allow them to trickle mindlessly beneath her for their own personal gain. She was also sure that it would be easy to do so. However, Quinn believed her success was only real if she earned it herself, and that required more than just sitting behind a desk and dictating orders. 

Her mother sacrificed everything for her family's legacy and in order to honor that sacrifice, there was a certain amount of passion required. 

The presentation seemed to be going off without a hitch and her fellow colleagues were held captive by the design team's presentation of the new collection that would be debuting internationally for the first time. Everyone was bursting with excitement at the implications and weight of the new business venture and eagerly waiting for a response from their boss - the young determined woman that held all of the power.

But Quinn Fabray was more interested in a certain exotic waitress that she hadn't been able to stop thinking about.

Rachel Berry.

Quinn couldn't focus on the gravity of her work because she was by every definition of the word, distracted by the thoughts of this girl. Though she only had about one minute of interaction as a point of reference, she was certain that she had stumbled upon what she'd been looking for all along.

The girl - Rachel - had no idea. Quinn was sure she was carrying on about her day with no clue how she had affected a complete stranger's ability to concentrate. Rachel Berry had interfered with Quinn's ability to remain in control.

So naturally, Quinn wanted her. 

"Ms. Fabray?"

Quinn stilled. Glancing down, she realized she had been turning her chair in various directions during the presentation in an imitation of her circling thoughts. Feeling only momentarily embarrassed at her childlike actions, Quinn regained her composure and blinked up at the young woman waiting patiently for her response. 


"W-We were wondering if you'd be willing to share any thoughts or comments about the presentation...?" This woman - Olivia may have been her name - was incredibly nervous. It was understandable considering her entire career was riding on a simple nod or shake of the head from one of the most powerful and intimidating women in the country.

Quinn sat up a little straighter, aware of how unprofessional it may have looked to have zoned out during a meeting about an upcoming investment in her billion dollar company. Before she could give an answer a beep sounded from her desk - effectively saving her - and Quinn glanced at it before she heard the familiar voice of Renee'.

"I am very sorry to interrupt your meeting Ms. Fabray, but Charlotte is here to see you with the time sensitive information you requested."

"Thank you Renee'."

Quinn smiled around at the various men and women before placing her hands on top of the glass carefully and standing to her feet.

"This was a wonderful presentation, I must say that I was truly impressed by the detail and amount of time spent in gathering the correct information and I truly believe that it will provide me with a clear idea of where we are headed in terms of production and quality. For my own satisfaction, however, I'd like to review the content and information along with the numbers and make sure that all of our ducks are in a row. Just for my own reassurance. But I will definitely make sure everything is finalized within the month." The faces of her fellow colleagues watched her while they stood - understanding that they were being dismissed.

"I'm sorry that I have to cut this meeting short, but I have other business endeavors that require my immediate attention. I would like to extend my gratitude towards all of you for making the time to meet with me today and we will revisit this issue in a few weeks once all of the details are officially finalized. Thank you for your time." They all nodded their approval, or possible disapproval - and began to file out of her office as she made her way over to her desk and took a seat behind it. She took that opportunity to lean back in her chair and spread her legs quite comfortably, comforted by the knowledge that the wood blocked the un-lady like sight of her poor etiquette. 

As if scheduled, a door opened to reveal a woman. Her white linen pantsuit seemed to glow against the velvety-like tone of her red hair and she took two calculated steps into the room before shutting the door and leaning back against it with a smirk - the dimple in her left cheek drawing attention to her deviousness.

Quinn raised an eyebrow amusedly at the sight of her. She trailed appreciative eyes over her beautiful form…taking in the confident way the girl stood against the door, practically oozing sex.


Upon being addressed, the woman - Charlotte -  raised an eyebrow that matched Quinn's and lifted herself from the door; clutching a manila folder between her fingers.

"I've known you for eleven years, and you still for some reason continue to call me Charlotte." Charlotte crossed the room with swift strides and approached Quinn's desk.

Quinn smiled at her close proximity and sank into the cushion of her chair, running her fingers through her golden curls. "Well you've never failed in answering to it."

Charlotte slapped the folder down, before splaying her hands on the desk on either side of it. Quinn noticed how much her bright blue eyes shined with mirth as she spoke, "Because I know just how handy you are with a paddle…and as much as I enjoyed getting rewarded for taking my punishment so well no one wants to get their ass beat all the time."

Quinn laughed lowly as the girl practically bent over the desk, taunting Quinn with her cleavage. Hazel eyes followed a red-painted fingernail as it traced the collar of her shirt.

"You were always a little brat, Charlotte. Always pushing boundaries, always trying to get me to give up control..."

Charlotte chuckled, bearing teeth as white as her suit. "I never did succeed..." She tapped Quinn's nose affectionately before taking a seat in front of her. Quinn watched as she slid the folder closer towards her and before reaching for it, she cast an inquisitive look at Charlotte who shrugged. 

"It's everything I could find. I had to dig a bit deeper than expected, but I got all the information you requested and if I may, this one is...quite interesting, Quinn."

Quinn smiled, biting her bottom lip at the woman she had called her own submissive only a year prior. "And just what makes her interesting, Charlotte?"

"She just is. She's from a little nobody town right in Ohio, and has two gay fathers who love and adore her. She lives in the city with this guy she went to high school with, Noah Puckerman."

Quinn grabbed her glasses from her drawer and put them on while furrowing her eyebrows, "Best friend or boyfriend?"

There was no denying the way her eyes narrowed as she glanced towards Charlotte, who had once had her own folder of sorts and knew what kind of information Quinn was looking for specifically. 

"Definitely her best friend, handsome guy with a Mohawk..." Charlotte said, crossing her legs and gripping the arms of her chair with a knowing smile. "She majored in musical theater with a minor in vocal performance." She continued, watching interestedly as Quinn opened the folder almost eagerly. Almost.

A gasp threatened to leave Quinn's throat at the sight of the glossy black and white photo that emptied out of the folder first. It was a head-shot obviously taken for the purpose of auditioning. It was recent, and breathtakingly beautiful. The smiling brunette was leaning her head on her hand, brown locks flowing over her fingers as smiling teeth and beautiful eyes shined back at Quinn.

Quinn studied it, memorizing every detail. Burning all of Rachel's features into her brain. Absentmindedly, she trailed a finger over the mole on Rachel's left cheek.

"You definitely know how to pick them; there's no denying her beauty."

Despite agreeing with Charlotte, Quinn didn't respond. She was too busy staring down at the way Rachel called out to her even through her photo. The call was just as powerful as it had in person the night before, her eyes dark and sparkling with something Quinn just had to have.

"So she's a performer?" Quinn finally asked, breaking the silence. 

Charlotte smirked, "Oh in every sense of the word. She was co-captain of the glee club in high school, had all the leads in her school plays, and graduated from New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts, with honors. But somehow, she didn't end up on Broadway like most of her fellow graduates despite my research pretty much confirming that she's more than capable of retrieving a job already."

Quinn bit her lip with her eyes still focused on the photo before she regained control and looked up at her. "Hmm. She's healthy and clean? Nothing dangerous about her I need to know about?"

"She's all good. From what I found, she's doesn't have a specified sexuality so the door is wide open for you…not that it wouldn't have been anyway." Charlotte said with a roll of her eyes. Quinn chuckled, slipping the photo back inside the folder and closing it.

"I appreciate this, Charlotte."

"Don't mention it. Despite the fact that you hired me as your private investigator for other reasons, I don't mind looking into some information on your potential subs every now and then. It gives me a little insight, you know? Helps quell my jealousy if I know what you've got in your bed nowadays." Charlotte teased and it was Quinn's turn to roll her eyes as she stood, "You are full of it. You also have your own sub to worry about now, one that I know for a fact you love very much. So you aren't jealous of anything."

Charlotte stood as well, turning towards Quinn who was now standing at the door with her hand on the handle preparing to show her out. "It doesn't mean I don't miss being topped by the infamous Quinn Fabray. I was taught by the best, and I sometimes do miss the feeling of giving up my control to you." Charlotte reminisced softly with a smile.

Quinn watched the woman, and gave a nod of understanding. "You were always a fantastic sub Charlotte and an even better friend. You will also always be the first person I could ever truly trust. I'm sorry that wasn't enough for our relationship to succeed." Quinn smiled fondly, the memories of their time filling her with a bittersweet feeling.

"And you think whatever you're trying to pull with this innocent girl is?"

"Are you jealous?"

Charlotte laughed and patted Quinn's face lightly. "Not a chance sweetheart, just wondering what you're expecting. I know how your standards are when it comes to subs, and she is the epitome of amateur."

Quinn opened the door with a smirk, and a raised an eyebrow. "Let's not forget that there was a time when we both were just as innocent as her. We grew together, Charlie. "

Charlotte smiled in recognition of her nickname before leaning up to press a kiss to Quinn's cheek.

"I hope you know what you're getting yourself into. You're going to have someone who knows absolutely nothing about our lifestyle, and apparently from her file, barely anything about sex. It's like starting from scratch." She said, exiting the office swiftly, leaving Quinn leaning in the edge of the doorway.

Quinn grinned, "I'm more than qualified to take on the challenge…if she even agrees to what I'm planning to propose."

"You're Quinn Fabray - of course she's going to agree. Once you start smiling and putting that charm on her…she'll never stand a chance," Charlotte called out before she looked over her shoulder, "I know I never did."

Quinn folded her arms and shook her head. "Goodbye Charlie." 

"Rachel Barbra Berry, if you don't get up in the next twenty minutes and start making me my breakfast we are going to have a problem." A voice tore through the brunette's sleep induced haze, filled with dreams of hazel eyes and spilled wine.

Rachel opened blurry eyes to see her best friend and neighbor standing over her, fully dressed for work and holding a cup of steaming coffee with the all too familiar smirk on her face. 

"What the hell are you doing in my house?"

"First of all bitch, this is practically my house too. Second of all - I came to have coffee with Puck before he went to his job site this morning since somebody decided to play sleeping beauty." She said knowingly and Rachel ran a hand over her face before sitting up with a groan.

"Oh no…I was supposed to be up to make him his 'good luck on his first job' breakfast." Rachel said with sad eyes and her friend rolled her own.

"Oh don't worry about that. I poured him a nice bowl of Lucky Charms, so he should be all set. He also said he didn't want to wake you, something about you had a rough night with a guest and your shithead boss. What's up with that?"

"Santana you made Noah breakfast but you didn't make yourself any? You're the laziest person I know." Rachel sighed out in disbelief, ignoring her inquiries about the woes from the night before. 

"Hey I risk my life chasing crazy people all day while Puck plays Bob the Builder. I think I deserve a little more than cereal!"

Rachel laughed, shaking her head. Swinging her legs out over the other side of the bed, she pull her hair up in a ponytail and walked to the kitchen to grant her friend the breakfast she deserved.

Santana Lopez was her homicide detective neighbor who stumbled into their apartment one day wondering if they had some sugar. Quite the cliche, actually. Noah had been cooking something particularly mouth watering that night and so she opted to stay for dinner and ended up becoming a regular occurrence in their dysfunctional little life. She swore that she was supposedly there to balance out the crazy, but with more crazy.

They loved her despite the biting remarks she almost always made and her devilish attitude.

"Whatever. I did have a rough night. I spilled some expensive white wine on this woman and thought I was going to get fired because George believes in treating those rich customers like they're gods and goddesses. But it was really just an accident." Santana sat down at the table and sipped as she watched Rachel move about the kitchen. Sometimes they interacted like a bickering married couple and this was a part of it. Telling one another about the other's day, or in this case, night.

"You tripped didn't you?" Santana said with a knowing smirk.

Rachel pouted. "Her expensive dress broke my fall, look it was bad. But the woman wasn't mad. She seemed young - maybe a year or two older than me - and sort of amused…almost like she was fascinated by me or something." Rachel said thoughtfully.

"Maybe she was trying to calculate how long it would take for her to sue your ass into the ground for destroying her dress." Santana snorted and Rachel rolled her eyes. "Shut up."

"Did you guys even talk?"

Rachel sighed. "Aside from me saying that I was desperately sorry? No." 

Santana tilted her head as Rachel continued her staring contest with the old toaster oven that should have been replaced years ago. "So George didn't fire you? That's really odd considering how anal he is when it comes to those rich fucks and you had to have done a number on that dress…why do you still have your job?"

Rachel finally turned the knob on the appliance before turning to face Santana with furrowed eyebrows. "Apparently he threatened to fire me, but the woman told him not to worry about it and requested my name instead."

Santana raised her eyebrows, "That subpoena should be arriving any day now."

"Oh shut up! She's not gonna sue me." Rachel said with a laugh, rolling her eyes before grabbing the toast to add to the growing plate of food she was preparing for her neighbor.

"So why did she want your name?" Santana pressed and Rachel shrugged. "I have no idea, but it must have been detrimental for her to have it because she threatened George's job for it."

"What a pussy…there's no way he gave it to her right? I mean, he's not authorized to give that type of information out..."

"You'd be surprised what he'd do to keep that shitty little job." Rachel murmured sliding the breakfast plate across the table to her friend who slammed the mug of java down on the wood with an outraged expression.

"No fucking way! I'm going to report this prick myself; he could be putting your life in danger!"

Rachel laughed, "I highly doubt it. There isn't much she could do with a name. I'm not even listed in the phone book."

Santana rolled her eyes stabbing at her food, "You don't know what this woman could possibly be capable of Rachel! She could be a fucking serial killer or something, preying on young women and murdering them for spilling beverages on her dresses!"

"Now you just sound ridiculous - don't talk with your mouth full." Rachel reprimanded with a laugh, turning the stove off before checking the time and cursing. She was about to be late for her second job.

"Okay maybe I went a little overboard but I'm still concerned. What could she possibly want with your name?" Santana called out towards the open bedroom door.

Rachel sighed audibly as she raced around room to throw on her uniform. "I don't know Santana. If I haven't had a subpoena delivered or been kidnapped it can't be that important right? She probably was going to demand my job, but then had second thoughts or something. Maybe she wants to remember my name in order to tell everyone who ever asks, 'Rachel Berry spilled white wine all over my million dollar dress'."

Santana furrowed her eyebrows as Rachel appeared in her uniform. "I have to go, lock up before you leave?"

"Of course, hey Rach…do you remember the chick's name?"

Rachel rushed to grab her purse and keys before leaning down to press a sloppy kiss to the woman's cheek.

"I don't know San, George said Quinn…I think? Quinn Fa-something or another. Apparently she's super rich. See you later, love you!" Rachel called out before shutting the door and leaving a full and thoroughly confused Santana sitting at her kitchen table. 

"Sarah – "

The door barely dinged as Rachel opened it, working on formulating her excuse to tell the woman that she owed her life to as she stalked past the tables on the floor and raced to the back of the diner.

"You woke up late, your shower wouldn't work, and your shoe broke on the way here." The older woman guessed tiredly, her eyebrow raised and her lips smiling knowingly. 

Rachel laughed and grabbed the apron and notepad she was holding in her outstretched hand. "Just pick one I guess." She sighed, shrugging and tying her apron around her waist.

"I'll say you woke up late because I need you to be clean and functioning for all five of your tables that you now have gained in repayment for your consistent tardiness." Sarah teased. Rachel groaned in good nature, glancing at the various tables. "God, Sarah…you're trying to kill me, aren't you?"

"Oh hush, Rach…they're your regulars," Sarah rolled her eyes and patted her butt. "Now shoo, and don't you dare complain, I'm practically handing you a shitload of tips."

Rachel ran a hand through her ponytail and put a smile on her face, heading towards her regulars. It didn't take long for her to get everyone squared away - more than accustomed to the routine that her regular customers provided for her. After her last customer left - Ray, an elderly man who took coffee and bagels home to his sick wife - she would have an empty section again.

"Tell your wife I said hello, okay?" Rachel spoke gently to the man, helping him with his coat as he left.

As the bell on the door rang, Rachel glanced around the section with a sigh. "Sarah, you miscounted again."

Sarah rolled her eyes. "I am getting old and senile Rachel. Sometimes I think there are people sitting there and there really aren't…deal with it. That's what you get for working for me." She called out and Rachel shook her head, jamming her pen back behind her ear. She had begun to walk to the back of the restaurant when she felt someone catch her by the wrist. "Excuse me?"

Rachel turned to see a blonde smiling up at her, glasses perched on her nose. Rachel smiled down at her, "Can I get you something, ma'am?"

"You can…I was hoping to order a glass of orange juice, but it seems my supposed waitress is busy with other things." The woman said while looking around and Rachel shook her head. Jennifer - the other waitress on the clock - was behind the counter, actively pretending she didn't have a customer.

"Well, I'll be happy to get you some juice ma'am." Rachel answered politely before clicking her pen and heading towards the back.

Rachel stalked back behind the counter, glaring at Jennifer who was spending her time entertaining a particularly smitten male customer. "You know Jennifer, I'm not a career expert or anything but if you're interested in flashing people your boobs for tips, there's a strip club down the street that would suit you quite nicely."

The girl whipped her head around and sneered her nose up at Rachel, "Fuck you."

"I'm sorry but, you're not my type." Rachel spat, pouring the juice and Sarah appeared from the back.

"Hey hey now children, what's the problem?"

Rachel rolled her eyes.

"Your employee thinks that slipping her customers the nipple over their breakfast is more important than actually doing her job." Rachel spoke, with a sweet smile towards Jennifer.

"I'm allowed to have other customers, bitch. One table isn't a big deal." Jennifer snapped and Rachel flicked her ear as she passed before stalking back from behind the counter, snickering at the girl who was only held back by Sarah from grabbing a hold of Rachel.

"Stop being immature! I seem to recall this being my restaurant, so therefore I get to decide what's a big deal or not and who needs to be chewed out for being a shitty waitress." Sarah said with her hands on her hips and Rachel raised a surrendering hand in the air as she walked backwards towards the waiting blonde.

Rachel laughed, hearing the woman faintly reprimanding her co-worker behind her. She approached the blonde and set the juice down carefully. "Will that be all?"

"Yes, thank you." The woman said, placing something in her bag, and Rachel ripped the ticket out from her pad and slid it towards her, before turning and walking off.

"Have a nice day."

"Actually," Her soft voice caressed Rachel's ears, "I was wondering if you were too busy to talk, Rachel."

She paused upon hearing her name and pivoted to face the woman…who had pushed her glasses up on top of her blonde hair and was leaning over the back of her booth. Rachel truly locked gazes with the customer for the first time, and recognized familiar hazel eyes.

Rachel - both curious and terrified - decided to ask a question she already knew the answer to.

"How did you know my name?"

"It's on your shirt." She said with a grin and Rachel felt her heart flutter at the sight of her. She was even more gorgeous than she was the night before and Rachel was beside herself trying to remember the goddess' name. After staring quite shamelessly at her, Rachel found herself slowly walking towards her, against her better judgment. "You're the woman from the restaurant last night, right?"

She watched her with an amused expression, "I'm the one you spilled wine on, yes. And you're Rachel…unless your shirt lies?"

Rachel didn't answer her. Instead she chose to openly stare. There was something about this woman striking a chord within her and with that thought she nervously tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She was very calm despite Rachel's obvious anxiety, smoothly sipping her orange juice from her straw while casting unfazed eyes around the restaurant. She looked up at Rachel, still standing and watching her and tilted her head in response. "I'd like to speak with you Rachel, if you're not busy. If so, maybe we can find another time?"

If Santana had been anywhere near her she'd be screaming about all the warning signs this woman was giving off. Or she'd be cracking dirty jokes about how hot she was. Regardless of how much she may regret it later on, Rachel didn't find herself feeling in the slightest bit threatened by this woman. She was too calm and controlled. She was unlike any person Rachel had ever met before.

Glancing around to make sure she had no customers, and no excuse to decline this woman's offer, Rachel took a seat across from her. The woman smiled and sat up a little bit straighter. Rachel sighed, "Okay listen, I know you asked George for my name and seeing as you managed to find out where I work I'm going to assume you're looking for repayment for your dress. I'm really sorry about what happened, I can be sort of awkward when it comes to coordination-"

She grinned and cut her off, "I don't want any repayment Rachel. I thought that was pretty obvious seeing as I didn't demand your removal last night. Although, it's hard to understand why a talented vocalist like you is working in a place like that." She glanced around, "And a place like this, for that matter."

Rachel laughed softly, a small smile quirking it's way onto her lips. "Well, I have bills and from what George told me about you," Rachel stared at her before finally coming up with her name, "Quinn, you don't have to worry about doing much work."

Quinn raised her eyebrows, "And just what all did George tell you about me?" She said leaning forward and Rachel crossed her arms, her body instantly growing warm in response to Quinn's closeness.

"How did you know where I worked?" Rachel asked suddenly, by passing Quinn's question and staring at her expectantly. "And how did you know that I was a vocalist?"

Quinn leaned back and reached inside her briefcase. She pulled out a piece of paper, gazing at it. "Rachel, the first thing that you should know about me is that when I become interested in something, I like to learn everything there is to know about the subject."

Rachel squint her eyes in amusement and slight uneasiness. "What are you a professional stalker or something?"

"I just met you last night. How could I possibly be your stalker?" She said with a laugh and Rachel tightened her grip on her arms. Quinn apparently noticed, and laid the piece of paper down, folding her hands on the table.

"Relax Rachel, despite how it may appear - I promise I'm not a stalker or serial killer. I'm just a really wealthy woman who had some research done on someone I was interested in."

For some reason, Rachel felt inclined to relax when Quinn told her to and she found herself unfolding her arms. "Why can't you just take someone on a date and ask them questions like a normal person?" She said with a chuckle.

Quinn leaned forward, "Because I'm not just another normal person," She reached forward to tuck the loose hair behind Rachel's ear. "And I'm not interested in you in the way a normal person should be."

Rachel swallowed at how close Quinn was to her and she licked her suddenly dry lips.

Quinn sat back again suddenly, "Can I be honest?"

Rachel, letting out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding, nodded.

"You're the most gorgeous person I've ever met. And I've met a lot of beautiful people in my life."

Rachel's eyes widened and she leaned back in surprise, trying to locate the best response to the blunt remark.


"In other words, Rachel, you're absolutely beautiful. And when I looked at you last night, I knew that I wanted you…" Quinn reached out and touched Rachel's hand, "All of you."

Rachel watched how Quinn's eyes darkened and found herself at a loss for words. This woman looked like she had stepped straight out of a vogue magazine, and judging by how wealthy she was, she probably did. She really expected Rachel to believe that she was attracted to her? 

"I hope I'm not overwhelming you with all of this, I understand that I can be a little forward…" Quinn said with a smile as she stroked Rachel's hand.

"Y-You want me?"

Quinn licked her lips and nodded.

"So…y-you want to wait - what do you mean all of me?" Rachel stumbled out suddenly, cursing her awkwardness.

Quinn laughed and bit her lip. "You are very beautiful - but you are also very smart, Rachel. I know it. You know exactly what I mean."

Rachel reached up and pulled the collar of her dress away from her neck - hoping to create some cool air against her warm skin. "So you just want to have sex with me?"

Quinn reached up and gently touched her face. "It would seem so…but it's a little bit deeper than that, Rachel." Rachel shivered underneath the light touch. She realized that she should be offended by this stranger propositioning her for sex, but...her body was refusing to react properly.

"Quinn…I'm not, I don't do things like that…I'm not interested in –"

"I don't want to have a one night stand with you Rachel. If that was the case I would have had you already." Quinn said knowingly. It was as if she was reading Rachel's mind and Rachel felt the blush rise up to her cheeks.

"But, I don't understand…"

Quinn cupped Rachel's face. Leaning forward, she placed her lips to her ear and placed her hand on Rachel's knee underneath the table. Quinn was wired. She had never been this forward with anyone before but there was just something about this woman, something about Rachel. She'd do whatever it took to have her. 

"I want you, Rachel. I want you badly." Quinn's voice was genuine and husky and Rachel could feel her heart beat become irregular in response.

"I want a control over your body that goes beyond what you have ever experienced sexually…" Quinn licked her lips and Rachel felt her eyes flutter closed as Quinn slid her hand up higher towards her thigh, under her dress.

Oh my god.

"I want to have you, in a way that I can guarantee no one else has ever had the chance to have you. I want to do things that have prevented me from concentrating on anything. I want to make love to you, I want to fuck you, I want it all."

Rachel gasped at Quinn's words, feeling herself grow wet. Quinn felt Rachel tremble underneath her touched and realized that she was probably crossing the line with her, having not received any permission from her to touch her this way. Though, Rachel wasn't complaining. In fact, Rachel was practically vibrating. Her body felt hot all over despite knowing how terrible this probably looked. She was allowing a stranger to practically molest her in the middle of her workplace.

Rachel inhaled deeply, embarrassed by how she was reacting to the touch. "Quinn…" She breathed out, trying to put a stop to whatever was happening. Quinn both understood and accepted the protest let Rachel go. Sitting back against her side of the booth again, she cleared her throat and took a sip of orange juice.

Quinn appeared so calm in comparison to where Rachel stood emotionally. Locking her jaw for a moment and blinking, she stared deeply at Rachel.

"As I was saying...I want you Rachel Berry. In ways you've probably never imagined…and I'm not ashamed to tell you that. I know it is a lot to grasp, and I'm sorry for invading your personal space this way. I know you just met me. You hardly know anything about me other than my name is Quinn and that I was a wealthy customer of the restaurant that you work at last night." She smirked and Rachel swallowed, her hands shaking.

"What do…what do you want me to do?" Rachel whispered, and Quinn smiled at her.

She reached forward and brushed Rachel's ear with her fingers softly before grabbing the pen she had tucked behind it.

"Whatever you would like to. I'm going to write down a number and I'm going to give you some information to look at and think over. After you have had time to do that…I want you to call me and tell me what your decision is, Rachel." She scribbled the information down on the back of the paper she had pulled from her briefcase. She then reached in her bag and pulled out a small stack of papers held together with a paperclip. She slid them across to Rachel.

"I hope you consider what I'm offering with an open mind, because I am telling the truth. I do want badly. And although I'm known for getting what I want this decision is completely up to you."

Quinn stood and Rachel glanced up at her, overwhelmed by a flurry of emotions. "I hope to hear from you soon, Rachel." Quinn sat the paper down on top of the stack in front of her and leaned down.

"By the way…that's a beautiful photograph." She whispered before walking off and Rachel picked up the paper with the information on it, turning it over to see that it was her senior head-shot from NYADA. 

Shaking her head in disbelief and turning the photo back over, Rachel swallowed and glanced down at the information Quinn had left her with. She was confident that there was something special about this woman, despite having little to no idea if anything she had spoken was true. Deep down she felt that she believed her. Her words affected Rachel's emotions a little too well to not hold some truth to them.

Once she managed to pull herself from the daze she seemed to be in, Rachel would find it interesting that now she also had a name to think about. 

Quinn Fabray.

Chapter Text

I Want Everything

By understanding the information read and signing the above agreement you are agreeing to become a submissive to Quinn Fabray for the allotted time decided within the agreement.

Rachel had been staring at those words for the last hour.

After managing to re-read the contract over ten times while drinking three glasses of wine, she wondered when the idea of being anyone's submissive had become so incredibly enticing to her. The idea itself was an interesting concept, but having the blueprints of exactly what it would mean to submit herself to Quinn Fabray laid out in front of her was polarizing at best.

It was easy to imagine what Quinn may have meant when she approached Rachel with such a particular proposal. It was also easy to fear the unique experience associated with said proposal. However, when read in detail her options were some of which she had never imagined in her wildest dreams.

Rachel, despite being extremely sexually inexperienced, suddenly felt very connected to thought of someone...dominating her.

Going through the research Quinn had provided for her had given her an entirely new outlook. When Rachel's eyes traveled over words like submissive and obedient a delicious hum settled throughout her body.

It was almost difficult to comprehend. She still felt hesitant about allowing herself to become so vulnerable with someone she had just met, yet she felt drawn to the woman somehow. As fresh and absurd as it may have sounded to her a week ago, the thought of falling to her knees for Quinn Fabray didn't feel so...foreign to Rachel right now.

Quinn was an exquisite woman. She was incredibly beautiful, graceful and obviously very intelligent. Aside from that, there was an aura that she gave off that read calm and in control at most if not all times. She was radiant with power and influence and she didn't have to work very hard to exude those emotions. She was a wonder and she knew it. 

Distractedly, Rachel traced the rim of her glass with her finger - remembering the way Quinn's eyes swept over her at the diner.

Rachel had initially felt a little off-balanced and perhaps a little offended at the thought of someone going out to do research on her. Especially a stranger.

But as Quinn began to speak to her - the tone of her voice both husky and calm - Rachel understood that the woman held very little threat. Quinn was incredibly aware of how her advances may have been interpreted initially and made sure to hand Rachel all of the cards, so that she could control the next move made between the two of them. Quinn wanted Rachel and she made an excellent and persuasive case for herself, but she wasn't forcing her by any means. 

That fact alone was enough to make Rachel feel at ease with the woman.

The other detail to consider was that Quinn was undeniably infatuated with Rachel. She was under the impression that Rachel was the most beautiful thing she had ever laid eyes on and no one had ever admitted that they felt anything close to that kind of affection for her.

The vague memory of Quinn's lips on her ear still made Rachel tremble all over with anticipation.

Despite her blinding beauty and reassuring charm - the question still remained: was Rachel alright with giving up control of her body to a stranger?

Quinn Fabray was obviously very experienced, considering how willing she was to provide Rachel with information purely for her own reflection. It was obvious that she wanted Rachel to be thoroughly informed on what was at least expected of her as a submissive. The more Rachel considered things, the less frightened she was about the possibility of actually doing them.

Rachel wasn't afraid of many things, but unfortunately society and bad fiction managed to paint a horrible picture of this particular lifestyle with the Hollywood illusion that it was all whips and chains and 50 Shades of Gray. It was a relief to read from the information that Quinn had provided her that the lifestyle wasn't anything at all like the movies depicted it to be.

Rachel traced the letters of Quinn's name at the end of the contract, her heart fluttering at the sight.

A part of her felt compelled to just go ahead and sign her name on the dotted line.

That was the confusing part of her.

Three glasses of wine later, there was no denying that she wanted this, despite Rachel's personality being primarily dominant her entire life.

She had always been known to be a stubborn and domineering girl most of her life. So the thought of anyone being able to hold any sort of power over her didn't usually incite any sort of positive reaction within her. Yet, there was that hum in her body that buzzed at the thought of Quinn, brushing her fingers through her hair and giving her a simple command; calling her a good girl when she obeyed.

Suddenly, she was feeling as if she could benefit from allowing herself to be submissive. She perked up at the idea of the attention she'd receive in return and the security of someone else being in control. 

She understood the risk involved. Despite initially comfortable with Quinn, the reality was still that she didn't know her very well at all. And trusting someone she knew to stay consistently aware of her limits and boundaries was one task in itself, but trusting a stranger with knowing her limits seemed a bit ridiculous.

Rachel flipped back to the section on limits that Quinn had given her.

In BDSM, limits refer to issues that participants in a play scene or dynamic feel strongly about, usually referring to prohibited activities.

Participants typically negotiate an outline of what activities will and will not take place. The participants outline what they desire and/or will not tolerate, including the determination of limits. For example, it is common to set a safe word and to establish certain types of play as prohibited.

The BDSM usage of the terminology "limits" derives from the concept of 'off limits', the idea of limiting a scene to a specific set of activities, and the limitations (in terms of both interest and tolerance) of the participants.

Setting limits

(See also: Negotiation)

Both Dominants and submissives can set limits. Limits can be agreed to verbally or they can be incorporated into a formal contract. Sometimes the participants engage in a formal conversation about limits and boundaries called "negotiation". Other couples discuss their likes and dislikes in a similar manner to 'vanilla' relationships.

Rachel had never taken time to consider what kind of 'limits' she had sexually. But here the research said, boundaries would typically need to be set between both the Dominant and submissive and that it would be expected for them to be respected on both ends. It was comforting to know, that that was proper etiquette for a respectable Dominant. Not to mention having a "safe word". Which Rachel understood to be a 'panic button' if she was ever absolutely uncomfortable with what was going on.

How much faith did she have that Quinn would stop immediately once Rachel asked her to?

"I want you, Rachel Berry, in ways you've probably never imagined"

Rachel licked her lips, staring at the taunting dotted line.

There was still so many questions Rachel wanted Quinn to answer. So many things she wanted to know about Quinn, personally.

Just because she had general information on a Dominant, didn't tell her what to expect specifically from Quinn. She didn't have any information on her mannerisms or the specific behavior and requirements that she sought from Rachel. 

Rachel had done some of her own research, reading about every Dominant being different from one another. She knew that some of them were wildly controlling, and others stuck by the book and then she knew that there were some that just adapted to what their submissive needed. That information left Rachel wondering what type of Dominant Quinn Fabray was.

She wondered how their arrangement would differ from others. It's common knowledge, Rachel read, that every couple has their own way of participating in the lifestyle centered around their needs.

Rachel touched her neck, clearing her throat.

Was Rachel really ready to share her sexual needs of this capacity with Quinn? Was she ready to begin a sexual relationship with a stranger that would leave her completely raw and exposed in almost every way?

Rachel bit her lip. The hum was back, easing it's way through her and leaving her flushed. She didn't know if she was ready…but she wanted to be.

"Little Jew? I'm home!"

Rachel jumped at the sound of the door opening and shutting. She downed the rest of her wine, before getting rid of the photograph and contract.

"Little Jew where are you?" Puck called out and Rachel tried to look as if she was busy.

"I'm in the kitchen, Noah!" Rachel called out, smiling as her roommate bounced into the kitchen. He picked her up happily and spun her around before kissing the side of her head.

Noah Puckerman was one of the most important people in Rachel's life.

It was at first glance, an unusual relationship.

From the moment they met as children at temple they were practically inseparable. Their families actually began to share holidays together because the two of them became so close. As a matter of fact most people assumed that the two would marry after high school and admit that they had been in love for years.

The citizens of Lima, Ohio were extremely disappointed when that never happened. However, Noah was her best friend. He cared about her greatly, and he had always been there for her.

Not even women came in between Noah Puckerman and his "Jewish-American Princess".

She loved him and was happy that he followed her to New York, though she wasn't sure how he'd handle her 'news'.

"How was your first day, Noah?" Rachel asked softly as he sat her down. "Eh, it was like any first day as a construction worker," Noah started. "Hot and fucking tiring. But, I met a lot of hot ladies…and my new boss liked the work I was doing and assigned me site manager." He said with a cheeky grin, pulling his gloves off and cracking his knuckles.

Rachel gasped excitedly and turned to him. "Yay for hot ladies and getting a promotion on your first day!" Puck laughed in response and picked her up again, spinning her around.

"We're on our way to the top, babe!" His voice boomed and Rachel squealed when he put her down. "This calls for a celebration!" She exclaimed, clapping her hands together and heading towards the refrigerator. 

Noah picked up the empty glass of wine and smirked, "Looks like you started without me babe. So, what's for dinner?"

"Well since you're such an amazing man, filled with an amazing talent for building stuff for other people to live and/or work in…I thought tonight I would make you something special to eat." Rachel said excitedly as she began digging through the fridge. Puck watched as she searched the refrigerator. It looked as if his "surprise" was located on a lower shelf, which granted him a moment to appreciate his roommate's behind.

Puck smacked her ass, smirking. "Something special as in you?" He answered.

Rachel gasped. Turning around, she smacked the back of his head.

"Not a chance jerk! I gave you my virginity, wasn't that enough for you?" She laughed and Puck shook his head.

"Rachel babe, look at you. It'll never be enough." Puck teased and Rachel smiled at him, briefly relieved that she had made the decision to give someone she truly trusted the most important part of her. Even if he was just her friend.

Rachel finally pulled the tray out of the refrigerator and Puck's eyes widened. "Pot-roast?" Rachel laughed while nodding her head, catching a bit of drool dripping past Puck's salivating mouth.

Sliding the roast in the oven before turning to him - Rachel stated matter-of-factly, "Not just any pot-roast Noah Puckerman, but Bubby's secret recipe pork-free pot-roast that she left to me exclusively in her will."

Puck's eyes glazed over as he leaned against the chair at the kitchen table. "Rachel Barbra Berry, do not fuck with me…you mean that's what my Bubby left to you when she died? She barely left anything to her own daughters, but she leaves you the fucking recipe?"

Rachel grinned, "There's no denying that your Bubby loved me Noah...but I always knew the recipe; I used to help her in the kitchen, remember?"

He hugged her tightly. "She did fucking love you, and so do I." Puck kissed her cheek. "She was certain that you and I were going to get married and give her great-grandchildren."

Rachel laughed, uncorking a new bottle of wine to pour for her roommate. "She sounds a lot like your mother...or my Daddy."

Puck laughed and shook his head, accepting the glass from Rachel and plopping down at the table. It wasn't until he tried to stretch out his leg that his foot rubbed against the stack of papers underneath the chair opposite him. He furrowed his eyebrows and glanced down at the scattered pages. "What's all this paperwork? Did you land an audition without telling me or some shit?"

Rachel - ignoring her racing heartbeat - rolled her eyes and sat down across from him. "No Noah, those are just some um...contracts I'm reading through. Business stuff - you wouldn't understand." Rachel waved her hand distractedly and diverted her attention to her wine as she took a big gulp.

"Oh bullshit, you're a waitress. What are you hiding from me, Rachel?"

Puck stared at her suspiciously. He always knew when she was lying. "It's nothing, listen…you didn't finish telling me about your day!" Rachel assured him, hoping that would be enough to steer the subject away from the contract she was attempting to hide beneath her feet. Fortunately, there was a short pause in the conversation. Rachel made the mistake of thinking that the silence meant she was in the clear and smiled at him. She was wrong.

Puck raised his eyebrow before bending down quickly to snatch up the papers and the photograph before Rachel could intercept him. 

"Noah don't-"

Ignoring her, Puck began to sift through the paperwork - but quickly became distracted by the glossy photograph of his roommate. He flipped it around and rapidly skimmed over the written info on the back. Then, Rachel watched nervously as Puck began to flip through the contract - his forehead crinkling into a frown.

"Rachel, what the hell is this?"

Rachel sighed. "I told you, it's a contract Noah. Please don't get upset -"

"A contract about sex? I'm not - I  don't understand...and who the fuck is Quinn Fabray?" He said, the tone of his voice raising considerably with each word. His eyes widened as he continued to read various pages and Rachel chugged the rest of her drink for the umpteenth time that evening.

"She's –"

"Hey Rachel you know that Quinn chick that asked for your name? Well get this - your shithead boss was right, she's richer than the fucking president!" Santana's voice rang through the house, effectively cutting Rachel off as she came barging through the door. The woman hadn't even bothered to take her bullet-proof vest off.

Unaware that she'd interrupted anything, Santana paused at the entrance to the kitchen. "We're having pot-roast?"

Rachel - utterly defeated - rolled her eyes and stood to pour herself another glass of wine. She figured being drunk couldn't hurt the inevitable conversation coming her way. Still in shock, Puck stared at Rachel with furrowed eyebrows.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa…this woman - Quinn Fabray; she's the hot blonde that asked for your name and saved your job?"

Santana laughed before speaking, "Hot is an understatement. We're talking about a fucking supermodel." Santana slapped a hand full of papers down onto the table on top of Rachel's contracts. Puck picked them up and stared at them.

They were photos of Quinn.

"Santana where in the hell did you get those?" Rachel exclaimed in disbelief. 

"Googled her. She's a fucking billionaire Rachel, the diamond franchise? Fabray Jewelers? That's her fucking company! It's worth over 200 billion dollars." Santana exclaimed, sitting down and snatching the glass of wine that Puck was supposed to be drinking. 

Rachel felt woozy all of a sudden.


"So the two of you are telling me that you just happened to spill wine on a hot, very rich woman and then she stalked you to get you to sign a contract for sex?" Puck questioned angrily, waving Rachel's contract around for emphasis.

Santana reached over suddenly and snatched the papers out of his hands. "Sex contract? Stalking? What?"

Rachel was still trying to process the part about Quinn being richer than the president. She rubbed her fingers against her temples. "Listen…it's not a sex contract. Well, I mean it kind of is...but not really –"

"Damn straight it's not a sex contract Rachel…holy shit, this is like one of those slave contracts!" Santana exclaimed.

Rachel sighed as Puck turned his gaze on her in disbelief. "A slave contract?"

"No! I'm not going to be anyone's slave; will you both stop and let me explain?" Rachel spoke, standing and checking on the pot-roast as Santana and Puck went through the papers without shame. Once she had closed the oven again, she turned and faced them.

"Quinn Fabray…who I spilled wine on last night - and who I am now aware is a billionaire - asked for my name so that she could have me investigated." Rachel said and Santana tensed up, ready to begin a tirade.

"Before you start with me Inspector Gadget, let me finish. I know it sounds a little weird, but she had me investigated because she thought I was beautiful and wanted to know more about me. She came to the diner this morning and explained she wanted me as a potential partner for and she gave me a contract to look over. She was very adamant about me making the decision for myself, so she gave me her number to call once my decision was made. It's not a slave contract but it is information about possibly becoming her...submissive." Rachel finished with a huff and Santana sat back in her chair, staring up at her while Puck continued to go through the paperwork silently.

"Now you two may speak."

Santana, of course, went first. "So you're seriously considering this?"

Rachel sighed, before taking her seat again. "I don't know what I'm considering."

Puck glanced up at her incredulously, "Are you sure you don't know? Because the shit you got circled on this contract makes you seem pretty sure!"

Rachel bit her lip, frowning at Puck's accusatory tone. Puck dropped the papers, running his hand through his Mohawk. "Come on Rachel, what are we even talking about here? 24/7? Is that some sort of codeword that means you're gonna leave us and go wait on her hand and foot everyday?"

Rachel sighed. She was used to Puck's tendency to overreact to things and she considered herself more than capable of dealing with his ability to see straight through a situation and only focus on what seemed negative. But she was having difficulties getting through his stubbornness on this particular issue. "Noah please. It's not like that at all. 24/7 is a type of relationship a Dominant can have with their submissive. In my case, it would mean that I would be Quinn's full time submissive. It doesn't mean that she's going to dictate my decisions, or my life. It just means sexually...I'll be at her disposal as she sees fit. All of it is completely my choice, Noah."

Puck scoffed. "And that means I have to be okay with it?" Rachel swallowed at the indignant tone of his voice, refusing to bite at his sharp remark. He shook his head and sit back in his chair. "So like I asked you before, if you're at her disposal 24/7 does that mean you will have to move in with her?" 

Rachel bit her lip, "It's typically expected of a submissive in those types of relationships to move in with their Dominant."

Puck raised an eyebrow challengingly. "I'm talking about you though. Would you be moving in with this chick if she asked you?" 

Rachel cleared her throat and ran a hand through her hair. She wasn't ashamed of her answer. However, she knew how much her response would upset Puck. 

"Yes, I would." 

Puck shook his head. "Absolutely not."

Rachel's mouth fell open, and she gasped. "Excuse me?"

"I'm not going to let you do this stupid shit! You don't know this woman and you don't know what she is capable of doing to you. I mean look at this list of limits that you have to choose from…how do you know that this woman isn't crazy?" He said, shaking the paper furiously.

Rachel furrowed her eyebrows angrily, officially done playing nice with Puck over his concerns. "I don't think she's crazy Noah! Believe it or not, I trust her. And anyway this is my decision. I understand that you're worried about me, and it is perfectly fine if you disagree with my choices but you will not dictate them."

Puck stood up angrily, "Oh but you're all too happy to let some fucking stranger tell you what to do. At least I'm your friend!" Rachel stood up as well, pushing him and growling in frustration. 

"Well you're not acting like my friend, you're acting like a real asshole, Noah Puckerman!"

Santana finally stood at that and stepped between them. "Okay everyone just calm your tits." She spoke firmly, looking at Puck before shifting her gaze to Rachel. Rachel accepted the pleading look from her and sat back down, folding her hands across the table and staring expectantly at Puck.

Santana turned to him with wild eyes. "Sit down Puck, so we can settle this like fucking adults."

He locked his jaw before settling himself at the table again. Santana joined them, rolling her eyes.

"Now - despite the temper tantrum that little Pucky-Wucky just threw - I think the point we're both trying to make here is that this is all very sudden, and very fucking unusual. It's not everyday our best friend comes home with a BDSM contract from some rich blonde stranger." Santana said, and Rachel grimaced at the way it sounded coming from Santana.

"Santana, I understand that you guys are worried about me. But it isn't as if I'm going to be completely powerless. I've been thinking about this and reading up on it, and I feel...connected to it. To being a submissive. I know it may sound odd and out of character for, but I genuinely want to try this."

Puck's expression softened as he recognized the passionate tone in Rachel's voice and Santana bit her bottom lip worriedly. "Even moving in with her, though? You can't deny how fucking huge that is Rachel; I mean you didn't even try to move in with that guy you dated for like a year…Fick?"

Rachel laughed, "Finn. That was much different. I didn't trust him and I don't even know why I stayed with him so long."

"But you're willing to move in with someone you've met a total of two times and let them have their way with you whenever and however they want to?" Santana spoke skeptically and Puck shook his head.

"Exactly. I'm sorry for going crazy on you a second ago, but we don't know this woman. We don't know if her intentions are genuine. How do we know she's not going to lock you up somewhere where we can't find you and torture you?" Puck said softly. He grabbed Rachel's hand and stared at her deeply. "I care about you, Santana cares about do we know you're going to be safe?"

Rachel stared at the both of them. She understood how skeptical they were and why. Santana was a detective, and she had seen her fair share of horror stories. Puck was just paranoid because he was a guy and Rachel was important to him. But Rachel felt strongly about this decision and Quinn. 

Rachel smiled softly. "You're just going to have to trust me.

Noah turned away from her, still unconvinced. Rachel got up and stood behind him, wrapping her arms around his neck, comfortingly. "Noah…I know it's different. But Quinn makes me feel things that I've never felt with anyone else. She knows what she's doing and she makes me feel safe. Even though I don't know her very well and her ways of pursuit are a bit unconventional, her kindness and her respectful personality gives me reason to trust her. Now trust me and be supportive of my decisions."

She stared at Santana, "Both of you. Please?"

He turned as she kissed the side of his head. "Listen; if anything were to happen to me, I have a killer best friend and a homicide detective waiting for my call." Rachel said and Puck let a small smile take over his features before fully turning to her.

Nodding in agreement he sighed, "I guess if you want get dominated its cool. But if she hurts you little Jew, I'll fuck her up."

Rachel smiled and sat on his lap running her hand through his Mohawk.

Santana nodded vigorously. "Yeah, I agree. I'll sick the entire fucking NYPD on her ass, I don't care how rich she is."

Rachel laughed as she stood to fetch the pot-roast. "I appreciate the love, guys."

Puck shrugged and glanced down at the contract again, "So...Rachel, when were you going to tell me you were into spanking? I could easily have helped you out around here with th - ouch!"

Rachel laughed as Santana drew her hand back from his head. "Sorry, Rach…reflex."

It had been a week since Quinn handed Rachel the contract.

It didn't surprise her that Rachel hadn't contacted her.

It was very overwhelming, having a complete stranger tell you how much they wanted to have you not only sexually, but in an...unconventional way.

Quinn stood at her window again, wondering if she had frightened the woman. She hadn't meant to come off so strong. Quinn had just never been so passionate about a woman before.

She had never been one to pray that her so called 'charm' worked, but she was hoping that it did.

Rachel was special, it was hard for Quinn to explain, even to herself, but she had a feeling about it.

She just hoped that Rachel wouldn't think she was crazy. Quinn was only attracted to her, and she had been telling the truth when she said there were no crazy alternative motive to her words. She only hoped her perception of Rachel was accurate, and that she looked over her contract and information carefully, and with an open mind.

She usually didn't approach submissives this way, she usually didn't express interest in the submissives at all. They would come to her, in which she would provide a contract and things were a lot smoother, normal.

But Rachel...was different. Quinn had stumbled upon her by chance, and had never met anyone so exquisite, even from first glance. Rachel wasn't a normal submissive, she was unique.

Quinn was beside herself with desire. She closed her eyes and leaned against the cold window, her body on overload just from thinking. It was overwhelming. A week ago, she was preparing to train Jessica. Now it was Rachel from whom she was hoping to get back a signed contract.

"Ms. Fabray?"

Quinn turned around, finding Renee' standing at the entrance of her office with worried eyes. Quinn smiled at her. "Yes?"

"Um…there's a girl out here…she didn't make an appointment but she says you're expecting her?"

Quinn raised an eyebrow, "Her name?"

"Rachel Berry?" The secretary spoke, confused, and Quinn grinned.

"Send her in."

The door opened wide and Renee' stepped aside and let Rachel walk into the large office, hair pulled out of her face as it had been the first two times she met her, a white sundress dancing against her skin.

She was clutching the contract in her hand, and bounced on the balls of her feet nervously.

"Rachel," Quinn breathed as the door shut…leaving them alone.

Rachel looked at her at the sound of her name and smiled nervously.

"I know you told me to call but…I just…I wanted to speak to you in person, and I brought the information…is this alright?" Rachel said and Quinn nodded, amused by her nervousness, gesturing for her to sit.

"It's definitely fine Rachel…I actually prefer speaking face to face rather than over the phone." Quinn spoke as Rachel sat at the glass conference table.

Quinn took a seat next to her and crossed her legs, leaning back in her chair.

"I'm assuming you came to talk about the contract I gave you?"

Rachel sat the contract down on the table. Quinn noticed her hands trembling slightly. Quinn placed her hands on top of them with ease. "Rachel, there's no need for you to be nervous…I don't ever want you to be nervous around me or when you speak to me."

Rachel licked her lips while nodding and Quinn smiled, holding onto her hands and squeezing them lightly before letting go to lean back against her chair again. "How have you been?" Rachel tucked a falling strand of hair behind her ear and smiled.

"I've been good…I read over everything carefully."

Quinn smiled.


Rachel nodded and Quinn laughed, "You're sure?"

Rachel bit her lip and stared into her eyes, "Yes but, I want to ask you about some things…is that okay?"

Quinn nodded. "It's always okay to ask questions Rachel, I'll always answer them. But before we go there, before we start breaking down just what you are agreeing to with that contract and with this verbal meeting, there is something you need to know."

Rachel looked at her anxiously.

"Rachel, when I told you I wasn't normal...I meant it in more ways than one."

Quinn's face was calm and Rachel felt like she was being lead into one of those 'I'm a superhero' conversations from the movies.

"I was born with what the doctors called "abnormal female genitalia" but, by the time I was thirteen, my body produced more testosterone. As a result - while all the other girl's were getting their periods...I was getting a penis."

Rachel tried to control the shock that was evident on her face. Quinn seemed unfazed by the reaction, and Rachel struggled to get herself together. "Q-Quinn…I'm so sorry, I didn't mean-"

"Its fine, I expected you to react that way. If you didn't I would be concerned. I know it's a difficult thing to grasp but it is the truth; I won't go any further than to tell you it is fully functional in all of the ways that a penis is supposed to be, although most cases aren't, and I don't nor will I ever have a vagina, but I am considered a woman. I just have male anatomy. I don't want to scare you or anything…I just want you to know about it before you make any decisions. Sometimes, it can be a problem for my partners." She said with a small smile.

Rachel nodded understandingly and couldn't prevent her eyes from traveling to the direction of Quinn's crotch, before moving them quickly.

"If it is a problem for you Rachel, I will not fault you for walking away from this agreement and pretending that I never approached you. If not, then we can move forward." Quinn spoke and she looked to Rachel for an answer. Rachel was still shocked at the discovery, but she seemed more curious than disturbed.

Rachel shook her head, "It won't be a problem Quinn."

Quinn smiled and reached for the contract, pulling her glasses from the top of her hair to read through the first couple of pages.

Rachel watched with interest, arousal sparking at the sight of Quinn wearing her glasses.

Quinn bit her lip, before speaking. "Rachel, you marked 24/7. Are you aware of what type of relationship that is for a Dominant and submissive?"

Rachel nodded, blushing at the thought of some of the information she had read up on the night before. "Y-Yes."

"Just how long would you like this 24/7 agreement to last?"

Rachel blushed harder, nervous at the amount of time that she had chosen.

"A year."

Quinn grinned up at her through her lenses and read through more of the pages; Rachel noticed that the limits that she marked were very similar to Quinn's boundaries. "Interesting…" Quinn muttered, as if reading her thoughts, before setting the contract down and looking at Rachel expectantly.

"Feel free to start asking questions whenever your ready." Quinn said and Rachel swallowed before tapping her foot nervously.

"Oh! first, why me?"

Quinn raised her eyebrows at how vague the question was. "You're gorgeous Rachel and you sparked something within me. Something that I've never felt with other women and so naturally, I want to explore you, I want you."

Rachel shivered visibly at the words. "S-So…you're going to boss me around and whip me and all of those things in the contract?"

"I will never boss you around Rachel. I'll give you directions and you will have the choice to follow them. But only if that's what you're comfortable with." Quinn spoke, placing her hands on the glass table and folding them. Rachel furrowed her eyebrows at her.

"But you have control over me…it doesn't really matter what I want, does it?"

Quinn shook her head. "It's precisely about what you want Rachel, being submissive is about releasing control to your Dom, and trusting them with it. Not them telling you what to do. It's about understanding and accepting the obedient nature within yourself and enjoying it. It's all within you. If you don't trust me enough to give this to me, then I won't do anything."

Rachel felt her heart flutter at the knowledge, the words obedient and choices making her excited. She looked down before glancing back up, mentally tracking all of the questions she had prepared to ask Quinn.

"I'll get to choose my own safe word?"

"Definitely. Whatever you would like, and you can use it at any time and I will immediately stop. I will make sure to remember it no matter what kind of play we are partaking in." Quinn said reassuringly.

Rachel nodded, relaxing at the idea that she would be able to trust Quinn. "So since it will be 24/7, I'll have to be constantly submissive?"

Quinn chuckled lightly. "Not unless you're telling me that's specifically what you want. If it's alright with you, we will be upholding the part of that particular relationship where you would be living with me, in order to gain the experience you've requested with the proper training. But a part of 24/7 means that you would be giving me power over where and when we decide to begin play. That could be at any moment, and if that relationship progresses successfully, most Dominants who partake in 24/7 relationships with their subs, begin instilling it in normal aspects of their time together. It wouldn't mean that I would be telling you when to eat, how to dress or what not. It would mean that our roles would always be present, even outside of play. But that can only be agreed on if the submissive, in this case you, feels comfortable with that type of power exchange."

Quinn licked her lips, smiling at Rachel, before trailing her finger over her hand. "I've only heard of some subs who are comfortable with those types of relationships. Submissives who find themselves needing some guidance from their Doms. Some people say it's a control thing, that it's unhealthy and it's only Dominants taking advantage of their power. But I don't think that's true. I think somewhere some submissives hold natural obedience. I think there is a part of them that has always followed directions subconsciously and craves that attention from their Dom in ways that some people can't understand." She looked deeply into Rachel's eyes. "Just as I crave the attention of a trusting sub, willing to give me the power to truly be a caring Dom." The pad of Quinn's finger pressed down against Rachel's skin, and Rachel's eyes glazed over in fascination.

"Now, I have yet to find a submissive like that myself, so I can't really tell you if that type of person really exists."

Rachel worried her bottom lip, the image of submitting to Quinn even in the smallest of ways, making her warm on the inside. Watching Quinn remove her finger from her skin, she let out a deep breath.

"And if things turned out that wanting all of that from our agreement, would I get a collar?"

Quinn clenched her jaw, envisioning a naked and wanton Rachel wearing her own collar around her neck while on her knees.

"If you successfully complete your training you will receive a collar regardless of what happens Rachel. However, with the possible depth of our relationship as I explained before, the collar becomes relevant in different ways. Initially, receiving your collar stakes my claim on you. It allows me the comfort of knowing that you belong to me. I will only initially request you wear it during play. Now, if you are saying that at some point you would like to take the 24/7 agreement to the level of which I explained, it will be requested you wear the collar all the time, but that is a choice. Wearing the collar all the time does not make you a slave, or a pet. It makes you what can only be termed as a "full time submissive"...but that's a conversation for a different time. If we get to that point in our time together."

Rachel smiled and Quinn smirked.

"Rachel, would you be alright with wearing a collar for me if I decided you had demonstrated the proper behavior during training to receive one?"

Feeling the heat rise between her legs at the thought of being Quinn's anything, Rachel felt herself blush even harder than she had before, "Yes."

Quinn folded her hands under her chin, body humming at the clear confidence in her answer while Rachel continued with her questions, "I-I told my roommate and my friend…is that alright?"

Quinn smiled, "You can tell whoever you'd like. Like I said, you're not a slave. I'm not holding you hostage, and you will still have freedom to be yourself. I want you to be yourself."

Quinn's words made Rachel suddenly remember an important aspect of her life. "Will I be able to work?" She asked crossing her legs just as Quinn uncrossed her own slowly.

Quinn bit her lip and thoughtfully spoke, "It's perfectly alright with me if you want to continue working your jobs, Rachel. It's not required of you and arrangements can be made to have your roommate taken care of while you're with me. I certainly don't want you struggling for no reason, but it's completely your choice."

Rachel licked her lips, "What about my career? I still have auditions I have to prepare for."

"Rachel I'd never ask you to quit your craft; I definitely want you to audition." Quinn said with a meaningful look.

Rachel smiled genuinely. "Will I go out with you? Or rather will we go out in public together? Like the woman you were with that night…"

Quinn raised her finely arched eyebrow, "You have a fine memory, Rachel. There will be some times that I'll want to take you out and show you a good time and then there will be events I may want you to accompany me to. I'll tell you many times throughout our arrangement that you're mine, like my own personal diamond…and I'm known for showing my diamonds off." Quinn said running her eyes over the girl's form. Rachel shifted in her seat, before beginning her next question.

"Since you have a…um.."

"A penis?"

"Yeah…you'll use condoms right? Or –"

"Birth control isn't necessary, the chances of me getting you pregnant are slim to none. I know you don't have any diseases and I've been screened as well. But just for the sake of comfort, are you a virgin?" Quinn asked gently.

Rachel went completely red and nodded. It was an instinct instead of answering right away, and she wondered if it was a part of her recently appearing submissive nature. "No…I've had…I've had sex twice before."

Why was she so nervous?

Quinn tilted her head. "You're not very sexually active?" Quinn said, surprised and Rachel shook her head, embarrassed. Rachel wondered if Quinn thought she was pathetic to be in her twenties and to only have had two sexual experiences.

"Did you orgasm?" Quinn spoke and Rachel could have been swallowed up by the floor at the amount of embarrassment she felt. She didn't even try to open her mouth and verbalize the answer. Quinn watched with hazel eyes that sparkled and made Rachel's heart flutter. Shaking her head, Rachel answered, "I-I'm sorry I don't have much experience Quinn…"

Quinn smiled placing her hand on top of Rachel's, "Hey, it's fine. Look at me." Rachel glanced up at her again, "I like that about you Rachel. In my mind you haven't been touched. You're a virgin because you've never had a Dom before. I like being the first for that, I like being able to give your first of many orgasms. That means a lot to me."

Rachel smiled a small smile at the words and licked her lips.

"Any more questions?" Quinn asked, removing her glasses and Rachel smoothed her hands out over the skirt of her dress.

"No, that's all Quinn."

"Very well. Now it's my turn."

Quinn sat straight up in the chair and locked eyes with her seriously.

"Rachel, these are my rules. If you are comfortable with it, I request you will do as I say, when I say…no questions. That means if I want you naked, you're naked, if I want you spread over the kitchen table…you're spread over the kitchen table no ifs, ands, or buts. Any objections that aren't your safe word will be taken as back talking and you will be punished. And since you will be naked a considerable amount of the time, I request you stay waxed completely. It's more comfortable that way, and I want to see all of all times. I am aware of the hard limits you have marked in the contract and I want you to understand that we will never cross those boundaries. Everything else that you are comfortable with is fair game, unless it is something you don't agree with, which you need to speak up now for or prepare to safe word later."

Rachel became lost in Quinn's fierce and controlled eyes as she talked and nodded at the words. Quinn stared at her, holding her gaze before continuing.

"You will have full access to every room in my home, except my bedroom because obviously it's too personal of a space for you to be involved with, unless I say otherwise. Like I told you earlier, you are not a slave. You're allowed to go places, but I would like to at least know where you are. And if I want you… I would like you to leave and come to me, I don't care where you are. No questions. You will stay in a separate bedroom unless I request otherwise and you are not required to cook or clean around there. That is not your job. Your purpose is to receive pleasure from following my directions. Your job is to be mine, to submit to me…completely. Since you marked 24/7, like we talked about, you will need to undergo training. You are new to this lifestyle and need to be taken through what it is like to be mine…full time. You need to be prepared for that. I will be testing your mind and body in ways that are going to make you feel different. I need to know if you are ready…tell me now if you're not because from the moment you hand this contract over to me, from the moment you sign your name…you're giving yourself to me. You're mine do you understand?" She finished.

Rachel nodded, her mouth dry and her heart beating fast. Rachel watched as Quinn slid the papers in front of her, a pen lying in the middle of the table.

Quinn watched as Rachel signed, and held out her upturned hand expecting the contract to be handed back to her. Rachel laid the pen down, before setting the stack of papers in her grip. Quinn smiled, relieved that Rachel agreed and didn't run.
"I want you moved in by Friday; we'll start training immediately Saturday."

Chapter Text

It was an unusually warm day. 

The rays from the sun filtered through Rachel's curtains as she sat on her bed, her hands folded in her lap.

Rachel fidgeted nervously. It was Friday, the day she was officially moving in with Quinn Fabray, and she had only packed three bags. 

Santana had been skeptical before she and Puck left, wondering how in the hell three bags would be enough for a year, but Rachel didn't have much. 

She packed some additional pictures of her friends, and her fathers so that wherever she would be sleeping would feel more like home. Rachel kept darting her eyes towards the suitcases, mentally double checking everything she had packed. 

It was a little nerve-wrecking, getting ready to go live with this perfect stranger, whom she knew so little about. That thought alone rendered Rachel a little anxious, no matter how confident she felt when signing her contract. However, the hum would come back and settle throughout her body when she thought of all the possibilities, all the things she would explore and find about herself through Quinn's touch, through her experience. 

Rachel shook herself out of her thoughts, suddenly noticing the faint sound of knocking against her front door.

Getting to her feet, Rachel suppressed her trembling while running her hand through her curls to distract herself from the goosebumps appearing on her arms. 

Heading to her window, she gasped at the sight of the woman who had been haunting her thoughts and dreams.

A tall man helped Quinn Fabray out of a black SUV. She was smiling beneath her sunglasses, nodding her head to him in what seemed to be a soft 'thank you'. The woman's entire appearance released an aura of superiority, grace, and absolute glamour. It was beauty at its finest.

Before she could become anymore transfixed by the sight of Quinn Fabray, another knock sounded and she realized that she still hadn't opened the door.

Rushing towards the front door and unchaining the lock, Rachel was met with the face of a tall man whose muscles were thick and bulky. He wore an earpiece in his left ear and he smiled at her.

"I'm here to carry your bags…Ms. Fabray is on her way up."

Rachel allowed herself a moment to fangirl over the fact that Quinn Fabray was on her way into her apartment, before she gained composure. 

"Oh, okay. There are three bags straight back...the doors open."

Rachel watched him enter her room before the very door she was holding rattled lightly with the sound of another knock. Rachel turned around and found herself face to face with a smiling Quinn Fabray and the very driver she had watched open the door for her. He stepped past Rachel to assist the other bulky man with her bags.

Rachel turned to fully admire the woman now…realizing how inferior she felt standing in front of her.

Quinn was beautiful in every way.

From the top of her brimmed hat to her spacious white Capri pants, she was everything that Rachel ever imagined an angel looking like.

An angel with a delicious desire to dominate Rachel. 

Before she could begin to drool, Quinn spoke, "Hi."

Rachel licked her lips, "Hi. Um... You look really nice today."


As if the woman didn't already know how gorgeous she looked. The streets should have turned to gold when Quinn Fabray stepped onto them. 

Quinn chuckled, snatching her sunglasses off. "Thank you…may I come in?"

Rachel could have smacked her own forehead, suddenly realizing that they were still standing in the entrance of her house. "Of course! I'm sorry, would you like anything? Something to drink…or…?" She stepped aside and began to walk towards the kitchen but Quinn reached out to still her arm.

"Rachel. I'm fine…we won't be here long. I just didn't want to stand in the middle of the hallway." Quinn said with a laugh and Rachel laughed nervously, watching the two strong men file out of the apartment with her things.

"That's Jared and Rob. They're what I assume you would security. However, one doubles as my driver because I hate driving in New York." Quinn said, and Rachel nodded. She imagined that Quinn would definitely need body guards. Rachel assumed Quinn probably fought off men and women with a stick.

Quinn turned and looked around the living room. She stared amused at the pictures sitting around. They were the pictures that Rachel hadn't packed, pictures of her in college and high school.

"You dressed very...peculiar in high school." Quinn mused, taking a picture off of the shelf and turning to her with raised eyebrows. Rachel blushed, stepping forward quickly to take the photo out of her hands.

"I was a very peculiar person in high school. I liked plaid skirts. That didn't match any of my argyle or animal sweaters." Rachel said placing the picture face down on the shelf. And Quinn laughed, letting her eyes rake over Rachel's body.

"Times have certainly changed, I see." 

For a moment they just stared at one another.

Quinn's eyes were locked on Rachel's in a firm gaze, and Rachel was too distracted by the all too familiar hum in her body to look away.

Rachel was entranced by Quinn's stare. It seemed those hazel eyes burned through her, piercing her soul. It was as if Rachel was already naked, already presenting herself to Quinn with the way she was looking at her. 

Rachel opened her mouth to speak, attempting to formulate some type of response until Quinn snapped out of her reverie, covering her eyes with her sunglasses again.

"Is that all you're bringing?" She asked and Rachel nodded, feeling woozy at the sudden release of pressure her body felt. It was like she had been holding her breath when staring at Quinn and now the hum was settling and her heart was struggling to beat regularly again. Quinn looked around the apartment once more, before placing a hand at the small of Rachel's back and leading her out of the open door.

"Let's go then. We have a bit of a ride ahead of us."


A bit was an understatement. The ride was at least an hour and Rachel didn't remember when, but at some point she had fallen asleep with her face pressed against the window. It was only when a soft voice whispered her name that she woke up. Dazed and confused, Rachel glanced up to see Quinn, sans her sunglasses, smiling at her. 

"We're here, Rachel."

There was suddenly sunlight as Jared opened the door and held out a hand for Quinn. Rachel sat up as that door closed quickly and her door then opened to reveal Quinn.

"Shall we?" Quinn said with a smile, holding out her hand as Jared had done for her and Rachel nodded. She attempted to smooth down the loose hair from her ponytail before stepping down out of the SUV. Quinn shut the door and Rachel couldn't stop the gasp that left her lips at the sight of the estatethat apparently Quinn called home.

It was indescribable at first. Rachel simply couldn't find a way to articulate what she was seeing. 

It was simply the most gorgeous place she had ever seen in her life. 

Standing three stories tall, it was like staring into what heaven might have possibly looked like. And that was what Rachel assumed to be the main house. When you looked beyond it there were two separate homes connected to it. One slightly smaller that sat behind the large pool and Jacuzzi and another that lived far off to the back, all connected by a sidewalk.

"I know it's kind of big. I have a large loft in the city, which is obviously closer and more convenient, but it's never really felt like home to me. I found this property and had this house built as soon as I could. I love the city, but I need my space. This is my own personal paradise."


"The main house holds all of the important rooms, including the playroom. And then the beach houses are mainly for guests." Quinn continued to speak as Rachel continued to stare in awe at the large white home that they were now approaching.

"It's beautiful, Quinn…"

Quinn smiled and led Rachel to the front door. "Thank you, Rachel. I'm glad you like it."

There was the sound of her fingers pressing against a keypad before a lock clicked and Quinn opened to door for them. 

Rachel stepped in first, finding the inside to be even more beautiful than the outside. The foyer was illuminated by a crystal chandelier high above their heads, shimmering with diamonds that Rachel was positive were real. The floors were marble and connected to a two sided marble staircase. One side leading to the second floor, the other leading to a third. There was a middle set of double doors on the second tier and then a set on both ends. However, on the top floor there was only one set of double doors.

Rachel heard the echo of Quinn's heels behind her and suddenly noticed how every surface of the house was white.

As if she had read Rachel's mind, Quinn spoke up. "I have a bit of a fetish. I just recently made the rooms more colorful. But my room, the living room, the kitchen, my office and some of the bonus rooms are white décor. Sometimes I add a neutral color…but I love white." Rachel recognized how regal the house felt with the high white ceilings and glittering lights bouncing off of the marble.

Rachel stared up in wonderment before looking back towards Quinn, who grinned almost shyly. "Do you like it?"

Rachel scoffed at the woman. "Do I like it? It's amazing! I mean, one floor is the practically the size of both me and my neighbor's apartment..."

Quinn laughed, pulling her hat off and running her fingers through her wavy blonde locks. "Yeah, I know it's really big. But sometimes I like the thought of having a space that's completely mine. A place specifically designed for my comfort, you know?"

A home.

Rachel smiled in understanding. Quinn looked so content, smiling around at the place like it was a relief to be there. Like it was her own personal sanctuary. Suddenly, Rachel felt like she was intruding on something that was very private and personal. 

"Would you like a small tour?"

Quinn extended her hand and Rachel grinned as she was led through the first floor, including the home gym and one of Quinn's two offices. Then the large kitchen and laundry room, den, two bathrooms, living room, dining room and what Quinn called her "second conference room".

Then, after she was exhausted by the sheer beauty of that, Quinn led her up the stairs to the second floor.

"That," She pointed to the glass double doors shielded by black curtains, "Is the playroom."

Rachel stared at the closed doors with anticipation as they passed. Quinn led her straight to the other set of double doors facing those of the playroom.

"Finally, this is your room."

Quinn pushed the double doors open and Rachel gasped for the umpteenth time that day.

The room was beautiful, and much like everything else in the house, large.

Light blues and deep browns covered the windows and bed spread. A canopy hung from the bed post and Rachel was positive she was in heaven now. She barely registered the sound of Quinn speaking. 

"I hope the décor is alright with you. I only had it redecorated yesterday and I didn't think to ask you what colors you might have liked in here." Quinn passed Rachel, stepping into the room and Rachel continued to stare, awestruck by the beautiful space. 

Rachel then walked slowly over to the large windows. The open curtains displayed trees that hid the peaceful estate from the outside world. Yet, beyond them you could still see the outline of the city, taunting Rachel with its rush and excitement. She pressed her fingers to the glass and turned.

"Quinn this is beautiful…"

Quinn smiled, placing a hand on Rachel's shoulder. "Again, thank you Rachel."

Rachel turned and stared up at Quinn with a soft smile.

"It's all so...breathtaking. The house, the room." She glanced around at the room again. "Quinn, I'm not sure I can accept all of this-"

Quinn placed a finger against her lips.

"Rachel, just think of this as the beginning of a more luxurious life." She pressed her hand against her cheek softly. 

"I'm sorry if it makes you a little uncomfortable. I just want you to be able to enjoy your stay here. You deserve that much."

It was very sweet. Quinn wanting Rachel to experience the finer things in life. She wasn't really offering her anything out of the ordinary, just a room in her beautiful house.

It all just happened to be a lot nicer than what she was used to. 

Rachel looked around at everything one more time, as if to be certain before locking eyes with Quinn, and saying sincerely,

"Thank you Quinn."

Quinn smiled widely and checked the time. "In an hour, how about you come down and have dinner with me in the dining room? If you want to change, the bathroom is right there." Quinn nodded towards a set of double doors adjacent to the room.

Quinn had her hand on the handle of the door, preparing to leave, when she turned to face Rachel. "Make yourself at home." She said softly, before letting herself out.

Rachel watched her leave with a smile. Falling back onto the plush bed, she stared up through the sheer canopy into the diamonds of the chandelier. Rachel sighed in contentment before smiling at the words that had left Quinn's mouth. 



After showering and changing into a pair of yoga pants and t-shirt, Rachel stepped off of the last stair and tried to remember where the dining room was. 

Recalling the tour Quinn had taken her on earlier, Rachel turned down a hallway near the kitchen and heard laughter. She assumed she was going in the right direction. 

Coming up on a set of open doors Rachel poked her head in and felt her heart flutter at the laughing face of Quinn Fabray who was sitting at the long glass dining room table. A dark haired woman, was serving food to her.

As if she had been alerted by her presence, Quinn caught Rachel's eyes, and Rachel glanced at the floor before looking up at her. Grinning at her, Quinn waved her in. "Rachel, come sit."

Rachel smiled shyly, rubbing her arm nervously before walking over to sit across from the woman. She glanced down at the long table and Quinn followed her line of sight with a laugh. "Yes, I know what you're thinking. This table is very long." 

The woman, now placing silverware next to Quinn, caught Rachel's eye and rolled her own. Rachel giggled. 

Giggling? When did that start happening? 

Quinn cocked her head at the sound, tingles erupting throughout her body. "I often have guests here for dinner. My house is obviously the biggest and it's easier to host here. That's why the table is so big."

Rachel nodded as the server proceeded to set a plate of food in front of her. Before Rachel could thank her, the woman locked eyes with Quinn pointedly and said, "Everything about this house is big. And I know you're not going to sit your little white ass at that table and continue to pretend that I'm just the slave to your master?"

Rachel's eyes widened at the outburst from the woman. Shocked at how she spoke to her employer, Rachel nervously looked to Quinn. However, Quinn was laughing, shaking her head. Extending a hand towards the woman that Rachel assumed was a cook of some sort, she finally introduced her. 

"Rachel, this beautiful woman with the top-notch personality is Faye. She's my personal chef." Rachel smiled at Faye, who grinned back in her direction.

"It's nice to meet you Rachel. Now let it be understood that I only cook everything because if anyone trusted this girl to cook…she'd burn down every inch of this beautiful house."

"Do you have to insult me in front of everyone?"

Faye laughed, before pouring two glasses of wine and setting them in front of the women. Then as an afterthought, turned to Rachel.  "Rachel, do you like white wine or would you prefer something else?"

Rachel glanced at the alcohol with a smile, suddenly remembering that it was the very thing that brought her in contact with Quinn in the first place, and she smiled. "White wine is fine, thank you." 

Faye placed the bottle in between them.

"Enjoy dinner you two, especially you Rachel. Quinn told me that Italian food was your favorite...although I'm sure you never told her. She tends to know these things about her dinner guests."

Faye pursed her lips and Quinn smirked. Rachel glanced at Quinn who shrugged. "I told you, I do my research." 

Rachel grinned, already used to the idea of Quinn knowing otherwise secretive information about her. 

Besides, in a few hours time she'd be on her knees, baring her all to Quinn. 

Rachel raised her eyebrows, ignoring the increase of her heart rate as she glanced down at what appeared to be lasagna.

"This looks amazing, Faye, thank you." Rachel said genuinely and Faye looked at Quinn with a smile. "I like her." She stage whispered. 

Quinn rolled her eyes before stabbing the food. "It looks amazing and it tastes fantastic, try it." Rachel obeyed, raising her fork to her mouth. She was unable to stop the small moan that escaped her throat at the taste. Faye laughed at the reaction and cut her eyes to an equally amused Quinn.

"Wow…" Rachel mumbled over a mouthful of food.

Very eloquent. 

Faye smiled, clapping her hands. "Well, the lady is satisfied and so my job is done. I will be on my way, Quinn. See you both for breakfast." She said, stalking out of the room and leaving the two women on their own.

The dinner continued with small conversation, that mostly consisted of Rachel fawning over the food, until Quinn finished and she pushed her plate to the side. 

Rachel glanced up at her smiling face and smiled back shyly.

Placing her elbow on the table, Quinn rested her head on one hand. She seemed relaxed, yet very focused.

Focused on Rachel. 

Rachel crossed her legs beneath the table, heat filling her body at Quinn's gaze. 

"Did you enjoy dinner?" Quinn spoke and Rachel glanced down at her empty plate, embarrassed. 

"Oh...well um, I guess you can tell by my lack of leftovers that I thought was absolutely delicious Quinn."

Quinn licked her lips, laughing softly at the way the girl blushed. Rachel smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear nervously

Quinn's eyes were heavy with adoration. Staring at Rachel was...distracting. She was easily the most beautiful woman Quinn had ever been with. That thought kept her from concentrating. 

Quinn sat up straight, and Rachel placed her fork down nervously. 

"I figured talking about tomorrow would be inappropriate over dinner..."

Rachel blushed harder at the thought of the activities for the next evening, before shaking her head.

"No, Quinn, um actually I was hoping we'd get to talk."

Quinn raised her eyebrow, amused at Rachel's nervousness.


Rachel nodded, trying to control her heartbeat at the way Quinn's eyebrow arched perfectly, her deep hazel eyes smoldering through her. 

", I actually picked out a safe word? I figured you should know that before you know...before you started tying me up, o..or whatever you plan on doing to me..."

Quinn chuckled, leaning back against her chair. "So what is the safe word you picked out, Rachel?"

Rachel crossed her hands in front of her, anxious to be actually doing this. 

"I've uh...well you know that I'm a performer and I want to be on Broadway, badly. Anyway, every theater geek has a dream role, and mine is to play Elephaba in Wicked."

Quinn stared at Rachel, watching the bulbs illuminate in her eyes at the mere thought of being a green witch for packed audiences every night. It was a beautiful sight, the joy of having a dream. It made Quinn's body buzz with something unidentifiable. 

"That's an amazing dream Rachel."

Rachel smiled bashfully, "I figured a safe word should be something unusual or rather, something that would be at the forefront of my mind even in the most serious of moments." She stared into Quinn's eyes, "So I picked the word 'Wicked'. Because it's a dream I've been carrying for years. I'd never be able to forget that word in the heat of the moment." 

Rachel looked away shivering. "It might be stupid but-"

"No," Quinn smiled at her, "It's perfect Rachel."

Rachel's body hummed with that familiar sense of pride from pleasing Quinn. Quinn continued her stare, taking the conversation into more serious territory. 

"Tomorrow I have to go into the city for work, and I won't be back until noon. You'll receive directions to follow before I get home and then once I'm here we will begin training." She spoke softly, and clearly. Rachel felt nervous at the prospect of what they would be embarking on within the next twenty four hours.

Quinn bit her lip noticing how tense her new submissive had become so she reached out and placed her hand above her own. "Rachel, I understand that this is new territory for you. I don't want you to be nervous. I promise I won't do anything to you tomorrow that you won't like, I won't overstep any of the boundaries you marked in your contract. I want to ease you into the way I like to play and train you properly so that you enjoy yourself. Now, of course you will mess up, and I will punish you so that you know what to expect when you disobey me, but I want you to understand that even though at first it may not seem like it, this is completely about you and what pleases you. I will take care of you first. If you feel as if you don't like what's going on during play, or that I'm overstepping my boundaries, you do not hesitate to safe word me Rachel." She said and Rachel stared into her eyes, feeling as if she was seeing straight through to her soul.

Rachel nodded and Quinn smiled genuinely at her, squeezing her hand as if it would further convey her point.

"I won't let anything happen to you, Rachel. I won't do anything you don't want to, and I won't treat you any way other than that of the lifestyle that you agreed to partake with me in."

Rachel listened to the tone of Quinn's voice and felt overcome with emotion at the sincerity. Quinn watched her for a moment, before rising up to stand behind Rachel's chair.

Quinn stood behind Rachel, her hands gliding across the smooth skin of her shoulders. Rachel's eyes fluttered closed and she felt her body tremble at the feeling. Quinn slid her hands down without a word, to her arms, before bending over to trail them down to her sides. Then she stopped.

Quinn rested her fingers on Rachel's hips before leaning down to whisper, "Rachel…"

Rachel sank into the touch, her hands trembling, still on the table, goosebumps from the feeling of Quinn's touch erupting throughout her body. Quinn squeezed Rachel's waist tightly before pressing her mouth to Rachel's ear.

Placing an open mouth kiss to the area, Quinn invoked heat within Rachel's body and Rachel breathed through her nose, feeling the arousal shoot to her center at how close they were. 

Quinn continued to move her lips slowly over Rachel's skin, not uttering a word as her hands loosened up and her fingers made feather light touches over Rachel's stomach, under her shirt. Quinn caressed the skin before sliding her hand down to the band of the girl's sweatpants, slipping her fingers underneath the material and gliding them over her. Rachel hitched a breath in her throat at how close Quinn was to her center, and furthermore how close she was from knowing how turned on Rachel really was.

Quinn's other hand stayed on her stomach, as she opened her mouth. Her voice was husky.

"Rachel…do you trust me?"

Rachel gasped as the tip of Quinn's tongue touched her ear and she sank further into the touch. Rachel brought her hands around to clutch at Quinn's and arched into the light embrace. It was small, the gesture. And Quinn knew she couldn't delve into what she really wanted to do to Rachel but she needed to know. Quinn needed Rachel to answer her.

Rachel sighed under Quinn's touch, the hum was thinning out, but it was still there. Pumping within her veins and causing her body to tremble with feeling. Rachel answered with confidence. 

"Yes, Quinn…I trust you."

Chapter Text

Rachel woke up, surrounded by an array of pillows, after the most peaceful night of sleep she had ever had. 

Sitting up groggily in her bed, she looked around at her beautiful room and smiled.

This was really happening.

Rachel was going to be waking up in this room for the next year. She was going to be here, hopefully learning things about herself that she never knew existed. It was surreal, knowing that in a couple of hours, Quinn Fabray in all her goddess-like glory would be home giving her directions on what to do as her submissive.

A comfortable hum settled within Rachel and she pressed her hand against her chest, feeling her heart rate increase considerably.

Her eyes fluttered shut at the thought of Quinn, naked and pressed against her. Telling her how to move, how to respond...touching her. Rachel felt a familiar ache between her legs, and practically vibrated with nervousness.  

Rachel recognized the feeling of desire traveling through her system. Pure desire. 

It made her anxious. 

Her thoughts became mixed up and all she could focus on was how good it was going to feel, how new and satisfied she was going to be. Shaking herself out of her sexual reverie, Rachel glanced at her clock, noticing just how late in the morning it was. Leaving the bedroom, Rachel placed her hands on the rails of the balcony and stared down at the empty house.

The smell of coffee wafted through her nose and Rachel walked down the stairs, entering the kitchen.

There was a cup of coffee sitting next to a note.


I hope you had a good night's sleep. I made sure that Faye made you some coffee and breakfast before she left. Remember, I'll be home around twelve.

- Q

Rachel sat at the island and sipped from her mug. Looking around, she mused over how large and modern Quinn's kitchen was compared to her own. She loved cooking so much, but there was such limited space in her own apartment. Rachel could probably do so much in this kitchen. 

"You are not required to cook or clean around there. That is not your job."

Rachel nodded to herself, remembering Quinn's requests. A dish of breakfast caught her eye and she reached forward to pluck a strip of bacon from the plate. 

Chewing, Rachel stood and wasted time walking around the house. Her father always called it "investigating your surroundings". 

Rachel noticed with disbelief, how detached the area was. There were no pictures of friends, no family, nothing.

Rachel furrowed her eyebrows. Even with how reserved Quinn seemed, with her vague sense of mystery, Rachel found it very hard to believe that Quinn lived in this house with absolutely no one. It was a frightening thought, for Rachel. 

Rachel didn't know what she would do if she didn't have Puck or Santana at least as roommates.

Part of the reason she had stayed in such an awful relationship with her last boyfriend was because of her desire to be with someone. She couldn't stand the thought of being alone. 

Rachel loved company and she loved being able to talk to people who genuinely cared.

She knew she wasn't the easiest person to be around and that she had her stubborn, annoying moments.

But Quinn? She seemed...perfect

Besides the slightly intimidating aura from her beauty and success, there was nothing about her that could scare anyone off. Quinn was practically flawless.

So why was she alone?

It's none of your business.

Shaking her head, Rachel finished her bacon and toast before dumping the rest. Walking out of the kitchen into the living room, she glanced out of the windows.

There was so much green, so much nature and that was a nice break from the sky scrapers, rude bosses, rejection and dead end jobs. It was nice to feel relaxed, to feel free. A smiled formed on her face, and she turned to go up the stairs when realizing how little time she had until Quinn returned home.

Rachel stood with the towel wrapped around her, gazing into the fogged mirror at herself.

She was completely dry and smooth... just staring at her own reflection. 

When Rachel looked in the mirror, she often saw a star. Or she hoped she did.

Rachel always saw someone who worked hard to get where she wanted to go...and now she was here. It wasn't the place she necessarily planned to be. She never looked at herself before and desired becoming someone's submissive. But now her body was filled with a certain kind of anticipation that she had never felt before. 

Rachel was about to awaken something she never knew had been sleeping within her, and that fact alone drove her senseless with desire. 

Rachel licked her lips and continued getting ready. Right as she finished drying her hair, there was an arm around her waist. Gasping as a body pressed tightly against her back, Rachel felt familiar lips against her ear. 

There was a moment of brief silence. Rachel lowered her eyes, staring at where her hands had landed stiffly against the sink. 

A husky voice chuckled, smiling against her cheek now as words filtered out.

"Relax, Rachel."

Rachel closed her eyes. Sinking into Quinn's arms.

Fingers caressed Rachel's cheek, traced her jawline. 

"I didn't mean to scare you..."

Rachel licked her lips, her eyes opening and memorizing the marble of the sink.

"Y..You didn't scare me-"

"Rachel. First lesson, do not speak unless you're spoken directly to...or unless I give you permission, understood?"

Rachel nodded, and Quinn pressed her thumb against Rachel's cheek.

"That was a direct question, Rachel."

Rachel's heart rate increased again.

I'm already messing up.

"I..I'm sorry...I do understand Quinn."

Quinn stared into the mirror, marveling at how submissive Rachel already looked.

Her hands placed in front of her, eyes lowered, relaxed in Quinn's hold. Maybe she wouldn't need that much training. That thought sparked something in Quinn. 

"Good girl, now lesson number two. You may not call me Quinn, not yet at least. While we're training, I am your Mistress and I expect you to address me as such." Rachel felt her body began to hum, feverish at the feeling of Quinn's hands on her, her voice smooth and gentle with direction. 

"You can use 'Ma'am' sometimes, as long you don't call me Quinn. As much as I enjoy hearing my name on your tongue, you don't get that privilege until you're collared."

Rachel shivered as Quinn's fingers moved to the space behind her ear, pressing softly and igniting a familiar ache between her thighs. 


Quinn smirked, pleased. "Good girl."

Rachel was overcome with anxiety, hesitant to make a move for fear of doing the wrong thing.

Quinn moved the tips of her knuckles down to Rachel's neck.

"In your training, I'm going to teach you the basics of being my submissive."

Quinn continued to watch her through the mirror, her touch invoking goosebumps all over body. Quinn was careful to gauge Rachel's reactions to how she spoke to her. Quinn made sure to commit these things to her memory to better understand what  would please her subs, she made sure to do this especially with Rachel.  

"There are five things you will need to remember as a submissive, and more importantly as my submissive. Respect, Obedience, Patience, Sensuality, and Acceptance."

Rachel made sure to remember the terms, as if she would be tested over them or something. 

Quinn smiled. "I will train you to understand the importance of these qualities as a submissive, and how they can only further your pleasure and sexuality. Once I feel you've succeeded in training, we will move forward."

Pressing her mouth to Rachel's ear, Quinn husked, "Today we're going to start with the two most important things that a Dominant and submissive should have during playtime: Respect, and Obedience."

Rachel shivered at the words, and Quinn pressed a kiss to the tip of her ear. "Does that sound satisfactory Rachel?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Quinn grinned. "Good girl...I would like you to be naked aside from the robe hanging on the back of your bathroom door, on your knees with your hands behind your back, eyes and head down in the center of the playroom floor in five minutes."

Then she was gone.

Rachel braced herself against the sink, her body hot from the contact. The hum inside of her was becoming heavier, leaving her a little lightheaded. 

Despite the flurry of emotions, she felt anxious. A little scared of making mistakes, but Quinn had said before that she understood that she was new to this. Rachel would just have to learn from her mistakes quickly.

Respect and Obedience. Robe. Knees. Eyes down. Five minutes. 

Exiting the bathroom quickly, Rachel pulled the robe down. She hadn't even known it was there before. Running her hands over it, Rachel allowed her fingers to glide against the white lace.

Of course it was white. White and lace...leaving nothing to the imagination. 

Rachel would be covered by practically nothing and suddenly her body felt like it had been set on fire at the thought. Rachel was five minutes from being naked for a woman…a stranger whom she had met a week prior.

Despite that thought there was no fear, just anticipation. Rachel slipped on the material, instantly aware of how it stopped mid-thigh and how soft it was against her body. It was expensive. The type of lace that was made to feel amazing against your skin.

Rachel loved the way it felt against her skin.

Rachel tied it around her waist and turned to the full length mirror to see herself.

She looked pure. Innocent. It was the way she would have looked if this was her first time all over again. She held the knowledge that something was about to change, and the insecurity of possibly not being good enough for whatever lied ahead. 

As Rachel took a look at herself, she started to pick out all of her flaws.

Rachel couldn't find the beauty within herself; the beauty that Quinn claimed to see.

She had never really been able to and this moment was no exception. Yet, this goddess had looked at Rachel for five seconds and expressed a desire to have her, apparently because of an attraction that Rachel didn't think existed.

5 minutes. 

Pulling her hair up in a ponytail, Rachel glanced at the clock quickly before making her way across the long hallway into the unknown place that Quinn called the "playroom".

Pushing the double doors open, Rachel didn't know what she expected…but this wasn't it.

Rachel obviously imagined something more theatrical. A desolate basement or a haunting dungeon. Rachel expected a room that would take her to a dark and sinful place.

It was dark, but appeared to be more normal than she imagined. 

The room was all black with gold trimmings. There was a sinful, but relaxed vibe. Glass cabinets lined one wall and Rachel scanned over the array of different toys and unusual items that lied within them. There was a similar closet in the corner, with double doors dressed the same way. 

There were all kinds of contraptions hanging from the ceiling and attached to the walls. There was something that could have been identified as a type of bike without wheels in a corner off to the side and a bench in the center of the room with a leather chair sitting in front of it.

It didn't seem scary or intimidating…but it was a little daunting. Rachel felt more nervous about what she could possibly be getting herself into in this room. However, she felt calm. Relaxed.

With no sign of Quinn, Rachel walked to the center of room. Stepping in front of the chair she dropped to her knees as she was told. Rachel pulled her arms behind her, gripping one wrist in her hand against her lower back. Her head hung low…brown eyes focused on the wooden floor beneath her knees.

Rachel didn't look up. 

Despite the fact that she had on some form of clothing, Rachel felt like she was on display. Quinn was nowhere to be seen, not that Rachel could have seen her, and that further sparked anxiousness within her.

Rachel felt a breeze pass over her breasts…causing her to shiver. Her fingers twitched, eager to smooth over the goosebumps. Just as she began to move her hand, a smooth voice both stopped her and sent more chills down her spine. 

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Rachel."

Rachel’s eyes widened. Darting her eyes back and forth, she tried to remain calm in Quinn’s presence, despite feeling utterly clueless now that she was here, in the play room.

Quinn drank in the sight of Rachel.

She was beautiful, more gorgeous than Quinn ever imagined. The lace caressed her curves in the most tantalizing way, a way that made Quinn twitch with overwhelming desire.


Quinn reached up to run her hand through her hair and felt the grip she had on her arousal loosen considerably. Judging by the way her body was reacting to the sight of the girl, it was obvious Rachel would have a considerable effect on her. 

Marveling at how well Rachel had followed her directions, Quinn stepped up to the kneeling woman, the heels of her shoes clicking against the wooden floor. Smiling down at Rachel, despite her inability to see, Quinn caressed her silky brown locks, noticing the way shivers passed through Rachel’s body at the touch. 

