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Fire Meet Gasoline

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Bea Smith had been working for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade for twelve years now.  The last five of these she had spent as Station Manager here at Wentworth fire station in Melbourne. She was responsible for teal watch, a motley crew that she had come to respect over the years, seeing each and every one as family, although she was closer to some than others.

Franky Doyle was her second in command, a lively, confident, dark haired woman who was full of bravado, covered in ink and loved to charm the ladies.  Usually successfully. They had clashed when Bea first arrived at Wentworth nine years ago, almost coming to blows on a few occasions. Over time they had grown close, Bea finding Franky to be fiercely loyal and protective of anyone she saw as her family. They had established a good friendship over the years, Franky affectionately nicknaming her ‘Red’, in reference to Bea’s flame coloured hair.

Then there was Maxine Conway, she was Bea’s confidant, the person who, other than Franky, she trusted most at the station. Max had been a loyal friend to Bea since the tall brunette arrived at Wentworth two years ago, she was strong yet undeniably gentle, the redhead often pairing up with her when they ran head on into a burning building.

Linda Miles, or ‘Smiles’ as she was affectionately known amongst the crew due to her constant frown was the newest member of the team, having only been at Wentworth twelve months. Smiles loved a flutter on the horses, the dogs, or anything she could bet on really. She was full of sarcasm and always the first to suggest a trip to the bar after shift.

Vera Bennett was the timid one of the crew, and it had surprised Bea when she first arrived that Vera had actually chosen firefighting as a career. The change had come in the quiet woman when Matt ‘Fletch’ Fletcher had transferred from Walford four years ago. They had struck up a close friendship and Vera had become consistently more confident with every shout they were called to. She was good at her job, but needed to work on her self-confidence, something the redhead herself knew all about.

Bea was an exceptionally good firefighter, and was very confident in all aspects of her work.  The issues started the minute she stepped out of the uniform, and into the world. Her ex-husband had destroyed any ounce of self-belief she had, having suffered years of abuse at his hands, both physical and mental.

It had all come to a head four years ago when he had torched their family home, with Bea and their daughter Debbie still inside. They had both escaped with smoke inhalation and minor injuries, the redhead’s knowledge and experience in the spread of flames saving both of their lives. Harry had been sentenced to ten years behind bars for attempted murder, Bea filing for divorce as soon as he was sentenced. Since then she had shut down that part of her life, not letting anyone come close enough to hurt them again. She had her family and friends, she didn’t need anything else, or at least that’s what she kept telling herself.

And then there was Will Jackson, the Senior Station Manager and Bea’s direct boss. They had hit it off instantly.  Will was an imposing figure, spending many an hour in the gym, but was a gentle giant really. Bea had been quite taken with him when she first arrived. They had quickly developed a strong friendship, and he had been a great source of support to her when everything went to shit with Harry.

There had been rumours about the two of them, but that’s all they were. He had become like a brother to her over the nine years they had worked together, not that some people believed that. Kaz Proctor, the station manager for red watch, had started the rumours after witnessing Bea in Will’s office late one night after her shift had ended. They had been sat side by side behind his desk and he was helping her fill out the papers for her divorce when Kaz burst in, accusing him of playing favourites. Kaz had taken an instant dislike to Bea from the minute she had arrived at Wentworth, her former station having closed down as a result of government budget cuts.

Teal watch were currently on a night shift, it screwed your body clock up no end but Bea preferred these shifts to days. Evenings were when she felt it the most, Debbie had left for university two weeks ago and the house had never felt emptier. It had been a quiet shift so far but they weren't due to finish until 08:00, there’s still plenty of time for something to come in she thought to herself, looking at the clock which read 02:36. Ten minutes later a call came in alerting them to a large fire in a vacant building a few blocks away, they were currently kitting up as the truck raced towards the burning building.



Allie was tired.  Her last client had been less than friendly, taking everything she had offered him plus plenty more as well. To make matters worse the bastard hadn’t even paid her, and her stomach hurt from where his fist has made contact. She had often wondered, especially after clients of his calibre, if somehow punishing her alleviated the guilt he felt from going with a prostitute.  She had seen the wedding ring on his finger.

Wandering the streets she ignored the cat calls from a group of guys in a passing car, another perk of the job she thought to herself as she continued on her journey. She had been struggling for a while, this had meant to have been a temporary measure, a means to an end so she could save enough cash to rent a bedsit. That had been the plan at least, three years ago when she found herself homeless for the second time in her life. Three years of sleeping in doorways and screwing men for money.

She had started using eighteen months ago after a particularly hard night. She’d been beaten pretty badly by some arsehole, one of the other girls had given her some pills. It helped, took the edge off, and for a few hours she had forgotten how shit her life really was. It had all been downhill from there, checking out had become a regular thing for the blonde, from pills to heroin to coke. She had never injected, a phobia of needles stopping her from heading down that slippery slope.

The trouble was is was starting to lose it’s magic, she had been overdoing it recently so maybe her body was becoming accustomed to it. Whatever the reason it didn’t provide her with the same level of escapism it once did. She had gotten some new gear from her supplier in the hope that it could take her away from her miserable existence, even it was just for a few hours, and right now she would take anything she could get.

She had stumbled across this place a couple of nights ago. It was cold and dirty but it was a roof over her head.  It was safer than lying in a shop doorway, and right now she was in no position to be picky. Settling herself down in the far corner of the ground floor, she winced at the hard concrete, harsh against her tired body.  Grabbing the gear she had scored earlier she emptied the contents of one bag onto a leaflet she had picked up from a takeaway as she passed, pocketing the others for later. Leaning forward she divided the powder into two equal lines before snorting it up. Sitting back she tried to get herself as comfortable as possible on the cold, dirty floor, waiting for the high to hit.

Allie was laying on a beach, the sun beating down on her. She couldn’t ever remember feeling this relaxed before, the sound of the waves lapping against the shore drawing her towards a peaceful slumber. She could feel sleep claiming her, the sun getting hotter against her skin, burning, no longer a good feeling. Her chest was tight and breathing was becoming difficult. A mist had set in over the beach, clouding her vision.  Gasping for breath, her lungs burning in protest then everything went black.



The building was well alight by the time they arrived on scene. Getting into their BA kit Bea and Maxine ran in to start a sweep of the ground floor, Vera and Fletch taking the first floor and Franky and Smiles heading up to the second. The building was an old warehouse, the ground floor footprint more than twice the size of the upper two floors. Bea and Max were two thirds of the way in when a call came in over the radio, Franky’s voice blaring out

“Second floor structure's unsafe, we’re heading back down. Fletch, Vera, be careful this floor could give way at any minute”

“Thanks Doyle, first floor clear, we’re heading down. Smith, Conway, you guys ok down there?” Fletch said through the radio

“All good, we’re almost done, a few more minutes” the redhead replied

Scanning the floor with her thermal imaging camera Bea spotted a heat source in the far corner of the room, moving as quickly as she could she headed across the warehouse. As she got closer she saw what looked like an arm, the visibility was poor and the smoke thick.

“Smith, Conway, pull back, smoke’s gone black, I want you out of there now” Will’s commanding voice blared through the radio

“Two more minutes boss, there’s someone in here” the redhead replied

“Now Smith, that’s an order”

She was so close, she couldn’t just leave them there to burn. Ignoring the command she took another step forward, hearing a loud cracking noise overhead before part of the floor above came crashing down behind her, trapping her and the victim in the corner.

Climbing over the rubble she stood beside the lifeless figure, a large piece of wood pinning them down. Removing one of her gloves Bea knelt down, placing her fingers on the woman’s neck, relief washing over her when she felt a pulse. Putting her glove back on, she set about lifting the wood from the woman. Once she was free the redhead’s eyes scanned the area, looking to her right she spotted an escape door.  Checking it, she discovered that it was locked. Finding a metal bar near her feet she grabbed it and set about the door, the wood eventually giving way under her assault.

Scooping the woman up into her arms she carried her out of the building, and into the fresh air. They couldn’t have been more than a few meters away when there was an explosion inside the building, shattering the windows and knocking Bea off her feet. She hit the ground hard, trying to protect the unconscious woman in her arms the best she could.  Scrambling back to her feet she reached down to lift the woman back up, noticing something on the floor beside her she grabbed it, stuffing it into the pocket of her over trousers before lifting her back into her arms and carrying her towards the waiting ambulance.

The paramedics ran towards them with a gurney, laying her down Bea ripped her mask from her face, getting a proper look at the woman she had just rescued for the first time. She was younger than Bea, early to mid-twenties maybe, with long blonde hair. Her clothes had holes in and they looked dirty, probably so even before the fire, and the redhead expected she had been sleeping rough.  As the adrenalin wore off Bea felt a sharp pain in her left arm, pulling at the sleeve of her jacket she saw a piece of glass sticking out. Must have been when the windows blew out she thought to herself.

“Smith, what the fuck was that? I told you to pull back, you could have been killed!” Will shouted as he approached her

“She was right in front of me, didn’t know the bloody ceiling was going to land on me did I!” she threw back

“Go get yourself checked out, we’ll discuss this later” he said, walking back to the rest of the crew. Smith was the best firefighter he had ever worked with, if only he could stop her being so stubborn and hot-headed he thought to himself.

Jumping into the back of the ambulance they headed for the hospital, Bea’s eyes never leaving the unconscious blonde in front of her.



Walking in with the paramedics, they sent Bea to get checked before wheeling the gurney away in the opposite direction. Three pieces of glass and eleven stitches later and she was as good as new and heading back in the direction she last saw the paramedics to check in on the patient. After finding out where they had taken the blonde she headed up onto the ward, spotting a friendly face as she rounded the corner.

“Hey Smith, what brings you here?”

“A woman was brought in about an hour and a half ago, she was unconscious when we got here. I just wanted to check on her, see how she’s doing before I head back to the station” the redhead replied

“Ah yes, smoke inhalation and fresh bruising to the ribs, presumably from the fire. We did find high levels of narcotics in her system through, so the chances are she was either unconscious or fairly out of it by the time the fire started. We’ve put her on a ventilator to help clear her lungs, but she should make a full recovery. Do you want to see her?”

“I’d like that, thanks Bridget” Bea said, not sure where this pull towards the blonde was coming from.

“I see you’re in the wars again” Bridget said, indicating to the bandage on Bea’s arm, as she led them towards the patient.

“Nothing serious, just a scratch. One of the many perks of the job” the redhead replied with a smile. She liked Bridget, and had a lot of time for the small blonde woman. She would always go out of her way to help them when they brought a patient in following a shout.

Bridget had been working here just over twelve months now. They met on her second shift at the hospital, teal watch had responded to a particularly bad fire at a children’s home, which had resulted in multiple casualties as well as three fatalities. The short blonde had been so calm and collected in the midst of all the chaos, directing staff with ease, all while trying to treat several children at once. Bea had been impressed with the fiery blonde, she wasn’t sure she could have kept her cool like that, especially under those circumstances.

“She’s in here, I’ve just got to check on a patient down the corridor then I’ll pop back” Bridget said, indicating to a room on their left before walking away.

The blonde had been cleaned up, there was a bruise forming around the cut above her eye and she had a few small cuts on her left arm, the redhead suspecting they were from the glass when the windows blew out. Her dirty blonde mane was spread across the pillow and she had dark circles under her closed eyes, but Bea couldn’t help thinking how beautiful the woman was, even in her current state.  Bridget stepping into the room broke Bea from her train of thought, tearing her eyes away from the sleeping woman she turned to face the doctor.  “What’s her name?”

“Haven’t a clue, she had no ID on her and she hasn’t come too fully yet. I did find these on her though, I’m guessing this is what knocked her out in the first place” Bridget said, holding up several small bags, all containing white powder.

“What are you going to do with those?”

“I have to call it in, you know the process when drugs are found”

“Does anyone else know about it?”

“No, just me”

“Then let me get rid of it, the poor girl’s been through enough tonight without having the cops on her back as well” the redhead replied, her eyes pleading with the doctor.

“Ok, but this stays between us, and it’s the first and last time.  I mean it Smith, this will not happen again” Bridget said, her voice firm as she handed the bags over to the redhead.  “And get rid of it before you get back to the station” she added, walking out of the room and leaving Bea alone with the sleeping woman.

“Thanks Doc” Bea called back at Bridget’s retreating form.

Looking around the room she spotted a small sink on the far wall, rushing over to it she emptied the contents of the bags, turned on the tap and washed the drugs away. Pocketing the empty bags she turned and headed towards the bed, taking the blonde’s hand in hers she ran her thumb gently over the younger woman’s skin, her breath catching at the jolt of electricity that shot through her arm. Dropping the hand quickly she stepped back, taking one last look at the sleeping woman before heading out.



Allie was drifting in and out of consciousness.  She could hear voices, two women were talking nearby, but she couldn’t open her eyes. One of the voices she had heard before, they must work here she thought to herself, but the other one was new. She focussed on the raspy tones of the stranger, the low rumble in her voice causing the butterflies in Allie’s stomach to have a full on rave.  As the fog in her brain started to disperse she could make out what was being said. Shit, the nurse, or maybe she was a doctor, had found her gear. “Fuck”, the blonde thought, not only is the gear gone but she was probably going to get arrested given what she was carrying. She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she almost missed it, those raspy tones pleading with her not to call the cops.  Trying, unsuccessfully to open her eyes she focussed on the conversation again.

“Ok, but this stays between us. And it’s the first and last time, I mean it Smith…” Smith, that must be her name the blonde thought

“And get rid of it before you get back to the station…” Station? She couldn’t be a cop otherwise she would have busted her there and then for the drugs.

She heard footsteps again, one set fading and the other still nearby. She could hear running water, and the crinkle of plastic bags.  That was her escapism fucked for the foreseeable future she thought to herself, pretty sure that it was her supply being washed away. The tap had been turned off and she could hear footsteps getting closer before coming to a stop beside her. A strong smell of smoke filling her lungs, not the kind you got from cigarettes, it smelt more like a bonfire than cigarette smoke. When the woman held her hand Allie thought her heart was going to stop, the butterflies that had set up camp in her stomach decided to take a trip lower. Then all too soon it was over, her hand was back on the bed sheet and the woman was gone.

Allie was confused.  What had happened last night, how had she ended up in the hospital, and who was this mystery woman that had most definitely saved her from being locked up, and sent her body into a tailspin. She can’t remember ever having a reaction like that just from hearing someone’s voice, and when she touched her, holy fuck! She had no idea who this Smith was but one thing was for sure, she had to find her, had to thank her for what she had done for her.  And more importantly she needed to hear that raspy voice again, preferably as she moaned Allie’s name.

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Leaving the hospital Bea headed home, her shift was almost over anyway and she really wasn’t in the mood to cop a bollocking from Jackson.  Entering the house she removed her gear, deciding to drop her turnout trousers off at the station later.  She would need to order another jacket, the flying glass had torn this one up pretty good. Luckily they always kept a spare set in the kit room.

Walking towards the bathroom she stripped off the remainder of her clothes before jumping in the shower and washing away all the dirt and smoke. Finishing in the bathroom she threw the previous days leftovers in the microwave.  Why was it that they always got a call just as they were about to eat. After eating the leftover lasagne, not the best breakfast food but she hadn’t been shopping in days, she walked through into her bedroom, crashed down on the bed and was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Waking several hours later Bea got dressed and wandered downstairs to the kitchen to make herself some coffee. Once the caffeine had kicked in she looked through the cupboards to see just how bad the food situation was, and unless she had suddenly developed a liking for cat food, knew that she had better get to the shops. Deciding to drop her kit back off at the station on her way to the supermarket she went to collect it from the hallway before heading out. As she grabbed the turnout trousers something fell from one of the pockets.  Reaching down she picked it up, seeing that it was a roll of cash wrapped together with rubber bands. Thinking back to the previous shift she remembered picking something up from the floor after the explosion at the warehouse, something that had fallen from the blonde’s jacket

“Shit” Bea said out loud, the younger woman didn’t look like she could afford to go around losing this kind of money. Having completely forgotten all about the item she had picked up with everything going on earlier, she grabbed her phone and called the hospital, hoping Bridget was still on shift.  Ending the call the redhead had been advised that Bridget’s shift had ended a couple of hours ago, and the patient in question had checked herself out of the hospital half an hour ago, leaving no contact details whatsoever.

“Fuck” Bea shouted, if only she had remembered earlier, her thoughts going to the blonde again. There was just something about her that had gotten to Bea.  She had no idea why or what it all meant, but when sleep had claimed her that morning her dreams had been filled with golden blonde locks.  Heading back into her bedroom she stashed the money in the drawer of her nightstand, hoping somehow, somewhere she would bump into the younger woman again.



Allie had woken up a short while after the mystery woman had left, her vision blurry at first but after about twenty minutes it was back to normal. It must be the after effects of the previous night’s hit she thought to herself. Her body ached and her chest was tight but other than that she felt fine, better than she had some mornings after sleeping in a shop doorway at least.  She was trying to figure out how the hell she ended up here when a petite blonde walked in. She could tell by the uniform that she was a doctor, and as soon as she spoke Allie knew it was the same one that was here earlier, with the woman she only knew as Smith.

“Hi there, I’m Dr Westfall. How are you feeling, any pain anywhere?”

“My chest hurts a bit and I’m a bit stiff but other than that I’m fine” the younger blonde replied.

“That’s perfectly normal, you inhaled quite a bit of smoke during the fire so your chest will be sore.  Try and get as much rest as possible for the next few days”

“There was a fire?”

“Yes, one of the firefighters found you in a warehouse after they were called to a fire at the premises, you don’t remember?” the doctor asked, her friendly tone calming Allie slightly.

“No, at least that explains why I’m here. Is that who was here earlier, the firefighter? I could hear voices but couldn’t open my eyes”

“Yes, that was Smith, she was the one who pulled you from the building. We couldn’t find any ID on you, what’s your name?

“It’s Allie….Allie Novak” she replied

“Ok Allie, I want to keep you in for another night, make sure there’s no damage to your chest. If you need anything press the button and someone will come over. I’m going off duty now but I’ll swing by the nurse’s station and get one of them to bring you some lunch on my way out. I’ll see you tomorrow ok”

“That would be great, thanks...Dr Westfall?”

“Yes Allie”

“The firefighter that rescued me, I want to thank her. You don’t know which station she works at do you?”

“I do, she’s at Wentworth on teal watch. A friend of mine’s on the same crew, they’ve just come off nights but she should be back in on Thursday.  I think their shift starts around 6pm”

“Thank you, for everything”

“No problem, now get some rest” Bridget said, heading home via the nurses station. She was glad Bea had talked her out of calling the police, Allie seemed like a good kid that was just down on her luck.

An hour later Allie had just finished her lunch when one of the nurses came in with a clipboard and some forms for her to fill in. Leaving it with her she headed off again to continue her rounds. Picking up the pen the blonde began answering the questions, the first few she could fill in easily but when it came to the next section she came to a stop. Address, contact number, next of kin, she didn’t have any of these, and she had never felt more alone than she did in that moment.  Not wanting to stick around for when the nurse came back to collect the completed form she ripped the cannula from the back of her hand, cursing quietly at the pain it caused, before dressing quickly. Putting her shoes on, she slipped out of the room, pulling the hood up on her jacket as she passed the nurses station.

The minute fresh air hit her skin she let out the breath she hadn’t realised she’s been holding. Glancing around to get her bearings she continued away from the hospital, picking up her pace until the large building was completely out of sight. Ducking into a doorway Allie reached into her pocket to grab her cash, but there was nothing there.  Checking her other pockets she found two dollar coins, ten cent and five condoms. 

“Mother fucker” she shouted out, receiving stares from several passing shoppers. Of all the things she could lose it had to be the cash, now she had no money and no gear.  Could today get any worse?  Walking down the high street she checked the time on one of the TV’s playing in the window of the electronics store.  Three thirty, she should have time to get to the shelter and take a shower, maybe pick up a change of clothes before she would need to head out to work. Another night of screwing arseholes, just what she needed right now. She had hoped she could get a bed at the shelter for a few nights while she recovered, but the cash flow problem she currently found herself with had pissed all over that idea.



Teal watch had a few days off and like many a night they had arranged to meet at ‘Fuel’, a bar around the corner from the station owned by their friend, and Bea’s surrogate mother Liz Birdsworth. Liz had owned the place for years, but was planning on selling up four years ago after she separated from her husband. It was like a second home for the guys from the station, and Liz was very much part of their crew.  So when Franky’s best friend Boomer offered to go into business with her she snapped her hand off. Changing the name and giving the place a full refurbishment ‘Fuel’ was born.

Teal watch had helped anyway they could, from painting to sourcing furniture. Fletch had hand-made the tables from reclaimed wood and Will had fixed up a couple of very retro coffee machines. Bea wasn’t really one for going out but she loved that place, and the people in it. Boomer was a large, lovable woman, almost childlike in some ways.  But she was extremely loyal and protective, especially of Franky. She was hilariously funny, often not even realising what she had said.

Doreen Anderson helped them out on the busier nights, although she had a two year old son Josh to look after now so wasn’t there as often these days. Doreen had worked for Liz before she had gone into business with Boomer, but with her fiancé Nash working out of town she was struggling to balance everything.

It was eight thirty when Bea arrived, and most of her crew were already there. Franky was off in the corner trying to charm the panties off of some poor unsuspecting woman, although at a second glance she looked remarkably like Bridget. Stepping to the side slightly Bea took a closer look.  Holy fuck it is Bridget, she thought. Although the petite blonde seemed to be holding her own with the cheeky brunette so she headed to the bar to grab a drink, leaving them to it.  Whatever ‘it’ was.

Bea was chatting with Liz, Vera and Fletch when Bridget approached the bar, ordering drinks for her and Franky.

“Hey doc, how’s it going?” the redhead said

“Good, I’m glad to be away from the hospital though, even of it is just for a few hours”

“I know the feeling, not that I could do what you do”

“Ditto, it scares the shit out of me thinking about what you guys do day in day out. You’re blonde from the warehouse fire, she checked herself out. I got a call ten minutes after I got home” the petite blonde said.

“Yeah I know, I called the hospital to see how she was doing and they told me she’d done a bunk. I hope she’s ok”

“Allie will be fine, she seems like a tough cookie”


“Sorry, her name is Allie. I spoke to her just before my shift finished. She still had a bit of pain in her chest but it’s nothing to worry about. She had no idea how she ended up at the hospital, but I filled her in on the fire as best as I could. She was asking after you”

“Me? She was out cold when I was there”

“Turns out she was more lucid than we thought. She couldn’t open her eyes but she told me she heard us talking, asked me where she could find you. I told her where you worked, you don’t mind do you?”

“Not a problem, although I don’t imagine I’ll see her again” the redhead replied, hoping she was wrong. The thought of never seeing the blonde again bothered her, she had no idea why, it just did.

It was just gone eleven when Bea decided to call it a night, she hadn’t slept very well that morning, and had a few clients booked in for the following day. Most firefighter had second jobs, the shift patterns making it easy. Bea had been a hairdresser before joining the fire service, and had kept it up on her days off. The extra cash definitely helped, especially now she was on her own. Saying goodbye to her friends she wandered over to Franky, who was still in the corner, extremely close to Dr Westfall.

“Don’t forget your appointment tomorrow, I’m not waiting in all day for you like last time”

“Sure you will. I’ll be on time Red, don’t you worry, you’ll get your hands on me soon” the tattooed brunette said, winking at her friend.

“I’m your dreams Doyle. Night Bridget, watch this one” Bea replied, smiling at them both before heading home to bed.



Business had been good the past two nights, Allie making almost as much as she had lost the night of the fire. She still wasn’t feeling one hundred percent and but had managed to stay off the gear since leaving the hospital.  Her chest was still tight, and it had been especially bad last night when the temperature had dropped in the early hours. The trouble with her working hours was the cut off point for a bed at the shelter was 8pm, which was when business started to pick up. She had a choice, roof over her head or cash in her pocket.

Tomorrow was Thursday and she was planning on heading over to Wentworth fire station, hoping to catch a glimpse of her mystery woman, firefighter Smith, and that sexy voice. She needed some new clothes, she was grateful for the ones she had picked up at the shelter but wanted something she felt more comfortable in.  Money in hand she headed back towards the high street.

After picking up a couple of outfits she headed for the shelter, determined to get a good night’s sleep before her trip to the fire station. The beds there were not what you would call luxury but compared to where she had slept the night before it was like a five star hotel. Allie headed out the next morning to pick something up for the firefighters, or one in particular, before returning to the shelter for a shower.

It was late afternoon and after she checked her reflection in the mirror one last time Allie headed back out again.  Jumping off the tram the blonde walked down the street, and as she rounded the corner she spotted the fire station up ahead.  Stopping for a second she took a deep breath, settling her nerves, before continuing towards her destination.  She approached the appliance bay, noticing a couple of people wandering around, various pieces of equipment in their hands. Stopping in the doorway she watched them for a couple of minutes, hoping to hear that voice that refused to leave her dreams.

“Hey there gorgeous, you looking for someone?” a voice called out from somewhere off to her right.

Startled by the question Allie turned, coming face to face with a tattooed brunette.  Her eyes roamed the length of the blonde’s body before settling on her eyes, one eyebrow raised and a cocky smirk on her face.

“Yeah, I was pulled out of a fire at the old warehouse a few days ago, I’m looking for the person that rescued me. One of the doctors at the hospital said she’d be here tonight” Allie replied, her face showing a lack of amusement at the blatant leering from the other woman.

“Hey Max, you seen Red anywhere?” the brunette said, turning to face one of her colleagues who had approached them.

“She’s in the kitchen, I’ll go get her” she said to the cocky brunette before turning towards Allie.  ”Won’t be long love” she added, smiling softly and placing a hand on her arm before walking back into the building.

“So, you’re the reason Red’s on for a bollocking are you.  Can’t blame her though, hottie like you.  I sure as hell wouldn’t have left you to burn. I get off work at eight in the morning, come over to mine and I’ll make you breakfast before I rock your world” the tattooed brunette said, her finger running up Allie’s arm.

“No thanks, I’ve got standards” Allie replied, throwing a smirk back at the brunette, watching as she threw her head back laughing.

“I like you. I’m Franky by the way, come find me when you get bored of Red” 

Allie was just about to reply when she heard it, that voice that had been teasing her every time she closed her eyes, had her stomach in knots and her panties all wet.

“For fuck sake Franky stop harassing the visitors will you” Smith shouted, although there was a playful tone to it.

“Sorry Red, you know I can’t resist the hot ones!” Franky said, laughing as the blonde rolled her eyes

Allie still hadn’t seen her, the woman hidden from view by the fire truck, but she was getting closer. Clenching her fists and taking a deep breath she lifted her head and locked eyes with the owner of the sexiest voice she had ever heard, and holy fuck, she was definitely the complete package. Flame red curls tied up, revealing the most impressive jawline Allie had ever seen, full, kissable lips and deep brown eyes she could happily get lost in. Allie Novak was totally, completely, undeniably in lust with firefighter Smith.



Entering the appliance bay Bea could hear Franky working her charm on some poor woman, although judging by the woman’s reply it didn’t seem to be having the desired effect. “No thanks, I’ve got standards…” maybe Doyle was finally losing her touch.

“….come find me when you get bored of Red” she heard Franky reply, not sure why her name had come up in the conversation.

“For fuck sake Franky stop harassing the visitors will you” Bea shouted playfully at her friend, hoping they wouldn’t receive another complaint from some poor husband/boyfriend as Doyle blatantly flirted with their significant other right in front of them. Franky was a serial flirt.  There was nothing malicious in her behaviour, she just couldn’t help herself. Turning towards the visitor, her breath caught in her throat. Standing there, in all her glory was the blonde from the other day.

“Hi, I’m…”

“Allie…” the redhead unintentionally answered for her, she really wasn’t expecting to see the young blonde again.

“Yeah, Allie Novak. Wait, how did you know my name?”

“I ran into Bridget, sorry Dr Westfall the other night, she told me”

“So seen as you already knew my name it’s only fair that you tell me yours, even things out a bit” the blonde replied, smirking at the redhead.

“It’s Bea, Bea Smith…or Red if Franky’s around. I see you’ve met our resident Casanova”

“Yeah, but don’t worry Bea, she’s not my type” Allie said, winking playfully at the redhead, who’s cheeks had started to colour up.  Could this woman get any hotter?

“I just came by to thank you for rescuing me, I don’t remember much about it but I understand I’d be toast if it wasn’t for you” she said, handing the bottle of scotch over to Bea.

“It was nothing, I’m just doing my job. You really didn’t have to bring me anything” the redhead said, pushing the sleeves up on her sweatshirt to give her hands something to do. She was always like this around new people, all nervous and fidgety.  Another side effect of being married to Harry for all those years.

“I wanted to, and it wasn’t nothing Bea, please don’t sell yourself short. There’s no way I could run into a burning building” the blonde replied, touching the older woman’s arm gently. Retracting her hand when she felt the redhead flinch, she noticed the bandage on her arm.

“Did you hurt yourself saving me?”

“It’s just a scratch, comes with the job unfortunately” Bea replied, unable to look away from big blue eyes that were looking at her with such concern.

“I’m really sorry you got hurt, but thank you.  My very own superhero” Allie said, her fingers trailing lightly over the bandage on the redhead’s arm, before pulling her into a tight embrace.



Bea was panicking, she hated being touched, especially by strangers. She was ok with close friends but even that took a while. She knew her body had tensed up at the contact, Allie must have felt it too but it didn’t seem to bother the younger woman. Most people were put off by her awkwardness which is why she didn’t have many friends, and the ones she had she’d met through work.  Feeling the blonde loosen her hold she let out a breath she didn’t realise she’d been holding, a quiet gasp escaping her mouth when she felt Allie’s lips on her cheek before she pulled away completely.

“How are you feeling? I called the hospital and they said you’d checked yourself out” Bea said, trying to steer the conversation onto steadier ground before she embarrassed herself further.

“I’m ok, I just hate hospitals.  All the poking and prodding, and don’t get me started on the smell! Checking up on me were you, and they say chivalry is dead”

“I have something of yours, it fell out of your pocket when I was carrying you out of the building. I’m sorry, I completely forgot when I was at the hospital. I called to speak to you but you'd already gone. It’s at home, I didn’t want to leave it in my locker. I can bring it into work tomorrow if you want to come by and collect it” Bea said, trying again to steer the conversation onto safer ground.

“Sure, what time’s good for you?”

“I’m on shift from six in the evening until eight the next morning so whenever suits you. If we’re not her when you arrive just wait in here” the redhead replied, indicating to an area to the side of the appliance bay that housed a beaten up sofa and coffee table.  The siren blaring out, indicating a call had come in and putting an end to their conversation
“Shit, sorry, I’ve got to go”

“Don’t worry, I’ll see you tomorrow Bea” Allie said to the redhead’s retreating form. Her eyes glued to the older woman as she pulled her sweatshirt over her head, her t shirt riding up to expose a toned stomach before she jumped into the fire truck. The blonde waved to her as the vehicle sped from the station, siren blasting out as it went.

Chapter Text

Allie headed back to the station, tired, cold and soaking wet, her mind going back to the last 24 hours. She had made it back to the shelter three minutes past the cut off time the night before and they had turned her away, three fucking minutes. It’s not like it was even her fault, the tram she was on had broken down on the bridge, the only section along her route where you couldn’t get off. They had been stuck there for nearly forty minutes, she had even run from her stop to the shelter, and Allie Novak does not run. Three minutes and they wouldn’t let her in. She’d be dammed if she was going to spend the night on the streets, especially as she would be seeing Bea again the following day. She refused to turn up looking like she’d been dragged out of the gutter, that really wouldn’t help her on her mission to get into the redhead’s pants.

Coming across a cheap hotel she checked in for the night, finding out quickly why it was so cheap, she was pretty sure she’d slept in cleaner doorways. The bed sheets were filthy and there was more mould than tile in the shower stall, but she couldn’t afford to be picky so made the most of the roof over her head.
Checking out early the next morning she headed back to the shelter to try and secure a room, only to be marched straight back out by the rather large woman acting as a security guard on the door. Her rant the previous night about their shitty ruling had gotten her banned from the place for a night, she would be welcome back the following day, providing she arrived in a polite, civilised and timely manner, what the fuck did they think this place was, a Swiss finishing school? At least they agreed to let her back in to grab a change of clothes.

Wandering around town for a while she tried to pass some time. It had been really cold the past few days, and walking the streets with no real destination or purpose was not helping her decreasing body temperature.

Deciding she needed a thicker coat she headed into the shopping mall to see if any of the stores had a sale on. Finding nothing in her limited price range she continued to her next destination, the swimming pool. With nowhere to stay she needed a shower, she refused to turn up at the station looking like this, and for a few dollars she could at least get clean, and maybe utilise the Jacuzzi and sauna while she was there.


It had been a strange 24 hours for Bea, Allie’s unexpected visit had completely thrown her for six. To say she was awkward around strangers was an understatement, the years of verbal abuse she had suffered during her marriage to Harry had left a crater like hole in her self-confidence, tuning her into a bumbling idiot whenever she was faced with a stranger. The blonde had either not noticed or wasn’t put off by it.

She had been saved by the bell, the shout bringing their conversation to an abrupt end, although if she was being truly honest she had been disappointed at having to leave the blonde’s company so soon.

There was something about Allie Novak that had gotten under her skin, ever since that day at the warehouse. When she had removed her mask and gotten her first glimpse at the blonde her heart rate had increased. Chalking it up to the adrenaline from the job she thought nothing of it, until last night. When Allie had hugged her, she could feel her heart beating faster, and when the blonde’s lips made contact with her cheek, it hammered so hard in her chest she was sure it was going to explode.
It had been a quiet shift, the call that came in while Allie was there being the only one of the evening, a lift entrapment at one of the major hotel chains in town. After cooking for the crew, it was her turn on the rota, she headed to her quarters to finish up her reports and hopefully get a few hours’ sleep.

The reports had taken longer than expected, and to make matters worse Will Jackson had called her to his office to give her a serving over the warehouse fire. Surely that fact that she made the rescue, and didn’t die in the process, was good enough for him, but apparently not. She’d been given a verbal warning for disobeying orders and putting herself at risk, but if the truth be told she’s do it again in a heartbeat, that’s just who she was.

When she got home she headed straight to bed, sleep claiming her quickly, her dreams filled with blonde hair, ocean blue eyes and a flirty smile. She was tired and restless when her alarm went off. Climbing out of bed Bea decided to go for a run, hoping it would clear her head and wake her up before her shift later that evening. She loved running, loved how her mind became clearer every time her feet hit the pavement. Arriving back at the house she had a quick shower, grabbing Allie’s cash before heading off to work, her thoughts going to the owner of the money, and how much she was looking forward to seeing her again, not that she would admit that.


It was just before ten when Allie arrived at the station, noticing the fire truck was missing she headed into the appliance bay, taking a seat on the sofa that Bea had pointed out to her the night before. She had decided to walk, which in hindsight had turned out to be a really bad idea, the heavens opening two blocks from her destination, and soaking her through.

It wasn’t particularly warm in this part of the station but she was used to weathering the elements, and the beaten old sofa turned out to be extremely comfortable, laying her head on the cushion she closed her eyes for a few minutes.

She wasn’t sure how long she had been asleep for but someone shaking her arm and calling her name pulled her from a very pleasant dream about a certain woman in uniform, or out of it as she had appeared in the blonde’s subconscious. It was just getting to the good part as well, the redhead moaning her name as she kissed her way down her toned stomach.


“Allie, wake up”

Opening her eyes she saw big brown eyes watching her, a slight frown on that beautiful face.

“Hey Bea. I only sat down for a minute, I must have fallen asleep, sorry” she replied, sitting up and trying to erase those images from her mind. The way the older woman’s body had reacted to her touch felt so real, and having her stood directly in front of her was not helping the rush of heat currently racing through her lower abdomen.

“Allie, you’re wet through” the redhead said, her eyes taking in the sight of the soaking woman in front of her

“You have no idea” Allie thought, taking a moment to compose herself before responding

“Yeah, I got caught in the storm, fucking weather!”

“You can’t stay in those clothes, you’ll get sick, come on” Bea said. Holding her hand out to the younger woman, she pulled her up off the sofa before letting go. Turning, she led Allie through the station and into the locker room.


Opening her locker Bea grabbed a spare set of clothes and a towel, handing them to the blonde

“These should fit you, the pants may be a bit short though, sorry” the redhead said, Allie being a good few inches taller than her

“I can’t take your clothes Bea” the blonde protested, trying to hand them back

“You’re not, I always keep a second spare set in my locker. You never know what shit’s going to come your way in this job” Bea replied, indicating to the other set of clothes in her hand. Grabbing another towel and her toiletry bag she led Allie though to the showers.

Handing the shampoo and conditioner to the blonde, Bea waited until she heard Allie’s shower start before stripping off and jumping in the other one, pulling the curtain across. As the water cascaded over her head her thoughts going to the younger woman in the next stall, she had clearly been out in the storm for a while.

“I’ve put the shampoo on the floor Bea, thanks”

Reaching around the curtain the redhead grabbed the bottle, squeezing some of the liquid into her hand and washing her hair. Doing the same with the conditioner, she closed her eyes as the water washed over her tired body.

Finishing up Allie turned the water off before stepping out of the shower, turning to grab her towel she noticed a gap in the curtain across the redhead’s stall. The last five minutes had been difficult enough, knowing the older woman was naked the other side of the wall was doing funny things to her body, could she really pass up an opportunity like this? Stepping closer she peered through the gap in the curtain, her eyes roaming over Bea’s body. Holy fuck, she had thought the redhead looked good in her uniform but nothing could have prepared her for the sight before her.

Dropping her towel she pulled the curtain back and stepped under the running water, her front pressed tight against the older woman’s back, left arm slipping around Bea’s waist, pulling her in closer.

Eyes closed, Bea let the hot water run over her skin, hearing a curtain being pulled she assumed Allie had finished her shower. A few seconds later a firm body was pressed up behind her, the blonde’s hand resting on her stomach, holding her in place.

Removing Allie’s hand from her stomach she span them around, turning to face the blonde, her heart pounding in her chest as the younger woman dropped to her knees before her, reaching out to pull her close.

“What the fuck!” Bea gasped, taking another step back, her eyes scanning the blonde’s naked body. Jumping out of the shower she grabbed her towel and bolted to the locker room.

Standing up, Allie turned the water off, stepped out of the shower and grabbed her discarded towel from the floor.

“Way to go Novak, you've right royally fucked up this time” she thought to herself, drying off before dressing in the older woman’s clothes. Bea had been right, the jeans were a little short, stopping a few inches above her ankles, but other than that they fit her nicely. Kicking herself for being so stupid and letting her libido overrule her brain, she headed back to the locker room, finding the redhead seated on one of the benches, head in her hands.

“I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have done that”

“No you shouldn’t, what the fuck were you thinking Allie?”

“I don’t know, you’ve been so nice to me, I just wanted to thank you. I mean look at me, that’s the only thing I have to offer, I don’t have anything else. I’m so, so, sorry. I should go, I’ll drop your clothes off in a couple of day. I really am sorry Bea and thank you, for everything” the blonde said, her eyes never leaving the floor as she turned and started walking away, she was almost at the door when the redhead spoke.


Bea felt the pull on her heart strings at the blonde’s words, did she really think she was worth so little? She was curious about Allie, what had gone so wrong in her life that she was forced to wander the streets and sleep in derelict buildings. She had taken her by surprise in the showers, Bea’s fear of contact had caused her to flee, but not before she had a chance to take in the naked blonde kneeling before her. Allie was beautiful, but if she was being honest she had known that since the day of the fire. And if she were to lay her cards on the table she was unbelievably flattered and maybe, just maybe a little bit aroused at the thought of what she was trying to do, not that she would admit to that. The one thing she did know was that she couldn’t let her leave, not like this. The thought of never seeing her again scared Bea more than any social hang-ups she may have.

“Do you have anywhere to stay tonight?” she asked, stopping the blonde in her tracks

“Don’t worry about me, I can look after myself. You’ve done more than enough already”

“Just answer the question Allie” the redhead said, locking eyes with the younger woman for the first time since the shower incident

“No I don’t, but I’m fine, really”

“You can stay here tonight, no arguments. You hungry?”

“Starving” the blonde said, smiling shyly at the older woman, maybe, just maybe she hadn’t fucked things up beyond repair.

“You’re in luck, Franky’s on cooking duty today and she’s bloody good. Don’t tell her I said that though, I don’t want to make her head any bigger than it already is!” Bea said, heading out of the locker room, the blonde hot on her tail

“We’ve got an extra one Franky, Allie’s staying for dinner, or breakfast…whatever you want to call it” the redhead said as she walked through the door and into the mess room.

“Back again blondie, I knew you couldn’t resist the famous Doyle charm!”

“Don’t flatter yourself, I came back despite your so called ‘charm’” Allie replied, smiling at the tattooed brunette before turning towards Bea, her eyes following the redhead as she crossed the room, Franky watching on and smiling to herself.


The crew ate together, chatting and teasing one another, like one big dysfunctional family. Allie loved watching Bea, the redhead was laughing at a story Smiles was telling, something about a disastrous date she’d been on, not that she was really listening. Bea’s whole face lit up when she smiled and there was a lightness in her eyes that Allie hadn’t seen before. When she had first set eyes on her the previous day all she could think about was getting the older woman into bed, but sitting there, listening to her chatting with her friends, the only thing she wanted was to be the reason the redhead smiled like that.

She had stayed quiet, listening to them chat, joining in the conversation when she felt she had something to input, that was until the subject of work came up, she really hated that topic.

“So Allie, what do you do?” Fletch asked

“I…work in the public sector” the blonde replied, not technically a lie

“Oh Yeah, which department?”

Seeing a look of panic flash through the blonde’s eyes Bea steps in, steering the conversation back onto him, Allie smiling at her in thanks.

“How’s the furniture business going Fletch, did you get that order you were telling us about a couple of weeks ago?”

“Yeah I got it, I’m rushed off my bloody feet but I should be able to take a break after this one though” he replied

“You have two jobs?” Allie asked

“We all do. Doyle works as a paralegal, Vera’s a yoga instructor, Conway does nails, Smiles…well she does a bit of everything, and Smith here is a hairdresser” Fletcher replied

“You’re a hairdresser? Reckon you can do anything with this?” Allie said turning to face Bea while indicating to her messy blonde locks

“I’m sure I can come up with something, I like a challenge!” Bea replied ruffling the younger woman’s hair

“She’s good with her hands is Red, the way her nails scrape against my scalp when she washes my hair, makes me wonder what they would feel like scratching down my back...” Franky said, wiggling her eyebrows

“Piss off Franky” Bea replied, throwing a napkin at her, Allie giggling at their antics.


They chatted for a while longer before Bea noticed Allie yawning, the younger woman looked exhausted.

“Come on, I’ll give you the grand tour” she said, before standing up and leading the blonde out of the mess room.

“Don’t forget to show her your bunk Red” Franky shouted as they left the room, the redhead’s hand coming back through the open door, flipping her the finger.

“Ignore her, she’s a dick” Bea said, heading down the corridor towards the sleeping quarters, through the main dorm and into her quarters, Allie close behind her the whole time.

It was only small but it served its purpose, she had everything she needed, a single bed and a small desk so she could write up her reports while the rest of the crew slept.
“It’s nothing fancy but it’s all yours for the next six and a half hours” she said, indicating to the bed

“I can’t take your bed Bea”

“It’s fine, I’ve got a shit load of incident reports to get through anyway so I won’t be using it. Please”

“Ok, thank you. Will you stay with me for a while?”

“Sure, as long as you go to sleep” Bea replied, sitting down at the small desk and grabbing her paperwork.

“Oh I almost forgot this” the redhead said, grabbing the roll of cash from her drawer and handing it over to Allie, the blonde jumping up from the bed and hugging her tight, and this time she didn’t flinch.

“Oh my god, I was sure I’d lost this. Thank you Bea, not just for this but for what you did at the hospital, and everything you’ve done for me tonight, despite me acting like a jerk” the younger woman said, kissing her cheek

“Hey, it’s forgotten ok, and it’s my pleasure. I kind of like having you around, your company’s not so bad after all. Now get some sleep” she replied as Allie wandered back over to the bed, Bea’s cheek tingling where her lips had made contact.

Allie had been asleep for about an hour when Bea heard a soft knock on the door. Standing up she quietly exited the room, closing the door gently behind her.

“Everything ok in there?” Maxine asked

“Fine thanks, Allie’s asleep. She didn’t have anywhere to go, I couldn’t send her back out in this weather, poor thing”

“You know she has the hot’s for you right?”

“Nah, she’s just being friendly” Bea said, not sure if she was trying to convince herself or Maxine

“Ok, sure” the tall brunette replied, clearly not buying it

The siren ringing saved her from what was fast becoming uncomfortable territory. Allie was just being friendly right? And why did the thought of her wanting her in ‘that’ way make her heart beat a little bit faster. Clearing her thoughts she raced towards the fire truck, wondering what was in store for the crew this time.


The truck pulled into the appliance bay, teal watch jumping out as it came to a stop. Sorting her kit out quickly, Bea headed towards her quarters to check on Allie, concerned when she found the bed empty, surely she wouldn’t have just upped and left. Running through into the mess room she skidded to a halt at the sight in front of her, Allie was in the kitchen washing the dishes from their earlier meal, singing along softy to the radio.

“I thought you’d gone” Bea said, the concern evident in her voice

“I wouldn’t just leave like that, not without saying goodbye. I woke up and you were gone, everyone was gone. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I thought I’d make myself useful” the blonde replied, indicating to the pile of clean dishes stacked on the kitchen side. “Sorry, I didn’t know where you guys kept everything”

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll sort it. You really didn’t have to do this, but thank you”

“It’s the least I could do. Your bed is really comfy by the way” Allie replied, winking at the redhead as she leaned over her, grabbing the last of the dirty dishes. The older woman’s cheeks colouring up at the blonde’s blatant flirting.


Their shift over and teal watch headed home, Bea popping back to her quarters to pick up her car keys while the blonde waited in the mess room drying the last few dishes. Grabbing her keys and the reports she still needed to finish, she headed back to Allie, finding her toe to toe with Kaz Proctor.

“Everything ok in here?” Bea asked, shoulders back, her gaze fixed firmly on Kaz

“No everything isn’t ok Smith. I caught this one going through the cupboards, and judging by the shirt she’s wearing she’s already raided the locker room” the older blonde replied, indicating to the Melbourne Fire Department t shirt Allie was wearing.

“She was doing the dishes…and it’s my shirt, I gave it to her. Nobody is stealing anything, Allie’s a friend, so back off Kaz” the redhead said, coming to stand between the two blonde’s, eyes never leaving Proctors

“Sorry Smith, didn’t realise it was a drop-in centre” Kaz said, her looking at Allie in disgust

Bea took a step forward, squaring up to the older blonde. Feeling Allie’s hand on her arm she turned slightly, her expression softening, before glaring back at her colleague again.

“Proctor, Smith, what the hell is going on here?” Will shouted from the doorway, witnessing the exchange

“Nothing, everything’s sweet, right Bea?”

“Yeah, no problem at all boss” the redhead replied

“Good, now get lost Smith, your shift finished 10 minutes ago” he said before walking out the door.

“Better do what your boyfriend says, we all know how submissive you are” Kaz said, sneering at the redhead as she walked away

“That’s right, keep walking dickhead” Bea shouted after her before turning to face Allie

“Sorry about that, she’s a fucking idiot. You ready? I’ll drop you off at home…err…wherever you want to go, sorry” the redhead said, kicking herself at her slip-up, her eyes fixed on her shoes

“Hey, Bea…look at me” the blonde said, lifting the older woman’s chin so their eyes met

“It’s ok…really. There is somewhere you can take me, they do the best pancakes. Have breakfast with me, it’s my treat”

“You’re not wasting your money on me”

“You would never be a waste. Please…”

“Come on then, let’s go” the older woman said, heading down the corridor. Allie followed on, her mind going back to the older blonde’s comment, was Bea really screwing that guy? She had to find out, the thought of anyone else getting to be with the redhead in that way did not sit well with her. She was lost in thought as she followed Bea down the corridor, the older woman stopping as she passed an office, Allie nearly crashing into her.

“What was all that about Bea?” Will said as her and Allie passed his office on their way out.

“Nothing, just Kaz being her usual charming self”

“Yeah well don’t rise to it, I really don’t want to have to give you a warning, especially not after that one from the warehouse fire”

“I’ll try, thanks boss” the redhead replied, turning to Allie before leading her out to the car park.


Jumping in Bea’s car, the blonde gave her directions to the pancake house. Arriving they grabbed a corner table, away from the crowds, and placed their order, Allie going for fully loaded chocolate syrup pancakes, and Bea choosing a slightly healthier option with fruit.

“Tell me something about yourself that no one else knows” the blonde said

“There’s nothing to tell, my life really isn’t that exciting”

“You can’t do the job that you do and lead a boring life”

“That’s the most exciting thing about me, how sad is that?”

“It’s not sad, not at all. Ok, we’ll leave that one for now, how long have you been a firefighter?”

“Twelve years, it’s all I ever wanted to do, but life got in the way and I ended up hairdressing. I woke up one morning and decided to sign up, been doing it ever since”

“Well speaking from experience I’m glad you did, you’re very good at it. Who was that psycho back at the station by the way?”

“That was Kaz, she’ my equivalent on red watch. She hates my guts, and I have no idea why?”

“She’s clearly got no taste. So what do you like to do when you’re not playing superhero…or cutting hair?” the blonde asked, desperately wanting to get to know the woman opposite her a bit better

“I like going to the bar with the guys from work, we usually meet up a couple of times a week. Other than that I like going out on the bike, and running” Bea replied, humouring the younger woman.

“You’re not a fan of motorbikes?” she said, noticing the look of disgust on Allie’s face

“I love bikes, not a fan of running though, completely unnecessary” the younger woman said

“Its good exercise, gets the heart rate pumping”

“I can think of another way to achieve both of those things, and my way is much more pleasurable” Allie said, throwing the redhead a cheeky wink

“Are you always so direct?” the older woman asked, her stomach fluttering at the thought of what Allie was implying

“Saves time, plus I’ve already been in your bed and I’m technically in your pants right now, bit too late to go all shy on me Bea!” the blonde replied, laughing as Bea’s cheeks turned bright red

Finishing their breakfast Bea paid the pill, claiming she was going to the bathroom, the blonde chastising her as they left the restaurant.

“Not many people give me the time of day so thank you for keeping me company, and next time’s on me, no arguments” Allie said as they arrived back at Bea’s car

“Deal. Do you want me to drop you off anywhere?”

“No I’m good, I feel like walking, thanks though” the younger woman said, hugging the redhead before stepping back and turning to walk away

“You’re welcome, and you know where to find me if you need anything” Bea said, the blonde nodding before walking away.

Chapter Text

It had been two days since she had seen Bea, and Allie couldn’t get the older woman out of her mind. She couldn’t remember the last time someone had taken care of her without wanting something in return. She was intrigued by the redhead, she was clearly very confident in her job but there was a shyness about her that Allie found completely adorable. There was a spark between them, and the younger woman was sure the redhead felt it to. She knew she was falling for Bea, and desperately wanted to see her again, but if the older woman was seeing that guy from work she had to walk away before she got in any deeper.

Deciding to bite the bullet she headed to the station to return the redhead’s clothes. As she arrived she noticed the crew milling around the appliance bay, not recognising anyone she turned to leave before someone called out

“Well if it isn’t Smith’s pet project, come back for some fresh clothes have you?” Kaz called across the garage

“I’m looking for Bea, is she here?”

“Can’t see her anywhere, although you might want to check Jackson’s office, she likes getting up close and personal with him in there!” the older blonde replied, sneering at Allie. She had seen the way the younger woman looked at Smith the other night, might as well have a bit of fun at her expense.

“I brought her things back, can I leave them for her?” Allie said, indicating to the bag in her hand

“Does it look like a fucking mail room?”

“Get back to work Proctor, the truck needs a wash if you’ve got nothing to do” Bea’s boss shouted, his distinctive kiwi accent echoing around the room

“I was just about to start my reports” Kaz replied, a little less confident than before

“Then get on with your work, and that goes for the rest of you” he shouted, the crew scurrying off into the station

“Sorry about that, think she was dropped on her head as a child. You’re looking for Smith I presume”

“Yeah, she lent me some clothes the other night after I got caught in the storm, I was just returning them” Allie replied

“Her crew’s not rostered on for a couple of days”

“Ok I’ll try again another day, sorry to have bothered you”

“I can take them, I’m seeing her tonight so I’ll pass them on. I’m Will by the way”

“Allie, and thank you, that would be great” she replied, trying to hide the disappointment at hearing he would be spending time with Bea later

“Do you want me to give her a message?”

“Yeah, can you tell her I’m keeping her t shirt as a souvenir, and if she wants it back she’ll have to go on another breakfast date with me” the blonde said, smiling at Will before grabbing the t shirt back, handing the bag over and walking away, trying to hide the disappointment at not being the one that was getting to spend time with the redhead.


Bea was sitting at the bar talking to Franky and Maxine when Will arrived, bag in hand.

“Present for you Smith” he said, placing the bag on the bar

“Thanks, what is it?”

“Your clothes, Allie dropped them off for you earlier”
“She was at the station? Did you see her? Is she ok? Did she say anything?” Bea said, stumbling over her words, completely missing to look Franky and Maxine exchanged

“Woah, slow down, one question at a time. She came by this afternoon, I saw her and she seems fine, she did look a little tired though. She asked me to give you a message”


“She said that she’s keeping your shirt, and if you want it back you have to go on another date with her” Will replied, laughing as Bea’s face turned the same colour as her hair and she spat her beer all over.

“You ok Bea?” Maxine asked

“Fine, went down the wrong way that’s all” she spluttered

“Sure Smith” Will said, smiling at her before grabbing a drink and heading over to chat with Fletch.


It had been about half an hour since Bea had given herself a beer shower and thankfully the conversation had steered away from Allie, preventing her from making an even bigger fool of herself, or so she thought.

“So what’s the story with you and blondie?” Franky asked after Maxine had gone to the bathroom

“There’s no story. She needed a bit of help, I gave it to her, that’s it”

“That’s not all you want to give her though is it Red?” Franky said, wiggling her eyebrows at her friend suggestively

“For fuck sake Franky, why does everything come back to sex with you?”

“I wasn’t talking about fucking, your mind went there not mine. You know she wants to get in your pants though?”

“What, no she doesn’t” Bea said, an image of a naked Allie on her knees flashing through her mind

“Come on Red, even you can’t be that naïve. You must have seen the way she looks at you”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”

“I’m talking about the way Allie looks at you like you hand painted the stars in the sky” the tattooed brunette said

“She doesn’t”

“Trust me Red, she’s got it bad. I’m surprised she hasn’t jumped you yet”

“Piss off Doyle!” Bea said, pushing her friend off the bar stool

“Ok what did I miss?” Maxine asked, returning from the bathroom

“I was just quizzing Red about how far she’s got with her blonde princess, seems she’s a bit reluctant to share though” the tattooed brunette replied

“She’s not mine, and I was just being friendly, nothing more”

“She wants to be yours though, poor girl can’t keep her eyes off you” Maxine said, joining in and teasing her friend

“I hate you, both of you” Bea said, standing up and walking across the bar, stopping to chat to Liz and Boomer, Franky and Maxine laughing as she took off in a huff.

Arriving home later that night, Bea climbed into bed, the cat curling up beside her and falling asleep, her mind going back to the earlier conversation with Franky. Did Allie really think of her in that way? That would definitely explain the incident in the shower the other day, she was just glad Franky didn’t know about that, she’d never hear the end of it. There was something about the blonde that had gotten under her skin, she just couldn’t figure out what it was, or why the thought of the younger woman wanting her sent her heart racing.

“I’m not gay” Bea said out loud, sitting upright on the bed, the cat glaring at her before turning over and going back to sleep.

Laying back down, her thoughts returned to Allie and her flirtatious smile. When sleep eventually claimed her, her dreams were once again full of blonde hair and blue eyes, although this time visions of Allie’s naked body kneeling before her were also thrown into the mix, making for an extremely frustrating and restless night.


It had been four days since Allie had seen the redhead, and she missed her terribly. She had been disappointed when she hadn’t been at the station the other day, and the comment that Kaz woman had made about Bea and Will was niggling at her, that was the second time she had implied there was something between them, and what had she meant the other night when she said the redhead was submissive. Making up her mind to ask Bea the next time she saw her she carried on down the street, looking for any shops that may be hiring.
Allie was determined she was not going back to her old life, after spending the night at the station with Bea she knew she wanted more than just a one night stand, it wasn’t love, not yet anyway, but she was pretty sure it could head in that direction, she just hoped she wasn’t about to crash and burn. If she had any chance at all with the redhead she needed to get her shit together, and that meant no more screwing arseholes for cash, and no more drugs, Bea Smith was the only high she needed from now on.

She had stayed at the shelter every night since she last saw Bea, had started helping in the kitchen and finally made use of the two computers they had to update her CV, hopefully it had been worth the three hour wait for the PC. She had dropped her freshly printed CV off in half a dozen café’s and a few shops, she just hoped that someone would give her a chance. Having a women’s shelter as your place of residence often put potential employers off. There was plenty of bar work but with a curfew of 8pm it made it impossible, if she could save enough money to rent a room somewhere then that may be an option in the future.

The past couple of days hadn’t been pretty, the drugs had been tearing their way out of her system and she had been sick so many times she couldn’t count, her skin was clammy and her eyes sunken. She looked like shit but she was beating this, she was going to get clean then go and see her Bea.


It had been a week, seven whole days, seven days, six hours and thirty minutes to be exact, since she had seen the older woman, and she couldn’t wait any longer. Allie had no idea if she would even be at work, let alone what shift she would be on, but if she didn’t try she’d never know. Leaving the shelter she headed for the tram stop, her stomach flipping at the thought of seeing her beautiful Bea. She was a couple of streets away when she saw Aiden walking towards her, he had been one of her regulars but she hadn’t seen him in a few weeks. Keeping her head down and thinking she was in the clear she walked past him, his hand grabbing her arm tight as she drew level with him.

“You been avoiding me sweetheart?”

“No, of course not, I haven’t been out much the past few weeks, that’s all” she replied, hoping he didn’t see through her lie.

“I’ve got cash on me and some sweet gear, get me off like I know you can and I’ll split it with you” he said pulling her against him

“I can’t, I’m sorry. I have to go” Allie said, trying to escape his hold

“You owe me at least two weeks’ worth baby, and I always collect my debts” he said pushing her into the doorway of an old, boarded up shop, his body pressed tight against her, hands grabbing roughly at her clothing

“Aiden no, stop, please, I don’t want to” she pleaded with him

“I don’t care what you want whore, I’m going to fuck you and you’re going to enjoy it. Might still share my gear with you if you’re a good girl and scream for me like the little bitch you are” he said, pulling at the button on her jeans, his hand grabbing her right breast roughly through her shirt, ripping the material in the process.

