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Ace of Spades One Shots

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Sumiko had been roaming around in the woods outside of her house, when she suddenly felt something pressed over her mouth and everything went black. When she woke up, she was chained to a wall in a cell. She had instantly started to panic, not understanding where she was or how she got there. ¨Hey girl,¨ She heard a female whispering. Sumiko looked around in panic, not seeing the source of the voice. She looked around until she saw a girl older than her, also chained to a wall, looking at her with a small smile. ¨Calm down and breathe. Can you do that for me?¨ Sumiko gave a nod and tried to calm down, to take deep breaths. It took Sumiko some time, but she slowly managed to calm down.

The girl smiled, ¨Good, that’s good. I’m Elizabeth, what’s your name?¨ Sumiko looked at Elizabeth and tried to speak, but only wounding up opening and closing her mouth, no words coming out. ¨It’s okay,¨ Continued Elizabeth. ¨I know you’re scared. But try to calm down and speak.¨ Sumiko nodded. Elizabeth spoke slowly and calmly, making her feel a little better. ¨I-, I’m-, I’m Su-, Sumiko.¨ She managed to stammer out. Elizabeth nodded, smiling. ¨Sumiko, I need you to listen to me. I know you’re scared, but its important.¨ Sumiko managed to give a nod. ¨You’ve been captured by some marines, we all have.¨ Continued the lady, and Sumiko now saw some other girls a bit further away, looking scared. ¨We’re trying to figure a way out and I need you to be strong. It’s going to be hard and the marines will make you do stuff, but you need to be strong.¨

Sumiko nodded, feeling tears fall down her cheeks. She had been kidnapped and were terrified. Sumiko let out a sob. She didn’t want this. She wanted to be home with Margaret, to be with her brother, to be safe. She could hear Elizabeth trying to comfort her, saying comforting words. Sumiko cried for a few hours, before dragging her legs up to her chest, just sitting still and looking at the wall. She could hear Elizabeth trying to talk to her, but she didn’t want to hear. She wanted to go home.


They had been left alone the entire day. No marines had been coming to look at them, not giving them any food or drinks and Sumiko could feel she was hungry and thirsty. When the night came closer, Elizabeth got her attention. ¨Marines will come soon.¨ She started, making Sumiko afraid again. ¨They will take you somewhere and dress you in clothes and force you to dance or something like that. I’m really sorry to say this, but try to be strong. I know it’s going to be hard, but I need you to try.¨ Sumiko nodded.

Not long after, she heard a door open, then the cell door opened and marines came inside.

Sumiko could see the other young girls looking terrified, but Elizabeth looking strong, trying to not look afraid. When someone unlocked her chain, grabbing her arm and starting to drag her out of the cell, she let out a sob as she was taken away from the others. She was dragged into a room and stripped, making her cry more. They were saying phrases like how pretty she was, how she looked nothing like her pirate brother and how much fun they were going to have. They then forced her into a dress, an ugly and uncomfortable dress and put her hair in pigtails and bows. When she looked at herself in a mirror, she felt sick. She looked disgusting.

She was then dragged to an another room and chained to a stage of some sort. A collar around her neck, way too tight, but not so tight she couldn’t breathe, but almost. The chain from the collar and to the stage was so short, she had to sit on her knees, making her feet and legs hurt. She was crying and trying not to sob, to not make any sounds. She was scared what they would do now. A door was suddenly opened and Sumiko could see the others being dragged in too, in the same clothes she had. She watched in fear as one of the other girls, Sara, was chained like she was on the other side of the room. How the other three, Sia, Sierra, May, where dragged up on the stage where she could not see, but she could hear chains being moved. And how they gave Elizabeth a big flask of something that she had to move around with.

Then the door banged open again and this time a lot of men came in. Everyone having a smirk and laughing at them. All of the men grabbed cups and started to drink and one of them, someone in a white coat, walked up on stage and started to scream for the kids to dance. The people in the room then started to go closer to the stage and scream themselves. Their drinks spilling something that smelt awful on the ground and around her. She felt herself start to cry again and the people mocking her for crying. She could see Elizabeth being touched and grabbed as she moved around and Sumiko hoped no one would touch her like that. She didn’t want anyone to do that and wished they would also leave Elizabeth alone, she were so kind.

