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You and I

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“You’re a miracle // I gotta stay with you.”

PVRIS – St. Patrick


Part 1 – Can we meet in the middle?

Taehyung: You give me something to think about that’s not the shit in my head

Jeongguk: ‘Cause you’re a glimpse of bliss // A little taste of heaven

Chapter 1

‘Cause you’re a glimpse of bliss // A little taste of heaven

Jeon Jeongguk was never one to remember his customers, like ever. Not even if a customer went there wearing a watermelon on the neck and threatened his life with a spoon.

His work as a barista at the campus café was actually just an annoying but much needed job.

He despised coffee and tea and being surrounded by it every night from 6pm until close time - that was nearly midnight on the good days and 2am in the worse days - drove him insane.

But Jeongguk was a freshman who lost his right for living at the campus building for some reasons that he doesn't like to talk about, so he was doomed to pay his own flat near the campus.

He was working there for half a year already. As the café was at the campus the same students went there every night to study and, well, drink coffee.

But Jeongguk wouldn't know they were the same students if his coworker Min Yoongi, a rather odd person who had a frown as his default look, hadn't tried to make him memorize the students and their respective orders.

Yoongi, even as angry and bad humored as he is, captivated the customers by remembering them and always saying their orders before they ordered them.

"It makes the customers feel remembered so they will always come back," Yoongi would say every time Jeongguk said he would never be able to remember anyone.

That's the main reason why Kim Seokjin, the owner of the cafe, says that it's best for Jeongguk to just work on the orders and far away from the cashier.

Jeongguk doesn't really care about that. He despises working at the cashier anyways, so it's better to let Yoongi attend people and pretend he is a lovely human being.

Apart from Seokjin and Yoongi the last person Jeongguk had to deal with at the café is Jung Hoseok.

Hoseok is far too happy and content with life for his own good. He sucks at attending people and he sucks at making the orders so he spends most of the time cleaning the place and oddly loving doing so.

Jeongguk gave up on trying to understand the joy of cleaning far too long ago. As long as he wasn't the one doing that, he was feeling good.

It was a Thursday night, right after Yoongi let Jeongguk at the cashier in order to catch some tea bags on the storage, that someone got into the café and caught Jeongguk's eyes.

He was tall, had an insanely messy but amazing looking brown hair and looked tired as hell. His tired look and frown didn't make him any less gorgeous though.

The guy approached the cashier slowly and frowned even deeper at the menu on the wall.

After contemplating the menu for a good five minutes he finally lost the frown and got in front of Jeongguk to order.

"I want a chocolate frappuccino with a cream base, please." He said giving Jeongguk a small smile.

Jeongguk stared at him for some time before snapping himself out of being impressed by the other's beauty and asked him: "What... what size do you want?"

"Tall. And if you could give me that last brownie I'd appreciate." The guy said.

"Yeah of course. Are you going to eat here or you want me to put it in a bag so you can take home?" Jeongguk asked.

"I'll eat here."

The guy paid and Jeongguk said he could go sit and he would take his order to him. He just smiled and walked away sitting at a table in a corner far from the rest of the customers.

Jeongguk had to take three minutes to recompose himself before starting to prepare the frappuccino.

He put the cup aside and went to pick the brownie but saw Hoseok doing that already.

"Hey, hey, hey," he frantically said running towards Hoseok. "Don't you dare pick this last brownie from there. It belongs to the last customer."

"But I'm hungry!" Hoseok complained.

"I don't care. The guy paid for it already and I need to take it to him."

"I paid for it as well," Hoseok said smiling. "With my hard work."

"Your hard work doesn't pay shit here and you know that Hobi." Yoongi said as he appeared from the storage holding at least fifteen small boxes full of different types of tea on his arms. "Now let Kook do his job and help me with these tea bags."

Hoseok just pouted but went to help Yoongi anyways.

Jeongguk proceeded to pick up the brownie and took it to the guy who gave him that sweet smile of his to Jeongguk again before going back to typing something on his phone.

The café was pretty much empty at that time so Jeongguk was doomed to help his coworkers with the tea bags.

He was so busy he didn't even see the guy leaving the café some minutes later.

The rest of the evening was pretty much uneventful.

Hoseok tried to "pay" for a muffin with his hard work but Seokjin appeared just at the right time from his office to tell Hoseok he gets a discount but still needs to pay with actual cash.

Yoongi kept his I love customers facade as he kept attending people at the cashier.

Meanwhile Jeongguk was preparing everyone's orders and forgetting to whom he was supposed to deliver so Yoongi needed to take it to the tables himself.

When the clock hit midnight the place was empty and ready to be closed, so Yoongi and Jeongguk left together while Hoseok finished with cleaning the tables and Seokjin stayed to lock the doors.

"Hobi said you delivered an order to a customer today." Yoongi said as they walked towards the bus stop together.

Yoongi was tired of sharing a room with another living creature so he also had his own loft in the same building as Jeongguk, which is unfortunately a bit far from the campus so they needed to catch a bus to get there.

"Yeah. He ordered and took a seat so I took his order there, what's new?"

Yoongi gave Jeongguk his oh please bitch look and the younger boy pretended he didn't saw.

"C'mon Jeongguk we all know you can't remember anyone." Yoongi said as they arrived at the bus stop.

Jeongguk sat at the bench out of pure exhaustion even if he could see the bus arriving at the end of the street. "You and Hoseok were busy with those tea bags so I needed to do so."

"I know that, but the last time something like that happened you delivered the order to the wrong person and the girl had to shout at you that the coffee was hers.”

Jeongguk wasn't proud of that happening. To be fair with him both of the girls had long hair so... Okay that's no excuse.

Don't judge the poor boy; he has a terrible memory for faces. He got Yoongi and Seokjin messed up for a good two weeks once he started working at the cafe.

"I was afraid of that happening again so I tried my best to memorize the guy and it worked okay." Jeongguk said as he got up against his will and got inside the bus.

Yoongi definitely didn't buy that but he just nodded in agreement following his friend into the bus. "Sure Kookie."

Jeongguk wasn't going to elongate that conversation so it ended right there.

The younger boy just rested his head on the window and closed his eyes.

The bus drive only lasted around five minutes so Jeongguk wasn't able to actually fall asleep, even though Yoongi thought he did and kicked his leg once they were near the bus stop.

Jeongguk just groaned and followed Yoongi out of the bus.

They walked for a few more minutes before they arrived at the building. Yoongi's loft is on the seven floor and Jeongguk's on the six so they parted on the elevator.

Jeongguk went straight to bed feeling like he was going to pass out any moment now.


Chapter 2

You give me something to think about that’s not the shit in my head

Taehyung woke up with his roommate throwing a pillow at his face.

"Tae you have classes in less than twenty minutes, wake up!"

Taehyung groaned and rolled around in bed to face his roommate. "I don't wanna go."

"You never want to go, but you have to. You missed this class last week already and I ain't letting you miss it again."

"C'mon Jimin just let me sleep; you have no classes this morning anyway so just go back to bed and shut up." Taehyung complained burying his face on the pillow.

"No. I'm going to meet up with my..." Jimin started to say but Taehyung completed the phrase for him:


Jimin narrowed his eyes at Taehyung. "He is not my boyfriend! He is my friend and I need to meet up with him in thirty minutes so we can work on our project together."

"Kids these days," Taehyung started, shaking his head. "Always finding a new way to say making out. It's not nice to call it project Jimin your boy-toy wouldn't like that."

Jimin had a look that said if you weren't my best friend you'd be dead right now and that made Taehyung feel like he had accomplished something.

"Don't ever call him that again or I swear I'll kill you, and just because we kinda kissed sometimes that doesn't mean we're going to be making out or that we are together okay?"

Taehyung sat up on his bed and rolled his eyes to his friend. "Nobody kinda kiss someone, hyung. Especially more than once. You guys just aren't together because you're a silly goose who’s afraid of admitting you have feelings for boy-toy."

Taehyung was testing his boundaries with his roommate this morning and he knew that, but he was doing this on purpose for being really butt-hurt over the fact that Jimin was going out this evening again and letting Taehyung all alone at the dorm.

"I can't even reply to that so I'll ignore you and go meet up with him okay?" Jimin said grabbing his jacket and going towards the door.

Taehyung just fell back on his bed and nodded.

"Did you saw him last night?" Jimin asked stopping himself from opening the door. "Enjoyed the coffee? I told you his place is the best café around here."

"First: I have no idea who boy-toy is so I don't know if I saw him last night. Second: I couldn't ever enjoy something I despise, I drank a frappu-something and third: it isn't his place because he is not the owner." Taehyung replied.

Jimin sighed loudly. "I don't know why I'm friends with you. He is the one at the cashier, Tae. I'm sorry you're mad that I haven't introduced you guys yet but it'll happen okay?"

Jimin knows his boy-toy pretty much since he and Taehyung got into Uni, even though the boy apparently is older than Jimin - Taehyung wouldn’t know as he never met the guy - they have tons of classes together for some reason. The boys are on Uni for three years already and Taehyung never met the guy.

It wasn’t for lack of trying though. Jimin tried several times but something would always appear on their way, mostly Taehyung’s family. He constantly had to get home to stay with his sister while his dad was away.

The thing is that Taehyung didn’t shared the dorm with his best friend until this year, before that he lived on his childhood home so he was doomed to go back there every day. After Taehyung felt things weren’t all that right with his mental health he told his dad what he was feeling and he sent him to a psychologist who suggested to him the idea of moving out and Taehyung loved that idea.

He talked to Jimin, who hated his last roommate, and everything worked out. Taehyung took the responsibility of taking care of his sister off his shoulders and would avoid seeing his family at all costs now, even if he loves them endlessly.

As Taehyung wasn’t needing to go back home every day now he thought this was the year he would meet his best friend boy-toy, but things kept getting on the way and Taehyung was starting to feel like Jimin didn’t want him to meet his “friend”.

Maybe it was because he feared Taehyung would say something embarrassing about him or that he would suggest that Jimin has been crushing on the boy ever since they met, what Jimin denies with all his strength.

In Taehyung’s defense he wouldn’t do any of that until he got close to the boy. Jimin surely needs a push to finally admitting his feelings and Taehyung was ready to be the one to push it, but so far he got no luck with that.

Jimin also was very reluctant in letting Taehyung go to the Uni café where his boy-toy works since he got into Uni. As in the beginning Taehyung barely was at the campus when he wasn’t having class that was not a problem, but ever since he started to live inside the campus that started to be an issue.

Taehyung never cared much about the café and as Jimin seemed to don’t want his best friend to go there, Taehyung just never went. Some nights ago though Jimin told him that he should go there and see if he likes staying there.

So it took Taehyung a few nights to finally go there and he was really curious about who the hell was Jimin’s boy-toy but as he didn’t have a clue he just stared at all the workers he could see and left once he finished his frappuccino.

Jimin seemed to be warming up to the idea of introducing them, but that still made Taehyung mad.

"Whatever Jimin. Just go meet with him." Taehyung answered bitterly.

"I will. And you better go to class Kim Taehyung! I'm serious." Jimin got out the room and left Taehyung all alone.

That's when the boy jumped out of bed and rushed to get ready for class.

The thing is that he may be exhausted and would rather sleep for two years than go to class but he couldn't stand being there alone so it's better to just go to class where he is surrounded by people.

Taehyung lives in a constant state of fear, panic and anxiety over everything and anything but especially with being alone. He literally goes crazy when he is alone so he chooses to always be around at least one person. That is mainly what is not right with his mental health.

He got ready in record time and rushed through the campus to get to his first class.

He arrived only ten minutes late so that was a win.

The morning dragged along making Taehyung feel more and more exhausted every second. He had some sleeping problems and it was getting worse lately.

He couldn't focus his mind on his classes and got scolded twice by his professor by almost sleeping on class.

In order to keep himself awake he started to schedule how his evening was going to be.

He would have his last class from 4pm to 5pm then he would need to take a shower. Jimin was going out in the evening with his boy-toy whom apparently had the night off from work this Friday. It was obviously a date but Jimin refused to acknowledge the fact.

After two years of nothingness, in the beginning of this year boy-toy finally kissed Jimin and the kisses kept coming, now he finally asked Jimin out and not only to Uni related shit or to play videogames and Jimin kept saying it was just a casual friends dinner. Taehyung says that is bullshit.

Taehyung was really mad at his roommate to be quite honest. Jimin knows in which mindset Tae lives and he should know better than leaving the guy alone.

But it was actually Taehyung's fault that his friend was going out because Taehyung really doesn't want to be a bother and he doesn't want to hold Jimin back from doing what he wants because of him.

So Taehyung insisted that Jimin should enjoy his life and that it was okay for him to go out. Of course that was a lie.

Taehyung could already feel the panic rising inside of him. The feeling of that happening drove him even more insane than the panic itself from time to time.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes in order to try calming himself down.

He needed to go out this evening too and he couldn't make himself drive to the mall again.

The mall is pretty much his refuge by now. Whenever he felt the panic rising he would pick his car and drive to the nearest mall and just walk around with his headphones.

But in this week he had already gone there three times in a row and he just couldn't go again, especially on a Friday night. The place would be full of people that would be accompanied by other people and Taehyung had no one but himself.

Jimin started to insist that he should change his refuge to the campus café some nights ago.

Taehyung thinks is because of Jimin's boy-toy and that his roommate is trying to get his boy some more customers. Or maybe he just wants both of them to meet without his presence so he can’t get embarrassed. The place really is comfy and warm so Taehyung didn't thought the idea was that bad so he considered going back there this night.

The thing is that Taehyung has some confidence issues as well. He thinks everyone is judging him wherever he goes so he thinks that if he arrives at the café and just sits there until the place closes, just because he doesn't want to be alone at his dorm, people will judge him.

He has contemplated going in with his laptop and acting all professional by typing shit and drinking coffee but he can't make himself do it.

This is not even a joke, he was about to do that the night before but he changed his mind in the last minute, left his laptop in his car and just walked inside to analyze the menu and the place.

He found some drink that was really tasty, because he hates coffee and tea even if Jimin insist he should like tea as he is an anglophile, and he found some plugs near the tables where he could charge his laptop.

He was suddenly really intimidated by the cute barista though, with his adorable face and jet black hair styled really nicely, but now his thoughts had been dragged out of his mind as it appears the cute barista is Jimin's boy-toy as he was in the cashier, what a fucking shame.

After thinking it through Taehyung decided he should put his fear of being judged aside and just take his laptop inside the cafe. It shouldn’t be that hard to do so.

If everything goes well Taehyung was going to do that in the evening right after Jimin goes out to his date - that obviously isn't a date.


Chapter 3

‘Cause you’re a glimpse of bliss // A little taste of heaven

"Jeon Jeongguk!" Seokjin screamed from his office as soon as Jeongguk got inside the café to start his shift. "Come here."

Jeongguk walked into his boss office and Seokjin stared at him and sighed. "Remind me again why I agreed on letting Yoongi take a night off tonight? I have plans on Friday! I'm usually so smart..."

"It was because he insisted with you for two weeks straight because he wanted to take this guy he is crushing on to a date and, well, he is Yoongi so it's nice to see he actually has feelings." Jeongguk answered reminding of how he felt weird by seeing Yoongi confess he wanted to take someone on a date. That's so un-Yoongi-like, even if apparently he has this crush on the boy for a long time.

"You're very right." Seokjin sighed even deeper. "I'll have to put Hoseok on the cashier then because, no offense, but you can't do that job."

"I'm not offended hyung. I know how I get all the orders messed up, I will prepare all the orders and I can close up the place for you."

"Thanks Jeongguk. Hoseok will be in charge of cleaning up the place tomorrow morning and he has been told that already." Seokjin got up and picked up some folders and placed it inside a bag. "I must go now; the keys and the spare keys are on the first drawer, remind Hoseok to take one with him so he can open up the place to clean it earlier tomorrow."

"Don't worry Seokjin everything will be alright." Jeongguk assured him even thought he was worried himself. Yoongi acted as if he owned the place every Friday since Seokjin always had an appointment at night and Jeongguk felt very lost now knowing he wouldn't be there.

"I trust you Jeongguk, I trust Hoseok a little less but I still trust him. If anything goes wrong you can call me and I'll rush over here alright?" Seokjin said walking out of the office.

"Alright. I got this." Jeongguk said trying to convince himself.

Seokjin went out leaving a very content Hoseok on the cashier and a very worried Jeongguk preparing the orders.

The place was rather full once Jeongguk's shift started at 6pm but as the sun set and night came in the students started to leave to go out to more interesting places.

Jeongguk received a text around 7pm while he was fighting with a tea bag to stay inside the hot water.

From / Yoongi

i'm about to go to his dorm to pick him up. wish me luck bitch

To / Yoongi

good luck idiot, try telling the dude this is actually a date

From / Yoongi

don't even jeon he knows it

To / Yoongi

from what you told me this dude is like, I doubt it. You're faaaaar too subtle

From / Yoongi

too subtle? i fucking kissed him tons of times and we fucking kissed again while we were working on our project this morning, if he thinks this isn't a stupid date i'll kick his face

To / Yoongi

slow down crazy. Just say something to him, he obviously likes your odd self as he didn't kick you after you kissed him so...

From / Yoongi

i'll see what I'll do. have fun with hobi

To / Yoongi

yeah... I sure will

Jeongguk kept preparing some orders but the place was oddly calm for a Friday night.

He wasn't complaining though, it's easier to keep the place on its trails like that considering there's only two people working that night.

"Hey Kookie!" Hoseok shouted making Jeongguk jump while finishing up a cappuccino and almost dropping the mug.

"Don't scream Hobi! Do you want me to have a heart attack?” The boy answered with his eyes wide.

"I'm sorry. The place is so empty tonight don't you think?"

Jeongguk finished up the cappuccino and took it to Hoseok. "Yeah it is. It's a bit weird but it's just our luck right?"

Hoseok picked the mug from Jeongguk's hand and stepped away from the cashier. "True. I like it this way, I feel peace irradiating through the walls. I feel like I could take a nap and then I'd be woken up by pretty little birds singing soft tunes to me."

Jeongguk just stared at Hoseok not knowing how to reply to that. His coworker says some odd stuff from time to time that makes Jeongguk confused.

"Anyways," Hoseok said walking away from Jeongguk. "I'll take this order to the old man and I'll be right back."

Jeongguk was silent praying for no one appear while Hoseok was delivering the cappuccino but of course his luck was against him.

His luck is always against him.

He heard the little ding from the door opening and internally sighed already making a promise to himself that he would remember this person and freaking deliver the order as he is supposed to.

He knew that wouldn't be hard at all as he looked up and saw the new customer was the same cute boy from the night before.

His hair was a little less messy this night but his face still looked tired as hell. Jeongguk wanted to wrap a blanket around the boy and tell him to take a nap.

The boy walked blindly towards the cashier looking up to Jeongguk just in the last minute.

In the moment he saw Jeongguk he frowned and looked very confused for some reason. He opened his mouth as if he was about to ask something but closed it right after frowning even deeper, if that is even possible.

Jeongguk was surprised with himself once he remembered the order the boy made in the previous day.

He asked himself if he should ask the boy if he was ordering the samples e or just let his confusion pass.

Just as Jeongguk thought it was taking him too long to make a move the boy spat out: "I would like a tall chocolate frappuccino with a cream base and one brownie if you have any."

Jeongguk blinked.

"Sorry, I said that too fast." The guy said looking so nervous Jeongguk thought he was going to start shaking any time now. "I can repeat if..."

"Don't worry," Jeongguk quickly cut off the guy and smiled at him. "I understood what you said. Are you eating here again?"

The boy nervousness seemed to slow down a bit and he smiled widely at Jeongguk for some reason. "Yes. I'll eat here again."

Jeongguk just smiled back at him and after the guy paid he walked towards the same table he sat the day before.

This time the boy had a laptop with him; he timidly took the laptop out of his backpack and connected the wires to the plug to charge it. He was sneakily glancing around as if to see if someone was paying attention to him and once his eyes met Jeongguk's the barista quickly turned around and went to prepare his order.

As soon as Jeongguk turned around though he bumped into Hoseok who let out a scream of terror.

"Chill out Hoseok, I just bumped into you. No need to scream like that!" Jeongguk said walking away from his coworker.

"My bad. Why are you so distracted anyways?" Hoseok asked.

"Who said I'm distracted?" Jeongguk said in a defensive tone. "I am one hundred percent focused on what I'm doing okay?"

Hoseok raised his eyebrows at the younger boy. "I'm not sure what the customer ordered but I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to put the milk inside the cup before mixing with the rest of stuff on the blender."

Jeongguk cursed under his breath and poured the milk in the blender tossing the dirty cup aside. "You're making me distracted Hoseok, go to the cashier and leave me alone."

"Who was this last customer? I bet this person is the reason why you got your head on the clouds." Hoseok said walking to the cashier and looking around the café.

Jeongguk scoffed. There was no way Hoseok would be able to identify the new customer. The place was oddly calm but there were still a lot of people sitting around there.

"Bingo!" Hoseok screamed making Jeongguk turn around with his eyes wide.

Hoseok smirked and walked towards his younger coworker. "Found him."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Jeongguk asked going back to finishing up the boy's drink and ignoring Hoseok.

"That I found the boy. The last customer whom this drink is for. The reason why you got distracted." Hoseok said getting into Jeongguk's personal space just to wiggle his eyebrows very close to the younger's face.

Jeongguk walked backwards to get away from Hoseok and in order to pick up the brownie for the cute customer.

"Are you going to ignore me Jeonggukie?" Hoseok asked moving along with Jeongguk and successfully making the boy annoyed. "I know it's the same dude from yesterday. The one you remembered the order and successfully delivered to him. Do you know him?"

"No. I don't know him, now get away from me you idiot." Jeongguk complained trying his best to put the brownie in a plate while Hoseok was invading his bubble of personal space.

"It's understandable though." Hoseok said following Jeongguk around while the boy was finishing up the guy's order.

Jeongguk sighed loudly and faced his coworker holding up the plate and the cup. "What is understandable Hobi?"

"Your distraction. That customer is a cute little thing. You should totally talk to him." Hoseok said smiling.

"Don't even Hoseok." Jeongguk replied getting a bit annoyed and waking away from the other. "Don't assume anything and stop trying to push me to people."

Jeongguk then walked away as fast as he could, leaving Hoseok behind.

The thing is that both Hoseok and Yoongi spent the last months trying to be Jeongguk's cupids. They said the maknae needed someone to have fun with.

His coworkers are really all that he has. He doesn't talk with people from his classes as they are all I'm too intellectual to you and he doesn't like that. So the only friends he has are his coworkers.

Seokjin is his boss so it's a bit odd to call him friend. Jeongguk would never ask the guy to go out for a movie or something. He just talks to him on the café.

Yoongi is pretty much his best friend. They live in the same apartment, even if in different floors, but they work together and are constantly around each other.

Hoseok is more like a work friend but Jeongguk had already gone to see a movie with him, so it's a closer friendship than what he has with Seokjin.

All three of them though have more people apart from each other and Jeongguk. Seokjin must be dating someone as he always goes out on Fridays, Hoseok has the people from his class and Yoongi has this boy he is crushing on.

Some months ago Hoseok and Yoongi tried to set him up on a date that ended up with Jeongguk discovering the guy just wanted someone to make his ex jealous so that was nice. Ever since Jeongguk denies all the attempts his friends have on pushing him to people.

It's not that Jeongguk doesn't want a friend or even a boyfriend; it's just that he hasn't found anyone who caught his attention.

Well, until now.

Jeongguk walked to the cute customer table and saw him excitedly typing on his laptop. Once the guy saw Jeongguk approaching he slightly stiffened up but smiled at the barista.