“Please stop…get off…you’re hurting me” she pleaded again to no avail


They were on their way back from a shout when Bea saw the couple in a doorway down a side street, the guy appeared to be forcing himself on the girl, and she was clearly struggling against his weight. She could feel her blood boil, she had been too weak for many years to stop Harry from abusing her, but if there was any way she could help someone else she would. Calling to Fletch and asking him to stop the truck she jumped out, running over to the couple.

“…stop, please, I don’t want to…” the woman said, her voice small

“…I don’t care what you want whore, I’m going to fuck you and you’re going to enjoy it. Might still share my gear with you if you’re a good girl and scream for me like the little bitch you are …” she heard him reply, rage building inside her

“…please stop…get off…you’re hurting me…” the woman pleaded, she also sounded a lot like Allie

Grabbing the back of his jacket Bea dragged him off, glancing back towards the doorway she saw Allie, tears streaming down her face and the front of her shirt torn.

Turning back around, she swung her arm, her fist connecting with his nose, hard, raising her foot she kicked him in the nuts as he stumbled back. She was just about to launch at him again when she felt arms around her waist restricting her movement.

“Leave him Red”

“Get the fuck off me Franky” Bea shouted to her friend

“Not until you calm down” the tattooed brunette said, holding Bea tight as she struggled against her

“I’m gonna kill the fucker”

“Bea….please don’t do anything stupid” Allie pleaded with her, the redhead stilling in Franky’s arms as soon as she heard the blonde’s voice

“If I let you go you’ve got to promise me you’re not going to turn into Boomer……you good Red?” the tattooed brunette said

“Yeah, Yeah, I’ll behave ok, just let me go already” Bea replied as Franky released her hold on her.

Turning to face Allie she removed her coat and wrapped it around the blonde, covering her up, before pulling her into a hug and placing a soft kiss on the younger woman’s temple, completely forgetting about her entire crew watching them.

Stepping back she took the blondes hand, helping her into the fire truck before instructing Fletch to return to the station. The journey back was only five minutes but it felt like a lifetime, Franky had jumped in the front, allowing Bea to stay with Allie. Maxine was looking on in concern, Vera was staring at the floor, and Smiles just looked confused, not one of them daring to speak.


After what felt like forever they arrived back at the station, the rest of the crew jumping out, leaving Bea alone with Allie

“You ok?” she asked, turning to face the blonde

“I’m fine, honestly. Thank you, you really are my personal superhero” Allie replied, hugging the redhead, pulling back when she heard Will’s voice echoing through the appliance bay

“Smith, my office…now!” he yelled, clearly pissed off, before storming back in the direction he had come from

“Shit, I’ve gotten you into trouble haven’t I?”

“Nah, don’t worry about it, I’ve been landing myself in the shit for years without any help, come on” the redhead said, helping Allie out of the truck before leading her to the locker room.

“You’ll have more of these than me soon” she said, smiling at the blonde as she handed her another work t shirt

Heading back through to the dorm she found Maxine, asking her to keep an eye on Allie while she went to see Jackson, knowing another bollocking was coming her way.

Knocking on the door she stepped into the office, turning to face Will

“Shut the door Smith” he said

Closing it behind her she took a seat at his desk, hoping he would make it quick so she could get back to the blonde.

“What the fuck was that all about?” he said, sliding his phone over the desk to her.

Picking it up, she pressed play, the video showing her punching and kicking the arsehole. Pressing stop she placed his phone down on the desk before looking up, her eyes locked with his

“I’m not going to apologise, he fucking deserved it. And before you start I didn’t even know it was Allie until I pulled that arsehole off her”

“I don’t give a fuck what you do when you’re off duty, but when you’re in uniform you do not go around beating people up, no matter what they’ve done, do you hear me?”

“He’s lucky he can still walk” she replied defiantly

“Do you want to lose your job? Because that’s what will happen if you don’t pull your head in. Now get changed and go home, your shift’s over, and don’t bother coming in tomorrow. You need to get your shit together Smith, I mean it”

“What? You’re suspending me, you’ve got to be kidding”

“”You’ve put me in an impossible situation, I’ve had my boss screaming down the phone at me, it’s all over bloody YouTube. I have to be seen to be doing something, just take tomorrow off and come back in a few days for the next shift. Now go, get out of here”

“Yes boss” Bea said, still pissed off but understanding why he had to suspend her.


Allie was sat in the mess room with Maxine, there was some programme about animals playing in the background, not that she was really watching it.

“I’ve got her into trouble haven’t I?”

“Don’t blame yourself love, that’s just how she is. It’s not the first time she’s been summoned to Jackson’s office and it won’t be the last. Bea’s the best firefighter I have ever worked with, and she does what she thinks is the right thing to do, not what anyone tells her, and that gets her in the shit sometimes, well quite often if I’m being honest. I’ll tell you something though, if I had to pick anyone to run into a burning building with I’d chose her every time, she cares, that’s what makes her so good. None of this is your fault ok”

Maxine said, placing her hand on the blonde’s arm

Walking back into the mess room Bea found Allie sitting on the sofa with Maxine, watching some TV show about animals

“Everything ok love?” Max asked, spotting her walk in

“Yeah it’s fine. I’m going to head home, I’ll see you in a few days”

“A few days? We’re rostered on tomorrow” Maxine replied, not following what her friend was saying

“Apparently my presence is not required, looks like you’ll be stepping up Doyle” Bea said as Franky walked into the room

“Don’t worry Red, I’ll keep your bed warm for you, call me if you need anything ok, and for the record I would have done the same thing. Now get out of here before you kick someone else’s arse” the tattooed brunette said, nudging the redhead playfully

“Thanks, both of you.” Bea said before turning to Allie “You read to go?”

“Ready when you are, thanks for everything guys” the blonde replied, waving to Maxine and Franky as she followed Bea to the locker room.

Leading Allie through the corridor Bea’s mind drifted back to the earlier events. She was pretty sure she would have pasted the little fucker if Franky hadn’t have grabbed her, and she was fine with that. The fact that it had been Allie he was hurting had made things a thousand times worse. What the hell was going on with her, she’d never felt the need to protect someone like she did Allie, well aside from her daughter, but she’d right royally screwed that up.

Entering the locker room she grabbed two helmets and her leather jacket, handing one of them to Allie

“I came on the bike this morning, you ok riding on it?”

“Oh my god, yes, I love bikes. What type have you got?”

“It’s a Harley, here put this on, there’s less chance of me falling off than you” Bea said, passing her jacket to the blonde, smiling at the look of horror on her face. Leading her back out, they headed for the car park.

“Where do you want me to take you?”

“I’ve been staying at the women’s shelter, it’s nothing fancy but it’s warm and dry, can you drop me off there?”

“Sure, no problem” the redhead replied, starting the engine, feeling Allie’s arms wrap tight around her waist.

They had been riding for about fifteen minutes and were almost at their destination, traffic was pretty quiet and Bea was a little disappointed that it hadn’t taken longer, she was enjoying the feeling of the blonde wrapped around her far more than she should. Pulling up outside the old building that served as a shelter Allie climbed off the bike, removing her helmet before looking towards the closed door, that was strange, there was usually someone there. Handing the helmet back to the redhead she thanked her for the lift before
walking to the door, finding it locked she turned around and wandered back over to the bike.

“What time is it Bea?”

“It’s 20:45, why?” the redhead replied, checking her phone

“Shit, they lock the doors at eight, you can’t get in after that…fuck”

“You’d better get back on then” Bea said, firing up the engine again as the blonde put the helmet on, got on the bike and wrapped her arms around the older woman.

“Where are we going?” Allie asked

“My place” Bea replied, turning the bike around and setting off again.


It took about twenty minutes to get back to Bea’s house, Allie was quiet during the journey, and the feeling of the older woman’s body pressed against her front was driving her wild with want. She couldn’t believe the way the redhead had defended her earlier, no one had ever had her back before, once they had got what they wanted she was cast aside like an unwanted gift. Bea had been different, she treated her like she mattered, like her life was actually worth something. She shouldn’t be surprised though, so far everything with the redhead was different, which only made her fall for her that little bit harder.

Pulling up outside Bea unlocked the garage before riding in and parking the bike. Leading the blonde into the house she dropped her keys on the side before heading for the fridge
“Can I get you something to drink, I’ve got water, juice, coffee, beer, tequila…”

“Sure, I’ll have whatever you’re having, thanks. I could have stayed in a hotel, you didn’t have to bring me back here”

“I’m sorry, would you have rather gone to a hotel? I can take you somewhere else if you want” the redhead said, putting the two bottles down she’d just taken from the fridge and reaching for the keys to the bike. She had thought she was doing the right thing bringing the younger woman back here, but maybe Allie wanted to be alone.

Jumping forward Allie placed her hand on top of Bea’s, stopping her picking up the keys.

“I’m glad I’m here but I don’t want to put you out. You’ve been at work all day, the last thing you need is someone like me hanging around”

“I wouldn’t have brought you home if I didn’t want to, I‘d like you to stay, but only if you want to, I won’t be offended either way”

“I want to stay” the blonde replied, grabbing the bottles, handing one to Bea before taking a drink from the other.

“I’m going to make a start on dinner, make yourself at home, there’s more beer in the fridge if you want it” Bea said, grabbing the ingredients from the fridge and a chopping board. Turning around she almost collided with the blonde.

“Sorry…” they both said at the same time, laughing

“I want to help, and before you say it, I know I don’t have to. I’m not taking no for an answer by the way so don’t even try” Allie said, nudging the redhead with her hip gently

They worked in silence, moving around each other like they had been doing this for years. Bea couldn’t help but think how much she was enjoying the blonde’s company, it was nice to have someone to do everyday things with. Glancing to the right she noticed Allie had stopped what she was doing, her eyes locked on Bea’s hands, watching her every move. Stilling her hands blue eyes looked up, locking with her brown ones, the blonde’s cheeks colouring slightly at being caught staring.


Dinner turned out really well, they clearly made a good team. The conversation had been light and there was no awkwardness, it felt to Bea like they had been friends for years. She couldn’t remember ever feeling so comfortable around someone she hardly knew before.

They had finishes their meal when the curiosity got the better of her.

“Can I ask you something?” Bea said

“Sure, fire away”

“Who was that guy from earlier?”

“The one you bashed you mean? That was really hot by the way” Allie said, smirking at the older woman before she continued.

“He’s a former client. I’m a…I was working as a prostitute and he was one of my regulars, I guess he didn’t take my retirement too well. Do you want me to leave?” she said, pushing her chair back so she could stand up.

“Of course not, why would I? How did you end up in the shelter? The older woman asked

“Most people run a mile when they find out what I did”

“I’m not most people, I want you here ok”

“Ok, thank you. I was fifteen when my Dad kicked me out, having a lesbian as a daughter was never part of his grand plan. I lived in a shelter for kids until I was eighteen then I had to leave there. After twelve months on the streets I managed to get a job and save up enough to rent a room. It was a shithole but it was mine, and I loved it. I was working at a bar in town serving drinks and collecting glasses. They hosted a lot of open mic nights and corporate promotion events and when one of the girls quit they gave me the job of organising things, turned out I was really good at it. We were hosting an event for a big organisation and they liked what I had done, offered me a job, better money, great prospects, so I took it. The room I was living in was only small and I needed more space, I was checking the rental listings one lunch when Archie, my boss, offered me a flat to rent. He had a few properties he rented out to staff, showed me around that night and I moved in the next day. He had a girlfriend, Nicole, they were always together, she came by the office a lot and they were very public with their relationship, I thought nothing of it really. I’d been there about two years when I got a new client, Mia, we always met at her office, which was nothing out of the ordinary, and I’d done the same with other clients. She was friendly from the start but after a couple of months she started showing more of an interest in me. She was a powerhouse, all business suits, fancy cars and cash, but she was good to me. I got swept up in it all, everything with her was so different to what I was used to. I should have known she was playing me, what would someone like that want with a street kid like me”

“What happened?”

“I arrived at work one Tuesday morning to find all my things packed into a box. Archie came storming into my office shouting at me, I had no idea what was going on until I saw her standing by the door. It turned out that Mia was his wife, she had suspected he was having an affair so got close to me to find out information. She told him everything we’d done together, and I mean everything. He lost it, fired me on the spot and kicked me out of the flat, bastard didn’t even give me my last pay check. That was three years ago, and I’ve been back on the streets since then”

“What were you doing in that warehouse, were you sleeping there? What about the shelter?”

“It was harder the second time around, I couldn’t find a job and I was starving, one of the other girls was a prostitute and made good money so I gave it a go. I hated it, everything about it made me feel sick, but I started making decent money. I was saving up for somewhere to live when I met this guy. I’d been with him a few times and he seemed ok, well ok for a wanker, but one night he beat me badly and stole my cash. I had nothing, didn’t even have a dollar to my name, and I was in a lot of pain, he’d really done a job on me. One of the girls gave me some pills, I have no idea what they were but they took the edge off, helped me escape for a few hours. I started using on a regular basis after that, anything I could get my hands on. I had stayed at the shelter a few times but an 8pm curfew wasn’t very practical for a prostitute, and I needed the money to buy drugs. It was getting cold and I’d spotted the warehouse a few days before so decided to sleep there for the night, turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made” the blonde said, smiling at the older woman

“I can’t imagine how hard that must have been for you. Some people truly are bastards, I’m so sorry you had to go through all that shit Allie”

“Don’t be, that’s life. Some people keep getting handed the joker card, no matter how many times they shuffle the deck”

“How old are you?” Bea asked, she had wondered since the night they met

“I’m 27, 28 next month, what about you?”

“37, god I feel old” Bea said, looking away from the blonde

“You’ve got nothing to worry about, trust me. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen” the younger woman said, lifting Bea’s chin, their eyes locking

“I doubt that, but thank you, I appreciate what you’re trying to do”

“I’m not trying to do anything Bea, I meant every word. I can’t take my eyes off you, you must have noticed, I’m not exactly known for my subtlety” Allie said, reaching over to tuck a stray curl behind the redhead’s ear

“I’m not gay” the older woman replied, although she wasn’t even convincing herself, let alone the woman sitting opposite

“I don’t care what you are” Allie said, standing up and grabbing their plates, she headed through to the kitchen to make a start on the dishes, the older woman following her.

They cleaned up in silence for a few minutes before Bea spoke again.

“Are you still using….the drugs I mean?”

“No, I haven’t touched them since the night of the fire. I wanted to come by and see you sooner but I was a mess, all the shit was ripping through my system and I didn’t want you to see me like that, it wasn’t a pretty sight. Would you have let me stay if I was?”

“I would never judge you Allie, you’re welcome here any time you want. I’ll help you in any way I can but I won’t have drugs in my house”

“I don’t need them anymore. For the first time in years I feel like I’m worth something and I’m not about to fuck that up by getting high. I’ve been applying for jobs, haven’t had any responses yet but hopefully someone will see past my living arrangements and give me a shot” the blonde replied, smiling at Bea as they finished the washing up.


Half an hour later they were sitting on the sofa with a beer when Allie picked a photo up from the side table.

“Who’s that?” she asked, indicating to the girl in the photo with Bea

“That’s Debbie, my daughter”

“She’s gorgeous Bea, just like her Mum. Where is she?”

“She went to university a month ago, the place feels so empty without her. She’s only an hour away but I miss her”

“Was it just the two of you?”

“Three, Cormack should be around here somewhere”


“He’s my cat, I got him three years ago from the rescue centre”

“So no boyfriend lurking anywhere that I need to worry about? I noticed you weren’t wearing a ring so there can’t be a husband”

“No, no boyfriend, or husband, just me and the cat. There’s an ex-husband though, we’ve been divorced four years now, things got messy and we couldn’t go back home. I bought this place when the settlement came through. He’s never been here so don’t worry”

“What kind of man throws a woman and kid out of the house, he sounds like a jerk. There must be something seriously wrong with him to let you go in the first place”

“He didn’t kick us out, there was a fire and the house got destroyed, not that I could have stayed there anyway, too many memories”

“I’m sorry, that must have been awful. Do you ever see him?”

“Debbie’s visited him a few times but I never want to see him again, he was…is a bastard”

“Does he live around here?”

“Sort of, he’s currently residing at Walford Correctional Centre”

“He’s in prison, shit! What for if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Assault, arson and attempted murder, he got ten years. They should leave him there to rot”

“Who did he try to kill?” the blonde asked, grabbing the older woman’s hand as she noticed a look of sadness in her eyes.

“Me and Debbie. We’d had an argument, which was nothing new. He’d stormed off somewhere, it was late and we were in bed asleep when he came back. He poured petrol through the house and set it alight, his kid was in there. I managed to get us both out in time but the place was gutted, we lost everything, the neighbour’s CCTV footage picked him up running from the scene”

“Fuck…I’m so sorry Bea, no one should ever have to go through that” the blonde said, pulling the older woman in to a hug. If she ever laid eyes on the bastard she’d kill him.

“It’s in the past, I’m over it, but I worry about Debbie. Things have been difficult the past couple of years, she couldn’t wait to leave. I feel like she’s slipping away from me” the redhead said, wiping the stray tear from her eye before it could fall

“It’s probably just her age, don’t worry. If the way you have taken care of me the past couple of weeks is anything to go by you’re a great Mum, don’t be so hard on yourself” Allie replied, wrapping an arm around the older woman’s shoulders.

They stayed like that for a few minutes until a tabby cat jumped on the sofa, climbed over Bea and settled down in the blonde’s lap

“Looks like Alliecat’s stick together” Bea joked, referring to the blonde’s time on the streets

“Ouch, you wound me Bea. Looks like it’s you and me then Cormack” Allie said, smiling at the nickname the redhead had given her, while ruffling the cats fur affectionately

“Shit, look at the time. You can take my bed, I’ll crash in Debbie’s room” the older woman said, standing up after looking at the clock and seeing it was almost 2am.

“The sofa’s fine Bea, I’m not kicking you out of your room”

“You’re not sleeping on the sofa, now quit arguing and get in my bed” Bea replied, her cheeks colouring when she realised what she’d said, the blonde in hysterics at her poor choice of words

“Now that’s an offer I can’t refuse, lead the way babe” Allie said once she had her laughter under control, winking at the redhead as she stood up and followed her up the stairs.
Walking into her bedroom Bea grabbed a few things before finding Allie something to sleep in.

“There’s fresh towels on the shelf in the bathroom and a new toothbrush in the cabinet, help yourself to anything you need. Goodnight Allie” the older woman said, stepping out and closing the door behind her, Cormack sneaking in without either of them noticing.

“Night beautiful” the blonde replied, smiling at the retreating woman.

Chapter Text

The next morning Bea woke up, jumped out of Debbie’s bed and headed across the landing to her room. Knocking softly on the door and receiving no answer she gently opened it.  Peering in through the gap she saw Allie laid on her back fast asleep, Cormack curled into her side.  She looked so peaceful and relaxed, and the redhead hoped it wouldn’t be the last time the younger woman slept in her bed. “Where the hell did that come from” she thought to herself as panic began to rise through her at the thoughts running through her head. Creeping into the room she quietly grabbed a change of clothes, before walking back out, closing the door gently she headed to the bathroom for a shower, hopefully it would clear her mind in the process.

Finishing up in the bathroom she headed downstairs to put the coffee on and see what she had in for breakfast. Sitting at the table, coffee in hand her mind went back to the sleeping blonde, she needed somewhere more stable to live if she was going to hold a job down. The thought of Allie living out on the streets again broke her heart, she was such a beautiful person, how could anyone treat her like she meant nothing. An Idea coming into her head she grabbed the phone and dialled Liz’s number. After discussing her idea with her surrogate mother she was pleased that Liz had agreed to it, now all she needed to do was convince the sleeping blonde. Ten minutes later she heard footsteps coming down the stairs, looking up she saw Allie walking towards her, messy blonde locks cascading over her shoulders, Cormack arriving a few seconds later, sitting down beside the blonde’s feet.

Allie had woken up from the best sleep she’d had in years, the bed was extremely comfortable and she didn’t ever want to leave it. Everything in the room smelt like Bea, and that both comforted and excited her, she wished she could bottle it and carry it with her wherever she went. After brushing her teeth she headed downstairs to see if the object of her affections was up yet. She was half way down the stairs when the smell of coffee hit her, drawing her towards the kitchen like a magnet. Stopping briefly when she reached the bottom of the stairs she looked across the room, her eyes locking on the older woman, her head was down and it looked like she was sketching something. Continuing on her mission to find the coffee she approached the kitchen area, the redhead looking up from her sketchbook and smiling at her.

“Good morning Alliecat, did you sleep ok?”

“Like a baby, actually no, I didn’t cry or shit myself you’ll be pleased to know, so not at all like a baby. That was the best sleep I’ve had in years, thank you”

“It was my pleasure, help yourself to coffee, there’s juice in the fridge if you’d prefer that”

“Coffee’s fine, thanks” Allie said, grabbing a cup before sitting down opposite the redhead. Taking a sip she felt the caffeine rushing through her body “Oh god, that’s so good” she moaned loudly, chuckling at the blush that crept onto Bea’s cheeks, she really was unbelievably adorable.

Bea was suddenly feeling rather warm, the way the younger woman had moaned after tasting the coffee had sent a jolt to her lower abdomen and her heart felt like it was beating out of her chest. She knew exactly what these felling were but she’d be damned if she was going to admit it. Pushing it to the back of her mind she tried to focus her attention on something else, after all ignorance was bliss, isn’t that what they say?

“Were you drawing when I came downstairs?” the blonde asked, keen to find out as much about Bea as possible

“Yeah, I’ve done it for years. I’ve always found drawing and painting so relaxing, not that I got much opportunity when I was married. After I separated from Harry I took it up again. It sounds silly but it helps take my mind off things”

“It doesn’t sound silly at all. I can’t draw to save my life but I love music. When I was a kid I would shut myself in my room and play my guitar for hours. I love writing lyrics as well, I’m not particularly good at it but it sometimes helps putting things down on paper”

“Do you still play?”

“No, I needed cash so I had to sell my guitar a couple of years ago. I still write a bit though, although it’s been more about clearing my mind of all the shit than writing songs recently. I’d love to pick it up again at some point. Do you mind if I take a look?” Allie said, indicating to the sketchbook on the table

“Sure, but they’re not very good. I’d love to hear you play sometime”

“You’re planning on sticking around for a while then are you?”

“Of course, providing you don’t laugh at my drawings” Bea said, handing her book over to the younger woman.

Flicking through the sketchbook Allie was in awe at what she was seeing. The drawings were incredible, Bea was really talented, and her attention to detail was out of this world. Most of the sketches were of Debbie and her crew from the station, turning the page the blonde spotted a drawing of three women she didn’t recognise.

“Wow Bea, you’re really talented. Firefighter, hairdresser, superhero and now artist, is there anything you can’t do?”

“There’s plenty, and they really aren’t that good, but thank you for the complement” the older woman said

Who’s this?” she asked, pointing to the sketch

“That’s Liz, Boomer and Doreen. Liz and Boomer own the bar we go to after work and Doreen works there. Liz has owned the place for years and was thinking of selling up four years ago. Boomer is Franky’s best friend and had been going there with us for as long as I can remember, she offered to go into business with her four years ago” Bea replied, smiling at the thought of her friends


Allie had gone to grab a shower while Bea nipped to the shop to pick up a few things for breakfast, she had been expecting to be at the station so had very little in. After breakfast they were sitting at the table chatting when Bea decided to discuss the blonde’s living arrangements with her.

“What are your plans for today?”

“Not much, I need to go back to the shelter and check on the computer to see if I’ve had any replies on the job front, other than that just looking for work I guess. I can go whenever you want me to”

“You can use my laptop, I’ll grab it for you in a minute, and I wasn’t asking because I want you to leave, I like having you around”

“You do?”

“Yeah, I like the company, and Cormack seems to have taken to you, the little traitor” the redhead said, glaring at the cat who was currently curled up at the blonde’s feet

“He’s got good taste” the younger woman said, winking at Bea

“That’s debatable. There’s something I want to run by you, feel free to say no if you want, I won’t be offended”

“Well now you’ve got me all curious Bea”

“It’s about your living arrangements. I don’t want you going back to the shelter, and you’re going to need space of your own once you find a job. A friend of mine has a studio flat, it’s nothing fancy and it’s not massive but it’s yours if you want it”

“That sounds awesome but I can’t accept, there’s no way I can afford rent until I get a job. If it’s still available once I start earning then that would be great, thank you”

“I thought you might say that. The flat’s above the bar Liz and Boomer own, the only thing that will need covering are the bills, they’ve been using it as a crash pad come store room so they don’t want any rent. I’ve spoken to Liz and I’m going to cover the bills until you get a job, and before you protest this isn’t charity, you can pay me back when you’re back on your feet ok”

“You’d really do that for me, but you hardly know me”

“Everyone needs a bit of help at some point. Liz and Franky were my rocks when everything came to a head with Harry, I’m not sure I’d have gotten through it all if it wasn’t for them. I told you last night that I would help you in any way I could, it’s not much but please let me do this. We can head over there and take a look at it if you want, you can meet Liz, she’s like a Mum to me, you’ll love her” the redhead said, looking pleadingly at Allie

“Ok but on one condition. I pay you back with interest and as soon as find a job I start paying rent”

“Deal, but I’d better warn you, my interest rates are high” Bea said jokingly

“I always did have expensive taste” Allie threw back, winking at the older woman before laughing.


An hour later Bea had parked the car outside Fuel and was leading Allie through the rear door, it was late morning so the bar was still closed. Heading down the back corridor Bea called out to Liz, receiving a reply letting her know she was in the bar, continuing down the corridor she opened a door and lead them into the main part of the bar.

Walking through into the bar area Allie spotted an older woman with curly blonde hair walking towards them, approaching Bea she wrapped her arms around her, hugging her tight

“Hey Liz, this is Allie” the redhead said, breaking the embrace and turning towards the younger blonde

“Nice to meet you love” Liz said, stepping forward and pulled Allie into a hug

“Come on then, let me give you the grand tour” the older blonde said, leading the other women back through the door they had just come from. Stopping to unlock another door she led them up a flight of stairs, through a third door and into the studio.

“Like I said to Bea it’s nothing fancy but you should have everything you need in here. I’ll leave you to have a look around, I’ll be down in the bar if you need me” she said before heading back downstairs
Bea sat on the sofa while Allie wandered around, taking it all in.

“So what’s the verdict, you think you’d be happy here?

“I love it, it’s perfect. Are you sure about this though, I don’t know how long it will take me to get a job” Allie asked

“Positive, now come on, let’s go tell Liz the good news” Bea replied, grabbing the blonde’s hand and leading her down into the bar. The three of them chatted for a while before Liz had to get back to work. Allie really liked the older blonde, she could see why Bea was so fond of her.

They called at the shelter on the way home so Allie could collect her possessions. Grabbing the few decent items of clothing she owned and her notebook she left everything else behind, most of the clothes she had, had come from there so she may as well give them back. Arriving back at the house Bea made them a late lunch before suggesting that she gave Allie the haircut they had previously discussed.


Allie was seated in the kitchen, head tilted back slightly and eyes closed, the older woman’s fingers running through her long blonde locks was driving her crazy, feeling the familiar pool of wetness between her legs she clamped her thighs together while trying to keep her breathing under control. Bea could tell by the rise and fall of the younger woman’s chest that her touch was affecting the blonde, not wanting to tease her she removed her hands from her hair before leaning in to speak, her lips close to Allie’s ear.

“So, what do you want me to do?” she asked, hearing the younger woman gasp softly at her words.

She was a mess, a puddle of raging hormones. As if it wasn’t bad enough that she had gotten herself so worked up at the redhead’s touch, she had to go and ask ‘that’ question. Allie was pretty sure she could get off on that husky voice alone.

“I want you to fuck me, right here, right now” is what she really wanted to say, of course that would most definitely get her thrown out of the house at an alarmingly quick pace. Taking a deep breath and trying to keep her voice as normal as possible she turned slightly, eyes locking with the older woman’s before replying.

“Do whatever you want, I trust you” she replied, her voice slightly deeper than usual

“Excellent” Bea said, turning to grab her scissors.

She had taken several inches off Allie’s hair, the blonde locks now sitting just above her shoulders. It would be another twenty minutes before the highlights needed washing out, the two women were seated at the table chatting while they waited.

“I never did thank you for what you did at the hospital, I could have been sitting somewhere completely different if it wasn’t for you”

“I’m not following, what did I do?”

“The drugs I was carrying, I heard you ask Dr Westfall not to call the cops. With what I had on me I’m pretty sure I’d have done time, so thank you. I am curious as to why did you did it though, I was a stranger to you, still am in some ways”

“Honestly, I thought you’d been through enough for one night. I’ve dealt with the cops on numerous occasions and they’re not always known for their empathy. I didn’t want you to become another number in the system, you get busted, do time, pick up other skills inside in order to score a hit, get released and then the cycle happens all over again. I didn’t want that for you, everyone deserves a second shot at life”

“I appreciate it more than you could ever know”

“I did what I thought was right, nothing more, nothing less. Right come on, let’s get this washed out before all your hair falls out” the older woman said, standing up and pulling Allie to her feet before leading her upstairs to the bathroom.

Washing the blonde’s hair wasn’t exactly going to plan, Allie was on her knee’s, head over the bath, the older woman standing beside her, shower in hand. As Bea leant over the younger woman she slipped, the shower head turning in her hand, soaking her through, as well as the ceiling, the blonde below her remaining mostly dry.

“Shit…Fuck…” she yelled, jumping back before frantically trying to turn the water off, wetting herself again as she turned towards the controller. Finally stopping the spray she looked down, her t shirt was soaked through, the wet fabric sticking to her like an extra skin. Grabbing the hem of the shirt she pulled it over her head before tossing it into the sink.

“Do your haircuts always come with a striptease or am I just the lucky one? No wonder Franky likes getting a cut!” Allie said, laughing at the redhead, her eyes roaming over her bra clad chest before locking into deep brown eyes that were scowling back at her

“Are you going to sit there and stare or are you going to pass me a towel”

“I think I’ll stay here, the view is spectacular” the blonde replied, winking at Bea

“Fine, but don’t blame me when your hair goes green” Bea said, giggling as the younger woman jumped to her feet to grab her a towel

After drying herself off Bea grabbed a dry shirt from her room before returning to wash the colour out, wetting Allie’s hair this time, as well as the younger woman herself, payback was a bitch after all.
Leading Allie through to her bedroom Bea dried and styled her freshly cut and coloured hair, the highlights bringing out the blonde tones in the younger woman’s hair. Grabbing a small mirror from the cabinet she held it behind the blonde so she could take a look

“Wow, Bea I love it, you really are good with your hands, Franky definitely wasn’t lying. I’m never letting anyone near my hair again from now on” she said, thinking how her hair had never looked so good

”I’m glad you like it. The guys are heading over to the bar later of you fancy a night out, nothing fancy it’s just a few drinks”

”I’d love to but I don’t want to intrude on your time with your friends”

“You wouldn’t be, I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want you there. We can leave in an hour if that gives you enough time, I’m going to jump in the shower…again” Bea replied, grabbing a change of clothes before heading back to the bathroom to wash her hair.


They arrived at the bar an hour before the others were due, Bea wanting to give Allie a chance to meet Boomer and Doreen before everyone else arrived, the blonde and Boomer hitting it off straight away. Bea was chatting with Liz, Allie and Booms off to one side laughing hysterically at something on the brunette’s phone. Glancing over to the side she couldn’t take her eyes off the younger woman, the way the light was catching her freshly cut hair gave her a glow, and she looked like an angel standing there. Liz calling her name snapped her out of her Allie induced trance.

“Sorry, I was miles away” the redhead said, embarrassed at being caught staring, not that Liz would ever judge her

“More like meters” Liz thought, smiling at the redhead whose gaze was fixed on Allie once again. She had noticed earlier how both women kept stealing glances at one another when they thought the other one wasn’t looking.

“I was just saying that we’ve cleared most of the crap so young Allie can move in whenever she’s ready”

“Thank you for doing this, I’d hate for her to end up back out there again. She’s a good person, she just needs someone to take a chance on her”

“She’s lucky she’s got you then love. Don’t worry, we’ll keep an eye on her” Liz replied before standing up and heading behind the bar, the place was starting to fill up now, it was unusually busy for a Thursday. Turning to the side Bea spotted Allie wandering over to her, drinks in hand. Handing one of the bottles to Bea, Allie slipped into the stool that Liz had just vacated, bringing it in a little bit closer before she sat down.

Allie turned slightly so she could get a better look at the redhead, smiling at the small gasp the older woman had let out as their legs touched. The blonde’s thigh was burning where it was in contact with Bea’s despite it being through two layers of denim, if she affected her this much how would her body react if she was ever lucky enough to feel the older woman’s skin beneath her fingers?

More people drifted into the bar, there must be something going on in the area that she didn’t know about, as a stressed out Liz ran past them, a tower of empty glasses in hand.

“You ok there Liz?” Bea asked

“Not really love, Dor’s babysitter just called, little Josh is sick so she’s had to go home. We’re rushed off our bloody feet, where has everyone come from?”

“I can help if you’d like, I’ve worked in a bar before. It’s the least I can do after letting me stay in the flat”

“You wouldn’t mind? That would be great love, thanks” Liz replied, leading Allie across the room and behind the bar. Asking Boomer to quickly show the blonde how to operate the till she went back to serving thirsty customers. Bea watching her from across the bar, smiling to herself at how well Allie seemed to fit in with her friends.


Allie had been gone about five minutes when Franky, Maxine and the rest of the crew walked in, wandering over to where Bea was sitting at the end of the bar. Greeting the redhead Franky turned towards the bar to order a round of drinks from Boomer. As she waited she spotted a woman behind the bar that she hadn’t seen before, she had shoulder length blonde hair, and although she couldn’t see her face Franky knew she’d be hot. Leaning in closer the tattooed brunette waited for her to turn around, her signature flirtatious smirk plastered across her face.

Allie turned around to grab a glass, looking up she spotted Franky at the end of the bar, full on checking her out. Shaking her head at the brunette’s antic she smiled before calling over to her.

“Hey Franky, you need something?”

She was right, the blonde was hot, and she hadn’t even seen her face yet. She had long toned legs, and a rocking body. Her eyes were wandering over her chest when she heard her name being called

“…hey Franky, you need something?...”
Her head snapped up, eyes locking with Allie. Glancing to the side slightly she noticed Red glaring at her, clearly unimpressed with her checking the blonde out, she was definitely jealous.

“Sorry blondie, didn’t recognise you. The hair looks good” she said, smiling at Allie

“Thanks, I’ve got a good hairdresser” the blonde replied, her eyes drifting over to Bea, who was sitting beside her. Smiling at the redhead, who was currently looking at Franky like she could kill her.

“Well that’s interesting, maybe I do have a chance after all” the Allie thought as she turned away from a pissed off looking Bea to serve the next customer

“Sorry Red, didn’t realise who it was. Don’t worry, I’m not planning on moving in on your territory” Franky said, hugging the redhead, ruffling her curls as she pulled back.

“She’s not my territory” Bea replied, still scowling at her friend, she really didn’t like the way her eyes had roamed over the blonde’s body. She knew she was jealous but would be damned if she was going to admit it.

“Sure Red, whatever you say” the brunette said, grinning at Bea as she nudged her shoulder.

An hour later and it had quietened down considerably. Bea was chatting with her friends, although she kept steeling glances at the blonde behind the bar whenever she had the opportunity. Hearing Boomer call out to Allie she turned to face the bar, curiosity getting the best of her.

“Hey blondie, catch” Boomer shouted, throwing a full bottle of vodka across the bar to the blonde. Bea held her breath as she watched on, Allie catching it one handed, spinning it in the palm of her hand and slotting it back on the shelf, before turning and throwing a wink her way, clearly aware that she was being watched.

“Your girl’s got skills Red” Franky said, leaning in towards Bea

“Yeah, she does” Bea replied, her eyes fixed on the blonde again. Franky smiling as she noticed how Bea hadn’t corrected her when she’d referred to Allie as ‘her girl’, the redhead was clearly making progress, and it looked like the blonde wasn’t the only one who had it bad. Maybe they needed a gentle push.


It was just gone ten thirty and the bar was relatively quiet now, only the crew from the fire station left. Boomer was chatting with Franky and Maxine when Liz approached Allie, thanking her for her help and letting her know she could go back to her friends.

Grabbing her jacket she headed back around the bar to where the redhead was sitting, the older woman’s eyes following her as she crossed the room.

“Miss me?” Allie said, taking a seat on the stool next to the redhead

“Did you go somewhere?” Bea replied, playing along

“Ouch” the blonde said, pretending to be hurt by her words

“Thank you for doing that, poor Liz looked really stressed out earlier”

“It’s the least I could do, everyone has been so good to me. I enjoyed it, it felt nice to be working properly again” Allie replied, her hand coming to rest on Bea’s arm. Turning around she noticed Liz heading their way.

“Here you go love, thanks again for your help tonight” Liz said, handing a few notes over to Allie

“No problem, I had fun but I can’t accept this Liz, I didn’t do it for the money, I was happy to help” the blonde replied, trying to give the money back

“Please take it. Can I have a word in private love?” she asked Allie, indicating to the door to the back of the bar

“Sure, lead the way” Allie said, standing up and following the older blonde, leaving a very confused Bea behind.


Allie had been gone about ten minutes and Bea was wondering what Liz was up to, maybe she was just showing her something in the flat she thought. Smiles and Vera had just left, Fletch heading out earlier to go and watch sport with the boys, and Franky and Boomer were doing shots at the bar, Bea watching on and laughing as the tattooed brunette nearly chocked on whatever Boomer had just served up.

Hearing the door close she looked up and saw the two blonde’s walking back in, Liz heading behind the bar and Allie coming to stand beside her again, a big smile on her face.

“You’re looking pleased with yourself” Bea said, smiling at the blonde

“I am, Liz just offered me a job. She said they’d been meaning to advertise for a while and wanted to give me first refusal”

“Allie that’s great, I’m so happy for you” the redhead replied, jumping down from the bar stool and hugging the younger woman, dropping a soft kiss on her cheek. Pulling back slightly their eyes locked before the older woman’s gaze fell to the blonde’s soft lips, wondering what they would taste like. Catching her thoughts before they lead her down an unfamiliar path Bea took a step back, her right hand coming to rest on the younger woman’s arm briefly before pulling back altogether.

“When do you start?”

“Saturday, Liz gave me tomorrow off so I can get settled upstairs. She gave me some money for tonight but I can’t accept it, I tried giving it back but she won’t take it. I want you to have it for letting me stay” Allie said, tucking the notes into the redhead’s pocket.

Grabbing the cash from her pocket Bea put it into the tip jar, that way Allie was giving it back but would still benefit from it once it was divided up.

“There, problem solved, now everyone wins” she said, laughing as the blonde scowled at her

“You ready to go, things are going to get messy soon” the redhead said, indicating to Franky and Boomer, who were still doing shots, although Boomer seemed to be faring much better than Franky

“Sure, lead the way. By guys, see you tomorrow” Allie called back to the two drunks and Liz, Boomer giggling like a child as Franky fell off her stool as she turned to wave them off. The blonde linking her arm through Bea’s as they walked out, desperate for any contact she could get.


Paying the taxi driver they got out and headed into the house, Bea grabbing a couple of beers from the fridge as she passed, handing one over to the blonde

“Congratulations Alliecat” she said, clinking the bottles together before pulling the blonde into a hug, her lips ghosting over the younger woman’s ear as she spoke again “I’m so proud of you”

Bea’s husky voice in her ear was driving Allie crazy, she wanted to kiss her so badly, but knew she would scare the redhead away. Testing the waters slightly to gage the other woman’s reaction she rested her left hand on Bea’s hip, her thumb trailing lightly over the exposed skin there, the older woman gasping as she felt Allie’s touch. Patience was the key here, she wasn’t alone in this, Bea clearly felt it too, but she wasn’t going to risk spooking the older woman, no matter how much she wanted to touch her. Placing a soft kiss on the redhead’s cheek she pulled back, smiling when she saw the desire in the older woman’s eyes.

Finishing their drinks they chatted for a while before heading to bed, Allie taking Bea’s room again and the older woman settling down in her daughter’s bed for the night.

She was so proud of Allie, the way she stepped in to help out earlier after seeing how stressed Liz had looked was unbelievable sweet. Allie was such a beautiful person, inside and out, how could so many people treat her like she didn’t matter. It broke her heart thinking about everything the younger woman had gone through, she was amazed that she was as together as she was. Bea knew she was attracted to the blonde, she wasn’t stupid, it was evident in the way her pulse increased when their eyes locked, or how her entire body trembled when the younger woman’s fingers touched her skin. As much as she wanted Allie she knew it would end in disaster, she would only end up hurting her. All those years with Harry had fundamentally screwed her up and the thought of having a physical relationship with anyone terrified her. She would be there for Allie for as long as she needed her but she knew she couldn’t give the blonde what she really needed, and it would be unfair on her to try.

Curling up in Bea’s bed, Allie’s thought’s drifted to the coming day, she was over the moon to have found a job so soon, and working at the bar meant she’d get to see more of the redhead. She was also scared shitless, what if she couldn’t do it? After so long on the streets what if she couldn’t adjust to a normal life. She was worried that she’s screw it all up somehow, and hurt Bea in the process. The older woman had been so good to her, had offered up her home to a complete stranger, a stranger who she had known had an affiliation with drugs and slept rough. How many people would trust someone enough to take them in like this. Bea Smith was an incredible woman, and Allie was head over heels in love with her.

Chapter Text

The next morning they headed over to the shopping mall to grab a few things for the flat.  Allie also needed some clothes for work, Bea insisting that she buy her a few things as a house warming present.  They were walking past a music store when the blonde stopped, looking at the guitars in the window.  Grabbing her hand Bea led the younger woman into the store and over to the guitar section.

“Come on then, educate me.  I know nothing about guitars, or any other instrument for that matter” the redhead said, loving how the blonde’s eyes lit up when she passed the shop window.

The next fifteen minutes was taken up with Allie showing the redhead the different types of guitars and amps, and explaining how something she thinks was called a ‘loop pedal’ worked.  The blonde had looked at a few of the guitars, taking them off the shelf and throwing the strap over her shoulder to see how they fit, but kept going back to one of the acoustic ones.  It wasn’t particularly fancy compared to some of them but she seemed to like that one more than the others.

“You like that one?” the older woman said

“Yeah, it’s like my old one.  I loved that guitar, it broke my heart when I had to sell it” Allie replied, placing the guitar down and turning to Bea

“You want to grab something to eat?  I’m starving” the blonde said, wandering out of the store

“Sure” the older woman replied, an idea coming to mind as she followed Allie out

“I just need to nip to the loo, you ok here for a few minutes?”

“Sure, there’s no rush” Bea said, waiting for the blonde to disappear from sight before heading back into the music store.

Walking over to the counter she enquired about the guitar that Allie was looking at.  After finding out how much it cost she paid for it and arranged to come back the next day to collect, it was the blonde’s birthday in a few weeks and Bea had wanted to get her something special.  Running out of the store she made it back just before Allie arrived from the bathroom.  They grabbed some lunch before picking up a few groceries and heading over to the flat so the blonde could get settled.



Unpacking the car they carried their purchases up to the flat, along with the few things Allie had collected from the shelter.  It had taken about an hour to get everything sorted, it still looked pretty sparse but it provided the blonde with a blank canvas to make her own once she acquired more possessions.

“Will you stay for a while, maybe have dinner with me?”

“Sure Alliecat, if that’s what you want”

Allie had cooked her signature dish of spaghetti bolognaise, she wasn’t a complete novice in the kitchen but compared to what Bea had served up the other night she had a lot of practicing to do.  They chatted about everything and nothing over dinner, and Allie couldn’t keep the smile off her face.

“What’s gotten you all smiley tonight Miss Novak?” Bea asked, noticing the blonde seemed particularly happy that evening.

“Nothing in particular Ms Smith, I’m just happy.  If someone had said to me a month ago that I would be sitting at a table in my own place, having dinner with a beautiful woman I would have thought that they had stolen my gear.  I’m so glad you’re here with me tonight” she said, reaching over and taking the older woman’s hand in hers.

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else” the redhead replied, and she meant every word.  There really was nowhere else she would rather be in that moment than right here with her favourite blonde.

After dinner Bea insisted on doing the washing up, despite protests from the younger woman, claiming it was only fair seen as the blonde had cooked.  Once the dishes were done they crashed on the sofa and watched TV.  Allie had been surprised to find a television in the flat, Liz had said it was already in there but she couldn’t remember seeing it when she had come over to look around the previous day.  She had a sneaky suspicion that the redhead sitting beside her knew more about it that she was letting on.

It was getting late and Bea knew she should be heading home, although the thought of leaving the younger woman didn’t sit well with her. She had enjoyed their evening together despite not really doing anything.  Standing up she grabbed a pen and piece of paper from her bag, scribbling her number down before handing it to the blonde.  “Here’s my landline and mobile, call me if you need anything ok.  It doesn’t matter what time, I’m not back on shift for a couple of days.  Goodnight Alliecat” the redhead said, hugging the blonde before heading downstairs to speak to Liz.



After arranging with the older blonde to throw a birthday party for Allie at the bar, Bea headed home for the evening.  The house felt strange and incredibly empty without Allie around, and it reminded Bea of when Debbie had left to go to university just over a month ago.  Grabbing a beer she sat on the sofa, her thoughts going back to the last few years as she tried to figure out when her relationship with her daughter had started to fall apart.

She had thought that she was doing the right thing not telling Debbie that it was Harry that had set the house alight.  She felt guilty enough that the young girl had to witness the arguments, although Harry had always made sure she was never around when he beat or raped her.  He had gotten sloppy towards the end though and Bea’s bruises had been more visible.  Some of the excuses she had made up were questionable to say the least.  Her job had provided her with an excuse for a particularly bad beating, telling Debbie that a roof had collapsed on them, causing the bruising to her arms, black eye and split lip.  She could see in Debbie’s eyes that she didn’t believe a word she had said.

A few months later Harry had called at the station to let her know he would be working away for the rest of the week.  Teal watch had been called out late into their shift and were still on the call when he had arrived looking for her.  Kaz had invited him in to the station for a chat, informing him that they were out.  He had no idea Karen was even a firefighter, let alone working at the same station as his wife, they hadn’t seen each other for years.  Accepting her offer of coffee and a catch up he headed inside.  She was exactly how he remembered, and looking at her from across the table he wondered if he hadn’t done the wrong thing all those years ago.  They were happy together, but her living in a different town had put a strain on their relationship, he genuinely did think that he loved the fiery blonde, and had even proposed to her, and then he met Bea.

She had a charming innocence about her, and Harry was instantly drawn to the younger woman.  He remembered her from school but being four years younger than him their paths rarely crossed, that was until that one night at a party his mate’s brother was hosting.  He came across her in the kitchen when he went to grab a drink, both of them going for the last bottle of beer. They struck up a friendship after that, but he knew that he wanted more.  They finally slept together three months later after another house party, and she fell pregnant. 

He had no idea what to do, he wasn’t ready for a kid, and then there was his fiancé, how the fuck was he going to explain this one?  Bea’s parent’s found out, turning up at Harry’s one night and demanding to know whether he was going to support her and their child, his Dad ensuring them that Harry would do right by her.  Telling Karen was the hardest thing he had ever had to do, Bea was a sweet kid but she wasn’t strong enough to fulfil his needs, not like the blonde could anyway.  Karen was heartbroken, begged him not to go through with it, but he had no choice.  His Dad had threatened to cut him off of he didn’t stand up to his responsibilities.  He didn’t see the blonde for several months, finding out from a friend that she had moved away.  The last time he saw her was when she had begged him to stay with her. 

Kaz had been devastated when she had found out that Harry had cheated on her with that little bitch, but she was willing to forgive him, and then the bastard had gone and married her.  She didn’t think it would last, thought he would come crawling back to her within a couple of months but he never did.  She knew she couldn’t stay and risk bumping into him playing happy families, so she packed up and left.  Of course Bea had been completely unaware that he even had a fiancé, or that she even existed at the time.  The first time their paths had crossed was on a training course with the fire department, Kaz didn’t even know the redhead was a firefighter until that day, and she just had to be the best didn’t she.  It wasn’t bad enough that she had stolen her fiancé, she had to go and upstage her at work as well, and to make matters worse she was completely oblivious to the pain she was causing.

They chatted for about an hour, and not one to miss an opportunity to stick the boot in with Bea, Kaz implied that the redhead was having an affair with Jackson, and had been for some time, knowing that it would wound Harry’s pride.  It was true what they said, revenge was best served cold, and Kaz could be one hell of a cold-hearted bitch when she wanted to be.



Harry hadn’t gone away with work after all, he was waiting at home for Bea instead.  They had been nearly three hours late finishing their shift, Bea skipping out on a drink at the bar to get back to Debbie.  She hated leaving her alone with Harry.  He had never laid a finger on her to date but there was always a first time for everything.  Returning her gear to the equipment room, Bea headed straight out, planning on showering when she got home.  She had only just made it through the front door when Harry jumped her, raining down blow after blow into her body, all the time screaming at her about screwing around behind his back with Will.  She must have blacked out at some point as the next thing she remembered was Franky arriving for a haircut the next morning, finding her on the floor in the hallway, bloodied and bruised.

The tattooed brunette had called Liz before taking her over to the bar, Bea refusing point blank to go to hospital.  Luckily Harry had sent Debbie to a friends the previous evening, Liz arranging to pick her up from school and bring her over that night.  They had stayed in the flat for a week, until the worst of Bea’s injuries had healed, and Debbie had hardly said a word, the only time the young brunette really spoke was when Boomer was around.  Franky had tried talking to her but had been met with nothing but attitude from the young smith.  Thinking back that had been the turning point, when things had started to change between them, Debbie choosing to spend more time with Harry than her.

Finishing off her beer she decided to head to bed, she would drive herself crazy if she kept going over everything.  Climbing into bed she pulled the covers up around her, the duvet smelt like Allie and it brought an instant source of comfort to her.  She couldn’t believe how close they had gotten in such a short time.  Since everything with Harry she had built a wall up, keeping people at a safe distance.  Up until recently Maxine had been the only one she’d let in, but Allie had come along and managed to knock the wall down almost instantly, and she had told the blonde things about her past that she hadn’t even shared with Maxine.

She had been aware that she was attracted to the younger woman but thinking about everything that had happened, and how open she had been with the blonde it was clear that she was starting to have feelings for her, and she had no idea what to do about it.  The one thing she did know was that Allie deserved to be with someone who could love her completely, in every way, and the trouble with that was that she wasn’t sure she could.  Wiping the tears from her eyes she grabbed one of her pillows, the one that smelt the most like the blonde, and held it tight, eventually falling into a restless sleep.



Allie had woken up tired and restless, after years living rough she had developed the ability to fall asleep just about anywhere, a skill that had come in useful on many occasions.  Unfortunately it had failed her the previous night, her mind full of a certain redhead and her beautiful smile.  She was over the moon that Bea had agreed to stay for dinner last night, it was nice to be able to cook for her for a change, and she had wanted to spend as much time with the older woman as possible.  She was extremely grateful to Liz and Boomer for letting her stay, and to Bea for arranging everything.  It was great to finally have somewhere to call home, but the past two days staying with Bea had been the happiest days of her life, despite the circumstances that had brought them together.

One of the things that had stood out in her mind had been on her first night there when they had cooked dinner together, it was something so simple, but to Allie it felt like coming home, and she would give anything to feel like that again.  Dragging herself out of bed she made herself some breakfast before deciding to have a shower, opening the wardrobe to grab some clothes before she went to the bathroom she noticed a box at the bottom that she hadn’t spotted the previous day.

Curiosity getting the better of her she picked it up and deposited it on the bed.  Making herself comfortable she opened the box, finding an envelope full of photos.  Flicking through them she spotted several of Liz and Doreen in the bar, it looked a lot different so she guessed that they had been taken some time ago.  Continuing through the pictures she came across some more recent ones of the three women downstairs, as she grabbed the next one her heat skipped several beats.  The photo was of Franky, Bea and Boomer, and had clearly been taken at a fancy dress party.  Franky and Boomer were dressed as Mario and Luigi, and standing next to them was Bea dressed as Lara Croft, in the tiniest shorts she had ever seen.  Staring at the image in front of her Allie could feel the familiar tug in her lower abdomen, the one that was always present whenever the redhead was near.

Putting the photo in the drawer of her bedside table she returned the box to the wardrobe before laying back down on the bed, her thoughts going back to the older woman who had literally turned her life upside down, in a good way.  If she closed her eyes she could see those deep brown eyes that she loved gazing into, and her cheeky smile that could light up the whole room.  Focusing hard on the image in her mind she would swear she could hear that raspy voice, calling out to her.  Running her hand down her stomach and into her undies she could feel the wetness there.  Pushing two fingers inside she began to massage her clit with her thumb.  Adding another finger she continued to fuck herself hard, imagining it was Bea’s fingers that were buried deep inside her, teasing her, bringing her closer and closer to the edge.  Hitting that sweet spot deep inside herself she came hard, calling Bea’s name as her orgasm tore through her body.

Once her breathing had returned to normal she headed to the bathroom to grab a shower and clean herself up.  After getting dressed she sat on the sofa, wondering what to do for the next few hours as she wasn’t due to start work until 4pm.  Grabbing the phone she decided to call Bea, it really was crazy how much she missed the older woman, despite it being less than 24 hours since she saw her last. 

Bea was sitting at the table sketching when the phone rang.  Placing her pencil down she stood up and crossed the room, answering the call.  “Hello”

“Hey Bea, its Allie”

“Hey Alliecat, I was just thinking about you”

“Oh yeah, what was I wearing?” the blonde said, the flirtatious tone evident in her voice.

“Do you ever stop flirting?” Bea asked, laughing nervously.

“Yeah, when I’m asleep, or at least I think I do”

“What can I do for you?”

“I was thinking about you and wanted to say hi”

“Hi” the redhead replied.

“You’re not funny, not in the slightest.  Will I see you tonight?”

“I may be meeting Franky for a drink later.  I heard there’s a new member of staff at Fuel who’s got ‘skills’, Franky’s words not mine.  Thought I might see for myself what all the fuss is about”

“My skills are out of this world, not that Franky will ever get to experience most of them.  I’m glad you’re coming over, having a friendly face there will definitely make it less nerve wracking”

“Hey, you’ll be fine, don’t worry.  You were great the other night, and Liz and Boomer will be there to help if you need it.  Listen, I’ve got to go, I’ve got a few things to do but I’ll see you later ok”

“Yeah ok, I’m counting down the hours.  Goodbye beautiful”

“Bye Alliecat” the older woman said, ending the call.



The past three hours had been relatively quiet, Liz had gone home to take a break when Allie’s shift started but she had just arrived back.  It was a Saturday night so she was expecting it to be quite busy later in the evening.  An hour later and the bar was packed, Josh was still sick so Doreen hadn’t come in, leaving just three of them to serve the thirsty customers.  Allie had just finished serving a group of guys when she spotted red curls crossing the room, Franky following closely behind.  She served four more people before final getting a chance to take Bea’s order, but as she turned to the side she spotted Boomer already serving them.

As the brunette moved away, she felt her heart beat out of her chest at the sight in front of her.  The redhead was wearing a black leather jacket, a fitted t shirt and black skinny jeans, and Allie wanted to take her right there against the bar.  Shaking her head to clear the thoughts running through her mind she took a deep breath before locking eyes with the older woman, brown eyes gazing back at her with an intensity she hadn’t seen before from the redhead.  Boomer shouting over to her snapped her out of her Bea Smith induced trance, she really needed to get a grip before she made a complete fool of herself.  Winking at the older woman she turned to serve the next customer, trying to calm the butterflies in her stomach.

Bea had hoped to have been at the bar earlier but Franky was running late as usual, meaning it was packed by the time they arrived.  She had spotted Allie as soon as they had walked through the door, and she couldn’t help thinking how beautiful she looked.  Grabbing Franky’s hand she led them through the mass of bodies and towards the bar.  Boomer had just finished taking their order when her eyes locked with Allie’s, the younger woman’s intense gaze holding them in place before she threw her a cheeky wink and turned to serve her next customer.  Hearing a chuckle she turned to find Franky watching them her signature smirk firmly in place.

“So, how’s things with you and the Doc?” Bea asked, trying to steer her attention elsewhere.

“Good, she said she might call in if her shift finishes on time” the brunette replied with a faraway look on her face.

“You really like her don’t you?”

“I’ve never felt like this before Red.  She sees through all of my bullshit and still wants to spend time with me, she’s incredible”

“I’m glad you’re happy, you deserve it.  And if she can tame Franky Doyle she must be one hell of a woman” the redhead said, nudging her friends shoulder playfully.



An hour later they were seated at a small table in the corner, the bar was visible from where they were and Bea knew she was being watched.  Turning her head slightly she saw Allie looking over, her smile lighting the room.  Smiling back she watched as the blonde served the next customer, spinning and throwing bottles as she created a colourful masterpiece in a cocktail glass.

“Come on then, spill, I know there’s something between you and blondie.  You can tell your Auntie Franky...and I want details” the tattooed brunette said, wrapping an arm around Bea’s shoulder, dragging her attention away from the bar.

“There’s nothing to tell, we’re friends, nothing more”

“Don’t give me that bullshit, she was practically drooling when she saw you earlier, not that you were much better.  Come on Red, don’t be shy”

“I like her ok, but that’s it.  It’s not like anything will ever happen between us anyway so it doesn’t matter”

“Why not?  You like her, she clearly likes you.  What’s the problem, and I know you don’t have an issue with the gay thing, you’ve snogged me often enough” she said, nudging the redhead gently.

“It was twice, and in my defence the first time was a dare and the second time I was drunk, very drunk.  It’s got nothing to do with her being a woman, you know how bad things were with Harry, I can’t go through that again Franky, I just can’t”

“She’s not Harry, and not everyone is a complete bastard.  Don’t dismiss her just because you’re scared, otherwise you might throw away the best thing that has happened to you in years”

“I need a drink, same again?” Bea said, standing up and heading to the bar, needing a break from the conversation.  Deep down she knew her friend was right but she couldn’t get past the fear.  Her last relationship had nearly gotten her killed, she couldn’t go there again, could she?



