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Sure it will never happen?

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It’s 3 in the morning but your slumber is cut short by the sound of small feet thumping against the linoleum floor.

“Mommy I had a nightmare!”

“Wait... what happened...” you mumble sleepily as your daughter tries to climb onto the bed as fast as possible.

“There were two boys and they were both on huge spider-nets and I was on a net too the first boy didn’t even care he was in a net he just played video-games and stuff like he did even know he was in a net but he knew and just acted like it was no big deal and that the net had always been there but the other boy the blond one did think the net was a very important thing and he used it as a trampoline and every time he jumped he went higher and higher and higher than everyone had ever jumped and he was so determined to jump even higher but I was stuck in the net like the butterfly was in that one picture book and I couldn't move my body and every time I tried to move I got stuck even more no matter how hard I tried and then a big black spider came and it was going to eat me and dad and all my friends but we couldn’t stop it and the two boys could have helped us but they were too far away and didn’t even know we needed help and they never came and and and…”

“Jolyne darling it was just a bad dream. Everything's fine now. Mommy is here. There, there it’s ok. You can sleep with mommy tonight.”

Your daughter has had many nightmares recently. Must be because your husband is too busy with work to be a decent father for her...