As the night dragged on, the people got noisier and started to stumble around. They had realized she didn’t like the things they were drinking, so they continued to douse her in it. Making her cry more as her eyes stung and her legs losing footing since the floor was wet, making the collar really tight as she fell. When she fell, she was kicked back up by a foot, making her chest hurt. She hated this and wanted to close her eyes and wish for everything to go away. But every time she closed her eyes long, the men would kick or drowse her in the drink again, yelling at her to look at them. She hated every second of it. It lasted for hours, before they were unchained and dragged back to the cell after being dressed in rags again. They were given bit of food and some to drink before being left alone for the reminder of the night and day. Sumiko cried the entire night and morning, before crying herself to sleep.

That was how the next couple of days went. They were left alone the entire day and forced to entertain the marines during the night before given food and something to drink. The better their performance were, the more food they got. Sumiko tried to cry less, to be strong and do her best. And she managed to do this while she was at the stage, but always cried the entire night when they were left in the cell. Elizabeth always tried to comfort them, be the strongest one and it made it somewhat easier, knowing they weren’t alone.

The fourth night, everything changed.

It was the same hellish routine. Being stripped and forced into the dress and hair fixed before being chained to the stage. Her legs, arms, chest and back were bruised from the abuse and strain they went through. She was starting to lose hope of getting out, the only thing that kept it there, were Elizabeth who told them that she was doing her best to form a plan to get out. Sumiko was already doused in what Elizabeth had told her were booze and her legs were really aching and hurting. She kept telling herself that there were only a few hours left before they would be dragged back to their cell. It was the only thing that made her keep her mask on, knowing half the night were over and she could cry again, already feeling the tears threating to fall. She kept looking at the people in the room, knowing if she didn’t, that they would get mad.

When suddenly she noticed something dark falling from the roof and everyone aside from Elizabeth froze.

Sumiko felt herself grow more afraid. This had never happened and he had no idea what it meant. She could hear the man on stage yelling and knew he would hear a hit soon, he always did after yelling if they wanted more. When instead, she heard a thud and could see Elizabeth looking terrified at something at the stage. This made Sumiko more afraid, Elizabeth always tried to stay strong, she didn’t like the look she had now. And suddenly, a man was behind her, putting his hand over her mouth. Sumiko started at the man in fear, hoping he wouldn’t hurt Elizabeth. She could see Elizabeth nodding and the man letting her go. She could see Elizabeth talking and guessed the man was too, but she could not see his mouth, the mask covering it.

The man nodded before making his way to one of the men and taking a key-chain from the man who was still froze, throwing it to Elizabeth who nodded. She could see Elizabeth moving towards the stage, but her attention was quickly on the man as he was walking towards her. The man looked terrifying, his clothes dark, wearing a mask and she could see some weapons. She hoped the man wouldn’t hurt her and could feel her fear rise when he moved closer and closer. When the man was in front of her, he crouched down and looked at her with black eyes.

¨Sumiko?¨ He asked, making Sumiko afraid. How did he know her name? She nodded, knowing not answering would cause her pain. ¨Don’t worry,¨ Started the man. ¨I’m not going to hurt you.¨ She then watched as his hand came closer and thought he would hurt her. When her collar was unlocked and fell down on the floor, Sumiko couldn’t help but look at it, look at the collar that had been her hell for days. ¨Sumiko,¨ Started the man again, making her look at him. ¨If you want, you can go with Elizabeth and she will bring you and the others to a safe island.¨ Sumiko looked the way the man was pointing and could see Elizabeth making her way over to Sara, the others behind her. ¨Or,¨ He continued, getting her attention again. ¨You can come with me, and I will bring you to your brother.¨

Sumiko felt her eyes water and her hope rising. ¨Nii-san?¨ She asked, looking at the man. Was he saving them?

When the man nodded, she held her hand out to him. She wanted to go to her brother. The man helped her up, but she did still stumble a bit, her legs hurting. ¨Can you walk?¨ Sumiko nodded and forced herself through the pain. The man pointed towards Elizabeth again. ¨Go wait beside Elizabeth. I need to do something before we go.¨ Sumiko nodded and walked to Elizabeth, her legs not hurting as much, only feeling numb. When she was beside Elizabeth, she looked towards the stage and saw the man leaning over the lying man. When he opened the man’s shirt and she saw no movement, she understood. The man was dead. When the thought entered her head, she realized something else, they had been saved.

She stared at the man as he walked back towards them, feeling that he man would not hurt them, feeling he wanted to help them. And he was bringing her to her brother, making her feel happy, she was going to be with her brother soon. When the man was next to them, he started speaking again. ¨Don’t worry,¨ He said, looking at Elizabeth, also taking a dagger out, making Sumiko anxious. Why was he taking a knife out? ¨They won’t come out of their trance until we are far away from here.¨ The man then reached down to her and cut off the ribbons holding her hair up and removed the bow. When he was done, she had to touch her head. He took them away? The horrible pigtails were gone? She felt tears fill her eyes, they were really getting saved. She watched as the man gave the knife to Elizabeth, making so she could do the same to her pigtails.