Allie was frustrated, it had been really busy all night and she hadn’t had an opportunity to speak to Bea.  She had really missed her company all day but every time she came to the bar Allie had been busy, resulting in either Liz or Boomer serving the redhead.  Grabbing some clean glasses from the dishwasher she went back to serving.

“What can I get for you…Oh hey Dr Westfall, how are you?”

“Allie…hi.  I’m good thanks, you look a lot better than last time I saw you” Bridget replied.  Franky had filled her in on the blonde’s budding friendship with Smith but she hadn’t expected to find her working behind the bar.

“Yeah I feel a lot better.  Thank you by the way, for taking care of me.  I know I left quite suddenly but I had my reasons, and I want you to know I really do appreciate everything you did for me” the younger blonde said.

“You’re more than welcome.  Right, I’ll have a white wine, I’ve had the day from hell so better make it a large, and whatever the terrible two in the corner are drinking” she said, indicating to Bea and Franky across the room.

Grabbing the drinks Bridget headed across the bar, placing the glasses on the table before dropping a quick kiss on Franky’s lips

“Hey spunky” the brunette said, her hand coming to rest on the older blonde’s thigh.

“Hey baby.  Hi Bea, I didn’t know Allie worked here”

“It’s her first night so we thought we’d come along and give her a bit of moral support”

“She looks great, I hardly recognised her”

“Yeah, she’s been doing good the past couple of weeks, she’s really turning her life around” the redhead replied, her eyes finding the young blonde’s again as she headed their way to collect glasses.

“Everything ok over here ladies?” Allie asked as she picked up the empty glasses, her hand resting on the redhead’s shoulder as she spoke.

“Excellent thanks Alliecat.  How’s the shift going so far?” Bea asked.

“Really well, haven’t broken anything yet, although I’ve still got another hour to go so that may change” she said, smirking at Bea before disappearing back towards the bar.  Turning around she saw both Franky and Bridget grinning at her.  “What?”

“Alliecat…really.  You two are just too adorable” the brunette teased.

“Piss off Doyle” she said, ignoring the smug look on the brunette’s face.



Half an hour later and Bea had excused herself to go to the bathroom, coming back through she headed to the bar after spotting Franky and Bridget in the middle of a heated make out session.  Taking a seat at the end of the bar she looked up, finding Allie standing directly in front of her.

“Hey you, sorry I haven’t had chance to speak to you all night.  It’s been manic but I loved it”

“Don’t apologise, I’m just glad you enjoyed it.  You’re very good with the cocktails, I’d have got more on the floor than in the glass”

“Quick fingers” Allie said, wiggling her eyebrows at the redhead, “You look hot by the way, I nearly dropped a bottle of gin when I saw you walk in” she added, causing the older woman to blush at the compliment.

“I hope you don’t flirt like this with all the customers” Bea threw back, enjoying the playful banter between them.

“Only you babe.  So that was a surprise, I would have never have put them two together.  Is it serious?” the blonde said, indicating to Franky and Bridget, who were still wrapped up in each other in the corner.

“It could be, I’ve never seen Franky like this before.  She’ll always be a massive flirt but she’s fallen hard this time.  Bridget will be good for her, she won’t put up with any of her bullshit, and she needs someone that will challenge her”

“I’m happy for her.  I like her, and she clearly cares about you a lot”

“Yeah, she helped me through some really dark times, both her and Liz.  They’re like family to me”



Forty five minutes later and Allie and Boomer were closing up, everyone had gone except for Franky, Bridget and Bea.

“Hey Red, you want to share a taxi, we can drop you off on the way”   

“Sure, I won’t be long” she replied as Franky and Bridget headed outside.

“You heading off then?” Allie asked, disappointed that she hadn’t gotten to spend more time with the other woman.

“Yeah, I didn’t sleep too well last night.  I’ll give you a call tomorrow though, we can grab lunch” the redhead replied, tucking a strand of hair behind the blonde’s ear before pulling her into a hug.

“Goodnight Bea, sweet dreams” the younger woman said, kissing her cheek before pulling back and watching her leave.



A couple of weeks later Bea was in the middle of cutting Maxine’s hair when there was a knock at the door, excusing herself she headed over to answer it.  Opening the door she was met with a large bouquet of flowers, the delivery guy dwarfed by the display in his hand.

“Bea Smith?” he asked

“Yeah that’s me”

“Looks like you’ve made quite an impression on someone love” he said, handing the flowers over before wishing her a good morning and leaving.

Closing the door she wandered back into the kitchen flowers in hand.

“Bloody hell love, did you rob a florist or something?” Maxine said, spotting the flowers in her friend’s hand.

“Looks like it”

“Come on then don’t hold out on me, who are they from?”

Grabbing the small envelope she opened it, taking out the card before reading it, although deep down she already knew who they were from.

I tried to find something as beautiful as you are to me but it doesn’t exist, and I doubt it ever will.  Thank you for saving me and making my life worth living again.

All my love, always

Allie xx

There was a mobile number on the bottom of card, she must have bought herself a phone with her first pay check.  Reading the card again she couldn’t keep the smile from spreading across her face.  Of course she would remember, they had been chatting the previous week and the blonde had asked her a series of light questions, desperate to find out as much about the older woman as possible, even if it was just the little things. Bea had mentioned that lilies were her favourite flower, not that anyone ever sent her them.  “They’re from Allie” the redhead replied, placing the card on the counter before grabbing a vase for the flowers.  Walking back over to Maxine she finished off the haircut, a smile still on her face at the thought of the sender.

Half an hour later and Maxine had just left.  Grabbing her mobile Bea decided to text the blonde, not sure if she was working or not.

‘Thank you so much for the flowers, they really are beautiful, I should have known that you would remember. I hope you didn’t waste too much money on me B x’

‘You could never be a waste, and I wanted to do something for you.  I just wish it was more xx’

Chapter Text

Over the past month they had fallen into a routine whereby they would meet up a couple of times a week, either one of them cooking or heading out for dinner, depending on their work schedules.  Bea was on nights and Allie working at the bar that night so they decided to go out for a late lunch that particular day, the blonde choosing a small Italian restaurant she had always wanted to try.

They had finishes their lunch and were having a coffee when Allie went quiet, Bea noticing the colour drain from her face.  Reaching over the table she took her hand in hers, her thumb stroking the blonde’s.  “Allie, what is it?  What’s wrong?”

“Mia’s just walked in, I don’t want her to see me”

“Where is she?” the redhead said quietly, not wanting to be overheard.

“She’s over there, black hair, grey suit” Allie said indicating to a table on her left.

“Ok, do you want to go?  I can pay while you head out if you want” Bea replied, a little taken back at how pretty the dark haired woman was, so that was the type of woman Allie went for she thought.

“Please, if you don’t mind, I really can’t deal with that right now”

“Not a problem, I’ll see you outside ok.  I won’t be long” she said, standing and making her way over to the counter to pay.  Finishing up she turned to leave, noticing the chair where Mia had been sitting was now empty, the rest of the table still occupied.  

Heading outside Bea spotted her talking to Allie, the blonde looking extremely uncomfortable in the other woman’s presence.  She knew she had to intervene and get Allie away from the dark haired woman somehow. Walking over to them before her brain could fully process her thoughts she stopped beside the blonde, wrapping her arms around her waist and pulling her in close before speaking.  “There you are, I wondered where you’d gone baby” the redhead said, resting her head on the younger woman’s shoulder before turning to Mia.  “Hi, I’m Bea, Allie’s girlfriend” she added, holding out her hand to the other woman.

Reaching out, the raven haired woman took Bea's outstretched hand.  “Mia, I’m an old friend of Allie’s”

“Nice to meet you” Bea replied before turning to face the blonde and leaning in closer.  “You ready to go baby, I want you all to myself for a few hours before my shift starts” she said, loud enough for Mia to overhear their conversation, before leaning in and kissing Allie on the lips.  Feeling the blonde respond she nipped her bottom lip gently and was rewarded with a deep moan.  Pulling back she locked eyes with Allie, whose blue eyes were now almost black with desire.

Stepping away from the younger woman slightly she turned to find that the space that Mia had previously occupied was now empty.  Well that got rid of her, the redhead thought, while trying to compose herself.  She really hadn’t thought this through very well, her entire body was on fire, and Allie’s lips were the source of the flames.  “You ready?” she asked the blonde as if nothing had happened, deciding that it was best to ignore the large elephant in the room and bury her head in the sand.  She had to be at work in an hour and didn’t have time to get into anything right now.

Unable to trust her voice Allie nodded and followed the older woman back to the car.  Her head was spinning, what the hell had just happened?  She had never been kissed like that before, she had felt it down to her toes and her entire body was tingling from the redhead’s touch.



Dropping Allie off at the flat Bea headed to the station, knowing she would have to deal with the consequences of her actions sooner rather than later.  The trouble was she had no idea what to do about it.  She had never experienced so much passion in a kiss before, and it had been over before it even began.  But she really, really, really wanted to do that again, and that’s where her problem was.  She was three hours into her shift and she had already spilt coffee over two reports, tripped over a chair and walked into a door, not the best qualities you look for in a firefighter.  Dragging her up from the sofa, Franky lead Bea through the dorm and into the redhead’s quarters, closing the door behind her.  “Alright spit it out, what’s got into you tonight?”

“Nothing, I’m fine”

“Sure Red, and I’m Mother Teresa.  You can talk to me, and whatever it is stays between us ok”

“I kissed Allie” the redhead blurted out, her brain failing to engage for the second time that day.

“Shit Bea, when?”

“We’d gone out to lunch earlier and she ran into an ex of hers, awful woman by all accounts.  She tried to sneak out without being seen while I went to pay but when I got outside she had followed her, Allie looked really uncomfortable.  I knew I had to get rid of her somehow so I walked over, grabbed her and kissed her.  It seemed like the best solution at the time”

“Holy fuck Red, I didn’t know you had it in you.  So, how was it?”

“It doesn’t matter.  I shouldn’t have done it, and it wasn’t fair on Allie”

“I’m sure she wasn’t complaining.  Did she kiss you back?”

“Yeah.  I’ve really fucked things up though, I never meant to lead her on Franky”

“Ok so how did you feel when she kissed you back?”

“Like I’d come home” Bea relied honestly.

“Then what’s the problem?”

“You know what happened with Harry, I’m scared that if I get too close to someone again I might not make it out the other side.  I don’t even know if I could give her what she needs even if I could get past all the crap in my head”

“Talk to her, tell her what you’re scared of, and if she likes you as much as I think she does it won’t matter.  And don’t worry about the sex thing, I can give you more than enough tips to get her going!” Franky said, ruffling Bea’s red curls.

“Fuck sake Franky, I wasn’t talking about sex”

“Sure you weren’t.  But seriously Red, you need to get your shit together.  Your heads all over the place tonight, we don’t want you trying to ride on the fire and put the truck out.  And you need to talk to Allie, soon”

“I wouldn’t know what to say”

“Just be honest with her, tell her what’s worrying you”

“I’m scared.  It’s her birthday in a few days and I don’t want things to be awkward between us”

“All the more reason to clear the air then.  I know you’re scared, but you’re tough Bea.  You went through so much shit, but the important thing is that you survived, and you’re stronger because of it.  From what I’ve seen of Allie she worships the ground you walk on.  It’s time you took a leap of faith, trust me, it will be worth it” the tattooed brunette said, leaving Bea alone with her thoughts.

Allie’s shift wasn’t going well, she has smashed four glasses already and she’s only been at work an hour and a half.  She’d be spending her entire pay check on new ones if she wasn’t more careful.  She couldn’t get Bea out of her head, or more specifically the feel of the redhead’s lips against her own.  She had no idea what it all meant but she knew she was hooked, and she needed to kiss her again, soon.  They needed to talk about what had happened though, maybe she was reading too much into it and it had been just for show, but surely no one could kiss like that and not mean it.



After making it through her shift in one piece Bea headed home to get some rest, knowing she couldn’t put off the talk with Allie for much longer.  It really wasn’t fair on the younger woman, and although her chat with Franky the previous evening had cleared a few things up, she had no idea what to say.  She woke up early afternoon, and grabbed a shower before texting Allie and asking if she could come over for a chat.  The blonde was due any minute and Bea’s stomach was doing somersaults, she was wondering if it was too late to change her mind when she heard a knock on the door.  Heading over she opened the door, letting the younger woman in before closing it and leading her through into the kitchen.  “Allie...” the redhead started to speak before losing her nerve.


“Look, what happened yesterday, I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking.  I saw how uncomfortable you were around her and I wanted to help, I just didn’t wait for my brain to engage before I acted”

“You did help, you got rid of the bitch.  I just wasn’t expecting it, not that I’m complaining”

“I wasn’t expecting it either, believe me, I surprised myself.  I hadn’t set out to…well….you know”

“Kiss me?”

“Yeah that.  I don’t want things to be weird between us”

“Nothing will be weird I promise.  I’m going to be straight with you, pun intended by the way.  I like you Bea, a lot, and not just as a friend.  I know I have nothing to offer you but there it is.  And holy fuck, no one has ever kissed me like that before.  But if friendship is all you want then I’m ok with that, as long as you are in my life.  That’s all that matters to me”

“I like you too Allie”

“You do?”

“I do, and as much as I’ve tried to ignore it, I have feelings for you, and that scares the hell out of me.  The only relationship I’ve ever been in was with Harry, and that was anything but healthy. He would beat me every time I was late home from a shift, or if he didn’t like what I had cooked for dinner, or I said something he didn’t like” the redhead said, her eyes fixed firmly on the floor.

“I would never hurt you Bea, ever” Allie replied, stepping in closer to the older woman, her fingers tilting her chin up so she could look into Bea’s pained brown eyes.

“I know you wouldn’t, but that’s not all.  He hurt me in every way possible, I was terrified of him, of what he would do to Debbie, and I couldn’t bare it when he touched me.  A couple of years after Debbie was born he came home drunk one night.  I was in bed asleep when I woke up to him on top of me, I tried to push him off but he was too strong, he raped me.  After that he started taking what he wanted, when he wanted it.  Sex has never been something that I enjoyed and I’m scared that I won’t be able to give you what you want.  You deserve the whole world Allie, not some fucked up woman with an intimacy hang-up”

“Why would I want the world when you are the universe to me?  I’m so sorry you had to go through all that, and if I ever have the displeasure of meeting him I can’t promise that I won’t kill the fucker.  Why don’t we carry on as we are and see how things go, no pressure at all.  I want to be with you and I’m willing to take whatever you have to offer, you set the pace ok”

“You…you’d be willing to do that for me?”

“I’d do anything for you.  And thank you for getting rid of Mia, I had hoped that I would never have to see her again”

“So you don’t still have feelings for her? She’s very beautiful”

“God no, she could be dead for all I care, and she’s nowhere near as beautiful as you are, she doesn’t even come close”  Allie said, running her fingers over the redhead’s jaw, glancing at the clock she saw it was almost time for her shift at the bar.

“Shit, I’ve got to go, my shift starts soon.  I’m sorry, I wish I could stay”

“It’s ok, I’m on nights again anyway.  I’ll see you tomorrow though?” the older woman asked, the uncertainty evident in her voice.

“Try and stop me” Allie said, holding on to the redhead’s hands, feeling her tremble under her touch.  “You’re shaking”

“It’s cold” Bea said, although not very convincingly.

“It’s not cold” Allie replied, placing her right hand on the redhead’s shoulder, her left one coming to rest on the older woman’s hip, before leaning in and kissing her softly. 

Pulling back she tucked a stray curl behind the older woman’s ear before turning and leaving, Bea still standing and staring at the door long after the blonde had left.



It was Allie's birthday and Bea had called her the night before, letting her know that she had been called into work during the day, but had promised to spend the evening celebrating with her.  The blonde had been disappointed, she had hoped that she could have spent the entire day with the older woman but at least she would get to see her later that evening.

Franky and Boomer had turned up at the flat earlier that morning, dragging her out of bed and taking her karting.  Despite the redhead not being there she had a great time, Boomer was so funny.  She loved it when they were rostered on together, but out of work she took it up a notch.  Franky made a great sidekick as well, even if she did still insist on flirting with Allie every chance she got.  Bridget Westfall was a brave woman, although it was clear how much Franky liked her, the tattooed brunette’s eyes would light up whenever the doctor’s name was mentioned.

They dropped her off at home late afternoon, Boomer surprising both her and Franky by beating them with ease.  She was really good and Franky’s pride had been dented a little, much to the amusement of both Allie and Booms.  She had been home around ten minutes when Bea had text her, letting her know she would be over at seven to pick her up.  Jumping in the shower she took her time getting ready, wanting to look her best for the redhead.



Knocking on the door to the flat Bea waited for the blonde to answer, her stomach in knots.  She was hoping Allie would like the surprise but now the time had come she wasn’t so sure.  Lost in thought she missed the door opening, lifting her gaze from the floor her eyes travelled up long toned exposed legs and a figure hugging blue dress that matched the blonde’s eyes, that were looking at her so intensely that it made her shiver.

She was almost ready when there was a knock on the door, walking across the room she opened it, and her jaw almost hit the floor.  Bea was standing there in skin tight leather pants, fitted white shirt, skinny black tie, black blazer and killer heels.  She had straightened her usually curly hair, and she looked unbelievably fuckable.  “Breathe Allie, don’t forget to breathe” she told herself as she watched the older woman’s eyes trail up her body, before locking with hers.  “Fuck Bea…err…you look absolutely incredible, wow” the blonde said, stumbling over her words

“You don’t look so bad yourself, happy birthday Alliecat” Bea replied, hugging the younger woman.

“I thought we could grab a drink downstairs first, when you’re ready” the redhead said, pulling back from their embrace.

“Sure, come in, I won’t be long” Allie said, stepping back from the door to allow Bea to enter before closing the door behind her.

Five minutes later she grabbed her bag before being led downstairs by the older woman, Bea stopping to open the door into the bar so Allie could enter first.  

Walking through the door she scanned the room, all of Bea’s friends, her friends, were there.  A long table was running through the middle of the room, various dishes covering the centre of it.  Soft music was playing in the background and an area of the bar had been cleared, creating a small dance floor.  She could feel the tears forming in her eyes as she looked at everyone, Boomer bounding over to her and wrapping her in a bear hug before picking her up and spinning her around.

“Happy birthday blondie” she said, squeezing her again before putting her down.

Franky was the next to approach her, signature smirk on her face as she eyed her from head to toe as she pulled her in, leaning forward so she could whisper in her ear.

“Happy birthday Allie, don’t give up on her ok, give her time and she’ll get there” she said, nodding towards the redhead who was chatting with Maxine.

“Thanks Franky, and I could never give up on her” Allie replied, turning to face Liz, who was standing beside them, waiting to wish her a happy birthday.  Stepping back from Allie the older blonde handed her a card and a second envelope.

“Open it then” Boomer shouted, getting impatient with the blonde, Allie doing as she was told, not wanting to upset her.  They had become really good friends since she had started working at Fuel, Allie loving the brunette's humour and loyalty to her friends.

The card was filled with birthday wishes from everyone in the bar.  In the second envelope she found a gift voucher for the shopping mall, and Allie could feel the tears threatening again.  She couldn’t remember the last time anyone had done anything like this for her birthday, even as a kid it was more about the family’s social status than her.  “Thank you so much for all of this, I really wasn’t expecting anything at all.  You have no idea how much this means to me” she said, a stray tear running down her cheek as Liz stepped towards her, handing her a napkin from the bar.  “Thank you for doing this Liz, it must have taken you hours”

“Bea did most of the work, she’s been flat out all day getting everything ready” the older blonde replied before heading back behind the bar to get them a drink.

Turning around Allie spotted the redhead chatting with Franky and Bridget, heading over she couldn’t take her eyes off the older woman.  She had no idea what she had done to deserve someone as beautiful as Bea in her life, but whatever it was she had no intention of stopping.  “I hear someone wasn’t working today after all”

“Yeah well, I had to tell you something to buy some time didn’t I?” 

“Thank you so much, no one has ever gone to so much effort for me, not even when I was a kid.  You really are an amazing woman Bea Smith” Allie said, pulling the older woman in and clinging on to her like her life depended on it.

“I remembered you taking about how much you loved dancing but wasn’t sure what type of music you were into, thought I’d try and bring it to you, not that I’m much of a dancer.  And it was my pleasure, anything to see that beautiful smile of yours” the redhead replied, kissing Allie on the cheek.

“Don’t worry, I can teach you, and believe me when I say that would be the best present of the night” the blonde replied, her lips grazing against Bea’s ear.

“Put her down Novak, the food’s ready and I’m starving” Boomer called across the bar, causing the two women to separate.



After they had eaten, the drinks started flowing more freely.  Allie was trying unsuccessfully to teach Boomer a few cocktail tricks using empty bottles.  Unfortunately the tall brunette had very little in the way of hand eye coordination, Liz standing nearly with the dustpan and brush, ready to deal with any breakages.  After destroying all the available bottles Boomer gave up, deciding to leave the fancy tricks to the blonde, she cranked the music up before dragging Franky up onto the makeshift dance floor, much to the amusement of all her friends.

Bea was heading back from the bathroom when Allie stood up, walking over to meet her.  “Dance with me?”

“I don’t know what I’m doing”

“Just follow my lead, don’t worry, I’ve got you” Allie replied, grabbing the redhead’s hand and leading her to the dancefloor.

Bea was a little ridged to start with, not really comfortable with dancing, at least in public anyway.  In the house when she was hoovering, she was pretty good, but when other people were there the nerves kicked in.  She hadn’t always been this way, as a teenager she was quite confident but years of abuse had stripped it away, blow by blow.

Sensing the older woman’s hesitation Allie stepped in close, her hands coming to rest on the redhead’s waist.  “Focus on me ok, I’ll lead you through it, just relax” she said, her body moving to the music.

The redhead was a fast learner, although Allie believed it was more about confidence than lack of rhythm.  Wrapping her arms around Bea’s neck she closed the gap between them, their bodies moving together before Boomer and Franky came bounding over to join in, all four of them a giggling mess as they stumbled across the dancefloor, a mass of tangled limbs.



A while later they were over at the bar having a drink when Bea received the nod from Liz.  Taking the glass from the blonde’s hand she placed it down before leaning towards her slightly.  “I have something for you” she said, taking Allie’s hand and leading her out of the bar and up the stairs to the flat, stopping in front of the door.

“It’s my door” the blonde mumbled, the alcohol clearly kicking in.

“It’s behind the door you doofus” Bea replied, nudging the younger woman’s shoulder as she finally caught on and opened the door, pulling Bea in and kicking it shut behind them.

Crossing the room Bea grabbed something from behind the sofa before walking back to the blonde.  “Happy birthday Allie” she said, handing her the parcel, her nerves kicking in as she watched her unwrap the gift.

Removing the paper Allie opened the box to reveal an acoustic guitar, turning to the redhead she threw her arms around her, pulling the older woman into a tight embrace.  “Oh my God Bea, I love it, thank you.  Wait, isn’t this the one I was looking at that day in the store?  I can’t believe you remembered” 

“I nipped back in while you were in the bathroom that day, only just made it back in time”

“You shouldn’t have, everything you have done for me has been more than enough.  No one has ever done anything like this for me before, ever” the blonde said, tears streaming down her face.

“Hey, don’t cry Allie.  I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you” Bea replied, her thumb wiping the younger woman’s tears away.

“You didn’t upset me, I’m just so happy” Allie said, leaning forward and kissing Bea gently.  Receiving no sign of resistance her fingers threaded through soft red locks before coming to rest at the nape of her neck, her other hand wrapping around the older woman’s waist, pulling her closer so she could deepen the kiss. 

Allie was kissing her, and she could see fireworks.  Wrapping her arms around the blonde’s neck she kissed her back, a loud moan escaping her mouth as she felt the younger woman’s teeth graze over her bottom lip before she pulled away and rested her forehead on Bea’s, their breathing heavy.

“You ok?” Allie asked, worried that she had overstepped and scared the older woman.

"More than ok.  Can we keep this between us for now though, I need time to figure things out” Bea said, looking to the floor in embarrassment.

Placing her fingers under Bea’s chin, the blonde tilted her head so she could look into the older woman’s eyes before speaking.  “Hey, we can go as slow as you like, I would never pressure you, ever.  I’m just happy to be here with you” Allie said, caressing the older woman’s cheek.  A banging on the door breaking the moment.

“Hurry up you two, its birthday shots o’clock.  Get your arses back downstairs” Boomer yelled through the door before bounding back down the stairs.

“Wait, how did you get this in here without me seeing it?” Allie asked, indicating to the guitar.

“Liz had a spare key, she told me to leave it with you once I was done with it” the redhead said, reaching into her pocket to retrieve it.

“I want you to keep it”

“Really?  Ok, if that’s what you want, thank you, and not just for this.  We should probably head downstairs before Boomer comes back” the redhead replied, kissing the blonde again before grabbing her hand and leading her back to the bar.



They all drank late into the night and Allie was a little worse for wear as the party started to wrap up.  Saying goodbye to her friends, Bea helped the younger woman up the stairs, promising to go back and help Liz once she had gotten her settled.  The older blonde refused, telling her to concentrate on Allie and make sure she was ok.

Opening the door she walked the blonde over to the sofa before heading to the kitchen to get her a glass of water and some painkillers.  Handing them over, she waited until Allie had finished all the water before pulling her up and leading her towards the bedroom area, the younger woman removing her dress as she stumbled towards her bed.  Pulling back the covers Bea helped her into bed, dropping a soft kiss on her cheek before going to stand up, Allie’s hand on her neck stopping her movement before pulling her back down, their lips crashing together in a heated kiss.  Pulling away before things got too heavy Bea ran her thumb over the blonde’s forehead before turning to leave.

“Stay…please…” the younger woman begged, her tired eyes fixed on Bea’s “I promise to behave if that helps…” she added sensing the hesitation from the redhead.

“Ok, but I need to borrow some clothes, these things don’t make the best nightwear” Bea said, indicating to her leather pants.

“Second drawer down, help yourself to whatever you need” the younger woman replied.

Grabbing a pair of shorts and two t shirts Bea threw one to the blonde before heading into the bathroom to change, feeling self-conscious under Allie’s intense gaze.  Wandering back through into the bedroom area she saw that Allie had put the shirt on that she had given her.  As she approached the bed the blonde lifted the covers for her to get in.  Slipping in beside the younger woman she laid on her back, Allie’s head coming to rest on her shoulder almost instantly, before the blonde fell asleep.



Bea was finding it difficult to sleep, Allie’s hand had found its way under her shirt and was resting on her ribcage, dangerously close to her right breast.  Her entire body was on high alert, and it had nothing to do with fear.  It didn’t help that the sleeping blonde had no idea the affect she was having on her.  She tried to move slightly, hoping to relieve the pull in her lower abdomen, but Allie just moved in closer, her head now tucked into Bea’s neck.  She eventually fell asleep, dreaming of the blonde and her wandering hands.

Waking up the next morning to find herself snuggled into the woman sleeping beside her had startled Bea, she had never craved contact with Harry, most of the time trying to avoid him.  It was clearly different with Allie, even if it had been subconsciously.  Extracting herself from the younger woman gently she headed to the bathroom to brush her teeth, having found, much to her delight, a spare toothbrush in the bathroom cabinet.  Grabbing a quick shower while she was there, she threw her shirt on before leaving the bathroom.

Wandering through into the kitchen she checked the fridge to see what Allie had in for breakfast, the blonde would need to eat something considering what she had dunk the night before.  Finding it almost empty she dressed quickly, borrowing the other woman’s jeans as she really didn’t feel like wrestling with the leather pants, before heading out to the shop, placing a fresh glass of water and two more painkillers on the table beside the sleeping blonde before she left.

Waking up Allie reached over to Bea, finding the other side of the bed empty and cold.  Sitting up she scanned the room, calling out to the redhead but getting no response.  Her heart sank, had she done something to scare her off, she knew she’d had a bit too much to drink but couldn’t recall doing anything inappropriate.  Jumping out of bed she grabbed her phone and called Bea’s number, the other woman’s phone ringing on the kitchen counter.

“Shit” she said out loud, before trying her landline and receiving no answer.  Maybe she was still on her way home, and at least she had an excuse to go over to the redhead’s house, she would need her mobile after all.  Allie grabbed a drink of water before jumping in the shower, hoping it would wake her up a bit, she really shouldn’t have tried to keep up with Boomer, that woman was a machine!

After finishing in the bathroom Allie tried the older woman’s landline again, either she still wasn’t home or she was ignoring her calls, she just really hoped it wasn’t the latter.  Spotting the guitar she grabbed it, her mind going back to the previous evening when Bea had given her the gift, tears forming in her eyes at the thought of the older woman.  Throwing the duvet over the bed she sat down, guitar in hand.  Grabbing her notebook and pen from the bedside table she flicked through the book, finding the song she had started the day after Bea had taken her home with her after she got locked out of the shelter she started to write again, stopping to play around with different chords as the lyrics flowed.



Heading out of the flat Bea spotted Liz pulling up.  Smiling at the older blonde she waited for her to get out the car, helping her in with her bags.

“Back so soon love, or did you never leave?” Liz asked, a smile on her face, knowing by the shirt that Bea was wearing that she hadn’t been home.

“No I stayed on the sofa, Allie was quite drunk and I wanted to make sure she was ok”

“Sure love, whatever you say.  How is the birthday girl this morning?”

“She’s still asleep, I was going to make her some breakfast but the only thing in her fridge is beer and water so there’s not a lot to work with.  I’m going to grab something from the coffee shop down the road.  I’ll catch up with you later, and thanks again for last night, it meant the world to Allie to have everyone there” Bea said, hugging the older blonde.

“It was nothing, she’s a sweet kid and I love having her around.  She’s good for you too, you look happier than you have in years” Liz replied, squeezing Bea’s arm before stepping away.

“I am, thanks again Liz” the redhead said as she headed out, and in the direction of the coffee shop.  She had been gone nearly an hour.  Why was it that whenever you were in a rush there was a massive queue, and one the days where you had all the time in the world you were the only customer.  She just hoped that Allie was still asleep.

Chapter Text

She was halfway up the stairs when she heard the music, initially thinking it was the radio, before it stopped, then began again from the start, Allie’s voice singing along softly to what must be the guitar.  Stopping in her tracks she listened through the door, she couldn’t make out the words but her voice was incredible.  Waiting until everything had gone quiet again she knocked gently on the door.

Placing the guitar down on the bed Allie jumped up, crossed the room and answered the door, finding Bea standing there, coffee and breakfast in hand.

“I thought you had gone” the blonde said, her voice filled with insecurity

“I was going to make you breakfast but the contents of your fridge is somewhat none existent.  I ran into Liz downstairs then there was a queue at the coffee shop, I’m sorry I wasn’t here when you woke up”

“I figured I’d gotten a bit handsy in my sleep and freaked you out”

“No, you were very well behaved, well apart from the snoring, I thought someone was sawing logs!” Bea said, placing the coffee and breakfast down on the counter before turning to face the blonde.  She decided to spare her the embarrassment, plus she had enjoyed the feelings that the younger woman’s touch had evoked, so wasn’t really in a position to complain

“Hey, I do not snore” Allie said, tickling the older woman

“Sure Alliecat, whatever you say” Bea replied, grabbing the blonde’s wrists to stop the tickling.  Stepping in closer she brought their lips together in a kiss that left them both gasping for air.

Breaking apart Allie took the redhead’s face in her hands, her thumb trailing over the older woman’s bottom lip.

“You ok?”

“More than ok.  I want to kiss you again” Bea replied, her eyes fixed on the younger woman’s lips

“Then kiss me”

Leaning forward the redhead reconnected their lips, the kiss much slower this time but with just as much passion.  Wrapping her arms around the blonde’s waist she pulled her closer, Allie’s hands running up her sides.

Allie could feel the familiar pull in her lower abdomen as their tongues battled for dominance.  Caught up in the moment her hand moved up the older woman’s side, cupping her left breast, the redhead jumping back at her touch.

“Shit, it’s too soon for that, I’m so sorry Bea” Allie said, praying she hadn’t screwed things up already

“No, it’s not too soon, I just…I don’t know what to do” Bea replied, eyes fixed firmly on the floor, her cheeks red in embarrassment.

“Hey, you’re doing great, believe me.  I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pressure you, I just got a bit carried away.  Why don’t we have some breakfast” the blonde said, grabbing a couple of plates and bringing the food to the table.

Bea was a bundle of nervous energy, what the hell was wrong with her, it’s not like they hadn’t had breakfast together before, but it felt different this time somehow.  Allie could practically see the cogs whirling through the older woman’s head, she wished that Bea wasn’t so nervous around her.

“Stop overthinking, you’re safe here with me, I would never hurt you”

“I know, and I’m sorry.  It’s just that all this is new to me and I don’t know how to handle it” the older woman confessed

“Just carry on as you are, I’m not going anywhere, take your time”

”Thank you, you have no idea how lucky I feel to have you”

“I’m the lucky one Bea”

“I heard you playing when I got back, you’re very good” the redhead said

“I’m not but thank you, I was just playing around with some lyrics”

“Will you play me something?”

“Sure, what do you want to hear?”

“Something of yours”

“Really?  Ok, well they’re not very good, I’m no musician”

“Please…” Bea begged, wanting to hear what the blonde’s voice would sound like without the door muffling it

Knowing there was no way she could resist the older woman, especially when she looked at her like that, Allie stood up and headed over to her bed.  Sitting down she grabbed her guitar before patting the space at the side of her, indicating for the redhead to come over.

Sitting beside the blonde, Bea waited as she adjusted the strap around her neck before grabbing her notebook and flicking through the pages, stopping when she found what she was looking for.  Playing a few chords, Allie stopped, her eyes locking with Bea’s, her nerves clearly showing.

“It’s not finished yet but I started this after you took me home that first night, after we had talked, I finished the last verse this morning” Allie said

Squeezing the younger woman’s knee in encouragement, Bea sat back, watching her intently as she began to play again, her voice joining in with the music after a few chords.


Good morning sunshine

As I get used to you

It’s all gonna be alright,

I did all I can do

And as I’m waiting on those eyes,

To say what’s on your mind,

I finally think I’ve found the words to say


So baby don’t move at all,

Cause you’re about to break my fall

Stay where you are, staring at the stars

Don’t ever move at all


Bea couldn’t take her eyes off the younger woman, her voice was incredible, and the words hit straight to her heart.


So many black and white,

Were made to feel so blue

We’ve all got our wars to fight,

But I won’t fight with you

If I could just get your attention,

I’d never let it go

Until you’ve felt what I am gonna say


So baby don’t move at all,

Cause you’re about to break my fall

Stay where you are, staring at the stars

Don’t ever move at all


Oh, why’s it gotta be that everybody’s gotta see the sadness

Everybody’s lonely, we don’t have to be lonely baby, no baby

Oh, I can move you like an earthquake, listen to me as my hands shake

Cause I want you, I need you

I can’t live without you, baby…


Allie’s eyes had been closed for most of the song but for the last few lines they were open, and locked with Bea’s brown ones, tears visible in the older woman’s eyes.

“Was it that bad?” Allie asked, feeling self-conscious

“Oh Allie it was beautiful, you’re beautiful” the redhead replied, leaning in and kissing her softly, both of them giggling as the guitar got in the way.

Removing the strap from her shoulder Allie placed the guitar on the floor gently before turning back to Bea, her thumb brushing over the older woman’s cheek, wiping away the tears that had started to fall, placing feather light kisses along her jaw before capturing her lips in a searing kiss.



A while later they were laid on the bed, Bea’s head resting on the blonde’s chest, while Allie’s fingers were playing with the older woman’s hair.  Bea had been quiet for a while, looking down the blonde noticed that she had fallen asleep, dropping a kiss on the top of her head, she closed her eyes, sleep claiming her too.

Waking a few hours later Bea opened her eyes, finding herself wrapped up in the blonde’s arms for the second time that day, surprised at how natural it felt to wake up like this.  Adjusting her position so she could get a better look at her, she laid watching Allie sleep.

She couldn’t believe that this beautiful young woman wanted her, Allie could have anyone she wanted, and she had chosen her.  Bea didn’t think she would ever understand why, she just hoped that the blonde wouldn’t get bored of her and her lack of experience. She was so lost in her thoughts that she hadn’t realised that Allie had woken up.

“Stop overthinking” the blonde said, her voice hoarse from sleep

“I’m not”

“Liar.  You’re not that difficult to read you know, plus the frown is kind of giving it away”

“Sorry, I’m just trying to figure everything out”

“Maybe the best thing is not to try and figure it out, just go with it, be in the moment.  I meant what I said earlier, there’s no rush, so stop putting so much pressure on yourself.  You have no idea how happy I am that you’re even here with me” Allie said, and she meant every word, if this was all Bea was capable of then she was ok with that.

They spent the rest of the day together, ordering takeaway for dinner, Allie promising the older woman she would go shopping the next day.  They were snuggled up on the sofa watching a movie that the blonde had been raving about.  Their intentions had been good but as the closing credits rolled over the screen they realised that they had spent more time chatting and making out like a couple of teenagers than actually watching the film.  Bea was on a day shift the following day so she had to get home, Allie had tried to convince her to stay but her uniform was at home and she didn’t want to wake the blonde early as she was working that night in the bar.  It took her the best part of half an hour to say goodbye though, the younger woman pulling her back into another kiss every time she tried to leave.



Things were going well between them, Bea was still nervous but her confidence was growing every day.  Allie was sticking to her word, letting the older woman set the pace, although she was finding it increasingly difficult to control her wandering hands, the urge to touch Bea was increasing with every moment they spent together.

Franky had teased Bea on their first shift back after the blonde’s birthday, she had clearly been talking to Liz, and the older blonde must have mentioned that she hadn’t made it home that night.  It wasn’t that Bea didn’t trust the tattooed brunette, she knew more about her past troubles than anyone, she just wanted to keep Allie all to herself for as long as possible.

The younger woman had gone over to Bea’s for dinner one night a couple of weeks later, after the redhead had finished a day shift.  After they had eaten they were laid together on the sofa watching TV, Bea’s head on the blonde’s chest again, Allie noticing that the redhead seemed distant.

“Ok spit it out, what’s wrong?” she asked

“Nothing, I’m fine” Bea replied, trying, but failing to sound convincing

“Bullshit.  You can talk to me, no matter what it is I’m here ok”

“Yeah I know, sorry, it’s just that Debbie is due home next week”

“That’s a good thing isn’t it?”

“Yes and no.  I’ve missed her like crazy but things weren’t great between us when she left”

“I’m sure she’s really missed you too.  Don’t worry so much, I’ll be right here with you”

“About that, I’m not ready to tell her just yet, especially with how things are at the minute.  I’m sorry, it’s my issue not yours, and I love being with you so much, it’s just…”

“Hey its fine, I understand completely.  Although we may have to sneak off somewhere whenever we get the chance, I’m not sure I can go a whole week without doing this” Allie replied, capturing the older woman’s lips with her own, the redhead moaning into the kiss

“Oh definitely, I need my Alliecat fix” Bea replied, feeling confident all of a sudden she trailed her hand  under the blonde’s shirt, her fingers tracing a pattern across the younger woman’s ribcage.



Hearing the blonde gasp she pushed her shirt up, placing light kisses across her stomach, her fingers still dancing over Allie’s skin.  Moving up the younger woman’s body her thumb traced over the edge of her right breast, feeling Allie tremble below her touch ignited a fire in the redhead, she needed to feel more of the beautiful woman below her.  Grabbing the hem of the younger woman’s shirt she pulled it up over her head, tossing it on the floor before leaning back down, kissing her way up her neck and across her jaw before nipping her bottom lip gently with her teeth.

She had no idea what had gotten into her but she wanted to feel all of Allie, taking her own shirt off she dropped it on the floor before laying down on top of the blonde.  She kissed the younger woman’s lips again before placing a trail of kisses along her collarbone, down between her breasts and across her stomach.

“Oh Bea…” the blonde moaned loudly as the redhead’s fingers ghosted over her bra clad breasts, Allie’s hips bucking as she tweaked her nipple through the lace fabric.

“Can…can I touch you?” Allie asked, her voice barely above a whisper, eyes black with desire

Not trusting her voice Bea nodded, sitting up slightly so they could switch positons, Allie shuffling from underneath her so they could lay side by side, facing one another.  Kissing the redhead she ran her fingers down her side and across her stomach.  Moving slightly she kissed and nipped her way down Bea’s neck, before placing a soft kiss above her left breast.  Locking her eyes with the older woman’s, she made sure she was ok with what was happening, before kissing her breast through the fabric of her bra, her teeth grazing her nipple, causing Bea to moan Allie’s name.

Bea’s body was on fire and she could feel the wetness soak her underwear, she had never been so turned on in her life, and Allie was barely touching her.  Running her hands up her lovers back she fumbled with the clasp on her bra, the blonde reaching round and undoing it herself before throwing it off to the side, her lips finding Bea’s again as her hands palmed the older woman’s breasts.  The blonde’s arm wrapped around her and she unclipped Bea’s bra with one hand, smirking at the older woman she slid the strap down her shoulder, following its path with a trail of kisses, before removing it an tossing it onto the floor with the other items of clothing that had been discarded.

Running her hand across the blonde’s stomach Bea continued a path up to Allie’s right breast, feeling her exposed nipple for the first time.  Leaning forward she took the erect nipple into her mouth, licking and sucking it as the blonde’s body twitched beside her.

“Fuck Bea…” the younger woman moaned, her hand roaming all over Bea’s stomach.

Turning them so the older woman was below her Allie took Bea’s left nipple into her mouth, biting and sucking gently at it, her fingers playing with the other one

“Oh god…Allie” the older woman moaned, her back arching up into the blonde’s touch

Continuing her assault on Bea’s breasts with her mouth she ran the palm of her hand down across the older woman’s taught stomach, feeling her muscles jump and twitch under her touch.  Her fingers drawing patterns on her lover’s stomach, feeling Bea tense below her as they dipped below the waistband of her pants.

 Removing her hand she tucked a stray curl behind Bea’s ear, before pulling her into a hug, feeling Bea cling to her as she sobbed.  Allie held her tight, rocking her gently as she cried.

“I…I’m s…s…sorry Al…Allie” the older woman chocked out between sobs

“Sshh, don’t cry, you have nothing to be sorry about ok.  I’m right here with you, you’re safe now.  No one will ever hurt you again, I promise” Allie said, rubbing the redhead’s back as a fresh wave of tears took hold.

After about five minutes Bea began to calm down, reaching over the younger woman grabbed a tissue from the side table, handing it to the redhead.

“I’m so sorry, I’m a mess” Bea said, wiping her eyes and nose

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met” the blonde replied, kissing her forehead softly, before wrapping her up in a hug again

A short while later Allie felt the older woman tremble in her arms, pulling away she got up off the sofa to retrieve their discarded clothes, handing Bea her shirt before putting her own back on again.  Kneeling down beside the sofa she ran her fingers through the redhead’s soft curls, watching as her eyes flickered shut.

“I should go, let you get to bed”

“I don’t want you to go, will you stay with me tonight?” the older woman asked, her voice sounding so small that it broke Allie’s heart

“Or course I will, whatever you need” she replied, pulling Bea up off the sofa before following her up the stairs, the older woman clinging to her all the way.

After brushing their teeth together they got changed, Allie borrowing some clothes again, before climbing into bed, Bea clinging to her as soon as she was under the covers, snuggling into the blonde’s tight embrace.

They had been in bed about an hour and Allie was still awake, the older woman falling asleep quite quickly, clearly exhausted from her earlier breakdown.  She would give anything to take all of Bea’s pain away, if there was any way she could carry the burden for her she would do it in a heartbeat.  She felt completely useless, the woman she loved had fallen apart right in front of her and there was nothing she could do to make it better.  Pulling the redhead in closer she closed her eyes, sleep eventually claiming her.



Debbie had arrived home the previous day, and she had been distant, not wanting to talk much.  It was mid-afternoon when the young brunette finally surfaced from her room, walking straight past Bea to get to the fridge, not even acknowledging her presence.

“The girls are heading over to Fuel tonight if you fancy it” the redhead said as her daughter headed back in the direction she had just come from.

“Will Boomer be there?”

“Yeah, she’s got the night off as well so she’ll be the right side of the bar”

“Ok I suppose I could stop by for a bit, what time?” Debbie asked, looking Bea in the eye for the first time since she had been home.

“We’re meeting at 8pm”

“Ok, shout me when you’re ready to leave” the younger Smith said before heading back to her room.

The taxi dropped them off just after eight and Franky, Bridget, Boomer and Smiles were already there when they arrived.  Debbie headed straight over to Booms, wanting to get away from her mother as quickly as possible.

Walking over towards Franky and Bridget, Bea stopped in front of the bar.

“Hey Red, what are you drinking?  It’s my round” the tattooed brunette asked after greeting her friend.  Receiving no answer she followed the redhead’s line of sight, finding Allie bent over as she emptied a box of beer into the fridge, Bea was clearly checking her out.

“Not gay my arse, put your tongue away before someone trips over it” she said, nudging Bea in the ribs to get her attention

“I was just looking at what beer they had”

“Sure, and I’m the fucking pope!” Franky replied, deciding to leave her friend be for now.



They had been there a couple of hours and Debbie was doing a good job of avoiding Bea, sticking with Boomer and Smiles at the other side of the room.  The redhead was sitting at the bar when Allie wandered over to see if she needed another drink.

“Well hey there pretty lady, can I buy you a drink?” the blonde said, a smirk plastered on her face as her eyes raked over the older woman’s body

“Well aren’t you a charmer, how can I refuse an offer like that” Bea replied, playing along with the younger woman’s game

“How about I make you something special, and believe me when I say once you’ve tasted it you’ll never want anything else…ever again”

“You’re awfully confident in your ability, I do hope you can come up with the goods, I’d hate to go home disappointed”

“Oh I can deliver baby, don’t you worry about that” Allie replied, turning to grab the cocktail shaker and a few bottles, her signature smirk never leaving her face.

Bea was in awe as she watched the blonde juggle and spin the bottles as she mixed her drink.  Emptying the cocktail shaker into the glass she grabbed it, turning away from Bea for a few seconds before spinning back around, placing it in front of the older woman, having placed a heart shaped strawberry over the edge of the glass.

“It’s called the bartender’s kiss, and this one really, really wants to kiss you” Allie said, leaning across the bar so she could whisper into the redhead’s ear, a shiver running through the older woman’s body.

“I want to kiss you too, so bad” Bea replied, her fingers trailing across the top of the blonde’s hand.  It had been three days since they had seen each other and she was having serious withdrawals.

Another customer pulled Allie’s attention away for a minute before she returned to Bea, leaning in close she placed a piece of paper in her shirt pocket, winked, then walked away, the redhead’s eyes fixed firmly on her jean clad arse as she went.

Waiting until Allie was busy with a customer she grabbed the piece of paper from her pocket before reading it

I miss looking into your deep brown eyes, I miss seeing your beautiful smile, and I miss kissing your perfect lips

Oh…and you look fucking hot by the way!! ;) A xx

Smiling to herself she tucked the note into her jacket pocket before looking up, the cheeky blonde watching her from across the bar.



Debbie was chatting with Boomer when she glanced across the room, spotting the blonde bartender chatting with Bea, although at a second glance it looked more like she was hitting on her, and her Mum looked like she was enjoying it.  She continued to watch them for a couple of minutes, the blonde turned away to serve another customer before leaning across the bar and tucking a piece of paper in her Mum’s shirt pocket, winking at her as she went back to work.  Hearing Boomer call her name drew her attention back the conversation going on around her, although she would be watching blondie from now on.

A while later Bea headed over to Debbie, Allie was following, a tray of drinks in her hand.  Franky was the first one to spot them, moving over slightly so Allie could place the tray down on the table.

“About time blondie, we’re dying of thirst over here” Boomer called to her from across the table

“Yeah well if a certain person hadn’t taken the night off I may have made it over here sooner, ay Boom Booms!” the blonde replied as she headed back towards the bar, Franky laughing at their exchange as she pulled up a chair for Bea.

“Hey Red, I was beginning to think you’d bailed on us” the tattooed brunette said as her friend took the offered chair

“She was pre-occupied, right Mum” Debbie said, smiling at Bea, although it didn’t quite reach her eyes

“Yeah sorry, I had to speak to Allie about something, must have lost track of the time” the redhead replied, watching her daughter as she rolled her eyes.

They chatted for a while, Debbie only speaking when Boomer or Smiles addressed her.  Bea was getting sick of her attitude, she had hoped things would be better after they had spent some time apart, but if anything they seemed worse.  The younger woman had never been bothered about drinking but she was well on her way to becoming drunk, and it was still relatively early in the evening.

“Deb, can I have a word please, in private” Bea asked, standing and walking around the table to where her daughter sat, her three friends heading over to the bar to give them some privacy

“Way to go and ruin the party Mum” the last word said with complete disdain

“I’m worried about you, you’ve hardly said two words to me since you’ve been back and now you’re drinking like the bar’s going to run dry.  I want you to know that you can talk to me if there’s something bothering you.  I’m here for you, and I always will be” the redhead said, placing her hand on top of her daughters

“What like you were there for Dad, look how things turned out for him.  Thanks but no thanks.  I’m not letting you fuck my life up like you did his.  You’re an embarrassment and I’m ashamed to call you my mother” the younger brunette said, before standing up and storming across the room to where Boomer and Franky were playing pool.

Feeling the tears threaten to fall, Bea stood up and ran across the room, heading through the door to the back of the bar.  Witnessing the entire exchange, Allie glanced over to Liz before following the redhead through the door.



Franky couldn’t believe what she had just seen, who the hell had been filling Debbie’s head with shit, she had always been so close to Red.

“Hey kiddo, you were out of order there, you’re Mum’s only ever done what she thought was the best for you” Franky said

“Yea, and what the hell do you know about it anyway, you have no idea what my Dad’s been through because of her.  She should be the one locked up not him”

“I bet he told you that didn’t he.  And I know a lot more than you do about it, I was the one that picked her up every time he beat her down.  You need to wind your neck in and apologise, you’ve really hurt her” the tattooed brunette replied, her protective nature coming out

“Fuck this, I’m not staying here and listening to this” the younger Smith said before turning to face Boomer

“Can I stay at yours tonight, I don’t want to be anywhere near her” she asked

“Sure, but on two conditions”


“One, that I let her know where you are, and two, you go home first thing and talk to her” Boomer said, annoyed with Debbie, but wanting to make sure she was safe.

“Yeah sure, can we get out of here now please?” Debbie said, heading for the door before the tall brunette could even reply.  Dropping Bea a quick text to let her know her daughter was safe and that she’d bring her home in the morning she followed Debbie out of the door.



Running down the corridor Allie couldn’t see any sign of Bea, after spotting that the door to the rear yard was open she headed out, hoping to find her there.  Racing through the open door she stopped in her tracks, standing in the middle of the small yard was Bea, her shoulders hunched over and tears streaming down her face as she stared at her phone.

Bea couldn’t believe what she had just heard, how could Debbie believe that she was to blame for what Harry did.  Granted, she hadn’t told her daughter that he had been responsible for burning their house down, but she had seen the results of his beatings on more than one occasion.  A beeping from her pocket dragged her from her thoughts, checking her phone she saw she had a text from Boomer, the brunette letting her know that Debbie was staying with her and she would bring her home in the morning.  At least she was safe.  Hearing a noise she turned to see Allie run through the open door, stopping as their eyes locked.

“I thought you didn’t do running” Bea said, trying to lighten the mood

“I’ll always make an exception for you” the younger woman replied, walking towards the redhead

“Are you ok?  You know none of what she said is true right, none of what he did was your fault”

“Try telling Debbie that.  She’s staying with Boomer tonight, she can’t even stand to be in the same house as me Allie” the older woman said, the blonde wrapping her arms around her and holding her tight

“Sshh, don’t cry, everything will be ok.  Sit down with her tomorrow when you’ve both calmed down.  You’re not on your own, I’m right beside you every step of the way.  And you have Franky, Liz, and the girls.  You’re the strongest person I know Bea, you will get through this, I promise” Allie said, placing a kiss on the top of the older woman’s head

“How is it that everything seems so much better when I’m with you?” Bea said, pulling back slightly so she could gaze into Allie’s big blue eyes

“It’s my natural charm, I knew from the start that you wouldn’t be able to resist me” she replied, throwing the older woman a cheeky winking, earning a laugh in response

“Natural charm and modesty, don’t forget that bit.  But seriously, thank you for being here”

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else”

“You have no idea how much I’ve missed you”

“Why don’t you show me then” Allie said, trailing her fingers across the redhead’s exposed collar bone

Grabbing the front of the blonde’s shirt, Bea pulled her forwards, crashing their lips together in a heated kiss, the younger woman moaning loudly as she guided them across the yard until Allie’s back was pressed firmly against the wall.  There was a hunger to Bea’s kiss that was driving Allie wild, she loved it when the older woman lost control, and it was unbelievably hot.

Feeling the redhead’s hands move under her shirt she ran her fingers through soft red curls, her hand coming to rest at the nape of her neck, bringing their bodies closer.  Another moan escaped her mouth as she felt Bea’s nails scratching lightly at her back.  A loud cough brought them crashing back down to earth at an alarmingly quick rate.



It had been five minutes since Bea had fled the bar and Franky was getting worried, she knew how much Debbie meant to her friend, and the young woman’s words must have cut like a knife.  Placing her drink down on the table she headed through into the back, in search of the redhead.  Hearing a noise she headed towards the door to the yard, stopping dead when she took in the sight before her.

Red had a moaning Allie pinned against the wall, her hand’s disappearing under her shirt, the blonde’s hands were in her hair and their lips locked together in a hungry kiss.  And it didn’t look like it was the first time either.  Clearing her throat to announce her presence, she watched as their movements stilled.

“Don’t stop on my account, it was just getting good” Franky said, smirking at the couple as they sprang apart

“I was coming to make sure you were ok but it looks like Novak’s got it covered” the tattooed brunette added, grinning at her flustered friends

“Don’t worry Franky, she’s in good hands” Allie said, grabbing hold of her lover’s hand and squeezing it in support



“Look, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, I just wanted to figure everything out before I said anything to anyone.  Can you keep it to yourself for the minute, I’m not quite ready to go public just yet” Bea asked, finally finding her voice

“Hey, your hot little secret’s safe with me.  I always knew you had it in you Red, I’m happy for you, both of you” Franky replied, pulling the both into a group hug, grabbing Bea’s arse as she pulled back

“Hey, get your hands off my girlfriend Doyle” Allie said in mock annoyance, before wrapping her arms around Bea’s waist, pulling the older woman’s back into her front, her head coming to rest on her shoulder as the redhead leaned into her.

“Right, now I know you’re ok I’m going to head off.  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” Franky said, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively at the blushing redhead

“That doesn’t leave much then does it” Allie shot back as their friend turned to leave, the brunette flipping her the bird as she disappeared back inside, the couple laughing as she left.

“You ok?” Allie asked, once Franky was out of sight

“I’m fine.  Girlfriend….?” Bea said, turning in the blonde’s arms

“Yeah, girlfriend, you’re all mine, I am not sharing.  Stay with me tonight, I miss waking up with you”

“Ok, but I’ll need to leave early, I want to be home before Debbie gets back”

“Sure, why don’t you go up?  We’ll be closing soon so I won’t be long, plus I kind of like the thought of you waiting for me in my bed” Allie said, placing a quick kiss on the redhead’s lips

“Oh I bet you do.  Lead the way babe” Bea replied, taking the blonde’s hand, letting her lead her back inside, the older woman heading up the stairs while Allie returned to the bar to finish her shift.

Chapter Text

The following morning Bea headed home early, promising to call Allie as soon as she had spoken to her daughter.  Boomer had text her ten minutes ago, letting her know they were on their way over, she just hoped Debbie was in a better mood than the previous night.  Hearing a key in the door, Bea’s heart rate increased, wiping her clammy hands on her jeans she turned to face the door, her eyes locking with her daughter.

“Sit down Deb, we need to talk” the redhead said, indicating to the empty chairs at the table, the young brunette crossing the room before flopping down in the chair opposite her, her gaze fixed on the table.

“Ok I’ll go first.  You were out of line last night, Liz told me you were rude to Franky as well.  I know things have been hard on you, but you need to talk to me, believe it or not I’m not the enemy here.  Now I haven’t been completely honest with you about what happened between me and your Dad, but I need you to know that I was only trying to protect you”

“Don’t worry about it, he told me everything.  How could you do it though, if you only wanted what was best for me how could you send my Dad to prison when he didn’t do anything wrong?” Debbie said, finally looking at her Mum

“Harry has only got himself to blame for his current situation.  What exactly has he told you?”

“That you went to the police and told them he had been beating you for years.  He said that you had been having an affair with Will Jackson since you started working at Wentworth, and that you did it because you wanted him out of the way.  I don’t understand, why didn’t you just divorce him?  I lost my Dad because of you” Debbie yelled, standing up and heading for the door

“Don’t even think about walking out, you’re going to sit down and listen.  If you want to leave after you’ve heard what I have to say then I won’t stop you” Bea said, her voice raising slightly

“Come on then, let’s have it.  Tell me why you fucked Dad’s life up, as well as mine” the young brunette said, scowling at the redhead as she sat back down

“That’s not what happened, some of this is going to be difficult to hear, no, most of it will be, but trust me, it’s not easy for me to say it either.  When you were two your Dad wanted me to do something that I didn’t want to, so he hit me.  It was only a slap, but he did it.  After that, every time I said or did something he didn’t like, he would hit me.  I could handle it at first, it was just a punch, sometimes a kick as well, but I could hide the bruising, and I was ok.  I don’t know if you remember but when you were nine you went to stay with Liz for a few days”

“I remember, you had gone away together, I wanted to go with you but she wouldn’t let me.  What’s that got to do with anything anyway?” Debbie snapped

“We hadn’t gone away, I was in the hospital.  Your Dad came home drunk and in a bad mood, he beat me and left me for dead.  I managed to call Liz and she came over and took you home with her while the ambulance took me away.  I was pregnant at the time but I lost the baby”

“But I didn’t see you, when Liz came over you weren’t there”

“She stayed with you in your room until the ambulance left, I didn’t want you to see me like that.  After that the beatings got worse, I was lucky in a way, I could blame some of the cuts and bruises on my job, and then it happened again.  That week we spent in the flat above the bar, he had done it again because I was late home.  We were called to a fire half way through our shift, it was a bad one at an old people’s home, and we were late getting back to the station.  I raced home as fast as I could and I’d only just gotten through the door when he attacked me.  If Franky hadn’t have found me when she did I wouldn’t be here now.  I couldn’t take any more, I was scared that one day he would turn on you so a few months later I told him I wanted a divorce.  We fought and he left, the next thing I knew the house was on fire.  I had no idea what was going on, I just had to get you out of there safe.  The following day I went back to the house to try and piece together what had happened when Mr Page from next door called me over.  He showed me the footage from his security camera and that’s when I saw him. Harry had gone into the house with a couple of petrol cans, a few minutes later he came running out as flames engulfed the building.  He started the fire Debbie, he thought you were at Megan’s so it was me he was going after not you, but he did it, he tried to kill me”

“I can’t believe what you’re telling me, Dad’s version of events is so different” the younger smith said, her eyes filling with tears

“I know it’s a lot to take in, and that you’re going to need time to process everything, but I’ll be here when you need me ok” Bea replied, taking her daughter’s hand in hers

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me any of this.  Is that why he’s in prison, because of the fire?”