Quinn said gently, “You followed my directions very well, Rachel.”

Rachel felt her body begin to hum with pride at pleasing Quinn so soon. She trained her eyes to the floor, relaxing into Quinn’s touch. Her nervousness was still present, and Quinn could feel it.

Sinking her fingers further into her hair, Quinn continued to speak. “It’s alright to relax Rachel. I’m not going to hurt you. As I told you yesterday, I’m not going to do anything to you that you do not want me to do, do you understand?”

Rachel allowed the words to surround her, comfortable with the knowledge that she trusted Quinn. 


Quinn gripped her locks tightly and Rachel winced at the slight tug on her hair. It wasn’t unpleasant, just enough to ensure her focus on Quinn’s words. Quinn made sure Rachel wasn’t uncomfortable with her grip, before she continued.

“When you enter this room Rachel…nothing else matters. Only you and I.”

Rachel licked her lips, hanging onto Quinn’s words. “From the moment that you kneel onto this floor, from the moment you exchange power with me, you are mine.”

Quinn loosened her grip and Rachel tightened the hold on her wrist, her heart rate quickening at the words. 

Quinn’s voice suddenly became firm and hazel eyes stared off as she moved along in her speech. “Rachel…as I told you before, training is necessary before we fully engage in 24/7 play. I feel as if we should begin learning the standard mannerisms for my playroom before becoming immersed in new territory. Now, I told you that today we were going to start with respect and obedience.”

Quinn stepped around the girl, talking as she walked. “You’ve already learned some things. Such as how to respectfully address me, and you’ve been a very good girl by following my directions so far.”

Rachel smiled down at the floor. 

Quinn went silent, something stirring at the sight of how pleased Rachel seemed to be by her praising words. Rachel paused, wondering where Quinn’s presence had gone to, as she was no longer talking and nowhere near her. 

“However,” Quinn husked, “There is still more to know.”

Quinn wrapped her palm around Rachel’s ponytail, now close to her kneeling form again, and yanked her head back. Rachel gasped, her eyes turning upwards and her body vibrating with sudden pleasure from the pressure against her head. 

Quinn hummed, “Ah…see Rachel? Lesson number three, always continue to follow directions no matter what, unless I direct you otherwise. Eyes down." Rachel lowered her pupils, despite the strain on her hair.

"You are my Rachel." Quinn purred, returning to her speech and Rachel gripped her wrist at the conflict of feelings shooting through her veins. There was pleasure and pain from both Quinn’s grip and words. Rachel never knew it could feel so good.

Quinn tightened her hold and watched Rachel’s eyes water, conscious of how much pressure she was putting on Rachel's head. She was careful not cross any boundaries Rachel might begin to have despite what she marked on her contract.

"I am your Mistress."

Rachel listened intently despite her vision going slightly blurry and made sure to understand what she was being told. Quinn licked her lips and let go of her hair, causing Rachel to rock slightly in surprise. Rachel continued to watch the floor and Quinn stood still behind her, smiling, "You look beautiful Rachel."

Rachel bit her lip, “T..Thank you…Mistress.”

"You're welcome.” Quinn trailed her eyes over her form once more, “You look pure. Like a virgin bride about to lose her innocence which theoretically, would make me your first.”

Quinn chuckled, “I like being first." 

The words caressed Rachel's ears and caused her heart to skip a beat.

"I don't come in second…ever." Quinn spoke, walking around to Rachel’s front and Rachel kept her eyes down, her head pulsing from the impact of her hair being strained, ponytail holder now lagging against her hair.

"Stand and keep your eyes down." Quinn spoke softly but her tone still felt firm and Rachel stood immediately.

"I'm ready to see what belongs to me." Quinn said slowly and Rachel’s mouth went dry at the sight of red leather boots peeking out from underneath black slacks.

Quinn reached up without warning and pulled the tie loose, causing Rachel’s robe to fall open.

The air hit Rachel's breasts, and Quinn bit her lip at the sight. 

"Rachel…unhook your hands from around your back and hold them loosely at your sides, please."

Rachel slowly pulled her wrist free and held her hands lightly at her sides. Because of that, the robe fell open completely and her sex became exposed. Rachel resisted the urge to cover herself but couldn't prevent her inner feelings of embarrassment from adding a tint to her cheeks. Quinn watched Rachel with her mouth set and her nostrils flared. All of a sudden, a hand reached out and swiped the material from her body.

Rachel was completely naked for Quinn and she had never felt more vulnerable.

Quinn took in the sight of the beautiful girl. Smooth tan skin, perfectly round ass, her legs long and luscious. She felt her mouth water at the sight of her breasts, perky…nipples hard because of the cold air. Then, Quinn let her eyes travel down Rachel’s body towards her sex, waxed and ready for her.

Quinn felt her cock twitch underneath her pants.

"God you're gorgeous, Rachel." She spoke and Rachel couldn't stop her blush from deepening.

Quinn smiled, placing a finger under Rachel's chin to pull her face up, "Eyes up," She spoke as she finally allowed her to look at her Dom. "There's nothing to be embarrassed about, love."

Rachel shivered at Quinn's words and her hazel eyes shined intensely at her. Quinn placed her hands on Rachel's bare neck, keeping her eyes focused only on her.

"I know I keep saying this but, you look so beautiful Rachel. I honestly want to bend you over that bench and fuck the sense out of you."

Rachel gasped at the words and grew wet, her eyes slipping closed at the sudden desire. Quinn caught her hair again and pulled, causing Rachel's eyes to open wide. Quinn was so close to her that Rachel could inhale her scent. Sweet and mouthwatering, and she pressed plump lips to Rachel's ear.

"Be obedient and keep your eyes open for me, love. I'm not going to tell you again."

Rachel felt her desire grow, just from Quinn's tone. Her directions. It was driving her crazy. 

Quinn leaned back. "As I was saying, I really want to bend you over that bench and fuck the sense out of you, but unfortunately...I can't just give you that. Today is about learning to be obedient. It's about being a good girl, and earning my praise and your orgasms, by being respectful and following my directions. It's the most important thing you will learn to do." Quinn slid a hand down her chest and flicked a thumb over her nipple, and Rachel gasped at the feeling.

"With those things in mind, my beautiful Rachel, I've decided that I am going to try something different with you in order to teach you these things." Quinn spoke. Rachel gazed at Quinn's lips before trailing her eyes over the curled blonde locks that fell around her face, shoulders, and down Quinn's back.

Quinn pulled her hand away and stepped away from Rachel once again. Opening one of the cabinets and pulling out what looked like a remote control. "Now, I want you to understand that a part of teaching you how to behave means that mistakes will be made, sweetheart. Not following directions will result in punishment."

Rachel understood. She was at peace with the thought of getting punished for making mistakes. It was the only way she would learn. And Rachel really wanted to learn. She wanted Quinn to open her up to everything she could. She wanted to experience something special. 

Rachel remained attentive as Quinn moved behind her body again, now taking a seat comfortably in the leather chair. Rachel bit her lip, feeling burning eyes on her ass. Quinn swallowed. Once again, it was painfully obvious that Rachel was the most beautiful woman she had probably ever been in contact with.

"Come here, Rachel."

Rachel turned around, surprised her limbs still worked, and stood in front of Quinn. Quinn, stared deeply into her eyes and leaned back in the chair, her legs gapped open. There was a smile on Quinn's face and suddenly Rachel was pulled forward, Quinn's hands on her waist.

"Place your hands on the back of the chair and spread your legs for me."

Rachel hesitated, despite arousal dripping from her sex. She was jerked from her wait when she felt a stinging slap on her left ass cheek. Rachel couldn't stop the little cry that emptied her lips and Quinn leaned up to her ear. "When I tell you to spread your legs, you do it. Do you understand?"

Rachel nodded, jerking at another slap to her ass, now on the right.

"Hmm. Lesson number 4 Rachel. Words…you always answer me with words."

Rachel gasped, more than incredibly turned on by the painful stinging on her ass, and stuttered out a response. "Y...Yes Mistress…I understand." She felt Quinn smile behind her.

"Good girl…spread your legs."

Rachel pulled her ankles apart, and bent over in the proper position. Their foreheads were inches apart now. Quinn lowered her eyes to Rachel's glistening pussy and licked her lips. 

"Well would you look at that…you're dripping wet Rachel." Rachel bit her lip, and Quinn glanced up at her with lust filled eyes. She slid her hand slowly from Rachel's hip, up her spine before cupping the back of her neck. Quinn tilted her head, calculating Rachel's response to her touch. Scratching her neck softly, Rachel continued to stare into Quinn's eyes, still tense from her position between Quinn's legs. Quinn assumed she wasn't used to having her privates on display this way. 

Smiling, Quinn's fingers tugged Rachel's hair tie loose. Silky brown tresses fell around Rachel's face, and somehow she became even more beautiful than before. This was the image Quinn had from the moment Chardonnay dripped down her dress. 

Simply perfect. 

Quinn raised an eyebrow as she dangled the hair tie in front of Rachel's eyes. "Do me a favor love? Don't wear these anymore. I think you are absolutely beautiful in every way, but I harbor particular feelings for your hair. I love running my fingers through those beautiful locks. So, no more ties please?

Rachel blushed, unable to keep herself from smiling. "Yes Mistress."

Quinn tossed the tie behind her and directed the remote to the wall behind Rachel. Rachel, having been caught up in Quinn's affections, completely forgot about the lessons she was supposed to be learning. Apparently whatever the remote was for had something to do with it. Rachel couldn't begin to wonder what that could be, for she felt a hot mouth surrounding her breast. Rachel gasped as Quinn's tongue swirled around her nipple.

Rachel gripped the chair tightly, panting as Quinn dropped the remote and sucked on her nipple. It was overwhelming, the feeling of Quinn's mouth on her. Rachel's eyes widened as she felt hands squeezing her ass, before smacking the flesh swiftly. Rachel moaned, her arousal dripping down her legs. It felt so good, like Quinn was everywhere. Caught up in the pleasure of Quinn's ministrations, Rachel moved her thighs, attempting to pull them together. 


It seemed both Rachel and Quinn realized the mistake at the same time. Quinn pulled her mouth away from Rachel, blowing air onto her swollen nipple. Quinn stared up at her. "Look at me, Rachel."

Rachel moved her eyes to Quinn's deep gaze and felt her sex clench at the deep stare the hazel eyes had her caught in. 

Quinn shook her head. "Now thing you should never do is close those beautiful thighs after I instruct you to open them."

Rachel cursed herself inwardly. She knew better. 

Quinn licked her lips, bringing a hand up to Rachel's face. "I think this is the perfect time for a little taste of punishment."

Rachel's heart quickened naturally at the term 'punishment'. She was at peace with learning from her mistakes, but it still didn't get rid of the apprehension. 

Quinn fixed Rachel with a serious gaze, patting her lap. "Over my lap, Rachel."

Rachel couldn't stop herself from feeling slightly humiliated at the thought of being in such a childish position, but she supposed that that was the purpose. However, there was no denying the arousal coursing through her as she got to her knees and leaned over Quinn's lap, her eyes gazing at the floor. 

Quinn stared at her round ass, caressing the soft flesh. The hum returned to Rachel and she shuddered at the softness of Quinn's touch. It was if she could sense Rachel's nerves and was attempting to soothe her. 

Right before she spanked her. 

Leaning down to her ear, Quinn murmured softly, "Count for me."

There was a slight pause. It was as if Quinn was preparing her. Then her hand came down onto the flesh, hard.

Rachel cried out in surprise, the sting lasting longer than one of pleasure, yet not enough to severely bruise her. It did hurt, but not enough to quell the obvious desire that Rachel felt from being spanked. 


Quinn shivered at the breathless way Rachel counted. Watching as she arched her back, and giving her a moment to adjust to the pain, Quinn trailed her hand up Rachel's spine and then back down to her ass. Resting her hand on the heated flesh, Quinn spoke. "It's going to sting, Rachel. Every sting is to help you remember to follow directions." 

Quinn brought her hand down with the same force four more times, and by then Rachel's eyes had begun to water. Now that she had been spanked multiple times, it was stinging in the worse way. However, she was incredibly wet. Rachel felt so undermined, like a child, yet she felt incredible. Her body was humming with satisfaction from being reprimanded.

Quinn tugged her up by her hair, and Rachel slid from Quinn's thighs to fall to her knees. Reaching out, she stilled herself against Quinn's legs.

Quinn held onto Rachel with a handful of her hair, careful not to pull too tight.

"Oh Rachel...look at my pants, honey. You dripped all over them." Quinn said with a husky voice and Rachel looked at the wet spot on the black pants. The proof of her arousal left her feeling more than a little humiliated. Before she could began to stop them, tears sprang in her eyes. 

She was like a dog sitting at its master's feet, admiring the damage done to a carpet or furniture. Quinn noticed the obvious disappointment in Rachel's eyes and wondered if she was overstepping a boundary. Quinn began assessing Rachel's contract in her head, unable to recall any hard limits on humiliation.

"I...I'm sorry…Mistress."

Quinn couldn't stop herself from raising her eyebrows at the girl's apology. It wasn't usual for such an inexperienced sub to know to immediately apologize for a mistake without being told. Quinn wondered if the disappointment in Rachel's eyes was actually disappointment in herself. 

Loosening her grip on Rachel's hair, Quinn combed her fingers through it gently.

"Now now Rachel, don't tear up...I'm not angry. Come up here...sit in my lap."

Rachel stood, her heart beating erratically at the gentle words. She wondered if it was normal for a submissive's emotions to be out of control this way. Slowly, she lowered her slightly pink ass to the space in between Quinn's spread legs.

Her entire body was on fire in a kind of way that she was unfamiliar with. Rachel pulled her legs open to press against Quinn's and looked at the wall ahead of her. There was now a flat screen staring back at her. 

"You spread your legs without me even telling you, good girl. Now lean back and put your hands on my thighs." Quinn directed and Rachel did as told, her hands flattening against Quinn's thighs as she leaned back against her button down shirt.

Quinn pressed her head against Rachel's, her lips against her cheek. Rachel let out short breaths, her natural reaction to being so close to Quinn Fabray. Quinn adjusted her position and suddenly there was a very distinct bulge against the crack of Rachel's ass.

Rachel gasped and Quinn pulled her against her tightly. Suddenly an exceeding amount of lust blind sighted Quinn and she licked the space behind Rachel's ear before nuzzling her cheek. "Mmm, yes love…do you feel how bad I want you? How bad I want to fuck you into this floor?" Rachel's hand trembled against Quinn's legs at the husky words and the feeling of Quinn against her and Rachel just knew she was dripping all over Quinn's pants again.

"Y...Yes Mistress…yes…" Rachel gasped out. Rachel's eyes closed as Quinn pressed her completely into her erection. Quinn reveled in the feeling, about to burst out of her pants and not even halfway into the first training session. Halting her movements, Quinn reached down to grab the fallen remote. With the click, the screen came to life, and Rachel opened her eyes with a gasp for the umpteenth time.

There on the screen was a naked brunette bound to a bed. Her blonde lover was between her legs. Eating her pussy. 


The sight alone burned in Rachel's eyes, sending a shock wave of emotions soaring through her body at once. Her own pussy clenched and she almost moaned at how sexy it looked. 

Quinn grinned, Rachel's arousal practically suffocating her. Her submissive's entire posture changed once that screen came to life. 

Let's have some fun. 

"Rachel, before I allowed us to become distracted by how delectable you looked, I said that we were going to try something different. I'm still going to teach you about obedience and respect, only in a special way that I created just for you." Rachel's heart swelled, her eyes still glued to the screen. "I want to see if you're able to control yourself  and obey my directions, okay?" Quinn said into her ear sweetly, both of their eyes focused on the screen as the actresses moaned.

Rachel nodded before correcting herself. "Okay, Mistress."

Quinn licked her ear, nipping at the top of the flesh. "I want you to watch the movie, darling…keep your eyes open and don't move your hands."

The blonde on the screen was sucking the girl's clit harshly, stealing moans from her co-star's throat. Rachel whimpered and moved her ass against Quinn's erection. Quinn laughed lowly.

"You like watching those porn whores fuck each other, Rachel?"

Rachel whimpered, Quinn's words fogging her brain. 

"Is that how you would like for me to fuck you? Dirty…like a porn star should be fucked?"

Quinn pulled on Rachel's ear with her teeth and brought her hand around to swipe her fingers through Rachel's sex. Rachel choked on air at the feeling of having her sex touched for the first time and gripped Quinn's thighs. Quinn slapped Rachel's thigh.

"Do not fucking move your hands, Rachel. Be a good girl." She purred and Rachel relaxed her hands, her clit throbbing at the sight of the blonde now fucking the brunette with two slender fingers. Quinn brought her own fingers to Rachel's pussy and circled her clit in time with the woman's movements.

"Mmm, you feel good. You're fucking dripping. Is it for me? Is it because of my dick pressed up against you? Or is it because you wish you were getting fucked by one of those bitches on screen?" Quinn said harshly, and Rachel gasped at the blunt reference to the Quinn's penis. She didn't understand it, but the thought of Quinn's length in her, claiming her, made Rachel soak herself with desire. Rachel felt herself growing hot with lust, Quinn's fingers rubbing against her bud.


Quinn suppressed a groan at the way Rachel moaned. It was a beautiful sound, and Quinn only felt motivated to pull more out of her. She was sure Rachel had a lot to give. 

And Quinn wanted everything

"Answer me, Rachel," Quinn spoke, bringing her free hand up to palm Rachel's breast.

"Y-eah…yes, Mistress..." Rachel cried loudly, surprised at how she was reacting to porn.  She had never seen the concept of getting turned on by two people faking sex. However, these women seemed so real. Or if could have been because of how Quinn's talented fingers were relentlessly attacking her clit. Rachel blinked at the brunette now grinding against the blonde's fingers, and she resisted the urge to close her eyes at the feeling of Quinn.

Quinn pinched her nipple and bit her neck simultaneously. "Yes, what?"

Rachel cried out loudly as Quinn pulled her nipple harshly and the woman on screen suddenly climaxed. Quinn soothed the bite with her tongue and slipped two fingers inside of Rachel.

"Y..Yes! Both…I..I'm wet…for…because of…fuck…both, Mistress…" Rachel stuttered and Quinn shivered at the sound of Rachel swearing before smiling.

"Hmm...look, she's coming. Do you want to come, Rachel?"

Rachel moaned, moving her hips against Quinn's fingers. She felt out of control. Her body was desperate for Quinn. Quinn slapped her thigh again.

"Stop moving your hips, you're not controlling this Rachel. I am. Remember, you gave me the power." Quinn snapped and Rachel stilled her hips reluctantly as she watched the woman on screen shake from the feeling of her climax rippling through her.

"Mistress…can I, p..please…"

"Can you what Rachel?" Quinn spoke nonchalantly, pinching Rachel's clit harshly with her other hand.

"Oh fuck…p..please! I want to c-"

Before Rachel could finish pleading, the screen went black just as Quinn pulled her hands from the Rachel's pussy. Rachel cried out at the lack of contact.

"No. You will not come, love. Unless I tell you to. You need to understand now that I decide when your orgasms happen." Quinn wasn't touching her and Rachel was near tears at how turned on she was. "I know you want to come..." Quinn cooed, "but I told you that this is all apart of the lesson. You need to understand how to control yourself when you're with me and follow my directions. If you can do that Rachel, then you will earn the reward you deserve. Keep your hands on my thighs."

Rachel fought the urge to cry, and closed her eyes. Trying to calm herself down, she attempted to stop her clit from throbbing and her pussy from being so wet. Suddenly, a hand was cupped her neck gently and she gasped.

"Open your fucking eyes. Watch."

The screen came to life as if on command, and Rachel pulled her eyes open. Now she was watching a man and a woman. The man was kissing the woman's lips, his hands sliding down her sides and his ass taking up the shot on the screen.

He continued to kiss her and then he pulled back to reach down and pull on his cock. Rachel moaned at the sight and Quinn gave her throat a small squeeze, only touching her in that area. The woman on screen leaned up to grab onto the man's penis, running her hands all over it.

"Mmm, she's desperate for his cock, Rachel. She kind of resembles you, doesn't she? Brown hair, tan skin…unfortunately not as beautiful." Quinn said pressing a kiss to her shoulder, Rachel bit her lip, feeling the hand on her throat slide up and into her mouth.

"Suck Rachel…taste yourself." Rachel wrapped her lips around the fingers that were in her minutes before and continued to watch the movie as the man threw his head back at the feeling of being inside of the woman. Quinn resisted the urge to moan at the sight of Rachel's pink lips sucking on her long fingers, so she settled for licking her lips at the sight, her other hand working at her pants. 

"Rachel, fuck, I want you..."

Her voice was rough and desperate, and Rachel felt her body began to hum. Moaning, Rachel continued to suck before Quinn pulled her fingers from her mouth. Rachel braced her hands against Quinn's thighs, her clit throbbing as the man slid his length back inside of his lover. Rachel's thighs began to shake at the sight of the woman's legs wrapping around his waist, and Rachel moaned involuntarily.

"Look at him Rachel, look how he's fucking her…like she's a filthy slut. And she can barely take his little dick."

Rachel watched, sweating from the amount of strength she was exerting trying to be still and keep her eyes open.

Rachel could feel Quinn doing something underneath her, and a hand went to her hip pulling her up. "Stay there." 

Rachel held herself up, hands on Quinn's thighs, as she watched the man fuck the loud brunette on screen.

Sweat began dripping down her forehead as she trained her eyes on the TV, her thighs shaking.

"She's so little, Rachel…just like you…and he's not even big. I wonder how it's going to feel for you when I'm inside of you." Quinn said and she chuckled as Rachel whimpered, resisting the urge to hump the air, in order to feel something, anything.

Quinn pressed herself against her, pulling a moan from deep within Rachel's throat as bare skin touched bare skin. Quinn chuckled, whispering in Rachel's ear huskily.

"Are you nice and wet for me, darling?"

Rachel sobbed, desperate for anything. "Yes! God yes Mistress...yes!"

"Mmm...I hope so. Because I've been waiting on this moment, love, and now that it's here," Quinn paused, her voice breathless, "I'm gonna fuck your pussy so good Rachel."

Rachel's eyes widened at the statement, and before she could process it, Quinn was sliding within her.

Oh fuck, that's deep. 

"Oh fuck..." Rachel screamed and Quinn threw her head back at the feeling of being inside of Rachel, for the first time. It was a heavenly feeling, Rachel's tight walls squeezing her dick, her hands gripping Quinn's thighs harshly.

"Jesus fucking Christ, Rachel…you took all of me. God, you're so tight." Quinn moaned out and she braced her hands on Rachel's hips, holding her on top of her.

Rachel couldn't help but close her eyes as the tears leaked out. She felt like a fucking virgin from how big Quinn was. It was slightly painful and thick, but she had never felt so full before. Her entire body was on fire and she could barely even hear the woman moaning out on the screen.

Quinn stilled with Rachel, rubbing gentle circles on her hips, pressing a kiss to her shoulder as she leaned back against her. She didn't move, allowing Rachel time to accommodate her length. Quinn kissed the side of her head, and waited a minute.

She refused to disrespect Rachel.

"Rachel...are you okay?"

"Y...Yes...Mistress..I just needed a moment to...adjust. I'm fine now." Rachel breathed out. Quinn reached up to swipe the tears that had fallen from her cheeks.

"Are you sure?"

Rachel let out a shaky breath, the pressure building inside of her from desire. "Y..Yes Ma'am...I'm o..okay."

I trust you. 

Quinn grit her teeth, her cock suffocating between Rachel's walls. "Open your eyes…I want you to keep your eyes open, Rachel…watch them…while I fuck you."

Rachel cried out as Quinn gripped her hips harshly, pulling her all the way off of her, before slamming her back down. Rachel ripped her eyes open and watched the man on screen fuck the woman with her legs now on top of his shoulders.

Quinn was bouncing her roughly on top of her cock, her hands on her hips and her head pressed against Rachel's. "Sit up, darling." She said hoarsely and Rachel obeyed. Rachel felt her breasts bounce as she rode Quinn's dick and she found herself barely able to keep up with the actions on the screen, because Quinn felt so good.

"Fuck Rachel…I wish you could see this, I wish you could see how...beautiful we look together." Quinn said and Rachel moaned, reduced to incoherent slurs of satisfaction. She was so close, so close because of the denial of her orgasm before, so she started involuntarily clamping down on the Quinn's dick and Quinn choked, biting her lip.

"Shit! You're choking me, Rachel. I can't even move…" Quinn struggled, trying to stay calm.

"Mistress…please…fuck! Please…" Rachel moaned as the man came on screen and emptied himself into the woman.

Quinn was relentless, delivering a firm smack to Rachel's ass. "No…you don't come, unless I say so. You're going to obey me and you're going to take my cock, without coming until I say you can."

Rachel wailed, and somehow found the strength to keep herself from coming even as Quinn traded her speed of thrusts to hard and deep, pressing directly against her spot perfectly. Tears slipped out as Rachel watched the screen, throwing her head back as the picture changed and a new brunette was being taken on her hands and knees.

"Ohhh….god!" Rachel's pussy was clenching tightly and Quinn locked her jaw, her control slipping at the feeling. She knew she was getting painfully close to unleashing something quite animalistic that she didn't think Rachel was ready for. Glancing at the screen briefly, Quinn closed her eyes.

"You want it like that, Rachel? You want me to fuck you like a bitch? On your hands and knees?"

"Please…please M..Mistress…fuck yes!" Rachel screamed, eyes stinging and red from the force she was exerting to keep them from closing. Quinn leaned forward and rested her head on Rachel's back. She was sure that she had lost track of how long she had been inside of Rachel, still hard…still fucking her sweetly.

"You want me to lose it…Rachel, fuck…I'm trying to - I'm trying to be easy on you…and you're fucking…fuck…"

Quinn wrapped an arm around her waist and Rachel gasped at the sounds of the new brunette on the screen, taking it from behind. She was so close, she could feel her orgasm creeping up on her.

Rachel couldn't control herself, she pulled her hand from the girl's thighs and pinched her nipple…completely forgetting Quinn's request and squeezing the blonde's dick tightly.

There was a first time for everything.

Quinn ripped her head from the girl's back and pushed herself to the edge of the chair, bending Rachel over harshly. "Grab your fucking ankles."

Rachel held on, as Quinn started thrusting inside of her quickly.

"You want to fucking push me, fine. You're going to get what you want Rachel." Quinn spoke firmly, her cock sliding deep within Rachel.

"Oh…oh fuck! Fuck…y..yes…Mistress, please." Rachel's moans began mixing with yet another brunette's on the screen who was furiously riding the man's dick.

"You like this…you like getting fucked this way. I was trying to go easy…trying to be gentle with you, but god…you just fucking do things to me…" Quinn stood, her dick still deep and Rachel bent over even further, her ass in the air and her hands still grasping at her ankles as she was sent forward with each hard thrust of Quinn's hips against her ass.

"Fuckfuckfuck…" Rachel chanted, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. It became physically impossible for her to keep her eyes on the screen, but the sounds of the woman echoed in her ears.

Quinn threw her head back, hair sticking to her forehead, her length ramming inside of Rachel. "I'm not going to let you come, but I am going to fuck you into unconsciousness. I'm going to fuck you so hard you see fucking stars."

Rachel cried out nonsense, her body shaking. Her pussy stretched with every thrust, and Quinn's balls were slapping against her ass. The sounds were erotic, and only made it harder for Rachel to obey Quinn's requests.

Quinn grabbed onto Rachel's hair with one hand and swung her other hand back, smacking Rachel's ass in time with her thrusts, the flesh turning red from the contact.

"M..Mistress please…fucking…oh god I'm so close! I'm fucking there…I'll do anything…Fuck! Mistress…anything, if you let me come, just p..please…ohhh!"

The sound of Rachel begging and clenching around Quinn's cock as she fucked her drove Quinn to the complete brink and she gasped.

"That's it Rachel…fuck sweetheart I'm about to fill you up…you begging me, knowing you won't get to come…fuck..."

With one hard thrust, Quinn fell over on top of Rachel, holding her around her waist and biting her neck as she came inside of her forcefully. Rachel moaned loudly and as Quinn kept fucking her seed into her, while the screen changed above them, she buried her fingers into Quinn's ankles, her brain going fuzzy.

Everything was closing in on her as Quinn continued to thrust inside of her, essence of them dripping down her legs.

And then all of a sudden it happened. For the first time.

Ecstasy wrapped around Rachel completely and then burst inside of her. Her stomach coiled and the walls of her pussy clenched tightly around Quinn, and finally, just as Quinn predicted, stars filled her vision.

Rachel screamed, and became unaware of nothing other than the supernatural feeling going through her body. She could hear herself as if she was far away. Her screams echoing in her ears as she came, and came, and came.

Quinn watched Rachel, wrapping her arms around her and holding her as she writhed, her first orgasm more than powerful. Quinn was in awe.

Rachel was coming so intensely that her walls had Quinn in a death grip, and Quinn was sure it had been more than five minutes.

Rachel was lost in herself, in a place that she never even knew existed. Her eyes rolled back to her head and she continued to scream, desperately trying to somehow gain a hold on the shocks ripping through her body.

White covered her vision and Rachel had never felt something so agonizing and sweet...she felt out of her body. She felt out of control, she felt completely out of hand.

So good.

It was never ending, just when Rachel would get a little quiet, a little calm, another wave would crash over her and she would start howling again. Quinn reached down and brushed against her clit and Rachel started to sob heavily, the fourth orgasm in a row taking her body hostage.

Quinn watched Rachel spasm within her arms, the effect of her first climax ever, stripping her completely.

Quinn pressed a kiss to her back and pumped slowly within her, pushing the last of the shocks out of her. Rachel gasped, tears flooding her face as the final release choked her and with a deep cry...she went limp in Quinn's arms.

Chapter Text

Rachel felt like she was soaring.
High above clouds, high above real life. She could distinctly hear the soft whispers of someone, possibly her Dom in her ear, and she could still feel her limbs trembling.

Rachel felt used and twisted and…thoroughly fucked. It was an addictive feeling that she wasn't ready for. She was not expecting her first orgasm to take her to the heavens. Her body felt like it would shatter with one touch, and she didn't even want to open her eyes. Partly because it was too much work, and partly because Rachel was sure that if she moved in the slightest, she would come all over again. Which would surely plummet her to her death.

Rachel was aware of something moving…and realized that it was Quinn pulling out of her. Her dick brushed against Rachel's clit and caused her to jerk awake with a long moan.
It was never ending…Rachel was out of control.
Tears leaked out of her eyes and every inch of her body felt as if it was hanging by a string, jostled by a simple touch. Rachel cried out as her center came in contact with the cold surface of the floor. It was like she couldn't move without feeling a spark of something…she was ruined.
Quinn's voice came soft, but commanding. Rachel ceased all movement at the tone, and tried to gather what strength she had left to prepare for the directions that were sure to come.
"On your knees."
Rachel couldn't help the whimper that escaped her throat at the request. Quinn couldn't be serious. Rachel could barely find the strength to breath; did Quinn honestly think she'd be able to move into any type of position?
Somewhere within her lungs, she stumbled upon the ability to speak.
"M..Mistress…I...I can't…" She whispered, tears falling…her head drooping, forehead digging into the wooden floor. She was mentally torn, she wasn't hurt but she wasn't expecting to be so drained from one orgasm. Now Quinn was expecting her to do more?
"Rachel -"
"Please…please, I know…you want me to…b..but I can't Mistress…I can't -"
Rachel cried out at the feeling of hands gently pulling her up. Quinn's touch caused her to moan and sent shock waves through her body again. Quinn leaned down, hand gripping Rachel's shoulder. "I know you're tired Rachel...and you know what to say to me if you need to stop."
Quinn's voice was soft, and Rachel shook her head to ensure Quinn that she was alright.  
I want this.
"I asked you to do something Rachel...get on your knees." Quinn used her other hand to pull Rachel's legs into position, brushing her hand against her thighs and swiftly swatting the back of each. Rachel moaned, shutting her eyes and bringing her hands around to her back, before hanging her head. Quinn let her go and Rachel wavered on her knees.
Rachel sucked in large gulps of air, her body tingling from being touched. She heard the unmistakable sound of high heels as Quinn circled her and then left to go dig through one of the glass cabinets.
"You've disobeyed me, Rachel. I gave you specific orders to keep your hands on my thighs, to keep your eyes open, to not move your hips…and most importantly?"
The silence was deafening.
"Not to orgasm."
Rachel felt herself waver, confused at Quinn's tone. She sounded edgy and as the cabinet doors closed, Rachel tried to stay still. She tried not to move her thighs so that they wouldn't brush against her center. But that was nearly impossible. It was impossible not to come just from her body being overworked. Rachel heard some more shuffling and she bit her lip.
"I'm disappointed in you, love. Because after you came without my permission…I asked you to kneel for me, to submit to me, as you're supposed to do at all times…and you told me no."
Rachel felt her heart stop at the sound of a slam, and she jumped. Willing herself not to further disobey Quinn, she breathed through her nose as Quinn came closer.
Rachel trembled.

Rachel, on shaking legs, stumbled into a standing position. She felt as if she could pass out at any moment, but now with her transgressions out the open, an eerie feeling of humiliation consumed her.
She was cut off by the feeling of a hard swat to her ass and she cried out, losing her stance and tripping forward only to be caught by Quinn.
"I didn't ask you to speak're only making this harder on yourself."
Rachel felt disappointed in herself under Quinn's tone. Her eyelids stung as Quinn pulled her back into a standing position. She was shaking now, fully understanding what she had done wrong.
"You will learn not to disobey me…you will learn that your orgasms belong to me, and only me. And every time you come; it will be on my call. Do you understand me? You may speak."
"Y..Yes Mistress." Rachel said with a trembling voice, a tear sliding down her nose at how upset Quinn sounded.
Quinn reached for her arm and walked her across the room, before pushing her down onto a metal table pulled out from the wall. "Stretch your arms out and spread your legs."
Rachel did as she was told, her body anxious for what was to come. She reached upwards and lifted her eyes to see Quinn sliding her wrists in locks. She clicked the metal restraints and they pulled her upward tightly. Quinn then backed up and dropped to her knees pulling her ankles into the same cuffs that were wrapped around the legs of the table, clicking her into place.
Rachel was completely bound and spread to the table. She couldn't move and she felt nervous and hot.
"You will be punished for your errors, Rachel. Because I believe that the only way you can learn how to avoid punishment, is to be punished."
Rachel couldn't believe it. She couldn't believe that she was about to be disciplined for having her first orgasm. She felt more tears fall and she barely held in a sob. It was too soon, she had just managed to deal with the agonizing amount of pleasure and now she was about to be chastised for not being able to stop it?
But Rachel wasn't angry…and she wasn't terrified. She trusted Quinn, she only felt disappointed in herself.
Rachel had let Quinn down, she messed up…and now she had to be punished, she understood that.
Rachel tensed, feeling a hand on her back. "Rachel, you will receive fifteen strikes with the paddle. I want you to understand, that it is going to be painful…but you earned your punishment, so I expect you to take it. However, if you don't feel as if you can handle are allowed to safe word. Do you accept this punishment?"
Rachel shut her eyes, feeling sick at the amount of times she'd be hit…but she couldn't find it in her soul to say no. She felt like she deserved it, she felt as if she had done wrong.
"Yes Mistress, I..I accept my punishment."
Quinn took a step back her eyes hard, and she gripped the handle of the wooden weight. Bracing a firm hand against the Rachel's lower back, she prepared her.

Rachel could feel her heart hammering in her ears as silence engulfed them. Quinn softened her touch and rubbed her thumb against her skin. "Relax..."
Rachel let out a sigh, shutting her eyes and willing her body to calm down. She focused on the feeling of Quinn's hand against her back and sank into the touch, feeling her body calm down. Quinn studied Rachel's body, watching it become less tense. Once she was sure that Rachel was completely calm, she brought the small paddle up and the wood cracked against Rachel's left cheek.
Rachel howled, her ears ringing at the immense pain. She dug her fingernails into her palms and laid her face sideways on the cool metal of the table, feeling her ass heat up just from the first strike.
Quinn blinked before cracking the wood down a second and quick third against the same side, watching as Rachel's head jerked and she let out a sob. It was heartbreaking to see her in such pain, and she knew it was a lot for her first punishment, but she had to set an example. Rachel felt more tears fall as the paddle came down a fourth and fifth time, this time on the right cheek.
Nothing about her punishment seemed erotic, yet Rachel somehow found herself wet between her legs which was mentally draining.


Being spanked a little was sexy, but she didn't really understand how legitimate pain could turn her on. 


This was definitely pain. 

But despite how much it hurt, she knew she deserved it. Rachel had been in the wrong and the only thing she could do now to make up for it was take the punishment she had earned for herself.

As blows six and seven came, hard enough to push the metal table forward, Rachel actually screamed. 
Quinn had alternated her strikes, sending pressure up Rachel's back and throughout her body. It was as if the pain was in shockwaves, bouncing off each other in a syncopated rhythm. Rachel pressed her face into the metal table as without warning, the eighth swing of Quinn's arm came. Rachel drew blood from the force of biting into her lip at the pain. Rachel was breathing hard, choking on air as she tried to accept the feeling of the wood on her sore ass. It was so much, but she needed it to learn.
Rachel wanted to learn.
However her feelings were consuming her. The sensitivity of being thoroughly punished was creating system overload and despite the desire to please the beautiful blonde, as the ninth strike cracked both of her cheeks at once, Rachel started to plead.
"Stop! P...Please stop…I'm sorry M...Mistress, I'm so sorry I disobeyed you…I won't do it a..again, I promise…just please stop! Please don't hit me anymore…please, I'm sorry…I'm sorry…I'm so sorry!"
Quinn breathed through her nose feeling her resolve weaken, almost halting her actions, before clenching her jaw and bringing her arm up for the tenth strike.
"Wicked, Wicked! Fucking W…" Rachel sobbed the word out, tears soaking the metal table before she heard the paddle drop to the floor with a clatter and her restraints click open.
Rachel sank onto the table, unable to move before she felt hands reaching for her. She cried as Quinn softly caressed her burning cheeks, leaning over Rachel and pressing soft kisses to her hair.
"Shh, you're okay Rachel. You're okay…"
"I'm s...sorry…I'm so sorry…" Rachel sobbed.
Quinn rose up, turning and hugging Rachel to her chest. Quinn ran her hands through the silky brown locks feeling Rachel's knees buckling, causing her to sag into her embrace, and Quinn dipped to lift her bridal style.
Rachel curled into her, clutching her white shirt tightly and sobbing into the material. "I'm sorry…Quinn…"
Rachel was distraught and aching all over from punishment, pain and pleasure. She had reached her maximum. Rachel didn't know what to do, she felt completely vulnerable. She couldn't even find the strength to feel weak.
It was suffocating her, and she took sharp breaths as the Quinn carried her from the playroom, into another.
Rachel was losing air through her lungs and struggling to gain more, as Quinn took a seat and rocked her.
"It's alright Rachel, you're alright. Breathe…everything's alright." Quinn had seen many new subs go into shock, but not like this…not so intensely. It was frightening and fascinating at the same time. The only conclusion as to why anyone would be this fragile after a session besides it being their first, was because of an immense amount of mental connection to the role that was being played.
Rachel was connected mentally and had been stripped of control so fast that she hadn't had time to grasp it, and now she was going through culture shock.
Rachel couldn't calm down. She could distinctly hear Quinn. Rachel could feel the woman threading her fingers through her matted brown locks, and speaking to her.
Quinn stared down at the disheveled girl, taking in the sight of her. Rachel was clutching the material of her shirt fiercely and begging Quinn to forgive her, it made Quinn gaze at her in wonder. This was definitely something that many Doms did not have the pleasure of having.
However, here she was. Giving herself to Quinn in the most vulnerable way you could possibly ever give yourself to someone.
"Rachel…darling, I forgive you…you're forgiven." Quinn whispered in Rachel's ear, pressing a kiss there, feeling her sniffle into her chest as tears soaked through the white. Quinn stood, and entered Rachel's bathroom. She shifted Rachel so that her legs were wrapped tightly around her waist as they walked.
It was an insanely intimate sight. Rachel, with her arms secured around Quinn's neck and legs locking her into place. It was as if Rachel couldn't bear to let go of the woman that she had only known for a week.
Quinn gripped her thighs lightly with one hand, and with the other she reached towards a glass cabinet easily finding the bottle she was looking for.
Rachel tensed, hearing a cabinet close and she gripped Quinn tighter.
"No, no, Rachel…it's fine, it's just oil. It's for you. It's so that your skin doesn't crack, it soothes the ache." Quinn said as she backed up to sit on the edge of the large tub. Rachel sucked in a breath of air, nodding as Quinn poured the ointment into her hands.
She rubbed the substance together, before placing her hands on the bruised ass cheeks, gently running her fingers over the skin. Rachel whimpered at the slight pain, gasping as it ached.
"I know it hurts…I know it does…but it's going to feel better soon, I promise." Quinn spoke as she massaged the substance into the damaged skin. Rachel was gripping her strongly, tears still silently sliding down her cheeks and nose. Quinn took a gentle time with the application,  and lifted Rachel with one hand to apply the oil to her damaged thighs.
Rachel was going to have quite the time sitting down for the next few days. It was enough to damage the skin without cracking, to leave a sting when in contact with any type of surface, but not enough to hurt her for a long period of time.
It was all very new and challenging for Quinn, to punish this beautiful girl.
No Dom really truthfully enjoyed punishing their sub…but it was necessary sometimes for them to understand the right way to behave. It was common knowledge to the community, and many were happy to comply with the unspoken boundary of a sub and it's punishing Dom. Punishment was something that was bound to happen…because a sub, especially one as inexperienced as Rachel, was eventually bound to mess up in some way.
Rachel laid her head on Quinn's shoulder, as she began to feel exhausted from their activities.
Quinn felt Rachel become heavy in her arms. She lifted her weary body and carried her out of the bathroom, hearing quiet whimpers escape the slightly parted lips.
"I know Rachel…I know you're tired, sweetheart." Quinn whispered, afraid to disturb her. She stepped up to the bed and sat Rachel on the edge, moving and feeling her limply let go, eyes closing. Quinn stepped around to the dresser and without shame pulled out a set of underwear, white cotton, to put on Rachel's body.
Quinn laid it on top of the dresser before stepping around the room to enter the huge closet. She pulled out a white nightgown from one of the racks…long and soft to accommodate Rachel's bruises.
Quinn turned to see Rachel, sprawled across the comforter, peacefully asleep.
She looked serene…beautiful in a way that Quinn had never come in contact with before. Rachel was something to behold, a sight that many would probably never have the fortune to see.
Smiling softly at the sub, Quinn stepped over to Rachel and dressed her for bed carefully, before lifting her to lie fully on the mattress, blankets tucking her in.
Stepping back to admire Rachel once more, Quinn set her mouth in a firm line, before turning to leave the room.


As Rachel dragged her eyes open, her blurred vision slowly slipped into focus. Scratching her head and wincing at the sore roots, she glanced up at the clock on the wall above her.
It was seven thirty in the evening which meant that she had slept the entire day away.
That was absolutely mortifying.
Rachel hadn't done anything like that since she was in college; drunk from cast parties and nursing a sickening hangover that made her wish she wasn't even born. Now she was hung over from something else. Something much stronger than alcohol. And Rachel was still tingling, aching from it.

Rachel's entire body felt sore and heavy. She liked it though; the feeling of being full…of being a part of something. 

It was still consuming her, even after six hours. All Rachel could hear in her ears were the cracks of the paddle on her ass and thighs, and the sobs that followed. Then she remembered how powerful it was. She remembered how wonderful it felt to be cherished the way Quinn had cherished her.
Not to mention she couldn't stop blushing at the thought of Quinn inside of her.
Rachel never imagined a woman could work her body the way Quinn had. It was different, surreal even, but it didn't bother her. Rachel was more concerned with how...skilled Quinn had been. There was no way in hell anyone was going to live up to Quinn, and that was what it was all about, experiencing something that she hadn't ever dreamed of.
Closing her eyes at the memory of Quinn inside of her, Rachel felt her clit and ass ache simultaneously, and she realized how sensitive she still was.
Sliding a curious hand down under the sheets and her gown she jerked at the feeling of her own hand. "Fuck…" She whispered as the jolt of electricity shot through her body.
It was like Rachel was back in the playroom, begging her Mistress to let her orgasm, although being instructed not to. Tilting her head back, Rachel bit her lip as she was suddenly filled with energy. Wetness dripped from her folds and she couldn't believe how turned on she was…she couldn't believe how badly she yearned for more after everything Quinn had put her through just hours before.
It was like her body couldn't stop, like Rachel had been awakened by an unknown force that was keeping her open, literally.
Rachel screwed her eyes shut and spread her legs, pulling her gown up and circling her clit with fervor, absolutely clueless as to what to do…having never masturbated before, but desperate for something…anything.
Choking out a sob at the feeling, Rachel opened her stinging eyes to look down at her fingers, working her red and swollen bud. She was so aroused it hurt her. The memory of Quinn behind her fucking her, even paddling her ass made her want more.
"Fuck Quinn…"
Rachel winced at the sting of her bare ass against the sheets, but ignored the pain as she tried to create some sort of friction between her legs. She was soaking her fingers, trying to remember how Quinn had worked her own skilled hands over her earlier that day in the dark room.
Rachel felt tears well up in her eyes, and she yanked the strap of her dress down. Squeezing her breast, Rachel pinched her nipple harshly and moaned at the sensations that shot straight to her center. She clenched her eyes shut remembering how close she had been for so long in that chair with Quinn while watching those videos.
"Please…please…please…" Rachel whimpered. She was so desperate for release, for Quinn's permission to have release.
Rachel's ears tuned in on movement and she opened her eyes, tears falling, to see Quinn standing in her doorway with glazed eyes.
Watching her.
Rachel knew how embarrassing it should have been, but everything felt so good, and the sight of Quinn staring at her as she tried to fuck herself while thinking of her, only made her moan louder. Quinn took quick strides at the sound and stepped to the side of the bed, leaning onto it with her knee, wrenching Rachel's thighs apart to see what she was doing to herself.
Quinn didn't say a word, just focused her hazel eyes on Rachel's hand, fucking herself almost deliriously. Quinn licked her lips, before moving her darkened eyes to Rachel's face.
"I..I…can't get it…I can't…" Rachel whined, almost in hysterics, staring desperately at her own pussy. It was glistening and swollen, and the sight caused Rachel to sob harder. Quinn marveled at Rachel, who had her ass spanked raw hours before, now begging for her sixth orgasm of the day.
"Rachel look at me."
Rachel continued to circle her clit before staring at Quinn's face. Quinn stared back at her hard. "What do you want?"
"Fuck…everything…anything…I need it so bad…please…"
Quinn couldn't and wouldn't touch her. Not outside of play. She heard Rachel call out her name earlier as she had been approaching the door, not Mistress.
"Rachel…tell me what you want."
Rachel locked dark eyes on her.
"More, Mistress."
Quinn slipped two long fingers inside of Rachel, pressed her forehead against hers, and buried her other hand in the messy brown locks. She fucked Rachel fast and Rachel wrapped both of her hands around Quinn's neck, meeting her thrusts desperately. Rachel cried out in both pain from her stinging ass, and pleasure from her folds swallowing Quinn's fingers.
"Oh fuck me…oh god…oh yes," Rachel moaned wantonly.

She needed to come.
Quinn silently watched Rachel thrash around, flicking her thumb over her clit and feeling Rachel's thighs shake around her.
"Yes, fuck…fuck!" Rachel was humping Quinn's fingers with no shame, a third sliding its way into her hole and brushing against the spot that seemed like the gateway to absolute heaven. Rachel's legs locked up and she arched into Quinn who marveled at the sight of Rachel unraveling for what seemed like the thousandth time that day.
Quinn knew she would never get enough of this...ever.
Rachel grasped at the pillows behind her, throwing her head from side to side and screaming how 'close' she was. Quinn continued to fuck her with no words.

Quinn leaned down and licked at Rachel's neck, before biting down and flicking her thumb against her clit simultaneously.
"Come, Rachel."
Quinn caught Rachel around the waist as she arched into her, mouth open in a silent scream. Rachel completely shattered, her folds holding Quinn's fingers in a vice grip. Quinn was mesmerized by the sight.
It was the most amazing thing Quinn had ever seen. It was as if there was nothing else around Rachel, nothing else that could penetrate the force of her sweet release, and Quinn was captured by the absolute beauty of it. Quinn was still drinking in the sight of Rachel's shaking form, when sound finally filtered through her lungs and she crashed into the cushions with a choked sob.
"Oh my……fucking, so g..good…so…fucking…good."
Quinn gazed at Rachel. There was a light sheen of sweat covering her body while soft whimpers of pleasure escaped her parted lips as she came down from her high. Rachel slowly opened her stinging eyes and looked at Quinn. Quinn placed her hand on Rachel's cheek, brushing her thumb over the skin under her eye. Rachel gasped at the feeling of Quinn moving her fingers against her sensitive folds.
"Mistress please…I..I'm too-"
"Rachel…I know. We're finished love. I'm just pulling out, that's all…" Quinn said softly, reassurance in her freckled eyes.
Quinn slid her fingers out easily, and Rachel whimpered at the loss. Quinn focused on her while sliding the fingers, slick with Rachel's essence, between her lips with a small smile.
Rachel felt a draft pick up across her center and she moaned quietly at the sight of the woman, tasting her for the first time. Rachel felt the first sudden urge to press her lips against Quinn's.
"You taste wonderful, Rachel."
Rachel sat up and hissed at the pain of her ass sliding against the cotton material of her gown. Quinn leaned back, and pulled her slip down gently. "You need to take some medicine for that…otherwise it's going to continue to hurt." Rachel moved to rise from the bed but Quinn stopped her, standing to her full height.
"No, I'll get you some. I was actually going to bring you dinner anyway…but I got a little distracted." Quinn said with a chuckle, and Rachel blushed, brushing a strand of brown hair off of her forehead.
"I'm sorry, I just woke up and I couldn't stop myself…everything's a little overwhelming." Rachel admitted softly and Quinn smiled knowingly.
"I understand Rachel. We have a lot to discuss, but let me bring you dinner first. You need to eat and take something for your bottom." Quinn said with finality and she left the room, closing the door behind her.
Rachel took a moment to slowly swing her legs over the side of the mattress, and attempt to stand. The humiliation from the moment that just passed was settling within her. She'd thought after having someone inside of her, providing her with multiple orgasms, that she'd be comfortable with them doing just about anything.

However there was still that daunting embarrassment from being caught desperately masturbating.
Rachel stood in the full length mirror and examined herself. She looked thoroughly debauched. She ran a hand through her sweaty locks, pulling lightly on the strands, feeling the soreness in her scalp. All of a sudden, Quinn entered carrying a silver tray that held an array of things including her food, a glass of wine, a glass of water, and two small light blue pills.
"Sit Rachel," Quinn spoke and Rachel made her way back to the soft confines of her bed, her sore ass rubbing against her nightgown again.
Rachel breathed in deeply at the feeling and glanced at Quinn who smiled softly. "It won't hurt forever, it'll just feel like that when you sit down for the next couple of days."
Rachel winced as she made herself comfortable, "I never want the paddle again."
Quinn laughed and set Rachel's tray on the bedside table next to her. "Believe it or not there are far worse implements for punishment; the paddle is just the one I prefer because it leaves a good memory."
If the constant ache in her ass served as a memory, Rachel wondered what a small reminder felt like. And if there were far worse punishments, what could you possibly do to earn them? It was all very overwhelming and Rachel couldn't help but feel that she was in over her head, the pleasure keeping her from feeling detached. It only made her yearn for more.
Quinn stood and Rachel noticed the slight tent in her pants. Rachel's eyes widened considerably and she glanced up at Quinn, who pulled the chair from the far side of the room to sit next to the bed. She followed Rachel's eyes and chuckled. Rachel locked eyes with her and shook her head apologetically.
"Quinn...oh my - I'm so sorry. I didn't know I affected you –"
"Rachel, you've been affecting me since you spilled wine all over my dress. This is nothing." Quinn spoke, sitting down and reaching for the glass of water and pills. Rachel took them from her, still feeling guilty.
"I could make it up to you…or you could tell me to or something…I feel terrible –"
Quinn reached forward and pressed a finger to Rachel's plump lips, "Enough Rachel. My focus was on your pleasure, not mine. Now, take these pills so we can talk more about what happened today."
Rachel threw the pills back and swallowed a gulp of water down. "What did I just take?"
"Ecstasy." Quinn deadpanned and Rachel spit a little water down onto her white gown.
Quinn grinned.
"I'm just kidding Rachel. I am actually capable of a joke every now and then, you know." Rachel looked nervously at Quinn and set the water down, feeling embarrassed by the mirth in her facial expression.
"It's Advil. It helps, I promise." Quinn said and Rachel nodded reaching for her plate. "I hope you like ravioli…Faye rolled them herself for you."
"Wow…that's too much trouble; you'll have to tell her thank you for me…" She said softly to Quinn who continued to smile at her, before leaning back in her chair.
Rachel stabbed a fork into her food and allowed her eyes to subtly take in the woman.
Her white oxford was replaced with a red t-shirt, but her loose black slacks remained. Her boots continued to glisten with the patent leather, as she rested the weight of her feet on the backs of her spike.
Rachel brought her eyes quickly back to Quinn's at the sound of her name and she swallowed her ravioli down, barely managing not to choke.
Quinn sat up straight and crossed her hands and legs. "First I want to apologize for my out of control behavior today."
Rachel looked confusedly at the woman, not remembering anything worthy of her apologizing for. "I should have stopped when you disobeyed me and I should have immediately punished you. Instead…something came over me and I guess I got lost in the essence"
Rachel was taken aback by the statement. She didn't understand what type of effect she could have that would cause someone to lose control.
"I lost my structure as a Dom, and I've never had that problem before…I guess it comes with you being special," Quinn smiled, suddenly losing her controlled expression. "I've never reacted that way with anyone."
Rachel blushed at the words, burning with arousal at the memories of being brought to the brink over and over again at the hand of her Mistress.
"However, you never have to worry about it happening again, so I hope you can accept my apology and still have the desire to continue our arrangement." Quinn said with sincere eyes.
"I don't understand how you lost control…but I guess that's why I'm in training, right?" Rachel said with a soft laugh and Quinn raised an eyebrow.
Rachel tucked a piece of brown hair behind her ear and twirled her fork around the ravioli. "I wasn't aware that you lost control, Quinn…but I accept your apology. I honestly didn't know I created an 'essence' I'm sorry it's so consuming."
Quinn grinned and scooted to the edge of her seat, placing a hand on her thigh.
"Never apologize for being you…Rachel. You are unbelievably exquisite and beautiful in every way. If I could've, I would have spent all day worshiping you. However, I had to control myself otherwise you wouldn't have been able to walk from how hard I would have fucked you."
Rachel's eyelids fluttered close at the confession, and she sucked in a breath. "W..What's wrong with that?"
Quinn bit her lip, laughing at Rachel's eagerness. "Nothing. Trust me, Rachel…when I'm ready to lose control and you're prepared for it, it will happen. But today was about easing you into things. I want you to be comfortable with the lifestyle, and more importantly I want to make sure you're comfortable with me. I'm sure it felt very different having sex with a woman...especially one with a different setup."
Rachel swallowed at the thought of Quinn's "setup" and licked her lips unconsciously. Quinn stared at her curiously. "How did you feel about it?"
"About your…um…thing?"
Quinn laughed, "Thing? It's a penis Rachel, that's what I call it. Unless you prefer cock…or dick?"
Rachel blushed further.
Quinn stifled her laughter. "Okay, yes, my...thing…how did you feel about it?"
I'm in love.
"I…told you I don't have a problem with it, Quinn."
"Yes, but that was before I started fucking you with it, Rachel."
Rachel bit her lip, the feeling of Quinn fucking her still fresh in her memories.
"How did you feel about it being inside of you? Do you think you could have used more of a warning?" Quinn asked bluntly, and Rachel shivered.
"I..I…Quinn, no. I was surprised, but turned me on more, it didn't upset me." Rachel said quietly, and Quinn watched her suddenly grow bashful.
"Rachel, I understand that this is a little forward. But I just want to make sure that you're okay. I don't ever want to put you in a position that you feel uncomfortable with and I want you to tell me if I make you feel that way at any time. Believe it or not, you're the one in control here...not me."
Rachel nodded, "I was comfortable with it, Quinn…but, I um…I would liked have..seen it."
It gave her a dirty feeling…stating out loud how she wanted to be able to see what she was being fucked with. She had been fine with getting fucked and cuffed and beaten, that actually felt amazing, but talking about it was another story. An entirely different story.
Quinn raised both of her eyebrows at the confession and sat back in her chair. "You would like to see it?"
"Um…yeah. I hope it's not creepy or anything…but ever since you told me, I've-I've...wondered what it looks like."
Rachel suddenly found herself staring at the crotch of Quinn's pants and moved her eyes away quickly.
"I'm sorry."
"Stop apologizing, Rachel. I understand the curiosity and next time I will definitely take that into consideration. Okay?" Quinn said with understanding eyes, and a small grin.
Rachel looked down at her fingers before setting the empty plate on the bedside table. She looked up at Quinn meaningfully. "It felt incredible, Quinn. I was satisfied in ways I never imagined. But the feelings were so strong and I was...coming so hard, and I couldn't get a grip on what was happening to me. I don't really that normal?"
Quinn smiled.
"Rachel, most submissive's go through a bit of "culture shock" when realizing the depth of their submissive nature. You've never realized before now how responsive your body is to submitting, so with the knowledge of just how much you want to submit, your release becomes stronger than anything you will ever experience. I've never seen a reaction as powerful as yours, but I know it only means that I was right about you…being so natural."
Rachel furrowed her eyebrows. "Natural?"
"You're submissive side came naturally, and overwhelmingly so. It left you vulnerable. So when you let go…you allowed yourself to be completely stripped of your own control, which is why your release was so strong." Quinn shook her head in amazement.
"It was beautiful. You may not have felt this way, but you were completely aware of what was going on and you accepted the part of you that wanted to give up control. It's something that I personally don't think many subs have full understanding of at the beginning. This is never about how much control the Dom has, it's about all the control the sub has. You know that you have to give me the control, I can't just take it." Quinn said and Rachel felt herself grow nervous at the revelation that she somehow was a step further than she thought she was.
"Is it...bad that I am already there? That…I already have that quality or whatever?"
Quinn ran a hand through her soft hair and smiled. "It's a little off-putting...but it pleases me to know that you have that natural quality, Rachel."
Rachel nodded and felt the submissive part of her swell with pride at the ability that shined brightly through her without her even realizing it. But the pride was short lived at the memory of how she had disobeyed her.
"I'm sorry again about disobeying you Quinn –"
"Rachel, play is over. There are no more apologies necessary…you accepted your punishment, it's over."
Rachel nodded and looked at her expensive comforter and Quinn followed her gaze. "Rachel, how did you feel about your punishment?"
Rachel looked away from her, confused and shocked that Quinn honestly wanted to know her opinion on her punishment. Was that even allowed? And hadn't it been obvious? She had no choice in the matter…yet she couldn't even handle what she clearly deserved.
Quinn reached out and placed the pads of her fingers on her chin, pulling her to face her. "Rachel, it's alright to tell me how you felt about your punishment. Like I said, we're not in play right now…I'm just Quinn…and you're Rachel, we're adults and we're talking about the lifestyle that we lead. I want to know what you think."
Rachel studied her genuine look of interest and she took a deep breath.
"I honestly was...shocked at first. It was such a serious punishment for my first offense, but I was disappointed in myself once I realized what I had done. Despite my fear of how much the paddle was going to hurt, I truly believed that I deserved what I was getting. That's what really hurt, but I willed myself to take it because I didn't want to upset you any further…but it hurt so badly, Quinn. Yet at the same time…" Rachel swallowed and looked into Quinn's eyes.
"I..I..was…aroused by the paddling...and that really confused me Quinn."
Quinn smiled and softly trailed her fingers over the girl's lips, before pulling her hand away. "It's not an uncommon thing to take some pleasure from pain, Rachel. You were already oversensitive from the extreme nature of your first orgasm…excuse me, your first five orgasms, and your intense connection to being a sub left you a little aroused with the idea of being punished for being bad."
Quinn trailed her fingers across the skin of Rachel's neck, before sliding them to her shoulder. "It heightened your senses, and I assume it will always be like that no matter how hard it hurts because you are connected to the thought of belonging to me. I completely understand Rachel. It's all very new and fascinating to me as well...but it's a part of what I saw in you that night at the restaurant. All a part of the potential that you have to be a fantastic sub, Rachel. Possibly the perfect sub."
Rachel felt her heart rate speed up at how simple it was for Quinn to apply that word to her.
"T..Thank you Quinn…" Rachel said quietly and Quinn licked her lips.
"You're welcome Rachel." Quinn squeezed her shoulder. "You know it was hard for me to punish you so harshly for the first time…but your behavior was disobedient and I want you to learn that more than anything you will have consequences for your defiant actions no matter what and no matter how good the pleasure may be. It is an important lesson of training." Quinn said firmly.
"I understand Quinn…I'm sorry for using my safe word, I didn't even know if it would work. I tried to take the punishment…but I just couldn't." Rachel said honestly and Quinn smiled.
"Rachel never apologize for using your safe word. We both agree that it was a pretty tough punishment for your first session…and any sub would have stopped way earlier than you did, but you took it remarkably well."
Rachel managed a smile despite the discomfort that rang through her ass at the memory. "I was happy that I was right in my assessment that you could handle it. You actually are learning incredibly fast, and that pleases me. I have complete confidence that after this session, you'll start to understand the importance of control. And once that happens…things will be different, even stronger than what you experienced today, even more pleasurable." Quinn finished with a husky voice and Rachel shivered at the thought of anything being more powerful than the wave of ecstasy that crashed over her the way it did that day.
Quinn caught the trembling, and as the goose bumps rose on Rachel's arm, she trailed her fingers softly over the skin. It caused Rachel to bite her bottom lip and she closed her eyes briefly before opening them.
Quinn stood, reaching for her tray of finished food and untouched wine. "Drink more of your wine."
Rachel picked up the glass and sipped it before setting it down on the table.
"I'm sorry again, for my loss of control. I promise it won't happen again, Rachel…"
Rachel waved her hands at Quinn, rolling her eyes at the apology that left her lips for the umpteenth time that evening. Smiling at an amused Quinn, she tucked herself into her comforter for the night.
"It's fine, Quinn. Stop apologizing."
"Are you sure you'd like to move forward?"
Rachel blanched visibly at the thought of the incredible feelings being gone so soon and she nodded her head. "Of course, I'm absolutely comfortable with moving forward Quinn…I trust you."
Quinn smiled at the words and bent down to kiss Rachel's forehead. "Good, get some rest, Rachel."
Rachel sipped her wine and licked her lips at the taste. As Quinn turned to leave the room Rachel's words halted her. "Thank you for talking to me about things."
Quinn turned around and faced Rachel with a smile.
"I'm always here to talk to you. That's the art of having someone's trust…and doing right by it."
Rachel glowed at the words, the fluttering returning in her stomach at Quinn's revelation and she sat her wine down, sliding further underneath her covers. "Goodnight Quinn."
Quinn hit the lights and pulled the door closed, smiling to herself before whispering, "Goodnight Rachel."

Chapter Text

Rachel loved everything about living on Quinn's estate.

It was a beautiful piece of land that left Rachel breathless every time she looked out of her window. However, the lack of familiarity left Rachel clueless as to what to do when she was alone.

And she was very alone.

At least until Quinn got home from working in the city.

It was a luxurious feeling. Rachel was able to wake up when she wanted to, do nothing, and not have to worry about scrounging up money to pay bills. However at this point, Rachel had become bored out of her mind by the time she finished lunch.

Naturally as a cure to her dull schedule, Rachel decided to embrace her nosiness by exploring the home to her heart's content. Rachel also hoped that with her wandering, she'd stop thinking fluidly about the way Quinn felt against her, inside of her.

A couple of days had passed since their first session of play and Rachel still felt tingly and sore on her backside from the activities. The sensitivity of her body had decreased, finally allowing her to produce more controlled desires than the ones that plagued her thoughts days before. Although, she was still working on containing the lust she felt every time Quinn looked at her that way.

Of course, Quinn made sure to look at her that way, every chance she got.

Quinn's work schedule had gotten unusually busy, and forced her to cut their interactions short. It left Rachel with minimum contact and she could only count two times she had actually seen Quinn.

Both times they shared short words, and small smiles.

It was more than a little unusual to live with someone, belong to them intimately, yet remain completely unattached. Rachel couldn't find a time in her life when she'd considered this type of relationship, and as she let the warm water drip out of the golden shower head onto her face, she tried to understand the emotional detachment that Quinn seemed to have, for the thousandth time.

She couldn't.

Rachel honestly had no clue what could have brought this insanely beautiful, caring woman to the place that she was in. Maybe she just had trouble introducing people to her lifestyle? Rachel could definitely see many women rejecting her sexual desires.

Not to mention her special physique.

While Rachel fantasized about how beautiful Quinn was, she could only imagine how many women had turned Quinn away because they simply couldn't appreciate how unique she was. Rachel knew there were women out there who were cruel enough to call Quinn names and accuse her of being abnormal.

Quinn was anything but.

She was the complete embodiment of grace. She was was the definition of beauty. Sensual with every touch and word, Quinn enticed Rachel more every single day.

It made Rachel flush with embarrassment.

Finally leaving the bathroom, Rachel moved around her room while drying her brown locks by towel. Running her fingers through her unusually long hair, Rachel heard a ringing in the distance.

After a moment of confusion, she realized it was her cell phone.


Rachel rushed to the device, having an epiphany that she had been an hour away from her home and family for three days without any contact.

There was bound to be total chaos regarding her friends. They loved her so much that they couldn't function more than five minutes without knowing if she was okay.

It had been 72 hours.

Rummaging through one of her three bags, she located the bedazzled flip phone and answered with an out of breath, "Hello?"

"Hi, is this Rachel Barbra Berry? I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Noah Puckerman."

Rachel laughed. "Really?"

"You might not remember this either, but three days ago we were living together and then you dropped off of the face of the planet." He said.

Rachel sighed guiltily. "Are you done, drama queen?"

Noah scoffed, returning to his normal voice. "Where the fuck have you been little Jew?"

"Busy Noah. It's been really hectic around here, moving into a new house requires getting settled you know..." Rachel laughed internally at her own statement.

"Getting settled" meant being fucked into oblivion, because that totally took up an extensive amount of time and energy.

Noah didn't waste any time. "How was the sex? She any good on her word?"

Rachel rolled her eyes, "Well gosh, Noah. I really miss you too, the house is amazing thanks for asking."

He laughed, "I miss you. What's the house like?"

Rachel exited her room, eyeing the high ceilings. "Big, luxurious, white..." She trailed off.

"Damn, so you're not in the city?" Puck questioned.

"No, about an hour and a half out. I'm not even sure if I'm still in New York, it's just too damn green." Rachel glanced out of an open window at the blue sky.

She didn't get this view living in a small apartment in the city. You didn't get to look out at a field of nature. It was all tall towers, taxis, and stoplights.

Rachel loved it though.

"Missing the skyscrapers, yet?" Noah's deep voice rang through the phone and Rachel smiled.

"A little. But I should be in town in a week or two, maybe. I'm not sure what the boundaries are." Rachel rolled her eyes, envisioning Noah furrowing his eyebrows at her.

"Boundaries? I thought you said you weren't her slave, Rach?"

Rachel laughed. "I'm not, nor will I ever be. But I am her submissive, and I am in training right now. In other words, I'm still learning and I want to make sure I've got my ducks in a row, I doubt I'll be leaving until that's over."

"You're okay with that?" Noah's voice was uncertain, most likely still misinterpreting Rachel's words as the definition of slave.

"I'm perfectly okay with that. I won't have much to do anyway, so it shouldn't be that hard to follow her conditions. She told me that she doesn't have control over me outside of play and of course she told me she doesn't think it's necessary for me to work, but I'll still be auditioning. It's all very comfortable." Rachel said.

Noah laughed, "Play?"

Rachel rolled her eyes, making her way down the staircase, and landing at the front door.

"That's the proper term for what we do. Quinn has the ability to initiate play whenever she wants. So I have to be ready to respond. It's a part of our agreement, and a little bit nerve wrecking because I never know when she's going to be ready...she's incredibly smooth keeps me on edge." Rachel answered with a shiver.

"'s the sex? Or should I say...'play with Mistress Fabray?'" Puck asked.

Rachel chuckled. "Have I mentioned you're an idiot? That sounds like a bad porno title."

Puck laughed out loud. "What can I say? I just fucking reek of creativity."

Rachel stepped out onto the front porch.

"I'm sure you do, loser. Anyway to answer your question, the sex is...absolutely amazing. We've only gone into the playroom once, Noah." Rachel said honestly, blushing at the memory.

"Damn Rachel, you sound like you're about to have an orgy just thinking about it."

Rachel laughed, taking in the estate as she casually traveled along the stone sidewalk. "It was...more than I ever thought it would be."

Literally. Six orgasms, 15 blows, and an array of arousal. The numbers were mind-blowing.

"Who would have thought that innocent little Rachel Berry wanted to be spanked and fucked?" Noah purred.

"Noah, it's more than that. It's more than...kinky sex. There's an emotional connection and when it comes to Quinn, it's even more than that. She's so controlled and firm. It makes me crazy. It's like I hang on to every word when she talks and I feel everything everywhere. She's just...I don't know..." Rachel trailed off, bending down to pick a rose from a growing bush.


She could hear him smirking.

"Obviously, smartass, but it's still different. She's got her own way of doing things...a way that feels like it's designed especially for me, to give me all this pleasure. I mean I know it's not specifically for me but it has such a strong effect. I've never felt anything so erotic, so sexy."

Puck scoffed. "Well thanks, Rach."

Rachel laughed, coming up on the patio by the pool and taking a seat. "Oh baby, are you hurt? You know you'll always be my first Noah."

"Damn straight." He answered, and Rachel imagined that his chest was puffed out in pride.

Rachel smiled. "I miss you hot Jew." She said softly.

He sighed into the phone. "Same here, but it won't be long Rach. And then I want to meet this Mistress Fabray that's got my princess all out of whack and amazed by her erotic...whatever the fuck kind of shit you were rambling on about."

Rachel tensed at the thought of a meeting between Puck and Quinn. Was there really any need for that? It made her a little edgy to think of those two worlds combining.

"I don't know...I'd have to talk to Quinn about it."

"Talk to me about what?"

Just as she always seemed to, Quinn caught Rachel off guard, whispering huskily in her ear. Rachel jumped five feet in the air and nearly dropped her already damaged phone.

"Fuck! You scared me, Quinn..." Rachel said with a nervous laugh, clutching her chest, her heartbeat beating wildly. Partially because it was trying to resist spurring some kind of attack, and partially because of how close Quinn was standing.

Quinn watched her with a smile, aviators shielding her eyes. Her hands were stuffed in her pockets, her appearance suave and defined by her crisp suit.

So gorgeous.


Puck's voice echoed through the phone and Rachel tore her eyes away, embarrassed from staring so unabashedly. Quinn watched with amused eyes as Rachel held up a finger and turned to finish her phone conversation.

"Yeah, sorry I said, I'll talk to her about it...later."

"Hmm. If so, I'm bringing Santana, you know that nosy bitch has got to be in on the action." He said and Rachel grinned at the thought of her other best friend.

"Of course. Listen, I've got to go," She said sadly.

"It's cool, Rach...duty calls, right?"

Rachel glanced at Quinn, who seemed to be watching her intently, sunglasses tucked in the pocket of her pants now. Rachel smiled shyly.

"Maybe, you jerk. Don't forget to take out the trash, and pay the cable bill, and stay out of my lotion!"

"It was one time, Rachel, seriously?"

"Seriously. I don't think I can ever look at a Jergens bottle the same any last words?" Rachel laughed, running her hands through her hair.

"Call Satan, and heads up…your dads are looking for you."

Fuck. Her dads.

"Worst last words ever. But I got it, remember what I told you, Puckasaurous."

"Stay beautiful babe and save an orgasm for me will ya?"

"Go fuck yourself."

"Heading for your lotion now, actually!" Puck said with a laugh and Rachel gasped with a smile.

"Noah, I'm serious about the lotion!"

"Bye Little Jew. Love you!"

"Noah-" The call ended with laughter and Rachel couldn't stop herself from chuckling when she turned around to address Quinn again.

"Hi," Quinn said with smiling eyes and Rachel blushed, tucking a strand of damp hair behind her ear.

"Good shower?"

Quinn gestured to the bathrobe covering her body and Rachel glanced down, suddenly embarrassed by the fact that she was standing by the woman's pool practically naked.

"Um, yeah…I was just exploring the place," Rachel took a step forward and glanced at the estate. "It's still as big as it was a few days ago."

Quinn laughed, hazel eyes shining at her. "Well it's not going to change overnight, Rachel."

Rachel chuckled along with her and Quinn tilted her head. "If you don't mind me asking…who was that on the phone?"

Rachel grinned.

"It was Noah…" She glanced down wistfully at her phone, and Quinn's brow raised.

"Well, it must have been a very exciting conversation if you're smiling that way." Quinn said with a tone that sent a slight shiver down Rachel's spine.

It almost sounded like...jealousy.

Rachel saw something flash in Quinn's eyes, but it was gone before she had time to place the emotion. Rachel responded with a slight tremble to her voice.

"I..I actually had forgotten about him. I know that's a terrible thing to say, but with all the, um…excitement of moving in and everything I had forgotten all about my phone, and I missed some calls from he and Santana."

Quinn smiled. "Santana is your other friend, the detective?"

Rachel nodded, remembering Quinn's research. "Yes. She and Noah act as if they can't function one minute without me, but considering the fact that I've spent practically my whole life around him, and half of that living next to her…they probably can't."

Quinn watched Rachel's face light up as she spoke about her friends. They seemed to mean the world to her.

"I think it's wonderful that you're so close to your friends, Rachel. It's important to have people you can count on in your life." Quinn said with a genuine smile, touching Rachel's shoulder.

"Thank you Quinn. They have been like my family for a very long time." Rachel said, glancing around the large space.

"It's good to have family. Even those who aren't blood-related. It's something many people forget to cherish in life." Quinn looked beyond the pool, her eyes portraying something that didn't match her words. Again, before Rachel could place the emotion, Quinn's eyes were bright again, staring deeply into Rachel's chocolate orbs.

"Walk with me?" She said softly, hand outstretched and Rachel nodded. Tucking her phone in the pocket of her robe, Rachel took Quinn's hand.

Strolling along the walkway, Rachel marveled at the landscape.

"Everything is so beautiful, Quinn. It's like an enchanted forrest out here." Rachel said as she trailed her fingers along the pedals of the roses they were passing.

Quinn reached up to pull her fedora over her eyes.

"When I designed the house, I made sure there was room for a big garden. As I told you yesterday, I wanted this place to feel like paradise and flowers symbolize so much beauty and comfort. Especially in large quantities. The smells and colors might be what makes it feel so special out here." Quinn smiled.

"It feels exactly like that, it's almost...magical. So I guess you got exactly what you wanted." Rachel said softly, smiling back at her and Quinn reached up to touch her cheek, smirking.

"I always get exactly what I want, Rachel." Quinn chuckled, running her knuckles gently over the skin and watching Rachel swallow with darkened eyes.

Rachel turned away and continued walking…her skin tone rising in color as she tried to cool down.

Suddenly, Rachel became enthralled with a particular batch of flowers. Thick white pedals blooming over green stems. Captured by the innocent beauty of them, Rachel reached out and touched the soft pedals.

"I see you've become infatuated with the gardenias."

Rachel bit her lip and stepped closer, Quinn standing mere inches behind her.

"The gardenias are special flowers. Most people don't really notice them…but I love them. They're known for having a sweet a woman," Quinn reached around Rachel and pulled one from a bush, bringing the flower to her nose.

With Quinn's warm breath on her neck and her arms encircling her, Rachel felt her heart rate quicken. The pedals tickled Rachel's nose and she resisted the urge to lean back into Quinn's embrace.

"Smell." Quinn requested softly and Rachel closed her eyes. She allowed the smell to waft through her nostrils into her body. The smell was sweet and succinct, yet controlled, like an expensive perfume.

The pedals were long, and stood unique amongst other flowers, yet it still remained overlooked by some. However, the gardenia was difficult to resist when noticed.

Very Quinn Fabray.

Still inhaling the scent, Rachel wondered briefly if Quinn tasted as sweet as the floret smelled.

Fuck. She probably tastes sweeter.

"Wow…" Rachel breathed, turning in Quinn's arms. Looking up into hazel, she smiled.

"It smells as beautiful as it looks, Quinn."

Quinn licked her lips, eyes shining with something that Rachel couldn't identify.

"They're my favorite."

She brought said flower to her own nose and closed her eyes upon inhalation. Rachel watched, biting her lip and Quinn's eyes fluttered open.

"You know, Billie Holiday used to wear them in her hair," Quinn said softly, placing the flower in Rachel's hair. Rachel watched Quinn secure the flower, smiling at her.

"Billie Holiday was a beautiful, yet troubled woman, Quinn." Rachel said with a chuckle and Quinn leaned forward.

"Maybe so, but her talent and beauty were only heightened by the trademark of having the gardenia in her hair. The style and scent only made people become more mesmerized by her." Quinn said lowly and Rachel reached up to touch the flower before she plucked another.

Pulling the hat away from the blonde curls, Rachel tucked the flower into Quinn's tresses. "Then maybe you should start wearing them in your hair, Quinn."

Rachel became entranced by Quinn's stare, gazing deeply into hazel as she brushed strands of hair out of her face.

Quinn grabbed her hand and squeezed. Clearing her throat, she broke the silence. "I actually came home today because…I wanted to have lunch with you, are you up for that?" Quinn questioned, and Rachel blinked without a word, still trying to recover from the Quinn-induced haze she had been in.

"Of course Quinn, I would love to have lunch with you."

Quinn smiled and led the way to the patio.

"Lovely. Maybe we could talk more about your friend…Noah, and what it was you wanted to ask me."

Rachel shook her head, unsure about Noah's desire to meet Quinn. "Oh, it was nothing…" Quinn took a hold of Rachel's hand, helping her step up onto the deck

"Rachel, you know you don't have to be nervous about asking me anything. This is your home too now; whatever you need…all you have to do is ask." Quinn said, pulling the chair out for Rachel to sit.

Rachel took a seat, placing Quinn's hat on the table, still shaking her head.

It was surreal, to be told that after a few days, this home was considered hers. A home that had previously been empty aside from the inhabitants of one room.

Quinn took a seat across from her.

"It's honestly nothing, Quinn. Noah was talking to me and messing around-"

"Listen," Quinn cut her off softly, "All you have to do is ask, Rachel." Quinn repeated with a smile before leaning back onto the cushion of the chair, resting her arms on the handles.

Before Rachel could open her mouth, the door behind Quinn opened and Faye appeared with smiling eyes and a tray of food.

"Hello, hello ladies! Hope I'm not interrupting anything," The chef paused, "Actually if I am interrupting then I don't give a shit, because that makes the boss lady and I here even."

Quinn rolled her eyes. "I interrupted one date, and you'll never let me forget it."

Faye set the tray down and turned to Quinn with her hands placed on her hips. "Quinn, he was proposing to me."

Quinn smiled cheekily, shrugging. "Faye you didn't have to answer...despite it being really important."

Faye snorted. "You wanted me to come fry you bacon!"

Rachel laughed at the two of them, as Faye turned to grin at her. Quinn turned her eyes on Rachel, who then attempted to cover her laugh by coughing.

Faye laughed, "It's all in the past now, I guess. I married the guy and he wasn't that great. Maybe God was sending me a sign in your obscene and untimely bacon cravings."

Quinn's eyes shined as she sneered her lip up at Faye, "You know, I never liked that guy."

Faye rolled her eyes, "Yeah, yeah, yeah Quinn," she looked at Rachel, "She thinks she has some asshole radar or something."

Rachel laughed again, reaching for the wrap that Faye had placed on her plate as Quinn finally tore her eyes from Rachel to share a look with Faye. They were obviously communicating something not meant for Rachel's ears.

Rachel wondered if Quinn was close to Faye. She also wondered if Faye knew about the lifestyle her employer led. It seemed by their banter that their relationship went beyond just boss and employee.

Faye turned to Rachel with raised eyebrows. "Well then, I am going to start putting something away for dinner, it is good to see you again Rachel. Make sure you eat as much as you'd like. You look like I could fit my whole damn hand around your waist! Why don't you give Quinn a little extra meat to grab onto, eh?" She said with a wink before turning swiftly on her heel and walking back into the large kitchen.

Rachel chuckled as she blushed and turned to Quinn, smiling. "I'm guessing you guys silently communicated about how desperate you wanted her to leave so that you could find out about what I may or may not want to ask you?"

Quinn laughed. "I'm not desperate for anything, Rachel. I just want you to be comfortable with me." Quinn shrugged her shoulders and Rachel sighed, taking a quick bite.

"I just…" Rachel looked around before staring into Quinn's eyes. "I am comfortable with you…I just don't want to overstep my boundaries."

Quinn smiled softly. "Boundaries?"

It was apparently the perfect time to talk about boundaries. Any and every single one of them.

"Well…I assumed that by living here with you and being your submissive you would have some boundaries for me. I know you told me I wasn't your slave…but I still want to make sure that I don't cross any type of lines, if there are any, outside of play." Rachel spoke.

Quinn licked her lips and nodded in understanding. "Well…I don't have many boundaries set for you outside of play, Rachel. I don't kiss my subs on the lips, which I stated in the contract, for personal reasons. I guess you could call that a boundary?" Quinn said, looking to Rachel for approval, and Rachel tilted her head in wonderment.

"Yeah…" Rachel said, wondering how Quinn managed to continuously captivate her sexually without even kissing her.

Quinn took another bite, gazing at Rachel as she chewed, before she pushed the plate away once more. "Are you looking for any other types of boundaries?"

Rachel bit her lip. "Quinn, I was wondering if you would mind me going back to the city sometime to visit Noah and Santana?"

"That's what you wanted to ask me? Rachel, I have no problem with you leaving anytime…I told you that. You're don't have to ask for permission to leave, love. Not unless we're in the middle of play...and even during that type of 24/7 you don't have to ask my permission for things like that. The least thing I would ask is that you tell me where you are. I don't control where you go or who you see. Ever." Quinn smiled genuinely, locking eyes with her, and Rachel sat back in her chair and played with the ends of her robe, suddenly aware of how naked she was at the table.

"Rachel," Quinn spoke and Rachel met her eyes, "You need to understand that I want you to continue to be yourself. I don't want you to change, or feel like you don't have freedom. Don't be afraid to talk to me and ask about these things. I want to reassure any doubts or discomforts you may have. Please don't hold these things in, okay?"

"I know...and I won't. But still…I just want - I just want to make sure it's what you want, Quinn."

Rachel was nervous as she watched Quinn, who was gazing at her hungrily.

"You're what I want."

Rachel grew flushed, her body beginning to hum at Quinn's tone. The apex of her thighs became slightly damp at the words and without realizing it, her legs had spread wide open. Pulling her thighs together, Rachel touched the flower in her hair, her bottom lip tucked between her teeth.

Quinn felt her body tremble as Rachel tore her eyes from Quinn's gaze, glancing towards the garden.

The sounds of dishes clanking together caused Rachel to turn her attention back to Quinn who was quickly rising from her chair.

Rachel scooted back. "Quinn-"

Quinn dropped to her knees, pulling Rachel to the edge of the seat by her hips, "I want you right now, Rachel."

Rachel swallowed under Quinn's gaze and nodded her head.

Quinn slapped Rachel's thigh, causing her to gasp.

"You have a mouth for a reason Rachel, use it."

Rachel placed her hands on the arms of the chair and licked her lips. "I want you too, Mistress."

Quinn smiled, reaching forward to pull the robe apart, revealing Rachel's brown nipples.

Quinn dipped her head forward and took a nipple within her teeth, biting down on it. Rachel gripped the edges of the chair tightly, moaning and Quinn darted her tongue out to smooth the place her teeth had sank into.

"I don't have enough time to worship your body the way I should every time we fuck, love…but I need you. Ever since I saw you in that robe standing by my pool…I've been dying to have you." Quinn said huskily as she rose up to press her mouth against Rachel's pulse. Quinn flicked her thumbs over Rachel's nipples, caressing the underside of her breasts before pulling the robe apart completely.

"Oh…Mistress…" Rachel keened at the feeling, the breeze whipping against her body. Rachel's head fell back against the chair, the cushion softening it from the blow.

Quinn pulled back, placing her hands on Rachel's knees. "Spread, let me see you."

Rachel let her thighs drift apart, baring her sex to Quinn's eyes.


Rachel opened her legs wider, allowing her knees to touch the legs of the chair. She breathed heavily, watching Quinn, who stared unabashedly at the sight of Rachel's glistening opening.

"You're wet for me, Rachel?" Quinn asked. They locked eyes and Quinn watched Rachel grow fully aroused…her own body aching with need from the sight of Rachel's naked and shining sex.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Tell me."

Rachel whimpered as Quinn slipped a finger through the slick folds, juices coating her finger easily. "I..I'm…fuck-"

Quinn thrust her finger into Rachel's sex slowly, pulling Rachel straight up in the chair. Rachel's fingers remained wrapped securely around the wood.

"I don't have much time Rachel." Quinn said, staring into the chocolate orbs, and Rachel resisted the urge to roll her hips, desperately.

"I'm wet…for you, Mistress." Rachel moaned out. Her eyes fluttered and Quinn's jaw locked at the response, before she ripped her finger from the dripping space between Rachel's thighs.

"Good girl. Now, I'd like you to stay sitting up and keep your legs spread."

Rachel complied, her pussy thrumming with want as she watched Quinn unzip her pants.

"When we last spoke, you told me you wanted to see me. See my cock. Here's your chance." Quinn let go of the zipper after it had fallen open and stood to her feet.

Rachel stared up from her position in the chair, her heart pumping fast as she anticipated where Quinn was about to take her intimately.

Quinn looked down at her with a smile.

"Would you like to undress me, love?"

Rachel thought of finally getting to see Quinn. She thought of how Quinn would look. Rachel thought of how Quinn would feel, she imagined wrapping her hands around Quinn's dick and stroking her. Rachel even thought about how Quinn would taste.

"Yes, Mistress." Rachel whispered, looking for permission. Quinn nodded.

"You may touch me Rachel, but I want you to stay seated." Quinn ordered, and Rachel nodded, before adding quickly, "Yes Mistress."

Rachel reached with shaking hands and hooked her fingers in the sides Quinn's pants. Rachel looked up into hazel as she pulled the material, along with Quinn's boxers, from Quinn's hips to the middle of her thighs.

Rachel sucked in a breath, still watching Quinn's eyes. Quinn raised an eyebrow calmly.

"You wanted to see me…so look."

Rachel lowered her gaze, following the line of sight from Quinn's stomach past her pelvis until her eyes landed on Quinn's erect length.

She's so big.

Rachel couldn't stop the flood of wetness that gushed down her thighs at the sight.

Although she never really had much experience with men, Rachel found herself drawn to the sight of Quinn's cock.

Rachel's mouth watered and she reached out and touched the smooth skin. Rachel slid her hand down Quinn's dick with calculated ease. Quinn groaned at the touch and Rachel looked up to her in alarm, at the noise.

"No're doing great, you feel - God I love the way your hands feel, Rachel. It makes me wonder how your mouth will feel..."

Rachel bit her lip and her other hand wrapped itself around Quinn's dick, stroking with more purpose. Quinn reached out and grabbed onto the table as Rachel continued to rub her dick, the feeling of her hands pulsing throughout Quinn's entire body.

"Mmm, Rachel, does stroking me make you wet? Or do you get wet thinking about sucking your Mistress off?"

Rachel whimpered, pulling harder as her arousal ran down her spread thighs. "Yes, Mistress…oh god." Rachel moaned and Quinn twitched in her hands before halting their movements.

"Stop it. I want to be inside you, right now…get up." Quinn croaked, burying her hand in Rachel's hair and pulling her to her feet.

Quinn reached under Rachel's ass, lifting her up and Rachel wrapped her legs around Quinn's waist, feeling Quinn's dick poking her stomach.

Walking Rachel to the fence of the deck, Quinn sat her on the edge, Rachel's legs tightening around her.

"Mistress…please!" Rachel moaned, her hands wrapping around Quinn's neck.

Quinn quickly slid into Rachel's pussy, one hand cupping Rachel's cheek and the other gripping her bare waist. The bath robe flailed behind Rachel in the wind like a cape.

"Fuck!" Rachel called out, throwing her head back. She shut her eyes tightly at the almost foreign feeling of Quinn within her. It had been a few days and she certainly missed the feeling.

Quinn controlled the pace, the short thrusts of her dick eliciting gasps of pleasure from Rachel's mouth. Opening her eyes, Quinn pulled her hand from Rachel's hip to slap her engorged clit and Rachel cried out in pleasure.

"Eyes open, Rachel."

Rachel ripped her eyes open and stared into Quinn's. She was soaring, her ass rubbing against the wood with every thrust of Quinn's hips. "You're so wet, you're practically dripping for me, Rachel…dripping for my cock." Quinn delivered a hard thrust and reveled in Rachel's scream of ecstasy.

"Oh god…yes…"

Quinn smirked. "I've got to make this quick Rachel, because I've got to get back to work. I'm still going to fuck you hard. It's just…going to be a bit of asacrifice today."

Quinn leaned forward and gripped Rachel's thighs around her waist as she latched onto Rachel's earlobe, sucking on the flesh.

"Yes…M..Mistress! Fuck, yes…so good…"

"Do you understand what I mean by sacrifices, Rachel?" Quinn said. She was extremely calm for a woman who was buried inside of Rachel to the hilt.


Rachel couldn't begin to fathom why Quinn was attempting to have a serious conversation with her about sacrifices. Rachel was too busy getting fucked into oblivion to even try to understand what types of sacrifices were about to be made.

Maybe that was the point.

Quinn slowed her thrusts to a stop and Rachel all but screamed at the sudden change of pace.

"Did you hear what I just said?" Quinn said roughly in Rachel's ear and Rachel nodded, whimpering.

"Y..Yes!…Mistress, I heard you…please, please fuck…"

"Then, fucking answer me." Quinn snapped, pressing the head of her dick deeply against Rachel's walls and holding herself there. A scream tore its way from Rachel and Quinn bit her lip.

"Ye-es! I'm sorry…Mistress, yes!" Rachel screamed as Quinn slid back into the pace she had set before.

"Now, where was I…?" Quinn said in wonderment, hips banging against Rachel's.


"Oh yes…sacrifices, good girl. I didn't plan on fucking you Rachel, but I couldn't resist having you. The problem is, I have to be back at work soon so...we have to make sacrifices." Quinn felt a light sheen of sweat start to drip down the sides of her face.

"So, the sacrifice is," Quinn pressed her forehead to Rachel's and locked her in a fierce gaze, "I'm going to continue to fuck you, hard, until I come inside of you…and then I'm going to go to work, do you understand me?"

"Yes Mistress, please!" Rachel moaned, bringing one of her hands to slam against the deck, her body vibrating in ecstasy. Rachel let Quinn work her over, her body slipping from her control as Quinn fucked her hard.

Quinn thrust quickly, as Rachel began to clench tightly around her cock. Quinn was so deep she was sure Rachel could feel her pressing against her cervix.

Quinn was close, her body tight and her dick pulsating on the verge of release. Reaching up to grip the back of Rachel's head, Quinn grit her teeth, eyes boring into Rachel's as her body spurred erratically. Quinn's hips rolled with every thrust as she stared at Rachel, whose mouth was gaped open as Quinn fucked her.