They then walked out of the room. When they did, Sumiko realized she was scared, she didn’t want to meet anyone else. Elizabeth was holding Sia and Sara, so Sumiko slowly lifted her hand to hold onto the man’s hand. He didn’t hold it back, but let her clutch it, making her feel safer. They slowly made their way out of the base, not meeting anyone who tried to stop them and walked to a shore, a big bird flying in front of them. When they got to the shore, the man let her hand go and helped Elizabeth get the boat in the water and the others get in it. When everyone was in the boat aside from her and the man, Elizabeth looked concerned at her. The man shook his head. ¨I will bring her somewhere safe, I promise.¨

The man then pointed out in the ocean, towards an island in the distance. ¨Go to that island over there,¨ Sumiko could see the man handing something to Elizabeth. ¨When you get there, show this to the villagers, they will help you.¨ Elizabeth nodded, looking thankful at the man. ¨Thank you.¨ Said Elizabeth, before starting to row the boat. The man and Sumiko watched them leave, Sumiko waving at them and was glad when they waved back. When she could no longer see them, the man turned to her again, holding his hand out. ¨I’m going to use my powers to get us somewhere safe. It might feel strange and scary, but nothing will happen to you.¨ Sumiko felt a bit afraid, but he had helped them get out and the others to safety. She nodded and took his hand.

Sumiko only saw darkness and felt wind hitting her, making her feel scared. But the hand she held making her feel a bit better, knowing he didn’t leave her. When the darkness went away, she stumbled as they landed, but the hand keeping her from falling. When she was standing again and looked around, she could see that they were next to some buildings. The man started moving again and Sumiko followed, still holding onto his hand. They got to a building and the man held his hand in front of a lock, making a noise signalizing the door opened. How did he do that? The man opened the door and walked inside, Sumiko following. When they were inside, the man closed the door and she could see they were in a clothes shop. ¨Go find some clothes so you can change.¨ Said the man, ¨We will relax until morning, then I’ll take you to your brother.¨

Sumiko nodded and started to walk around the different clothes. She could see the man moving to a desk, a desk Sumiko thought was the register and put some money there. Sumiko shook her head and started to find clothes. Could she pick whatever she wanted? She wanted something that covered her more, she felt exposed in the dress and hated it. She sent a look at the man again, he had almost entire black clothes, some red here and there. Sumiko looked at a rack in front of her and saw some red and black clothes. She found a red shirt and thighs and black sweater and skirt. The colors reminded her of the man and she wanted to look like that. Look strong and confident, she took the clothes and made her way to the man.

The man nodded when she came up to him and hold a pair of shoes. ¨Will these fit you?¨ He asked. Sumiko looked at them, they were black and looked comfortable. They were maybe a bit big, but her feet did hurt so she didn’t mind. Sumiko nodded and the man held his hand out again, this time she took it without asking, knowing he wouldn’t hurt her. They then walked out of the house and headed towards an another one. When they got to a door, the man asked her to wait and stand still for a second. She nodded and watched the man go inside the building and feared he might leave her.

A second later, he came out again and motioned for her to come. She did and when she walked in the door, she saw a man behind a counter and was writing something. He didn’t seem to notice them. Sumiko walked up to the man and held his hand again. His hand didn’t hold back as usual, but he didn’t seem to mind, making her feel better. They walked up a pair of stairs and into a room and Sumiko realized they were in a hotel of some kind. When they got inside the room, the man closed and locked the door. ¨We’ll be staying here until the morning.¨ Said the man, moving to a door and opening it and Sumiko could see a bathroom there.

¨You should take a shower, then you should eat before you rest.¨ Said the man, walking back to her. Sumiko nodded, a bit afraid the man was going to watch her undress and shower. The man took and put the shoes on the ground before looking at her. ¨Are you able to shower by yourself?¨ Sumiko nodded, feeling glad she would be able to shower and change in private. ¨Do you have any wounds that needs to be tended too?¨ Sumiko shook her head, she only had bruises, the man nodded. Before she could go to the shower, the man stopped her and crouched down in front of her, looking her directly into her eyes. ¨I am going to ask you a question, and I need you to be completely honest.¨ Sumiko nodded.

¨Did the marines at one point or another touch you anywhere inappropriately?¨ Said the man in a serious tone.

