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Jacksepticeye One Shots

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Many years had passed since the death of his parents, transforming him into the man he was now. He was cold yet still cared for the individuals he cherished, which were only a few.

At the current moment, he was on one of the taller buildings in Gotham, watching over the city that needed protecting from criminal scum.

"Master Mark," a voice called.

The man pressed a finger to his mask, near his ear.

"What is it Brian?" He asked.

"It seems a robbery is taking place in Dan's Jewelry Shop. It seems that a certain man is trying to catch your attention," his butler informed him.

"I'm on my way," Mark said.

He turned off his communicator before jumping off the building. Using his cape, he began to glide through the city. Quickly, the man in the suit made a grab for his grappling hook before pressing the trigger. It wrapped around a gargoyle, pulling him forward and onto the stone in a crouched position. Fortunately, he was nearby the small shop, making it easier for Mark to see who was inside. Grabbing his binoculars, he looked through the building, noticing the man who was stealing.

"Damn it," he cursed.

Jumping off the gargoyle, he glided through the city again at full speed before putting his feet in front of him, breaking through the glass of the shop. He'd make sure Mark Fischbach paid for the damage.

"Put the jewels back Seán," the male ordered.

The other individual looked up, a smirk plastering onto his pale face.

"I was wonderin' when ye would show up big boy," Seán purred.

Despite having a scowl on his face, he knew something stirred within him. It was closely related to love.

"Don't make me tell you again," Mark growled.

"But they're so beautiful. Besides, what if I gave one to ye? A pretty ring fer a handsome man."

His cheeks began to turn a slight pink color after saying such comment. As for Mark, he was pushing away whatever feelings were bubbling inside him.

"Well, it doesn't seem as I'm getting anywhere with ye, so I'll just leave with these pretty items," Seán stated.

Taking out one of his batarangs, he threw them towards Seán's hand, missing as the other male moved away with ease. He ran from the man in the batsuit, jumping out through the broken window. Immediately, Jack began to climb up the building, using his whip. As for Mark, he followed close behind the other man, needing to get him before he escaped with the jewels.

Once they were both on top, the two of them looked into one another's eyes. In the distance, police sirens could be heard.

"Well, I'll see ye again," the Irish man whispered.

Unfortunately, the half Korean grabbed his wrist in a tight hold. Seán used his free hand to claw at the other's man face, which proved to be effective as he let go of his wrist. Yet, he didn't expect to receive a punch to his face, causing him to slightly stumble.

"How dare ye hit me!" Seán exclaimed.

He dropped the bag that had the jewels before running towards Mark. The male moved to the side, easily dodging the younger Irish man. Grabbing two of his batarangs, he threw them towards his enemy. However, Seán avoided them, thanking his skintight suit for allowing him better mobility. Running towards the hero, he tackled the man to the ground, momentarily catching him off guard.

"I'd prefer ye being on top, but due to our circumstances, I'll have tah be the top cat and proceed with me next move," he giggled.

Before Mark could utter one single word, the other man's lips pressed against his. At first, he was unsure as to what he should do. In the end, he chose to return the kiss before the other man pulled away, leaving the half Korean in a daze. Using it to his advantage, Seán moved off him, grabbing the bag of jewels and jumping to the next building, running off. On the other hand, Mark was still on the floor, shocked.

"Shit. I think I'm in love," he muttered.

It wasn't for him to feel such an emotion, knowing that an actual relationship was hard to maintain. But maybe, just maybe, he could make it work.

[Time Skip - One Month Later]

Mark hadn't seen any sign of the other man, missing him more each day. Currently, though, he had other matters to attend to. However, the older man was pulled out of his thoughts when he felt two smaller arms wrap around his chest.

"Miss me?" The figure purred.

Slightly turning, he noticed it was him again.

"Why are you here?" He asked.

"I saw ye and I wanted tah say hi. Maybe give ye some company," Seán responded.

"I'm on patrol," Mark said.

"Hunting Felix and Marzia. How boring," the younger man stated. "Besides, I think I see them coming out."

He noticed their movement from the corner of his eyes and immediately he jumped down the building, the Irish man following.

"Look who it is! Batsy, my dear friend. And the filthy cat," Felix smirked. "As much as I enjoy this meet up, I really must leave you two along with my precious girl."

Mark tackled the man to the ground while the female and the other male had a standoff. Marzia ran towards him, but Seán easily dodged her by jumping over her. Mark was thrown back against a wall, distracting the younger man. Felix took this as an advantage, wrapping an arm around the man's neck and aiming his gun to his head.

"Make one move and I paint the wall with bits of his brain," the Swedish man warned.

Felix made sure to keep his legs wrapped around Seán's, wanting to limit his movement. Mark, on the other hand, didn't dare move an inch.

"Good. Your filthy cat appreciates it," he cackled. "It was really a pleasure to see you Bats. But really, I best be on my way."

He easily pushed away Seán before running off with Marzia. Although, he stopped in his tracks, making both men halt in their steps.

"Just as assurance that neither of you follow me."

A loud bang echoed throughout the entire alleyway and immediately Mark ran to Seán, who was clutching his abdomen.

"Hey. You're going to be fine." He kneeled onto the ground, holding Seán close to him and putting pressure onto the wound.

"Thanks fer caring," the younger man whispered.

He'd managed to call for an ambulance, which he hoped would arrive quickly.

"Ye know I love ye," Seán reminded.

"I know. And...I do too. But right now, just don't talk and try to stay awake," Mark, gently, instructed.

Unfortunately, the pain was unbearable, making it hard for him to keep awake. The last thing Seán heard were Mark's pleas to keep awake and a siren in the distance.

[Time Skip - A few hours later]

A small groan escaped the young man's lips as he began to wake up. His entire side was sore despite barely moved an inch. His blue eyes flickered to the side, noticing multi billionaire Mark Fischbach resting by his bed. A hand rested on his hand, which caught him by surprise. With his free hand, he shook the older man, making him jump awake.

"H-hey. You're finally awake. How are you feeling?" Mark asked.

"I'm fine. Why are ye here? Did Batman send ye?" Seán questioned.

"Yeah. Well, actually..." He trailed off before inching close to his ear and whispering three words.

His eyes widened at the confession and Mark moved back to his seat.

"Ye can't be him but it makes sense. I-I'm sorry if I disgusted ye when I told ye that I love ye. I've just had a liking towards ye and-"

The Irish man was surprised when a soft kiss was pressed to his lips, cutting off his rambles. However, it took a few seconds for him to process it before reciprocating the action. Mark was the first to pull back, a shy smile gracing his lips.

"Sorry but I thought you should know that I love you too," he muttered.

Seán smiled widely before pulling Mark into a hug. Everything was good between them. Despite their secret identities, both men made it work. Especially now that Seán, or SepticCat, was now working alongside the Batman, or Mark Fischbach.