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The Head and the Heart

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They don't know why the Titles exist still. After all, the human race has long since been removed from their more animal instincts. They walk upright now and have built whole civilizations from mud and stone. Still, the Titles and Positions exist and none of the scientists—with all their fancy titles and degrees—can explain why they remain. But, they sure have written endlessly about it.

Papers upon papers of nonsense drawing, with a stark outline, each role of a Position or Title. All of it so eloquently dubbed The Principle Dynamics by some Greek philosopher back in the toga wearing days. Back then the roles had been more rigid and less expansive. They have long since been altered, edited and revamped. But, for the most part, they are utterly the same.

The Principle Dynamics goes as follows:

First and foremost are the Alphas, those who rule, those who lead, those that stand above and before all Dynamics. They make for the beginning and the only.

Alphas are the Head.

Their words are law. They make up for 23% of the worlds population. They are often seen in positions of power, such as: military, police, owners of companies or any head positions. Such prowess cannot be squandered. Alphas, both female and male, are always virile and fertile people. An Alpha Bonded or not—even if to a Gamma—will almost surely yield a healthy brood. Their ability to mate and breed outside of a bond belongs only to them as does their draw-back of going into a rut every so often during a year.

Second are always the Betas, fiercely loyal, the staunch defenders, and determined enforcers.

Betas are the Neck who support the Head at all costs.

They rank second in the Dynamics and make up 17% of the Whole. They too have often taken such roles as their leaders. For under their calming scents and determined resolves, sits strength only ever beaten by an Alpha's. This is why, when Alphas—rare in their own right—are missing Betas are welcome to govern or oversee lower Dynamics. If properly Bonded(Mated), a Beta can certainly produce children, though often not as easily as an Alpha might. It is not unheard, even, of a Beta and Gamma mating to be found successful. (A Beta is encouraged to mate with those of his Title, but, not forced to do so.) A rut for a Beta is rare. An adult Beta can go their whole lives with only ever experiencing eight.

Third come the Gammas, these are who make up most of the whole of the Dynamics.

Gammas make up the body who do only as the Head and Neck allow.

They are the workforce, what makes the Whole of Dynamics function well rather than fall apart at the seams. They make up 57% of the worlds populace, easily the most dominate role, despite not exhibiting any real dominate behavior. Gammas, despite laws in their favor, are hardly ever elevated to positions with much power. They are often found in positions of caretakers, but, can also be found in active war grounds. Gammas, though they stand as the pillars of society, receive the short end of the breeding sticks. For a Gamma is notoriously known to be lacking in sexual drive and almost all are plagued with an inability to produce even one child. If a Gamma wishes to mate—in an effort to procreate—it is wiser to seek out a Beta—or better yet—an Alpha for such purposes. If not, a dual Gamma pairing, is often found to be an infertile union. (Gammas are encouraged to mate outside of their Title, for the betterment of the whole, but not forced to do so.) Bonds, between dual Gamma pairings, are unlike an Alphas or a Betas as they do not accurately have a hold an Alphas or a Betas Mark may bear. Gammas are never susceptible to Ruts, though. (Their biology never ruling their bodies as often it may for an Alpha or a Beta.)

Last are those who come in on the lowest position in the order of the Principle Dynamics: Omegas.

Omegas...Omegas don't have positions. Not really, for they are oddities and unexplainable in the paradigm of the Functioning Principle Dynamics. So she's not entirely sure what to liken Omegas to.

There are no set positions for them because, despite the active petitioning, there is ever only one position thought best for them: Breeding. Omegas may come in last and may be so rare that they hardly make any real impact on the Whole, but, they are the most fertile. In fact, they are among the only who can yield a successful pairing with no matter of the opposing Title. But, they are docile Title Bearers. (They are often found lacking in many aspects and so are restricted to domesticated positions, as in: housework, nurturing care giving or child rearing positions their only true option.) Their fertility, like that of an Alphas, comes with it's own draw backs. Instead of a Rut, what they gain as their many burdens is a Heat, for an un-Bonded Omega to go through a Heat is to suffer in the highest forms. This is why, by the decree of the Principle Dynamics, an Omega is to be bonded by an available Alpha/Beta or even a compatible Gamma as soon as they present. (Choice in the matter is so rarely offered to an Omega over such a thing.) There are more Laws forbidding an Omega to a normal life than there is to any other Title in the Dynamic. But, this is easily overlooked, as Omegas make up only 3% of the Whole and it is painfully easy to over look them.

These are the Principle Dynamics adopted by most cultures as to what is socially acceptable.

In this day and age, an Alpha title is what you dream about—the Perfect Role to strive for. A Beta role is just below Awesome—but the Second best is better than nothing. Gamma life is often what is accepted as the norm but still better than the last option.

Omega life is something all roles, Alpha/Beta/Gamma, agree is a sentence worse than death.

And she, she has the incredibly horrid dastardly bad luck, to have been born in that lowly title and 3—goddamn fucking—percent.

This is the story of how a lowly Omega like herself winds up living among the pedigree of all Title Bearers despite what she may be. This is the story of how she finds a pack among such unlikely people. This is the story of how she broke a few hearts while trying to mend hers. This is the story of how she, such a simple girl, managed to wrangle herself Love when locked up in a tower full of heroes.