Sumiko looked at him, inappropriately? Then she understood what he meant, Margaret having told her that if anyone touched her in her private places, that it was inappropriately and wrong of the person, and that she should tell her immediately. Sumiko shook her head. She had seen the marines touch Elizabeth when she was moving around, but they had never done that to her and the others, only being forced to wear the dress and occasionally being hit or kicked, but never touched.

The man nodded, standing up again and moving behind her. ¨I will open the back of the dress, making it easier to take off and you will go to the bathroom to shower and change.¨ Sumiko nodded and felt the buttons open. She knew the man couldn’t see her back and was thankful for that. She knew she had bruises there. When the man stood back up again, she moved to the bathroom. Before she closed the door, the man spoke again. ¨I will be out here, if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask.¨ Sumiko nodded and closed the door. She didn’t lock it, in case she did need help and she trusted the man to not come inside unless she told him too.

When she was in the room, she went and took the dress off and looked herself over the mirror. She had not been able to look at herself since she had been captured and didn’t know how she looked. When she stared at herself in the mirror, she felt her stomach churn at bruises at her front and back. She was also covered in dirt and could smell the booze that she had been doused in. She then went and started the shower and stepped under the warm stream of water. As the water washed the dirt and smell away, she felt her start to cry. The fact she was really saved setting in. She wasn’t going back to that place, she was going to her brother and he would bring her home.

She stood in the shower for long time, trying to wash everything away. When the water started to go cold, she moved out and dried herself before dressing. When she had, she looked in the mirror again. She liked how the clothes made her look, she felt more covered and liked the colors, making her look like the man, making her look strong. She then walked out of the bathroom to see the man sitting at a table and writing at a parchment. She saw some food at the table and went over to it, sitting down in the couch and looking at the food in front of her. Was that her food? Before she could ask, the man spoke up, ¨The food is yours.¨ He said, not looking up from what he was doing.

Sumiko nodded and started to eat. The man didn’t talk much, he only spoke when he wanted to say something and never stalled what he wanted to ask. He always went straight to the point. Sumiko ate the food slowly, watching the man write at the other side of the table. She couldn’t see what he was writing, but enjoyed the softly sounds the pen made. When she had eaten half of the food, she felt full. She felt tired and slowly laid down on the couch, listening to the sounds of the pen as the man wrote and felt herself slowly fall asleep. Before she had completely fallen asleep, she felt something drape over her and felt warmer. She then opened her eyes a bit and watched the man sit down again and continue writing. She then closed her eyes and for the first time in almost a week, she felt safe.

When Sumiko woke up the next morning, she felt refreshed, but her body a bit sore. It was the first time she had been able to relax for 4 days and her body was noticing this. When she opened her eyes and sat up, she noticed the man still up, sitting in a chair and reading a book. When she was sitting up, the man looked at her. ¨Would you like to leave now or eat first?¨ He asked. Sumiko looked at him, she could choose? Sumiko was hungry, but she wanted to go to her brother. She looked at the man, ¨Now.¨ She said and realized it was the first time she had spoken around the man. The man nodded and stood up. ¨Put your shoes on and we’ll leave.¨ Sumiko nodded and put the shoes on. They were too big as she had guessed, but they didn’t press on her aching feet.

When she had the shoes on, she looked at the man. Where were her brother? She had a feeling he might be on the ship she had seen one time before and that had a lot of scary looking people on it. ¨Is… Is nii-san on the big boat?¨ She asked slowly. The man nodded, making her anxious. ¨If you want,¨ Started the man. ¨You can hide behind my cape until I can locate your brother.¨ Sumiko looked at him with big eyes, ¨R-, Really?¨ She asked. When the man nodded, she felt glad he understood she was anxious about meeting so many people. The man then held his cape up and she walked behind it, clutching his shirt as they disappeared.


Rakuyo was standing on deck. It was today they would get the information about their mossing brothers and he was hoping they were okay. He hoped they had not been injured or anything, but knew there were a big chance they had. They were pirates after all and they weren’t especially liked by the marines. There weren’t many on deck, seeing as either the raven or someone would come to deliver the information. But all the commanders were up, as well as some of the division members that had been around for a long time and they trusted to not do anything. It was almost noon and everyone were watching after the bird or someone that was heading to the boat. It was Marco that had the pouch with the money in. They had two pouches, one with the 50 000, and one with 100 000 in case someone had to be taken out.