"Here's your order. Sorry for the delay, my coworker distracted me." Jeongguk told the guy handing him the cup and placing the plate on the table.

"It's okay. I don't mind."

Jeongguk was about to leave but the guy cleaned his throat and made him stop his movement.

"Can I ask you something?" The customer said timidly.

For some reason Jeongguk felt himself growing nervous. "Yes, what is it?"

"You were working at the cashier today and yesterday but are you the one who's always on it?"

It was an odd question. Why did he want to know that? Was he after Yoongi? Jeongguk got confused with the question and even more confused at himself once he felt his nervousness getting replaced with a peculiar feeling of disappointment.

"No. I usually stick to preparing the orders; another guy who's not here tonight usually stays at the cashier."

The guy nodded as if now everything was making sense. "Oh okay. Thanks for the answer."

"No problem." Jeongguk then walked away wondering why the guy had asked him that.

The night dragged along and the place was getting more and more empty.

Hoseok attempted to irritate his coworker talking about the customer but Jeongguk threatened him with a knife so he stopped.

The funny and amusing thing for Jeongguk was how the cute customer didn't left. The night before he didn't saw the guy leaving but it didn't take him too long, but this night the hours passed and passed and the guy was still sitting there using his laptop.

It's not like Jeongguk can affirm this is not a thing that the regular customers do as he can't remember anyone, but something about that guy was annoyingly intriguing.

"Hey Hobi-hyung." Jeongguk called once he got bored of not having to prepare anything for more than half an hour.

Hoseok was now sitting at a chair he dragged out of Seokjin's office because he got tired of standing up at the cashier. "Yes?"

Jeongguk got closer to his friend and leaned on the counter. "Do people usually stay on the cafe for hours and hours?"

Hoseok seemed confused by his friend's question. "Yes. I mean, this is a university so most of the students come here to study or finish their work while drinking coffee and stuff so it usually takes them a lot of time. Why are you asking me that?"

Jeongguk didn't want to admit it was because he couldn't help but keep looking at that cute guy on the table at the corner of the place.

"I got curious. I never did anything like that. I usually do my stuff on the library or my own loft."

Hoseok stared at Jeongguk as if two cat ears had just grown out of Jeongguk's head. "Really? But you're majoring to become a writer! You know J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter at a café right? Writers like to catch inspiration on places."

"Well I guess I'm weird then?" Jeongguk knew he was a little odd but the way Hoseok said that made him get a bit self-conscious.

"That we all know already. I'm just saying that I thought you'd like doing stuff like this." Hoseok shook his shoulders.

"I guess. Maybe it's nice... that guy on the corner sure must find that nice, he's been here for hours already." Jeongguk let it slip.

"Oh," Hoseok beamed. "That's why you asked me this then. Because the cute fella over there had been here for a while and that's the first time you actually noticed how long people stay here."

Jeongguk could feel his cheeks heating and he tried to hide that by hiding his face on his hands. "That... that's so not true."

Hoseok laughed so hard Jeongguk gave up on hiding his face just to look at him with his best calm down face.

"Yeah right Kookie, I'll pretend I believe in you. Go there talk to him; ask him if he wants anything else. You might not know this but we offer a free cookie for the customers who spend more than three hours here."

"Really?" How Jeongguk did not know this? It's not like he is a new employee.

"Really. We haven't exactly told you cause how could you help us with that if you can't remember who just arrived and who is here for four hours?" Hoseok explained getting up and picking a chocolate cookie.

"Okay now I get it why I didn't know this." Jeongguk mumbled.

Hoseok sat down in Seokjin's chair again and turned it around to face his friend. "Here, give this cookie to him and try talking to him."

Jeongguk picked up the little paper package that contained the cookie but didn't move.

"C'mon Jeonggukie," Hoseok whined. "It's not like I'm playing cupid again. I'm just saying that you should offer the free cookie to him and enjoy what might come with it."

Jeongguk took a deep breath and reluctantly walked towards the guy's table.

The guy didn't notice him and he kept his eyes locked on his laptop.

Jeongguk cleaned his throat loudly and the guy jumped on his chair making Jeongguk force to hide a laugh.

"Sorry if I scared you."

The guy looked up at him and his cheeks were tinted with a tiny blush. God! He looks even cuter like that, Jeongguk thought.

"You didn't... you didn't scare me." The guy answered avoiding looking at Jeongguk's face.

"I just came by to offer you a free cookie." Jeongguk said holding the paper package up so the guy could see it. "You have been here for a while and we offer free cookies to our customers who spend a lot of time here."

The guy stared at the package for a while before timidly picking it. "That's nice. Thank you."

The customer smiled widely and Jeongguk couldn't help but smile back at him. "You're welcome, and please stay as long as you wish, the place is dead today anyways."

"It must be because of the holiday on Monday. I guess the students went home to their families." The guy said sounding a little sad.

Jeongguk wondered if the guy lived in town or if his family was too far from him to visit them with a holiday of one day only.

"Oh right! I forgot about that. What is the holiday anyway?"

The guy bit his lower lip as a reflex to thinking about something. "I don't know.... day of I've had enough of studying maybe?"

It was a lame joke but Jeongguk laughed a little too loudly. That was his type of humor right there.

"That's the kind of holiday I'd approve if I worked on the government."

The guy beamed. "Same."

They faced each other for an awkward minute then Jeongguk told - more actually stuttered but whatever - the guy he should go back to work and walked back to the counter where Hoseok was almost falling asleep.

"So how was it?"

"I handed him the cookie, Hobi. I wasn't on a quest to asking the guy to go out with me." Jeongguk said leaning on the counter and resting his head on his hands.

"Well you could have asked him on a date. C'mon Jeonggukie, be brave, be strong."

"Have you just quoted Lily Potter to me? I'm done with you Hoseok." Jeongguk walked away from his stupid coworker and went to the sink to clean up some dishes.

This was going to be a long night.


Chapter 4

You give me something to think about that’s not the shit in my head

He did it.

Oh my God he actually did it.

Kim Taehyung successfully and with no hesitation - okay maybe a little tiny bit of hesitation, whatever - got into the café and opened his laptop.

What a fighter. What a winner. What a potential savior of humankind.

Cue for the applauses.

Yes, Taehyung is overdramatic. People need to learn how to live with this.

Taehyung was feeling proud of himself that night.

Earlier that night he left Jimin to his so-not-a-date with boy-toy after a whole discussion with the boy about how this was obviously a date that went pretty much like this:

Taehyung was sat on his bed waiting for his roommate to show up from behind his wardrobe door that was wide open. Jimin was in a quest for finding the perfect clothes for his so-not-a-date.

Jimin appeared, after what seemed like hours but in reality were just five minutes, wearing some skinny jeans and a pled shirt that was a bit too big for him.

“You look stupid.” Taehyung groaned. This was Jimin’s fifth trial for an outfit and Taehyung thought he looked stupid in all of them.

“Yeah but you said this in the last four times already, Tae. How am I supposed to believe in you?” Jimin complained.

Taehyung gave him the shoulders. “I’m your best friend, you should believe me always.”

Jimin rolled his eyes. “Help me then, pick an outfit for me.”

“No. It’s your date, hyung, sort yourself out.” Taehyung said.

His roommate closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “How many times do I have to tell you this is not a date?”

“I want you to keep telling me that until the time you convince your scared self that this is not a date.”

Jimin looked annoyed and Taehyung was growing scared that his roommate was going to hit him again. "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“You know Jimin, you know.” Taehyung said with a quirky smile.

Jimin just groaned and went beside his wardrobe door again tossing more and more clothes out onto his bed. “You are useless.”

Taehyung just smiled. “I try my best.”

After five more minutes, Jimin appeared wearing the same jeans but this time with a button-up shirt and a blazer over it.

“How do I look?” He asked nervously.

“Like you have just now accepted the fact that this is a date.” Taehyung said proudly.

“I swear I’m going to kill you.” Jimin replied as he turned around to toss all his clothes back into the wardrobe.

“Jimin, you have been crushing on boy-toy since you first saw him and don’t try to deny this to me because I know you better than yourself. You refuse to let me meet the guy because I bet you’re afraid I will say something to him and you are nervous for going out with him tonight because deep down you want everything to work out and you want this to be a date.” Taehyung said.

Jimin didn’t reply, he just tossed his clothes with much more anger inside the wardrobe and then kicked its door close.

Taehyung knew he was right, but he also knew Jimin wouldn’t agree with anything he said.

“Be honest to me now, Taehyung. Do I look good?” Jimin said now facing his friend with a calmer look on his face.

“Yes. This outfit looks great and your bright red hair may blind me but it also looks great.” Taehyung got out of his bed and patted his friend on the head.

Jimin smiled at him. “I’m sorry I am leaving you here tonight. You can just go back to the café and stay there until they close, by then I will probably be back so I’ll text you okay?”

“It’s okay. Have fun and please just text me once he leaves, I don’t wanna arrive here and face things my dad wouldn’t be proud of me seeing.”

Jimin hit the back of Taehyung’s head. “Sometimes I hate you.”

Taehyung patted the back of his own head with a pout. “Same goes to you.”

After that Jimin left once he got a text from boy-toy saying he was there already. Taehyung then checked the minibar and counted his sodas, if the boys drank one of them, he would know and they would pay with blood. He is very possessive of his sodas.

Taehyung picked his car keys, his backpack with his laptop and managed to drive to the café, get into the place, order the same thing - just because it tastes so nice and what if the rest tastes like shit? - and then open his laptop and pretend he is a professional.

In reality he spent a while typing song lyrics on word to pretend he was doing something, another while thinking of a fake name and a fake email to register himself on the Wi-Fi from the cafe - Dr. Hytae Kimung/ He's a genius - and the rest of the time playing mine field and failing on it. Horribly.

This was all sorta planned inside his head though. He had a long afternoon trying not to sleep at class to think about what he was going to do at the café. What caught him on surprise was seeing the cute barista working once he arrived there.

Jimin said his boy-toy was the one on the cashier so Taehyung assumed the cute looking barista was Jimin's boy-toy but God was being merciful with little Taehyungie.

Cute Barista wasn't Jimin's boy-toy and Taehyung doubts he could hide his confused face once he saw the boy behind the counter. Jimin is on a date with boy-toy so he couldn't be working here right?! Taehyung thought once he saw the barista there.

Taehyung knew Cute Barista couldn't be boy-toy because he saw Jimin leaving the dorm to meet his "friend" downstairs and as Jimin didn't texted Taehyung that the boy stood him up then the date was on action. And as Jimin wasn't behind the counter making out with Cute Barista then the boy wasn't his roommate's boy-toy.

Even after repeating that with several different arguments Taehyung was still confused by everything so once Cute Barista handed him his order Taehyung asked him if he was the one who always worked on the cashier and no, he wasn't. The cashier dude wasn't working this night.

Taehyung was right. Cute Barista wasn't boy-toy. Boy-toy wasn't Cute Barista. One more time for the people in the back... No? Okay.

That was all that Taehyung could think about, he needed to find his long lost chill.

Is it wrong to develop a crush on someone after seeing the person only twice?

Taehyung couldn't help himself thought. Cute Barista was just so cute.

He offered Taehyung a free cookie, he laughed at Taehyung's stupid holiday joke, he had the cutest little face and the cutest little smile. He was Taehyung's definition of perfection.

Okay maybe Taehyung is overreacting and maybe perfection is a word that shouldn't be used in this context right in this moment as Taehyung doesn't even know the guy but there's nothing wrong with a bit of overreaction from time to time.

That's why Taehyung kept glancing at Cute Barista every five seconds and he could swear on his dead fish's life that the boy was glancing at him as well.

The time passed by and Taehyung was growing bored of being there. He ate the cookie and thanked not only God but Jesus for that because it tasted delicious but now he had nothing to do and nothing to eat and he was tired as fuck.

Unfortunately he knew that despite being 11:19pm already Jimin hadn't returned to their dorm. He promised to text Taehyung once he was getting back and so far he had nothing.

Taehyung noticed that the cafe was getting emptier and emptier and he knew the guys would be closing it up soon. It was Friday but the movement was down because of the stupid holiday so they would probably close at midnight. There were only two more people there besides Taehyung after all.

He would wait though. He would wait for Cute Barista to tell him he needed to leave because there's no way he will go back to his dorm before Jimin.

Taehyung will stay there like the frightened chicken he is. He is not proud of that but he had come to terms with himself.

In the end Taehyung was right. The other two customers left the place at nearly midnight and the guy who seemed overly happy was now placing some chairs up on the tables as a clean sign of: get out, we're closing.

Taehyung felt intimidated by that and started to close his laptop against his will.

"Dammit Jimin where are you?" He whispered to himself while placing his laptop on the backpack.

Once he was ready to go he saw that Cute Barista seemed ready to leave the place himself. He wasn't wearing that black shirt with the red apron nor that little red snapback that even though was quite funny looking made the boy look utterly adorable.

Cute Barista was now wearing skinny jeans with a big hole in the left knee and a blue sweater that was a little oversized but just seemed perfect for him at the same time. Taehyung couldn't exactly explain this but he looked very good.

The barista was saying something for his coworker and handed the guy some keys before he started to walk towards the door. Taehyung's timing was perfect cause as soon as he reached the door Cute Barista reached it with him.

"Hey. I'm sorry if it felt like we were kicking you out." Cute Barista said as both boys went outside. "Hoseok is desperate to go home and sleep."

So overly happy dude name is Hoseok. Noted.

"It's okay; it was getting quite late anyways." Taehyung replied sounding sadder than he intended to.

Cute Barista gave him a little smile that once he looked away from Taehyung turned into a fuck-my-life expression.

Taehyung was confused by the boy's face so he looked where Cute Barista seemed to be looking. He only saw an empty sidewalk and a bus leaving the bus stop.

"I think I just lost my bus." Cute Barista complained with a sigh.

Taehyung looked at the parking lot and saw that his car was the only one there, what meant Cute Barista couldn't get a ride home from his coworker so Taehyung said without thinking twice:

"I can give you a ride home if you want.”

Taehyung looked at Cute Barista with hopeful eyes and the boy looked a little lost.

"I have a car. It's a real car, not a toy car" Taehyung said trying to assure the barista his offer was real.

"I believe in you." Cute Barista said with a laugh.

Dammit. Why would Taehyung say something so dumb? It's his signature way of talking though, only saying dumb shit, but he could have acted like he was cool at least for this hella cute guy.

His dumb talking didn't seem able to be stopped though because he just kept saying random shit.

"Sorry, it's just that I used to joke with my friend about having a car and I would take pictures and send it to him but it was actually a toy car. Once I got the car he didn't believe me and when I offered him a ride he refused and he caught the bus to go to my place because he was thinking I would just take a bus ride to his place then make him take a bus ride back to my place with me." Taehyung spat out in lighting speed.

He didn't even left a chance for Cute Barista to reply as he kept talking. "In his defense I did that once so... anyways, I can really take you home. I swear I'm not a serial killer."

Cute Barista seemed amused with Taehyung's randomness and he just smirked saying. "And who can guarantee you that I'm not?"

Taehyung was oddly really happy with that response. The guy didn't judge him with his random talk and seemed to enjoy the way Taehyung is weird.

"I'm willing to take the risk." Taehyung replied with a smile.


Chapter 5

‘Cause you’re a glimpse of bliss // A little taste of heaven

Jeongguk’s mom wouldn’t be proud of him right in this moment, good thing she was all the way back in Busan now.

Jeongguk grew his entire life listening to the same old things: never accept candy from strangers, never walk alone in the streets at night, it’s not acceptable to drink soda at breakfast, - what in Jeongguk's opinion is bullshit - I’m sure you can’t fly, Jeongguk, so get down of the dinner table or you’ll break it and the most common one, never accept a ride from a stranger.

He can say that he never accepted candy from a stranger and that he indeed can’t fly, he had a broken arm to prove it back when he was eleven, but one thing that he can’t say now is that he never accepted a ride from a stranger.

To be quite fair here the boy wasn’t a completely stranger. Jeongguk saw him twice so they are practically friends right? Okay that is exaggeration but how could Jeongguk say no to that face?

The guy is adorable, the cutest little thing Jeongguk ever saw and Jeongguk had just lost his bus so why not accept the ride? The guy said he is not a serial killer so everything is okay.

So that’s why Jeongguk was now sitting in the passenger seat of a not-a-toy-car as the boy said himself.

The boy was struggling to plug his phone on the USB entrance and getting pretty annoyed with it.

“It’s okay if we don’t listen to music? I can’t seem to be able to plug my phone to this stupid car.” The boy complained looking defeated.

“Of course it’s okay.” Jeongguk answered. He didn’t mind if the car wasn’t playing music, to be honest Jeongguk just wanted to hear that deep and soothing voice the cute guy has.

Jeongguk told the guy how to get to his loft so he began to drive.

“Driving must be cool.” Jeongguk said as he saw the guy turning towards the exit of the campus.

“I like it a lot, it took me more than it should to get a license because I couldn’t manage to pass page two on that stupid thing you have to read about traffic rules and stuff but once I got it, I fell in love with it.” The guy answered.

“My mom said I shouldn’t get my license while in university because that would be just a thing that would take me away from my studies.” Jeongguk had several arguments with his mother about that, he really wanted to drive but as his mother said: you can’t have everything in life just in the way you want.

“That’s a shame. I got my license in my first year on Uni and in my case was pretty much the opposite. My dad said I needed to get the license to be able to drive to Uni and to catch my sister at school and stuff.” Jeongguk couldn’t help but notice how the tone on the guy’s voice dropped when he mentioned his family, as if the memory of them hurts him.

The guy’s phone vibrated on its support that was attached to the front window. It read: new text from Chim-Chim. At the sight of that the guy sighed happily and smiled at his phone but made no movement to reply back nor read it. Thank God, Jeongguk wasn't in the mood for a car crash this evening.

Who the fuck is named Chim-Chim? Jeongguk thought bitterly even though he knew that must be a nickname.

There's something about Jeongguk that should be a warning label attached to his forehead. He is extremely against getting attached but he does it as easily as he breaths.

It doesn't matter if he knows the person or not. He gets attached to them like crazy as soon as it is physically possible and once he does it he gets really jealous of anything.

Yes it's stupid and yes he needs to work on this. Whatever.

The thing is that even if he barely knew this guy his twisted mind wanted to get attached to him and of course that at the first sight of a possible special someone in the cute customer's life his mind was getting jealous.

Jeongguk wanted to hit his own face to stop with this bullshit.

So what if the guy has a boyfriend? Or a girlfriend? Maybe this is just a friend or a family member. Who knows? Who cares?

Jeongguk barely knows him and none of this should matter so he forced himself to erase those thoughts out of his mind and just talk to the guy.

"So you noticed I don't live at the campus, what about you?"

The guy seemed more relaxed now as he content replied. "I live at the campus, in a big old dorm."

"Those dorms are nightmares." Jeongguk said reminding of that one solid month he spent living there.

The guy just shook his shoulders. "I guess. I was fortunate enough to end up sharing a room with my best friend so for me it's not that bad."

"Oh that's nice." Maybe that Chim-Chim was the guy's best friend then. Jeongguk secretly hopes that’s it and he hates himself for this. He needs to stop developing crushes on people he barely knows.

“Yeah, I suppose it is.” The guy replied giving Jeongguk a little smile.

Jeongguk ignored the way his cheeks heated up at the sight of that smile and just turned to look outside and enjoy the view of the street lights passing fast as the guy drove into the street.

Jeongguk noticed that the guy drove with only one hand at the wheel and just used his other hand to change gears or when it was extremely necessary to have both hands on the wheel to take a turn with the car.

He also noticed how they guy would randomly tap some tune with his fingers on his leg and slightly move his head according to the beat of the music he had playing on his head. He seemed in peace while he drove away into the night and Jeongguk found annoying how good he looked when the street lights touched his face.

In less than three more minutes they were at Jeongguk’s loft and the boy wished he lived further away because he didn’t want to get out of the car.

“There you go, it’s twenty fifty.” The guy said as he turned off the car and unlocked the doors, turning around to face Jeongguk.

Jeongguk was too busy analyzing how the guy seemed to have a little mole on his nose and how fucking cute that was to even pay attention to what the guy had just said.

The guy just waved his hand at Jeongguk almost hitting his face. “Hey! I’m kidding, don’t worry.”

Jeongguk just nervously laughed and took a deep breath to calm his nerves. “Right. Thank you for the ride.”

They guy smiled at him. “No worries.”

Jeongguk awkwardly got out the car and waved at the guy once he drove away.

Shit, I forgot to ask what his name is. Jeongguk thought. How could he be so stupid? Not to say impolite, because who even accepts a ride from a stranger and starts to develop a crush on him and doesn’t ask his freaking name? Only Jeon Jeongguk.

To be fair here they guy also didn’t ask his name so… Jeongguk thinks they are even on stupidity and impoliteness.

“Jeongguk?” Someone screamed.

Jeongguk notice he had been standing there looking at the street that the guy drove off without moving or noticing what he was doing. His car wasn’t on sight anymore and Jeongguk pondered how long he had been standing there like a complete fool.

He turned around to search for the person who called his name and saw that light pink hair so easy recognizable. Min Yoongi.

“What the fuck are you doing standing there looking at the nothingness Jeon Jeongguk?” Yoongi asked.

Jeongguk walked towards Yoongi, who was standing at their building entrance. “I don’t know.”

Yoongi raised his eyebrows. “You don’t know? You came back home from the café and decided it would be nice to stand at the empty sidewalk like you are just waiting to be assaulted?”

“I just… never mind that, Yoongi.” Jeongguk dismissed his friend’s questions.

Both boys got inside the building and inside the elevator and just then Jeongguk noticed how Yoongi wasn’t in his usual flannel with beanie outfit but in a nice pair of jeans with a shirt with flower patterns and a black blazer over it.

“Oh I totally forgot! How was your date hyung?” Jeongguk almost screamed when he remembered that Min Yoongi, his friend who would rather get stabbed right on the head than admitting he has feelings, actually went on a date with someone.

Jeongguk was slightly surprised with the shy smile that appeared on his friend’s face.

“It was a disaster to be honest.” He replied smiling.

“A disaster? Then why do you seem happy?” The elevator stopped on Jeongguk’s floor and the boy wrapped his hand on Yoongi’s wrist and pulled the boy out of the elevator with him because he needed to hear the story behind that.

Yoongi didn’t even bother to get away from Jeongguk’s grip; he was used to the boy pulling him to his loft out of nowhere when they were getting back home. Sometimes Jeongguk was just feeling a bit lonely and wanted to have someone with him; he would make Yoongi sleep on the couch at least once a week.

Jeongguk opened his door still pulling Yoongi along with him; he locked the door and sat on the couch tapping on it as an invite for Yoongi to sit. “Tell me everything.”

His friend walked over and sprawled himself on the couch. “Okay, so I took him out to dinner and shit happened then we had to eat snacks from a vending machine.”

Jeongguk was waiting for Yoongi to keep talking but his friend just picked the remote control and turned the TV on.

“Yoongi!” Jeongguk exclaimed annoyed as he grabbed the controller from his friend’s hand and turned the TV off.

Yoongi groaned. “I was watching that.”

“I know you don’t do well with feelings and shit but can you please care to elaborate?” Jeongguk said.

“Okay, okay.” Yoongi rolled his eyes. “I took him to a French restaurant cause all the Korean ones were already full once I made the reservation, so long story short we both hated the food, he broke a glass and drenched his feet with water so I just paid the bill and left still hungry as fuck and what you said was on my mind all evening so I blankly asked him if he knew that was a date…”

“You actually asked him? I know I said you should try telling him this but oh my God Yoongi-hyung I wasn’t serious. You can’t just ask people if they know they are in a date with you.” Jeongguk interrupted.