“Partly.  He was arrested for attempted murder, and when they started looking into our relationship they checked my medical records.  The hospital had notified the police on a couple of occasions, when I was really bad, not that I ever took it any further, my punishment would have been a lot worse if I had.  He had already been arrested so I knew we were safe, when they asked me about it I told them everything.  I can call the police station and see if I can get copies of the reports if that would put your mind at rest?”

“You would do that?” Debbie asked

“Why not, I’ve got nothing to hide, I just told you everything” Bea said, hoping that wouldn’t be necessary.  She really didn’t want to go digging it all up again, but if that’s what she had to do to prove herself to her daughter then so be it.

“No that’s not necessary.  So how does Will Jackson fit into all this?”

“He’s a good friend, more like a big brother actually.  The house we stayed in before moving here, he lent me some money to cover the rent.  I had lost everything in the fire, and when I filed for divorce our joint accounts were frozen.  I needed ID to get access to my personal account, but needed money to get replacement documents.  Liz helped where she could but things were hard for her too back then, she had her own stuff to deal with.  Franky was my rock through the whole thing, but Will was in a better position financially to help.  I paid him back as soon as the divorce came through” the redhead said

“So you’re not seeing him then?”

“No, he’s been with Rose for just over a year, she’s a nurse at the hospital.  I don’t think of him like that, not that I was ready for another relationship back then anyway”

“What about your blonde friend from the bar, you seemed close”

“We are, Allie’s great.  I haven’t known her very long but I feel really comfortable with her”

"She was flirting with you, I saw her” Debbie said, smiling when she saw her Mum’s cheeks colour up

“Yeah, she does that” Bea replied, unable to keep the smile from her face at the thought of Allie’s flirting

“Does it bother you?”

“It did at first but not anymore.  Does it bother you?”

“I’m not sure, I don’t know enough about her yet.  It’s a lot to take in.  Boomer thinks she’s pretty awesome though so she can’t be that bad.  I’m reserving judgement for now” the young brunette replied, this Allie was clearly important to her Mum so she would make the effort with her next time they met.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you the whole story at the time, I could see you were struggling and I didn’t want to dump any more of my shit on you, it wasn’t fair.  I screwed up Deb, and I’m sorry”

“You’ve got nothing to apologies for, it’s me that’s been the grade A bitch here, I’m so sorry for everything Mum.  I feel like such and idiot, he fed me a pack of lies and I believed him.  I didn’t want to believe that he could do those things that people said he’d done.  I’ve been visiting him more since I left, he really played me didn’t he.  I need to speak to Franky, I was such a bitch to her”

“Don’t worry too much, she can give as good as she gets.  She’ll be at the bar again tonight if you want to see her”

“Will you come with me?”

“Of course I will”

“I’m sorry about last night, if I had known I would never have said any of those things, especially in front of all your friends” the young brunette said.  She couldn’t believe how horrible she had been, she had always been closer to her Mum, and she was pissed at herself for letting him get between them

“How about we forget everything and start a fresh from now, a clean slate.  What do you say?”

“Deal” Debbie said, wrapping her arms around her Mum’s neck, she had missed her so much while she was away, and was glad they had sorted things out.  She was still curious about this Allie woman, although maybe she would get the chance to speak to her later if she was working.



Allie was getting worried, she hadn’t heard from the redhead since that morning.  She had text her a few times but was yet to receive a reply, thinking she was probably just busy with Debbie she headed downstairs to start her shift.  At three thirty she headed back upstairs for her break, grabbing her mobile she dialled Bea’s number, the call going straight to voicemail.  Trying her landline and receiving no reply she grabbed a snack before returning to the bar to finish the rest of her shift.

She had just served her last customer for the day and was wiping the bar down before she finished when Liz took the cloth from Allie’s hand, placing it down of top of the bar

“What’s wrong love, you’ve not been yourself all afternoon”

“I’m just worried about Bea, I haven’t heard from her all day and she was really upset last night” the younger woman replied

“She’s ok love, things are a bit up in the air with Debbie, but I spoke to her this morning and she’s fine, don’t worry.  You head off love, Boomer will be here in a minute and it’s pretty quiet anyway” the older woman replied

“Thanks Liz” Allie replied, as she turned and headed back upstairs, a tear running down her cheek.  Why would Bea speak to Liz but not her, she had thought that everything was fine that morning, what the hell could have happened to make the redhead shut her out like this?  Walking through the flat she dropped down onto her bed, reaching for her notebook and pen, she began to write.



It was just gone seven thirty when Bea and Debbie arrived at Fuel, pulling up a couple of stools they sat at the bar and ordered a drink, Boomer smiling when she saw them both together, and getting along.  Bea was disappointed that Allie wasn’t there, she had missed her terribly and it had only been a few hours.  She was so used to the blonde’s light flirtatious texts throughout the day, but she figured the younger woman had wanted to give her space to sort things out with Debbie.

They had been there about twenty minutes when Liz came over to speak to Bea, Boomer was showing Debbie a trick Allie had taught her with the cocktail shaker.

“Hey love, how are things?”

“Good, we spent most of the day talking and we’re on the same page now.  I’m sorry about last night, it was unfair of me to bring my problems here” Bea said

“Don’t you worry about that love, I’m just happy that everything’s ok.  Young Allie’s been worried sick all afternoon”

“She has?  I haven’t heard from her” Bea replied, grabbing her phone from her pocket and noticing it was switched off.  She tried to turn it back on but the battery was flat

“Shit, you haven’t got a charger have you?” she asked the older blonde

“No love, Allie’s upstairs though, she’ll have one, and I’m sure she’ll be glad to see you” Liz replied, Bea thinking that she didn’t seem her usual cheery self

“I’ll go ask her then.  Is everything ok, you seem a bit down?”

“Business has been a bit slow recently, I think we need to shake things up a bit, trouble is I haven’t a bloody clue where to start”

“You should talk to Allie, she used to be an event’s organiser, she might have a few ideas” Bea said

“I will love, thanks” the older blonde replied before turning to serve another customer



Jumping off the bar stool she told Debbie that she wouldn’t be long, before heading through the back and up the stairs, in search of Allie.  Grabbing her keys she unlocked the door before stepping through it, finding the blonde sitting on her bed, writing in her book.

Allie couldn’t concentrate, her head filled with thoughts of the redhead, she hoped that she was ok.  Hearing a key in the door she turned around, coming face to face with the woman that was constantly on her mind.

“Bea...are you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m good.  I’m so sorry Allie, my battery died and I only just noticed” the redhead replied as the younger woman ran across the room and wrapped her arms around her.

“I’ve been so worried, is everything ok with Debbie?” Allie asked, still clinging on to the older woman, her fingers playing with her soft red curls

“We’ve talked everything through and we’re good.  She’s downstairs so I can’t stay long.  I actually came to see if I could charge my phone” Bea said, stepping back slightly so she could get a better look at the blonde.

“And here I was thinking you’d come to see me.  You can charge your phone but I want something in return”

“Oh yeah, and what’s that”

“I want you to kiss me” Allie replied, watching as the older woman’s gaze fell to her lips

Stepping forward, Bea took the blonde’s bottom lip between her teeth, tugging gently at it before locking their lips together, her hands running through Allie’s soft hair.  The younger woman’s hands were roaming over her back, pulling her in as close as possible, moaning loudly as Bea’s leg slipped between her own.

Pulling back when breathing became an issue, Allie rested her forehead on her girlfriend’s, unable to keep the smile off her face.

“Now you can charge the phone” the blonde said, leaning in and kissing Bea again before pulling away and going to grab her charger. 

“I should get back, Debbie will wonder where I’ve got to.  You coming with me?” Bea said, handing her phone over to her girlfriend

“I don’t want to be in the way”

“Never.  Besides, she was asking after you earlier, apparently she spotted you hitting on me last night”

“Shit, I’m so sorry, I bet she hates me”

“She’s curious about you, Boomer was singing your praises though so try not to worry too much ok” Bea replied, grabbing the blonde’s hand and leading her back downstairs.



Bea had been gone about ten minutes when Debbie spotted her walking back in, the blonde from behind the bar following close behind.  Watching on she saw her squeeze Bea’s hand quickly before heading over to Franky and Bridget, Bea walking back over to her daughter.

“Sorry about that, my phone was dead so I went to see if Allie could charge it for me” the redhead said

“It’s ok, Boomer was just showing me a trick she learnt”

“That’s nothing kiddo, wait till you see Allie, she’s got skills, right Bea?”

“Err…yeah…” Bea choked out, her mind clearly not on her girlfriend’s drink making ability.

“Hey Blondie, show Mini Bea a few tricks will you” Boomer hollered across the bar, scaring the crap out of Liz, who was walking past carrying a stack of glasses.

Hearing Boomer’s request Allie walked back around the bar, calling for her friend to come over and be her assistant.  Debbie watched on as the blonde performed a juggling act with liquor, ice and glasses, spinning, throwing and catching the bottles as she went on.  Calling out to Boomer for some glasses, she spun the cocktail shaker in her fingers before opening it, filling the two glasses that had been laid out for her.  Sliding the drinks over to Debbie and Bea, she turned around, high fived Booms then walked back around the bar, coming to stand beside the redhead

“That was pretty impressive, can you teach me a few things before I go back to uni?” Debbie said, the blonde was really good and she knew it would impress her roommates

“If Boomer can pick it up I’m sure I can teach anyone” Allie replied, the tall brunette flipping her the bird from behind the bar as she grabbed one of the cocktail shakers and started to teach the younger Smith how to spin it.

The evening was going much better than the previous one, and Allie and Debbie seemed to be getting on well, much to Bea’s delight.  She was sitting with Franky, Bridget had been called to the hospital an hour ago so the tattooed brunette was flying solo and hell bend on teasing Bea at every opportunity.

“So, Red, is Blondie any good in the sack?  I bet she is” Franky said, leaning in so no one else could hear their conversation

“Piss off” the redhead said, her face colouring up

 “Ok, so have you, uh…”


“Tried the McMuff?” Franky asked, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively

“Piss off…not yet”

“It tastes like chicken”


“No!  So what base did you get to?”

“I don’t even know what the bases are” Bea replied, blushing again

“Of course you do.  I’ll break it down for you, you’ve got fingers, and you’ve got a tongue.  I can give you some tips if you like, come on Red, give me something”

“I’m not discussing this with you so stop asking” Bea said, wishing the ground would open up and swallow her.  Maxine chose that moment to walk through the door, saving Bea from any further teasing.



Debbie had gone back to university that morning, and Bea missed her already.  After the second night when everything had come to a head they had been getting on really well.  The young brunette had apologised to Franky and they had cleared the air, and she seemed to be getting on with Allie as well.  The blonde had given her another cocktail making lesson one morning while Bea was on shift, and the bar was closed, her daughter insisting on using her as a guinea pig that night, using the cocktail set that Allie had given her as a gift.

Allie had been amazing this past week, they had hardly seen each other since the night Bea had stayed over, and she had been so understanding and supportive that it made Bea’s heart swell.  She had fallen hard for the younger woman, and it didn’t scare her half as much as she thought it would, she suspected that it had a lot to do with the blonde’s patience.  Bea had just started a night shift, but had a couple of days off after this, and was planning on spending as much time with her girlfriend as possible.

She was having serious withdrawals, it had been almost a week since they had spent any time together, and now the redhead was on a night shift.  Allie had never craved anything like she craved Bea, and coming from an ex-junkie that was saying something.  She was just glad she had a project to sink her teeth into.  Liz had asked for her help with idea’s for the bar, wanting to boost trade as things had been a little quiet recently.  She had suggested trialling an open mic night, it had always gone down well at the other bar she worked at.  It had been a few years but everyone loved live music right?   The only issue was that she now had the task of organising it.



Finishing her shift she rode home, fed the cat, and then headed straight to bed, Allie was coming over later and she didn’t want to be falling asleep during dinner.  Waking up late afternoon, Bea grabbed a shower before starting on dinner preparations, once everything was ready she headed back upstairs to get changed.  She was almost ready when she heard the door bell, running down the stairs she skidded to a halt in the hallway, taking a few seconds to compose herself she opened the door, finding Allie standing there, a bottle of wine in one hand and treats for Cormack in the other.

Stepping back to let the blonde in she closed the door, before she could turn around she felt Allie’s arms wrapping around her, the younger woman stepping in behind her, pulling her close as she trailed feather light kisses along her neck.  Bea’s entire body was tingling, and she couldn’t stop the low moan escaping her lips if she had wanted to.

“God I’ve missed you” Allie said, her teeth grazing over the older woman’s ear as she spoke, feeling her tremble in her arms, she loved the way Bea reacted to her touch.

“I missed you too baby” the redhead replied, turning in her girlfriend’s arms so they were facing one another.  Grabbing the front of her shirt she crashed their lips together, her other hand running through soft blonde locks.  Breaking apart when they both became breathless, Bea took the blonde’s hands in hers, leading her over to the table.  Opening the wine that Allie had brought over, she handed her a glass and served dinner before taking a seat opposite her girlfriend.

As they laid in bed that night, Bea’s mind was racing, the need to touch the younger woman was getting greater with every moment they spent together.  She had thought about what it would feel like to have Allie lose control as a result of her touch, or what the blonde would taste like.  She wanted to kiss every inch of her body, and surprisingly that didn’t scare her, it was the thought of Allie touching her that was holding her back.

She knew it was all in her head, Allie was the polar opposite of Harry, and the younger woman would never hurt her, she had been so patient and attentive towards her, never crossing the boundaries that Bea had put in place to protect herself.  One thing she did know was that she never wanted to go another week without holding her in her arms again, and if that meant going public with their relationship then so be it.

She needed to tell Debbie, and it was a conversation that needed to be had face to face, despite how awkward she knew it would be, she owed her daughter that much at least.  The young brunette was coming home for the weekend in three weeks for Boomer’s birthday, she would talk to her then, although that did mean three more weeks of hiding their relationship  She wanted Debbie to hear it from her, not someone else, that would be unfair on her, and would no dubitably strain their recently mended relationship.  Feeling the tiredness wash over her she pulled the sleeping blonde in closer, placing a light kiss on her forehead before closing her eyes.



A week later, and teal watch were five hours into their shift when the call came in, a house fire a few blocks away from the station.  The flames had taken hold by the time they arrived, the neighbour informing them that he hadn’t seen the occupants leave the building.  Masking up, Bea and Franky headed in, while Maxine and Fletch vented the property.  The smoke was thick and Bea knew they didn’t have long, they raced through, sweeping the rooms thoroughly, finding no sign of any occupants until they reached the back of the house.  On the floor, in the doorway to one of the bedrooms, was a woman.  Bending down, they went to pick her up, noticing a second body beneath her, a girl.  Grabbing the woman Franky raced back out, leaving Bea to grab the girl. As Bea carried her over to the ambulance she could see she was in a bad way, she just hoped that they had gotten to them in time.

With the victims on their way to hospital they set about extinguishing the flames, heading back to the station once they were sure that the fire was out.  The remainder of the shift had been quiet, and Bea was thankful for that, she couldn’t get the image of the woman laying over the girl out of her mind, that could so easily have been her and Debbie.

Once their shift was over she headed over to the hospital to check on the victims of the earlier fire, the doctor informing her that the woman was suffering from third degree burns, and was in a serious but stable condition.  The young girl, her daughter, hadn’t made it.  She was just fourteen, the same age Debbie had been when Harry had torched their house.  She couldn’t breathe, her throat felt like it was closing up.  Thanking the doctor, she raced through the corridors, shooting out of the hospital doors, she gasped for air.

Bridget had been on her way to check on a patient when she saw Bea Smith running through the hospital corridor, the redhead was pale and looked like she was about throw up.  She called out to her but she was either too far ahead to hear or lost in her thoughts.  Bridget’s first thoughts going to the fire crew, she knew her girlfriend’s job was dangerous but Franky played it down so often that she sometimes forgot they put their lives on the lie every time they responded to a call.  After checking on her patient she headed to the staff room, grabbing her phone from her locker she called Franky to make sure she was ok.

Ending the call, she had discovered that their crew had responded to the call that had left a woman fighting for her life, and her daughter dead.  Franky had told her a bit about Bea’s past but had never gone into detail, although she had known about the fire.  It must have triggered some pretty awful memories for her, no wonder the redhead had looked so wiped out.  Bridget informed her girlfriend that the girl had died, and they weren’t sure if the mother would pull through.  She could tell the brunette was worried about her friend, having been there with her all through the troubles with her ex-husband.  At least Bea had Allie now, Franky had told her about catching them together that night in the yard, but had sworn her to secrecy.  She was happy for them, Bea deserved some happiness, and Allie clearly cared deeply for her.

Once her breathing was under control Bea jumped in the car and headed home, her mind racing at a million miles an hour.  She called Debbie as soon as she got back, her phone going to voicemail she left her a message letting her know that she loved her to the moon and back and that she missed her.  Heading upstairs she took a shower before getting changed and going to bed.  She had been laying there for over an hour, every time she closed her eyes she could see her laying there on the floor in that house.  Jumping out of bed she got dressed and headed out, hoping a bit of fresh air would help.  She had been walking around for about an hour when she found herself outside the bar, it was just after 3:30pm so she knew it would be quiet, heading inside she greeted Liz before ordering a drink.

She had been there a couple of hours when Allie appeared, taking the stool next to her.  Turning to face the older woman she tucked a stray curl behind her ear before grabbing on to her hand, her thumb tracing a pattern over her skin gently.

“I’m here if you need me” she said, not wanting to push her fragile girlfriend too much.  Franky had called her an hour ago, having been worried about Bea since they returned from a shout late last night.  She couldn’t give too much away but had told the blonde that they had rescued a mother and daughter, and although the circumstances were different to hers it had really shaken the redhead.

Bea hadn’t said much, she just held onto the blonde’s hand that was resting on her thigh while she drank.  Allie knew she’d had too much but didn’t want to upset her any more than she already was, and Liz’s worrying glances were not helping her concern for her girlfriend.  When the redhead had gone to the bathroom the older blonde approached her, clearly concerned for her friend.

“We need to stop her drinking love, and she’s not going to like it”

“Have you ever seen her like this before?”

“She was like this about four years ago, something happened with her ex-husband and it she was in a bad way for a while” Liz replied, she wasn’t sure how much Bea had shared with the young blonde and didn’t want to give too much away.

“Was that after the fire?  She told me what happened” the younger woman said, sensing Liz’s reluctance to share

“She did?  Yeah, even though they both got out it really pulled the rug from under her.  I’m glad she’s talking to you, she has a tendency to bottle things up and it’s not good for her.  You really care about her don’t you?”

“More than anything” Allie said as Bea came back through into the bar.  Jumping down from the bar stool she walked over the redhead, placing her hand on the other woman’s shoulder.

“Come with me, I need your help with something” the blonde said, grabbing Bea’s hand and leading her through the back and upstairs to the flat, hoping the older woman would open up to her once they were alone.




The minute they had gotten through the door Bea’s lips were on hers, pushing her hard into the door the redhead began tugging at her shirt, pulling it over Allie’s head before her hands grasped at the button on her jeans.  Bea couldn’t get the image of the girl out of her head, only now when she saw her it was Debbie’s face staring back at her instead.  She needed to feel, needed to escape her thoughts, she needed Allie.

Grabbing the redhead’s wrists, Allie stilled her movements, stepping out from her position against the door.

“Hey, talk to me Bea, I’m here for you” she said walking over towards the sofa, pulling Bea along with her.

As they approached the sofa Bea pushed the blonde down so she was laying on her back, climbing on top of her, her hands fumbling with the button of her pants again, frustration showing when she couldn’t undo it.  Leaving the button for now, she tugged on Allie’s bra, exposing her breasts, palming her left one while taking her right nipple into her mouth, sucking hard.  Grabbing at Allie’s jeans she finally managed to undo the button, pulling the zipper down, her right hand tugged at the waistband of the blonde’s underwear.

Allie was unbelievably turned on, but she knew that her girlfriend wasn’t in a good headspace, and as much as she craved her touch, this was not the time.  She knew where it would lead and she wanted their first time to be special, not some drunken fumble on the sofa that the redhead would no doubt regret in the morning, and she loved and respected her too much to let that happen.  Placing her hands on her girlfriend’s shoulders she pushed her back gently, before sitting up and adjusting her bra.

“Why did you stop?”

“We can’t, not tonight, not like this.  Bea I…”

“I thought this is what you wanted, or was it all about the chase for you.  Now that I’m interested you’re not, is that it?” Bea shouted, standing up and racing for the door, tears streaming down her face.

“Shit” Allie yelled out, fastening her jeans she threw her shirt back on before running after the older woman.  Racing down the stairs she slammed straight into Franky, and the brunette did not look happy to see her.

“I’ve just seen Red, and she’s a mess, what the fuck did you do to her?”

“I didn’t do anything, that’s the problem.  Where is she, I need to talk to her”

“She’s gone, jumped in a taxi and took off.  You’ve got five minutes to explain before I kick your arse”

“Not here, you’d better come upstairs” Allie said, turning and leading the pissed off brunette up into the flat, before taking a seat on the sofa.

“Clock’s ticking Novak” Franky said, when the blonde showed no sign of talking

“After I got your call I went down to see Liz to ask for a few hours off, Bea was in the bar when I got there.  I went to sit with her but she wouldn’t talk, she just kept drinking.  I thought if we came up here she would open up more, it’s difficult when no one knows what’s going on between us.  As soon as I closed the door she jumped me, I’ve never seen her like that before, it just wasn’t Bea.  I pulled away and tried to get her to talk but she came at me again, pulling my clothes off.  I knew where it was heading and we haven’t gone that far yet.  I didn’t want her to do something she would regret once she sobered up.  She thought I was rejecting her and ran off” Allie said, her voice breaking as she relayed the events to Franky.

“You really like her don’t you?”

“I love her Franky, and now she’s on her own somewhere thinking that I don’t want her” Allie said, bursting into tears

“Hey, she knows how you feel, she’s just pissed and emotional.  Let her sleep it off and go talk to her in the morning” the brunette said, pulling the sobbing woman into a hug

“I’m worried about her, she shouldn’t be on her own, not like this” Allie replied, wiping he eyes with her shirtsleeve as she pulled back from Franky

“She needs time to clear her head.  I’ll give you a tip on our Red, she’ll rant, swear and shout, then she’ll wear the carpet thin pacing the room, and then she’ll calm down, that’s what she does.  You need to let her get it out of her system.  That shout we went on obviously brought back all the crap with Harry, but she clearly trusts you, she’s never let anyone get this close before, ever.  I’ll call by on my way home, make sure she’s ok if that would make you feel better”

“Thank you, that would help.  I just hate the thought of her thinking that I don’t want her”

“Get some rest then go over there tomorrow and tell her how you feel.  Red’s a stubborn fucker so it won’t be easy, but nothing that’s worth having ever is” Franky said, standing up, ruffling the blonde’s hair before leaving.

An hour later she received a text from the brunette, letting her know that Bea was home safe, and had told her to fuck off, so was perfectly fine, and reacting in her usual way.

Chapter Text

Waking up the next morning Allie took a shower before dressing slowly.  She had hardly slept the previous night, all she had wanted to do was run to Bea, wrap her arms around her and never let go.  She had never felt like this before, she knew she was punching above her weight, the redhead was an incredible woman, and Allie had to pinch herself every morning to remind herself that it wasn’t all just a dream.  She had no idea what the older woman saw in her, I mean what could she possibly have to offer?  She was living in a studio flat that she couldn’t even pay for when she moved in, she had rectified that as soon as her wages had started coming in, but she had nothing to her name and no real prospects.  The only thing she could offer her was love, and what if that wasn’t enough.

She had almost slipped the previous night, the look on Bea’s face as she turned and ran was playing on her mind as she lay in bed.  For the best part of two years drugs had been her saviour, her form of escape, and as she laid there in the early hours the need to check out was consuming her.  She had gone as far as getting dressed and leaving the flat in search of a fix.  Halfway down the stairs the redhead’s smiling face popped into her head, stopping her in her tracks.  She was hurt and angry, but she had to find another way to deal with it, she couldn’t run back to drugs every time things got tough.  Bea meant everything to her and she had to step up and be the best version of herself that she could be.  Getting high would not help her win the redhead back, no matter how much she craved it.

“Get you’re shit together Novak, no one likes a pity party” she told herself.  Grabbing her guitar and notebook as she headed out the door.  It was a twenty minute walk to Bea’s but it would give her chance to plan what she was going to say.  The pain she had seen in the redhead’s eyes had felt like a knife to the heart but she knew she had done the right thing.  If the older woman had come at her like that the first night they met then maybe things would have been different, who was she trying to kid, she knew things would have been different.  There was an instant attraction, as soon as she had set eyes on the strikingly beautiful firefighter, and she had known right then that she wanted her.

If Bea had shown her the same interest back then she would have happily taken her right there, up against the fire truck.  But things were different now, not that the thought of fucking the redhead like that hadn’t crossed her mind on more than one occasion, especially if she was in full uniform  but it meant so much more than that.  She was totally, completely, irreversibly in love with her, and if she hadn’t put a stop to things last night she knew that everything they had built together would have been destroyed beyond repair.  She just hoped that she could get her girlfriend to see things that way, if she could even call her that anymore.

Looking up, Allie realised she was outside Bea’s house, she had been so lost in her thoughts that she couldn’t remember a single second of the journey.  Stopping outside the door she took a deep breath, wiping her clammy hands on her jeans, before knocking.  It was now or never, and she was not about to go down without a fight.  Bea was the best thing that had ever happened to her and she had no intention of letting that go.



Bea had not had a good night, she had drunk far too much for a start, and then she had gone and thrown herself at Allie.  The shout had really gotten to her, she had learnt over the years to compartmentalise, tried to leave everything behind at the station, but sometimes it just wasn’t possible.  There was something about the scene of this particular fire that had triggered her anxiety and fear over the safety of her daughter.  She knew that Harry was no longer a threat, and that they were safe, but she couldn’t help but worry about Debbie, and she knew, deep down that she always would.

She was hurt when Allie had rejected her advances.  At first the blonde’s flirting had unsettled her, but the more time they spent together the more she looked forward to the younger woman’s cheeky quips and not so subtle advances.  She had fallen hard for her, despite her determination to never let anyone close enough again.  Allie had come crashing into her life and had taken down her wall, one brick at a time.  She wanted to take the next step in their relationship, and knew how hard the blonde was trying to respect her boundaries, but there was still a slither of doubt that once she gave herself to the younger woman completely, she would no longer want her.  Allie had been unbelievably understanding, and so patient with her, and she hadn’t once given her any cause to think that, but she just couldn’t shake the feeling. 

She had known last night that she’d had too much to drink, and deep down she was thankful to the blonde for stopping things when she did, but it had hurt, really fucking hurt.  She was in no doubt that it had been the Dutch courage that had caused her to instigate things between them, and if she was being completely honest she knew she would have regretted it, had Allie not stopped her.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want her, that couldn’t be further from the truth, the past few weeks she had been craving the blonde’s touch more and more.  She wanted to touch her, to taste her, and she knew the younger woman would stop at any point if she became uncomfortable, she had just been too scared to act on it.  With the copious amount of whiskey in her system last night however, she had been a little less reserved.  She had been angry, hurt and embarrassed when she had fled from Allie’s flat, blaming the blonde for everything in her drunken stupor, but now that the whiskey haze had cleared she was just plain embarrassed.

How was she ever going to look her in the eye again, the younger woman had been nothing but honourable, and she had thrown it back in her face.  She already had no idea what Allie saw in her, the blonde was stunningly beautiful, utterly charming and had a heart of pure gold, what the hell would she want with someone like her.  Maybe it was better this way, Allie would get bored of her eventually, and if she fell for her any more than she already had, she was pretty sure she’d never recover.

Jumping in the shower, she dressed herself before heading downstairs.  She knew she should eat something but the thought of food made her feel sick, and she wasn’t sure if it was the trace of a hangover or the thought of never looking into Allie’s calming blue eyes again that was causing it.  Grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge she sat down at the table, picking up her pencil she started to sketch, trying to empty her mind and calm her thoughts.

She had been drawing for about half an hour when she stopped, she had been so wrapped up in her head that she hadn’t even realised what was on the page, staring at her sketchbook she found the blonde’s beautiful face looking back at her.  “Damn it Allie” she yelled out, slamming her pencil on the table before getting up.  She needed to get out of her head, and running usually did the trick.  Deciding that was the best course of action she turned and headed for her bedroom to get changed into her running gear, she was half way up the stairs when she heard the knock on the door.



Allie knew she was home, she could see a light on in the kitchen.  Raising her hand she knocked again, hoping that Bea was just upstairs and not ignoring her.  She was just reaching into her pocket to grab her phone when the door opened, a very tired looking Bea stared at her for a few seconds before the door began to close again.  Launching herself forward she blocked the door, the redhead stepping back at her movement.  She had worked herself up so much on the journey over here that she’d be damned if she was going back without so much as a conversation.

Bea could feel the frustration building, she needed to clear her head, and having the source of that frustration standing right in front of her really wasn’t helping.  She knew that they needed to talk, but it was too soon, she needed some time.

“What do you want Allie?” she said, unable to hide the frustration in her voice

“You, I want you” the blonde replied without hesitation

“Sure, like you wanted me last night” Bea threw back as Allie walked past her.  Turning around she closed the door before following the blonde into the kitchen.

“I did want you last night, I’ve wanted you ever since I heard your voice in the hospital that night.  But I need you to be sure and I want you to be completely comfortable with what we’re doing.  You were upset last night, and I care about you too much to take advantage of you like that, it wouldn’t have been fair.  That was why I stopped things, it had nothing to do with me not wanting you, nothing”

“Sure.  Are we done here?”

“What?  No we’re not done, I need to explain things”

“Right, well you’ve done what you came to so, you can leave now” Bea said.  She knew she was being unfair on the younger woman but right now she needed space to calm her racing mind

"I'm not leaving until we sort this out”

“What is there to sort out?  Who were we trying to kid, this was never going to work.  We both know how this is going to end, I’m just saving us both a whole heap of pain further down the road”

“Bullshit, you’re just scared.  You’re scared and you’re pushing me away.  Well guess what, I’m not going anywhere” the blonde replied, folding her arms as she stared straight at the older woman

“Please Allie, just go”

“I’m not leaving”

“Fine, I’ll go then” the redhead said, turning and storming off up the stairs, slamming her bedroom door behind her.  She really hadn’t thought this through very well, she was now trapped in her room like a stroppy teenager, and she knew she was acting like one as well.  None of this was Allie’s fault, she was just looking for an excuse to bail before she got in over her head, although if she was to be completely honest with herself she knew it was too late.



If she hadn’t been directly involved, she would have found this whole situation rather funny.  The older woman was acting like a stroppy teenager, stamping her feet and slamming doors, berating her for trying to do the right thing.  Franky had warned her that the redhead was annoyingly stubborn but she was surprised at just how hot headed she really was, and to make matters worse she had found the whole thing strangely arousing, angry Bea Smith was beyond hot.  Really not helping Novak, she mentally scalded herself, it was not the time to be thinking those thoughts.

Picking her guitar up, she crept quietly up the stairs, coming to a stop beside the redhead’s closed bedroom door.  Sitting down with her back against the wall she placed the strap over her shoulder, adjusting the guitar before starting to strum the chords.  She had planned to come over and pour her heart out to the older woman but in the spur of the moment she thought she’d try a different tactic.  This could go one of two ways, she just hoped her pissed off girlfriend would take it in the way it was intended.

Bea had heard the creak in the floorboards on the landing, alerting her to the blonde’s presence.  She had expected to hear a knock on the door, so was surprised when the soft sound of Allie’s guitar floated through the air, sitting down on the edge of her bed she listened to the melody.  Closing her eyes she could visualise the younger woman’s soft fingers plucking at the strings, her eyes shooting open as Allie started to sing, was she really hearing this right?


Now then mardy bum

I see your frown

And it’s like looking down the barrel of a gun

And it goes off

And out come all these words

Oh there’s a very pleasant side to you

A side I much prefer

It’s one that laughs and jokes around

Remember cuddles in the kitchen

Yeah, to get things off the ground

And it was up, up and away

Oh, but it’s right hard to remember

That on a day like today, when you’re all argumentative

And you’ve got the face on


She could hear movement from inside the redhead’s bedroom, the door opening slowly to reveal a scowling Bea, clearly unimpressed with her song choice.  As their eyes locked Allie could see that the older woman’s gaze had softened slightly, and was that the trace of a smirk she could see?  Deciding to push her luck she continued, her gaze never leaving her girlfriend’s


Well now then mardy bum

Oh I’m in trouble again, aren’t I

I thought as much

Cause you turned over there

Pulling that silent disappointment face

The one that I can’t bare


There it was, that bright, beautiful smile that lit up the entire room.  Her gamble had paid off, Bea was walking towards her, grinning like an idiot.  Removing the strap from her shoulder, she placed the guitar down before standing up, her eyes locked with the redhead’s the entire time.

“I can’t believe you came all this way to insult me via song, although I suppose I should be thankful that you didn’t write that one” Bea said, trying, unsuccessfully to sound annoyed

“I hadn’t planned on doing that, it came to me after you stormed off like an extra from Kevin and Perry Go Large”

“I did not storm off…” the redhead said, cutting herself off when she saw the smile on Allie’s face

“I did storm off, I’m sorry.  I was embarrassed about last night and according to a friend or mine I have a tendency to be quite stubborn when I feel like I’m backed into a corner”

“Yeah, she did mention something along those lines when she came to lay into me last night, although I believe her exact words were that you were ‘a stubborn fucker’, but what’s a curse word or two between friends anyway”

“I’m sorry for acting like an arse, and for last night.  I am grateful for what you did, even if I didn’t show it at the time” Bea said, stepping closer to the younger woman

“It’s ok…besides, you’re really sexy when you’re angry” Allie replied, kissing her girlfriend gently, her fingers tracing patterns on the older woman’s back, through her shirt.



The minute she opened the door and saw the blonde standing outside her resolve had crumbled.  She had been stupid to think she could walk away, she needed Allie like she needed air.  Unfortunately her stubborn streak hadn’t been so quick to surrender, resulting in her embarrassing herself again.  Twice in two days, she really was making a habit of it.  Of course the younger woman had taken it all in her stride, hitting the nail on the head when she had accused her of pushing her away because she was scared.  She had even gone as far as making a joke of the whole situation with her little performance, diffusing the tension instantly and putting Bea at ease.  And then she had kissed her, and all her fears and worries had disappeared.  Wrapping her arms around the younger woman she pulled her in closer, deepening the kiss, a loud rumble from her stomach breaking them apart as the blonde smiled against her lips.

“Hungry?” Allie said laughing as the older woman’s stomach growled again

“I would say only for you but it would appear my stomach would disagree.  You fancy some breakfast?”

“I fancy you…but I wouldn’t say no to breakfast” the blonde joked as Bea took her hand, leading her down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Can I help?”

“You don’t have to”

“I know but I want to.  The first night I stayed here and we cooked dinner together, I liked it.  It sounds crazy but it was the first time in years that I felt like I belonged somewhere, that I mattered to someone”

“It doesn’t sound crazy at all.  I felt it to you know, I just didn’t know what ‘it’ was at the time.  And you do belong Allie, you’re so special to me” Bea said, tucking a strand of blonde hair behind the younger woman’s ear, “Now come on, I’m starving” she added, turning and opening the fridge.



After sitting down to a breakfast of pancakes and freshly squeezed orange juice they moved to the sofa.  Allie loved being here with Bea like this, just the two of them cuddled together.  Bea’s head was resting in her lap, her red curls fanned out like a halo, as the older woman held her hand, her thumb tracing patterns on the inside of her wrist.

“I’m sorry for shouting at you earlier, none of this was your fault and I shouldn’t have acted the way I did.  I just get so lost in my head sometimes that I can’t see what’s right in front of me, I got so used to Harry treating me like I’m nothing and taking what he wanted from me that I expect the same from everyone.  I get so anger with myself for allowing him to control my thoughts still, and sometimes I direct it at the wrong people.  Thank you for what you did, for letting me rant, although I’m not sure I could have stayed as calm as you did, in fact I know I couldn’t.  Do you ever get angry?”

“All the time, although for the past two years if something was bothering me I got high, and all my problems vanished, well until it wore off, then I was just angry again.  I need to tell you something, I don’t want there to be any secrets between us” Allie said, her nerves kicking in as she spoke

“Ok, what is it?”

“Last night I couldn’t sleep.  All I wanted to do was hold you, and it was killing me that I couldn’t make everything right between us.  Franky had told me to give you some space, and I was trying but it was eating me up.  I was angry at you for leaving like that and angry at myself for letting you go.  My head was spinning, it was driving me insane, and for the first time in months I needed a hit, needed something to take it all away.  I got dressed and left the flat, made it half way down the stairs before I turned back”

“What stopped you?”

“You did.  I’m not a nice person when I’m high and I never want you to see me like that, I never want to be that person with you, to you”

“I’m glad you turned back, and I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault”

“No its not.  This has nothing to do with you, it’s all on me.  I’ve been so used to checking out from my problems that I’d forgotten how to deal with feeling angry, or hurt.  Back then I was a different person, you’ve given me so much Bea, I actually feel like I have a purpose in the world again, so thank you.  I just need to find another way to deal with those feelings when they arise”

“You do have a purpose, and you always did, please don’t ever sell yourself short again.  Will you promise me something?” Bea asked, concern showing on her face


“If you feel like that again talk to me, whatever time, day or night ok.  I want to be there for you while you figure this out”

“I promise, but you have to talk to me too, even if you are hot when you’re angry.  What happened yesterday?” the blonde asked, her fingers playing with a lock of Bea’s hair.

“We were called to a fire at a house, it was well alight when we arrived.  I went in with Franky to sweep the building, we were at the back of the building when we spotted a woman, she was badly burned but she was breathing.  We went to pick her up when we noticed there was someone underneath her, it turned out to be her daughter, and she was in a bad way.  I went to the hospital once my shift finished to see how they were doing but the girl didn’t make it.  She was fourteen, the same age Debbie was when Harry….” Bea said, her eyes filling with tears

“Hey, it’s ok, take your time”

“I went home and tried to get some sleep but every time I closed my eyes I could see her lying there, but it wasn’t her face I could see, it was Debbie’s.  After a while I decided to go for a walk, try and clear my head, the next thing I knew I was outside Fuel.  I’d been there a couple of hours when you came down”

“You should have called me, I would have come straight over.  I know there’s nothing I can do to take it all away but I’m here for you, I’ll always be here for you, and you don’t have to deal with this alone ok”

“Thank you, you have no idea how much that means to me” the redhead said as she sat up and cuddled into the blonde.

Half an hour later Bea had fallen asleep in the younger woman’s arms, and Allie really needed to pee, talk about bad timing.  She tried to slide out from her girlfriends embrace but the older woman just held on tighter, she really didn’t want to wake her, but wetting herself really wasn’t an option.  Shaking her gently until she stirred, sleepy brown eyes looked at her in confusion, as she stood up, holding her hand out to the redhead.

“Why did you move, I was comfy” Bea asked, her voice more husky than normal

“Because you need to go to bed…and I really need to pee” the blonde said, leading her girlfriend up the stairs.

Entering the bedroom she pulled back the covers as Bea got changed before climbing into bed, tucking her in, she placed a soft kiss on her forehead before heading to the bathroom.  Coming back through Allie took her jeans off before slipping in behind her girlfriend, pulling her in close as they both fell asleep.




Allie woke up several hours later to the feeling of Bea’s fingers tracing patterns on her stomach where her shirt had ridden up in her sleep.  Smiling as she opened her eyes, she turned to face the older woman, who was watching her intently.

“I love waking up with you” the redhead said, before kissing her gently

“I love it more” Allie replied, flipping them over so she was hovering above the older woman before she started to tickle her

“Allieee….” Bea whined, she hated being tickled, and she know that the blonde knew that too

“Say the magic word and I’ll stop”

“Never…” Bea replied, her bottom lip sticking out as she pretended to sulk

“Don’t make me sing that song again” the younger woman said, stilling her hands

“I still can’t believe you did that, it was so mean.  So what was the grand plan then if it wasn’t to come over and insult me?  It would be a shame for it to go to waste since you went to so much effort”

“You really want to know?”

“Yeah, I really want to know”

“Ok” Allie said, jumping off of the bed and grabbing her guitar before coming to sit beside her girlfriend, taking a deep breath she began to play, hoping she wouldn’t freak the redhead out too much.


Everybody’s sayin’ seize the day

All I hear when they say seize the day is your name

So alone with the love so tragic

One taste, I’m a full blown addict

Now I keep comin’ back, got to have it

Gotta have it, gotta have it

In jail or devil or neither

And you got me sweatin’ that fever

And when the heat is gone you make me a Bea-liever


Oh, oh, oh love you crazy

Oh, oh, oh love you crazy


Everybody’s sayin’ seize the day

Your love is a little bit crazy, my love is a little bit crazy

Cause everything that we could feel, we feel insanely


Oh, oh, oh love you crazy

Oh, oh, oh love you….


Locking eyes with the older woman as she sang the last line, her heart skipping a beat at the look her girlfriend was giving her.  Placing the guitar down she crawled over the bed, straddling Bea’s legs she sat on her lap before taking her head in her hands, her eyes never leaving the redhead’s as she spoke.

“I love you Bea”

“You….you do?”

“Yeah I do, I love you.  I’m so in love with you that it scares me sometimes” Allie said, her thumb brushing lightly over Bea’s bottom lip before she leaned in, kissing her softly, her fingers tangling in red curls as she felt the older woman moan against her lips.  The redhead’s hands running up her back, pulling her in closer as she deepened the kiss.

“Allie I…I..” Bea stuttered as she pulled back from the kiss.  She was pretty sure she loved the blonde, but couldn’t bring herself to say the words, at least not yet

“Sshh, it’s ok, you don’t have to say anything.  I just needed you to know how I feel, how special you are to me.  You’re my whole world Bea Smith, and right here with you is the only place I want to be” the younger woman said, sensing Bea’s hesitation.

She knew how the older woman felt about her, it was obvious to her every time their eyes locked. And the fact that she was here with her right now, like this was all the confirmation that she needed.

Could Allie be any more perfect, she had sensed her hesitation instantly, sweeping it away with a few words, putting her at ease.  No one had ever been able to read her like the blonde could, it was as though she could see right into her soul, and surprisingly that didn’t scare her.  How was it possible that this beautiful woman in front of her could calm her down with a touch, relax her with a look, and make her heart beat out of her chest every time she felt her lips against her own.



Allie had been working incredibly hard organizing the open mic night, she had been canvasing at the local university campuses, handing out flyers around the city, and had hired someone to help her set up a website for the bar.  She had nine out of the ten slots filled up to now, and she was really hoping that it would be a success.

Bea had been unbelievably supportive, especially so a couple of nights ago when they were curled up together on the sofa, in the middle of a heated make-out session, when the blonde’s phone had rung.  Apologizing to her girlfriend, she leaned over and grabbed her phone, answering the call, it had been one of the bands calling to confirm the details of their set.  Ending the call she turned back to Bea, pulling her in and picking up where they had left off, only for the bloody phone to go again, another artist was wanting to change slots.

It had continued that way for most of the evening, the event was in two days and everyone was wanting to sort out the last minute details.  Her girlfriend had been amazing, they hadn’t seen much of one another over the past few days, their shift patterns seemed to be working against them, and the time they did have kept getting interrupted by Allie’s phone.  The redhead was on a day shift the following morning so decided to go to bed, leaving the blonde to deal with the endless stream of phone calls, what was it about musicians, could they not call at a reasonable hour.  Kissing Allie on the cheek, she headed up the stairs, hoping the younger woman would be able to get some rest soon.

She had been working so hard to get everything ready on time, she just hoped it would bring in the customers, there was a lot riding on this for both Liz and Boomer, and she knew Allie was feeling the pressure, not that she would admit it.  Bea wished there was more she could do to help her, but all she could do was be there when she needed her.   Waking up in the middle of the night she felt Allie’s body pressed against hers, smiling to herself she snuggled in closer, glad the blonde was finally managing to get some rest.

Chapter Text

She was nervous about tonight, there was a lot riding on this for all of them, especially Liz and Boomer, and the older blonde had put so much trust in her that she really hoped she wouldn’t let her down.  The line-up was set and all the artists were fully prepped and hopefully, ready to go.

Allie had been at the bar all day, racing around getting everything set up.  Her girlfriend had asked Franky for a lift to work the night before so she could lend her the car, which had made things a whole lot easier.  She really hadn’t been looking forward to racing all over the city on the tram all day, not to mention how time consuming it would be.

It was late afternoon when Bea arrived, bag in hand.  She was wearing her dungarees, the ones she always wore when she was working on the bike, a tight vest underneath showing off her toned arms, and Allie nearly dropped the speaker she was trying to pick up.  The redhead smirking at the younger woman’s reaction to her as she walked over to her, grabbing the speaker she had been attempting to lift and carrying it onto the makeshift stage.

“Don’t want you hurting yourself now do we” Bea said, scanning the bar to make sure they were alone before kissing the blonde quickly

“Fucking tease”

“You know it baby.  Now what do you want me to do?”

“Seen as you’re so strong you can bring the rest of the equipment up here”

“Not a problem Alliecat, sit down for a bit, relax, I’ve got this” the redhead replied, her fingers running across the younger woman’s stomach as she passed her.

Allie sat and watched as her girlfriend carried all the equipment up onto the stage, occasionally giving out instructions as to where things needed to go.  She had struggled when she had tried to lift that speaker, but Bea looked like she was carrying feathers, her muscles flexing as she set the thing down on the stage.  She could feel her arousal building, wishing it was her that the redhead was picking up.  Closing her eyes she pictured the older woman lifting her up, her back pressed hard against the wall and legs wrapped around Bea’s waist, as her girlfriend fucked her hard.  Taking a deep breath she opened her eyes, this really wasn’t the time to get herself all worked up.  Looking up, her eyes locked with Bea’s, the older woman smirking at her as she crossed the room, the look on her face telling Allie that the redhead knew exactly what she had been thinking about.

Bea could feel Allie’s eyes on her as she carried the equipment up onto the stage area, and she loved it when her girlfriend looked at her like that, like she was the only one in the room.  Placing the speaker down she turned to face the blonde, whose eyes were now closed, lips parted slightly and her breathing was heavy.  Stopping what she was doing she watched Allie as she took a deep breath before opening her eyes.  As they locked with Bea’s she could see the burning want in the younger woman’s eyes, and it was driving her wild.  She wanted Allie in every way, and although she was still nervous about taking the next step she knew she couldn’t wait much longer.  The urge to touch her, taste her had been consuming her for that past week, ever since the blonde had said those three words to her.  Harry very rarely said it, two or three times maybe in the fifteen years they were together, and she was pretty sure he hadn’t meant it when he did.  Once again Allie was different, she knew the minute the words left those perfect lips that she had meant every single word, and it was there in every look, and every touch.  Smirking at her girlfriend she wandered over towards her, she stopped in her tracks when Boomer came bounding through the door, ready to start her shift.  Ruffling Allie’s hair she turned and carried on bringing the equipment onto the stage.



Once everything was in place Bea headed upstairs to grab a shower while the blonde connected everything up, and made sure it was all working correctly.  Stepping out of the shower she dried herself off, realising she’d forgotten to bring her clothes into the room.  Wrapping a towel around her waist she wandered out of the bathroom, coming face to face with Allie, the younger woman’s eyes black with desire as they raked over her body, before locking with her own, and she wasn’t even embarrassed at being caught staring.

She had finished setting everything up, the only thing left to do was check the sound.  Her guitar was upstairs so she figured she may as well shower and change while she was up there, then she could concentrate on the event without any further interruptions.  The redhead had been gone a while so she figured she’d be about ready by now.  Walking into the flat she closed the door behind her, turning around she came face to face with a half-naked Bea.

“Fuck…sorry, I’ll go back down, give you some privacy”

“No, stay.  I won’t be long, I just need to grab my clothes” Bea said, indicating to the bag on the floor beside the bed, her cheeks red in embarrassment at being caught in a state of undress.  She was still extremely shy in front of Allie, she knew it was silly but she couldn’t help it.

Sensing the redhead’s discomfort Allie headed into the kitchen area to grab a drink, her back to the older woman to give her some privacy.

“You want a beer babe” she called out as Bea headed back into the bathroom

“Yeah, thanks” her girlfriend replied before closing the door.

Five minute later Bea appeared from the bathroom dressed in a fitted black shirt and tight ripped skinny jeans, and she looked sexy as hell.

“It’s all yours” the older woman said, gesturing to the bathroom as she headed over to the kitchen to grab the beer that Allie had got her.

Turning around she saw the blonde walking across the room, heading for a shower, completely naked.  As their eyes locked Allie smirked at her, throwing her a wink before walking into the bathroom.  Downing her beer in one go Bea took a deep breath, trying to calm the throbbing sensation in her groin before heading back downstairs and leaving Allie to get ready. Now who was being a fucking tease she thought as she entered the bar.

Allie had seen the look in Bea’s eyes as she had walked passed her to go for a shower, it was the same look that she was sure was reflected in her own eyes when she had seen the redhead with nothing but a towel around her waist, desire.  The older woman had been getting more confident the past few nights they had spent with each other, although they still hadn’t slept together yet.



Grabbing her guitar, she headed downstairs to check on the sound system, plugging the lead in before starting to play, the opening chords of Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses blasting out across the bar.  Once she had checked everything she headed over to the bar to see if Liz needed any help, Franky staring at her with her mouth wide open as she passed.

“What’s up with you Doyle?” she asked, as Bea watched on, a smirk on her face

“I didn’t know you played, you’ve got some skilled fingers there Blondie”

“That was only a warm up, I’m saving myself for later, right Bea!” Allie threw back, making the brunette laugh and her girlfriend blush simultaneously

“You’re one lucky bitch, do you know that Red” Franky said as she turned back to Bea, the redhead blushing again as she thought about what her friend was referring to.



The bar was starting to fill up, and Bea couldn’t remember it being so busy on a Wednesday night for years.  It looked like it was going to be a good night, and she was so pleased for Liz and Boomer, but more so for her girlfriend.  She had worked bloody hard to pull this off and she would be so disappointed if things didn’t go well.  Then first couple of artists had arrived and Allie was racing around getting everything sorted for them.  She had roped Boomer into helping her clear a couple of the store rooms out earlier that afternoon, and they were currently being used as makeshift dressing rooms.

As the first act took to the stage Bea wandered over to Allie, bottle of water in her hand.  The blonde had been running around like an idiot for the past hour and a half, and Bea had remembered her saying that she wasn’t planning on drinking until the event was over, the bottle of beer up in the flat had been to calm her nerves, but she hadn’t touched a drop since.  Coming to a stop in front of her girlfriend she handed her the water, her fingers brushing the blonde’s lightly as she took the drink.  Squeezing Allie’s hand gently, she headed back over to her friends.  She would be glad when everything was out in the open, the urge to kiss her girlfriend was consuming her.

The evening was a roaring success and the bar was packed to the rafters all night.  The last band had just finished playing and they were already asking about the next event, not wanting to miss out on a slot.  Liz had called Allie into the back half way through the evening to ask her if she would be interested in doing it on a regular basis.  She would need to get someone else in to help behind the bar but it would be worth it if the takings so far were anything to go on.  The younger blonde had jumped at the chance, as stressful as it had all been she had loved every minute.  They decided on once a fortnight to start with, it would give Allie the opportunity and time to set things up properly, and Liz would still need her for a few shifts behind the bar until she found a replacement.  If everything worked out then Wednesday night’s would become open mic night at Fuel on a permanent basis.

Bea watched on as Allie buzzed around the bar, an ever present group of people hovering around her. Some were trying to book their slot for the next event and others were wanting to know how they could get added to the line-up.  She was so proud of her girlfriend, she took everything in her stride, not getting flustered once, and she couldn’t stop the wide smile that crept onto her face every time the blonde looked over to her.  They hadn’t had much time together during the evening and Bea was missing her terribly, she was just glad that Allie had asked her to stay over, at least she would be able to wake up with her, something that was fast becoming the best part of the day for Bea.

The drummer guy from the band that were on seventh had been watching Allie all night, and it was starting to grate on Bea.  She knew she had nothing to worry about, but she really didn’t like the way he was looking at her.  As the blonde headed into the back she saw him put the kit down that he was carrying, before turning and following her.  Feeling her body tense, the redhead put her drink down and headed in the direction of her girlfriend.  Heading down the corridor, she was just about to round the corner when she heard voices, one of them was Allie’s.  Stopping in her tracks she stood and listened, that little shit had just asked her out.

“Look, you seem like a really nice guy, and you guys are really, really good but that’s where my interest stops I’m afraid.  I have a girlfriend that I love very much, she’s my whole world.  I’m sorry” Allie said

Bea’s heart was beating out of her chest as she heard the blonde’s words, turning around she headed back out into the bar to wait for her girlfriend, the drummer guy appearing a couple of minutes later with a downcast look on his face.


An hour later and all the customers had gone, Franky, Bridget and Maxine had stayed behind to help Liz and Boomer clear up as Doreen had to get back to Josh.  Bea was helping Allie sort everything out her end, she had papers scattered all over the desk in the back office, and there had been so many artists who hadn’t played wanting to leave her their details for next time.  They had just finished sorting all the paperwork out when Bea stepped into the blonde, wrapping her arms around her.

“I’m so proud of you Alliecat, you’re amazing, I hope you know that” the redhead said, leaning forward and capturing the younger woman’s lips in a kiss that left them both tingling down to their toes, Allie’s hands running up Bea’s back, pulling her deeper into the kiss.

They were so lost in each other that they missed Liz opening the door.  The older blonde had gone in search of Allie to thank her for everything she had done, what she hadn’t expected was to find her locked in a passionate embrace with Bea.  It had been obvious from the start that there had been a connection between the two women, but given the redhead’s past she hadn’t expected anything to come of it.  Well that was fifty bucks down the drain then she thought, Smiles had been running a wager on them after seeing how Allie had looked at Bea that night she stayed at the station.  Liz, of course had bet against them, although her friends happiness was worth so much more to her than a lost bet.  Turning around, she walked back out of the room, closing the door quietly behind her, she would speak to Allie later.

Heading back out front, Bea found her friends sitting at the bar, having a drink.  Pulling up a stool she sat down as Liz handed her a bottle of beer, the older blonde giving her a strange look as Boomer asked where Allie was.

“I’m right here, miss me did you Booms?” the blonde said as she walked towards them, coming to stand beside Bea, before grabbing the redhead’s beer and downing it.

“What?  I was thirsty” she said as her girlfriend scowled at her, both of them smiling as Liz placed two more bottles in front of them.

They chatted about the evening, Liz thanking Allie for all her hard work and Boomer joking about the lengths some people will go to, to get out of serving customers.  Allie was exhausted but right there, in that moment, she felt like she was part of the little family.  Yes, it was a little dysfunctional at times, but she had never felt as accepted as she did with Bea and her friends.  Her Bea, her wonderful, caring, protective, sweet, sexy Bea, who was looking at her with so much love that it almost made her cry.  After finishing their drinks they all decided to call it a night, Maxine asking Bea if she wanted to share a taxi with her and Franky.

“Allie asked me to help her with something so you guys get off, I’ll grab a taxi later” the redhead replied, hoping Maxine was more convinced by her excuse than she was.  It didn’t help that Franky was stood beside the tall brunette smirking at Bea.

After Bea had promised to call Maxine when she got home, everyone headed off.  Locking up they headed upstairs, the blonde looked exhausted but the minute they were back inside the safety of the flat her lips were on Bea’s, fingers running lightly across the older woman’s jaw.  Wrapping her arms around Allie’s waist, the redhead pulled her in closer, her entire body burning with desire as her girlfriend let out a loud moan at the increase in contact.  Running he hands up Allie’s sides she lifted the blonde’s shirt up, breaking the kiss so she could remove it completely before crashing their lips together again, her hands roaming all over the younger woman’s exposed stomach before moving up, kneading her breasts through the fabric of her bra.

“Oh god…Bea” Allie moaned out as the redhead tweaked her nipple, her fingers clawing at the buttons on Bea’s shirt, desperate to feel her skin pressed up against her.

Once the offending item had been removed Allie took a step back, her eyes raking over her girlfriend, she was so beautiful and she felt so lucky to be able to see her like this, and be with her in this way.  Letting Bea take the lead, she allowed herself to be walked towards the bed, their lips locked together as they stumbled across the room.  Coming to a stop as the back of her legs made contact with the bed, Allie felt the older woman’s hands tugging at the waistband of her jeans.  Lifting her head, her gaze locked with Bea’s, her deep brown eyes now black with desire.

“Are you sure?” Allie asked, her voice barely above a whisper

Not trusting her voice, the redhead nodded before crashing their lips together as her fingers made light work of the button on Allie’s jeans.  Stepping back she ran her hands down Allie’s toned legs, pulling the jeans down as she went, her girlfriend leaning on her shoulder for support as she stepped out of them, kicking them off to the side and out of the way.  Standing back up Bea let her eyes roam over the blonde’s body, she was breathtakingly beautiful, and she was almost too scared to touch her.  Running her hands up the outside of Allie’s thighs and over her hips, they came to rest on her waist, the younger woman stepping forward, taking her bottom lip between her teeth and sucking on it, her hands grabbing at her jean clad arse, pulling her closer, as she kissed her hard.

“Can I take these off?  I want to feel you” Allie panted as they broke apart, their kiss leaving her gasping for breath

“Yeah…” Bea replied, her voice coming out as a low rumble, causing the younger woman to moan as she unfastened her jeans and pushed them down at lightning speed, the redhead stepping out of them as she pushed Allie back onto the bed, climbing over and straddling her.

Leaning forward, Bea kissed her way across the blonde’s stomach, up between her breasts and along her collarbone, Allie’s hips bucking up into her as she sucked and nipped at the pulse point on her neck.

“Fuck….Bea…” the younger woman growled as the redhead’s right hand played with her nipple through her bra.