Everyone had been relieved when he had accepted, feeling extremely glad they would most likely get their family members back. After the assassin had mentioned Izou and everyone had figured out the meeting could have taken a completely different turn, their father had immediately ordered a meeting. It was only a miracle the meeting had gone without an incident. Not only had the amount been wrong, really wrong, but Izou had come forward as threating. Izou had apologized to them, saying he had not planned to attack, not unless the assassin moved first. Pops had been upset and told everyone clearly to never try anything like that again. They would most likely not be as lucky the next time. His thoughts were interrupted by the distinct flapping of wings to his left, everyone looked over to see the raven, Ace of Spades raven on the railing. But the raven had no envelope or anything. Before anyone could move or think more about it, the raven cawed,

And Ace of Spades appeared in the middle of the deck.

The moment he appeared, everyone froze. Thinking why was he here? He had specifically told that he would send the raven or someone he trusted, not show up himself. Rakuyo’s mind instantly went to that something was wrong, that their family members were dead. Rakuyo expected  the assassin to start speaking to his father and was unnerved when the assassin looked over the deck, looking at everyone that was out. Why would he need to look at everyone when it was his father that was the captain? It didn’t make sense. But the moment his gaze was on him, he could see his eyes stopping as all his focus was on him. ¨Seventh Commander Rakuyo.¨ Said the assassin, not asked, but stated. Rakuyo froze, fear filling him. What did he want with him? He could see and feel the stares of everyone that was out on deck. ¨Y-, Yes?¨ He stammered out. Terrified of what would happen next.

Then, the assassin lifted his cape and Rakuyo was actually expecting to be attacked. What he didn’t expect was for a familiar head to peek out. Rakuyo felt his breath leave him, could it be? Before he could get his mind back on track, the person had taken off and ran straight towards him. The moment she had yelled out ‘Nii-san’ he had automatically crouched down to hug her. He could feel hands clutching his shirt and hear her sobbing. Why was Sumiko here? She shouldn’t be here, she should be at Budo with Margaret. When his mind got back on track and he looked at her, seeing tears falling from her eyes and looking utterly relieved to see him, he managed to stammer out a few words. ¨S- Sumiko? H- How?¨ How was she here? Why was she with the assassin? So many questions were in his mind. He could see his sister trying to answer, but only chocking on her sobs.

¨She was at a marine base, about 2000 miles south from here.¨ He could hear the assassin say and looked at him, hugging his sister close. Marine base? ¨She,¨ Continued the assassin. ¨Along with 5 others had been captured by the marines. When searching the base, I found a file on them, saying that they had been apprehended from their home island to serve as entertainment for the marines.¨ Rakuyo tightened his hold on his sister. Serve as entertainment? His sister? ¨I do not consent,¨ Continued the assassin, ¨Nor approve of children being held captive or used against their will. When I found out they had the children there, I decided to free them. They had recognized Sumiko as your sister and I decided to bring her here myself.¨

Rakuyo was thankful when the gaze of the assassin was averted from him and looked at his sister. The marines had taken her? And the Ace of Spades had saved her? Rakuyo hugged Sumiko tighter, looking at the assassin who spoke to his father. He was scared of him, terrified actually, but he had saved his sister. Rakuyo felt respect for assassin, he hadn’t done that before. Assassins were dishonest people in his head, and this was the one person not only he, but everyone on the ship feared, and he had saved his sister without being asked.

Then the gaze was back on him and he felt fear come back again, he was still terrifying. ¨She does have some bruising, around her neck from a collar,¨ Collar? Rakuyo looked down and saw the bruises. Oh god, was the only thought he had. ¨And a bit on her arms.¨ Continued the assassin while Rakuyo looked his sister over. ¨I do think this is the extent of her injuries. However, I do recommend having a doctor look her over.¨ Rakuyo nodded, looking at his sister who had stopped crying, only sniffing, before sending a look at his father, not sure what to do. His father gave a nod and a reassuring look. Rakuyo looked at the assassin, ¨Thank you.¨ He said out, feeling glad his sister, who he didn’t even know was missing was back. The assassin nodded and Rakuyo stood up, taking his sisters hand and heading for the infirmary.

When they were walking past his father’s chair, he felt Sumiko tug his arm. Rakuyo stopped and looked at her, thinking something might be wrong. When he looked at her, she let go of his arm and ran towards the assassin. Rakuyo froze again, what? When she was in front of him, she stopped on looked at him and Rakuyo was about to tell her to come back when the assassin looked at her. When the assassin did, she threw her hand around him, hugging him. Seeing as everyone was silent, they heard the soft thank you. What he didn’t expect, was the assassin to give her a pet on the head, before she let go and walked back to him, grasping his hand. Rakuyo stared at the assassin. His mind was still a bit off track, but he understood he had helped Sumiko. Rakuyo sent a nod at him, not being able to speak, before starting to walk towards the infirmary again.