"Mistress…fuck…yes, I'm so close!" Rachel pulled Quinn in tighter with her legs. "Please…Mistress, right there…"

Rachel was trembling in desperation. She was certain her voice was growing hoarse from all the screaming she was doing but she was achingly close, to the point that it felt like she was practically breathing her release.

Rachel could taste it, she could taste the pleasure that she was sure she was going to tumble over the edge into.

Quinn saw white sparkling behind her eyelids and suddenly her body tensed. She grew sporadic, her eyes dark with pleasure as she thrust one last time within Rachel before spilling inside of her.

Rachel watched Quinn come undone, shaking as she filled her up with her seed. Quinn's eyes were heavy with desire as she moaned loudly. In a domino effect, Rachel moaned wantonly at the sound, aching for release as Quinn's dick halted indefinitely and left her cold as it finished spurting within her.

Quinn closed her eyes, before pulling herself from the apex of the Rachel's legs swiftly, causing a displeased cry to empty from Rachel's lips. Her legs dangled from the deck as the wind swept against her naked body.


Quinn stepped back, and tucked herself back inside of her boxers and pants. She glanced at her watch before staring at Rachel. Quinn took in the sight of her legs gapped open and shaking, hands gripping the wood in an attempt to keep from falling.

Quinn smiled at Rachel, stepping up and burying her hand in her hair. "You look absolutely exquisite, Rachel, so close to an orgasm and dripping with mine. Desperate for me to give you something, anything to get you there."


Rachel whimpered at her words, practically ready to collapse with need for her touch.

"M..Mistress…please…I don't, I don't understand-"

"I told you that I was going to fuck you until I came, and then I was going to go back to work. I came, Rachel and now...I'm going back to work." Quinn said, and Rachel cried out in disappointment, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Please, Mistress, you c..can't do this…you can't…I need you, I'll do anything..." Rachel cried sliding from the wood and reaching on wobbly legs for Quinn's shirt.

Quinn caught Rachel's hands and pushed her against the wood, harshly. "Love, I did not give you permission to touch me." She said firmly before letting go of Rachel and gripping her neck.

"You belong to me, and unless you safe word, I can do whatever I fucking please with your body, do you understand?"

Rachel gasped, arousal consuming her entire body. "Yes Mistress, I'm..I'm sorry."

Tears slipped down tan cheeks as her swollen clit throbbed. Over-sensitized from the sex and craving more attention, Rachel watched hazel eyes gleam with satisfaction.

Quinn leaned forward once more, "I'm going to go to work, and you're going to get dressed and continue your day, without touching yourself. I trust you to follow my directions and not bring yourself pleasure of any sort. When I come home tonight, I want you on your knees, head down, with your hands clasped behind your back in the play room."

"Yes, Mistress." Rachel gasped out.

Quinn let her go with a smile. "Good girl."

Rachel whimpered, the hum of pride causing her body to vibrate. She was going to die before the day was over, surely. 

Drinking Rachel in, Quinn was suddenly filled with anguish. It was unfair, in every sense of the word, but as usual, Quinn was structured with her orders, a plan brewing within the confines of her carefully molded brain.

Yet, it was hard for Quinn to step away and leave Rachel to go back to work. It was hard not to just bend Rachel over the patio table and fuck her until she couldn't stop coming.

It had never been hard before, but as usual with Rachel, things were a little bit different.

Quinn spoke calmly, "When I said sacrifices, I meant you Rachel. I trust you to understand how happy you're making me by being so cooperative." Quinn walked away from Rachel, placing her hat back on her head.

"We will continue later, when I get home. On your knees by nine Rachel. Be a good girl and don't be late."

Chapter Text

It had been seven hours since Rachel had been touched last.

To say she was aching for Quinn's touch would be an understatement.

Rachel was going fucking insane.

She was craving a fix of anything Quinn could give her. Rachel's body was so over-sensitized, she ended up throwing on a loose dress until she was due in the playroom. Rachel didn't think she would be able to survive jeans and a tank top.

Rachel tried to distract herself in an attempt to control her raging hormones. She tried to walk past the doors of the play room without soaking in desire. She tried to nap away the lust, without the urge to fuck herself with her fingers.

It was hard.

Everything about this house was Quinn and every memory left Rachel in a state of desperation.

It was as if Quinn had fucked Rachel hard enough to make her want nothing but her for the entirety of the day. Quinn had managed to train Rachel's body for submission even without her presence.

It was a form of torture designed to test her limits and to teach her to obey.

Rachel was barely succeeding in resisting the urge to break her promise of submission.

However, she was beginning to understand the art of Quinn Fabray's form of control.

Although Rachel couldn't stop herself from wondering about the ties that bound them as lovers. Their relationship as dominant and submissive was clearly unusual.

There was a new type of feeling that fluttered inside of Rachel when Quinn was around, besides the sudden arousal she always felt. There was something else, something that triggered strong responses from both of them.

Quinn was struggling to keep her demeanor straight throughout their training. It was as if she was constantly fighting her body because of Rachel's inexperience. Rachel however, was becoming slowly hooked on every single rush, and it disappointed her to think that Quinn was holding back.

It was a strange and powerful dynamic.

Rachel found herself aching for Quinn's touch, craving play time. She was practically praying for the hours to slowly wind down for her Mistress to come home.

Rachel was growing strongly attached to the idea of pleasing Quinn and she deeply understood the way things worked. Quinn was training her to learn the basics of the lifestyle that she led.

Respect, Obedience, Patience, Sensuality, and Acceptance.

It was highly ironic. Rachel had always been someone who struggled with every single one of those things. She was every type of stubborn and indignant. She was impatient and struggled to follow directions.

Yet here Rachel found herself in a stranger's home, entering her sex room of play toys naked, and falling to her knees ready to do everything and anything that Quinn requested of her.

Rachel still found herself filled with little inhibitions, afraid to really let herself fully understand the seriousness of the connection she held with her Dom. Because a part of her felt that it went a fraction beyond what was on the surface.

Yet, there were still so many things that Rachel wondered about.

Rachel was too nervous to ask, but she still felt inclined to know why Quinn was so loving...yet so unwilling to be attached.

"I don't kiss on the lips...I guess you could call that a boundary."

Rachel hadn't even noticed, hadn't realized that Quinn had yet to press her beautifully plump, soft lips against her own.

Suddenly Rachel felt offended, wondered if all of her other lovers - submissives felt the same disconnection, despite things being so...addictive.

It was a relationship of the body, an unconventional one at that.

Rachel shivered at the thought. She couldn't say that she missed the conventional way so much...then again she hadn't had much experience with a "conventional" relationship.

Two gay fathers, only two previous sexual experiences, and both without an orgasm. Rachel was a tragic case until the tall blonde with the beautiful smile and hypnotizing eyes decided that she was going to have her.

Exactly the way she wanted her.

However, Rachel's desire couldn't quell her inquisitiveness regarding Quinn's life. She constantly found herself craving further knowledge of what helped those hands, that body, that soul, that woman become who she was.

It just never seemed like the right time to ask questions.

So now here Rachel was, her chocolate eyes glaring holes into the floor that her naked knees pressed into. Her pussy throbbed, proof of her desire dripping down her thighs as she waited for her Mistress to appear.

The clocked ticked.

It was only her second time in the playroom, yet Rachel felt hooked on Quinn's presence. Rachel wondered what she would learn tonight. With the way Quinn took her on the deck and somehow managed to walk away without even flinching, effectively controlling the outcome of her pleasure...Rachel knew things were going to be taken up a level in the playroom tonight.

She was still learning, but she wouldn't deny her urge to obey every command given to her; Rachel was ready to do anything to receive what she had been denied hours before.

Rachel was dripping with anticipation yet again, ready for whatever surprises she would be greeted with, ready to be absolutely worked over to Quinn's content.

"I see I'm going to be breathless every time I see you naked and kneeling for me, love."

Once again, the soft tone of Quinn's voice alerted Rachel to her presence. Rachel felt her heart thumping in her chest as Quinn stepped closer to her. Just thinking of Quinn being a few feet away from her caused Rachel's breathing to become irregular.

And her Mistress noticed.

"Are you nervous about being completely naked for me, Rachel?"
Now that Quinn mentioned it, Rachel realized that it was interesting to enter the room and already be naked opposed to having someone undress you.

"Only a little, Mistress." Rachel answered honestly, and Quinn hummed in approval.

"I imagine so. You've never come into this room with what's mine already bared to me." Quinn spoke and Rachel licked her lips.

Quinn paused, allowing Rachel time to process her words. Quinn's husky possessiveness only welcomed a low hum into Rachel's body.

Rachel took in a deep breath.


"You must understand," Quinn started, "Today, you looked so delicious in nothing but that robe; fresh from a shower when I came home...I had to take you right then. But I also had a bit of an agenda."

Suddenly, Rachel again found herself listening to the sound of heels clicking against the floor as Quinn walked. "In our last session you learned about respect, and you learned about obedience...and how nothing good comes from disobeying me." She added with a dark chuckle.

A shiver made its way through Rachel's bones and she tuned in on what Quinn was saying.

"Today I fucked you, spilled my seed within you...and then I left you there, right on the edge of orgasm with directions to hold off on coming until I got home." Quinn stated, as Rachel shuddered at the thought of the torturous directions she had followed since Quinn left.

"I don't have to explain this to you, but I will. I did this with the intention of capitalizing on our lesson of respect and obedience, while including a little a bit of a lesson on patience. I wanted to see if you could redeem yourself from what you failed in doing last week...I wanted to see if you could be patient with me and obey the directions that I gave you."

Quinn smiled, "It's important to me that you learn to respect me and follow my directions." She walked closer to Rachel, her voice calm and genuine. "But it's even more important to me that you understand the art of patience. When you're patient with me, you're showing me that you trust my judgement, love. It shows me that you're willing to go wherever I take you."

Rachel finally felt Quinn beside her. She squatted, resting on the heels of her shoes, her face inches away from Rachel's.

Rachel didn't look up.

"Did you follow my directions, Rachel?"

Rachel smiled inside at the thought, excited at the reward that would come from how well she had followed Quinn's directions, at how she had excelled as a sub.

"Yes, Mistress."

"You didn't touch yourself, all day?"

Rachel answered once more.

"No, Mistress."

Quinn licked her lips and reached out, placing her hand between the girl's thighs, feeling an immense amount of Rachel's essence coat her hand.

"Mmm...did you want to?"

Rachel gasped, her clit throbbing, sex aching. "So badly, Mistress..."

Quinn smiled, standing and stepping away from Rachel. She examined her hand, Rachel's juices glistening in the light.

"I see..."

Rachel resisted the urge to clench her thighs together, desperate for a specific type of friction. Quinn turned and stared at Rachel's kneeling body, overwhelmed by how pleased she was.

"You did so well, love. You're learning fast."

Rachel bit her lip, her own smile twitching at the corner of her mouth, the touch of Quinn's palm still burning fiercely against her pussy.

"On your feet."

Rachel scrambled, her arms still behind her, head still staring at the floor as she stood to her full height, slightly embarrassed as the breeze of the air conditioning whipped across her nakedness.

Rachel listened as Quinn moved from her previous position to stand directly in front of her. Rachel stared at the tips of yet another pair of boots. She noticed that this pair laced up and were black. Suddenly, there was pressure at the bottom of her chin and Quinn was requesting movement by a simple gesture.

Look at me.

Rachel allowed her head to lift, the beautiful face of Quinn Fabray staring back at her.

"You've been such a good girl."

Rachel bit her lip as the hum inside of her grew stronger at the words. The feeling traveled through her system and touched her in ways words usually didn't.

"And because of that, I'm going to reward you love," Rachel bit her lip, still watching Quinn, who smiled as she spoke.

"I'm going to reward you while I train you you understand?"

Rachel flexed her hands, and finally allowed herself to smile at the words. "Yes, Mistress."

Quinn raised her eyebrows, her grin widening. "Does that make you happy, Rachel?"

The sight of Rachel's dimple invoked unfamiliar feelings within Quinn. She'd never seen any of her sub's smile and furthermore she had never been particularly attached to the action, the craving for a serious submissive diminishing the part of her that ever wondered about playfulness.

However, it was shocking how fast Quinn's desire increased at the sight of Rachel's smile of satisfaction.

The sight of a naked and blushing Rachel with a smile on her face made Quinn's cock twitch.

Rachel's breath caught in her throat as she stared into Quinn's eyes. Rachel was on the edge, suddenly paranoid of making a possible mistake. The fear settled inside of her and Rachel looked down, the smile fading from her face.

"I..I'm sorry, Mistress..."

"I did not tell you to look down, eyes up. Also, 'sorry', doesn't answer my question."

It was proof of the extent of Rachel's submissiveness. She was naturally apologetic. She ripped her eyes from the floor and glanced back at her Dom, who reached up and brushed a strand of her hair from her face.

Rachel fluttered her eyelashes, all of her senses heightened by Quinn's heated gaze.

"It...makes me happy, Mistress."

Quinn brushed her knuckles across the girl's face and leaned forward.

"Don't ever apologize for smiling, Rachel. It's beautiful on you, especially after you've been such a wonderful girl."

Rachel licked her lips as the husky voice caressed the tip of her ear. Quinn darted her tongue out to lick and nip at the skin there.

"Tonight...I'm going to take you further, love. I'm going to teach you what pleasure is all about. I plan on doing that by teaching you things you never knew about yourself, about your body." Quinn pressed a short kiss to Rachel's ear, invoking a shiver down her naked body before she stepped away from her.

"I want to invoke the most...sensual responses from you." Her voice was like silk, covering Rachel's entire body with chills. Quinn continued her speech.

"I know you're wet for me Rachel and I know you're eager to receive your reward...but even now, you have to remain as patient as you have been today." Quinn ran her hand down Rachel's side, to her thigh, trailing the tips of her fingers over the smooth skin there.

Quinn caressed her skin, and she moved her palm to the inside of Rachel's thigh before placing her hand right over her pussy. Rachel gasped at the feeling, then cried out when Quinn pushed two slender fingers inside of her.

Rachel almost tripped, but Quinn's hand steadied her as she began to thrust within her quickly.

"Are you going to continue to be a good girl for your Mistress?"

Rachel moaned incoherently, her body pulsating from the combination of the sensitivity of her pussy and the quick movements of Quinn's fingers, working her over with ease.

A sharp smack to her ass woke Rachel.

"Y..Yes Mistress!" she choked out, and Quinn chuckled, slapping the flesh once more, before pulling her fingers from Rachel's wet heat and letting her go. Quinn arched her eyebrow as Rachel stumbled, barely managing to hold her hands behind her back as she steadied herself.

Rachel could've cried at how desperate she was for release, but it was obvious that this particular training session was going to indeed teach her a great deal about herself and more about what it meant to be Quinn's submissive.

"Good because as I said, tonight your release depends on how good you can be for me, Rachel. It depends on how much you've learned from your mistakes."

Rachel watched as Quinn took a step back, her full body now revealed. Rachel licked her dry lips at the sight as her desire gushed from her pussy.

Quinn Fabray stood in tall black boots that Rachel had spent the night staring at, leather pants, and a blood red corset. Her blonde curls fell down over her shoulders, past her breasts and Rachel felt like she was staring at a goddess.

Quinn grinned at the way Rachel reacted to her outfit. Swaying from side to side she spoke softly, "Do you like it love? I wanted to try something a littledifferent for you," Quinn bit her lip shyly and her submissive whimpered.

Fuck I want you so bad.

"You look incredible, Mistress." Rachel breathed and Quinn's grin widened. She tilted her head.

"Aww, you're a sweet girl, Rachel. Thank you." Quinn walked past her, hips swaying as she began to set up.

Rachel listened closely as Quinn silently began to pull out things and noises surrounded her ears. She didn't turn, eager to follow Quinn's directions. Rachel just resigned to standing with her hands clasped tightly behind her.

It sounded as if Quinn was putting equipment together.

It made Rachel tremble, curious with need.

"Rachel, would you come here, please?"

Rachel turned around and walked towards Quinn, the pads of her feet heavy against the floor. Quinn, stood with her hands on her hips, holding something that resembled a long black…stick, with a pad on the end.

Rachel briefly had time to decide that it looked like a leather spatula. Sucking a breath in harshly at the thought of being punished with it, Rachel tried to process what she possibly could have done within the last twenty four hours to deserve punishment, and nervously glanced upwards to what Quinn was standing next to.

It was a steel rod, protruding horizontally from the wall, inches below the ceiling, level with Quinn's head. There was another parallel to it closer to the floor. There were cuffs on each end of both, and Rachel anticipated with her body, mind, and soul what her Dom could have in store for her.

Quinn raised an eyebrow at the way Rachel gazed at the contraption she had put together. Biting her lip, she pulled Rachel to stand on top of the rods, bending down to snap her ankles into the cuffs.

"Raise your arms up." Quinn directed softly and Rachel adjusted to the position she was in with her feet, before raising her hands upwards, straight over her head.

Quinn chuckled.

"No, we're going to do things a little different Rachel." Quinn balanced the leather stick in her hand, and turned Rachel's arms so that her palms were facing her, and her elbows faced Quinn.

It was only a little uncomfortable, and Rachel flinched at the slight strain it put on her arms.

Once fastened securely, Quinn rested her hands on Rachel's arms and leaned into her.

"Does anything hurt?"

"No, Mistress."

Quinn stepped away, the spikes of her killer boots snapping against the floor with every step she took. She flipped her hair over her shoulder before staring hungrily at Rachel, bound with her arms and legs fastened and spread to her delight.

Rachel continued to stare back at the beautiful Dom who seemed to be taking her in, memorizing her appearance.

"I want you so fucking bad, Rachel. Especially seeing you cuffed for me…staring at me, with those beautiful dark eyes." Quinn stepped behind her, and trailed the leather stick across Rachel's shoulder blades gently, sweeping it underneath her long brown hair.

Rachel bit her lip, feeling her knees go weak at the touch. Quinn grinned, tangling her fingers in ends of Rachel's hair, pressing her body into hers. Her erection raged inside of her pants, against the crease of Rachel's ass, and as she pressed a little harder into Rachel's backside, Quinn elicited a moan from her lips.

Quinn chuckled and brought the leather stick around, running it from Rachel's neck, in between her breasts…down her stomach and over her thighs.

"Do you want me?" She spoke huskily, against the tip of Rachel's ear, and Rachel was thankful that the cuffs were tight, because her body would have definitely fallen forward by now.

Rachel was surrounded. The essence of Quinn suffocated her, along with the movement of her leather…thing that was raising hairs and causing goosebumps to erupt all over her body.

Then suddenly, Rachel felt the sting of the pad against her thigh.

"Answer me."

It was different, a delicious type of pain that caused Rachel to simultaneously gasp and buck forward.

"Yes…Yes Mistress…" Rachel breathed out, and Quinn released her and moved away, while still gliding the leather thing all over her body.

"Hmm. Rachel, do you know what this is?"

Rachel bit her lip, staring at the woman that now stood in front of her, holding the thing in front of her eyes. She blinked.

"No, Mistress, I don't."

Quinn grinned. "It's a riding crop, it's typically what jockeys use to whip their horses with. To make them go faster."


"If you'd like, it can have the effect of a whip, depending on how you use it. I personally, prefer to use it for pleasure…a special type of pleasure."

Quinn reached for Rachel suddenly, holding her by the back of her neck and pressing their foreheads together. She slapped the riding crop against Rachel's clit, and held it there.

Rachel clenched her hands, crying out at the feeling. "I just love the way it sounds, against flesh…It's a more sensual form of spanking."

Rachel squirmed against the pad that pressed into her wet flesh. Quinn brought it down against her sex again and Rachel keened at the feeling.

"Stop moving."

Rachel complied, whimpering as Quinn held the crop firmly against her aching center.

"Tonight I'm going to play with you Rachel. I'm going to play with your sensuality using this. I'm going to teach you about the most erotic places on your body…and what they can do for your pleasure and how fucking you isn't necessarily the only way I can make you fall apart."

Quinn pressed into Rachel firmly, her body heating up at the moan that emptied Rachel's lips.

"And trust me love, I'm going to make you fall apart over and over again…until you beg me to stop. I can do that and I'm going to do that without even sticking my dick in you…" Quinn said deeply into her ear, licking it, and lowering her eyes to watch Rachel's juices flow from her center onto the pad of the crop.

Quinn laughed lowly, before stepping away from Rachel, removing the crop and watching Rachel already begin to pant, already on the edge. Both from the idea that she was going to come multiple times after being denied, and the fact that she was once again in a state of complete and total submission.

"What you don't know, because you've never had sex with anyone as sexually educated and well-endowed as I am, is that there are places on your body…other than your precious pussy, clit and g-spot that are designed to stimulate you sexually. They are called erogenous zones."

The words rolled off of Quinn's tongue as if she was teaching a lesson. She walked, swinging the riding crop in her hands, throwing her curls over one shoulder, hard on bulging inside of her leather.

"Most of the time they are found by chance during foreplay…other than that, people usually never pay any attention to them. I find them extremely sensual…" Quinn said it in a husky whisper and closed her eyes briefly before coming to a stop and turning to face Rachel again.

Rachel watched, dripping with desire and holding on to her every word.

"I have them. Naturally they are in the most unusual places…" Quinn touched her elbow, "Here."

She trailed her finger up her arm, while walking closer to Rachel, and settled on the piece of skin right on the tip of her shoulder, "Here."

Rachel felt her heartbeat quicken inside of her as Quinn licked her lips, stopping mere inches in front of her face, so close that Rachel could taste the words on her lips. So close that all Rachel had to do was lean forward a little and she would be crossing her boundary and pressing her lips against Quinn's.

Quinn brought her finger finally to her cheek, to the right of her nose, and breathed out, "And here."

Rachel stared at her skin with heavy-lidded eyes and breathed through her nose, suddenly having to work to resist the urge to press her lips against the spot. Quinn stared back at her with dark eyes. "Do you know where your erogenous zones are, Rachel?"

Rachel stared desperately at Quinn, biting her lip. She shook her head, and suddenly the snap of the crop filled her eardrums again, as the sting spread onto the inside of her thigh.

"Use your words, Rachel. I shouldn't have to keep reminding you."

"I'm sorry Mistress, I…I don't know about my, erogenous-" Quinn reached out and cupped her cheek, bringing the riding crop to her face and trailing it gently across her cheek bones, effectively cutting her off.

"That's a shame, love." Quinn pressed her lips against Rachel's forehead sweetly, before backing away.

"We're going to find them."

Before Rachel could begin to process the words, she felt the riding crop, whipping her thighs. The instrument came quick and swiftly, against her skin. Rachel gasped at the amount of momentum Quinn brought the riding crop down with, but found herself filled with lust from the sting.

Rachel squirmed, wondering if her erogenous zones could be on her thighs, seeing as Quinn was trading her hits now, alternating between the left and the right thigh and staring directly into her eyes as the red began to form on her flesh.

Rachel moaned, anticipating each hit, craving the sound of the smack and the way it echoed in the room aside from the breathy undertones of her moans and Quinn's intense silence.

Hazel eyes bore into hers, dark and searching, as Quinn suddenly stopped.

"Hmm." Quinn swiped the riding crop against Rachel's pussy lips and grinned at the way it caused her to cry out, bucking her hips violently.


Quinn twirled the riding crop between her fingers and walked away, stalking around the suspended girl and touching her face. Quinn trailed the tips of her fingers to Rachel's ear, her favorite place of attack.

Rachel closed her eyes, the feathery touch making her choke on her breath. Quinn raised an eyebrow, running her finger against the lobe, tugging on it, before pushing it forward to place her fingers in the pad of space behind Rachel's ear. With a quick ease, Quinn pressed the pads of her fingers into the space.

Holy fuck.

"Found it." 

Rachel's eyes widened as the feeling burst within her, sparks of absolute pleasure shooting from her neck all the way down to her toes.

She screamed, her body spamming into a fit of absolute ecstasy.

Rachel clenched her fists, wrists straining against the cuffs and arms pulling in a deliciously uncomfortable way as she squirmed, her voice rising in pitch as a reaction to the gentle and relentless rubbing of Quinn's fingers.

It was maddening, yet it was almost as good as Quinn fucking her, maybe better. Her pussy was clenching unconsciously hard at the feeling. It was like being electrocuted. Shockwaves piercing every inch of Rachel's skin from the inside all the way to the outside. Rachel could only imagine how wanton she sounded. Quinn chuckled, moving her fingers faster against the sensitive spot.

"How does it feel, Rachel?" She asked, softly. Leaning forward against Rachel's shaking head, Quinn smiled as Rachel thrashed with absolute pleasure. Quinn breathed hotly against the tip of the ear that she was assaulting, and while still rubbing the space behind it, brushed her plump lips against the inside. Flicking her tongue, Quinn sent Rachel into a flurry of incoherence.

The sounds tumbled from her lips and Rachel knew that she wasn't going to be able to answer her Dom.

Rachel screamed, words that were meant to have meaning spiraling into broken syllables that signaled the ecstasy that she was fast tumbling into.

A smack to the inside of her thigh, dangerously close to her pussy almost sent her tumbling into an orgasm, but somehow with a choked moan…Rachel caught herself. Quinn smacked the riding crop against Rachel's ass.

"Answer me."

"Y...Yesssso fucking g..good…oh…I..I…fuck...fuck…Mistress…I..I please, please…let me come, or…s..sto-"

Quinn pressed her fingers harshly into the spot, and sank her teeth into Rachel's ear. Causing her cry out, loudly. The sounds of her screams echoed off of the walls.

"You want me to stop?" Quinn said incredulously, swiping the riding crop repeatedly against the girl's ass and thighs, alternating with each stroke. Rachel's voice grew higher in pitch with every single smack.

"Oh no, Noo..oh! P..Please! I'm so…Mistress, let me…can I…"

"Can you what…come? You want to come, Rachel?" Quinn teased, drumming her fingers softly against Rachel's skin, and Rachel bucked her hips violently, her body wobbling with the lack of support to her middle.

Rachel's stomach flipped automatically from feeling as if she'd fall, and she was sweating, her eyes stinging with tears as her body rocked. Her pussy was aching, her clit swollen and throbbing with pleasure.

"YesY..Yes! Please, M..Mistress…please Mistress-"

Quinn smiled, switching hands and swinging the riding crop against Rachel's pussy fiercely.

Pressing her fingers firmly against the space behind Rachel's ear, Quinn simultaneously smacked her sopping pussy with the riding crop, biting her lip as Rachel's screams filled her body up.

Quinn didn't know how much longer she would be able to handle Rachel's animalistic response. Her cock was straining desperately against her pants.

Rachel's palms stung from the indention of her nails as she clenched her fists. Her muscles strained and her legs shook erratically.

Quinn smacked the girl's pussy one last time, while pinching the skin in the dip of her ear. "Come. Now."

Rachel threw her head back, her eyes wide and awake, and let out a violent scream.

Quinn watched, pressing the crop against her pussy as the feeling ripped its way through Rachel's petite body, stitching itself in her system in the most delicious of ways. Rachel continued her drawn out cries of ecstasy, her throat burning along with her skin as she bucked roughly against her cuffs, ignoring the pain in her arms, wrists, and ankles.

It was definitely a different type of orgasm, and it felt so fucking good.

It was as if Rachel was pulled into an alternate universe of pleasure. It was like as if that one spot behind her ear was a straight circuit to her climax.

Rachel couldn't control the pleasure as it flowed relentlessly through her and reduced her body to a limp form. She was mewling, completely devoid of energy from an orgasm.

"Yes, yes, oh fuck, fuck, oh, fuck…." The words dripped from Rachel's lips like a prayer.

Quinn was overwhelmed, her body filled to the brim with lust. She almost found herself having second thoughts on what she prepared.

But Quinn gathered her emotions and stepped away from Rachel. Pulling the crop away from her sex, Quinn stilled her fingers behind Rachel's ear, as her knees attempted to buckle. However, they failed to because of her state of bondage.

Rachel sobbed in pleasure, her cum coating her thighs. Quinn watched her, before leaning in and pressing her lips to her neck, delighting in the noises that emptied from Rachel's lips.

"Such a good girl..." Quinn purred.

"F…Fuck…Mistress…oh, god…"

"You're so beautiful Rachel…" Quinn whispered, pressing her lips to Rachel's ear, licking and smiling as she whimpered.

"I mean you are absolutely gorgeous, love. You make me want you with every single move that you make." Quinn spoke, her voice deep with desire.

Rachel closed her eyes, Quinn's presence surrounding her. Rachel was so overcome with pleasure it was painful. She was actually scared to come again.


"Don't speak. Let me finish." Quinn said, rubbing against the spot again, and sending Rachel into another fit of screams, as the feeling came back stronger than before.

Rachel's pussy roared back to life, pulsing erratically.

"You drive me crazy, you leave me absolutely breathless, and after watching you come so hard…from just my fingers," Quinn's voice became firm, growing stronger along with her fingers as they pressed roughly against her. Quinn leaned forward with her face pressed completely against Rachel's.

" more-"

"Yes, love, more. After watching you come so hard from my fingers, I want to slide my cock inside of you and fuck you until you can't even move."


"Again, Rachel."

A scream tore its way violently out of Rachel's throat and Quinn couldn't stop herself from moaning with her as Rachel came hard for the second time. She was coming purely from the sound of Quinn's voice and the feeling of her slender fingers pressed against her skin.

Rachel thought, this was it. She was surely going to die from the way she was viciously coming, the way her knees were rocking her forward, the way her clit was pulsing as waves of pleasure ripped its way through her body.

Quinn felt like she could come herself, her cock painfully hard in her pants. The desire to bury herself inside of Rachel's pussy was overpowering and Quinn bit her lip, removing her fingers and gliding the riding crop over Rachel's leg…even as she continued to scream in pleasure. Addicted to the sight, Quinn was certain that there was somewhere else that could garner a reaction as powerful as the one she had just witnessed.

"FuckMistress…it feels so good…oh my god…"

"Mmm. I know love. It feels good, doesn't it? Being rewarded for being a good girl, for being…obedient?"

"Y..Yes…Yes ma'am…Yes Mistress…oh fuck, it's so good…"

Quinn smiled and stepped in front of Rachel, pulling her chin up to stare at her. "When I give you things, Rachel, I expect you to be grateful, do you understand?" Quinn said, her voice controlled and calm. The crop was sliding slowly, slick from her orgasms, up and over Rachel's body, against her breasts and in between them.

Rachel keened at the feeling, still trying to come around from the extreme shock of a second orgasm. "Yes…Mistress, Yes I u..understand…"

Quinn leaned in and pressed her lips against Rachel's forehead. Moving to her ear, Quinn breathing out firmly, "What should you say?"

Rachel's body attempted to double over, but was unable to since her cuffs physically forced her upright.

However, she did understand what her Mistress was telling her.

"T..Thank you, Mistress…" She mewled, breathless. Rachel focused her heavy eyes on the hazel ones of her Dom, who stared back at her, arching an eyebrow.

"Thank you for what?"

"T..Thank you, f..for letting me come…" Rachel spoke, and her clit throbbed. She was still painfully aroused, and Quinn smiled.

"That's a good girl."

Quinn brushed sweaty bangs out of Rachel's face. She stepped behind her. Bringing the riding crop to her ass cheeks, Quinn ran the pad of the crop over the skin, watching as Rachel sucked in a breath harshly.

Rachel wasn't sure how she'd been able to function after the two orgasms that Quinn had put her through, and still be anxious for more. Quinn stared at the slightly reddened flesh, watching it tighten as the crop brushed over it, before reaching the underside of her ass cheek.

As soon as the leather touched the spot, Rachel's entire body bucked forward and that same feeling surged through her body.


"Oh god…" Rachel moaned, her voice rough from exertion.

Quinn grinned. "Oh well would you look at that. Your beautiful ass is more than it appears to be." Quinn pulled the riding crop from Rachel's ass, and with her free hand, pulled the left cheek upwards, revealing her skin.

Flicking her wrist, Quinn brought the crop down onto Rachel's flesh and felt herself become harder somehow when Rachel cried out from the feeling.

Rachel cried out in surprise. She was turned on from being spanked, but this particular spot sent familiar waves of pleasure through her. It made her full of desire.

"Fuck! Mistress…again…"

Quinn paused, surprised by Rachel's response and stepped forward, letting go of her ass to pull Rachel's hair aside and press a kiss to the place where her neck met her shoulder.

"Hmm, Again? Would you like more, Rachel?" Quinn pressed her erection into the crease of Rachel's ass, before bringing the crop down on the spot with quick ease, causing Rachel to moan again in surprise. "You want me to whip your ass until you come all over your thighs again, is that what you want?"

Quinn brought the riding crop down again, and again, and again while bucking her hard dick into Rachel's ass, allowing herself some sort of relief, while sending Rachel deeper into her own arousal.

Rachel tried to form words, but found herself screaming as her body went warm from Quinn's crop against her.

"Huh?" Quinn raised her voice, nipping Rachel's skin and Rachel felt like she was going to break the cuffs with the way her body was rocking unsteadily against them.

"Fuck…Mistress, please…yes, more…"

Quinn held Rachel while she bucked into her ass, wishing that her clothes would fall off and that she could bury herself inside of Rachel.

"Mmm...More. I like the sound of that, I want you to say more every time I spank you love…"

Rachel moaned, "Yes Mistress…oh god...oh fuck...more!"

Quinn basked in the sound, slapping the crop against Rachel quickly.

"Use your manners like a good little girl, Rachel…say please."

"Fuck, more please!"

"Oh fuck, I love the way that sounds coming from your mouth...It makes your Mistress want you more…can you feel how much I want you? How much I love making you come apart at my fingers, at the hand of my riding crop?" Quinn pressed harshly into Rachel, swinging the crop down onto the space under her ass and breathing heavily as Rachel screamed.

"Fuck yes, yes Mistress...more please, more!"

"I want you so fucking badly Rachel. You have no idea. I want to fuck you anywhere I possibly can." Rachel screamed as the depth of how much Quinn desired her sank into her system.

Rachel had never felt sexy, she had never even felt close to it, but with all of Quinn's actions, she apparently was.

"I want to spank your ass red while I fuck you on your hands and knees, I want to watch the muscles in your thighs twitch when I fuck you with your legs spread as far as they can go," She spoke quickly, smacking her skin fast with the crop. Rachel bucked herself backwards as best as she could to meet the crop and Quinn's hips.

"Yes! Yes! Oh my fucking god, Mistress yes, more…please!" Rachel moaned, lost in the way the crop was stinging against the space between her thigh and her ass cheek, deliciously causing her body to convulse all over, sparks flying in every direction.

Quinn clutched her hips tightly, sliding her hand down to smack her pussy in time with the crop.

"Fuck, Rachel! I can't wait to take you, in every way. I can't wait to make every single place on your body mine. Your pussy is already mine, your neck, your breasts, your asshole…"

Rachel threw her head back and clenched her eyes shut. She was right on the edge of another, even more powerful orgasm. Rachel gasped for air as she choked out screams of pleasure, her pussy clenching around nothing, while her other hole tightened involuntarily at the mention of Quinn being inside of her that way.

Rachel had never done that, never even thought about it, and now she found herself teetering on the edge of orgasm, just from the mere mention of Quinn being her ass.

Fuck me.

"Mistress please…fuck! Please…I'm so close, please…more, more, more!"

Quinn smiled breathlessly at the wanton request. Rachel's voice was husky and filled with desperation.

Her wrists were hot from the cuffs clutching them, and Rachel found herself wringing her hands out, reaching for something.

"And you want to know the one thing I'm looking forward to the most? The one thing that I've pictured ever since I sat across from you in that little diner that day?"

Quinn licked her lips. "I want to see you, on your knees with those beautiful lips wrapped around my fucking cock." Quinn grinned at the sharp intake of breath that left Rachel's body, and then she purred, "Come for me, Rachel."

Everything went silent.

Faintly Rachel could hear the sound of her voice screaming in a pitch she didn't think was humanly possible. It deafened everything in the room, and all she could do was become lost in the feeling of the riding crop against her ass, and Quinn's words sinking into her system.

Rachel wasn't sure it was even real, how limp her body was. If this was what being high was like, then she was about to become violently addicted.

But Rachel was full of ecstasy that could not be achieved with any drug, or drink.

It was purely Quinn.

Quinn was actually on the brink of letting go, herself. She was still pressed into Rachel's backside as she smacked the riding crop one last time, before burying her face into Rachel's bare back.

She listened as Rachel sobbed and fell forward as much as her knees would allow her against the cuffs.

Quinn released Rachel, basking in the sound of her voice as it pierced her.

Rachel screamed, even as her wrists became free and fell down to her front, her body sinking into Quinn's.

Rachel was still coming, her legs shaking so hard that Quinn was sure she was going to go into some form of shock. Quinn had never seen any woman's legs move so fast before in her life.

Quinn leaned over to unclasp her ankles and finally Rachel was released, still coming intensely.

"Ohoh" Rachel moaned incoherently, hair wild from the throes of pleasure.

Quinn arranged Rachel so that she was carrying her bridal style for the second time from the playroom.

Quinn held her close, more than turned on and now in the same position she had left the girl in earlier that day.

Rachel had been reduced to nothing but bones, lying within the arms of the very woman that had made her who she was. Yet, before going completely numb in the midst of her orgasm-induced haze, Rachel managed to slur out one thing with a smile.

"T..Thank you…for let..letting me comeMistress."

Chapter Text

"Hey, it's me."

Quinn turned her chair back and forth, listening to the smooth voice on the other end.

She was back at work, almost a week from her second training session with Rachel. The training session that left Rachel sensitive and worn out for a couple of days, and left Quinn lost in her thoughts.

Quinn saw so much potential in Rachel.

Initially, that was the thing that attracted her to the petite brunette in the first place. Quinn knew deep in her heart that there was just something about Rachel.

Something so natural, something beautiful.

Which was exactly what Quinn had been searching for. Something that set one submissive apart from the rest.

Quinn looked for the submissive who yearned to be obedient. She wanted a woman who genuinely wanted to give up that kind of control. However, she hoped for that woman to be natural, inexperienced, and willing to be taught despite her subconscious obedience.

Quinn felt that that woman was obviously Rachel, and then some.

Rachel was absolutely clueless as to where her submissive nature came from or how far it went, yet she began accepting and understanding it with an ease that most of Quinn's most experienced encounters hadn't even come close to.

It was exhilarating, and baffling.

Of course it made Quinn happy and gave her a certain thrill. It also caused her to become sexually attached to Rachel in a truly dynamic way.

A way that felt like a bomb, waiting to explode.

It was slightly frightening for Quinn. Because it was staring to seem like the premise of some type of unseen relationship. The feelings that ran within her were increasing rapidly everyday. So much that they started to make Quinn impatient. They made it harder for Quinn to stay controlled and even more difficult to keep the level of dignity that she perfected with her submissives for so long.

Of course, Rachel was still rough around the edges. Making mistakes came natural with being a submissive, but Rachel's mistakes were accompanied with actions that almost made Quinn wonder how naturally obedient Rachel really was.

That type of progress, caused Quinn to assume that Rachel's training could maybe come to an end faster than she planned.

Which caused Quinn to come to a conclusion that she usually wouldn't come to so early in an agreement. A conclusion that she wasn't so sure about.

So she called for a second opinion.

"Well, it's none other than the Quinn Fabray. To what do I owe this pleasure? Have you done away with your new project already?"

Quinn laughed at Charlotte's antics, smiling at the woman's playful tone.

"Charlotte, my love. Your jealousy is delicious...but wrong, once again. I was actually just calling to have a particular talk with you about my "project" whose name is actually Rachel. I expect you refer to her as such, from now on."

Charlotte whistled. "Ooh, yes ma'am. Someone is awfully attached to their new toy. I assume training is going well then?" Quinn could hear the curiosity in Charlotte's voice underneath her teasing.

"Training has been...exciting. Full of surprises, actually." Quinn picked up a pen and twirled it between her fingers as she spoke. She assumed "surprises" was an accurate term to describe Rachel's behavior to her friend.

"Surprises you say? That's not a word one here's often regarding a submissive...were they bad surprises?"

"Not necessarily. We've had two training sessions, Charlie. I've been trying to take it slow, focusing on the basics..."

"Respect, obedience, patience, sensuality, and acceptance; how could I forget?" Charlotte spouted off, and Quinn chuckled.

"Of course she's made mistakes as expected. All subs have trouble understanding the art of truly obeying, and being patient at first, and Rachel hasn't been any different. But, she has habits of a submissive that I wasn't expecting her to adopt into her personality until about a month in...maybe two. It's as if they are natural traits. Characteristics that have always been...a part of her."

Quinn could practically hear Charlotte furrowing her eyebrows through the phone line.

"Correct me if I'm wrong but, I thought that's what you've always wanted? Someone with natural ability...someone different." Charlotte mocked.

Quinn rolled her eyes. "It is. I just wasn't expecting it to be on this level..."

"And what level is that?"

"I'm not quite sure. I just know I find myself barely being able to keep enough control to train her...because while she is inexperienced, she is unusually knowledgeable. She's further ahead than she should be, mentally, which is extremely pleasing to me. I've never had that before."

"And that makes it hard for you?"

"It's brings out a certain type of Dom in me, Charlotte. I find myself on the verge of losing myself in Rachel every time we train. Sometimes I'm ready to forget the rest and give her the collar because she seems already there. I've never been with anyone like her; so new to the lifestyle...yet so in touch with the role of a submissive. "

Charlotte gasped. "Wow. Sounds like you've found the one! The perfect sub! Shall I ring the wedding bells?"

Quinn sat up, bracing her heeled feet on the floor. "Be serious, with me now, Charlotte. I am lost as to what the next chapter should be. If this was any other sub she would still be in training, but..."

"She's ready."

Charlotte's voice was clear with certainty and Quinn bit her lip.

The comment was exhilarating to hear. She never made a decision fast, and if she found herself moving into something quickly, she sought the opinion of another educated person. In this case, Charlotte was that other person, and to hear her agree with Quinn felt relieving. Quinn ran slender fingers through her hair, the small insecurity in her reasoning seeping through the cracks.

"Still...she's only had two sessions."

"And you said yourself she's in a place that most subs aren't expected to be in so soon. Listen Quinn, Maybe the reason that you've been feeling the way you have is because she is ready. Maybe you want to lose control because your gut is telling you that Rachel is in the proper mindset to handle that."

Quinn licked her lips at the thought. "This isn't my style, Charlotte. Even though Rachel's been excellent, and seems to withhold all of the qualities I've been trying to train her to know, I don't want to push her somewhere that she may not be ready for."

Charlotte scoffed. "Quinn, you aren't a high school boy trying to pressure her into sex. If she's showing signs that she understands the lessons and is capable of being a submissive, then why delay time? Give her the collar. It's only confirming that she is exceeding your expectations. That's a good thing."

Quinn smiled, thinking of Rachel, thinking of the heights she had already begun to take her, and how wonderful it would be to take her further so soon.

"Hmm. I don't know...I'll have to think about it some more. However I do appreciate your opinion, Charlie."

"Jeez, that was twenty minutes of my life I could have saved. Go look at some diamonds Quinn, and stop worrying yourself. You'll know when the time is right."

Quinn smiled at the irony of Charlotte's joke. "I've been looking at diamonds all day, actually."

"Oh really, designing a new set?"

Quinn grinned. "Exclusively, yes."

Charlotte laughed lowly. "Ooh I get the scoop on the new line of jewelry that the fabulous Quinn Fabray is creating for the world to go bankrupt over."

Quinn shook her head, ignoring the lavish remarks. "Flattering, but this is less of a new line and more of a...personal set, Charlotte." Quinn stood, checking her watch. It was almost lunch time.


"Yes, this particular set of diamonds is a part of an investment I'm a recent "project" I'm working on."

With a short pause, Quinn could practically hear Charlotte's mischievous grin.

And then,

"She must have an amazing pussy."

Quinn shook her head, laughing and preparing to say her farewells as she exited her office, "How very vulgar of you, Charlotte. Now, I thought I taught you better than that."

Charlotte laughed out loud through the receiver.

"Apparently you did, I just wasn't as fast of a learner as dear Rachel is." Quinn smiled.

"It's all about inner knowledge and acceptance, I can't teach anyone that."

"Yeah, yeah, it for your new toy, and I'll take your lack of comment as a yes, she must have better pussy than me if you're considering collaring her." The woman said playfully.

"Aww, poor Charlotte is feeling unloved. If it means anything...I will always think you're absolutely lovely. I told you I'll never forget the times we had, love."

Charlotte seemed to grin wider. "I don't think I will either, Quinn."

Quinn stopped at the genuine tone of the woman. She felt comfortable talking to Charlotte about her relationship with any submissive, now Rachel, because before this encounter Charlotte was virtually the best submissive Quinn ever had.

Charlotte knew her better than anyone, and was honestly the closest thing she had to family.

She cared about Quinn, even loved her at one point. So reminiscing on the days they used to spend together as friends, lovers, Mistress and submissive, was something they both would forever cherish.

"Have a good afternoon...and thanks for being there, Charlie."

"Always, Quinn."

Quinn tucked the nostalgia she felt away before chuckling softly. "Oh and Charlie?"

Charlotte sighed through the receiver, "Yes Quinn?"

"Rachel's pussy is phenomenal."



It was amazing how much of an effect Santana had on the people around her.

She was a known firecracker. Her remarks were cutting and quick and her reactions were extremely overdramatic. So much, that the thought of something so simple such as having breakfast with her, made Rachel extremely anxious.

Despite Rachel having made many breakfasts and having sat down on many mornings with Santana, she still felt like she was walking into a life-threatening situation.

Because this time, Rachel was having breakfast with Santana after not contacting her for weeks.

No one ignored Detective Santana Lopez.


So Rachel was nervous, and sore, as she entered the restaurant and looked for Santana. Spotting her friend at a booth, Rachel couldn't stop herself from smiling at the sight of Santana. The detective glared at the menu, pulling her blazer back to grab her wallet.

Rachel took a deep breath, her chest constricting slightly at the thought of what was going to empty Santana's mouth when she saw her. Rachel's flats scraped against the floor as she walked, and she adjusted the brim of her hat, biting her lip as she sat down across from Santana.

Santana stared at Rachel with her jaw locked and her arms folded.

A moment of silence passed between them, before Rachel nervously cleared her throat.

Santana beat her to the punch.

"Anything to say for yourself?" Santana spoke calmly, and Rachel began to explain.


"Have you lost your fucking mind, Rachel?"

Here we go.

Rachel sighed, resigning to leaning back in her seat and taking the verbal bitch slap that was coming her way.

"I just want to fucking know, because it's been almost two weeks since I've heard from you! No phone calls, no anything! I didn't know what to expect, what if something happened? Something major? What if this woman was a fucking serial killer and tried to murder you and hide the evidence?"

Rachel shook her head, "Santana, she's not - "

"Just because you've been fucking her doesn't mean you know her Rachel!"

Rachel bit her lip, trying not to burst into laughter at the over-the-top antics that her friend was displaying. She glanced around the restaurant and cracked a smile at her.

"You missed me, San."

Santana raised an eyebrow. "Oh don't flatter yourself munchkin! I missed my unlimited access of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Puck's food tastes like what they serve in hospital cafeterias."

Knowing that wasn't true, Rachel leaned over and clutched Santana's cheeks, shaking her head.

"Oh my little Sanny Wanny...I missed you too!" Santana slapped her hands away, fighting off a smile.

"Eat me, Rachel." Santana said, and Rachel laughed.

"You wish I would, S. You might as well cut the bull, I know you and Puck are going crazy knowing someone else is tapping this." Rachel said slapping the side of her ass for good measure.

Santana attempted to keep a straight face, but found herself finally cracking a smile at Rachel's antics, the familiar teasing soothing her over-dramatic reaction. Rachel grinned, leaning over the table to kiss Santana's cheek.

"I'm sorry I didn't call sooner, things have been very...intense."

Santana hummed, sipping her drink. She continued to smile. "Rachel, you're allowing a random stranger, no excuse me...billionaire, to house you and have their wicked fucking way with you whenever and however they want...things can't get any more intense than that."

Rachel laughed at Santana's failed attempt of censoring herself.

"I guess Puck has spoken to you." Rachel spoke glancing up as a waiter sat down what seemed to be a pre-ordered glass of lemonade.

"Yeah, Fuckerman said you were living it up in some luxurious house outside of the city." Santana bit her lip and Rachel raised an eyebrow at her facial expression, it was a face she knew extremely well.

It was a face that Rachel figured got Santana in a lot of trouble when she was in high school. It was the face of the sneaky head-cheerleader waiting to pounce on any piece of gossip they could find.

"Go on and ask, San."

"How is she in bed? Or are you guys even on a bed? Is it some type of playroom? Like that fifty shades of...of, black or whatever?"

Rachel laughed, "Santana why have you of all people been reading that trash?"

Santana shrugged. "Rach, when I heard you were going to be bumping uglies with this...this Mistress Quinn Fabray diamond extraordinaire...I figured that book would be the perfect source to give myself an idea of what was going on in that house. You know since you apparently don't know how to use that fucking dinosaur of a phone that you have."

Rachel waved her finger. "Hey! Now I said I was sorry Santana Lopez! Don't bring old faithful into this. It is the cheapest...easiest option for me, and it has seen me through some pretty rough times."

"Yeah, yeah...I bet you're sorry. Anyways, you never answered my she a good lay? Or is it all a load of bullshit?"

Rachel bit her lip, images of the heated encounters flashing through her mind like a slide show.

"Santana...she's amazing."

Santana raised her eyebrows, resisting the urge to laugh at Rachel's breathy declaration.

"Oh-kay...judging by those love eyes you got going on I'm not sure if you're talking about the sex or just her?"

Rachel slapped her arm. "I don't have love eyes! I just think she's really considerate. She makes me feel comfortable and she is...unlike anyone I've ever had a relationship with, and we're not even in a relationship. It's crazy, and then when we're having play-"

"So she does have a playroom?"

Rachel rolled her eyes at the way Santana cut her off. "Yes you whore...she does. But she told me the other day that we might not always be there when we"

Santana smiled. "Playing together. Right so how is that, how is playing with this perfect woman?"

Rachel blushed.

"Don't get shy on me now, Anastasia Steele."

"Santana seriously...Wikipedia is a better reference than that book."

Santana impatiently gestured with her hand, "Just answer the damn question!"

"They are...fucking mind blowing. I mean, Jesus S...that woman."

Santana's eyes went wide and she grinned, her teeth gleaming in a Cheshire-cat sort of way. The facial expression sent both she and Rachel into a fit of giggles.

The two girls laughed for a minute, even as the waiter appeared to take their order.

When he disappeared and they had a minute to gain their maturity back, Santana finally began to ease up on the questions.

"So, I guess she's doing it right?"

"Shes doing it just right. God, no one has ever made me feel this good San. I've never had a woman...stretch me the way she does..." Rachel blushed.

She definitely knows how to stretch me.

"Well fuck me sideways. Rachel Berry finally has a fucking sex life to brag about." Santana exclaimed loudly, slamming her hand against the table loudly. Rachel shushed her and Santana laughed.

Rachel became more red and covered her face with her hands. "Oh my god, you bitch."

Santana bit her lip, still shaking with laughter. "I was just reacting to the biggest fucking news since Puck brought home that hooker that looked like she may or may not have been a man." Rachel snorted, and Santana continued. "Rachel Berry is fucking a billionaire, and has something to brag about, what's the world coming to?"

Rachel sipped her drink with a shy smile. "I'm just telling the truth Santana. You know that obedient, structured girl from high school that I told you about? She's gone."

Santana, grinned. "I'm sure she may reappear. Maybe just in time for Mistress Quinn Fabray to stretch her some more."

Rachel gasped at the comment, which sent Santana into a fit of laughter. "No seriously," Santana concluded, taking a breath, "You sure there aren't any issues with this chick? Nothing that makes you even a little uncomfortable? I mean, there has got to be something fishy about her...she can't be that perfect."

Rachel rolled her eyes. "Just because you investigate crimes all day doesn't mean every situation is one, Santana."

Santana shrugged. "I'm merely stating a fact; this woman has too many likable qualities to not be fucked up."

"Well...your judgment is wrong, Sherlock. I'm sure she isn't perfect but she is a wonderful woman. So far she has been nothing but hospitable, and sweet."

Rachel's mind turned into snapshots of Quinn, smiling...welcoming her with warm arms. Then her thoughts hovered around the memory of the house.  Accommodating and cozy but cold from the lack of company, lack of family.


"Ha, I knew there was something!"

"Shut your face, Lopez. I was just going to say, she seems very detached..."

Santana stared at her in confusion, "What do you mean, Rach?"

Rachel locked her lips. "She isn't very emotional, or personal...I don't really know anything about her other than the fact that she's a wealthy business woman. There aren't any pictures of family or anyone in her house. No friends, or anything."

"Well of course you don't know are just her...what do you call yourself?"

Rachel bit her lip, "Submissive."

Santana waved her hands, "Yeah that, anyway, you're just her submissive. You guys aren't dating, you're just catering to her needs."

Rachel couldn't stop the hurt that passed through her at Santana's words, despite how truthful they were. Santana was being honest and ultimately forcing Rachel to understand the truth about the unique situation she was in, but it didn't hurt any less.

"I...I know what I signed up for San. However, It doesn't stop me from feeling a little down about having sex with someone and sharing such an intimate connection while knowing absolutely nothing about them."

Santana shrugged. "You two have never met each other prior to this entire situation, so of course you don't know anything about her."

Rachel bit her lip and looked around the restaurant blindly. Her body began to ache, and suddenly their were some confusing feelings settling within her. Rachel was sharing a home with Quinn and willingly giving her body up to her, despite not knowing the first thing about her. Now Rachel wondered if she ever would.

Santana glanced at the hurt expression on Rachel's face, and furrowed her eyebrows. "Now, what's wrong?"

Rachel shook her head, "Nothing-"

"You like her, don't you?"

Rachel rolled her eyes. "Don't you start. I don't like her romantically, I'm just...really attracted to her. Obviously enough to let her do whatever she wants with my body almost every night, but that's all it is. That's all it will ever be."

Santana grinned. "I don't buy it! You like this woman, and not just because she fucks you into oblivion every day. That's why you're butt-hurt about her not wanting to share her short-term and long-term goals with you."

Rachel flipped her off and ignored the sudden excitement she felt towards the revelation her best friend thought she had discovered. "You been reading that fifty-shades of shit too long, San."

Santana laughed and licked her lips. "It's addictive, what can I say?" Rachel shook her head.

"So my next question," Rachel groaned, and Santana ignored her, "is when I can meet her?"

Rachel snapped her head up and stared at her. It was the same reaction she had towards Puck's desires to meet the woman she had been calling her Mistress for the past two weeks.

Santana raised her hands, taken-aback at the shock registering across Rachel's face. "What? You thought you were going to get away with promising Puck that shit? Hell no! Auntie Tana wants in on that."

Rachel pursed her lips, before laughing at the woman's antics. Santana was truly one of a kind, and she had supported Rachel through everything. Even this crazy box dream of giving herself whole-heartily to a woman that she had just met. Santana had stuck it out for her, and Rachel appreciated it.

But Santana sitting at a table with Quinn? The woman who was packing a whole lot of power in more ways than one, the woman who was fucking the sense out of her every moment that she could? Rachel didn't know exactly how she felt about it.

Personalities, lifestyles, they were bound to clash.

"I didn't promise Puck anything, I said I'd ask." Rachel said as the waiter appeared with their food, and Santana licked her lips, ever the starved detective.

"Well go ahead and add me to the guest list for that dinner party. And while you're at it, why don't you ask her why she doesn't share her dreams once and a while with you. It'll take the edge off of your burning passion to know more about her." Santana said grinning, before stabbing her fork into the food and Rachel shook her head.

"Why thank you Oprah."

"Anytime, love."

It was a Friday.

Another week had gone by, and Rachel had survived another training session with her Mistress. Quinn had unraveled her senses more, teaching her about how important it was to accept her submissiveness.

It was who she was.

Quinn's words exploded in Rachel's ears, causing her body to ache in memory.

As the riding crop rained down on Rachel's spread thighs, the chair she was bound to rocked from the force. Her hands were tied tightly with silk scarves to the arms, and her feet were perched on the cushion. They burned as Rachel clenched her toes, the swats coming from the riding crop causing wetness to seep through her folds.

Quinn's instructions were simple: 

"Answer respectfully when spoken to, don't clench anything, and when asked to serve your Mistress, do it."

Rachel had been doing such, accepting each stroke with patience and holding her tongue as requested.

"Are you wet for me?"

Rachel, breath caught in her throat from accepting the swings of the crop with silence, choked out, "Y..Yes..." The crop stole another gust of wind from her lungs.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Quinn switched hands and squatted between Rachel's spread legs, slapping her red skin with her palm, instead.

Quinn inhaled the scent of her aroused submissive and licked her lips. "You will always respect me, Rachel. If I ask you to answer me, you will do so...and with the proper terms. You have been doing so well tonight loveI don't expect any more mistakes. Do you understand?"

Rachel, breathing through her nose as Quinn's palm stung against her thighs, sobbed out "Yes Mistress", before moaning at the feeling of two long fingers inside of her sopping sex. Rachel gazed through lidded eyes at her Dom, Quinn's hazel eyes turning gold with passion as she pumped inside of her harshly.

Quinn kept it up, bottom lip tucked between her teeth as she worked, before she slipped  her digits out and pressed them against Rachel's open mouth.


Rachel wrapped her lips around them and licked her own juices off, moaning at the tangy taste of her arousal.

Quinn smiled. "You want more?"

Rachel stared at her with pleading eyes, ready to accept it all. "Yes, Mistress."

Quinn returned to her full height, and started swatting Rachel's legs mercilessly again, sinking the fingers that were just inside Rachel's wetness into her silky locks and tugging her head back.

"If you're a good girl."

Quinn was very persistent with her ministrations. Quinn's determination caused Rachel to come so hard that she found herself utterly exhausted by the time Quinn finished fucking her.

Rachel was definitely okay with that but she found herself visiting the gym more often, if only to get into a shape better equipped for playtime.

Her Mistress had given her a word of advice about it, while passing through for lunch one day.

"You know Rachel, you might want to think about getting more rest, and staying in shape. I'd like for you to be fully energized every single time I fuck you."

The heated words whispered into her ear had soaked both Rachel's panties and into her memory. She had no choice but to make it work. Rachel was now resting more, eating more fruits and vegetables and even paid a visit to her closet for the first time to retrieve workout clothes.

Before, Rachel put a hold on her exercise routines once she got a second job, so she was a bit out of practice. But she couldn't deny the ease she felt when her legs began a slow burn on the elliptical she had been pushing furiously on for the last hour.

The tight spandex shorts hugged Rachel's ass as she moved, effortlessly, sweat dripping underneath her sports bra, between her breasts. Music filled her ears through her headphones and briefly she thought about the length of time she had gone without singing.

It definitely had been a while.

As the jazzy lyricist sang about being unable to "bite her lip, or bat her eyes" Rachel challenged herself to a few more minutes on the machine, working the soreness of her legs. Images of firm hands squeezing her thighs, pushing their flexibility and limit filled her brain and Rachel felt something stir low in her stomach.  Her soreness was worth every ounce of pleasure she had received.


The firm voice rang out over her music and Rachel jumped, halting her workout and clutching her chest as if to still her increasing heartbeat.

"Quinn you scared me." Rachel breathed with a smile, stepping down from the machine. Quinn tilted her head while smiling, her bottom lip sucked between her teeth as it had been the night before, and her arms folded as she leaned against a nearby treadmill.

"I'm sorry; I didn't know how loud your music may have been." Quinn said, and Rachel reached down to grab her bottle of water before taking a long gulp.

"It's fine…I tend to get a little into my workout songs." Rachel laughed breathlessly, smiling and Quinn scanned her eyes over Rachel's tan skin. Her eyes followed the sweat as it trickled down Rachel's neck.

"I'm pleased to see you took my advice." Quinn said, and she ran a hand through her hair, snapping her eyes up finally, lust shining through them.

Rachel nodded, cheeks flushed red from the compliment hidden beneath Quinn's surprise.

"I did…I used to work out all of the time, before I took the second job at the restaurant." Rachel said, shrugging and tucking a fallen strand of hair behind her ear.

Quinn licked her lips, before forcing her pupils to connect with the other girl's.

"Why did you take the second job, Rachel?"

Rachel shrugged again. "When I graduated, there weren't any auditions lined up for me unfortunately…and I promised my dads I would pay my own rent."

Quinn furrowed her eyebrows. "But you have Noah…there shouldn't be a reason for you to be working so hard, so young."

Rachel laughed, "That's the pot calling the kettle black, Quinn. Noah's great though, he holds up his side of the rent most of the time…but he's constantly looking for construction work, so the second job just came as a precaution." Rachel wiped at the sweat on her neck, before adding conversationally, "I don't mind working two jobs…it's a pain in the ass, but I like the thought of being able to take care of things, being able to take care of Noah and I like a big girl should."

Quinn felt mild irritation at the way Rachel addressed her relationship with the boy. But Quinn tucked it away as quickly as it appeared underneath her genuine admiration for how mature the fresh-out of college student was.

"He's lucky to have you." Quinn said with a small smile, and Rachel grinned.

"Yeah, and slightly burdened too. He can hardly get any girl's to come home with him because they all think we're secretly sleeping together."

Rachel laughed as if it was some kind of inside joke that truly tickled her and Quinn watched her with a feeling of yearning.

Rachel was genuinely amused, by the memory of her best friend. It was a type of loyalty, a type of love that Quinn had never seen or experienced. Quinn didn't know whether she was sad because of that…or happy because of how radiant it made Rachel look.

Seeing Rachel smile was infectious and it ultimately caused Quinn to push her yearning far from her mind. Suddenly she found herself smiling and chuckling along with Rachel.

Rachel's laughter died down and she stared at Quinn with smiling eyes. "What?"

Hazel eyes shined back at her, something unknown festering within them. "Nothing…I have an invitation for you. It's actually why I came to find you." Quinn pulled a small envelope from her pocket and handed it to Rachel.

"An invitation?" Rachel asked confusedly, opening the small letter. Quinn nodded.

"Yes. To dinner with me tonight. I hope you accept…it's sort of a special evening," Quinn leaned forward and pressed a small kiss to Rachel's nose, before stepping backwards.

"A...A special evening…Quinn, what do you mean-"

"Rachel," Quinn spoke firmly, now standing in the doorway with amused eyes. "Just read the invitation…and don't be late."

They were Quinn's final words, and with them she stepped out of the room, leaving Rachel confused and silent. Rachel turned the envelope over in her fingers and plucked it open, pulling out a small card and staring at the inscription.


I hope you will do me the honor of joining me for a special, celebratory dinner in the dining room at eight o'clock. I request that you wear the gown and shoes hanging from your closet door.

Don't be late.

- Q



Quinn sat in the dining room dressed in a sleek white gown, her long blonde locks framing her face as she waited patiently for her dinner date to arrive.

She held a glass of white wine in one hand, and drummed the fingers of the other on top of the table.

It was five til eight, but Quinn remained calm and that much would never change.

Glancing around the dim room, thanks to the fifty or so candle sticks that littered the place, Quinn allowed her eyes and nose to take in the combined scents of the candle wax and dinner.

After three minutes, Quinn glanced down at her watch before looking up at a sight that made her mouth water.

Rachel stood in the doorway, her shimmery gold dress tight and pushing her breasts upward, the slit at the bottom showing off her long tanned legs. Rachel's hair flowed in bouncy curls…down her back as usual.

As Rachel approached the table, Quinn stood and walked over to pull Rachel's chair out…ignoring the arousal that shot straight to her groin at the sight of the girl who uttered a quiet, "Thank you."

Quinn trailed her hands from Rachel's hips all the way up her arms. When the palms of her hands met Rachel's shoulders, Quinn leaned down…inhaling her scent before husking out, "You look gorgeous, Rachel."

Rachel bit her lip and smiled. "Thank you Quinn."

Quinn sat down, directly across from Rachel, staring deep into her chocolate orbs and smiling. "I had Faye make Italian..."

Of course, it's a special occasion. 

Rachel stared down at the steaming food, and then she looked up at Quinn.

Quinn leaned back in her chair, reaching to take a swig of her wine. She looked at Rachel, who was just now glancing around the room. "Wow, it looks beautiful in here."

Quinn picked up her fork, stabbing at the pasta that would eventually grow cold from neglect. "I wanted it to be, it's a special occasion." Quinn chewed the food before gesturing with her silverware, "Eat."

Rachel tilted her head, the glow of the candles bouncing off of her skin. "What's so special about tonight?"

Quinn shook her head smiling, "Eat first, then we'll talk."

Rachel raised her eyebrows, mentally shrugging before taking a bite. Rachel sat there for a moment before she remembered her conversation with Santana.


Quinn looked up from her plate and Rachel took it as a sign to keep talking, suddenly nervous at the thought of asking the woman anything personal.

"I…um, I was wondering –"


Rachel swallowed, and cleared her throat. "Um, what's your favorite color?"

Real smooth, Rachel.

Quinn dabbed the edge of her mouth with her napkin, smiling. Rachel blushed and looked downward, suddenly feeling hot under the gaze of the woman. She nervously reached for her own glass of wine and sipped as Quinn sat back, crossing her legs.

"You want to know my favorite color?"

Rachel coughed. "Uh, yeah."

Quinn laughed, and spoke softly. "My favorite color is white…I thought maybe you would've figured that out by how much I've incorporated it into the décor." She said and Rachel nodded, mentally smacking herself in the forehead at the ridiculousness of the question.

"Yeah…I just didn't know if, maybe…it was a stupid question, sorry."

"It isn't a stupid question, Rachel…it's reasonable. Everyone asks that question, because it's a conversation starter. A personal question that you have to ask in order to find the answer to." The words slid off of Quinn's tongue calmly, and her expression remained unmoving. She pushed her plate away, and smiled.

Rachel rested her hands on the table, as if she was bracing herself. "Then how come you've never asked me what my favorite color is?"

Quinn shrugged simply.

"Because I already know. It's gold."

Rachel smiled, the answer causing her heart to flutter in a surprising way. She glanced down at the gown that hugged her body and then she looked at Quinn pointedly.

Quinn's grin widened, "It was in your file."

Rachel grimaced. "I know you had research done on me, Quinn…but jeez," Rachel said with a nervous chuckle and Quinn laughed quietly.

"I'm sorry...Charlotte can be pretty extensive sometimes." Quinn said, the name slipping out without her even noticing and Rachel furrowed her brows. "Charlotte?"

Quinn sat her glass down. "Charlotte…she's my private investigator, and friend. She does all of the research for me regarding business."

Her words caused hurt to flare up in Rachel's chest, and they only confirmed the point Santana was trying to make.

She was just business.

"Oh…I see." Rachel said and Quinn noticed the slightly disappointed tone of Rachel's voice, and kicked herself mentally. Swallowing, Quinn uncrossed and crossed her legs.

"What did you really want to ask me, Rachel?" Quinn spoke, changing the subject. She bounced her foot in anticipation. Rachel had been on the way to asking her something, but apparently grew nervous.

Rachel shook her head. "I already asked."

Quinn arched an eyebrow finely. "Rachel, you can ask me whatever you want you know? I'm not going to get angry."

Rachel smiled, her disappointment from before disappearing. She hesitated before clearing her throat nervously. "I was uh…recently talking to Puck and Santana, and they're just a little bit...inquisitive about you, they…"

Rachel took a breath, Quinn's gaze causing her body to hum in a familiar way. Rachel finally looked up and blushed. "I'm sorry…I'm just nervous about how you might feel about, my friends maybe joining us for dinner…sometime?"

It would never happen, Rachel just knew it. This woman already seemed so private, even after opening her home up to her.

"It's alright if you don't want to…" Rachel rushed to say, averting her eyes and stuffing a bite of pasta into her mouth before she could say anything further.

Quinn licked her lips. "Rachel, I think that's a wonderful idea."


Rachel's eyes widened, her face painted with surprise. "Really?"

"Yes. I understand that your friends are basically your family and that they probably aren't exactly comfortable with our lifestyle. Getting to know me just may help that." Quinn folded her hands across her lap, and had to fight the urge to laugh at the expression passing across her submissive's face.

Rachel thought about the possible reactions of her friends and laughed nervously. "Okay then."

Quinn chuckled and reached over to wipe a bit of sauce from Rachel's mouth. "You shouldn't be so nervous, Rachel."

Rachel shivered at Quinn's touch. "I know, I just didn't know if you'd feel comfortable inviting them over to your home…my friends can be pretty…uncensored."

Quinn grinned at the thought. "I don't mind, Rachel. You know, I'm not as closed off as you think I am."

It was like the woman had read her mind. Rachel bit her lip before remembering that she still had no idea what they were supposed to be celebrating.

"Okay Quinn, I've eaten…what's the occasion?" Rachel asked softly, ignoring the comment Quinn made. Quinn smiled and pulled her hand away…before she stood.

Rachel looked up confusingly, watching Quinn step away from her and practically sway towards a table in the far corner of the room. Quinn picked up a box that Rachel otherwise hadn't noticed and turned to stare at Rachel.

Rachel took that moment to fully take in her beautiful Mistress.

The silky white dress clung to Quinn tightly, the cleavage cutting dangerously between her breasts. Rachel's mouth watered at the sight of the perky nipples shining through the fabric, barely covered.

She was the most beautiful woman Rachel had ever seen in her life.

Quinn snapped her fingers and Rachel locked eyes with her, the hazel orbs suddenly turning gold with passion.


A hum pulsed within Rachel at Quinn's tone, and she immediately stood, pulled her dress up a little and fell to her knees.

The sight made Quinn practically vibrate with excitement.

Rachel moved so effortlessly, it was mind blowing. Three training sessions had never made a sub this obedient, and in Rachel's case it had never made any woman this desirable. Quinn smiled.

"Yes, Mistress."

Her head was bowed as usual, and Rachel hoped she interpreted Quinn's tone right. She didn't fully understand it, but somehow something inside of her just reacted to Quinn, and her instinct was to fall to her knees.

This is my place.

Quinn walked around Rachel's body, box in one hand. "You're the most beautiful sub I have ever laid eyes on, love."

Rachel's body hummed.

"You are radiant with respect and obedience." Quinn placed her hand in the silky brown locks, watching as a shiver erupted throughout Rachel's body.

"You thrum with patience and sensuality." Quinn pulled Rachel's head back softly, watching as her lidded eyes continued to stare at the carpet underneath her.

Bending down Quinn licked the shell of Rachel's ear, "And then there's the most wonderful part about you, Rachel Berry," Quinn placed her palm against the back of her neck. "You, my love, have accepted your place."

Rachel's heart began to thrum as Quinn let go of her neck. Pulling her up, Quinn slid her hand down Rachel's side and around her waist.

"Rachel, you have exceeded my expectations." Quinn popped the box open and sat it beside them on the dining room table. Placing both of her hands on Rachel's waist, Quinn pressed open mouth kisses to Rachel's bare shoulder.

"I've never had a sub excel the way you have…I'd like to think it's because I had a feeling about you." Sweeping Rachel's long brown locks to the left, Quinn grinned.

"When I first saw you, I knew that you were meant to be mine…" Quinn husked in her ear hotly, and Rachel whimpered, trembling as she began to grow hot with arousal.

Rachel kept her hands at her sides as Quinn trailed a hand down to her wrist before running it up her arm and pressing her thumb against her neck softly. Quinn pulled Rachel's flushed body tightly against hers, and Rachel clenched her fingers at the feeling of Quinn's nipple's pressed into her back.

"I asked you when you first started…if you would be open to being collared, after being trained to be my submissive. What did you tell me?"

The conversation was still a vivid memory, and without hesitation Rachel answered with a quick, "Yes."

Quinn chuckled, licking her shoulder, "Mmm, you're so excited, Rachel, so quick to answer…be more specific." She bit down and Rachel gasped.

"Yes…I said yes I would want to be collared…Mistress." Rachel's stomach flipped at the thought of fully belonging to Quinn and having something on her body to openly prove it besides the love marks on her skin. It made Rachel shiver with excitement. Quinn hummed, pressing her hands into Rachel's hips and pulling her closer if possible, and Rachel choked back a moan at the sudden feeling of the erection bulging through the slinky fabric of Quinn's dress.

Quinn ground into her ass, "Do you want it?"

Rachel wondered if that was a trick question. It didn't matter, her answer was still the same. She answered breathlessly. "Y..Yes…"

A swat to her ass made Rachel rock forward on her feet, and she almost stumbled but strong hands continued to steady her. Candles flickered around her, but Rachel kept her eyes to the floor.

"Be more specific, what do you want? My dick? A collar? …Both?" Quinn grinned, her mouth sucking on Rachel's neck, now. Hands tangled in Rachel's locks, and swiftly pulled her head backwards, against Quinn's shoulder as she assaulted her neck and rolled her hips into Rachel.

Rachel was starting to fall apart. The attention from Quinn was too much and her body was becoming tight with arousal…Rachel was positively quivering with excitement at the prospect of being collared and truth be told, her mouth and body watered even more for something else.

"Yes…I want, b..both…Mistress."

Quinn moved her hands to Rachel's ass, taking a step back and kneading the flesh. "How bad do you want it Rachel? How bad do you want to be mine…officially?"

Rachel's body was thrumming, her mind fogging up from the passion she felt.

Rachel stared at the carpet underneath her with heavy eyes. "I..I really-"

Quinn slapped Rachel's left ass cheek, before moving her hands over the flesh again. "You really want to belong to me?" Rachel bit her lip, feeling Quinn's hands trail over her back to reach up towards the zipper of her dress.


Another slap to her ass cut Rachel off and stole the air out of her lungs. "You're really ready to serve me, whenever, wherever and however I want it?"


The dress fell to Rachel's feet, and she briefly registered the sound of the dishes being cleared off of the table before she was face down on the glass, hands braced out in front of her. Rachel choked back a moan as Quinn leaned over her, their cheeks pressed together.

"You really want to be my little bitch? My property? Because once you put that collar on, Rachel. Things will change…I won't be so subdued…"

Quinn bucked her hips into Rachel, raising her hands to cover hers on the table. "I'm gonna fuck you hard, every single time."

Quinn licked her neck, before biting it and Rachel kept her eyes down, the glass rubbing against her fingers as Quinn tightened her hold on her. Quinn stared at the ripple in Rachel's back, the silky skin smooth and beautiful underneath her.

"I'm going to lose control." Quinn thrust her pelvis against Rachel, pressing her hard-on into her. It prompted a moan from Rachel's throat and Rachel forced her eyes to stay open, focused downward. Quinn fisted Rachel's hair, and pulled Rachel back up, leaving her bare chest on display. Quinn then placed a hand on Rachel's thigh…dangerously close to her wet center.

"Are you sure you want that, Rachel? Are you ready to be mine?"

Rachel felt that familiar hum wrap itself around her and the words flowed from her lips with insurmountable ease.

"Yes Mistress."

Quinn let her go only to grab the open box.

Rachel's chest was heaving, her arousal dripping down her legs. She licked her lips, and focused her eyes on the table, watching in her peripheral as something shiny bounced off of the light. Quinn pushed the brown locks to the side in order to pull something around her neck.

Quinn looked up, and smiled.

"Eyes up, love. Look at yourself."

Rachel looked into the mirror hanging across from them and stared at her reflection. She was naked; hair tousled, her body flushed with arousal, and her sex glistening.

Rachel's eyes were dark brown, almost black with passion, and her neck sparkled with what would appear to be a beautiful necklace.

The chain of which was completely covered in small diamonds. It was connected in the center by a pendant.

A diamond encrusted "Q".

The lock clicked into place and Rachel could only stare in awe. It was so Quinn. Classy, beautiful, and utterly mesmerizing.

And then it hit Rachel.

She was a submissive.

Rachel was ready to be everything Quinn wanted her to be. Rachel belonged to Quinn Fabray.

She was hers.

Rachel sucked in a breath, the familiar hum pulsating within her so heavily that it almost felt like a heavy vibration echoing in her ears. There was an imperceptible amount of arousal that shot through her system, and she rocked forward in happiness.

Quinn held her close, her hands falling from the back of Rachel's neck to her waist. Quinn locked her eyes on Rachel through the mirror, their bodies pressed together tightly.

Rachel was staring at the collar, completely captured by it's beauty and rocked to her core by its significance.



Rachel held her breath, feeling the grip on her waist tighten as Quinn spoke roughly, her voice hot and husky with desire, "It's Quinn, now."

Rachel licked her lips and gasped. Quinn swallowed, her cock straining painfully in her dress. Rachel was trembling, struggling to stay in her place, and Quinn was teetering on the edge of control.

"You're collared now, love…things are different. You are officially mine. I can do whatever I want to you."

Quinn pushed Rachel forward again roughly, placing her hands on the edge of the table. Rachel moaned, her eyes still on Quinn's in the mirror.

"I am yours. I am your Dom. You only answer to me, you only fuck me. Your pussy is mine."

Quinn pulled up her own dress, yanking her underwear down swiftly. Rachel felt Quinn's dick, stiff at her entrance. Rachel cried out, desperate.

"Please!" Rachel moaned, and Quinn bit her lip, the control slipping between her fingertips slowly, her dick ready to slide between Rachel's folds.

Quinn leaned over, her hands over Rachel's hands, fingers in between hers and her eyes holding hers intensely.

"Please what?" Quinn said, slapping her ass.

Rachel took a deep breath before she sobbed,

"Fuck me Q..Quinn…make me yours."

Quinn growled out, thrusting into Rachel so hard that the dining room table lifted from the force. Rachel cried out, her head jerking forward as the woman started pounding into her.

Rachel's body felt like it was being split in half with the way Quinn was fucking her, mercilessly, staring her down with vibrant gold eyes.

Rachel moaned, her voice incoherent as Quinn steadied herself by placing a palm against her hip, before slapping her ass with every thrust.

The intensity was electrifying, things truly were different.

Rachel was being fucked with a purpose. It was like Quinn was trying to fuck her so hard that she'd learn a lesson.

"You feel so good, love…wrapped around my dick, taking it hard. Such a good girl."

Quinn slammed Rachel against the table, her breasts pressed against the glass as she curved her dick upwards inside of her hitting a spot that ripped a scream from Rachel's throat.

"That collar means that you take everything I give you. Every. Time. Rachel.." Quinn breathed heavily, never missing a beat. Her thrusts had impeccable rhythm. They were hard and rough, scooting the large table forward every time. Rachel screamed, her body on fire.

"Fuck…I've wanted this ever since I saw you in that restaurant. A beautiful, clumsy little girl with big scared eyes…tight little ass running off…I knew you were going to be mine, baby."

The term of endearment pulled something out of Rachel, "F...Fuck yes! Oh god…" Quinn picked up on Rachel's change of emotions.

"You like being called that? Huh? That's what you Rachel, my bitch, my baby. You're everything, you're mine."

Everything. Yours.

Quinn pulled her cock all the way out and slammed it back into Rachel, throwing her head back at the scream that tore through Rachel's throat once again.

Quinn held on, becoming animalistic and raw as Rachel took everything she gave her. Quinn could feel Rachel's walls tightening around her as she fucked her with abandon.

Rachel was sweating, sticking against the table as Quinn held her down, one hand poised at her neck, the other bracing against her back as she slapped against her.

"Ohhhh fuck…please! Please!"

Rachel was close and Quinn could feel it, she could feel Rachel vibrating with desperation.

Quinn leaned down, her mouth against Rachel's ear, husky tone slipping deep into Rachel's body. "You're so close baby…you're ready to come aren't you?"

"Yes…fuck! I'm so close…please…"

Quinn slid her hand down against Rachel's breast, slowing her thrusts down. "You look so beautiful baby," She yanked on Rachel's hair and pulled her up, holding her around the waist.

Quinn suddenly sped back up. Ramming the head of her cock against Rachel's cervix now, she elicited more cries from Rachel. Rachel was gripping the table still, fingertips stretched out against the edge.

"Look at you. Ready to come all over me, is that what you want?"

Quinn reached up and fondled the shiny "Q", sparkling in the now dim flames of the candles, the mirror playing out the scene of their rough fucking.

"Yes!" Rachel moaned.

Quinn traced the letter, the simple letter that signified Rachel's submissiveness, then gripped her neck, thrusting erratically into Rachel's pussy.

"Rachel…baby, come for me."

Rachel screamed, throwing her head back as colors exploded behind her eyes.


The name slipped past Rachel's lips in a loud scream. It was such an unfamiliar, mind-blowing sound that it sent Quinn head first into an unexpected orgasm, her dick spearing Rachel's pussy and emptying her seed into her.

"Oh fuck...Rachel…fuck!"

It was purely animalistic.

Quinn's body rocked forward with an explosive feeling that tore through her insides. She watched with glowing dark eyes as the collar gleamed proudly around Rachel's neck. It pulsed against her veins as Rachel continued to moan. The sound of Rachel coming only prolonged Quinn's release. There were tears rolling down Rachel's cheeks as she came endlessly, her legs wobbling as her pussy fluttered around Quinn's dick.

Quinn fell forward, pushing Rachel's body onto the table. Her moans dulled to a silent scream, until she sucked in a breath of air and choked out a sob before mewling out a soft, "Quinn…"

Rachel's limp body was stuck against the glass table and Quinn pressed her head against Rachel's back. Rachel's face was tear stained and red with exhaustion. Quinn licked her lips, pressing kisses against her neck, against her shoulder, before she leaned up a little and pulled Rachel's head up to look at her through heavy-lidded brown eyes.

"You're mine, Rachel…" Quinn spoke again for the umpteenth time, trailing her trembling fingers against the diamond collar once more, "Do you understand?"

The hum settled.

"Y...Yes...Quinn I understand…I'm yours."

Chapter Text

It had been a long time since Rachel took a walk down the concrete sidewalks of New York City.

Rachel had willingly allowed herself to become locked up inside the large home. The sexual bliss that followed Quinn's decision to collar her overtook Rachel's desire to communicate with the outside world.

Rachel had wondered from the day she signed her contract how it would feel to belong to Quinn, officially. And now she had that.

By the clasp of a necklace, everything changed. Suddenly it wasn't Mistress anymore, it was Quinn. The feeling of their connection coursed through her deeply and caused her to become overwhelmed with happiness.

Rachel just wondered what would happen now.

It had been a couple of weeks, and Rachel had yet to even see Quinn to discuss the new...formalities of her collaring. Quinn had become busy again with investors and her business, and so their time had been very limited together.

However there were little things that started to become more significant.

Now, more than often Rachel would pass by Quinn in morning time, and she'd have short conversation with her, while offering her breakfast or a cup of coffee. Quinn would even tell Rachel to have a good day and touch her arm or shoulder as she strolled out of the door.

Rachel loved it.

Rachel had taken the time while Quinn was locked up in her office to do some research on her own laptop.

Rachel was very curious as to why she was so hung up on being collared, and why she felt strangely attached to the idea of being a full-time sub. Rachel wondered why she was suddenly enveloped by the feeling of being complete when the collar was around her neck. It was as if...everything finally made sense.

The internet told her, that she had become immersed in her role as a submissive. Her body and her brain aligned with one another and had apparently formed the conclusion that her purpose was to belong to Quinn.

Rachel was thinking about Quinn constantly. Rachel thought about Quinn being inside of her body. She thought about serving her. Rachel was head over heels at the thought of having her collar on all the time, of being proclaimed Quinn's property.

Rachel wondered if that was unusual. Despite the musings of the ever so reliable Internet, she wondered if it was normal for a submissive to be so attached to her role.

Rachel felt alive when it came to any type of contact with Quinn, and the lack of instruction given to her only spurred her withdrawal, especially after crossing over to an entirely new territory with Quinn. She was absolutely dying.

She needed guidelines; she needed her Mistr - Quinn, to tell her how to move forward.

She was ready to serve her.

And yet she still felt pressure upon her, because she was still so inexperienced. Although Quinn felt like Rachel could and would be the best submissive to ever come into Quinn's life…she was still nervous - scared.

At this point, the thought of disappointing Quinn after being deemed so special, terrified her.

Rachel had always been afraid of making mistakes and she always wanted things too much.

It was the perfect recipe for disaster.

Clearing her head of her tumultuous thoughts, the brunette stomped through the crowd of New York natives, and tourists. Checking the time on her ancient phone she entertained the idea of finding coffee. She couldn't spend too much time for the sake of being on time to her destination.

She wasn't just in the city for nothing.

Her Dominant had passed her when going out of the house earlier that morning, giving her specific directions.

"You have an appointment with me at my office today, one o'clock. Don't be late."

Her nervousness was starting to morph into anxiety, and Rachel found herself shivering from more than air. The thought of what the consequences could be for being late weighed inside of her. It only made Rachel excited, for she couldn't deny her fondness for a firm hand.

The sound of her phone ringing loudly broke her sinful thoughts and Rachel looked down towards the name that lit up her screen with a roll of her eyes.

"Oh god."

She answered with a timid, "Hello?"

"Rachel Barbra Berry!"

Oh, let the drama begin.

Rachel scurried down Broadway, the heels of her boots clicking against the sidewalk as she walked through the throngs of people.

"Daddy, before you start-"

"Before I start what? Complaining to my only daughter about how she hasn't called me in a month! Or told me about any auditions and how I've had to find out from Puck that you're seeing a woman? What could you possibly have to say to your poor old father that would ease the heartbreak in his old miserable heart?"

Rachel rolled her eyes. "Daddy, stop being a drama queen, you're barely forty two. You aren't that old. And your heart is fine. I'm sorry I haven't called you in so long...everything has been so busy, with work and stuff."

Okay, so she hadn't worked in a month, but they didn't need to know that. They didn't need to know anything even remotely close to what was really happening with her love life.

"Work is more important than your fathers? Who brought you into this world of dreams and paid for you to live and eat so that you could-"

The phone shuffled and soon Rachel heard the voice of her Dad, LeRoy.

"Rachel ignore your father, he's just trying to use Jewish guilt on you. We miss you Baby Girl, how is life after college treating you?"

Rachel grinned, looking wildly in all directions to cross the busy crossways.

"Like I said, Dad…it's been really hectic. I picked up another waitressing job during nights, so I can make a little extra cash."

The line went silent for a second and then it came.

"Rach, if you need know, we can-"

"No Dad. Noah and I are fine. He got a new construction job did he tell you? He was promoted on his first day."

She grinned wider at the thought of her best friend, missing him.

"Yes sweetheart, he told us. And your Daddy and I were about to ask him if you two were official or not until he laughed it off and spilled the beans about a new woman in your life."

Rachel took back her feelings for the man, furious now that he told her fathers about Quinn.

"It's nothing to tell, Dad."

"She's lying!"

"Your Daddy seems to think you're not being truthful."

Rachel caught sight of a cafe a couple blocks over and sighed at her sudden itch for coffee.

"Daddy also thinks he's a psychic." she rushed out hurriedly as she scurried across the busy streets.

It was no secret that around this time, busy was an understatement in this city. And she had about ten minutes before she was scheduled to meet Quinn.

She could not be late.

Her Dad laughed despite the gasp of indignation in the background.

"I have a sixth sense! And it's telling me you're seeing someone special and you just don't want to tell your dear fathers...your grandmother is probably turning in her grave right now!"

"It's a good thing that she's dead then."


Rachel laughed. "I promise it isn't serious, I'd tell you guys first thing if it was, okay?"

"I understand Baby Girl, listen just have fun. You're young...if it's meant to be it will be, love." Rachel smiled.

"At least tell us if she's Jewish?"

Rachel smiled. "She isn't. She's blonde...but it isn't anything really. It's just, casual dating."

"Dating being the code word for sex?"


"Tell her to be careful about that, the people in that city are so careless nowadays..."

"Hiram, you've got to stop watching so much SVU."

"I just love Mariska Hargitay! You know, she's really wearing her age well nowadays."

Rachel rolled her eyes, pulling the flip phone away to glance at the time.

"Listen, I love you guys, but I have to go...I'm late for an appointment of sorts."

She could hear her father smiling. "Love you. Stay out of trouble; I want to know the first audition you get, okay?"

"Yes Dad."

"And I want to know more about this mystery woman-"

"Bye Daddy!"

Rachel snapped the phone shut and looked behind her quickly before feeling the familiar feeling of the wind being knocked out of her.

She was always a clumsy person.

Anticipating her fall, she just braced herself for the impact...that never came.

Strong arms caught her, and Rachel peeped open an eye to see bright blue orbs staring down at her.

"Oh my god...Rachel?"

Rachel opened her eyes fully in shock, "Brittany?"

Rachel stood up right and stepped back with a smile, before feeling the tall woman scoop her up in a hug. "Rachel! I'm so happy it's you!" Brittany lifted  Rachel off of her feet before setting her back down.

Rachel ran a hand through her hair, grinning. "Brittany, how are you?"

"I'm great! I started teaching dance on the side at this studio in Manhattan, you know until I start landing auditions. And then I have a steady gig at this bar...actually it's not really a bar it's more like a club-"

Rachel laughed and reached to place a hand on Brittany's arm. "Whoa, Britt, slow down. That all sounds great! I'm so glad you're doing good...I wondered about you after graduation."

The confession came with a heavy heart, her brutal and slightly embarrassing work schedule being the truth that kept her from contacting Brittany.

"I wondered about you too, Rachel...I've missed you. Hey! Let's get some coffee and catch up for a little bit!" Brittany said excitedly, glancing back towards the cafe.

Rachel's smiled dimmed as she reached for her ancient phone and glanced at the time again. "Britt...I don't know, I kind of have to be somewhere..."

And I'm already late, which means I'm already walking on the thin line of a nice spanking.

"Oh please! I promise it won't be long. Just one macchiato? I'll buy."

She flashed the big blue orbs at Rachel, who licked her lips, suddenly feeling the guilt of losing contact with the girl wash desperately over her body.

"Okay Britt. One macchiato."


"So I met this really pretty blonde lady at this fancy studio in Manhattan, and I told her that Cassandra July from NYADA sent me...she gave one look and told me that newcomers never get a job, that they had to work for it and that she had no idea why Cassandra would send me when she knew how tough it would be."

They were sitting in the cafe at a table in the back by the window. Brittany was telling Rachel the story of how she got her job at the studio in Manhattan. Rachel remembered their dance teacher's nasty attitude, and felt a surge of empathy for Brittany having to face someone in the slightest way similar.

The world of performing arts was tough.

"I told her that I may have been a little stupid, but I knew the definition of job, so I was pretty sure that's what it meant...working. Which was what I wanted to do. She laughed and told me that I was funny, and that she'd start me on the little people dance classes."

Rachel grinned. "Brittany you're not stupid. And that's not bad, kids are great...I bet you loved it!"

Brittany smiled, sipping her coffee. "At first I thought she meant like real little people, like midgets. So I got really nervous, because they scare me."

Rachel choked on her drink, laughing. Brittany was so candid.

"I'm serious...I didn't want to talk to you that first day in class cause I thought you were one."

Rachel shook her head. "I'm not that short..."

"Anyway, I did love it. I took a couple of the girls to competition. We won a lot of trophies. And the mean blonde lady, her name is Anne, was impressed. Asked me how I was so good to be fresh out of school. I told her I didn't know...maybe it was because I was nice, and all the dance teachers I knew were mean."

Rachel grinned, so true.

"So how did you end up teaching an advance level class at an upscale studio, Britt?"

Brittany smiled big, her excitement seeping through her face.

"Well, I had this audition for a permanent gig at the place I work at's like a club, but it's more tasteful, um like - not strippers but like in that awful movie with Christina Aguilera?"

"A burlesque club?"

"Yes! Well I'm just waiting on big time auditions I needed something else to do. I used the studio to practice one morning before class and she walked in...saw my advanced choreography and offered me a promotion. She even told me she'd recommend my name to a couple of dance companies."

Rachel reached forward. "Brittany that's amazing! You're amazing. I always knew you'd go far, this is only the beginning."

Brittany blushed. "So how about you? I know that big voice has landed you somewhere..."