Bea had no idea what she was doing, but the way Allie’s body was responding to her touch, and the sounds she was making were driving her on, and driving her wild at the same time.  She could feel the younger woman’s hips push off the bed, causing a wave of pleasure to tear through her body.

“Allie…” she called out softy, as her body jerked forward, increasing the contact, their lips crashing together again as hands roamed and grabbed at exposed skin.

“I want to touch you…is…is that ok?” Bea asked, her nerves evident in her voice

“More than ok” Allie replied, her fingers stroking the redhead’s face before she captured her lips again.

Bea ran her right hand down between the blonde’s breasts and across her stomach.  Her lips kissing down her neck, stopping at her pulse point again she nipped the younger woman’s skin gently before sucking down on it, leaving a light mark.  Her fingers were playing with the waistband of Allie’s underwear when her phone rang.  Groaning in frustration Bea leaned over, grabbed her phone and answered it, Maxine’s voice coming down the line.

“Bea, are you ok?  It’s been over an hour, you were meant to call me”

“Yeah, sorry.  I must have lost track of time.  I’m home now though so no need to worry” Be replied, her voice wavering as Allie’s fingers traced patterns across her stomach

“Are you sure you’re ok, you don’t sound yourself” her friend asked, clearly not convinced

Climbing off the blonde, Bea wandered over to the sofa to speak to Maxine, Allie’s wandering hands were not making it easy to keep her voice neutral.  She was grateful for her friend’s concern, the brunette commenting on the apparent strange mood Bea seemed to have been in when her and Franky had left.  The redhead passed it off as being tired and hoped that Maxi would buy it, she couldn’t tell her that the real reason that she was so distracted had been the blonde standing beside her that she was so desperate to touch.  Eventually Bea had put her friends mind at rest, ending the call she walked back over to the bed, finding Allie fast asleep.  Climbing in behind her girlfriend she switching the light off, dropped a light kiss on her shoulder before wrapping her up in her arms, falling asleep with a smile on her face.



The next morning was chaotic, they had both been so distracted the previous night that they had forgotten to set the alarm.  Allie had been the first to wake up, her girlfriend’s strong arms wrapped around her holding her so close that it warmed her heart, she was so in love with her.

Glancing at the clock and seeing that it was just gone eleven, she leapt out of bed, the older woman waking up at the sudden movement.

“Shit…fuck…” the blonde said as she raced around the room, frantically pulling clothes from the wardrobe.

“Woah, slowdown…what’s the rush?” Bea asked as she sat up in bed, rubbing the sleep from her eyes

“Have you seen the time?  I’m meant to be opening up in less than an hour and look at me!”

“You look good from where I’m sitting” the older woman said as her eyes took in the vision before her, Allie was standing there in nothing but her underwear, and she looked absolutely incredible.  Climbing out of bed she walked over to the blonde, pulling her into a soft, slow kiss, the younger woman’s hands tangling in her hair, holding her close

“Good morning” Bea said as they broke apart

“It is now” Allie replied, capturing her girlfriends lips again, her fingers trailing lightly up her sides

“I thought you were in a rush” the redhead said as she pulled back from the younger woman’s embrace

“Five more minutes won’t hurt, and I could always go downstairs like this”

“Don’t even think about it”

“No?” Allie asked, a smirk on her face

“No.  I don’t want anyone else’s eyes on you, only mine”

“I’m yours am I?”

“Yeah, mine”

“Well you better claim what’s yours then”

“Oh I intend to.  Now go and have a shower, you’re late enough as it is” Bea said, pushing the blonde in the direction of the bathroom, unable to miss the look of want in her girlfriend’s eyes.



Forty five minutes later and Allie was running down the stairs, she had three minutes before she was due to open up.  Racing through the door into the bar as she fastened the last few buttons on her shirt, she almost crashed into Liz, the older blonde was busy prepping the bar.

“Morning love”

“Morning. I’m so sorry, I overslept.  Wait, I thought I was opening up today?” Allie said as she headed around the front of the bar to put the chairs down.

“Don’t worry about it, I thought I’d come in and give you a hand, you looked worn out last night”

“Yeah, I was that tired that I forgot to set my alarm” the younger blonde said, although it had more to do with her girlfriend’s soft lips and wandering hands than being tired, not that Liz needed to know that.

An hour later and the bar was quiet so Liz decided to go and check the stock, she would need to send her order through later anyway so she may as well take advantage while it was quiet.  As she headed through into the store room she heard footsteps coming down the stairs, continuing down the corridor she came face to face with Bea, the redhead looked like a teenager trying to sneak out of the house without her parents seeing.

“Liz…hi. I was err…just coming to drop something off for Allie…but she’s not home.  I’ll call back later”

“Sure love, whatever you say.  She’s in the bar, why don’t you go and find her” the older blonde replied, smiling at Bea’s flustered rant, she clearly hadn’t been home since last night

“Nah, it’s ok, I’ll catch her later”

“Don’t be daft, go on through, don’t want you driving all the way here for nothing.  I thought it was you’re car I saw outside”

“I lent it to Allie, I came over on the bike” Bea replied, holding up the helmet in her hand

“Oh right.  Well go on through, I know she’ll be happy to see you, she always is” Liz said as she turned and headed into the store room, smiling to herself at the flustered state of her friend, the bike had also been here when she arrived an hour ago.

Something was off with Liz, she was as friendly as always but she kept smiling at her.  Thinking no more about it Bea headed down the corridor, in search of her favourite blonde, stopping in the doorway to gaze at her as she wiped the bar down, a faraway look in her eyes.

Allie was surprised when Bea wandered through into the bar, they had arranged to meet up later once her shift was finished, and the redhead had offered to cook dinner.  Tomorrow was a day off for both of them so she was hoping they could spend the day together, things had been so hectic recently and she was having serious withdrawals.

She still couldn’t believe she had fallen asleep on her girlfriend last night, there had been something different about the older woman, she seemed more relaxed, and the way her hands had roamed over her body had driven her wild with want.  That was until her phone had rung, she knew Maxine was only looking out for a friend but could her timing have been any worse.

“Hey you, I wasn’t expecting to see you again so soon, not that I’m complaining.  Is everything ok?” Allie said, smiling as her girlfriend walked over to her

“Everything’s fine, or at least I think it is.  Liz caught me leaving the flat, I made up some excuse about dropping something off for you but I’m not sure she believed me.  I didn’t realise she would be here this morning”

“Me neither, she said she came in because I looked tired but I don’t know.  You don’t think she knows do you?”

“Nah, she’d have said something if she did.  I can’t wait for Debbie to come home, all this sneaking around is driving me crazy” Bea said

“Me too, I really want to kiss you right now.  And I’m so sorry about last night, I promise I’ll make it up to you later.  Now get out of here before I jump you” the blonde replied, her eyes never leaving her girlfriend arse as she walked out.



After heading home to change Bea rode over to the station, Will had called her as she left the bar and asked her to stop by as there was something he needed to discuss with her.  Parking the bike up in the car park she wandered through the station, in the direction of her boss’s office, her mind going back to the previous night with Allie.  She had been surprised at how natural it felt to touch the blonde, not that she had touched her anywhere near as much as she had wanted to, Maxi really did have the worst timing.  At least she would be seeing her again tonight, and she would make sure her phone was switched off this time.  As she walked past the mess room she heard Kaz call out to her.

“You’re looking pleased with yourself Smith”

“I am.  What do you want Kaz?”

“Just wondering how you sleep at night that’s all”

“Oh I sleep just fine, not that it should be any concern of yours”

“So it doesn’t bother you that your poor husband’s locked up in a prison cell while you wander free?  What are you doing her anyway, off for a little rendezvous with lover boy are we?”

“Ex-husband, and the bastard is exactly where he should be, not that it’s any of your concern.  And for your information I’ve been called in for a meeting, not that that’s any of your business either” Bea snapped as she continued down the corridor

“Don’t forget to lock the door and draw the blinds Bea” Kaz shot back as she followed the redhead

“Why don’t you just piss off Proctor” Bea said, turning to square up to the blonde.

“Smith, my office.  Proctor, if you don’t get back to work right now you’ll be on dunny duty for the next month, do I make myself clear” Will bellowed down the corridor, could these two not be left alone for a minute?

“Sure thing boss, was just being friendly, right Smith” Kaz replied, turning and walking away before the redhead had a chance to reply.

Following Will into his office Bea took a seat opposite him.  He informed her that he was planning on applying for a promotion and wanted to put her forward to take over his position if he was successful.  It would be a few months until he found out if he had got the job but wanted to see if it was something she would be interested in.

“Yeah I’m interested, why me though?”

“You’re one of the best firefighters I’ve ever worked with that’s why.  And if I leave I want to know the team’s in good hands.  It will mean that you would have to manage Proctor though, you think you can handle that?”

“Not a problem.  I have no issue with her, she just doesn’t seem to like me for some reason.  She’ll be pissed though, if I end up being her boss”

“That will be her problem not yours, she can always transfer.  Can we keep this between us for now though, I don’t want it to become common knowledge until I know I’ve got it?”

“Not a problem. I want to tell Allie though, I don’t want there to be any secrets between us” Bea replied, not realising what she had just said

“Sure.  So she’s the reason for the change in you recently is she?  Remind me to thank her the next time I see her” Will said, grinning at Bea as the realisation that she had slipped up hit her.

“I…Err…” the redhead stumbled, she really hadn’t meant to say that

“Look, I won’t say anything ok.  But I’m pleased for you, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look so happy.  She’s good for you” Will said, sensing Bea’s discomfort

“Yeah she is, I’ve never felt like this before” the redhead replied, a bright smile on her face at the thought of the blonde

“Does anyone else know?”

“Only Franky, she kind of caught us together”

“Oh I bet she loved that” Will said, laughing at the look on the redhead’s face.  She had been through so much over the years, he was glad she had found someone.

After Will filled her in on what she would need to read up on she headed home to start preparing dinner.  She wanted everything to be perfect for tonight, Allie had been so supportive and patient with her that she wanted to spoil her.  Bea still didn’t understand how she could have gotten so lucky, or how so many people in the blonde’s past could just cast her aside like that.  She had never met anyone as selfless as Allie before, the younger woman had always put her needs first, even if it was at the detriment of her own.  The way she had stepped up to the plate to help Liz and Boomer had made her heart swell, she had run herself ragged the past few days to make sure the open mic night had been a success, and Bea was so glad that she got to be part of her life.  And then it hit her like a bolt of lightning, she loved her, she was head over heels in love with Allie, and the thought didn’t scare her one bit.

Chapter Text

Bea had just started dinner preparations when her phone rang, putting the knife down she wiped her hands before answering the call, Debbie’s name lighting up the screen.  Her daughter had called to let her know how her exams had gone, and by the excitement in her voice they had gone very well.  She still missed the young brunette terribly, but since her last visit they had started speaking a couple of times a week, or more if the redhead’s shift pattern allowed.  After Debbie had filled her in on the ins and outs of university life, Bea decided to broach the subject of boomer’s birthday, wanting to make sure her daughter was still planning on coming home.  The young brunette confirmed that she would be back Saturday morning as she had a lecture on the Friday afternoon and had arranged to go out with her friends for dinner afterwards.  They chatted for a while longer before Debbie had to get back to her studies, saying goodbye Bea put her phone down before continuing dinner preparations.

Less than ten minutes later her phone rang again, this time Maxine’s name was flashing across the screen.  Sighing loudly Bea answered the call, feeling guilty at her response to the disturbance once she heard her friend’s concerned voice down the line, clearly she hadn’t been quite as convincing the previous night as she had though.  After spending a good half hour reassuring her friend that she was perfectly fine, and promising her they would catch up on things soon, she ended the call before checking the clock.  She had wanted to take her time, enjoy a long hot bath to help calm her nerves.  Something had changed between her and the blonde recently, although it was more on her side than Allie’s, and Bea found it both scary and exciting all at once.

Allie would be here in less than two hours and dinner was still a fridge full of ingredients, she needed a bath, and had no idea what to wear.  Mumbling under her breath she prepared their meal as quick as she could without losing a finger, she would need those later she thought to herself, her cheeks reddening as an image of an underwear clad Allie laying on her bed flashed through her mind.  “Fuck sake Smith, concentrate” she told herself, unable to keep the smile off her face as she finished in the kitchen and ran up the stairs, deciding that a bath would take too long she jumped in the shower instead.  Finishing in the bathroom she dried her hair, tying it up after trying, unsuccessfully to tame it for ten minutes.  Throwing on a pair of shorts and vest she raced down the stairs to put dinner in the oven before heading back up to try and find something to wear.  She finally decided on an outfit, laying it out on the bed as she did her make-up, turning around to grab her clothes she found Cormack curled up, right in the middle of her white shirt.

“Fucking hell Cormack” she mumbled at the cat, who’s only response was to stretch, before turning over and laying back on her shirt.  She had just fastened her trousers when she heard a knock on the door, Allie was early.  Grabbing her waistcoat she threw it on, fastening it as she ran down the stairs and towards the door, she would have to find a shirt once she had let the blonde in.



It was just before seven when Allie arrived, Bea had text her earlier to let her know that dinner would be at seven thirty, and she couldn’t wait to see her.  She would have happily stayed in bed, wrapped up in the redhead’s arms all day if work hadn’t have gotten in the way.  Knocking on the door, she waited a few minutes before she was greeted by her girlfriend, who was wearing fitted black trousers and a matching waistcoat, no shirt, and Allie felt the wave of arousal hit her hard, a soft gasp escaping her lips before she could stop it.  Holy fuck, she’s trying to kill me, but what a way to go, she thought to herself as she tried to pick her jaw up off the floor.

“You coming in or are we going to stand here all night?” Bea asked, smirking at the look on her girlfriends face.  She really should thank the cat for choosing her outfit, although with the way the blonde was looking at her she may not be wearing it for long, not that she was complaining.

Shaking herself from her thoughts, ones that she hoped would become reality later, Allie walked into the house, her fingers running across the redhead’s exposed collarbone as she passed.  Stopping in the hallway she removed her coat, revealing a figure hugging red dress.  After hanging her coat up she turned around to speak to her girlfriend, the redhead’s eyes were raking over her body slowly, her cheeks flushed as her gaze lingered on Allie’s chest.  At least I’m not the only one affected the blonde thought as she stepped in closer to the older woman, her hands resting lightly on her girlfriend’s waist.

“You look beautiful Allie” Bea said, her arms wrapping around the blonde’s neck as she leaned in, capturing the younger woman’s lips in a long, slow kiss, the younger woman’s fingers drawing patterns on the exposed skin at her waist, causing the redhead to moan against her girlfriend’s lips.

“You’re looking pretty hot yourself baby, although you seem to have forgotten your shirt” the blonde said, teasing her girlfriend as her fingers ran up her toned arms.

“I’m sorry, if it’s bothering you I can go and put one on” the older woman replied, pulling away from Allie and turning to walk away, the blonde’s hand on her arm stopping her from leaving

“It’s doing a lot of things Bea, but bothering me definitely isn’t one of them” the younger woman said, loving the playful side of her girlfriend.

“Good, although this wasn’t planned.  Cormack decided to take a nap on my shirt as I was getting dressed.  Go through, I’m just going to check on dinner, I won’t be a minute” Bea said as she turned and headed for the kitchen, panic setting in as she realised she’d forgotten to turn the oven on.  Dinner was going to be late, and that had never ended well for her.



It had been five minutes since Bea had gone to check on dinner and she still hadn’t come through.  Wandering into the kitchen Allie found her girlfriend leaning against the counter, her knuckles white as she held on tight to the edge of it.  The blonde could see that she looked nervous, walking across the room she stopped in front of the older woman

“Dinner’s going to be a bit late, I…I’m sorry…I…”

“Hey, look at me Bea, baby please, look at me” the younger woman pleaded with the redhead, her eyes eventually lifting, as Allie saw a flash of fear run through them.

“I’m sorry…”

“I don’t care about dinner ok, it doesn’t matter to me.  The only thing I care about is you, I’m not bothered if we have cornflakes as long as we’re together” the blonde replied, remembering Bea telling her how Harry would beat her if his dinner wasn’t on the table when he arrived home

“I know, I…I just panicked.  I hate that he still gets to me, it’s like I’m back there with him and I can’t escape what’s in my head.  I’m sorry, I wanted tonight to be special and I’ve gone and ruined it now”

“You haven’t ruined anything beautiful, you’re perfect, and I love you so much.  Now come on, let me get you a drink then we can cuddle on the sofa while we wait, I’ve missed my Bea blanket this afternoon” Allie said, kissing her on the forehead as she stepped back slightly, pouring them both a glass of wine before leading her girlfriend into the lounge and taking a seat on the sofa, pulling the redhead into her arms.

“I got called to the station today to see Will” the redhead said after about five minutes

“Yeah, is everything ok?”

“Great.  He’s going for a promotion and he wants to put me forward to take over his job.  It won’t be for a few months though, what do you think?”

“I think that it’s fantastic baby.  I’m so proud of you, you’re amazing” Allie replied, kissing her softly

“I’m not, but thank you.  He knows about us by the way, I kind of slipped up and let the cat out of the bag.  I know he won’t say anything but I wish Debbie was coming home sooner, I’m sick of all the sneaking around” Bea said as she cuddled into the blonde.  She loved moments like this, when it was just the two of them, Allie was her rock, her safety blanket and there was nowhere else she wanted to be.

She couldn’t believe she’d had another flashback to her time with Harry, she never wanted to think of him again, especially when she was with her Alliecat, although this was her first, and hopefully last, relationship since her marriage so it was bound to happen.  The blonde had taken it in her stride yet again, her eyes showing nothing but concern as she comforted her and help her tight.  She had never felt so safe with anyone and she wished that they could stay like this forever.



A while later, once they had eaten dinner, they retreated back to the sofa to watch a film, Allie curled into the older woman’s side as Bea’s fingers played with her girlfriend’s hair.  Neither of them were particularly interested in what was playing out on the screen, they were just happy to be close to one another, Bea’s embarrassment at her earlier mini meltdown long gone.

Feeling the redhead’s eyes on her, Allie turned around, her breath catching in her throat as she saw the look of want in her girlfriends deep brown orbs.  Leaning in she captured her lips in a heated kiss, Bea’s hands roaming over her back as she pulled them closer together, a soft moan escaping the blonde’s lips as she felt the older woman’s fingers trace along her thigh, at the hem of her dress.

“I love it when you’re here with me” Bea said as her fingers drew patterns across the blonde’s exposed thigh

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, ever” Allie replied, kissing her hard as her hands roamed over her girlfriend’s strong back

Pulling back Bea stood up, holding her hand out to the blonde, she pulled her up and into her embrace, their lips connecting again as the older woman led them across the room, giggling as she almost tripped over the cat, Cormack looking less that impressed at almost being trodden on.  Breaking apart slightly, she led Allie up the stairs, never letting go of her hand, their lips re-connecting as soon as they reached the safety of the landing.

Stumbling through the bedroom door, Bea kicked it shut behind them, her hand running up her girlfriend’s side, brushing against the edge of her right breast as she moved over her body.  She could feel the low rumble of Allie’s moan against her lips, her entire body burning with desire for the woman in her arms.  Her hands roamed across the blonde’s back as she worked on the zipper of her dress, as hot as her girlfriend looked wearing it, she needed to see and feel what was underneath.  Running her fingers underneath the straps she dragged them down the blonde’s arms, her hands following the fabric of the dress down her sides as it pooled at the younger woman’s feet.

Stepping back slightly she let her eyes wander over her girlfriend’s body, taking in the red sheer lace underwear.

“Fuck…” she moaned as her hand trailed up the blonde’s stomach before kneading her right breast, the fabric of the bra rough under her hand, the friction her touch was generating against Allie’s hardened nipple eliciting a low growl from the younger woman.

As their eyes locked Allie could see her own desire reflected in her girlfriend’s eye.  Running the palm of her hand down the redhead’s chest, her fingers slowly undoing the buttons of her waistcoat before sliding it off her shoulders, she dropped it on the floor beside them, her lips trailing light kisses across the older woman’s collarbone.

Tracing patterns across Bea’s stomach with her other hand she unfastened her pants, her eyes locking with the redhead’s again, making sure she wasn’t overstepping the mark.  Receiving the reassurance that she needed Allie hooked her fingers in the belt loops on the older woman’s pants before sliding them down, steadying her lover as she stepped out of them.  Lifting her head she kissed along her girlfriend’s impressive jaw, she loved how defined it was, and when her hair was tied back like it was now, holy fuck, she was a vision of strength and beauty.

Bea’s entire body was burning with desire, the need to touch Allie was like her need for air.  Wrapping her arms around her girlfriend’s waist she crashed their lips together in a hot, hungry kiss as she guided her back towards the bed.

Allie felt herself being guided towards the bed by her girlfriend for the second time in two days, and there was no way she was going to fall asleep tonight.  Her underwear was dripping wet and they had barely touched, no one had ever evoked a reaction like this in her, ever, but then she had never loved anyone the way she loved Bea, and she planned on showing her just how much she meant to her.

Feeling the back of her legs hit the edge of the bed she sat down, her hands resting on her girlfriend’s hips as she kissed her way across the redhead’s toned stomach, nipping at her skin gently as she felt Bea’s muscles twitch under her touch.



Bea had never felt like this before, the first time she had slept with Harry was a drunken fumble at a party, resulting in the birth of their daughter.  He was always so rough with her, so forceful that she had never enjoyed it.  Most of the time she had been so dry that it had been painful, not that he cared, as long as he was satisfied, that was all that mattered to him.  She definitely didn’t have that problem with Allie, she didn’t know it was possible to be so wet, her panties were soaked through and her girlfriend was yet to touch her.

Placing her hands on the blonde’s shoulder she pushed her back gently so she was laying down, the younger woman holding onto her arms so she came crashing down on top of her, both of them giggling as they laid there.

“Hi” Bea said, a nervousness in her voice that hadn’t been there a few minutes ago

“Hi beautiful”

“I…Allie I…” she stumbled

“Hey, just relax, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.  I just want to be close to you, no pressure”

“Mmm…” Bea mumbled against her girlfriend’s lips as she kissed her with such want that it felt like an electric shock through the blonde’s body.  No one had ever considered her feelings before, but there were no expectations from the blonde, and that made her want her all the more.  Straddling Allie, her hands wandered all over the younger woman’s stomach as she kissed her way down her neck, nipping and sucking gently at her lovers pulse point.

“Bea…” Allie moaned, her head falling back against the pillow as she felt the redhead’s teeth graze her left nipple through the fabric of her bra, her fingers working the right one as the blonde felt the pull in her groin intensify.

Reaching around her lover, Bea unclipped her bra, the blonde lifting herself up slightly to give her better access.  Sliding the straps down her shoulders she threw it off to the side, taking in the sight below her.  There were no words to describe the goddess that lay before her, she truly was breathtakingly beautiful, and she felt so lucky to be able to see her like this.  Hooking her fingers under the waistband of her lover’s underwear she ran her hands down her legs slowly, taking the offending item with them.  Climbing back on the bed she sat back on her heels, admiring the view before her, she wanted, no needed to touch her, so bad that it hurt.

Crawling her way back up her lover’s body she settled down on top of her, the younger woman gasping as the fabric of Bea’s bra rubbed against her hardened nipples, her stomach muscles twitching.



Bea’s hand trailed down her girlfriend’s stomach, across her hip and along the outside of her left thigh, her tongue flicking across her right nipple before taking it into her mouth and sucking hard

“Fuck…” Allie growled as the redhead’s hand skimmed the edge of her soaking wet folds, before moving back over to caress her inner thigh

“Please…” the blonde begged desperate for her lover’s touch

“Please what baby…”

“Please…touch me…I need you to touch me”

“I want you so much Allie…but you’ll need to guide me through it…I don’t know what I’m doing” the redhead said as her thumb brushed gently over the younger woman’s swollen clit, Allie’s hips jerking of the bed causing her to pull back quickly

“Shit...I’m sorry…did I hurt you?”

“Got no, I love the way you touch me” Allie said, crashing their lips together as Bea’s finger pushed into her slightly, before pulling back again

“Tell me what you want me to do”

“I want to feel you…inside me” Allie gasped as her lover’s thumb grazed her clit again before she felt Bea enter her, stilling for a few seconds before starting to move in and out, at a painfully slow speed, scared that she would hurt her girlfriend

“I won’t break baby, trust me” the blonde said, trying to reassure her lover, who had no idea of how much of a tease she was being

Increasing the speed of her movements she captured Allie’s right breast in her mouth, her tongue rolling over the hardened bud.  The movement of the blonde’s hips causing her thumb to press down hard on her clit, and the younger woman to cry out, moaning Bea’s name.

Her confidence growing she pulled out of her girlfriend before adding another finger, thrusting back into her as she sucked hard on her left breast, her other hand working her right nipple between her fingers.

Feeling the blonde’s hips rock in time with her movements she increased the pace, thrusting hard into Allie as she crashed their lips together.  She could feel her own arousal building as the younger woman’s body trembled beneath her.

“Allie…look at me baby” she said, her voice raw with want as their eyes locked.

Increasing the pace again, her thumb circled her lovers swollen clit, feeling her walls tighten as she curled her fingers deep inside her girlfriend.  Allie’s head fell back and her back arched off the bed as her orgasm tore through her body.  She came hard, calling Bea’s name over and over again as her body trembled, the redhead’s fingers jerking slightly, inside her, sending her over the edge for the second time, moaning loudly, her eyes clamped shut as she gasped for breath.  Bea crashed down on the bed, a big smile on her face as she cuddled into her girlfriend who lay motionless beside her, the younger woman’s breathing returning to normal several minutes later.



Allie could see stars, her orgasm had ripped through her body like a tornado, and she had never come so hard in her life.  She wasn’t sure if it was the teasing from her lover’s inexperienced hands or just that it was her Bea that had been buried deep inside her, although she would bet on it being the latter.  Every experience she had shared with the older woman to date had been intensified, so why would this be any different.  One thing she did wonder was that if the redhead could have that effect on her during her first time, what would she do to her once she’d grown in confidence?

“Are you sure you’ve never done that before?”

“You know I…” Bea replied, stopping when she saw the playful smirk on the blonde’s face.

“Was it ok?”

“Ok?  Holy fuck Bea, it was more than ok.  No one has ever touched me like that, loved me in that way…and I’ve never come so hard in my life” the blonde replied, moving over the older woman, her right leg falling between Bea’s, the redhead’s wetness coating her thigh through her soaked underwear.

“You’re so wet baby” she said as her fingers danced along the redhead’s collarbone.  Bringing their lips together in a long, slow kiss before trailing a series of lighter kisses along her jaw as her left hand unhooked the older woman’s bra.  She pushed her thigh into her girlfriend’s core, loving the whimpers that were falling from her lover’s lips as she slipped the straps of the black lace bra over Bea’s shoulders, before removing it completely.




Crashing their lips together the blonde’s hand found Bea’s right breast again, before trailing a slow path down her body.  Running her hand along the redhead’s stomach she headed lower, Bea’s hand grabbing her own, stilling her movements, as she tensed below her.

Kissing her lips softy Allie pulled back slightly, her gaze locked on her lover’s beautiful face.

“Open your eyes Bea…I’m right here with you ok” Allie said, her heart breaking at the look in her lover’s eyes as they locked with her own

“It’s ok, you’re safe, I won’t hurt you beautiful”

“I know you won’t, I’m sorry I’m just being stupid”

“Don’t ever apologise for how you feel, and it’s not stupid.  You’re amazing baby.  I want you to focus on me ok”

“Ok…” Bea said, her voice barely above a whisper as Allie’s fingers gently stroked down her left side, coming back up again when they reached her hip bone.

Kissing her way across her lover’s chest Allie took the redhead’s left nipple between her teeth, tugging on it slightly before massaging it with her tongue, her eyes never leaving Bea’s as her left hand teased her right breast.

Continuing one her path down her lover’s body, she left a trail of soft, wet kisses along her stomach, her fingers tugging gently at the redhead’s underwear

“Can I take these off?” she asked, her lover nodding, hooded brown eyes watching her intently as she slid the fabric down her legs and over her feet, adding them to the pile of discarded clothes that covered the bedroom floor.

Holding Bea’s gaze she placed a feather light kiss on her lover’s left ankle bone, her lips caressing her skin as they trailed up her leg.  Reaching the older woman’s thigh she was careful not to get too close to her lover’s core, not wanting to spook her, she kissed the outside of her leg before continuing up along her hipbone and across her stomach.  Bea’s now black eyes burning into her own the whole time.

Bea’s body was on fire, every touch, every kiss sending a lightning bolt straight to her core.  She needed more, needed to feel more of her girlfriend’s gentle touch and soft sweet kisses.  Running her hands through Allie’s hair she pulled her up, crashing their lips together in a hot, wet kiss.

“Please Allie…I need you to touch me” she moaned as their lips broke apart

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I need you, please baby”

“If you want me to stop just say ok, it won’t be a problem beautiful”

“Just touch me…please” the redhead begged, grabbing Allie’s wrist and guiding her hand down her body to where she needed it the most.  She was grateful to the blonde for taking things slow, but if she didn’t touch her soon she was pretty sure she would burst into flames, the heat building inside of her was driving her wild.

Running her fingers through Bea’s folds she felt the pool of wetness coat her hand.  Pulling away she took her fingers into her mouth, licking them clean as she tasted her lover for the first time.

“Oh fuck!” Bea moaned as she watched her lover taste her, the blonde’s eyes never leaving hers as she licked her fingers clean before trailing her hand back down her stomach, her thumb brushing lightly over her clit before entering her gently.

Stilling her fingers until she felt the redhead relax, she began to move in and out of her in a slow, steady pace, increasing the speed of her movements when she felt Bea’s hands grabbing at her arse, pulling their bodies closer together.

Hovering above her girlfriend she increased the pace, her thumb circling the redhead’s clit as she curled her fingers, hitting Bea’s pleasure point, causing her eyes to slam shut.  Slowing down slightly she brought the older woman back down, wanting to make it last as long as possible.  Smiling as her lover’s eyes locked with her own again, a whimper escaping her mouth as Allie slowed the pace.  Leaning down Allie captured her perfect lips in a long, deep kiss as she increased the speed of her movement’s again, the older woman’s hips jerking off the bed as she hit her g-spot again.

“Oh god…Allie...” Bea growled, her voice thick with arousal

“I know baby, let go for me…I’ve got you”

Pulling back she locked eyes with her lover, wanting to look into her eyes as she came undone underneath her.  Thrusting into her she curled her fingers again, rubbing on her clit as Bea crashed over the edge, her mouth falling open in a perfect ‘O’ as her body shook, her orgasm tearing through her.

Placing a soft kiss on the redhead’s lips Allie removed her fingers slowly, tasting her girlfriend again for the second time.  She was quickly becoming addicted, and couldn’t wait until she could make her come with her tongue.

Laying down beside her, she cuddled into the older woman’s side, both of them completely spent.  Feeling Bea tremble slightly she looked up, seeing tears fall from her lovers eyes.

“Hey, don’t cry baby.  I’m sorry, did I hurt you” Allie said, her voice filled with concern

“You didn’t hurt me, it’s just that I’ve never…I…I’ve never experienced anything like that before.  Thank you, you’re amazing”

“You’re the amazing one baby” the blonde replied, wiping Bea’s tears away before kissing her softly.

Curling into her lover Allie held her hand as they both drifted off into a peaceful slumber, waking a few hours later she showed the redhead just how amazing she could be.



They spent most of the next day in bed, it was as though a fire had been ignited within the redhead, and she couldn’t get enough of Allie.  She had thought it had been intense their first time, but it was nothing compared to the feeling of the blonde’s hot mouth sucking on her clit as her fingers ploughed into her hard.  They had made it as far as the bathroom earlier on in the afternoon, but as she felt the younger woman’s hands massaging her breasts under the stream of water, Bea had wrapped a towel around them before dragging her girlfriend back to bed.

Later that evening, after they had finally made it downstairs for some food, they lay together on the sofa, a nature programme playing on the television, quietly in the background.  Bea was tracing patterns to her lover’s back, the blonde watching the screen as two seahorses swam through the ocean together.

“Did you know that seahorses like to swim in pairs?” the blonde said, lifting her head so she could look into Bea’s deep brown eyes

“Do they?”

“Yea they do, they link tails so they don’t lose each other” Allie said, holding out her little finger.  Bea lifted her left arm so she could lock her finger around the blondes, kissing her softly.



Bea was on a day shift the following day, and not wanting to be apart from her girlfriend for the night, had promised to drop her off at the flat on her way into work.  The next morning her alarm had gone off, dragging them both from a deep slumber, they had been up half the night again, kissing, touching and tasting one another, and the redhead really didn’t want to leave her bed, or the safety of her lover’s arms.

Untangling herself from Allie’s embrace she wandered through into the bathroom to take a shower.  She was just about to turn the water off when she heard the door to the shower enclosure open, the blonde’s arms wrapping around her from behind a few seconds later, as she placed soft kisses along the redhead’s neck, Bea tilting her head to give her better access.  Turning her lover in her arms, the younger woman backed her against the tiled wall, her hands roaming over her girlfriend’s toned stomach before she dropped to her knees, a wicked smile on her face as she gazed up into dark brown eyes, filled with desire.

“Allie we can’t.  I want to, like really, really want to but my shift starts soon” the older woman said, although she didn’t protest too hard

“I’ll be quick, I promise” the blonde replied as she winked at lover, her hands coming to rest on her waist.

Allie won, and Bea was late for work for the first time in over twelve years.  She didn’t even have time to drop the blonde off at the flat, leaving her with the car so she could drive herself back home.  Hopefully Franky would be able to drop her off at the bar after their shift.



Running through the station she shot into the locker room, managing to avoid any of her crew until that point.  Franky was closing her locker as Bea burst through the door, frantically tying her hair back as she ran over to her own locker.

“You’re late Red” the tattooed brunette said, smirking at her friend, there was something different about the redhead this morning, she seemed flustered

“Yeah, I over slept, forgot to set the bloody alarm” Bea replied. Opening her locker she removed her shirt, before turning to grab her work t shirt

“Holy fuck, what happened to you?”

“Nothing, why?”

“You might want to take a look in the mirror” Franky replied, indicating to the redhead’s back

Wandering over to the far side of the locker room she turned around, glancing over her shoulder she saw scratch marks running the length of her back, her cheeks colouring as the image of a moaning Allie, fingers clawing at her back as she fucked her hard earlier that morning appeared in her mind.

“You’re blushing Red, anything you want to share?” Franky teased, wiggling her eyebrows at her friend as she quickly pulled the t shirt over her head before changing out of her jeans and into her uniform.

The siren blaring through the station temporarily saving her from further embarrassment, although she knew there was no way that Franky would let this go.

“This conversation isn’t over” the brunette called out as she left the room, slamming her locker shut Bea ran after her, heading out to the appliance bay and the waiting truck.

Chapter Text

They had been out on the call the whole shift, a lorry had jack-knifed on one of the main carriageways out of the city and caused a twenty vehicle pile-up.  How there had been no fatalities was a mystery, they knew it was going to be a long one as soon as they arrived on scene, fire trucks from two other stations arriving just after them.  As they were the first on scene it was their shout, Will stepping back and letting Bea take charge, wanting her to get some practice in while he was still there to oversee things.

The scene was complete and utter chaos, there were cars everywhere, people trapped and screaming, and to make matters worse a small tanker was leaking green liquid all over the road.  After tasking the second crew with dealing with the suspected chemical spillage and setting the third team off assessing the victims, she rounded up teal watch and set about their first task of the day, securing a car that was balancing on the edge of the bridge.

As she got closer she heard screaming from inside the vehicle, instructing Vera and Smiles to secure a line to the back of the car she grabbed a crowbar and smashed the rear window calling out to whoever was inside to keep their head down.  Once the opening was clear she called out to Maxi and Fletch, asking them to help steady the vehicle while she climbed in, Franky helping her up gently so she didn’t make it any more unstable than it already was.

After gently sliding into the back of the car she called out to Franky, asking for a line to be dropped through.  Checking on the victim, she hooked her up to the rope, before asking Fletch to gently pull the line back in, steadying the woman as she was slowly lifted to safety.  She was guiding the victim out of the opening at the rear of the vehicle when she felt it slip slightly, calling out to Fletch again she asked him to pick up the pace, knowing time was running out.

As soon as the woman was clear of the car Bea gently climbed through the rear window, she was steadying herself on the boot when she heard a crack.  Looking across at the bridge she launched herself forward as the car fell away beneath her.  The gap felt like miles, and for a second or two she didn’t think she would make it, and then she saw her, her beautiful Allie, waiting for her on the bridge, her hand outstretched, reaching out to her. Stretching out as far as she could she clung on to the edge of the structure, Franky and Maxine rushing to her aid instantly, pulling her to safety.

Collapsing on the road she gasped for breath, that had been a close one, a little bit too close actually, and for a split second she thought that was how it was going to end for her.  Once her breathing was under control she dragged herself to her feet, her hand wiping at the moisture above her left eye, seeing it was blood.  After giving herself a quick once over she headed over to the other crews to see how things were progressing.

The second crew had contained the chemical spill, cleared the adjacent areas where they could, and were currently assisting the third crew freeing trapped victims.  Grabbing a drink of water Bea headed over to one of the paramedics to get her injuries checked quickly.  After getting her ribs checked and a few butterfly stitches to the cut above her eye, she ran back over to her crew as they helped the other two teams.  A few hours later, with all of the priority cases on their way to the hospital, the three teams set about freeing the remaining victims.  Teal watch had just freed the last member of a family that had to be cut free from a minivan, all four of them escaping with a few cuts and bruises, when Proctor’s crew arrived to relieve them.

Bea checked in with the rest of her team, and was heading over towards Kaz when one of the reporters that had been lurking around came over, thrusting a microphone under her nose, like she really had the time to deal with him right now. 



Allie and Liz were busy serving customers when boomer came crashing through the door, an hour late for her shift.

“Sorry guys, traffic’s a little bitch.  There's been a massive crash on the carriageway, emergency services all over the place, they’ve been there all day by the sound of it” the brunette said as she approached them

“Shit, I hope it’s nothing too serious” Liz said

“”Yeah, Franky’ll be pissed, she’s meant to be coming in tonight, said something about bringing Bea with her when I spoke to her first thing”

“I hope they’re all ok” Allie said, concerned for her girlfriend.  Her job was crazy and every time she went on shift she prayed that she would make it back unharmed, not that she’d ever tell Bea this.

Grabbing the remote Liz turned on the tv in the bar, switching over to the news channel as a live feed played out from the scene of the accident.  They could see flashing lights everywhere, it looked like a scene from a disaster movie, cops, firefighters and paramedics racing around everywhere, crumpled metal in the background.  The news reporter was giving an update on an earlier incident at the scene, involving a car on the bridge, the screen cutting to video footage taken from the police helicopter.

Turning the sound up the three woman gathered around the screen, taking in the event’s playing out.  One of the car from the accident was balancing on the edge of the bridge, having ploughed through the safety barrier.  As one of the fire crews fixed a secure line to it, another firefighter smashed the rear window before crawling into the vehicle, the car rocking briefly before stilling again.  A few agonising minutes later a woman was being passed out through the broken rear window, the car slipping again as another crew member lifted her out and over to the waiting gurney.

The next scene made Allie’s heart stop.  A loud crack could be heard, as the car started to slip, the firefighter inside leaping into the air, clinging on to the edge of the bridge by their fingertips.  The remainder of the crew running to their assistance, dragging them back onto the safety of the road as the car plummeted over the edge.

It was too far away to make out faces but she knew it was Bea as soon as they had smashed the window, she would recognise her girlfriend anywhere.  How could she be so stupid, and was she even ok, she’d hit the side of the bridge pretty hard.  As the screen switched back to the reporter one of the fire crews were visible in the background.

“Hey it’s Franky and Maxine” Boomer called out, the names on the back of their jackets could be seen clearly.

Allie was pleased they were ok but she needed to know how her girl was.  She continued to watch the events playing out as the reporter called the firefighter who was running the shout over for an update.

“I’m here with firefighter Smith, Station Manager at Wentworth fire station.  Now you were the first on scene I understand, can you tell me a little bit about what you were faced with?” the reporter said, Allie visibly relaxing when her girlfriend came into view.  She had a cut above her left eye, but other than that seemed relatively unharmed.

“It was apparent when we arrived that it wasn’t your run of the mill RTC, we had a lorry that had jack-knifed across the carriageway, a multiple vehicle pile-up as a result of the blockage, and a chemical spill.  Two other crews arrived from neighbouring stations just after us but as we were first on scene it became our shout” Bea said, trying to answer his question without giving too much away

“Do you have any information on the casualties?”

“No, I’m sorry, you would have to speak to the police about that”

“Now we saw an incident in which a car was hanging over the bridge.  You were the one inside the car who managed to rescue the victim but it looked like a close call, was there any point when you thought that you wouldn’t make it?”

“You can’t think like that, it’s part of the job, you just have to remain focussed on the task at hand.  Now if you’ll excuse me, our relief crew has just arrived and I need to brief them on the situation here”

“Sure, and thank you for your time” he said as Smith turned and walked over to Proctor.

Allie didn’t hear any more, her mind was racing at a million miles an hour.  Her girlfriend could have died yet she stood there so calm, as though nothing had happened.  She needed some air, turning around, her eyes locked with Liz’s concern showing on the older blonde’s face.


“I’m just…I need...I…toilet” she mumbled as she headed out through the back and into the small yard

“What’s up her arse?” Boomer asked as the younger blonde shot out of sight

“She’s a bit shaken.  Allie’s not been around that crazy lot as long as we have, I think it just hit her what they do every day.  I’m just going to check on her, won’t be a sec love” Liz replied as she followed the path Allie had taken a few minutes earlier



Heading through the back corridor and out into the yard, she found Allie pacing up and down, her hands resting on her hips.

“You ok love?”

“Yeah, I just needed some air.  Sorry”

“Don’t be daft.  It’s a lot to take in isn’t it, when you realise what they do out there every day”

“It is, but that’s not it.  I’ve heard the stories from the guys, but seeing it just made it real.  And did she have to go and be so fucking stupid, she could have died” Allie said, wiping at the tear that had fallen down her cheek

“How long have the two of you…” Liz asked, stopping at the look of surprise on the younger blonde’s face

“What?” Allie said, they clearly hadn’t been as careful as they thought

“I saw you the other night, I’m sorry love.  I came through to the office to talk to you, and you…weren’t alone”

“Shit, sorry. Look, we want to tell everyone it’s just that Bea needs to speak to Debbie first”

“Not a problem love, I won’t say a word.  So come on then, how long?”

“A couple of months.  I can’t lose her Liz, I just can’t”

“Oh love you’re not going to lose her.  She’s like a cat that one, nine bloody lives.  Come on, let me get you a drink, the relief crew’s there now so they should be off shift soon” the older blonde said as she led Allie back inside.



Bea was pissed off, like she didn’t have enough to deal with without some jumped up reported trying to tap her for information.  She loved her job, she just wished that the reporters would stay out of the way, let them get on with the task at hand.  She knew they were only doing their job, she just wished they would do it somewhere else.  At least her handover with proctor had gone well, the two of them teaming up to free a man trapped in one of the cars.  It was quite funny, they actually worked really well together, if only she could figure out what she had done to make the blonde hate her so much.  It was another hour until they had gotten back to the station, she was desperate to see Allie but she really needed a shower, it had been a bitch of a day but she had loved heading up the shout.

Finishing up at the station she jumped in Franky’s car, before they left to head to the bar.  They were both exhausted and looking forward to grabbing a beer and relaxing for a couple of hours.  They had just left the car park when Franky spoke.

“There’s something different about you today Red”

“No there isn’t, just been a busy one” Bea replied, having an idea where this conversation was going

“There is, it was there before the call. Oh my did it didn’t you, you slept with Blondie”

“What?  I…err” she tripped over her words

“You did, that explains the scratches at least.  So how was it?  You need any tips from the expert?” Franky asked, the trademark smirk plastered across her face

“No I don’t need any tips, I managed just fine on my own thank you”

“I knew it.  Come on then, spill. How was it?”

“It was…incredible”

“Is she any good?”

“Mind blowing” the redhead replied, smiling at the memory of her girlfriend

“So when did this happen?”

“What is it, twenty questions?  It was Thursday night, not that it’s any of your business”

“So are you planning a repeat performance?” the brunette asked, glancing over at Bea, who looked down, suddenly finding her jeans very interesting

“Fucking hell Red, you’ll be telling me you’ve had a 36 hour sex marathon next” Franky said, laughing as Bea choked on fresh air.

“Holy fuck, you did.  Good on you, you’ll be taking over from me soon!”

"Don’t give me shit Franky.  And this stays between us ok" the redhead warned her friend

“Sure thing stud…Ow” the tattooed brunette whined as Bea punched her on her arm as they pulled up outside the bar.  Getting out of the car they headed for the door.

“I mean it Franky, that conversation never happened” Bea said firmly as they entered the bar, the redhead’s eyes scanning the room for her girlfriend, a little disappointed when she didn’t see her.

Heading over to the bar they ordered a drink, Boomer getting all excited when she told them she’d seen them on the television.




They had been there half an hour and there was still no sign of her favourite blonde, she had text her as they left the station to let her know that she wouldn’t be long but hadn’t had a reply, figuring she was down in the bar.

“Hey Liz, is Allie around?”

“She’s upstairs love” the older blonde replied, smiling at her friend.  She hoped the young blonde had calmed down a bit by now, otherwise Bea was about to get both barrels.

Finishing her beer, Bea headed upstairs.  Today had been a tough one and all she wanted to do was curl up in her girlfriend’s arms.  Her entire body was aching, she loved her job but it really took it out of her some days, and today had been one of those days.  Grabbing her key she unlocked the door to the flat before stepping inside and closing it behind her, spotting her girlfriend standing over by the sofa.

“Hey beautiful girl”

“Hey.  How was your day, anything interesting happen?” Allie asked as she wandered over to the fridge to grab a drink, putting some distance between them

“Not really, typical shift.  I missed you though” the redhead replied, watching as her girlfriend turned, slamming the bottle of water down on the counter before walking towards her, stopping a few feet away.

“I’m going to ask you one more time, how was your day?” the younger woman asked, her tone firmer this time

“It was ok, the usual.  Why is it…” Bea said, the blonde cutting her off in a harsh tone the redhead had never heard before

“How could you have been so fucking reckless?  Did you even think about me before you went and launched yourself off a fucking bridge?”

“What?  How do you know about…”

“It was on the news, I saw it, we all saw it, your little interview with the news guy.  I knew it was you as soon as I saw the footage though, I mean who else would be so fucking stupid”

“I was doing my job” Bea said, her voice rising slightly as she defended herself

“Bullshit.  Your job is to save lives, but not at the detriment of your own.  Did you stop to consider anyone else before you went off playing the hero?  How do you think Franky would have felt if you’d have gone down with that car?  And what about Debbie, she needs you Bea, she needs her Mum, not some bravery award and a grave to visit.  That won’t take care of her will it?  And then there’s me.  I fucking love you, you idiot.  I need you Bea, you’re my whole world, not that you seem to care.  Can you imagine what it would have been like for us, knowing they had to scrape you off the fucking floor” the blonde yelled, tears streaming down her face

“Allie I…I’m sorry”

“Save it.  Just go back down to your friends, I can’t be around you right now”


“Please Bea, just go.  I need some time alone” the younger woman said, she sounded so deflated that it broke Bea’s heart.

Nodding, she turned around and left the flat making it halfway down the stairs before she sat down, head in her hands.  She had never meant to hurt Allie, she just got caught up in the moment sometimes, and if there was even a slither of chance that she could save someone then she had to try right?  She wasn’t sure how long she had been sitting there but hearing footsteps, she looked up, finding Liz and Franky at the bottom of the stairs.

“Honeymoon over already Red?”

“Fuck sake Franky” Bea said, her friend had just said she’d keep quiet then she goes and opens her mouth in front of Liz

“It’s alright love, I know.  I saw you together the other day.  How is she?”

“She’s in a mood, yelled at me then told me to bugger off”

“Let me talk to her” Franky said as she stepped around the redhead and headed up the stairs, knocking on the door to the flat

“You should have seen her face when they played that footage, she was worried sick love” Liz said after Franky had gone

“It’s my job Liz, she knows that”

“I know it is, but your world, it’s scary, and it’s all new to her.  How would you feel if it was the other way around?  She clearly cares about you a lot, try and see things from her side, that’s all I’m saying.  Now come on, let me get you a drink” the older blonde said, pulling Bea up of the stairs and leading her back through into the bar.




She had just told her she needed some time and she was knocking on the bloody door.  Could that woman be any more stubborn, Allie thought as she got up from the sofa throwing the door open, ready to give the redhead another piece of her mind, only it wasn’t Bea, it was Franky standing there instead.

“You ok” the brunette asked as she walked in

“Not really.  Look Franky, if you’re here to fight Bea’s corner then save your breath ok, I’ve had enough for one night” the blonde snapped, she just wanted to be left alone

“That’s not why I’m here.  But I’m not going to stand here and make out that she did something wrong.  I get why she did it, yeah it was fucking dumb but can I stand here and say I wouldn’t have done the same thing in her position, no.  Having said that I know where you’re coming from, Gidge really struggled when we first got together, she still does sometimes.  But that’s part of who Red is, all the heroic bullshit, it’s part of who you fell for, like it or not”

“I know, and I love her so much.  But I was so scared Franky, what if she hadn’t made it?” Allie said, tears filling her eyes again

“That risk will always be there, I’m not going to lie to you, but we’re trained professionals, I know you wouldn’t think it looking at us some nights but we know what we’re doing, even Smiles.  And Red, she’s the best.  I hated her for it when she first arrived, bet you can’t believe that can you, what with my shy and retiring nature”

“Of course not, sounds so unlike you” Allie said, smiling at the brunette’s attempt to cheer her up

“She wouldn’t have done what she did unless she knew she could pull it off, she may be a bit hot headed but she’s not stupid.  She loves you, you know, even if she hasn’t said it.  She wouldn’t let you anywhere near her bed for a minute, let alone for 36 hours if she didn’t” Franky replied, smirking at Allie

“She told you?” the blonde said, surprised that her usually shy girlfriend would share so much with her friend

“Not exactly.  I guessed that something had happened, the scratch mark down her back don’t exactly hide it well, for future reference.  She finally admitted it and when I implied that you hadn’t left the bedroom since, she went the colour of her hair, didn’t need an answer after that”

“Yeah, that does tend to give her away.  Is she still here?”

“She’s downstairs with Liz, she’s trying to talk some sense into her.  Do you want me to send her up?” Franky asked as she stood and headed for the door

“Not yet, I just need a bit of time.  Thanks Franky” Allie said, hugging her friend before opening the door for her

“No problem kiddo, any time.  You should talk to Gidge though, it might help” the tattooed brunette said as she headed back down the stairs and into the bar.




Bea was not having a good day, not only had the shout been both physically and mentally draining, her girlfriend wasn’t speaking to her and to top it off she’d just come off the phone with her daughter, who was less than impressed with her actions.  The video had been doing the rounds on campus and one of Debbie’s flatmates had showed it to her after their last lecture, having recognised her from the photos on her daughter’s wall.  He had then spent the next hour going on about how hot her mum was, which really hadn’t helped the situation.  The young brunette had really let rip at her down the phone.  First Allie and now Debbie, it was her job, why did people find it so hard to accept, it’s just what she did, who she was, and they would have to deal with it.

She was pulled out of her thoughts by Franky sitting down on the stool beside her, handing her a beer.

“Is she ok?”

“Not really.  I suggested that she speaks to Gidge, she’s knitted me a new one a couple of times after hearing stories from you lot.  I told her you knew what you were doing, and that you wouldn’t have put yourself in that position unless you were sure you would make it out.  Did I lie to her?” Franky said, the silence from her friend answering her question

“Fuck sake Red, what were you thinking”

“I wasn’t, ok.  I saw her in the car and just went.  I thought I had more time, but when the car dropped I thought that was it.  I could see Allie standing on the bridge reaching out to me, and I honestly think that’s what got me through.  It was a bigger gap than I realised, but I had to try, for her.  I fucked up, I’m sorry” Bea said, her eyes fixed on the bar, unable to meet her friends gaze

“It’s not me you should be apologising to.  Don’t beat yourself up over it though, we’ve all made a bad call at some point, yours just have to be so much more dramatic than anyone else’s though.  Seriously, you need to talk to her, make it right.  I’d give her a bit more time though, she wasn’t in the best of moods when I went up there”

“I know, it’s the first time that she’s shouted at me since we met.  I’ve really fucked up this time” the redhead replied, surprised at the anger her girlfriend had directed at her earlier, she had always been so calm

“She’ll calm down.  She’s more patient than me, that’s for sure, especially given how pig headed you are.  Look on the bright side though Red, once you’ve grovelled sufficiently you’ll get to have lots of make-up sex” the tattooed brunette said, wiggling her eyebrows at Bea, who couldn’t help but laugh at her friend.




It had been just over an hour since Franky had gone back downstairs, and Allie had spent most of that time either playing the guitar or pacing around the flat.  She was doing the latter when there was a quiet knock on the door, she knew it was Bea, she could always feel her presence, even if she couldn’t see her.  Taking a deep breath she crossed the room and opened the door, her girlfriend standing there with a nervous look on her face.

“Can we talk?” the redhead asked, her eyes fixed on the floor as she spoke

“Sure” the younger woman replied, stepping back to allow her girlfriend to pass before closing the door

“I’m not going to stand here and apologies for what I do, I love my job, and I appreciate that my typical day can seem somewhat intense compared to the everyday nine to five, but that’s just how it is.  Having said that, I should have been more careful this afternoon, and for that I’m sorry” Bea said, still unable to lift her gaze from the floor

“You’re sorry. Oh, well that’s ok then” the blonde replied sarcastically

“I’m sorry you had to see it, it must have been difficult to watch”

“That’s it?  You launch yourself out of a falling car and only just manage to grab hold of a bridge by your fingertips, you were millimetres away from becoming a smoothie, and that’s all you’ve got”

“Allie I…”

“Franky told me that you knew what you were doing, that you wouldn’t have gotten into that car unless you were sure you would get out of there.  Is that true, were you one hundred percent sure you’d get out safe?”

“It wasn’t...”

“Answer the question Bea,”

“No, I wasn’t.  I misjudged it ok, I fucked up, and I’m sorry.  It won’t happen again”

“How do I know that?  Do you have any idea how scared I was when they played the footage out, seeing you slam into the side of the bridge like that, the guys dragging you back to safety, they hadn’t given your name but I knew who it was as soon as I saw it?  The video finished with you laying on the floor, I didn’t know if you were ok, if you were even alive until that reporter grabbed you for an interview.  I worry about you every time you go to work, but I deal with it because it’s what you do, but this…” Allie said, her voice breaking as her tears threatened to fall

“I’m so sorry, I thought I had more time than what I did.  I never meant to scare you.  I saw you, when the car fell from under me, you were on the bridge calling out to me.  I honestly think that’s what got me back in one piece, I couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing you again.  My job will always come with risks, but I promise you I’ll be more careful in the future, I really am so, so, sorry Alliecat, I never meant to hurt you” the older woman replied, taking a step forward and wrapping her arms around her sobbing girlfriend.

They had been standing there for around fifteen minutes, Allie’s face buried into the older woman’s neck as Bea’s fingers ran through soft blonde locks.  Her tears had stopped but she refused to let go, she had come so close to losing the redhead today that she was afraid she would disappear if she released her hold.  Lifting her head as she felt her girlfriends fingers under her chin, her gaze locked with tear filled brown eyes.

“I’m sorry beautiful girl” the redhead said before leaning in and capturing her girlfriend’s lips in a slow, loving kiss

“I know baby” the younger woman replied, her fingers running over the cut above Bea’s eye gently

“Have you eaten anything today? We could get a takeaway?” she added, knowing that when they were on a long shout they rarely got the opportunity to take a break

“Starving, pizza would be good.  Thank you” Bea said as she grabbed them a beer while her girlfriend phoned the order in.



An hour later, they had eaten and were laid on the bed cuddling, Bea wincing slightly as the blonde ran her hand up her right side.  Lifting her girlfriend’s shirt, Allie’s breath catching in her throat at the sight before her, the redhead’s entire right side was purple with bruising.  Leaning down she placed soft, gentle kisses along her girlfriend’s injured body.  She was halfway up her side when she was pulled up, the redhead’s lips crashing down on hers in a hot passionate kiss, as her hands roamed all over the blonde’s body, tugging at her clothes.

Sitting up Allie quickly pulled her shirt over her head and removed her bra before unhooking her girlfriend’s bra, sliding the straps down her arm and discarding it.  Leaning back down she took the redhead’s bottom lip between her teeth, tugging gently on it before kissing her, her hands threading through red curls as she pulled her in closer.  Bea’s left hand was clawing at the blonde’s back as her right one slipped inside her girlfriend’s underwear, grabbing her arse, as her hips jerked off the bed, both of them moaning at the increase in contact.

Running her hands up the younger woman’s back, she wrapped her arms around her neck, pulling her down on top of her, wincing as a sharp pain shot through her body, the blonde jumping back so she didn’t hurt her any more.

“I’m ok Allie, come here” Bea said, trying to pull her girlfriend back into her, the younger woman having none of it.

“You’re hurt.  As much as I want to, and I really want to, we can’t, not until you’re feeling better” Allie replied, jumping off the bed and grabbing a t shirt for both her and her girlfriend, helping the older woman dress before throwing her own shirt on.

Climbing into bed beside the redhead she snuggled into her left hand side, wrapping her arm around her gently, careful not to hurt her any more than she already was.  Bea was frustrated, they had cuddled together like this so many times, but that was before, and now all she wanted to do was touch her girlfriend.  It was her own fault for playing the hero, although she couldn’t have walked away knowing there was someone trapped.  But now Allie had put her on a sex ban until her ribs were healed, karma really was the mother of all bitches she thought as she pulled the blonde in closer, falling asleep in her arms a while later.

Chapter Text

It had been four days since Bea had hurt herself at work, four painfully long day since they last had sex.  It was ironic really, she spent all those years trying to avoid it with Harry, and now she does want it she can’t.  Her injuries didn’t stop her from touching Allie though, she had lasted two days before it had all become too much.  The blonde was clearly struggling as much as she was, but was trying to do the right thing by her, and she loved her for that, not that she had verbalised it yet.