When he got to the infirmary and opened the door, he could see Bay looking her usual mad and annoyed self for seeing one of them coming in when they had no battles. He could see the woman was about to bite out a remark as to why he was there, but when her eyes looked down and saw Sumiko, he saw her entire form soften at the little girl who was bruised and clutching his hand. ¨Who is this, Commander Rakuyo?¨ Asked the woman, more softly than he had ever heard, recognizing the fear in Sumiko’s eyes. Rakuyo sent a smile, ¨This is Sumiko, my sister, she needs a checkup.¨ He said, clutching Sumiko’s hand back. Bay nodded and motioned for a bed, making him walk over and lift her sister in the bed.


Sumiko was scared, the woman had looked mad when they got inside, but looked calm now. When she sat on the bed, she got scared again, would her brother leave? She sent a fear filled look at his brother, not wanting him to go and grasped his hand again. The doctor clicked her tongue. ¨Your brother can stay, but he will have to turn around.¨ Said the doctor, fetching a chair her brother sat down in. ¨He will not leave, but I will not have him looking at you when you undress or are exposed.¨ She looked at her brother again, who gave a nod and turned around in the chair. The doctor then took and dragged a curtain around the bed, giving them privacy. The doctor looked back at her. ¨If I do anything you don’t like or something hurts, you tell me and I will stop.¨

Sumiko nodded and the doctor moved to touch her arms, looking at the bruises. ¨How did you get these bruises, Sumiko?¨ Asked the doctor in a kind voice. Sumiko tried to answer, but couldn’t and shook her head. The doctor nodded. ¨Are you okay with your brother telling me?¨ Sumiko nodded, he knew where she had been and she didn’t want to think about it. The doctor nodded, ¨Commander Rakuyo.¨ Said the doctor as she looked her hand over. She could see her brother nodding, back still turned. ¨The assassin brought her back, saying some marines had apprehended them and keeping them as entertainment.¨ Said her brother, sounding a bit stained. The woman nodded and stopped her prodding on her arms, looking at her. ¨How many days were you there?¨ Sumiko didn’t know how many days, but she knew how many nights. She held up 4 fingers, ¨Nights.¨ The doctor nodded, ¨You were there for 4 nights?¨ Sumiko nodded and the doctor looked comfortingly and seriously at her.

¨Did any of them touch you inappropriately?¨ She asked, looking at her straight in the eyes, exactly as the man had.

Sumiko could see her brother tensing up, clearly afraid the answer was yes. Sumiko shook her head. The doctor smiled a bit, ¨That’s good to hear.¨ She said and Sumiko could see her brother relaxing again, letting out a breath. The doctor then went back to looking her over. When she had looked over her arms, she moved her hands to her sweater. ¨I’m going to take off your sweater and shirt now.¨ Sumiko nodded and raised her arms. The arms on her sweater had been pushed up, making so the doctor could see her arms. When the sweater and shirt were off, she felt exposed, but let the doctor check her over. The doctor prodded her and put some lotion on, before taking the shirt on again.

When the shirt was on, the doctor asked to look her legs over. Sumiko nodded and stood up, taking the thighs and shoes off, but keeping her underwear and skirt on. The doctor did allow that and checked her legs over, also putting on some lotion on the bruising. When the doctor had done that, she looked at her again. ¨Do you promise no one touched or did anything inappropriately to you?¨ Sumiko nodded. ¨Promise.¨ She said softly. The doctor was kind and nice. The doctor nodded.

¨Is it okay if you don’t wear the thighs and sweater for a bit? Your arms, legs and feet are bruised and the lotion will work better if you don’t. But I won’t force you to do it, you can choose.¨ Sumiko looked at her, not wearing the thighs or sweater meant the bruises would be visible. Sumiko looked at her brother, what would he think when he saw the bruises? Was he going to think she was weak? She felt tears in her eyes again, she wanted to be strong. She wanted to be like the man. ¨Commander Rakuyo,¨ Started the doctor, ¨You can turn around now, I think your sister needs you.¨ Sumiko watched as her brother turned around and when he looked at her, she felt the tears fall at the smile he had. Rakuyo hugged her, making her cry more. ¨It’s okay, you can cry.¨ He said, making her clutch his shirt and lean into him as she let it out, her brothers hold holding her tight.