Rachel couldn't lie and say that her heart didn't clench a little at the thought of being out of work while her former classmates journeyed onto exciting new ventures.

It was maddening to search for auditions, to be left working odd jobs while everyone else had a grand time living their dreams.

It sucked.

But she wasn't going to let anyone see. She wouldn't be that jealous friend that ruined the happiness of her companions.

"Actually no...I'm just trying to find auditions. I've considered maybe taking more classes...or something. But until then I've just been working..."

And continuously serving the most powerful, beautiful woman in New York with my body.

"That's great! Are you still living with your hunky best friend?" Brittany asked.

Rachel rolled her eyes. "I still can't believe you slept with him, Brittany."

Brittany shrugged. "He was hot; I'm hot...why wouldn't I?"

Rachel shook her head.

"Yeah I still live with him, Brittany," Rachel glanced at her phone.

Maybe I should call her.

"It's really getting late; I kind of have to be somewhere."

"Oh yeah...sorry. I didn't mean to keep you long, oh hey! I just remembered, next weekend I'm doing a set at Roxanne's, that's the club I
work at, and you should sing with me!"

Rachel opened her phone, only to see the screen suddenly black out.

Perfect timing.

Wait what?

"Sing with you?"

Brittany grinned excitedly. "Yes! I've been working on this routine...and it would be so good with live music, and you're the second best dancer from school next to me! Oh it would be so great Rachel...please, please, please?"

Rachel felt her heart rate quicken, excitement at the prospect of performing again vibrating through her body.

"Brittany...I don't know..."

Brittany reached forward for her hand, squeezing it.

"You do know, Rachel. You love to perform, and I can see how sad you are about not being able to, so let me do this for you...please? One night and all your guests can get in free and everything. Please?"

Rachel laughed at the big blue eyes shining down on her, the reality of her friend being able to see right through her shocking her.

"Okay...okay, Brittany. I'll do it."


Quinn turned in her chair, facing Rachel.

Rachel was smiling, clad in a simple outfit, one that clearly showcased how different she was despite the environment she found herself in. It included a white tank-top, skirt, leather jacket and boots.

Quinn, without even having a moment to think, felt her dick twitch in her pants. "Hi, Rachel."

Rachel smiled, her skin glistening a little from how she rushed to make their appointment.

"Quinn, I'm so sorry I'm late...I ran into an old friend, and we started phone is ancient, and it just stopped working...I'm sorry-"

Quinn held up a hand, ushering Rachel to silence with a relaxed smile on her face.


Rachel stared at the woman and glanced at the floor, before moving her eyes to the chair. She finally gazed questioningly into deep hazel eyes that lay behind thin rimmed glasses.

Quinn locked her lips at the silent question. "The chair, in front of my desk."

Rachel took her seat.

"I understand why you were late Rachel. Stop being so nervous."
Quinn looked at her over her glasses, smiling.

"Now, we do need to talk. I've been so busy lately I haven't even had time to ask you how you've been since I...collared you."

Quinn's eyes bore into hers and Rachel reached up to touch her neck.

"I'm, uh..."

Amazing, Wonderful, Obsessed, Horny-

"I'm alright...I'm just wondering what exactly I know before there were certain things I couldn't do. Like, call you Quinn, but now I can."

Quinn nodded, taking off her spectators. "Yes, but you may also call me Ma'am."

Rachel nodded, hot at the thought of calling Quinn 'ma'am'.

Quinn leaned back in her chair, crossing her legs over one another as she spoke.

"So here are some of the basics…you are not required to wear your collar at all times, unless instructed. However, when you leave to go places...any place, I'd like for you to have that collar on, unless I tell you otherwise, do you understand?"

Rachel swallowed, and nodded Quinn's eyes dark with possessiveness as she looked to her naked neck.

"You are the most gorgeous woman to ever walk this earth, and certainly the most gorgeous one to fall into my hands, and while I definitely trust you to be loyal to me as my submissive...I am still human. And I get very jealous sometimes."

Rachel's heart swelled at the compliment. No one had ever said anything like that to her. Quinn blushed at the mention of her jealousy.

"I don't want to control you, Rachel. I would never ever do that. But I will acknowledge that I am a very possessive person when it comes to my women."

Her woman.

"I don't want some random person putting their hands on you inappropriately or touching you in a way that at this particular point in only reserved for me."

Quinn bit her lip, lowering her eyelids to stare at her desk, before gazing at Rachel deeply. "The collar is a symbol of your submissiveness, a symbol of how exceptional I think you are. It's something you earned and something I hope you're proud to wear?"

Rachel couldn't stop herself from answering, "Yes Quinn."

Quinn smiled. "Good girl. For me, that beautiful collar around your neck is more than that. It shows all those people who stare at you, who see how gorgeous you are, who desire you, that you are...unobtainable, and that you belong to whoever 'Q' is."

Quinn leaned forward, licking her lips, "Who is 'Q', Rachel?"

Rachel shivered at the dark husky tone that had taken refuge in the woman's vocal chords, amber eyes burning holes through her soul.

"Y-You areQuinn."

Quinn smiled, "Yes. So that means..."

"You," Rachel said fiercely, beating her to the punch , her brown eyes dark with desire as she stared into Quinn's with determination. "It means I belong to you."

Quinn's eyes glazed over and she felt her body start to slip into that place that only Rachel could take her to. Blinking away the desire at Rachel's confident words, she raised her eyebrow. "Good girl...I like the way my name tastes on your lips."

Quinn smiled at Rachel's visual shudder before continuing. "Now that you're collared, things are a little more personal, between us."

Rachel's heart fluttered at the small notion. "Personal?"

"Yes. Sometimes, I would like to have lunch or if I'm here particularly late, dinner together, are you comfortable with that?"

Rachel smiled, "Yes, Quinn."

Quinn nodded. "Also, sometimes I think I may have a car bring you here just because I want you here. But you must understand Rachel, with that collar on, with this relationship, if I call, when I answer. You stop whatever you're doing and you come to me, wherever I am."

Rachel's mind fogged up at the gentle authoritative tone of Quinn's voice and felt her throat turn a little dry. Whenever Quinn wanted her, wherever Quinn wanted her, Rachel had no problem being there. A hum started to spread carefully throughout her.

Quinn watched her for a minute, before leaning on the table to clasp her hands together.

"Tell me why are you supposed to do that, Rachel?"

Rachel swallowed. "Because I'm yours, Quinn."

"Mmm hmm. Now because of our relationship, and also because we're living in the same house together, I'd think we should be able to contact each other...and your dinosaur isn't acceptable anymore, love."

The term of endearment caused Rachel's cheeks to rise in color and a small smile to take over her face. Rachel laughed. "I am sorry about that, Quinn."

"I know, Rachel. It's not your fault, but you deserve better. And I want you to be able to call me if you're late, or if something is wrong...and most importantly, I want to be able to call or text you."

Quinn pulled open a drawer, and produced a very new, very smart phone that looked extremely expensive. Rachel's eyes widened.


"Hush. It's yours. I already explained to you why I think you need it. Take it."

Rachel looked at her with eyes that bled out gratitude. "It's...this is too much...thank you, Quinn."

Quinn smiled, and shrugged. "Your pass code is your name. I am the only contact programmed seeing as I don't know any of your other contacts."

Rachel unlocked the phone and saw the name placed in her contacts, and her being swelling with submission. Quinn sat up and uncrossed her legs, smiling fondly at Rachel, body heating up as she scanned her taut form.

"Things are going to be different now, Rachel. I expect you to understand your place, and now that you're officially my sub and you're collared, I'll expect more out of you. I'll want you to give me everything."

Rachel nodded, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "Yes, Quinn."

"Can you give me everything?"

Rachel did not hesitate, "Yes, Quinn."

Quinn smiled, "Come here."

Rachel stood, jean skirt riding up as she walked. Upon standing next to Quinn, she reached to pull it down, but Quinn slapped her hand away.

"No. Pull it up, let me see you."

Rachel blushed, but complied pulling her skirt up to reveal her white lace thong. Quinn gazed at her shaven pussy that lay beneath the underwear, leaning back in her chair. "Turn around."

Rachel nervously turned on command. Now facing the door as Quinn stared at her ass cheeks, on display. She reached a hand out and grazed her fingertips across the tan skin.

"I love your ass, Rachel."

Rachel sucked in a breath, clutching her jean skirt in her hands.

"It's so round and's perfect."

Quinn stood and reached to pull the thong down, leaving it right underneath her ass cheeks.

Rachel felt her body erupt in chills as the material rubbed up against the very spot that had made her come endlessly, weeks prior.

"Who did you run into today?"

Rachel felt her heart thump wildly in her chest. She was scared, she shouldn't lie, and Quinn would probably want to know about her conversation with Brittany about the show. As Quinn's submissive, Rachel probably should tell her, but Quinn wasn't obligated to know about Rachel's performances...she didn't need to see her and more importantly she wouldn't want to. It was too intimate for her relationship with Quinn.

Quinn just wouldn't have to know.

"An old f-friend from school..."

Quinn felt an unprecedented amount of jealousy seep through her system.

She placed her hands on Rachel's ass cheeks and palmed them. "A guy?"

"No, Quinn."

The strong feelings weakened within her. "A woman?"

"Yes, Quinn."

Quinn smiled a little. "Hmm. What's her name?"

"Brittany...we had dance class together in school."

Quinn continued to massage Rachel's cheeks, reveling in the sharp intakes of breath that were emptying her mouth.

"Is she pretty?"

"I-I…don't -"

A sharp smack echoed around the office and Rachel jumped, reaching out in front of her to steady herself. Quinn held her waist.

"Tell me the truth. Is she pretty?"

"She's nice...b..blonde...but I don't really...I don't think-"

Quinn slapped her ass again, enjoying the sound, smiling at the red tint that was surfacing. "A you were late to come see me because you got coffee with your beautiful blonde dancer friend?"

Rachel kept her eyes to the floor, her ass already stinging from the contact of Quinn's hand.

"Yes, Quinn."

"Let me ask you something...did Brittany have a phone?"


"Y..Yes, Quinn."

Quinn felt a flush of irritation swell in her system. "Why didn't you use her phone to call my have the number, you could have told me you were late."

"I didn't...I didn't think, Quinn...I'm sorry -"

Quinn brought her palm down one, two, three, times on the flesh of Rachel's ass cheek, soaking into the sound of the girl choking back moans.

"You're right, Rachel. You didn't think. Even though I understand your phone was malfunctioned, and you hadn't been aware of the rules still didn't use your head."

Quinn bit her ear, before reaching for her hands and pressing them on top of the desk, her body pressed against her back.

Rachel whimpered, eyes shut tight at the feeling of heat radiating between them.

"You've got to start thinking about me, Rachel, start thinking ahead of the game."

Rachel nodded, choking back the response.

I always think about you.

"Yes, Quinn."

"It's unnerving to know that you were in a public place with some beautiful woman, your friend that could have been more than that in the past, without your collar..."

"We never...She...She was just a friend, Quinn she never looked at me that w-"

Quinn pressed Rachel's face into the glass of her desk harshly leaning down to say huskily into her ear,

"If she was your friend, she wanted to fuck you Rachel. They all did. I mean look at you, how could they not want to fuck you? She was probably itching to throw you down just like I'm doing now."

Rachel gripped the edge of the desk under her torso, heartbeat now at an erratic pace as Quinn squeezed her ass.

She smacked it once before standing to her full height again, hand still at the base of Rachel's neck...holding her down. "I'm probably being irrational, Rachel. But I can't help my're mine. And I told you I'm possessive love. Once I claim something, I don't want other people even looking at it?"

Rachel breathed out as best as she could with her mouth flat against the glass, "Yes, Quinn."

Quinn reached up and loosened the tie around her neck, before letting go of Rachel, and unbuttoning her pants. "Turn around."

Rachel raised up on wobbly legs, and turned slowly, skirt at her waist and wet pussy on display.

Quinn stared at her with hungry eyes.

"I want you right here, I was just gonna spank your ass until it was nice and red and send you home until later, but now I want to fuck you." Quinn said roughly, pulling her thick cock from its confines. She reached underneath Rachel's thighs and lifted her up, setting her on top of the desk.

Rachel glanced down at Quinn's erect dick quickly before feeling Quinn jerk her chin up to look at her.

Quinn stroked her cock as she spoke, sliding in between Rachel's legs and snapping the thong clear from her thighs. "I want to fucking split you in half, do you understand? Right here in my fucking office. While all my fucking employees work outside."

Rachel moaned, her eyes closing, as Quinn rubbed her cock between Rachel's sopping wet folds.

Rachel was desperate, her hands reaching blindly to wrap around Quinn's neck.


Quinn bit her lip, spreading Rachel's legs out around her.

"Please what?"

Quinn said, running the head of her cock over the girl's clit. Rachel keened at the feeling, her toes curling.

God, I need you now.

"Fuck me please! Please..."

Quinn unraveled, ramming her cock all the way into the hilt of Rachel's insides, relishing in the cry that reverberated off of the walls of the large space.

Rachel threw her head back and clenched her pussy, the feeling of Quinn inside of her, the head of her cock right there against her cervix...perfect, so perfect that she just gripped her for a moment, halting any movement.

Quinn gasped and pressed her forehead against Rachel's. "Fuck...Rachel."

It was a moment to be reckoned with. Rachel had Quinn's dick in a vice like grip, locking them in a tight embrace.

Quinn didn't move, she couldn't even if she tried, she just pressed herself against the girl's walls, reveling in the feeling before she gained her senses and smacked a firm hand against Rachel's thigh and grabbed the both of them.

"Let go."

Rachel released Quinn from between her pussy lips and sobbed when Quinn pulled out, and slammed her back against the desk by her jacket collar.

Rachel reached up only to have Quinn grab her wrists and slam them against the glass.

Bent over her, with the head of her dick teasing at Rachel's entrance, Quinn looked wild, animalistic. "I said I wanted to fuck you, Rachel. Stop interfering."

Quinn thrust hard back inside and set a relentless pace. As Quinn pounded into Rachel, she stared into the wide chocolate orbs, licking her dry lips as Rachel shook beneath her.

"Fuck, Quinn! Ungh...Fuck yes!"

Quinn was on fire. Rachel's pussy was choking her dick every time it journeyed into her wet channel and the only sounds she registered were those of Rachel's screams and the sounds of her balls slapping against her with every thrust.

It was downright sinful.

Quinn rose up, letting go of Rachel's hands and held her spread thighs for leverage while she rammed her cock mercilessly inside of her.

"Jesus Christ, Rachel. I've never seen anything like this just look so beautiful, taking my dick. Open your eyes and look."

Rachel cried out, eyelids shut tight, as Quinn fucked her into oblivion. She was so far gone.

Quinn raised an eyebrow, ceasing her movements. "I said," she reached for Rachel's hair, yanking her up to stare, "Look."

Rachel cried out, her eyes forcing themselves open to stare down between her open legs.

Quinn's dick was shiny with her fluids, gliding now at calculated ease in and out of her sex. Rachel's pussy lips were red and abused, and clamped down on Quinn's cock every time it slid past Rachel's walls. Her clit was completely out of its hood and burning every time it rubbed up against Quinn's shaft.

Their joining was...electrifying. The most vulgar, yet entrancing thing Rachel had ever watched.

Even more, Rachel was so embarrassed at the noises that emptied from her vocal chords at the sight.

Quinn grinned, now holding her close by her waist, other hand still poised tightly in her locks, as she increased her speed, fucking the girl so roughly that the desk was starting to rattle with the force.

"Fuck! fucking good, Yes Quinn!"

Quinn could feel the ripple creeping up on her. She could feel the coil tightening, ready to explode within her. Rachel slammed her hand down on the desk, knocking a stapler and some pens and pencils clear across the room, her eyes wide with pleasure behind them as she stared at Quinn.

Quinn bit harshly on the girl's neck, "You feel so fucking tight around me, Rae. Fuck. It's like your pussy was made for my dick...only my dick."


The way Quinn's tongue slid around the new name elicited further incoherence from Rachel as she thrashed underneath Quinn.

Quinn leaned against her ear, grinning. "Does anyone else call you Rae?"


Quinn slapped at her clit. "Fucking answer me, does anyone else call you that?"

Rachel moaned, "Fuck...No Quinn..."

"Good. That name belongs to me now; no one else should ever call you that. If I found out...fuck...if I find out any other person's filthy dick touches your -my pussy, and anybody's filthy mouth taints that name, I'll beat your ass you understand me?" She growled, and Rachel opened her mouth wide with a particularly wanton noise.

"Yes, Quinn...yours, your pussy...your name...Fuck, I'm so close..."

It was sad; Rachel couldn't even locate her senses enough to form a simple sentence. She was aware that they were in Quinn's office, basically in plain sight of anyone who wanted to walk in...but she couldn't stop herself.

She had no control.

Quinn smiled at the girl's desperate noises. "You're close, huh. So you want to come? Tell me Rae, what do you need?"

Rachel keened, sobbing in absolute pleasure. "Anything! Fuck, Quinn, harder..."

Quinn hammered herself into the girl so hard that her body was lifting from the surface of the desk, her screams bouncing off of the walls of the office as if it were the acoustics of Madison Square Garden.

"Yes! Fuck...Quinn, god...right fucking there, fuck me...fuck me!"

Her filter was off, and Rachel could feel it coming, the release. Quinn was grunting now, her hips moving at a rapid pace.

Just then, the beep on her intercom system sounded and Renee' chimed in.

"Uh...Ms. Fabray, your 2:00 is waiting for, you want me to-"

Quinn pounded into Rachel harder, leaning them both into the desk, bodies practically molded into one another, their voices matching as they reached for the clouds together.

Renee', probably blushing now, attempted to continue.

"...I..I can um...Ms. Fabray, their right outside, do you want me to...uh..."

Her balls slapped louder against Rachel's ass as she jerked up inside of her, ramming the head of her cock now into that special spot that made Rachel absolutely fall apart, Rachel choked out a cry at the feeling and sucked Quinn's dick into her sex harshly, prompting a clear moan from Quinn.

Quinn leaned down to Rachel's ear. "Come on Rae, come on."

Quinn knew she was about to burst, she knew how big this was going to be. Her entire body was wet with sweat, her muscles aching as she fucked Rachel on top of her clean glass desk.

All while her poor receptionist tried to deflect from the obvious mischief that was going on in the office, and while her colleagues sat impatiently, right outside the door.

"Ms...Ms. Fabray, please...I know you told me not to disturb, b..but I need to know..."

Quinn grabbed the edge of the table, behind Rachel's head, mouth hot against her ear.

"Fuck, Rae, do it. Fucking tell my whole office, the whole building what I'm doing to you. Tell them who owns your pussy; tell them whose dick is the only one allowed to come inside of you. Tell them, Rae...fuck, you better fucking scream it..."

"Ms. Fabray..."



It came high pitched and bloodcurdling, at the very tip top of Rachel's vocal range, if not a signal so that Rachel could find her way back to real life, the scream was so loud Quinn was sure it deafened her.

Or maybe Quinn lost her hearing from the explosion that happened behind her eyelids during her own orgasm.

She didn't know.

She did know that there was a ringing in her ears and a feeling of absolute awakening as she shot her seed deep within Rachel, who was clenching around her dick so hard she was sure she was trying to milk her dry.

Rachel's screams went on forever it seemed, her hands flailing and knocking off every single thing from Quinn's desk in their wake.

Words like, 'yes', and 'fuck' were jumbled up into one long chant, while Quinn just whined as she pushed through the endless orgasm that was coming in spurts, her hips still thrusting slowly in shock.

Finally after what seemed like forever, Rachel choked and sucked in a breath of air...her pussy finally releasing its clutch on Quinn.

Rachel threw her head back; and Quinn felt wetness touch her nose. She looked up to see the woman completely red with her eyes clenched shut, as tears rolled down her face.

Quinn touched the damp spot on her cheek, before caressing the space. "Rachel, baby, its okay…"

Rachel opened her lids and grinned a dopey smile.

"I..I can't f..feel my legs…"

Quinn rose up and laughed, red tinting her face as well. "I need you to try to feel them…my business partners are waiting to come meet me… and I don't think they'd be too focused on diamonds with you lying spread eagle on my desk."

Rachel chuckled, and rose from the desk, sitting up and looking around at the mess of the office. "Oh Quinn, I'm so sorry…"

Quinn smiled, and reached forward conveniently for the one thing that didn't fall off of the desk and handed Rachel some tissues. "Don't be…I think it looks better this way." She joked, tucking herself back into her pants and reaching for the button on her desk.


Rachel deposited the tissues in a trashcan and pulled her skirt down, running a hand through her disheveled hair, when it dawned on her.

She had to walk out of the door.

In front of Quinn's colleagues.

Who had probably just heard her scream their boss's name, as she fucked her.

Oh fuck.

She suddenly felt nervous, and Quinn saw just as Renee' answered. "Ms. Fabray, I..I hope you're finished because these men seem pretty-"

"Calm down, Renee'. Tell them to pull the rods out of their asses." Quinn said with a smile, relaxation washing over her body as she reached forward to straighten her tie, only for Rachel to take over.

Quinn stared at her, licking her lips as Rachel adjusted the tie and grabbed the jacket that hung on the back of her chair, pulling it over her shoulders with ease.

"Just hurry…you know how they are with you already!" The flushed secretary spoke before clicking away.

Rachel felt nauseated at the thought of embarrassing Quinn and she stepped away.

"Quinn…I..I don't want to get you in trouble…maybe I can go out another way-"

Quinn pressed a finger to her lips. "Stop. This is my company. If I want to fuck you in the middle of the front lobby I can…I don't care what they have to say."

Rachel closed her eyes, the lack of embarrassment making her feel warm and fuzzy, although it didn't quell her worries.

"But what if you get in trouble?"

She tucked a strand of brown hair behind her ear. "Nobody's going to get in trouble, except you if you're not naked and on your knees with your collar on when I get home."

Rachel shivered, and somehow even after the intense sex they had, became flushed with wetness.

"Yes, Quinn." She smiled and Quinn smirked, before taking her hand.

"Now I'm going to walk you out. Straighten your skirt and do not look at them, okay?"

Rachel nodded, straightening the jean skirt that covered her nakedness. They walked towards the door and Quinn pulled it open, revealing two old men in suits, staring with wide eyes as the two women exited.

"Gentlemen. Sorry to keep you waiting. Shall we?"

Rachel stood there, eyes on the floor to avoid contact with the men before she looked up to Quinn, who smiled. "I'll be home at dinnertime, Rachel."

Rachel nodded, turning to go before Quinn pulled her close in an embrace.

"Don't forget what I told you."

"Yes, Quinn. But um, Quinn…my panties, they are-"

Quinn pressed her lips to the skin underneath her ear. "In my drawer. I think I'll have a little fun while the old men talk about business, hmm?"

Rachel wondered what that kind of fun was.

Quinn released her with a small wave, and Rachel walked calmly pass the men and Renee', wondering how far she would get before her legs gave out from the numbness.

She never looked up.

Chapter Text

"Fuck! Quinn...please-"

"Come on, Rae...come for me baby."

Rachel wrapped her fingers around the chains connected to the cuffs locked onto her wrists. Tightening her legs around Quinn's waist, she threw her head back and moaned at the feeling of Quinn's pulsing cock throbbing within her, pressing tightly against her walls and pushing her over the edge with one hard thrust.


Quinn held onto Rachel while resting her head in the crook of her neck, biting her skin as she pumped her seed into her. Rachel moaned loudly, her walls milking Quinn's thick cock, her muscles burning as she gripped the chains dangling from the ceiling.


Quinn pumped into her, one, two, three more times, before sighing.


Rachel's head lolled, her eyes hazy with exhaustion. Quinn reached behind her and pulled Rachel's legs from her waist, one after the other and placed them on the ground.


The last coherent piece of Rachels brain attempted to make her knees work, and she would have succeeded had her knees not buckled.

"Whoa! Okay," Quinn chuckled, "Never mind, love...I guess I fucked all of the feeling out of your beautiful legs."

Rachel smiled sheepishly, her mind still hazy with sexual satisfaction. Let me get you out of these chains. Quinn said softly. She steadied Rachels hips with one palm, and reached up to undo the clasps around her wrists with the other. Quinn steadied Rachel in her arms, caressing her face as her eyes slipped closed in contentment. Quinn pressed a tender kiss to her neck, and it sent shivers down Rachel's body as she slipped deeper into unconsciousness


Rachel opened her eyes, and looked around confusedly.


Brittany smiled, piercing Rachel with her electric blue eyes and shook her head. "It's been three days and every time I ask you about that hickey on your neck, which doesn't seem to want to go away might I add, you go into dreamland."

She was right.

It was Thursday, and Rachel hadn't seen much of Quinn. Things were getting busier at the office, which meant that their time together was shortened. However, Rachel's body still ached in memory of how Quinn put what time they did have to good use.

Quinn had shown up that night after work and instead of having steak, she had Rachel, over and over again.

The affair ended with a limp and hickey-covered Rachel who was still recovering and trying to desperately dodge the questions her dance partner was throwing at her every chance she could get.

Rachel rolled her eyes as she stretched her leg out against the bar, attempting to ignore the soreness in her muscles.

"Brittany. It's none of your business..."

Brittany jumped in place, before sliding up to Rachel and reaching for her arm, "Oh come on, Rachie! We're friends! Tell me about the sexy lady you're having sexy times with please?"

Rachel hissed as Brittany yanked on her sore arm.

"Careful Britt! Listen, less talking - more dancing. The show is in two days and I haven't even mastered this song yet."

Brittany huffed and conceded.

"Whatever, but I'm not gonna stop asking until you tell me about her."

Rachel smiled. "I know you aren’t, but there's nothing to tell. I have a friend and she's really nice."

"Nice enough to make you sore all over and leave really big hickeys on your neck?"

Rachel reached up and fingered the dark spot underneath her sparkling collar.

"Fuck! Quinn..."

Quinn sank her teeth into the same spot on Rachel's neck that she had been sucking on for the last five minutes, flicking her tongue across the now deep red mark. Rachel's fingers flexed against the medal, her moans echoing around them as Quinn continued to suck relentlessly on her neck.

"Quinnplease...I can't-"

Quinn held Rachels spread legs so that they were bent at the knee and eased into her cock into her body, slowly, before releasing the skin on her neck briefly. Only to say firmly,

"You can, and you will."

She captured her neck again and Rachel suddenly felt as if Quinn was trying to drain the life from her. 

Furthermore, Quinn wasn't even thrusting fast, or even at all. She was just leisurely inching her dick into Rachel's pussy, making sure she felt every single vein, every single bit of slick skin. Rachel felt so full.

Rachel writhed against the chains, the skin of her neck trapped between sharp teeth. Quinn continued to concentrate on marking Rachels skin, as if she was creating art. Suddenly Quinn pulled completely out of Rachel and slammed back into her sex. Rachel moaned, throwing her head back as Quinn released her skin finally, her teeth marks indented deep in her neck. Grabbing her face with one hand, Quinn spoke to her softly, lips inches away from hers.

"Don't you ever move when I'm marking are mine and I want people to know that, I want them to see proof of how good I fucked you."

Rachel gripped the chains, her thighs burning, as all nine inches of Quinn's cock began to power through her harshly.

Quinn leaned down and licked the bruise that seemed to be changing color.

"I want people to see you walking funny. I want them to wonder who left such a mean bruise on your neck and I want them to know that no one else can do it. No one else except me..."

Rachel cried out, her pussy lips clenching around Quinn's dick harshly, altering Quinn's focus for a moment as she choked on a breath at the feeling.

"Fuck...Rae. Don't cover it up, do you understand? If you so much as put a scarf on your neck...I'll whip your tight little ass."

Rachel sobbed, "Yes ma'am...yes Quinn...fuck!"

Quinn smiled, before sucking the skin into her mouth once more, hoping to make her mark a bit flashier...

Rachel shook her head and stalked around Brittany. "Can we it again?" Brittany executed a perfect pirouette, landed back on her feet then tickled Rachel's sides, causing her to laugh. "You're blushing...So I guess I'll leave you alone, Rachie…for now."

Rachel touched her flushed cheeks as an afterthought before the music began pumping around them. They moved easily, the dancing becoming more familiar to Rachel.

Until she missed a step.

"Ugh. I always mess that part up."

Brittany shook her head, striding over to her friend. "Its fine, Rach. You'll get it eventually; you’ve just got to stop thinking about it so much. Let the choreography come naturally."

Brittany placed her hands on Rachel's hips gently and molded their bodies together, running the choreography with ease. Rachel smiled at their reflection in the mirror.

She'd been watching them, intrigued by the way they worked together. Their fluid movements meshed together as if destiny had written it so, and it took her back to her school days. The days where she danced and sang and found herself surrounded by people with pure talent.

And no one had more natural talent than Brittany. Just being in the same room with her made Rachel feel as if she was being suffocated by someone's gift. Brittany was that amazing. As a matter of fact, Brittany was so amazing that she didn’t really require Rachel’s presence to make her show sexy. She was achieving it all on her own. Rachel tilted her head at their reflection, her eyes suddenly filled with curiosity.

"Britt, why did you ask me to do your show with you?"

Brittany shrugged while spinning Rachel in a circle. "I don't really know. I realized how much I missed you when I saw you...and you're the most amazing singer, and second best dancer next to me of course -"

So modest.

"And…well I totally think we'd look sexy together."

Rachel raised her eyebrows, laughing.

Brittany smiled sheepishly. "I'm serious, Rachel. If your sexy lady friend wasn't making you sore every night, I'd totally rock your world."

Rachel shook her head, blushing at Brittany’s honesty.

"Um...thank you?"

Brittany sank into the splits at Rachel's feet and stared up at her, grinning. "No problem!"

Rachel did a high kick, and Brittany caught her leg. Wincing at the pull on her sore muscles, Rachel grinned. "Do you always make your set lists so…erotic?"

Brittany nodded with a smile.

"Definitely. I'm already the sexiest act they have because of the way I look and how young I am...but I figure if I work hard enough to be even sexier, I can entertain the people and maybe even attract a man, woman, or both…at the same time."

Some things never change, including Brittany's reluctance to define her sexuality.

Rachel lowered her leg. Tapping her heel against the wooden floor of the dance studio, she snorted. Rachel highly doubted Brittany had any trouble gaining offers from anyone, but to hear her talk about it so openly made her laugh.

"Brittany you could pick your nose and attract someone."

Brittany made a face and grinned, "Ew."

Rachel smiled, glancing at her reflection and Brittany's as she stood behind her.

Brittany was beautiful. Her body was toned and colored to perfection, and she was a blonde. She wasn’t what someone would normally call “intelligent”, but she was wise and intuitive beyond her years.

In retrospect, she was perfect.

Although Rachel had mentioned to Quinn that she had never been attracted to Brittany, she was most definitely her “type”.

A light bulb went off in Rachel’s brain.

"Hey Britt, you know I think I can solve your problem." Rachel rushed over to her pile of things slumped against the corner of the mirror. Brittany continued to dance, the music thumping around her as she scrunched her nose up in confusion.

"What problem?"

Rachel rolled her eyes at Brittany’s ability to continue dancing without missing a step, while completely concentrating on something else. "You're looking to attract someone right? And judging by your willingness to sleep with me, I would guess and say your type of woman is short, dark hair-"

"Exotic." Brittany rushed to say, blushing and Rachel laughed before grabbing her phone out of her bag. "Right. I think I may have someone for you."

That comment caused Brittany to completely stop moving and suddenly she straightened up, meeting Rachel in the middle.

"You do?"

"Yeah, my best friend and neighbor. Her name is Santana Lopez. She's a detective, and she loves blondes."

Rachel handed the phone to Brittany and wasn’t surprised to hear her gasp at the picture. It was one of the few times Rachel roped Santana into letting her hair down and putting on something tight and revealing. In short, it was a very sexy picture of her and Brittany seemed to be reaping the benefits of that, practically drooling over the phone, her mouth stretching into a wide smile as she blushed.


Rachel smiled crossing her arms. "I know right? She's coming to the show...if you want to meet her. Maybe you guys can set something up there? I already told her about you..."

Brittany's eyes widened. "Did you really? Oh my god Rachie...she's so hot! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Rachel caught Brittany as she jumped on her in a tight embrace.

"Whoa! You're welcome Britt. I might just be a hopeless romantic, but I really think you two will hit it off."

Brittany let her go and twirled in a circle, tossing Rachel's phone back at her. "It's alright Rachie! I'm a hopeless romantic too...oh my god I'm so excited-” Brittany halted, her eyes going wide suddenly, “And nervous...oh my god I hope I don't mess up, especially now that your super-hot friend is gonna be watching me!"

Rachel grinned at Brittany's excitement, her chest inflating at the thought of causing she and her lonely best friend some happiness. Rachel had a feeling about those two working together.

The phone vibrated in her palm, interrupting her thoughts, and Rachel opened the incoming text message.

Where are you?

- Q

Rachel's pulse quickened the way it usually did when Quinn would text or call.

"Speaking of super-hot people coming to watch, are you gonna invite your lady friend to see our sexy show?"

Rachel swallowed the lump in her throat, the sudden tightening in her heart causing her to delay and stutter out a response. "N…No, I don't - it's not like that between us, we're not…close in that way. Also she's really busy, all the time. She won't want to come."

Brittany furrowed her eyebrows. "How do you know she won't? Have you asked?"


Rachel shrugged, her nerves breaking out inside of her and threatening to spill over onto the floor underneath her feet. "I just know Britt."

Actually she didn't know. But it didn't make sense for her to bother Quinn, the multi-billionaire with something as silly as a set in some small club on a Saturday night in New York.

But as “Rachel - Quinn Fabray's sub”, how many rules was she breaking by not telling Quinn? Regardless of how intimate it may have been despite the type of relationship they shared, was this breaking Quinn's trust, and would it hurt the woman if she found out? It had been a consecutive week of Rachel not telling Quinn exactly where she was going, and whom she was with. She was constantly shrugging off Quinn’s questions and giving short responses in the short conversations they had over a quick breakfast or in passing on the way to Quinn's office.

Rachel wasn't lying…completely.

But she was definitely dodging the truth. Rachel didn't know how much longer she'd be able to keep it up. She was banking on telling Quinn after everything was over, and just reaping the punishment.

She just didn't want to upset Quinn.

It made her heart ache to the core, the thought of disappointing her Mistress in any way, shape, or form. The most important part of being submissive was respecting Quinn’s wishes, especially in regards to her trust.

However being respectful also included Rachel not crossing a certain line regarding their relationship.

But was it worth stepping onto untrustworthy grounds?

"It isn't a big deal, Brittany."

The phone buzzed again.

Answer me.

- Q

Rachel touched her neck, flushed already just from the authoritative tone of the message.

I'm so sorry Quinn, I didn't hear the phone. Dancing at the studio, again.

- R

"If you say so. Has she ever even heard you sing?"

Yeah, her name when I'm coming.

Rachel shook her head in response, walking in a circle, as the phone buzzed again with a response.

Hmm. How long are you going to be there?

- Q

Rachel watched Brittany move against the music, still looping the song they were rehearsing to, obviously missing Rachel’s nonverbal response. "Um, no…she hasn't heard me sing. And she hasn't brought it up, so I guess she doesn't care that much about it."

The comment stung, but it was the truth. Why would Quinn care?

Sure Quinn encouraged her to audition and to further her craft. But to her knowledge Quinn had never formally introduced an interest in hearing or seeing her perform. Which was perfectly fine, seeing as the nature of their bond was not designed for that.

For Quinn, it was incredibly easy to be physically close, while remaining strangers emotionally. Rachel was attempting to get used to that, but she couldn’t stop her heart from beating quickly every time Quinn came around.

Until you tell me it's time to come home.

- R

She bit her lip after hitting send and Brittany smirked, raising a knowing eyebrow. "Mmm hmm. I know that face, that's the 'god she is so sexy' face."

Rachel laughed, blushing. "No it is not, can we just run the routine again?"

They pranced through the steps, Brittany handling her moves with more grace, attached to the routine with confidence that only came from being a natural-born dancer. As they finished, they grinned at each other. The rush from performing took Rachel's brain away from the worries of Quinn and the show and filled her up with happiness.

As they finished, and Rachel began to pile her stuff in her bag she was met with another message.

It's time to come home, love. I've wanted you since this morning when you were bent over the counter reading the paper. However, I was too busy to fuck you for lunch today and I'm getting impatient. I'll give you an hour exactly to get here.

Please do not be late, Rae.

- Q

An electric spark shot straight through Rachel’s body to her groin as if on command and her knees went a little weak.

"B..Brittany, I have to…"

"Go, right? Your lady friend must be booty calling you again; I've seen that look on you all week when you pick up that phone. She must really know what she's doing." Brittany laughed and Rachel raised her eyebrows.

Boy did she know what she was doing.

Rachel scratched the back of her neck and grinned, furiously red yet already heading towards the doors. "Stop it, Britt. I'll see you tomorrow, same time okay?"

Brittany waved her off. "Go, sexy times await you."

Rachel glided into the night air, fingers typing furiously against the glass of her new phone.

Yes, Quinn. I'm on my way.

- R

Rachel practically fell out of the car, hastily thanking the doorman. She sprinted down the sidewalk and up the steps, catching herself on the railing of the porch.

Quinn was sitting on the swing, smiling at her. The buttons on her shirt were open and her tie was gone. She still wore her slacks, but her feet were bare. Her long blonde locks were pushed over to one side, and fell over her shoulder as if windswept in the nighttime air, and she grinned at the way Rachel licked her lips.

"Quinn, I -"

Quinn held a hand up, silencing Rachel and checked her watch. "The hand just turned, which means you were here right on time, love."

Rachel smiled in relief, her heart thrumming at the thought of pleasing the woman.

She loved pleasing her Dom.

"Good girl."

Rachel nodded, and went to her knees.

"No, come here."

Rachel retracted herself and dropped her bag, walking over to Quinn and relishing in the night air blowing around them.

Quinn sat with her legs gaped open and Rachel stood in between them, her stomach level to Quinn's face. Quinn placed her hands on Rachel’s tight ass, and looked up at her.

Quinn's eyes were bright and hungry in the moonlight...resembling that of a wolf lusting after its prey, and Rachel felt a flush creep up her skin.

"I missed you, Rae."

She pressed a soft kiss into the indention of Rachel's bare abdomen.

Rachel shivered; Quinn's lips softly began planting small kisses all over her stomach. She always kissed her everywhere else...everywhere else. And everywhere else seemed just as intimate as a kiss on the lips.

However, it just wasn’t enough.

Rachel's eyelids fluttered closed as Quinn let her tongue slide out between her talented lips to lick the spot that she had previously kissed. It made Rachel's heart pump rhythmically.

"Did you miss me?"

Rachel sank into Quinn’s hold, allowing Quinn leverage to knead the flesh of her ass steadily, while continuing her assault on her stomach. Rachel's brain was fuzzy, and she held on to Quinn's arms tightly, it felt so good. Quinn felt her control start to slip away, and she slapped Rachel's ass, before sinking her teeth into her stomach. Rachel gasped, tightening her hold on Quinn's arms, the off-rhythm of her heartbeat now speeding up and turning into that familiar slow hum within her chest.


Quinn tightened her teeth around Rachel’s flesh, watching as Rachel keened in pain and pleasure, her head thrown back, revealing the now dark purple bruise on her neck that Quinn left earlier that week.

It was still there, practically glowing and providing the message that yes she still belonged to Quinn Fabray.

Quinn let go of the flesh with a gasp, her body suddenly pulsating with desire.

"Show me."

Rachel opened her eyes, her pupils suddenly dark and dilated with lust. She was gone now.

Rachel licked her lips and while holding Quinn’s gaze firmly, she took one of Quinn's hands from her backside, and placed it between her legs.

Rachel had soaked through her pants.

Quinn growled and reached up to rip Rachel’s tight pants down her thighs, revealing her bare sex. The cool night air whipped against her folds, and Rachel moaned loudly. It sent a shiver down Quinn’s spine.

"Fuck, Rae. I want you now."

Briefly, apprehension passed through Rachel. The thought of fucking Quinn on her front porch was both enticing and nerve wrecking.
Yet you were perfectly comfortable with getting fucked on top of a desk in broad daylight, her conscience reminded her nonchalantly.

With that truth burning through her all the way to her dripping core, Rachel couldn't help but to say yes to her Mistress. Her tight pants fell to her ankles and Rachel stepped out of them fast, while Quinn steadied her hips with one hand, and sank three fingers into her wetness with the other.


Rachel suddenly fell forward; her balance rocked from the power of Quinn's thrust and she steadied herself by holding onto Quinn's shoulders. Quinn closed her eyes, the tight hole squeezing her fingers tightly.

It was a peculiar feeling, being inside of Rachel. It felt like heaven, in Quinn’s opinion. Though it was a cliché assessment, it was the truth. It made her heart beat faster inside of her chest, the adrenaline of being home. Rachel’s pussy was that and then some, and Quinn felt like everything was right when she was there. Inside of Rachel.

"Shit Rae, you feel so good. So wet."

Growing impossibly harder, Quinn snapped out of her trance and began thrusting inside of Rachel. Rachel bit her lip, before her mouth fell agape, as Quinn's thumb brushed against her clit and sent her jerking forward.

"Quinn please...oh god, oh fuck!"

Quinn pulled her hand from Rachel’s hip and slapped both of her thighs, plunging her pinky finger inside and knocking the wind out of her.

“Baby you’re so wet, one would assume that you’ve been waiting on this all day. Is that why you didn't wear panties today? So you could soak your pussy while you thought about me, without ruining them? Huh baby?"

Rachel keened, her walls stretching around Quinn's fingers, her thumb still assaulting her clit with fervor.

"Quinn, please..."

Quinn curled all four fingers and Rachel thrashed, choking out a scream as the fingers burned within her. Quinn grinned, leaning forward and sank her teeth into the same dark mark on her stomach.

"Fuck! Quinn I...please...just...” Quinn tickled the walls of Rachel’s pussy with her long fingers and tightened the grip her teeth had on her stomach. Rachel’s eyes watered and she absolutely keened. “Yesyes…I wanted you so...bad!"

Quinn released Rachel’s skin and began unbuttoning her slacks.

"You wanted me so bad?”

Rachel nodded, shifting against Quinn’s fingers, and moaning softly at the way it felt against her pussy. Quinn paused from pulling her pants down and smacked Rachel’s ass. “Don’t move…” Rachel bit her lip, and choked out a “Yes Quinn,” softly. Quinn smiled and continued undressing.

“God Rae, I wanted you too. I couldn’t stop thinking about slamming my dick into your beautiful pussy. My pussy. So is that all right with you? Can I fuck you, baby?"

Rachel shivered at the soft tone of Quinn’s voice. She was almost positive that her mouth was foaming as she looked down and saw the thick cock erect and pulsing with desire. Quinn removed her fingers from Rachel, reveling in the sucking sound that came from the hold Rachel's sopping sex had on her, and poised the head of her cock at Rachel’s entrance.

With permission, Rachel straddled Quinn’s thighs, her entire body on fire, "Quinn...please, yes...yes..."

Quinn pulled Rachel down on her nine inches, hard, and Rachel wrapped her arms around Quinn's neck, moaning wantonly at the feeling of the thick cock filling her up. Quinn blinked blurry eyes, relishing in the feeling of being squeezed to death by Rachel’s tight channel. Quinn slammed up into Rachel, her hazel-almost gold eyes trained on Rachel’s.

And then they began to rock. Like a metronome in a four-four time signature. Rachel gasped, unable to voice her satisfaction from the way Quinn’s dick was slipping into her deeply, stealing the breath straight from her lungs.

Quinn groaned and gripped Rachel’s hips, fucking her hard enough that Rachel could practically feel it in her stomach, every single time. It was as if she was trying to sink as deep as she possibly could into the girl, like she was going to indent her cock inside Rachel and absolutely ruin her for anyone else.

Rachel’s brain fogged up at the thought of Quinn’s dick leaving a permanent indention in her pussy. No one else would be able to fill me. My pussy would only accommodate her dick. It already does. Its already hers.

The thought caused Rachel to finally choke out, "Fuck! Quinn, oh god, oh..."

Quinn studied Rachel, watching her eyes dilate and become almost black with passion as she became lost in Quinn’s gaze. Suddenly feeling bold, Quinn slid her hand up to grip softly at Rachel’s throat, pressing her fingers softly against Rachel’s hickey, the mark she created. The action unleashed a surprised cry from Rachel's throat as a slight pain whipped through her like a flash of lightning.

It spread in an electric fashion, making her body tingle, and she jerked on top of Quinn in reaction to it. Quinn furrowed her eyebrows, caressing the spot with her thumb, and smiling at the way Rachel shivered.

"Jesus Christ, Rae. You walked around all day dripping on yourself, and now you're letting me fuck you right here on the front porch? What's gotten into you?" Quinn laughed.

Rachel keened at the sound, Quinn gripping her ass as it slapped against her balls. Somehow, Quinn managed to curve her dick inside of Rachel and pressed tightly against that soft spot deep inside of Rachel that would make her lose all sense of reality.

This time was no exception to that.

Rachel practically floated from Quinn’s lap, as if she was attempting to get away from the way Quinn’s dick began pounding against that spot relentlessly. Quinn bit her lip, and wrapped her arm around Rachel’s waist, holding her hostage against her dick and grinding up against her. Rachel splayed her fingers against the back of Quinn’s neck, digging her nails into her flesh and Quinn growled, pulling Rachel’s head up and boring their eyes into one another as she continued to grind their hips together, pressing the head of her dick against Rachel’s sex desperately.

"Sh-it! Right there Quinn! I..I'm -"

"You're what?" Quinn husked, staring at Rachel’s plump lips and feeling a sudden urge to press her own dry lips against them. Licking them instead, Quinn slammed up inside of Rachel, resuming her pace and sliding her hand from Rachel’s neck down to her chest to pull the sports bra down harshly, revealing her perky breasts, and more importantly her erect nipples. "A bad girl?"

Quinn slapped at Rachel’s breasts, the sound mixing in with the wet connection of their bodies and the creak of the swing as they rocked against it harshly. Rachel gripped the roots of Quinn's blonde hair and Quinn moaned at the feeling, kneading the flesh of Rachel’s breast before slapping it again quickly. Before the sting could settle, Quinn had her fingers wrapped around Rachel’s nipple, tweaking the brown flesh mercilessly.

"Oh-oh my God...Ungh...Quinn-"

"Is that what you are? Say it."

Quinn slapped Rachel’s nipples again, and again, before leaning down mid-thrust and latching her teeth onto one, sucking it harshly.

Rachel shuddered at the feeling, the words tumbling from her mouth incoherently before she moaned brokenly, “Mmmahbad girlQuinn….

Quinn pulled Rachel completely off of her dick, watching the slick juices connect them, before slamming her back down, grinding her cock deeply into her body. Rachel sobbed, slamming her eyes shut; it felt as if she could feel Quinn’s cock in her throat. Quinn held the back of Rachel’s neck and pressed their foreheads together, watching her submissive’s mouth gape open in pleasure and attempt to form words every time Quinn slipped out. However, only a loud sob would tumble from her lips when Quinn would slam back inside.

"My bad little Rachel…such a slut for my cock. That's what you are...tell me Rae. Tell me how much of a slut for my dick you are."

Rachel furrowed her eyebrows, unable to peel her eyes open despite the feeling of Quinn’s breath against her face. A hum was settling deep inside of her, vibrating with the feelings Quinn was pulling from her with every stroke of her cock. It literally felt as if her heart was on the verge of bursting.

Rachel wasn't answering fast enough, and she could feel hazel eyes burning into her as Quinn continued to pound her dick into Rachel's body without mercy.

Quinn watched Rachel’s expression change. The lines of her forehead were creased and her eyebrows were practically knit together in concentration as she pressed her eyes closed tightly, her mouth hung open. Her skin was hot, practically on fire, and red began to creep up her neck.

It was the expression - Rachel was losing that inevitable battle against her inner sub. She was right on the edge of giving herself over completely to what came naturally to her.

Being submissive.

Quinn bristled and felt her stomach begin to coil at the thought of the internal battle happening within the girl. So close that their noses were practically pressed together, Quinn let out a soft moan, and allowed her fingers to sink into the long brown hair. It was just them, moving passionately together as Quinn attempted to fuck Rachel right into her own submission.

Rachel began to shake, sweat rolling down her back as she locked her jaw defiantly. Quinn’s eyes widened in surprise as Rachel continued to rock against Quinn's thrusts as her body attempted to defy the nature of her role. Quinn’s eyes grew gold with passion and suddenly she snapped out of her fascination.

"No Rachel, no! Quinn gasped desperately. Fighting her own battle and holding on to the last bit of control she had left, Quinn spoke through gritted teeth, “Don’t fight it…fucking –“ Quinn slammed into Rachel harshly, positive she would be sore the next day, “tell me right fucking now, Rae! Tell me how much you need my cock. How much of a slut you are for it. Tell me-“ Quinn reached down and slapped her clit, “Tell me that you're my little bitch."

Quinn felt it, the instant change in atmosphere and suddenly Rachel's eyes burst open, dark and hungry and wild. And then her voice came steady, deep with desire.

"I'm such a slut for your cock, Quinn."

Quinn’s control snapped in two and fizzled away. She let out a primal growl, and wrapped her arm back around Rachel’s waist, fisting her other hand in her hair and tugging it sharply as she began pounding her pussy.

"That's fucking right. You're a slut for my cock. Only my cock and no one else’s. You're my little bitch. You hear me, Rae? Mine!"

Feeling the thick cock working against her walls knowingly, the head slamming against her cervix like it was on a direct mission, caused Rachel to howl into the moonlight as her climax crept upon her and ripped her screams right from her vocal chords.

Rachel was rocking against Quinn desperately, her face pressed against Quinn’s tightly as she sobbed in relief, practically hyperventilating with how much she was coming.

Quinn’s cries of pleasure meshed against Rachel’s, and she jerked sharply inside of her before stilling her movements. Quinn didn't even realize she had been simultaneously shooting thick spurts of cum within the girl, until she felt Rachel's pussy sucking her dick. Rachel’s body was milking Quinn’s cock like she needed it to survive. Quinn was completely buried inside Rachel’s folds and it was as if Rachel refused to let go. Quinn jerked again at the thought of Rachel being desperate for her cum and more streams of Quinn's essence shot out and began mixing with Rachel’s.

At their joining, an electric shock soared through Quinn and planted itself within her veins. She didn’t understand what it was exactly, but she loved that feeling.

Finally slumping back against the swing, sighing in relief as Rachel’s pussy finally relinquished its hold on her dick, Quinn glanced at the flustered girl. Rachel looked thoroughly ravished. Her breasts were perky and red, her stomach was littered with bruises, and her face was almost completely red as strands of hair fell from her ponytail.

She was beautiful.

Quinn smiled lazily at her, before furrowing her eyebrows at the distressed look on the girl’s features. Her eyes were wide and her hand was covering her mouth. She looked almost disappointed.

"Rachel, what's wrong?"

Rachel shook her head. "Mistr - Quinn, I'm so sorry...I didn't mean to come, I'm so sorry -"

"What? Hey stop, listen to me," Quinn reached up and brushed against the bruise on Rachel’s neck before cupping the bottom of her jaw.

Rachel stared at Quinn, her eyes bright and heavy with emotion now, gazing into Quinn’s pleadingly.

"It's okay love, I didn't even think about telling you to come…because well,” Quinn laughed softly, “We came at the same time. It was unexpected, and neither you nor I could have helped it, okay. So stop it, you're not in trouble."

Rachel bit her lip and nodded, relieved at the prospect of pleasing her Dom, and then...unsure. Quinn continued to frown.

"What is it?"

"Um, nothing…"

Quinn raised an eyebrow, "Rachel. Please don't lie to me...I'll always know. Your eyes are like an open book."

Rachel's heart rate sped up at the confidence with which Quinn spoke. If her eyes were such an open book, she wondered if Quinn suspected her current dishonesty. Rachel cleared her throat.

"I’m…I’m sorry, I just…I think,” Rachel swallowed, “When you’re inside of me…when I’m submitting to you, Quinn, it feels as if my body doesn't have control I can't control it. There comes a point where I feel extremely vulnerable and my body, my mind...I…I just want to give myself over to you, completely, in every way that I possibly can...I-Is that normal?"

Quinn tilted her head, her heart fluttering.

"What do you mean, Rae?"

Rachel blushed. "Well for instance, it’s impossible for me to come without you telling me to unless know..."

Now youre embarrassed? After screaming into the night sky about how much of a cockslut you are, you choose to be embarrassed now? 

Quinn stared. "Unless I come inside of you?"

Rachel became more red, and she nodded.

Quinn smiled, trying to not seem so pleased with the thought. "Are you worried about me having too much control over you Rachel?"

Rachel's eyes widened. "N..No! Quinn I didn't-"

Quinn, touched the girl's lips with her fingers.

"Listen Rachel, I think the correct term for what you are referring to is subspace. Submissive’s can lose themselves during sexual encounters with their Doms and find themselves completely submerged into a place where they become one with their submissive nature, and ultimately give up all control. It isn’t abnormal, and your body hasn't lost complete control over itself. You're choosing to listen to me, whether you realize it or not. You’re willingly giving yourself over to me but you aren’t losing yourself completely. If your body senses that something isn’t right, you’ll immediately know Rachel. You are always in control. Remember that, love."

The hazel orbs were filled with understanding, yet there was apprehension behind them. Quinn was worried; she didn't want Rachel to feel unsure about anything. "Rachel, if you feel uncomfortable about anything, I want you to tell me okay?"

Rachel smiled, relieved and slightly reassured, "I promise I’m alright, Quinn. I was just curious.” Quinn allowed a small smile to take over her features. Rachel bit her lip and caressed the back of Quinn’s neck. “If I was uncomfortable, I wouldn't have let you mount me on the front porch."

Quinn laughed, genuinely. And the sound caused Rachel's stomach to fill with butterflies.

"Speaking of being mounted, you still are. We better get decent so we can have dinner; as much as I wish I could stay inside you all night…I'm sure you must be hungry after working all day."

Rachel bit her lip and nodded.

Pulling herself off of Quinn, Rachel suddenly felt empty. She turned, nervously, and bent to pull her pants back up her legs. Rachel could feel Quinn’s eyes on her ass as she bent, and that thought for some reason made her stumble.

Quinn's arm wrapped around Rachel’s naked waist, and she steadied her, smiling into her neck.

"Here, let me help you."

Quinn reached down and pulled the material up and over Rachel’s thighs, and smoothly trailed it over her ass, squeezing the flesh as she secured her pants against her hips.

"You're addictive, you know?"

Rachel wrapped an arm around herself and turned to face Quinn, who was running fingers through Rachel’s tangled hair, now completely falling from it’s ponytail.

"Well…no I actually don't know. No one's ever told me how addictive I was, considering the fact that no one's ever had the chance to be addicted to me, so no one’s ever actually told me…well besides Noah…and my last boyfriend…but they weren’t…addicted…" Rachel laughed nervously at her rambling.

Quinn pursed her lips, the thought of someone else previously touching Rachel irritating her, especially now that Quinn was sure that one of Rachel’s previous sexual partners was now her roommate. Letting her lips ease into a smile, however, Quinn reached up and smoothed a strand of hair behind Rachel’s ear.

"Well, I can only imagine how they felt. I spend hours thinking of how I'm going to have you next."

Shivers erupted throughout Rachel’s skin and she bit her lip. Quinn was staring at her with a look of absolute lust, again. It was as if the moment of sexual desperation didn't just happen between them.

Rachel touched the rising hairs on her arm, and licked her lips, continuing her nervous chuckle. Quinn leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her cheek, "Go get cleaned up, I'll meet you in the dining room for dinner."

Rachel nodded, ignoring the pull in her stomach at the fiery feeling of Quinn's lips on another part of her body.

Another part of her body that wasn't her lips.

And she knew that that wasn't the nature of their relationship, but she couldn't stop herself from yearning desperately for it.

For a taste of Quinn.                        


Rachel was eating the last of her soup a little greedily, when she heard the sound of Quinn’s fork clink quietly against her plate.

Looking up from where she had been eating, Rachel blushed. Licking her lips, she began dabbing at her mouth with her folded napkin.

"I'm…sorry…I know I probably look like a barbarian, but I skipped lunch today."

Quinn smiled and Rachel watched her in fascination. Quinn was sitting straight up, running her fingers through her long blonde locks with a smile.

“I understand. In your case, performing must be just as satisfying as eating."

Rachel smiled, taking a sip of water. "Yeah…I haven't really performed since I graduated, so getting back into the swing of things is…exciting. Even if it's just practicing."

She almost let it slip.

"Why haven't you performed?" Quinn asked curiously.

Rachel shrugged. "Lack of opportunity. NYADA was the prime place for picking up auditions, and I never landed one while I was there, partly because I was so focused on being thoroughly educated. And now, I just don't know where to start when it comes to finding any work like that. I guess I’ve just become swept up in the art of struggling to survive, and providing for Noah and I."

It was true.

Rachel had all the tools, all the skills. And she knew she was good at what she did, but she had been compromising the time spent on finding and preparing for auditions in order to focus on taking care of her responsibilities.

Rachel understood that it wasn’t exactly what she had planned for herself after graduating from college, but unfortunately it was what she had to do. She couldn’t bear to ask her fathers for help after the way they had supported her through college. She felt that she needed to be a complete adult, even if that meant postponing her dreams.

Quinn watched the passion light up in Rachel’s eyes as she spoke. This girl was completely in love with the arts, yet she’d settled for working and paying bills in order to be less of burden, and more of a provider for her and her friends.

It was the most selfless thing she had ever seen, and Quinn didn't spend a lot of time around selfless people.

Quinn smiled a small smile at Rachel. "Rachel, I think you are such a strong woman, and it’s wonderful that you take care of your responsibilities. I also think Noah is so lucky to have you in his life, but I think it's time for you to stop worrying about him and start chasing your dreams. That's the entire reason you came to New York."

Rachel leaned back in her chair. "Was that in my file, too?" she joked.

Quinn laughed. "Yes. I have it on authority that you are a damn good performer in all aspects, and judging by how hard you've been pushing yourself for the past week, getting back in shape and working on your skills, you deserve success, Rachel."

Rachel looked down at her bowl, suddenly feeling heavy at the thought of being distanced from her craft for so long. She really missed it all, the rush, the adrenaline…everything.

It was the love of her life.

And it was single-handedly why she answered Brittany so quickly. The thought of being offered a gig, something that would put her back in the game. Somewhere in her head there was still the high school girl with dreams bigger than Lima, Ohio. She wanted to find her again.

"I – thank you Quinn. I really wish it was that easy, but honestly… I don't know where to start." She confessed quietly, and Quinn bit her lip.

"Start with me."

Rachel looked up and furrowed her eyebrows.


"Let me find you an agent. I know a lot of people in the industry, and they all say fresh faces with real potential are hard to find. They can get you auditions, put your name out there. They can get you started on what you should have already been doing instead of wasting your talent in diners and restaurants."

Rachel's heart beat wildly, and she couldn't stop herself from grinning one of her signature Rachel Berry, megawatt smiles.

"Quinn…that's…I can't let you do that. I don't have any money to pay an agent…or manager or what -"

Quinn touched her hand, ignoring the way her heart jumped at the way Rachel smiled. "Please let me do this for you. I have the resources you need and I know you need to perform Rae. I can see it in your eyes. It’s a beautiful passion and I cherish that in you. I don't want you to become another dream that fades away." She spoke softly and Rachel couldn't stop the tear that leaked from her eyes and slipped down her nose, realizing how stupid she probably looked, Rachel ducked her head down, staring at the table.


Quinn shook her head, noticing the combined look of nervousness and gratitude hidden in Rachel’s lowered eyes. "Stop. It's already done.” Reaching up to wipe the tear from her face, Quinn smiled, and cupped her cheek. “I'm hiring you an agent, first thing tomorrow and when you land your first job, I want to be the first one invited."

Rachel smiled at her before snapping her head up to look at Quinn, suddenly struck powerfully in the heart by her words.

"Y..You want to come see me…sing or something?"

Quinn sat back and nodded, poking at her food. "Of course. I wouldn't want to miss any chance to see you perform…it would be nonsense if I did, Rachel. I want to know just how talented you are."


Everything came crashing down around Rachel's head and she blinked at Quinn. "Are you sure…you wouldn't be too busy, or something? It's really not something important -"

Quinn looked at her deeply, staring at her in surprise. "Of course it's important. It would be your first post-college performance; I would be absolutely honored if you invited me. Jeez, Rachel I'm starting to think you wouldn't want me there." Quinn laughed and Rachel shook her head.

"N..No…Quinn. That's not it.” Rachel cleared her throat, laughing nervously. “I would…I would love for you to be at my first performance." Her voice cracked at the end of her words and Rachel felt a lump form in her throat.

Guilt began to wash over her and Rachel suddenly felt like would throw up everything she had eaten.

She was so stupid.

Quinn was sitting next to Rachel expressing a deep desire to come to her first performance and Rachel had missed the opportunity to even invite her. Rachel had been sneaking around and stirring up what was now definitely a huge mess, to avoid inviting someone who wanted to be there.

Now what was she supposed to do?

Rachel couldn't tell Quinn now, because then she'd be disappointed with Rachel for keeping things from her and Rachel didn't want to risk being punished out of the performance, although she didn’t think Quinn would do that to her. However, if Quinn found out from anyone else she would be even more disappointed in her, because Rachel never even tried to tell her.

It was too late, now.

"Good. You know, I used to perform in my high school Glee Club." Quinn said, changing the subject much to Rachel's happiness. Rachel laughed softly. She was afraid she might cry.

"Oh my goodness, that's so weird…I was in my high school's Glee Club too, or did you already know that?" Rachel said, raising her eyebrows.

Quinn laughed. "Of course, Rachel. I am the almighty knowing God. I know all of your secrets."

Rachel shook her head. "My Dom was in her high school Glee Club…wow. I didn't see that one coming."

Quinn smiled, ignoring the way her stomach flipped at the sound of Rachel claiming her. "You would be surprised to know, Rachel Berry, that was captain. In fact, my senior year I led them to the National Show Choir championship in New York City."

Rachel grinned, picturing an ambitious Quinn Fabray dancing and singing around on some big stage in the city. "Did you guys win?"

"We did. We performed a medley of Journey songs, which of course was my suggestion. We kicked ass." Rachel laughed at the pride in Quinn’s voice and watched Quinn's eyes grow bright with memory.

"So why did you stop performing?" Rachel asked softly.

Quinn shrugged. "I started thinking about my future in business. My mother pointed out to me that I took more pride in being captain of the Glee Club, than actually being a part of it, which wasn’t true, of course.”

Rachel smirked. "I could see that."

Quinn pointed her fork at her jokingly, “Watch it, you.”

Rachel laughed and Quinn continued. “However, I did realize that I loved the idea of being in charge of something…specifically something that I cared about." Quinn’s smile softened, and Rachel noted the particular way her eyes glazed over. "But if I still had the time? I would definitely get into the arts more…I do miss that side of myself. I’ll admit that I’ve let myself become a little too serious for my own good."

Rachel watched the emotions change in the woman's face, and she wondered just how creative Quinn was. It was as if there was another side to her that lay hidden beneath the controlled hazel shades of her eyes and the set bones of her jaws.

Rachel wanted to know all about it.

"Quinn…am I allowed to get a little more personal with you, now that I'm collared?"

Quinn smiled at Rachel, letting her eyes sweep across the sparkling collar on her neck.

"It depends. I am open to some things, Rachel. I don't want you thinking I hate conversation…just try me." Quinn spoke calmly, placing both of her hands next to each other on the table as if she was smoothing out a tablecloth.

Rachel nodded, suddenly nervous at the idea of talking to Quinn now. She began to sort through the millions of inquiries racing through her mind, unable to settle on an appropriate thing to ask Quinn. There were so many things she wanted to know, yet so many things that could be too personal. Rachel cleared her throat and finally locked gazes with Quinn.

"Did you always want to take over your father's company?"

Quinn raised her eyebrows, surprised at the question. "Yes…and no. Like I said, I clearly had a knack for business early on. The stubborn part of me wanted to “prove something” by going to school and then applying for internships at other companies, but I was definitely interested in being a part of my family’s business, and moving it forward. I actually took some pride in my father’s work ethic.” She straightened her lips into a thin line and continued.

"I mean, my father, was a man of business until his last dying breath."

Rachel could feel the hesitance in Quinn’s voice, and briefly she noted how tense and solemn Quinn’s posture became. Rachel pressed further. "So he turned over the company to you?"

Quinn shook her head. "Actually, the “Fabray” is something my father added when my mother’s parents turned the business over to him. When my parents married, my father had been working for my grandparents, climbing the business ladder with his firm attitude,” Quinn chuckled softly, “My grandmother’s words, not mine. They thought he was fit enough to run the company once they retired, however since they were my mother’s parents, everything was signed off to her when they passed. Despite my father “calling the shots” my mother was very much involved when it came to the company and I admired her for that. She chose to remain behind the scenes because she wanted to focus on taking care of her children and she did. She took great care of us.”

Quinn gazed out of the window. Her eyes wandered towards something unknown and became very glassy as she spoke.

“My mother was very much concerned about me choosing my own path. She didn’t want to pressure me into something I didn’t want to do. She tried to get me to try new things and consider other majors in college, but it always went back to business. I wanted to be in business. Successful. Just like my father."

There was sadness to the words that made Rachel's heart ache.

“My mother left me…everything her parents worked for.” Quinn’s eyes filled with something Rachel was having a hard time digesting. It was the most pure emotion Rachel had seen Quinn express in the short time that she had known her.

“I of course wasn’t ready to lead when my mother passed, and I felt it wasn’t right to just snatch something my father had worked so hard for right from under him. So I waited until he felt it was right for me to step into his place.” She swallowed heavily, and Rachel suppressed the urge to reach out and embrace Quinn. She looked so complacent in her sadness.

There was something so raw about Quinn, this way. She was a woman who had lost both of her parents and was now just attempting to keep their legacy in tact. Rachel didn’t know what to say. She had no clue how Quinn was feeling, especially now that she had shared that type of information with Rachel. Rachel reached down and squeezed Quinn’s knee.

"Wherever they are, I bet they are so proud of you Quinn. You are an amazing woman."

Quinn snapped out of her gaze at the feeling of Rachel’s hand and smiled softly at her, "Thank you, Rachel. You know my mom used to always say something along the lines of that. Something about how amazing I was going to be. Someday. 'Quinnie, one day you're going to make some woman smile, because you'll be so amazing'." Quinn chuckled at the distant memory and Rachel shared a short laugh with her.

Quinn blinked and changed her emotions along with the subject. "Tell me about your fathers."

Rachel shook her head, taken aback. "Oh god."

Quinn laughed, "Oh come on, it has to be pretty amazing having two fathers. Are they as supporting as people would assume them to be?" Quinn said, and Rachel’s face broke out into another huge smile, the one that stretched from ear to ear that made Quinn feel flustered with emotions.

How does she do that? Smile as if shes filled with so much joyand how can I get her to smile that way, all the time? 

Yet, at the same time it was also that smile that made Quinn ache all over.

Rachel had the privilege of two fathers.

Quinn yearned for one.

"Yes. My dads…they um…they are an absolute mess, but they are extremely supportive. They paid for all my pre-NYADA training and they got me the apartment that Noah and I now live in. They're always around and they are constantly being unrealistically optimistic, overdramatic, singing show-tunes and being extremely gay, especially my daddy.” Rachel rolled her eyes and Quinn laughed. “But I love them and I know that if I decided tomorrow that I never wanted to perform again? They would be right there to slap some sense into me."

Quinn chuckled lightly, a warm feeling spreading through her at the way Rachel looked. She was radiant with respect for her parents. She loved them dearly.

"They sound amazing."

Rachel fiddled with her spoon, swirling the broth of the soup around the bowl. "They are…and they're fiercely loyal to each other, you know? I always hoped I would be blessed enough to find a relationship like my dads’…I wouldn’t trade it for anything."

Quinn smiled. "Well they raised an amazing daughter. They instilled great values in you Rachel…and I'm happy for that. Maybe someday I'll get to thank them."

Rachel licked her lips. "Thank them?"

She nodded. "For bringing up an exceptionally open and accepting woman such as yourself. I'm really happy to have met someone so loyal and honest. Someone I can trust. I understand this lifestyle isn't the easiest pill to swallow…but I thank you for giving me a chance and for doing your best to juggle it all."

Rachel smiled sadly, a lump forming in her throat as Quinn praised her, "It's fine…Quinn. I'm just lucky to have you. I’m lucky that I was able to branch out and allow you to teach me things I never knew about myself…I should be thanking you."

Quinn leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Rachel's forehead. "Don't thank me. I'm just an unattached weirdo who's into kinky sex." Quinn joked and she stood from the table.

Rachel smiled thinly, noting the way her heart felt as if it was suddenly beginning to sink to the pit of her stomach, and she watched Quinn take both of their plates. "Get some sleep Rachel, I'll see you in the morning."

Quinn began to walk off and Rachel felt her heart rate speed up. Maybe she should tell her. Before things got too bad, before she ended up betraying the very trust Quinn had been so confident in.

"Quinn," Rachel called, drumming her fingers against the table nervously and Quinn turned around with a smile. "Yes, Rachel?"

She looked so calm. As if she was finally at a place where she felt comfortable with Rachel. Just tonight, Quinn had opened up to Rachel in ways Rachel had only dreamed of, letting her into a place that was personal. It was progress…progress that could be ruined by something so trivial.

Rachel sighed and smiled tightly. "Sweet dreams."


Chapter Text

"When your father talks about being a leader, he always talks about being strong and unyielding. He always says that being forceful and demanding is the best defense if you wish to execute anything regarding a position of dominance. Quinnie, I want you to know that isn't true. You are a natural born leader, and the key to being respected and being continuously observant. If you can't read the people who are serving you, working for you, or even just in your company, you can't judge what's best for them and in retrospect what's best for you. Remain intuitive... Always pay attention, and always search for honesty and loyalty, in everyone you meet and in everything you do."
That was one of the final lessons her mother hoped teach Quinn, even as she lay on her deathbed.
Quinn never forgot those words.
Be observant. Remain intuitive. Search for honesty, search for loyalty. Her mother was constantly trying to instill the art of courage and respect in Quinn. Self-respect and respect for those around her, especially while she was in control of anything.
Her own mother prided herself in the art of being observant. She believed if you could read people, you could judge character better. And ultimately if you could judge character, you would learn who was really best for you.
Judy Fabray was certain that that was the key to success. Surround yourself with the people who wanted to be led by you, who always remained loyal and honest to you.
And as her mother wished, Quinn adopted the same values, the same mantra.
Quinn applied it to running her beloved company. She was always keeping a close eye on her partners. She observed their body language, tone of voice, facial expressions. It seemed trivial, but it was the way she judged their loyalty and how she kept things under control.
It was because of those values that her mother taught her so vehemently towards the end of her life, that Quinn was able to know that Rachel was hiding something from her.

In Rachel's case things were much more simple, because Quinn didn't have to study Rachel's body language. Quinn didn't have to watch the twiddling of Rachel’s fingers or the shrug of her shoulders.
It was all in her eyes.
Rachel's big brown eyes revealed every emotion that she'd ever felt. No matter what, you could always find the truth there. The key to it was your willingness to get lost in them; you had to be willing to hold Rachel's gaze for just a minute longer.
Quinn was more than willing. Rachel's honesty was one of the reasons she adored her and staring into her eyes was mesmerizing. So when a heated gaze resulted in Rachel looking to the edge of the counter at breakfast, or averting her eyes at lunch...that told Quinn everything she needed to know.
Rachel wasn't looking Quinn in the eye when she spoke because she knew that Quinn would see.
Quinn would see that Rachel was not being honest with her.
Quinn was amused at first. She was amazed that Rachel hadn't cracked under the pressure of her gazes, or from the gentle touch to her shoulder as Quinn got coffee. She was surprised Rachel hadn't cracked when Quinn smiled at her during a break from whatever important documents she was studying on the off-chance that Rachel was there and not in the city – loosening her muscles for future auditions-
Was that even true?
Was Rachel really preparing for an audition like she would murmur to Quinn with her eyes cast low during the day in a haste to leave? Or was she out with someone…doing something that for some reason she thought wasn't Quinn's business.
Those thoughts would seize her brain and that's when the amusement would go away and Quinn would get really, really pissed.
Because she would have these images - these visions of Rachel, at some bar or out with some guy or girl smiling and flirting and having a good time, because it wasn't as if she and Quinn were dating.
Quinn didn't really think Rachel would be that stupid to try something like that. But when the days would blur, and the clock would reach well into the evening hours, Quinn would start to become glazed over with anger, with suspicion.
Rachel was well aware that Quinn was very possessive and maybe she didn’t know this…but Quinn was also very sensitive. Although, she didn't want to know Rachel's every move, and it wasn't about having control of her. It was about trust and honesty.
There was a part of Quinn that was deathly afraid of being lied to - of being betrayed. It was an act almost unforgivable between a Dominant and their submissive. There could be no dishonesty because it only welcomed distrust. That could destroy the dynamic completely. Quinn adored Rachel at this point and cared for her so deeply that she really, really hoped she was wrong
It wasn't as if Quinn literally owned her. However, Quinn stated both in her contract and to Rachel that she wasn't comfortable with Rachel sleeping with anyone else. Rachel agreed to that, and Quinn trusted her to uphold that agreement.
Also, the truth was that Quinn was afraid of getting hurt.
Being around Rachel made her heart rate speed up. It made Quinn feel things she hadn't felt in years. Quinn had definitely experienced submissive's who broke their fidelity to her before and she remembered feeling betrayed and upset. Now, in regards to Rachel, it was different. She was afraid of how she might react if Rachel found someone else. 
So right now, Quinn was thankful for distractions. Work had piled up in front of her and Quinn was happy about it, because although it was inevitable, she didn't want to find out about what Rachel was hiding just yet, seeing as things were beginning to blur in a complicating way.
Quinn felt like the truth behind what Rachel was hiding was going to hurt her, no matter what it was, because Quinn had become so close to Rachel. She had begun to feel unknown ties to someone who was only supposed to kneel at her feet and carry out her needs.
However, it wasn't as if the rules meant Rachel was supposed to act distant and cold just because they weren't in a relationship.
Doms and subs were equal outside of play, and if they were not romantically involved, they were at least very close friends. Quinn was well aware of that with her experience. But sometimes Quinn had to look past her lifestyle, and take care of her life, first. There were only few things keeping those two lines from crossing.
Quinn’s life had been lacking an intimate relationship for a while, her feelings making things entirely too difficult. With the loss of her parents, her condition, and everything else…Quinn wasn't ready for a relationship. For a girlfriend. For love.
Quinn was afraid to even speak the word in the presence of anyone, let alone Rachel. It would just make the lines smear. However, there was no denying that Quinn loved Rachel as both a sub and a friend.
But it seemed that they weren’t even that much. There were still boundaries that they were careful not to cross…that you could cross as friends. Rachel still seemed to be getting used to the idea of living with the woman she was only fucking. She was a collared and trained sub, but she was still fragile and inexperienced. There were still things that Quinn didn't know about her.
Like apparently, her fear of being honest with Quinn.
Quinn found herself reasoning that maybe this was something personal. Something that Quinn honestly wasn't supposed to know.
Quinn spun around in her office chair, taking her glasses off and staring out the window.
It really saddened her that their dynamic was so formal. But Quinn hadn't had any other dynamic since Charlotte. And that was only because Charlie, at the time, had been hypnotizing.
Charlotte was an aggressive sub, a brat that Quinn pretty much raised from the ground up, because she was the perfect challenge.
Quinn, of course, fell hard for her.
They fucked, made love, and Quinn thought she had found the one. She thought that Charlotte was her soul mate. But being in a romantic relationship while being Dominant and submissive, was a task. It was a task for Charlotte, who was struggling with her own desires to be a Dominant.
But it was especially a task for Quinn, who was taught to master control of her…everything. Quinn, who had practically blanketed herself in a cocoon of structure from birth, despite her mother's input on the matter.
"You shouldn't be so closed off, Quinn. One day when you find the woman you loveyou'll have to be open because you'll need to be able to tell her how you feel. How much youre hurting or how happy you are, and most importantly how much you love her."
Quinn smiled at her mom, "Mom slow down with the fairytale. I'm only a junior in high schoolI'm far from love."
Judy smiled at her daughter from the bed she was laying in. "I know it's hard Quinnie, with your conditionbut you're going to find some perfect girl, who is going to love you exactly the way you are, and she's going to want to be everything you've ever wanted. And you know that part of you that is so hard, so blocked by walls and molded with control? It's going to fall to pieces from something as simple as her smiling at you."
Simply from smiling at her.
Judy Fabray truly believed her daughter would fall in love with the perfect woman and that that woman was going to save her from whatever caused her to be so reclusive.
Judy Fabray believed that this woman was going to do all of this simply by smiling at Quinn.
If Quinn was being honest with herself, if she would come to terms with the truth that she valued from her mother's teachings? She'd realize that she was scared to death of finding that person.
That woman that would look into her hazel eyes and know that there was pain there, but wouldn’t try to change her, yet would still be able to finally take away the remnants of a mother pale with disease, and a cold father.
Quinn was terrified of the girl that would be able to fix her, with only a smile.
Quinn turned around at the soft voice, and looked up into Rachel’s nervous eyes. She was sans sports bra and sweats and donning jeans and a tank, under a leather jacket.
"Well. You look nice, going somewhere?" Quinn said, putting her glasses back on and smiling at the now blushing girl.
Rachel reached through her ringlets, and scratched the back of her neck. Looking at her feet, she shuffled. "Yes…um, I'm going out with Santana and Puck…is that okay?"
Quinn leaned back in her chair and smiled. "It's perfectly okay, Rachel."
Rachel smiled. "Okay. I know you're busy, and you said it was alright for me to go places…but I just wanted to make sure you knew where I was, and who I was with…just in case…"
Quinn crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow, watching the girl fidget unconsciously. She seemed to be nervous just simply from holding the conversation with Quinn. The anxious energy glistened like sweat on Rachel as she licked her lips and slid her eyes towards the doorway to further avoid meeting Quinn's gaze.
"Just in case?" Quinn answered for her curiously and smirked as Rachel's small fingers fiddled against each other in front of her stomach. Rachel bit her lip and blinked, looking at her feet again.
Quinn snapped her fingers. "Rachel."
Rachel jumped and locked eyes with Quinn; she was staring at Rachel and crossed her legs as she spoke evenly. "You need to look at me when you speak, you know that."
Rachel nodded. "I'm sorry, Quinn."
Quinn smiled. "It's alright. With all the fidgeting you're doing, it would seem as if you were hiding something from me."
There it was…the opening.
Rachel knew. She had to know. She had to be able to tell that Quinn was giving her the opportunity to be honest with her about whatever it was that she felt she needed to hide.
Maybe Quinn should have been more upfront. Maybe she should have stopped Rachel from going, and demanded the truth. Maybe it would have been better if Quinn would have called Rachel to her knees and told her that she knew she had been lying.
But Quinn wanted to know that Rachel knew better, she wanted to see if the girl was brave enough to just do the right thing.
Rachel laughed lightly, her voice taking on a tone that was clearly filled with nervousness. "I'm not hiding anything. I'll be downtown and Noah and Santana will be there…I…I shouldn't be out too late."
Quinn pursed her lips and nodded, returning to the stack of papers that were clouding her desk. "Alright. Be safe, Rae."
Rachel nodded, although Quinn couldn't see her and she turned to leave, breathing a sigh of relief on her way out of the office.
Quinn buried her mind in her business for now, hearing the girl rushing out of the front door at the sound of a horn. Quinn turned around and rose from her chair, leaning towards the window to watch the girl climb into a cab.
Rachel took a cab, to avoid using one of Quinn's drivers. Quinn chuckled, despite feeling a little annoyed with Rachel’s now painfully obvious sneaking around.
What was so damn important that Quinn couldn't know about it?
Quinn turned around and left the papers on her desk, her office now empty as she walked through the hall and into the kitchen. Trailing her hand over the island as she passed she wondered what she could coerce Faye into making her for dinner.
Then, while staring at her refrigerator – something caught her eye.
A pink sticky note.
Quinn furrowed her eyebrows and squinted to read the loopy writing.
Rachel, here is the address to the clubcan't wait to get sexy with you tonight!
Roxanne's - 189 Chrystie Street, Manhattan, NY
Don't be late!
- Brittany
Quinn stood stiff, staring at the words.
The friend from the café that had made her late. The friend from school that was beautiful, but only a friend. That's where Rachel was going. To meet Brittany at a club. That's what she was hiding.
Quinn was angry.
It was the first feeling that registered inside of her. Hot anger was sprouting purely from her strange and sudden jealousy. Rachel was running off to get sexy with some blonde, and lied to Quinn’s face about it. She just tossed the trust of their relationship-
Quinn swallowed, shaking her head and attempting to calm herself down as she stalked out of the kitchen.
Just because Rachel was going out dancing at some club, didn’t mean that she was becoming sexually active with someone else. She was completely free to see other people and have a good time, and Quinn knew she needed to get a grip on her budding emotions so that she wouldn’t jump to conclusions about Rachel’s loyalty regarding their arrangement.
However, Quinn was only human. She began to feel hurt…and a little disappointed at the fact that Rachel felt as if she couldn’t be honest with her, especially when Quinn requested that very thing from Rachel from the start.
Am I not enough?
Was this lifestyle not enough for her? Did Rachel desire the normality of a relationship with someone else? With this…Brittany?
Quinn felt lightheaded.
She had collared Rachel. She had claimed Rachel as hers, and now she was running off to be with someone else?
When she graced a woman with her claim, with her mark…she made absolute sure that that woman understood whom she belonged to. At all times.
Maybe she had been too lenient with Rachel? Maybe Rachel didn't understand the concept of their relationship.
Quinn understood that Rachel was not her girlfriend, and it was stated explicitly in the contract that that wasn’t the nature of their relationship. However…Rachel was hers in every other way. Sexually, she belonged to Quinn. Twenty-four seven.
There was something much more serious about the way Rachel and Quinn played. Every time Quinn glanced at the diamond collar around Rachel’s neck, she found herself becoming even more enthralled by who Rachel was. In Quinn’s eyes, Rachel was perfect and the most important thing was that she was Quinn's, willingly. It was the whole beauty of the lifestyle, someone choosing to be yours in such a serious way; there was something magnificent about another person feeling completely and totally satisfied with belonging to you.
When it came to Rachel, Quinn was feeling things she’d never felt before. Her body and heart were starting to become full with how much she cared about Rachel. Quinn trusted her explicitly and cherished their relationship, more than any other.
So, Quinn couldn’t stop herself from feeling angry at the thought of someone else taking Rachel and those feelings from her.
Quinn growled, snatching the paper from the metal and feeling her hands start to tremble as she glided up the stairs.
Quinn couldn't believe how hurt and how challenged she felt. She was opposed to the attitude of treating anyone like property, but her body was reacting in a primal way.
Quinn felt like someone was threatening her territory.
And Rachel, indirectly, was her territory.
Quinn had marked Rachel in places that people could only dream about. It was Quinn who was granted the privilege of watching such a beautiful woman come apart at her mercy over and over again and that was something that she wasn't willing to give up.
Quinn could be overreacting. As a matter of fact, there was no doubt she probably was.
She didn't give a fuck.
Quinn was feeling and she was feeling hard. Everything was causing her to ache at the thought of Rachel touching another woman, giving another woman what she had exclaimed to Quinn was hers over and over again…
But was she really even allowed to be angry?
Sure regarding their roles as Dominant and submissive, Rachel was so very wrong, and in so much trouble.
But was she really out of line for possibly requesting a real relationship from another woman? Because Quinn had made it very clear that that was not the reason that they were partaking in the arrangement that they had agreed on.
Maybe she got tired of being only Quinn's sexual property.
That stung.
Was that the way Quinn made her feel? Quinn furrowed her eyebrows, suddenly wondering if maybe Rachel wasn't only sneaking around to get sexy with Brittany. Maybe she was attempting to get close to someone else because she wanted more with Quinn?
That's ridiculous.
Quinn blinked, and took a moment to regain focus, control.
Rachel did not misunderstand the guidelines and nature of their relationship when she agreed to the contract and its stipulations. She asked the right questions, she did the research and she knew from the conversations that they were not in a romantic relationship.
So why did she feel the need to get sexy with Brittany?
And why did she have to lie about it?
Quinn glanced at the address again as she opened the double doors to her bedroom. Grabbing her phone on her bedside table she called a familiar number.
It picked up on the second ring.
"What is Roxanne's?"
"What is Roxanne's? In Manhattan. Is it a bar? A dance club? A strip club, what?"
Quinn was seething and Charlotte wasn't answering fast enough. Charlie realized quickly that the tone of voice Quinn had taken wasn't one ready to play games and she cleared her throat.
"Roxanne's…um…it's a burlesque bar, Quinn. It kind of turns into a club later but throughout the most of the night there are performances…do you want me to find a certain…performer…or something?"
Quinn raised an eyebrow. "Get me a schedule of tonight's performers."
Charlotte pulled her laptop and starting typing furiously, before glancing at the screen with furrowed eyebrows. "Do you want me to email them…?"
"Read them."
"Um, okay. Tonight on the bill there's only one performer - Brittany S. Pierce. She does a three-hour set every Saturday night; she’s one of their dancers. Tonight it says she's treating her audience to a special performance with live music from some of her special guests."
Quinn knew, but she asked anyway, so that at least one question would be answered.
"Who are the guests?"
"Brody something or another and…and Rachel Berry."
That's where she's been all week. Preparing her body. For a performance, that apparently she did not want Quinn at.
It was better than her sleeping with Brittany, but it hurt a lot more.
Because Rachel went through all this trouble to keep her Quinn at home. Rachel comprised Quinn’s trust in order to keep Quinn away from her friends, away from her performances. Rachel didn't want her there.
Quinn felt like someone had ripped a small piece of her into shreds.
This was a familiar feeling.
Not being invited to places, being made to feel as if she wasn't good enough, as if she wasn’t normal enough to be at Rachel’s performance. More importantly, it was Rachel’s first performance since her graduation and Quinn had specifically expressed her desire to be there.
But Rachel didn't want Quinn there.
It shouldn't be that important. The ache Quinn felt in her chest shouldn’t have been so piercing because they weren't in a normal relationship. Rachel and Quinn barely even knew each other, yet there was the feeling of not being good enough, again.
Because Rachel was the one person Quinn thought really accepted her, she thought that beautiful, reluctant - but open Rachel wanted her fully. She thought Rachel was comfortable with Quinn and was fully giving herself over to the lifestyle.
Rachel was ashamed of Quinn.
So ashamed that despite betraying Quinn’s trust, Rachel did what she had to do to keep Quinn from coming to her performance.
The only thing Rachel had been trying to hide was her.
Quinn didn't feel the tears until they touched her nose.
Quinn didn't stop and take the time to ponder why this unfortunately familiar feeling felt so deeply painful this time. Quinn just wiped at her eyes and cleared her throat.
"Charlotte send flowers to the address, I'll text you what I want on the card."
"Quinn…I don’t think there’s a flower shop open -"
"I don’t care about what you think Charlotte, you just better fucking find one."
Quinn ended the call and sighed.
She had to move forward despite everything she was feeling.
No matter how hurt and angry she was at Rachel’s intentions behind her dishonesty, Quinn still had to be in control. Rachel disobeyed one of the most important rules Quinn had. She lied. And Quinn needed to get a grip over her emotions and be Rachel’s Dom first.
"The show must go on." Quinn said evenly to herself, glancing at the crumpled paper in her hands.


