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The Appointment

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“Hey Daria……it’s Trent.”
Momentary silence; she’d seen the Lane name come up and had assumed that it was Jane since she had went home for the weekend- again. It felt like all the air was gone from the room, except she could breathe……kind of.
“Uh- whatcha doin?”
“I was-”
“Thought that maybe we could talk.”
“We’re talking now.”
“I know. I’d rather talk in person-”
“Ready when you are,” Trent heard a male voice in the background say.
“I’ll just talk to you later,” he hurried off the phone, hanging up before she could even say goodbye.
(v/o) She’s going out on a date. I know I pushed her away……it hurts though. Maybe I shouldn’t tell her right now. She’s going out; she must feel something for the guy. I bet she’s wearing that soft green sweater that shows off the gold flecks in her brown eyes. Then, if he’s able to make her laugh- really laugh, that smile…… it’ll be over for him then. He’ll be completely, head over heels-
“That was fast,” Jane’s voice broke his thoughts.
“She had company……”
“So you didn’t get a chance to tell her that you wanted to speak with her?”
“I did, but-” he lost his thought for a moment reliving the voice from the other side of the line. “I got off the phone when I realized that I was interrupting.”
“Did she say that?” Jane knew that Daria could be ruthlessly cold to people, but never to Trent. He was her one Achilles heel, Jane had often thought.
“She didn’t have to,” Trent stood and made his way down the hall towards his room. He sat replaying the phone call over and over in his mind until the alarm on his phone went off signaling the time for his meds to be taken. He glared at the bag that contained the bottles. He wanted nothing more than to hurl it into the nearest trash can and forget about cancer and treatments and what happens next.
(v/o) It still wouldn’t change anything though. In fact, it would make things much worse. You need to stay focused on getting better. Even if it is too late for you and Daria, Janey needs you.
He scooped up the bag and took out the appropriate pills to take. It took an extra swallow of water for the larger pills, but he got ‘em down. Then came the soft knock at the door, followed by Jane poking her head inside.
“I’m okay Janey……just pissed I guess.”
She sat beside him.
“I know I pushed her away. I still want her to be happy.” He looked at his sister. “I want you to be happy too. That’s why I didn’t want to say anything until I had some definitive answers.”
“She’d want to know Trent.”
“I’m gonna get a shower and go to bed.” Trent retrieved his things and took them to the bathroom with him.
Jane watched him leave with mixed feelings.