She calmed down after a few minutes, feeling better. When she had, her brother leaned a bit away, looking at her. ¨Do you want to put the thighs and sweater back on?¨ Sumiko shook her head, she could go without them. Her brother smiled at that. The doctor took the curtains away, ¨Tifa.¨ Called the doctor, making a nurse come up to them. When she did, the doctor looked at her. ¨I need to talk to your brother for a second. This is Tifa, she will be here with you while I do. If you need anything, you can tell her.¨ Sumiko didn’t want her brother to leave, but the nurse looked kind. Sumiko nodded, looking at the nurse who smiled. ¨Would you like a story?¨ She asked, sitting down on bed next to her. Sumiko threw a look at her brother, before looking at the nurse, nodding. A story sounded nice.


Rakuyo walked with Bay into her office, leaving Sumiko to listen to a story from Tifa. When the door closed, he looked at the doctor. ¨How is she?¨ He asked, trying to not look as concerned as he were. The checkup had taken longer than he wanted. Bay gave a sigh, looking at him. ¨She have a lot of bruising, the legs are worst, but that is it. No broken bones or wounds, only bruises.¨ Said the doctor, making Rakuyo give a relieved breath. That was good. He had feared it might be worse, especially after the question if anyone had touched her. He would never have forgiven himself if they had. But why hadn’t the Ace of Spades mentioned the rest of the bruises? The clothes looked new, so he had to have changed her. ¨Was the rest of her body badly bruised? The assassin only mentioned the arms and throat.¨

The doctor gave a sigh. ¨The throat is bad, but only because it’s the throat. But she have bruises on her entire from, the lower legs are the worst.¨ The doctor shook her head. ¨The clothes look new, so she has changed. And her hair is really clean, suggesting she have had a shower. Seeing as the assassin didn’t mention it, do probably mean he didn’t see the rest. He most likely let her change and shower in privacy, seeing as she could do that herself.¨ Rakuyo nodded. That made sense. And he felt glad the assassin had let her have a shower and a change of clothes, and that he let her change in privacy. Sumiko was her little sister, he wouldn’t like it if he had seen when he thought about it.

¨She will be fine. She just needs to take it a bit easy.¨ Said Bay, looking at him. Rakuyo nodded. Bay then went over to the door, ¨That was all, I only wanted to update you.¨ Rakuyo sent a thankful smile and gave a nod before walking out to his sister again. He smiled when he saw her smiling, liking the story. When the story ended a few minutes later, he walked up to her. ¨Sumiko,¨ He said, getting her attention. ¨Do you want to meet Pops? He knows some good stories too.¨ Sumiko looked at him, before looking at her arms. Rakuyo understood and smiled. ¨You can put the sweater on, but no one will care about them, only be a bit worried maybe.¨ Sumiko looked at him and nodded, before jumping down from the bed, taking his hand. Before they left, Sumiko turned to Bay. ¨Thank you.¨ She said, making Bay smile. ¨You are welcome.¨ They then walked out of the infirmary, heading for the main deck.

When they got there, his father was not out and was informed by someone from his division he was in the meeting room. Rakuyo gave a thank you and headed for the meeting room. When he knocked and heard the come in, he felt Sumiko hiding a bit behind him. ¨It’s okay, he isn’t dangerous.¨ He could see Sumiko giving a small nod, ¨But he’s so big.¨ He heard her say softly. Rakuyo gave a nod, ¨He is, but he is kind.¨ He then opened the door, thinking they might wonder why someone knocked but didn’t come in. When he opened the door, he could see everyone looking at him in their normal expressions, but when they saw the little girl trying to hide behind him, they softened their looks a bit. ¨Son,¨ Started the captain, looking softly and comfortingly at them. ¨Why don’t you introduce us properly?¨

Sumiko, hearing the softly spoken words, looked at the people in the room. When she saw kind faces, she dared to look to them a bit more, but still hiding a bit behind him. Rakuyo nodded, ¨This is Sumiko.¨ He said, looking at her sister who gave a small wave. He then looked at everyone the room, ¨And this is everyone. The one at the end of the table is Pops.¨ The others in the room smiled and gave a wave back. Rakuyo then walked into the room, sitting down in a chair in the middle of the side, between Thatch and Haruta, knowing Sumiko was a bit weary of the larger ones. When he sat down, Sumiko moved to sit on his lap, wanting to be close to him since there were so many strangers around.