“Well, I fucking did because I saw no other alternative in figuring out if his stupid self knew we were on a date.” Yoongi defended himself.

“You’re unbelievable, then what? Was he weirded out because I would be.”

Yoongi shook his head. “No, he wasn’t but he fucking said to me that he repressed the option that was a date! Can you believe in this? I fucking ask the boy out after fucking making out with him tons of times and he still represses the option that us going out together to do something that wasn’t Uni related was a date.”

“Then?” Jeongguk had to keep pushing otherwise Yoongi would never ever finish the story.

“Then I asked if it was because he didn’t like me and he said that he actually likes me but he was afraid I didn’t like him, so I basically screamed at his face that I do and he kissed me.” Yoongi shook his shoulders as if that didn’t even matter but Jeongguk could see the sparkle in his eyes and the smile ghosting his mouth.

“What about the vending machine snacks?” Jeongguk asked confused.

Yoongi seemed to be relieving the date on his mind and he smiled a bit, failing to hide his emotions. “Well after our little talk we didn’t know what to do about our growling stomachs so we just decided to go back to his dorm and eat some snacks from the vending machine on his corridor. We stole some sodas from his roommate that wasn’t there then we ate and it was oddly all perfect to be honest.”

Jeongguk knew Yoongi was probably throwing up inside his head at himself for having feelings and expressing them but he seemed to be okay with keeping that part of himself shut down for a bit in order to act just like any other lovesick teenage boy.

After that Jeongguk felt a pain in his heart because his whole life all he did was get crushes on people that he had no chance with whatsoever. He would never make a move; he would never even talk to them because it never felt worth it. Sure he had a crush on them and wanted to be with them but the minimal act of having to talk to them was too terrifying and risking himself of doing that for them just didn’t seem worth it.

So why he was pondering what he could say to that cute customer the next time he saw him? Jeongguk was the type to dismiss his feelings and just stare at his crush from afar and be slightly okay with it, but that boy he didn’t even know the name was making the thought of never risking himself on having a chance to be close to him unbearable.

Jeongguk never believed in love at first sight, you can’t truly love someone you never talked to. You can’t love someone just for their appearance, that’s just too superficial. He always believed at interest at first sight or even a bit of infatuation at first sight, but not love.

What he was feeling was a hell of a big interest and that’s it. But he oddly wanted to make this turn into something else, he was willing to not dismiss his feelings and actually try for something and this was making him scared.

Yoongi slept at his couch that night with a smile on his face and Jeongguk was very happy for his friend, he insisted they weren’t dating yet though, but they definitely are on the way to getting there.

Jeongguk received the promise from Yoongi that he was going to actually meet the guy tomorrow morning at the café. It was a shame that they needed to work from 8am to 5pm on a Saturday with only an hour break for lunch but at least they had the Sunday free.

Jeongguk already saw the guy once or twice at the café with his bright red hair but as his memory is the worst not even the red hair was enough to catch his eye so he was never sure. He also couldn’t remember the name of the guy even if his life depended on it; Yoongi was always so damn mysterious so he barely even heard what his name is.

He was happy though that he would properly meet the guy now that Yoongi admitted he has feelings for him and everything, but in the back of his mind all that he really wanted was for the cute customer to appear there again and smile at him.


Chapter 6

You give me something to think about that’s not the shit in my head

Taehyung was rudely woken up by his roommate, again.

It was far too early for a Saturday morning when Jimin threw himself on the sleeping body of his roommate and pretty much grinded over and over on him until Taehyung groaned loudly and shook his body almost making Jimin fell off the bed.

“Why did you do that for Jimin?” Taehyung complained opening just one eye to face his friend.

Jimin smiled brightly making Taehyung feel even more annoyed. “It’s nine in the morning already Tae, we gotta go to the café!”

Taehyung just groaned even louder than before and pressed his face on the pillow.

The night before right after Taehyung left Cute Barista at his place, he returned to the dorm to find a very happy Jimin sprawled on the ground with the biggest smile Taehyung ever saw on his stupid face.

Taehyung then got the news that Jimin was an actual idiot who said to his boy-toy that he repressed the idea that them going out was a date, after he drenched his shoes and a lady’s dress with the cup of water he broke. But even though a lot of shit went down, their date - yes Jimin finally admitted it was a date and Taehyung screamed so loud that their dorm-neighbor showed up on their door to ask them to keep it down cause people were trying to sleep - ended up perfect.

In Jimin’s eyes of course, cause in Taehyung’s opinion it all went downhill from there because both of them drank two of his precious Coca-Cola’s and ruined his whole existence.

Taehyung told Jimin that he would pay with blood for that and Jimin just ignored him and told Taehyung that they were going to the café in the morning to visit his boy-toy. Taehyung told Jimin that he would tell boy-toy that he would also pay with blood.

In fact deep down Taehyung was almost fanboying over the fact that he was going to meet boy-toy. He needed to decide between introducing himself like a cool person or just screaming at boy-toy’s face because of his precious sodas.

Taehyung also had the chance to tell Jimin all about Cute Barista and the only response he got from lovesick!Jimin was you know they use name tags right? after Taehyung told him he forgot to ask the boy’s name.

Taehyung felt really stupid after that and went with the response that he wanted the guy to introduce himself to him properly, as he intends to do, and that he is against checking his name tag. Jimin just rolled his eyes and said he could easily ask his boy-toy the guy’s name and Taehyung said he is against that as well.

After that they went to sleep and now at freaking 9am Jimin decided to be a dick and wake poor Taehyung up.

Taehyung decided to be a brat and take the longest time ever to get ready, even if all he did was put on some pants, a white shirt and a pair of sneakers.

Both of them went to the café with Taehyung driving, obviously. Jimin failed twice on his driving test and after he got the license Taehyung agreed on acknowledging the fact he isn’t a complete loser but he can never touch Taehyung’s car. Taehyung isn’t keen on letting his best friend drive both of them and his precious car into a pole.

Taehyung was more excited to see if Cute Barista was there then to see Jimin’s boy-toy but it’s whatever. If he saw both then he would probably explode.

Right after Taehyung got into the café his eyes drift on instinct exactly to who he wanted. It was like he was pulled by some energy towards the boy. Cute Barista was working on a drink and it was like he felt Taehyung looking at him because he raised his head and locked eyes with Taehyung.

It took all of Taehyung’s strength and self-control to not stupidly wave at him and scream at him that he is cute. He simply smiled at the barista and the boy smiled back at him.

Once Taehyung changed his attention from Cute Barista to his friend, Jimin was already at the counter talking to a guy with pink hair.

So Bubblegum Barista is Jimin’s boy-toy. Interesting.

Yes Taehyung has a name for each barista he saw both times he went there. There’s Cute Barista, Bubblegum Barista, Overly-Happy Barista and The Boss. Okay, The Boss isn’t exactly a name but as he isn’t a barista Taehyung just can’t name him like the rest and as he seems to be always on the back, he must be their boss.

Taehyung walked towards Jimin feeling really intimidated to meet his boy-toy now that it was finally and actually happening.

“So Tae this is Min Yoongi,” Jimin told Taehyung pointing to Bubblegum Barista. “And Yoongi, this is my best friend Kim Taehyung.”

Shit. This actually happened. What is Taehyung supposed to say now?

“Yo.” That was everything that Taehyung managed to say and he was ready to swallow in self-pity once he got back to his dorm.

Yoongi just laughed. “Hey, it’s nice to finally meet you.”

Taehyung noticed how Cute Barista was now really close and able to hear their conversation as he approached Yoongi with his recent made cup of coffee so Taehyung needed to say something that wasn’t as stupid as yo.

“It’s nice finally meeting you too; Chim-Chim over here never stops talking about you so it’s nice to put a face to the person instead of imagining you as Jung Ji-Hoon.”

“Jung Ji-Hoon? Why him?” Yoongi asked frowning.

Taehyung shook his shoulders. “I watched Ninja Assassin far too many times.”

Yoongi made a face that read fair enough then looked at Jimin smirking. “So you talk a lot about me huh?”

Jimin groaned loudly and anyone in a ray of ten meters could see his cheeks turning red. “See this is the type of shit I was trying to avoid by never introducing you guys.”

Yoongi just smiled at Jimin while Taehyung laughed loudly.

“Uh sorry to interrupt but can you please take this order to the person who ordered it Yoongi?” Cute Barista said shyly tapping on Yoongi’s shoulder.

“Right, I am working… I forgot about that for a second.” Yoongi said looking like he just noticed that he and Jimin – and Taehyung but Yoongi wasn’t really paying attention to him anyways - weren’t the only ones there. “I’ll be right back.”

Taehyung turned to look at Cute Barista who was already looking at him.

“Nice seeing you again.” Cute Barista said smiling.

Taehyung felt butterflies filing his stomach as he saw that little smile. “Same goes to you.”

“Thanks for the ride again, even if I didn’t pay you.” Cute Barista seemed hesitant to speak but like he really wanted to say something at the same time, just the way Taehyung felt.

Taehyung chuckled. “It’s okay. I’m a very lovely chauffeur and I don’t charge nice people who had just lost their buses.”

“Well I guess I should always keep you close to me in case I ever lose that bus again.” Cute Barista face was as red as Jimin’s hair after that.

Jimin cleaned his throat making Cute Barista look even more embarrassed what led him to go back to work.

“If you are done flirting with the barista can you talk to me? Your best friend who just introduced you to the boy you wanted to meet for years now.” Jimin said annoyed.

“I wasn’t flirting with anyone and holy shit Jimin I fucking know his name now and what he looks like, this is amazing. He is cute! Congratulations!” Taehyung said wrapping his arms over Jimin’s shoulders and shaking the boy in his arms.

Jimin managed to get himself out of Taehyung’s grip groaning loudly. “I know he is cute now get off me.”

Taehyung backed away from Jimin and once Yoongi came back to the cashier he decided it was a great time to talk about his precious sodas he lost.

“Okay so an average can have what, 300ml? I need 300ml of you guys blood then.” He said pointing to both Jimin and Yoongi with a smile on his face.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Yoongi questioned.

Taehyung leaned on the counter and continued to talk as no one were in line to order anything. “I wasn’t going to bring it up in front of you, but I know you guys drank two of my sodas and you must pay with blood. I told Jimin that already, now we can get to the closest hospital then each of you donates 300ml of blood and I get to eat the snacks they give to the donors as payment.”

Jimin simply face palmed after that and Yoongi made a disgusted face.

“How about I give you some snacks on the house and nobody needs to insert any needles on my arm?” Yoongi offered.

Taehyung stood silent for a while before replying. “I am willing to take this option this time, but beware people, if you ever drink my sodas again, you will pay with blood.”

“Enough with your craziness Tae.” Jimin said pushing his friend off the counter as he saw some people getting inside the café and walking towards the cashier. “Ignore him as I do all the time.” He said to Yoongi.

Yoongi laughed. “It’s okay; by the things you told me about him I wasn’t expecting anything less than weird from him.”

Taehyung made the most dramatic offended face he could manage. “I am standing right here you bullies.”

“Shut your mouth.” Jimin said holding his friend arms so he wouldn’t lean on the counter again. “We gotta let Yoongi work now.”

“Whatever.” Taehyung replied but didn’t move. “About those free snacks,” He started facing Yoongi. “I want a chocolate frappuccino with no coffee and a brownie.”

Yoongi nodded. “You got it.”

Taehyung was about to walk to a table and finally let Yoongi do his job when Jimin started to talk again. “Just before I actually leave and let you work I wanna ask you something.”

“Okay.” Yoongi replied.

“Do you wanna go have lunch with us?” Jimin asked. “We always head down to the restaurant near the chemistry building around midday. They have a table reserved for us.”

“Cause we are that cool and that important.” Taehyung said smiling.

“Because I used to go there every day and now the manager knows me.” Jimin clarified.

Yoongi thought about the offer for a bit before screaming. “Jeongguk!”

Cute Barista raised his head from the sink where he was cleaning a blender and faced Yoongi. Taehyung wanted to slap Jimin’s boy-toy for revealing Cute Barista’s name for him.

“What do you want?” Jeongguk asked as he walked towards Yoongi again drying his hands with a cloth.

“Can you change lunch times with me today so I can go eat with Jimin?” Yoongi asked.

Jeongguk looked around and seemed to just now have actually noticed Jimin standing there. “No problem.”

“By the way,” Yoongi said pulling Jeongguk by the arm to get closer to the counter. “This is Park Jimin the guy with who I had a date yesterday and thought it wasn’t a date.”

Jimin groaned. “Can you stop? I explained everything to you Yoongi.”

Yoongi just smiled and ignored Jimin. “And Jimin, this is Jeon Jeongguk my coworker best friend.” He said pointing to Cute Barista making Taehyung curse inside his head for now knowing the boy’s full name against his will.

“It’s very nice to properly meet you.” Jeongguk said smiling.

“Yeah it is, I’ve seen you here already but I didn’t know you were Yoongi’s best friend.” Jimin replied.

“Yoongi is not very opened about his life so it’s nearly impossible to know who he is talking about cause he never introduces anyone nor says their names.” Jeongguk said.

Jimin nodded eagerly. “Tell me about it, I discovered just last week that his tutor on composition is the same as mine cause he never call the guy by his name and we have been having classes with this tutor for a year and a half already.”

“Okay that’s enough from both of you.” Yoongi said annoyed. “I have customers to attend and you have to get lost.” He said to Jimin.

“I will go sit right over there,” Jimin said pointing to a table at the corner of the place. “And wait until you can go get lunch with us.”

“Whatever Jiminie. Your order will be delivered soon.” Yoongi said to Taehyung.

“Don’t forget: no coffee!” Taehyung said before walking away with Jimin to the table and got an I know, from both Yoongi and Jeongguk.

The boys just sat there and waited, for hours.

Jeongguk delivered Taehyung’s order to him and they flirted a bit without even realizing what they were doing until Jimin cleaned his throat, again, and made Jeongguk leave, again.

Taehyung then spent the rest of the time complaining about how Yoongi ruined everything about the fact he wanted Jeongguk to introduce himself properly to him. Taehyung also thought it was ridiculously unfair how he knew Jeongguk’s name but the barista didn’t know his.

He tried to make Jimin scream his name several times but Jimin refused to do so. What a useless best friend he is.

After a while Yoongi was finally free to have his lunch break so the boys went to the Korean restaurant to eat.

Taehyung was glad that his friend wasn’t a little bitch and that Yoongi didn’t seem the type to show the world his feelings because he didn’t feel like a third wheel.

Actually it felt like they were all friends because even if Yoongi was a bit intimidating with his default pissed off expression, he was a lovely person who Taehyung easily became instant friends with. After all Taehyung loved having someone to annoy Jimin with.

They ate, chatted and Taehyung and Yoongi annoyed Jimin until the boy was about to cut relations with both of them.

Taehyung did have to bear with their longing touches and all the stares but at least he wasn’t obligated to watch them make out right in front of his face.

After the lunch Taehyung drove Yoongi back to the café and himself and his roommate back to the dorm in order to face reality and get on with their stupidly big amount of Uni work they had to do. They were going to take advantage of staying at the campus during the weekend and the holiday to finish all they have been procrastinating to do.

It was going to be a long weekend and a long holiday.


Chapter 7

‘Cause you’re a glimpse of bliss // A little taste of heaven

It has been exactly three days, eighteen hours, twenty seven minutes and forty one seconds since the last time Jeongguk saw Rectangular Smile. Not that he is counting or anything.

Jeongguk failed once again in asking that little cute customer his name, so after watching him from afar the whole Saturday morning - before he, his best friend and Yoongi left for lunch - he noticed how his smile was so oddly rectangular shaped.

He had a box smile and Jeongguk thought that was one of the cutest things he ever saw, so naturally he started to call him Rectangular Smile in his head.

The boy hadn’t showed up on the café ever since that Saturday morning, when Jeongguk finally got catch of Yoongi’s crush as Chim-Chim, Rectangular Smile roommate, when he eavesdropped their conversation. That was a good day for Jeongguk; he felt his unintended jealousy fly away from his shoulders.

Now - three days, eighteen hours, twenty eight minutes and nineteen seconds later - here he was, in his loft by himself skipping his morning classes to try to finish his stupid writing essay for English 101.

Jeongguk wanted to achieve more than just Korea with his writing once he actually became a writer so he was taking an English writing class. He had his English classes back to when he was in school and he wasn’t so bad at it.

The thing is that, even as not bad as he is, Jeongguk wasn’t as great as everyone else. His writing style, in both languages, is simple, plain simple. He doesn’t use big words and he doesn’t know what those big words his classmates’ uses means.

Once he had to exchange essays with that kid Minjae from English 101 and he wrote shit like acquaintance and dexterity like what even that means? He described things like sheltered confines of his own distrustful mind and scavenging the crevices for verses and that made Jeongguk chuckle cause there’s no way in hell crevices is a word - It is. It means opening or a crack. Who would have thought of that right?

Jeongguk thinks that is all bullshit, but he has spent too much time with Yoongi so now everything for him seems like bullshit. Jeongguk doesn’t see anything wrong in saying a crack is just a crack and not a crevice, he doesn’t care for big words and he doesn’t aim to write like that, but he feels so inferior of everyone else sometimes it drives him insane.

He also doesn't think writing like that is bad nor that those writers are trying to show off but he just can't manage to be that eloquent when he's writing so he ends up tagging those things as bullshit. He gained that logic from Yoongi, just a reminder... Jeongguk wasn't this bitter before he met the bubblegum haired boy.

He just thinks is nice to put words together and create something with that. Simple or not.

He only doesn't like when he doesn’t know the meaning of the words and ends up feeling really stupid because of that.

That’s why he couldn’t manage to write a single world for his stupid essay. He had just read some really good short story online and the author used so many big words Jeongguk’s mind was hurting from the exercise of thinking too hard.

His work was a description exercise, they needed to think of a character and describe him in details. From looks to personality to his biggest dreams and aspirations and all Jeongguk has done so far was name his character Kwon Ji Yong because he is the biggest Big Bang fanboy on earth. At least he didn’t go full on it and named his character G-Dragon.

Now you add all of these to the fact that the only thing on his mind seems to be the stupid Rectangular Smile boy and you get the picture as to why he needed to skip classes this morning. This essay was due to the morning after and Jeongguk could see the big round zero he would get from this. Maybe he can get some points if his teacher is secretly a huge Big Bang fan, but he doubts it.

Being a writer – more likely a wannabe writer – is hard business. Jeongguk always had a creative mind. He would build scenarios on his head and create mental books inside his mind, all of them filed properly in his brain and he always had the capacity of searching for the files in his mental library and proceeding to “write” them when he wanted to.

That usually happened when he was bored in class and fantasizing about anything at all was a hundred times more interesting than focusing on the teacher at front.

After years of that at school Jeongguk finally decided to write instead of just mentally write, he started to take some extra classes that were related to writing and he fell in love with it and as his teacher said he was quite good with his words and thoughts he decided to go all for it and graduate on that.

But nothing is as easy as it seems and writer’s block will be his doom.

One thing that Jeongguk always wished that was possible was to be able to transfer his thoughts to a paper or a computer because every time he hit a block he would end up doing tons of other things to trigger his creativity again and once the insight finally happened he usually was too busy to write what he thought.

Jeongguk would constantly daydream about things on his head and when he least expected he would come with the most amazing idea he ever had for a specific story or even a whole new story.

His imagination seemed to flow every time he would give up on staring at the blank page on his computer and close his laptop, right after he closed it the idea would hit him and he would curse under his breath while he frantically tried to open and turn on his laptop to put his thoughts into words.

Another thing that seems to trigger his creativity is when he is in a middle of a conversation with someone and he just can’t tell the person to shut up so he can write what he is thinking about. He also always seems to think of perfect scenarios when he is lazily sitting or lying down facing a wall or a window, when he is far too lazy to grab anything to write his thoughts so he just keeps creating the scenario and files it on his mind.

This still happens at class but in those situations he sneakily manages to write on the side of his notebook or on his phone. The most common one though, and the one that definitely drives him insane, is the shower. All his best ideas hit him in the shower and those are the ones that always seem to disappear from him once he turns the water off.

It makes him want to punch someone, he usually just started his shower and the idea hits him, so he tries to shower as fast as humanly possible while he repeats his thoughts over and over inside his mind. Once he finally finishes the shower he then wraps a towel around him, picks up his cellphone and frantically types everything in his notes before he gets dry.

After spending the whole morning not being able to write anything and eating some pizza leftovers as lunch, Jeongguk decided to skip his afternoon classes as well and head out to the library to try to get inspired by new surroundings.

Jeongguk got inside the library and as soon as he arrived he spotted a brown head looking as tired as usual at a table at the corner of the place. Rectangular Smile sure likes to sit at the corner of places.

The thing is that Jeongguk didn’t know if going there and sitting with the boy was too much, if it was trying too hard, but even before he could pretend he never saw the boy there and went sit at the other side of the library the boy looked up from his scattered papers and smiled at Jeongguk once their eyes met.

Jeongguk took that as an invitation of getting closer so he walked his way to the table and just stood there right in front of Rectangular Smile. “Hey.”

“Hey, how’s going?” The boy asked.

“I have writer’s block.” Jeongguk complained with a pout.

The boy gestured to the empty chair beside him. “Feel free to take a seat here and I can try to get you inspired.”

You don’t really have to try, Jeongguk thought. Just looking at that adorable face and living to see that odd box smile was enough inspiration for a lifetime.

“Thanks.” Jeongguk said sitting beside the boy and placing his laptop on the library table.

“We never had the chance to actually introduce ourselves so,” Rectangular Smile said as he turned around to face Jeongguk. “I am Kim Taehyung.”

“Jeon Jeongguk… but you probably knew that after Yoongi literally screamed it the other day at the café.” Jeongguk replied.

Taehyung laughed. “Yeah I knew, but I like actual proper introductions so I’ll pretend I didn’t know it.”

Jeongguk rolled his eyes. “Okay.”

“So about your writer’s block…” Taehyung encouraged Jeongguk to say something.

Jeongguk turned his laptop on as he replied. “I am majoring in Creative Writing with a Fiction Workshop and English 101 as an extra class.”

Taehyung raised his eyebrows seeming impressed by all the things Jeongguk had just listed as his majoring course.

“So I have this description exercise for English 101. I need to create a character and describe his looks, aspirations, personality and biggest dreams.” Jeongguk finished talking.

“Wow.” Taehyung said. “And how far into the exercise are you?”

With that Jeongguk simply turned the screen of his laptop to Taehyung and showed his file on word that only contained the title, the description of the task and three more words: Kwon Ji Yong.

Taehyung made a thinking face and turned his head a bit, like a confused puppy that doesn’t get what the command you just told them means. "Well at least you didn't go full on it and named him G-Dragon."

Jeongguk couldn’t help but smile widely at that reply. It was exactly what he told himself earlier that day. “I know right.”

“I can’t really help you with that cause my writing is rubbish and if you’re majoring in Creative Writing I’d be embarrassed to write anything in front of you, but as an Art major I can try to inspire you with my drawings.” Taehyung moved some papers around and handed four of them to Jeongguk.

The four drawings were incredibly different from one another and Jeongguk was completely blown away by the talent Taehyung has.

The first was a character in manga style. It was a girl wearing an enormous dress that seemed to blend with the ocean beneath her. She was standing at a small rock and her long hair was being blown by the wind.

The second was a drawing of a horse. But it was incredibly detailed and it looked like someone had picked a picture of a horse, turned it black and white on Photoshop and printed it. Jeongguk could almost hear it neighing.

