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Scars Make Us Who We Are

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Title of the Series: Scars Make Us Who We Are  

Author: PsychoGlambertLIVE

Author's Note:This is my first attempt at writing fan fiction. Any constructive criticism is appreciated.

Pairing: Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff/Sauli Koskinen, Adam Lambert/Kris Allen, Tommy Joe Ratliff/Isaac Carpenter, Sauli Koskinen/Katri Utala

Rating: MA18+

Summary: Adam is scheduled to go on a radio tour for a week, leaving Sauli and Tommy at home. When something completely unexpected happens on tour, Adam is faced with some very hard decisions. He knows that he has to keep what happened a secret; no one can ever find out. But when Sauli and Tommy discover the truth, other secrets come to light that leave all of them second-guessing their relationship.

Warning: Some of the sexual practices depicted in this work of fiction may inappropriate to some readers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Disclaimer:This is a non-profit, non-commercial work of fiction using the names and likenesses of real individuals. This fictional story is not intended to imply that the events herein actually occurred, or that the attitudes or behaviors described are engaged in or condoned by the real persons whose names are used without permission. The names of some of the additional characters appearing in this work of fiction have been changed to protect the individual's identity. The author intends no offense to anyone. The events appearing in the following text are products entirely of the author's imagination and are not meant to be in any way taken as having actually happened. The author owns none of the characters.




Thanks For Loving Me



Adam enjoys hearing the screams he can elicit from his two boyfriends; it makes him all the more harder, if that's even possible. He adds another finger to the two he's already got shoved up Tommy's ass. "Scream for me, baby. I want to hear you scream."

"G*ddammit, Lambert!" Tommy's body bucks at the feel of Adam's dry fingers working his tight hole open. "Use some G*ddamn lube for Chr*st's sake! You're fucking hurting me!" Tommy buries his head in Sauli's lap, opening his eyes to see Sauli's cock just a few centimeters from his face. He sticks his tongue out, giving the slit a tiny lick.

"Vittu! Tommy!" Sauli throws his head back, inadvertently falling into his native tongue. "Olkaa hyvä...lisää! NYT!"

"Oh, you want more? Now? Getting kinda bossy aren't we?" Adam grins devilishly, stilling the movement of his fingers in Tommy's ass.

"At least he said please," Tommy pants, trying to recover his composure; but that is pretty hard with Adam's fingers still inside of him. He gives Sauli's cock another lick just as Adam pulls his fingers out, which causes Tommy to scream in pain at the friction of Adam's dry fingers rubbing against his hole.

"Hold on a minute, Tommy Joe..." Adam opens the top drawer of his nightstand that is beside their bed. He rifles around through the handcuffs, floggers, and other sex toys until he finds the lube. He pours a generous amount in his hand, knowing that Tommy loves getting messy--more reason for them to take a shower and fuck again. He slides three of his slicked up fingers inside Tommy again, not giving him any warning.

Tommy moans against Sauli's dick, which is in his mouth at the moment. He loves the feel of Adam working him from the inside out.

"Minä tarvita sinä, Adam." Sauli twists his fingers in Adam's thick black hair. "I need you..." he translates, his Finnish accent thicker than usual. That always happens when he's fucking his boyfriends--he loses all track of his surroundings, caught up only in the desperate need to touch and be touched. "Please!" Sauli leans back against the headboard, spreading his legs open wide.

Tommy crawls between Sauli's legs, sucking his dick all the way. As one, the three men move together until they are all laying down on the black duvet that covers Adam's king-sized bed.

"Open Sauli up for me, Tommy Joe," Adam instructs, his voice husky from the massive erection he is sporting. He needs to be fucked--bad. He hands Tommy the lube.

No need for anything else. They stopped using condoms a while ago, once they determined that this wasn't going to be just about sex. They were all together in this relationship; they loved each other. But they also made sure they got tested before throwing out the condoms--you can't be too careful.

And going bare-back is way hotter than being safe, anyway.

Tommy hands the tube back to Adam. "Slick me up." He couldn't let Adam have complete control.

Adam grins wickedly, quickly pouring the lube in his palm. Grabbing Tommy's hard dick, he runs his lube-covered hand up and down the shaft, making Tommy groan in pure ecstasy. Letting go, he slaps Tommy's ass. "Sauli needs it. Go."

Tommy slips his small body between Sauli's smooth legs and can't help but notice Sauli's cock just there, waiting to be touched. He can't help himself. Before getting in position, he gives Sauli's dick the sweetest, tiniest, softest kiss.

Sauli's whole body jerks up at the featherlight brush of Tommy's lips against his cock, his fingers clutching the duvet so tightly his knuckles turn white.