They had been lying in Allie’s bed the other morning kissing and cuddling, when it had hit her, the overwhelming desire to touch the younger woman, feel her come undone in her hands.  Allie had been adamant that they should wear pyjamas to bed while Bea was healing, as she wasn’t sure she would be able to keep her hands to herself otherwise.  Pyjamas that the redhead took great pleasure in stripping her girlfriend of, before kissing every inch of her perfect body as she buried her fingers deep inside her, filling her completely.  Allie had come with such force, screaming her name over and over again that there was no way that Liz hadn’t heard her from downstairs.



She was on nights that evening and Allie was working the late shift at the bar, she hated not waking up with her girlfriend but at least they could spend the day together.  After packing a picnic they jumped on the bike and headed to the beach, it was sunny, but not too hot, so perfect weather for a ride out.  Bea loved the feeling of her girlfriend’s arms wrapped around her, she was like a safety blanket, and her days always seemed so much brighter when her Alliecat was near.

They had finished their picnic and were sitting on the sand watching the waves, Bea sitting between her girlfriend’s legs, the blonde’s arms wrapping around her, her head resting on the older woman’s shoulder.

“Do you think Debbie will be ok about us?” the blonde asked, out of the blue

“I would like to think so, but who knows with teenagers.  She’s never had an issue with Franky so hopefully that’s a good sign”

“But Franky’s not her mum.  What if she’s not ok with it?  What will that mean for us?” Allie asked, fear evident in her voice.  She was so in love with the older woman that the thought of losing her terrified her

“It would make things so much easier if she was ok, but if she’s not then we’ll deal with it.  Nothing will change between us, no matter what”


“I promise.  I’m so addicted to you that I couldn’t give you up even if I wanted to, and trust me, I don’t” Bea replied, turning slightly as she pulled her girlfriend into a long, slow kiss.



It was just after five when they left the beach, Bea dropping her girlfriend at the flat before riding to the station to start her shift.  The insecurity in Allie’s voice when she spoke about Debbie’s reaction to their relationship had surprised her.  The younger woman always seemed so sure of herself and the effect she had on the redhead, that Bea really hadn’t seen that coming.  It was comforting in a way, to know that she wasn’t the only one with insecurities, but the look in her girlfriend’s eyes had really tugged at her heart strings.  Things were going to get very difficult if Debbie didn’t accept their relationship, but she loved Allie, and there was no way she was letting her go, she would just have to find a way to keep both of the women in her life happy.




The following day Allie’s phone was going crazy with bands and artists wanting a slot in one of the upcoming events at fuel, a few of the bands had posted a video of their performance on their social media accounts, with a link to the bars Facebook page, they’d had more hits in the past week than they had since Boomer had originally set it up twelve months ago.

She loved being busy, and tried to deal with anything work related while her girlfriend was on shift, but sometimes it wasn’t possible.  Today had been one of those days, she just hadn’t stopped.  Bea was so supportive, helping out any way she could, even if it was just the little things like bringing her drinks and making sure she had eaten something.  She had a habit of forgetting when she was in work mode, and the redhead would get on at her about taking better care of herself.  As much as she protested, she loved it when Bea fussed over her.  It made her feel loved, wanted, and that was the best feeling in the world to her.

Her parents had never really given a shit about her, they were always more concerned with what her brothers were doing to pay her any attention.  She had thought that things were looking up when she met Mia, but that turned out to be a big fat lie as well, although what she felt for her didn’t even come close to her feelings for Bea.  She hadn’t even realised that she was staring until she heard her girlfriend’s raspy voice, dragging her from her thoughts.

“Allie…are you ok?”

“Yeah, I just got lost in my head a bit, sorry”

“No need to apologies, I do it all the time.  Anything I can help with?”

“No not really, I was just thinking how lucky I am to have you in my life.  You’re the first person to ever really care about me without expecting anything in return.  Sometimes I get so scared that I’m going to say or do something to screw it all up, or that you’re finally going to realise that you can do so much better than me, or I’ll wake up in a cold, damp doorway and realise that it was all a dream” the blonde said, her voice barely above a whisper

“Allie…sweetheart, please don’t worry.  I’m not going anywhere ok, and neither are you.  I don’t want anybody else, you’re perfect to me, for me.  You and Debbie, you’re my world so please don’t ever doubt that ok” the redhead said, as she brought their lips together in a soft kiss

“And trust me, it’s not a dream, it’s all real” she added, placing her girlfriend’s hand on her chest, her heart racing underneath it at being close to the younger woman

“I’m sorry, I’m not doubting you, it’s just that my whole life people have taken what they wanted from me then cast me to one side, even my parents.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe that not everyone is the same”

“I just want you, nothing else.  What happened between you and you’re parents?  You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to”

“I do, it’s just hard.  It started when I was about five or six, not that I really knew what it was at the time.  My Dad had always favoured my brothers over me, he had never wanted a girl, and always made me feel so insignificant.  I just assumed it was a father/son thing, and that when I got a bit older I’d have a similar relationship with my Mum, but that never happened, we were nothing more than an inconvenience to her, got in the way of her shopping and lunch dates with friends.  My oldest brother Sam had always been the favourite, he was, is, incredibly intelligent, he’s a hotshot surgeon, worked in New York the last I heard.  He was always Dad’s pride and joy, the poster child of the family, and it was hard for me and my other brother Oliver when we were young, we were always living in Sam’s shadow.  Oliver is four years older than me and I loved him so much, he would take care of me when I was upset or sick, and was there when I needed him” the blonde said, smiling at the thought of her brother before continuing

“He played a lot of cricket when we were kids, and it turned out he was good, like really good.  He played in the junior national team and they were tipping him to go all the way.  Of course my Dad loved that, another child to brag about to his rich, fancy friend’s.  That was until the accident, he got hit by a car crossing the road when he was sixteen, shattered his elbow and his cricketing career.  Dad spent thousands on fancy treatments, got the best doctors in the country to operate on him, but it didn’t make any difference, he just couldn’t play like he did before the accident.  Oli was devastated, he loved to play more than anything and really wanted to play professionally.  He decided to go into coaching after that, that way he could still be involved in the game he loved so much, of course Dad hated the idea.  They fought all the way through Oli’s HSC, and on the day he got his results, he packed his things and left.  He’d secured a place at Sydney University so moved there straight away, I saw him a couple of times in the first year after he left, but it was difficult as he wasn’t allowed in the house, Dad saw him as a failure, a let-down” Allie said, her fingers interlocking with her girlfriend’s, even the slightest touch from the older woman relaxing her instantly

“Your Dad sounds like a real piece of work”

“Yeah he is.  After Oli had gone there was only me left for him to focus on, and for the first time in thirteen years he noticed me.  The trouble was I was never interested in his fancy parties, or rich obnoxious friends.  That was where Sam excelled, he was an excellent arse kisser, and I’m sure he still is.  Dad pushed me hard at school, wanted me to be a lawyer, but I was more interested in the arts than anything, I would shut myself away in my room for hours, playing the guitar or piano, and I was happy in my own little world, away from all the superficial bullshit that was my family.  Of course that didn’t sit well with him, he needed me to play the doting daughter, hang on his every word and impress his dickhead friends with my academic achievements.  Don’t get me wrong, I did ok in school, all things considering, but I wanted a career in music, and that simply wasn’t good enough for him.  He continued to push and push, set me up with a place at a fancy Law school that one of his associates was linked with, needed me to uphold the family name, but the more he pushed me the harder I fought against him.  Bet you can’t believe that can you?” Allie said, trying to make light of things

“That sounds so unlike you baby” the older woman replied, stroking her thumb over her girlfriends wrist as she continued.

“Things got really bad between us, and I started sneaking out whenever I could. I hated our neighbourhood, it was full of pretentious arseholes, always looking down their nose at you, judging you, just like all the kids at the fancy school we all had to go to.  Sam loved it, was in his element and Oli spent most of his time playing sports so got off lightly, but I hated it, and everyone there.  I was different to them, and they made sure that I knew about it every opportunity they got, rich kids really are the most vile creatures.  I just wanted to go to a regular high school with normal kids.  I started skipping whenever I could, and would head over to the other side of town where I felt more comfortable.  One night as I was wandering around I came across a music festival in the park, and I sat for hours just watching, wishing I could be up there playing.  Then this band came onto the stage, they were about my age, and really good.  I got talking to the lead singer afterwards and after spotting my guitar she asked me to hang out with them the following day while they were rehearsing.  It became a regular thing, I would sneak out to practice, or see Chloe.  We had gotten quite close over the couple of months since we met, I knew I was gay from a young age, and she was really cute, then one night after band rehearsal we were up in her room watching a movie when she kissed me.  We started dating soon after, although the only people who knew were the guys in the band.  She kept asking me why we were always at her house, so I told her about my Dad.  She was curious about my life so I snuck her into the house one night, and that’s when he caught us.  We were only kissing, but seeing his daughter with her tongue down another girl’s throat, especially one that was from the ‘poor’ side of town, was the last straw.  He sent her home, screamed and shouted at me and slammed out of my room.  Came back an hour later and kicked me out, he wouldn’t even look at me, said I was dead to him.  I haven’t seen any of them since”

“Oh Allie, I’m so sorry.  I can’t imagine how hard that was for you.  Do you miss them at all?”

“I miss Oli, he was the only real family I had.  I spoke to him a few times when I was in the kid’s shelter, but he was so far away, and struggling to pay his way through university.  We lost contact for eighteen months, after I left the shelter I had to get away from there, everywhere I went I was reminded of my Dad, and I hated him so I used what little money I had to buy a train ticket, and I ended up here in Melbourne.  Once I had gotten my life sorted I tracked him down again.  He was still in Sydney but we spoke a few times, then I ended up back on the streets again, and I was so ashamed of myself, of what my life had become, that I couldn’t bring myself to contact him” the blonde said, tears streaming down her face

“It’s ok, you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, and you did what you needed to do to survive.  Not many people would have been strong enough to go through what you did, you should be proud of yourself, of what you have achieved, I know I am.  None of that was your fault ok, your Dad sounds like a first class prick, and he’s the one who’s missing out.  You’re worth a million of him.  Is this why you were so worried about Debbie’s reaction?” the older woman asked, although after hearing her family history there’s no wonder she was concerned

“Partly.  You’ve just sorted things out and I don’t want to come between you, I know you said it wouldn’t change anything between us but I couldn’t live with myself if you lost her because of me”

“Everything will be ok, trust me.  Whatever happens with Debbie we’ll sort it out ok, I won’t lose her and you won’t lose me, I promise.  You’re my seahorse”

“And you’re mine.  Looks like you’re stuck with me then, sorry about that” the blonde said, smiling at her girlfriend

“It scares me too you know, the thought of losing you.  After Harry I was determined to never let anyone get close to me again, and then you came along and stripped away all my armour.  I fell for you and it scared me, I was out of my depth and had no idea what I was doing.  But you’ve been so patient with me, so gentle, that I fell even harder, and I can’t imagine my life without you” Bea said, holding her girlfriends face in her hands, their eyes locking as she leaned in, capturing the blonde’s lips in a slow, loving kiss, Allie’s hands running up her back, holding her close.



A while later they were chilling on the sofa, Bea was sketching while Allie scribbled away in one of her notebooks, humming a tune occasionally as she wrote.  She loved watching the blonde write, her face in a slight frown as she played with the words on the page, softening when she thought of a good line or lyric.  The redhead was so lost in all things Allie that she hadn’t realised the younger woman had stopped writing and was now watching her, her eyes looking up when she saw the blonde’s bright smile.

“You were staring”

“Sorry.  What are you writing about?” Bea asked, curiosity getting the better of her


“Really?  Will you play it for me?”

“Not yet.  I’ve only got a few lines, one day though…maybe, if you behave yourself” the younger woman said, smirking at her girlfriend

“Tease.  Have you ever played in public?”

“Yeah, I played a few times in Crystal, the bar I worked in at the time.  I’ve never my own stuff though, just covers.  It was fun, but I’d rather be behind the scenes”

“Your songs are amazing, why wouldn’t you want to play them?” Be asked, from the few things she had heard it was clear that the blonde had a real talent

“I don’t really write for that reason, it’s always been more of a form of expression, a way to clear my head.  I could never share that with other people” Allie replied, her fingers playing with the older woman’s as she spoke

“You’ve shared it with me”

“You’re special, I want to share everything with you”

“Play something for me, I love hearing you sing” the redhead said, leaning in and placing a gentle kiss on her girlfriend’s cheek.

Standing up, Allie crossed the room, picking her guitar up, before walking back over to Bea, pulling her into a deep kiss, the older woman moaning against her lips, her fingers running through her girlfriend’s blonde locks before the younger woman pulled away, taking a seat on the arm of the other sofa.  After adjusting the strap on the guitar she began to play, their eyes locked together as she spoke

“I wrote this a couple of months ago, after you kissed me outside the restaurant” she said, smirking at her blushing girlfriend, as her voice merged with the notes.


Settle down with me

Cover me up

Cuddle me in


Lie down with me

And hold me in your arms


And your heart's against my chest, your lips pressed to my neck

I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet

And with a feeling I'll forget, I'm in love now


Kiss me like you wanna be loved

You wanna be loved

You wanna be loved

This feels like falling in love

Falling in love

We're falling in love


Settle down with me

And I'll be your safety

You'll be my lady


I was made to keep your body warm

But I'm cold as the wind blows so hold me in your arms


Oh no

My heart's against your chest, your lips pressed to my neck

I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet

And with this feeling I'll forget, I'm in love now


Kiss me like you wanna be loved

You wanna be loved

You wanna be loved

This feels like falling in love

Falling in love

We're falling in love


Yeah I've been feeling everything

From hate to love

From love to lust

From lust to truth

I guess that's how I know you

So I hold you close to help you give it up


So kiss me like you wanna be loved

You wanna be loved

You wanna be loved

This feels like falling in love

Falling in love

We're falling in love


Bea’s heart was beating out of her chest, Allie was so talented and she felt so lucky that she got to hear her beautiful words, even more so when they were about her.

“You’re incredible Allie, and you have no idea how thankful I am that you’re in my life” the redhead said.  Standing up she walked over to her girlfriend and did exactly what she had asked, she kissed her, over and over again.



They hadn’t seen much of each other over the past few days, their shifts screwing them over yet again.  Allie had called her the previous night while she was at the station, to tell her to keep the following evening free, they were having a date night and she was picking her up at eight.  Bea had tried to get some information from Allie on where they were going but the blonde wouldn’t budge, telling her it was a surprise. 

It was just gone seven forty five when there was a knock on the door, Bea was ready and waiting for her, knowing the younger woman would be early.  Allie was always late, only by a few minutes, but she hadn’t started a single shift at the bar on time so far, yet when they were due to meet up she was always early.  The last few days had been difficult, Bea’s ribs were healing nicely, they were still a bit tender but she was a lot more mobile than she had been the first few days after she had injured herself, but they hadn’t been able to spend much time together due to work commitments.

Answering the door, her gaze fell on the blonde standing before her, she was wearing a blue dress that finished mid-thigh, the colour of the fabric making her eyes appear even bluer than usual.  She loved Allie’s eyes, they were so expressive, so comforting, and every time she looked into them it felt like coming home.

“I swear you get more beautiful every time I see you” Bea said, her raspy voice sending a shiver through her girlfriend’s body

“Well aren’t you a charmer…I’ll have to watch myself around you tonight” the younger woman replied, her eyes roaming over the redhead’s figure hugging black dress, “Although I’d much rather be watching you” she added, stepping forward and kissing her girlfriend softly, her fingers tangling in her red curls.

“I missed you”

“I missed you more.  Now come on, we’ll be late” Allie replied as she took Bea’s hand in hers and led her over to the waiting taxi.



As the taxi pulled up Allie paid the driver before jumping out, holding her hand out for her girlfriend to take.  Helping her out of the car she pulled the older woman into her, their lips meeting in a long, slow kiss.  Bea had never really been a fan of public displays of affection, probably because she would try and avoid getting close to Harry at all costs, but with the blonde’s lips pressed against her own, she didn’t care that they were in the middle of a busy street.

Pulling back when breathing became an issue, they stood staring at each other, lips swollen from their kisses.  The street light was casting a glow around her girlfriend, illuminating her flame red curls, and Allie’s heart skipped a beat, she was breath-taking.  Grabbing her phone she took a picture of her girl, laughing as the older woman blushed at the attention she was getting from the blonde.  Setting the photo as her wallpaper, she slipped her phone back into her bag before taking Bea’s hand, leading them down the street and into the restaurant.

The food had been excellent, and the blonde had been eyeing up the cake display since they arrived.  Having to give it a miss as they had both eaten far too much, Bea promised to bring her back another night, just for the cake.  The redhead had tried to pay for dinner but Allie was having none of it, insisting that it was her treat.  Her girlfriend had been so good to her when they first met, it was the least she could so, not that Bea had ever expected anything in return.  Once the bill was settled they headed off into the night, the younger woman suggesting that they take a walk to try and burn some of the pasta off, unable to keep the smile off her face when Bea took her hand in hers.

They had been walking for about fifteen minutes when they passed a bar, music blaring out from the open door.  Stopping in front of the building Allie pulled the older woman in to her, her lips grazing her ear

“I want to dance with you” she said, placing a light kiss on her girlfriend’s neck before stepping back, taking her hand again and leading her inside.

They headed over to the bar, grabbing a beer as they took in their surroundings.  The bar was much bigger than it had looked from the street, a large dance floor taking up the centre of the room.  It was just gone eleven and the place was packed, after finishing their drinks the younger woman took her girlfriends hand again, leading her through a mass of bodies and onto the dancefloor, her arms slipping around her waist as she pulled her in closer, moving to the music.  The redhead’s movements were a little stiff to begin with, Allie remembering back to the night of her birthday, how self-conscious the older woman had been.

“Just focus on me ok” the blonde said as she leaned in, placing feather light kisses on Bea’s neck before pulling back slightly, their eyes locking as Allie started to move again, the older woman following her lead.

A few minutes later she felt the redhead relax, their bodies moving together to the music.  Stepping in closer she pulled her girlfriend tight against her, her hands running up her sides before tangling in red curls as their lips crashed together.

They had been dancing together for about half an hour, and Allie was incredibly worked up.  Maybe this hadn’t been such a good idea after all, it had been a week since she had touched her girlfriend, and her body pressing up against her like it was, made her want to do very private things in a very public place.

Bea wasn’t doing much better, her entire body ached with want for the woman in her arms, and the way Allie was looking at her sent a pool of moisture straight to her groin.  She was unbelievably turned on, and desperately needed to feel the blonde’s skilled fingers deep inside her, it had been far too long for her liking. 

“Take me home” Bea said, her voice thick with desire as she grabbed her girlfriend’s hand, dragging her off the dancefloor and out of the bar, the blonde smirking as she caught the look of want in the older woman’s eyes.

The journey home had only taken about fifteen minutes, although it had felt like a lifetime for both women, Allie’s hand slipping under the hem of the redhead’s dress wasn’t helping matters, especially as she was staring out of the window, looking the picture of innocence.  They finally arrived at Bea’s house, the blonde practically throwing the money at the driver as she dragged her girlfriend out of the car and towards the door, pinning her up against the wall half way down the drive, crashing their lips together in a passionate kiss that left them both gasping for breath.

Breaking apart Bea grabbed her girlfriend’s hand, pulling her towards the door.  After fumbling with the key for a couple of minutes she finally managed to open it.  Dragging the blonde inside she kicked the door shut, pushing Allie up against it, her hands running up the younger woman’s thighs, lifting her dress as they went.  Continuing their path up her body she removed Allie’s dress before capturing her lips in a hot, wet kiss, moaning into her lover’s mouth as she felt the blonde’s fingers working the zipper of her own dress, pulling back so she could lift it over her head, before reconnecting their lips again.

Placing her hands under Allie’s arse she lifted her up, the younger woman wrapping her legs around her girlfriend’s waist as she carried her along the hallway and into the lounge, laying her down on the sofa.  Wrapping her arms around Bea’s neck, the blonde pulled her down on top of her, both women moaning at the increase in contact, before Allie flipped them over, straddling the older woman.

“Do you have any idea how hard it’s been for me not being able to touch you?” she said between kisses, her lips trailing a path down her girlfriends torso as her right hand worked the redhead’s nipple, through her bra.


“Mmm…every time I look at you I want to rip your clothes off and fuck you…hard”

“So fuck me…” the older woman moaned, her back arching off the sofa, trying to increase the contact between them, desperate for her girlfriends touch

Reaching around, she unhooked the redhead’s bra before removing it, her tongue massaging her lover’s right nipple as soon as it was free from the fabric.  Running the palm of her hand down the older woman’s body she pushed her underwear to the side as her fingers plunged deep into her girlfriend, the redhead crying out as she felt Allie fill her.

“Oh fuck…Allie…oh…” the older woman moaned as the blonde thrust in and out of her, as her beautiful mouth licked and sucked at her left breast.  She was close, being pressed up against Allie like that in the bar had left her unbelievably worked up, and feeling her lover’s skilled fingers inside her for the first time in a week was driving her wild.

Allie could feel the redhead’s walls begin to tighten around her fingers, wanting things to last a little bit longer she pulled out of the older woman, giggling as her lover complained at the loss of contact.

“Patience baby…” she whispered into Bea’s ear as she kissed her hard before trailing her lips down her lover’s toned body.  Climbing off of her girlfriend, she dropped to her knees, her fingers hooking under the lace of the redhead’s underwear.  Sliding the drenched fabric down her legs she dropped them on the floor beside her before lifting Bea’s left leg onto her right shoulder, her tongue plunging into her lover as her thumb circled her clit, building her back up again.

Bea could feel her body start to tremble as she looked down, watching her girlfriend go down on her was driving her wild, Allie’s eyes locked with her own as she fucked her with her tongue.

“I want you to come in my mouth” the blonde moaned against her lover’s core, her thumb working her swollen clit as her tongue plunged back into her, fucking her hard.  The older woman came crashing over the edge a few seconds later, calling her girlfriend’s name as she rode wave after wave of pleasure.  An hour, and several orgasms later they both collapsed together on the rug, a mass of tired limbs, neither of them able to keep the smile from their faces as they held one another tight.

Chapter Text

The next open mic night was in two days and Liz had been trying to find someone to cover the bar for a few hours a week while Allie was busy organising the events.  There had been two people enquire about the job so far, one guy had turned up half cut, eyeing the bottles of spirit as he chatted with Liz, and the woman who came in a couple of days later was even worse.  The older blonde would have been surprised if she even knew how to use her brain, let alone the till.

She had been complaining about them to Boomer when Franky and Bridget wandered in, the tattooed brunette saying that she may have a solution to their problems.  She had been helping this guy through her job at legal aid, he had just turned eighteen but had gotten in with the wrong crowd a few years ago, and found himself in a bit of trouble at the hands of his so called friends.

“Shayne’s a good kid, just needs someone to give him a chance.  He reminds me of me when I was his age, nowhere near as good looking though” Franky said, Bridget rolling her eyes at her girlfriend’s confidence, not that it was a lie.

There had been an instant attraction, the first time she had seen the brunette striding through the hospital in her uniform, and she couldn’t take her eyes off her.  Of course Franky had noticed, and proceeded to flirt shamelessly with her every time they met after that.  She’d heard the rumours about the firefighter from colleagues at the hospital, leaving a trail of broken hearts wherever she went, a different woman in her bed every night.  Not that she particularly paid attention to rumours, she’d heard a few interesting things said about herself over the years, some she really wished had been true.  There was something about Franky Doyle though, there was so much more to her than the rumours, than her bravado, and Bridget was drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

Then one night as she was walking to her car after a long shift at the hospital she felt someone grab her wrist, spinning around, ready to give them a swift elbow, she came face to face with the tattooed brunette and her trademark smirk.  She was just about to speak when she felt Franky’s soft lips on hers, her arms wrapping around her waist, pulling her in closer as their tongues battled for dominance.  The kiss was far too short for her liking, the brunette winking at her as she slipped a piece of paper in her hand before turning and walking away.  She had been rooted to the spot for a good five minutes before she looked at the note Franky had given her, details of a dinner reservation for the following evening.  Smiling to herself she had jumped in her car and headed home, looking forward to her date with the flirty firefighter.  Liz asking her a question brought her out of her thoughts.

“Sorry Liz, I was miles away”

“No worries love.  I was just asking what you thought about this Shayne kid, should I give him a shot?”

“I’ve never met him but I trust Franky so yeah, I’d give him a shot” she said, feeling her girlfriend squeeze her knee in thanks

“Ok love, give him a call, see if he can come over tomorrow for a trial” the older blonde said

“Thanks Liz, you won’t regret it.  He’ll be stoked” Franky said, running around the bar and hugging her friend before heading outside to call Shayne.



The following day Shayne arrived at the bar for his trial.  Liz had arranged for him to start late afternoon, knowing it would be quiet, and that Allie was rostered on.  She loved Boomer to bits but she could be a little scary if you didn’t know her, and wanted to ease him in gently, give him a few hours before the brunette started her shift.  Franky clearly had a lot of time for this kid, she just hoped he wouldn’t let her down.

After chatting with him for about half an hour, she showed him around, introducing him to Allie, before leaving him in the younger blonde’s capable hands.  Heading into the back office she started on her overdue accounts.  Things had been a little hectic the past couple of weeks, ever since the open mic night.  Boomer had been going on about hits on their Facebook page, not that it meant much to Liz, social media really wasn’t her thing, who cares what someone you went to school with had for their breakfast anyway!  The increase in takings however, she was interested in, and things were definitely looking up.

A couple of hours later, once she had caught up on her paperwork, she headed back though into the bar, stopping in the doorway to observe the interaction between Shayne and the blonde.  They seemed to be getting on well, Allie laughing at something he had said as he served the next customer.

“How’s it going love?” she asked him after he had finished serving

“Great so far.  Thanks for giving me a shot, I know I’m not exactly model employee material but I really appreciate it”

“Whatever happened in the past is of no concern to me, as long as you do your job, that’s all that matters to me.  Besides, Franky speaks highly of you, so you can’t be that bad”

“Yeah she’s a cool chick, really helped me get my life sorted out” he replied

“She is pretty great.  Just don’t let her down ok, or yourself”

“I won’t, thanks Liz” he said before heading down to the other end of the bar to serve a waiting customer.



An hour later Allie spotted the crew from teal watch enter the bar, her girlfriend chatting with Maxine as they walked in.  Noticing the smile on the younger blonde’s face Liz looked towards the door, spotting Bea and the crew walking in.

“Why don’t you go on your break love, we can manage here for half an hour” she said, the younger woman thanking her before racing through the door to the back of the bar, her phone pressed to her ear.

Looking up as she heard a ringing sound she spotted the redhead answering a call before excusing herself and heading in the same direction Allie had just gone.  How no one else had picked up on their budding romance was beyond her, they weren’t exactly subtle.

After ending the call, Bea headed through the back corridor in search of her girlfriend.  She was passing one of the store rooms when she was dragged inside and pushed against the now close door, Allies lips crashing down on hers as her left hand kneaded her breast through her shirt.  Wrapping her arms around the blonde’s waist she pulled her in closer, moaning into her lover’s mouth as she felt her hand slip under her shirt, caressing her lower back.

“Hi” the redhead said, stroking he fingers over Allie’s cheek

“Hi…I missed you”

“Yeah I noticed”


“I’m not complaining, I’ve been thinking about doing that all day”

“Just that?” Allie asked

“No, not just that.  How long do you have?”

“About twenty five minutes, why?”

“Just wondered” Bea replied as she locked the door before taking her girlfriend’s hand and leading her across the room.

Spinning them around she pushed the blonde up against the wall, her fingers making light work of the buttons on the younger woman’s shirt as her hands roamed over her stomach and chest, leaning down to suck on her right nipple through her bra.

“Oh fuck…” the blonde moaned as she grabbed the hem of the older woman’s shirt, tugging it up as Bea stepped back slightly so she could remove it, before crashing their lips together again.  Allie’s fingers were wrestling with her lover’s belt when they heard someone try to open the door.

“You wait there, I’ll just grab the keys, it’s not usually locked” they heard Boomer say as they sprang apart, looking for somewhere to hide.

Throwing her shirt back on, Bea pulled the younger woman behind a stack of boxes in the corner, leaning close against her so they were out of sight as they heard the key in the door.  They weren’t in the best position, Allie’s hand was pressed up against her groin, and she could feel the arousal building.  She had never really been interested in sex, it was always more of a chore with Harry.  But then the blonde had come crashing into her life, turning everything on its head, and she couldn’t get enough.  She wanted the younger woman all the time, she loved the way her body would tremble beneath her touch, and that she was the only one who got to see that side of the blonde.

They could hear Boomer and Shayne moving around on the other side of the boxes, relief washing over them as they heard them leave after about ten minutes, closing the door behind them.  Stepping back slightly, Bea looked into the younger woman’s eyes before they both burst out laughing, that had been a little too close for comfort.  Fastening the buttons on Allie’s shirt, the redhead kissed her before turning and walking out of the room, turning back to smirk at her, she headed back to the bar, and the rest of her crew.  A couple of minutes later a very flustered Allie took her place behind the bar, allowing Liz to head home for the day.

“You’re looking a bit flustered there Novak, hope you’re not coming down with something” Franky said, smirking at the blonde.  Bea had a similar look on her face when she had reappeared from wherever it was she’s been, although looking at Allie, she had a pretty good idea.

“I’m fine, it’s just a bit warm in here” the blonde replied, avoiding eye contact with their friend.

“Leave her alone darling” Bridget said, running her hand up her girlfriend’s thigh, trying to distract her

“What do you reckon Red, she coming down with something…or just coming” the tattooed brunette said, laughing as Bea chocked on her beer, her cheeks colouring as she tried to get her breathing under control, her drenched shirt clinging to her chest.

“Fuck sake Doyle, now look what you’ve made me do” Bea replied, indicating to her soaking wet shirt, that now smelt of beer, Franky practically falling off her stool as she tried to contain her laughter.

“You can borrow a shirt” Allie said, handing her keys over to Bea, trying to keep up the pretence, joining in with the laughter as her girlfriend stomped off in the direction of the flat.

“That was mean” the blonde said, unable to keep the smile off her face

“It was fucking hilarious, she’s so easy to wind up” Franky said, promising to leave her friend alone for a while, once she came back down.

Shayne’s shift had gone well, he handled Boomer like a pro, and the customers loved him.  Liz had called the bar to speak to Allie just before closing, wanting her opinion, as she had spent the most time with him that night, the younger blonde singing his praises.  Heading back through to the bar she handed the phone to Shayne, letting him know it was Liz.  Five minutes later he hung up, a big smile on his face at being offered the job.  He owed everything to Franky, he just hoped he wouldn’t screw it up and let her down.



The second open mic night had gone even better than the first, takings had almost doubled from the last event, and Allie had even more artists contacting her, trying to book a slot.  Bea and her crew were on a night shift, but the redhead had text her every chance she had, making sure everything was going ok, and that she was looking after herself and not working too hard.  She loved it when her girlfriend fussed over her, it made her feel so safe, but she had felt that way right from the start with the older woman.

She was packing everything away when a couple of the guys from 11:11, the band that had been on last, approached her.  One was Dylan, the guy who had asked her out two weeks ago, and she was hoping he wasn’t planning a repeat performance.  She really liked them, they were the best so far, and was hoping they would continue to play.

“Hey guys, everything ok?”

“Yeah, well kind of.  Can we ask a favour?” he said

“Sure, what’s up?”

“We’re playing a few uni gigs over the next couple of months and haven’t done a full set live yet.  We were wondering if you would let us play here one night?”

“I can’t see it being a problem, give me five minutes, I’ll speak to boomer and come back to you” she said, heading through the back and into the office.

After speaking to Boomer, and promising to handle everything she went back out to find the guys, who had just finished packing their gear.

“Is next Wednesday ok for you?  I know it’s a bit short notice but I have a favour to ask in return”

“Next Wednesday is great, thanks.  What do you need?” he asked

“It’s Boomer’s birthday next Saturday and were throwing her a party.  Will you guys play?  We’ll pay you, it won’t be much but it’s something”

They agreed to play the party on the condition that they did it for free, saying it would be good practice for all the unforgiving students they would be facing soon.  Saying goodbye they grabbed their stuff and left, after arranging to be at the bar next Wednesday morning to set everything up.  Allie was glad there had been no awkwardness between her and Dylan, she really liked the guys, Ash reminded her of her brother Oli, and Ethan was hilarious, a younger, male version of Boomer.

After helping Boomer lock up she headed upstairs to the flat, grabbing her guitar and ‘Bea’ notebook.  She still had her original one with her other lyrics in, but had bought another one for everything Bea related, she hadn’t touched the old one in weeks.  She was playing around with a few chords when her mobile rang, her girlfriend’s name flashing up on the screen.  She had missed the redhead, tonight was the second night in a row she would be sleeping alone and she hated it, although tomorrow night she was planning on holding her close, and never letting go.  They chatted for a while, until she heard the siren blasting out down the phone, signalling that Bea had to go.  Putting her phone down, Allie grabbed her guitar again and picked up where she had left off.



The following Wednesday Bea dropped Allie off at the flat before heading to the station, she had started leaving a few clothes at Allie’s place, meaning she could go straight there after work.  They had only been on shift for an hour when a call came in, a fire at a small second hand furniture store a few block away.  Two hours later, once the fire had been extinguished they headed back to the station, Bea asking Fletch to take a slight detour as she needed to drop something off for Liz.

The guys were due to arrive at ten thirty to set up for tonight, and after Bea had dropped her off Allie grabbed some breakfast before heading downstairs.  The redhead had started to get out of bed to make them something to eat after her alarm had gone off, but Allie had dragged her back to bed having woken up incredibly aroused following a very pleasant dream about her girlfriend.  They had been running late again after that, very late, but it been worth it.

It was just gone nine thirty when she entered the bar, wanting to get a bit of time on her guitar before the band arrived.  She had been working on a song for her girlfriend but wanted to try it out through the speakers with the loop pedal, and she had to set the stage up anyway so may as well take advantage of it.

She was so wrapped up in what she was doing that the time had gotten away from her.  She was playing the last few notes of the song when she heard a loud clapping from across the room.  Turning around, she came face to face with the guys from the band, all smiling at her.

“Hey guys, is it that time already?”

“We’re a little bit early, sorry.  Didn’t know you played, you’re fucking awesome by the way” Ash said,

“I’m not, but thank you.  I’ve been playing years, more of a hobby than anything though”

“What song was that, I didn’t recognise it” Ethan said

“I wrote it for someone, was just playing around with a couple of lines, trying to get it right”

“You wrote that?  Shit!  You don’t fancy joining a band do you?”

“Thanks, but no, it’s not for me” she said

“Well if you change your mind.  Will you at least consider writing something for us?”

“Maybe, now stop gassing and start setting up, I need to get the bar ready” Allie replied, smiling at them as she put her guitar down before leaving them to set up.

They had been sound checking for a while when Dylan called her over, wanting her opinion on one of the new covers they were trying.  Ash was struggling with one of the verses and he thought she might be able to help, they ran through it several times but he just wasn’t getting it.  Allie stepped up beside him grabbing the other microphone as she sang along, trying to guide Ash through the lyrics.  They had been at it for over half an hour when Ethan came up with a suggestion, asking Allie to sing the song with them, the blonde agreeing as a one off.

They were just wrapping up on the stage when the door opened and Bea walked in, the blonde’s eyes fixed firmly on her as she crossed the room heading over to Liz, who was behind the bar.  Her girlfriend’s flame red hair was tied up, showing her sexy jaw, she was wearing one of her tight work t shirts, her over trousers and braces, and work boots.  She had clearly just come from a shout, was absolutely filthy, and looked unbelievably fuckable.  Allie was pretty sure she was drooling, but she didn’t care, she couldn’t take her eyes off her.

Bea could feel her girlfriend’s eyes on her as she crossed the room.  She usually hated being the centre of attention, but with Allie it was different, she loved the way the younger woman looked at her.  The guys at the station had all chipped in for Boomer’s birthday present and she was dropping the cash off for Liz, who was picking her gift up the following day.  She hadn’t expected Allie to be there, not that she didn’t want to see her girlfriend, she just thought with her working that night she would be catching up on some sleep, they hadn’t got much the previous evening.

After handing the cash over to Liz, they chatted for a few minutes before she headed out, turning to Allie as she opened the door, her girlfriend’s eyes raking all over her body before her eyes locked with Bea’s, the redhead winking at her before walking out.  The laughter behind her dragging the blonde from her thoughts, she turned to face the guys.


“You really are gay aren’t you?  I thought you just said that to give me the brush off” Dylan said, his pride not quite as dented after watching her practically trip over her own tongue as she watched the other woman cross the room

“Yeah, totally gay, plus there’s the whole girlfriend, love of my life, thing”

“I’m sure she’d really appreciate the way you were checking out that firefighter chick” he said, laughing as the blonde blushed

“She’s pretty chill, she wouldn’t mind”

“Who was that anyway?  She’s smoking hot” Ash asked

“That was Bea, and she doesn’t need you lot perving over her.  So keep your eyes, and thoughts to yourselves ok, she’s off limits.  But you’re right, she’s fucking hot!” Allie replied, she hated the thought of anyone other than her checking her girlfriend out, not that she could blame them

“So when do we get to meet this girlfriend of yours?” Ethan asked

“She’ll be her Saturday” Allie replied.  She didn’t like lying to them, knowing Bea would be there that evening, but they needed to tell Debbie and Bea’s friends, their friends, first.



Arriving back at the station, Bea packed her kit away before heading through into her quarters to start her report, checking her phone she found a message from her girlfriend

‘What are the chances of you being able to bring you’re uniform home? ;) A xx’

Smiling to herself she typed a reply

‘Depends on what you want to do with it xx’

‘I want to do you…do you have any idea what it does to me seeing you dressed like that? ;) A xx’

‘I’m sure I can sneak it home one night, but later, when I’m in your bed, I want you to show me exactly what it does to you ;) xx’

She was glad she was on her own, and was pretty sure her cheeks were flushed after reading her girlfriend’s last message, images of the blonde, naked and writhing around underneath her flashing through her mind.  The ringing of the siren dragging her away from the very pleasant thought.




The rest of their shift had been pretty steady, and they got to finish on time, which was unusual in their profession.  They had returned from their last shout an hour before their shift was due to end, Bea managing to grab a shower so she was ready to leave at six.  Her mind kept wandering back to the messages Allie had sent her earlier, and she was hoping the blonde could sneak away for an hour prior to the gig.  She wasn’t sure she could get through the evening without being able to touch her girlfriend, or kiss her perfect lips.  Debbie would be home in three days, and although she wasn’t particularly looking forward to the conversation with her daughter, she would be glad when she didn’t have to hide her relationship with Allie.  It was getting harder and harder not to act on her feelings for the younger woman when they were in the company of their friends, and she had to literally sit on her hands on more than one occasion to stop them reaching out and touching the beautiful blonde.  Finishing her report, she jumped on the bike and rode towards the bar, and the woman who was well and truly in possession of her heart.

Allie had been racing around again, it was just gone six fifteen and she had just about finished what she needed to do.  The guys had set everything up earlier while she had been working the bar, and Doreen and Shayne had arrived an hour ago to take over, Liz and Boomer scheduled on within the next hour or so.  Heading up to the flat she decided to take a shower, hoping it would relax her a bit. 

She was nervous about playing with the guys later, it was one thing to play in a room full of strangers, but in front of her friends was a whole different ball game, at least her girlfriend would be there to make everything ok.  The flirtatious texts they had exchanged earlier had her worked up all afternoon, and it was her own fault.  She had been so unbelievably turned on after seeing Bea looking all hot and sexy in her uniform that she thought she would tease the older woman a bit, what she hadn’t expected was for the redhead to play her at her own game, leaving her twice as worked up, and in desperate need of a cold shower.  Discarding her clothes she headed into the bathroom, turning the shower on before stepping under the stream, closing her eyes as the hot water cascaded over her body.

Pulling up outside Fuel Bea parked the bike before heading through the side door that led directly to the flat.  Running up the stairs she unlocked the door, placing her helmet down on the table before closing the door behind her.  She could hear Allie’s soft voice coming through the open bathroom door, following the sound she leaned around the door, seeing the silhouette of her naked girlfriend through the shower curtain.  Removing her clothes quickly she stepped into the bathroom, reaching for the edge of the shower curtain.

Allie had just rinsed the conditioner out of her hair, her eyes were closed as she sang softly to herself, she was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t hear the shower curtain being opened, or closing again.  Her eyes shot open when she felt a firm body pressed up behind her, her girlfriend’s left arm around her waist, pulling her close, as her right hand massaged her breast, her lips nipping and kissing her neck.

“Hi” Bea purred against the younger woman’s neck, feeling her girlfriend push back into her, trying to increase the contact

“Hi…oh fuck…” the blonde moaned as her girlfriend tweaked her nipple before trailing her hand down across her stomach, her muscles twitching under the touch.

Reaching around, Allie tried to touch the older woman, Bea grabbing her hands and placing them flat against the tiled wall, running her right hand the length of her torso, stopping briefly before she began massaging her clit, the blonde’s head falling back onto her shoulder, giving her lips better access to her neck

“Baby please…I need you” Allie begged as she felt Bea’s hand move from where she needed it the most

“What do you want me to do?  I need you to tell me Allie”

“Fuck me…please…I need you to fuck me…” the blonde begged, a loud moan escaping her lips as she felt her girlfriend enter her.

Pulling out, Bea added a third finger, before slamming back into her girlfriend hard, biting and sucking on her shoulder as she felt Allie ride her fingers, a soft flow of moans and curses leaving her lover’s perfect lips as she thrust in and out of her, her thumb massaging her clit.

“I love being inside you” the redhead said, her voice thick with want, the younger woman’s body pressed against her as she bounced up and down on her hand was driving her wild, she could feel her own arousal coating the inside of her thighs


”Yeah, I love how you feel around my fingers, love watching you come undone in my hands” Bea said, pulling out of her lover she turned her around, pushing her up against the tiled wall before entering her again, the blonde’s mouth crashing down on hers.

Allie was close, she had been wound up like a coiled spring all day, and feeling her girlfriend deep inside her, she knew she wouldn’t last much longer.  Running her hand down the older woman’s stomach she entered her, curling her fingers, causing the redhead to cry out against her lips.

“Allie…oh god…fuck…” Bea cried out.  She was so close, her girlfriend’s body pressed against her own, as she watched her riding her fingers was almost enough to make her come, but feeling her lover’s skilled touch, hitting that sweet spot was sending her closer and closer to the edge.

“Come for me baby…” Allie moaned, as she felt her stomach muscles being to twitch.  Curling her fingers inside her lover again, they both came crashing over the edge, calling out the other woman’s name as they slid down the wall and onto the shower floor, neither of them able to stand.



Five minutes later they were able to stand, turning the water off they stepped out of the shower, Allie wrapping a towel around her girlfriend before grabbing another one for herself.

“Well that was the best shower I’ve ever had” the blonde said as she tucked a wet curl behind the older woman’s ear, noticing the mark on her neck

“Oops, sorry babe, I got a bit carried away” she added, placing a soft kiss over the bruise

“You will be, just wait unit I get you in that bed later” the older woman said, dropping her towel she pulled Allie’s from around her before stepping into her, the blonde moaning as she felt Bea’s breasts press against her own.

Bea had no idea what had gotten into her, but she couldn’t keep her hands of her lover.  If she didn’t have a gig to organise she would have dragged her across the room and ravished her all night long.  A loud knock on the door brought Allie out of her lust fuelled haze, and Bea’s mind out of the gutter.

“Blondie, the guys are here” Franky called through the door

“Ok, I’ll be down in five minutes…” she replied, giggling as Bea ran her fingers down her stomach, and dangerously close to her aching core “Make it ten” she added

“They’ve been here twenty minutes already.  Red, I know you’re in there, I saw the bike outside.  Put her down will you, she’s got shit to do, and a bar full of people waiting.  You can fuck each other senseless later, now hurry up” the tattooed brunette said before heading back down the stairs, Allie bursting out laughing at the mortified look on her girlfriend’s face.

“It’s not funny Allie, she’s already giving me shit, and she’ll have a field day with this”

“It is a little bit funny, and you’re fucking hot when you blush” Allie replied, kissing the older woman before stepping away and walking over to the wardrobe, the redhead’s eyes locked on her arse as she crossed the room.

Fifteen minutes later Allie was running down the stairs, guitar in hand.  Bursting through the door she ran across the bar to the stage, plugging her guitar into the amp as she turned to the guys.

“I’m so sorry, I lost track of the time.  You guys want a drink, it’s on me for being late”

“It’s ok, Franky filled us in, and yeah, beer would be great, thanks” Ash replied, laughing as Allie’s cheeks coloured

Heading over to the bar she glared at the tattooed brunette before grabbing four beers, throwing some money in the till before heading back over to the stage.  Ten minutes later Bea entered the bar through the front door, thinking it would look less suspicious that way.  Her eyes locked with Allie’s briefly as she saw her girlfriend place her guitar down on the stage.  She never mentioned anything about playing she thought, but then they hadn’t exactly done much talking while they were upstairs.  Blushing again at the thought of their shower, she headed over to the bar to grab a beer, Franky taking the stool next to her as she took her first swig.

Placing the bottle down, she turned to face the smirking brunette, her friend’s eyes going wide as she spotted the hickey on her neck.

“Fuck Red, I was joking.  I didn’t really think you were up there going bumper to bumper, looks like I underestimated your game.  You might want to do the last two buttons up though, don’t want Booms asking questions when she sees that” Franky said, her fingers grabbing at the collar of Bea’s shirt, fastening the buttons for her

“I leave you for one day and you’re pawing at another woman already” Bridget said, as she walked up behind Franky

“Hey spunky, I was just doing a bit of damage limitation” the tattooed brunette replied, tugging on Bea’s collar so Bridget could see the hickey

“I see.  Things going well I take it?” the doc said to Bea, smiling at her embarrassment

“Yeah, she’s great.  I think she might be playing tonight, she was hooking her guitar up a minute ago.  She didn’t say anything about it though” the redhead replied

“Probably because her mouth was busy with other things” Franky said, nudging her friend, her cheeks turning a deeper shade of red.

Bea was saved from any further teasing when the guys took to the stage, music filling the bar as everyone turned to watch them, but there was no sign of Allie.

Chapter Text

As the guys started to play, Allie hung back.  They had discussed her helping them out with one song that morning, but it had now turned into two, the first one in this slot, and the other one in the second.  They were four songs in when she headed off to grab another round of drinks, Bea’s eyes locking with hers as she approached the bar.  Walking over to stand beside her girlfriend, she placed her order with Shayne, her fingers running along the redhead’s thigh as she leaned in.

“I saw you setting your guitar up, are you playing?” Bea asked

“You’ll just have to wait and see” the blonde replied before leaning in closer, “Oh and for future reference, upstairs, earlier, I liked it when you got all demanding…so hot” she added, winking at the redhead, before walking away, drinks in hand.

They had just finishing the penultimate song of the first set when Allie jumped up on the stage, grabbing her guitar.

“We needed a little help on this one, Ash here was having a little trouble with some of the pronunciation so Allie offered to save his sorry arse” Dylan said into the mic, as Allie turned to face the crowd, her eyes locking with Bea’s, her girlfriend offering her an encouraging smile.

Dylan started to play the opening chords, Allie’s guitar joining in with his as she stepped up to the front of the stage and started to sing, Ash joining in when it came to the chorus, before stepping back, letting the blonde continue.


I will die before Methusalah

So I’ll fight sleep with Ammonia

And every morning with eyes all red

I’ll miss then for all the tears they shed



But I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we’re tilted

I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we

I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we’re tilted

I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we’re tilted


I miss prosthesis and mended souls

Trample over beauty while singing their thoughts

I match them with my euphoria

When they said "Je suis plus folle que toi"



But I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we’re tilted

I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we

I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we’re tilted

I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we’re tilted


Nous et la man on est sortie

Pire qu’une simple moiti é

On compte à demi-demi

Pile sur un des bas côtés

Comme des origamis

Le bras tendu paraît cassé

Tout n’est qu'épis et éclis


Ces enfants bizarres

Crachés dehors comme par hasard

Cachant l'effort dans le griffoir

Et une creepy song en étendard

Qui fait


Bea was mesmerised, Allie looked so comfortable up there, and she was incredibly good.  The redhead had no idea she could speak French, but oh my god, it sounded so hot.


I’m doing my face

With magic marker

I’m in my right place

Don’t be a downer


I’m doing my face

With magic marker

I’m in my right place

Don’t be a downer




But I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we’re tilted

I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we

I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we’re tilted

I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we’re tilted


Stepping off stage to a room full of applause, Allie walked over to the bar, the guys following her over.  Spotting them heading his way, Shayne lined four beers up on the bar in front of them, chatting to the guys as they took a drink.  Grabbing her bottle, Allie headed over to the end of the bar where Bea, and her friends were sitting.  Coming to a stop beside her girlfriend, she held her hand, out of view of the others.

“So you are playing, I knew it, you were amazing baby.  I didn’t know you could speak French, it was incredibly hot” Bea said, leaning in close so no one could overhear, rubbing her thumb over the blonde’s hand

“Why thank you, although I don’t speak French”

“I’m pretty sure you just did”

“They’re just words, I have no idea what I just sang, could have been a shopping list for all I know.  Don’t tell anyone though, especially not the guys” the blonde replied, winking at her girlfriend as she turned and walked over to the rest of the band.

Half an hour later the guys headed back over to the stage, Allie wandering back over to Bea for a while, before she was due back onstage.  She joined them for the last song again, a cover of Use Somebody by the Kings of Leon.  It was nice to be back up there again, singing in front of a busy bar, and in some ways she missed it, but she wouldn’t want to do it on a regular basis.

Boomer jumped on her as soon as she came off stage, begging her to play at her party.  After twenty minutes of relentless nagging she finally gave in, agreeing to play a few songs while the guys were having a break between sets.  Moving the stool in closer, she sat beside her girlfriend, the older woman’s hand finding hers, under the cover of the bar.  It was getting more and more difficult to be together around their friends.  Right now, all Allie wanted to do was wrap her arms around the redhead and hold her tight.  Forty five minutes later Bea jumped down off the stool, said her goodbyes and headed for the door, pausing briefly to hug the blonde

“I’ll be waiting for you in your bed…don’t be long” she whispered in her ear as she pulled back from the hug, before turning and leaving the bar.  Walking around the side of the building she unlocked the side door, climbed the stairs and let herself into the flat, hoping her girlfriend would join her soon.

It was half an hour before Allie managed to escape.  Franky had deliberately kept her chatting, knowing full well that Bea hadn’t gone home.  Eventually Bridget had taken pity on her and whispered something into the tattooed brunettes ear, they had left pretty quickly after that.  Saying goodnight to Shayne and Boomer she rushed up the stairs, bursting through the door to the flat.  The place was in darkness, thinking that her girlfriend must be asleep she crept across the room, jumping when the bedside light flicked on.  Looking over towards the bed she spotted the redhead laying there, covers pulled back, completely naked.  Removing her clothes as she crossed the room, she climbed in beside her lover, the older woman pulling the duvet over them as Allie’s lips found hers.



Teal watch were on nights Thursday, and Allie was working at the bar.  She had arranged to take Friday night off, Debbie was due home on Saturday and she wanted to spend as much time with her girlfriend as possible before her daughter arrived.  She would only be sitting around missing the older woman anyway so she may as well keep herself busy and work.  Thursdays were usually quite busy so it wasn’t a bad shift to take.

The following day Allie headed over to her girlfriend’s house, picking up some lunch on the way.  It had been a surprisingly quiet shift for the firefighters, and Bea had managed to get some sleep at the station, texting the blonde as she was leaving work and asking her if she wanted to come over earlier than they had originally arranged.  The younger woman had jumped at the chance to spend more time with her, she was still worried that everything would change once Debbie found out about their relationship, and wanted to savour every minute they had together.

Allie had been a little quiet over lunch, and the older woman was worried about her.  She knew what was on her mind, and if she was being honest, she was a little apprehensive about coming out to her daughter.  Given her girlfriend’s issues with her own family, there was no wonder she was concerned, and Bea knew she had to be strong, and take care of her girl, as she had done for her so many times, both before and after they got  together.

After clearing the dishes they headed into the lounge, Bea pulling her girlfriend into her arms once they were seated on the sofa.

“Everything ok?  You’ve been quiet” the redhead asked, running her fingers through Allie’s soft blonde locks

“Mmm…it is now” Allie hummed, loving the feeling of Bea’s fingers running through her hair

“You know you can talk to me, if something’s bothering you”

“I know, I’m just a bit nervous about tomorrow”

“Me too, everything will be ok though, please don’t worry.  Do you need me to distract you?”

“That’s the best suggestion you’ve had all day” Allie said, turning in her girlfriend’s arm and bringing their lips together

“So…this thing you have for my uniform…” Bea said, her girlfriend’s eyes glazing over as she mentioned it

“Yeah” the younger woman replied, her voice coming out a little lower than usual

“You never did elaborate on why you want me to bring it home”

“I didn’t?”

“No, why don’t you tell me?”

“It would be better if I showed you…” the blonde said, her hand slipping under her girlfriend’s shirt as she kissed her way along her jaw

Things became heated quickly, Bea’s lips kissing their way down her girlfriend’s neck, her hands grabbing at the blonde’s arse as she flipped them over.  Misjudging the depth of the sofa she lost her balance, sending them both crashing to the floor, the younger woman landing on top of her, both of them giggling like a couple of teenagers.

Standing up, Allie held her hand out to her girlfriend, pulling her up off the floor and into her arms, the older woman’s lips continuing their assault on her neck, as her fingers tugged at the blonde’s belt

“Too…many…clothes…” Bea said between kisses, her girlfriend taking her hand and leading her down the hallway, both women discarding their clothes as they went.

Turning around, Bea pushed her girlfriend up against the wall, knocking one of her vases over in the process.  Tugging at the blonde’s bra she took her right nipple into her mouth, rolling her tongue over the hardened bud, the younger woman’s moans echoing in the otherwise quiet house.  Grabbing the older woman’s hand again, Allie pulled her up the stairs and into her room.

By the time they reached the redhead’s bedroom they were both down to their underwear, the older woman pouncing on her girlfriend as she turned to face her, stripping her of her remaining clothes before removing her own.  Stepping forward slightly she picked her lover up, the blonde’s legs wrapping around her waist as she kissed her hard.  Carrying her across the room she laid her down before crawling up her body leaving a trail of hot, wet kisses as she went.



Debbie’s afternoon lecture had been cancelled, their tutor had been taken ill and they couldn’t get anyone to cover at short notice.  Her friends had decided to grab something to eat straight after their morning lecture instead as two others besides Debbie were planning on heading home for the weekend.  Lunch wrapped up around two thirty, and they all went their separate ways, Debbie deciding to head home early.  It would be an early start for her if she left in the morning, well early for her anyway, and she hadn’t been looking forward to that, plus this way she could spend more time with her Mum.

Walking back to her dorm she packed a few things before heading to the station, if she made it in time for the next train she should be back home around four.  She knew her Mum had been on nights the previous evening, and would probably be asleep so didn’t want to call and disturb her, deciding to surprise her instead.  Jumping off the train, she grabbed a cab.  It was only a short journey, and she could have taken the tram but the heavens had just opened, and she wasn’t a fan of the drowned rat look.

It was just after four when the taxi pulled up outside the house, paying the driver she grabbed her bag and walked down the drive.  Unlocking the door she wandered through into the kitchen to get herself a drink, tripping over a pair of shoes as she crossed the room.  The house was quiet so her Mum must still be asleep.  Moving the shoes out of the way she headed for the fridge, grabbing a bottle of water before checking the contents, thinking that she could cook dinner for both of them.

After planning what she was going to cook she headed through into the lounge, surprised to see a shirt thrown over the edge of the sofa.  Her Mum was usually so tidy, and had given her a lecture about leaving things lying around on more than one occasion.  Grabbing her bag she made her way towards the stairs, spotting another shirt and a pair of jeans in the hallway, along with a dislodged picture and a broken vase.  What the hell was going on, it looked like they’d been burgled.

Placing her bag down, and moving slowly so she didn’t make a sound, Debbie headed for her bedroom.  She was half way up the stairs when she heard what sounded like a strangled cry coming from her Mums room, stopping her in her track.  Everything went quiet again, but a few seconds later, as she continued up the stairs, she heard it again, only this time she could make out voices, and one sounded like he Mum.  She had just taken another step when she heard it

“Fuck…oh god…Allie…please…” she heard her Mum moan loudly

“Please what baby?  Tell me what you want…” the other person, who she now knew was Allie replied.

Turning around she ran down the stairs as quietly as she could, grabbed her bag and left the house, hoping somehow that she would be able to erase what she had just heard from her brain.



It had been about half an hour since Allie had her fourth orgasm of the afternoon, her girlfriend really was insatiable today, not that she was complaining.  She was so exhausted she had fallen asleep briefly, waking a few minutes ago to the feeling of the redhead’s fingers drawing light patterns across her exposed stomach.

“Hey there beautiful girl” Bea said, kissing her girlfriend’s soft lips gently, feeling her lover smile into the kiss

“Hi” Allie replied, tears filling her eyes.  No one had ever touched her like Bea, or made love to her the way the older woman had, and she had never felt so wanted, or loved in her life.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?”

“Nothing’s wrong, I’m just so happy.  I love being here with you, and I’ve never felt this way about anyone before”

“Neither have I, I didn’t even know it was possible to feel this way.  Allie I…I love you” Bea said, her fingers stroking the younger woman’s cheek, wiping her tears away.

“You do?”

“Yeah I do.  I’m so in love with you, and it scares and excites me all at the same time”

“I love you too, so much.  Please don’t be scared baby, I’ll never hurt you, I promise” the younger woman said, flipping them over so she was straddling her girlfriend

“I know baby” the older woman replied, taking Allie’s bottom lip between her teeth briefly before crashing their lips together, pulling the blonde down on top of her.

Allie’s leg had fallen between her girlfriend’s, raising her thigh slightly she brought it into contact with the redhead’s centre, gasping at the wetness she felt there.

“You’re so wet baby”

“It’s your fault for being so fucking sexy.  I need you, need to feel you all over me”

“Like this?” the younger woman replied, taking her lover’s left nipple in her mouth, as her right hand roamed all over her body, her thigh pressed firmly against the older woman’s slick core

“Fuck…oh god…Allie…please…” the redhead moaned, grinding down on the blonde’s thigh

“Please what baby?  Tell me what you want…” Allie replied as she kissed her way down her lover’s body

“Fuck me…please…” Bea gasped as she felt her girlfriend’s fingers enter her



Debbie had been walking for around twenty minutes when she arrived at the bar, hoping Boomer would let her stay the night at hers, she really couldn’t face her Mum just yet.  She couldn’t believe she had caught her doing that…with Allie.  She had no idea her Mum was even into women, and although her and the blonde had seemed close the last time she was home, she hadn’t realised they were that close.  She was just glad she hadn’t arrived home any earlier, judging by the trail of clothes through the house, whatever they were doing had clearly started downstairs.  It was one thing hearing them, but seeing it would have been so much worse.