Roxanne's looked as if they had a full house when Quinn’s driver pulled up to the busy street.
There were beautiful women in little black dresses, holding the hands of their dates and then there were other beautiful men leering at them. Some of them were smoking cigarettes and taking a break from the loud noises coming from the inside of the crowded club.
It was a typical scene of a downtown Manhattan club on a Saturday night.
Quinn's door opened and she looked up at the sparkling letters that read, Roxanne's.
"Ms. Fabray, do you know how long you will be?" Her driver asked, helping her from her seat. Quinn stood, tucking a perfectly set curl behind her ear as she glanced at her watch.
"Give me an hour and a half…maybe two."
He nodded.
Quinn stalked up the sidewalk, hearing the appreciative murmurs and ignoring the advances of the men who liked the sights of her in the tight little black dress.
She wasn't here for that...ever.
Reaching the door to Roxanne’s, she came face-to-face with the doorman. He smiled at her.
"I know you. I've seen you in the papers." He said.
Quinn flashed a dazzling smile and reached into her coat pocket, "It's good that you read the papers. As a citizen, it’s important that you stay informed. What's the charge?"
He shook his head amusedly. "No charge Ms. Fabray."
Quinn raised her eyebrows. She assumed she would just be another patron tonight.
Apparently not.
"Thank you."
She stepped up the steps with his help, and into the building, her heels clicking in a sort of cadence as she approached the hostess. Quinn glanced around the crowded room as people filled the small space to the point where there was only standing room.
The girl standing at the podium glanced up at the husky voice and her eyes widened slightly with knowledge of whom it belonged to. She blushed and looked down to her list.
"Yes, um Ms. Fabray...your table is right this way."
Quinn smiled and moved through the throngs of people, guided by the small hostess. They stopped at a small table with a Rose placed in the center and a wine glass already sitting in front her.
Quinn took a seat with a small smile, shedding her jacket. "This is a nice place." She said quietly to the girl who grinned and began to set a menu down, but Quinn halted her. "No thank you, I won't be here long enough to eat anything."
The girl frowned, "Oh? That's too bad. Well, at least you'll get to hear some of Brittany's set – she's our entertainment tonight and she's awesome. I heard her featured performers tonight in sound check...the brunette is breathtaking. And she has a voice like an angel."
Like an angel.
Quinn licked her lips and crossed her stocking-covered legs.
"Hmm. Interesting."
The girl reached in her pocket and pulled out a small pad. "Well would you at least like something to drink?"
Quinn didn't flinch. "A glass of Chardonnay please."
She smiled in appreciation and grabbed the wine glass. "Good choice. Be back soon, the show’s about to start!"
Quinn chuckled at her excitement and looked around the small space, taking in the excited people. She wondered if they were all patrons…or if some were friends, or maybe fans of Brittany...Quinn wondered if she was that good.
Glancing at a table towards the front, Quinn caught sight of a brunette in a tight leopard print dress, and red pumps. She was downing a shot of vodka with a guy who was sporting a Mohawk. He whooped as she slammed the shot glass down on the table, and smirked at him.
Something told Quinn that this had to be Puck and Santana. Quinn raised an eyebrow. Rachel certainly didn't lie completely. She also had some good-looking friends.
Quinn’s thoughts were interrupted as the girl brought her filled glass back and placed it in front of her.
"There we go, hope you enjoy!"
Quinn watched her leave and said a soft 'thank you' as the lights dimmed around them, and Quinn felt a nervous chill suddenly surge through her body.
Two spotlights touched each end of the stage, and revealed two shirtless men standing in front of two big drums. Catcalls erupted from the women in the audience and Quinn rolled her eyes. They stood there for a moment, holding the audience to a ringing silence.
Quinn sat with an eyebrow raised; taking a small sip of the wine she had been brought.
Then in perfect sync, they began a rhythm.
The drums were loud, and sounded peculiar. It was as if someone had tuned them to fill you with curiosity and unknown anticipation - an aphrodisiac in cadence.
Quinn felt her insides thrum in time with the rhythm as a sheet dropped from the ceiling, white aside from the shadow of a tall woman clapping against the beat of the drums, while moving her hips seductively, her long hair whipping with her movements.
The audience joined in, taking the lead from the woman, who on the beginning of the next set of beats, began to sing in a sultry soprano tone, while executing her now sexier choreography.
"1, 2, 3 Not only you and 180 degrees, and I'm caught in between,"
Quinn leaned forward as a second silhouette, a man, joined her with the second part, in a husky tenor that created two-part harmony.
"Counting 1, 2, 3 Peter, Paul, and Mary, getting down with 3p-everybody loves counting."
He grabbed the tall girl's waist as a guitar rang out in time with the beat. Their bodies pressed tightly against each other as they did a tango of sorts, still black shadows behind the sheer cover, but dancing a routine so fiercely embossed in sex appeal that the people around them couldn't help but whistle.
Quinn stared, wondering when the catch would come.
"Everybody's loves counting."
Then it happened.
The sheet disappeared and revealed a brunette, clad in a white burlesque outfit. The corset was covered in diamonds…all the way down to her lace panties, which were strapped to her sheer white stockings. She danced in silver crystal covered pumps.
Quinn swallowed audibly at the sight as the brunette slipped between the now revealed blonde, who was also clad in burlesque attire – black - and the shirtless guy.
Then…she began to sing.
"Babe pick a night, to come out and play...if it's alright, what do you - say?"
She moved around the stage with a sensuality that was impalpable. Every person in that room was staring at her with rapt attention, including Quinn. Her voice was pitch perfect, husky and full to match the tone of the song, and her movements were executed with a similar sense of perfection.
She smirked, eyes dark chocolate with seduction as she danced between them around the stage, the sexy duet turned threesome with the blonde's hands now firmly on the brunette’s waist. The brunette wrapped her arms around the man behind her, and her partners led her around, grinding sexily onto her body as she continued to sing in a husky tone.
"Merrier the more, triple fun that way, twister on the floor, what do you - say?"
She pushed away from them, dancing only with the blonde now. Their bodies tangled in a tight embrace, while the guy sang the next line about ‘living in sin.
Quinn could care less about him, instead opting to study the women. She watched as the brunette let the blonde maneuver her body around her with ease.
It was so perfect, so practiced, with calculated sexiness. The brunette laid her head on the blonde’s shoulder while she thrust behind her provocatively, and the crowd whooped as the routine called for the blonde to bend the brunette over in front of her. The blonde winked and they spun into another section with the male. The brunette sang beautifully, her tongue caressing the lyrics to the point where any woman or man could feel the heat in the room raise. It was electrifying.
Quinn set her jaw, watching the performance with awe, her dick painfully erect through her dress. Quinn leaned back in her chair as the brunette twirled in a sexy circle, her diamonds glittering against the stage lights with every twist of her body. She ran her hands over herself sensually, singing her desires of a threesome - while her partners seemed to comply to her wishes with their sexually charged dance moves.
The brunette came upon the second verse, but her voice had now taken a different tone, rough. Stomping off the stage into the audience, she continued her lyrical chant.
"3 is a charm, two is not the same...I don't see the harm, are you - game?"
The beat changed up and she did a high kick with her leg, grabbing onto her ankle flexibly, before jumping onto a table full of patrons and earning a shocked gasp from the audience. The crowd cheered as her heels stomped onto the wood, her dance saucier as she shook her ass a little more, capturing the people at the table. The sexy brunette smirked as she performed the next line.
"Let's make a team, make 'em say my name...loving the extreme, now are you - game?"
She dropped into a sitting position on top of the table, spreading her legs as the blonde practically fell between them, pulling them around her waist as she pushed the brunette back onto the table.
The brunette closed her eyes as the blonde woman buried her face into her neck, singing with the male who was now pressed against her back.
"Living in sin is the new thing."
They moved in sync with one another, like choreographed sex, before the brunette was pulled off the table back on stage for the bridge of the song. It was a ballet portion, the blonde turning from a vixen into a graceful swan, executing a duet with the brunette while the male sang.
"What we do is innocent, just for fun...nothing meant."
Quinn could feel her heart beating fast all of a sudden. The humid air started to consume her, and she was burning holes in the back of the brunette's head as she jumped atop of the blonde who dipped her backwards, before practically tossing her to the male who lifted her in the air while she sang.
"If you don't like the company, let's just do it, you and me."
Quinn then watched as he slid her entire form, down his body, before they grinded sensually to the beat.
"Or three?"
The blonde joined them, provocatively. Catching the brunette's hand as she spun her before holding her around the waist, as she joined with choreographed moving.
They built up a crescendo, then the drums started to get louder as they each hit solo notes, the brunette now being felt up sensually, hands from the male and female ruffling all over one another against her and then she was lifted between them again, her legs falling on either side of the male's head, while the blonde caught her bending backwards, her arms around the brunette's waist as she flipped in her embrace off of the male, before the blonde spun her around with the next line,
And dropped her into the splits.
"On the floor."
The crowd literally lost their shit.
At this point, Quinn’s heartbeat was irregular. She understood why her ears were so red, because she was turned on beyond belief. But Quinn couldn't begin to understand why her temper was flaring up so harshly. It was unbelievable.
They now danced a rough and heated dance, pressed tightly against one another. Skin on black on white in a melodic threesome. The brunette sang high tones of ecstasy as they moved her, sliding on and around her body like two lovers who knew exactly how to turn her on.
The drummers kept a steady beat now, loud with intensity...while they worked the rowdy crowd into a sexual frenzy, building the climax. And Quinn watched, fire in her eyes as the brunette finished the song, body encased by the blonde who pressed against the male, arms and limbs tangled in the middle of the stage, And with the final strums of the guitar the sheet fell down over them, making them silhouettes again, while the brunette belted the last line.
"Everybody loves counting."
There was silence, and then the audience completely lost it.
Quinn even clapped herself, despite what she was feeling inside.
It was a great performance.
The sheer curtain raised and revealed the three dancers. The male bowed, then the blonde, before they gestured towards the brunette who stepped forward to the generous amount of applause that was wrecking the room for her. People whistled and catcalled and she nodded, blowing kisses from her gloved hand, her diamonds sparkling in the glow of the club.
Quinn watched her, proudly radiating with appreciation, basking in the audience’s reaction.
And then they locked eyes.
The brunette had to control her shock at seeing her. Quinn stood, clapping enthusiastically while staring hotly into the chocolate orbs. She nodded to Rachel with a smirk, and then turned to leave.

 It couldn't be her.
How would she have even known? Rachel shut the door to her dressing room and leaned back against it, trying to understand why the blonde that just left the audience, sure looked a lot like her Mistress. The same Mistress that she didn't invite, the same Mistress that she lied to, and the same Mistress that would surely beat her ass if she found out.
Suddenly feeling off-balanced in her stilettos; Rachel placed a hand on her heart, squeezing her eyes closed tightly.
It couldn't be her.
Rachel leaned her head back against the door, breathing evenly. Then she let her eyes drift open again, and noticed a vase of red roses on the coffee table in front of the couch.
A sick feeling settled in her stomach at the sight.
Rachel stepped forward slowly, and with shaking hands she snatched the card from the pedals.
Maybe they were from Puck or Santana.
They weren't.
Rachel scanned her eyes over the inscription, her heartbeat speeding up with the connection of every letter.
I thought I taught you better than this.
- Q
“You know I really did think you were different, Rachel.”
Rachel held her breath, the voice unmistakably that of Quinn’s.
The door shut quietly, and the lock clicked. Rachel stood with her back to the door holding the card between her shaking fingers.
It was overwhelming. Rachel could almost feel the burn of the hazel eyes blazing through her back. However, she was too embarrassed and too nervous to move.
There was a moment of complete silence. Quinn stood at the door calmly, her back pressed against the wood and her arms folded across her chest. She was gazing at Rachel as if her stare could command the girl to turn around. Rachel wasn’t moving, though. It was as if her body grew still at the sound of Quinn’s voice.
“I thought I could trust you. I thought that surely you, you with your beauty and loyalty would understand how important honesty was to me.”
“Shut up.”
Rachel halted her words, her back still to Quinn and her lip trembling.
“I thought you knew that I wanted to be here. I thought you could see at dinner that night how important it was for me to be a part of this, how honored I would have been to be here.”
“I wanted –“
“Shut up.” Quinn snapped, and then she was stalking towards Rachel, standing directly behind her, hands placed on her hips softly. “Do you know how it felt to see you up there with Brittany? You looked beautiful, intoxicating. Every eye in this place was on you, as it should have been because you are a fucking star, Rachel, my star. At least…I thought you were mine.”
Rachel felt her knees go weak, her eyes filling with tears. “I am-“
“You don’t know how it felt Rachel…I wanted to be at your first performance, front row with pride. Instead…” Quinn swallowed, her fingers tightening against Rachel’s hips. “Instead, I was sitting there feeling like shit, because I wasn’t even invited.”
Rachel turned around quickly. Upon seeing how hurt Quinn looked she almost stumbled backwards. She was beautiful, dressed in a beautiful black dress and staring down at Rachel with pained eyes.
That was all there was.
Quinn stared deeply into Rachel’s eyes, seeing the sorrow within them. The regret. Quinn wondered what the regret was for. Maybe it was Rachel's regret of ever meeting Quinn? Maybe it was regret for leaving the sticky note out. It could have been for signing the contract to begin with.
A tear fell from her eyes, and Quinn reached up slowly to brush it away with her thumb. She then cupped Rachel’s cheek softly, before dragging her hand down to Rachel’s neck and brushing her brown locks to the side.
No mark. No collar.
Brushing her thumb over the place where a dark spot would have been, Quinn’s heart rate sped up. Dragging the thumb lower, she glanced back up into Rachel’s eyes as if to say, This is where your collar should be.
Rachel broke eye contact, lowering her eyes. “I’m sorry…” She whispered brokenly.
Im sorry. 
Suddenly, Quinn reared back, the words stinging against her ears. They stared at each other, Quinn’s gaze heated. Rachel licked her lips, watching as Quinn’s eyes turned gold in frustration and then dark with fury.
Rachel reached up as if to touch Quinn, and something snapped. Grabbing her wrist, Quinn pulled Rachel close to her body.
“Don’t Rachel. Just…dont.”
Rachel flinched at her tone, and stumbled backwards when Quinn let her go harshly. Quinn turned her back to Rachel, a hand on her hip and the other hand running down her face. Rachel noted the way red was creeping up onto her skin.
“How can I even look at you, Rachel?”
Rachel felt her heart seize up, and she shook her head before walking towards Quinn’s body.
“Quinn if you would just let me explain…”
Quinn whirled around, “Let you explain? You’ve had plenty of time to explain yourself Rachel, instead you chose to lie to me!” Quinn stepped forward, advancing onto Rachel. “Now you want me to listen to you? You want me to listen to you lie to me some more? Is that what you want?”
She was raising her voice.
Quinn never raised her voice at Rachel before.
Rachel’s big brown eyes were full of desperation. “No! I didn’t want to lie to you, Quinn I didn’t –“
Quinn grabbed Rachel by her arms, her voice breaking off in a yell. “But you did Rachel! You lied to me. All because of what? Because you didn’t want to be seen with me? You didn’t want me to see you with your little dance partner? Is that it? Is that why you lied Rachel?” Rachel shook her head vehemently, and Quinn could feel a different kind of control slipping away from her. The control she had over her emotions.
Quinn let her go and Rachel stumbled again, bumping against the vanity table. Quinn stared at her. She was all dressed in white…beautiful. Only she was dressed in white for someone else.
Quinn rounded on Rachel and grabbed her face, pressing their foreheads together. Her eyes were closed and for a moment, Rachel wondered if they were going to kiss. Her heart dropped because she didn’t want it to be like this, at a time where Quinn was so clearly hurt and misunderstanding her actions.
If she was just let me explain. 
Rachel felt more tears fall from her own eyes and she sucked in a breath. “Quinn…if you would p…please…”
Quinn shook her head slowly and before Rachel could determine what would happen next, Quinn had fisted her hair in one hand and turned Rachel around against the vanity. Using her free hand, Quinn cleared the table of all of the things on top it, the sound of items breaking distant from her ears.
Rachel gasped as Quinn roughly bent her over and pulled the skirt of her outfit up, swallowing at the way her thong looked squeezed between her ass cheeks.
“Look at me,” Quinn said roughly and Rachel obeyed. As soon as their eyes locked, Quinn brought her hand down on the flesh, hard.
“Fuck! Quinn…wait…please…” Rachel moaned, the sound a mixture of pain and pleasure. Without thinking, she reached back to cover her ass and Quinn’s eyes grew wide in the mirror.
Grabbing Rachel’s hands and bringing them around to slam against the table, Quinn began smacking her ass with so much force that Rachel was rocking against the table in pain, howling.
Quinn had never spanked her so harshly; Rachel stared with watery eyes into the mirror and found that Quinn’s eyes were staring back at her heavily, watching her as she beat her ass with not an ounce of mercy.
Rachel began crying out and Quinn started breathing hard, losing count of how many times she had spanked Rachel. Finally, letting the final smack ring in both of their ears, Quinn snatched the thong down her now red ass…watching as the garter belt snapped off along with it.
Quinn pulled her own dress up harshly and Rachel felt her dick bobbing against her ass. Despite the tears in her eyes and the stinging against her ass, Rachel gushed at the thought of Quinn being inside of her, and then cried out as Quinn slammed into her.
The force of the thrust caused Quinn to stumble forward, sliding deeper inside of Rachel and pressing her into the vanity harder. Rachel reached out with a gasp, feeling as if Quinn was lodged in her throat. Her fingers splayed against the mirror desperately, and then Quinn reached around to pull both of Rachel’s arms behind her back.
Quinn then lifted Rachel body straight up and wrapped her own arms around her waist, trapping Rachel’s arms against her chest. Staring into the mirror, Quinn bent her knees and began fucking Rachel harshly, slamming against her with hard thrusts that left Rachel practically breathless.
Rachel cried out, the feeling of Quinn pressing against her too short. Every time Rachel felt Quinn right there, Quinn pulled out and then slammed into Rachel again. Fluid gushed between them and Quinn growled, her balls slapping against Rachel’s ass as she mounted her with force.
Quinn was fucking Rachel so hard that it almost hurt. At the thought of how much Quinn was hurting, Rachel suddenly cried out. 
“I had to watch you…shaking your fucking ass, the same ass that belongs to me, on some other woman…on some other man. In front of an entire audience…an audience that I wasn’t even…I wasn’t even invited to be a part of!”
"Quinn...fuck...I'm…I'm sorry, I didn't think-"
Quinn smacked Rachel’s bare ass and then slipped out of her pussy.
Turning her around again, Quinn lifted Rachel up onto the vanity, spreading her thighs apart. Rachel watched the animal begin to emerge from Quinn and she sobbed as Quinn pounded inside of her again. “Fuck…fuck!”
Rachel reached up to grip the top of the mirror, her body on fire from the pace Quinn was setting. Quinn then wrapped one of Rachel’s legs around her waist, and grabbed the top of the vanity over her head for leverage as she continued to fuck her, their foreheads pressed together.
"Is that where you've been running off to all week? To be with your little dance partner?" Quinn reached up and pressed her hand against Rachel’s neck, "You've been lying to me because you wanted to spend all day in a studio touching all over her? Huh?"
Rachel shook her head as best as she could under the hold of her Mistress, "No! N…No…"
Quinn pressed upwards, gripping her neck while making sure not to choke her. She let go of the vanity and slapped her face. It wasn’t hard enough to bruise, but it stung enough to shock Rachel into a gasp as Quinn began pumping the head of her cock directly against her cervix.
Rachel began moaning, almost incoherently, but Quinn could still make out her pleading through her lust. She was still attempting to apologize as Quinn fucked her.
Quinn showed no mercy, and Rachel could feel her wrath radiating through every thrust, every groan and every harsh word that left her lips.
"DoNotFuckingLie. Did you want to fuck her? You seem to love the way she was touching you on stage, is that because…because she’s been doing it all week?” Quinn felt her cock begin to pulse within Rachel, her heart clenching at the thought of someone else fucking Rachel. “Do you wish she were here right now? Is that why you didn't want me to come? Because you were too ashamed of me and…and you wanted her? Did you plan on her fucking you backstage like this? Answer me, Rachel!"
Rachel's eyes widened and she shook her head quickly, stomach churning at the thought of wanting to be with anyone else intimately.
"No, no, no! Quinn, I…I’m yours...I don't want anyone else t…touching-"
Quinn pulled her cock out, her body vibrating at the way it glistened with Rachel’s juices. Pressing her forehead against Rachel’s, Quinn slapped Rachel’s pussy before pinching Rachel’s throbbing clit between her thumb and forefinger. Rachel screamed.
"This? This is mine. Brittany couldn't fucking have it, even if you wanted her to."
Quinn slid back inside, letting go of Rachel’s hard bud and holding her legs around her waist. Quinn leaned into her ear and moaned softly. "No matter how you feel, nobody will ever fuck you like me."
Rachel sobbed at the words, and Quinn pulled her from the vanity and pressed her against the wall, ramming up inside of her with force. Things began falling off of the wall, and Quinn slammed Rachel’s hands against the wall behind her as she pounded Rachel’s tight pussy.
Quinn felt out of control. Rachel began clenching against her dick and Quinn found herself blinking back tears at the way her heart began breaking in two.
It didn’t matter how hard Quinn fucked Rachel, nothing would rid her of how hurt she was by Rachel’s shame. Nothing could make the feeling go away. When would she be good enough for Rachel? For anyone?
Rachel was moaning loudly, her walls reaching for the orgasm she knew was coming, but Quinn wasn't having it.
"I thought you were fucking better than this shit Rachel. I thought you wouldn’t be like them…like all of the rest…I thought you were special. But I guess…I guess I was too easy on you."
Quinn bit down on Rachel's neck, bruise covered expertly with make-up and Rachel’s moan broke off into a scream.
"You will never lie to me again, and you will never ever leave that house without your fucking collar. Do you understand me?"
Quinn was losing her rhythm now. She was on the edge of orgasm, and her cock was ripping Rachel's pussy up; the weight and force behind her thrusts made Rachel feel as if Quinn’s dick was lodged into her stomach. Rachel knew she would be bruised from all the pain…but a part of her felt like she deserved it.
I hurt her. I didnt mean to, but I hurt her.
"I'm going to fuck the insolence right out of you, and then I'm going to come…you will not."
"Please Quinn, no! I'm so close…I just…fuck...please-"
Quinn growled out, and then she felt her stomach coil. Quinn thrust one particularly hard time, before moaning as she began shooting out thick spurts of her essence into Rachel's body. Despite not coming and the pain she felt in her heart behind her choices, Rachel locked eyes with Quinn heavily and rolled her hips against Quinn, her pussy locking around Quinn’s cock, milking Quinn’s cum from her body.
Feeling the familiar contentment rest over her body at the feeling of being full of Quinn, Rachel locked her legs tightly around Quinn, as Quinn thrust slowly.
"Don't you…don’t you fucking let one drop out. I want you to walk out of here with me inside of you."
Rachel felt pleasure rush through her at the words. She was shaking, her ecstasy ripped from her right at her peak. Rachel felt like she was on the edge of tears, her lip trembling with desperation.
"P...Please...Quinn, I'm so sorry...just, p…please-"
Quinn gripped Rachel’s jaw.
"You're not! You're not sorry. You weren't sorry when you lied to me all week and hid from me." Rachel began to shake her head at the shouted words and Quinn jerked her face still, taking a deep breath in order to continue calmly. "Stop moving – you weren't sorry when you walked out of my house and came here, without your collar. Blatantly breaking the rules…our rules…that you agreed to."
Rachel felt the calm words resonate through her and she became red in the face with disappointment in herself. The chastising words surrounded her and Rachel began to tremble with guilt. Her mind was sinking into that place where the only part of her that mattered was that of who she felt she truly was.
Quinn’s submissive.
Only she didn’t feel as if she deserved that title. She had betrayed her Mistress. The thought caused tears to fall from Rachel’s eyes and Quinn continued.
"And you know what? You weren't sorry when you decided to do this without telling me. Even after I expressed the desire to be at your first show…you still decided that it was necessary for you to hide from me…you weren't sorry when you decided that you were too ashamed of me, of us, to invite me here. No. You weren't sorry then…and you're not sorry now."
Rachel stared at Quinn in shock, teary brown eyes locked onto hazel. Quinn was breathing heavily, the pulse in her body beating so loudly that Rachel could feel it vibrating off of her cock against her walls. They gazed strongly at one another; the emotions flickering like shades of a short film in Quinn's eyes.
Then it flashed by so quick that she almost missed it. The pain.
Rachel knew - she knew this was different. This was a different type of pain; this was a pain that went deeper than the contract she signed.
Rachel had really hurt Quinn. Aside from betraying her Dominant, Rachel hurt Quinn Fabray, the woman that had been taking care of her lately, the woman that she felt herself become more emotionally attached to every day. Rachel had been so concerned about getting to know Quinn beyond what they did intimately, and just as she had gotten what she wanted, she had lost it. The walls that Rachel had tried to gently peel back from Quinn were coming back up…because of her own mistakes.
This was real pain, and Quinn was looking at Rachel as if she was a different person, not the one she thought about everyday…and dreamed of touching every night.
Rachel could see real failure in Quinn's eyes. Failure that looked like it permanently resided there.
Rachel ached inside at the thought, at the mere thought of being another cause of that failure.
Quinn blinked and pulled her soaked dick from Rachel’s folds, watching as Rachel clenched her legs together. She didn't flinch, just raised her eyes to look at Quinn. But there was nothing there, no sign of approval and no sign of pleasure. Just defeat.
"Good girl."
Rachel’s heart broke at the dull way Quinn spoke the words Rachel craved hearing. Suddenly, she felt as if she was becoming lightheaded at the mere thought of losing this so soon, of losing Quinn.
"Get your things. I’m sure you’d like to talk to your friends. You can do that and introduce me. Then, you'll politely tell them we have to go."
Rachel pulled her underwear up from where they had slipped onto the floor and actually felt the sheer material press against the evidence of Quinn’s release, wedged inside and marking her. Though Rachel felt as if she didn’t belong to the woman, not anymore.
Rachel nodded, a single tear falling from her face as she whispered brokenly, "Y…Yes ma'am.


As they exited the dressing room together, Quinn led Rachel through the throngs of people, her hand pressed against the small of her back. They approached the table of her friends and Quinn whispered. "Eyes up."
Rachel lifted her eyes and plastered on a small smile as the loud voices of Santana and Puck caught up with her ears. They both engulfed her in a hug, each grinning from ear to ear in pride of their friend's spectacular performance.
Santana grinned. "You were fucking amazing, Rach…like seriously! I see why you wanted me to see that blonde so bad…she was great! The way she moved, and how you guys moved together…"
Puck nodded watching Santana's eyes sparkle with lust at the thought of the dancing duo, her eyes having been on them the entire performance, most likely imagining herself in Rachel's place. Rachel chuckled.
Then as if on command, Brittany appeared. She had changed into a red burlesque outfit, her blonde hair now tucked under a red top hat. She smiled widely at Rachel and hugged her tightly.
"Rachie! That was the most awesomest performance I've ever done…thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!" Brittany pressed kisses all over her face and Rachel flinched at the action, her eyes searching for Quinn, who had stepped off to the side to allow her room.
She was expressionless.
Rachel felt the disappointment twist inside of her and she chuckled, stepping away from Brittany.
"Thanks for inviting me to do this, Britt…it was…r…really fun."
Rachel heard her voice tremble, and briefly she wondered if the performance was worth the anguish that she was slowly starting to feel as she stared at her watching Dom. Quinn played her current state of emotions off, placing her hands in her jacket pockets, and licking her lips at the scene before her. Rachel remembered that she didn’t have much time and began speeding things along.
"Actually Brittany I’m glad you’re over here because, there’s someone I want you to meet.” Rachel turned to Santana with a smile, “This is Santana. The woman I was telling you about at rehearsal…?"
Brittany locked her eyes onto Santana’s and then drug her gaze quite unabashedly down Santana’s body. Santana smirked at Brittany as if to appear smug though her eyes were filled with a look of pure adoration. Brittany stepped forward and grabbed Santana’s hand…pressing a kiss to the top of her palm. "Hi…you're really pretty."
Santana blushed – something that almost never happened – and smiled genuinely at her. Stepping closer to Brittany, Santana cleared her throat. "T…Thank you, Brittany…you're r…really, um…you're gorgeous, and I liked the way your body looked dancing – I mean, I liked your dancing body, I…I mean, that's not what I meant…um…yeah."
Brittany smiled and they continued to watch one another. It was a look full of budding love. Rachel’s heart warmed at the sight and she almost forgot how upset Quinn had been, until she heard the sound of fingers snapping in the distance and she didn't have to look to know they were Quinn's.
Rachel licked her lips and moved towards Quinn, mustering up a smile. "I actually…want to introduce you guys to someone, as well…this is, t…this is Quinn Fabray."
Quinn smiled and Puck and Santana stared at her particularly hard, confused as to when she appeared. "Rachel I thought...?" Santana started, but she trailed off as Rachel lowered her head.
Quinn touched her neck softly and Rachel raised her eyes. Quinn answered for her. "I wanted to surprise her tonight…I know she was stressed about it being her first performance, so I didn't tell her I was coming. It's really good to meet you all."
Quinn reached forward and shook Santana's hand, unperturbed by her curious expression. Puck stared at Rachel, noticing the way she was tucked into Quinn’s side nervously.
He was so focused on Rachel’s posture that he failed to notice Quinn’s outstretched hand. Finally he glanced up at her, and they locked eyes. "Oh...nice to meet you finally."
When their hands met, Puck’s tightened around hers, and Quinn raised her eyebrow. His posture was tense, and Quinn could tell that he didn’t approve of the relationship he had with Rachel. As a matter of fact, she was positive that Puck didn’t approve of her at all.
It was a good thing Quinn didn't give a flying fuck.
Pursing her lips, Quinn returned the hand shake firmly. Finally, Quinn turned towards Brittany…the woman she previously felt threatened by and offered her a genuine smile, now that it was clear the woman was attracted to Santana. Although Brittany had no idea of the jealousy and anger Quinn had been feeling towards her, Quinn still owed her an apology.
Brittany side stepped Quinn’s hand and pulled her in for a hug. Quinn's eyes widened. "It's so good to finally meet Rachie's lady friend!"
Quinn smiled and couldn't stop the endearing chuckle that left her lips.
"Nice to meet you too, Brittany. Your dancing is exquisite.”
Brittany blushed. "Wow you're really nice…and sexy. I can see why Rachel always lets you put those big purple marks on her."
Quinn grinned at the blunt response and pulled Rachel into her side. "Why thank you, Brittany. You know, you're beautiful yourself."
Rachel cleared her throat, Quinn’s hand twitching against her hip. "I'm sorry that we can't stay longer but we really have to go…Q…Quinn's got to be up early tomorrow."
Santana furrowed her eyebrows in disappointment and Brittany pouted a little.
"You're not going to stay?"
Rachel gave an apologetic smile and Quinn intercepted. "I really wish we could, I'd love to see more of your set, Brittany. But we'll make it up to all of you, I promise. Rachel has some things she needs to finish and I want to help her before I go to bed."
Rachel shivered and Brittany watched them with her head tilted, before nodding. Brittany reached to embrace Rachel. "It's okay. Maybe we can get together later? Now that I’ve met your sexy friend, you guys can double date with me and my new sexy lady friend?" Brittany said throwing a saucy look to Santana who smiled at her.
Rachel smiled and nodded. Santana came over to hug her. "It's good seeing you, munchkin. Take it easy…"
Santana trailed off looking at Quinn who was staring at Puck, who had stepped forward and pulled Rachel into his body for a hug. He lifted her up in the air, his hands squeezing the ass that Quinn just spanked minutes before.
Rachel hissed and grimaced at him, but choked out a laugh anyway. He put her down and brushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "I love you my hot little Jewish princess. Be safe."
Rachel nodded, her eyes cast downward and Puck pulled her chin up to look at him. "I'm serious. Be safe." He glanced at Quinn, his eyes full of contempt.
I dont like you. Her eyes said back to his, and Quinn resisted the urge to snarl at him. She did not like him one bit. Quinn felt her heart pounding in her ears, suddenly anxious at how close Puck and Rachel were. She found herself feeling relieved as Rachel stepped away nodding. "I love you too, Noah."
Quinn tucked Rachel into her side. “Have a good night everyone.”
Rachel waved her fingers at her friends, as Quinn began guiding her out of the club and to the waiting car. Rachel felt her heart sink into the concrete as the night air hit her.
Ive fucked up.

Rachel went straight to the playroom, stripped down to nothing, and fell to her knees.
With her collar returned to its rightful place around her neck, she lowered her eyes to the floor, her brown hair fanning around her face.
Rachel felt unworthy of any attention, not even a punishment.
After what she did to Quinn, Rachel didn't deserve Quinn’s time, and she certainly didn't deserve the privilege of being taught any kind of lesson.
The situation kept replaying over and over in Rachel’s head. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. She never meant to hurt Quinn, yet she had done that and then some. It caused Quinn to second guess herself and in retrospect…their relationship.
What Relationship?

Rachel hadn’t embarked on any other dynamic with Quinn other than being her submissive…because that’s what she assumed Quinn wanted. As a matter of fact, assuming things is what got her in the position she was in now. She had been too scared to talk to Quinn, despite how many times Quinn insisted that she wanted Rachel to talk to her about any issues concerning their arrangement. Now she had nothing aside from disappointment and failure.
She had really, really fucked up.
"Rachel…eyes up."
Rachel looked up and became overwhelmed by the sight of Quinn. Quinn was still in her black dress and heels. She was nothing short of absolutely beautiful.
Quinn stared down at Rachel, who seemed to be overcome with grief. She looked so vulnerable, kneeling and curling within herself in a way Quinn had never seen before. Stepping behind her, Quinn let her eyes rake over the top of Rachel’s head, down her back muscles to the dip of her hips and the swell of her ass. Quinn reveled in the complete silence that overtook them, letting it hang until it almost felt suffocating. Rachel’s heart beat fast and she clung to quietness, wondering what Quinn was thinking.
"Take off your collar."
Rachel couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped her lips. Her heart began beating wildly, out of control, and she felt as if the air was leaving her lungs.
"I didn't ask you to speak, I asked you to take off your collar."
Rachel started breathing heavily, gripping her wrist tightly in fear. "P..Please…Quinn, don't –"
Quinn fisted Rachel’s hair and yanked Rachel’s head back. Baring her throat and unclasping the chain, Quinn snatched it from her neck. Rachel gasped as Quinn let go of her harshly. The combined force of Quinn’s hand and the feeling of the collar not being there caused Rachel to fall forward onto her hands, a cry of pain slipping from her lips.
"Why should you wear this in here? If you're too ashamed to belong to me out there…then you certainly shouldn't have to be forced to belong to me in here."
Rachel felt tears fall instantly; she squeezed her eyes closed as pain raced through her. Her heart felt as if it was breaking into little pieces inside of her. Rachel had earned her collar. It symbolized who she was.
Without it…she was nothing.
Quinn stared at Rachel’s sobbing form and felt her body begin to ache. Rachel looked so small, so hurt.
Quinn wondered if Rachel now felt the same way that she did.
"No! Q…Quinn…please…"
Quinn was unmoving as she stared at Rachel. She was cowering on her hands and knees, her body shaking violently as she sobbed out her apologies. Rachel was pleading for Quinn to listen, to understand.
Quinn didn't want to understand as far as Quinn was concerned…she knew the truth.
Rachel didn't want Quinn at her show; Rachel consciously made the decision to not invite Quinn out in public, because she did not want Quinn there.
The entire situation was painful.
Quinn felt like she would die from watching Rachel reap the pain of simply getting her collar removed.
Then, there was the sick realization that even with her parents gone, her father gone…
Quinn would never stop shaming people.
Quinn thought that it would be different this time. She was positive that Rachel was too beautiful of a creature, too understanding. Yet, Somehow Quinn had managed to taint Rachel the same way she had tainted everyone else.
"Q...Quinn…I…I'm sorry…Q…Quinn…"
Quinn shook her head and walked around Rachel, clutching the collar in her hands. "Stop calling me that. You’ve lost that privilege."
Rachel choked, rising back to her wobbling knees. She stared up at Quinn, her eyes red rimmed.
"N…No…Mistress, I…I'm sorry…please, let me - I'll do anything…I can't lose this…I c…can't, I cant lose you, please…don't-"
Quinn flinched at the way her voice sounded. Trembling she continued to shake her head at Rachel. The words were too much and she couldn’t forgive her this time. Not for this. Not for making her feel this way. For making her feel so…toxic.
"P…Please! Mistress...I…I’m…sorry–"
"Enough!" Quinn shouted. She stomped her foot and Rachel jumped at the mixture of rage and sorrow appearing on her face. Rachel sobbed, halting her words and staring up hopelessly at the woman.
"You lied to me, Rachel! You lied to me…” Her voice cracked and Quinn swallowed. “I asked you to be loyal, and honest…and this is what you do? You couldn't just tell me you didn't want me there…that you didn't want to be seen with me, huh?"
The words were rushed and Quinn felt as if she was unraveling at the seams. Rachel started shaking her head no, vehemently trying to convince Quinn differently. "N…No…Quinn, that isn't it! Please, let me explain-"
"I'm tired of your lies."
Quinn snapped the words out and pulled Rachel up from the ground. Practically dragging her across the room to the corner, Quinn pulled out a wooden chair and pushed Rachel down into it.
"Put your feet flat on the ground, hands on the arms of the chair. Do not move."
Rachel obeyed, choking her sobs back as her bruised bottom met the cold seat. Quinn breathed heavily as she stared down at Rachel. Rachel could have sworn that her eyes were shining with unshed tears.
Quinn’s eyes turned gold with sadness and she bit her lip. "I trusted you. I really did, Rachel." She said in a quiet voice.
Rachel began to panic as Quinn began walking towards the door. Rachel suddenly became hyperaware of how bare her neck was without her collar, and how alone she would be if Quinn walked away from her.
Quinn stopped at the door.
"Rachel, I want you to sit there and stare in that corner until you feel just as hurt as I do. I want you to know what it feels like to know that…someone doesn't want to be seen with you."
Rachel sobbed, feeling as if she was dying. Quinn’s words were cutting through her and she felt hopeless.
"When you finally realize how you made me feel…when you finally feel sorry, then you can get up…but it's up to you. I don't care."
Rachel shook with tears. "M…Mistress…please…p…please don't leave me, d…don't do this…"
Quinn ducked her head, feeling a tear slip down her cheek.
"I don't want to see your face."
Rachel resisted the urge to stomp her feet and throw a tantrum. She didn’t want Quinn to go. She just wanted her to listen, so she could make this right.
"Please! No…M…Mistress, d…don't leave…I promise I can be a good girl…I promise I'll b…be good! I promise…don't leave me, don't leave me…don't-"
The door shut with a crack.
Quinn leaned against the wood, closing her eyes as the sounds of the girl's anguished cries echoed in the room and around the house.
Punishment was due…but Quinn couldn’t bear to look at Rachel that way.
Rachel was broken, and it hurt Quinn.
With the sparkling collar threaded beneath her fingers, Quinn covered her mouth and slid down the doorframe, her own weeps of sadness escaping her lips painfully. Quinn hadn’t cried in years. However, the heart wrenching sounds Rachel made on the other side of door made her feel…helpless.
Her head was spinning and her body felt immobile, consumed by her own anguish and Rachel’s. Quinn tightened her hand around the necklace, as she inhaled through her now violent sobs. Reaching behind her, Quinn pressed her fingers against the door softly, as if she could soothe Rachel from there.

Separated by a punishment and a door, Quinn wouldn't be able to help Rachel. So she cried.
They cried.


Chapter Text

What have I done?
After Rachel’s sobs had weakened into silent tears, she was left asking herself that question.
It hurts.
Her limbs had become completely stiff, her bottom had grown sore, and Rachel had no idea how long she'd been here, in this chair.
However, it didn’t matter how long she had been in the chair…she wouldn't move.
Those were Quinn’s orders and Rachel was going to obey her.
She needed to. Rachel needed to please her Mistress again. She had really fucked up. Now she felt helpless in this little room where everything was silent and there was nothing in sight aside from the black paint smoothly coating the walls in front of her.
What did I do wrong?
With the absence of her collar, Rachel’s neck felt as if it was freezing cold. That collar was the one thing that signified how special Rachel was. More importantly, that collar reminded Rachel everyday of whom she happily belonged to.
She felt like an idiot for forgetting to put it on for the show. Rachel absolutely loved her collar. Rachel loved it so much; she often wondered how Quinn would feel If she never took it off.
But now it was gone… and it was her fault.
Everything is my fault.
Rachel was desperately trying to understand everything. Why would her Mistress do this to her? Why couldn't Quinn just tell Rachel what she had done wrong?
Rachel didn't mean to lie, she didn't know it was going end up this way. And now Quinn was hurt. Every time Rachel saw Quinn’s face, staring back at her in pain and disappointment, she crumbled a little bit more.
Rachel had hurt Quinn so explicitly, that she no longer trusted her enough to consider her a submissive. She was done with her.
Rachel wanted to scream. But the words seemed to die inside of her...along with everything else.
Rachel was in this predicament because of her own actions, and now it was up to her to understand those actions and reap her own punishment.
It hurts.
At the end of it all, Rachel just wanted her collar back; she just wanted to be Quinn's again. Rachel just wanted another chance.
You're disobeying her.
Rachel flinched. She had never meant to hurt Quinn. 
She said she cared.
Why was Quinn so hurt?
Rachel let her head fall forward, her skin feeling as if it would fall from her bones. The pieces just wouldn’t connect.
Nothing was connecting. Everything was wrong. Rachel was wrong and she had failed Quinn. She was failing Quinn. Her brown eyes began to grow hazy and Rachel felt her head begin to loll as her insides clenched in pain.
Give up.
Rachel felt confusion and pain. She began to wonder if this is what she had done to Quinn.
The thought was staggering, and Rachel shook her head slowly. She didn't want to do this anymore. She just wanted Quinn. Rachel wanted to hear Quinn say that she accepted Rachel’s apology and that she wasn't hurt anymore...that she cared.
Who was she anymore without Quinn?
Look at me.
This was more powerful than anything Rachel had ever experienced before. She had never wanted a person so much; she had never craved the attention of someone as deeply as she craved that of Quinn’s.
Rachel had known since the first encounter between she and her Mistress, that there was something more to her desire. There was an intense need, an ache to belong to Quinn. At first, she wondered if it was just her lusting after their physical encounters…but mentally, she knew who she was.
She was a submissive.
Rachel wanted this with every fiber of her being. She wanted to be Quinn’s good girl again, and most importantly…Rachel wanted to get out of here. She wanted Quinn.
She needed Quinn.
I'm sorry.

She just wanted to stay home.
Having it publicly stated that you were a "chick with a dick" wasn't the best way to go forth as a junior in high school. She was an idiot to think that it never would happen but it did.
Now everything was changing.
With every step she took down the hallways enduring the derogatory names and sometimes a particular harsh shove here and there, she wondered how long it would be until people just forgot. Her harsh reality would soon be that no one would forget.
Somehow, her best friend Christina had managed to remain her friend despite the heat she was getting from her fellow cheerleaders. Quinn had told her that it would be all right if she wanted to protect her reputation. She understood.
She was a freak, who wouldn't be ashamed of her?
Christina, apparently.
The girl had fiercely denied that she would leave her for "stupid high school popularity", and proceeded to offer her company for the upcoming weekend. It made Quinn smile. And throughout all the pain she had endured, she was looking forward to spending time with the only friend she had left.
But something had caused Christina to cancel and ironically Quinn's mother had fallen sick. Although it sucked to miss out on much-needed quality time, Quinn was content with staying home to take care of her mother and pretending that high school students with harsh hands and words didn't exist.
That actually had been going really well up until her mother got hungry.
That found Quinn in the city at some Thai restaurant, trying to pick up the order she had placed, feeling nervous and uncomfortable with so many people around. It had been a familiar feeling since her secret had come out. There was this constant feeling that everyone was watching her. Judging her.
Making it up to the front of the line and getting the large bag, something caught her ear.
It was laughter.
Familiar laughter.
"Chris, I'm so glad you ditched that loser for us!"
"Yeah, me too. Who knows what would have happened to me if I would have been alone with the freak."
More loud laughter.
"She would have tried to mate with you probably, knock you up with her freaky ass kids."
"Ugh, I feel bad for her sometimes. You know she's a virgin. No girl wants to touch her junk, they're too afraid they'll catch whatever disease that made her the way she is. As a matter of fact, shell probably always be a virgin, I cant imagine any person wanting that."
Even more laughter.
A different voice came now, "Chris you guys are friends, have you everyou know? Seen it?"
"Who would want to see some chick's dick?" A guy's voice rung out.
"We're not friends, I haven't ever seen her dick, and I don't want to see itit's probably small anyway. It's not even normalshe isn't normal. I'm ashamed I ever spoke to her."
Quinn turned around, her eyes stinging and her knuckles white as they clenched the plastic bag of food. Stalking towards the table of teens, she cleared her shaking voice. One of the jocks caught sight of her approaching and laughed.
"Well speaking of the lady-dick devil-"
"Nine inches."
The table went silent with shock and confusion. Christina's eyes went wide and she blinked up at her. Quinn looked around at all of them with hard eyes, before turning to her.
"You wanted to know how small my dick was, Chris. It's nine inches, soft."
"I told you I understood. There was no need to lie." Quinn reached up and tugged on the necklace that Christina had given her their freshman year, the chain broke and she smashed it down onto the table.
"I assume you want this back since we're not friends." Quinn blinked at the shocked group of teens.
"Enjoy the rest of your dinner."
Turning on her heel Quinn practically sprinted out of the restaurant, the door swinging open as she tried to see through her blurred vision. Almost running into her car door she pulled it open and tossed the food down, before looking up to see a frantic Christina running towards her.
"Quinn! WaitI'm sorry-"
Quinn began to shake her head, tears falling rapidly. She turned around to face Christina. "I trusted you, I thought you were differentbut you're just like them."
"No, Quinn let me explain-"
Quinn began to tremble and Christina came closer. "Don't!" Quinn screamed, her tears flowing freely and her body aching in pain as Christina stared helplessly at her.
"Just stay away from me!"
Quinn got in the car and slammed the door on Christina, watching as she continued to plead with her.
She drove away.

Charlotte murmured incoherently in her sleep at the sound of a soft voice. She must have been dreaming.
"Mistress, there's someone at the door-"
Charlotte felt a hand shaking her gently, and finally she opened her eyes with a sigh and stared pointedly at the desperate facial expression of her submissive.
Her submissive bit her lip at the warning in Charlotte’s voice. "I know you told me not to wake you up in the middle of the night for anything. But there's someone knocking at your door…and they won't go away."
Charlotte furrowed her eyebrows and through her seep-induced haze, her ears tuned in on the sound of persistent knocking echoing through her open bedroom door. There was a frantic pattern to the knocking and before she could take time to wonder who would be trying to come to her house at one o'clock in the morning, she heard muffled sounds.
Shooting from underneath her covers, Charlotte grabbed a robe and raced down the stairs with Lisa on her heels. As she hit the bottom step the voice became clear. A husky alto voice that was calling for her in desperation – needing her.
Charlotte swung the door open and Quinn stared at her with pain underneath her hazel hues. Charlotte had seen that look a couple of times during their relationship, but never this broken, never this…weak.
"Charlie…I need you…"
Quinn’s voice was rough and broken…as if she had been crying. She practically tripped over the threshold, falling into Charlotte's arms. Charlotte caught her around her waist, feeling Quinn’s trembling hands grip her robe tightly. She began to sigh, but it broke off into a sob and then Charlotte felt wetness on her neck. Quinn's tears.
Something was not right.
"Lisa. Go into the kitchen, make some hot chocolate."
"Yes Mistress…" The girl said, flustered at the sight of the broken woman in Charlotte's arms. Quinn now cried freely, her quiet sobs turning quickly to choking breaths of air and Quinn squeezed her eyelids closed to try and stop the flow of tears.
They didn't stop.
Charlie pulled Quinn further into the house. Quinn tried to find the strength to walk, much like she did when she finally pulled herself from the floor of her own home. Suddenly she was sitting on something soft, Charlotte's couch, and Quinn pulled her head up to stare into the blue eyes of her friend. Her friend.
"I…I…don't…I can't-"
Charlotte shook her head, "No…no talking just yet. You just sip your hot chocolate until you're ready. I'm going to sit here and wait for you."
Quinn searched Charlotte’s face, tears still dripping past her nose. She put a hand over her mouth, feeling the shocks from her heart flowing through her body.
"Please! Quinn, pleaseI'm sorry!"
Rachel’s voice still rang in her ears and Quinn couldn't understand why it hurt so much. Quinn thought putting Rachel in that room was the proper thing to do to ensure that she wouldn't take Rachel's punishment too far.
However, now she was feeling as if things had already gone too far before they'd even made it to the playroom.
What have I done?
"Here you go, Quinn."
Quinn snapped her head up to see a girl, beautiful and blonde smiling down at her. Lisa. She was holding a mug out to her. Quinn took it, nodding her thanks as she brought the mug to her lips.
Charlotte watched the sad way Quinn moved and wondered what could have possibly gone so far left to reduce her to this.
Quinn sipped a couple more times, her mouth hot from the scalding temperature of the drink. She stared brokenly in the distance, her eyes still stinging with the vision of a shattered Rachel, desperate to do anything for her collar, desperate to do anything to make up for a mistake that Quinn told her she made.
Rachel was helpless without her collar and helpless in that room, in that chair, without Quinn.
"Are you going to start...or do you want me to ask?"
Quinn just stared at her shoes, flashes of Rachel's broken face flickering across her mind.
"What happened?" Charlie said softly.
Quinn was silent, her lips pressed tightly against each other. She was afraid to speak.
Charlotte watched Quinn’s forehead crinkle with worry as she stared helplessly at the shiny black of her shoes. She seemed to be struggling to find a way to open her mouth, her heart heavy with emotion.
Charlotte had seen it before. She had witnessed Quinn simply lose sight of everything she had worked really hard to preserve.
But never this bad.
Quinn had never looked this vulnerable.
Quinn rubbed her hands against her thighs and furrowed her eyebrows. Turmoil was evident in her expression, more tears falling as she struggled to voice her feelings. Her heart was racing and all Quinn could see was Rachel, gasping for mercy…for a chance.
"I messed up."
Charlotte raised her eyebrows, Quinn’s voice smooth and trembling with tears. Charlotte watched Quinn’s clench her eyes shut.
"How did you mess up?" Charlotte asked gently.
Quinn sucked in a deep breath painfully. Charlotte moved to sit next to her and placed her hand on top of Quinn's fidgeting one. "Did you hurt Rachel?"
Quinn nodded silently and Charlotte searched her eyes, as if looking at her hard enough would open them and Quinn sighed.
"She had a performance, and..and she didn't tell me. I wanted to come, to support her. I told her so...but she didn't want me there. So she lied to me. She...she hid it from me, because she didn't want me there."
Charlotte knew.
"She lied to her Dom and you punished her for that."
"Did I?"
The question was so soft and Quinn looked incredibly hurt. She stared at Charlotte. "I was so betrayed. Not because she lied to me, Charlie. Because of why."
Quinn remembered how proud she was when she had been watching Rachel and how normal it all seemed to be able to come and just watch her perform. It felt incredibly domestic…and Quinn liked it. If only it was under different circumstances.
"I reacted really badly, Charlie. I let my anger take over. Anger that had nothing to do with her lying to me...anger that has everything to do with..."
With what?
With her knowledge that she was feeling things that were certainly beyond the arrangement she had initially stated in the contract? Feelings that arose from the subconscious hope that Rachel felt just as intimately for her?
"Everything to do with you thinking she's ashamed of you."
Quinn flinched at the words, and remembered how fast it angered her. The knowledge that Rachel had lied to her consecutively just to keep her from being in public with her, filled her with rage.
"Why else would she not want me there? Why else would she not want to be seen with me, huh? Everyone else was there Charlotte, all of her friends, and I looked like a deer in headlights. I had to meet the people that didn't even know I was coming. Because apparently she would never invite her lady-dick packing Mistress to her show. I felt humiliated, like..."
"Like an outcast?"
Quinn looked deeply into Charlotte’s eyes, anger flashing dangerously through them.
"Like a freak."
Quinn turned away, feeling dizzy at the way the previously distant feelings coursed through her like lightening.
Charlotte remembered the stories. The tales of rejection and the looks of shame that had been directed towards this woman who had yearned for so long to just be accepted.
Quinn stood at the window, her head bent against the glass.
"How do you know that's what it is, Quinn?"
Quinn turned to face her. "Why would she lie if it wasn't? I told her I wanted to see her perform, I told her I supported her craft and she still lied to me. She must be ashamed."
Charlotte sighed. "She's not ashamed, she's scared."
It was a word Quinn took immediate offense to. She worked really hard to make sure she didn't scare any of her subs. And as the term fell from Charlotte's lips, Quinn’s memory rushed back to the encounter in the dressing room. The rage she had displayed in the form of sex. The way Rachel tried to explain and how Quinn didn't listen. Although Rachel had been responding in pleasure...what were the chances of Quinn frightening her submissive?
"Scared…of me?" Quinn said softly.
"Yes. You said you told her you wanted to come to her performance? When was this?"
Quinn licked her lips, "At dinner a couple of days ago."
"So I my guess is that she already booked the performance and just didn't come clean about it."
Quinn bit her lip worriedly. “She didn't want to tell me, Charlie. That's the point."
"No Quinn that's not the point, she wanted to tell you. She was scared that she wasn't "allowed" to tell you." Charlotte said knowingly.
Quinn shook her head. "That doesn't make any sense. I told Rachel that if she ever felt uncomfortable about anything that she could talk to me."
Charlotte laughed incredulously. "Quinn you told her that regarding your D/s relationship. Rachel only knows what you expect when it comes to being your sub. And as a sub, if you have absolutely no idea what's okay outside of the playroom, outside of the sexual relationship - you become afraid to talk to your Dom about other things. Rachel is probably intimidated by the thought of inquiring about more intimate things between you two because you've got a thousand walls up. You haven't been clear enough with her."
Quinn turned to stare at Charlotte. "She knew I had walls up. I told her that I had boundaries."
"Exactly. But you told me that you guys haven’t explicitly discussed what those are. So if she doesn't know exactly what your boundaries are, how could Rachel not fuck up, Quinn? How could she know that you support her craft if you haven't really talked to her about it sooner than two days ago...or made her understand that it's okay to talk about it? Rachel wants to talk to you but can't because you won't open up to her." Charlotte said with a shrug.
"I did open up to her!"
"Not enough."
Quinn slammed her fist against the window seal, before turning back to Charlie. "You don't know what the fuck you're talking about Charlotte! You don't even know Rachel!"
"I don't know Rachel. But I know you and this is about you and your mistakes. Not her." Charlotte spoke calmly. Quinn narrowed her eyes, now golden with anger.
"I know how to take care of my submissives, Charlotte and I most definitely know how to take care of Rachel! Let’s not forget that I was your Dominant once!" Quinn shouted and Charlotte stood abruptly.
"I haven’t forgotten about being your submissive Quinn. Which is exactly why I can tell you how to take care of your submissives."
Charlotte poked Quinn’s chest. "I know how Rachel feels. It's easy to be swept up in the art of being a good submissive. It’s really easy to want to please Mistress Quinn so badly and to worry about disappointing her so much, that you stop rationally thinking. So you ignore that piece of you that wants to understand her better, because she won't let you and you find yourself having to feel your way around and…hope for the best."
Memories of a desperate Charlotte flashed in Quinn's memory and she took a step back from her, turning away and holding herself in silence.
Charlotte had been a great sub. But things became hard when their relationship turned intimate.
Quinn had been struggling with becoming romantically involved with Charlotte and she became cold and distant in an attempt to protect her and their arrangement. Charlotte also didn’t understand what was happening, and she had become afraid to talk to Quinn about the possibility of their relationship being more than she originally assumed it would be. Things were rough for a while, in and outside of the playroom until Quinn finally recognized her feelings.
Quinn’s expression softened. "She is…so special, Charlotte. I've never seen anything like it. Tonight I put her in that room to keep from letting my anger get in the way of my judgment...and she just crumbled. She was desperate to get me to understand...but I wouldn't listen. I should have just listened to her. I fucked up."
Charlotte watched Quinn turn further away, her voice heavy with regret and she began to understand what was happening to Rachel, to Quinn, and to their relationship.
"Quinn. She's exactly what you asked for. You wanted someone raw with obedience, someone who was a natural born sub. Rachel is that. She has become hopelessly aligned with who she wants to be, what pumps in her veins...and that is being a submissive, your submissive."
Quinn remembered the words the girl had said to her on the front porch that night.
"I think she wanted to safe word tonight...but she didn't because she didn't want to upset me."
Charlie raised her eyebrows. "If that’s the case, then she's more aligned with her submissive than I thought. Quinn," she touched Quinn’s shoulder, "I think Rachel is devoted to you and she would never be ashamed of you. She wanted you to come tonight...she was just scared that it would be too intimate an action for your relationship...and if you think about it, you're to blame for that."
Quinn felt slapped in the face at that revelation. The thought that she was at fault for everything that had happened that night cut through her.
"Like you said…Rachel is special. Rachel is different. And let’s be honest, that frightens you."
Quinn's heart fluttered at the thought of her submissive smiling, ready and willing to be everything to her. Willing to do anything to please her.
Rachel wasn't ashamed of Quinn.
"You wanted this perfect submissive, Quinn. This woman that you could be with in ways beyond your imagination, that would understand you and cherish your presence...but you have no idea how to handle the responsibility that comes with that. Rachel is that perfect submissive, because she acknowledges how deep-rooted her submissive nature is. This is a serious thing, and different from any other normal submissive. Rachel wants to be everything she possibly can be for you...but what she needs from you, you're too vulnerable to provide."
Quinn sat down on the couch at the words, letting them sink deeply inside of her. She felt like she was drowning in remorse.
"And I took her collar away. I didn't even listen. I fucking snatched something away from her that she deserved all along."
Charlotte sat next to her. "You let your emotions take over...because you are emotionally connected to her. You've found everything in her that you couldn't find in the rest of us. But you're a bit set in your ways. You have to understand that Rachel needs different attention."
Quinn looked to her with desperation. "What am I supposed to do Charlotte? I'm not ready-"
"I'm not telling you to marry her. But you need to acknowledge that you care about Rachel deeply. And she feels the same, otherwise she wouldn't be so dedicated to pleasing you...she wouldn't be that perfect sub. So now it's time to open up. Rachel needs room to grow, guidelines. She craves it. She yearns to understand what truly makes you happy, what she can and can't do. You're gonna have to go about this a different way, Q."
Quinn thought about the desperate pleas that emptied the Rachel's mouth and how frightened she looked when her collar was taken from her. Rachel looked as if she would have done anything to keep it...anything to please Quinn.
Rachel had tried to explain the intentions of her actions, but because of Quinn's harsh words she only fell back into the acknowledgement of her disobedience.
Quinn put her head in her hands. "What is wrong with me? I just…left her there. In that room."
Charlotte lifted Quinn’s cheek and cupped her face. "Stop Quinn, you had good intentions. You knew Rachel needed punishment...and fortunately you had gained an inkling of how unbalanced your emotions were. However you've never done this before. You've never had to compromise your methods for someone who needed more. You didn't even have to do this for me...because I wasn't really a submissive, Quinn. But Rachel is different. She is intrinsically combined with her collar. She is her collar. And she has different needs. So you need to go home, take her out of that room and talk to her. And then you guys go back in the playroom and you do it right this time. Your job is to make sure she's happy. Find out what she wants, as a sub, as a person...let her in. Make sure Rachel understands every guideline and every boundary in and out of the playroom because if the communication isn't clear... you could really mess her up. If you guys are gonna be 24/7, it's gonna take a lot more intimacy and trust than what you expected."
Quinn nodded, tears sliding down her face. Her body was overwhelmed with feelings of incompetence. Charlotte watched Quinn and although it broke her heart to see...she was filled with happiness at the breakthrough Rachel had made within Quinn's life, even if she didn’t know it. Charlotte never thought the day would come when Quinn would find...the one.
But there was still progress to be made, she knew.
"Hey," Charlotte stared into Quinn’s hazel eyes softly. "It's okay to talk to Rachel. She's not like them. She's not gonna hurt you Quinn…she's different. She's worth changing for, and you deserve this."
Quinn shook her head. "I don't deserve her after tonight."
"I guarantee she is feeling the same way. You see it's the connection you guys have with one another. You didn't have to put her in that room to punish Rachel, she was punished the moment you let her see how hurt you were. Then you took away the one thing that represented her devotion to you, the one thing that validated your ownership of her. Her collar. You shouldn't have done that. But you learn from your mistakes...and when you go home and find her in her room you need to immediately make a change. Because I don't think you truly realize how tuned Rachel is to her you."
Quinn felt her heart pull, constricting at the knowledge of the things she would have seen had she been looking for them.
She didn't know.
But she was going to go home and she was going to fix things. She was going to change.
Turning to Charlotte, Quinn gave a watery smile. Charlotte pulled her in for a hug and Quinn sighed into her neck. "What would I be without you, Charlie?"
Charlotte chuckled. "Lost."
She pressed a kiss to Quinn’s forehead. "Come upstairs and stay in the guest bedroom. You don't need to drive home this late in the state you're in."
Quinn suddenly became anxious and it was a strange emotion for Charlotte to see on her face. Quinn stood up urgently, shaking her head and starting for the door.
"Charlie. I messed up, I shouldn't have left her there...I need to go -"
Charlotte stood and pulled her back. "Quinn, you have to give her time to rest. If you're still reeling emotionally, I know she is, and like I said you're not in the proper state for an hour of driving home. Take a night to gather your thoughts and when you get there tomorrow she'll be out of that room and it will be your responsibility as a Dominant to set things right. But tonight you need to rest."
Quinn stared at the fierce expression on the Charlotte's face and knew there was no room for disagreement. "Okay."
Charlotte smirked in triumph.
"You know, you were always so stubborn...I should have known you were a Dominant." Quinn mumbled.
Charlotte laughed, walking towards the steps with Quinn in her wake.
"Yeah, you should have. I was a bit of a brat."
Quinn shook her head. "You’re a great Dominant, Charlie. Greater than I could ever be. I'm proud of you."
At the top of the stairs Charlotte faced her. "I learned everything from you, Quinn. You only made a mistake with Rachel because you weren't really prepared for how special she was going to be. You didn't think you'd find someone like her. But you did. And you're a great Dom. The greatest Dom anyone could ever ask for, purely because you care deeply for your submissive. Never forget that."
Quinn remembered hearing words similar to the ones that emptied Charlotte's lips.
They were words from her mother.
Quinn kissed Charlotte's cheek and memories of why she had loved the girl so much in the first place resonated within her.
"Thank you, Charlie."

Bursting into her mother's room, Quinn dropped the bag and fell to her knees at her bedside, sobs wrecking through her body.
Judy sat up, weary but concerned about her daughter. "Quinn, what happened?"
Quinn sobbed in response, the sound breaking her mother's heart and Judy turned around knowingly, sliding her legs down to dangle underneath the blankets.
Reaching forward, Judy pulled her daughter's head to her stomach, feeling Quinn's arms wrap around her waist tightly. Cradling her face Judy listened as Quinn cried harder and harder, the words that hung viciously from Christina's mouth ringing loudly in her ears.
"IIt...hurts..." Quinn choked out and her mother nodded above her, running her fingers through the blonde locks and setting her mouth in a firm line.
Quinn shook her head. It would forever be this way because she couldn't be...normal. 
She was a girl. Fighting really hard to just live, accept herself, and be loved.
But who wanted to love her?
Those kids were right, she was a freak. 
"TThey are right."
Judy's heart broke and she snapped, pulling Quinn's face up.
She stared hard at Quinn, her eyes tired but fierce with determination.
"Don't you ever...ever let them convince you they are right. They are wrong. So very wrong. And they will always be."
Quinn sniffled watching her mother scoot closer to her, her hands gripping at her cheeks.
Judy was tired and weak. But she would never give up on making sure her daughter understood just how wrong they were.
"They're jealous of you, Quinnie. They don't like that you're special. Unfortunately they will always be that way. For the rest of your life, you will encounter these people who will judge you because of how beautifully unique you are. And they will try to make you believe they're right, because they want more than anything to break you. They want to see you crumble."
Quinn looked up at her mother and watched the emotions fill her eyes as her voice grew strong.
"Don't you ever let them break you."
The words resonated throughout Quinn's soul and she watched Judy's bottom lip tremble, as she continued.
"It's going to hurt. It will always hurt. But you don't give those horrible people the satisfaction of seeing that. You are a Fabray. And we Fabray's hold our heads up," Judy tilted her chin upwards.
"You hold your head up because you are better. As long as you hold your head up, you will always have more power, you will always have control."
Quinn listened as her mother's voice cracked, tears falling from her own eyes as she broke into a watery smile.
"I love you Quinn. You are everything a mother could want, and I will never be ashamed of you. Ever."
Quinn's face crumbled at the words, her heart swelling in both ache and love. She fell forward again, clutching her mother's dress and sighing into her once more.
Christina's words were still there, but Judy's were stronger. Although Quinns pain didn't go completely away, she loved her mother and she believed in her, unconditionally. She loved her unconditionally.
That was enough.
Feeling more tears fall onto the silky material, Quinn licked her dry lips.
"I just want to stop hurting mom."
Judy smiled, looking in the distance as she stroked her daughter's hair.
"You will one day, Quinnie. I promise."


Night had just fallen when Quinn arrived in front of her house.
The remnants of the day and the night before had faded away and her head was filled with the overwhelming amount of things she needed to say to her beautiful submissive when she saw her.
After sleeping on it and conversing with Charlotte on ways to fix the damage she had caused, Quinn was ready to come home and make things right.
Quinn didn't know how much could be settled, she couldn't imagine how awful Rachel felt and she hoped that maybe she was calm so that they could talk at least to clear the air from the drama that got them where they were.
Opening the door, Quinn walked towards the kitchen, thinking the girl was maybe having a late dinner. Noticing no sign of Faye or Rachel, Quinn saw a plate full of food on the counter and a note next to it.
Came to cook dinner and I couldn't find you or Rachel. I assumed you guys were out but I left something just in case. See you for breakfast.
- Faye
Quinn furrowed her eyebrows.
Rachel hadn't come down for dinner?
Quinn turned and left the kitchen, her mind immediately accepting the idea that Rachel was in her room and had been just as Charlotte said the night before, sleeping everything off. It made Quinn's heart ache as she climbed the stairs.
Something felt very off.
There was a churning in her stomach as she journeyed towards the room, pushing the doors open…only to see a bed.
Quinn walked deeper into the room quickly, "Rachel?"
Panic rose within her and she pushed the doors to the bathroom open – nothing. Backtracking to the closet her breathing started to grow irregular as she looked around wildly. Nothing.
Images of a furiously upset Rachel started to imprint themselves into her brain, gathering her three bags and leaving without a glance back. Giving up on the Dominant because Quinn's inability to understand was too much for her to handle.
"Rachel?" Quinn called breathlessly, shocked at the tremble in her voice. Rachel couldn't leave…she couldn't leave her. Quinn just needed a chance to talk to her, to make things right. She needed more time. She couldn't do this without her…without Rachel.
Quinn headed for the stairs, prepared to go find her before things went too far.
However as Quinn’s foot touched the first step, she recalled something that Charlotte said to her the night before.
"It's easy to be swept up in the art of being a good sub. To want to please Mistress Quinn so badly, to worry about disappointing her so much, that you stop rationally thinking."
Oh my god.
Turning swiftly and bursting through the doors of the playroom Quinn froze and gasped at the sight of Rachel, still in the chair.
The girl was visibly shaking, her legs and arms in the same position Quinn had left them in. Her eyes were unfocused and her hair was sticking to her forehead.
Quinn raced towards Rachel, her heart pounding. She kneeled down and lifted Rachel’s head to look at her. Her lips were dry but moving, murmuring something and Quinn felt like she was going to pass out with fear.
Rachel’s eyes remained unfocused. She wasn't looking at Quinn. She just continued to chant something incoherently. Quinn was slowly losing her patience, glancing over Rachel’s body. She was dripping in her own combination of sweat and judging by the smell…urine. It further proved to Quinn that she really hadn't moved.
Quinn bit her lip. "Damn it, Rachel. Look at me…Rachel!"
Rachel just gazed at the wall, her lips still moving despite the sound barely escaping. Her eyes were red rimmed and Quinn wondered how she managed to stay conscious without moving. She looked like she had tapped completely out of her own body.
It was as if Rachel had lost herself.
Remorse emptied from Quinn and she wondered why she didn't see it before. She ached with the fact that she didn't take the time to think about the change their relationship was undergoing.
What had she done?
Rachel was different. Desperately devoted to Quinn to the point that she would waste away in a room trying to figure out what it was she could have possibly done to upset her Mistress.
Rachel had been broken and just wanted to gain that approval back, approval that she didn't mean to lose. Approval that Quinn had taken from her under circumstances she didn't even fully understand.
"She has become hopelessly aligned with who she wants to be, what pumps in her veins...and that is being a submissive, your submissive."
Rachel wasn't going to leave that room until Quinn told her to.
She needed Quinn.
Quinn shut her eyes, and took a deep breath. Feeling the sting of tears as she opened her eyes, Quinn stared directly at Rachel.
Straightening her posture, Quinn gripped Rachel's face with one hand and forced her unfocused eyes to look at her. She continued to murmur, and Quinn gripped Rachel’s chin, snapping her fingers once.
Immediately, Rachel gazed at her. Her teary brown eyes seemed full of relief and Quinn was positive that it was the first time that expression had been on Rachel’s features that entire day. Rachel attempted to smile, although Quinn noticed how exhausted she looked.
Quinn looked down as Rachel tightened her fingers around the arms of the chair, attempting to move. She was gazing back at Quinn determinedly.
I know what you want. I can do this.  
Rachel needed to do this.
I can be a good girl.
Rachel's legs were completely numb, so the slightest movement felt like needles pricking her skin. Shaking, she continued to try and move her body ignoring the way it hummed in pain.
I have to do this. I need that collar back. I need to show her that Im worthy to be hers again.
Gritting her teeth, Rachel pulled her body up from the chair slowly. Her arms trembled from the weight she was putting on them from the lack of strength in her legs. Scooting back and rising to her feet, Quinn watched curiously as Rachel pulled herself forward.
With her knees shaking and dangling from the edge of chair and her arms still desperately trying to hold all of her weight, Rachel pushed.
Then Quinn realized what Rachel was trying to do.
Rachel was trying to fall to her knees.
Rachel let out a sob. Her knees buckled and her arms slipped away from the chair as she fell forward. Quinn’s eyes widened and she slipped underneath Rachel, catching her before she hit the ground.
I failed her. 
The thought shook Rachel to her core and before she could stop herself, she clenched her eyes shut tightly and choked out, "W…Wicked…Wick-"
Quinn gasped at the desperate sound of Rachel’s voice. Holding Rachel against her chest, they slipped to the floor together.
"Oh Rae…"
Rachel cried out in desperation, gripping Quinn's shirt with trembling fingers. "I'm sorry…I'm so-"
"No." Quinn looked down at her firmly, eyes full of remorse. "This is not your fault, Rachel. I haven't…I haven't done my job…but that's all going to change."
Rachel stared at Quinn with hope in her eyes. "M…Mistr-" Rachel swallowed, wondering if she was still worthy enough to address Quinn differently. "Quinn…?"
Quinn nodded, cupping Rachel’s cheek and caressing the skin with her thumb. "It's Quinn. It will always be Quinn." Tears fell as Quinn stared into Rachel's eyes. The gaze they shared was so deep; it felt as if Quinn could see into Rachel’s soul.
"You're mine."

Chapter Text

It was the sunlight that woke Rachel up.
It streamed through the sheer curtains and warmed her bare shoulders. Stirred by the sudden warmth, Rachel ran her tired fingers across the comforter. The texture was soft, fleece, and it was foreign enough to make her blink her eyes open.
The first thing Rachel noticed was that this was not her bed.
Her bed was certainly not king sized, and did not have a dozen pillows available to cushion her head. Finally focusing her eyes, Rachel sat up. Looking around she realized that this room was too big to be her room.
As a matter of fact, the room was the size of an entire floor and held the design of modern loft, detailed in white and gold. Aside from the sleeping area, there was an adjacent living room set, and a very large bathroom.
Rachel was in Quinn's room.
She was in Quinn's bed.
Running a hand through her hair, Rachel glanced over and her face softened at the sight.
There was Quinn, sitting upright in a gold lounger chair, her head lolled over as she slept.
Rachel stared at Quinn, before glancing down at herself. Instead of being in the same dirty and naked state she had been in the playroom, Rachel had been cleaned and dressed in a white silk gown. Rachel concluded that Quinn must have carried her from the playroom the night before and put her in here.
That thought made Rachel breathless.
Quinn found Rachel. She found Rachel, cleaned her up, dressed her, and let her sleep in her bed. And instead of resting comfortably in her own bed, or any other bed in the house for that matter, Quinn chose to sleep uncomfortably in the chair next to Rachel.
She took care of me.
Rachel bit her lip, and rubbed the goose bumps on her arm at the thought.
Rachel's soft voice caused Quinn to stir from her slumber, her eyes opening slowly and attempting to focus. When they finally did, Quinn seemed to perk up and straightened her posture slowly.
"You're awake," Quinn croaked, trying to clear her throat and Rachel offered her a small smile.
"Yeah,” Rachel looked around the room, “Is this…um…this is your room?"
Real smooth.
Quinn scooted to the edge of her chair slowly, glancing around the large space. "Oh, yes. I…I um, I wanted you to be able to rest comfortably, and I just – I just thought you'd be more comfortable in here…is that alright?"
Rachel swallowed, watching Quinn's eyes flicker as she explained nervously. It was off-putting to see the woman so anxious.
Rachel nodded. " Of course, Quinn. It's beautiful and huge. Thank you...for letting me sleep in here."
Quinn glanced down, before gazing up at Rachel heatedly, licking her lips. “I…I wanted you my bed."
Rachel shivered at the words.
She wanted me here.
"You…you wanted me in your bed..." Rachel repeated, her eyebrows raised in shock.
Seeing the surprise cover Rachel’s face at being invited into Quinn’s bed made Quinn feel disappointment in herself. Had she really been that closed off? Had she really made Rachel believe that she'd not only ever be able to talk to her, but that she'd never be able to at least come into her room?
Had Quinn made Rachel think she was nothing more than her pet, someone that she would only take care of physically and not intimately?
Quinn rose from her chair and moved to sit on the bed. "Of course. I was worried after I found you last night and I didn't want to leave you alone again. I didn't want to put you in your room by yourself again…I wanted you here, with me.”
Rachel stared at Quinn curiously, the gears turning in her head. “But Quinn you could’ve slept in the bed with me…it’s your bed.”
Quinn shook her head. “I wanted to give you a little space and…I wanted you to be as comfortable as possible.”
I would have been comfortable next you. 
Rachel’s eyes somehow became softer and she sighed. “You could have slept on your couch Quinn…that chair couldn’t have been comfortable.”
Quinn shook her head. “I don’t care…I wanted to be close to you. I wanted to make sure you wouldn't – you wouldn't…"
Quinn cleared her throat, and looked down at the comforter. Rachel watched as her face changed. Quinn clenched her eyes shut as her mouth gaped open. It was as if she was struggling to get her words out in time.
Rachel had never seen her so out of sorts.
Briefly the images from the night before flashed through Rachel's brain and she remembered how she felt, how she looked. She had been broken, shaking, and absolutely filthy from sitting in that chair for so long. Rachel blushed at the embarrassing thought of Quinn carrying her disheveled body and having to clean her, because she was too weak to clean herself.
Quinn still hadn't spoken. Now her jaw was locked and she stared at the bed with hard eyes. She looked as if she was trying to keep herself from unraveling.
"Quinn…" Rachel started softly.
"I'm so sorry, Rachel."
The words came out in a broken whisper and Rachel's heart broke as the woman she assumed to be so strong and in control of her emotions…suddenly crumbled. Quinn looked overcome with guilt and Rachel couldn't handle that. She never wanted Quinn to feel guilty for anything.
Quinn shook her head before glancing up at Rachel's soft features.
Rachel was easily the most beautiful woman Quinn had ever seen. Because of that and more, she deserved much more than what Quinn was used to giving to other women. Rachel wasn't any other woman.
Rachel was perfect.
"I'm sorry for what happened on Saturday night. I was angry and for all the wrong reasons."
Rachel furrowed her eyebrows, "Quinn I-"
Quinn placed her hand over Rachel's, looking deeply into her eyes. "No. You didn't do anything wrong, Rachel."
Quinn looked down at her lap. "I fucked up."
Rachel didn't want Quinn to feel this way. Rachel thought she had spent hours in that room because she was wrong, because she had made Quinn feel ashamed, because she had failed Quinn.
Rachel opened her mouth to speak, "No…Quinn, you didn't-I wasn't honest…this isn't… it isn’t your fault -"
"It is Rachel!"
The sharp words cut Rachel off and she stared at Quinn with pained eyes. Quinn pulled her shaking hand off of Rachel's and ran it through her hair, before closing her eyes.
"I'm sorry…I'm just – I'm frustrated with myself. I should have let you explain, Rae. I shouldn't have let my feelings get in the way."
Quinn looked towards the sheer curtains, staring out of the window. Quinn owed Rachel so much and she was just trying to figure out where to start. Turning her gaze back to Rachel, Quinn stared at her gently.
"I'm sorry I didn't listen to you Saturday, but I'm ready to listen to you now."
Rachel's eyes flickered back and forth between Quinn's and there was something so real, so desperate in her gaze. It made her heart heavy. She wanted everything to be better; she wanted Quinn to feel better.
So Rachel started talking.
"Quinn, I never meant to hurt you."
Rachel stared at her pleadingly, "You have to believe me. You have to know that I would never do anything to make you feel like I didn't appreciate you, or that I don't enjoy and cherish what we have."
Quinn nodded.
Rachel glanced down at her hands, "I…I know you have boundaries. I know that what we have is not a relationship - or at least not a conventional one and I was scared that if I invited you to my performance, I would have crossed a line. Rachel looked up at Quinn quickly, her eyes full of honesty, “But I wanted you there! I was just…scared that I would have pushed – pushed you into something that was not in the nature of our agreement."
Quinn swallowed. "You couldn't come talk to me about this, Rachel?"
Rachel rubbed her hands against the fleece comforter and glanced at Quinn with sad eyes. "Every time I tried to talk to you about something…you seemed so uncomfortable, so I just stopped trying. I didn't want to mess up what have.” Rachel bit her lip. “I love what we have, Quinn."
Quinn could hear the affection in her words. Glancing down nervously, she spoke quietly. "So you wanted me at your performance?"
Rachel smiled. "Of course, Quinn. I wanted you there more than anything."
Quinn shook her head.
What have I done?
Rachel never meant to hurt Quinn. She just got caught up trying to keep from disobeying Quinn or scaring her away. Yet, all Quinn had done was jump to conclusions when she should have been reaching out and actually talking to Rachel.
Rachel was more than a plaything; she was more than a submissive to Quinn. Quinn couldn’t help but feel as if she had failed in making sure that Rachel understood that. Quinn wanted to be a part of Rachel’s life in every way and she wasn’t scared of that truth anymore.
Rachel saw disappointment pass through Quinn's expression. Reaching forward, Rachel pulled Quinn’s chin up gently.
"I'm not ashamed of you, Quinn and I'm not ashamed of us."
Quinn soaked in the honesty of Rachel's words and nodded slowly. Rachel brushed her hand against Quinn’s cheek and smiled.
"You have to know how much I care about you, Quinn." Rachel's voice trembled a little as she spoke and Quinn watched her become nervous, as if she was still afraid of running Quinn off.
"I love being dominated by you. I love this lifestyle. If I could wear my collar all the time, I…I would, because I love being yours."
Red began tinting Rachel’s neck and Quinn leaned into the hand on her cheek. Rachel continued to speak.
"But it's…it's more than that Quinn. I care about you as more than just your submissive, more than just the woman that spends time in your playroom."
It made Quinn feel warm all over and she studied the brown orbs as they grew more passionate as Rachel spoke.
"I wake up and all I can think about is being yours. Your submissive, your friend, your anything…as long as I’m yours. I yearn to hear your voice, telling me that I'm your good girl. I want that all the time. I need that all the time. I need my Dom."
Rachel bit her lip. "I told you on the porch the other night that I felt like I was losing control of myself, to you."
Quinn nodded.
"I realized that wasn't what was happening." Rachel swallowed audibly and looked into Quinn's eyes.
"I don't have any control when it comes to you Quinn."
Rachel was trembling, the familiar feeling rushing through her body, the feeling of being Quinn's, of knowing that she was hers, always.
"I belong to you, Quinn, all of me. It’s yours."
Rachel's words were so powerful that they scared Quinn. They also filled her with a longing she had never felt before.
"Rachel…I've never had this with anyone else. I don't want you to feel trapped, like you have to please me and nothing else. I don't want you feeling as if you don't have your own life. Because that's not what I want from you, I want you to be comfortable -"
"I am, Quinn, I am so comfortable and I want this. I want to be your everything."
Rachel brushed Quinn's hair out of her face. "I just need you to trust me."
This was what Charlotte was telling her.
Rachel was special; she was devoted to Quinn in ways that no other woman had been and not because she felt like she had to be. It was because there was something in her heart that drew her to Quinn. Rachel cared about her in more ways than getting on her knees and serving her sexually. She wanted to be emotionally submissive. She wanted to commit herself to Quinn, in any way that she could. She wanted this.
Rachel needed this.
Quinn shook her head, closing her eyes. Images of a girl sitting in a chair, shaking and broken flashed across her mind and she blinked, tears suddenly welling up.
"You didn't see yourself…you looked – you looked so broken. I was so scared. I was so fucking scared I had ruined you, and I don't – I don't want to hurt you like that. I don't e…ever want to do that again. No matter what happens…I don't want you to lose yourself like that ever again, Rachel, do you understand me?"
Rachel was stunned at Quinn's image. She looked desperate and hurt. Her eyes were shining with tears and she seemed so close to falling apart. It was something Rachel never thought she'd see.
Rachel scooted closer to Quinn and cupped her face. "I understand Quinn and I'm so sorry I scared you. But I'm not sorry I lost myself."
Quinn stared at her in shock. "How can you do that? How can you be okay with pleasing me if it disregards what pleases you?"
Rachel shook her head frantically, laughing a little. "Don't you get it? Pleasing you is what pleases me, Quinn."
Rachel seemed so sure of herself, of what she wanted.
She's exactly what you wanted.
Quinn had no frame of reference for this. No one had ever wanted to devote themselves to her completely. No one ever cared about her this much.
"I know you're scared Quinn. I know this is new but it's…it's who I am. This has always been me, I just didn't realize it." Rachel was trying to convince Quinn of how much she meant to her.
"As awful as sitting in that playroom was yesterday, I was okay with it, because I knew you would come back to me." Rachel said with a smile and Quinn's heart skipped a beat.
"Everything was okay Quinn…because you came back. I was okay." The words sank in and Quinn closed her eyes, trying to rid her mind of the images.
She was okay.
Rachel pressed a kiss to Quinn's forehead and leaned back to look into her hazel eyes.
"If it were anyone else, this would scare me, but I trust you. I always have."
Quinn nodded, placing her hand on her lap, over Rachel’s. "I trust you too."
Rachel was special, and she was completely devoted to Quinn. It was the definition of 24/7. What they had been doing before was completely wrong, at least when it came down to their relationship with each other.
They both deserved more.
"Rachel, I'm so sorry about everything. I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions and making you feel as if you had done something wrong. I'm sorry for not being clear with you, and not giving you a chance to talk to me…I'm sorry for not being open with you. I'm sorry for not being the Dom you need, and ultimately the person you deserve. I just…I hope you can forgive me, Rae."
The apology left Rachel melting from the inside out as she stared into Quinn's sincerity-filled eyes.
She nodded, "Of course I forgive you Quinn."
Quinn cleared her throat. "Now that we both seem to be on the same page about our’s clear that this relationship is different than the standard 24/7 arrangement. So I think – I know some changes need to be made, to better suit your needs, Rachel."
Rachel bit her bottom lip. “What about your needs?”
Quinn rubbed the space on her neck underneath her collar and the room suddenly grew hot at the way Rachel stared at her. Her needs were right there, straining against her pants. But that was not as important as making sure everything was right with Rachel.
Quinn cleared her throat. "Your needs are more important. Listen Rachel; I haven't been with anyone 24/7 since Charlotte. I thought I knew what I was doing based on that experience, but what we have is much different than what I had with Charlotte."
Quinn took a deep breath.
"I have to do things differently, I need to change."
Rachel furrowed her eyebrows, "What?"
Quinn nodded, unfazed by the upset expression on Rachel's face. "You are unbelievably loyal to me, Rachel and it's not the type of dedication that happens with time, it's natural. You're unique, and you deserve to be treated the right way."
Rachel blushed at the praise, despite her dissent. "But Quinn, I don't want you to change…"
Quinn rubbed her finger over the girl's hand. "I know, but I want to change. I want to be able to give you what you need so that you can be happy." Quinn reached up and tucked a strand behind her ear nervously, before continuing. "I need to be able to communicate with you better. You only made mistakes because I made it impossible for you not to. That isn't fair to you. I care about you enough to want to be more open with you. I want you to be comfortable with talking to me, and asking me questions. I want us to talk."
Rachel nodded, and Quinn looked down to her lap nervously. "I…I can't promise you that I'll be able to talk to you about everything because I'm so used to…to being private. But I'd like to work on it, I'd like to get to a place where I can…tell you more." Quinn said.
Quinn felt like she was jumping from a building. The thoughts of how many things she kept private began stirring trepidation within her.
"I understand Quinn." Rachel spoke softly.
Quinn breathed a small sigh of relief, and glanced over to her dresser; Rachel followed her line of sight and felt her heart rate speed up.
On the dresser, Rachel’s collar sparkled, the 'Q' shining underneath the light from the lamp.
"I want to give you your collar back, Rachel."
"But, if we are going to do this the right way, you have to understand what that means."
Rachel was buzzing with excitement, her body practically trembling with the ache for her collar. Quinn looked at her seriously, "If you want this, if you want to give yourself to me completely, it doesn't come off now."
Oh, godplease.
Rachel felt like she was going to pass out. There was a hum settling over her body at Quinn’s words and she found herself becoming drawn to Quinn automatically, feeling as if she'd die if Quinn didn't hurry and put the necklace back on her. Rachel never wanted to take it off.
Quinn stared at her questioningly, "Is that what you want?"
"Yes, Quinn, that's what I want."
Rachel's voice was strong. Quinn was done being surprised at how eager she was for this. It was clear that Rachel craved it, and Quinn was going to do everything she possibly could to make sure that this time, everything was done right.
"I want you to understand that this collar means more than you promising to give me sex. It's the visual validation that you are dedicated to me in every way. It doesn't mean you have to get on your knees and obey every single order I give you no matter what, nor does it mean that you can't do whatever you'd like to do." Quinn had talked to Charlotte about how clear she needed to be with Rachel, at all times. It was essential to their relationship that the communication be completely concise from this moment on.
"It means outside of the playroom, you show me general respect unless I tell you differently, or unless the tone changes for play. Inside of the playroom, you obey everything I say unless of course it surpasses your limits and you feel the need to safe word. That shouldn't happen often, as it's also my job to know and respect your limits."
Rachel smiled, unable to stop herself from being eager for the information. She had been longing for this.
"I understand Quinn, and I trust you."
Quinn gazed at her. "Rachel, I want you know that I will never embarrass you in public. If we are out, you are not expected to fully submit to me unless I give you direction to, but even if I do give you direction to…I will not embarrass you. I only ask for general respect and if you even feel uncomfortable with that, you have the ability to safe word."
Rachel shook her head. "You could never embarrass me, Quinn."
Quinn chuckled, "Well even so, I don't want you to feel like you can't safe word. I don't want you to be so worried about disappointing me that you refuse to safe word. Always remember you are allowed to say no."
Rachel nodded, "I will exercise my right to safe word, I promise."
"Good. Rachel," She looked at her curiously, "I want you to know that I understand the depth of your obedience, and I know it goes far beyond sex."
Rachel looked down, overcome with how much truth there was to that statement. She was hopelessly submissive to Quinn. It was who she was.
"But I want you more than anything to feel independent. I want you to still be yourself, and be able to live the way you'd like." Quinn looked into her eyes. "I just can't help but feel like you need more, but it’s up to you to tell me.”
Rachel looked at her fingers, now loose from Quinn's grip. "I…I don't want you to think I'm weird or anything."
Quinn reached for Rachel’s chin and tilted her face up, mimicking her action from earlier. "I could never think you're weird, Rae. I want you to tell me what you want me to do for you. What's going to make you happy?"
Rachel looked at Quinn nervously. "When you're gone…I kind of just wander around here. You don't want me to cook or clean, so I'm just here, until you come home, to have dinner or have me."
Rachel hoped Quinn didn't take her words the wrong way. "I'm not trying to be your slave, but I'd like more direction. I'd like to have some type of routine, or at least the resources for one, so I'm not just sitting all day…does that make sense? "
Quinn realized in that moment, how awful she must have made Rachel feel.
They didn't see each other at breakfast, or lunch, and sometimes she'd miss dinner. They had no further communication aside from Quinn telling Rachel to be naked on her knees whenever she wanted her.
Quinn had been treating Rachel like an object.
Rachel was more than that.
Quinn patted her hand reassuringly, "It makes perfect sense." Folding her hands together she gave Rachel a hopeful smile, "If it's amenable, I'd like to help you structure your days here?"
Quinn wasn't giving Rachel demands; she was helping her to create a routine to keep her happy. Quinn was going to make sure she was happy. That was what Rachel needed, that was what she craved as a submissive.
"I've left you here with no job, and nothing to do and that's not healthy for you. Especially when you're an hour away from everyone and everything you know."
Rachel smiled and nodded, "I just want…more. I want to feel more involved with you and with myself…one of the reasons I was reluctant to tell you about my performance until after the fact, was because I was scared…I was scared you'd punish me and I wouldn't be able to." Quinn raised her eyebrows and shook her head in disagreement.
"Rachel, I would never –"
"I know you wouldn't Quinn, I wasn't thinking at the time." Rachel looked at her earnestly. "I just missed performing so much, it's the one thing I do for myself. It's my life."
Quinn saw the passion in Rachel's eyes and smiled. "I know, which is why I finally made that phone call and found you an agent. Part of your new structure is going to be going on auditions, and casting calls. I want you to be able to do what you love, Rachel."
Rachel's eyes widened incredulously, "You – You actually did that?"
"Yes. You're going to meet with her first thing tomorrow and get acquainted, so that you can immediately start getting work."
Rachel put her hand on her heart and tried to breath regularly. "Q…Quinn…I…thank you."
Quinn waved her hand, "I told you, I want you to be happy, Rachel."
You make me happy.
They stared at one another, lost in each other’s eyes before Quinn continued.
"I'd also like to see you more, Rachel." The words sparked butterflies in Rachel, "I'm going to have breakfast with you every morning, no matter how busy I am, and we can discuss what we're both doing for the day…and if you don't have any other commitments I would like for you to have lunch with me every day as well."
Rachel was shocked; it was starting to feel like she was going to be treated as more than Quinn's sub. But maybe that was because she was more than Quinn's sub.
"I plan on giving you your own driver so that you'll be able to get anywhere you want to go. I want you to feel like you can go places and visit people without me, and without my permission. And your friends…I want to be more involved with them. I want them to be able to come over for dinner and I want us to be able to go out with them-"
Rachel laughed, "Slow down, Quinn."
Quinn blushed. "I'm sorry…I just want you to know how much I care about you, about your needs and your happiness. I want to make this right, Rachel."
Rachel smiled at Quinn’s bashfulness. It was as if there was a whole new person staring at Rachel.
I think I like this new Quinn.
"Okay, Quinn."
"Are you alright with all of that?" Quinn questioned, wanting the girl to understand that these were their decisions to make together.
"I think it sounds perfect."
Quinn nodded, trying to ignore the sudden light feeling she got from staring at Rachel for so long.
"Oh! I almost forgot…shopping. There needs to be lots and lots of shopping, Rae."
Rachel stared at her confusedly and Quinn arched her eyebrow. "Those events that I mentioned…I'll want you to start coming with me."
"You will?"
Quinn smiled, reaching up to tuck a brown lock behind Rachel's ear.
"Of course. You're beautiful, Rachel, and you deserve to be shown off."
Rachel felt heat engulf her at the touch of Quinn's fingers and the soft words that emptied from her lips. Quinn marveled at the way Rachel seemed to curl into herself, becoming that shy little girl whenever Quinn told her how beautiful or exquisite she was.
It stirred something within her.
"Is there anything else you need, Rachel?"
Rachel shook her head, glancing up at Quinn. "No, Quinn. I just want to be yours again…"
Quinn nodded blinking at the smoldering look in Rachel’s eye, before glancing at the sparkling collar on the bedside table. "You've always been mine, Rae; I just want to make sure we're on solid footing before moving forward."
Rachel nodded, watching Quinn’s hazel eyes flicker with emotion. It looked as if Quinn was trying not to appear upset.
Rachel played with the edge of her gown.
"Rachel," Quinn scooted up the comforter set, placing one of her shaking hands on Rachel’s bare thigh, and using the other to stroke her hair.
"When I came home and you weren't in your room, I was terrified that you were done with this and I had lost you."
There was a waver in Quinn’s usually strong voice that hurt Rachel deeply. She realized that she never wanted to witness Quinn feeling that way, ever again. Rachel shook her head at the words, ready to tell Quinn that she wouldn't lose her.
Quinn cupped Rachel’s cheek, effectively cutting Rachel off, her eyes shining with promise. "I never thought in a million years you'd be this devoted to me, and I will never again take that for granted."
Rachel felt lost, caught up in the intensity of Quinn’s words and the seriousness of her gaze. Quinn was speaking as if she really felt for Rachel. As if she honestly cared.
The bed shifted and Quinn bent forward to grab the studded necklace from the table.
Rachel’s eyes widened at the sight of the necklace dangling between Quinn’s fingers. As Quinn leaned forward, their faces inches away from one another, she pushed the brain hair away from Rachel’s neck, and slid her collar into place. Rachel felt her heart rate quicken at how close she and Quinn were. Quinn trailed her finger tips against the back of Rachel's neck, clasping the chain swiftly.
Rachel gasped at the feeling.
I'm yours.
Unable to stop herself, Rachel reached up and touched the 'Q', feeling a tremor race through her body at the feeling of the diamond studs sparkling on her neck again…where they belonged.
Quinn watched Rachel trace her pendant with shaky hands. It looked as if Rachel was were content. As if every problem in the world had disappeared from the moment that collar touched her neck. Rachel shut her eyes and clutched the pendant between her fingers tightly.
Rachel was vibrating with a sense of belonging, and you could see it all over her face. It wasn't a crazed desperation; it was a yearning to be everything Quinn ever wanted.
Quinn watched her, watched the small fingers fall from the pendant they had been clutching to now trace the chain of the necklace. It was like Rachel was in awe of the jewelry all over again. Visually, it seemed she was trying to make sure it was real. Quinn took in the flushed tone of her cheeks and the way her eyes were clenched shut with emotion, and wondered if Rachel was trying to savor this moment.
Quinn wanted to savor this moment. This was the moment where she finally realized that Rachel wanted and deserved more out of their relationship. Quinn understood that Rachel had always meant more to her than any other submissive.
So Quinn wanted to make sure that she never forgot the look on Rachel's face in this moment. She had fallen in love with her collar all over again and more importantly, what it meant. Rachel was pledging her dedication to Quinn, and more importantly to their relationship.
This would be the image that would help Quinn become what Rachel needed; Rachel with a glowing smile and hands clutching the collar that signified the most important thing to her.
Quinn's claim.
Quinn suddenly felt lightheaded, her body filling with a desire for something. She had never felt it before, not even when she fell for Charlotte.
Quinn imagined that what she was feeling was the same feeling that propelled Rachel into doing what she thought was right in order to please Quinn. This was the feeling of making sacrifices to ensure that you exemplified loyalty towards someone that you cared about. This was a feeling that scared Quinn immensely, a feeling that she had absolutely no idea if she was even close to being ready for.
The emotion seemed to be pumping itself through Quinn’s veins as she stared at Rachel.
Shes everything I ever wanted. 
Now Quinn needed to try. She needed to take the steps towards the right direction in return to how good Rachel was for her. Quinn had to be everything that she could be as a person who cared for Rachel…and as a Dom who needed her submissive.
Quinn needed Rachel.
Quinn gazed at Rachel with a long and smoldering look, becoming suddenly filled to the brim with passion that went further than Quinn could have ever imagined.
Rachel moved her hand from the collar, finally, and placed her hands on her thigh.
Quinn never took her eyes from Rachel’s.
Quinn only reached out and pressed her fingers against Rachel's neck, her thumb pressing gently underneath Rachel’s jaw. The smooth pad of her thumb ran against Rachel’s jawbone and Rachel swallowed, completely entranced by Quinn.
Licking her lips, Quinn leaned forward, unsure of what her body was really doing. Rachel just watched Quinn, blinking rapidly. Back and forth, Rachel searched the hazel specs, as they seemed to magnify, suddenly looking into her soul.
Quinn hovered over Rachel, her hand still against Rachel’s neck, her thumb still caressing the bone. Suddenly Quinn’s nose was pressed against Rachel's gently, her breath warm against Rachel’s lips.
Rachel was growing hot all over, never having been this close to Quinn, this close to her mouth, and ultimately this close to feeling Quinn’s lips against hers. Her body hummed with excitement and Rachel felt her eyelashes begin to flutter.
"Q…Quinn…what are you - what are you doing?" Rachel stuttered out breathlessly.
Quinn licked her lips, before croaking out in a hoarse voice that sent vibrations through Rachel's entire body.
"Moving Forward."
Full lips suddenly molded against one another and the atmosphere shifted.
Rachel was thrumming all over in shock, Quinn's hand tightening against her neck as their mouths moved together rhythmically. The kiss was tentative for only seconds before it became bold, and Rachel was captured. She gasped at the feeling and Quinn slid her tongue past Rachel’s lips, moving closer. Quinn allowed her hand to slide up from Rachel’s jaw until it was wedged between the silky strands of Rachel’s hair and leaned heavily against Rachel. Quinn’s free hand moved from Rachel's thigh and curved around Rachel’s hip as she began sliding her tongue against every inch of Rachel’s mouth.
Quinn was coming apart from the inside out and there was nothing but Rachel and her skin and hair and mouth and all she wanted to do was taste all of it. Rachel reached up, gasping at the feeling of Quinn claiming her mouth and cupped her face. Rachel moaned against Quinn’s lips, feeling Quinn’s tongue undulating against her own.
The sound sent sparks through Quinn and she became desperate, forgetting to breathe and gripping onto Rachel's hair tightly. Sliding her hand back down towards the hem of Rachel’s nightgown, Quinn pushed the material up, her hand burning against Rachel’s thigh.
They moved rhythmically, giving and taking everything from each other. Quinn was relentless, and Rachel was falling to pieces as she began sucking harshly on her tongue.
Why had Rachel been deprived of this for so long?
Quinn pulled away with a gasp, her lungs begging for some sort of relief and she rested her head against Rachel's. Quinn watched Rachel, noticing how her eyes were shut tight and lips were parted and swollen.
It looked as if Rachel was trying to balance herself against the feeling of Quinn against her.
There was a tint of red creeping up Rachel's neck underneath her sparkling collar, and suddenly the room felt hot. It was as if a thousand explosives had gone off around them and singed the room until there was nothing left but musky heat.
Rachel swallowed, "Quinn -"
Quinn pressed her mouth against Rachel's again, her hot tongue rippling against Rachel's, prompting a whine from deep within the Rachel's throat. It sent more shock waves through Quinn and suddenly she began to tremble, her body on sensory overload.
"Let me touch you." Quinn husked out, pulling away. Rachel opened her eyes, and watched Quinn's darken as she moved onto the bed with Rachel. Quinn’s body hovered over Rachel, forcing her to lie back onto the pillows as Quinn’s hands wandered against Rachel’s thighs. Quinn looked down, watching the way her thumbs pressed into the skin. Rachel sucked in a harsh breath, growing wet at the sight.
Quinn looked up at her suddenly, "Please…I want - can I touch you?" Quinn’s knuckles rested underneath the slip and Rachel watched Quinn’s fingers twitch with want.
"Yes Quinn." Rachel whispered and Quinn leaned forward, capturing Rachel’s lips in another searing kiss, unable to get enough of the full lips in front of her. She licked at Rachel's bottom lip, before sucking it between her teeth and nipping at it. Rachel ran her hands through the blonde hair falling down Quinn's back, gasping as plump lips slid from her mouth down to her neck.
Quinn sucked at the skin underneath Rachel’s jaw lazily, her hands pushing the material of her gown up as they finally slid towards the apex of Rachel's thighs, the heat from her arousal permeating the air around them. Rachel was squirming underneath Quinn’s feathery touches and letting out whimpering sighs at the feeling of a wet tongue on her pulse point, flicking against the spot with ease.
It was as if Quinn was trying to savor every bit of Rachel, her mouth relentless in its quest to cover every inch of Rachel’s skin.
Rachel moaned and Quinn felt her thighs move underneath her hands. Quinn pulled her mouth from Rachel’s neck and watched the slip rise as Rachel's legs spread.
For her.
It was an involuntary reaction. Rachel's body was finely tuned to Quinn's and she was aching with desire. Rachel stared at Quinn hungrily, the white panties Quinn placed on her the night before darkened with moisture.
Rachel wanted Quinn.
Rachel buried her fingers in Quinn's hair and pulled her into another embrace. Flicking her tongue and sliding it around Quinn’s, Rachel ripped a moan from the back of Quinn’s throat. Rachel moved her free hand down Quinn’s back, fingernails leaving a trail over her thin shirt. Rachel wanted it off.
"Oh…Quinn," Rachel felt Quinn hold onto her spread thighs, while sliding her mouth down Rachel's neck, past the shimmering jewels of her collar. Rachel tightened her grip in Quinn's hair, before sliding her hand around Quinn's hip up under her shirt.
Quinn gasped at the feeling of a hand against her stomach. Rachel’s eyes widened and she snatched her hand from underneath Quinn’s clothing, wondering if she had done something wrong. She hadn't ever really touched Quinn during anything they had done inside or outside the playroom.
"I…I…I'm sorry…I just wanted to touch you…" Rachel trailed off watching Quinn, who seemed like she was teetering on the edge of control. Quinn was looking at her with a want that Rachel had never seen in her eyes. It wasn't primal or animalistic.
It was passionate.
"It's okay."
Quinn reached down for Rachel's free hand and pulled it towards her breast, "Touch me."
Rachel’s eyes grew so dark they were almost black with desire. Rachel began trembling, moving her hand against the plump flesh gently. Quinn closed her eyes at the feeling, arousal shooting straight through her as Rachel stroked her scalp with one hand and massaged her breast with the other.
It was a spectacular feeling.
Quinn was between her thighs, opening herself up in such a way that left Rachel dripping with arousal. Rachel leaned up, legs tightening around Quinn's waist as she caught Quinn's ear in between her teeth, Rachel's hand moving against her breast with purpose now. Quinn reached down and gripped Rachel’s hips, Rachel sitting up with her and somehow now straddling her. Both of Rachel’s hands now worked against Quinn's breasts and she flicked her tongue against Quinn's ear before murmuring, "Off."
Quinn nodded, understanding what the gentle tug of fingers against her shirt meant. She reached up and began unbuttoning, lips seeking out the full ones they had been attached to only moments prior. Rachel nipped at Quinn’s bottom lip, her hips moving now, pressing her barely covered center against Quinn's bulging pants.
"Oh god, Rae…"
Rachel mewled at the sound of her name on Quinn’s lips and plunged her tongue deeply inside of Quinn’s mouth. Rachel slapped Quinn’s hands away from the task of unbuttoning her own shirt, which proved to be difficult with Rachel’s lips attached to hers. Understanding how distracted Quinn was by her movements, Rachel unbuttoned the shirt and worked it off of Quinn’s shoulders herself.
Quinn’s hands moved to Rachel's ass, pulling her tighter against her hardness and moaning at the connection.
The kiss then became feverish as together, they fell into some type of dance.
Rachel sucked, bit, and licked at Quinn's mouth while moving her hips over her. She was easily spurred on by the feeling of a now barely covered breast underneath her fingers and the constant presence of Quinn meeting her small thrusts.
Fingers danced underneath a silk slip and Quinn was suddenly sliding her hands from Rachel's ass, up her back. She pulled her mouth from Rachel to trail kisses once again across her jaw, lips falling at Rachel's ear, specifically targeting the pad of skin behind her lobe.
Just as Rachel flicked her fingers over the front clasp of the lace bra, Quinn flicked her tongue against Rachel’s spot and sent her flying involuntarily.
"Oh fuck, Quinn…"
Rachel cried out, accidentally ripping the clasp away from Quinn and freeing her breasts. However, instead of touching them, Rachel leaned back on her hands, her brain growing fuzzy with the feeling of Quinn attacking the spot behind her ear hungrily, memories of that night in the playroom assaulting her mind. A tongue turned into lips, sucking and Rachel bit her lip to keep from screaming. At this point her panties were ruined and sticking to her.
Quinn pulled her hands from Rachel’s slip and let her skin go with a pop, latching onto Rachel's lips now. Quinn fell forward, pushing Rachel back into her previous position beneath her and slid her hands to Rachel’s open thighs once more.
Rachel was dying; she needed more. She needed Quinn everywhere.
Reaching up blindly she pulled the bra from Quinn's shoulders completely and cupped a breast softly in her palm. The reaction was instantaneous.
Quinn pulled away and bucked her hips into Rachel's with a gasp.
Rachel reached up and cupped the other breast, massing the soft skin at the same time causing Quinn to moan softly. It was as if Quinn was a different person. She was gripping Rachel's thighs and pressing against her center with each gentle squeeze against her chest and it felt so good.
Rachel studied Quinn’s face before leaning forward and taking a nipple into her mouth, her other hand still poised against the other breast.
"Rae…oh my g…god yes…"
Rachel pulled away, turning to the other breast she had been neglecting, and latched on.
Quinn dug her nails into the bare skin of the Rachel's thighs and moaned uncontrollably under the ministrations of Rachel’s mouth. Rachel was causing a whirlwind of feeling to take over Quinn's entire mind and body and she couldn't focus on anything else.
Rachel spread her legs wider, her center throbbing at the reactions she was pulling from Quinn, and reached a hand down towards Quinn's tightening pants. Rubbing her hand against the bulge she bit down gently on Quinn's nipple, trapping it between her tongue and the top of her mouth. Giving it a slight tug against her upper teeth, she reveled in the cry that tore its way through Quinn's throat.
Letting her breast fall from her lips, Rachel pulled back, vibrating all over and staring wildly at Quinn.
Rachel was drinking up the sight of Quinn. Her perky breasts were shining from resting in Rachel’s mouth and her nipples jutted out, pink and swollen. She was breathing hard and suddenly flushed red all over with desire.
Quinn was a goddess.
"Quinn you're so beautiful…" Rachel breathed out, moving her hands up the woman's stomach and back down towards her hips. Quinn swallowed and wondered how she had gone so long without indulging in this.
"I want you."
The words tumbled from Rachel's lips. Quinn stared into Rachel’s hungry eyes, the words shooting straight to her groin. Rachel’s anxious hands began working against the band of Quinn’s pants, and sliding towards her zipper.
Quinn shook her head, reaching down to stop her. "No…let me have you. Let me show you how much you mean to me." Rachel watched Quinn’s eyes flicker with something that resembled determination. It seemed Quinn was overcome with a need to prove herself. She reached down and touched Rachel's face.
"Please, let me show you how much I care about you."
Rachel looked up with an expression of absolute adoration. The woman staring down at her intimately wasn't just her Dom. It was Quinn. Quinn was trying to be more than just the woman that collared her and claimed her whenever she was in the mood.
She was trying.
Rachel leaned up and captured Quinn’s lips, her hand covering Quinn's on her cheek. Rachel nodded into the embrace and smiled. "Show me."
Feeling her own lips twitch into a small smile, Quinn slid her hands down Rachel's body. The silk was smooth against her fingertips and she brushed them over one strap, watching as it fell from Rachel's shoulder. Quinn pulled Rachel’s arm from the restrictions of the dress, repeating the action towards the other side and pulling the material past Rachel’s breasts with ease.
Rachel sucked in a breath, watching as the cold air met her skin and hardened her nipples. Quinn pulled the gown over Rachel’s legs.
Rachel looked up at Quinn, whose deep green eyes took in every inch of her bare torso on display. Rachel watched, enraptured, as Quinn gave her one last smoldering look before dipping her head down and swiping her tongue languidly over Rachel’s nipple. Rachel watched with lidded eyes as Quinn then sucked her nipple between her lips.
Rachel was mewling softly, her hands stroking blonde hair as Quinn’s fingers wrapped around the other nipple, pinching, and sending shock waves straight to her sex.
"Oh Quinn…"
Quinn turned Rachel’s now sensitive breast loose and pressed open mouth kisses in a trail between her breasts and down her stomach. Rachel watched her, feeling heavy with anticipation at the sight of Quinn sucking softly at the space right above the line of her underwear.
The smell of Rachel hit Quinn first.
It was sweet and musky, filling her nostrils and her body in a painfully erotic way. It made Quinn’s mouth water, and she quickly pulled the wet material from Rachel's body, Rachel whimpering as her pussy was revealed to Quinn's eyes.
Quinn felt drunk at the sight of Rachel, spread and dripping in desire for her.
Quinn licked her lips, and Rachel looked on, her heart beating fast. "Quinn…you don't have to…I don't…"
Quinn bit her lip, "I want to taste you Rachel."
The vibration from her words hovered over Rachel's folds and she moaned at the feeling.
Quinn licked a trail up Rachel’s leg, by-passing the area Rachel wanted her the most, and placed a gentle but firm bite against the place where her pelvis met the top of her thigh. Rachel began breathing heavily while watching Quinn. She twisted her hands lightly in Quinn's long blonde locks, trying desperately not to pull her into her dripping folds.
"Quinn…please, please…" Rachel didn't have a clue what she was asking for, as no one had ever been anywhere near to going down on her before, but she knew she wanted Quinn somewhere, anywhere. And all Quinn knew was that she would die if she didn't get to taste her now.
Quinn spread Rachel's legs further and slid her head down, gently sliding her tongue into Rachel's opening, teasing her entrance just to get a taste.
 Oh my fucking god.
Hazy at how sweet and exquisite Rachel tasted, Quinn lost her focus for a moment, before she quickly regained it and dragged her tongue through the length of Rachel's slit, circling Rachel’s clit before wrapping her lips around it. Tightening her hold on Rachel's thighs, Quinn began to flick her tongue against the bud while simultaneously sucking on it.
"Oh…f…fuck Quinn…oh god! It - It's…oh my god…"
Quinn watched her deeply. Rachel's head was thrown back onto the pillows, her hands squeezing her own breasts as Quinn increased the rapidness of her flicking tongue, before releasing the swollen nub with a pop. Sliding her tongue between Rachel’s pussy lips again, Rachel keened at the feeling of it pressing inside of her walls.
"Rae…baby, you taste so good."
Rachel cried out at the words, Quinn's mouth back to assaulting her clit, raking her teeth over it gently before sucking it into her mouth once more.
"Q…Quinn, fuck…you feel so good," Rachel cried out, both of her hands buried deep within the mane of blonde hair now moving feverishly against her pussy. Rachel clenched her eyes shut as Quinn moved deeper inside of her, flattening her tongue against her opening and thrusting against her.
Quinn was pulling Rachel over the edge, suddenly buried inside of her and claiming her yet again and Rachel was barely hanging onto her sanity, feeling the vibrations of Quinn moaning against her pussy. Quinn watched intently as Rachel thrashed above her, calling out her name and unraveling under her tongue. It was sending vibrations straight to her dick, and she couldn't stop herself from wanting more.
Quinn wanted to see Rachel completely fall to pieces.
Pulling her mouth away, Quinn let go of her thigh and reached up to flick her thumb across Rachel's pert nipple, watching as Rachel reached up to cover the hand over breast, while caressing Quinn's long hair.
"Oh god! Quinn, I need you…I need more..."
Quinn closed her eyes at the desperate words falling from Rachel’s lips and pressed a soft kiss to her clit, still throbbing and completely protruding from its hood. Sliding her free hand slowly up Rachel's other thigh, Quinn turned her palm up and swiftly slid two fingers deep inside of Rachel.
Rachel arched off of the bed at the feeling of the slender digits inside of her and she gripped the blonde locks tightly.
"Fuck Quinn…yes!"
Quinn moaned at the feeling of Rachel’s walls around her fingers. "So tight…fuck baby." Quinn husked, her voice rough with desire as she slid her fingers with ease, her thumb pressing against Rachel’s engorged clit, watching as her body undulated against the sheets.
"Oh my god Quinn…yes…I - I…fuck, fuck, fuck…"
Quinn watched as Rachel let go of her hair and reached up to fondle her own breast. Her other hand tightened over Quinn's, and she rocked her hips against Quinn’s fingers.
"Rae you look so fucking gorgeous, fucking yourself against my fingers…so beautiful."
Rachel cried out, throwing her head back against the pillow. "So good Q…Quinn s…so fucking good…please, don't stop…"
Quinn blew against the bud before taking it between her lips again, sucking and thrusting her fingers harder, the incoherent screams falling from Rachel's lips causing her to move her own hips against the bed, her dick begging for friction.
"Fuck Rachel. You're so perfect; open your eyes baby…" Quinn moaned, feeling like she'd tumble over the edge herself at the sight of the girl. Rachel was definitely a sexy sight, her hair stuck to her forehead, a sheen of sweat completely covering her as she moved against Quinn's fingers.
Rachel was gasping for air, her lungs on fire along with the rest of her body. She opened her eyes at the desperate tone of Quinn's voice and leaned up. Locking eyes with Quinn as she fucked her, Rachel watched Quinn slide her hand to Rachel's thigh.
"F…Fuck Quinn, oh god you…I need – fuck! F…Feels…so good," Quinn clenched her jaw at the sight of Rachel teetering on the edge, suddenly feeling like she'd explode at the mere image of Rachel coming apart.
"Come on, Rae…fuck…let me see you."
Rachel cried out gripping the sheets, "Quinn p…please oh my g…god shit baby…please, please, please…"
"Now, baby…come for me now." Quinn growled, curving her fingers upwards to press against the soft place inside of Rachel’s pussy and sucking on her clit harshly at the same time.
Rachel's eyes rolled to the back of her head and she arched off of the bed, her mouth open in a silent scream.
Black exploded in Rachel’s vision as she began to shake in ecstasy. Quinn was forced to bring her arm down against Rachel’s waist to keep her still while she continued to suck her and thrust within her, prolonging the release that poured from her smoothly and was now coating Quinn's fingers.
Finally Rachel's voice returned as she crashed back down against the bed, one long scream flowing from her mouth like a verse until her words faded into an incoherent chant.
"Quinn, Quinn, Quinn-"
Quinn released Rachel’s clit with a gasp as suddenly her balls tightened at the sounds falling from Rachel's lips. Quinn slid up Rachel's body quickly; her fingers still buried inside of her, and caught Rachel in a searing kiss. Sobbing her release into Rachel’s mouth, Quinn suddenly fell apart and began shooting out thick ropes of cum inside of her pants. Quinn buried her hand in Rachel’s brown locks, kissing her deeply, before pulling away to moan against Rachel’s mouth. Clenching her eyes shut, Quinn’s entire body trembled as she continued to spill out.
"Fu-ck! Rae…fuck baby…"
Rachel was cupping Quinn's face, breathy whines escaping her as she continued to fall apart. Quinn was between Rachel’s legs, rutting against her as the aftershocks of her orgasm wore off and she finally pulled her fingers from Rachel’s heat. Quinn trailed them against her own lips, sucking Rachel's essence off before fusing their mouths together.
Rachel gasped at the taste of herself on Quinn's tongue and wrapped her legs around her, pulling Quinn into her body completely. Breasts rubbed against one another and trembling fingers worked now, sliding down cheeks into hair as tongues pulled the last moans from each other’s mouths.
Quinn pulled away and opened her eyes to stare down into Rachel's.
Rachel looked up with heavy lidded eyes and touched her fingers to Quinn's lips, the action filling Quinn's heart with something. Rachel smiled lazily, her expression dazed.
Quinn smiled and leaned down to kiss Rachel one more time, her hand falling from Rachel’s hair to her neck finally to trace the diamonds of her collar.

