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The Appointment

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“Okay, I’m here. Now what was so damn important that it couldn’t wait until next weekend or something?” Daria asked of her best friend, mother, and father that were sitting in the Morgendorffer kitchen waiting for her.
The trio passed looks with one another before her father spoke first.
“Why don’t you sit down for a sec honey, let the old man here make you a cup of coffee?”
Daria really began to worry now. Jane and Helen were both very opinionated women and yet here they were letting Jake take a stance
on something first……spooky.
“Dad are- did you-” she swallowed the lump in her throat as images of her father in the hospital returned to the forefront of her brain. “Are you……okay?”
“Sure hon- Oh, Daria no, I’m fine.” Jake reassured her realizing where her mind must have went.
Relief passed over her……briefly.
(v/o) Why are mom and Jane so quiet then?
Jake sat the cup on the table since it had just finished pouring out of the one cup coffee maker.
“Why don’t you sit?” Helen finally spoke.
“I’d rather stand mom.” Daria couldn’t shake the awful feeling that had taken hold of her. Daria looked to Jane, but Jane still said nothing.
“Oh……well then……”
“Will someone please tell me what’s going on?” Daria quietly demanded.
“It’s about Trent……” Helen began.
Daria felt that sick feeling of panic begin to well up in the back of her throat again; if someone didn’t tell her something soon…… She turned to Jane.
“What about Trent? Has there been an accident?”
“Not an accident- he’s- he’s got,” Jane swallowed hard, “he’s sick Daria. He’s really sick.”
Daria could see Jane talking and could even hear the words that were coming out of her mouth, but registering what she was saying would have to come later.
“So we thought that we should ta-”
“I have to get out of here.” Daria spun on her heel and headed out the door with Jane and her parents fast on her heels. She spun back to them, making them stop short. “I need to see him.” She left walking at a quick speed.


She stood looking at the Lane house for a moment before entering.
(v/o) It was quiet……so very quiet……
She entered. Part of her expected to see him lounging in the front room on the sofa or in the kitchen at the table having a cup of coffee. He was in neither place. On further entrance and good old fashioned listening, she heard the shower and figured that was where he was. She stood there unsure of how to make herself known.
(v/o) The shower’s stopped. You only have a few moments left. Call his name…… Okay, anytime now. Breathe, just breathe and say-
There was a pause.
“……yeah, it’s me.”
“……be out in a sec.”
She wandered back towards the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee.
(v/o) Wonder if he’s even supposed to be drinking this stuff…..
“Hey Daria.”
“Hey Trent.”
He stood lounging against the frame of the doorway to the kitchen. She stood by the coffee pot on the counter waiting for it to finish perking.
“What are you doing here?”
“Our phone conversation last night…… left me…… wondering.”
“Why did you call?”
He propelled himself forward and dropped into a chair at the table.
“I wanted……to talk.”
“About what?”
He shrugged.
“Stuff I’ve got going on……you, me……… and everything in between.”
“Perhaps we should go one thing at a time.” She poured them each a cup and sat across from him at the table. “Just start talking and let’s see where things go.”
“It’s late……you must have been driving for hours already.”
“It’s okay; I have time.”
She listened to him talk about Mystic Spiral and The Zon and how everyone was doing in the band. He didn’t really drink his coffee, but would stir it ever so often and cradle the cup.
“The last time you were here…… I wasn’t tired because I had been out partying. That’s not why I pushed you away.”
She was practically holding her breath waiting as he continued.
“I wasn’t feeling well.” He watched her before continuing. “I haven’t been well for a while now.”
She sipped at her coffee.
“I’ve got Cancer.” He looked at her in the face. “I didn’t want you to know. I didn’t want anyone to know. Hell, I wish I didn’t know.” He swirled the spoon around in the cup some more. “I don’t want this to change anything for anyone though. You and Jane need to continue with school and not let my mess interfere with that. I can handle my appointments just fine.”
“No offense Trent, but that’s ridiculous and a bit insulting.”
“I get why you didn’t want anyone to know, but- well, not telling us- not telling me, is just wrong. The people that care about you, we want to know the good and the bad of your life so that we can help in any way possible. This cancer doesn’t just affect you…… it affects everyone in your life.”
“Yeah, that’s comforting.”
“I see it hasn’t affected your sarcasm,” she smirked.
He gave small smile at that.
“Those of us that care for you want to be by your side.”
“It won’t interfere with my school, so make no mistake that I plan on doing whatever I can to help.”
“You don’t have to.”
“I know.”
They smiled at each other. The dim lighting of the dining room felt warmer somehow.