The third one were simply sketches of hands, but even as simple sketches it looked breathtaking amazing and the last one was tons of scrollworks scattered around the page, one looking more detailed and difficult than the other.

“Holy shit you drew this? It’s completely amazing!” Jeongguk said unable to take his eyes off the drawings.

“Yes I did. Thank you, they are old. I was working on the scrollworks now, because my major has a foot on Graphic Design and I need to do the layout of some shit that I really didn’t understand...”

Jeongguk was still in awe looking at the drawings and wishing he could be able to create that type of art.

“But never mind me; has this inspired you in any way?” Taehyung asked making Jeongguk finally take his eyes off the drawings and look at Taehyung instead.

“Fuck yeah… I mean how could anyone not get inspired by this? You are completely amazing.” Jeongguk said.

Taehyung was slightly blushing and that sight was somehow even more beautiful than those amazing drawings. “You are clearly overreacting now.”

“No way, man. I really am not.” Jeongguk replied with wide eyes and an amazed expression.

“You are too sweet.” Taehyung beamed. “Hey if you want I can try to draw your character. In that way you can simply begin to describe him to me and maybe this will trigger your creativity to be able to write the rest.”

Jeongguk really liked that idea. He would win a drawing from that cute boy and he would be able to spent time with him. “That sounds good to me.”

So after that Taehyung picked a blank paper and put all the other drawings scattered on the table inside a black case, he then picked his pencil case - that were full of pens and pencils that looked all the same to Jeongguk but that he knew were different somehow – and began to draw as Jeongguk mumbled how he wanted his character to be.

“Tall with green hair and big brown eyes, he is not that strong, but not skinny as a pole as well. It would be super cool if you drew clothes that make him look like a fighter because it would be awesome if he had some sort of fighting profession. Oh! Draw his clothes like he fights supernatural things every day, but not like Winchesters clothes, anything but flannel. I want black clothes with tons of places to put knives and stuff, sorta like Shadowhunters clothes. Also draw like a scar on his cheek but really near his eyes as if someone tried to hit his eye and…”

The younger boy wasn’t aware if Taehyung knew the references he was making – such as with the Winchesters brothers from Supernatural or the Shadowhunters one – but he kept saying it anyways.

Jeongguk kept talking and talking and making Taehyung erase things from time to time as he would add or change stuff in any second.

Taehyung happily drew it all and didn’t seem to mind all the last minute changes or the way Jeongguk would simply talk nonstop and not give Taehyung even a minute to process what he was saying.

They spent two hours like that. Jeongguk maybe got too excited with the fact Taehyung was drawing his character for him.

When the clock hit 3pm though Taehyung needed to leave because he had a Typography class in twenty minutes and the building was pretty much on the other side of the campus.

The drawing was finished in Jeongguk’ eyes, it looked perfect already, but Taehyung insisted he needed to do the final touches so he left with the promise he would pass by the café later to hand it to Jeongguk and maybe, just maybe, Jeongguk’s heart accelerated and his mouth locked on a permanent wide smile because of that.


Chapter 8

You give me something to think about that’s not the shit in my head

Typography class was a bitch.

It’s not like Taehyung hates the class with all his strength. No, wait a minute. That’s exactly it. Taehyung hates Typography class with all his strength.

He is much more an artist than a typographer. He hates having to understand the names of each part of a letter, he doesn’t want to know which ones are the key letters that can help you create an entire other typography just by basing each letter in another one. Taehyung doesn’t care for any of this.

Taehyung likes to draw. He likes to look at a blank page and fill it with his emotions.

He has the habit of drawing when he gets overwhelmed. It was like a blank page was the perfect space for him to pour his feelings and thoughts out.

It was calming and refreshing. Like taking a breath of fresh air. That's what a blank paper was to him: a breath of fresh air in the middle of his twisted life full of toxins in the air he breaths.

Taehyung sees everything around him as a toxic. The good and the bad things. All toxic.

Taehyung's family was always the worst toxic thing in his life.

His father was short tempered, his mood could only ever be described as a volcano about to erupt, anything could make it explode and it could happen at the most random times.

His sister was a difficult person. She was always great, kind, odd in a good way but always with her head in the clouds. Taehyung knew her head was on the clouds because the sky above was far more pleasing than the ground she walked on but that made things difficult to her.

She would screw up in a lot of ways, most school related stuff and Taehyung understood why and he wanted to help but he had no way of doing so.

Taehyung's dad would always scold the little girl and leave. He would leave a broken girl to Taehyung to fix.

It was always Taehyung's place to try to pick up the pieces his father broke and put it back together. Most times he couldn't do it though and he hated himself for that.

He knows how life was hard on his sister and no one will ever understand how miserable he feels for not being able to help her.

When bad things would happen to his sister, Taehyung would leave her because sometimes all you want is to be left alone and Taehyung hoped she was like him and would crave for that. He would leave her and he would draw his frustrations away.

His family would intoxicate him and he would feel like shit, so he would draw his feelings out.

In his great moments he would draw marvelous, cheesy and happy things and in his lowest moments he would draw destruction, disgrace and sad things. Lots of death and blood on the paper as a way of rebellion against his own bad feelings.

Sometimes he would try to draw funny things to change the mindset he was in but not always that would help.

Drawing was his escape from the hard reality he has always lived in and that Typography class made his day shittier because it was getting in his way of drawing his feelings away.

Taehyung had a rough morning. His dad called just to complain about how his sister new psychologist yet again gave up on her.

This was like her third or fourth physiologist that didn’t work. Taehyung’s dad was frustrated and only the heavens above knows why he decided to vent his frustration on his son.

After a talk that lasted about thirty minutes, Taehyung texted his sister advising her to just ignore their father’s annoyance once again. The little girl could be difficult but scolding her all the times sure won’t help anyone, especially her.

Even away from home Taehyung wasn’t able to get away from the shit that happens at his home.

He spent the rest of his morning annoyed to no ends. He avoided Jimin at lunch and decided to just eat anything at the campus cafeteria.

After lunch time he had a free period before his last class so he naturally decided to draw. Taehyung went to the library, sat at his usual table far away from everyone else and began to draw.

He wanted to draw all the darkness he hid inside his body, but he also had a work to be delivered in two days so he decided to do that instead.

Taehyung spent a while drawing scrollworks for his class. He was getting bored when he felt someone looking at him.

Needless to say Taehyung got crazy excited and nervous when that someone turned out to be Jeongguk.

As unbelievable as this may sound, Taehyung spent hours with Jeongguk at the library. The best part of all this? Jeongguk got impressed by Taehyung’s drawings and Taehyung ended up drawing for him.

Finally something good happened. Taehyung let his imagination get inspired by the description Jeongguk was giving to him and he drew his emotions away in the form of a fictional character created by Jeongguk that had the name of a BigBang member.

It was a perfect break. A perfect moment in his shitty day.

Unfortunately Taehyung had to leave the library and go to his bitch of a Typography class. Just to hear his professor tells him that he shouldn’t do the “m” so different from the “w” because they are literally the same but one is upside down.

Taehyung didn’t really need a fucking stupid university Typography class to know that.

After forty five minutes that felt like five hours, Taehyung left the class.

He was supposed to have a break of ten minutes before he needed to go back to class but Taehyung thought about that as more of a suggestion than an obligation. So he picked up his stuff and went back to the library.

Taehyung still had the drawing of Jeongguk’s character with him. Even if the boy insisted the drawing was amazing already, Taehyung knew it wasn’t finished.

He sat at his table, feeling down that Jeongguk had gone away, and continued to draw.

As The 1975 played loudly in his ears through his earphones he finished the drawing. Jeongguk was almost right about it being done. Taehyung just wanted to add some contouring to some parts and work a bit better on the shadows of the character’s clothes.

But most of all, Taehyung wanted to have an excuse to talk to Jeongguk again. It’s not just because he had become almost a regular of the café and talked to the boy at the library that they were friends. Therefore Taehyung needed to try to push these casual meetings into something more substantial.

Taehyung waited at the library until he was almost certain Jeongguk would be at the café. The boy’s shift must start after class so that should be around 6pm.

Some more drawings were done and Taehyung manage to finish his stupid scrollworks around 6:30pm. Right in time to go to the café.

The place was impressively full once Taehyung got inside. He counted at least ten people in line and ten more scattered around in at the tables.

Min Yoongi was attending a tiny boy with bright red hair. If he wasn’t so chubby Taehyung would have thought it was Jimin.

Taehyung got in line and caught a glimpse of Overly-Happy barista preparing the orders. If he was there where was Jeongguk?

When it finally came Taehyung’s turn to order Yoongi smiled at him. “Look who is here. How is going Taehyung?”

Taehyung gave him the shoulders. “Not to be rude or anything but where’s Jeongguk? I met him at the library earlier and I said I would pass by later to give him something but I don’t see him around.”

“He is at the storage. Seokjin needs him to pick some shit back there.” Yoongi pointed to a door at the back of the place. “Did you stood all this time in line to ask me about Jeongguk or are you going to order something?”

“I want a tall chocolate frappuccino.” Taehyung said, being used now with Yoongi’s personality after having spent a lot of time with him in the weekend and the holiday because of Jimin.

“No brownie?” Yoongi asked as he picked the cup and started to note things on it with a permanent marker.

“Not today.”

Taehyung paid for his drink and when Yoongi asked him if he was sitting on his usual table he decided to just sit at the counter.

When his frappuccino got done the Overly-Happy Barista walked his way to the counter to give it to Taehyung.

Before Taehyung could simply say thanks to the boy he was excitedly saying: “Hey I recognize you! You are…”

And before the guy could finish his sentence a wild Jeongguk appeared beside him as if he had just teleported himself there. “Yoongi-hyung needs you to keep making the orders now, Hobi-hyung.”

Hoseok faced Jeongguk with wide eyes. “Where the hell did you came from?”

“The storage. Now off you go.” Jeongguk replied giving his coworker a look.

Hoseok just raised his hands up and started to walk backwards. “On my way Jeonggukie, on my way.”

Taehyung was sat down, holding his frappuccino with both hands and with a slightly scared expression on his face.

“Sorry about interrupting him like that.” Jeongguk said giving Taehyung a shy smile. “He would probably talk with anyone for hours and I need to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Taehyung nodded. “Looks like you scared him.”

Jeongguk shook his shoulders. “Hoseok-hyung is a person who gets scared way too easy.”

“He said he recognized me.” Taehyung pointed out. “He was about to tell me from where I guess but he never got the chance.”

“Never mind him.” Jeongguk said. “He was probably going to tell you he saw you at the café the other day.”

Taehyung wasn’t sure why he felt like this, but he got the feeling that there were more to it and that Jeongguk just didn’t want to say it.

Even though that was a possibility, Taehyung was too focused on the boy himself to even care about the rest.

“So have you managed to write anything else on your work?” Taehyung asked.

Jeongguk had now picked a cloth from behind the counter and was clearly pretending to clear the counter near Taehyung to be able to chat with the boy without being called out for not working.

“Not really.” The barista said with a sigh. “I wrote a bit about his personality and detailed his appearance after managing to have that clear in my head with your drawing, but nothing else.”

“You didn’t have any insight then?”

Jeongguk shook his head. “To be honest some things started to appear in my mind but that was around the time I started to work so…”

“You don’t have the time to write it down.” Taehyung completed for him.


Taehyung opened his backpack, grabbed his laptop and the drawing of Jeongguk’s character and placed it all on the counter.

He picked the drawing and handed to Jeongguk. “It’s all finished now.”

Jeongguk smiled widely as he saw the drawing on his hands. “Wow. You managed to make it look even better than before and I was sure it was finished…”

“Thank you.” Taehyung smiled back at him. “Now, if you want, you can keep pretending to clean this counter while you tell me your ideas so I can write them on my laptop for you.”

“Are you for real? You seemed pretty busy the other day while you were here.” Jeongguk said. “You were constantly typing on your laptop. Are you sure you don’t have anything to do?”

Taehyung chuckled. “If I tell you, promise me you won’t laugh.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I really don’t have anything to do.” Taehyung said shyly. “I spent the other day here just playing minefield and writing song lyrics on word.”

Jeongguk laughed loudly.

“You laughed!” Taehyung complained with a pout.

“Of course I did.” Jeongguk replied.

“You’re mean.” Taehyung said.

Jeongguk rolled his eyes to the older boy. “I can’t believe you fooled me into thinking you were busy as you played minefield and wrote song lyrics on word.”

“I’m a bid weird.”

Jeongguk nodded. “True but the weirder the better. This is something I strongly believe in.”

Taehyung unconsciously bite his lower lip. “Glad to know that.”

The barista shyly smiled at Taehyung and began to “clean” a bit further from the boy.

“Okay so I’ll accept your help. Just write down as topics so later on I can turn into a text.”

Taehyung nodded. “Does your character need any friend or anything in this exercise of yours? Cause I have all that it takes to be one of those side gay characters, just saying"

Jeongguk just looked at Taehyung with a strange expression on his face. Taehyung decided to take that as slightly amused. “I don’t think that’s necessary. Both cause the exercise doesn’t really demands any back story concerning family and friends and second cause he is gay himself so I don’t need a side gay character for any bullshit try of representation.”

Taehyung smiled back at the younger boy. He liked how he agreed that was bullshit to have gay characters as nothing more than side characters. “Okay. If you need one though, you know where you can find one.”

After that Jeongguk started to blab about the things he thought he could add to the exercise and Taehyung wrote them. It took half an hour for Yoongi to notice that Jeongguk had been “cleaning” that counter for so long.

The bubblegum haired barista walked closer to Jeongguk leaving Hoseok on the cashier. “Care to explain me why are you cleaning this counter for half an hour Jeongguk?”

Jeongguk froze.

Yoongi faced both Jeongguk and Taehyung with his best I don’t deserve this bullshit face. “Did you really think no one would notice that?”

“Seokjin didn’t notice.” Jeongguk replied.

“That’s because he is at his office for more than half an hour, you idiot. Seriously Kookie I am the responsible person on this café when Seokjin is dealing with business bullshit at his office. Can you please just get back to work?”

“Hyung please let me keep cleaning this counter. I am struggling with a Uni lesson I have and Taehyung here is helping me with it. I need to stay close to him so he can write what I tell him.”

Taehyung saw how Yoongi stood there for a whole minute just facing Jeongguk with a dead expression on his face. "Does it look like I care? Cause if it does I need to work on my I don't give a fuck face."

“Yoongi-hyung.” Jeongguk groaned. “Please help me.”

Yoongi took a deep breath. “Just because you are my best friend Jeongguk.”

Jeongguk smiled widely and was ready to get back to his fake cleaning but Yoongi didn’t let him.

“But that means you will need to get back at preparing the orders and Taehyung will be allowed to sit next to the blender so he can type what you are saying and you can work. Hoseok needs to get set on delivering the orders only because we are delaying a lot of orders because of you.”

Jeongguk just agreed and lead Taehyung to a place where he could put his laptop near the blenders.

It was rather difficult to be able to hear Jeongguk through the noise of the blenders but they managed to make it work.

After Jeongguk finished with his topics Taehyung insisted that he should just start forming a text and that Taehyung would write it for him.

It took at least ten minutes for Taehyung to convince Jeongguk that he in fact knew English and that he could successfully write the text in English for him.

Around 9pm they were still doing that. The place had quiet down now and Jimin had arrived to annoy Yoongi as the boy tried to work, so that meant that Jeongguk successfully got back to fake cleaning a counter and the whole dictating his text to Taehyung got a lot easier.

Taehyung stood there until it was nearly time to close the café. They were completely done with Jeongguk’s exercise though and now maybe they could actually start calling what they had as a friendship.


Chapter 9

‘Cause you’re a glimpse of bliss // A little taste of heaven

Jeongguk had the habit of going to the library back when he lived at the dorm and didn't work on the café.

This was back when he had no one, because he hadn't met Yoongi yet, so pretty much every day he would be at the library until late night to avoid being in his dorm. He would always feel relieved when there were more people studying there because it made him feel less of a lonely loser whose idea of a fun Friday night was going to the library and using the free Wi-Fi to watch YouTube videos instead of doing Uni work.

Look at me I'm not practicing my creative writing, instead I'm watching dancing practices of my favorite kpop groups. Take that university library! Such a rebel.

It was lonely and sad and Jeongguk hated every second of it, but it was his way to escape being in his dorm with his roommate, who hated his guts. Now that he thinks about it maybe it was actually a good thing that he got banished from the place.

Now that habit had vanished away. He had a job to do, no more time to watch dance practices at the library. Now he would go to the library only if he needed to do some Uni work.

As Jeongguk doesn’t have classes on Thursday’s afternoon sometimes he decides to try his luck onto finishing some work he had at the library on those days.

So that was exactly what he was doing and who knows if he would be lucky enough to end up meeting Taehyung there today.

He wasn’t.

Jeongguk had been at the library for about three hours and there was no sign of Taehyung. Maybe the rectangular smile boy was having classes, maybe he was sleeping or maybe he even spotted Jeongguk there and thought fuck, not him again then left. Anything is possible.

The light of his laptop was starting to make Jeongguk slightly sick and that was the sign he needed to stop writing. Just as he was about to close the laptop though, he felt someone looking at him.

It was the universe beaming at him after making him work on his essay for three hours. Taehyung was across the table, standing up and smiling at him.

“Hope I am not interrupting anything.” He said.

“You kinda are but I’m glad about that.” Jeongguk took his hand away from the laptop screen he was about to put down to shut his laptop off and smiled at Taehyung.

Taehyung smiled back. “Had enough of whatever you were doing already?”

“Yeah… big time. If I keep working on this essay my eyes will start to bleed.”

Taehyung widened his eyes and made a terrified face. “Shit, we don’t want that to happen.”

After saying that, the boy just walked closer to Jeongguk and sat on the chair beside him, turning around to smile at the younger boy.

“I suppose that would not be a pretty thing to see.” Jeongguk said.

“So what do you wanna do?” Taehyung asked.

They ended up watching some random videos on YouTube – like the dance practices Jeongguk loves and then some crack!videos of random shows because apparently that’s what Taehyung enjoys doing.

Jeongguk didn’t know half of the shows Taehyung knew but he wouldn’t admit that, he just kept agreeing with Taehyung’s offers and watching whatever the cute boy wanted to see.

Apparently Taehyung is big nerd because his favorite TV show was a science fiction one about some alien dude who regenerates and has a time machine in form of an old police phone box. Jeongguk didn’t really understand Taehyung’s explanation about the show but he found some random alien quite cute so he continued to watch the videos with Taehyung.

The older boy insisted on saying he couldn’t call the aliens – whose name apparently is Daleks or something – cute because they were disgusting and evil. Taehyung explained that what Jeongguk was seeing was some type of armor and the creatures were actually inside said armor and they looked like brains.

Jeongguk just shrugged that off and continued to call them cute, much to Taehyung's annoyance.

After a while Taehyung stopped with his Doctor Who videos – Jeongguk learned the show name – and started to randomly search for things on Google. He ended up in a page about war tanks for whatever reason.

"Hey it looks like a Dalek." Taehyung said happily pointing to the image of the tank.

Jeongguk was pretty sure the aliens from Taehyung’s show were created based on the tanks because that was an obvious assumption, therefore it was just wrong to say the Daleks looked like tanks.

"No. The Daleks looks like tanks.” Jeongguk said. “You can't say the tank looks like a Dalek, because they were clearly inspired on war tanks."

Taehyung blinked.

"So, as I was saying, it really looks like a Dalek!"

Jeongguk just rolled his eyes. “Okay then Taehyung.”

It was awfully easy to get along with Taehyung. Jeongguk instantly clicked with the boy and they had so much fun together doing stupid things on Jeongguk’s laptop that the younger boy didn’t even notice how he was running late for work.

He then had to leave Taehyung on the library - because he actually had work to do and maybe Jeongguk’s presence just took him off that path because who wouldn’t want to watch videos on YouTube rather than do Uni work – and rush to the café.

Seokjin just didn’t scold Jeongguk for arriving half an hour late because it was the very first time anything like that happened. When Jeongguk explained to Yoongi why he was late the older boy smirked to him and that kinda made Jeongguk want to kick his face.

Hoseok spent the entire shift just talking about how he approved that relationship since the beginning. He started to insist with Jeongguk that once they got married he wanted to be the best man, when Jeongguk was about to tell him to fuck off and go find something to do, Yoongi interrupted saying that if anyone there was going to be Jeongguk's best men, that someone would be him.

Jeongguk then left the boys alone to discuss that because that conversation was just beyond ridiculous. Yes maybe Jeongguk had a tiny interest on Taehyung and maybe he was fighting against allowing his crush on the boy to get bigger at the same time he wanted to allow himself to just let his feelings flow, but that didn’t mean anything.

It sure didn’t mean that Taehyung would crush on him back and it obviously didn’t mean that he would marry that boy. He for sure wouldn’t.

The rest of Jeongguk's weeks passed in light speed. It was a lot of work, a lot of studying and a lot of Taehyung as well.

They bonded like Jeongguk never expected to happen and as the days passed he was getting more and more in awe with Taehyung’s personality.

He learned that Taehyung is completely obsessed with England; he was one of those people who could talk about London all day. According to the older boy he owns his obsession to Harry Potter because he was completely in love with the saga since he was old enough to understand what was happening.

His favorite band was from England, obviously. He loves The 1975 so much it was a bit too much. Jeongguk heard the songs and he needs to admit that they were completely amazing. The band had a unique sound and Jeongguk really liked that.

Taehyung also loved nerdy stuff, as Jeongguk previously guessed by watching all those Doctor Who videos with the boy. On the weekend Taehyung had made Jeongguk binge watch Star Wars with him just because.

Jimin apparently became obsessed with the movies as well – because Taehyung made him watch so many times – so he watched with them. He kept saying how he had also made Yoongi watch the movies once they used to get tired from studying. Taehyung then asked if their go-to-activity once they were tired of studying wasn’t sucking each other’s face and received a pillow on the head from Jimin.

It was a nice night and Jeongguk was glad he had his Saturday’s nights free to be able to do stuff like that.

The time passed and Taehyung and Jeongguk were like best friends – not actually best friends because if Jimin heard that he would kill Jeongguk for taking his spot – they would meet each other every single day and Taehyung would practically live at the café.

Jeongguk thought Taehyung was weird, the best kind of weird he has ever seen.

It was now insanely familiar to walk inside Taehyung’s car past midnight after a tiring shift on the café and be greeted with that warm smile of his. Jeongguk’s ears would be pleased to hear the crazy playlists of Taehyung’s - going from some The 1975 song (obviously) to that Panda song (Taehyung for some reason loves that song) then to some Troye Sivan and Sleeping With Sirens with a bit of AC/DC on the middle.

It was comforting to be greeted with Taehyung’s raspy voice singing You shook me all night long and yes if Jeongguk has to be honest that would always send shivers all around his body.

This specific Friday night, while Taehyung drove Jeongguk to his apartment after his shift ended, Taehyung was obsessed with some band Jeongguk never heard of.

Jeongguk could tell they were named Years & Years because Taehyung's car radio was showing the name of the band and of the song, but that was it.

Taehyung was loudly singing along the song and Jeongguk loved it because he loved the older boy’s voice. It was deeper than the ocean and that made Jeongguk wonder how astonishing deep it must be when Taehyung wakes up.

Not that Jeongguk thinks about that. Not at all. He is just curious.

“So how was work today? I got stuck at the library with some classmates trying to finish some shitty project until now.” Taehyung said, taking a turn with the car.

“Shitty. You know you didn’t have to pick me up as you weren’t even at the café right?” Jeongguk asked. He got surprised once he received a text from Taehyung saying to wait up for him because he was going to drive him home.