Tommy puts the head of his dick against Sauli's tight, perfect hole, slowly pressing his throbbing cock into the warm heat. He pushes past the ring of muscles that are squeezing his dick so tight that it's almost painful. Tommy knows he's hit that spot in Sauli's ass when the Finn cries out, clutching this time at Tommy's arms, which are on either side of his body.

Adam sits back on the bed, enjoying the show that's happening right in front of him. He strokes his throbbing cock, up and down, up and down. Watching his two boys give it to each other turns him onto the point of wanting to come at just the sight. One sun-kissed, the other moon-kissed. One who's cheery, optimistic personality is reflected in the exotic flowers and birds tattooed on his sexy, toned body; and the other, who's dark, sometimes morbid and pessimistic take on life is glimpsed through the greyscale horrors marking his tiny, alluring body.

Two very different people, who's only common wish is to please Adam; yet, somehow, they complement each other perfectly, and are as close as any two people could be to one another. He could never ask for anyone better than these two men who willingly give themselves to him, no questions asked, no doubts ever crossing their minds as to the strangeness of this relationship.

Sauli and Tommy's cries bring Adam back to reality, making him realize he was stroking his dick while he was daydreaming. Crawling across the bed, he gently rests his hand on Tommy's lower back. "I think he's ready. He's gonna come if you don't stop, Tommy. Tommy. Tommy!" Adam finally shouts in an effort to stop Tommy's deep thrusting into Sauli.

Tommy pulls out, collapsing in Adam's arms, shaking. Adam pulls Sauli into his embrace, holding them both tightly.

"We're ready, Adam," Sauli whispers, out of breath.

"Okay, you're okay. Adam's going to make it all better." Adam nuzzles each of them, running his hands through both of their blonde locks: Sauli's soft curls and Tommy's thick fringe. "You were both so good for me...So good to me..." Adam murmurs, gently laying Sauli down on his side, then Tommy in front of Sauli. "I'm gonna work ya 'til you're totally blown..." Adam sings softly, sexily, making them all laugh. He takes his place behind Sauli, resting a hand on his boyfriend's tanned hip. "Go ahead, Sauli..."

Sauli climbs on top of him and touches the head of his erected cock against Tommy's hole, gently pushing inside.

Tommy gasps when Sauli's cock pushes inside him, past the tight ring of muscles, hitting that spot that makes him see stars. Sauli slowly starts pulling out, then pushing back out, again and again; the head of his dick hitting that sweet spot every time, right against his prostate.

Tommy's gasps are the only sounds in that bedroom; until Adam settles himself flush against Sauli's back and enters him with one deep thrust. Then Sauli's cries join Tommy's, their two voices mingling.

Adam starts the rhythm, in and out, in and out. Slower, then faster. Whenever Adam thrusts into Sauli, it travels through to Tommy. The three move together as one, waves of pleasure and ecstasy rolling through each of their bodies.

Sauli comes first. Shutting his eyes and crying out, he shoots hot cum deep into Tommy's ass. The feel of Sauli's sticky warmth inside of him throws Tommy off the edge. He can feel his orgasm start in his lower back, feel it travel to his overly-sensitive cock. Tommy gasps as his dick clenches and then releases, his cum spilling all over his stomach and the duvet. He collapses into Sauli, trying to calm his fast-beating heart.

Seeing Tommy's cum all over the bed, Adam feels himself losing control. His measured, even thrusts into Sauli turn erratic, losing all sense of rhythm. Adam can feel his orgasm coming. "Oh, God," he moans, just as he explodes in Sauli, filling his boyfriend's ass with his thick, hot cum.

"Ride it out, baby," Tommy whispers, suddenly by Adam's side, his hands lightly cupping Adam's hips.

Adam reaches climax, shaking slightly when the intense vibrations fade away. Slowly, he pulls out, his dick covered in the sticky wetness of his cum. He collapses on the bed, spent, pulling his two boys close to him, one on each side. He kisses each of them in turn, gently running his hands through both of heads of blonde hair. "I love you both so much," Adam murmurs into the darkened room.

"I love you, too, Adam," Sauli and Tommy echo in perfect harmony, which sends them and Adam into a fit of giggles.

That night, they fall asleep cuddled together, Tommy and Sauli wrapped in Adam's warm arms. Sometime during the night, Adam groggily wakes up to the cool air on his naked body. Pulling the covers out from under his boyfriends, he settles back down between the two, the blankets encasing the three of them.

Before falling back asleep, Adam whispers, "I love you guys. There is nothing else in this world I could ever wish for. Thanks for loving me..."