Entering the bar she spotted Franky sitting on one of the stools, beer in hand, chatting to a guy who looked around her own age.  Wandering over she took a seat next to the tattooed brunette, her Mum’s friend turning towards her as she sat down.

“Hey little Red, what brings you here?” Franky asked

“I was looking for Boomer, needed to speak to her about something”

“She’s on a date, some guy called Daz, sound’s a right prick if you ask me.  Anything I can help with?”

“No it’s ok, thanks though” Debbie replied, as she went to stand

“Stay, have a beer with me.  I haven’t seen you in ages, I want all the uni gossip” Franky said before turning to the guy behind the bar “Shayne, grab us a couple of beers will you”

Placing the bottles down on the bar he smiled at Debbie, before taking the money from Franky

“Debbie, this is Shayne, a friend of mine.  Shayne, this is Debbie, Reds daughter”

“Hi” the young brunette said, smiling at the bartender

“Hey, I haven’t seen you round here before, not that I’ve been here long myself” Shayne replied, stumbling over his words.  Bea’s daughter was really cute.

An hour and a half, and three beers later Franky quizzed the younger Smith again, it was obvious that something was on her mind.

“Come on Deb, I can see something’s bothering you, you can talk to Auntie Franky” she said, leading them over to a table in the corner, away from everyone else.

“I wasn’t meant to be coming home until tomorrow but my lecture got cancelled so I thought I’d come back early and surprise Mum” Debbie said

“Ok, so what are you doing here, shouldn’t you be at home?”

“I’ve already been”

“You haven’t had another fight have you?  I thought you’d sorted everything out last time you were back” Franky asked, hoping that Harry hadn’t been stirring shit up again, Bea really didn’t need that

“We did, and no, we haven’t had a fight.  I haven’t even spoken to her yet”

“So what’s the problem?”

“I went straight home from the train station.  I knew she’d been on nights so I let myself in, grabbed a drink and pottered around for a bit.  When I went through into the lounge some of her clothes were on the sofa.  I thought it was a bit odd, you know how much of a neat freak she is.  Anyway, I went through into the hallway and there were more clothes on the floor, and one of her vases was broken.  I thought we’d been robbed so I crept up the stairs, and that’s when I heard it” the young brunette said, her eyes fixed on the table

“Heard what?”

“Mum.  She was…err…with Allie…in her bedroom”

“I’m guessing they weren’t sleeping” Franky said, trying not to laugh

“No, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at either of them again after hearing that” the young brunette said, pulling a face at the thought as she turned to face her Mum’s friend.

“It’s not funny Franky” she added, seeing the older woman trying not to laugh

“No, I know, I’m sorry.  It’s just…” the tattooed brunette said, unable to contain her laughter any longer

“I’m guessing you knew about this.  Wait, how long has this been going on.  Are they together, or was it just a…” Debbie said, unable to finish her sentence

“No, they’re together.  As for how long, that’s something you need to speak to your Mum about.  They didn’t tell me if that’s any consolation, I caught Red with her tongue down blondie’s throat one night when I went out the back”

“Eww, Franky, that’s my Mum you’re talking about”

“Sorry kiddo.  It’s just that I’ve never seen her so happy before, Allie’s good for her.  Wait until you see them together, they’re so fucking adorable”

They chatted for a while longer, Franky offering Debbie her spare room for the night, after the young brunette confessed that she had come over to see if she could stay with Boomer.  Debbie was telling the older woman about a party she’d been to the previous weekend when Shayne came over, placing a couple of beers on the table in front of them, smiling at Debbie as he grabbed the empties and headed back towards the bar.

“Looks like you’ve got yourself an admirer there kiddo” Franky teased

“He’s quite cute, I suppose” Debbie replied, blushing slightly

A while later, they headed back to Franky’s, ordering a takeaway and having a movie marathon.  It had been ages since the older brunette had a girl’s night, and it had been great to catch up with Debbie, even if it had been under unusual circumstances.  She couldn’t wait to see Red the following day, she was going to have a field day with this one.

They had made it back downstairs later that evening, Bea clearing up the mess they had made while they waited for the takeaway to arrive.  The redhead had offered to cook but Allie suggested they ordered in instead, planning on dragging her girlfriend back to bed as soon as they had eaten.  There was a good chance that things would turn to rat shit tomorrow, and she wasn’t sure when she would get to see the older woman again if that was the case.  She wanted to spend as much time with her as possible beforehand, memorise every inch of her beautiful body.



The next morning Franky dropped Debbie off at home before heading over to Bridget’s place, telling her to call if she needed anything.  They had chatted briefly over breakfast about Bea and Allie’s relationship, the young brunette seemed to take some comfort in knowing that the blonde made her Mum happy, she just hoped everything would be ok.

Taking a deep breath, Debbie unlocked the door, calling out to her Mum as she walked through into the house.  A few seconds later Bea came rushing through into the kitchen, wrapping her arms around her daughter.

“Hey Deb, I missed you so much” the redhead said

“I missed you too Mum.  How are you?”

“I’m good, great actually.  How’s uni, you still enjoying it?”

They chatted for a while, Debbie filling her in on what she’d been up to at university, although she couldn’t quite look her in the eye.  Her Mum looked nervous, and she was starting to wonder if Franky had tipped her off about the previous day when she spoke.

“I need to talk to you about something…” her Mum said, nerves evident in her voice



They had overlaid again, not they needed to be up that early, having been up until the early hours, the older woman determined to distract her lover as much as possible, in the hope that she would be able to get some sleep.  Bea knew that her girlfriend was worried about her daughter’s reaction, and that it would put a strain on their relationship if Debbie had an issue with it, and she also knew that she was more afraid than she was letting on.

It had surprised her when she had seen the first glimpse of it, how insecure the blonde really was.  You would never tell looking at her, or by the way she acted around everyone.  She always came across as confident and comfortable in her own skin, and in many ways she was, but underneath all her armour, she was just as scared as Bea.  The redhead had spotted it early on, the first night she had let her stay after the fire, and that was part of the reason she was so drawn to her.

Dropping a quick kiss on her forehead, she slid out of bed, heading through into the en-suite to take a shower, deciding to let the younger woman sleep for a while longer.  Debbie was due home around eleven, checking her phone she saw it was just gone nine thirty, so they still had a bit of time.  After finishing in the bathroom she woke Allie up, heading downstairs to put the coffee on while her girlfriend took a quick shower.

She heard the key in the door as she was approaching the kitchen.  “Shit” she mumbled to herself, how the hell was she going to let Allie know not to come downstairs?  Looking up, her eyes locked with Debbie’s.  Knowing she couldn’t turn around and head back upstairs to warn the blonde she stepped forward, pulling her daughter into a hug.

After making them both a coffee they sat at the table chatting, Bea sending her girlfriend a quick text, her phone hidden from Debbie as she did, her heart sinking as she heard Allie’s phone beep from the lounge.  She must have left it there the previous evening after they got distracted again.  After her daughter had filled her in on the recent events of campus life, she took a deep breath.  Time to get it over with Smith, she thought to herself as she started to speak

“I need to talk to you about something…” she said, unable to keep the nerves from her voice

“Is it about Allie?  I know you’re seeing her” Debbie replied, her Mum gasping in shock at her response

“I…err…yeah it is, and I am.  How do you know?”

“My afternoon lecture got cancelled yesterday so I came home instead.  You were…busy…when I got here, so I stayed at Franky’s.  She dropped me off this morning” the young brunette said

“Oh god, I’m so sorry.  You didn’t see anything did you?”

“No, but I heard you, and that was more than enough.  So, is she your girlfriend? And how long has it been going on?”

“Yeah she is.  It’s been almost three months now.  I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.  I wanted to, it’s just taken me a while to figure it all out, and I wanted to be sure first”

“So are you gay now?”

“Honestly, I don’t know.  I’ve never really thought about another woman like that before.  But Allie, there’s just something about her, she’s been so patient and gentle with me.  I think for me it’s more about the individual than the gender, if that makes any sense” Bea replied

“I guess.  Does she know about Dad?”

“She does, I told her and she was fantastic.  It’s not been easy for her, your Dad left me with so many hang-ups, but she took it all in her stride, she helped me through it, and never once got frustrated with me”

“So it’s serious then?”

“I love her Deb.  I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.  Are you ok with all this, I know it’s a lot to process, especially given how you found out.  I’m sorry about that too, I’m so embarrassed” the redhead said, her cheeks colouring again

“It’s ok, I’ll make sure I make a lot of noise next time I come home, and phone ahead, give you a heads up.  It’s a bit of a shock, I’m not going to lie.  Are you happy?”

“I’ve never been happier” Bea said genuinely, a big smile spreading across her face as she thought of her girlfriend, which didn’t go unnoticed by the young brunette.

They chatted for a few more minutes when Bea grabbed their mugs, standing up she crossed the room to get them a refill.  This was not a conversation she could do without more caffeine.  She was heading back over towards the table when she heard Allie’s voice, the blonde walking in seconds later.



Checking the clock, Allie noticed it was approaching ten fifteen.  Debbie would be here soon so she needed to get going.  After searching everywhere for her shirt, she grabbed one of her girlfriends, heading downstairs to speak to the redhead.  Grabbing her phone from the coffee table she headed for the kitchen, the smell of coffee pulling her in that direction.

“Beautiful, have you seen my…” Allie said as she walked into the kitchen, stopping when she saw Debbie sitting at the table, her girlfriend walking over to the table with two mugs in her hands

“Shit…sorry.  I should go, I’ll see you later” she said, her stomach churning at the thought of what was to come

“It’s ok, I know.  You don’t have to leave” Debbie replied

“I…err…ok” Allie said, taking a seat beside her girlfriend, the older woman taking her hand under the table, feeling the nerves radiating off of the blonde

“Can I talk to Allie alone please” the young Smith said to her Mum

“You ok with that?” Bea asked the blonde

“I’m good, honestly” Allie replied, hoping she sounded more confident than she felt

Bea stood up and headed out of the room, squeezing her girlfriend’s shoulder as she passed.  She was worried about the blonde, she had seen the panic on her face the minute she spotted Debbie sitting at the table.  Neither of them were expecting her back so early, and she just hoped she wasn’t grilling her girlfriend too much.




Allie felt like she was going to throw up.  This was it, make or break.  One wrong word and it could all be over.  She loved Bea so much, and the thought of losing her terrified her more than anything.  Taking a deep breath, she lifted her head, her eyes locking with the young brunettes.

“Mum clearly cares about you, and Franky says she’s happy with you, but I need to know how you feel.  I don’t know how much she’s told you about what he did to her, but my dad is a fucking arsehole, and he hurt her, a lot.  I won’t let it happen again” Debbie said, her eyes fixed on the nervous blonde opposite

“She told me everything, and it kills me that she had to go through all that.  If there was any way I could take it all away I would.  I’ve never met anyone like your Mum before, she’s incredible.  I’m sorry, I know this must be difficult for you, and the last thing I want is to come between you”

“Ok, I have a few questions.  How did you meet?” the young brunette asked

“Through work, your Mum rescued me from a fire” the blonde replied, unsure of what Bea had told her, but not wanting to lie either

“Are you gay?”

“Yeah, I’ve known since I was about nine”

“How old are you?” Debbie asked

“I’m 28”

“Do you love her?”

“I do, so much.  I’ve never felt like this about anyone before, she’s my world” Allie replied, smiling at the thought of the redhead

“Hurt her and you’ll have me to deal with, and I’m a lot tougher than I look” Debbie said, fixing Allie with a steely look, the blonde thinking how much she looked like her Mum when she did that

“I would never hurt her, I promise you” Allie replied, the young brunette nodding at her, a small smile on her face.

Taking a sip of her coffee she watched the blonde opposite.  She seemed genuine, and the way her eyes lit up when she spoke about her Mum, there was no way she could fake that.  Her mind was racing at a hundred miles an hour, she hadn’t been expecting any of this when she jumped on the train yesterday afternoon.  But she wanted her Mum to be happy, and if Allie was the one to do that then she wouldn’t stand in their way. 

“Mum, you can stop hiding behind the door now, I’m done with my interrogation” she called out, the redhead creeping out from her hiding place behind the door, blushing at being caught out.

Walking over to the table, she stopped beside her girlfriend, her fingers playing with her hair as she spoke to the blonde

“You ok?”

“Yeah, I’m good” Allie replied.

Watching the exchange, Debbie noticed how her Mum’s eyes shone as she looked at Allie, and how the blonde visibly relaxed under her touch.  Franky was right, they really were cute together.

After having breakfast together Allie excused herself, saying she needed to set up for the party.  Things had been a little awkward, but she liked the blonde, and it was obvious how much she cared for her Mum just by looking at her.  Debbie felt guilty though, she was sure Allie had only left because of her, her Mum reassuring her that wasn’t the case.  Bea told her daughter about the open mic night’s that her girlfriend had been organising, the band that were playing that night, and how Allie had played with them a few days ago.

“She’s playing again tonight, on her own though this time.  Boomer was giving her shit, nagged her until she agreed”

“Is she any good?” the young brunette asked

“She’s fantastic”

“Yeah but you’re a little bit biased.  I guess I’ll find out later.  You really like her don’t you?”

“I do.  I’ve never felt so safe with anyone before, it’s nice” Bea replied, glad that her daughter seemed ok with everything.

They spend the afternoon shopping, Debbie quizzing her Mum about her girlfriend every chance she got.  She’d never seen the redhead like this, so relaxed and carefree, being in love clearly suited her.  Heading back home they went to get ready for the party, Debbie looking forward to seeing Allie play.

Chapter Text

The taxi dropped them off just after seven thirty.  They had spent almost two hours getting ready, Debbie helping her Mum decide what to wear, claiming it was one of the many perks of having a teenage daughter.  The redhead was nervous about tonight, the day had been difficult enough already, what with Debbie finding out about them, but she now had to tell all her friends, well, all except for Franky and Liz.

Allie had been racing around all day again.  They had everything set up by lunch and she had spent most of the afternoon trying to work out her set list.  She would only be playing for about half an hour, but up until an hour ago it was twenty five minutes too long.  Dylan had dropped his old electric guitar over earlier for her to borrow.  She would be using hers for most of the set, but a couple of songs worked better with that than the acoustic.  She was really nervous, and having Debbie there wasn’t helping.  She had been really great about her relationship with Bea, but she couldn’t help but feel like she was on probation with the young brunette.

Heading over to the bar they grabbed a couple of stools beside Franky and Bridget, Bea excusing herself to go and check on her girlfriend.  After searching the bar for the blonde she headed upstairs, hoping to find her there.  Unlocking the door, she stepped inside, closing it behind her.  Looking across the room she spotted her girlfriend pacing up and down, looking like she could throw up any second.  Walking over to her, Bea took her hands in hers, stroking her right wrist with her thumb.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?”

“I’m shitting myself.  It’s one thing playing a couple of songs with the guys, but on my own.  I don’t think I can do it” the blonde said, her nerves showing as she spoke

“You’re incredibly talented Allie, and I know that you’ll smash it out of the park, but if you’re not comfortable then don’t play”

“I can’t let Boomer down it wouldn’t be fair, especially on her birthday.  I should have never played the other night, wouldn’t be in this mess now”

“If you really don’t want to do it Boomer will understand, but I’m glad you played the other night.  I love hearing you sing, and those fingers of yours, we both know how much I love what they can do” Bea said, playing with her girlfriend’s fingers as she leaned forward and kissed her, the blonde relaxing into her touch.

Wrapping her arms around her, she pulled the younger woman in, holding her tight.  Her hand stroking her back, calming the blonde instantly.  Allie loved how even the smallest of touches from her girlfriend would make her feel so relaxed.  She loved being wrapped up in Bea’s strong arms, and wished she could just stay there forever.  She hadn’t realised she’d said the last bit out loud until the older woman spoke

“Me too, although going to the bathroom may be a little difficult” the redhead said, smiling at the younger woman.  “You didn’t mean to say that out loud did you?” she added, laughing as her girlfriend blushed

“No I didn’t, I meant it though.  I feel so safe when you hold me like this, promise me you won’t let go” Allie said, sounding so vulnerable it almost made the older woman cry

“I promise Alliecat.  I won’t let go, ever.  I love you”

“Good, because I love you too.  I should go downstairs, get everything ready”

“You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with ok”

“No, I need to put my big girl pants on and suck it up.  Will you stay where I can see you, it will make me feel better?”

“Of course I will, I’ll do anything for you” the redhead said, kissing Allie before stepping back and following her down the stairs and into the bar.



Allie went straight over to the guys from the band, while Bea headed back to her daughter, grabbing the beer that Liz had placed on the bar for her.  They chatted for a while, Boomer filling them in on her date the previous evening.  Bea could feel Franky’s eyes on her, and knew what was coming, but was trying not to engage with her friend, especially with her daughter sitting beside her.  She had survived around fifteen minutes when it came, Debbie was chatting to Shayne over the bar about some obscure band they both liked, and the tattooed brunette saw her opportunity, and took it.

“So Red, do anything interesting last night?” she said, a smug grin on her face

“Not really, stayed in and watched a movie”

“Right.  Was that before or after you got caught rooting your girl?” Franky asked, leaning in so no one else could hear her

“Fuck off Franky, don’t give me shit.  And to answer your question I have no idea what time Deb came home, so it could have been either” the redhead said, figuring she may as well play along with her friend, she was going to rip it out of her either way

“Look on the bright side Red, it saved you from an awkward conversation”

“And finding out your daughter heard you doesn’t make for an awkward conversation?”

“Good point.  So, who’s the loudest?”

“Fuck sake.  I am not having this conversation” Bea said, shaking her head at her friend, but unable to be mad at her

“What conversation?” Allie asked as she approached them

“I was just asking which one of you is the loudest, my money’s on Red” Franky said

“Definitely me.  She does this thing with her fingers while her…” the blonde said, her girlfriend’s hand clasping over her mouth, stopping her from saying any more.

“Makes me scream…” Allie added once she’d wriggled free, Franky letting out a loud laugh while her girlfriend scowled at her.  Squeezing the redhead’s hand, she headed off towards the stage, the guys were about to start their first set and she had a couple of things to sort before she went on.



The band had just finished playing.  Introducing Allie, they hopped off the stage to a round of applause.  Taking a deep breath, she grabbed the guitars and backing track, before stepping up onto the stage.  Plugging both guitars into their associated amps, she grabbed the electric one and turned to face the front of the stage.  Scanning the room she felt her nerves ease as her eyes locked with deep brown ones, smiling at her girlfriend she began to play along with the backing track.

Bea couldn’t take her eyes off her girlfriend.  The lights from behind the stage shinning down on her, highlighting the blonde in her hair, and she looked every bit the goddess that she was.  Allie was dressed in skin tight black jeans, a snug white t shirt with a very low neck line and a leather jacket that looked very much like one of Bea’s, taking a closer look she spotted that it was hers, the sneaky minx had swiped it when she wasn’t looking.

She watched on as one of the girls that had come along with the band undressed Allie with her eyes.  It took every ounce of self-control not to walk over there and bash her.  Clenching her jaw she turned back to the stage, and her girlfriend, visibly relaxing when the blonde smiled at her like she was the only one in the room.

Standing off to one side with Franky and Bridget, Debbie watched the exchange between her Mum and Allie.  It was blatantly obvious just watching them that they were head over heels for each other, and the tattooed brunette had been right, they were adorable.  She had never seen this side of her Mum before, but then again she had never seen her truly happy until now either.

Allie was half way through her next song, a cover of ‘Don’t Cry’ by Guns N’ Roses, when the redhead felt the temperature in the room increase.  Her girlfriend was in the middle of a guitar solo, and she couldn’t take her eyes off her hands.  The speed in which her fingers moved up and down the neck of the guitar was driving her wild, and her mind had gone straight to the gutter, imagining those magical fingers playing her the way they were doing the strings.  Biting down on her bottom lip to stop the moan that was threatening to escape, she closed her eyes briefly before taking a deep breath, trying to calm her racing heart.  Opening her eyes she looked to the stage again.  Of course Allie had been watching her the whole time, smirking as their eyes met, she threw her a suggestive wink before looking away.

After playing another song she switched guitars, the remainder of her set better suiting her acoustic.  The mini gig had gone well so far, and she was pleased that she had gone through with it.  She knew how much Boomer was looking forward to her playing and didn’t want to let her down.  Thanking everyone for having her she let them know that this was her final song.  Starting the backing track she turned to face the room, spotting her girlfriend, she winked at her, the redhead smiling back at her in encouragement as she stared to sing.


My mind is a warrior,

My heart is a foreigner,

My eyes are the colour of red like the sunset,

I’ll never keep it bottled up,

Left to the hands of the coroner,

Be a true heart not a follower,

We’re not done yet now,

I see it in your movements tonight,

If we can ever do this right,

I’m never going to let you down,

Oh I’ll never let you down,

Now keep it on the down low,

And I’ll keep you around so I’ll know,

I’ll never let you down


Locking eyes with her girlfriend, Allie sang the words straight to her.


You’re strumming on my heart strings

Like you were a grade eight but I never felt this way,

I’ll pick your feet up off of the ground

And never ever let you down,

You’re strumming on my heart strings

Like you were a grade eight but I never felt this way,

I’ll pick your feet up off of the ground

And never ever let you down,


My eyes are a river filler,

This drink is a liver killer,

My chest is a pillow for your weary head to lay to rest again,

Your body is my ballpoint pen


And your mind is my new best friend,

Your eyes are my mirror to take me to the edge again,

Now I see it in your movements tonight,

If we should ever do this right,

I’m never going to let you down,

Oh I’ll never let you down,

Now keep it on the down low,

And I’ll keep you around so I’ll know,

That I’ll never let you down,

I’ll never let you down


You’re strumming on my heart strings

Like you were a grade eight but I never felt this way,

I’ll pick your feet up off of the ground

And never ever let you down,

You’re strumming on my heart strings

Like you were a grade eight but I never felt this way,

I’ll pick your feet up off of the ground

And never ever let you down,


Bea couldn’t stop smiling, and having the blonde pretty much serenade her in front of a busy bar was doing other things to her body as well.


Hold my heart to stop me bleeding now, now, now,

And I’ll never let you down

Hold my heart to stop me bleeding now, now, now,

And I’ll never let you down


You’re strumming on my heart strings

Like you were a grade eight but I never felt this way,

I’ll pick your feet up off of the ground

And never ever let you down,

You’re strumming on my heart strings

Like you were a grade eight but I never felt this way,

I’ll pick your feet up off of the ground

And never ever let you down,


Finishing the song she thanked everyone, letting them know that 11:11 would be back for their second set after a short break.  Walking to the back of the stage she placed her guitar down, turning around when she felt a hand on her arm.  Looking up she came face to face with a short blonde woman, her eyes roaming all over Allies body as she leaned in.

Bea was watching from the side.  She had started walking towards the stage when she saw her, the one that had been ogling her girlfriend, stepping up onto the stage, and standing far too close to Allie for her liking.  Stopping, she observed the interaction, pleased when she saw Allie politely give her the brush off.  Unfortunately the woman didn’t appear to be taking the hint, stepping in closer to her girlfriend.  Feeling her anger rise, Bea put her drink down before striding across the room.

Franky had spotted the woman earlier, eyeing Allie up from across the room, and was hoping that Bea wouldn’t see her.  The redhead had a fiery temper when pushed, and someone hitting on her girl would definitely be a push.  Turning her head she spotted the woman up on the stage with Allie, her friend was clearly trying to get rid of her, not that she was having much luck.

“This is going to be fun, Red mists on the war path” she said to Bridget.  Spotting a flash of red off to the side as Bea marched over to the stage.

Jumping up onto the stage she strode over to the women.  Nudging the short blonde out of the way, she grabbed the front if Allie’s shirt, pulling her forward and crashing their lips together.  Burying her hands in red curls, Allie pulled her in closer, deepening the kiss, as her girlfriend wrapped her arms around her waist, both of them oblivious to the whistles and cat calls, mainly coming from Boomer and the guys.

Breaking apart to catch her breath, Bea turned her head, throwing a glare at the woman who was still on the stage, letting her know in no uncertain terms that Allie was hers.

“Did you just claim me?” the blonde asked, grinning at her girlfriend

“I told you a while back, I don’t share”

“Good, because I only want you” Allie replied, pulling the redhead in for another heated kiss.

Stepping back, she picked the electric guitar up, handing it to Bea as she grabbed the other one, taking her girlfriends hand she stepped down off the stage and headed over to the guys.

“That’s one way to end a set Al” Ash said to her as she approached them, her hand clasped around the red haired firefighters from the other day.

“You know me, like to be different.  Guys, I want you to meet Bea, my girlfriend” the blonde replied



They stayed and chatted to the guys for a while, all three of them teasing the blonde about the state she had been in a few days ago when Bea had stopped by on her way back from a shout.

“You should have seen her Bea, I swear she was drooling at one point” Dylan said, laughing at the blonde

“It’s not my fault, it’s that uniform.  I can’t help it” Allie replied, kissing the older woman on the cheek

Fifteen minutes later and the guys were getting ready to go back on the stage.  Pulling her in, Allie kissed her girlfriend before heading out into the main part of the bar, and over to their friends, holding Bea’s hand as she sensed the tension in the older woman.  Approaching the bar, they sat down and ordered a drink, waiting for the barrage of questions that would inevitably be coming their way.  Bea had been so focused on the woman hitting on Allie that she hadn’t thought about everyone else that would see her as she claimed what was hers, completely forgetting that her friends had no idea about their relationship.

Boomer was confused.  Bea was straight, she’d been married for years, granted, he was a fucking arsehole, but he was still a he.  Yet twenty minutes ago she was stood on the stage kissing Allie, and it wasn’t just a friendly kiss, they were full on making out.

“I’m confused Bea.  Why were you kissing Allie?” she asked

“Allie and I, we’re together” Bea said, holding on to the blonde’s hand as she spoke

“Congratulations love, I’m happy for you” Maxine said.  She had her suspicions early on, but Bea had always denied that anything was going on between them

“Together as in fucking?” Boomer asked, still not quite catching on

“Yeah” Debbie said, causing Franky to laugh loudly at the look of horror on Bea’s face

“Together as in she’s my girlfriend” the redhead clarified

“So you’re rooting her then?”

“Yes Booms, we’re fucking.  Happy now” Allie stepped in, sensing that the conversation could go on for some time otherwise, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend as she spoke

“Yeah, cool.  Right, time for birthday shots” Boomer said, turning towards the bar, their previous conversation a distant memory to her

“I didn’t know you spoke Boomer” the redhead said, as Allie kissed her cheek

“It’s one of my many skills, some of which I still need to show you” the younger woman replied, turning her girlfriend around and bringing their lips together, Bea’s hands running through Allie’s hair as she deepened the kiss.

“Guys, I’m right here you know” Debbie said jokingly

“Sorry Deb” Bea replied, a big smile on her face

“Yeah, you don’t look it” the younger Smith said, smiling at the pair as the band started to play again.



They all wandered over to the stage area, Allie standing behind the redhead, wrapping her arms around her waist as she rested her chin on her girlfriend’s shoulder.  She loved that they didn’t have to hide anymore, it had been really difficult lately, especially since Bea’s confidence had grown, not to kiss her when they were out together.  She’ never had this before, the overwhelming urge to touch someone, even if it was just to hold her hand, but Bea was like a magnet, pulling her in.  Boomer and Franky had been on the shots and were now dancing in front of the stage.  As a few others joined in, Allie leaned forward, pacing a soft kiss on Bea’s neck before speaking

“Dance with me” she whispered, running her tongue over the edge of her girlfriend’s ear

Turning around, she grabbed the redhead’s hand, leading her closer to the stage.  Standing behind the older woman again she pulled her back into her as she began to move to the music, Allie’s front grinding against Bea’s arse as she wrapped her arms around her waist, holding her close.

Allie’s body pressing against her own was driving her wild, and to make matters worse the blonde would be staying at the flat tonight.  Bea had told her that it wasn’t necessary but she wanted to give her sometime alone with Debbie, and she loved her all the more for it.  It still felt strange to her, having someone who put her first, but she was learning quickly that to Allie, she would always come first.  Of course none of that was helping her at the minute.  She needed the younger woman so much it was a physical pain, she had never ached for someone’s touch before.

Spinning around, she crashed their lips together, biting down on the blonde’s bottom lip, causing her to moan loudly, luckily the music drowned it out.  Grabbing hold of her hand she dragged Allie out of the bar and upstairs to the flat, pushing her up against the now closed door, her lips kissing along her neck as her hands slipped under the younger woman’s shirt, grabbing her right breast.

“Fuck…” Allie moaned, spinning them around so the older woman was now pinned against the door. 

Making short work of the redhead’s belt and zipper, she trailed her hand down into her underwear, slipping two fingers inside her girlfriend.  Pulling out she added a third, thrusting back into her as she set a steady rhythm, Bea moved her hips in time with the blonde’s fingers, increasing the pressure against her clit, the younger woman increasing the pace as Bea’s movements became more frantic.  It wasn’t long before the redhead came hard, coating her girlfriend’s fingers.  Pulling out, Allie licked them clean, loving the taste of the redhead on her tongue.   Spinning them around, Bea pushed her girlfriend back against the door, returning the favour.



Half an hour later they headed back down the stairs, joining their friends in the bar.  Franky and Boomer were still dancing but they decided to give it a miss, choosing to watch the band play instead.  It was going to be a long night without her girlfriend beside her, and Allie really didn’t want to get herself all worked up again.  Maxine had been quick to tease Bea about their absence, the redhead starting to come up with an excuse before stopping herself, cuddling into Allie she smiled at her friend, not even bothering to hide it.

The party had wrapped up and they stayed behind, helping Liz, Doreen and Shayne clear up.  Boomer and Franky were still doing shots, the tattooed brunette always came off worse, not that she ever learnt her lesson.  Maxine had offered to share a taxi with them so she could help Bridget get her drunken girlfriend home.  Once everything was sorted Bea and Debbie said their goodbyes, pulling Allie into her, Bea captured her lips in a long, passionate kiss that left them both wanting more.

Pulling back when she needed to breathe, she rested her forehead against the younger woman’s

“I love you beautiful girl” she said, her fingers trailing over Allie’s cheek as their eyes locked

“I love you too baby, and I’m going to miss you tonight”

“Me too.  I’ll see you tomorrow though?” the redhead asked, suddenly feeling nervous, not wanting to come across as needy

“Try and stop me.  Goodnight Bea” the blonde replied, kissing the older woman gently before turning and walking away

“Night Alliecat” Bea called after her, her eyes fixed firmly on her girlfriend’s jean clad arse



The following day Bea called her girlfriend, inviting her around for lunch, the blonde adamant that she didn’t want to intrude on her time with Debbie, the younger Smith eventually taking the phone from her Mum, telling Allie to get her arse over there.  She was keen to spend some time with her Mum and her girlfriend, wanting to make sure the redhead was in good hands before she went back to campus later that day.  She had a lecture early the next morning otherwise she would have stayed another night.

Allie had arrived early, bringing dessert and wine with her, along with a packet of treats for Cormack.  Debbie had insisted on cooking, sending her Mum and Allie into the lounge out of the way while she got everything ready.  An hour later she wandered through into the other room, pausing to take in the sight before her.  The blonde was sitting on the sofa, her Mum cuddled into her side, and the cat asleep in her lap, Allie’s fingers running through Bea’s red curls.  She stood and watched them for a while, it was obvious just by looking at them how much they cared for each other, and Debbie was glad her Mum was happy for possibly the first time ever.

She hated disturbing them, but lunch was cooked, wandering further into the room she called out to them, letting them know the food was ready.  Standing up, Bea pulled her girlfriend to her feet, forcing Cormack to move, much to his annoyance.  Pulling her in for a quick kiss she took her hand, leading her through into the dining room as Debbie served lunch.

The food was excellent, Bea had clearly passed her cooking skills on to her daughter.  They chatted over lunch, all getting on well.  The redhead was thankful that Debbie was making an effort to include Allie in their conversation, the last thing she wanted was for her girlfriend to feel like she was on the outside.  Allie, in return had shown an interest in her daughters studies, finding a common ground in their love for anything arts related, and the antics of some of the young brunettes fellow students highly entertaining.

Once they had finished eating the blonde dismissed her girlfriend and Debbie, saying it was only right that she did the dishes, the young brunette commenting that Allie was a keeper.  Bea caught the smile that spread across her girlfriend’s face at Debbie’s words.  Heading through into the lounge they sat on the sofa, Cormack jumping up and snuggling in between them.

“So, does she pass the test then?” Bea asked, turning to face her daughter

“With flying colours.  She’s funny, makes a mean cocktail and plays the guitar like a pro, what’s not to like” Debbie joked

“She is pretty incredible”

“Then there’s the small matter of how much she clearly loves you.  I’m glad you found your person.  I worried about you being on your own after I left.  Even when I was being an insufferable little shit, I still worried.  But now I don’t have to, I can see how happy she makes you, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile as much as you have the past two days” the young brunette replied

“I can’t help it.  I didn’t think it was possible to feel like this, especially after everything with your Dad, I didn’t think I’d ever be happy but she changed all that.  I love her so much Debbie” the redhead said, smiling again as she thought of her girlfriend.

Fifteen minutes later Allie came through into the lounge, sitting down on the other sofa.  Cormack jumped up from his position between the two Smith women, before crossing the room and leaping onto the other sofa, curling up in the blonde’s lap again

“Traitor” Bea mumbled, causing her daughter and girlfriend to laugh

“He can’t help having good taste, can you buddy” Allie said, stroking the ball of fur in her lap

“You’re so full of it Novak”

“You love it Smith, and don’t pretend you don’t, we both know that’s a lie” the blonde replied, winking at her girlfriend



They chatted for another hour, before Debbie stood up, saying she needed to get going if she was going to make it in time for the train.  Bea offered to drive her to the station, wanting to spend as much time with her as she could before she left again.  Her daughter had gone upstairs to grab her bag when Allie stood up, ready to leave, the older woman stopping her in her tracks.  They had just spent one night apart, and she had no intention of making it two

“And where do you think you’re going Alliecat?”

“Back to the flat, I bet you’re sick of the sight of me by now”

“Don’t even think about it.  When I get back from dropping Debbie off I expect to find you here waiting for me.  I have plans for you”

“What if I’ve already made plans of my own?” Allie said, a look of mischief flashing across her ocean blue eyes

“Then you’d better cancel.  Mine will be much more fun, trust me”

“I don’t know, I think I’m going to need a bit more encouragement than that” the blonde said, smirking at her girlfriend

“I want to make love to you all night long” Bea whispered into her girlfriend’s ear, her raspy tones sending a jolt of electricity through the blonde’s body, making her shiver

“Well in that case, I’m not planning on going anywhere” Allie replied, pulling her into a kiss that left them both aching for more.

“I leave the room for five minutes and you’re at it again” Debbie said, laughing as they sprang apart

“Sorry” they said at the same time, both of them giggling at being caught, yet again.

Once Debbie was ready to leave Bea grabbed her bag, taking it out to the car, leaving her daughter alone with Allie.

“Promise me you’ll take care of her” the young brunette said

“I promise” she replied as Debbie pulled her into a hug before turning and walking out of the door, leaving Allie alone with her thoughts.



She was relieved that things had gone well with Debbie, and now that everything was out in the open they could be a proper couple.  As much fun as it was, sneaking around, she longed to be able to hold her girlfriend’s hand when they were out in public, or around their friends.  Bea had handled the whole coming out thing better than she had expected, and in some twisted way she had the woman that tried hitting on her to thank.  The redhead had been so concerned with letting her know that she was hers, she had forgotten they had an audience, saving her from actually having to tell them.  Of course the penny hadn’t dropped with Boomer, Bea having a little bit of explaining to do, along with a little teasing, but she had taken it all in her stride.

She couldn’t believe how far her girlfriend had come in just a few months.  Although she had meant it when she had told Bea she would take whatever she was willing to give, no matter how little, the minute she had felt the redhead’s lips on hers she knew she was hooked.  And if that had turned out to be all the older woman could offer, she would have taken it, as long as she got to spend time with her.  But after Bea had kissed her outside the restaurant that day she knew she wanted it all, the older woman completely taking over her thoughts and her senses, and she needed her like she needed air.

Chapter Text

Bea arrives home an hour later, having stayed with Debbie until her train had arrived, finding her girlfriend laid on the sofa watching tv, Cormack curled up in her arms.  Heading back to the kitchen she grabbed a couple of beers, wandering back through she passed one to Allie before joining her on the sofa.  They stayed there for a while, enjoying being close to one another again, when Bea pushed the blonde’s shirt up, trailing light kisses along her stomach, her right hand moving under Allie’s bra, kneading her breast.

“Bea…oh god that feels so good” the blonde moaned, leaning forward and capturing her lips, the cat jumping down and meowing loudly at them before disappearing into the kitchen

 “I’m just getting started, I’ve got plans for you remember”

“Like I’d forget something like that”

“Good, because I want you naked and in my bed, right now”

“Right now?”

“Yeah, right now” Bea said, standing up and pulling the blonde to her feet before leading her up the stairs.

As soon as they entered the bedroom the older woman had Allie pinned against the wall, her lips biting and sucking at her lover’s neck as her hands made light work of the zip on her pants.  Stepping back slightly she pulled Allie’s shirt off, her bra joining it on the floor shortly after, the redhead taking her nipple into her mouth, biting gently at the hardened bud.

Pulling away again she removed the blonde’s pants, her hand cupping her soaked underwear as she kissed her with such passion that it made Allie’s knees go weak.  Hooking her fingers through the lace waistband she slid the drenched fabric down the younger woman’s long legs, steadying her as she stepped out of them. 


Removing her own clothes quickly she pulled Allie into her again, her skin burning with desire as their naked bodies touched.

“I want you so much Allie” the redhead said, taking her girlfriend’s hand and leading her over to the bed.

“Lie down for me baby” she said, the blonde lying on her back in the middle of the bed.  Crawling towards her lover, Bea straddled her, their lips locking in a long slow kiss.  Wrapping her legs around her girlfriend’s waist Allie pulled the older woman down so she was laid on top of her, deepening the kiss.

Bea’s body was on fire, she could feel the wetness pooling between her legs, and the need to taste her lover was all encompassing.  Her lips trailed a path down the blonde’s neck, biting and sucking at her pulse point, leaving a mark.  Soothing her skin with a kiss, her lips continued their path along the younger woman’s collarbone and across her chest, nipping at the skin above her left breast.  Arching her back off the bed Allie pushed into her girlfriend’s touch, needing to feel more of her.  Sensing the urgency in her lover, Bea kissed the blonde’s breast, her teeth grazing against her nipple before sucking it into her mouth.  Allie ran her fingers through the older woman’s curls, pulling her in closer, her other hand grabbing frantically at the redhead’s arse.



Kissing her way down the blonde’s beautiful body, her fingers stroked her clit gently, Allie’s hips jerking off the bed at the feather light touch, as the older woman rolled her right nipple between her fingers.  Pausing on her journey, Bea looked up, her eyes locking with her girlfriend’s, whose ocean blue pools were now black with desire.  She couldn’t stop the smug grin from spreading across her face.  She did that, the pooling wetness between her legs, and the look of pure want in the blonde’s eyes.  Her touch caused that, elicited that reaction, and it almost made her come just thinking about it, that and the thought of what she was about to do to her younger lover.

Continuing her journey down the blonde’s body she flicked her tongue over her girlfriend’s swollen clit, her fingers running gently through her wet folds before entering her briefly.  Kissing along the inside of Allie’s right thigh, her fingers teased her lover briefly, the blonde protesting when she pulled out again

“Patience beautiful girl”

“Baby please…”

“Please what Allie.  Do you want me to fuck you is that it?”


“I want to taste you so bad.  I want you to come in my mouth while my fingers are buried deep inside you, filling you completely.  Is that what you want?”


“I can’t hear you.  I need you to tell me Alliecat” Bea said, her head between the blonde’s legs, so close to where she needed her the most

“Fuck me…I need you to fuck me Bea” the younger woman begged.  She had never been so aroused in her life, and the confident, demanding side of her girlfriend was driving her wild with want

Pushing herself up slightly, she looked down, her eyes locking with Bea’s, the older woman smiling at her before she sucked her clit into her mouth.  Allie’s whole body shook with anticipation, the twitching of her stomach muscles felt like an earthquake erupting through her.

She had been wanting to taste her lover for a while, but had been worried that she wouldn’t know what to do.  But right there, in that moment, with Allie’s scent invading her senses, all her fears disappeared, and there was nowhere else she wanted to be.

She continued to watch as her girlfriend worked her clit with her tongue, licking and sucking while her fingers thrust in and out of her.  Reaching down she grabbed a handful of red curls, increasing the pressure against her throbbing centre, her right hand grabbing frantically at the bed sheet, desperate for something to hold on to.

“Oh god…Bea…fu…fuck”

She could tell Allie was close, her breathing was laboured, and she could feel her stomach muscles beginning to contract under the palm of her hand.  Looking up at her girlfriend, her hair damp with sweat and her chest flushed, Bea through that she had never looked more beautiful as she did right there, and she was so in love with her.

Curling her fingers deep inside the younger woman, she sucked hard on her clit, as Allie’s orgasm ripped through her body, reaching the tips of her fingers and toes, as she cried out, calling Beas name over and over again.  The redhead continued to work her lover, a second orgasm consuming her, causing her head to fall back onto the pillow and her eyes to slam shut as her body trembled beneath the older woman.

Crawling back up her lover’s body, trailing light kisses as she went, Bea collapsed down on the bed, pulling a still trembling Allie into her.

“I love you, and you taste fucking incredible” the redhead whispered into her ear, her voice thick with arousal.

Allie couldn’t move, her girlfriend had quite literally fucked all the energy out of her, not that she was complaining.  Turning slightly she pulled Bea into her, throwing an arm around her as she nuzzled into her neck

“You’re so good at that baby” she mumbled against her girlfriend’s shoulder as her eyes closed.  Dropping a kiss on the top of the blonde’s head, Bea pulled her in closer, holding her tight.

Allie woke a while later, her girlfriend’s arms wrapped around her, the older woman’s fingers running softly up and down her arm.

“Mmm…that feels good” the blonde moaned, as she stretched her body like a cat.

Lifting herself up she straddled her girlfriend’s hips, before leaning forward and capturing the redhead’s lips in a heated kiss, her hands frantically roaming over her lover’s toned body, desperate to make Bea feel as good as she did.



The next few days kept both of them busy, Allie had approached Liz about making the open mic night a weekly event, and with the number of artists wanting a slot she could easily cover the next three month.  The older blonde had agreed without hesitation, if Allie said she could make it work then she had no reason to doubt her, she had always delivered so far.  Bea had been on nights too, meaning they hadn’t had much time together.  They had spoken on the phone regularly, and sent several innocent, and some not so innocent text messages but it wasn’t the same.

They had finally managed to get a free night together, and were cuddled up in Bea’s bed, the older woman’s fingers trailing lightly across the blonde’s bare stomach.  She was so beautiful, a masterpiece, and Bea felt so lucky to be by her side.  She wanted to know everything about the woman who had stolen her heart, no matter how small or trivial.

“Where are you from originally?  You said a while back that you came here to get away from your family” Bea asked.  She had wondered at the time, but felt it wasn’t the right time to ask

“I’m from Perth.  How about you? It’s not a local accent, and if I’m not mistaken there’s a touch of kiwi in there somewhere” the younger woman replied, thinking back to the first time she heard her lover’s raspy tones

“You’re spot on Alliecat, I’m from Auckland.  My Dad got a job here so we moved when I was fifteen”

“Have you been back since?”

“I go back a couple of times a year to see my Gran.  That reminds me, I need to call her, I’m due a trip soon.  You should come with me, if you want to that is.  No pressure” Bea said, not wanting to be away from her girlfriend unless it was necessary

“I’d love to but I don’t want to be in the way”

“You could never be in the way beautiful girl.  I love being with you, and I want you to come with me.  It’s about time you met my family anyway, and aside from Debbie, she’s it”

“You sure you want me to meet her”

“I want everything with you Allie” Bea replied, kissing her girlfriend softy 

After speaking to her Gran the following day she arranged to visit in a couple of months’ time.  Allie called Liz to make sure it would be ok to take some time off, the older blonde telling her to go and enjoy herself, the younger blonde had worked so hard recently she deserved a break, and so did Bea.

After lunch they sat at the table with the laptop looking for flights, finding one with a good departure time Bea booked their seats.  The next task was getting Allie a passport, the younger woman joking that the furthest she’d ever travelled was to Melbourne, although the entire journey had taken her over two days.  Bea had assured her that it wouldn’t take anywhere as near as long as that. 

After downloading the relevant documents she made a few calls to organise getting a replacement driving licence.  She had lost her old one when she got kicked out of Archie’s apartment, and while she was living on the streets she didn’t need it.  But now she would need it for her passport application, and really should carry it, the last thing she wanted was to get pulled and not be able to produce it, especially as it was Bea’s car she had been driving.



Once everything was in place they headed out to the shopping mall so Allie could get some photos done.  After she got what she needed she pulled her girlfriend into the booth and on to her lap.  Putting some more money in the machine she snuggled up to the redhead, their eyes locked and both smiling as the camera flashed.  Stepping out of the booth they collected the photos, Allie commenting on how hot Bea looked.

They wandered around for a while longer, both of them making a few purchases as they went.  Deciding to grab some dinner while they were out, they headed back out onto the street to find a restaurant.  They had been walking for about five minutes when Allie heard someone calling her name.

Turning around she saw a figure stepping out of a doorway nearby, the streetlight illuminating them in the otherwise dark night sky.

“Lexi?” Allie said, as she let go of Bea’s hand and took a step closer

“Hey Al, it’s been a while”

“How are you?” the blonde asked, moving closer and wrapping the woman up in a hug

“I’m ok, same as always.  I was worried about you, you just vanished?”

“Yeah sorry about that.  I needed to make a clean break, get my shit together”

“It clearly worked, you look good.  What have you been up to?”

“I’ve got a flat, a job and an amazing girlfriend” Allie said, indicting to Bea, who was waiting for her further down the pavement, waving her girlfriend over

“Shit, sorry.  I bet she wonders what you’re doing talking to someone like me”

“She’s not like that, she knows about my past”  the blonde said as Bea approached them

“Babe this is Lexi, she saved my arse on more than one occasion when I was sleeping under the stars.  Lex, this is Bea, my girlfriend”

They chatted for a while, Allie’s heart-warming as she watched Bea interact with her friend, or at least she was the closest thing Allie had to a friend when she was on the streets.  The redhead never once showing her anything other than the uttermost respect.  Lexi asked them where they were heading, the blonde telling her that they were looking for somewhere to have dinner.  What Bea did next really surprised her, and made her fall in love with her a little bit more, if that was even possible.

“Why don’t you join us?” the redhead asked Allie’s friend

“No I couldn’t.  I don’t want to intrude, plus I’m not exactly dressed for dinner”

“You wouldn’t be intruding, and I’m not taking no for an answer.  Alliecat will tell you how stubborn I am so you may as well give in now” Bea said, her girlfriend nodding in agreement at how stubborn Bea could be.

Sensing that she was not going to win this one, Lexi caved and accepted Bea’s invitation, Allie suggesting a burger restaurant that they had passed many a night when they were wandering the streets, but never made it inside.  Entering the restaurant, they were shown to a booth beside the window, Bea sliding in beside her girlfriend and Lexi taking the seat opposite.

The conversation flowed surprisingly well, the redhead making an effort to include Lexi in the conversation, while trying to keep it light.  They chatted about everyday things, Lexi asking Bea what she did for a living, Allie gushing about her girlfriend’s job, and how hot she found it, the older woman blushing at the attention from Allie.  The blonde’s nails running gently up her thigh wasn’t helping her current flustered state either.

Ever since their first time together, Bea felt an overwhelming desire to ravish her girlfriend every time she touched her, even if it was relatively innocent, like it was now.  She couldn’t help it, and she could feel the arousal building and an all too familiar wetness in her underwear.  Placing her hand on Allie’s, she stilled her movements, entwining their fingers instead.  The little sideways smirk she received from the blonde letting her know that she knew exactly where Bea’s mind had gone, and what affect she was having on her.

Once they had finished their meal Bea excused herself to go to that bathroom, the blonde’s eyes fixed firmly on her arse as she crossed the room.  Turning back to the table, she heard her friend laughing from opposite her, blushing slightly at being caught staring at her girlfriend.

“Is it serious then?” Lexi asked

“Yeah.  I love her, she’s amazing”

“And she’s ok with your…previous occupation?”

“She’s been great, never judged me once”

“So come on indulge me, how long have you been together and where did you meet?”

We’ve been together just over three months, but I fell for her way before that.  Remember that fire at the old warehouse six months ago?” Allie asked, continuing when her friend nodded

“The short version is that I was sleeping there that night, off my face as usual.  Bea’s crew responded to the call, dragged me out of there, not that I can remember.  I woke up in the hospital the next day, couldn’t open my eyes, but I fell for that raspy voice and had to find her once I was released.  I tracked her down, she took care of me and I’ve been in love with her ever since” the blonde said, smiling as she saw her girlfriend heading back over to them.

Half an hour later Bea paid the bill and they left the restaurant, Lexi thanking them both for dinner before saying goodbye and heading off into the night, Allie promising to track her down soon.  They walked back to the car, the redhead’s hand slipping into her girlfriends as they headed down the street, and Allie had never felt so lucky.  It could have quite easily have been her still out there, prostituting herself to survive.  She had been so low when she met Bea, and she’s not sure that she would have survived much longer if she hadn’t come along when she did.



Allie was quiet on the drive home, the older woman deciding to leave her be until they got back to the house.  They had been home for twenty minutes and the blonde still hadn’t said much, she just sat on the sofa stroking the cat.  Sitting down beside her Bea took her hand in hers, stoking her thumb across the back of the younger woman’s hand

“Talk to me Alliecat, I’m worried about you”

“I’m sorry, I’m ok really.  Seeing Lexi just got me thinking”

“About what?”

“About my life BB” the blonde replied

“BB?” Bea asked, clearly not following

“Before Bea.  I was so low that night of the fire, my life was a mess and I had no idea how to get out of the shit.  The gear I took, I had no idea what it was, I just wanted out, and I didn’t care if I never woke up, it wasn’t like anyone would miss me anyway.  And then I woke up in the hospital, heard you talking to Bridget, and for the first time in three years I felt something.  Then I saw you, and you were so fucking hot that I felt other things” Allie said, smirking at her girlfriend, causing the redhead to blush.  Taking a deep breath she continued.

“You were the first person to show me any kindness in a long time, to not judge me, and I wanted to get to know you.  But I didn’t want you to see me like that, I could barely stand to be around myself.  You made me want to be a better person, and I knew I had to quit the drugs and the job.  And after you let me stay here those two nights I knew I was falling for you.  You saved my life Bea, gave me a purpose again, and I’m so glad you responded to that call”

“Me too baby.  We were three quarters of the way across the floor when I saw you.  There was rubble everywhere but I raced over as fast as I could.  I was almost there when Jackson called it, wanted us out but I was so close.  I couldn’t just leave you there so I ignored him and carried on, then the ceiling came down, trapping us both in the corner.  I managed to break through an old door and get you out, a few seconds later there was an explosion.  The first time I really saw you was when you were on the gurney, I took my mask of and looked down at you and I felt something.  I put it down to the adrenalin at the time, but it was more than that, I felt it again when you hugged me outside the station the first time we officially met.  I couldn’t get you out of my head, and I had no idea why, until you propositioned me in the shower that is.  After that I knew exactly what it was I was feeling, and it scared me.  After Harry, the thought of anyone else being that close to me terrified me.  But the more I got to know you, the more I wanted to be around you.  Pretty soon the thought of not seeing you hurt me more than any fear I may have had.  You made me feel things that I didn’t know was possible, and I thank my lucky stars every day that you’re in my life” the redhead said, her hands cradling Allie’s face as she brought their lips together in a slow, loving kiss, as her thumb brushed the tears from the younger woman’s cheeks

Pulling back from the kiss, Bea stood up, pulling Allie up off the sofa, her arms wrapping around the younger woman’s waist

“Come to bed, I want to hold you” she said, taking Allie’s hand, leading her up the stairs and into her room.

They got undressed and climbed into bed, Bea wrapping her arms around her girlfriend and holding her close as she whispered in her ear, letting her know how much she loved her.  Allie had never felt as safe as she did in Bea’s arms.  Feeling the tiredness sweep through her she closed her eyes and drifted off, her dreams full of deep brown eyes, red curls and a smile that could brighten any day.



The following week had been just as hectic, the pair spending every spare minute they could with each other.  Bea was on nights again and they hadn’t seen much of each other the past two days.  Heading over to the restaurant they had visited a few weeks ago Allie grabbed some chocolate cake to take out, her girlfriend had raved about it for days afterwards.  After paying for the cake she headed over to the station to surprise the redhead, arriving just after six thirty.

The truck was gone when she arrived.  Thinking they were out she wandered through into the mess area, finding Franky and Maxine playing cards at the table.

“Oh hey guys.  The truck was gone, I thought you were out”

“Red watch are still out so we’re just chilling here until they get back.  May as well make the most of it while we can” Maxine said

“You looking for Red?” Franky asked

“Yeah, just wanted to drop something off for her”

“She’s in her quarters catching up on her paperwork”

Thanking them, she headed through the station in search of her girlfriend, hoping she could get a few minutes alone with her.  Glancing through the window she spotted Bea, head down, engrossed in her work.  Not wanting to disturb her she took one last look at the woman who held her heart, before turning and walking away.

Bea was half way through one of her reports when she felt it, that feeling that she always got whenever Allie was near.  Stopping what she was doing she turned her head, spotting a flash of blonde briefly before it disappeared from view.  Standing up she rushed to the door, yanking it open before spotting her girlfriend’s retreating form.

“Alliecat” she called out, the younger woman stopping in her tracks, before turning and heading towards Bea, wrapping her arm around her.

“Where were you going?”

“You looked busy, I didn’t want to disturb you”

“But you’re the best kind of distraction” the older woman said, her lips ghosting over Allie’s before pulling her into a kiss.

Grabbing her hand Bea led her girlfriend into her quarters, the blonde turning and closing the blinds before pulling her in, their lips connecting again in a frenzied kiss.  Placing the food bag down on the desk Allie’s hands found their way to the redhead’s hips, pushing her back gently until she fell onto the bed, the younger woman climbing on so she was straddling her, pinning her hands down.

“Allie, we can’t.  Not here”

“Yes…we…can…” Allie said between kisses, her fingers making short work of the zipper on her girlfriend’s pants

“I need you baby” she added, slipping her hand in Bea’s underwear she ran her fingers through the older woman’s wet folds before entering her, the redhead’s back arching off the bed as she tried to increase the contact.

She knew they shouldn’t be doing this, not here, but the knowledge that one of her crew could walk in on them at any moment only intensified her to need to succumb to her girlfriend’s touch.  And right there, in that moment she wanted nothing more than to feel Allie’s fingers buried deep inside her.

Twenty minutes later they laid breathless and sated on the small bed in the redhead’s quarters, Allie’s fingers drawing lazy patterns on her girlfriend’s exposed stomach.

“I can’t believe we just did that” Bea said running her fingers through the blonde’s hair

“I’ve been wanting to do that since the night you let me sleep here”


“Yeah, I was so hot for you.  I just wanted to lay you down on this bed and fuck you until you couldn’t remember your own name” Allie replied

“And what about now?”

“I’m still so hot for you, and want to fuck you until you can’t remember your own name.  But I’m half way there, I got you into bed at least”

“Fuck Allie…”

“Ok” the blonde replied, her hand trailing down Bea’s stomach, desperate to feel her girlfriend come undone in her hands again.

The siren blasting through the station interrupting the moment.  Leaping up of the bed she steadied the younger woman, preventing her from falling.  Fastening her trousers she and pulled her shirt on, kissing Allie quickly before racing out of the door, tucking her shirt in as she headed for the appliance bay.

Red watch had been late finishing their shift.  After taking a shower Kaz headed towards her quarters to collect her paperwork before heading home.  As she rounded to corner she saw Smith running towards her, tucking her shirt in, and looking slightly dishevelled.  Wandering further down the corridor she saw the door to Smith’s quarters opening, the blonde from a few months ago stepping out, and it was blatantly obvious by her flushed cheeks and messy hair what they had been up to.

She had seen the way the blonde looked at Smith the first time she saw her in the kitchen, but she thought the redhead was straight, or at least she had been once.  Judging by the just fucked look they were both rocking, she had been mistaken. Well that’s interesting, she thought to herself, making a mental note to bring it up when she next visited Harry.

Chapter Text

The following week Kaz pulled up outside Walford Correctional Centre, parking the car she made the familiar journey towards the visitor’s entrance.  Booking herself in at reception she went through the usual routine of placing her belongings into a locker, and the mandatory scan, before being escorted into the visitor’s room.

She had been sitting there a couple of minutes when Harry entered the room, walking over to her.  Standing up she wrapped her arms around him, pulling him into a kiss.  Breaking apart after one of the guards called over to them they sat down Kaz taking his hand over the table.  They chatted for a while, like they did every fortnight, Harry filling her in on the latest prison politics and Kaz entertaining him with stories from work.

Sitting across from the blonde, Harry studied her.  Her behaviour was the same as it always was, but there was something different today, something in her eyes, like she wanted to say something but couldn’t find the words.  Letting it go for now he continued their conversation for a while, calling her out when the tension became unbearable.

“Spit it out, there’s clearly something on your mind” he said, the blonde’s head snapping up at his words, “You seem distracted that’s all” he added

“Sorry, it’s just I need to tell you something, but I’m not sure how you’re going to take it” she replied.  It had seemed like the most logical thing to do when she had first seen Smith and Allie together, but now, sitting in front of Harry, she wasn’t so sure any more.

“You’ve got someone else haven’t you?” he said, his voice low so no one could overhear

“No Harry, Bea has” she blurted out


“Bea, she’s fucking some young blonde.  Caught them creeping out of her quarters the other day, it was obvious what they’d been doing”

“No way, she’s far too uptight to fuck some guy at work, or at all for that matter, frigid cow”

“It’s not a he, it’s a she.  It looks like she’s got herself a girlfriend, and trust me, I know the just fucked look when I see it”

Harry was struggling to believe what he had just heard.  There was no way that his Bea, the shy, inexperienced woman who hated being touched, would fuck another woman, especially not in a busy fire station.  Kaz must have got her wires crossed.