Taehyung would always drive Jeongguk home, but that was because he was always at the café. That Friday night he wasn’t due to some Uni work, thought. So Jeongguk assumed he wouldn’t be getting back home with Taehyung.

The younger boy was almost telling Yoongi he was going to catch the bus with him once he got Taehyung’s text.

“I know.” Taehyung replied. “But Jimin was with me at the library because he needed to study some shit and he told me to drive him to the café to see Yoongi, so why couldn’t I just give you a ride as usual?”

“And why they didn’t join us?” Jeongguk just didn’t understand why in hell Taehyung picked him up and left Jimin and Yoongi at the café.

Taehyung chuckled. “I am going to pick them up after dropping you.”

Jeongguk frowned deeply. “The hell? Why?”

“Because I told them I would take as much time as possible driving you so they could suck face at the café.” Taehyung looked at Jeongguk with a perverted smiled.

“Are you serious?” He exclaimed. “Oh my God.”

“I know right. They haven’t seen each other all day though and yesterday Jimin just dropped by the café that time I was there right in time to catch a ride. He has been studying a lot for this test he has on Monday. I think some sucking face will be good for him.”

“I guess you’re right.”

Just as Taehyung was about to take the turn that would lead them closer to Jeongguk’s apartment, the younger boy screamed. “Wait up!”

They were lucky it was late and there were no one around, because Taehyung just abruptly stopped the car what made it park in an odd angle almost on top of the sidewalk.

“What the hell?” Taehyung screamed; his eyes so wide Jeongguk was afraid they would explode.

“Sorry,” Jeongguk gave him a shy smile. “I was just wondering if we could pass on the ice cream shop real quick. That way they will have extra sucking face time and I can gain an ice cream.” And more time with you, he added in his head.

The other just sighed heavily, but thankfully he didn’t look mad. “I can’t believe you made me almost crash my car for ice cream. I was right about you.”

“Right about me?”

Taehyung nodded. “You are a lot like me.”

After saying that Taehyung simply drove off in the opposite direction, Jeongguk got really moved by his you are a lot like me line.

That was good right? Jeongguk loves, ugh, really likes Taehyung and his personality so that was a huge compliment right?

For some reason Jeongguk just couldn’t stop thinking about that and the worst part of it all is that he just couldn’t figure out why.

If he has to be completely honest with himself he knows he has a rather significant big crush on Taehyung, but that wasn’t reason enough to be moved by something as simple as that right?

Later that night, long long after Taehyung had stracciatella ice cream with him at the Italian gelato place, long after Taehyung drove off to catch the other boys and after he could hear Yoongi’s footsteps on the floor above him, he was still thinking about that.

Right before he finally managed to fall asleep, around 3am, it hit him.

That line moved him because for some reason inside his mind that meant that maybe Taehyung liked him like that too. Only for the solid reason that if Jeongguk ever said that to the boy, it would be his way of saying he finally found someone he would like to date because he found someone who is like him, someone with whom he can share things because they enjoy a lot of things in common, someone who is just a lot like him at the same time he isn’t and that somehow seems perfect.

Jeongguk was for sure overreacting over a simple, not meaningful line, but it was late and he was tired so cut him some slack.


Chapter 10

You give me something to think about that’s not the shit in my head

Taehyung would be lying if he said he never fantasizes about being different. He sometimes wonder if he could have pulled off the whole I am a university student who plays basketball, stays up until 5am partying and has tons of hook ups.

After he ponders all those ideas though he instantly falls back to reality. Taehyung has the coordination of a recent born deer so he could never be a basketball player, aside from the obvious fact that he hates any type of sports - or physical activities in general.

Sure he spends almost all his free-of-uni days up until 5am, but Taehyung is the type of person who spends his nights either binge watching a show or reading a book. Plus he could never spend his whole night drinking cheap beer from a red plastic cup; he is more of a 2am hot chocolate milk kind of guy.

And lastly even if he reads smut on ao3 as if it’s the morning paper, he is not very fond of having said activity. He would be lying if he said he never thought about or pondered how freaking good it must actually feel but apart from never really truly have felt the need of sex, he has some very strong morals concerning that.

Taehyung is one of the few people that still think that sex should be made only after marriage. Sure it can be a stress relief or just fucking amazing but Taehyung strongly believes that it is also called making love for a reason so it should be with someone he truly loves and as he just thinks it’s just somewhat better if made with the person you’re 100% that loves you just as much, because you know, marriage and shit.

It was almost midnight and he was on Jeongguk’s couch, carefully sat on the edge to not take much space as the younger boy was lying down taking almost the entire space to himself.

They were watching some teenage comedy and once Taehyung saw the I am a university student who plays basketball, stays up until 5am partying and has tons of hook ups. character, he just couldn’t stop thinking about how life would be if he was like that.

His thoughts got lost though once Jeongguk moved his leg and accidentally hit his thigh. For some reason that simple hit sent shivers all over Taehyung’s body.

Taehyung is not a touchy-feely kinda of guy, especially on the touchy part. So whenever someone did as much as bump on him, he would lowkey freak out.

Jeongguk just looked over at him and smiled apologetically. “Sorry for kicking you, and occupying pretty much all the couch.”

“Don’t mind that. I’m okay.”

Jeongguk moved closer to the couch's back. “You can lay down here with me if you want…”

The older boy just faced his friend. Was he for real? Like lay down next to him? Touching him? Taehyung wasn’t sure he liked the idea.

“I’m okay.”

“Seriously Tae, you are almost siting at the couch’s arm, come on here.” Jeongguk replied patting the space right next to his body.

“But I’ll be in your way and you won’t be able to see a thing.” Taehyung said.

He felt the younger boy kicking his thigh again, but on purpose this time. “Don’t be ridiculous, I’ll just place my head on the couch’s arm and you won’t, leaving the perfect spot for me to see the TV.”

“But I’m taller than you.”

“An inch taller, if that.” Jeongguk complained. “Now get over here.”

Taehyung could see it would be useless to try to disagree with that freaking fetus of a guy, so he simply sighed and lied down next to him.

“There you go.” Jeongguk said, satisfied.

They just lied there until the movie ended and just once the TV started to show the ad for the upcoming movie that Taehyung noticed Jeongguk had fallen asleep next to him.

The older boy just turned slowly and carefully and saw how Jeongguk was silently sleeping. His right arm almost touching Taehyung, what made the older boy get a bit nervous. The proximity was enough; they didn’t have to touch as well.

It was rude to wake Jeongguk up, so Taehyung simply turned around once again and managed to catch the TV remote to turn it off. He definitely wasn’t in the mood to watch another movie.

The time passed but he just couldn’t sleep. His mind was rushing and Jeongguk’s soft breaths near him were not helping at all.

As he couldn’t sleep he just lied down there, thinking. His mind started to drift to the place that it always was. Where he hid all his feelings.

Taehyung never knew exactly what he wanted; he knew only how he felt and his mind would always make him think about that.

He knew he was petrified of being alone; he knew his mind was on panic mode at all times and he feared pretty much anything.

People say ignorance is bliss and this is a saying that Taehyung agrees one hundred percent.

For someone like Taehyung ignorance, in most cases, means no panic, no anxiety. If Taehyung is well aware of everything that goes around the world - like fights, deaths, possible beginning for wars, small wars, climate change, etc - he panics.

If Taehyung hears about some robbery he gets scared the next person will be him. If he knows about some murdering he thinks the next person is going to be him or someone he knows. If he is aware of fights that people say could lead to something more he is pondering how fasts he and his family would die if a war started.

Don't even get him started on climate change. Taehyung avoids that word and news about it like a vampire avoids the sun - even if he just shines because of it, he still should avoid because that's just not right.

Taehyung highly believes that somehow he will suffer a tragic death from natural disasters. The rain will kill him, the sea will kill him, the hot weather will kill him, the cold weather will kill him, earthquakes, tsunamis, asteroids, anything like that will kill him.

So for Taehyung not thinking about any of this and not knowing more about it just puts him at peace. And he knows that. He knows also that he just couldn't stand being at his house anymore. He knows it all too well but he was never sure of what he wanted, how he wanted to fix this.

One thing Taehyung always secretly wanted was the “become famous” cliché.

Taehyung guess that most people want it for fame and fortune but not him, even if the fortune part is very appealing.

He wanted to be an idol; he wanted to be part of a group essentially because of the company and the traveling around.

Being around tons of people, living with them, having them right beside him 24/7 was what Taehyung wished for.

He wanted to be in dorms with loads of people, he wanted to perform around said people and he wanted to walk around new places, explore things, and stay in hotels, or those special nice buses with bunk beds and video games, with those same people.

His mind would always dream about having a life that was in rush mode at all times. Being woken up by manager early in the morning to catch a plane to another city; arriving at a different hotel just to leave again for some interview then going to the studio to practice or record and afterwards being backstage waiting for the concert at late night.

Taehyung knew he was lazy and if he could he wouldn't leave his bed all day but he was well aware of what this did to his mind.

The rushed life was so appealing for him because living like that would make his mind be occupied at all times, he wouldn't have the time to panic because he would have so much to do and how could he ever be alone surrounded by people?

He knows that lots of people don’t mean not feeling alone.

When Taehyung walks around the mall by himself he feels terribly alone in the middle of the crowd, but being in a group would make him be friends with the people in the group. In his mind they would be his best friends and therefore he would never feel alone near them.

It was Taehyung's most secret dream. He always knew it wouldn't come true but every time he saw a picture of a famous person going to travel or backstage videos of kpop groups joking around he would crave for it so hard his heart would hurt and he would want to cry.

Taehyung is big on the self-pity business and he could never not wonder "why I am the one who has to life this way? Why can't I be famous? Why my dad can't be a stay home dad? Why my mother is not here anymore? Why am I the one who needs to take care of my sister? Why? Why? Why?"

Lately though his eyes saw something different.

He was used to the life he had, he was used with having his best friend around especially now at college as they were also roommates but Jimin never had a boyfriend before.

Jimin would go out and meet some people but nothing was serious because no one had stolen his heart. Until Min Yoongi.

As some time had passed, they were now actual official boyfriends.

As Taehyung lied down, looking at Jeongguk’s ceiling, he started to remember the first time Jimin called Yoongi his boyfriend by mistake. They weren't official at that time even though it looked like it.

Jimin went to the café to see Yoongi and while joking around with him while ordering some coffee he said. "C’mon give a discount for your boyfriend."

Taehyung wasn't with him that day, but Jimin told him that after that Yoongi just raised his eyebrows at him and Jimin ran away.

Jimin ran to the dorm and found Taehyung there - he had just arrived from class - and immediately started to freak out.

Jimin spent the rest of the evening freaking out, he even turned his phone off just in case Yoongi called him but nothing could stop the boy from coming over.

Yoongi knocked on the door around twenty minutes after his shift ended. Taehyung was watching Netflix and Jimin was pretending to watch the movie with him.

Jimin was forced by Taehyung to open the door and face Yoongi.

Once he saw the boy Yoongi smirked at him and said. “Hey boyfriend, why did you ran away earlier and why can't I reach you in your phone?"

Jimin freaked out, again, and started to vomit words of nonsense to Yoongi. "I am so sorry. I turned my phone off and I was afraid of you but I didn't mean to call you that is just that maybe I wanted to but I was not sure if I could or if you wanted me to or if you hate me now..."

Yoongi watched Jimin in amusement but then he got tired of his blabbing and pulled him by the collar of his jacket to kiss him.

Jimin stopped his crazy blabbing and kissed back with much more enthusiasm than Taehyung wanted to see.

After that Yoongi simply smiled at the other boy. "I was meaning to ask you this all week but I guess I was afraid of your reaction. After today though I know your reply so Park Jimin will you be my boyfriend?"

Taehyung swore his best friend was about to cry as he repeated yes nodding his head like crazy and pulling his now-official-boyfriend closer to him to kiss the boy - now with even more enthusiasm than what Taehyung wanted to see.

After that Yoongi slept over for the first time of many.

Taehyung got to see his friend falling in love and that love being reciprocal. He saw how Jimin always had Yoongi by his side and how fast Yoongi would arrive if Jimin called for him.

That was new for Taehyung who never dated and never knew someone close enough to him that dated, apart from his father but that one is different.

One thing people insist on saying to Taehyung is that he needs to overcome his fear of being alone because some day he inevitably will be.

He will leave his house and his dorm and live by himself.

But after seeing Jimin with Yoongi he begs to differ. He always thought maybe he could have Jimin to share a place with him after college but now that the boy has Yoongi, he would probably end up sharing a place with him. And after considering his options Taehyung came to the conclusion that he doesn’t want Jimin to share a place with him, he wants a boyfriend to do so.

Taehyung never cared about relationships and always said he didn't want one, until now.

Now all he wants is a boyfriend because if he finds one than maybe this person can be his salvation. Maybe he shouldn’t think like that and should focus on being enough for himself but Taehyung is so tired of feeling the way he feels that he just can’t handle it anymore and he doesn’t have faith in himself to be good enough for himself.

His boyfriend wouldn't be obligated to be around Taehyung, he would want to. They could always be together and maybe live together and get married and then Taehyung would always and forever have someone there for him, someone who wouldn't leave him for someone else because Taehyung would be all that he wanted.

He was probably exaggerating but anyone can get the picture.

Taehyung didn't know what he really wanted until that realization came to his mind.

He didn't necessarily have to be alone at some point and while he lied down next to Jeongguk the only person that was in his mind to fill that role was that sleeping boy.

After it hit him what he had just thought about Taehyung almost fell off the couch.

Fuck no! He thought to himself. He couldn’t be falling for Jeongguk, he just couldn’t.

It was pretty obvious that he had a crush on the boy, a very repressed one, but a crush was something silly that Taehyung could bury deep inside his mind until it had gone away. But actually falling for someone was something he never even experienced before.

Taehyung needed to get up and get out of Jeongguk’s house, because lying so close to the boy couldn’t be good. But just when Taehyung was considering “accidentally” let the TV remote fall on the ground making enough noise to wake Jeongguk up, the younger boy moved in his sleep and placed his right arm around Taehyung.

As an instinct Jeongguk just left his arm on Taehyung’s belly and moved his body closer to the older boy.

Meanwhile Taehyung, in his recent state of realization, just froze and lost the ability to breath.

After a bit his lungs begged for air so Taehyung just started to breath heavily and felt his body becoming warmer, he would probably end up sweating and that would be gross, so he just tried to even his breath to calm the fuck down.

Taehyung knows how to control his emotions like that because he has panic attacks sometimes, so his psychologist taught him a way of calming down.

He wouldn’t go full on his “panic attack exercise” because he wasn’t having one. He just closed his eyes, took deep breaths inhaling by his nose and exhaling by his mouth, and with his left thumb and left point finger he just pressed with not much force his right pinky.

This whole thing was a way he had learned to calm down his nerves. Most people could consider this too much over a simple my crush just touched me thing, but Taehyung is not big on the physical contact business, especially when not expected and right after he realized he might be falling for his friend/crush/whatever.

Taehyung managed to calm down and he was alarmed by himself once he lowered his body to get more comfortable near the sleeping body of Jeongguk. He actually found a position that was comfortable and actually liked to be kinda embraced by Jeongguk while he slept. This was getting too much.


Chapter 11

‘Cause you’re a glimpse of bliss // A little taste of heaven

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Life was a bit crazy in the last few months.

Jeongguk had so much college shit to do he was close to losing his mind, along with that there was his work at the café that would make him stay in a permanent zombie state the whole week, but even with all of that he never felt better before.

He would have tons of classes and tons of work to do but now that Taehyung was around nothing ever seemed bad.

That glorious boy had the most beautiful smile and the most eccentric personality ever. He was acting a bit weirder nowadays but Jeongguk thinks he freaked Taehyung out by accidentally cuddling him while they slept.

That only happened once but after that Taehyung would always sit a bit farther than necessary from Jeongguk, what would only subconsciously bother the younger boy.

Jeongguk knew that his stupid feeling wouldn’t be reciprocal but it still made him feel a bit down that Taehyung didn’t like him that way.

It wasn’t exactly something he could affirm though, as he never confessed anything, but as it was just a huge crush, he didn’t want to confess anything. Maybe that would end up ruining their friendship and that was the last thing Jeongguk wanted. He was more than happy by being just friends with that odd boy.

It was Sunday afternoon and Jeongguk was writing an essay for one of his classes when he felt his phone vibrating.

He smiled widely once he saw who was calling. Taehyung.


Jeongguk only heard muffling.

What the hell? He though.

“Tae?” He asked.

Nothing. Just more random noises.

Jeongguk kept the phone on his ear for two minutes and just then he heard Taehyung’s voice.

"Do you wanna hear a mash-up of Holiday by Green Day and the Doctor Who theme?" The boy said on the other line, his voice muffled.

Jeongguk was about to say something but he heard Jimin.

"I'm good."

The other’s voice was even more muffled than Taehyung’s. It was obviously an accidental call.

"Okay... What about the I Am The Doctor tune on 75% speed? Like, it's amazing!" Taehyung said.

Jeongguk chuckled. He wouldn’t be turning that phone off so soon.

Somehow Jeongguk was able to hear Jimin’s incredibly muffled sigh. "Taehyung keep you anglophile nerdy ass away from me, please."

"You're tense Jimin; let me play you some relaxation audio." Taehyung told his roommate.

"I swear to God Tae if you play that Dalek audio of them "exterminating my tension" again I'll fucking kill you." Jimin’s voice came out a bit louder this time.

Jeongguk was laughing really loudly now. Taehyung is such a nerd, he really likes that.

"Fine, fine I won't play it... but it sure sounds like you need it." Taehyung replied.

Just after the boy said that the call ended. Taehyung must have sat on it or something and accidentally called Jeongguk.

Not that the younger minded that. He needed some distraction. That’s why he immediately called Taehyung.

It took only two beeps for Taehyung to pick it up.


"Hey Tae, how's it going?" Jeongguk asked, as if he hadn’t just heard the boy’s conversation with Jimin.

"I'm sad." Taehyung replied with an over-exaggerated sad voice.

The younger boy chuckled. "Why?"

"Jimin refused to listen to my Tumblr audios."

"That Dalek thingy again?" Even if Jeongguk hadn’t heard the conversation he would guess that, because he heard that Dalek audio about a hundred times already.

"Yeah but no.” Taehyung replied. “I wanted to show him a mash-up of Holiday by Green Day and the Doctor Who theme song or the I Am The Doctor tune on 75% speed and he refused to listen and crushed my heart."

"Melodramatic." Jimin murmured in the behind.

"That's a shame. Jimin can't appreciate anything really." Jeongguk said.

"I know right!” Taehyung exclaimed. “Are you busy?"

"Not really,” Jeongguk closed his laptop, as if Taehyung could see he was working on his essay from the phone. “I called you to see if you wanted to come over. I’m bored as hell so you could come over and show me those audios, I'd love to hear it."

"I'll be there in 5." After saying that, Taehyung ended the call.

Of course he took more than five minutes to arrive, but it surprisingly didn’t take him too long.

Jeongguk opened his apartment with a smile on his face once he heard the bell ringing and was greeted by Taehyung and his breathtaking smile.

“Hey-yo.” Taehyung said walking in.


Taehyung stood there smiling at Jeongguk, even after knowing each other for a while and despite the fact that Taehyung had already been there lots of times and even slept over already, the older boy still wouldn’t sit until Jeongguk told him it was okay for him to do so.

“You can sit, Tae. You know that.” He said siting at the couch and gesturing for Taehyung to do the same.

Taehyung just timidly smiled at him and sat, a bit far from the younger boy.

Jeongguk cursed himself for having accidentally cuddled the boy. “So the Tumblr audios?”

The other boy instantly smiled and turned to face Jeongguk, picking up his phone. “I was bored today and Jimin was busy doing some homework or whatever so I entered on Tumblr and got so far in my own blog I found the best audios ever.”

“Let’s hear it then.”

Taehyung started playing an audio that started with some man talking, Jeongguk was about ask what the hell was that but then he heard that mechanic-like voice of the Daleks.

“What is this?” Jeongguk asked.

“Just wait for it.” Taehyung beamed.

Then the tune of Holiday by Green Day started and Jeongguk smiled.

“It’s the Doctor Who theme mixed up with the Green Day song.” Taehyung started to dance a bit and turned to face Jeongguk with a big smile.

The audio actually turned out pretty nice, Jeongguk wasn’t that familiar with the Doctor Who theme but he could hear that weird sound on the background. At some time some people started to sing “Doctor Whooo, Doctor Who, Doctor Whooo” and Jeongguk laughed.

He mildly knew the lyrics to Holiday so he attempted to sing along some parts.

When the audio finished Taehyung just faced him with a smile. “So?”

“It’s actually pretty nice.”

“I know right! My favorite part is the guitar tune they added on it.” Taehyung said happily. “Wait until you hear this one Jeonggukie.”

This one Jeongguk didn’t even had to ask what was it. He had heard that song many times with Taehyung already.

“It’s the-” Taehyung was saying but Jeongguk interrupted.

“The I Am The Doctor song.”

“Yes!” Taehyung exclaimed. “In 75% speed. Oh my God Kookie it’s amazing.”

Jeongguk had to agree, that song itself was really amazing and somehow when it was slowed down a bit it sounded even more amazing.

Both boys dancing awkwardly – while sitting down so just imagine how actually awkward it was – through the whole song.

“Wow Tae, that really was amazing.”

“I know right.” Taehyung would probably explode from excitement any time soon. “Oh my God this one, I love this one so much.”

Jeongguk should have been prepared to what came next, because he heard it so many times already, but he wasn’t.

The infamous Dalek audio started and Jeongguk was already dying. He also loved that audio, even if he wasn’t a Doctor Who fan.

Imagine one of those relaxing music on the background of the most mechanic-like voice in a horrible screaming tone saying stuff like: “Inhale, you are becoming more and more calm”; “Exhale, you are feeling more and more relaxed”; “Inhale, calm. Exhale, relaxed”; “Your tension has been exterminated, exterminated!”

Even if he wasn’t a fan of the show by now he knew the Daleks catch phrase was screaming exterminate so that just added to the audio. It was freaking hilarious.

Taehyung laughed so hard he had tears coming of his eyes, there was no sound coming from his mouth anymore, it was one of those I laughed so much my body ran out of laughing sounds situations.

It was great to see Taehyung that happy. Jeongguk felt he was bit off lately and Jeongguk was getting worried.

The audio finished but Taehyung kept laughing and laughing until he threw his body on the couch and ended up with his head on Jeongguk’s thigh.

Jeongguk froze and as soon as Taehyung realized what he had done, his laughter ended and he froze too.

“Sorry.” He said sitting up.

“It’s okay. I really don’t mind.”

Taehyung just timidly smiled at Jeongguk. “Anyways, ugh… let’s hear this one.”

The audio started with someone saying “well”. It took only three “wells” for Jeongguk to realize it was a compilation of someone saying, well, “well.”

“The hell is that?” He asked, laughing.

“A one minute and something audio of David Tennant saying ‘well’.” Taehyung explained.

Jeongguk shook his head. “Who the hell is this David guy?”

Taehyung opened his mouth in shock and faked an offended expression. “How the hell you don’t know who is David Tennant?”

The younger boy just shook his shoulders. “Why was I supposed to know?”

“The guy who played the Tenth Doctor! My favorite Doctor!” Taehyung exclaimed.

Jeongguk just faced him.

“Are you kidding? Oh my God.” Taehyung had lost it. “The guy who played Barty Crouch Jr. on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?

“That one who pretends to be Mad-Eye?” Jeongguk asked.

“Yeah! That one.” That was far too much excitement over that, but Jeongguk found it cute. He means he finds Taehyung cute, fuck, no, he means- ah forget it, everyone knows what he means.