Chapter Text

Over the years, Quinn had convinced herself that she’d never find anyone worthy of something as intimate as sleeping in her bed. She had never felt comfortable being that vulnerable with anyone, even Charlotte.

It was that fact that made this moment, so important.

Because the second she opened her eyes, Quinn realized that she was in her bed with her arms wrapped tightly around Rachel…and the feeling of the warm body next to her made Quinn feel happy.


As a matter of fact, there was the faintest trace of a smile on Quinn’s face a she gazed over at Rachel. Rachel’s face was soft with sleep and tucked firmly into Quinn’s neck.

Quinn had never witnessed anything so beautiful.

They must have slept the entire day, both women exhausted from their shared passion. At the memories of how intimate she had become with Rachel, Quinn pressed the pads of her fingers to her lips, almost in disbelief at the way Rachel’s taste still lingered there.

Quinn couldn’t remember ever feeling as good as she had when Rachel was touching her, kissing her. It was one feeling to have Rachel falling apart under Quinn’s body during play, but what they had experienced together hours before, was unlike anything Quinn had ever had before.

Quinn made a vow to be better for Rachel, and the intimacy that they shared only validated that promise. With Rachel being the woman she always yearned for, in every sense of the word, Quinn was willing to be the Dominant that Rachel needed.

Licking her lips, Quinn caressed Rachel’s cheek.

It stirred her, and soon enough Quinn was staring down into deep brown eyes.

Rachel’s eyes were heavy with sleep, but the moment they met Quinn’s her lips pulled up into a smile. Quinn grinned down at her, unable to stop herself at the deliriously happy look that took over Rachel’s face.

All there seemed to be was an empty room filled with nothing else that mattered but them. Rachel was swept up in the depth of Quinn’s stare, their bodies practically molded together. Any other time she would have felt nervous, embarrassed even, but today Rachel felt as if she belonged there.

When Rachel was back in her bedroom later that night she’d probably have a breakdown wondering what all of it actually meant. The kiss they shared, the passion they had embarked on that was so very different from what they were used to, Rachel would wonder what it implied.

However, at this particular moment it didn’t matter to Rachel. She had her collar, she was back in Quinn’s arms, and that’s all she wanted.

Rachel only wanted to belong to Quinn again.

Blinking up at Quinn, Rachel bit her lip…the words stuck in her throat. She almost didn’t want to speak and ruin the moment. Quinn raised an eyebrow and rubbed her thumb against Rachel’s cheek.


The words died beneath Quinn’s tongue as Rachel leaned up and captured her lips in a kiss. Rachel fisted her hands in the messy blonde locks, tongue slipping past Quinn’s lips with ease. Quinn moved against Rachel, surprised, yet cupping Rachel’s cheek and moaning at the feeling of Rachel’s tongue sliding against her…everything. Rachel’s leg slipped between Quinn’s, and they somehow became closer.

The feeling of their breasts pressed against one another, and more specifically Rachel’s body rolling against Quinn’s as the kiss became more feverish, caused Quinn’s body to vibrate with arousal. Rachel’s presence in her bed was affecting her more than she had prepared for.

Sucking Rachel’s bottom lip into her mouth before releasing it, Quinn finally pulled away to breathe. Resting her forehead against Rachel’s, she laughed breathlessly.

“That’s one way to say good morning.”

Rachel blushed, licking her lips with a smile. She glanced at the digital clock telling her it was well past morning. Quinn followed Rachel’s line of vision and raised her eyebrows. “Oh my. Good night, I guess?”

Rachel laughed, sliding her hand from Quinn’s hair to rest against her neck. “Yeah…we slept a while.”

Quinn looked around the room and noticed a tray sitting in the lounge area. “It looks as if we’ve managed to sleep through dinner, as well.”

Rachel turned around, stomach suddenly rumbling at the thought of dinner. They both glanced down before looking up and laughing. Rachel marveled at the way the light reached Quinn’s eyes as she laughed.

She s so beautiful when she smiles this way.

Quinn’s laughter died down and she smiled at Rachel before touching her stomach.

“I think we need to feed you.”

Rachel smiled, ignoring the shiver that passed through her at Quinn’s touch. “I think so.”

They stared at each other, before Quinn looked around at the room. “You know, I really don’t want to leave this bed.”

Rachel felt her heart skip a beat at the words and she smiled. “Neither do I.”

Quinn searched Rachel’s eyes, her finger trembling against Rachel’s abdomen as she caressed the skin around Rachel’s belly button. “So dont. Quinn stared at her with hopeful eyes. “Have cold dinner with me and stay here.”

Rachel assumed that Quinn only asked her to stay in the room the night before to help comfort her. Now, she was asking Rachel to stay again. Quinn wanted Rachel there. Only this time, she wanted Rachel in bed with her.

Rachel opened her mouth, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Q…Quinn…I-“

“Don’t think about it. I’m just asking you to sleep here tonight, with me.”

Rachel stared at Quinn, unable to speak before her face broke out into a smile. “I just…I assumed I would be going back to my room, I didn’t think you’d want me to stay, Quinn.”

Quinn tucked a strand of hair behind Rachel’s ear. “Of course I want you to stay.”

Pressing a quick kiss to her lips, Quinn grinned. “Now, let’s eat.”

Tuesday morning came and when it roused Rachel from her slumber, she reached over to find the place next to her empty, and sadly realized that Quinn would probably be off to work.

It was a reality that made Rachel feel empty inside.

She would have much rather stayed under the covers pressed against Quinn's body for another 24 hours, but Rachel knew there were other responsibilities Quinn needed to tend to.

However, Rachel realized that she did have something to look forward to as she padded down the stairs, yawning. According to Quinn, this was supposed to be the beginning of change. Things were supposed to get better between she and Quinn, in the emotional and physical sense.

There was no denying the excitement that filled Rachel at the thought and by the time she reached the doorway of the kitchen, there was a smile on her face. However when she glanced into the kitchen, the sight caused Rachel to stop dead in her tracks.


Quinn looked up from her newspaper, attempting to smile around the apple poised between her teeth. Sliding from the bar stool she had been sitting on, Quinn walked up to Rachel, now clutching the apple in her hand.

"Good morning Rachel."

Rachel stared up at Quinn confusedly, scratching her head. "What are you still doing here?"

Quinn tilted her head to the side, raising her eyebrows amusedly. "That's not a very nice way to tell me good morning." She laughed, and Rachel shook her head, blushing.

"I'm sorry Quinn," Rachel leaned up and pressed a kiss against Quinn’s cheek, "Good morning...I just wasn't expecting to see you here."

Quinn raised her eyebrows; "I told you I was going to have breakfast with you every morning."

Rachel licked her lips, suddenly feeling shy.

"Oh...I…I didn't know that you meant, today...I thought..."

Quinn chuckled, cupping Rachel's face. "Rachel, yes, today. I told you things were going to change, and that starts immediately."

It wasn't that she didn't believe Quinn the night before. Rachel had just become so caught up in getting her collar back and so lost in what Quinn's mouth tasted like and what Quinn’s body felt like under her hands, that she hadn't given much thought to the fact that the changes would be effective immediately.

Quinn smiled and leaned forward to kiss Rachel softly. "Have breakfast with me?"

Rachel shivered, lost in Quinn's touch, her eyes still closed from the brief feeling of Quinn's lips on hers. Rachel opened her eyes and cleared her throat.

"O…Of course Quinn."

Quinn grinned, taking a step back and crunching on the apple she had been holding.

"Lovely. Let’s discuss your schedule for the day."

Quinn sat down at the counter, and Rachel followed her. Reaching up to play with the 'Q' on her necklace, Rachel took her own apple from the plate Quinn slid towards her.

It was interesting to see how the dynamic had shifted so quickly. Everything felt more comfortable, and Rachel didn't think she'd ever see Quinn become so domestic with her in such a short time.

Quinn leaned her head on her hand and smiled. "How are you?"

Rachel raised her eyebrows, chewing on her apple. "I'm...good Quinn. The question are you? This has to be different from how you're used to behaving around your submissives."

Quinn felt her stomach flip. Despite how foreign this type of relationship was, it still felt comfortable for her. Shrugging, Quinn answered, "I’m great…I honestly feel like I should have been giving you this when we first began our relationship."

Rachel studied Quinn's eyes. "Really?"

"Yes. This is more than an arrangement, Rachel. We're connected both emotionally and intimately. That is the very reason you deserve to be respected and I’m going to do that properly. I plan on giving you exactly what you need...and maybe learning a few things about myself along the way."

Quinn took a sip of her coffee and Rachel turned to her own apple, smiling into the bite she took. "You think I'm going to have something to teach you?"

Quinn raised her eyebrow, "I don't know. You've already given me the chance to be a better Dominant. Who knows what to expect when it comes to you, Rae."

Rachel scoffed. "Oh no, it's most definitely the other way around."

Quinn laughed, both of her eyebrows rising. "Me?” She gasped, before shaking her head. “Nah…I'm pretty predictable."

Rachel rolled her eyes and said, "Yeah right." She glanced up towards the clock above the stove. "Quinn, what time do you have to be at work?"

Quinn shrugged again, "Whenever I feel like showing up."

Rachel furrowed her eyebrows and shook her head. "No, Quinn, I don't want to make you late."

Quinn reached out and touched Rachel’s hand. "You aren't going to make me late and even if you did, who cares? I'm the boss. I can be late if I want to." She tilted her chin up indignantly, folding her arms across her chest like a little kid and Rachel couldn't suppress her laugh at the sight.

God she is adorable.

"You know Quinn, you are a stubborn woman." Rachel said softly.

Quinn blushed. "I know. But you have to be stubborn in order to handle something as large as my family's company. I don't necessarily like it, but I appreciate its perks."

Rachel didn't see Quinn as a stubborn CEO, she only saw Quinn; the woman who put forth so much effort everyday in managing her life, purely because she was afraid of what could happen if it spiraled out of control. When Rachel looked at Quinn, she saw a woman who enjoyed the company of others, and even yearned for a companion to love…but unfortunately did not know how to trust people.

"Rachel," Quinn began, and Rachel brushed her thoughts away, turning her attention towards Quinn.

Quinn had put a lot of thought into the steps she would need to take to ensure balance during Rachel's time in her home and in her life. Quinn understood that Rachel didn't necessarily want to be controlled; Rachel wanted Quinn to help apply structure to her life.

Because of the deep and unique acceptance Rachel had for her submissive nature, she yearned for attention that Quinn had failed to provide before.

Quinn planned to rectify that.

"I mentioned last night that I made a call and set up an appointment with an agent for you that still alright?"

Rachel's heart drummed with excitement at the thought of working again. "Of course it's alright!" She exclaimed with a grin before clearing her throat, “Sorry I’m just…really, really excited about this Quinn.”

Quinn shook her head, laughing at Rachel's excitement. "Rachel don’t apologize for being excited about working again. It’s wonderful news.” Quinn said softly. “She’ll be stopping by sometime around nine, okay?"

Rachel smiled, "Okay."

Quinn placed her hand over Rachel's.

"Rachel, I want you to understand that I want what's best for you and your career, okay? That means that this is all you. I may have hired your agent, but you call the shots. Every decision you make with your agent is your business, not mine. Performance is your life and I don’t ever want to intrude on that. I’d just like to know when you have performances so I can cheer you on.” Quinn finished chuckling. Rachel bit her lip, her heart practically vibrating with gratitude at Quinn’s words. “I hope the meeting goes well and that you’ll be satisfied with her. I really think she knows the right ways to showcase you and all of your wonderful talent."

Rubbing her thumb over the space of Rachel’s palm, Quinn smiled, before looking at Rachel deeply.

"Rae, I want you know that I believe in you…and I can't wait to watch you become a star."

Rachel felt as if Quinn’s gaze was so deep, it was searching her soul, surrounding her. Leaning forward, Rachel kissed Quinn softly, her heart fluttering at how wonderful Quinn was. "Thank you Quinn."

Quinn cleared her throat, ignoring the way her body became hot and desperate at the feeling of Rachel’s lips. "You’re welcome Rachel.” Quinn licked her lips and continued. “I assume you guys will discuss some sort of plan for your auditions. My guess is, she'll want to get you work right away."

I hope so.

"Now I was thinking that I’d like to have breakfast with you every morning…and maybe see you at some point during the day everyday…but if you get work and it’s during those times then you don’t have to worry about that-“ Rachel felt red creep up her neck and cut Quinn off.

“Wait, you want me to visit you at work?"

Quinn swallowed nervously. "If it’s alright with you…yes. Maybe for lunch? Or just in general...if you aren't busy. I know you'll need your own means for transportation, so I've arranged for you to have a car chauffeur you where you need to go…”

Her facial expression taking on a thoughtful one, Rachel took a bite from her apple, processing the information Quinn was giving her.

Quinn stared deep into Rachel's eyes. "If you aren’t comfortable with that, I understand…it’s just – I…I don't like the thought of you being here alone all day. I want you to work on your auditions, and enjoy the city. Also..."

Quinn reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind Rachel's ear.

"I can't stand the thought of being away from you all day." Quinn husked.

Rachel shivered at her touch and nodded. "I would love to see you during the day Quinn."

Quinn’s face broke out into a wide smile and Rachel giggled. "Good! Now…there's something I want to show you."

Quinn stood up from the bar, and extended her hand.

Once Rachel took her hand, Quinn led them up the stairs to the second floor, stopping at the set of double doors in the center.

"Last week you were going to the city to practice with Brittany to hide from me," Quinn explained.

Rachel shook her head. "I wasn't-"

Quinn pressed her finger to Rachel’s lips. "Let me finish, Rae.” Quinn spoke softly. Rachel nodded; unable to really protest when Quinn used that tone on her. Her voice was just so beautiful and soft, much like the rest of her. Rachel could never resist.

Quinn continued. “Although it was all a big misunderstanding and everything is settled now, the fact still remains that you had to go into the city to practice your craft. Yes you were hiding it from me, but also there isn’t a place here where you could have practiced.” Rachel stared at Quinn confusedly, unsure where their conversation was really going.

“After I made the appointment for your agent, I realized that with all the work you would be getting to assuage your dream, you'd need somewhere to practice and maybe to just lose yourself."

Rachel stared at Quinn in confusion. "Quinn what are you talking about?"

Quinn turned the handles on the doors and pushed them open, taking Rachel's breath away.

This room was every performer's dream.

High ceilings, mahogany floors, a wall of mirrors and a gold grand piano tucked in the corner of the room.

Rachel walked in, her mouth agape and stared up at the crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Her eyes glazed over with amazement. "Oh my god! This is...beautiful Quinn."

Quinn leaned in the doorway, her arms folded and a smile on her. "It's yours Rachel."

Rachel was right in the middle of spinning in a circle when she halted, staring at Quinn with wide eyes. "It's...mine?" She exclaimed.

"It's yours. Music is a large part of who you are Rachel...and it would be cruel of me to keep you holed up in this big house with no place for you to express that side of yourself. I want to do whatever it takes to make you feel more comfortable here...and ultimately help you achieve your dreams."

Rachel crashed into Quinn's body, her arms wrapped tightly around her neck.

Quinn tensed at first, shocked at the tight embrace Rachel had her in. She didn't know Rachel would be so overwhelmed by the gesture. Quinn just wanted to do something nice for her.

Quinn just wanted to show Rachel that she cared.

Relaxing, Quinn rested her hands on Rachel's waist, leaning into her touch and resting her head on top of Rachel's.

"This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me..."

Rachel mumbled the words into Quinn's neck and they filled her up with joy. Before Quinn could get a good look at Rachel, their lips were suddenly pressed together heatedly. Rachel’s hands were buried in Quinn's hair as she set about re-acquainting her tongue with Quinn’s.

Quinn tilted Rachel's head back. Sucking Rachel’s tongue into her mouth, Quinn relished in the way her own mouth vibrated from the whine that emptied Rachel’s throat before she finally pulled away.

Smiling at Rachel, Quinn sighed, "I care about you Rachel and I want to make your experiences here better, aside from what we do in our lifestyle."

Rachel shook her head. "I've never met anyone as wonderful as you, Quinn."

Quinn smirked. "Of course you haven’t. I’m one of a kind, love.” Rachel chuckled and looked back at the room Quinn had added to her home just for her.

Just for me.

Rachel swallowed the lump in her throat, before looking at Quinn deeply and saying, “You are. You’re really one of a kind.”

Staring into Rachel’s eyes, Quinn felt like she was drowning. All of Rachel’s emotions truly were there…and once you got caught up looking into those beautiful brown orbs, life seemed as if it should have only revolved around Rachel, her beauty, and the waves of emotion that seemed to radiate off of her.

She stares at me as if she can see the future in my eyes, Quinn thought. Rachel licked her lips and Quinn resisted the urge to kiss her again.

“You know Quinn…you spoil me.” Rachel joked after a minute, breaking the intense gaze they been locked in.

“What can I say, I have the tendency to spoil people I think are special."

Rachel grinned, stepped away from their embrace with skeptical eyes, "Oh really? And just how many special people have you spoiled?" Rachel said with her arms folded across her chest.

Quinn, unable to resist her previous desires thanks to the cute little stance Rachel was in, pressed a soft kiss to her lips before whispering, "Only one."

Rachel felt the butterflies in her stomach begin raging out of control. Quinn's words seemed so foreign on the lips of a woman who was trying to stay far away from emotions just days before.

Pressing her fingertips against her sparkling collar, Rachel felt the diamonds against her skin. Lowering her eyes to the floor under Quinn's gaze, Rachel glancing at the watch on her wrist. "Quinn you really should go, you're going to be late."

Quinn held up her hands in surrender. "Okay, okay...I'm going. After your meeting, I'd like to start those lunch dates today."


Rachel grinned, nodding and Quinn smiled softly. "I've also taken half the day off, so after lunch...we're going to spend some well needed time with one another, okay?"

This was much more domestic than Rachel expected. Quinn was changing her entire way of living to accommodate Rachel. It made her wonder if Quinn really wanted to do this, or if she was only doing it to make Rachel happy. Rachel only wanted Quinn to be happy.

Rachel caressed Quinn’s face softly before rising up on the tips of her toes to press a kiss against her cheekbone. "If it makes you happy, Quinn."

The two women stared at one another and Quinn smiled; her heart beating wildly at the words.

"It does," Quinn, said softly, "It does make me happy." 


"Quinn, where are we going?" Rachel inquired, again.

Quinn laughed. Rachel had been asking the same question since they left lunch together and she still wasn’t going to get an answer. Rachel exuded anticipation, with her knees knocking together and her eyes darting back and forth out of the window anxiously.

Quinn reached over and placed her hand on her knee.

"Calm down, Rae. We'll be there soon enough." Rachel tore her eyes from the sight of the passing buildings, and smiled sheepishly at Quinn.

"I'm sorry...I've just never done well with surprises."

Quinn squeezed her knee with a smile. "You know, you never told me how your meeting went with your agent."

Rachel's eyes lit up with excitement. "Lisa? She's amazing...where did you find her?"

Quinn glanced out of the window, taking in the people who were walking and clutching their coats in the sudden November winds. The weather had been over the place this fall, but now it had become chilly, and Quinn’s flowers would need replacing.

"Honestly?" Quinn turned to Rachel with a smirk, "Lisa is Charlotte's sub."

Rachel's eyes widened and her mouth gaped open. "She's, she's...?"

Quinn grinned, holding back laughter at Rachel's stunned words. "Yes. She's a sub, it's one of the reasons I thought she'd benefit you as an agent. If you feel uncomfortable with a job because of something going on with us...or anything of that sort, she'll understand." Quinn stared deeply into Rachel's eyes.

"But I would never initiate anything that would jeopardize any work you have, okay?"

Rachel nodded with a smile, blushing at the thoughts of what might put any of her work in jeopardy.

She couldn't stop herself from erupting in shivers at the thought of Quinn, touching her that way. Fingering her collar, Rachel licked her lips.

"I also know for a fact she's really good at her job and a really good friend if you ever need to talk."

Rachel stared at Quinn, "I thought I could talk to you?"

Quinn smiled. "Of course you can. You can always talk to me...but I figured you'd enjoy having a friend who understood some of things you were going through."

Rachel nodded, lowering her eyes to the leather seat underneath her.


Rachel looked up and Quinn smiled, "Do you want to talk about what you and Lisa discussed?"

Rachel grinned. "I gave her my head shot, and I told her about all of my previous experiences in productions for school, and she told me about all the good feedback she had apparently gotten from my professors. She says she already has auditions lined up for me next week!"

Quinn leaned forward, and pressed her hand against Rachel’s cheek. "That's amazing, Rae."

Rachel closed her eyes, leaning into Quinn's touch. "You're amazing."

Quinn chuckled, as the car pulled to a stop. "We're finally here love," Quinn said suddenly as she grabbed Rachel's hand, and when the door opened Rachel stepped out into the cold air after Quinn.


"Welcome to Fifth Avenue, otherwise known as part of the famous fashion district."

Rachel blinked against the quick winds whipping against her face. "Holy shit."

Quinn laughed, "How very eloquent of you."

Rachel pulled her coat tighter around her torso, flexed her fingers in her gloves, and stared in awe at all the high-end stores lining her field of vision.

Gucci, Chanel, Versace...those were signs she did not see often. There was no way Rachel Berry from Lima, Ohio had any of these brands in her closet.

Rachel turned around in awe, shaking her head frantically. "Quinn...I can't-"

" can.” Quinn smiled and gazed over Rachel’s body. “You’re a beautiful woman who deserves to have beautiful things, Rachel."

Quinn reached into her coat and pulled something out, before extending her hand to Rachel.

The wind began to blow harder, whipping against Rachel’s face and making her eyes water as she stared down at what was in Quinn's hand.

It was a card, a black one to be exact.

American Express.

Rachel stared at Quinn in disbelief. This was not something starving artists had access to only a daily basis. Rachel was pretty sure that in order to even receive one of these cards you had to be invited by American Express, and that was after you owned a platinum card, which Rachel clearly did not have.

These were finer things. Things that Quinn had worked for that she was extending to Rachel.

"Whatever you want," Quinn said, her eyes filled with something unidentifiable. Rachel's lips flapped together as she tried to form something coherent to say.

Quinn shook her head, placing the credit card in Rachel’s palm.

"Stop it. Despite the fact you’re my submissive, I am aware that you're a grown woman Rachel; you need to be allowed to spend your own money."

Rachel laughed. "But it isn't my money. I’ve never owned a credit card in my life, Quinn. My money can only afford animal sweaters, not Versace."

Quinn grinned, "It is your money. Look at the name on the card, Rachel."

Rachel turned the card over in her hand, staring at the silver embossed print.

Rachel Berry.

"There is no limit, as well as some other high end perks, and the bill will come to me."

"Quinn I can't-"

Quinn cupped Rachel's face and captured her lips in a searing kiss, licking at her tongue determinedly and relishing in the way Rachel's body sank into her own.

Well that s one way to convince me.

Nipping at her bottom lip, Quinn smiled in satisfaction as Rachel whimpered. Finally pulling away, Quinn sighed.

"Please stop protesting and let me do this for you, okay? I just want you to have nice things. Actually, I want you to have the very best of everything…” Quinn said as an afterthought, before continuing. “But more than anything I want you to have the freedom to get these things for yourself."

Rachel bit her swollen lip, still staring hungrily at Quinn. She still felt odd about being told to spend Quinn's money, especially with a credit card that had no limit and was only issued to very wealthy people, but having the life kissed out of her did soften her feelings. However, her body was now buzzing with arousal. Nevertheless, Rachel ignored the way her skin seemed to tingle all over and shook her head incredulously.

"Okay. Okay, Quinn."

Quinn smiled. "Okay."

Rachel stuffed the card in her pocket, noting that it was slightly heavier than the plastic ATM card she owned, and grabbed Quinn's hand, pulling her up the sidewalk towards the expensive stores.

Not knowing where to begin, Rachel just pulled Quinn into the first store she saw.

"Are you a Chanel kind of woman, Rachel?"

Watching curiously as a doorman opened the door for them Rachel stopped and laughed nervously. "I don't know what kind of woman I am."

Quinn stuffed her hands in the pocket of her coat and laughed at the look on Rachel’s face.

"Welcome ladies," the man said in a deep voice with a smile. Rachel nodded to him, tightening her hold on Quinn's hand as she entered the store.

It was beautiful. There were clothes, purses, and shoes set up everywhere. They were the kinds of clothes Rachel had only ever seen in magazines, clothes for wealthy people. This was fashion for people of purpose. What purpose did she have that granted her the right to wear these expensive outfits? Before she could get lost in her thoughts about how poor she was compared to Quinn, a high-pitched voice caught their attention.

"Quinn Fabray! What a pleasure to see you!"

Rachel turned around from gazing at the clothes just in time to see a short man waltzing up to them.


He had on the most peculiar outfit; black leather pants and a canary yellow blazer. His hair was perfectly sculpted, and he had a soft face.

He oozed style...and he seemed so familiar.

Quinn smiled softly, amused as she let go of Rachel's hand to kiss the sides of the man's face.

"Mr. very unsurprising to see you here."

Mr. Hummel scoffed, "Oh lose the cordial CEO act honey, we’re out and about. Everyone knows Kurt Hummel practically lives on 5th Avenue."

Rachel scooted into Quinn and stared curiously at Kurt.

Kurt Hummel.

"Kurt?" Rachel asked softly and the man finally smiled at her.

"Why hello there.” He glanced at Quinn, “Who is this beauty on your arm Quinn?"

Rachel grinned, "Kurt!"

He stared at her with raised eyebrows, "She's an excited little thing."

Quinn stared at Rachel confusedly, before glancing back at Kurt.

"Kurt it's me! It's Rachel Berry," Rachel stepped forward to grab his hands and he tilted his head in confusion, laughing.

"No…" He trailed off, staring at Rachel, before glancing back to Quinn for an introduction.

Quinn smiled in confusion, "Kurt, this is Rachel Berry."

Kurt’s eyes widened and he gasped, clutching his heart. "Holy mother of Barbra!"

He flung himself against Rachel, and she laughed, squeezing her former best friend as if her life depended on it.

They pulled apart and Kurt stared at Rachel in wonder. "Look at you! Where have you been?"

"I could say the same for you Mr. "Let's stay in touch".” She joked, “How long have you been in New York?"

Kurt blushed, having the decency to look a little ashamed. "I’m sorry love, I should've called. I knew you and Puck were here, but a couple of years passed after graduation and I got an internship at Vogue. After that, things got hectic. Now..."

"Now you live on 5th Avenue.” Rachel said with a laugh. “I always knew you'd do something with that incredible fashion sense."

Quinn raised her eyebrows. "You two went to high school with one another?"

They both grinned at her. Rachel nodded. "We were in Glee club together, although we didn't get along very well at first-"

Kurt scoffed, "She got every solo and dressed naturally I was caught between being jealous of her talent and wanting to burn her closet down with her inside of it."

Rachel slapped Kurt’s arm and laughed. "Eventually we stopped fighting for the spotlight long enough to realize how much of a dynamic duo we were, but we lost touch after graduation," She turned to Kurt with sad eyes, "I really missed you."

Kurt smiled softly, "I missed you too Rachel. Now, let me get a good look at you!"

He surveyed her form, twirling her in a circle and smiling appreciatively.

"Hmm, well! Someone left her animal sweaters in Lima." He raised his eyebrows and Rachel laughed.

"Some of us needed a change...I can't say the same for you."

Kurt scoffed at her, stepping back to place one hand on his hips as he reached up to run his fingers through his styled hair.

"Darling, I was already made for the cover of a magazine, even in Lima."

Quinn licked her lips at the sight of the two. She wondered how Charlotte left this little piece of information out of Rachel's report.

Rachel looked up at Quinn, and they smiled at one another. Kurt raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"I’ve got to say, I never saw this coming in high school; Rachel Berry on the arm of one of the richest women in the world."

Rachel blushed and Quinn grinned, before turning her attention to Kurt.

"I guess this would be a good time to tell you that I was actually planning on contacting you to be Rachel's stylist...or personal shopper, if you will."

Kurt placed his hand on his forehead. "Be still my heart, this absolutely trumps being the first male to play Maria in West Side Story as my lifelong dream…It’s fate I tell you, because Chanel wasn't originally in my plan today."

Rachel's eyes widened, "Quinn..."

Quinn turned. "I knew you would need some help with this Rachel, and I can only do so much. Kurt styles me, and I guess you already know how great his fashion sense is-"

Kurt interrupted, "No time for an explanation, Rachel. We have some shopping to do...Quinn you don't have to worry about a thing, however I am surprised to see you actually taking part in the shopping for once."

Rachel stared at the two of them, her eyes wide with disbelief at the turn of events.

How small was the world?

Kurt Hummel, her high school best friend, just happened to be Quinn Fabray's stylist.

He pulled Rachel along and she glanced behind her to see Quinn smiling.

"This is a particularly special situation." She said, staring deeply at Rachel. Rachel bit her bottom lip at the way Quinn was gazing at her.

Kurt rolled his eyes, "You definitely don't have to tell me how special of a case Rachel is. She's been a fashion don't for years."


"We've been trying on dresses for hours Kurt, I'm exhausted."

Quinn glanced around at all the shopping bags surrounding them. After hours of shopping in various stores, Quinn mentioned some formal events she had coming up. Somehow the second he heard that, Kurt managed to pull some dresses from various designers on the spot and arranged a fitting.

So now here they were; Kurt studying the dresses as if they were science, and Quinn parked in the chair with her legs crossed as she patiently waited on Rachel to leave the dressing room for the umpteenth time that day.

"You're exhausted? I just probably replaced your entire wardrobe in a day...that's talent, my dear. Not to mention the absolutely impossible favor I had to pull to allow this fitting to go down at the last minute."

Rachel scoffed frustratedly behind the curtain.

"No one asked you to do this! I didn't think you'd start styling me today..."

"The faster we start, the are you almost done in there? Oscar de la Renta is not hard to zip up; at least it shouldn't be for your tiny little figure."

Rachel gasped, "Kurt this dress is fifty thousand dollars!"

Quinn snorted, watching as Kurt rolled his eyes. "Honestly, Rachel. You've been saying that all day. You need to understand something. You're rolling with Quinn Fabray, a woman who is very much respected and admired. When the press catches you guys out and about, they aren't going to want to see you in some cheap outfit you got on sale at a thrift store…or god forbid some prom dress you got on sale from Macy's. You have to be fabulous."

Quinn leaned forward. "Is there anything white on that rack, Kurt?"

Kurt turned to Quinn with a scowl, "Her whole wardrobe can't be white, Quinn...and since when do you have an opinion about style?"

Quinn grinned, "Since you started styling, is there anything white on that rack?"

Ignoring her question, Kurt placed a hand on his hip, his lips quirked upwards in a smirk. "How interesting. I've never seen you like this Quinn."

Quinn shrugged, "She looks good in white."

"Should I be calling Vera for wedding dresses then?"

A crash was heard behind the curtain and Quinn raised her eyebrow. "You alright, Rae?"

"I-I'm fine..."

Kurt stepped forward. "What's going on between you two? I'm getting a different vibe from you than usual when it comes to your conquests."

Quinn sighed. "Has anyone ever told you how incredibly nosy you are?"

Kurt tilted his chin upwards. "Perhaps once or twice," He noted.

Rolling her eyes, Quinn stared him pointedly. "You should really work on that, you know. You gossip more than US Weekly.” Kurt appeared offended briefly, and Quinn took his shocked silence as a chance to continue. “But for your information Perez, Rachel is more than a conquest, and that is the end of the discussion. Now pull something white from that rack, before I call Rachel Zoe."

Kurt gasped. "You'd never betray me in such ways!"

Quinn smirked. "Try me, who do you think she comes to for jewelry?"

Kurt spun around and stalked towards his rack, murmuring, "Everyone comes to you for jewelry."

With him distracted, Quinn rose from her seat and slipped between the curtains staring at Rachel.

Dressed in a soft blue gown, and sitting on a stool was Rachel. She was beautiful, even with her wild hair, which was clearly mussed up from sliding shirts and dresses over her head all day. Quinn smiled at Rachel’s adorable appearance at first, before realizing that Rachel was staring down at her own hands dejectedly.

"Does…Kurt style all of your subs?"

Quinn sighed, hoping that Rachel wasn't hurt by what she heard outside of the curtain.

"Are you upset with me?"

Rachel looked up quickly, "No. I just want to know, if this is something you do with every woman…"

Quinn stepped forward, shaking her head. "I do pick clothes for my subs when I have them accompany me somewhere. But that doesn't happen often, seeing as I only keep sexual relationships with most of them."

Rachel tilted her head to the side, "So I'm...different?"

Quinn grinned. "I meant what I said, Rachel. You're special. Kurt is only acting this way, because he’s surprised. He’s never seen me this involved with shopping before. Not even when it comes to my own wardrobe.”

Rachel's heart fluttered. "But you've only been sitting there."

Quinn smiled. "Trust me, that's more involved than I usually am."

Rachel blushed. "I like you being involved, Quinn. I love hearing your opinion on what you think I look good in.”

Quinn swept her eyes over Rachel’s body. "I think you look beautiful in everything."

Suddenly hot at the feeling of Quinn’s eyes on her, especially since they had been all day, Rachel slid from the stool. Quinn noticed the way dark hunger swept through Rachel’s lowered eyes. "Everything?"

Quinn swallowed at the way Rachel’s voice softened innocently. She husked out, "Yes."

Rachel licked her lips, reaching up to slide the straps from her shoulders, the dress slipping down to reveal the white lace bra pushing her breasts upwards.

"Do you think I look good in this?"

Quinn's body responded immediately, her dick twitching at the sight of her breasts underneath the lace. Quinn reached forward, pressing her palm against the plump flesh, her eyes darkening. "You always look beautiful in white."

Rachel leaned into Quinn’s touch, the dress slipping lower. Quinn stepped closer, pressing her other hand against Rachel’s waist.

Rachel reached behind her back and undid her clasp, her bra falling forward. At the sight of the loose material, Quinn's fingers slipped underneath and cupped her breast.

Rachel's eyes fluttered closed at the feeling, her nipples hardening under Quinn's touch.

Quinn leaned down at the way Rachel’s body weakened, both of her hands firmly kneading Rachel's breasts.

"You’re gorgeous, Rachel."

Rachel keened, her body responding to the touch, as Quinn leaned forward and caught her lips in a kiss. She flicked her thumbs over Rachel’s nipples and Rachel moaned, wrapping her arms around Quinn's neck.

I'll never get enough of her mouth.

"Hey! No fornicating in the Oscar de la Renta!" Kurt screeched.

Rachel squeaked into Quinn’s mouth, attempting to disengage from their embrace, but Quinn just pulled her closer, reaching up to grip the back of her neck as she pressed her back against the wall, her tongue firm and wet inside of Rachel’s mouth. Quinn moved her lips over Rachel’s determinedly, and Rachel couldn’t stop the way she moaned when Quinn sucked her bottom lip into her mouth, before releasing it. Rachel gasped for air, her head spinning and her nipples hard.

Quinn pressed her forehead against Rachel’s, her eyes now a deep shade of gold. "Did you find anything white, Hummel?"

He sighed loudly; "I've got a stunning white Marchesa gown with her name on it. Just sexing until after the designer gowns are safely returned."

Rachel laughed and Quinn leaned forward. "We'll see about that," She murmured.

Quinn pressed one more bruising kiss to Rachel's lips and reaching up to flick her fingers over the pendant of Rachel’s collar. Rachel smiled as Quinn released her and exited the dressing room.

Her knees practically trembling, Rachel leaned against the wall and attempted to gather the strength to try on her next gown.

Really how could she go at this point without the feeling of Quinn’s mouth on hers?

She has ruined me.

Quinn and Rachel left Kurt behind around dinnertime.

Honestly, Rachel was exhausted, but she was happy to see Kurt and excited that they would get to spend more time with one another beyond their shopping experience.

The entire day had been a flurry of designer clothes and primping and had left Rachel feeling like a Barbie doll. But in Rachel’s opinion, every outfit was worth the trouble for the chance to see Quinn smile in approval.

Their car pulled up to Del Posto, a five-star restaurant on 10th Avenue. Quinn wanted to take Rachel out to dinner so that they could experience something different, and ultimately celebrate the progress they had made with one another in the last couple of days. Because of this, Rachel had decided to wear one of Kurt's many Oscar de la Renta dresses tonight; this particular one pastel pink. Quinn was satisfied with it, because it was the closest to white any of the cocktail dresses had been.

Besides, Quinn held onto the knowledge that what was underneath the dress was white.

The images made her twitch with sudden desire as they entered the restaurant.

"Rachel, that's a beautiful dress."

Rachel smiled, "Thank you, but that's the fifth time you've told me that, Quinn."

Quinn reached up to trail her fingers over the silk neckline. "I'm sorry...I just can't help but notice how gorgeous you look."

Rachel grinned. "Kurt does have really good taste, huh?"

Quinn licked her lips, "He definitely knows what looks good on you.”

Quinn leaned forward, her lips placed at the edge of Rachel's ear. "But I know how much better it would off of you." Rachel shivered, still feeling lightheaded from the incident in the dressing room.

Rachel turned to Quinn and leaned into her embrace, "Maybe if I'm good...we can find out?"

Quinn squeezed Rachel’s hip, reaching forward to trace her nose. "If you're a good girl...maybe."

Rachel bit her lip; the thought of being able to finish what she started earlier causing her to tremble with anticipation.

Quinn smirked at Rachel and turned to glance around at the restaurant. She had made reservations that morning, having a strong urge to begin wining and dining Rachel the way she should have been doing.

While searching for the host in order to make sure their table was ready, Quinn scanned her eyes over the people were waiting to be seated.

It was there that Quinn saw a pair of familiar blue eyes.

They were the same blue eyes that were once genuine with friendship but only turned black with betrayal. They were also the same eyes that once directed both guilt and shame towards Quinn.

Quinn gazed into those eyes, her body unmoving, as the woman recognized her immediately and began to approach her.

"Quinn Fabray." She said softly, as if Quinn’s name meant so much to her.

The sound of her voice caused Quinn to tense up at Rachel's side, and Rachel looked over to see a woman smiling up at Quinn with short black hair.

Quinn's hand slid to Rachel’s back, resting there, and Rachel stood a little straighter, a feeling of awareness washing over. It was as if the atmosphere had suddenly become a little tenser.

Quinn smiled. "Christina Thomas."

Rachel watched as the two women stared at one another deeply. Quinn's body was suddenly very rigid and her smile had transformed into something distant; extremely different from the matching grins they had shared only moments before.

As if they were connected, Rachel could suddenly feel the change in Quinn, and she knew it had to do with this woman named Christina.

Quinn, sensing Rachel's sudden hesitation, scratched softly at her back. It was her way of reassuring Rachel that she was all right.

Christina smiled brightly, "Oh my god...I can't believe it's really you. It's been so long."

Quinn's smile dimmed. "It has been."

Christina became lost for words, something unknown shining within her eyes. Quinn glanced at Rachel with a smile and broke the silence. "Allow me to introduce you to Rachel Berry.” Quinn said. Then staring at Rachel, Quinn gestured to Christina. “Rachel, this is Christina. I went to high school with her."

Christina turned to Rachel, as if suddenly realizing she was there. Christina then began scrutinizing ever bit of Rachel, from the designer dress she wore right down to her shoes.

"Nice to meet you, Rachel."

The way Christina said her name didn't set well with Rachel and her eyes hardened. Nodding towards her in place of a reply, Rachel noted the way Quinn was rubbing her back now.

Rachel did not speak…completely unsure how to react. This woman was clearly someone who made a bad impression on Quinn at some point her life. Now she stood in front of them, smiling at Rachel as if her presence was irrelevant and leering at Quinn like a wounded puppy.

Rachel felt compelled to glare at her, but she owed Quinn respect. Her collar was on and they were in public. She knew how to behave.

No matter who this woman was, Rachel would not embarrass Quinn.

Quinn could sense the tension, and wondered about Christina's approach to Rachel. Rachel was responding eloquently, but Quinn could feel her hesitance. She knew Rachel could sense her discomfort and was only feeling protective of her Dominant.

Quinn, however, was determined not to appear as the same girl she was in high school. Despite her feelings towards Christina, she intended on acting as cordial as she could manage.

"Ms. Fabray, your table is ready."

Nodding at the host, Quinn turned to Christina, staring at her curiously and realizing that the woman was alone. "Are you having dinner alone?"

Christina lowered her eyes, nodding. "Yeah. It's just me."

Quinn swallowed the lump in her throat, trying to rid herself of the memories as she stared at Christina. "Why don't you join us for dinner?"

Christina smiled and Rachel felt heat surging through her veins, something about the woman making her feel seriously unsettled.

"Oh I don’t want to intrude on your dinner plans, Quinn..."

Rachel felt Quinn's hand still against her back, firmly. Rachel cleared her throat, nodding. "It's and Quinn seem like you need to catch up."

Christina's smile drifted towards Rachel, and she raised her eyebrows. "Alright then."

"Ms. Fabray?"

Quinn glanced over to the confused host, "Could you please add another chair to our table?"

Rachel drowned the sound of Quinn speaking to the man out of her ears, eyes drifting over Christina's smug body language. With that, she attempted to relax under Quinn's arm.

You have to behave, for her.

By the time Rachel zoned back into what was going on, they were all at the table together and drinks had been both ordered and served. Rachel sat, with her hands in her lap, glancing at Quinn's controlled posture.

The wall was back up.

Christina smiled, taking a sip of the drink she ordered, "You know Quinn...I've actually been following your success."

Quinn's face seemed mildly surprised and she picked up a fork, twirling it between her fingers idly.

"Have you?"

Christina nodded with a laugh, "It's impossible to live in New York and not follow you. You've done so well with your father's company...I know he's proud."

Quinn cleared her throat. "I'm sure."

Rachel studied their interaction, resisting the urge to growl as Cristina reached forward to grab Quinn's moving hand. "I'm sorry about what happened to them Quinn. I…I wish I could have been there for you."

Her eyes were genuine with regret and Quinn stared down at their touching hands for a long time. As Rachel watched Quinn's eyes glaze over with something, it alerted her immediately to the fact that Christina was making her uncomfortable.

Quinn looked up at Christina and smiled tightly. "Thank you for your condolences."

Rachel flexed her fingers in her lap and continued to watch the scene in front of her.

"Rachel," Quinn said softly and Rachel raised her eyes to Quinn's.

"Drink your wine, please."

Rachel nodded, silent with obedience, as she reached forward to take a sip out of her glass. She felt Christina's eyes on her, trailing over her necklace and studying the 'Q' intently.

It was as if a realization washed over her. Rachel smiled, her eyes smug with pride. The collar was sparkling and Rachel was thrumming with joy at the jealously that lay behind Christina's eyes at the sight.

Whatever she did, however she fucked up, she wasn't getting Quinn back now.


"So Quinn, how did you meet Rachel?"

Quinn smiled, her hand resting on Rachel's knee underneath the table.

"I was having dinner at a restaurant, and she spilled white wine on me."

Rachel blushed at the memory of how she had fumbled with the glasses at the time, praying that she'd be able to keep her job.

Christina smiled, "That's interesting. So you were both having dinner there and bumped into each other?"

Rachel shook her head, "I was a waitress."

Christina raised her eyebrow, "Oh. You're a waitress?"

Rachel's jaw tightened. "I was a waitress, when I met Quinn."

Christina's eyes drifted over her again. "And now you're?"

Quinn squeezed Rachel's thigh, and Rachel kept her mouth shut. "Rachel is an actress, with a beautiful voice. She graduated from New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts."

Christina chuckled. "Oh that is just too cute.” Her eyes sparkled with mirth as she gazed at Rachel, “It’s just like Cinderella, only instead of a maid you worked as a “starving artist” until you were lucky enough to catch the attention of the wealthy Quinn Fabray..."

Rachel's hands were now rubbing her lap, anger flaring up inside of her.

"What is it that you do, Christina?"

Quinn loosened her grip on Rachel's knee, and slid her hand up Rachel's thigh.

Calm down.

Christina smiled at Rachel's irritation.

"I'm a lawyer."

Quinn bit her lip, "How fitting."

Rachel glanced at Quinn, and Christina sat back in her chair curiously. "Why is that?"

Quinn sipped her wine, while trailing her fingers leisurely over Rachel's thigh.

"Well you were a cheerleader in high school and you knew what you had to do to climb the social ladder," Quinn locked eyes with her, continuing, "You were a shark then and you’re a shark now, I guess some things never change."

Rachel reached up and fingered her necklace with a smirk noticing the way Christina appeared hurt.

Christina cleared her throat. "I'm not that bad now. I specialize in family law."

Rachel rested the pads of her fingers over the 'Q', watching as Christina stared at her. Rachel’s body practically hummed as she locked gazes with the woman, not backing down from her scrutiny.

"That's a very beautiful necklace Rachel."

Rachel didn't flinch. "Thank you, it was a gift."

Christina pursed lips. "Well of course it was. I know a starving artist can't afford something like that."

Rachel seethed, and Christina continued. "It must also help that you're screwing the owner of the number one Jewelry Company in the world."

Rachel's mouth gaped open and Quinn's hands caught her thigh again, preventing her from responding.

Quinn's eyes hardened as she looked at her old friend. "Listen Christina. We can sit here and pretend with one another all night, or we can be immature and throw jibes at one another, but either way I will not tolerate you disrespecting Rachel."

Christina glared at Rachel. "I'm not disrespecting her, I'm merely making an observation."

Rachel's eyes flashed dangerously, and Quinn's hand left her thigh so that she could drape her arm around the back of Rachel’s chair and around her shoulders.

"There's a difference between making an observation and seeing what you want to see. I thought you might have learned from your mistakes over the years."

Christina's eyes softened and she turned to Quinn apologetically, "Quinn, I'm sorry...I was just -"

Quinn raised her hand. "Don't. Let's just move the conversation forward, shall we?"

Rachel was biting the inside of her jaw, shaking with anger. She clutched her pendant tightly.

Christina became quiet suddenly and while Rachel was determined to obey Quinn, it seemed she couldn't open her mouth and do that without verbally bitch smacking Christina. So she settled for an easy question. "So. You and Quinn were friends in high school?"

Christina smiled. "Best friends actually."

Quinn glanced at the table, lost in the memories of the things that severed the tight bond they once had.

Rachel asked, "So you guys just lost touch after school?"

Quinn tensed up and Rachel glanced at Christina, whose eyes turned sad.

Quinn answered for her, "I guess you could say that."

Rachel knew there was something else to that story, but she wasn’t going to ask. Christina however seemed to take initiative of the situation and she suddenly leaned forward, her eyes desperate. "Quinn, you have to know that I tried to find you, and I tried to tell you -"

Quinn shook her head. "This is not the appropriate time for that, Christina."

Christina glanced at Rachel, but continued to speak. "Quinn, I didn't know what happened to you after that night. I didn't think I'd ever get a chance to tell you how sorry I was for what I did to you. Please let me apologize."

Quinn braced both of her hands on the table, her eyes full of discomfort. "I told you Christina, this is not the time for that conversation."

Rachel grew heavy with irritation, her leg bouncing without Quinn's touch to still it.

Christina sighed angrily, "Cut the bullshit Quinn. I don't care about your little girlfriend being here."

Rachel snapped, "She doesn't want to talk about it!"

Quinn glanced warningly at Rachel, "Rachel."

Christina eyes flashed viciously at Rachel. "Listen to Quinn sweetheart, and know your place."

Rachel slammed her hand down on the table. "I know my place, but you obviously don't know yours. Whatever mistake you made with Quinn is in the past, and you're only disrespecting her by continuing to push the subject."

Christina laughed, "Well look at this, Cinderella’s got a bit of a temper. Quinn’s got you all dolled up in designer duds and thinking that your royalty." Christina leaned forward and Quinn's hand braced itself back onto Rachel's knee, squeezing.

"You don't know anything about Quinn, so how about you keep your mouth shut and play with your cute little necklace while the adults try to have a conversation."

That s it bitch.

Rachel was shaking, ignoring Quinn's hold and bracing her hands on the table as if to keep her from launching herself onto Christina.

"You're right, I don't know Quinn. I don't how you fucked up with her, but you need to get it through your skull that it's over now. If you wanted to apologize and prove yourself then you would have respected her from the moment you saw her. Instead, all you've done is act like a jealous little girl, and it's pathetic. I may not know Quinn, but I'm the one sitting on this side of the table, not you. And I will not sit here and let you hurt her any more than you obviously already have."


Rachel stilled at Quinn's tone, and she suddenly realized how tightly Quinn was clutching her knee. Rachel immediately knew she had screwed up, but it was worth it to see the shock on Christina's face.

Rachel tried to be cordial; she tried to just let Quinn handle it. However in doing that, she underestimated the amount of control she'd have when she saw Quinn's discomfort.

Quinn was hers, and Rachel would not allow anything of hers to be hurt or disrespected; even if she had to compromise her duties as Quinn’s submissive to do it.

Rachel leaned back in the chair, her eyes lowered. She was very much of aware of how much trouble she was in.

Quinn's eyes were dark and her nostrils were flared. "Christina, would you excuse us for a moment."

Her voice was firm, but there was something else hidden behind her tone. Rachel swallowed heavily.


Rachel stood up and took Quinn's outstretched hand, allowing her to lead her away from the table.

Quinn was vibrating with an array of emotions. Pushing the bathroom door open, and allowing Rachel to walk through first, Quinn sighed as she locked the door.

"Bend over the sink please, eyes down."

Rachel shivered, doing as she was told and ignoring her own reflection in the mirror.

Quinn turned around, and took in the sight of her submissive. Rachel seemed calm as she bent over the sink, but Quinn could still see the flushed tone of her skin from her anger.

"I'm disappointed in you Rachel."

Rachel breathed through her nose, her heart constricting at the words.

Quinn stepped forward, now standing behind Rachel, and folded her arms across her chest.

"I understand how you feel. At first I assumed it was jealousy at whatever you thought Christina and I had, but I still expected you to act above reproach."

Rachel focused on her hands, hyper aware of Quinn behind her.

"Christina was completely out of line...and I am sorry you were subjected to her immaturity..." Quinn braced her hands against Rachel's hips.

"But you are still my sub, and you are better than her Rachel. I expect you to be the bigger person regardless of the things she says about you...or about me."

Rachel flexed her fingers, before saying softly, "I'm sorry Quinn."

Quinn swallowed. "I accept your apology and I want you to know I'm not angry at you. I brought you in here because I didn't want to embarrass you in front of Christina, but you have to learn from your mistakes Rachel, do you understand?"

Rachel bit her lip. "Yes Quinn."

Quinn stared at her through the mirror, watching Rachel’s downcast eyes dart back and forth against the marble counter.

"Pull your dress up, then place your hands back on the counter."

Rachel trembled, her body becoming heavy with anticipation as she pulled her dress up. The cold air of the bathroom whipped against her ass, barely covered by the white thong.

Quinn stared at her. She could feel her body react to the sight of Rachel, bent over and offering herself up to punishment. Quinn placed her hand gently on Rachel’s dress, pushing it further up her back, before pulling the flimsy lace material down her ass cheeks.

Rachel was having trouble breathing, body suddenly on fire at the thought of what was about to happen.

Quinn firmly gripped Rachel’s hip with her left hand and pressed her right hand gently against Rachel’s ass, rubbing the smooth skin and gazing at her in the mirror, before bringing her palm down swiftly against her flesh.

The force rocked Rachel’s body forward, and she choked on her breath. Her fingers gripped the counter, and before she could recover Quinn's hand came down again, hard.

Rachel briefly wondered how long it took Quinn to perfect her swing. For her to be a woman, the force behind her hand was strong. Firm.

It wasn't going to bruise her, but Quinn was definitely trying to leave a memory.

Rachel bit her lip, as the third and fourth hit stung against her right ass cheek.

She felt chastised, exposed, and slightly humiliated from being punished in the bathroom for mouthing off.

Yet, she was soaking wet.

Rachel felt like she would explode, she was so aroused. Although she was disappointed in herself for not being on her best behavior...she felt hungry for more.

Quinn bit her lip, rubbing her palm against the heated skin, "Eyes up."

Rachel moved teary eyes to the mirror just as Quinn brought her hand down for the fifth time, the force behind her hand sending Rachel forward again.


Quinn and Rachel froze in shock.

Rachel moaned.

The sound was wanton, vibrating off of the walls around them and catching both Rachel and Quinn in a state of awe. Rachel's eyes widened through the mirror, gazing back at Quinn, whose eyes began to darken with lust.

Quinn's hand was poised on Rachel's ass, vibrating from the way she had slapped Rachel's flesh.

They were locked in an intense gaze; Quinn feeling suddenly overcome with desire at the revelation that Rachel was turned on by what was supposed to be her punishment.

It didn't surprise Quinn...she just wasn't expecting it to make her feel that way.

Quinn braced her left hand against the counter beside Rachel's head. She was breathing heavily, her eyes still holding Rachel hostage in the mirror.

Rachel was shaking; underneath Quinn's gaze she was unsure whether she had done something wrong.

Rachel stuttered. "Quinn, I…I'm sorry...I-"

Quinn's hand suddenly moved from the counter to Rachel's hair. Quinn pulled Rachel up from the sink and pressed their bodies against one another.

Rachel gasped, watching them in the mirror, feeling Quinn's hand massaging her bare ass. She pressed her mouth against Rachel's ear and husked out,


Rachel's eyes watered at the feeling of Quinn gripping her hair tightly, her inner thighs soaked and her dress bunched messily around her waist.

"You like this?" Quinn whispered harshly in her ear.

Quinn slapped Rachel's ass, stealing another moan from her throat and Rachel’s hands stretched out in front of her desperately, as if to grab ahold of the sink, but she couldn’t reach. Quinn watched her in the mirror; her face pressed hotly against Rachel's, her lips pressed roughly against her ear. "You like being punished? That makes you wet?"

Quinn brought her hand down on Rachel’s ass again, feeling her dick rise in her pants. Pressing her erection into the crease of Rachel’s ass, Quinn tightened her hand in Rachel’s hair.

"Yes Quinn..." Rachel moaned. Quinn locked her jaw at the sound, before kicking Rachel's feet apart and plunging her hand between her legs.

Rachel glanced at their reflection in the mirror, blushing at how wet she was. Feeling Quinn's middle finger dip inside of her, her face contorted in pleasure. "Oh god..."

Quinn bucked her hips into Rachel, "I guess this means I'm going to have to find another way to punish you."

Rachel cried out as Quinn sank her finger deeper inside of her pussy, her free hand gripping Rachel’s hair tightly.

"Fuck...look at you. You're soaking wet because I bent you over the sink and whipped your tight little ass for mouthing off."

Quinn suddenly let go of Rachel’s hair, and allowed her index finger to join her middle finger within Rachel’s folds. Her mouth was sucking at the space underneath Rachel's ear, their eyes still locked.


Quinn reached down and pulled Rachel's leg up to brace against the sink, her heel poised on the counter. Rachel's eyes rolled to the back of her head at how deep Quinn's fingers slid within her.

"Fuck Quinn!"

Quinn groaned, unraveling at the sight of Rachel writhing against her. Rachel was flailing her arms, trying to find something to hold onto. Her body seemed to be on fire from the way Quinn was fucking her.

Quinn's fingers were wet against Rachel's sex, her thumb pressing against her clit.

"I've got to tell you how sexy it was to see you all pissed off, trying to defend me. You knew how bad you were being and you knew I was going to punish you...but you just had to open your mouth."

Quinn dropped Rachel’s leg and reached around to pull her arms around her back, grinding into her. "You just had to show Christina who I belonged to."

She and Quinn locked gazes in the mirror, and Quinn noticed the way Rachel’s eyes darkened at the sound of the other woman’s name. "Mine..." Rachel growled.

Quinn stirred at the claim, teetering on the edge of control at Rachel’s jealousy. Quinn curled her fingers and Rachel screamed. Quinn tightened her hold on Rachel's arms, thrusting her fingers hard and using her hips to increase the force.

"You're gonna make me fuck you right here on this counter..."

Is that not already happening?

Rachel cried out.

So close.

"Please...please, Quinn..."

Quinn stared at the collar on her submissive’s strained neck, the diamonds glittering in the light. It suddenly made her realize what she was doing.

Stilling her fingers, Quinn closed her eyes and rested her head on Rachel's shoulder, attempting to calm down and gather the strength to remove herself from the tightness of Rachel’s pussy.

Rachel whined desperately, tears in her eyes, pussy clenching around Quinn's stilled fingers.

"No, Quinn please...please..."

Quinn let go of Rachel’s hands and brought her hand down on Rachel’s ass firmly.


Rachel cried out, bucking her hips against Quinn.

"Quinn please! I…I need you..."

Quinn just nipped at her shoulder. "I tried punishing you but it didn't work. So I’ll have to go about this differently."

Quinn released her completely and Rachel whimpered, falling forward onto the sink.

Rachel was dying. Her pussy was throbbing and her clit was swollen...but she knew that Quinn had made up her mind. Quinn pulled Rachel's panties from her ass and stuffed them into her pocket, before pulling her wrinkled dress down.

Wrapping her arms around Rachel’s waist, Quinn pressed a small kiss to her neck.

"We talked about this Rachel. Only good girls get to come."

Quinn bit her neck, and Rachel gasped, holding onto Quinn's arms. Quinn licked along her teeth marks, and stepped away from Rachel.

"Take a minute, and then I want you to meet me back at the table. I don't really want to finish this dinner with Christina."

Rachel nodded, turning to face Quinn. "Y…Yes Quinn." She said softly. Her legs wobbled and her hair had fallen down messily, hiding her face as she practically twitched with pleasure.

Quinn smirked at Rachel's desperation, her own body completely immersed in arousal. She wanted to finish what she started so badly...but she had a better idea in mind. Something that would actually help teach Rachel a valuable lesson.

Quinn was also aware of Christina still being out there at the table, and knew that there were some things that needed to be cleared between them.

Fucking Rachel into oblivion wasn't going to give her much time to do that.

Quinn had to handle this situation correctly...although; she was very close to losing control.


Leaning forward to pull Rachel's chin up, Quinn pressed a sweet kiss to her lips, before pressing her fingers against the 'Q'. It sent shock waves through Rachel.

"Don't be too long Rae."

Rachel smiled lazily at her, "Yes Quinn."

Quinn tucked her hair behind her ear as she approached the table.

Christina stood upon seeing her, and Quinn felt that familiar stab of pain wash over her.

"Quinn I'm so sorry-"

Quinn held her hand up. "You know, I meant it when I said that some things never change Christina."

Christina's mouth gaped open, and Quinn continued.

"I shouldn't have even spoken to you when I saw you. I had every right to walk away from you because you don't deserve any of my time. But I figured after so long, I could give you a second chance."

Quinn stared at her with hard eyes. "I'm sad to say I was wrong."

Quinn reached for her coat and pulled it over her body while Christina's voice flooded her ears, heavy with regret.

"Quinn I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say those things about Rachel...I was just-"

"You were just what? Upset? Jealous? You lost whatever shot you had with me Christina. You messed up, and you owe Rachel an apology for disrespecting her the way you did."

Christina reared back. "What about what she said to me?"

Quinn laughed cynically, "That was her being nice. I stopped her before she could really rip into your ass."

Christina shook her head looking to her feet, dejectedly. "I just wanted to tell you how sorry I was...for all those awful things I said about you in high school Quinn. I was just scared at the time. I never wanted to hurt you."

Quinn stared at her, her heart constricting with many different feelings.

"But…you did hurt me, Christina. And the worst part about that is that you don't even what you did. You have no idea what you should be saying you're saying sorry for. You still think all you did was slander my name."

Quinn stepped forward, trembling slightly at the memory.

" were the only person I trusted and you knew that. Yet, it didn't stop you from completely breaking my heart."

Christina looked positively wounded, tears filling her eyes. "I…I'm sorry...Quinn, you have to believe me."

Quinn swallowed, "I will never believe anything you say. I will never trust you again. I can forgive you, but I cannot forget what you did to me. I advise you to make yourself understand that this is the last bit of contact we will ever have, because I can't afford for you to shatter me again," Quinn glanced behind her to see Rachel walking towards them. Turning back to Christina, she smiled. "Not now that I've figured out how to pick up the pieces."

Quinn stepped back and turned to greet Rachel, who was smiling albeit her flushed skin, and slightly messy curls.

Quinn grinned at her appearance despite the hurt settling within her. Sliding her arm around Rachel’s waist, she pulled Rachel into her body.

Rachel smiled at Christina. "It was lovely to meet you Christina."

Christina nodded and shook Rachel's hand. She watched as Rachel's eyes flashed with something.


"It was…lovely to meet you as well, Rachel. I wish you and Quinn the best of luck...and I'm sorry I ruined this evening for you."

Quinn stared at Christina with sadness, and handed Rachel her coat. "Goodbye, Christina."

Christina looked down as she left them, blinking back tears, and Quinn watched her go; longing filling her, despite the circumstances.

"Quinn? Are you alright?" Rachel asked softly.

Quinn shook her head, her eyes filled with emotion.

She was hurt.

"I will be, Rachel."

Arriving home after dinner left Rachel feeling sad. Quinn had retreated to her room quietly, telling Rachel that she just needed to be alone for a little while.

Rachel understood that. So she decided to visit her new music room for her own version of alone time.

Rachel opened the double doors gently and flicked on the lights. She smiled at the way the floors sparkled underneath the crystal chandeliers. Rachel took her shoes off and sat them in the corner neatly before walking across the floor slowly, relishing in the way her bare feet felt against the smooth floor.

Catching her reflection in the mirror, Rachel smiled, before twirling around in a circle.

The pale pink of her dress reminded Rachel of the tutu she used to wear when she took ballet. Although it wasn’t the same, Rachel began to dance in her designer dress, allowing thoughts of Quinn to plague her mind.

Rachel wondered what Christina had done to cause such tension between she and Quinn. Was Christina the reason Quinn had resorted to becoming a Dominant and only keeping sexual relationships with people? If that was true, Rachel could only conclude that Christina had broken Quinn's heart. She wondered if Christina was Quinn's first love.

Rachel slowed to a stop, remembering the wounded look on Quinn's face as Christina walked away.

Whatever had happened, it had destroyed a friendship; a friendship that ended all hopes of Quinn ever trusting anyone again.

That broke Rachel's heart.

Quinn deserved so much more than that. She deserved to be swept off of her feet. She deserved to feel as beautiful as she had made Rachel feel. Quinn deserved trust and love.


Rachel stared at her reflection in the mirror, reaching up to touch her necklace.

"She deserves to be loved."

The words left her mouth before she could stop them, and suddenly Rachel felt lost.

Her dancing had ceased completely, and Rachel was just standing there, staring at her own reflection in the mirror.


Rachel turned to the open door, and noticed Quinn standing in the doorway. She had changed into red silk pajamas, and was smiling softly at her.

"I...I'm ready to talk."

Rachel nodded and together they walked to Quinn's bedroom.

Rachel ended up perched on the edge of the bed, next to Quinn who was staring at her own hands in silence. The silence continued for a moment, and Rachel waited patiently for Quinn to become comfortable enough to begin speaking.

"I um...Christina and I were… best friends for a really long time."

Rachel nodded, studying Quinn's posture as she fiddled with her fingers and stared at the fabric of her pajamas pants.

"When I met Christina, I was a freshman. I had just hit puberty...and through a chain of unfortunate events she was the first friend I ever made and the only friend I ever told about my penis."

Rachel nodded, watching Quinn laugh a little. "She accepted me, told me she loved me no matter what, and we were inseparable from that moment on."

Rachel felt her heart constrict at the possibilities of how this story could end. She watched Quinn lick her lips, struggling to continue.

"Junior year, everyone found out...about me."

Rachel furrowed her eyebrows. "Everyone?"

Quinn smiled sadly, "Let's just say I had a bad day in gym class." She looked up at Rachel. "The entire school found out."

Rachel's heart sank.

"By the end of the week I was the most disgusting thing anyone had ever laid eyes on, but I didn't care about the social hierarchy of high school."

Quinn stared deeply at Rachel.

"I cared about Christina."

Rachel felt anger flare up within her at the thought of what Christina could have possibly done to Quinn.

"She was a cheerleader and I knew that even though she wouldn't admit it, her reputation was everything."

Quinn looked out her window, her eyes far away as she relived her story. "I told her I understood if she needed to stop being my friend, but Christina assured me that she was going to stand by my side…no matter what."

Rachel saw Quinn's jaw tighten as she swallowed. "She lied."

Rachel reached forward and threaded their fingers together. Quinn gazed down at their hands before looking up at Rachel.

"I can't explain how much it hurt to know that the one person I thought I could trust was ashamed of me."

Rachel’s gazed at Quinn sadly, noticing how Quinn’s eyes lowered. It wasn’t hard for her to understand the moral of the story.

"You loved her."

All of a sudden, soft tears fell from Quinn's eyes onto her pajamas, and Rachel had never felt so heartbroken in her life. Quinn's grip tightened on Rachel's hand.

Quinn felt like her skin was being peeled from her body. These were things she had never told Charlotte. Things that she figured she'd never tell anyone.

Yet, Rachel was sitting here listening to her as if her life depended on it, as Quinn made herself vulnerable to her scrutiny.


Rachel shook her head, lifting Quinn's chin. "No. You don't have to apologize to me...I understand Quinn. I understand."

Quinn stared into her eyes desperately, "I want you to know that I'm working on this. I don't want you to feel as if I don't trust you enough to tell you some of these things...sometimes it's just, hard."

Rachel moved her hand to Quinn's neck and pulled her down into a soft kiss. Quinn's tears were salty on Rachel's tongue as they moved their mouths together. Quinn had never felt so safe in someone's embrace. Not since her mother passed away.

Pulling away, Quinn rested her forehead against Rachel's with her eyes closed. Her heart felt light, and she felt soft fingers touch her face, wiping the tear tracks from her cheeks.

Opening her eyes, Quinn smiled at Rachel gently. "Thank you."

Rachel cupped her cheek, "Thank you."

After a long moment of staring at Quinn, Rachel pulled away and stood up. "It’s um, getting late…I’d better get changed for bed-"


Quinn’s voice was so soft, Rachel almost didn’t hear her; however she felt Quinn’s fingers around her wrist, keeping her from leaving. Rachel turned around and looked at Quinn, eyes shining with something that she could only describe as need.


Quinn sat up, eyes hopeful.

"Please, just stay with me...I know you have your own room, but tonight...I want you to stay."

The room seemed to grow heavy with the silence. Rachel didn’t know what to do; Quinn was gazing at Rachel as if her entire world would crumble the minute she walked out that door.  

Honestly, as Rachel stared down at Quinn…she felt the exact same way.

"Please..." Quinn begged softly.

Say yes.

"Okay, Quinn, I'll Stay."

