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Always You

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Chapter 1

Alex's eyes flickered open slowly, adjusting to the sunlight that was finally peeking through the sheer voile curtains, illuminating the hotel suite with a soft glow. She sighed contently and smiled to herself, remembering once more why she was not waking up in her usual Upper Westside brownstone. Her smile went from content to amused when she suddenly felt a light caress traveling further and further up her thigh.

"Just what do you think you're doing," she teased, swiftly capturing the wandering hand with her own slender fingers. She felt the grin of her partner press against her neck before hearing her respond, voice still husky with sleep.

"I just couldn't resist. Excited utterance, Counselor," Olivia responded, eyes still pressed shut as she intertwined their fingers and rested their hands on Alex's hip, gently pulling closer.

Alex smiled, cuddling further into the embrace as she felt several sleepy kisses being placed along her neckline. "Detective, excited utterance only applies to verbal statements. Perhaps you should refrain from attempting to use legal jargon while half-asleep," she teased, earning a snicker.

"Yeah well, who is it to blame for keeping me up so late... or should I say early."

Alex grinned and swiftly flipped over, moving to straddle the detective, pushing the covers aside haphazardly to inadvertently reveal both women's bare skin to the morning sunlight. The pale expanse of Alex's body seemed to clash against Olivia's olive tonality, yet their two bodies fit together seamlessly, each curve melding into one another, like matching puzzle pieces. Holding both of Olivia's hands tightly in her grasp, Alex leaned over so that her lips were mere centimeters from her lover. Olivia could feel the warm breath against her as Alex whispered, "I plead the fifth."

Olivia laughed before quickly flipping them over so that she was on top, balancing on her elbows to hover over Alex. "Oh yeah?" she questioned playfully, quirking an eyebrow. Alex nodded, stifling a giggle. "Well Ms. Cabot-Benson, I'd move to say you were a co-conspirator. But of course it would be best for me to find some evidence..." Flashing a quick smile, Olivia leaned down and pressed an open-mouthed kiss just above Alex's naval. Palming both of her wife's breasts, she continued to move slowly down her body, earning several moans.

"Oh... yes... Liv don't stop," Alex sighed, closing her eyes contently as she arched forward off of the plush pillows, gently clutching the sheets tangled beneath them. The brunette had just reached her destination when the couple was interrupted by the shrill ring of a cell phone.

Feeling her partner stop her ministrations, Alex sighed heavily, falling gracelessly back against the bed. "Fuck..." Olivia muttered, lifting her head and crawling up towards the bedside table. "Sorry, Lex, I thought I had turned it off." She checked the caller I.D. and sighed, sliding her finger across the screen to answer the call. "Hey El..."

Alex rolled over onto her side, resting her weight on her elbow as she watched her wife. Wife. As irritated... well, sexually frustrated, as she was right now, she couldn't help but warm up slightly to that thought. Almost instinctively, she began twist the band that now adorned her left ring finger, sitting just above a matching diamond-studded engagement ring.

"Ugh, shit yeah I do," Olivia said, combing her fingers through her short hair in frustration. "Sorry," she mouthed to Alex, who nodded understandingly, moving to rub her hand comfortingly along Olivia's thigh. Unfortunately, this seemed to have another effect on the brunette, who bit her lip in an attempt to focus on her conversation. "What? Sorry, yeah... yeah, El, I can bring it bye. Okay. Not a problem," Olivia said before sighing heavily, tossing her phone onto the bed.

"What did Elliot want?" Alex asked, curious as Olivia had been given a well-deserved week off for their honeymoon.

Olivia groaned, standing to get up off of the bed "I'm an idiot and I left a file that he needs on the table at home, so I have to go bring it to him because he doesn't have a key to the new place yet." She began to walk around the room, picking up the clothing that had been strewn across the room in the hast of the prior evenings. She leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on Alex's forehead. "You can stay here if you want and get some rest. We don't have to check out until noon and I'll be back by then."

Alex moved her hands to hold either side of Olivia's face, kissing her briefly. "No I'll come with you. We might as well get home sooner to make sure that everything is packed. Plus I'll stop by the precinct with you to make sure everything is squared away. And to see the guys."

The two finished gathering their things, took two very cold showers, checked out, and stopped back at their apartment to before heading downtown. While Alex headed over to her office to make sure that her cases were properly covered for the upcoming week, Olivia headed into the precinct, file in hand.

As she entered the room, Elliot smiled appreciatively, taking the file from her before slapping his arm around her shoulder. "Hey partner," he said with a smirk, "How'd things go last night?"

Olivia blushed, rolling her eyes before grinning up at her best man. "It was great... as would have been this morning had someone not interrupted." Elliot laughed, throwing his hands up in mock defeat, before returning to his desk. Munch, with a dry mouth, muttered a 'mazel tov' over from where he was making coffee.

"You headin' out with Alex soon," Fin asked, coming over to give Olivia a quick hug.

"Yep, just as soon as she makes sure everything is all squared away."

"Leave it to the Counselor to not be able to..."

"I hope you are not disparaging me in front of my wife," Alex said with a playful smile, entering the room with Cragen in tow. She came over to Olivia's side and wrapped her arm around her waist possessively.

Fin chuckled and shook his head. "Believe me, not with how protective she gets of you." He turned to give the blonde a hug as well. "Congrats again, Alex. Take care of our baby girl. Don't let her kill herself skiing."

"Hey!" Olivia protested, "I can hold my own."

"You just keep telling yourself that, babe," Alex smirked, not-so-secretly excited to see her neophyte wife out on the slopes of the northern Massachusetts country club they were visiting.

Cragen sighed and smiled, happy to see his detectives enjoying a slight respite from the daily horrors of the job."You just make sure she ends up here in one piece. None of us can handle her when she's on desk duty." Olivia pouted dramatically as the rest of the squad chortled in agreement, and Alex placed a kiss on the head of her disgruntled lover. "Alright," Cragen said, "We'll all let you two go so you don't miss your plane. These guys all have some DD5s to do anyway." He added with a smile, "lest they want to face Alex's wrath upon her return." With a few more well-wishes from their friends, Olivia and Alex left the precinct hand-in-hand and headed for JFK.