“He says ‘well’ a lot on Doctor Who and a lot of people like how it sounds.” Taehyung explained.

Jeongguk just smiled at him. “I can see that.”

“I guess that one is only cool for whovians.”

After seeing Jeongguk’s frown, Taehyung explained. “That’s the name for the fans of the show.”

“Got it. I guess it’s nicer if you’re a fan of the show, but if it makes you feel better I liked his voice.” The younger boy beamed.

“Thanks. This one I’ll play now had the subtitle saying that is was Dean’s from Supernatural theme song, so you’ll like it.”

The song started with a piano and Jeongguk really wasn’t prepared for the rest.

Some guy started to sing and Jeongguk lost it when he sang my whole family thinks I’m gay and he totally lost it when the guy sang maybe is cause of the way that I walk makes they think I like…boys because come on he was going to rhyme with ‘walk’ so everyone knew what he was going to say.

Taehyung knew almost the whole song and that was too much. The music itself was already hilarious; the fact that apparently who posted it said it was Dean’s theme song was already an extra but Taehyung singing it was just too much.

Jeongguk laughed so much he was the one who fell on the couch this time, fortunately – or unfortunately if he is being completely honest – not on Taehyung’s lap.

Once the song ended and he managed to control his laughter he finally sat down and just looked at Taehyung. He was smiling widely. “So you liked it?”

“Are you joking? I loved it!”

“Glad to hear that.” The older boy said.

“Who even wrote and sang that song oh my God bless that guy.” Jeongguk was going to need to download that shit, it was just too good.

“I have no idea but it's gold. I love it.”

“I noticed, you know almost the entire song.” The younger pointed out.

Taehyung beamed a little embarrassed. “I may have listened to that a couple of hundred times.”

They spent the rest of the afternoon and a good part of the evening listening to the most random audios Taehyung could find. Unfortunately around 8pm Taehyung got a call from Jimin and needed to get back to his dorm, apparently he had promised to go have dinner with his best friend so he needed to leave.

Later that night when Jeongguk was already in bed he got a text from Taehyung, followed by a link.

From / TaeTae

check this out

To / TaeTae

i’m scared

From / TaeTae

just do it, u wont regret it

Jeongguk clicked on the link and he didn’t know what he was expecting but it wasn’t that. The audio was too weird to put on words, but it made him roll on the bed from laughter.

To / TaeTae

omg tae now i wont be able to sleep cause i cant stop laughing

From / TaeTae

sorry… goodnight ;)

To / TaeTae

goodnight u idiot

a/n: omfg I am so sorry for this i am such a nerd lol


Chapter 12

You give me something to think about that’s not the shit in my head

The day was rather cold, for a summer day at least. It had been raining for three days straight and even though that lowkey made Taehyung annoyed he also loved it.

One thing that Taehyung can affirm is that he loves cold weather. He absolutely loves it so in the first sign of a cold wind he would get excited and put on his hoodie.

It really didn’t matter if the weather wasn’t that cold. Today it was raining calmly all day long and silently winding and that was enough to make Taehyung put on his hoodie and feel happy about it.

He would pull the sleeves until it reached the middle of his palm because he loved doing that and feeling all comfy over it and he would put on his hood even inside his warm dorm to feel even more comfy. His hoodie always felt like a warm hug for him.

When the sky was getting a bit darker and the rain was still falling lazily outside he heard a knock on the door. It was obviously Jeongguk.

He had texted Taehyung about ten minutes ago telling him how he accidentally slept all Sunday and was now very bored and hungry, so Taehyung invited him over saying that he was bored and hungry himself and that a mess of Yoonmin was sleeping in Jimin’s bed since 11am, leaving Taehyung alone in the company of his laptop.

“Come in, the door is unlocked.” Taehyung said, pausing his music.

Jeongguk came inside holding a McDonald's bag - bless his soul - and frowned at the Yoonmin mess at the bed. “You should really lock your door Taehyungie-hyung. It’s not safe to leave it open like that.”

Taehyung just shrugged. “Yoongi-hyung arrived and threw himself on Jimin’s bed and neither of them bothered to lock it and I was far too busy watching clips from Lilo & Stitch on YouTube to worry with it myself.”

“You were doing what?” Jeongguk laughed as he plopped down besides Taehyung.

“You heard me. I watched that ‘I’m not touching you’ bit at least fifteen times in the last hour. It’s so funny and cute.” Taehyung said turning to face Jeongguk with a smile.

Jeongguk simply rolled his eyes. “I brought burgers for us but before anything can you tell me why you are wearing a hoodie inside this dorm that is freaking warm as hell and explain to me why are you wearing your hood with your headphones on top of it. It doesn’t muffle the sound? Can you even hear like that?”

Taehyung took the headphones out and offered them to Jeongguk. “I am wearing a hoodie cause it’s comfy and I like wearing the hood of it so as I wanted to listen to my music I put it on top of it. Now do the same and I’ll play something for you so you can see that it works.”

Jeongguk reluctantly did as told and Taehyung pressed play on his music.

“It’s completely muffled you weirdo.” Jeongguk said as he tried to listen to Somebody Else by The 1975.

Taehyung chuckled taking his headphones out of Jeongguk’s head. “I know, but it’s rather nice.”

Jeongguk shook his head, what made his entire body shake, making rather difficult for Taehyung to carry on with his action of trying to pick up the bag from Jeongguk’s hands. “You are so weird Tae.”

Taehyung liked how Jeongguk made that sound full of fondness instead of judgment as the tone his dad would use. Taehyung liked how Jeongguk spoke to him, like he was really enjoying being in Taehyung’s presence.

“I know.” He replied already eating his burger.

“What are you doing now?” Jeongguk asked, placing his body a little too close to Taehyung than necessary to pick up his own burger inside the paper bag.

Ever since the last week, when Taehyung went over at Jeongguk’s to show him some Tumblr audios, the younger boy had been a little too close from Taehyung than the older liked.

Not that Jeongguk being close was something that Taehyung hated, it was just that it wasn’t really helping his help me I’m falling for him state.

Taehyung doesn’t know if he caused that by accidentally landing on Jeongguk's lap while laughing or if the younger was just close enough of him now in a friendly type of way that he just didn’t mind all the proximity.

The thing is that Jeon Jeongguk is kind of a very touchy person, Taehyung would see how he sometimes would randomly hug Yoongi, much to the latter’s annoyance, or how he would stand a bit too close of Hoseok when they were doing something together at work.

It wasn’t like he liked all the closeness all the time though because Hoseok-hyung was one of those always breathing on your back kind of touchy-feely person and Jeongguk not always was okay with that.

But he definitely likes human interaction and physical contact more than Taehyung, and that only led the older boy wondering if all his sudden proximity was because he was confortable enough around Taehyung now, or if it was something else.

Taehyung secretly prayed for it to be because of something else, but no one would ever know that.

Ignoring all his thoughts he managed to get back on earth and answer Jeongguk.

“I was searching for a movie to watch with you, but I am still in doubt if you will want to watch the movie I have in mind.”

“If it is Star Wars again-” Jeongguk was saying but Taehyung interrupted him.

“It’s not…”

The younger boy just faced him for a bit. “You said that in a weird tone so it must be something we both watched a lot already.”

Taehyung made a guilty face while taking another bite of his burger.

“Oh my God, it’s Harry Potter isn’t it?”

As the older boy just weirdly smiled Jeongguk already knew the answer.

“I can’t believe you TaeTae; don’t you ever get tired of it?”

He just shook his head.

Jeongguk sighed. “Fine. But if it is the third or the fourth one I’m going to scream.”

“I was thinking of the fifth one.” He replied beaming.

“Okay then.” And before Taehyung could ask, Jeongguk added. “And yes I will allow you to say the lines along with it, just because I’m hoping the boys will wake up to hear it and I know how that drives Yoongi-hyung insane.”

Taehyung just widely smiled at his friend, Jeongguk knew him too well already and Taehyung loved that.

The younger boy then sat even closer to Taehyung to be able to see the laptop screen and the older was kind of having some difficulty in paying attention to the movie.

Nonetheless Taehyung still managed to keep up with his habit of saying the lines of the movie along with the characters – while he ate; he is good at multitasking okay! Not so good with the whole don’t talk with your mouth full thingy though but shh - Harry Potter was his childhood and teenager years, don’t judge him for knowing every line of the movie. He just likes it a lot.

At some point during the movie Yoongi woke up and left Jimin’s arms to sit in the other side of Taehyung in order to watch the movie with them. He would occasionally grown and sigh heavily when Taehyung said the lines, but it was okay.

Taehyung wasn’t being too annoying; he wouldn’t say every single line, just one or another in order to avoid being hit by Yoongi.

A bit later Jimin woke up as well and placed himself almost on top of his boyfriend to be able to see the movie.

As that boy is Taehyung’s best friend, he would also say some lines along the movie and at some point the both of them were chatting as if they were the characters – that made Yoongi hit both of them, but it was totally worth it.

Once the movie ended Jimin insisted he wanted to watch the next and who was Taehyung to disagree with that? So they ended up watching it but Yoongi left by the time Harry casted the Sectumsempra spell on Draco because he needed to work.

Yoongi’s schedule is a mess. Some Sundays he doesn’t work; others he works part time; others he works only at night and others Taehyung doesn’t even know. He really doesn’t get why is like that or since when it has been like that, he just knows that Jimin constantly complains about how Yoongi has to work on Sundays, each time in a different time.

It’s confusing as fuck, to simplify.

Taehyung and Jeongguk watched as Jimin whined and tried to pull his boyfriend to him while Yoongi tried to walk away. After three minutes of this Jimin finally gave up because he knew it wasn’t Yoongi’s fault, so the latter went away – saying that if Jimin wanted to stay with him so much he should just go to the café as well - and Jimin replaced his spot on Taehyung’s side.

Not even two seconds later Jimin got up in a jump, picking some flip flops on the foot of his bed, and mumbled, “Fucking Min Yoongi.” As he got himself out of the dorm.

Jeongguk and Taehyung laughed loudly.

“Jimin is whipped as fuck.” Jeongguk said.

Taehyung nodded. “I know right.”

The movie kept playing on Taehyung’s laptop and Jeongguk kept coming closer and closer, by the end of it Jeongguk had his head casually placed on Taehyung’s shoulder.

“I am exhausted.” The younger complained with a yawn.

Taehyung, stiffed as hell because that piece of sunshine was completely leaning on him and had his head on his shoulder, tried to make his words leave his mouth. What surprisingly worked. “Same.”

Okay it wasn’t so surprising because he literally only said a word but whatever. Jeongguk literally slept all day long and is exhausted and no is judging him, so there is no point on judging Taehyung here because of his inability to form complete sentences when cute boys are almost sleeping on him.

“I don’t wanna intrude nor anything but if I get back home now I’ll just sleep at the bus and next thing I know I’ll be waking up very confused in some random city, so can I just crash over here tonight?” Jeongguk asked.

Who would be stupid to deny that? “Of course you can, but you know that the city buses don’t actually go to another city right? You would need to-”

“Tae!” Jeongguk interrupted.

“Sorry.” Taehyung was sure Jeongguk knew that but he needed to word it out just to be sure. “We will share the bed because we have no extra mattress and you can’t sleep in Jimin’s bed with him you know…”

“Technically I could, but Yoongi-hyung would murder me.” Jeongguk’s face got tinted by red as he said the next words. “And yeah I’m aware of that, I don’t really mind sharing the bed with you.”

Taehyung felt his blood rushing to his cheeks. “Neither do I… mind sharing the bed with you I mean, I couldn’t share the bed with me you know, that just isn’t possible…”

The younger boy just smiled at Taehyung, thankfully ignoring that shit fest the latter had just said.

Even though it was early both boys prepared to get to bed. Jeongguk was obviously still drained out from working and studying and Taehyung’s sleeping problems were still there, so he could use some extra sleep.

Taehyung got himself under the covers first and placed his body as near the wall as possible to leave space for Jeongguk.

Once the younger got himself on bed though he didn’t seem to care about the clear space, because he just placed his body really closely to Taehyung’s.

The older didn’t know if it was because there really wasn’t enough space on the bed or just because Jeongguk wanted to cuddle or something. But he didn’t mind that. What made him quite worried because he should have minded that.

Of course Taehyung couldn’t sleep; he just lied there for hours to end. He heard Jeongguk’s breath starting to ease down until he was sure the younger boy was asleep, he receive a text from Jimin asking if it was okay if he slept over at Yoongi’s, he even had time to get teased by his best friend for saying it was okay because Jeongguk was sleeping over.

The time passed and passed and he was still wide awake. Surprisingly only when Jeongguk’s body moved and the boy subconsciously cuddled Taehyung that the older managed to relax enough to be able to sleep.

It was ridiculous. How dare Jeon Jeongguk have this effect on him? How dare his body feel so at ease near that freaking fetus of a guy. How dare his heart overthrow his mind when he clearly didn’t want to fall for Jeongguk?

Taehyung was supposed to freak out over the proximity, not feel better because of it.

Even though his mind was screaming that at him, Taehyung just couldn’t hide the fact that he liked being close to Jeongguk. Not anymore. Not when he felt so at peace just because that boy was sleeping next to him. Not when he didn’t feel any panic when that boy was near him. Not when life didn’t seemed so hard just because Jeongguk was there.


Chapter 13

‘Cause you’re a glimpse of bliss // A little taste of heaven

The first thing Jeongguk thought about that morning was holy shit Taehyung’s morning voice is so deep I could drown in it and the second was has Taehyung always only wore black or he just tossed his clothes away while I slept to confuse me?

Jeongguk had slept over at Taehyung’s dorm after watching two Harry Potter movies and almost sleeping at the other’s shoulder, and as it wasn’t planned that he would crash there, he had no clothes that Monday morning to go to class.

So naturally Taehyung said he could lend him a shirt, that’s when Taehyung opened his wardrobe and Jeongguk saw a black void.

Jeongguk – after waking up cuddling the hell out of Taehyung what led the older boy to act a bit weird that morning after he woke up with the younger boy literally on to top of him – was still uncertain if he could make a joke or two near the elder or if that would definitely cross the line after the cuddling incident.

He decided to not make a joke about it. “You only own black clothes?”

Taehyung gave him a shy smile. “Pretty much… I thought you would know that by now.”

“I guess I never really paid attention to your clothes…”

Too busy staring at your beautiful face. He thought.

“I have like two red shirts and a dark blue one somewhere if you want.” Taehyung opened his last drawer in order to search for his only three colored pieces of clothing.

“I don’t mind wearing black, hyung. I was just surprised by all this black.”

“I for sure have white shirts, I know you like white shirts.” The older boy opened another drawer and picked a white shirt, in the middle of tons of black ones and some grey ones, and gave it to Jeongguk.

Jeongguk smiled at him. “I guess you noticed that then… I may have a problem.”

“That’s debatable. I can’t really say much about having lost of clothes of the same color, can I?”

The younger boy just faced Taehyung’s wardrobe and shook his head in agreement. “I guess not.”

About twenty minutes later both boys were inside Taehyung’s car on their way to class with Can’t Bring Me Down by EXO playing loudly on the speakers because apparently that songs is “inspiring” or whatever, Jeongguk had long given up on trying to understand Taehyung.

Jeongguk was seriously considering crashing over more often because he hates the bus and is very fond of cuddling a certain someone “accidentally” while he pretends he is already asleep.

Yeah he did that. He just couldn’t control himself; Taehyung was taking far too long to sleep and Jeongguk just really really wanted to cuddle him. That boy is so fluffy.

The day dragged along painfully slowly and the night was even worst because Taehyung had some work to do at the library so he didn’t show up at the café until it was time for Jeongguk to leave.

The younger tried to convince Taehyung that he really didn’t need to pick him up, but Taehyung wasn’t having any of that.

Each day he would find a new excuse for it.

On Monday was that he had spent all night at the library so he needed some fresh air, Jeongguk tried to argue with him because being inside a car was not “having fresh air” but that just made Taehyung open the windows. On Tuesday was that he really needed a cookie before he went back to the dorm. On Wednesday it was because he needed a brownie. On Thursday it was because he actually went to the café early and insisted he wanted to stay until close time and on Friday was because “fuck Jeon just let me pick you up and stop annoying me.”

Jeongguk decided not to argue with that. He really liked that Taehyung would drive him home every day and so did Yoongi who would always catch a ride with them. Jeongguk would prefer the days his best friend went home alone though, because that meant he would spend time alone with Taehyung.

One of Jeongguk’s favorite things now was having car rides besides Taehyung. That week the boy was in a let’s hear the same six EXO songs every single day phase and Jeongguk loved how he got really into it.

He wouldn’t stop blabbing about how he treasured when Suho sang “I don’t mind” to which Jeongguk would respond with a “Yeah you and everyone else ever” and Taehyung would simply say “I know I watched the I don’t mind video compilation” that boy is unbelievable.

That Friday night Taehyung made the poor boy watch the same comeback performance like one hundred times because he loved it a lot and maybe Jeongguk got insanely jealous every time Taehyung would swoon over Baekhyun – which was a lot by the way, Jeongguk was going insane – so in the end Jeongguk ended up closing Taehyung’s laptop and claiming he was too tired to keep watching that.

Jeongguk was silently cursing the k-pop idol inside his mind with all profanities he ever heard Yoongi say. How dare he make Taehyung swoon. That bitch.

Taehyung then said he could sleep on Jimin’s bed that night because his best friend was sleeping over at Yoongi’s and that just made Jeongguk get more annoyed because now he wouldn’t get to accidently cuddle Taehyung.

Jeongguk ended up sleeping over all weekend because apparently Jimin would spend the weekend with Yoongi so that meant both Jeongguk and Taehyung would be best friend-less in those days, so they decided to stick together as well.

Even if Jeongguk did ended up having to sleep at Jimin’s bed, he got to spend the whole weekend with Taehyung – apart from a short period of time on Saturday when he had to work, but he took Taehyung with him so…. – and he made the best of his time.

Which meant lots of touching. Lots of it. All the freaking touching Jeongguk could manage.

Jeongguk would randomly hug Taehyung, he would fall asleep on the other’s shoulder every night when they watched a movie – what led him to end up sleeping on Taehyung’s bed on Sunday night, unfortunately without the older boy who slept at Jimin’s bed, because Taehyung didn’t want to wake him up – he would even hold the older boy’s hand every now and then because it felt amazing.

He wasn’t sure if that was too much but even if Taehyung would stiffen a little once they touched, a bit after he seemed comfortable with it. Jeongguk was now very obviously not containing his feeling for the other, but Taehyung didn’t seem to notice any of that.

Jeongguk would control himself a bit more at the café though because he really didn’t want to handle his co-workers teasing him for having a crush on Taehyung. Not more than they already do.

In a Friday night Jeongguk was cleaning the counter randomly singing Monster by EXO, thanks to that asshole of his crush, when said asshole randomly appeared in front of him.

“You have a really nice voice.” He simply said, making Jeongguk blush.

“Thanks. I can’t seem to stop playing this song inside my head, thanks to you.” Jeongguk said accusingly.

“I see I got to you then,” Taehyung smiled. “That’s what you get from taking a ride with me every day. I have my phases and now you have to live with that.”

Jeongguk tossed the cloth he was using to clean the counter at Taehyung’s face. “I don’t mind it tough.”

“Then why the hell did you throw this dirty cloth at me?” Taehyung asked trying to throw the cloth at Jeongguk but accidentally letting it lend at the ground, by Yoongi’s feet.

Yoongi felt the cloth hitting his feet and turned to them to simply give them a glare, and then he came back to attending the customer.

Jeongguk quickly walked over and picked the cloth from his hyung’s feet, before Yoongi could kill him or Taehyung for that.

“Don’t know. I’m bored.”

“You are bored, so you decided to throw a dirty cloth at me? How nice of you.”

Jeongguk beamed. “I know. I am a lovable person.”

“That’s debatable.”

Taehyung just stood there watching Jeongguk prepare drinks for hours, they would chat nonstop and Taehyung was a huge distraction for the younger boy, what made Seokjin – who surprisingly was at the shop that Friday night - come over every couple of seconds to tell Jeongguk to focus on his job.

Yoongi threw about five plastic cups at the back of Jeongguk’s head because the boy just wasn’t paying attention to if he had new drinks to prepare or not. Taehyung kept mumbling "amateurs" every time a new customer would mess up trying to order and Jeongguk would laugh like crazy every single time.

Hoseok tried to embarrass Jeongguk about twenty times, but the younger boy would always be a step ahead of his hyung, so all his attempts failed drastically, much to Jeongguk’s relief.

He didn’t know what he would do if Hoseok implied that Jeongguk was crushing on Taehyung in front of the boy. Probably throw something at Hoseok then run away to live at a shack in the middle of the desert, where none of them could find him.

The night passed in a blink of an eye and by the end of it Taehyung was even helping Jeongguk to clean the blenders and cups so they could leave earlier.

Jimin came by while they were washing the dishes – and maybe throwing water at each other but nobody needs to tell Seokjin that because they cleaned up afterwards so it’s all good – and left with Yoongi to some bar or whatever, telling Taehyung that he would sleep over at Yoongi’s again.

Taehyung got weirdly silent after that and even dropped the water fight with Jeongguk, making the younger boy get worried.

Once the place was organized the boys told Seokjin, who was in his office doing business shit, that they were leaving. Jeongguk got in Taehyung’s car and once the older boy plugged his phone the car was filled by the song Two Moons in an alarming loud volume.

Taehyung quickly turned the volume down and turned to Jeongguk smiling apologetically. “Sorry… I was really feeling this song earlier today, it slipped my mind that it was that loud.”

“It’s okay Tae. I like loud music too.”

“So… uh…” Taehyung said while he left with the car. “You know that Jiminie is going to stay at Yoongi’s tonight right?”


“I was wondering if… if you would like to stay with me at the dorm again?” His voice was so low, timid and slightly hopeful that Jeongguk felt his chest hurt. “I don’t really like being alone…”

Taehyung wasn’t even looking at him, his eyes were focused on the road and nothing else, but Jeongguk could somehow sense that saying those words were a bit of a challenge to the older.

Jeongguk could feel that there was so much more implied to that simple phrase he said last, and because of that he just couldn’t say no. Well, because of that and because he really would like to spend more time with Taehyung.

But before he could agree an idea popped into his mind. “I wouldn’t mind staying over at all but…”

“But?” Taehyung asked; his voice even lower than before.

“But I think this week we could stay at my place instead of your dorm?” Jeongguk suggested and was glad to see Taehyung smiling. “I know there is only one bed, but mine is a couple’s bed and if we managed to fit in your single bed I think we will sleep just fine in mine.”

Jeongguk was really hoping Taehyung could not sense that the younger boy was going through all this trouble just to be able to sleep in the same bed as him. He just really wanted to cuddle Taehyung again and he held no shame in that.

“Plus I have an actual TV and couch, so we wouldn’t have to watch movies on your laptop and end up with our backs hurting.” He added.

The younger boy was able to see the change in Taehyung’s body, he was stiffened with worry before that and Jeongguk hadn’t even noticed until he saw Taehyung’s body relaxing again.

“I would really like that.” Taehyung smiled at him, his voice back to its cheerful and relaxed tone. Jeongguk made a mental note to ask Taehyung if there was more to it than simply disliking being alone someday in the future.

“Okay then. I heard they added more movies to Netflix this week, so I think we are set for the night.”

Taehyung turned to look at Jeongguk once he stopped at a red light. “That depends…”

“On what?”

“Do you have popcorn at your place? We are not set for the night if you don’t.”

Jeongguk laughed. “Yes TaeTae, I have popcorn at my place. What do you take me for? A savage?”

“You never know…” Taehyung replied beaming and Jeongguk’s heart felt at ease again.