Chapter Text

These days, it was getting harder and harder for Rachel to sleep in her room.
Lying in her bed and staring at the chandelier that still managed to stay illuminated despite the darkness, Rachel realized that her insomnia probably stemmed from the tumultuous feelings she had been harboring for the last two weeks.
Ever since dinner Tuesday night, things had become comfortable between she and Quinn. The mornings always brought cheerful breakfast dates along with afternoon visits at the office for lunch.
Lisa had followed through on her word and booked Rachel a couple of auditions, which brought back her hunger for performing. It kept her busy, the perfectionist in her preventing her from doing anything without extensive preparation. Despite the business between the two of them, Rachel and Quinn managed a healthy structure between the two of them.
Everything was great.
Rachel just needed to figure out how to get Quinn back into the playroom, and then things would even better.
As a matter of fact, if Rachel could get Quinn to touch her at all, things would be perfect.
It had been ten days of no sex and Rachel was really confused.
Not being in the playroom understandable adjustment. Rachel had concluded that the lack of time in the playroom was most likely due to the nervousness Quinn probably felt. It was completely plausible for her to feel wary about going back into that setting so soon after changing the dynamic of their relationship.
Quinn never had a submissive in the playroom that she was kissing and fucking outside of playtime. She was just learning to cope with their new dynamic of 24/7. Not to mention Rachel's needs were more intense than any other submissive, and only made Quinn lose control faster.
Rachel understood that maybe Quinn was taking time before easing her back into that particular territory of their relationship.
However, cutting Rachel off for ten days...was completely mind-boggling.
Rachel knew after the emotional breakthrough she and Quinn shared regarding Christina, that they would not be doing anything intimate that night aside from spending another night cuddling in Quinn's large bed.
But now she was dying.
More often than not, most nights Rachel found herself a quivering mess, aching for Quinn's touch. The memory of Quinn's hand coming down on her ass harshly in the bathroom kept replaying itself in her head and it only made her hungry for release.
Rachel wondered what Quinn's angle was.
Rachel was unable to really organize her thoughts regarding what Quinn was trying to accomplish with her; Rachel found it hard to focus on anything that wasn’t the desire raging inside of her for Quinn.
Briefly, Rachel wondered if Quinn was punishing her further for her actions at dinner. While Christina deserved every bit of what Rachel said, Quinn had still been disappointed in her behavior.
Rachel did feel a twinge of guilt settle within her.
Christina had been right to look her up and down. Rachel wasn't some pristine upper class citizen. She was just an actress, an artist, on Quinn Fabray's arm. Rachel just began to understand how much she probably embarrassed Quinn. They had been at a five star restaurant and she had behaved like a teenager, feeding into Christina's pettiness and giving her exactly what she probably wanted.
So maybe Quinn was trying to teach Rachel a lesson. Rachel hadn't shown the proper restraint as a mature adult, and more importantly as Quinn’s submissive she had not given Quinn the proper respect.
Aside from all of that, Rachel had also not displayed the correct behavior for a woman on Quinn Fabray's arm.
Quinn was scrutinized by the public all of the time. She was famous, rich, and she carried herself so gracefully. People were probably awed by her presence all the time.
Rachel could not ruin that appearance for Quinn by behaving like someone who hadn't had proper home training.
Rachel huffed, folding her arms over the comforter set. She needed to do better.
Resting her head back on the pillows, she glanced at the digital clock on the table, before looking around the foreign room. As she had been spending most of her nights in Quinn's room, the feeling of this bed was unfamiliar to her.
Quinn had become insistent on her company in her bed. Though the intimacy had been seemingly banned, Quinn was more often than not asking Rachel to come up to her room and sleep.
Rachel was fascinated by the way Quinn always seemed a little on edge when asking her, as if she was nervous.
Rachel could never say no to Quinn, her body always eager at the thought of spending any night tucked into Quinn's warm body. Yet, Quinn seemed to always feel insecure about asking her. Rachel toyed with the idea that Quinn had inner trouble with being alone. It's even possible that Quinn wanted Rachel to move into her room, but was only afraid to ask because of how much vulnerability she'd already shown with her.
Move in.
The thought of Quinn wanting Rachel to permanently stay in her room made Rachel’s heart rate speed up considerably. Rachel had only ever imagined the words slipping from Quinn's mouth in her fantasies.
Rachel knew that Quinn was opening up at her own pace. So Rachel could only assume what was going on inside Quinn's head until Quinn felt comfortable telling her.
Rachel just hoped she'd get the privilege of knowing Quinn's feelings soon, because at this point, she had become nocturnal attempting to sleep alone.
Laying her head against the pillows tiredly, Rachel stared at her double doors.
I need you.
Defeated, Rachel attempted to shut her eyes but then she heard her doorknob turning and suddenly the sound of a soft, "Rachel?" caressed her ears.
Rachel's eyes opened and she sat up to see Quinn standing in her doorway.
Her long blonde hair was tousled onto one side and she was wringing her hands. There was an adorably distressed look on Quinn's face and Rachel noted her baby blue pajama set.
Rachel furrowed her eyebrows, despite the fluttering in her chest. "Quinn? Is there something wrong?"
Quinn lowered her eyes, nervously, "No...well…y-yes..."
Rachel scooted from underneath the covers and stood but Quinn halted her.
" don't have to get out of bed for me if you were sleeping-"
"I wasn't sleeping." Rachel reassured.
"Well you probably would have been had I not barged in here...I'm…I’m sorry. You know what? It's alright...good night Rachel..."
Quinn turned to leave, but somehow Rachel managed to glide towards her and catch her arm. Quinn turned back around and Rachel smiled. "Quinn, stop. Just tell me what's bothering you."
Quinn gazed at Rachel, her hazel eyes harboring something that resembled...desperation.
"I...can't sleep."
Rachel nodded, pulling her hands away from Quinn and wrapping her arms around herself. "Me neither."
Quinn bit her lip and laughed a little. "I know I've been keeping you from your room a lot in the last week or so...and I'm sorry if it's frustrating you to be away from your own space."
Rachel shook her head, "No Quinn...I love being in your bed with you."
Quinn bit her lip, shifting from one foot to the next. "I love when you're there, Rachel..."
Rachel watched the inner battle within Quinn. Her eyes were shifting nervously, and it was obviously hard for her to get to the point.
", this has never happened to me before."
The words tumbled out of Quinn's mouth, and Rachel bit her lip, attempting to hide a smile. Despite the fact that they displayed Quinn's inner turmoil, the facial expressions Quinn made when she was trying to reveal something were cute.
Quinn smiled nervously before continuing. "I mean, I've never…I've never had anyone sleep in my bed, before. Charlotte and I were together for a year and she never stayed I'm new to this."
Rachel ignored the smug feeling inside of her at the fact that she was the only woman who had been in Quinn's bed.
"I get these feelings...when you're next to me, feelings of comfort. I feel safe, and I don't know why, but I love it."
Rachel's heart thudded loudly in her ears and she tried to remain calm at the words.
Quinn glanced around the room before staring deeply into Rachel's eyes.
"I've never felt these feelings with anyone else, just you." Quinn said, before she stepped forward and placed her hand on Rachel's cheek. "At first, I kept telling myself that it was just easier for you to stay instead of sending you away in the middle of the night. But the truth is, I wanted you there. And now...I don't think I can sleep without you."
Rachel's eyes widened. It was as if Quinn had read her thoughts. She wondered if it was a part of the connection they had.
Rachel's mouth fell open in surprise, "Quinn what are you-"
"I want you to sleep in my room from now on."
"You want me to sleep in y…your room?"
Quinn smiled, blushing with nervousness and wrapping her arm around Rachel's waist.
"I hate having to walk down a flight of steps to see you. I want to fall asleep next to you, and wake up next to you. Fuck Rachel...I can't sleep without you. It's like my body needs to feel you next to me."
Rachel licked her lips, trembling as a shudder slipped through her body at Quinn’s words. Quinn leaned forward and captured Rachel's lips in a hot kiss, her tongue attempting to help plead the case. Rachel sank into the embrace; her arms buried in soft blonde hair. A soft whimper slipped out of her thanks to the lack of physical contact she had suffered from.
Quinn pulled away and leaned her head against Rachel's.
"Move into my room. Stay with me."
Rachel was captivated by the way Quinn’s eyes had turned almost gold with passion. There was absolutely no escaping the heat in Quinn's gaze. It was obvious that this was a question she had never asked anyone.
A question she had never planned on asking anyone.
Rachel was reeling. Share a room with Quinn. For the rest of her time in the house, share a bed with Quinn.
Quinn smiled Rachel’s favorite smile. The smile that was so wide and genuine that Rachel could almost count every beautiful white tooth in Quinn’s mouth. It was one of those smiles that seemed completely foreign on Quinn’s face, simply because of how it reached her eyes. Quinn scooped Rachel up in a hug and laughed joyfully, and Rachel bit her lip, her body floating in sudden happiness.
"I thought you were gonna say no." Quinn said softly.
Rachel clutched Quinn tightly to her body.
"I couldn't say no to you if I wanted to, Quinn."
Quinn leaned back and kissed Rachel's nose.
"Let's go to bed."

"You didn't find anything did you?"
They were the first words that left Quinn's mouth when Charlotte appeared in her doorway the next day. Charlotte smiled, slowly flipping her red curls from her shoulder as she stalked towards Quinn’s desk.
"Now is that any way to greet your best friend?"
Quinn leaned back in her chair as Charlotte took a seat across from her. "No, but it is the way to greet my private investigator."
Charlotte folded her hands across her lap. "Lisa told me the meeting went well with Rachel," she said, blatantly changing the subject.
Quinn smiled, "Lisa's a damn good agent. Rachel's been auditioning a lot since they met."
"Only because she adores Rachel. Seriously, Lisa knew she was talented when she met her but apparently there's more to it. She loves her," Charlotte scoffed.
Quinn grinned. "Of course she does."
Charlotte raised an eyebrow, "I'm assuming by how hard your cheeks are stretching across your face that the changes you've implemented are helping?"
Quinn laughed, ducking her head down to cover her mouth discreetly.
She failed.
There was a bit of a glow on Quinn’s face. It was something that was immediately recognizable because it was so very unusual. Charlotte was staring at Quinn in a state of surprise; she had never seen Quinn look so happy.
"Quinn, you're holding out on me."
Quinn shook her head, composing her features enough to look at Charlotte. "I'm not. This meeting is not about Rachel, you know that." Charlotte knew that she wasn't going to get much more out of Quinn after that point.
Quinn's eyes were shining with hope.
"Did you find anything?"
Charlotte sighed. "Quinn, I tried. I always try."
Quinn slumped back into her chair. "Nothing. Not even an address," Charlotte said, defeated.
Charlotte's eyes gazed back at Quinn with pity. "I'm sorry Quinn. I promise I've been looking every day, especially this month because I know Thanksgiving is coming up's like she doesn't want to be contacted."
Quinn's eyes grew heavy with sadness. Her entire expression had morphed into something...lonely. Quinn rested her palms on her desk, and Charlotte glanced down to see her hands shaking.
Charlotte sighed. "I promise I'll keep looking Quinn, maybe next month-"
"No. Next month we won't have this meeting again. I don't want you wasting your time looking for someone who obviously doesn't want to be found. I'm done searching."
Charlotte swallowed sadly, "Quinn, don't do that."
Quinn stared at her with hard eyes. "It's over."
There was vulnerability shining through the wall Quinn was attempting to put up and Charlotte was put off by it. It seemed Rachel had changed something in the woman that Charlotte had come to know. Quinn blinked the expression away and cleared her throat before speaking.
"I do, however, need you to give me any additional information you have about Noah Puckerman and Santana Lopez."
Charlotte furrowed her eyebrows at the change of pace. "The detective and the construction worker? Rachel's two best friends?"
Quinn nodded, reaching for her glasses and pulling her drawer forward to retrieve the manila folder Charlotte had given her two months prior.
"All you have in this file is that Noah came from Lima and went to high school with her. Santana she met when she moved into her apartment. I need more."
Charlotte raised her eyebrows, "More? On the friends? Shouldn't you be asking for crazy ex information considering how cozy you two have become?"
Quinn rolled her eyes. "I'm not worried about exes, Charlie. Rachel has been talking about having dinner with them. Although she seems a little uneasy about it, I want to make sure when that happens that I'm prepared."
Charlotte scoffed, "Prepared for what? Quinn, you aren't going into battle. You're just having dinner."
Quinn shrugged. "I have a feeling it won't be just about dinner. I didn't exactly make a good impression the first time we met." Quinn said, causing Charlotte to laugh.
"Quinn, you think Noah and Santana are going to try to gang up on you for being only cordial to them the first time you met?"
Quinn chuckled, "No, but for fucking and collaring their friend, maybe so. Listen, I just want to make sure there's nothing for me to be concerned about. They're her friends and I want them to trust me. I don't want them to think that I can't keep her safe, and I know from the way they were looking at me, they don't think I can do that."
Charlotte looked at Quinn with understanding, albeit slightly incredulous. "Alright, I'll see what I can find to prepare you."
Quinn smiled glancing at her watch, before saying, "Thank you, now if you'll excuse me...I have to meet Rachel for a late lunch."
Charlotte stood grinning. "Yes. Lisa told me she had an audition today, a big one."
Quinn stepped around her desk with knowing eyes. "She did. It's for a revival they're about to start work shopping for Broadway." Charlotte followed Quinn to the door, her face full of mirth. She halted in the doorway, staring at Quinn for a moment.
Quinn stared back at her knowingly.
Charlotte smiled. "Nothing. I'll see you soon. Maybe we can talk more about Rachel, and the details of how she's managing to put a real smile on your face again."
Quinn blushed, grabbing her coat from the rack and shooing Charlotte out of the door.
"Shut up, Charlie."

Santana drummed her fingers on the edge of her desk impatiently, her cell phone pressed against her ear.
She was calling Rachel, again, and once again she was receiving her voicemail.
Santana and Noah had each been attempting to get in touch with their friend since that night at the burlesque club.
After the hasty way Quinn Fabray had approached their meeting, her fingers snapping at Rachel to leave with her, Noah lost his mind with worry.
Santana doesn't remember as much; she had gotten completely lost in Brittany's eyes the moment she laid eyes on her the first time. However, Puck ranted the rest of the night. His words were vicious, and tainted with concern.
Santana ignored him at first, defending Quinn and Rachel because she knew how much of an overbearing ass Puck could be when it came to his 'Jewish Princess'. All his talk of how he didn't trust Quinn, and how Rachel had looked so scared when she left had no effect on Santana.
That was, until Rachel started to miss their phone calls.
She either flat out didn't answer, or sent some vague message about how she was busy, or with Quinn.
It was really starting to piss Santana off. Brittany said that Rachel was probably having a lot of 'sexy times' with Quinn and was just too tired to answer.
Santana had other thoughts.
Her mind started to absorb Puck's theories and she wondered how much power Quinn Fabray had over Rachel. Santana didn't know much about this Dominant and submissive stuff, but the way Rachel's eyes lowered when Quinn spoke to her...the way she shivered when Quinn touched her, seemed so out of character.
A text came through and Santana glanced at it.
Sorry! I just left an audition and now Quinn and I are going to lunch! Call you later,  promise!
- Rachel
Santana sighed, before she suddenly got an idea.
She didn't know much about Quinn Fabray, but she could definitely find out. Santana figured a proper background check wouldn't hurt and she had some friends who could certainly help. She was a detective after all.
Santana stood, grabbing her coat off the back of her chair.
It was time to utilize that dinner invitation. Santana was sure Quinn wouldn't prevent Rachel from attending thanksgiving dinner.
"And if she isn't going to answer the phone, I'll just have to go over to that office and formally invite them."

Quinn and Rachel had taken an extended late lunch, and several hours later stepped off the elevator towards Quinn's office. Quinn stopped in front of Renee's desk, looking at her rather pointedly. "Renee', I have a few things to wrap up for the day before Rachel and I go home, so I'd prefer minimal interruption for the time being. We have plans, for later, and I don't want to be here all night."
Renee' smiled conspiratorially, "Of course Ms. Fabray, as far as most of the staff knows, you've already gone home for the day."
With that, Quinn led Rachel into her office, taking a seat behind her desk while preparing to tidy up some minor lose ends she'd been neglecting.
"Make yourself at home Rachel; I know you didn't really get a chance to look around the last time you were here."
Quinn's words, her tone, and the glint in her eye immediately sent a flush to Rachel's whole body, and her eyes fluttered closed as memories of getting intimately acquainted with the surface of Quinn's desk assaulted her brain.
Quinn knew the effect her words were having on Rachel, and it would be a lie to say that those same images weren't doing a number on herself as well.
While she knew the lack of playtime was becoming frustrating for both of them, she needed to work Rachel back into the playroom slowly, making sure they were both ready and that Rachel knew exactly what was expected of her. She would never allow a mistake like the one that happened the night of Rachel's performance to happen again.
Quinn was determined to be a better Dom for Rachel than she had ever been for any of her previous submissives. Quinn was slowly coming to accept that all of those arrangements, even to an extent Charlotte's, were for the most part simply contracts that would end with her seeking a new submissive.
While those agreements allowed both parties to fulfill their carnal desires, Quinn knew with all of her previous arrangements that she had never desired anything more from them at the end, outside of a possible friendship.
With Rachel; however, contract be damned, Quinn could no longer deny that something deeper was happening between them. In the past, Quinn had never given much thought to the terms and length of a contract. Quinn had never broken her own rules; and never allowed her submissives to kiss her, or sleep with her in her personal quarters.
On those rare occasions when she did have them accompany her in public, it was more as a personal escort or arm candy than as someone who was currently sharing her life or anything more than time in her playroom. Charlotte was the only exception, and even then it was clear they were ultimately friends, and sometimes lovers, but not ultimately what Quinn wanted or needed for a longer commitment.
In this instance, with Rachel, Quinn was starting to realize she wanted the ultimate commitment between them. She wanted Rachel bound to her without a contract, and was starting to see that legal document as a ticking time bomb waiting to explode at the end of 12 months.
No, she wasn't ready to offer Rachel her hand in marriage just yet, but she was beginning to foster a small hope, buried in the back of her mind, that perhaps there could be more for them at the end of that 12 months.
Quinn wasn't a fool, it was clear that Rachel would never find fulfillment in a standard, vanilla relationship with a man or a woman after this. But if Quinn didn't lay the proper groundwork now, who's to say that Rachel wouldn't find another Dominant at the end of their contract term; or even sooner if Quinn screwed up again?
Failure was simply not an option.
As the idea flashed through Quinn's mind briefly of Rachel giving her submission to any other Dom, a sharp inhalation of breath passed through Quinn’s lips, immediately catching Rachel's attention. Rachel had been aware of Quinn's intense scrutiny for the past few minutes, but as she caught the possessive fire flashing in Quinn's eyes, her breath hitched in the back of her throat.
"Quinn wha…"
Rachel suddenly felt like prey as Quinn rose from her chair and strode purposefully from behind her desk towards Rachel. Quinn reached out her right hand and pulled Rachel forcefully towards her by the back of her neck and crushed their lips together in a bruising kiss. Quinn slid her left hand around Rachel's waist and pulled their bodies flush together, eliciting a whimper from Rachel as Quinn slid her tongue deftly and forcefully into Rachel's mouth.
Quinn pulled back slightly catching Rachel's bottom lip between her teeth, and then slid her tongue down across Rachel's jaw, until she reached the juncture within her neck, biting down just below Rachel's earlobe, fiercely intent on marking what was hers. Rachel tilted her head back and moaned, giving Quinn full access, but just as her knees began to give way, Renee's voice rang through on the office intercom.
"I'm sorry Ms. Fabray, I know you didn't want to be disturbed, but your assistant James is on line one. He needs to speak to you immediately about some problems that have come up with the gala next week?"
Quinn stepped back and inhaled deeply, her irritation plain on her face. "Fine, put him through," Quinn replied in a clipped tone as she turned and strode behind her desk, snatching the phone from its receiver.
Rachel raised her eyebrow at Quinn, amused, before taking a look around the office. Quinn's desk was in the corner, and there was the glass conference table to her right. Rachel turned to her left and saw two couches facing each other with a table in between them, leaving the entire room practically empty.
Rachel furrowed her eyebrows and continued to stare; now taking in the walls, studying each painting as her eyes passed them.
Then suddenly, there weren't any more paintings.
There was no wall.
Instead, there was the view of the city, and it was the most beautiful thing Rachel had ever seen. It was so mesmerizing that it moved Rachel from her position in front of Quinn’s desk and she found herself drawn to the large window, completely in awe of the size. Rachel could see everything.
The sun was setting and left the water from the Hudson River visible, reflecting the pink hues crossing the sky, with some of the Manhattan skyline scattered among the buildings.
The signs of early evening cast a shadow on those buildings further back, which only served to highlight the bold vision of the Empire State building, making those buildings surrounding it sparkle in the glow of the sun.
Rachel leaned forward to stare at the streets, the people scurrying much like ants to get to wherever they were going. She could make out some that were standing, looking into the sky much like she was, enraptured by the complete beauty of New York City.
Rachel was mesmerized. She couldn't even blink, and soon her eyes begin to burn from being open so long. Rachel couldn't help herself. She had lived in this place for a while, yet she had never been so captured by its sheer elegance. Rachel only wished she had noticed this view before, so that she could cherish it the way Quinn probably did every single day she walked into her office.
Quinn stared intently at Rachel, as James spoke quickly to her about something.
Quinn was honestly listening to him at first, and then in the midst of the irrelevant conversation, Quinn had swiveled her chair around to see Rachel standing at her window.
That was how Quinn completely lost focus.
Quinn was utterly captivated by the sight of Rachel, standing with her hands pressed against the glass, appreciating the view.
Quinn was appreciating her view.
Gazing at Rachel caused Quinn's brain to grind to a halt. The lacy white dress that Rachel had chosen to wear clung to her body, highlighting contrasting outlines of black underneath. Quinn licked her suddenly dry lips at the thought of what those outlines could be.
The dress rode up a little as Rachel rose on the tip of her toes and leaned forward to peer down into the streets below. When that happened, Quinn suddenly noticed the garter belt attached to Rachel’s sheer black stockings. Quinn's eyes darkened and she struggled to listen to the questioning voice of her assistant on the other end. She managed an affirming, "Mmm hmm," while staring hungrily at the swell of Rachel's ass under the material of her dress.
Quinn crossed her legs, her pants becoming tighter as she drank Rachel in.
Rachel could feel eyes on her back as she continued to look out of the window. She bit her lip, listening to Quinn's uninterested responses to her chattering assistant.
She's watching me.
As the seconds ticked by, Rachel began to feel hot inside, and that part of her that yearned to submit to Quinn to hum inside of her. Rachel looked over her shoulder, her chocolate eyes low and teasing as she bit her bottom lip and Quinn tightened her grip on the phone. She licked her lips as Rachel swayed on her feet, causing her dress to ride up again, sinfully defining the curve of her ass. It was almost as if Rachel was wiggling her ass, inviting Quinn to come have a taste.
Quinn swallowed, "James, I'll call you back." She hung up the phone and silence engulfed the room as Rachel returned her eyes to the view, her heart racing. Quinn braced her hands against the arms of her chair; desire emanating from her and filling the room. She raked her eyes over Rachel's entire form.
"Such a beautiful sight."
The words caressed Rachel's ears and she felt her heart skip a beat, "It is very beautiful Quinn."
Quinn stood from her chair, walking toward the girl. "I wasn't talking about the view from the window."
Rachel swallowed audibly, Quinn's presence suddenly overwhelming her. Rachel could feel Quinn's breath on the back of her neck and suddenly found herself anticipating Quinn’s touch. Quinn raised her hand, gently bracing her palm against Rachel's shoulder, before dragging it towards the back of her neck.
"Although it is a gorgeous view of the city, it's not nearly as gorgeous as what's underneath this dress." Quinn's voice was husky as she swept Rachel's hair to the side, the tips of her fingers eliciting goose bumps on Rachel’s skin. Glancing towards the view of the skyline, Quinn smirked. Moving her lips softly against Rachel's neck, Quinn reached down to press her hands against the back of Rachel’s thigh.
Rachel gazed out of the window; hyper aware of the feeling of Quinn's lips barely pressing against her neck and the tips of her fingers against her thighs. Quinn glanced up and followed Rachel’s gaze out of the window.
"They seem very close don't they? Very defined."
Rachel's breath hitched as she felt Quinn's hands move up and down her thighs, tracing the straps of the garter, and pushing against the short hem of her dress, her hands sliding underneath.
Quinn smiled against Rachel's neck, lips ghosting hotly over her skin. Quinn’s eyes closed at the feeling of brushing her hands against the curve of Rachel's ass. "It almost seems as if you could just reach out and..."
Quinn cupped Rachel’s flesh, "Touch them."
Rachel gasped, flexing her fingers against the glass. Quinn nipped at Rachel’s neck, stealing a small moan from Rachel's lips. Quinn moved her hands with more purpose now, pushing the material of Rachel's dress up now towards her back, and revealing the lacy black panties clinging to her skin.
Rachel pressed her forehead against the window, her eyes closed, panting as the cool air whipped across her exposed backside. Quinn's hands softly moved against the sides of Rachel’s bra.
Quinn bit her lip, looking in the reflection at Rachel's eyes. They fluttered open, hazy with lust as Quinn gently caressed the sides of her breasts. Quinn raked her eyes down the sight of the muscles in Rachel’s back down towards her practically bare ass.
Moving closer and pressing against Rachel, Quinn moved her lips to her ear, "You were such a bad girl at that restaurant last week, Rachel."
Rachel whimpered as Quinn's hands suddenly pushed the cups of her bra up and kneaded her breasts. Rachel whined, instantly wet and aching for Quinn’s touch as Quinn swiftly backed up, letting the dress fall back over Rachel, and unzipped her pants. Quinn strode over to the armchair directly behind Rachel. Sitting down, she spread her legs, pulled out her cock and proceeded to stroke in plain view of the full window.
"Please Quinn…I'm sorry," Rachel whimpered out. "I've been trying, I just want…"
Rachel trailed off, whimpering desperately once she caught sight of Quinn in the reflection of the window. It was the most mouthwatering sight Rachel had ever laid eyes on: Quinn, watching Rachel, pulling and stroking her dick slowly.
Rachel's slick thighs trembled, and she tried to clear her mind and focus on speaking rather than how much her clit was throbbing at the way Quinn’s cock looked.
"Please what, Rachel? What do you want?"
Rachel licked her lips, staring hungrily at the way Quinn’s squeezed her cock softly. Quinn watched the girl with a curious expression, before following her gaze in the glare of the window. Quinn smirked.
"You want my cock?"
Rachel's breath caught in her throat, and as her body began humming familiarly, she almost choked in her excitement to get the words out. Suddenly Rachel became overcome with the desire to taste Quinn. Her dick was thick and hard with arousal and Rachel swallowed dryly.
Quinn pumped her hand quickly and pushed her hair out of her face with her free hand, "Turn around."
Rachel turned slowly, her legs wobbly. She resisted the urge to shove her hand down her panties at the sight of Quinn with her slacks unbuttoned and her cock erect. Rachel stared hungrily at Quinn, and Quinn almost came on the spot at how desperate Rachel's eyes looked. It was as if she was dying to have Quinn anywhere.
"You want to suck my cock?"
Rachel gushed at the words, her thighs shaking with the need to clench together. Rachel braced her hands at her sides, her fingers twitching. She nodded, the words dying in her throat as her eyes returned to the mesmerizing sight of Quinn.
"No, look at me." Quinn's voice was rough, and Rachel's eyes snapped back to Quinn's.
"Open your mouth and tell me what you want. You want to get on your knees and suck me dry? You want to take me into the back of your throat until you gag?"
Rachel moaned, the sound wanton and needy. "Please Quinn, I'm sorry…please let me touch you, let me…let me show you…"
Quinn bit her lip, her hand stilling. "You're not sorry, you haven't learned anything. You just want to wrap your pretty little mouth around my cock."
Rachel felt dizzy, her head becoming lighter as the words left Quinn's mouth. Rachel was truly sorry and she missed the feeling of Quinn everywhere. The thought of having Quinn in her mouth was delightful. At this point, Rachel would take anything.
"N-No! Quinn, I am…I am sorry…let me show you, please Quinn…please baby-"
The nickname slipped from Rachel's mouth before she could stop it and for a moment the air in the room changed. Rachel became still with a sudden fear that she had crossed a line, and wondered if Quinn was angry.
Quinn's eyes darkened and Rachel felt her pussy clench at the sight.
"Come here." She husked out and Rachel practically tripped over her feet in her haste to get to Quinn. Rachel fell to her knees in front of her, the movement so familiar it was practically an instinct at this point, and stared up at Quinn through heavy lidded eyes.
"Alright, show me how sorry you are, Rae."
Rachel her lips at the sight of Quinn’s thick cock. It was throbbing as Rachel lined up her mouth with the head. Rachel wrapped her little hand around the member, fingers unable to close around the girth, and Quinn gasped before clenching her jaw at the feeling.
Rachel was on fire, the feeling of Quinn in her palm intoxicating. It was as if Rachel was aware of how much control she could have over Quinn…yet all she wanted to do was please her. Rachel would do anything to have Quinn again.
Quinn faintly remembered that she should have been taking control of the situation, but there was something so...different about this Rachel. This Rachel had become so devoted to proving to Quinn that she could do better. She was begging for her forgiveness, for her attention.
It was creating a fog in Quinn's brain.
Rachel began to stroke, with confidence. She glanced between the hardness under her palm and the intense look within Quinn's eyes. Quinn was trying to ignore the pulsing desire within her, as Rachel moved her hand slowly. She was trying to judge by Quinn's reaction what was pleasing her.
"Forgive me…Quinn."
Quinn glanced at Rachel’s eyes at the words, the pure desperation and hunger becoming overwhelming. Then suddenly, Rachel began talking fluently. "I-I miss you, Quinn…don't you miss me? Don't you miss being inside of me?"
Rachel spoke the words softly, her hand grazing over the head of Quinn's dick, before sliding down the length and squeezing. The motion caused Quinn’s member to twitch in Rachel's hand.
"Fuck Rachel..."
"Because I miss your touch, I miss feeling all of you everywhere and I'm sorry...I'm so sorry. I'll do anything to have you i-inside of me again...forgive me."
Quinn stared into Rachel’s eyes, entranced by how determined she was with her pleading.
The words were cut off in a gasp, as suddenly Rachel wrapped her lips around Quinn’s dick. It caught Quinn off guard, having been so distracted by the words coming from Rachel’s mouth and the feeling of her hand that she didn't have time to give instruction on what Rachel was to do with her mouth.
Quinn looked down with wide eyes as Rachel slid her hand down Quinn's shaft, while her tongue swirled around the thick head, her mouth sucking gently at it.
Rachel released her with a quick 'pop', and licked her lips. "Forgive me, Quinn."
Quinn opened her mouth, and before she could even think aloud, Rachel dipped her head forward again and took even more of Quinn’s cock into her mouth, now bobbing her head expertly. Rachel was savoring it, completely caught up, seeing as it was the first time she'd had Quinn anywhere in days, and the first time she ever had Quinn in her mouth.
Although she'd never done this particular activity before, Rachel understood how good she needed to be for Quinn, she needed to be her good girl again, and she needed her forgiveness. It helped that the feeling of Quinn inside her mouth was incredible.
Quinn ran a hand through her hair, heating up at the feeling of Rachel's tongue swirling unabashedly around her. Rachel slid her lips further down Quinn's erect dick, taking more of it in her mouth as she went, now gripping Quinn's calves. Quinn moaned, gazing at Rachel in amazement as she sucked her with fervor.
Quinn couldn't find words.
She was rendered absolutely speechless at the way Rachel was eagerly gripping her, cheeks hollowed as she lathered her tongue along the underside of her dick with each bob of her head.
Quinn was stunned as one of Rachel's hands moved back to stroke the base of her cock while she worked the rest of Quinn into her mouth.
Then Rachel opened her eyes and while gazing darkly at Quinn, her deep brown pupils dilated with lust, she removed her hand and pushed her mouth all the way down to allow the head of Quinn's cock to touch the back of her throat.
"Jesus fucking Christ! Rae..."
Quinn's eyes rolled to the back of her head, one of her hands gripping Rachel's hair desperately, as she tried to resist the urge to spill herself into Rachel's mouth.
Rachel sucked harder, moving her hand to fondle Quinn's balls. She was completely content with the feeling of Quinn prodding the back of her throat with every nod of her head.
Quinn was biting her lip to keep from crying out at the feeling, and she stared at Rachel with disbelief.
Rachel never gagged.
The challenging look in Rachel's eyes as she stared up at Quinn, swallowing around her cock, caused Quinn's entire body to tremble in pleasure. Rachel's nose touched Quinn's pelvis as she steady puffs of air left her nostrils, her eyes unmoving from Quinn's gaze, her hands now squeezing at Quinn’s sack.
"Shit,'re so fucking good at this. H-How are you so good at this?"
Quinn gripped Rachel's hair tightly, and Rachel moaned at the pain, signs of her own arousal dripping further down her legs. The sound vibrated around Quinn's shaft and she sucked in a harsh breath of air, the head of her dick twitching violently against Rachel's throat.
"'re such a slut for my cock, Rachel."
Quinn thrust her hips up into Rachel's mouth and Rachel moaned again, clenching her thighs together to provide some type of friction to her throbbing clit.
Quinn suddenly pulled Rachel from her dick. Breathing heavily she husked out, "You know, only good girls are allowed to put their mouths on me."
Rachel licked her lips, her body pulsating with desire. Already missing the feeling of Quinn inside of her mouth, Rachel leaned forward, her tongue out and aiming for Quinn’s cock, but Quinn yanked her backwards, fist tightened in the silky brown locks.
"No. I'm not finished. You have not been a good girl Rachel. You need to learn your manners before I forgive you. You need to learn that only good respectful girls get to have me."
Quinn smirked at the irony of the statement. Rachel wasn't proving herself to be a very respectful girl kneeling in Quinn's office sucking her off.
"P-Please…I'll do anything, Quinn…please-"
"You want me to forgive you?"
"Yes, I'll do anything...please...let me make you feel good, Quinn..."
Quinn closed her eyes at the words, feeling herself slip, before she regained a sense of control quickly.
"Rachel, when you behave badly, you don't get to suck my cock and make it all better. I get to fuck your mouth until I feel better."
Rachel moaned loudly. "Fuck…anything you want Quinn..."
Quinn growled.
Quinn pulled Rachel’s mouth down onto her dick, Rachel receiving her eagerly. Quinn sighed at the feeling of her dick prodding the back of Rachel’s throat again, before she pulled out and thrust past Rachel’s lips again.
Rachel moaned, the feeling of Quinn's cock pressing against her throat much like the way it would slam against her cervix, mind-blowing.
Rachel never thought she'd enjoy this part of sex, but she did. She loved having Quinn this way, in her mouth moaning, and ultimately at Rachel’s mercy. More importantly, Rachel loved pleasing Quinn.
Swallowing around her again, Rachel reached forward and gripped Quinn's thighs.
Quinn reached down and pulled Rachel's hands off.
"Put your hands b…behind your back, Rae."
Quinn ignored way her voice trembled as she spoke and suddenly began a relentless pace, thrusting into Rachel's mouth just as hard and fast as she would her pussy. Rachel gazed up at Quinn hungrily, taking her cock with greed, her eyelashes fluttering as she stared up at Quinn.
Quinn never took her eyes off of Rachel, watching her pupils dilate, eyes watering as her cock disappeared into her mouth harshly.
"Oh my God, Rachel. It feels so g-good to claim your mouth...fuck, I wish you could see yourself, willingly taking every inch of my cock into your throat."
Rachel moaned, and as Quinn thrust particularly hard, finally choked a little bit on her length. Quinn pulled out slowly, allowing Rachel's lips to slide against the smooth skin of her dick, almost losing her mind at the feeling.
When Quinn pulled her cock completely from Rachel's mouth, she watched a long trail of spit come with it. And then, Rachel licked her wet lips.
"More..." Rachel croaked out in a rough voice.
Quinn moaned, shivering at the sound, and Rachel took advantage of the momentary distraction. Rachel took Quinn deep into her mouth again, swallowing harshly around her cock and humming.
"Oh! Fuck, fuck, fuck” Quinn called out frantically. Rachel pulled off of her dick before sliding Quinn back into her mouth. Rachel hummed louder, concentrating on the song she had started up around Quinn’s cock. The vibrations from the sound sent shock-waves throughout Quinn's body.
"Oh fuck, R-Rae...Rae, right there!"
Rachel looked up at Quinn determinedly while sucking harshly on her dick, still humming her song passionately. Quinn gripped Rachel’s hair tightly as her body neared the brink orgasm.
"Just…just like that baby...yes..."
It was the first time Rachel had seen Quinn in an almost incoherent state. Rachel wanted more of it. Rachel wanted to see Quinn absolutely lose her mind in ecstasy.
So Rachel hummed louder.
The song reached an intense point and despite her erotic haze, Quinn recognized it.
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.
Rachel scraped her teeth along the length as she swallowed around Quinn's dick, nuzzling her nose into Quinn's pubic bone.
With the combined feeling of Rachel’s teeth and her throat enclosing around her cock, Quinn's release crept up on her. Before Quinn knew it, she was throwing her head back as her body convulsed and she filled Rachel's mouth with her essence.
Rachel closed her eyes in ecstasy as soon as the taste of Quinn hit her tongue.
It was unbelievable.
Rachel couldn't help but moan as the liquid flooded her mouth, Quinn's taste a combination of sweet and tangy. It was thick and full, and Rachel drank it with desperation. Rachel opened her eyes suddenly; she never had the advantage of focusing solely on Quinn’s orgasm and she didn’t want to miss that visual.
It was the most mesmerizing thing Rachel had ever witnessed.
Rachel was in awe of the insurmountable beauty in Quinn as she came undone in front of her. Quinn was like Aphrodite in her prime during her climax. Her head was thrown back and her thighs shook around Rachel, one hand clenched tightly in Rachel's hair and the other holding her throat as if she could prevent the gasping moans from escaping.
Rachel never wanted it to end.
Rachel finally moved her hands from behind her back and reached underneath Quinn's thighs, holding her tightly as she continued to suck Quinn, prompting the most desperate noises from Quinn’s throat.
"Jesus...Rachel...oh my god…fuck!"
Quinn slammed her hand down on arm of the chair repeatedly, sitting up and squirming in the chair as she grit her teeth and clenched her jaw. Quinn’s balls tightened to the point of pain as endless amounts of her seed continued to empty down Rachel's throat.
Quinn was having multiple orgasms, stopping only for a few seconds to gasp, only to start all over again.
Rachel relaxed her throat, resting her head against Quinn's hip. She sucked Quinn's cock with concentration, the copious amounts of her essence sliding down Rachel's throat smoothly, like honey.
The sound of Rachel's satisfaction ripped Quinn apart further as she let out a cry of anguish, the vein in her neck pulsing as she thrust into Rachel's mouth randomly. Quinn's seed was coming in spurts now, irregularly, and suddenly Rachel grew nervous at the prospect of not being able to swallow it all. She was determined to get every bit of Quinn into her mouth.
Rachel pulled Quinn closer by her thighs, and sucked Quinn’s cock so hard that she actually pulled the meat forward from the force. Quinn stared down at Rachel, her eyes wide and her mouth open as she crashed into another climax.
Quinn was on the verge of screaming. It was as if Rachel was on a mission to drain every last drop of cum from her body.
Rachel glanced up, her eyes sparkling with tears and her nostrils taking in a startling amount of air.
She wanted Quinn to completely come apart, over and over again.
Rachel watched as Quinn quivered, keening as she tried to fight off another wave of ecstasy. Her hazel eyes were burning, loud cries emptying from her throat. Quinn lost her battle and jerked violently, streaming her seed into Rachel's throat. Rachel wanted everything...every single thing Quinn was going to give her, so she sucked and swallowed, until it finally happened.
"Ungh…Rae, please, please! N-No…no more, oh f-fuck I can't…can't…oh!"
Quinn forgot who she was.
Quinn suddenly screamed, the sound raw and shrill, as Rachel took her all the way to the back of her throat, before pulling back. Rachel used her hand to aim the head of Quinn's dick at her open mouth as the hot white liquid shot out quick, on Rachel’s tongue and down her throat.
Quinn saw white, blinding white, and then an array of colors as Rachel gripped her dick, watching her fall apart again in a mess of incoherent tears, and wild moaning.
It was beautiful.
The air was suffocating, hot with the sound of Quinn crashing into her release intensely. Rachel swallowed the cum, Quinn's dick twitching in her hand and aiming some of her excess release at Rachel’s chin.
Rachel didn't even notice.
"Quinn...fuck you taste so good..."
Rachel lowered her head again, suckling the last of Quinn from the head of her thick cock. Quinn still moaned incoherently, before shuddering as she emptied the last of herself into Rachel's mouth.
Quinn let her head droop, her eyes heavy as she drank in the sight of Rachel. Some of Quinn’s seed dribbled down Rachel’s chin as she drank her until finally there was no more left.
Quinn watched Rachel move her hands and sat back on her heels. Rachel carefully released Quinn's length, now glistening from nestling in her wet mouth for so long.
Quinn watched as Rachel stared at her with tearful orbs, lips glistening from her cum.
Quinn's chest was heavy, her heart clenching sporadically at some unfamiliar feeling that made her chest ache. Her adrenaline was racing, from the powerful essence of her ecstasy, and from something else.
Quinn pulled herself upright and reached up to touch the wet tracks on her cheeks.
Her orgasm had been that powerful.
Powerful enough to offset her role as Rachel's Dom, powerful enough to reduce her to a mess of screaming and tears.
Wiping her eyes, Quinn willed her racing heart to slow. As she stared at the hopeful yet somewhat astonished expression on Rachel's face, she shifted a neutral mask into place over her own features.
Quinn needed to wrest back control and she needed to do it now, or all of her promises to be a better Dom for Rachel were for nothing.
That wasn't the easiest task for Quinn to complete as she stared at Rachel. The girl rested on her knees, Quinn's cum dripping down her chin lewdly, her collar shining around her neck proudly. Rachel darted her tongue out to catch the liquid, resisting the urge to moan at the taste.
Clearly, she would have to test Rachel's talents in a more controlled setting in the future. She had allowed the knowledge that Rachel was inexperienced to inform their interactions, and discounted the girl's latent, natural sexual ability. She would not make that mistake again.
Rachel's expression was becoming more frantic by the second, her eyes darting everywhere but at Quinn, her hands twisting in desperation; she needed Quinn to move.
Rachel's eyes tentatively sought out Quinn's, the desperation in her features crumbling to tears. Quinn sensed Rachel devolving right in front of her eyes and moved to get control.
The tone sent shivers down Rachel's spine, yet calmed her immediately.
"It seems I've underestimated just how talented that mouth really is.” Rachel blushed and Quinn licked her lips. “However, I have other plans for you and your beautiful mouth this afternoon. Stand up and face the window with your hands on the glass, please.”
Quinn's tone was soft but brooked no argument. She studied Rachel's reaction carefully, pleased to see Rachel pull herself together, wipe her tears, and rise to her feet. Rachel's expression still looked desperate, but in a whole new way as she turned and crossed the small space to stand back in front of the window, pressing her hands firmly against the glass.
Quinn flicked on the banker's light on the end table adjoining the armchair, and not until Rachel's eyes were back facing a quickly darkening city skyline did Quinn rise from her chair.
Quinn shook off her heels, adjusted her loose pants around her hips and took in the view.
The soft glow from the lamp illuminated both Rachel and her reflection, staring at Quinn desperately. Quinn held Rachel’s gaze, a predatory glint in her eyes. Walking forward, Quinn slowly unbuttoned her blouse and allowed it to hang open, revealing a black lace bra. Now directly behind Rachel, Quinn smirked, noticing the way Rachel’s eyes grew dark with lust at the sight of Quinn’s reflection in the window.
"Quinn please, I…"
Quinn leaned reached around Rachel, pressing a finger to her lips, stopping the torrent of apologies she was sure were about to issue from that talented mouth. Quinn pressed her chest tightly to Rachel's back.
"No Rachel. You keep your hands on the glass, and you don't speak or move unless I tell you to, do you understand?"
Rachel nodded quickly, the adrenaline of both panic and desire coursing through her veins.
"Use your words Rachel. "
"I understand Quinn, but…"
That finger was back at her lips again. "Use that mouth to tell me what you need me to do to you, to tell me how it makes you feel. You can beg, moan, and plead for me to let you come, but you will not apologize. I'm pretty sure you aren't the least bit sorry for what you just did. And you shouldn't be. I've already told you that you are not to blame when I lose control."
Quinn slipped her finger past Rachel's plump lips, smiling as the girl gasped. "Suck."
Rachel closed her lips around Quinn's finger, eyes darkening hungrily in the window's reflection as she complied with Quinn's request. The feeling of Rachel's tongue around her finger caused Quinn's dick to twitch against the material of her underwear, and she hummed with approval before pulling her hand away.
Quinn chuckled darkly, "Man oh man, are you going to come tonight Rachel. As a matter of fact, you are going to come so many fucking times that by the time I'm done with you? You won't even be sure what you're begging for anymore – for more, for less, faster, slower, harder, to come again, or because you've had enough." Quinn's words caressed Rachel's ears firmly, like a promise. It caused Rachel's body to heat up with desire.
"You will only get to come when I let you, and you will only stop when I tell you you've had enough."
Rachel bit her lip at the words, her body thrumming with need. "Y-Yes...Quinn."
That wry smirk was on Quinn's lips again as she slid her palms down Rachel's sides, over her ass, and skimmed her fingertips down the back of Rachel's thighs, coming to rest on the hem of Rachel's dress.
Rachel gasped as she felt Quinn's fingertips slowly sliding the hem of her dress up her thighs, over her ass, and then up her back and over her shoulders. Quinn left the material of Rachel’s dress covering Rachel’s eyes as she stood back and admired the trembling flesh in front of her, marveling that it was all hers.
Quinn’s gaze swept over Rachel, from the similar black lace bra, across the firm muscles of her back, down to the black lace panties that barely concealed Rachel's ass. Rachel’s legs seemed to go on forever, tan and smooth underneath the garter and stockings. Finally, Quinn’s eyes landed on Rachel’s feet, arched and high up in her black pumps.
Quinn pressed herself firmly against Rachel's back again, her fingertips skimming lightly across Rachel's abdomen, as she moved her hands up until her palms closed over Rachel's breasts once more. Rachel whimpered as Quinn pressed her pelvis into Rachel's ass, her eyebrow arching and a smirk settling on her mouth as she felt her cock harden at Rachel's response.
Apparently she would not be limited in the ways in which she could satisfy Rachel for the rest of the afternoon. That knowledge boosted her self-confidence and sense of control. Quinn reached up and yanked Rachel's dress all the way off, eliciting a sharp gasp from Rachel's lips. Quinn pressed her firmly back against the window and began to tease Rachel's left nipple with her fingertips, reaching her own right hand down into her shorts to stroke her cock.
Quinn whispered firmly in Rachel's ear, "Bend over for me, spread your legs as wide as you can, and use that mouth to tell me what you need. Open your eyes, keep them on me, and don't move your hands. Now, Rachel."
Rachel's eyes instantly found Quinn's in the reflection of the window. There was just enough illumination from the buildings outside and the lamp inside that Rachel could see everything in the room behind her reflected back at her. Rachel was only barely containing herself, her skin on fire everywhere it made contact with Quinn's, Quinn's words and the promise they held literally making her insides quake.
Rachel quickly bent at the waste as far as she could go without smashing her head on the window, bracing her upper body weight on her arms. She spread her feet as wide as she could, opening her thighs for Quinn, and moaning as she felt Quinn moving with her.
Rachel wasn't entirely sure how her legs were still holding her up, but when Quinn's right hand found its way out of her shorts and slid over the skin of Rachel's ass, fingering the lacy hem of her panties, Rachel’s mind was suddenly assaulted by the images of being bent over a bathroom sink, at Quinn’s mercy. And any control Rachel had over her own mouth snapped.
"Quinn…please, I-I need…since that night at the restaurant….can I…please let me…" and Rachel's words suddenly trailed off in a gasp as Quinn began palming her ass cheek firmly.
Quinn's eyes were dark, her mind instantly transported back to that bathroom at Del Posto as well. "You liked what we did in the bathroom, didn't you Rachel? What did you like more, when I spanked you, or when I pushed your leg up onto the sink and fucked your pussy?"
Rachel's reply came out in a long wail as she struggled to remain still, "Y-es!"
Quinn laughed at the reply, "Words Rachel, be specific."
The low vibration of Quinn's voice was completely dismantling Rachel from the inside out.
As Quinn's fingers teased and twisted Rachel’s nipples, Quinn slid her right hand into the back of Rachel's panties and groaned when she felt the sopping mess she'd made of Rachel's underwear. Rachel's breath hitched in the back of her throat with every stroke of Quinn's palm over her ass cheeks, now wet with her arousal.
"Fuck, you're so wet right now Rachel. I know you feel like you're going to die if you don't come right this minute, but trust me when I say that I am going to violate you six ways from Sunday before I get anywhere close to letting you come. And I'm going to make you beg for everysinglething I do to you."
Quinn's words sent a jolt straight to Rachel's clit, and she could not help the strangled sob that fell from her lips.
"I'm not going to tease you to punish you, your punishment is over. But I want to know you inside and out. I want to test all of your boundaries. It's my job to know how much you can take, and take you right to the limit and no further, and you can trust, I will take you to that limit. Now Use. Your. Words. Or I'm going to stop moving my hand," she practically growled in Rachel's ear.
Panic shot through Rachel and she cried out, "Fuck Quinn…please…take off my…my panties and spank me..."
Quinn licked her lips at the words, before cooing in Rachel's ear, "Mmm, good girl, Rachel."
Quinn pulled her hand out of Rachel's underwear and reached down the flick off the straps from the garters on Rachel's thighs. She pulled Rachel upright with her left arm, allowing Rachel to re-position her legs as Quinn dropped to her knees behind her and slid Rachel's panties down her thighs and off, leaving the garter straps hanging from Rachel's stockings.
Quinn was beginning to stand, when she became distracted by the sight of Rachel's sex glistening in front of her, giving off a heady, sweet scent, and dripping moisture down the inside of Rachel’s thighs.
Quinn wasn't even aware of her control slipping, but one moment she was staring at Rachel's ass, her hands almost painfully digging into Rachel's thighs, and the next she was moving forward, her hands sliding up to spread the lips of Rachel's sex in front of her.
Quinn slipped her tongue forward, swirling it over Rachel's clit before dragging it slowly back through her folds, flicking it lightly at her entrance, and then dragging it all the way back, swiping between Rachel's ass cheeks before lifting away. Quinn was intoxicated. She began to move forward again when the sound of Rachel's keening voice broke the fog in Quinn's brain; however, and Quinn backed away slightly, gripping Rachel's thighs in front of herself as she rose back to her feet.
Rachel's protest died on her lips when she caught Quinn's reflection in the window. Rachel's moisture was all over Quinn’s mouth, and her eyes were nearly black with desire, her fingertips digging into the backs of Rachel's thighs. Rachel tried to calm down, slow her breathing, stop thinking, and stop trying to control something she couldn't.
Even if she found the words to vocalize what she wanted, it was still going to come on Quinn's terms.
Tell her what you want.
Rachel captured Quinn's gaze in the reflection.
"Quinn please…I want – I want more." Rachel blushed at her own words, but continued to plead, "I don't know…how…I just want to come so badly. You know what I need…I don't know how to say it, I can't say it…fuck Quinn…"
Rachel trailed off in a sob, her words desperate. She was slowly losing her mind, consumed by the desire raging in her veins. She knew what she wanted to say, but she was too overwhelmed to articulate it.
Rachel's eyes darkened as she stared at Quinn's in desperation, "Please…give me the words."
Quinn's body ached at the request, and although her gaze softened slightly, her eyes were ablaze. Quinn pressed forward and murmured in Rachel's ear.
"Quinn, please bend me over and spank my ass…I need it."
Quinn watched Rachel's eyes become heavy upon hearing the words, and she wondered if Rachel would be able to repeat them.
Rachel licked her lips, drowning in Quinn's gaze, and she repeated,
"Q…Quinn…please, bend me over and…spank my ass…I need it."
Quinn growled at the words and kicked Rachel's feet apart. Running her hands over her bare flesh, she relished in the shiver that shot through Rachel's body. Pressing her face against Rachel's, Quinn licked the shell of her ear. "Who does this ass belong to, Rae?"
Rachel moaned, "It's yours Quinn."
Without further preamble, Quinn brought her hand down firmly once, twice and then a third time swiftly on Rachel's ass, slowing as Rachel moaned.
"Quinn…fuck…don't stop…please don't stop…harder, please," she wailed. Quinn locked her jaw, relishing in the sounds of Rachel's desire.
"Fuck yes, that's a good girl, tell me what you want." Quinn didn't raise her voice, but her authoritative tone left Rachel trembling.
Quinn slowly worked to unravel Rachel as the minutes slipped by, beating her ass hard, moving from one cheek to the other. She alternated her strokes until Rachel had no idea when or where the next flash of pain was coming from. Rachel was sobbing and shaking, and no longer sure how her legs were supporting her weight. Also, her ass was on fire. After the hardest stroke yet, Rachel cried out, "Quinn wait! I…I, shit it's too much, I don't think I can..."
Quinn slapped Rachel’s pussy, pressing her fingers against Rachel's clit. Rachel cried out at the contact, the walls of her pussy sopping wet from the lack of friction at this point.
"Jesus fucking Christ Rachel, you're soaked. Tell me what you fingers buried in your pussy, my tongue…my cock? Shit, I haven't even started fucking you yet and you can barely stand."
"Yes…" Rachel wailed, "I want all of it Quinn…fuck…give me everything. Your fingers, your cock…I just want to come, please let me come baby…please, please, please!"
Rachel was a sobbing mess, tears sliding down her face and her breath hitching in the back of her throat. Quinn yanked Rachel's bra off, leaving her naked aside from her stockings and pumps, and began twisting and pinching her nipples between her fingers. She was overcome with desire for the woman in front of her.
"I'm gonna fuck you in front of the whole city Rachel…I'm going to make you come apart where anyone can see you."
Quinn seized the back of Rachel's hair and yanked her head back, "Eyes up and watch Rachel…" and then suddenly Quinn plunged three fingers deep into Rachel's pussy.
"Fuck! Oh god, oh god, oh god…please don't stop Quinn…please!"
Rachel's eyes were wide, Quinn's fingers sliding inside of her with delicious friction. She moaned Quinn's name loudly, shaking with pleasure, her hands flexing against the glass as her walls clenched around Quinn's hand. Rachel's body was in a state of desperation, her body perpetually on the edge of orgasm. Yet, every time Rachel was close, Quinn slowed down. When Rachel seemed to calm slightly and regain control of her sanity Quinn increased her pace, taking her right back to the edge over and over again and then backing away, until Quinn was no longer sure how much longer either of them were going to hold out.
Quinn pulled her hand out of Rachel, and Rachel nearly cried as she tried to push back desperately onto Quinn's hand.
"No, tell me what you fucking want Rachel, show me how good you can be," Quinn tightened her hold on Rachel’s hair and pressed a kiss to her temple. "I promise I'll let you come, Rae."
I can be good.
At the soft words, Rachel relaxed slightly, and pressing her forehead against the glass, she placed her hands behind her back, spread her legs as wide as she could, and whispered, "I just want to please you, Quinn."
"Oh fuck Rae, you are so beautiful," Quinn murmured, and then, taking her cock into her hand, she pushed it swiftly into Rachel's entrance.
Rachel's eyes grew heavy at the feeling of Quinn's cock buried inside of her. Quinn gasped at the feeling of Rachel's walls clenching tightly around her. It felt so tight that Quinn wasn’t sure she'd be able to move in Rachel’s wet channel.
Rachel was moaning incoherently, lost in the feeling of Quinn filling her up. It felt as if her dick was everywhere. Rachel could feel the veins throbbing against her walls, the thick head pressed against her cervix.
"Oh fuck…fuck…Quinn please…"
Quinn closed her eyes at the feeling. Pressing her body tightly against Rachel's back, she reached for her arms and slammed them forward onto the window. Looking past Rachel's eyes, forced against the glass and desperately seeking Quinn's, Quinn looked down onto all the people in New York City below her.
"You want me to fuck you in front of the whole city, Rachel? You want them to see you giving your pussy to me like a filthy whore? Is that what you want?"
Rachel cried out as Quinn pressed herself deeper into her pussy.
"Fuck yes Quinn!"
Quinn bit Rachel’s shoulder, staring directly into her eyes. Rachel's head was fully turned now, the diamonds of her collar shimmering. Rachel pressed the side of her head against the window, and Quinn pressed her forehead against Rachel's.
"Say it."
Rachel's eyes darkened, somehow shining with challenge through her desperation. "I want you to fuck me in front of everyone Quinn. I want it. Please, Quinn, fuck me."
Quinn's resolve snapped and she pulled her cock all the way out of Rachel before slamming back into her. Rachel screamed and felt Quinn's hands tighten around her own as she began a relentless pace, fucking her with deep strokes.
"Yes Quinn! Yes, yes, yes!"
Rachel's voice was raw with passion, bouncing off of the walls in a way that Quinn had never heard before. It was as if Rachel's brain was only focused on Quinn's cock sliding deep within her, over and over again.
Quinn growled. "Fuck Rae…your pussy feels so good baby."
Rachel let out an anguished cry at the words, the feeling of Quinn being inside of her after so long pumping through her sharply.
"Mo-re, Quinn…fuck…more!"
Quinn let out a shout as Rachel's walls gripped her dick tightly. Quinn slid out and bent her knees before thrusting back in and slamming the head of her cock against the front wall of Rachel's pussy. Rachel threw her head back against Quinn's shoulder, her mouth open as she screamed in ecstasy.
Quinn bit her ear, "Everybody's watching us baby, watching me claim your pussy, and you know they wish they were me. They wish they owned such a sweet, tight pussy like yours. But they don't…and they never will. Your pussy is mine, isn't it?"
Rachel keened incoherently and Quinn reached down to spank the top of her sex, her palm stinging against Rachel's clit.
Rachel practically howled.
"Fuck, Quinn…Yes! It’s your pussy…"
Rachel was on fire, and she was close. Quinn knew that, purely because she knew how close she was herself. However, Quinn also knew that Rachel's body was trained. She wouldn't come unless Quinn came first, or if she was told to. Quinn thrust into Rachel, before slowing down. Quinn wanted Rachel to experience something absolutely beautiful.
That meant Quinn needed to give Rachel more.
Rachel's eyes widened and she became frantic as Quinn slowed to a stop. "Please! No Quinn…n-no…I can't…"
"Rachel, do you trust me?"
Quinn reached up and yanked Rachel's hair back again, leaning up to whisper in her ear.
"I want to try something. I know it's within your limits, but I also know there is a possibility you may safe word."
Rachel listened, her heart beating fast, pussy aching for Quinn's cock to fill her again. Quinn tightened her hold on Rachel's hair.
"One day I'm going to fuck your beautiful ass baby…and I want you to be ready for that."
Rachel panicked. She became impossibly even wetter at the thought of Quinn taking her there, but she knew that Quinn was so big. She knew it would hurt.
"Q…Quinn…fuck, I want that…b-but I don't know if…you're so big…"
Quinn smiled softly, "I know baby, I know how big I am.” She repeated herself, “Do you trust me, Rachel?"
Rachel caught her breath, fingers twitching against the glass before she nodded. "Of course, Quinn."
"Spread your ass cheeks and try to relax. I won't hurt you, Rachel, I promise… I just need you to try."
Rachel nodded slightly, and waited, willing her body to relax. Quinn placed her hands on Rachel's hips, pulling her back swiftly as she buried her cock in Rachel's pussy again and began to pump in earnest.
Within seconds Rachel was crying out again, and Quinn swirled the middle finger of her right hand into her mouth, making sure it was well lubricated. She moaned around her finger as Rachel's pussy began gripping her cock again, well on the way to an impending orgasm. Rachel moaned, holding her cheeks apart desperately, while taking Quinn all the way in to the hilt.
Quinn was so close to coming, and she knew Rachel was as well. "Shit, that's it baby, keep your ass spread and try to relax, push out against me."
As Quinn poised her finger against the puckered opening of Rachel's ass, the vision of Rachel’s perfect submission suddenly pushed Quinn over the edge. Sliding her finger into Rachel's tight ass, Quinn cried out.
"Fuck…now, Rachel! Come for me now!"
Stars exploded behind Rachel's eyes as she let out an almost inhuman scream that bounced off of every surface of Quinn's office.
It was an indescribable feeling.
Rachel's pussy captured Quinn's dick tightly, her walls fluttering and constricting as Quinn's cock and finger moved in tandem with one another. Rachel felt like she was exploding everywhere. The feeling of Quinn claiming her ass sent her body into overdrive, her orgasm crashing into her harder. Rachel slammed her hands against the glass desperately as her release seized her body.
"Yes! Fuck Quinn...fuck, fuck, fuck, Quinn...Yes!"
Quinn continued to thrust, Rachel's ass and pussy suffocating her in a way that sent her tumbling straight over the edge behind Rachel. Crying out, Quinn filled Rachel up with her cum. She relished in the cry of shock that wrecked through Rachel's body at the feeling. The feeling of Quinn's seed painting her insides and ultimately pushing her into a second hard orgasm.
Every nerve in Rachel’s body was tingling, the sensations passing through her ass and pussy combining with one another and leaving her in a fit of incoherence. Quinn wrapped her arm around Rachel’s waist, leaning over her as Rachel continued to milk cum from Quinn’s cock, her finger still buried knuckle deep in Rachel’s ass.
Rachel had never felt so filthy. It was deliciously satisfying in ways she'd never imagined. A soft smile took over her dazed face as Quinn continued to moan above her, still pumping streams of her seed inside of Rachel.
"Mmm Quinn, so full...everywhere...all yours..."
Quinn shivered all over at the declaration. Rachel wanted everything from her, she was willing to bend over and give Quinn her body, mind and soul.
Quinn caressed Rachel’s stomach, taking deep breaths as Rachel wined softly. Rachel’s pussy was clenching her cock softly, and Quinn reached up to cup Rachel’s cheek, before turning her head and pressing their lips together softly.
Rachel reached up and wrapped her arm around Quinn’s neck, sighing into the kiss and moaning softly as Quinn slipped her finger deeper inside of her ass. Rachel’s body was in a state of contentment. Quinn was inside of her; Quinn had allowed Rachel to serve her again.
"Miss! Miss you can't go in there, they're…"
The frantic voice of Renee combined with the sound of the double doors slamming against the wall pulled both Rachel and Quinn from their orgasm induced haze. Rachel gasped as Quinn backed away from her in shock, pulling her finger and length from Rachel, both of them turning to see Santana Lopez, standing with her arms crossed and a smirk placed firmly on her lips.
What The Fuck?
Santana licked her lips, "Calm your tits Ugly Betty, I think I have a pretty good idea of what they're doing."
Rachel glared at Santana, hiding behind Quinn who was buttoning her pants but making no moves to cover her chest, "Santana what the hell are you doing here?"
Santana smiled at her friend sweetly, taking some predatory steps towards her, "Well Rachel, I was just coming to see if Ms. Fabray had ideas on why it was becoming so difficult to get in touch with you…but now I know why you haven't been answering any of my calls."
Renee' blushed, averting her eyes from the naked couple and said in an apologetic voice. "Ms. Fabray, I'm so sorry…she just walked in and flashed her badge at me before I could stop her-"
Quinn held her hand up, tucking Rachel further behind her. She understood how embarrassing this moment had to be for Rachel. "It isn't your fault Renee', I can handle it from here."
Renee backed quickly out of the office and shut the door, muttering again about a raise, soundproofing and door locks.
Rachel swallowed, still glaring at Santana angrily. “Santana-“
Quinn turned to Rachel kissed her forehead, cutting her off. "Rae, if you don’t mind I would like to have a word with Santana? Why don’t you go and get cleaned up in the washroom…it’s right over there.”
Quinn smiled and Rachel noted how calm she seemed despite being half naked in front of a complete stranger. Rachel glanced at Santana who was staring at them impatiently and then back at Quinn.
As if reading her thoughts, Quinn cupped her cheek and pressed a soft kiss to her lips. “It’s gonna be fine. You just change and let me handle this, okay? Santana and I need to get to know each other a little better anyway,” Quinn said softly, turning to smile at Santana. Santana’s expression never changed.
Rachel glanced down at the floor and nodded her consent.
I trust you. 
Rachel looked up, locking eyes with Santana.
I trust the both of you.
Relenting her gaze and biting her lip, Rachel grabbed her things off the floor and turned to head for the safety of the washroom. Before she could fully get away, Quinn caught her arm and pulled Rachel flush against her body. Rachel gasped as Quinn tilted her head back and captured her lips in a searing kiss, pressing her bra-clad breasts against Rachel’s body. Flicking her tongue against Rachel’s, Quinn chuckled, before pulling away and kissing Rachel one last chaste time.
Rachel’s eyes were closed and her lips still moved, despite being detached from Quinn’s. Opening her glassy eyes, Rachel finally smiled. Quinn licked her lips, as if trying to savor the taste of Rachel’s tongue.
“I’ve got so many things planned for that beautiful body of yours, Rae.” She said huskily, running her finger down Rachel’s jaw gently, causing shivers to erupt throughout Rachel’s body.
Suddenly Rachel was breathless and she wasn’t even worried about being stark naked in front of her neighbor and best friend. Rachel was more concerned about the next moment she’d be able to have Quinn inside of her.
Tonight.” Quinn said softly.
Rachel smiled and nodded, some of her confidence returning as long as she didn't look at the perpetual smirk on Santana's face. She headed as quickly as she could on shaky legs to get dressed.
"And to think…I was so sure she wasn't returning my calls because you had tied her up in that castle in the country and were torturing her." Santana's antagonizing voice came as Quinn began to redress herself.
"I would say 'always a pleasure Santana', but in this case, I think the pleasure was all yours. I would offer you a drink but I have a feeling you won't be staying. Now how can I help you?"
"Well, well, well, someone gets a little crabby when they don't get enough pussy before dinner." Santana scoffed and Quinn smiled bemusedly, tucking her hands into the pockets of her pants, willing Santana to continue.
"I'm sorry to break up your little fuck session, Ms. Fabray, but Noah and I have been trying to reach Rachel since the show two weeks ago, and she's been blowing us off. We're getting together with Brittany for Thanksgiving dinner, and we didn't want Rachel to miss the tradition, unless you two have other plans that day."
Her voice was full of hostility and it only confirmed Quinn's suspicions about Puck and Santana's feelings towards her.
"So since, apparently, we're all asking you for permission for things now, would you mind escorting Rachel to dinner at her old apartment?" Santana snarked.
Quinn smiled at Santana's obvious jealousy and licked her lips. "Thanksgiving dinner sounds lovely. I'll make sure Rachel calls you, Santana."
Santana's eyes flashed. "You'll make sure she calls, huh? Just how will you do that, Christian Grey, by beating my poor friend into dialing my number?"
Quinn swept her gaze across the anger in Santana's features. "I think you should remember that your poor friend signed a contract willingly before you start getting upset with me for whatever you think I'm doing to her."
Santana stepped closer. "Hey! I'm not one of your little whores, so don't treat me like one, Fabray.”
Quinn smirked. “First off, I would watch what you say if I were you, Lopez. One of my whores is the very best friend that you barged into my office to defend. Second, I think it’s very flattering, but you could never belong to me, Santana, you know why?” Quinn leaned forward with her eyebrows raised. “Because you don't know how to stay in your place.
Santana growled, ready to strike at Quinn, before she tilted her head and trailed her eyes down Quinn's body with a smirk.
"So just out of curiosity, what exactly are you using to keep your whores in their place?"
Santana let her finger trail down Quinn's chest. "What is it that's swinging between those thighs, hmm? Because I don't think I've ever seen a strap on that looked that real."
Quinn felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end as Santana continued her trail with her finger, until she reached the waistband of Quinn’s pants.
"What are you hiding?"
Quinn caught her hand swiftly. "That is none of your business unless I have you tied up in my 'castle'; and that, Ms. Lopez, I can assure you won't be happening any time soon. You may see yourself out."
As Santana turned to leave, Quinn grabbed her wrist and stopped her. "Oh and just so we’re clear, if you ever attempt to intimidate any of my employees and barge into my office again, you'll be walking a beat patrol in Harlem for the rest of your law enforcement career. I have security for important reasons that do not involve simply pleasuring my submissive in my office, understand?"
Santana bristled at the implication that Rachel was nothing more than property, but taking in Quinn's steely gaze, she decided to let it go. She nodded, smirking at Quinn.
Snatching her hand back from Quinn's grip, Santana stalked out of the office. There was definitely something off about Quinn Fabray, and she was going to find out what it was.

Chapter Text

The first thing Rachel noticed was that the bed was empty.

Normally, when Rachel would roll over onto her stomach in the middle of the night, she'd become pressed up against Quinn's soft body. However tonight, Rachel's bare breasts only met the cool silk sheets of Quinn's bed.

No Quinn.

Blinking the sleep out of her eyes, Rachel sat up and glanced around the large room worriedly.

Sometimes in the middle of the night, Rachel could find Quinn reading on the plush couch. Her eyes would be red-rimmed and tired, and she'd smile and wearily tell Rachel to go back to sleep, but tonight she wasn't there either.

Rachel licked her lips, brushing her knuckles across her blurry vision in a haste to clear it.

Suddenly, a breeze drifted across her body and Rachel rubbed her arms, the sudden cold air further confusing her. Standing up and throwing on her silk robe, Rachel moved around the room and stumbled upon the double doors that led to the balcony.

They were open, which explained the breeze, and Rachel took a step through them, only to find herself facing the back of the very woman she was looking for.

Quinn was standing on the balcony, wearing her favorite silk blue pajamas (Rachel had seen her wear them multiple times during the past two weeks, so she concluded that they were Quinn's favorites). Quinn's left hand was gripping the balcony railing, not tightly because her knuckles remained earthy like the rest of her body, and in her other hand between her index and middle finger, she held a cigarette.

Initially, Rachel was confused. Quinn didn't seem as if she was the type of person to smoke, what with her usually calm demeanor...but once Rachel moved past all that, all she could focus on was how breathtaking the sight of Quinn was. 

Rachel had never condoned smoking in her entire life, but there was something so peaceful about the way Quinn looked. Even from the back, her body seemed visibly relaxed. Her shoulders weren't rigid like they sometimes could be while she read over paper work or spoke on the phone with her colleagues.

Because she seemed so at ease, Rachel found herself enamored by the way Quinn turned her head to the side and brought the cigarette to her lips slowly.

The end of the cigarette began to swell orange and Rachel's eyes trailed over the way the bone in Quinn's jaw became suddenly defined as she inhaled and then softly let the smoke drift from her mouth like a gentle fog.

It was an incredibly sexy sight, no matter how unhealthy it was and Rachel licked her lips, suddenly very much awake.

"See something you like?" Quinn's voice came, husky from the burn of tobacco in her lungs. Rachel jumped a little at being discovered, before clearing her throat.

"I haven't decided yet." Rachel answered, and Quinn smiled, ducking her head. Flicking the butt of the cigarette into an ashtray, Quinn turned around, crossing her arms over one another.

"Why aren't you asleep?" She asked, her eyes shining with mirth. Rachel licked her lips, her eyes flickering back and forth between Quinn's piercing gaze and the cigarette that dangled between her fingers.

"When…did you start smoking?" Rachel inquired, finally settling for making eye contact with Quinn, despite the way her insides hummed at the sight of the bold hazel eyes.

"You didn't answer my question." Quinn reasoned. Rachel tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

"You first." Rachel said defiantly, and Quinn laughed. She stared at Rachel's collar, sparkling around her neck underneath the moonlight.

Rachel looked adorable. Her eyes were a little hazy from the slumber she had been in, and Quinn wondered if Rachel woke up because Quinn wasn't there beside her. The thought of Rachel not being able to sleep properly without Quinn made her heart clench.

"Okay. I started smoking during my sophomore year of college," Quinn spoke; bringing the cigarette to her lips and taking a rather large puff, while her eyes remained locked on Rachel. "I found the courage to quit earlier this year and that was going well, until I ran into your beautiful little ass in that overpriced restaurant."

The smoke drifted from Quinn's smiling lips behind her words and Rachel felt moisture develop between her legs. Rachel also could have sworn her thighs quivered a bit.

Clearing her throat in an attempt to quell her sudden desire, Rachel mimicked Quinn's posture, folding her own arms across her chest. "So you're saying that…I'm the reason you started smoking again?" Rachel inquired, a soft smile taking over her features.

Quinn laughed, before tucking her bottom lip between her teeth as she leaned against the railing of the balcony, crossing her bare feet over one another.

"One could assume so. After that incompetent manager handed your name over, it was all I could do not to lose my mind at the thought of you. I smoked just to keep myself from going mad at the how sweet your name tasted on my lips."

Rachel wondered how Quinn managed to turn something so trivial, something so simple such as meeting Rachel in a restaurant into pure poetry.

Quinn used her index and middle finger, the very fingers that occasionally made a home within Rachel's folds, to bring the shrinking cigarette between her plump lips again.

Those lips seemed to swell around the cigarette and the sight caused Rachel to wet her own lips yet again. Her mind became foggy with the image of Quinn's mouth swelling around her clit and inhaling her scent the way she was inhaling the tobacco.

A bitter smell of smoke met her nostrils, startling Rachel from her fantasy, as Quinn's mouth formed an 'O', blowing rings of smoke in her direction.

"Now, your turn Rae. Why are you awake?" Quinn's voice demanded gently. Quinn had a way of doing that. Demanding something of Rachel in a voice that almost always contradicted her dominance.

Rachel reached up and scratched her neck, her eyes big and emotional and Quinn almost lost herself in them, the way she almost always did. Those eyes were Rachel's weapons, threatening to pool over and drown Quinn in their beauty and truth.

"I woke up and um, you weren't in bed. I thought you might be up, reading or doing work…but you weren't on the couch either." Rachel spoke almost shyly, taking a step towards Quinn. Rachel trailed her eyes down Quinn's form, noticing the way her free hand, folded over her elbow, scratched at the skin there. Quinn glanced at Rachel underneath her eyelashes, suddenly aware of how close their bodies were.

"Hmm. You missed me?" Quinn murmured and Rachel smiled softly, before nodding her head like a bashful schoolgirl. Quinn chuckled and turned towards the balcony, resting both her hands on the railing like she had before.

Rachel, suddenly cold now that Quinn's body wasn't so close to hers, moved to stand beside Quinn. Turning to face Quinn, Rachel leaned back against the balcony.

"I'm sorry I left the bed, Rae. I couldn't sleep. My thoughts were too loud." Quinn said softly. Rachel stared up at her longingly, the urge to reach out and caress Quinn's face almost unbearably strong.

It was obvious that Quinn was lost in thought, and had been for a while.

Ever since that day in the office where Quinn had both fucked Rachel deliciously and apparently accepted an invitation to having thanksgiving dinner with Rachel's friends via an incredibly nosy Santana, Quinn had been almost distant.

They of course shared many nights together, both in the playroom and doing mundane things such as watching a movie or having dinner, or at Rachel's request, simply listening to music. Quinn hadn't gone back on her word to open up to Rachel, she was doing the best she could, but there seemed to be something different bothering her. Something causing her to retreat into her thoughts.

It was clear that Quinn was stressing about something, and Rachel wondered what Santana might have said in that office to provoke this type of reaction from Quinn.

Rachel loved her friends dearly and she knew them well enough to gather that they had become worried about her after the tense meeting at the burlesque club. Rachel blamed herself for that. She had become so caught up the changes Quinn began implementing and the excitement of getting to know Quinn that she hadn't taken the time out to really speak to her friends.

However, there was a part of Rachel that wondered if she owed her friends anything. Rachel thought they might trust her, but the way Santana had barged into Quinn's office, disregarding any respect she might have had for their relationship, made Rachel think otherwise.

Besides the lingering situation with her meddling friends, Rachel suspected that Quinn might have been distant because of other more personal reasons as well.

Quinn hardly spoke of her family, besides the moments where she would mention her mother, if only in passing with a sad smile that would leave Rachel vibrating with the urge to somehow comfort her. However when it came to her father, it was as if Quinn refused to associate herself with memories of him.

Rachel never pushed, considering she only knew what Quinn had told her about her family and she didn't want to upset her in any way. However Rachel couldn't stop herself from wondering if it was the loss of Quinn's family that was causing her to become distant.

Either way, Rachel was deeply concerned. Rachel watched the way Quinn gazed out into the night sky and wondered what she could do to rid Quinn of these loud and unsettling thoughts and lead her back to bed.

Quinn stubbed the cigarette out completely and sighed in defeat, staring out at the night sky.

The sight of Quinn was so perfect; Rachel contemplated if she was even real, or just an enhanced creation from her vivid dreams.

Reaching up, Quinn pushed her blonde hair back and over her head, allowing her fingers to thread through her long locks before weaving her fingers away.

"My hair has never been this long before…"

The words were soft and random and they momentarily distracted Rachel from her mental sculpting of Quinn's beautiful features.

Rachel hadn't had the privilege of seeing, nor the ability to feel Quinn's fully naked body. So Rachel was content with taking every moment to memorize what features she did have the opportunity of seeing.

Rachel suddenly felt compelled to reassure Quinn that her hair was in fact, perfect, along with the rest of her when Quinn smirked.

"I always considered cutting it."

Quinn glanced over to Rachel, almost laughing at the way her eyes dilated in mild shock.

"Don't appear so surprised Rae." Quinn rasped, allowing a soft chuckle to escape her lips after all.

Rachel straightened her face, "Sorry. I just…you have such long, healthy, beautiful hair Quinn. Why would you want to get rid of that?"

Quinn shrugged, "You know I never understood everyone's fascination with the length of my hair. I remember thinking to myself, 'It's just hair. If I cut it, it'll just grow back…that's what it's supposed to do.'" She laughed and Rachel smiled. This woman didn't even understand the extent of her own beauty. Truthfully Quinn could shave her head and still be absolutely stunning.

Quinn shook her head, glancing down at the railing with which her hands were now tracing, "But my mother was absolutely infatuated with my hair, cutting it would have quite literally broken her heart and my father…" Quinn trailed off, her smile suddenly thinning into a line.

Rachel waited, understanding that Quinn very rarely talked about her father and that whatever memory Quinn was allowing herself to see was something very hard for her to speak about.

"My father was...he..."

Rachel hung on to the broken words, paralyzed in anticipation of Quinn continuing, but ready to reassure Quinn that everything was okay and that she didn't have to talk to her about her father if she didn't want to.

Rachel reached out, with the intention of placing her hand over Quinn's, but Quinn reached over and plucked another cigarette from the carton that sat beside her ashtray.

Rachel looked on in fascination as Quinn lit her cigarette, took a long drag, before puffing the smoke out quickly. Biting her bottom lip sharply, Quinn locked eyes with Rachel.

"My father told me that if I cut my hair I would look like a boy." She spat, and Rachel resisted the urge to recoil at the harsh way Quinn let the words drip from her lips. Rachel wondered if Quinn's father had said it to her that way, and Quinn was only reliving the memory.

Quinn turned her gaze back to the sky.

"I mean, I guess I understand. I already had a dick dangling between my thighs and he didn't want to lose the allusion of his perfect daughter anymore than he already had..."

Rachel watched Quinn's eyes pale in color, and tried to shake off the intense urge her body was producing that wanted to reach out and comfort Quinn.

For a moment they just stood there that way. Quinn, with one arm wrapped around her own waist protectively and the other resting on top of it at an angle, her wrist bent as another cigarette burned between her fingers. Rachel self-consciously picked at the belt on her silk robe, before glancing back at Quinn.

Quinn had to know that Rachel was perfectly content with standing there and allowing her to become absorbed by her inner thoughts for a moment. Rachel would do anything to make sure Quinn was okay, and if she needed a moment…Rachel was going to give her a moment.

Taking a deep breath, Quinn turned to Rachel and captured her gaze beneath her hazel eyes.

"You know Rae, I've always had this need to please people."

Rachel didn't try to hide her surprise at that statement. Considering how Quinn was the boss in every other aspect of her life, Rachel found it hard to believe that Quinn could be anything other than the woman who walked to a beat of her own drum; drifting above the masses and staring ahead while people fell over themselves to please her.

Rachel included.

Quinn smiled, "I figured I would get that reaction from you." She ducked her head and Rachel waited for her to continue. Quinn did.

"My mother was always concerned about me making decisions for myself, no matter how she felt about it. When it came time for me to go to school, she constantly questioned my decision to study business."

Rachel couldn't stop herself, "Why?"

"Because she studied business, and my father studied business, and she figured I was only doing it to please them. My dad did always speak of someone taking over the business when they were too old." Quinn's voice was small as she spoke and Rachel tried to imagine the pressure Quinn felt at such a young age.

"I did everything I could to assure my mother that I wanted to be in business and that it had nothing to do with she or my father, or the company." Quinn recalled. "She was wary up until the week I left for Yale, until I kissed her goodbye and told her how excited I was, and not to worry."

Quinn's focused shifted to the stars once more, "I lied to her."

Despite her confession, Quinn smiled, and spoke to the sky as if her mother was listening to the very conversation they were having. "I love business. I always will. But I really wasn't sure about going to school for that, I wasn't sure about it being my focus."

Rachel furrowed her eyebrows; "Quinn, your mother told you that she was fine with you choosing something other than business. As long as you were happy…why would you still go to into business if you weren't sure?" Rachel inquired softly and Quinn gazed at her.

"My mom died while I was knee deep in my sophomore year of business school."

Quinn stated boldly and Rachel's heart ached in sadness.

"I came home for Christmas break for the funeral. A couple hours after we buried her, I found out that my mother left every last thing she inherited from her parents to me. The company they had built, was now my company."

Quinn stared at the balcony railing, "My mom may have been alright with me choosing a different career choice, but in her heart…just like for some unknown reason she wanted me to keep my hair long, she wanted me to take over the business. I knew that."

Quinn gazed back at Rachel, her eyes filled with emotion. "I knew that would make her happy. So I lied to her. Because I wanted my mom to know that she could rest easy and leave our family's pride and joy to me. I wanted to make them proud."

Quinn bit her lip, "I didn't know I was gonna lose her so soon. But when we buried her, I knew that I had done the right thing. Even if she never asked for it. Even if…even if he never acknowledged it." Quinn whispered the last part and Rachel didn't have to think hard to know that Quinn was referring to her father.

Rachel bit her lip, wondering if Quinn's apparent desire to make someone proud, mainly her parents, is what led her to the BDSM lifestyle. Maybe she got tired of thinking of others after her parents death, and for once yearned for someone to think of her.

Quinn closed her eyes, and slipped the cigarette between her lips, taking a quick drag. Her chest rose slowly as she inhaled and Rachel wished more than anything that there was something she could say that would let Quinn know that she was there. That she cared for her.

Quinn inched closer to Rachel's body. "That day in the office after you left…Santana had some very choice words about our relationship."

I knew it.

Watching Rachel become angry was one of the most interesting things that Quinn had ever seen. Her eyes seemed to almost slant and her nostrils flared a bit. Her skin turned an adorable shade of red and Quinn couldn't help but smile at the way her body would suddenly become rigid, her posture straight.

"What did she say to you?" Rachel said, folding her arms across her chest.

Quinn shrugged, "Oh just how she and Noah believe that your lack of contact with them has something to do with me. Something along the lines of me tying you up in my dungeon, effectively preventing you from doing what you please."

Rachel shook her head. "I can't believe her! Noah I would expect this from, but Santana? She supported me when I brought the contract home, I cannot believe she would just barge into your office and began making accusations about something she has absolutely no idea about!" Rachel snapped, her eyes wild with anger. Quinn raised her eyebrows in amusement and bit her lip to keep from laughing.

Rachel placed her hands on her hips. "It's like they don't even respect my decision. I am an adult and I clearly wouldn't have done this if it weren't something that I wanted. God! Just because I've been busy all of a sudden I'm having my free will taken from me? That is bullshit-"

"Rachel." Quinn spoke firmly and Rachel ceased her ranting, at Quinn's tone. She took a deep breath. Quinn glanced at her body, still alight with agitation.

"I didn't mean to upset you. I just wanted to know what you think about the things your friends apparently have concluded about me."

Rachel looked at Quinn as if she was crazy. "What do I think? I think they're being absolutely ridiculous and overprotective."

Quinn glanced her knowingly. "They do care about you."

Rachel scoffed. "I know they do, and I care about them as well, but I can take care of myself, Quinn. I don't need Noah, Santana, or anybody for that matter, coming to my rescue anytime they think something is wrong."

"So you don't think that it may appear as if I'm controlling you?"

Rachel reared back and stared at Quinn confusedly. "Do you think it looks that way?"

"I asked you first." Quinn said defiantly, mocking Rachel's response from their earlier conversation. Letting a short laugh escape her, Rachel sighed in frustration.

"Quinn…you have explained to me countless times that I, as the submissive, have the control in this relationship. So ultimately, I am choosing the depths with which we take this, and I consciously made the decision to give the control up to you. In my head, yes you do control me. It does look that way; but only because I want it to look that way. This is what makes me happy." Rachel said softly, taking a step towards Quinn and placing her hand on her arm.

Quinn stared at her for a long time. "I know. But I can see how that would concern your friends…and I don't want them to think that I'm not taking care of you."

"Quinn, I love Noah and Santana dearly but I don't give a shit what they think! I know you're taking care of me. I know this, you know this, and that's all that matters…we are all that matter." Rachel snapped waving her hands and taking a step back from Quinn.

Quinn raised an eyebrow at the way Rachel was speaking and pointed a finger. "Watch your tone, Rae."

Rachel ran a frustrated hand through her hair. "I'm sorry, Quinn. I just don't understand why their approval is important to you."

Quinn reached for Rachel and pulled her against her body, her arm wrapped around her waist snugly.

"Because you are important to me." Quinn spoke softly and Rachel noted the way her eyes turned gold with passion as she gazed down at Rachel.

Rachel stared up at Quinn and felt the familiar way her heart began to race.


"No," Quinn placed a thumb against her lips to silence her. "It's my turn to speak. Rachel, you are important to me. I know you're happy, and I want nothing more than to keep you happy. However we both know that a deep part of that happiness is your friends, and I don't want to keep you from them, no matter how ignorant they are to our relationship."

Rachel went to speak, but when Quinn gave her a knowing look she shut her mouth quickly.

"I want them to understand that I am not treating you in any way that you don't want to be treated and that you are well taken care of here. They don't have to like me Rachel, but I need them to trust me with you."

Rachel sighed. A deep part of her now understood this sudden desire to please her friends as Quinn being protective of her, but also the inability to suppress the need to please others.

"May I speak now, Quinn?" Rachel asked softly, and Quinn nodded.

Reaching up, Rachel cupped Quinn's cheek. "You don't have to prove anything to them, Quinn. This is your life…this is…" Rachel glanced at her, "our relationship…and it doesn't matter if they trust you or not. As I long as I trust you, and I do, I still want you. I still want this."

Quinn's stomach flipped at the way Rachel was addressing their relationship so freely, and she searched the brown orbs for meaning behind her words.

It almost feels like…

Rachel cleared her throat, interrupting the flurry of thoughts that began to plague both she and Quinn's minds and moved her hand down to Quinn's neck.

"So, you smoke when you're stressed." Rachel spoke softly and Quinn chuckled.

"We're back to that?"

Rachel smiled. "Of course. You didn't think I was going to miss an opportunity to tell you how damaging smoking is to your vocal chords did you?"

Quinn rolled her eyes and released Rachel, taking a long drag from the almost forgotten cigarette. "Thanks for reminding me, but you're the singer, not me."

Rachel scoffed, crossing her arms over her chest. "Despite the fact that I have heard you sing Quinn Fabray, and it sounds wonderful…being a vocalist has nothing to do with it. Do you really want your lungs to shrivel up and collapse because of a little stick?" Rachel stated knowingly and Quinn snorted, coughing as the smoke drifted from her nostrils.

"Rachel, you think I haven't heard this before? I know how bad smoking is for me…but sometimes, a girl needs an escape from things. You understand," Quinn said, waving the hand holding her cigarette, "you watch your old movies and perform and act and that's your escape. That's how you deal with stress. Well I don't have anything like that. I just have smoking." Quinn said with a shrug, taking another puff. Rachel narrowed her eyes at the mocking way the butt turned orange.

"I refuse to believe that smoking is the only way you can relieve stress Quinn." Rachel countered, her hands on her hips.

"Believe it, beautiful." Quinn said cheekily, leaning forward and allowing the smoke to waft across Rachel's face.

Shaking her head as if the clear the fog, Rachel huffed. "You're being unreasonable Quinn. There are plenty of other things that you could do to relax. You could exercise, or watch TV. You could…sing! You could sing, or take a dance class, or-" Rachel's eyes lit up with the possibilities and Quinn laughed.

"Rae, listen. I appreciate the sentiment, but it's not going to work. If I'm going to quit, I'm going to do it on my own time. And right now, I don't have that time. Cigarette's are my escape."

Rachel bit her lip, and took a step forward. Reaching up, Rachel wrapped an arm around Quinn's neck and played with her thick blonde hair. "Why can't you let me be your escape?" Rachel husked and Quinn swallowed at the lust she saw in Rachel's gaze.

Pulling Rachel closer by her waist, Quinn licked her lips. "You think you could be my escape, Rachel? Make me forget all about my stress better than a cigarette could?" Rachel's eyes followed Quinn's hand as it pulled the cigarette up for one last long drag.

Once Quinn pulled the little stick away Rachel leaned forward and captured her lips, her tongue probing against Quinn's mouth, opening it to further her exploration. In surprise, Quinn gasped the smoked into Rachel's mouth, and after sucking onto her tongue, Rachel detached her mouth from Quinn's and blew the smoke into the air.

"I know I could make you forget better than a cigarette could, baby." Rachel leaned forward again, and planted another searing kiss onto Quinn's lips before trailing kisses down her neck, tugging on her hair, causing Quinn to groan.

"In the end, cigarette's make you feel worse, Quinn. But I can only make you feel better." Quinn closed her eyes, and allowed Rachel's lips to move in tandem with her wandering hands.

Rachel's boldness had been appearing more often and it excited Quinn. She was happy that Rachel was becoming more confident when she touched Quinn, often instigating their intimacy. Although she could still see how much it terrified Rachel.

The submissive side of Rachel made her always afraid of making the wrong move with Quinn and disappointing her. So while she was taking strides in coming on to Quinn, she was still treading lightly, not wanting to cross any boundaries with the woman that she may not have had a chance to talk to her about yet.

Rachel bit her neck suddenly and elicited a gasp from Quinn's lips, before looking up at her with dark innocent eyes. "Don't you want me to make you feel better, Quinn?"

The action momentarily made Quinn's brain short circuit. When Rachel did this, looked up at Quinn with those beautiful doe eyes, looking like the perfect picture of submissiveness, she was almost irresistible.

Right now, she was just irresistible.

Quinn dropped her extinguished cigarette with a grin and lifted Rachel up, feeling her legs wrap around her waist. "Yes…" She husked out before capturing Rachel's lips again, and walking her back to the bedroom doors.

Despite the lingering thoughts about Santana and Puck and the thanksgiving dinner that loomed in a couple of days, Quinn couldn't deny the sudden realization that maybe all she needed sometimes was to lose herself in Rachel, both intimately and emotionally, rather than allowing her worries to stress her out.

Of course with Rachel's tongue down her throat and her hand around her cock…she couldn't be bothered to remember much about what stressed her out to begin with.

Chapter Text

Today, something was different about her.

She was such a beautiful girl. Always smiling nervously at the people around her. Always hiding behind that long beautiful blonde hair and those glasses she seemed unable to do without. Always sitting in the front and always raising her hand to answer every sharp question thrown at her with a shy yet always correct response.

She was one of the brightest students and probably the most gorgeous one to ever grace the Yale campus.

She was a ray of light.

Which is why it was obvious that something was incredibly off about her today.

Today, instead of saying hello in that familiar husky voice, she passed through the door of the classroom silently and took a seat in the very back, hiding her face from view.

There was no smile, no raising her hand, no shy responses. There were only eyes that stared blankly in front of her.

She looked so utterly broken, so utterly vulnerable, it was heartbreaking.

After a while the class filed out one by one, until there was just she and the professor, the latter staring at her student with deep eyes of concern.

"Quinn?" The professor's voice called, and Quinn glanced up. Realizing that class was over, she gathered her things and made her way to the door.

A hand stopped her, resting on her arm. "Quinn, is everything-"

Jerking away, Quinn stared up at the woman with wide eyes. She looked almost scared, and the professor felt bad for startling her.

Realizing that her professor was just attempting to speak to her, Quinn sighed and pushed her glasses up her nose. Her face scrunched up in apology as she spoke.

"I-I'm sorry…I…you just kind of c-caught me by surprise…I-"

Her professor smiled, slowly reaching forward to press her hand against Quinn's arm. "It's alright Quinn. I didn't mean to scare you, I just noticed that it's the first day back from break and you seem a little different today…is everything alright?"

Quinn stared at the floor, her eyes focused on the white tip of her sneakers. The professor watched her; mildly surprised at the way her student was avoiding making eye contact with her. Quinn was always very confident, even despite how shy she came off sometimes. She'd always look you directly in the eye when speaking, her hazel eyes blazing in excitement.

Something was really wrong.

"Quinn?" She tried.

"My mother died." Quinn said softly, still avoiding eye contact. The statement stunned the professor briefly and she widened her eyes before swallowing the lump forming in her throat.

"Oh my god…Quinn, I'm so-"

Quinn glanced up at her suddenly, her eyes red-rimmed and slowly filling with more tears. It broke her professor's heart.

"No it's alright…I-I'm sorry I didn't answer any of the questions today but-but..."

Quinn's voice began to shake and the professor stared at her deeply, her eyes filled with sympathy. She reached for Quinn, but Quinn shook her off.

"I'm okay...I don't need-" Quinn cleared her throat, her voice a little more gentle. "I don't need your sympathy, I just - I'll be back on track tomorrow." Quinn finished and before the professor could offer any words, Quinn was out of the door.

Sitting down at her desk, the professor realized how much Quinn reminded her of her wife. They both were blonde, stubborn, and incredibly vulnerable, and she yearned to comfort her student the way she comforted her wife. It was an urge that was stronger than anything she had ever felt.

Glancing at the door, she closed her eyes and memorized a time when those hazel eyes weren't so sad.

The day before thanksgiving found Rachel and Brittany (who Rachel had called as salvation) at a meeting with Kurt, her newly hired personal shopper and stylist.

After recovering from a very exuberant Quinn (who had slipped her cock inside of Rachel and fucked her slowly until she had almost passed out with pleasure) Rachel had been informed with a kiss that she had an appointment for a meeting with Kurt that afternoon. When told that the meeting would entail trying on clothes, Rachel had laughed.

Rachel could hardly call being pushed and pulled into differed outfits a "meeting" but regardless, she called Brittany and asked her to join her at the secluded loft where Kurt apparently did his business.

Rachel understood that this was, as Quinn had put it, "Kurt's job", but she still had a hard time wrapping her mind around having someone shop for her. Famous actresses and singers had stylists, not former waitresses/submissives who'd just managed to land their first major call back.

Rachel was most certainly grateful for Quinn's generosity and her insistence that she wanted to do this for her, but it didn't make it any less bizarre that this was her life now.

Also the fact that Kurt specifically was hired to do it didn't make it any less of a pain in the ass.

Rachel had called Brittany, ironically, just for a taste of sanity.

"Kurt seriously? A pantsuit?" Rachel called out of the dressing room in frustration, eyeing the outfit Kurt had handed her.

Kurt scoffed, yanking different outfits apart on the long rack of designer clothes he apparently had delivered to his loft just that morning.

The list of various designers that Kurt had pulled from had stunned Rachel. These clothes were expensive, very expensive and yet he was throwing them at Rachel like she was some high-class celebrity who could pay for them.

"Oh please, don't get fresh with me over a pantsuit. Barbra wore plenty of pantsuits. She even wore a pantsuit to accept her first Academy Award!" He said with his nose in the air.

