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The One Where They All Go to New York for a Wedding

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Flying was awesome. But the best part was how afraid of it Derek was. Something about if wolves were born to fly they would have wings. Stiles smothered his umpteenth snicker in a semi-cough as he glanced down at the white of Derek's knuckles where he was gripping the seat handles with such vigor it was a miracle they hadn’t crumbled into dust… yet. 

Quick recap in bullet points (Stiles was currently learning to make PowerPoint presentations so now most of his life was in bullet points. Also they were pretty.):

  • Derek had received a wedding invitation
  • From the Alpha of the pack he had been staying with during his time in New York
  • The invitation was clearly addressed to Derek Hale and pack
  • Having been brought up with manners (or so he said, Stiles still wasn't too sure about the truth of this one, considering that the moment he had questioned it his back had a not so gentile re-acquaintance with the wall) the whole pack was to accompany him
  • Also everyone had gotten so excited Derek couldn’t say no without starting a minor uprising
  • Stiles was there because Derek had delegated the booking and organizing of everything to Stiles and he had simply booked himself in
  • Stiles was a ninja!

Now they were sitting in an airplane on their way to New York. Stiles was flying business.

When they had shown up at the check-in desk it had been chaos, everyone talking over each-other, trying to organize seating arrangements. As if they couldn't have done this in the car... Thought Stiles exasperated. 

Scott: "Dude. I am sitting with-"

Jackson: "Everyone knows you're sitting with Allison. Shut up. Stiles- Lydia and I-

Scott: "Don't interrupt me! You know I hate that!"

Erica: "Stiles darling, I hope you booked me and the boys-"

Isaac: "The boys and I,"

Erica: "Whatever, Isaac! Stiles, pay attention!"

Boyd: "Erica, what do you have in here? Are you aware we'll only be in New York for like four-"

Jackson: "Stiles-!"

Derek: Growls

Stiles: "Right everyone! SHUT UP!"

Everyone: Embarrassed silence

Stiles turned towards the lovely blond at the check-in desk, pulling Derek with him by the sleeve of his leather jacket.

"Hi! Sorry about the chaos," said Stiles giving her his best smile, "Ok, Derek, you got the passports?"

Derek pulled out the passports with a quiet growl and passed them to Stiles, who quickly rearranged them in seating order.

"Right, so Scott and Allison would like to be seated together. Lydia and Jackson... How many seats are there per row?"

"Three sir."

She called me sir!  Snickered Stiles in his head, if Derek's exasperated eye roll was anything to go by he knew exactly what Stiles was thinking. The giant creep.

"Great! And if you have a free row then would you please seat Erica, Isaac and Boyd together?"

"All done for you sir."

"Great, and you can seat Derek and I wherever."

"Closer to the front," said Derek and then, after Stiles' pointed stare added a tightlipped "please." 

"Oh! Mr. Hale! It looks like you have managed to gather quite the mileage! We can upgrade both you and your partner to Business Class absolutely free of charge!" Said the blond girl. 

"That would be amazing!" jumped in Stiles before Derek even got a chance to respond. The little flutter in his stomach at being called Derek's partner was firmly squashed. What little flutter? No flutters here! 

"Perfect! All done! Your gate number is 16A, passport control is to your right! Have a pleasant flight!"

Stiles took the passports and passed them out with a self-satisfied grin. Business class! Triple score! 

So here he was, siting in business class next to a petrified Derek who look as though, if he were to wolfout, his fur would stand on end. It was hilarious! 

Half an hour later it was far less hilarious. Derek was sweating and refusing to let go of the seat handles long enough to remove his leather jacket. His eyes were scrunched closed and he was doing that thing where he was pacing his breathing in an effort of calm himself down. It was most definitely not working.

Stiles sighed. He was kind of getting worried... He'd never flown anywhere before, and he wasn’t freaking out like a giant freak. Maybe he should try explaining to Derek how planes worked, he’d be like: oh! Aerodynamics! and calm down. Great plan.

"Hey Derek," he said poking him, "let me tell you how planes work, it'll-" 


"Yes Derek?" 

"Shut. The fuck. Up."

"Oh. Ok." 

Stiles sat there a while, and finally, slowly, gently placed his hand onto Derek's hand. He thought for a moment that Derek would throw him off; instead the man sighed and minutely relaxed. 

Stiles could feel the warmth of where their hands were touching and concentrated on keeping his breath steady. No need to give Derek the opportunity to hear what this oddly intimate contact was doing to him. 

No unusual intimacy doing funny things to his stomach, just pack helping pack. He could do this. 

Slowly, slowly Stiles peeled Derek's fingers off of the seat handle interlacing their fingers.

"I think there's something going on between Erica, Isaac and Boyd."

Derek snorted. It wasn't quite an answer, but it wasn't uncontrollable panic either.

The rest of the flight was rather uneventful. Derek fell asleep some time after Stiles had taken his hand, Lydia tried to convince the flight attendant to mover her to business class, Jackson tried to bribe the flight attendant to move them to business class and Scott made puppy eyes at the flight attendant until she was forced to call for backup in the form of an old grumpy lady who’s children’s children had children and on whom Scotts puppy eyes had no effect whatsoever. 

Even though Derek slept through the plane landing Stiles still took his hand back in his, just in case the man were to wake up and freak out again. Seeing Derek scared was fun for a bit, getting a chance to glimpse past the oh-so-perfect façade that Derek insisted on maintaining, but seeing truly scared worried Stiles. Derek was his Alpha- nothing should really scare him. But maybe that was what pack was for, to cover up each other’s weaknesses.

Stiles shook Derek awake when the plane finally stopped.

“Wake up Sourwolf! We’re in New York City!”

“I fear for New York,” grumbled a surprisingly soft and sleepy Derek, “I truly do.”