That night they made popcorn at 1am and watched movies until 4am and even if Jeongguk had to work in the following morning, he didn’t regret any of it.

He managed to sit really close to Taehyung – because he needed to be able to pick up the popcorn of course –and by the time their popcorn ended he simply leaned on Taehyung and held his hand to play with his finger during the movie.


Chapter 14

You give me something to think about that’s not the shit in my head

The friendship Taehyung has built with Jeongguk is something different than everything he has ever experienced.

Taehyung had more people besides Jimin in his life once, long ago, but once he started to feel like nothing was worth anything, that he wasn't worth of having friends because he was just so damage, he started to push himself away from everyone and they never seemed to care.

He ended up losing all his other friends but once he looks back at it, they were never really close friends anyways.

Those friends knew him to a minimal extend. They knew that Taehyung was a bit difficult to have lunch with because he was so picky with food; they knew that he had an undeniable love for Coca Cola; they knew he loved London more than anything and they knew he never went to sleep early.

But that was basically it, things anyone can see if they spent at least a week around Taehyung. Those friends weren't ones to hug him, to lean on him to sleep, to be touchy with him. Taehyung never had a friendship where his friends would ask to cuddle him or would just randomly hug him. Hug was reserved for birthdays only or the first time he saw them after months of being apart.

Jimin may be Taehyung's best friend and yes he is more like a brother than a friend but not even Jimin is touchy with Taehyung.

Jimin knows Taehyung better than anyone and that's true.

He knows how Taehyung can get insane when he is sleep deprived and that he will start talking about the most random things that don't make sense whatsoever because his sleepy mind can't seem to be able to form coherent thoughts.

Jimin is the only one who knows that The 1975 are claimed to be Taehyung’s favorite band but that he likes so many others that not even Taehyung himself knows which one is his actual favorite one.

He always was the only person on earth that heard Taehyung signing at the top of his lungs with no care about being heard. He knows this all too well and he even gets annoyed by it from time to time because once he is trying to watch a movie and Taehyung is attempting to learn the lyrics of songs by singing them out loud he just can't focus on the movie.

Jimin is also the only one who witnessed Taehyung's dancing, or better saying, that odd thing he does when music plays that can't be called dancing at all.

Jimin knows that Taehyung likes to dance despite not knowing how to, he knows how Taehyung can randomly walk inside the dorm just to do a little dance and get out again.

He knows how Taehyung likes to drive around listening music at the highest volumes while he sings and dangerously dances while driving. Jimin is the only one who ever saw this happening.

Jimin knows all about Taehyung's family and he knows that when Taehyung felt alone or refused to stay at home when his dad was sleeping out, he would drive all the way to his grandma even if she lived pretty far away nowadays.

Taehyung opened himself for Jimin in a way he never dared to open to anyone else, Jimin was his brother from another mother, but even with all of this secret Taehyung's things that only Jimin knew, Jimin wasn't one to be touchy with Taehyung.

Taehyung would hug him or lay on top of him from time to time just to annoy the shit out of Jimin because he hated all of it. Jimin would jump on top of Taehyung to wake him up but that was it, they never cuddled, the never used each other as pillow to sleep, they weren't close in this way.

So all of the light touches Jeongguk leaves on Taehyung’s skin burn like a light of a thousand suns. The intensity of that affects Taehyung's whole body and makes him feel all tingly inside.

Of course there were more to it because Jeongguk wasn't just a friend to Taehyung.

Taehyung has been crushing on the boy ever since he asked which size of cup he wanted for his drink and he has been falling for him ever since they became close.
So that just made the touches more intense for Taehyung.

Taehyung never had a boyfriend, he never had a crush that evolved into something that wasn't staring from afar and creating scenarios on his head. He never held anyone's hand; he never kissed someone, never. Taehyung craved for every little touch Jeongguk would leave on him, either if it was just a bump on his shoulder to make him get out of the way or the actual holding hands Jeongguk seemed so carefree in doing these days.

This was new ground for Taehyung and at the same time he was scared shitless, he was happy in a way he never felt before. Taehyung knew he craved this, sometimes he felt so alone all he wanted was someone to hug him and tell him they were here and now that Taehyung found it he couldn't feel any better.

It's also not like Taehyung never experienced anything like that, his old friends used to hug him sometimes and lean on him to sleep during boring classes, but that always made Taehyung feel uncomfortable.

Taehyung's family wasn’t one to be touchy, they would never hug or touch each other and if they did it was completely forced or the person receiving the affection would grow loudly in annoyance.

Because of that Taehyung has never been too fond of physical contact. He did it on Jimin to annoy him but that was it.

Even Taehyung was surprised now to see he actually craved the affection in a crazy way.

Maybe it was just because it was Jeongguk; just because his touches felt like a sight of paradise.

But even if his touches were bliss, the thing is that the friendship Taehyung built with Jeongguk was nothing but that. A friendship.

Jimin insists they are crushing on each other and that Jeongguk flirts with him, but Taehyung is too oblivious to see any of it. The only thing he knows for sure is that he indeed has a crush on Jeongguk.

But no matter how many times Jimin insist that Jeongguk flirts with him that is something that Taehyung just can't see. He doesn't create the possibility that maybe Jeongguk is crushing on him as well because that is absurd. No one ever crushed on Taehyung and no one ever will. That's why Taehyung is going to buy a little cute cat once he manages to achieve his dream and move to London.

Taehyung never experienced having someone who liked him in that way. All he ever had was his family and his few friends that vanished away. Taehyung has little faith in himself, his confidence is lower than it should and that's why he just couldn't actually think that Jeongguk liked him back in that way.

So in Taehyung's mind this was only friendship and so far it was enough because having Jeongguk by his side without being able to kiss him was a bit hard but it would be impossible to think of not having Jeongguk there at all.

Taehyung accepts that this will never evolve into what he wishes it would. He never tasted anyone's lips so he thinks he can live without ever doing so just fine as long as he has Jeongguk to hug him better when he's sad, to randomly hold his hand from time to time and to fall asleep on his shoulder due to exhaustion of work and study altogether.

He was happy to see how he allowed opening himself to Jeongguk that way. If before Jimin was the only one who knew how odd Taehyung actually is, now it’s not like that anymore. It filled Taehyung’s heart to see that Jeongguk would make simple comments as “only you Tae” or “of course you like this” every once in a while, showing Taehyung that he indeed knew him pretty damn well.

Jeongguk now was one of the three privileged – or not, it depends on the point of view of each of them – people who ever witnessed Taehyung being completely himself. The other being Jimin – as already established – and his little sister.

The only thing Jeongguk didn’t know was how damaged Taehyung really was. The boy decided to only show the best parts of himself to Jeongguk and try to hide as well as he could his worse parts.

Jimin had already asked Taehyung if he would ever open up to Jeongguk and Taehyung would only pretend he didn’t hear him.

That was a whole other level of opening up and Taehyung wasn’t ready for it.

To be only fair with Jeongguk, Taehyung did tell him about his family situation one the younger started to talk about his own family. Taehyung told him how he was not really close to his family, apart from his grandma, and that his house was filled with just him, his father and his sister.

This subject was never something easy for Taehyung, even after eleven years, but he did tell Jeongguk about how his mother passed away because of breast cancer when he was a child. The subject was quickly changed by Taehyung himself though because he couldn’t handle this really well.

Taehyung was feeling really great lately so he didn’t want to risk anything. His mind was at easy ever since he met the younger boy and even if that lowkey worried him, he liked to pretend it didn’t. He was allowed to feel okay once in his life right?


Chapter 15

‘Cause you’re a glimpse of bliss // A little taste of heaven

It was Thursday afternoon when Jeongguk received an text from his boss telling him that he wouldn’t need to work that day because he was going to close the café that night for some people fix two machines that had broken down.

Jeongguk was relieved that he had a night off, but he had no idea what to do now. So naturally he called Taehyung to see if he was up for doing something.

Taehyung said he was busy with a project he was doing for Uni that was due to tomorrow morning, but that he accepted any help that Jeongguk could offer.

So of course Jeongguk was at the boy’s dorm in less than ten minutes.

Once he knocked on the door, Jimin was the one who opened, he seemed annoyed to no ends and before Jeongguk could even say hi he was already talking. "Don't ask. It's better if you just ignore him."

Jeongguk frowned and looked over at Taehyung.

The boy was sitting at the floor and was surrounded by pieces of paper, scotch tape, scissors and other very arts and craft looking stuff.

Jeongguk couldn’t help himself. "What are you doing?"

Jimin groaned loudly beside him. "I said don't ask, man. He spent the whole afternoon doing this and I was getting away with the info about why until now."

Taehyung just looked up to give Jeongguk a smile. "I'm finishing my hand crafted 3D paper glasses."

"Why you did it in the first place?" Jeongguk asked, sitting on the floor right across Taehyung.

"Why do you keep asking? I'm leaving." Jimin said already walking towards the door.

“To where exactly Jiminie?” Taehyung asked as he taped a piece of red see-though paper on his apparently handmade 3D glasses. “Yoongi told you he was going to use his free time to finish his group project and I’m sure you are not part of the group.”

Jimin groaned even louder and just threw himself on his bed. “Ugh. I can’t believe I’m stuck here with you two.”

“I’d like if you two stopped bickering and answered my question.” Jeongguk said before any of them could say anything. “Why are you making this Taehyungie?”

“I needed to do some drawings for one of my classes and then I decided to add some red and blue shadows on it to look like they were supposed to be 3D because why not right?”

Jeongguk heard Jimin mumbling, “I can tell you why not.” But Taehyung simply ignored him.

“So I decided to deliver a 3D glass along with them so I could gain some extra points with my teacher, but as I don’t have any I had to make one from scratch.”

“Oh. Nice.” Jeongguk said. “How can I help?”

Jimin groaned loudly yet again, this time muffled because he had his face pressed on his pillow.

“You can pick up those two drawings on my bed and place them inside that white envelope then write my name on it.”

“Okay.” Jeongguk said proceeding to do as told. “What is up with him anyways? He is not usually this moody.”

Taehyung looked over at his best friend and sighed. “He is annoyed at me because we kind of had plans tonight and I ruined it.”

“Kind of my ass.” Jimin grumbled, taking his face off his pillow. “Taehyung here swore to me he would go with me in this event at the mall where they are selling really cool stuff related to dance and shit, he promised me we would go like three months ago, but he apparently forgot it was a paid event and didn’t buy our tickets! And of course everything was sold out today.”

“I didn’t know it needed tickets!” Taehyung said and by the way he said it Jeongguk knew that was probably the tenth time he was saying that. “I am really sorry Jimin but I honestly didn’t know about that.”

Jimin cursed under his breath and stuffed his face on his pillow again.

“Oh…” Jeongguk said.

“Yeah… I am the worst best friend ever.”

“Yes you are.” Jimin mumbled.

Jeongguk was lost for words so he decided to change the subject. “Your 3D glass looks really cool.”

Taehyung smiled at him. “Thank you. I liked it too.”

“I’m sure your teacher is going to like your dedication.”

“Oh I sure hope so, because I could really use some points with her. I feel like she doesn’t like me very much.” Taehyung had now finished his glasses and was putting it on.

Jeongguk was offended by how adorable he looked with those handmade 3D glasses. Wasn’t him supposed to look weird? “Why?”

“She always looks at me with a frown and makes me talk in public even though she can clearly see I hate doing that and she insist on calling me out for talking even if all I ever do is ask one thing or another to a classmate. I never talk in her classes cause I have no friends there.”

How that angel of a boy had no friends besides Jimin was something that Jeongguk would never understand. Taehyung is too precious for his own good and it is ridiculous how others don’t seem to realize that.

“She clearly can’t see that you’re a really nice person, too bad for her.”

Jimin had moved his face away from his pillow – probably because it was too hard to breath like that – and was now facing the boy, once he heard Jeongguk saying that he just smirked at him, making the younger very uncomfortable. He surely couldn’t tell that he had a crush on his best friend right? It was a harmless comment that any friend could’ve done.

“Thanks.” Taehyung beamed.

The boy kept working on Taehyung’s project all night while Jimin would just observe them. Jeongguk was feeling really pressured under the boy’s gaze and he held himself back from being openly affectionate to Taehyung because he really didn’t want Jimin to tease him or smirk at him again.

Jeongguk tried sending a text to his best friend telling him to just call his boyfriend over but Yoongi just told him to shut the fuck up because he was busy. What a nice friend he is.

Once they finished Taehyung’s project they left to eat and Jeongguk was glad to see that Jimin was far too annoyed at Taehyung to go out to eat with them.

Taehyung ended up driving to the mall and both boys ate McDonald’s because why not. So after they finished eating Taehyung tried to sneak into the event Jimin wanted to attend but some tall and muscular security saw them and made sure they left the place.

Jeongguk knew Taehyung was feeling horrible for what he did, even if it was genuinely an accident, so he just walked over the event entrance again and explained the situation to another guard, who looked far more friendly then the previous one.

This guard said that he could let them come inside but he could give them a gift. So after waiting for the guy to come back Jeongguk walked over to Taehyung with a DVD of some famous dancer none of them knew but Jimin probably did.

Apparently that was a gift they were giving to everyone who attended the event and Taehyung smiled so widely at Jeongguk that made the younger boy feel his heart melting.

Taehyung drove back to the dorm in light speed and when he walked in with the DVD on his hand Jimin just screamed and held the DVD as if it was a small child.

Jeongguk was glad that he managed to make things right with them.

The only downside of that was that because of what happened Jimin made both boy watch the whole DVD – including the extra material that consisted of a half hour long documentary about tons of boring shit.

The younger boy tried to reason with him and say that he had nothing to do with that so there was no reason for him to watch it, but then Taehyung said the if he was going to suffer, so was Jeongguk and the latter found incredibly annoying how he couldn’t say no to Taehyung.

Jimin loved every second of the boring documentary. The dude Jeongguk didn’t know was showing some dance moves every now and then though and that was cool, but once he stared to talk technicalities and added math to his dance moves because apparently every spin you take can be one better with math – what really sounds like a catch phrase of a math nerd for Jeongguk – Jeongguk lost it.

He ended up sleeping sitting up. He doesn’t know how because as he was being careful with his actions near Jimin, he didn’t placed his head on Taehyung’s shoulder, so he actually slept sitting straight up.

He was woken up by Taehyung once the documentary ended and the older boy just told him to lay on his bed and sleep, and Jeongguk was so tired he didn’t even think twice before doing so.

The following morning Jeongguk saw that Taehyung had slept at Jimin’s bed and Jimin was nowhere to be seen. Taehyung told him that his best friend ended up going over Yoongi’s right after the documentary ended because he couldn’t wait to show that to his boyfriend.

Jeongguk was a bit disappointed at that because he missed an opportunity to cuddle Taehyung, but he sucked it up.

a/n this sucked I'm sorry....I needed a filler and I didn't really know what to write.... the next one is bigger and better (and better is bigger) I promise - and no I'm totally not singing I Want It All by HSM in my head now lol.


Chapter 16

You give me something to think about that’s not the shit in my head

It was early Saturday morning and the boys were late to arrive at the café. Well, Yoongi was late because his shift had started twenty minutes ago.

The thing is that Yoongi had accidentally crashed over the boy’s dorm on Friday after Jimin insisted he needed to come over after work to watch some episode of some show they are watching together. So when Taehyung went to give Jeongguk a ride, Jimin was there at the café ready to catch a ride too, bringing Yoongi with him.

Taehyung left Jeongguk at his place, because he just couldn’t keep inviting the boy over or that would raise suspicions about his feelings for him. So long story short Yoongi slept on Jimin’s shoulder by the middle of their episode – making Jimin groan loudly because he really wanted to watch it, but couldn’t if Yoongi wasn’t seeing it too – and ended up sleeping over, what made Jimin wake up Taehyung extra early in order to go to the café with them.

It was unfair to say the least that Jimin woke his best friend so early just for a car ride, he had legs and the bus stop wasn’t that far away but of course Park Jimin couldn’t catch a bus, but Taehyung didn’t mind because that meant he got to see Jeongguk so he agreed on driving them.

But he couldn’t decide if he wanted to take his laptop with him because he needed to do some work but wasn’t really feeling. It took him ten minutes to decide that he was going to take it with him and by that time Jimin and Yoongi were already outside of the dorm waiting very impatiently for him.

Yoongi was close to murdering poor Taehyung by the time the latter ran towards them saying sorry a thousand of times. He drove in light speed to the place but Yoongi ended up arriving late anyways.

Once they parked Yoongi had already cursed Taehyung’s entire family and future generations for making him late, Taehyung wasn’t feeling that bad over it though because it was freaking 7:20am of a Saturday, so the place shouldn’t be that crowded.

He felt relieved to see that the place had about five people only, so that meant Yoongi wasn’t in trouble what meant that Taehyung wasn’t in trouble as well.

Hoseok was at the cashier smiling like he had just won the lottery and Taehyung really couldn’t understand such happiness so early in the morning.

Jeongguk had just finished preparing some drink and went to give it to Hoseok, once Hoseok left to deliver the drink the younger boy lifted his head and locked eyes with Taehyung that was standing at the entrance.

Jeongguk smiled that little cute smile at him and Taehyung melted inside. He waved towards him and beamed.

"He is very cute." Jimin said looking at Jeongguk.

Yoongi says the exact words that Taehyung wanted to say, but wouldn’t dare to because he knew he would get teased by his best friend. "Excuse me?"

"But you're cuter." Jimin added fast.

Yoongi just faced his boyfriend for a while then said. "I know."

"He is such a brat." Jimin mumbled to Taehyung.

"What?" Yoongi asked.

"Ok shut it, both of you. I'm here for the frappuccino.” Taehyung said as he walked towards the cashier.

Jimin snorted. "You're here for Jeongguk, don't lie."

"So what if I'm here for him? He's my friend." Taehyung replied, annoyed.

"You're crushing on him Tae. Hard." Jimin said.

"No I'm not.” Taehyung bluntly lied. “I know him for like two months or whatever, how could I be crushing on him?"

"That’s quite a long time.” Jimin argued. “Plus I bet you were crushing on him since the first time you saw him."

"Lies." Taehyung couldn’t believe the audacity that his best friend had, saying such things while they were literally walking towards Jeongguk.

"When we went to that bookstore downtown you left the place crushing on the blue haired cashier like there were no tomorrow and you kept with that for a month and you saw the guy once." Jimin said raising his eyebrows.

"I'd like to make my order now.” Taehyung said, completely ignoring Jimin. “So here you go Yoongi, I want a chocolate frappuccino without coffee cause ew and a brownie. I'm making the order to you because you're supposed to be on the cashier now"

They had reached the cashier now and Taehyung send a look in Jimin’s direction, if he dared to insist on their conversation now, Taehyung would kill him.

"Yeah I know and I'm late because of you idiots.” Yoongi said getting himself behind the counter and addressing that to Jeongguk as well, so he would know why he was late.

"How dare you blame us!" Taehyung exclaimed.

"I was coming but then Jimin was like hey wait for me we can go together then when I was about to leave with him he said oh wait for Tae cause he will drive us there so we waited two hours for mister indecision there decide if he was going to bring his laptop or not..."

"It took me like ten minutes.” Taehyung commented facing Jeongguk, who just laughed.

Yoongi kept talking as if Taehyung wasn’t even there. "...Just for him to grab it and leave it in his car. I swear I'm done with you people."

Jimin made an exaggerated offended face. “You can’t be done with me hyung, I am your boyfriend!”

“Just test me Jimin and you’ll see what happens.” Yoongi replied as he picked his apron.

Jeongguk stood next to Yoongi and successfully prevented the boys from starting some sort of dramatic discussion. Taehyung knew his best friend well enough to know that he would definitely start to be dramatic over Yoongi’s comment. “Seokjin is not even here today, so you are good Yoongi-hyung.”

Yoongi sighed happily.

The younger of all then turned to look at Taehyung and frowned. “Why did you leave your laptop on your car? I know you have that work to deliver on Monday; I thought you were going to do it here.”

Just then that Taehyung noticed how he wasn’t holding his laptop and that Yoongi even mentioned it on his hate speech towards the boy. “Oh fuck. I forgot it, just a sec.”

Taehyung then ran thought the place in order to pick his laptop on his car.

Once he got back Jimin was already sitting at a table by the window, so he just walked over and sat with his friend.

Jimin kept mumbling about how he couldn’t believe Yoongi and Taehyung wasn’t really paying attention to anything he was saying. He turned his laptop on and began to do his work on CorelDraw.

Just a few seconds later Jeongguk came back with their orders.

“Your coffee and your muffin.” He said giving Jimin his order than turned to Taehyung and smiled at him. “Your frappuccino without coffee and your brownie.”
“Thanks Kookie.” Taehyung smiled at him.

“I thought you didn’t delivered the orders cause you can’t tell people apart.” Jimin said frowning.

Jeongguk just looked at Jimin with his best are you for real face. “I know you guys….”

“Yeah I know but…” Jimin looked genuinely confused.

“I just came by because Hoseok was busy cleaning the coffee he spilled on the floor and I know this was yours cause I know you guys.” Jeongguk explained with a frown.

Great now both of them were frowning.

“Don’t mind him Kook. He barely slept last night.” Taehyung said giving Jimin another look.

“Okay then...I need to get back to work but we are going out for lunch right?” Jeongguk asked Taehyung.

“Definitely.” Taehyung replied beaming.

Jeongguk smiled at him and walked away.

Taehyung looked away from Jeongguk and faced Jimin smirking at him.

He sighed. “What now Jiminie?”

“You know he only delivered our stuff because of you right?”

“Don’t start.” Taehyung picked his frappuccino and began to drink it.

Jimin took a sip of his coffee. “I’m serious. He sends glances over here every five seconds and I’m pretty sure it’s not because of me.”

“Well maybe it is. Maybe he is in love with you and suffering because you are with his best friend.” Taehyung said.

“Oh please, don’t be ridiculous.”

Taehyung just took a bite of his brownie and looked over at Jeongguk, just to see that the boy was indeed glancing over at him. He smiled at the younger boy and quickly turned back to Jimin, who was smirking again. Taehyung will punch his face if he doesn’t stop.

"You like him." Jimin said.

Taehyung rolled his eyes. "No I don't."

"You can't fool me Taehyung." His best friend replied.

"Shut up. You don't know what you're talking about. I haven't even said anything to you about the friendship I have with him." Taehyung said; thinking about how Jeongguk would cuddle him and hold his hand and all, Jimin would certainly annoy Taehyung for that if he knew.

"You don't need to say anything." His little smirk was making Taehyung want to kill him.

Taehyung threw his hand on the air. "Well I haven't done anything as well."

"You also don't have to." Okay now he is just being ridiculous.

"What are you on about?" Taehyung asked, getting annoyed.

"You don't need to say or do something to make it clear how you feel about him. It's all in your eyes, in the way you look at him and in the way you try to hide your feelings." Jimin explained and took a sip of his coffee.

"I'm not hiding anything." He lied.

"Yes you are. I can see the way you look at him Taehyung. I can feel the affection on your eyes. It's like they are shining just because of him."

Taehyung held himself against blushing. He surely wasn’t so obvious right? "Since when you became such a poet Jimin?"

"I didn't.” The boy said taking a bite of his muffin. “I'm just saying that anyone can see you have feelings for him. Feelings that are different from the ones you have for me or anyone else."

"No I don't. He's my friend." Taehyung insisted.

Jimin rolled his eyes. "Yes he is but you like him in a deeper way and I know it. I can see the way your facial expression changes when you see him. I know this because I used to do the same thing."

Now Taehyung was feeling lost. "What are you talking about now?"