Rachel couldn't help but laugh at the expression she knew was probably on his face. He had a point. "Yes I know Kurt, but that was the sixties! Of course she wore other pantsuits in the seventies and eighties respectively, but that was over forty years ago!"

Kurt huffed before folding his arms with a smirk. "You didn't seem to feel that way in high school."

Rachel's eyes widened and she gasped. "You said you'd never bring that up again!"

"Bring what up again?" Brittany asked curiously from her position twirling across the floor like it was a dance studio.

Kurt laughed and shook his head, his eyes filled with mirth. "When we were in high school, Rachel came to school in this god awful royal blue pantsuit."

Brittany tilted her head to the side, "What made the blue so royal?"

Kurt snickered, "Absolutely nothing Brittany, she looked like Florence Henderson."

Brittany and Kurt laughed and Rachel stomped her foot from behind the dressing room. "I'm not coming out anymore!"

Kurt rapped on the door sharply. "Oh yes you are coming out in that three thousand dollar Givenchy suit! Rachel, it's a very contemporary and modern pantsuit and you know it, just give it a try."

Glancing down at herself, Rachel sighed and exited the room where she had been dressing.

It was a red pantsuit. However, instead of the legs flaring out, they clung to her calves like skinny jeans, cutting off right above her ankle. The jacket was even different, the arms ruffling up to her elbows with gold zippers lining them.

Glancing at herself in the mirror, Rachel tilted her head, turning to the side to stare at it from a different angle. Brittany plopped down in the plush chair beside the mirror and grinned. "You look hot, Rachie."

Rachel smiled at her shyly, "You think so?"

Kurt stood around her, adjusting the suit furiously and talking. "God, yes! It's very couture, yet there's a little hint towards the style of the character. I think it's perfect for the audition. I mean I've seen that movie a million times and I know she wore at least three different pantsuits." He said knowingly, taking a step back and staring at her thoughtfully.

Rachel sighed, suddenly nervous at the idea of going to her callback wearing the outfit. "But this isn't the movie, Kurt. This is just a preliminary audition for a show they're developing for Broadway. They might not want the same..." Rachel's words were caught in her throat and pulled at the hem of the jacket. "I mean, it's a nice suit and I like it…I just think it's a little too much."

Brittany plopped down in the chair in front of them. "Well I don't agree with you. I think it's very cute and different. Oh, and you can dance and move around in it, which is good for your audition."

Rachel glared playfully at Brittany. "You're supposed to be on my side, traitor."

Brittany giggled, her eyes twinkling. "Rachel, you know Quinn wants you in something that will help your audition, not hurt it. You can't just walk in there like some old plain…um..."

Brittany paused, lost for the word and Rachel smiled.

"Plain Jane?" Rachel supplied and Brittany pointed at her without looking, flipping her phone out to answer an incoming text. "Yes! That."

Rachel shook her head and glanced over at Kurt, who was hovering near a collection of hats that had been sorted by color on a shelf. Rachel felt her body clench in fear of him attempting to make her wear a hat with the pantsuit. As he weighed two options in his hand he answered, "Hmm. You know Brittany does make a valid point about Quinn, although it wasn't Quinn who contacted me, it was Lisa. After the last casting call you went to, she thinks we need to spice up your image a bit."

Rachel nodded knowingly. She had met with Lisa after her last audition, telling her of all the blonde and beautiful women that she had auditioned against. They all seemed to be attempting to achieve the girl next-door look, a look that Rachel didn't have. She was too exotic to be "America's Sweetheart" in any way and it was clearly the reason she didn't land the audition.

Lisa had hummed thoughtfully and proposed playing off of her look rather than attempting to turn her into something that she wasn't. Lisa wanted to dress Rachel in more mature clothing, not overly sexy, but commanding, stylish clothing that accentuated her looks. Darks colors and smokier makeup, highlighting her hair, whatever Rachel could do to bring out her ethnicity, they were going to try it.

It had almost made Rachel cry, how insistent Lisa had been when she said, "I promise you Rachel I'm not trying to change you in any way. I just want for these casting directors to see that not only are you one of the most talented people on the planet, you are also one of the most beautiful women on the planet and that the image of beauty isn't always blonde hair and blue eyes."

Considering that Lisa herself was blonde and blue eyed, and also insanely beautiful, Rachel was deeply flattered at the compliment. Rachel was thankful that she had someone like Lisa who believed that she had talent, and that she didn't need to become something she wasn't to be successful.

Glancing down at her outfit, Rachel shrugged thoughtfully. The pantsuit didn't seem so bad now.

"I agree," Rachel spoke, "All of those girls looked eighteen, Kurt. With their blonde hair, white dresses, and sweaters…I mean, at first I'd thought I missed a memo about what we were supposed to wear, because even some of the darker haired girls had similar, wholesome looks. I mean do I ever look like that?" Rachel asked, with curious eyes.

Kurt shrugged. "Do you look like what? Like you missed the casting call for High School Musical? Sometimes. But that's only when you wear jean skirts." He placed the hats down and snickered.

Rachel gasped, before laughing. "Fuck you Kurt, I like my jean skirts just fine." She brushed imaginary lint from her suit and Brittany sighed audibly from the chair that she was sitting sideways in, dangling her legs off of the arm.

She and Santana had gone on several dates in the past few weeks, and apparently had hit it off. Brittany had been glued to her phone all day, smiling and blushing occasionally and ducking away from Kurt and Rachel's knowing looks.

Rachel smiled. "What's wrong, Britt?"

"It's Santana. She's been so preoccupied lately, and I'm worried."

Rachel frowned. She hadn't had a chance to really talk to Santana or Noah since what she discussed with Quinn on the roof. After thinking over what Quinn had told her about she and Santana's conversation, Rachel felt guilty with the realization that she had been a shitty friend since she and Quinn had implanted changes and grown more intimate.

Rachel knew that there was some things she needed to discuss with both Noah and Santana, so that they could all move forward. While Rachel wanted nothing more than for her friends to be open and get to know Quinn, she was still very much angry about the things Santana had said, and knew that there needed to be some sort of conversation. Rachel figured she could sit both of them down before dinner the next day.

"Worried about what? Is she okay?" Rachel asked, her eyebrows furrowed worriedly and Brittany shrugged.

"She's fine. I just think she's letting Puck get inside her head." Brittany turned to Rachel who frowned.

"She told me what she did at Quinn's office and I was so mad. I told her that she was evading you guys' privacy."

"Invading our privacy, Brittany, but yeah."

Kurt looked up at Rachel. "What happened?"

Rachel sighed and explained the situation, making sure to leave out the details of just how naked she had been and telling them what Santana had apparently said to Quinn.

"How scandalous! Sex in the office!" Kurt gasped, clapping his hands together. Rachel rolled her eyes and folded her arms.

"You would only be concerned about that, can I get out of this?"

Kurt grinned with excitement. "Well, it's not every day one gets to hear the details of the indecent things Quinn Fabray could be doing, and no you can't get out of that…I have to see it with shoes."

Rachel huffed and Kurt rolled his eyes.

Brittany nodded, her smile straightening out into a thin line on her face. "Well, Santana told Puck and now I think they're up to something." She said, still typing on her phone.

Rachel felt her insides twist with discomfort. Santana alone being "up to something" was cause for stress, so if Santana had spoken with Noah about what she had seen, and what she and Quinn had spoken about…it would only fuel Noah's discomfort for their relationship. They were definitely her best friends and Rachel loved them both deeply, but they were both known for becoming nasty when they felt that it was necessary.

Attempting to swallow her nervousness, Rachel spoke up softly, "Brittany, what do you mean by "up to something"? Has Santana said anything to you?"

Brittany turned to Rachel, her eyes thoughtful. "No," she said tapping her chin, "But that's the thing. I can usually get Santana to tell me everything on her mind, but she's been so secretive lately. When I ask her what she's doing, she just says 'researching'. I think maybe she's spending extra time trying to find stuff on Quinn to make her look bad, or something."

Rachel reared back in confusion at the same time Kurt approached her with a pair of heels in his hand, laughing.

"Forgive me for laughing," He cooed, "But she's going to have a hard time doing that. The only thing even slightly shocking about Quinn Fabray is her sex life, and that's the worst kept secret in America."

Rachel blanched and whipped her head to Kurt. "What do you mean? People know about Quinn?"

Kurt bent down, tapping her foot as he slid a show underneath. "It depends on what you mean by 'know'."

Rachel felt her heart rate speed up. "I mean people are aware of her…condition…and-"

"Rachel," Kurt broke in, "At some point Quinn got tired of attempting to hide the fact that she was built a little differently than the other billionaires. Of course, women are nosy and they tend to gossip, and eventually it was a well known rumor what Quinn was working with and just how she was working with it."

Rachel was in disbelief. She had always assumed Quinn's condition and lifestyle was hidden from the public. Rachel thought Quinn would want to protect herself from scrutiny, seeing as so many people (Puck and Santana included) had a hard time wrapping their minds around it.

Brittany grinned. "Even I figured out that Quinn was your Dominant lady."

Rachel allowed the shoes to be slipped on her feet, just as her face reddened. "I just...doesn't she get a lot of slack for that?"

Kurt stood and said, "No. Didn't you hear what I said? It's the worst kept secret, honey. It's only gossip, never in the papers, never really public. Whether Quinn means to be intimidating or not, people are too scared of her power to try to sell the "rumors" of her body and lifestyle to the public eye." Kurt shrugged, reaching for Rachel's collar and gasping when Rachel smacked his hand away from the necklace.

He huffed and continued. "Every couple or months or so when people see her with a new woman, they just assume that she has a lot of girlfriends or something. You know you have to take that beautiful necklace off at some point so that I can put new jewelry on you!"

"The necklace always stays…" Rachel trailed off, staring out the window of the loft and allowing Kurt's words to play over and over in her head.

Rachel was irritated at the idea that half of the world thought Quinn was just another rich slut who kept women on her arm. She almost wished that Quinn could confirm her lifestyle so these people would understand. Quinn wasn't a whore. She was smart and loyal and very respectful. She just had certain needs. It wasn't fair that these people were probably thinking and saying all sorts of awful things about her. Kurt smirked knowingly and Rachel narrowed her eyes at him.


Brittany smiled into her phone. "You're jealous."

Rachel scoffed, folding her arms. "I am not jealous! I just...I know Quinn's not some type of…tramp who womanizes women. I think it's horrible that people view her that way. There are reasons that she keeps different sub…ah…women around. For one thing, it's a part of the lifestyle she leads. Also, clearly she can't be exclusive with one woman because of her condition, and apparently how awful women have been with accepting her." Rachel ranted, her eyes fiery with disgust.

Kurt mimicked Rachel's stance, folding his own arms. "You looking to change that?"

Rachel's heart rate accelerated again and she avoided his eyes nervously, "What are you talking about?"

Kurt sighed. "I'm talking about the real reason Santana and Puck are so angry."

Rachel stared at he and Brittany confusedly. "What do you mean? Santana and Noah are upset because of me. I haven't been a very good friend what with all the auditioning and time I've been spending with Quinn and unfortunately they assumed that somehow Quinn doesn't want me to see them, which is not true at all-"

"That may be some of it, but that's not all they're concerned about, Rachel." He said knowingly and Rachel sighed exasperatedly.

"What else is it, then?" Rachel spoke, ringing her hands against her sides. Rachel assumed she had it all figured out, the reasons behind Noah and Santana's actions, but it seemed there was something else that she wasn't quite seeing.

There was a brief pause where Kurt stared at Rachel pointedly, as if expecting her to suddenly realize what she was missing, but Rachel just stared back at him, her eyes full of confusion.

"You have feelings for Quinn. Or at least you're beginning to." Brittany interrupted casually, eyes and fingers still attached to her phone as she typed. Rachel's eyes widened and she stared at the both of them in shock.

"What?" Rachel exclaimed, looking around at them wildly and Kurt nodded, grabbing a sundress from the rack. "What are you talking about? I don't have feelings-"

"Oh cut the shit Rachel. I see the way you look at Quinn, even if you don't realize it, there's clearly a deeper connection between you and her that goes far beyond that contract." He thrust the sundress at her, and while still in shock Rachel stumbled back into the dressing room.

Feelings? For Quinn?


"Santana can see it too. Which is why she's so worried about you. She thinks you're falling for Quinn and that you're gonna only get hurt when you and Quinn end your kinky relationship thing." Brittany called after her.

Rachel had no response. Her brain was still attempting to wrap around the idea that she might be developing deeper feelings for Quinn.

Of course, Rachel was aware of the depths of her submissiveness. She had accepted it a long time ago and Quinn had done everything she possibly could to correctly cater to those needs, but there was no denying the urge Rachel felt to become somehow closer to Quinn.

More often than not, she found herself yearning to learn more about Quinn, things a girlfriend would learn.

Also, Rachel couldn't deny the irritation she felt at the thought of the world seeing another person having the same thing she had with Quinn. There was most definitely a strong desire to be the only woman or submissive anyone ever saw Quinn with.

But did that mean that she was garnering feelings for Quinn?

Changing into the dress and plopping down onto the bench, Rachel sat in silence. After a moment, the door swung open and Kurt and Brittany both stared at her in shock. "Oh wow, it's true." Brittany said, sitting down next to her. Kurt leaned against the doorway, "Well, this is certainly shaping out to be a better day than I thought it would be."

Rachel looked at them, her eyes full of wonderment. "I mean...I don't know. I haven't-I haven't thought about it until now and...I mean I guess there's something, but...I'm not sure." She bit her lip and then glanced up at him. "And what about Quinn? I don't even know if she might feel anything for me-"

Kurt smiled. "Rachel I promise I've never seen Quinn so happy with a person, ever. I think you both may be harboring some feelings for one another."

Rachel stared at him in wonderment. She and Quinn's bond was definitely stronger than any relationship she could recall ever being in. Rachel turned to Brittany. "Do you really think that's why Santana and Noah are so worried?"

Brittany shrugged. "I don't know what Puck's deal is, but I think that's why Santana is so focused on finding something bad about Quinn."

Kurt sighed and rolled his eyes. "In order to help you, and to keep you from getting hurt, Santana is hoping she can snap you out of falling for Quinn by introducing something bad and spoiling your glorified image of her."

Rachel furrowed her eyebrows. "Why does she think I'm going to get hurt?"

Kurt looked at her knowingly. "Because, there is a contract still in place that I'm pretty sure you and Quinn haven't discussed. I'm also almost ninety percent sure there isn't a clause in there about feelings." Rachel chewed on her lip.

Kurt was right; she and Quinn hadn't discussed what would happen after the twelve months was up, and Rachel had already adapted to things so well that she wasn't sure if she was ready for it to end. Also, with how intimate things had become with Quinn, there were definitely feelings there that went far beyond being just her submissive. Rachel just wondered if Quinn felt the same.

Brittany shrugged. "Maybe it's time for you to speak to Quinn about it?" she said hopefully and Rachel felt nervousness rise up within her.

"I don't know. Quinn's never been good with feelings, and I just got her to open up to me about her past, I'm not sure she's going to be so quick to tell me what her heart wants."

Kurt rolled her his eyes. "Quinn is stubborn, but you seem to be the exception to that Rachel. That girl will give you anything. If you feel that you're developing feelings for her, start a discussion about the contract and ease into how you've begun to feel more for her. Hell, she might surprise you." Kurt winked at her, before patting her thigh and exiting the dressing room. Rachel shook her head, still unsure and turned to Brittany.

"I just don't know."

Brittany placed her hand on Rachel's shoulder. "Everything will work out, Rachie. Just talk to her when you're ready."

Rachel nodded, figuring Brittany was the wise one in this situation. That still didn't make her feel less nervous about Santana, Noah, and dinner the next day, but Rachel decided at least that conversation would be dealt with.

Like Brittany said, everything would be okay.

She hoped.


"Stop crying, pet."

Quinn gasped at the feeling of soft hands, kneading her hot flesh. Tears continued to fall from her eyes and her heart continued to ache, but she ceased her sobs.

Her wrists also ached from the way they were chained up and Quinn moaned at the sudden feeling of a hand wrapped around her cock.  Suddenly a sharp slap rained against her cheek and before she could hiss at the sting, fingers gripped her face, holding her head up to stare into fiery eyes.

"Don't make a sound, Quinnie." Hands began stroking her, pulling her dick until it was somehow more erect than it had been before and now throbbing almost painfully.

The woman leaned forward, pressing her lips against Quinn's softly. "You want to learn how control a company? You need to learn how to control your goddamn emotions."  Quinn gasped at the way the woman squeezed her cock, the ring that squeezed the base keeping any semblance of release from escaping her. Feeling those heated eyes on her, scalding her skin with their judging gaze, Quinn let her head fall miserably.

The woman grinned at Quinn. "Your mother's gone Quinn and your daddy doesn't want you, what are you gonna do?"

Quinn snapped her head back up, gazing at her tormentor with pleading eyes. "Please..."

A bark of laughter left her lips. "Please what, Quinn? Please don't tell you the truth? You are the one who told me these things. You told me that daddy called you a freak and mommy told you that you were special."

Quinn sobbed, letting her head fall forward. It was never easy to hear these things, but she needed to. Quinn needed to learn how to handle the things that haunted her the most.

"You're not special. You're fucking weak. Stop crying, Quinn!"

The woman spat, slapping at each of Quinn's exposed breasts sharply and then reaching up to twist her nipples between her fingers roughly. Quinn moaned and closed her eyes tightly, fighting the tears as her body ached in both pleasure and pain.

It was a delicious sort of combination that made Quinn numb for days afterward...but she needed it. She wanted it.

"Look at me." The voice was soft and Quinn opened her eyes, staring at the woman. She was beautiful. She was everything and absolutely nothing at the same time.

She smiled at Quinn and leaned down to press her lips firmly against hers again, slipping her tongue between her lips and sliding it against Quinn's almost poetically. Reaching around, she pulled Quinn's head forward, dragging her deeper into the embrace.

Quinn felt the woman move closer, their mouths fused together, and their bodies now pressed up against one another. Moaning and biting Quinn's lip, the woman suddenly stepped away.

"The first step of being in control is getting rid of those tears, Quinnie. They're not gonna bring mommy back, and they're not gonna make daddy love you, do you understand?"

Quinn stared at the woman in wonderment. It was as if she knew exactly what to say to make Quinn's heart break in half. Like she could see the very cruel things that went through Quinn's brain and tore her self esteem to pieces every day.

She brushed a fallen tear from Quinn's eye softly and whispered, "Use your words my pet."

"Yes Mistress."



Turning around at the sound of Rachel's voice Quinn leaned against the sink, and smiled at the sight of Rachel.

With one leg tucked behind the other, Rachel leaned against the doorway, clad in all white and looking very much the innocent angel; from her lacy button down to the miniskirt that stopped in the middle of her thighs. Her hair was pulled from her face by a white headband, and she smiled bashfully at Quinn.

"Hi." Quinn said softly, crossing her arms over one another and sweeping her gaze down Rachel's body again, despite the fact that she picked the outfit out yesterday for Rachel to wear.

Rachel folded her hands in front of her and shifted on her feet. Quinn's gaze was full of heat and sometimes Rachel found herself shivering with nervousness at what Quinn may say about her appearance. Rachel always wanted to impress Quinn. That was important to her.

Quinn smirked and crooked her finger at Rachel.

"Come here."

Rachel took two steps forward, and Quinn wrapped her arms around Rachel's waist, pulling their bodies close together. Leaning down, she nuzzled Rachel's nose with her own.

"You look beautiful." Quinn said huskily, and Rachel blushed, goose bumps rising all over her skin at the way Quinn's hand brushed against her waist softly. She lowered her eyes and smiled.

"Thank you, Quinn." Rachel spoke gently, and Quinn lifted her chin with her finger so that she was staring at her.

"Nuh-uh, look at me, Rae." Quinn leaned forward and captured Rachel's lips in a deep kiss, slipping her tongue between her lips and sweeping through her mouth thoroughly. Rachel gasped, wrapping her arms around Quinn's neck and falling deeper into her embrace.

Quinn smirked into the kiss and bit Rachel's bottom lip softly, dragging her hands past her back to her ass and squeezing the flesh. Rachel moaned at the way Quinn pushed the hem of her skirt up, trailing her fingers up her thighs.

Quinn pulled her mouth away from Rachel's suddenly, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she drug her fingers along the lines of what felt like stockings and garter straps.

Rachel gazed at Quinn, her stomach full of butterflies as Quinn stepped back from her, her fingers hooked into the straps connected to her stockings.

Quinn tilted her head. "What is this?"

Rachel cleared her throat, careful to keep her eyes on Quinn.

"They're um…they're stockings. I thought that they might go well with…with um my skirt-"

Quinn snapped the straps of Rachel's garter, and Rachel gasped as Quinn pulled her close to her by the back of her neck. They were pressed up against each other again now, their foreheads and noses touching. Rachel almost let her eyes flutter closed, overtaken by she and Quinn's close proximity.

"You didn't ask me if you could wear those with your outfit Rachel."

Rachel nodded and swallowed. "I know Quinn, its just…when-when I saw what you picked out for me to wear yesterday, I told Kurt and he and I thought-"

Gasping again, Rachel found herself suddenly yanked back by her hair, turned and bent over the sink, her face pressed against the cool marble counter.

Quinn gripped Rachel's hair tightly with one hand, while slipping her other hand underneath the white skirt and palming Rachel's ass. Rachel closed her eyes and bit her lip, repressing a moan at the way Quinn's hips pressed into her backside, her erection evident beneath her pants.

Quinn continued to caress Rachel's plump ass, her lips at her ear. "You and Kurt thought?"

Rachel nodded before quickly saying, "Yes Quinn, he just thought they'd be…fashionable-oh!"

Quinn smacked Rachel's ass with so much force it actually propelled her body forward and Rachel braced her hands out in front of her.

"Kurt isn't your Mistress, Rachel. I am."

Rachel smiled despite herself at the declaration of ownership. Quinn tightened the grip on her hair and pressed into Rachel tightly.

Rachel dug her nails into the countertop and gasped. "I know you are Quinn."

Quinn brought her hand down again on Rachel's ass again, before thrusting her hips into Rachel's and causing her to moan loudly.

"Say it, Rachel." Quinn husked and Rachel bit her lip, feeling Quinn's hips buck into her ass again. She only wished there weren't any clothes separating them so she could feel Quinn's cock pumping inside of her.

"You are my Mistress Quinn…" Rachel moaned out at the feeling of Quinn's hands under her skirt, sliding up her thighs. Once her fingers rested right underneath her opening, Rachel felt Quinn tap her once.


Spreading for Quinn, Rachel gasped as deft fingers rested against her pussy lips, circling and caressing softly. Quinn smiled, her fingers slipping against Rachel's wet pussy.

Rachel's head lolled and she rested her forehead against the countertop. "Oh god…"

Quinn loosened the grip on Rachel's hair, letting her hand trail down towards her neck, and began massaging.

"Hmm. I think you did this on purpose, dirty girl." Quinn husked out, pressing her erection deeper into Rachel's ass and slipping her fingers within the folds of Rachel's pussy. Rachel bucked her hips accidently and Quinn's fingers slipped deeper.

Quinn chuckled, stroking the walls of Rachel's tight hole. "Fuck you're pussy is so tight, Rae. I think this is what you wanted…you wanted to distract me today, you little brat."

Quinn slipped her fingers out of Rachel and smacked her ass hard before pulling her up by her hair and pressing into her body tightly. Rachel bit her lip, her chocolate eyes heavy with lust as she stared at Quinn through the mirror.

Quinn yanked Rachel's head to the side and pressed a soft kiss against her neck. Underneath her hold, Quinn felt Rachel shiver and she smiled, flicking her tongue over Rachel's hot skin.

Quinn brought her hand up to Rachel's breast and squeezed, before biting her neck. "You know I can't resist you when you've got on those tight little stockings…"

Rachel was very much aware of Quinn's fetish of stockings. She had discovered that more often than not, Quinn's hazel eyes would turn gold with lust when she would slip on stockings underneath her miniskirts or with her shorts and she had indeed purposely added them to her outfit today to pull a rise out of her Mistress.

"You know that today is supposed to be about us having a peaceful dinner with your friends, baby…" Rachel whimpered as Quinn's fingers worked the buttons of her shirt open, "But instead of me focusing on making a better impression on them, all I can think about is having those sexy thighs around my waist while I fuck my cock into that tight little pussy."

Rachel moaned, her head falling back against Quinn's shoulder as Quinn released her hair and began massaging her now bare breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples with both of her hands.

"But that's what you wanted isn't it?"

Rachel licked her lips, staring at Quinn through the mirror boldly. Quinn held her gaze unflinchingly, smacking her palms against Rachel's breasts. Rachel squeaked and Quinn laughed before slapping her breasts again.

"Answer me, Rachel." Quinn pulled on Rachel's nipples harshly, twisting them.

"Yes Quinn!" Rachel called out and Quinn released her breasts, grabbing her hips. Grinding her dick into Rachel's ass, Quinn chuckled.

"You're such a little attention whore, you know that right?" Quinn growled and Rachel whined at the feeling of Quinn behind her, practically humping her ass. Rachel could faintly hear Quinn's breathing increase behind her and Rachel moaned at the idea of Quinn getting off this way.

Quinn bit her lip, before growling against Rachel's ear, "I asked you a question Rachel."

Rachel keened at the way Quinn's fingers dug into her skin, marking her through her skirt, "Yes, Quinn."

Quinn grabbed Rachel's hands and slammed them down on counter in front of them, causing Rachel to bend over, Quinn's breasts pressed against her back tightly. Quinn's cock was rock hard and digging into Rachel's ass in a way that caused Rachel's pussy to soak in arousal.

Rachel's head fell forward, and Quinn pressed her lips against the back of Rachel's neck, "Yes what?"

Rachel whimpered as Quinn ground her hips slowly, causing shockwaves to course through her veins. Rachel wanted nothing more than to rip her skirt off and beg Quinn to fuck her, but it was clear that Quinn saw through her plan to initiate some type of intimacy.

"Yes I…I'm an attention whore, Quinn." Rachel moaned and the sound of desperation in her voice caused Quinn's dick to twitch violently.

"Mmm yes you are, little girl. You disobeyed me on purpose because you wanted me to bend your tight little ass over the bathroom counter, spank you and pound your pussy, right before we go have dinner with your friends."

Rachel moaned at the filthy words that came out of Quinn's mouth. That was exactly what Rachel wanted.

Quinn nipped at her skin. "I bet you would love sitting there at the table with my fucking cum dripping out of you…" Quinn slipped her hand under Rachel's skirt, down her thigh softly, "Slipping down your thighs, while your friends sit there, completely unaware that their precious, innocent Rachel is actually a little slut for my seed."

Rachel felt her pussy clench and she ached for Quinn to fuck her, wanting more than anything to feel Quinn's cum inside of her.

Quinn reluctantly pulled away from Rachel, adjusting her pants and smiling. "Unfortunately, we don't have enough time for that if we want to be punctual."

Rachel resisted the urge to stomp her foot. She was frustrated. She thought that she would receive some sort of relief, but there she stood, throbbing with arousal.

Quinn almost laughed at the way Rachel clenched her eyes shut, most definitely trying to gain control over her hormones. Her little ploy had backfired and now she was receiving punishment.

"Button your shirt and face me please." Quinn spoke, tucking one of her curls behind her ear, before crossing her arms. "We have some things to go over before we leave."

Rachel complied, before straightening her skirt and facing Quinn. She was even more beautiful now, pupils dilated with lust and cheeks rosy. Reaching up, Quinn straightened the white headband on Rachel's head. "There." Quinn answered, and Rachel folded her hands in front of her, smiling shyly.

"Thank you Quinn." Rachel said softly. Quinn raised an eyebrow and bit her lip.

"You're welcome." Rachel stared at the hazel eyes, lost in the way they shined with a combination of lust and adoration.

Could that be adoration?

Rachel hoped more than anything that after the evening was over, she'd maybe have the courage to address Quinn about their relationship and where it would stand after the year and contract was up. Maybe Rachel would also somehow find the courage to admit to not only Quinn, but also herself, that she was beginning to feel deeper feelings for Quinn.

Quinn took a step back and leaned against the counter, arms still crossed.

"Are you excited about dinner?" Quinn said calmly and Rachel's shoulders relaxed. Nodding, she answered, "Yes Quinn, I've always liked Thanksgiving."

Quinn raised her eyebrow, "And why is that?"

Rachel shrugged, flexing her folded fingers. "Just the tradition of having a nice dinner with your friends and family, telling stories and mostly enjoying everyone's company. Living with my fathers, thanksgiving was always a huge event what with both of them having large families. Not to mention Noah's family often joined us." Rachel smiled shaking her head, her heart constricting at the slight distance that had formed between she and her best friend.

Quinn chuckled. "I bet there was a lot of food involved."

Rachel's eyes widened at the sudden memory and she laughed. "Oh you don't even know. We always had to cook two turkeys, so I learned my way around a kitchen pretty fast. As a matter of fact, Santana text me all last night asking me how she was supposed to prepare the turkey for today."

Quinn nodded, unable to really relate to how wonderful Rachel's memories sounded, but still overjoyed at the happiness within Rachel's voice. Glancing down, Quinn smiled. "That's wonderful. Did you get a chance to speak to your fathers today?"

Rachel nodded. "Yes…" Furrowing her brows, Rachel glanced at Quinn nervously. "Actually, Quinn, I-I um…"

Her eyes traveled to the floor and Quinn cleared her throat. "Rachel, just tell me."

"I um, I didn't tell them about us and what we do, but I did tell them that we're living together…I'm not really sure what they're making of it, but once I let it slip…I couldn't um-I hope you don't mind." Rachel said quickly and Quinn smiled, ignoring the way her heart swelled at the idea of Rachel's fathers knowing about her.

"It's alright Rachel. I'm happy that your dad's know that you're living with me." Quinn said and Rachel let out a breath of relief.

"Really?" Rachel asked curiously. It just seemed so…intimate for two people in the type of relationship they were in. Her fathers were definitely assuming that she and Quinn were dating; yet Quinn seemed okay with that.

Quinn shrugged. "Yes. I don't want you lying to them, and I definitely don't want them worried about you, so it's only fair that they know where you're staying. They're your fathers, and I would never deny that kind of information from them."

Rachel grimaced, muttering. "You say that now, wait until you meet them."

"When can I meet them?"

Rachel's eyes widened and Quinn gazed at her confusedly. "What? Do you not want…that?" Quinn said quietly, suddenly insecure about her statement. Rachel stared at her briefly before shaking her head.

"No Quinn! I-I mean, yes I do…I do want that. You just…you just caught me off guard, that's all." Rachel scratched her head, before biting her lip.

"You really want to meet them?" Rachel asked in wonderment. Quinn smiled at her gently, nodding her head and suddenly she was vulnerable Quinn, her personality straying away from the piercing dominance that it usually fed off of.

"Of course. They could stay here, or…or we could fly out to Lima? Whatever you want." Quinn said with a wide smile and Rachel's heart skipped a beat. This woman was incredible.

Rachel realized that she had to be staring at Quinn in amazement because once again, Quinn asked, "What is it?"

Rachel shook her head, a small smile on her lips. "Nothing. Both of those ideas sound wonderful Quinn…just let me talk to them about it, okay?"

Quinn's eyes brightened at the agreement and she stood up straight. "Of course, just um…let me know and I'll handle the rest Rachel."

Unable to resist, Rachel stepped forward and pressed her lips against Quinn's hotly, stealing the breath from the woman's lungs. Quinn's eyes widened in surprise and she wrapped her arms around Rachel's waist, pulling her close.

Rachel slid her hands up and into Quinn's hair, moving her lips over Quinn's hurriedly and gasping at the taste. Slipping her tongue past plump lips, Rachel took over Quinn's mouth, slipping against every surface and flicking against an equally as soft tongue. Rachel sucked on Quinn's tongue, drawing a moan from her throat and bit Quinn's bottom lip before pulling away.

Quinn's chest was heaving, her lips a little swollen when she took a step back, staring at Rachel with hungry eyes. "Keep this up and we're never gonna make it out of this bathroom, Rae."

Rachel laughed, wiping her lip with the tip of her finger. "I'm sorry, something just came over me…aren't we supposed to be discussing something?"

Quinn cleared her throat and ran a hand through her hair. "Yes we are…"

Quinn's brain was still a little fogged up from the kiss, so she shook her head and licked her lips, still tasting Rachel on her mouth.

"I wanted to discuss your conduct for today."

Rachel began to vibrate with that familiar sense of satisfaction. This always happened when Quinn began giving her directions and Rachel liked to think that it was just a part of her submissive nature. She loved showing Quinn how obedient she could be.

Quinn smiled at the way Rachel seemed to stare up at her expectantly, waiting for directions, waiting for Quinn to tell her what she was to do.

"This is your apartment we're going to, and I don't want you feeling as if you can't speak freely in your own home, do you understand?"

Rachel smiled and nodded. "Yes ma'am."

Quinn licked her lips at the way Rachel addressed her. It had been a while since she heard her call her ma'am. Stuffing her arousal back down inside of her, Quinn continued.

"I understand that there is still a miscommunication between you and your friends that needs to be dealt with, but that should be a private conversation between you, Noah, and Santana. Under no circumstances will you bring up what happened in that office while we're at the dinner table, no matter what they may say about me." Quinn's voice turned serious and Rachel nodded.

"Actually Quinn, I planned on speaking to them before dinner…hopefully everything will get resolved and then we won't have to worry about anything at the table-"

"I have faith that once you all speak to each other calmly, everything will be resolved, Rachel." Quinn smiled, placing a hand on Rachel's shoulder. Rachel grinned, glancing down quickly. Quinn placed her finger on Rachel's chin.

"That's another thing, make sure you don't lower your head today beautiful. I want to see those pretty eyes when you speak to me, okay?" Quinn leaned forward and pressed her lips to Rachel's softly, feeling the girl lean into her touch. Humming, Quinn pulled away again, licking her lips.

Rachel sighed in happiness, her eyes fluttering back open from where they had closed. "Yes ma'am."

Quinn slipped her hand into Rachel's hair and yanked her forward, wrapping her arm around her waist. "I fucking love when you call me ma'am, Rae. God I'm trying to concentrate but…you're so fucking obedient, little girl."

Rachel whimpered and Quinn leaned forward again, slipping her tongue deep into Rachel's mouth. Rachel moaned as Quinn tightened her hold on Rachel's hair and thrust her tongue back and forth, fucking her mouth smoothly.

Rachel felt her pussy began to dampen and she moved closer to Quinn, smiling into the heated embrace. Quinn gripped her waist tighter and pressed into Rachel, pulling the girl up against her bulge.

Quinn moved against Rachel almost without thought, nipping and sucking at her mouth in a way that caused Rachel's knees to weaken. Feeling the heat that surrounded them begin to break her resolve, Quinn released Rachel harshly, Rachel stumbling back a bit, steadying herself with the edge of the sink.

Quinn placed her hands on her hips and sighed, "Jesus fucking Christ…you're so sexy, baby. I just want to bend you over this counter and have you for Thanksgiving."

Rachel moaned, her eyes filled with lust and Quinn laughed, before stepping forward and pressing a kiss to Rachel's forehead.

"I'm sorry, I'm not helping. How about we go? If we don't leave now, we're going to be really late and I'm sure you'll want to help Santana and Noah with dinner."

Rachel ran her hand through her hair, untangling it, before turning towards the door of the bathroom. "Um, y-yeah let's go."

Quinn reached out and grabbed Rachel's hand before she could leave. "There's just one more thing though…" Quinn swallowed, visibly nervous.

Rachel found herself lost in the hazel eyes, her body humming at the way Quinn was gazing down at her. It seemed like Quinn wanted to ask her something, but she was nervous. Quinn being nervous was still a new concept for Rachel.

Rachel tilted her head in confusion, "What is it Qui-"

Before she could finish, she was pulled into an embrace, Quinn's arms wrapped around her tightly. Rachel couldn't stop herself from gasping at the action.

Quinn swallowed, resisting the urge to recoil from the embrace and rested her chin on top of Rachel's head.

"Happy thanksgiving, Rachel."

Quinn let out a breath when Rachel sank into her arms, and rested her head in the crook of Quinn's neck. Rachel smiled and breathed in Quinn's scent, reveling in the sweet smell of vanilla and cocoa. This was the scent that could both set her soul on fire one minute, and calm her in the next. Pressing a kiss to Quinn's neck, Rachel realized how well she and Quinn fit together. It was perfect. This was where she belonged.

"Happy thanksgiving, Quinn."


"I can't do this. I don't want to be your plaything anymore."

She laughed at Quinn, brushing her short locks from her face.

"Quinn you're more than my plaything, you know that. I love you. I only want you to be better, as a matter of fact I want you to be the very best you can be."

She reached for Quinn who pulled away. "I am! I don't need you anymore...I don't need this...this sick masochistic shit. I'm done with it. I need to focus on graduating and on building up my résumé-"

The woman's face turned cold. "For what? Mommy left you everything. You can get a job right out of grad school at your parent's company if you want. Isn't that what she wanted anyway?"

Quinn narrowed her eyes. "Yes. But I can't do that to my father-"

She laughed. "Your father? You're still trying to prove something to your fool of a father? We went over this Quinnie-"

Quinn blanched, closing her eyes as if she was in pain. "Please don't-"

"Daddy doesn't love you. He doesn't and he never will." She continued.

Quinn snapped, her eyes wide and angry. "Stop it you bitch! I don't want this anymore! I don't want your fucking playroom, I don't want your worthless cruel idea of love...I don't-"

The woman took two strides forward and slapped Quinn across the face promptly. Before Quinn could gasp, she buried her hand in Quinn's locks and yanked her head down.

Quinn cried out, bent over at the waist, tears leaking from her eyes. The woman leaned over Quinn, her mouth poised directly next to Quinn's ear.

"You better watch your fucking mouth, Quinnie. You may think you're stronger than me, but you're not. You're still weak. And I still own you."

She let go of her hair swiftly and Quinn fell forward, falling to her hands and knees, her scalp aching.

The woman crossed her arms, staring down at her body.

"Now, I don't want to have this conversation again. You know I love you Quinn. You know you need this. You know you need me."


When Rachel and Quinn entered the apartment, Brittany was the first to greet them.

"Rachie!" She yelled, wrapping her arms around Rachel tightly as if she hadn't just seen her the day before. Quinn smiled at the girl's excitement and glanced around the room, noticing that the couch had been moved out of the living room and replaced with a table set for seven. Quinn furrowed her eyebrows before suddenly finding herself wrapped in Brittany's embrace, the woman now hugging her as tight as she had hugged Rachel.

"Hello Brittany, how are you?" Quinn laughed before pulling back. Brittany smiled at her, straightening her jacket.

"I'm great! I've been meaning to tell you that I'm sorry that you thought I wanted to sleep with Rachel," Brittany said, placing her hand on Quinn's arm. Quinn raised her eyebrows and looked at Rachel who blushed.

"Um, it's alright Brittany." Quinn said and Brittany smiled.

"Good. I mean, Rachel's hot and everything but were just friends…plus I'm sleeping with Santana now and that would just make things-"

"Britt!" A voice called and Rachel smiled at the sight of Santana quickly coming towards them from the kitchen, her cheeks reddening.

"Remember how we talked about over-sharing?" She said softly and Rachel watched curiously as Santana pulled Brittany into her side and pressed a kiss to the side of her forehead softly.

It warmed Rachel's heart to see the two of them become so close so fast. She had a feeling about them working together and she was glad to see that she was right.

However, Rachel couldn't stop herself from being nervous about interacting with Santana. She had been texting Santana the night before and things seemed all right; Rachel only hoped that things would remain tension free.

Santana turned to Rachel and smiled, reaching forward to pull her into a hug and Rachel breathed out a sigh before wrapping her arms around her friend.

"Jeez don't be so nervous, munchkin," Santana teased before pulling back to stare at Rachel a smile on her face. Rachel shrugged.

"I can't help it, Santana, it's like throwing dice with you sometimes." Rachel laughed and Santana nodded in agreement.

"True, I can be a bit unpredictable…but I've missed you too much to give you the run around about using your phone properly and calling someone to talk every once and a while. Plus there's a bird in the kitchen that I need your help with."

Rachel laughed and rolled her eyes. Santana turned to Quinn and smirked. "Quinn."

Quinn raised an eyebrow, seemingly amused by Santana's greeting. "Thanks for inviting me Santana." She said politely, and Santana nodded.

"No problem. Couldn't have Rachel breaking any rules by coming to visit for the holidays."

Rachel tensed and turned to Santana. "Santana-"

Santana raised her hands and smiled. "Sorry. I'll play nice. Quinn, would you mind helping Brittany finish setting the table?" Santana asked, her tone sweet and mildly sarcastic. Rachel glanced at Quinn who continued to smile amusedly.

"Of course. If you don't mind me asking, who else is coming to dinner? I see the table is set for seven instead of five."

Santana grinned. "Well apparently Rachel invited Lady Hummel and his shadow."

Brittany scoffed. "She means Kurt and Blaine, Quinn. Come on over so that we can have girl talk!"

Quinn walked over to the table and Rachel almost laughed at the nervousness on her face. Brittany was definitely a handful and she had no filter, so there was no telling what kinds of conversation she would have with Quinn.

Santana pulled Rachel to the kitchen, where the table was filled with various dishes, including the very large golden turkey that seem to steam in deliciousness.

"Santana this all looks great!" Rachel gasped and Santana grinned, walking over to the oven to pull a pan out. "Well I did my best, Streisand. I'm sure it won't taste as good as yours, but I spent all night watching that bird like it was the fucking L Word. Now, get to cuttin'." She said sharply, setting the pan of stuffing down on the table along with two knives.

Rachel rolled her eyes. "It'll taste just fine, San. I'm proud of you, you know? Doing all this without me here."

Santana turned around and leaned against the counter, her arms folded. "Well, it's not like I have much of a choice."

Rachel bit her lip and placed the knife down. "Listen Santana-"

Santana sighed. "No before you start, let me just say that I'm sorry for bursting in on you and Quinn the other day. I was wrong." Rachel held her breath as Santana glanced down at her fingernails; there was always a catch when it came to her apologies.

"I should have called or at least knocked before I came in."

And there it was.

Sighing, Rachel shook her head. This was a typical Santana Lopez apology, except that it really wasn't an apology at all.

"But you never answered your phone Rachel, and when you did it was always something about going to lunch with Quinn, or doing this and that with Quinn."

Rachel glanced down guiltily. "I know. I've been really busy and that isn't an excuse to ignore you and Noah so I'm really sorry. I've just got this new agent, Lisa, and she's been getting me a lot of auditions and I just…" She stared up at Santana, her eyes filled with emotion.

"I'm really sorry about everything."

Santana chuckled. "Jeez Rachel its okay. Puck and I understand-"

"Puck and I understand what?" A deep voice came from the doorway and Rachel grinned, walking forward to wrap her arms around Noah.

"Noah!" She exhaled, smiling into his chest when she felt his arms encircle her.

"Hey Princess…" He sighed out, a smile on his face.

Santana raised her eyebrows. "I was just telling Cinderella there, that we don't mind that she's busy, we only mind that she hasn't been telling us about all of her great opportunities."

Puck pulled back. "This is true. I mean I know it must be tiring doing all of your auditioning and stuff, plus whatever Quinn is making you do at her house…but we still want to be a part of that." He spoke, cupping her cheek.

Despite the obvious venom in his voice at Quinn's name, Rachel understood where Santana and Noah were coming from. She had been losing herself in both her auditions and Quinn and she hadn't made very much time for them.

"I know and I'm sorry. You know I care about the both of you so much…things have just been moving really fast."

Puck stepped away from her and walked over the fridge, grabbing a bottle of wine. "Oh I agree. Maybe things have been moving a little too fast between you and Quinn."

Rachel squinted at the way he popped the cork from the bottle and poured himself a glass. "What do you mean?"

He shrugged. "I mean I think that you're getting too caught up in this kink that you and Quinn share and that you don't see how she could be just using you."

Rachel narrowed her eyes, stuffing the hurt down that she felt in her chest at the accusations Puck was throwing at her about Quinn. She shook her head, telling herself that he just didn't understand.

Santana chuckled, pouring herself a glass. "I mean, Rachel, when we met her at Brittany's show…I knew that you told us that she's like your master or whatever, but it just seemed weird. It felt like she was just controlling you. It didn't help that after you guys left that night, we weren't able to get in touch with you. We didn't know what she had done to you-"

"There was a miscommunication between Quinn and I that night…I did a very stupid thing and Quinn found out. I'm sorry if she might have come off a little standoffish, but she was really upset and it was all my fault-" Rachel rambled, blushing at the memory of that night. Puck stared at Rachel curiously, unsure how to feel at how Rachel was addressing Quinn. Like she was a child and Quinn was her parent or something. It was unsettling.

"Rachel what are you trying to say? Did she like punish you or something?" Puck interrupted and Rachel sighed, understanding Puck's problem with thought of anyone hurting her in anyway.

"Yes Noah. When I do something bad, Quinn punishes me…and I deserved punishment that night." Rachel watched Puck's face screw up in anger and she stepped forward.

"Listen Noah-"

"No, Rachel. You're trying to tell me that she hurts you and you deserve it? How am I supposed to be okay with that?" He said and Rachel gazed at him pleadingly.

"Because she's not hurting me. At least not in any way that I don't want her too." Puck shook his head and threw his glass back.

Rachel placed her hand on his glass and set it on the counter. "I know that it seems crazy, but it's not." She placed her hand over his and glanced at he and Santana.

"I have something special with Quinn, something that works. All I need from you is your trust and support. I don't want this to be awkward and neither does she. I want to know that I can bring her around you guys and there won't be any issues from anyone." Santana sighed and Puck locked his jaw, attempting to look away from Rachel's deep penetrating stare.

"I promise if you would just give her a chance, just get to know her…you both would feel so differently." Rachel said. She stared at her friends, reaching forward to grab Santana's hand.


Santana rolled her eyes. "Oh my god, okay."

Rachel smiled and hugged Santana before turning to Noah, who was sipping his wine again.

"You'll both give her a chance?" Rachel said hopefully and Puck raised his eyebrows, locking eyes with Santana.

"Why not?"

Rachel clapped her hands and hugged them both again. Santana shook her head and Rachel went back to the turkey.

"You guys are amazing! Oh today's going to be so wonderful, I promise you're both gonna see how awesome Quinn is!"

Santana scoffed, smirking at Puck across the room. "Oh I'm sure we will."

Rachel, unaware of the tone of Santana's voice, just looked up and smiled at both Santana and Noah. "You know, I am so thankful to have such accepting and understanding friends. I love you both so much."

Santana stared at Rachel for a long time, smiling. "I love you too, Rach. Now get back to handling that bird, before I handle you."

Puck smiled. "Oh how I have missed my two favorite girls together."

Rachel laughed, blowing a kiss at him before glancing out the doorway at a smiling Quinn who was sitting at the table and laughing at whatever Brittany was vibrantly talking about. Catching Rachel's eye, Quinn winked and Rachel blushed before licking her lips and smiling.

"Hello, hello, everyone. Kurt Hummel is here so thanksgiving can officially begin!"

Santana rolled her eyes. "Jersey Boys are here, so I guess we need to take the food to the table."

Rachel laughed and Kurt appeared in the doorway, his hands on his hips and his eyes narrowed. "Hell must be boring without you Satan."

Santana snapped her teeth at him as she passed, pans of food in her hands. "Eat me, Porcelain."

Rachel grinned grabbing food and taking it to the table. "How do you guys know each other so well?"

Santana placed the food on the table and scoffed, her eyes filled with fire and placed on Kurt. "Remember when I told you and Puck about the robbery I had to investigate? It was Kurt's boutique."

Rachel gasped, turning to Kurt. "Oh my goodness, Kurt, that's awful."

Puck snickered, placing the rest of the dishes of food on the table, before taking a seat.

"Wait, Kurt is anal Peter Pan?"

Santana laughed out loud. "I forgot I called him that, but yes."

Kurt huffed, folding his arms. "I resent that! I was distraught and you weren't taking things seriously at all, Santana!"

Santana looked at him incredulously. "Kurt, you trying to convince me that someone was trying to murder you and calling me everyday until I caught the asshole was not you being distraught. It was you being a maniac."

Kurt brushed lint from his shirt and looked down as Blaine walked in. "I thought of it as incentive to better do your job."

"I almost lost my job from how many times I had to be physically restrained from choking you." Santana remarked, taking a seat in the middle of Brittany and Puck.

Rachel sat next to Quinn, across from them and tucked herself into her side. Kurt and Blaine took a seat next to them and Rachel laughed. "Oh so that's why you kept complaining when I told you that he and Blaine were coming, by the way," Rachel leaned forward and smiled at Blaine, "I'm Rachel."

Blaine, dressed in a button down and red bowtie smiled. "It's so good to finally meet you. Quinn, Kurt and Brittany all speak so fondly of you."

Rachel looked up at Quinn in surprise. Quinn blushed and shrugged. "Really? Well, all good I hope." Rachel spoke, glancing at Kurt nervously and he shooed her with his hand.

Blaine nodded with a smile. Santana furrowed her eyebrows and turned to Brittany before turning to Blaine. "Wait you know Brittany and Quinn?"

Blaine chuckled. "Well of course I know Quinn because of she and Kurt's friendship, but I actually met Brittany a while back through work. I auditioned for A Chorus Line and Brittany was the acting choreographer for the show. We've been friends ever since. I didn't know she had ties to Kurt until now."

Quinn laughed, "Wait a minute, so Rachel, Puck, and Kurt went to high school together. Brittany and Rachel went to college together, and then Brittany and Blaine were in a show together. Kurt just happens to meet Blaine in college, and Brittany just happens to end up dating Santana, bringing the entire group full circle."

Brittany grinned at Rachel. "It was fate."

Rachel smiled and raised her glass. "Well whatever it was, I am glad that it happened. Because now I have all these wonderful people in my life, that I am thankful for. Happy thanksgiving everyone."

A chorus of "happy thanksgivings" rang out across the table and everyone began scooping food onto their plates and eating. After a few moments, Kurt glanced up at Puck.

"Puck, I haven't seen you in such a long time. What's new?"

Puck smiled at Kurt. "Well, I recently began working at a construction site…the days are pretty long, but it's good money."

Kurt nodded. "I always thought you would do something musically oriented. You were so good at playing guitar."

Brittany perked up. "Puck can sing?"

Santana snorted. "Oh yeah. It turns out he, Rachel, and Kurt were in the fucking glee club together."

Puck elbowed her, grinning. "Shut up, no matter how lame it was we were still fucking good."

Rachel and Kurt both looked up, however Rachel was first to the punch. "Excuse me, Noah Puckerman? You were the one who asked me to join glee club with you so you wouldn't look stupid."

Santana whistled and Puck stuck his tongue out at Rachel. "Whatever. You still ended up loving it more than I did."

Kurt grinned. "This much is true. Rachel was almost obsessed with the club, and of course wanted every solo."

Quinn shook with silent laughter and Rachel stuck her nose up, "Well, I deserved every solo."

Kurt scoffed. "You badgered Mr. Shuester with your long rants and your storm outs until he began giving you every solo, just to keep from hearing you talk."

Quinn cleared her throat. "Storm outs?"

Kurt nodded. "Oh yes. When she didn't agree with what was being said, Rachel Berry would storm out of the glee club. This happened multiple times over a course of three years."

Everyone at the table laughed, including Rachel who pointed her fork at Kurt. "Oh come on Kurt, Mr. Shue was the worst! He was never focused on the competitions until weeks before. He was ruining our chances!"

Kurt shrugged. "You're right and the vests drove me nuts, but still you put the poor guy through hell, Rachel."

Rachel folded her arms and glanced up at Quinn. "You don't understand, he was trying to ruin my life."

Puck grinned at Rachel. "You were a little bat-shit crazy, Rach."

Kurt scoffed. "A little?"

Rachel sat up and glared at Kurt. "Let's not talk about crazy Kurt! You made me look like a sad clown hooker so that my boyfriend would leave me for you!"

Blaine gasped and Santana took a dramatic gulp of her wine. "This is getting more hilarious by the minute."

Puck shook his head, laughing. "Kurt said he was going to give Rachel a "makeover" so that her little fucktard of a boyfriend, Jesse St. James, would pay more attention to her."

Rachel glared. "He said he was going to make my makeup look natural, just like Jesse liked, but he made me look like some sort of prostitute."

Quinn laughed and patted Rachel's knee. "I'm sure you didn't look like a prostitute."

Kurt grinned. "No matter what she looked like, it was an improvement from what she looked like before, I'll say that much."

Everyone at the table snickered and Rachel pouted, biting into her turkey.

Puck grinned. "It was all for nothing anyway. Jesse did turn out to be gay."

Rachel shook her head. "I can't believe I dated him for a year."

Puck laughed. "You tend to attract idiots, Rachel."

Kurt's eyes lit up, "Oh that must be why the whole school thought you and Rachel were dating, Puck."

Santana snickered and Puck actually blushed. Quinn raised her eyebrow and Rachel shook her head. "People did not think that we were dating, Kurt."

Kurt stared at her in shock. "Yes they did! You two were so close, and most people didn't understand why. He was a jock and you, just like me, were at the bottom of the food chain."

Rachel waved her hand and took a sip of her own water. "Oh goodness, Noah and I have been friends for years."

Puck grinned at Rachel, nodding. "Right. We met at temple when we were young…I haven't been able to get rid of her since."

Rachel threw a piece of bread at him. "Shut up."

Kurt smiled. "Regardless, people just assumed that there was something romantic going on between you two, since Puck was always trying to fight everyone who threw a slushy at you."

Brittany tilted her head, "Slushies?"

Kurt shivered. "Rachel, myself, and many other proclaimed "losers", were subjected to a form of bullying called "slushy facials" where they would throw those horrible slushy drinks into our faces everyday."

Blaine gasped and Santana's face screwed up angrily. "What the fuck? That's assault!"

Rachel waved her hand noncommittally. "Now that I look back on it, they were pretty stupid. They only stained my clothes really bad."

Puck shook his head, his own features red with anger. "You didn't deserve it. None of you."

Rachel laughed, reaching across the table to place her hand on top of Puck's. "Noah, it's alright. You did your best to protect me, but it's high school. That's the way things worked…I could have been a little less overbearing, I think."

Rachel looked over to Quinn, who was staring at her plate…her body tense and her eyes filled with frustration. Rachel placed her hand on Quinn's thigh. "Quinn, it's alright…"

Quinn looked up at her, attempting to relax her features. "It isn't okay. I had no idea…Rachel, I know that was a long time ago, but you can't make excuses for those awful kids. Puck's right, you didn't deserve having a cup of ice thrown in your face everyday."

Brittany smiled. "They were all just jealous of Rachel's talent, probably. They all knew she was gonna be a big star someday!"

Kurt reached over and squeezed her hand. "Brittany is right. They did everything to break Rachel down, but she never let it get to her. She always remained kind to all of them as best as she could. Karma is gonna catch up to all of those neanderthals badly someday."

Rachel smiled graciously at him and blushed. Quinn smiled to herself, albeit a little envious at all the support Rachel clearly had around her, both in high school and now. It was beautiful.

"My mother used to say the same thing to me, you know? To kill the mean kids with kindness, because they were only upset that they weren't as special as I was."

Rachel gazed up at Quinn, her heart constricting at the thought of what kind of bullying Quinn had to endure because of her condition. It was probably much more mentally damaging than anything Rachel could imagine going through.

Rachel gripped Quinn's thigh tightly, forcing those hazel eyes to fall victim to her hard emotional stare. "Your mother was right Quinn. Look at you now."

Santana raised her eyebrows, and tilted her head. "Jee, I wonder what those kids could have been mean about Quinn. Considering how perfect you are."

Rachel caught Santana's eye, but before she could speak, Quinn spoke for herself.

"Contrary to popular belief, Santana, I'm not perfect."

There was a brief moment of silence, where Santana stared at Quinn pointedly, and Quinn stared back at her. It was almost as if Quinn was daring the other woman to speak. Santana seemed to relent and sat back in her chair, snuggling up to Brittany.

Sensing the tension, Blaine cleared his throat and clapped his hands together.

"Rachel I want to hear all about the callback you got!"

Puck stood up, empty glass and bottle in his hand. "I'll go get more wine."

Rachel stared up confusedly at the way he seemed to get up abruptly, before turning to the table and smiling excitedly. "Oh it's so exciting. After I didn't get the callback for that revival I auditioned for, Lisa thought that it was smart for us to look for something fresher, a new musical. She then found out that they were developing a musical adaptation of A Star Is Born, the Barbra Streisand remake of course, and Lisa thought that it would be perfect for me!"

Blaine and Kurt both squealed and Brittany whooped. "This is so exciting." Kurt gushed and Rachel nodded.

"I was so shocked when they asked me to stay behind. I honestly didn't think that I was going to get it, still, they gave me the information about a callback and I was so excited. It's always been my dream to play any role Barbra played. So this is a great opportunity for that to happen."

Puck returned suddenly, placing the bottle on the table. His glass had already been refilled and he began sipping.

"Hmm. Where'd you meet Lisa, Rachel?" Puck asked, his face feigning interest. Rachel stared at him confusedly, almost positive that he knew Quinn had hired Lisa.

"Um…Quinn knows her through a mutual friend, Charlotte." Rachel remarked and Puck rolled his eyes.

"How convienent." He remarked and Rachel glanced over at Santana, taken aback by Puck's sudden contempt towards she and Quinn. Santana shrugged, as if she had no idea what was going on.

He had been fine at first, but Rachel had noticed the way he had been drinking and started to become a bit hostile towards she and Quinn.

"I actually had spoken to many different people about Rachel," Quinn began and Rachel looked at her in shock. "Really?"

Quinn nodded. "Yes, I did. I only remembered about Lisa being in the business at the last minute. We spoke about you and she told me about all of the ideas she had. I could see how passionate she was about it, so I hired her."

Rachel smiled, overcome with emotion at how much thought Quinn had actually put into finding her someone who would be beneficial to her career.

Before she could voice her thoughts, Puck snorted. "Well, it must be nice to know that Quinn Fabray has got the money for anything you want as long as you ask for it."

Rachel sighed, and Quinn smiled at him. "Rachel is extremely talented. It's ludicrous that she hasn't gotten any work before now."

Puck squinted at her across the table. "Well unfortunately everyone didn't inherit a fortune. Some of us have to work just to get by. Rachel used to do that, before she met you."

Quinn bit down the frustration boiling within her. It was as if she couldn't win with this guy.

"I do work Noah…I work on what I love to do, not what I have to do." Rachel said, her eyes pleading with him. She'd hoped that the talk in the kitchen before dinner would have gotten through to him, but it seemed that things were still slightly off between he and Quinn.

He scoffed. "Well I'm so sorry that we were so poor and couldn't afford to buy you a manager." He threw the rest of his wine back and Rachel sank in her seat, hurt at the how Puck was misconstruing her statements.

Quinn placed her hand on Rachel's back, rubbing small circles with her fingers. "Listen, I just want Rachel to be happy. Despite what it may look like, my mother made sure that I had a good work ethic, and I see that kind of drive in Rachel. I worked hard to achieve my dreams and I would do anything to help make those same things possible for her."

Rachel smiled, glancing down at her plate, attempting to let Quinn's positive words penetrate her. A squeeze to her thigh made her remember her directions for the evening and she looked up at Quinn.

"Thank you Quinn."

"You know Quinn is right Puck," Kurt began, his nose turned up in true Kurt Hummel fashion, "She has always been a bit of a workaholic. I mean she graduated from Columbia at the top of her class."

Rachel glanced at Quinn confusedly. "I thought you went to Yale?"

"I did." Quinn answered, her hand squeezing Rachel's thigh. "I transferred in the middle of my senior year-"

"One month into your first semester, actually." Santana finished for her, glancing down at her plate nonchalantly as she ate her food. At the sudden revelation that the table had gone silent and all eyes were now on her, Santana looked up and continued.

"You were a straight A student at Yale. Never missed a class. You were a member of the student government, the proud president of the LGBTQ student association and on your way to becoming one the greatest students to ever pass through the school, but then you transferred sometime in the middle of September, and finished your Senior year at Columbia, where you ended up going for grad school." Santana finished proudly. Rachel glanced between them nervously, but Quinn only took a bite of her turkey in amusement.

"Looks like someone did their research." Quinn remarked and Santana smirked.

"I dug up a few things here and there."

"Hmm." Quinn hummed, as if she wasn't interested and it seemed as if the only two people that existed in the conversation were Quinn and Santana.

Everyone else at the table continued to eat quietly, hoping the awkward tension settling between the two would somehow loosen. However Santana, not one to be dismissed so easily, took a sip of wine and cleared her throat.

"It's pretty impressive, but also extremely odd I think."

Quinn raised an eyebrow at her. "Odd?"

"Yes, odd. Why does an honor student on the fast track to becoming one of the most successful business women of her time, transfer from one Ivy League school to another right in the middle of her senior year, and rather hastily I heard?" Santana said, her eyes bleeding in contempt.

Quinn chuckled. "You managed to just hear all of this?"

Santana shrugged. "There are some little birdies who like to sing."

Quinn dabbed at her mouth. "I'm sure."

Santana cocked her head. "So you won't answer the question, then?"

Brittany looked over to Santana and frowned. "I don't think Quinn wants to talk about this San…" She murmured. However, both Santana and Quinn ignored her.

Quinn stared at Santana with interest, licking the gravy off of her fork slowly. "I wasn't aware that there was a question being asked, seeing as you apparently know all there is to know about me."

"Except what reason a little rich girl would have to suddenly change colleges right before she graduates." Santana sneered, and Quinn chuckled.

"Now Santana, it's clear you've already gathered some sort of answer from all the little birds that have been singing in your ear." Quinn spoke softly and Santana scooted back in her chair and crossed her legs, her glass of wine hanging from her fingers.

"As luck would have it...I do have a theory," Santana spoke with a smirk.

Quinn sat up straight, locking her gaze on Santana. "Why don't you share with the rest of the class then?"

The patronizing way with which Quinn addressed Santana seemed to set the entire room on edge. Kurt caught Rachel's eye nervously and Rachel returned the gaze with dread. Despite the way Santana and Noah had spoken to her earlier, Rachel's heart clenched in fear of what kind of chaos Santana might have been planning.

It seemed everyone at the table was equally as nervous, watching the two women who gazed at each other coldly, a power struggle apparent between them.

Santana sat her glass down properly before folding her hands in front of her. She was every bit of condescending towards Quinn as she spoke. "Everyone at Yale only spoke about how wonderful the Quinn Fabray was. They spoke about how intelligent and sweet she was and how she was always making sure to do what she could to make a difference. Your dedication to being a good student was almost…charming."

Quinn raised her eyebrow and Rachel placed her palms on her thighs, running them nervously back and forth as Santana continued to speak.

"I couldn't find one bad thing about you, you know, not there. You were the perfect little nerd, with a perfect little record. I mean, I even spoke to your favorite professor. And she had a lot to say."

Rachel watched as something quickly flickered through Quinn's eyes, something like fear.

Santana leaned forward, smirking now. "Professor Mills? Do you remember her?"

Quinn didn't answer, her eyes locked on Santana's as she spoke.

"Well, she certainly remembers you. She said you were her favorite student. Always on time, always respectful. Said you guys were really close, and you often went out together for lunch and dinner, and that after your junior year you took both summer and private tutoring lessons with her."

Quinn's jaw locked and Rachel began to panic, knowing that the only time that happened was when Quinn was trying to keep herself from losing control. Rachel looked around the table, noticing how Brittany seemed to fidget uncomfortably in her chair and Blaine and Kurt looked on with dread on their faces. Puck was throwing his wine back, and Rachel couldn't believe he wasn't attempting to stop Santana as she continued to spill all of Quinn's information across the table.

"As a matter of fact, everyone on campus actually had a lot to say about how much Professor Mills loved you. They noticed that on many occasions she was keeping you after class and that often she would drive you home."

"What are you trying to say?" Quinn spoke calmly and Santana's eyes slanted, something that only happened when she was going in for the kill.

"People only transfer schools that quickly for one of two reasons: money issues or a scandal and considering your family's fortune, I doubt you needed the money."

With her teeth gleaming in a predatory smile, Santana taunted Quinn. "What happened, Quinn? You and Professor Mills get a little too close? Did her wife find out about all the "tutoring" you guys were doing?"

Everyone at the table tried not to appear too shocked at the accusation that passed through Santana's lips.

"Santana, please." Rachel said, leaning forward and pleading with her eyes. She could feel the telltale signs of the conversation going left and Rachel wanted it to stop before it got out of hand.

Ignoring Rachel's gaze, Santana raised her eyebrows, willing Quinn to answer.

Quinn shook her head at Santana, chuckling softly again. Rachel stared at her in admiration, wondering how she managed to remain so calm with Puck and Santana throwing things at her left and right. Rachel could only dream of mastering such patience.

Santana pushed impatiently, "Well?"

"My mother died."

Once again, everyone listening seemed to be caught off guard by how calmly Quinn uttered the words. Quinn didn't even appear disturbed as she shrugged and continued to speak.

"She passed away from Pneumonia. I transferred to Columbia because I couldn't focus at Yale and I needed to be closer to home, closer to my father and our business."

Rachel was aware of how personal this information was to Quinn. She was also aware of how hard it was for Quinn to open up about these things. Which is why she felt anger rise within her at the way Santana drug the information out of Quinn. It was extremely disrespectful and left Rachel feeling uncomfortable.

Santana had the decency to look a little ashamed at the topic of Quinn's parent's death. However, apparently satisfied with the answer, she took a sip of wine. Brittany reached forward and took the glass from Santana's hands and stood up abruptly. "I think you've had enough." She said sharply and Santana watched her leave the table.

"Britt," Santana called, but Brittany had already entered the kitchen, seemingly fed up with the way things were going at the table.

Rachel glanced down at her food sadly, her insides clenching in embarrassment.

Quinn placed her hand on Rachel's thigh. "Eyes up, Rachel. Remember what I told you."

Rachel complied and locked gazes with Santana, her eyes filled with disappointment. "You promised me you wouldn't do this." She said softly and Santana gazed back at her guiltily.

"Rachel I'm sorry, but I just think that you're wearing blinders when it comes to Quinn-"

Rachel fumed. "It doesn't matter what you think, this is not the time or place for you to show off your skills as a detective! That information is personal to Quinn." She snapped and Santana recoiled at the tone Rachel's voice had taken on.

Quinn squeezed Rachel's thigh, willing her to calm down. "Rachel, that's enough."

Briefly, Quinn began to wonder if maybe this wasn't a good idea. Maybe Puck and Santana needed to speak with she and Rachel privately in order for everything to become settled between them. They seemed almost adamant about making Quinn out to be some horrible person.

Quinn couldn't understand that. She had never forced Rachel away from her friends, and she had assumed that prior to dinner Rachel had made an effort to speak to Puck and Santana about the tension between them.

It seemed that that conversation had fallen on deaf ears, what with the way Santana had been throwing personal information at Quinn like she was interrogating a suspect and the way Puck had been refilling his wine glass and making snide comments.

Despite feeling that there was another reason that Puck had issues with her, Quinn remained calm. These were Rachel's friends, like her family even. Quinn only wanted them all to coexist easily, without any sort of problem and she was willing to dodge insults and answer their sharp questions in order to make that happen. Quinn knew Rachel would be happier if they were all on the same page.

Rachel, feeling the anger leave her body at Quinn's touch, ceased all protests against Santana and leaned back in her chair.

I promised her.

Puck suddenly slammed his glass on the table, making everyone jump. "Oh my fucking god, am I the only one bothered by this?"

Everyone stared at him, some nervously, others in confusion.

"She's got Rachel wrapped around her finger, doing everything she says like some goddamned slave. How can all of you just sit here like that's normal?" Puck spat out angrily, glaring around at everyone.

Rachel bit her lip. She was hoping with all of her might that Noah wouldn't do this. She only wanted he and Santana to get to know Quinn and try to understand their relationship. She thought after their conversation that he would be a little calmer and a little nicer.

No one spoke, not even Quinn, who was busying herself folding her napkin with one hand. Puck shook his head laughing, almost cynically.

"Oh of course! She's got you all charmed too. Got you all thinking she's anything less than an abusive control freak."

Blaine gasped and Rachel shook her head, the words abusive and freak filling her with sudden anger. "Noah, stop it." She snapped.

"Rachel." Quinn warned and Rachel whipped around, her eyes filled with disbelief. There was an intense yearning to defend Quinn in Rachel's eyes. But with Puck being intoxicated, any type of anger directed towards him would only fuel his tirade, and Quinn did not trust him.

"Oh it must be against the rules for Rachel to speak freely now." Puck chided at everyone and Quinn turned to glance at him, her eyes as calm as her posture.

"Puck, Rachel is allowed to speak as freely as she'd like. I just think it isn't appropriate for this particular conversation to take place in front of so many people. I also think you've had a little too much to drink."

Santana nodded her agreement, reaching for Puck's glass of wine, "Quinn's right Puck, you've been drinking all day, you're wasted-"

Puck shook Santana off. "As long as this is my fucking house, I'm going to drink as much as I please." He spat out and Santana looked at Rachel in fear. Rachel guessed that Puck's drunken rant wasn't apart of their "plan".

Puck narrowed his eyes at Quinn. "And I think this is the perfect time to have this conversation…why not? What, you don't want anybody knowing all the fucked up ways you treat my friend in that sex dungeon of yours?" He laughed out.

A wave of shock coursed over the table and both Santana and Kurt glanced between Puck and Quinn nervously. Rachel fidgeted in her seat; unable to wrap her mind around the way Puck was speaking. She had never witnessed him like this before in their entire time of being friends.

A brief silence passed, and Puck smirked. "Everyone wants me to get to know you, fine. Let's talk about you Quinn. Talk about how you've somehow got my friend brainwashed into thinking that allowing you to chain her up and whip her is somehow normal."

Puck continued, "It isn't normal and you are not normal."

Rachel's heart broke at Puck's words. She was aware how much they could affect Quinn after she had confided in Rachel about all of the self-esteem issues she had when she was younger.

Quinn did briefly feel the words cut her, even if Puck wasn't truly aware of what he was saying. They still emptied from his mouth viciously, and it was the fact that the same disgust that Quinn was used to hearing all those years ago, from the people she loved, dripped from his tone…and he didn't even know her.

Rachel seethed, glaring at him. "Noah-"

"Shut up Rachel!" Puck snapped, turning to Rachel. "It's the truth, you're just too blind to see it!" He waved his hand at her. "She's got you sitting there like a fucking dog, opening and closing your mouth whenever she fucking wants you to and you think that's normal?"

Quinn bristled at the way Puck screamed at Rachel but before she could say anything to him, Rachel spoke softly, gazing at him with hurt in her eyes at the way he was speaking to her.

"It is normal, Noah. It's what I want. Why can't you see that?"

Puck shook his head, as if trying to clear the fog. "Because Rachel, I can't see you for something that I know you aren't. This isn't who you are-"

Rachel shook her head, cutting him off. "Noah please, this is who I am-"

Puck growled and glared at Quinn angrily. "What the fuck did you do to her?"

Quinn squinted at Puck. "I didn't do anything except give her what she wants Puck. Maybe if you would stop being so angry and start listening to her, you'd understand that."

"She doesn't know what she wants…and even if she did it certainly wouldn't be you." Puck stated, suddenly calm. Quinn's eyes turned cold at the way Puck attempted to break her connection to Rachel down. She wasn't fond of anyone who questioned the way she felt about Rachel or vice verse.

"You don't speak on her behalf Puck. Rachel signed that contract consciously, and you were there when she did it. This is what she wants, whether you like it or not." Quinn stated briskly and Puck's face grew red with anger.

"You've got her fucking brainwashed. Buying her all those designer clothes and hiring her some fancy agent, all so you can keep her under your thumb!" He accused and Rachel tried to resist becoming offended at the idea that he thought Quinn was attempting to buy her affection, and even more that it was the only reason that she was in the relationship with Quinn.

Quinn arched an eyebrow at him, folding her hands across her lap. She was the very image of proper, if only for the icy stare she was casting at Puck. "I do those things to ensure that Rachel is enjoying her time with me, I take care of her. Which is more than I can say for you."

Quinn was becoming fed up of the wreck-less way Puck was attempting to cut her down. If he wanted a reaction, he was about to receive one.

"Before I came along, Rachel was working two jobs to help pay the bills. Rather than fulfilling her dreams, she had placed everything on the back-burner in order to deal with real life and to help take care of you. Tell me one time you encouraged Rachel to audition more, one moment you offered to get another job so that she wouldn't have to work so hard? Huh? You didn't."

Santana took a deep breath, and glanced down at her hands. The words that came from Quinn were true, whether Rachel did those things out of good intention or not. Neither she nor Puck had made an effort to take some slack off of Rachel so that she could work on what she really wanted to do.

Ignoring the guilt he felt inside of him, Puck glared at Quinn in disbelief. "How dare you, you stupid bitch! Just because you throw auditions and diamonds at women so that they will fuck you doesn't make you better than me."

Kurt cleared his throat angrily. "Puck that's enough-"

Puck glared at him, "Stay the fuck out of this Kurt!"

Kurt recoiled back in anger. "I most certainly will not! I won't let you continue to make an ass out of yourself by embarrassing everyone at this table!" He spoke, ignoring the way Blaine was trying to calm him down and Rachel took a deep breath.

Puck scoffed, "I'm only stating the truth Kurt…" He turned to Quinn with a smirk. "You're a glorified sugar mama with a fucking fetish, and you give Rachel all that shit so that she'll let you do whatever you want to her."

Quinn chuckled darkly, her hands tightening around each other against her lap. "I choose to do those things, Puck, because it makes Rachel happy. I encourage her to be the best she can be, and that has nothing to do with what goes on in our relationship."

Puck pointed at her. "The sick shit you like isn't a relationship."

Quinn squinted at him, coldly. "That same sick shit is what Rachel asks of me, and until you attempt to accept that then you're going to be one very disappointed friend." Reaching forward, Quinn grabbed her own glass of wine and took a sip, before loosening her collar.

Rachel stared at Quinn; on edge at the way she and Puck were going back and forth and wishing the conversation could just end. Rachel could tell that Puck was beginning to tread a thin line, and she didn't want to see either of them get hurt. Cruel things had already been said and Rachel was worried that it would go a step too far.

Puck shook his head at Quinn, his temper growing stronger by the minute. "You don't have a fucking clue do you? What you have with Rachel isn't real. She's just playing around with this shit. After your little agreement is up, she'll be back here with-"

"With you?" Quinn said and suddenly the air at the table changed. Quinn's eyes grew heavy with something that made the hairs on the back of Rachel's neck stand up.

They hadn't discussed what was going to happen after the contract was up and Rachel wasn't necessarily sure what that conversation would hold.

Speaking to Kurt about how she felt for Quinn was eye opening for Rachel. Rachel was beginning to garner more feelings for Quinn, and the contract that sealed their relationship made it difficult to express those things.

Needless to say, the look that flashed through Quinn's eyes at Puck's sharp words was nothing less than possessive.

Puck smirked, sensing that he had stumbled upon a sore spot with Quinn. "That's right, with me. And we'll forget all of this bullshit ever happened."

"What makes you think she's coming back here?" Quinn said, her eyes narrowed challengingly and everyone at the table stared at her in disbelief.

Wait what?

"What are you talking about?" Puck sneered. Quinn, feeling the control on her emotions slowly drift away from her, flared her nostrils.

"I'm talking about the idea that maybe this isn't home for Rachel anymore. You and Santana seemed to be holding onto this idea that Rachel somehow belongs to you."

Puck leaned forward, rage in his eyes. "Well she certainly doesn't belong to you, bitch."

"She does belong to me Puck."

Rachel felt he knees go weak at the strength in Quinn's voice. Rachel could also tell that Quinn's patience was being tested and the frustration and possessiveness dipping behind her controlled tone, exemplified that.

"Excuse me?" Puck stated angrily, and he began to rise to his feet. Santana, fearing the worst grabbed him, but he shook her off. "You don't own her-"

"I do own her. She's mine." Quinn stated calmly, her eyes staring straight through him, and everyone at the table seemed to stop moving.

"What the fuck did you just say?"

Quinn locked her eyes on him, and braced her hands against the table. "You heard what I said. She's mine."

Despite the tension that was consuming the room, Rachel felt her body hum in satisfaction at the words that left Quinn's mouth. Quinn's claim drifted through her body like ecstasy and Rachel closed her eyes at the feeling.

"I am tired of this foolishness. Rachel is a grown woman and she makes all of her own decisions. Like I have explained countless times, she decided to sign my contract, and she decided she needed a more thorough form of 24/7, so I gave it to her. You can kick and scream and think what you want. But know this," Quinn reached up and grazed her fingers against Rachel's necklace, the diamonds sparkling even in the dim lighting of the she dining room, before slipping her hand around the back of her neck and pulling Rachel closer to her. "When she got this collar, she devoted herself to being mine. I own her, Puck. Not because I forced her, but because she wants to be owned by me."

Rachel reached over and placed her hand on top of Quinn's against the table. The feeling of Quinn's fingers tracing circles against the back of her neck made her feel calm and she wanted to make Quinn feel at ease as well.

Puck glared at the way their hands joined and Quinn watched jealousy flash through his eyes.


His fingers gripped the edge of the table and he almost seemed to shake with anger. Quinn didn't like it, but she now understood his emotions.

This wasn't about the origin of she and Rachel's relationship, it was about the fact that she and Rachel had a relationship.

He's jealous.

Quinn felt stupid for not realizing it before. Puck raised his head up and glared at Quinn for a long time, before finally he allowed a smirk to take over his face. Rachel blanched. She knew Puck well enough to know what that meant.

"It's all about asserting your dominance isn't it Quinn?" Puck said with a short laugh and Rachel glanced pleadingly at Santana, who seemed to understand that whatever she and Puck were attempting to accomplish had now gone too far. Santana stood as well, ready to interfere, but Puck leaned forward. "You just have to make sure the entire room knows how much you own Rachel. How in control you are of the situation. But there's one thing you can't control and I bet it just eats you up inside."

Quinn narrowed her eyes at Puck, a frown slipping over her face. Rachel began fidgeting in her seat, her heart dropping in her chest at the way Puck was leering at Quinn.

"You may own Rachel now, but I owned her the one time that it counted. The first time."

Puck grinned at the way Quinn's jaw locked. "That's right. I was here before you. And I was there," he pointed at Rachel, "before you." Rachel's mouth dropped open and Quinn felt her body begin to vibrate in anger.

"And no matter how many times you tie her up and have your way with her, you'll never know her body or be connected to her the way I was, you'll never be able to really own her."

Puck grinned, so close to Quinn she could feel his breath on her.

"Because her pussy will always belong to me."

Everything happened so fast.

Anger exploded within Quinn, but as soon as she rose from her chair, Rachel had already lunged across the table and smacked Puck so hard it bounced off of the walls.

Everyone gasped and Quinn's eyes widened at the rage that seemed to consume Rachel's body.

Rachel couldn't describe the mixture of pain and fury that coursed through her veins. She only knew that she needed to take it out on Puck, and she would gladly take her punishment for it later.

"How dare you!" Rachel shouted, stepping around the table and pushing Puck backwards. She watched, as he stumbled, no doubt a reaction from the amount of wine he had consumed.

Puck stared at Rachel, wildly, and she glared back. Quinn would say that Rachel looked almost majestic, her eyes filled with the most beautiful fire, if she wasn't so concerned about her. Rachel and Puck seemed to be having a silent conversation, and everyone around them was silent, unmoving.

She squinted at him, her eyes filled with betrayal. "I trusted you, Noah. How could you?"

Puck, with his cheek reddening glared back at her, "You don't seem to have a problem with people claiming you, so I figured I'd give it a try. Maybe you'd bend over and let me have my way with you," he sneered at Quinn, "Again."

"You son of a-"

Before Quinn could blink, Rachel was raising her hand prepared to hit Puck again, and many things happened at once.

Quinn grabbed Rachel's arm, yanking her backward.

"Rachel, stop it!" Quinn said sternly, pulling the girl to her body and wrapping an arm around her middle. Rachel's hands were contained behind her back and pressed up against Quinn's chest. Meanwhile, Santana reached for Puck, taking him by his shirt and slamming him against the wall.

"That's fucking enough, Puckerman!" She gritted through her teeth, her eyes glaring at him. Santana knew that he didn't trust Quinn, but she began to realize that both of their behavior this entire dinner had been wrong and uncalled for. She couldn't let him continue to embarrass Rachel.

Brittany rushed over to them, and placed her arm on Santana's. "Let him go, Santana."

Santana glared at him, her arm now holding him against the wall by his throat, much like she would a criminal. Puck, obviously drunk, laughed. "You're gonna treat me like one of your asshole perps, San?"

"You keep testing me, and I'll make what I do to them look like fucking child's play." She growled. Puck pushed against her, clearly stronger than she, but being inebriated kept him from pushing her away completely.

"Santana please let him go." Brittany pleaded, dragging her fingers through Santana's hair gently. Santana glared at him for a long time, the feeling of Brittany staring at her, overtaking her body. Finally, she took Puck and shoved him in the direction of the door. "Let's fucking go, you need some air."

Once Brittany closed the door after them, Quinn walked a fuming Rachel the opposite direction, into what she remembered to be Rachel's bedroom, and locked the door.

Rachel jerked away from her hold as soon as she heard the door click and Quinn stared at her.

Despite the anger flaring up in her body, and the pride Quinn had in Rachel standing up for herself, she didn't want anything like that to happen. And she was both disappointed in herself and Rachel for allowing Puck's words to get to them.

Quinn shook her head, sadly. "This is all my fault, I shouldn't have-"

Rachel glared at her wildly. "Shouldn't have what, defended our relationship?" She said sarcastically and Quinn narrowed her eyes at Rachel's sharp tone.

"Not at the goddamn table. I made you promise you wouldn't do it, and yet I let him get to me and ended up doing it myself." Quinn said shaking her head. "That conversation should have been private." Quinn said firmly.

Rachel scoffed in disbelief. "Quinn we both know you weren't willing to sit there and let Noah run his fucking mouth about you and I freely in front of everyone!" Rachel snapped and Quinn pointed her finger at her in warning.

"Watch your tone, Rachel. Just because you're angry doesn't mean you can direct that anger towards me."

Rachel stomped her feet, pointing back at Quinn. "I will not watch my tone Quinn! You don't seem to get it-"

Quinn grabbed Rachel by the hand pointing at her and pulled her to her body tightly, gripping both of her wrists tightly. "Excuse me? Did you just tell me no?"

Rachel's normally obedient eyes dilated with raging defiance and Quinn knew that it was only fueled by the combination of anger and hurt settling within.

Realizing that Quinn wasn't backing down, Rachel lowered her eyes. "I'm sorry Quinn." Quinn released her, and Rachel sighed. "I'm just so angry." She said.

Quinn ran her fingers through her hair. "I know, Rae. But it should have never gotten physical."

Rachel narrowed her eyes at Quinn. "He deserved it."

Quinn placed her hands on her hips. "Of course he did Rachel but he's still your friend-"

"He's NO friend of mine!" Rachel shouted and Quinn's eyes widened at the rage and disgust that dripped from Rachel's voice. She wasn't even aware that her beautiful, understanding submissive could ever look so angry, but here she was. Full of pure uncontainable fury.

Rachel gestured to the door with her hand. "I know you wanted to do the right thing Quinn, but no friend of mine would ever talk about me that way! My friend wouldn't dare use the fact that he stuck his dick in me first as a weapon to attack the person I care about." Rachel spat.

Quinn tried to get a grip on her own emotions so that she could deal with Rachel's. Never mind the raging possessiveness that was threatening to spill from her own body, Rachel was obviously more important and she was right. No matter how much she cared about Puck, he crossed a line.

Rachel shook her head wildly. "He embarrassed me Quinn, in the worst way. He took something personal to me, something private and special and he...he..." She shook her head and closed her eyes and Quinn watched as Rachel's lip trembled.

A tear slipped down her cheek and Rachel whispered. "He just pissed all over it."

Quinn watched Rachel put her hand over her mouth, openly crying and Quinn clenched her fists, attempting to get a hold on the anger she felt for Puck, now escalating at the sight of Rachel's hurt body.

She needs you.

Taking two long strides Quinn pulled Rachel to her, wrapping her arms tightly around her body.

Rachel shuddered, falling into the touch comfortably, "I j-just...I couldn't let him attack you Quinn. I know what I promised you, but...I care about you too much to let him say those things about you...about us."

Rachel pulled away and stared up at Quinn, her eyes full of passion. "He is wrong, Quinn."

Quinn wondered how Rachel could do that. How she could stare deep into Quinn's eyes and see the very things that were bothering her. Puck had stirred something up within her with his words. He had tried to make what she and Rachel had less than what it was. He tried to make Quinn look like she didn't deserve Rachel, and that had affected her greatly. Somehow, through her own pain, Rachel noticed this.

"This, what we have, is special to me. I belong to you...and nothing will change that." Rachel spoke softly, her hand cupping Quinn's cheek. Leaning up on her toes, she pressed her lips to Quinn's, moving them over hers lightly and Quinn pulled Rachel against her firmly, falling into the embrace heatedly. Reaching up, she buried her hands in Rachel's hair and slipped her tongue between her lips. Quinn claimed Rachel's mouth hotly and Rachel let her, understanding that Quinn needed this. Validation.

Flicking her tongue over Rachel's, before sucking it into her mouth deftly, Quinn released Rachel's lips and rested her forehead against hers.

"You were really bad tonight." Quinn whispered, her eyes filled with adoration. Rachel nodded, her hands slipping to Quinn's shoulders.

"I know."

Quinn licked her lips. "I want you to face the corner, on your knees with your hands behind your back."

Rachel turned to comply and Quinn stopped her. "I don't want you to move until I come back and tell you to. You need to understand that rage is a very powerful emotion. It takes away from the beauty in people. Tonight I saw something in you that, while it only added to the imperceptible amount of beauty I see, is not who you are. With your nose in the corner, you can calmly think about that, okay?"

Rachel swallowed and nodded. "Yes, Quinn."

Quinn stood and watched Rachel as she walked over to the corner and sank to her knees, obediently.

She was perfect.

Satisfied with the sight of her, Quinn eased out of the room and shut the door quietly. Turning around, she was met with the sight of an almost empty room. With Kurt and Blaine having left and Puck still "getting air" there was only Brittany and a nervous Santana, who was standing directly in front of her.

Quinn watched as Santana took a deep breath, her eyes filled with guilt. She seemed to be repeatedly glancing back at Brittany, who was leaning against the doorway with her arms folded and a pointed look on her face.

If it were any other situation, Quinn would have laughed at the control Brittany seemed to have over Santana so early in their relationship.

"Quinn...I'm really sorry about the way things got out of hand today. I was honestly just concerned about Rachel...and I never meant for her to get hurt."

Quinn raised an eyebrow and folded her arms. "Just me right?"

Santana grimaced. "You've got to understand...this is really hard for us to wrap our heads around. Rachel isn't normally so caught up on another person, and we were just worried. Especially after the way you both were acting at Britt's show. We just don't want her to get hurt." Santana said, and for the first time that night Quinn saw deep sincerity in her eyes. Quinn also understood why Puck and Santana might have been concerned after such a tense first meeting.

"I thought if maybe I could dig up some dirt...expose a side of you that maybe wasn't so perfect, she'd-"

"You thought you could snap her out of it." Quinn said knowingly, and Santana deflated, nodding. Quinn bit her lip, smiling.

"Santana I know how much you and Puck care about Rachel. I actually respect the both of you because you are such wonderful friends to her, and I understand how you might be concerned, seeing as this is a side of Rachel that neither of you have ever seen before, but this is not the proper way to go about expressing your concerns." Quinn finished and Santana rubbed her arm.

"I know, and I'm sorry it's just, this is all so fucking new for us. Rachel has always had such a strong personality. I remember she got kicked out of class the first week of school because she got into a fight with one of her dance teachers, all because he had a suggestion on how she should point her toe." Santana finished and Quinn laughed.

"Oh I can believe that and I can also understand why it may be hard to see Rachel this way, but I promise you I haven't brainwashed her, or made her become any less of the fiery woman that she is." Quinn said honestly and she took a breath before speaking.

"The relationship Rachel and I have is...fueled on trust and honesty. We are both upfront with one another about what we want and we trust each other enough to give the proper attention to each other. Rachel has accepted that there is a very large part of her that yearns to be submissive. All you two have to do is understand that it's a part of who she is and support it."

Quinn's eyes almost turned gold with the way she spoke about Rachel's dedication to her and Santana saw something past the initial lust she assumed was the base of their relationship.

"If you think about it, it has always been there, lurking behind her big personality. The way she felt obligated to work and provide for you and Puck despite the fact that you both can obviously fend for yourself. The way she would cook meals and set the table and clean and do all those things purely out of concern and care for the both of you? Those were signs, Santana. I just happened to see it in her and open her mind to the possibilities. I never forced anything on her, and the last thing I want is either of you thinking that Rachel is unhappy, she isn't."

Santana nodded, fully guilty and convinced that she and Puck had been a little too concerned.

"I know she's happy. I was just caught up listening to Puck's stupid fucking drunken rambles." Santana shook her head. "I'm really sorry about this Quinn, I should have given you and Rachel a chance before forming my own conclusions."

Quinn smiled at Santana's lowered eyes. "You were only trying to protect your friend. It doesn't make it right, but it's understandable nonetheless."

Santana actually smiled a little. "I don't know if Rachel will be so understanding, though."

Quinn shrugged. "She'll be angry, she is angry. But we both know that she is a forgiving person."

Santana's eyes bled with more guilt. "Yeah but she talked to Puck and I before dinner, told us how sorry she was for not being a good friend and how it didn't have anything to with you, she begged us to forgive her and get to know you better and we just stomped all over that. God, I'm such an idiot."

Quinn shook her head. "People make mistakes Santana, you'll just have to talk to Rachel about it. I'm sure after tonight, once everything has calmed down, she'll be willing to speak to you."

Just then the front door opened and slammed and Puck walked in, his face red with anger. It looked like he didn't sober up as much as he should have, and that only made the initial anger Quinn felt for him rise back up.

"I don't know about him, however." Quinn said, her eyes narrowed coldly as he approached them.

Santana turned swiftly and placed her hands on Puck's chest. "Puckerman, stop-"

He shook Santana off of him and advanced on Quinn, angrily. "Where is she? What did you do to her?"

Quinn stood up straight, her eyes full of fire. "You've got some nerve." Quinn took a step forward and Santana slid between them placing her hands on both of their chests.

"Where is Rachel?" Puck spat and Quinn's eyes seemed to turn black with anger. Santana was quickly realizing that she and Puck both underestimated the depth of she and Rachel's relationship.

"She's calming down, something you obviously didn't do."

He shoved Santana from between them and was suddenly close to Quinn, their noses practically touching. "Don't fucking test me bitch."

Santana felt her heart beating fast in fear, unsure of how Puck may react in his drunken state. Quinn stood as tall as she could against him, leveling his stare with not a trace of fear in her eyes.

"No bitch, don't fucking test me." She spat, her voice rough and low.

Santana glanced over at Brittany who seemed just as shocked as she was that Quinn hadn't backed down. It was clear that something bad was going to happen, seeing as Rachel was the common denominator between both Quinn and Puck and neither of them seemed willing to let go.

"I need to see Rachel." He said, his jaw locked and Quinn squinted at him.

"That's not going to happen." She said firmly and Puck growled before his anger reached past its boiling point. He swung at Quinn and Santana stepped forward quickly, yelling. However, Quinn was too quick for Puck's drunken state. She caught his arm and swung him around forcefully, slamming him face first against the wall.

She twisted his arm around his back and he groaned out in pain before laughing, practically wheezing against the way Quinn was holding him. "You're pret