When she sat down, everyone smiled at them, the captain giving out a laugh. ¨Your brother looks like a good brother, Sumiko.¨ He said with a fatherly smile. Sumiko looked at the man, leaning more into him, before nodding. ¨He is.¨ She said with a timid smile. That made him smile too, he felt bad for not even knowing she had been taken. The others smiled too. He could see some of them looking concerned at the bruises, but didn’t look at them for long or mention them. ¨Where do you live?¨ Asked the captain, looking at her softly and caringly. Sumiko looked at him. ¨I live at Budo, with Margaret.¨ The captain nodded, ¨Who is Margaret?¨ Sumiko smiled, ¨She is my guardian mom.¨ She said, making Rakuyo smile.

Both of their parents were dead and Margaret had offered to watch Sumiko when he left. Back then Sumiko was only 1. They did tell her Margaret wasn’t her real mom and Sumiko had started to call her guardian mom, which the lady liked. Rakuyo could see the others understanding she weren’t the real mom and understood there were no blood mom around. Everyone smiled and nodded. Sumiko then looked around the room, everyone smiling when she looked at them. When she had taken a turn, she looked at him. ¨Where is the man?¨ She asked with her head tilted. Rakuyo looked at her, the man? He was about to ask, when his father spoke up. ¨You mean the man that brought you here?¨ Sumiko looked at him and nodded. ¨He had to leave, he only needed to give us some information. Was he nice to you?¨ He asked, looking at her curiously. Everyone did look at her. They were interested in the assassin too.

Sumiko nodded. ¨He killed the bad man and gave me clothes and food.¨ Rakuyo was a bit shocked at that, but glad the man was dead. He could see his father a bit shocked too, before smiling again. Sumiko then tilted her head. ¨Is Elizabeth okay? She was kind too.¨ Whitebeard gave a nod. ¨Jozu just spoke to her. She is fine and glad you are too.¨ Sumiko smiled at that, glad to hear the woman was okay. She sent a smile at the captain. ¨Do you know any stories? Nii-san said you did.¨ The man laughed. ¨I know many, do you want to hear?¨ Sumiko nodded. When the captain started, she leaned back on him, enjoying the story.

It was a few hours later, that Sumiko had nodded off in his lap and he had put her in the sofa too sleep that he looked at his father. ¨Did we get the information we wanted?¨ He asked. His father nodded. ¨We did, son.¨ He said with a smile. ¨Everyone should be okay, we’re sending Jozu, Vista and Blenheim tomorrow with some others to free them.¨ Rakuyo nodded, giving a relieved sigh. That was good, that meant they would get their family back soon. Whitebeard looked at Sumiko, ¨Is she okay, son?¨ Rakuyo nodded, stroking her hair. ¨She’s only bruised.¨ He could see his father looking relieved at that. He was glad to see his father caring about his sister, it was nice. It was Haruta that suddenly spoke up. ¨Did Ace of Spades really kill a man?¨ Rakuyo looked at her, frowning. The assassin had killed many, why was this one so special? ¨I believe so. Sumiko have no reason to lie. Why?¨ He wondered, looking at his father.

Whitebeard looked at him, shaking his head. ¨He didn’t take any extra for the assignment. Only the 50 000.¨

Rakuyo stared at him in shock. He had saved Sumiko, killed a man, helped the others, given his sister clothes and food and watched over her. And he didn’t take any extra? ¨He didn’t take anything extra?¨ He asked his father, who shook his head. ¨He said he didn’t want anything. He freed them seeing as children shouldn’t be held captive. If she wasn’t your sister, he would have sent her with Elizabeth.¨ Rakuyo understood. And felt the respect for the assassin grow stronger. He was a good man inside and Rakuyo would never be able to thank him for that.

Rakuyo stroked his sister hair again, glad the assassin was a good person.

The next few days were spent in a calm matter. Sumiko was always around her brother, not liking to be around the others alone. Sumiko had always been a shy girl and was glad the other understood this. Sumiko did enjoy to listening to his father stories and often did that. When they reached Budo a week later, the bruising was almost gone. When the boat had docked, they had been meet with an anxious and scared Margaret, who looked utterly relieved to see Sumiko okay. When Rakuyo asked why he had not been notified that she was gone, the woman told them some marines had destroyed their Den Den, making so they couldn’t contact them.

Rakuyo had understood the reason he hadn’t been notified and asked his father to give them a new one, which he did. The island had some damage, but not much. It was also only Sumiko that had been taken from the island, which made the pirates feel relieved. They had also spoken to Elizabeth, who said none of them had any alive parents, the common theme with all of them. She had asked to stay at the island with the kids, seeing as the kids also wanted that. Whitebeard had of course agreed to that. As well as hearing the entire event that had happened. It seemed like the assassin was more than he looked like, he was a good and honest man it seemed like.