"Yoongi.” Jimin said looking over at his boyfriend and beaming. “You know I have some classes with him and before we got together I already liked him so much and you know that too. Every time I saw him I could feel my expression softening. Once he entered in a room I´d try avoiding looking at him but once I saw him it was like my whole day got brighter and better. For some reason all I wanted to do was smile."

That was actually fucking cute and Taehyung couldn’t believe Jimin – who denied that he liked Yoongi for months – was saying that.

"Sometimes I'd overhear his conversation with someone and anything and everything he said made me wanna laugh. I´d bite my lips, move them, try not to look at him just to suppress everything I felt and didn't want anyone to know."

Jimin took a bite of his muffin once more before continuing.

"It is how it is Taehyung. I can see you trying to hold back your smile when you see him. I notice how you try not to laugh when he says something that is not funny for anyone but you and I see how your laugh is ten times louder when you laugh about something he said than something I said. You're infatuated with him and I know that.”

Taehyung was about to disagree, but he honestly didn’t know how because he knew that was true. God! Why is he so obvious?

"I even dare to say he feels the same for you. I don't know why because you're such a pain in the ass but he likes you just how you like him."

Taehyung snorted. "Now that's an exaggeration."

"Is it really? I see the looks you share. The same amount of affection your eyes hold for him, his eyes hold for you. I see how sometimes while we're all grouped together talking you two share a moment so individually yours I feel like I'm seeing something I shouldn't."

Jimin was getting far too into this and Taehyung wasn’t sure he liked that.

"Sometimes is not the big acts of affection that counts Tae, but the small ones and I've never seen two people share so many small acts like those than you both."

Fuck Park Jimin and he suddenly poetic self. Taehyung was completely lost for words.

Jimin couldn’t be right though, because there is no way in hell that Jeon Jeongguk has feelings for Taehyung.

“Plus I’ve seen your drawings about him.” Jimin added once he took the last sip of his coffee.

Taehyung almost spilled the frappuccino he was drinking on his best friend face. “You did what?”

Taehyung had been secretly drawing Jeongguk for a while now, but no one, not even Jimin, knew about that. Or at least Taehyung thought not even Jimin knew about it.

“I like seeing your drawings. It’s the best way to get in your head.” Jimin explained. “I’ve seen you draw so many pain and suffering Tae it broke my heart. Your emotions flow into your creations and nothing you ever drew held happiness and love as the drawings you made of him.”

“That’s nonsense.” Taehyung said, feeling really weird about the situation he was in now. He wasn’t mad at Jimin for seeing his drawings because he never told his best friend that he couldn’t, and to be fair here Taehyung would toss his notebook anywhere so it wasn’t like he was hiding it.

But hear Jimin describe his drawings like that made him feel really odd.

“How could someone see those drawings and not feel the love you hold for him? You draw pain and suffering as no one else but even your happiest drawings you did before never held that feeling very truthfully. Your drawings about things you love, and that makes you happy, emanates that because you can’t hide your emotions on your drawings Tae, but they were quite drained out of their essence.”

Jimin took the last bite of his muffin. “Your drawings of Jeongguk hold so much care, affection and happiness it almost feels like its emanating light. It looks like they are shining.”
Taehyung was close to combusting now.

“I learned all about reading art with you TaeTae and I know everything is very subjective but you know I can read you in your drawings like an open book so believe in me when I say that you can try to hide your feelings as much as you want, but I’ll always know the truth.”

After he said that, Jimin simply got up and walked towards Yoongi to annoy him, leaving Taehyung just sat there alone with his mouth open.


Chapter 17

‘Cause you’re a glimpse of bliss // A little taste of heaven

Taehyung was acting weird, well, weirder than usual, since the day he went to the café with Jimin and Yoongi.

Once they left for lunch on Saturday Taehyung would barely look at him and he would talk less as well. He has a lost look on his face and when Jeongguk asked about it, the boy blushed and dismissed the question.

After that Taehyung said he needed to work on his project and that being at the café was distracting so he would go to the library. Jeongguk only heard from him on the following day at night because he texted Taehyung to know if he was okay.

To which the boy replied with a simple “yeah” and that was it.

On Monday Jeongguk began to question if he had done something wrong, but he definitely didn’t. He was simply working before Taehyung got all weird, so there was no way he had done something.

When night approached Jeongguk was even asking himself if Taehyung would show up to give him a ride or not. He was relieved to see Taehyung getting inside the café about ten minutes before they closed the place.

But even if he was there as usual, he wasn’t being his usual self.

Taehyung simply took a seat at the counter and the only thing he said to Jeongguk was a quick hello. On the drive to Jeongguk’s home Taehyung seemed distant and nervous, the younger boy asked if Jimin was out that night but Taehyung said that he had been with Jimin all day and that he was waiting for him at their dorm.

So that meant that Taehyung wasn’t nervous for being left alone. Jeongguk tried to ask him if something was up, but the boy simply said no and the conversation ended.

This kept going for the rest of the week and on Thursday Taehyung even texted Jeongguk saying he had an appointment and wouldn’t be able to pick him up. It surprised even Jeongguk how he got sad with that.

Going back home in the bus with Yoongi just wasn’t the same now. He wanted Taehyung and his not-a-toy-car with his loud songs and deep voice singing along to drive him home. Not that old, smelly, uncomfortable bus.

Friday came along and once the clock hit eleven pm and there was no sight of Taehyung, Jeongguk was close to sitting on the ground and crying. What the hell he had done to the boy to be ignored like that?

Jeongguk was leaning on the wall sadly drying a cup with a cloth when Yoongi walked to him.

“Hey kiddo, you look like crap.”

“Thanks, hyung. That really lifts my mood.”

Yoongi sighted. “I was meaning to ask what was wrong. I was not insulting you.”

“I know. Sorry.” Jeongguk finished up drying the cup and placed it on its place.

“So… are you going to tell me or not?” Yoongi asked.

“It’s nothing.” He lied.

Yoongi simply placed his hand on Jeongguk’s shoulder and lightly shook his head. “Talk to me Jeonggukie.”

“It’s…” He started but he wasn’t sure if he really wanted to say it out loud. He felt like an idiot for mopping over such a thing.

The pink haired boy lifted his eyebrows. “It’s?”

“Taehyung.” Jeongguk simply said.

“Did he do something to you? Cause if he did I’ll ask Jimin to-” Yoongi started as if he had just activated big brother mode. Apart from the part he was going to tell Jimin to do… whatever it was.

“He didn’t do anything. That’s the problem.” Jeongguk sighed. “And you wouldn’t do shit Yoongi? You would ask Jimin to do something, really?”

“Jimin is his best friend, so he could do something in a better way than me.” Yoongi said. “And what do you mean that’s the problem? Are you like waiting for him to kiss you or what?”

Jeongguk felt his cheeks getting warm. “K-kiss me? What are you on about?”

“Well you obliviously like him that way Kook, don’t start bullshiting on my knowledge.”

The younger boy should have known he couldn’t hide things from his best friend, but he decided to take his shot by trying to deny that. “W-what? Of course I don’t hyung…. I just like him as a friend. T-that’s it.”

Yoongi raised an eyebrow. “Really? Do you think I’m stupid?”

“No. I’m just telling you the truth.” He tried again.

“Jeon Jeongguk do you want me to tell you all the reasons why I know you are crushing on that boy or can we cut this part and go for what matters here?”

"Okay, okay, Yoongi. For fucks sake I have an enormous crush on him okay. The biggest hugest crush ever. Happy now?” Jeongguk spat.

Yoongi beamed. “Delighted. Now please explain yourself.”

“I like him but I didn't mean it like that. It’s just that he is acting totally off these days. He isn’t talking much and I feel like he is avoiding me and yesterday he didn’t even picked me up here and there’s no sigh of him here today and the place is almost closing, I just…. I just really miss him and I can’t tell if I did something wrong or not. Maybe he knows that I like him that way and he doesn’t so he wants to push me off easy?”

“Oh please,” Yoongi snorted. “That boy is head over heels for you Kookie. I’m pretty sure he likes you exactly the way you like him, but I can’t tell why he has been acting odd.”

“I highly doubt that.”

“Believe me, I know my shit.” His best friend simply replied as he began to pick his phone up.

Jeongguk frowned. “Hyung what are you going to do?”

“Call my boyfriend and ask him why the fuck his best friend is ignoring you.”

The younger boy felt his soul leaving his body then descending again. “What the fuck?! No!”

He jumped towards his best friend and tried to pick up his cellphone, but Yoongi impressively dodged from Jeongguk and just gave him an annoyed look.

“Would you please not, I’m trying to make a call here.”

Jeongguk groaned. “Yoongi-hyung you can’t call him. Please, you can’t tell anyone about this, especially Jimin or he will tell Taehyung, please!"

“Fine, fine. But please let me call Jimin anyways because that fucker didn’t tell me if we were meeting today or not.”

Should he trust his best friend with that? Probably not. But Jeongguk knew that if Yoongi was going to tell that to Jimin he would do that near him or not. So it would be better if he did with him because in that case Jeongguk would be close enough to catch the cellphone and tell Jimin that Yoongi was lying.

The younger boy chances on that weren’t that great to be honest, but he decided it was worth the shot.

“Okay, call him. But please don’t say anything.”

Yoongi just shook his hand near Jeongguk's face and ignored his friend while he called Jimin.

It didn’t take long for the boy to attend the phone. “Don’t call me babe Park Jimin.”

Wow isn’t Yoongi just lovely with his boyfriend?

“Because I find it stupid and you sound stupid when you say it.”

You can just feel the love he has for him.

“Because a certain someone told me he was going to let me know if he was coming over to see me and so far I had no news from that asshole. It’s been all day you piece of shit.”

Just lovely.

“Do you even know what time it is Jimin?”

Jeongguk was fighting his will to laugh. He just wished he could hear Jimin on the other line.

“Why do I like you?”

Yoongi was lucky the place was completely dead and Hoseok was even closing up the doors, because it would be difficult to discuss with Jimin and work at the same time.

“Now that’s a straight up lie. Definitely not because of that, maybe it is just because you have a nice butt.”

The younger boy wasn’t able to contain his laughter this time.

“Wait a sec, Jiminie.” Yoongi said then he placed his phone on the counter and pressed the speaker button. “Okay you can talk now, but you’re on speaker so Kookie can hear you.”

“Oh, hey Jeongguk.” Jimin’s voice came from the phone.

“I can hear you too!” Hoseok screamed from where he was placing the chairs on top of the tables.

Jimin laughed. “Hey Hobi, how’s going?”

“I would be better if you told your boyfriend to go back to work so he can help me.”

“Don’t even, Hobi.” Yoongi said. “He is cleaning the place Jimin, the place that is closed already by the way, and as far as I know cleaning is his job, not mine. My work here is done.”

“Rude.” Hoseok screamed.

Jimin just laughed.

“Oh don’t you dare laugh, you heard that the place is closed right? And where the fuck are you now Jiminie?” Yoongi said.

Jimin grumbled something but it was too low for anyone to understand.

“I’m sorry I don’t think I heard you.” Yoongi is such an asshole, Jeongguk loves that.

“At my bed… playing videogame.” Jimin repeated.

Yoongi just gave Jeongguk his best can you fucking believe in this shit face.

“I wish you were able to see his face now, hyung.” Jeongguk said.

“I believe I know how his face is now….” Jimin’s voice was so low, he was for sure afraid to say something that would make Yoongi even madder at him. “I am genuinely sorry, sunshine. I was playing with TaeTae and I lost track of time.”

Jeongguk was sure Yoongi was about to curse his boyfriend for calling him sunshine, but he heard Taehyung’s name and he couldn’t control himself.

“You are with Tae?”

“Technically, he has been dead asleep for an hour now.” Jimin replied.

So he really wasn’t going to pick Jeongguk up, was he? The younger felt his heart hurting inside his chest.

“Speaking of which,” Yoongi started and Jeongguk was too distracted by his sadness to notice where this was going. Otherwise he would have tried to stop it. “Why is your best friend ignoring my best friend? Jeongguk was wondering if he would show up just as I was wondering the same about you Park Jimin.”

“Taehyung is acting weird with you Kookie? I knew something was off about him.”

Jeongguk couldn’t find the words to reply to that because he had just now realized what his best friend had said and he was quite busy giving him a death glare.

Yoongi ignored his look completely. “Yes he is and how do you claim yourself his best friend without noticing he was off?”

“I noticed he was off but I had no idea he was like that with anyone but me… He has some bad days and I was giving him space.” Jimin explained.

“And what about tonight? I think he was supposed to tell Jeongguk if he was coming by or not, like another someone who I’m not saying the name.” Yoongi asked.

Jimin sighed. “I know as much as you concerning my sleeping best friend and how many times do I have to say I’m sorry?”

“Please don’t give him a number,” Jeongguk said, suddenly snapping out of his I’m going to murder my best friend state. “Tae told me enough about him for me to know that he will actually keep saying sorry until he says as many times you asked him.”

“True. I sent about a hundred of texts to Tae once… He didn’t appreciate it very much.” Jimin commented.

“I can see why.” Yoongi said. “I forgive you, as long as you talk to your best friend and make him stop ignoring my best friend because this is breaking Jeongguk’s heart.”

“Shut the fuck up Yoongi.” Jeongguk exclaimed.

“Wait, do you mean what I think you mean with that?” Jimin asked, sounding amused.

“He most definitely doesn’t.” Jeongguk angrily said.

“Oh yeah he does. Kook totally has the hots for Taehyung.” Hoseok screamed from somewhere. Jeongguk had lost sight of him.

The younger boy was about to explode, he was sure of that. “Why would you guys do this to me?”

Jimin was laughing like crazy. “Oh shit. Taehyung totally has the hots for you too Kookie.”

Jeongguk was sure Jimin was just making fun of him, but before he could address to that the boy whispered, “Shit I think I woke him up with my laugh. Call you later babe, please don’t hate me.” And then hung up.

The younger boy just stood there staring at Yoongi’s phone. Jimin was for sure just playing with him right?


Chapter 18

You give me something to think about that’s not the shit in my head

Taehyung was woken up by Jimin violently laughing. He heard the boy whispering something and once he faced him, he was placing his phone on the bedside table.

“Is it morning already?” Taehyung asked, feeling groggy.

Jimin shook his head. “It’s midnight and something…. You slept only for an hour.”

Just then it hit the boy that he was supposed to tell Jeongguk that he wasn’t going to be picking him up today as well. The day before Taehyung went to see his psychologist after a long time and let’s just say he had a lot to say, especially after his conversation with Jimin.

His psychologist had told him that he needed to accept his feelings and not deny them, she said a bunch of stuff and by the end of it Taehyung was feeling like he could just walk inside Jeongguk’s place and kiss him but then he woke up the morning after feeling like normal and decided to just avoid the boy again.

He was definitely not trying to end his friendship with Jeongguk, he just wanted to see if some distance was going to make this feelings go away.

It wasn’t working though, because Taehyung had been avoiding Jeongguk all week and his feelings were still there, in fact after spending all Thursday and Friday without seeing the boy or even hearing his voice Taehyung was feeling so undeniably bad it was driving him insane.

Damn Park Jimin and his I know you are crushing on Jeongguk speech. That really made Taehyung go crazy. He couldn’t be sure if he was being too obvious, or that he was going to scare Jeongguk away with his feelings, or whatever else.

He knew right from the beginning that this idea was stupid and that he would just make himself miserable for avoiding the boy and that maybe Jeongguk would even feel bad or mad over it himself, but Taehyung couldn’t help himself.

Taehyung looked at Jimin and frowned. “Why were you laughing like that? You woke me up asshole.”

“Why everyone is calling me an asshole today?” Jimin pouted.

“Who else did that?” Taehyung asked.


Of course. “Well he is your boyfriend and I am your best friend, we kinda have the right to do that often, you know.”

“Because of those reasons you two were supposed to not call me that. You were supposed to love me, not insult me.” He replied.

Taehyung just beamed. “We are supposed to do both and you know that.”

“I disagree.”

“Clearly.” Taehyung sat up on his bed and checked his phone, no texts, no calls, nothing. Maybe Jeongguk was indeed mad at him for ignoring him. Taehyung shouldn’t be surprised but he couldn’t help but feel a bit sad that the boy hadn’t tried to contact him today.

“To answer your question,” Jimin said. “I was talking with Yoongi on the phone and it was a bit of a mess, but to simplify, he, Hoseok and Jeongguk said stuff that made me laugh. I am sorry for waking you up.”

Taehyung was perfectly fine until he heard Jeongguk’s name, then his emotions started to do a competition of break dance inside of him. He was pretty sure Nervous was wining.

“You talked to Jeongguk?” He tried to sound casual, but failed drastically.

“Yeah…” Jimin said, looking a bit nervous himself. “And I have some questions for you.”

Oh shit. Panic just put Nervous to shame on the dance floor, Taehyung though.

“What do you mean with that?” He said.

“Breath Tae, it’s nothing bad.” Jimin looked worried.

Taehyung did as told as breath slowly, imagining Serenity slaying on the dance floor. It was odd how imaging his emotions having a dance off was calming.

“I’m fine.” He said under his breath.

“Okay…” Jimin started. “The first thing I want to ask you is why are you acting off all week and why do I feel this has something to do with what I told you last week and why are you ignoring Kookie because of that?”

Taehyung had spent the whole week avoiding having this conversation. “That was technically three questions.”

Jimin just gave him a look.

The younger just sighed. “You’re right; it has something to do with that.”

“Tae please tell me I hadn’t got into your head. I was just trying to make you assume your feelings, I didn’t want this to happen.” Jimin sounded sad. Taehyung knew his best friend wasn’t trying to make Taehyung get all worried with his feelings for Jeongguk and it really wasn’t Jimin’s fault, the younger boy just couldn’t help it.

“I know, I know.” Taehyung whined. “I just got all worried with everything and I thought that avoiding him for a while would make what I feel for him disappear… but it really didn’t work and all this avoiding just made me feel like crap.”

Jimin smiled sadly at his friend. “I figured it. I wasn’t completely sure and I was trying to give you some space Tae, but after what happened today I was kinda told I couldn’t avoid talking to you anymore.”

“What happened today?”

“Yoongi called me and told me Jeongguk was sad because you have been ignoring him,” Jimin said and that made Taehyung’s heart break into millions of tiny pieces. He made that precious boy sad and that was unacceptable. “And Yoongi told me to talk to you.”

Taehyung pouted and threw himself on his bed, his face buried in his pillow.

“I’m the worst.” His voice was so muffled he wasn’t sure how in hell Jimin managed to understand him.

“No you’re not. You just can’t deal with feelings.”

He turned his face to look at Jimin. “I really can’t. I never had those for someone who was actually close to me.”

“I know TaeTae, but you can’t just hope they will go away by distancing yourself from the person. That is not the answer.”

“I know that.” He whined even louder this time. “Now I made him sad Jimin. The last thing I wanted here was to make him sad.”

“You need to talk to him.” Jimin said as if that was the easiest thing to be done.

Taehyung sat up once again. “With that you mean I have to talk to him about my feelings? No way, I am incapable of doing that.”

“But that’s exactly what you need to do Tae!” Jimin exclaimed.

Taehyung shook his head furiously. “Not exactly, I can tell him I had a cold and that’s why I was being weird.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“I am not! I can’t just tell him I like him, he for sure doesn’t like me and I might scare him away Chim-Chim. I can’t do that.” Taehyung retorted.

“For fuck’s sake,” Jimin grumbled. “Yoongi told me Jeongguk totally has a crush on you too and that is why he was sad over you ignoring him and that is why you need to do exactly that.”

Taehyung felt like all his blood had just left his body. “What?”

“Well actually, Yoongi told me you broke Kookie’s heart with all your avoiding him shit, then I asked if he meant what I thought he meat whit that, then Hoseok told me he did and that ‘Jeongguk totally has the hots’ for you.” Jimin added.

That was too much and Taehyung couldn’t take it, so his body went full on denying stage. Jeongguk just didn’t ‘had the hots’ for him; that was ridiculous.

"Shit really? I don't believe him." He simply said.

Jimin opened his mouth as if to argue with that but then closed and just smirked while he said. "Well I told him you totally crush on Jeongguk as well."

After that Taehyung could literally feel his death coming for him. "What the hell were you thinking?" He shouted.

Jimin ignored his shouting and just kept talking normally. “Technically I told them that you ‘totally have the hots for Kookie’ too.”

Taehyung took a deep breath before continuing, this time more calm and collected he simply asked one thing that would define how he would react next. “Wait a minute, you told that to who exactly, Yoongi and Hoseok?”

The look of slightly guilt on Jimin’s face made Taehyung get scared of the answer. “Yeah I told that to both of them… and for Jeongguk as well.”

Jimin must have felt scared for his life in the moment his words came out of his mouth. Taehyung started to scream so loud even himself was surprised. He cursed all the curse words he had ever heard, both in Korean and in English because he is smart like that.

Taehyung was screaming how could you do this to me for possibly the tenth time in a row once someone knocked on their door.

Jimin quickly went to see who it was; their dorm-neighbor didn’t look happy once Jimin opened the door. Taehyung felt sorry for him.

After the guy left Taehyung simply sat in silence on his bed for a good five minutes. Then he just faced his best friend and asked just once more. “How could you do this to me?”

“I am sorry, but it’s funny how you said that. It was almost precisely what Jeongguk said after Hoseok and Yoongi told me he liked you.” Jimin smiled shyly.

“And that was supposed to make me feel better?” Taehyung was beyond mad.

His best friend sighed. “Look Tae, I know what I did wasn’t nice and all but would you please focus on the fact that what you feel for Jeongguk is reciprocal?”

“I simply don’t believe that.” Taehyung whispered. He just couldn’t accept that someone liked him like that. It was a surreal thought. “What he said once you told him that?”

“He didn’t have a chance to reply because you woke just after I said it, so I had to end the call.”

“Of course.” Taehyung grumbled.

“Tae I heard him trying really hard to not allow the boys to tell me he likes you, he wasn’t happy once they did. I am completely sure he likes you.” Jimin explained.

Taehyung pondered the idea in his mind. If Jeongguk actually liked him then everything would be better and brighter, he would experience something he never felt before and he wasn’t sure he was ready for that. But even if Jeongguk felt that way, he just couldn’t date the boy.

“Even if what you say is true I just can’t date him, Jimin.” He tried to approach the situation without sounding like a hopeless sad soul. “If we had Tinder profiles his would be like: Jeon Jeongguk - part time barista/ part time student/ full time cute little shit. While mine would be like: Kim Taehyung - part time mentally damaged and emotionally unstable/ part time stupid and insecure/ full time scared piece of crap. It’s clearly not a match.”

Jimin gave him his sad eyes, Taehyung hated when that happened. He knew his friend didn’t like to see how Taehyung had no faith in himself or any sort of real self-love. “You said yourself once that he is a lot like you.”

“Yeah interest-like not personality-like.” Taehyung replied.

“I don’t understand you when you say shit like that.” Jimin commented.

Taehyung took a breath. “I mean that he likes tons of shit I like and that he is quite weird in some ways like me, for example when he made me almost hit my car for ice cream; I’d totally do that on my own. But he is too good for me, I’m too much of a mess for him, he deserves better.”

The room was quiet for a moment, Taehyung was sure Jimin was thinking of something to say. The younger boy would avoid bringing his low self-esteem into conversation because he knew other people didn’t have to deal with his shit. But sometimes it was impossible to hold back.

“I know how you feel Tae. I know it is hard for you to believe that others like you, that you can’t understand why they like you when you don’t like yourself, but believe in me when I say that Kookie would be lucky to have you as his boyfriend and that I am sure he thinks the same. You are the best that anyone could ever have and you should believe me always because I am your best friend.”