“Are you sure, it just seems so unlike her.  She was always so dull”

“I’m sure.  I can get proof if you want.  You’re not jealous are you?” the blonde asked, her stomach churning as she waited for his reply

“I want you Kaz, not her.  Just fucks me off that I’m stuck in here while she’s out there doing whatever, and whoever she wants” he said, holding her hand over the table.

Ten minutes later the prison officer called time on visiting.  Standing up, Kaz kissed Harry goodbye, promising to visit him again in a couple of weeks.  Later that day Harry was lying on his bunk thinking about Bea.  The thought of her with someone else, especially a woman was ridiculous, she just didn’t have it in her, did she?



A month later Allie got a call from Franky saying that Bea had been taken to the hospital following a fall during a shout.  Calling Liz she let her know what had happened, the older blonde telling her to close the bar and go to the hospital, and that she would arrange cover for her shifts.  It was just before one so still pretty quiet, only a couple of regulars in.  Explaining what had happened, she locked up before heading upstairs.  Grabbing Bea’s car keys she raced back down, jumped in the car and drove to the hospital as fast as she could.

Parking up she ran inside, jumping in the elevator she hit the button, the car taking her up to the floor where her girlfriend was.  She had called Franky on the way to find out where they had taken the redhead, the tattooed brunette letting her know that it wasn’t as serious as they had initially thought, but they may want to keep Bea in overnight.

The ping of the elevator snapped her out of her thoughts as she ran down the corridor, towards the redhead’s room.  Crashing through, the door she skidded to a halt in front of Bea’s bed, the older woman had a bandage on her head and grazes covering one side of her face, but other than that was in one piece.

“I thought you once sad that running was a waste of time and energy” Bea joked as her girlfriend crashed through the door to her room

“I did, but I also said I’d do anything for you.  I was so worried when Franky called, are you ok?”

“I’m fine.  Concussion and a few cuts and bruises.  I’ve had worse, nothing to worry about.  I feel better now you’re here though” the redhead said, pulling Allie closer so she could kiss her.



Allie had been there about an hour when Bridget came in to check on Bea, the blonde stepping out of the room to call Liz, letting her know that her girlfriend was ok, but she may need to rearrange a few shifts to take care of her.  She had just ended the call when Bridget popped her head around the door, letting Allie know she could go back in.  Walking through the door she crossed the room, pulled a chair up beside the redhead’s bed before sitting down.  Taking Bea’s hand in hers she placed a soft kiss on the inside of her left wrist before entwining their fingers.

“So what’s the verdict doc?” she asked

“She’s live, but she’s not to be left alone for the next 48 hours.  I’d rather she stayed here overnight for observation, but we both know how stubborn she is”

“A whole new level of stubborn.  I’ve rearranged my shifts so I can babysit her”

“Hey, I’m right here you know, and I can hear you”

“Sorry baby, did you say something?” Allie said, laughing as the redhead pouted

“I’ll leave you to it.  I’ll be back in a couple of hours to check you over again, then all being well I can discharge you” Bridget said, heading out of the room

“So you’re going to be my nurse for the next few days are you Alliecat.  Does that mean you’re going to wear a uniform?”

“It depends on how good a patient you are, I might not wear anything at all if you’re lucky.  And it does mean that we get to spend the next few days together, no interruptions.  What could we possibly do to keep ourselves entertained?” Allie said, her fingers trailing up Bea’s left arm, before kissing her gently, not wanting to hurt her any more than she already is.

“What happened?” the blonde asked, hoping her girlfriend hadn’t gone and done anything reckless again

“A wooden stairwell collapsed, and I was on it when it went down.  Luckily I was fixed to the line, would have been much worse if not”

“I’m glad you’re being careful, wouldn’t want to have to shout at you again”

“Anything for you beautiful girl.  Although the make-up sex after would almost make it worth it”

“I can do much better than that.  Once you’re feeling better that is” Allie replied, biting on the redhead’s bottom lip gently before claiming her lips again


Allie was by her side for the next two days, cooking her meals, running her bath, cleaning the house.  She knew how stubborn Bea was and that if she was left alone she wouldn’t rest.  Bridget had given her strict instructions, and had only discharged the redhead on the condition that she rested.  Plus she wanted to be the one to look after her, and two days together without any real interruptions had been heaven.  She had to do some work organising for the upcoming events at the bar, but the redhead had been happy sketching for a while, leaving her to her phone calls and emails.

As much as she loved the attention, and spending time with her girlfriend, she was bored of sitting on the sofa.  Allie wasn’t letting her do anything, not even make a drink, and it was unbelievably sweet that she wanted to take care of her like this, but she had suffered worse injuries at the Hands of Harry, and always managed to take care of herself, he certainly hadn’t given a shit.

It was mid-afternoon on the second day when she snapped.  She had always been active, and being confined to the sofa was driving her crazy, as was being so close to the blonde without being able to touch her how she needed to.  There seemed to be a pattern emerging here, every time she got hurt or injured, Allie introduced a sex ban, which only added to her frustrations.  She needed a drink of water, and was half way to the kitchen when Allie came running down the stairs, trying to usher her back to the sofa.

“I’m perfectly capable of getting my own drink.  I’ve told you, I don’t need a babysitter, I’m not a child” she snapped

“Bridget said you needed to rest for at least 48 hours.  Just get through today then you can do what you want ok” Allie replied, trying to calm her girlfriend

“That’s all I’ve done for nearly two days, rest.  I’m going out of my mind here Allie, you won’t let me do anything.  I feel like a fucking prisoner in my own home” the redhead shouted, regretting it the second she saw the look of hurt flash across her girlfriend’s eyes, tears following quickly afterwards.

“Allie, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…” she called out, routed to the spot as the blonde turned and fled the house.

“Shit” she couldn’t have handled that any worse if she had tried.



Allie had been walking around for a few hours, she needed to clear her head and everything in the flat reminded her of Bea.  She had thought she was doing the right thing, and she knew her girlfriend was stubborn but she never thought she’d snap at her like that.  As much as the redhead had played it down, a head injury of any sort was serious, and she had seen first-hand what could happen if you didn’t allow yourself time to recover.

Bea’s reaction had hurt her.  She knew how independent the older woman was, her ex-husband never giving a shit about her, and having to pretty much raise Debbie on her own, but she thought they were starting to get past all that.  When Allie had been ill a couple of weeks ago, Bea had been by her side for four days, putting in a holiday day so she didn’t have to leave her alone while she was sick.  She just wanted to be there for her for a change, show her that she could take care of her too, but she had thrown it back in her face, and it hurt like hell.

She had switched her phone off after she left her girlfriend’s house, needing some distance.  She knew Bea would try to call her once she calmed down, but right now she was the last person she wanted to speak to.  After grabbing a coffee she headed back to the flat.  It was getting dark and all she wanted to do was curl up on the sofa with a good book, try and escape her thoughts for a while.  She still struggled sometimes, and moments like this were when it hit her the most.  Twelve months ago she would think nothing of scoring a hit, and if she really wanted to she knew exactly where she could get a fix, even all these months later.  But she didn’t want to, and despite how pissed she was at the redhead, there was no way she would jeopardise their relationship for a quick fix.

Unlocking the door she entered the flat, closing the door behind her.  The streetlight outside illuminating the room enough for her to make out the sofa, she made her way over to it, flopping down as her tears threatened to fall again.  She hated this.  Ever since she had stopped using, she would cry when she was angry, which just made her even more annoyed.  She wasn’t sure how long she’d been lying there when she heard a noise coming from the kitchen.  Jumping up, she flicked the light on, finding Bea sitting at the table staring straight at her, her expression unreadable.



She felt awful, none of this was Allie’s fault, and she knew her girlfriend was only trying to help, but having someone fuss over her like that was so alien to her that she felt stifled.  She should have handled it better though, her temper flaring up again before her brain had a chance to kick in.  She had inherited it from her Gran back in New Zealand, and she had seen first-hand that her daughter also shared the trait.  It had had been suppressed while she was with Harry, mainly out of fear of being beaten again, but her hot headed streak was always present in all other aspects of her life, getting her into trouble at work on more than one occasion.

But she had fucked up this time, the pain she had seen in her girlfriend’s eyes before she fled had broken her heart.  It took a few minutes for it to register in her brain that Allie had left, and by the time her head had caught up, the blonde was out of sight.  She had tried calling but her phone was switched off.  After leaving her several messages she got changed and headed over to the flat, hoping the younger woman had gone straight home.

Knocking on the door, she waited.  She had her key but wanted to respect Allie’s boundaries, and didn’t feel comfortable letting herself in, especially after the way she had behaved.  She knocked again but there was still no answer.   Grabbing the key she let herself in, calling her girlfriend’s name as she entered.  Receiving no answer she scanned the room before checking the bathroom, finding that empty as well.

After trying, unsuccessfully, to call Allie again she headed downstairs to see if she was there.  Wandering through into the bar she spotted Franky and Bridget sitting on the bar stools, chatting to Shayne, Boomer was behind the bar as well.

“Hey Booms, you seen Allie recently?”

“Nah, sorry Bea.  Haven’t seen her for a couple of days”

“Everything ok Red?”

“Not really. She’s pissed at me and I can’t find her, she won’t return my calls”

“What did you do?”

“She was trying to look after me and I ripped her head off, my gob was quicker than my brain once again.  I really need to learn to filter sometimes.  She was upset when she left”

“She’ll be right.  She’s a tough cookie your blondie” the brunette said

“How are you feeling Bea?” Bridget asked

“I’m fine.  I feel perfectly fine.  She was fussing, wouldn’t let me do anything, and I hate just sitting around”

“I told you to take it easy, especially for the first 48 hours.  She was doing the right thing” Bridget said, in her doctor’s voice

“I know, I fucked up ok.  I just need to find her.  Will you call me if you see her?” Bea asked

“Sure Red, and don’t worry, she’s probably just letting off a bit of steam” Franky replied, as Bea headed back out of the bar

Heading back up the stairs, she let herself in the flat again, hoping her girlfriend would come home soon.  Franky’s comment had worried her, what if Allie was letting off steam.  She had told her a while ago that she still felt the pull of the drugs, especially when she was angry or upset, and right now she was both, and all alone.  Grabbing a bottle of water she sat at the table and waited for the blonde to return.  She wasn’t sure how long she’d been sitting there but the sound of crying woke her up.  Lifting her head off the table she looked towards the sofa, her chair scraping on the floor as she moved.  The light flickered on and she came face to face with Allie

“What are you doing here?”

“I tried calling but your phone was off.  I’m so sorry Allie.  I didn’t mean to take my frustrations out on you.  I know you were only trying to help”

“Then why did you?  Bridget told you to rest, and I was trying to make it as easy for you as I could, but no, you always know best don’t you.  You do realise how serious a head injury can be if you don’t give yourself time to recover.  No one’s invincible Bea, not even you” Allie said, pacing up and down as she spoke, tears streaming down her face.  Oli had a near miss after his accident.  They thought it was nothing but it nearly killed him, and she needed her girlfriend to understand that she couldn’t chance it with things like this.

“Don’t you think you’re overreacting slightly?”

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this.  Do you have any idea how serious this could have been?”

“Have you taken anything Allie?”


“You seem restless, you haven’t taken any drugs have you?”

“I wasn’t asking you to repeat yourself because I didn’t hear you the first time, I was giving you a chance to think about what you’ve just asked me.  But no, once a junkie, always a junkie right?”

“No, that’s not what I…”

“I never thought you of all people would ever throw that in my face, guess I was wrong.  I think you should go”

“Allie no, wait…”

“I can’t stand to be around you right now.  You want to do everything yourself then be my guest.  Just go Bea”


“Get out” the blonde yelled, yanking the door open, watching as the older woman walked out, her eyes fixed firmly on the floor as she left.  Slamming the door behind her, Allie crossed the room, falling down onto the bed, letting her tears fall now she was alone.



Running down the stairs Bea stormed out of the side door, jumping into her car before driving home.  She’d gone over there to try and make things right, but had made the whole thing ten times worse.  What had she been thinking?  She clearly wasn’t, there was no way she would have accused her girlfriend of being back on drugs if she’d been thinking clearly.  Allie had been completely open and honest with her about her former addiction, and how sometimes she still had an underlying need for a hit.  She had also told her that she didn’t need them anymore, and the blonde had never give her any reason to doubt her, ever.  Yet she had stood there, in the middle of Allie’s flat, and accused her of returning to her former ways because she was angry and upset.  And she had every right to be both of those things.

Unlocking the door, she entered the house, heading straight for the cupboard that housed the liquor.  Pouring herself a large whiskey she knocked it back, the liquid burning her throat as she swallowed.  Grabbing the bottle and her glass she headed through into the lounge, dropping down onto the sofa she poured herself another drink.  As she lifted the glass to her lips her eyes locked on Allie’s guitar in the corner of the room, her heart breaking a little bit more when she thought of the look in the younger woman’s eye as she told her to leave.


The following morning Allie woke from a restless sleep, her eyes red and puffy from her tears and her body ached from all the crying.  Glancing at the clock she saw it was just before ten.  Climbing out of bed she headed for the bathroom, hoping a shower would make her look a bit more human, even if she didn’t feel it.  Finishing up in the bathroom she got dressed before turning her mobile on, the screen came to life, indicating she had voicemail and eleven text messages.  She didn’t even have to open them to know who they would be from, but she was due to start work in just over an hour, and couldn’t deal with this right now.

Throwing the phone down on the bed she grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge.  As she closed the fridge door her mobile rang, walking across the room she picked it up, Bea’s name flashing on the screen.  Pressing the reject button she turned it off, tossing it on the bedside table before taking a drink.  Her landline then started to ring.  She’d give the redhead credit, she was persistent, but she wasn’t ready to speak to her just yet.  Her words had cut Allie like a knife, and she needed more time. 

Heading down the stairs and into the bar, she started setting everything up.  Some of the artists that were playing that night would be dropping by throughout the day to bring their equipment in, in preparation for the evening.  11:11 were playing again, and had secured the headline slot once a fortnight.  They were the best band to play so far, and they always brought a decent crowd with them, which Liz and Boomer were grateful for.

It was just gone four thirty when they arrived.  Shayne had started his shift half an hour ago so Allie took her break, chatting with the guys while they brought their gear into the back of the bar.  Ash had asked her to join them on stage again but she wasn’t really in the mood.  She wasn’t sure if Bea would come, but would feel too exposed on the stage if she did, preferring to hide in the shadows for the evening.   She had promised him she would play next time, and after a while he let it go, telling her he would hold her to it next time.



Allie hadn’t been herself all day, the ever present light in her eyes was missing, and she looked like she hadn’t slept a wink the previous night.  She had tried to talk to her but she had dismissed her concerns, saying she was just busy.  Liz had been around long enough to know a lie when she heard one, and she had never seen Allie look as lost as she did in the eight months she had known the young blonde.

A couple of hours later Franky and Bridget arrived, Maxine and the rest of teal watch were due shortly.  After Allie had disappeared into the office to sort a few things before the first artist took to the stage, Liz turned to Franky, airing her concerns for the blonde.

“I’m worried about her, she’s not her usual self.  I tried talking to her but she says she’s fine”

“Do you want me to try?” Franky asked

“If you don’t mind love, she’s in the office.  I thought Bea would have been here by now, has something happened?”

“They had an argument, Red was being stubborn as usual.  I’m sure they’ll sort it out soon enough” Franky said, heading though the back and towards the office.

Wandering through the back corridor she knocked on the door to the office, before opening it and walking in, finding Allie sitting at the desk, scribbling away in a notebook.  The blonde turning to see who had disturbed her.

“Well you look like shit” Franky said

“If you’ve come to have a go at me then don’t bother.  I’m really not in the mood”

“Relax blondie, I just wanted to make sure you’re ok”

“I’ll survive, thanks though”

“Have you seen Red?  She was looking for you last night”

“Yeah she found me, would have been better if she hadn’t though”

“She was out of her mind when she couldn’t find you.  Whatever she did she wouldn’t have meant it.  She’s crazy about you Novak”

“She accused me of being back on the gear.  She can’t get hold of me for a few hours and she accuses me of shooting up, that’s how fucking crazy she is”

“What do you mean ‘back’ on the gear?”

“Oh come on Franky, Bridget must have told you about the stash she found on me when they took me to the hospital that night”

“No, I swear Allie, I’ve got no idea what you’re on about” the brunette said, clearly missing something

“Really, wow.  Ok, well I used to have a drug problem.  I haven’t touched the stuff since I met Bea, and I never would.  It served a purpose at the time, and made my living arrangements easier to deal with, but I don’t need it any more.  I told her a while back that I still get cravings sometimes, not that I’d ever take anything.  We had a fight yesterday afternoon, she hurt me and I needed to clear my head so I went for a walk.  I didn’t realise she was there when I got back, until she made a noise.  We had another argument, she said I was overreacting and accused me of taking drugs.  She’s the only one who, knowing about my past, never judged me…until now”

“Shit.  Well I wasn’t expecting that.  Thank you for telling me, and for the record, I’m not judging you either.  We’ve all got skeletons in our closet kiddo.  The thing with our Red is that if she feels out of control in any way, her gob runs away with her.  She doesn’t mean it, but it doesn’t stop it coming out.  She loves you Allie, that much I do know.  She’s been a hot mess ever since I’ve know her.  Then you showed up, and there was a light in her eyes, you changed her.  It’s a big step for her, having any kind of relationship, especially physical.  And trust me, if she wasn’t crazy about you there’s no way she’d even entertain it.  I know she fucked up, and she does too.  But talk to her, you’re a mess and I’m sure she’s no better”

“I will, I just need a bit more time.  Thanks Franky”

“Any time.  I’d better get back, Gidge will be sending a search party out of me soon” the brunette said, smiling at Allie before stepping out of the room


Twenty minutes later, after composing herself, Allie headed back out into the bar.  The first artist would be on soon and she needed to be out there, otherwise she would have disappeared upstairs to the flat.  Talking to Franky had helped, but she wasn’t sure she was ready to face Bea just yet.  Of course the universe had other ideas, rounding the corner she caught a flash of Red over by the bar.  Walking over she ordered four beers from Shayne, avoiding looking in the direction of her girlfriend.  Even though she couldn’t see her she knew she was nearby, she always knew when she was near.  Grabbing the bottles she headed back to the guys from 11:11, deciding to hang with them for a while, and hopefully fly under the radar for a while longer.

Bea knew she was avoiding her, and it was killing her.  She didn’t think for one minute that Allie was back on the drugs, and she had no idea why she had said what she did.  It had started years ago, her need to protect herself, and she sometimes said things in the heat of the moment, but she had never meant to hurt Allie, and she would give anything to take it all back.

A couple of hours later she spotted the blonde heading into the back.  Placing her bottle of water down, she followed her, keeping a safe distance so she didn’t spook the younger woman.  She had seen Allie go into the office.  Waiting a couple of minutes, she knocked on the door before opening it.  Stepping inside and closing the door, her eyes locked with Allie’s.

“Can we talk?” Bea asked

“I’m busy, I can’t do this now”

“I know.  I just need you to know how sorry I am, and what I said was stupid and hurtful, and I know you didn’t take anything”

“Then why did you say it?” Allie asked, sounding so deflated

“Because I’m a fucking idiot.  I know you’re busy at the minute, but can we talk later?”

“Tomorrow, I’ll come to you”

“Ok, thank you.  I’ll leave you to it” the redhead replied, before turning and leaving the office

At least she had agreed to talk, now all she had to do was convince her that she was sorry.  The thought of losing Allie didn’t bear thinking about, and she would do anything to fix the mess she’d created.  Deciding to leave her girlfriend to it she headed home, hoping to get a bit of sleep.  The past three days had really taken it out of her, and Allie had been right all along, she needed to rest.


She had nearly caved, one look into Bea’s deep brown eyes and she had almost forgotten what they were fighting about, almost.  She needed tonight to process everything, get her head straight.  The last thing she wanted to do was make it worse, and while she was feeling like she was, it was bound to happen.  Heading back out front she noticed that Bea had gone.  Maybe it was for the best, they could both use a bit of space after yesterday. 

The remainder of the evening had passed without incident, the guys smashing it again as always.  Ash had been at her again after they had finished playing, wanting her help with a song her was working on.  After agreeing to take a look later in the week she headed upstairs.  Exhausted from the lack of sleep the previous night.  She was starting to drift off when her phone beeped, indicating that she had a text message.  Picking it up, she saw Bea’s name on the screen.  Curiosity getting the better of her she opened the message

‘I love you beautiful girl xx’

“I love you too baby.  I’ll see you tomorrow xx” she replied.  Placing her phone back on the bedside table she laid down again, sleep claiming her quickly.

Chapter Text

Bea had been awake for hours, she couldn’t get the image of Allie out of her head.  The blonde had looked devastated, and she knew it was all her fault.  She had hurt the only person she had ever loved in this way, and it was tearing her apart.  The second she started to have feelings for the blonde, or admit that she had feelings for her at least, she knew that she had never loved Harry.  What she felt for him, even in the beginning, before everything turned to rat shit, paled into insignificance compared to what she felt for the young blonde.  Allie had awoken something in her she didn’t even know existed, something she thought she would only ever see in movies.  Yet her stupidity and insecurity had potentially gone and screwed it all up.

It was just gone ten when she arrived at Bea’s.  She had been pacing the flat for hours, the sleep that had claimed her so easily the previous evening had deserted her in the early hours, making for a restless night.  She had been tempted, at one point, to go over to Bea’s, but turning up in the middle of the night and disturbing her sleep probably wasn’t the best way to work out their issues.  Nor would it help her girlfriend’s temper, and she was in no hurry to be yelled at again.  Raising her hand, she went to knock, the door opening before she had the chance


“Hi, come in” the older woman said, stepping back to allow her to pass

Closing the door behind them, she followed Allie into the kitchen

“Can I get you a drink?” she asked, trying to break the tension in the room

“No I’m good, thanks though.  Look, Bea…” Allie said, taking a seat at the table, opposite the older woman

“Please Allie, I need to say something” the redhead interrupted, needing to get this out before she lost her nerve

“First of all I’m sorry for snapping at you.  I know you were only trying to look out for me, and it’s no excuse, but I’m so used to having to take care of myself that having you here taking care of me, it threw me for a loop.  I hate sitting around more than anything, but you were right, I needed to rest” she continued

“Thank you for that, but we both know that’s not the problem here Bea” the blonde said, not giving much away

“I know, and I’m coming to that.  I could stand here all day and make excuses for why I said what I did, but that’s all they would be, bullshit excuses.  The truth is I panicked, this whole relationship thing is new to me, and I don’t know how I’m supposed to act.  At the time I thought you were overreacting.  I felt out of control, and when that happens my first instinct is to put my walls back up, and when I do that I push people away.  I’m not proud of it, but it seems like the best solution at the time, and that’s why I said what I did.  I knew you hadn’t taken anything, and I would bet my life on that, but it didn’t stop me saying it.  I love you Allie, with everything I am, and I’m so sorry.  I’ve never been as happy as I have been since we met, and it kills me that I’ve thrown it all away” Bea said, a single tear running down her cheek as she spoke

“This is all new to me too you know.  At the time I thought I loved Mia, but as it turned out I never even knew her.  I loved the idea of her, and that someone wanted me.  I got so swept up in it all that I mistook it for something that it wasn’t.  And then I met you, and you showed me what real love is.  I’m scared too, and I have no idea how to be in a relationship either, but I love you, and I’m not prepared to give up on us.  We can figure it out together, but we need to talk to each other when we’re struggling, or if something is bothering us, not pull back, or lash out.  I will always want to take care of you, and I may fuss too much, but I have my reasons, and I want you to be safe.  When Oli was ten he fell out of a tree and banged his head.  He’s stubborn and pig-headed, just like you, and swore he was fine, and that it was just a scratch, but it wasn’t.  He had a blood clot, and it nearly killed him.  I wasn’t going to sit there and risk the same thing happening to you, and I’d do the same again in a heartbeat”

“I’m sorry, I had no idea” the redhead said, understanding why Allie had reacted the way she had

“I know, I just needed you to understand why I wanted you to follow Bridget’s instructions.  I also need you to know that no matter what happens, whatever shit comes our way, I will never touch another drug, and I haven’t since we met.  I don’t need them anymore, I just need you”

“I’m so sorry Allie, this is all my fault.  I never meant to hurt you.  Are we ok?”

Leaning forward Allie captured the redhead’s lips, her hand stilling at the nape of her neck, pulling her in closer.  The feeling of the older woman’s breasts pressed against her own was driving her wild.  “We are now” she said as Bea took her hand and led her up the stairs



Two weeks later, Allie was working at the bar.  She had been there since Bea had dropped her off at eight that morning.  They needed to place the order with the brewery and she had offered to do a stock take, saving Liz the trouble of coming in early.

It was just before four when Boomer came bounding through the door, arms flapping as she excitedly filled them in on the fire two streets away that teal watch were currently attending to.

“You need to see this blondie, it’s fucking awesome”

“Go on love, it’s quiet in here anyway” Liz said to Allie

“Hurry up, I don’t want to miss anything” Boomer replied, practically dragging the young blonde out of the door and down the street.

She had never seen Boomer move so fast, she was like a kid at Christmas.  Rounding the corner, Allie took in the scene before her, a six storey apartment block was on fire, the top two floors ablaze.  She could see someone being led out of the entrance door by one of the firefighters, and from their build, Allie could tell it was Vera.

Scanning the scene in front of her she saw the boom ladder extended up to the top floor.  Bea was climbing down it, one arm wrapped around an infant, holding them close to her body.  Half way down she handed the child over to Fletch, before running back up to assist the next victim.  The ladder was moving as she made her way back, and just looking at it made Allie’s stomach churn.  She had always had a bit of an issue with heights, hated them if she was being honest, and she had no idea how her girlfriend could race up there like that.

She continued to watch in awe as one by one, the residents of the building were brought to safety, either through the door or down the long, long, ladder.  The scene was awful, and she felt for those poor people who, looking at the state of the building, had just lost everything.  But she was glad she had an opportunity to see her girlfriend and friends at work, it really was an incredible sight.

Fifteen minutes later and Maxine and Vera were out of the building, dealing with the rescued victims when all hell broke loose.  She could hear Bea calling out to Franky over Maxine’s radio, telling her to get out.  A few seconds later there was a loud bang, and two things happened simultaneously.  The windows on one side of the building blew out, and Franky launched herself out of a sixth storey window towards the ladder.

Reaching out, she managed to get one hand on the rung as Bea wrapped her leg around the stringer and leant over the side, pulling her to safety.  The ladder shook beneath them as they held on, catching their breath for a minute before making their way back down.  Once they were clear of the ladder Fletch ran up, carrying the hose as Maxine turned the hydrant on, a crew from another station already tackling the fire from the ground.  Wandering over to the truck, Bea and Franky grabbed a bottle of water, the redhead taking a drink before removing her helmet and pouring the remainder of the liquid over her head to cool her down.  Watching on, Allie could feel the familiar pool of wetness in her underwear, and the rush of heat cursing through her body, the blonde biting down on her bottom lip to stop herself from moaning.

Sensing that she was being watched, Bea turned her head, spotting Allie and Boomer across the street, along with several other onlookers.  As her eyes locked with the blonde’s she could feel the intensity of the younger woman’s stare.  Throwing her a wink she wandered over to them, Franky close behind.

Coming to a stop in front of her girlfriend, Bea took her hand.  Glancing over to Franky and Boomer, who were stood watching the interaction, Booms giggling at her

“Ay Bea, I think you broke her” Boomer said, snapping Allie out of her daze

“Hey, where did you go just then?” Bea asked her girlfriend, the blonde’s eyes glazed over

“Sorry, just got a bit distracted.  Do you think anyone would mind if I dragged you into the back of the truck and fucked you senseless” Allie whispered into her ear, her finger trailing along the older woman’s jaw

“Patience beautiful girl” Bea said, smirking at her girlfriend as she ran back to her crew, leaving a very frustrated blonde on the opposite side of the street.  A few minutes later Allie and Boomer headed back to the bar, leaving them to it.



It was almost seven when they had finished putting the fire out.  After speaking to Franky and getting her to collect her things from her locker, she asked Fletch to drop her off at the bar on their way back to the station.  She had called Liz beforehand to make sure Allie had finished work, and once the older blonde confirmed that she was up in the flat, they headed over there.  Franky had agreed to drop her keys off later, so she had to go through the bar.  Wandering across the room she ignored the strange looks she was getting from some of the less regular customers, and headed for the back, climbing the stairs to the flat.  She could hear the blonde’s guitar playing softly.  Taking a deep breath she knocked on the door, calling out as she did

“Fire department, open up”

A few seconds later the door opened, and Allie stood in front of her, mouth open.  Smirking at her girlfriend, Bea picked her up, kicking the door closed behind her, before walking over to the far side of the room, the blonde still in her arms.  Putting her down, she unzipped her jacket, removed it and threw it on the floor.

Allie’s body was a mass of raging hormones.  Bea had discarded her jacket and was now standing in front of her in one of her tight t shirts, over trousers, boots and helmet, a look of pure want in her eyes.  The older woman tearing her shirt open, buttons flying everywhere as her hands kneaded her breasts through her bra. 

Grabbing at the blonde’s skirt she lifted it up, pushing her underwear to the side as her fingers dipped into her soaking wet folds.  Wrapping her left arm around her lover, Bea lifted the blonde, pushing her back against the wall as her fingers plunged into her, the younger woman crying out as she felt the redhead fill her.

“Oh god” the younger woman moaned loudly as her hips jerked trying to increase the pressure

“You like this don’t you, me fucking you like this”


“I’ve been thinking about you all day, about making you come, about what I want to do to you, about fucking you” the redhead said, her voice low as she kissed her lover’s neck

Grabbing her helmet, Allie removed it, throwing it down on the sofa, giving the redhead better access to her skin.  The blonde had been wound up all afternoon, after seeing her girlfriend at work.  And she had fantasised about this moment so many times, but her imagination, as good as it is, hadn’t even come close to the feeling of Bea deep inside her as she rode her fingers, her back slamming into the wall with every movement.

“Harder, fuck me harder” she gasped as the older woman thrust another finger deep inside her, biting down on her neck as she entered her, leaving a mark.

Bea’s arms were burning, but there was no way she was stopping.  She loved it when Allie gave up control like this, begging her to take her, and that’s exactly what she was going to do.  Her teeth grazed over the blonde’s right nipple, through her bra.  The friction from the lace causing the younger woman’s hips to jerk, pushing Bea’s fingers deeper into her.  Picking up the speed, she thrust into her, the blonde’s movements becoming more erratic, before she exploded all over Bea’s hand, crying out as wave after wave of pleasure tore through her body.  Her body stilling, as she collapsed into the older woman’s arm.  Removing her fingers slowly, Bea walked over to the bed, gently placing her down.

A couple of hours later Bea’s phone rang, it was Franky, letting her know she was downstairs and had her keys.  Jumping out of bed the redhead threw some of her girlfriend’s clothes on before heading down to collect her keys, the brunette coming to the bottom of the stairs so she didn’t have to venture into the bar.

Making her way back up the stairs, she unlocked the door before stepping into the flat.  Her heart skipping a beat as she took in the sight before her.  Allie was standing by the bed, in nothing but her helmet, a sultry smirk on her face.  Kicking the door shut behind her she raced across the room, her body crashing into the blonde’s as they fell back onto the bed.



A week later, as she was leaving the station, Kaz was handed the perfect opportunity to get the proof she needed.  She was heading down the corridor when she spotted Smith and Doyle chatting near the shower room.  Coming to a stop, she hid around the corner, listening in to their conversation.  They were arranging to meet at Franco’s, an Italian restaurant in town, the following evening.  After Franky informed Smith that Bridget had made the reservation, she headed into the locker room.  Knowing she needed to move, Kaz ran into the shower room until the redhead had passed.  Once the coast was clear she headed out.  After getting into her car she called the restaurant, pretending to be Bridget, and confirming their reservation.  Once she had all the information she headed home, making the call to her friend as soon as she arrived.  In a couple of days she would have all the proof she needed, and Smith wouldn’t have a clue.



The following evening Bea and Allie were running late.  The taxi was due in fifteen minutes and neither of them were close to being ready.  They had started out with good intentions, but they had gone out of the window the second the blonde had walked out of the en-suite in nothing but her red lacy underwear.  She had tried to protest, tell her girlfriend that they didn’t have time, but once she caught the look in the redhead’s eye, she was a goner, and couldn’t care less about timekeeping.

By the time they arrived at the restaurant they were half an hour late.  Traffic had been a bitch, but they were fifteen minutes, and a very grumpy taxi driver, late by the time they left the house, so they couldn’t blame it all on the congestion.  One look at their flustered appearance and Franky knew exactly what had held them up, and she was looking forward to teasing her friend about it over dinner.

Bea was surprised how natural it all felt, being out with Allie and their friends.  On the few occasions her and Harry had gone out with another couple she had felt uncomfortable to put it mildly.  It hadn’t helped that they were always his friends, and she had to play along with the pretence of their perfect marriage, all the while trying to hide the bruises he had inflicted on her a few hours before.  But that was not the case now.  Allie was everything she had ever dreamed of, and so much more.

The conversation had flowed easily, her girlfriend and Franky trading playful insults and jokes, leaving the ‘grown up’s’ to chat amongst themselves.  It was nice to catch up with Franky and Bridget away from work, and the bar.  Bea had a lot of time for the older blonde.  She was good for Franky.  Bea had never seen her like this with any of her previous girlfriend’s, not that they had lasted more than a few weeks anyway.  But Bridget was different, she challenged the brunette, brought the gentle side out in her, the one she tried so hard to hide from everyone.  That, and she didn’t put up with her bullshit.  Bea had witnessed it on a few occasions, the morning Franky had found her, a bloodied mess, on the hall floor for one.  And as much as Franky has ranted and raved, paced the hospital room and shouted about what she was going to do to the prick when she got her hands on him, she had been so calm and together when Bea had fallen apart later that night.  Holding her, and telling her that everything was going to be fine, she had stayed with her, holding her hand until she eventually fell asleep.  The tattooed brunette was such a complex character, and very few people had taken the time to really get to know her, the kind, gently, loyal side of her that she kept so well hidden.

Franky hadn’t had the best start in life.  Her Dad walked out when she was a kid, leaving her with her alcoholic mother, a bitter woman who would use her daughter as an ashtray, the brunette’s back covered in burn marks as a result.  A few years later she had ended up in care, and had shut down the vulnerable side of herself, seeing it as a weakness that others could exploit.  After that, confident, flirty Franky was born, and she kept most people at arm’s length.  Over the years she had come to trust Bea, maybe seeing her so vulnerable made her less of a threat, but aside from her, Boomer and Liz, she still remained rather closed off.  Bridget had crashed through those barriers at a surprisingly alarming rate, in a very similar way to which Allie had broken down her walls.  And yet here they were, the four of them, all very different, and from a variety of different backgrounds, finally finding happiness.

Allie’s hand resting on her own broke Bea from her thoughts.  Looking up she saw that her girlfriend was watching her, a look of concern on her face

“Are you ok?  You looked like you were miles away” the blonde asked

“I’m more than ok, I was just thinking”


“About how lucky I am, and how much I love you” Bea replied, reaching over and caressing the younger woman’s cheek.  The waiter arriving to take their order putting an end to the moment.

He went around the table taking everyone’s order, coming to Franky last.  As the brunette placed her order of chicken Marsala, Bea could feel the laughter building.  Clenching her jaw, she tried to hold it back, managing just long enough for the waiter to be out of earshot before letting it out, her three companions looking at her like she’d lost her mind.  Of all the times, now is the moment that her brain decides to replay ‘that’ conversation.  Composing herself she glanced around the table, finding three pairs of eyes fixed firmly on her, all three of them looking utterly confused.

“Everything alright there Bea?” Bridget asked, setting Bea off laughing again

“Yeah, sorry.  It’s just…” she tried to reply, laughter taking over again

“Fucking hell Red, what’s gotten into you?”

“Something just came into my head, sorry about that”

“Nah, you’ve got to share now” the brunette said

“It’s nothing, really.  But for the record Franky….so much better than chicken” Bea finally managed to get out, both her and Franky laughing now

“Did we miss something?” Allie asked Bridget, both blonde’s completely at a lost as to what was going on

Once they had calmed down Franky filled them in on what had set Bea off in the first place, relaying the chicken / McMuff conversation they had that night months ago, in the bar.  Pretty soon all four of them had tears streaming down their face, especially after the brunette had told them how red Bea had gone when she had asked her about it.

The rest of the evening went particularly well, Bea loving how at ease Allie was with Bridget.  Franky and her girlfriend had developed a rapport right from the start, but the blonde had always seemed a little more guarded around the Bridget.  Whatever it was that had held her back previously, appears to be forgotten, and they were chatting away like old friends.



After they left the restaurant they said goodbye to Franky and Bridget, deciding to take a walk before heading home for the night.  They had been wandering around for about twenty minutes when they passed the park.  It was still light outside so they decided to sit on one of the benches for a while, watching the ripples on the pond as the fish swam below the surface.  After a while Bea turned to the younger woman, her hand diving into her pocket to produce a little black bag as their eyes locked.

“I have something for you.  I’ve been meaning to give it to you for a while.  You don’t have to use it, I just thought it would be easier and you wouldn’t have to wait around for me…” Bea rambled.  The feeling of Allie’s soft lips ghosting over her own stopping her

“Breathe baby” the blonde said before kissing her again slowly, causing her to relax instantly

“Sorry.  I don’t want to rush anything but I want you to have this” she replied, handing the small bag over to her girlfriend.

After studying the bag for a few seconds Allie opened it, a key dropping into her hand.  “It’s for the house, if you want it that is, there’s no pressure” the older woman said, nerves creeping back in again

“Of course I want it.  Thank you, you have no idea how much this means to me” the younger woman said, tears in her eyes as she pulled Bea close.  This time the kiss was anything but slow, Allie’s arms wrapping around her girlfriend’s waist, her hand grabbing her toned arse as she moaned into her lover’s mouth.  Bea’s hands were roaming all over the blonde’s back before coming to rest in her hair.  Breathless, they stepped back, their eyes black with desire.  Leaning in slightly Allie tugged on the redhead’s ear gently as her fingers trailed over her stomach, desperate to fee her skin.

“I’m hungry, we need to go” she whispered, kissing down her girlfriend’s neck, Bea tilting her head to give her better access

“We’ve just eaten Alliecat, how can you be hungry?” the redhead asked, clearly confused

“I am, and I really…really…really…want…a…McMuff” Allie said between kisses

Grabbing her hand, Bea pulled her out of the park and towards the road, hoping they wouldn’t have to wait long for a taxi.

Chapter Text

A couple of days later Kaz received the proof she needed, now all she needed to do was get it to Harry.  She couldn’t just post it with a letter, the guards would wonder why she was sending him photos of his ex-wife and another woman, but she knew exactly who to call to make it happen.  Grabbing her phone, she sent him a text asking him to meet her later that day.

Across town, Franky was pacing up and down nervously.  She had been called into Will Jackson’s office by his assistant, which only ever meant one thing, a bollocking.  She was racking her brains trying to think of anything she had done over the past few weeks that could have landed her in the shit again but was coming up blank.

A few minutes later she was told to go in.  Taking a deep breath she opening the door, and was surprised to find Bea sat at the desk, not Jackson.

“What’s going on Red?” she asked, taking a seat opposite the other woman

“I have a proposition for you”

“Don’t get me wrong, I think you’re hot, especially since you climbed aboard the big gay bus, but I love Bridget.  And I’m pretty sure Novak would claw my eyes out if she caught me anywhere near you” the brunette said, smirking at Bea

“Piss off, I didn’t mean that kind of proposition.  It’s actually work related”

“Sorry Red, couldn’t resist.  I’m all ears”

“Jackson’s just been awarded a promotion, he’s moving to head office and he’s put me forward to take over his role here.  I’ve got to pass the exam so it’s not a done deal yet, but if I pass it will leave teal watch without a Station Manager”

“Ok, so how do I come into this?”

“I want you to take over my job, lead the crew”

“Are you shitting me?”

“No, I’m deadly serious Franky”

“Why me?”

“I need someone I can trust in charge of the crew.  The guys are like family to me and I need to know they’re in good hands.  I’d still be here, but not all the time, and if anyone can guide them and keep them safe, it’s you.  It’s not guaranteed yet, I still have to pass my exam, and you’d need to do the same, but have a think about it, speak to Bridget, and let me know in a few days if it’s something you’d be interested in” Bea said.  When Will had discussed her position with her a few days ago, her first thought had been Franky.  She was the best firefighter on the crew, and knew she would rise to the challenge.

“Fucking hell.  When I got called in I was convinced it was for a bollocking, it usually is.  I’m seeing Gidge tonight so I’ll speak to her about it, but I’m definitely interested” Franky replied

“Excellent.  Right, we better get back before Vera comes looking for us.  Oh and Franky, this stays between us for now ok?” the redhead said as they both headed out of the office and back to the mess room and the rest of the crew.



The following day it was open mic night, and she had promised to play with the guys again.  Ash had bullied her into playing the second half of their set, as she had been absent for their past two performances.  Bea was staying over, and had promised to come down to the bar to watch her play, but she had her exam the following day, so would be upstairs most of the night preparing for it.  She had asked Allie to go and get her just before they were due on, and that’s where the blonde was currently heading.  Opening the door she found her girlfriend buried under a pile of notes, her head resting on the table as she tapped her pen in frustration.

“You look like you could use a break” Allie said, leaning down to kiss the redhead

“I could use a miracle, but a break will do me good.  You about ready to go on?”

“Just about.  And stop stressing, you’re a superhero remember, you’ll kick that exam’s arse”

“I wish I had your confidence” Bea said, standing up and wrapping her arms around the blonde.  Everything always seemed so much better when Allie was near.

“Come on then, take me away from all this.  I heard that someone was playing with the last band, and apparently she’s incredibly hot.  Wouldn’t want to miss out now would I” the redhead said, grabbing Allie’s hand and leading her down to the bar.


Allie had joined them on the stage half way through their set, and had played four out of the five songs.  Bea had been beside the stage the whole time, her eyes never leaving the blonde’s.  She had been nervous again, but one look into her girlfriend’s brown eyes and she instantly relaxed.  It still amazed her how easily it happened, a look, or touch and she could feel a calmness washing over her.

Ash had stepped up to his mic, thanking everyone for coming to see them play and letting them know it was their last song, before stepping back, and nodding to Allie.  As the music started to play she stepped forward, taking her place centre stage she started to sing, her eyes locking with Bea’s as the words flowed.


She was a fast machine

She kept her motor clean

She was the best damn woman that I had ever seen

She had the sightless eyes

Telling me no lire

Knockin’ me out with those American thighs

Taking more that her share

Had me fighting for air

She told me to come but I was already there

The earth was quaking

My mind was aching

And we were making it, and you


Shook me all night long

Yeah you shook me all night long


Working double time

On the seduction line

She was one of a kind, she’s just mine all mine


Allie sang the last line directly to her girlfriend.  As far as she was concerned Bea was it for her, she didn’t want anyone else


Wanted no applause

Just another course

Made a meal out of me and came back for more

Had to cool me down

Now I’m back in the ring to take another swing

‘Cause the walls were shaking

The earth was quaking

My mind was aching

And we were making it, and you


Shook me all night long

Yeah you shook me all night long


Bea’s breathing was labored.  The way Allie’s fingers were caressing the microphone stand was doing funny things to her body.  The heat cursing through her body made it feel like she was touching her, and it was making her crazy, and incredibly wet.


And knocked me out and then you

Shook me all night long

You had me shakin’ and you

Shook me all night long

Yeah you shook me

Well you took me


You really took me and you

Shook me all night long

Ooooh you

Shook me all night long

Yeah, yeah, you

Shook me all night long

Yeah you shook me, yeah you shook me

All night long


Thanking everyone again for watching, they stepped off the stage, Allie heading straight for her girlfriend, who pulled her close and crashed their lips together, not caring where they were.  Breaking apart a few minutes later, they took a step back, Bea taking the blonde’s hand in hers.

“I’m going back upstairs, don’t be long”

“I thought you needed to study?” Allie replied

“I need a distraction, and you…naked” the redhead whispered before heading back up to the flat, leaving behind a very flustered Allie.

After packing up her gear at lightning speed, she said goodnight to the guys and her friends before racing through into the back, not even caring about the cat calls Franky was directing her way.



The following morning Allie woke to find her girlfriend pacing up and down the room, mumbling to herself as she moved.  She had a stack of papers in her hand, and the rest were scattered over the table.  Climbing out of bed, she walked over to her, taking the papers and placing them down on the table before pulling the older woman into a hug.

“Relax, you’ll be fine ok.  You’re amazing, and there’s nothing you can’t do.  I believe in you baby”

“What if I screw it up?”

“Then you re-take it, it’s not the end of the world”

“I don’t want to let you down”

“You could never let me down.  I love you, no matter what.  Now go and have a shower”

“Only if you come with me” Bea said, taking the younger woman’s hand, pulling her towards the bathroom.

An hour and a half later Bea left for head office to sit her exam.  She had the written paper first, followed by a practical exam after lunch.  She knew the latter wouldn’t be an issue, it was the morning test that was worrying her.  She could do the job with her eyes closed, but when it came to written exams she choked.  Debbie had similar issues when she was doing her HSC, having once said that if she could draw what she was trying to say then there would be no issues.  She loved her job, and wouldn’t mind staying in her current role, but she hated feeling like a failure, especially in front of Allie.  Bea knew deep down that it wouldn’t make any difference to the blonde, and that she would still love her no matter what, but she was a proud person, and hated to fail.

It was late afternoon and she had just finished her practical exam, racing through it without a single issue.  The morning exam had gone better than expected too, and she couldn’t wait to tell Allie.  Picking her phone up she sent her a text, letting her know that she was grabbing a quick shower but would be home in about an hour, knowing the blonde would be at the house waiting for her.



Allie was just finishing dinner preparation when she heard a beep.  Checking her phone she found a text from Bea, letting her know she would be home in an hour.  She jumped in the shower quickly before dressing in the outfit she had laid out earlier that afternoon.  After fixing her hair and putting on a little make-up she headed back downstairs to wait for her girlfriend.

Pulling up onto the drive, she parked the car before heading inside, the smell of cooking invading her senses the second she opened the door.  Wandering through into the kitchen she found Allie checking on something in the oven, the blonde turning to face her as she closed the oven door.  Bea felt her heart skip a beat as she took in the sight before her.  Allie was wearing the shortest black shorts she had ever seen, topped with a tight sleeveless white shirt.

Turning around, Allie caught the look in her girlfriend’s eyes.  Luckily dinner would be another forty minutes, so they had a bit of time.  Walking towards the older woman she grabbed the front of her shirt, crashing their bodies together as their tongues battled for dominance.

“Fuck Allie, what are you doing to me?” Bea asked, her breathing labored following the intensity of their kiss

“Dinner will be a while, why don’t I show you exactly what I want to do to you” the younger woman said, unbuttoning her shirt as she let the redhead over to the sofa

Half an hour later they headed back towards the kitchen, Allie serving dinner as Bea poured them a glass of wine.  After they had eaten they moved back over to the sofa, Bea filling her girlfriend in on how the exam had gone.  Allie was glad it had gone well, knowing how worried the older woman had been that morning, although her plan to take her mind off it was still firmly in place.  She had never craved anyone like she did Bea, and in the beginning it had worried her that maybe she was a little bit too much for her less experienced girlfriend, but the redhead seemed to be having the same trouble.  And judging by the look she had just given her, she didn’t think they’d be getting much sleep again that night.



Jake had delivered.  Kaz had received a phone call from Harry a couple of hours ago letting her know that the photo’s had been left in his cell.  He had been quiet during the conversation, telling her they would talk more when she came to visit in a couple of weeks.  She knew she could rely on Jake Stewart.  It helped that he owed her one, and having someone in her debt that worked at the same prison where Harry was residing had made this so much easier.

She hadn’t been able to settle since the phone call though.  There was something in Harry’s tone that unsettled her, and lately she had been wondering if she was still in love with Bea.  She had thought that this was a good idea, hoping that once he saw that she had moved on, he would forget all about her once and for all.  But what if it didn’t play out that way?  This whole thing could blow up in her face, and she wasn’t sure that she could handle it if that turned out to be the case.

The photos were like the scene of a car accident, you knew you shouldn’t look, but you couldn’t tear your eyes away.  The first one was of them in a restaurant, Harry recognizing Franky Doyle instantly, but he had no idea about the two blonde’s, only that one of them was screwing his ex-wife.  The next picture was of Bea caressing the cheek of the younger blonde, and the way they were looking at each other told him all he needed to know, she was the girlfriend.  There were a few more from the restaurant, along with several of Bea and that woman in the park.  There were a few of them kissing, but the one that hit the hardest was the last one.  They were standing close together, and by the way that Bea was looking at the blonde, it was blindingly obvious that she was in love.  What bothered him the most was that she had never looked at him like that, not once, in the sixteen years they were together.



Two weeks later and they were on their way to the airport.  Allie was both nervous and excited, she had never been on a plane before, and was looking forward to the experience, but being that high up was making her feel uneasy.  They had been shopping the week before for a few holiday clothes, and when Allie had modelled her bikini when they got back to Bea’s house, the redhead had dragged her straight to bed.  Bea just hoped she could control herself a little bit more when they were on the beach.  Franky had joked a few days ago about how they were still in the honeymoon stage of their relationship, but Bea couldn’t imagine ever not being affected by the blonde in this way.  One look from the younger woman and she felt completely undone, and she loved it.

Once they had checked in they went to grab a late breakfast.  They had meant to eat at home but the minute Allie had stepped into her shower that morning, all plans had gone out of the window.  Bea was still packing her suitcase when the taxi had arrived.  Throwing the last few items in she had raced down the stairs and out to the car, finding her girlfriend already seated in the back, a smug grin on her face.  Allie loved how easy she could de-rail her girlfriend.  The older woman was usually so composed and in control, never losing her head in a difficult situation.  But one look, a gentle touch, or a few carefully selected words and she could reduce her to a raging pool of hormones, not that she was much better.  No one had ever loved her like Bea does, and she still had to pinch herself every day to make sure that she wasn’t dreaming.

Allie had been quiet over brunch.  Bea was aware that she had never flown before and was wondering if she was a little nervous.

“You ok Alliecat?” she asked, taking her girlfriend’s hand over the table

“Perfect.  I’m a bit worried about the flight though”

“I’ll be right beside you, don’t worry”

“Will you hold my hand?” the blonde asked


A couple of hours later and they were seated and ready to go, Allie gripping the armrest as the plane taxied down the runway.  Bea had offered her the window seat but she had been quick to decline.  It was bad enough knowing how high up she was without seeing too.  She could hear the engines kicking in as the plane picked up speed, the front lifting a few seconds later.  With a slight judder the aircraft lifted of the ground, Allie closing her eyes as her fingers gripped tighter.  Glancing to her left Bea watched as Allie closed her eyes.  Leaning over she kissed her gently, smiling into the kiss as she felt the younger woman respond, her grip on the armrest loosening slightly.

A few minutes later and the aircraft had levelled out, Bea’s fingers running up and down the blonde’s thigh had calmed her down significantly.  It hadn’t been as bad as she was expecting, although they still had another three hours to go, and had to make it back down again.   Three and a half hours, and four miniature whiskeys later and their feet were firmly on the ground, Bea only teasing Allie slightly about how tight her hold had been on her arm as they landed.  After going through the security checks and collecting their luggage they headed for the rentals desk to pick up their car.



Arriving at the hotel they checked in, Allie grabbing a quick shower while Bea called her Gran to let her know she had arrived safely.  She hadn’t told her that Allie was with her.  She had mentioned her on the phone a few times but hadn’t gone into too much detail, wanting to tell her face to face instead.  They had agreed that Bea would visit her alone first, and depending on how that went, Allie would join her another day.  They would be there for two weeks, and were planning on doing plenty of sightseeing, but the redhead would be visiting her a few times during their stay.

After ending the call she headed for the bathroom, the blonde had just finished and was unpacking their luggage while Bea showered.  The older woman had wanted to take her out for dinner.  There was a restaurant that she had wanted to try the last few times she had been over but had never made it.  An hour later they left the hotel.  The restaurant was a twenty minute walk but it was a pleasant evening, and having spent a few hours sat on the plane, they wanted to stretch their legs a bit.



The following morning Bea had dropped the blonde off at the beach before driving to the residential home where her Gran now lived.  She had a fall six months ago and had decided it was time to move.  Not wanting to give up her independence completely, she had found an apartment within a residential complex, this way she would have her own place, but there was help there as and when she needed it.

Pulling up into the car park Bea took in the complex.  She was pleasantly surprised, when her gran told her about the move she had been expecting a typical run of the mill nursing home, everyone sitting around in a room, watching some god awful tv show and falling asleep, but this place actually looked really nice.

Walking into reception she let them know who she was there to see.  After signing in and receiving instructions on how to get to her Gran’s apartment, she set off through the grounds, admiring the views as she went.  Five minutes later and she was standing in front of her door.  The last time she had seen the old woman she had noticed a significant change in her.  She wasn’t stupid, her Gran was ninety two, and she knew she wouldn’t live forever, but she had aged considerably.

Knocking on the door she waited a few minutes, knowing it would take the old woman time to get to the door.  Eventually the door opened, a bright smile appearing on Edith’s face when she saw her granddaughter standing there.  Stumbling forward she pulled Bea into a hug, the redhead surprised by the strength she still had.

An hour later and Edith had filled Bea in on the goings on in her new accommodation, and of her budding friendship with Basil, who lived three doors down.  By the twinkle in her eyes Bea knew it was more than a friendship, and good luck to her, she deserved to be happy.

After grilling her on her job for the past thirty minutes, Edith’s attention turned to her granddaughter’s love life.  It had always been a topic that was off limits, but there was something different about the redhead this time, and she was determined to get to the bottom of it.

“So, what are your plans while you’re here?” she asked, testing the water

“We’re going to do a bit of sightseeing, maybe head over to Great Barrier Island for a couple of days” Bea replied, not realising she had slipped up


“Err…Yeah.  Allie came over with me.  She’s never been out of Australia so I thought I’d show her around my home country”

“Is Allie the reason for the change in you?”

“What change, I’m still the same as I was”

“That’s bullshit Bea, and you know it.  You’ve sounded happier for months now, and you look better than you have done in years.  I just didn’t realize you were gay, not that I have a problem with that, we’ve all tried it at one point”

“Gran, really.  I don’t know if I’m gay, Allie’s different that’s all.  She makes me happy”

“Do you have a picture of her?” Edith asked, dying to get a glimpse of the woman who made her granddaughters eyes sparkle.

Grabbing the photo they took that day in the booth while they were sorting Allie’s passport out, she handed it over to her Gran.  Taking the photo, Edith studied it.  It was obvious just by looking at the two women that they were very much in love, and the blonde in the picture was stunning, but then so was Bea. She had never understood what she saw in Harry, and she had never liked the self-centered arsehole either.  She had only met him a handful of times, and had been polite for Bea’s sake, but as soon as she had laid eyes on him she had wanted to punch him, and that was before she knew how much he had hurt her Bea.

“Oh Bea, she’s beautiful.  Is she a firefighter too?”

“No, Allie works with Liz and Boomer at the bar.  She’s an event’s organiser, but she plays sometimes too.  You should hear her sing, she’s amazing Gran” Bea said, beaming with pride at the thought of the blonde

“You must bring her next time you visit, I need to make sure she’s good enough for you.  I don’t want a repeat of what happened with captain dickhead.  Does she know about any of that?  Just so I don’t put my foot in it that’s all”

“Allie’s incredible, and I’m lucky to have her by my side.  I’ll bring her along in a couple of days, just promise me you won’t scare her off.  I’ve got your temper remember, so I know what it’s like.  As for Harry, she knows everything, and she would never hurt me.  Debbie knows everything as well now.  We had a huge argument a few months ago, she had been visiting Harry and he’d been filling her head full of shit.  It all came to a head, but we’re better than ever now, and she gets on well with Allie, which is fantastic” Bea replied, unable to keep the smile off her face as she thought about her daughter and her girlfriend

“You really love her don’t you?” Edith asked, although she already knew the answer

“I do, so much.  She’s so patient and gentle with me, always putting me first.  I never knew a relationship could be like that”

They chatted for another hour before Bea left, letting her Gran know that she wanted to meet Basil before she left.  If she could interrogate Allie then Bea could give as good as she got too.  Plus she was curious to meet the man that made the great Edith blush like a schoolgirl.  Jumping in the car she headed back to the beach, calling Allie as she left to let her know she was on her way, hoping her girlfriend would be ok with meeting her Gran so soon.

Bea broached the subject of her Gran over lunch, letting Allie know that there was no pressure either way.  She told her that the Edith was happy for her, and that she had always thought that Harry was an insufferable arsehole, and that those had been her exact words on more than one occasion.  Allie could see how important her girlfriend’s Gran was to her, and she wanted to meet her, she just didn’t have a great track record when it came to families.

“I want to meet her, but what if she hates me”

“Please don’t worry Alliecat, she’ll love you, who wouldn’t”

“My Dad” the blonde replied, looking at the floor

“Yeah well, he’s a fucking arsehole” Bea said, earning a smile from her girlfriend.  Taking the younger woman’s hand over the table she ran her thumb over the back of it gently

“I love you Allie, and nothing or no one will ever change that.  I know my Gran, we’re very similar, and if I thought for one second that you were walking into a lion den, there’s no way I’d let you go there.  Please believe me when I tell you that she will love you, beautiful girl”

After lunch they headed back to the beach.  They had just come out of the sea and were laying side by side on their towels when Allie turned to face the older woman.

“I trust you, and I want to meet her the next time you go.  I can see how important she is to you, and I just want you to be happy”

“I’ve never been happier than I have since I met you, and as long as you’re by my side, that’s enough for me” the redhead replied, bringing Allie’s hand up and placing a soft kiss on it.

Chapter Text

The following day they decided to explore the city.  Bea had been looking into the SkyWalk, a thin metal walkway with no handrail, 192 metres above ground level, which wrapped around the outer ledge of the Sky Tower.  She loved the thrill of being up high, which given her chosen career was a good thing, there really was no place for vertigo in firefighting.  She had booked them in for early afternoon as a surprise.  She was so excited that it had been difficult to keep it under wraps, hoping Allie would be as enthusiastic as she was.

After wandering around for most of the morning they stopped for lunch in a small café before heading to the Auckland CBD.  Coming to a stop outside the Sky Tower, Bea took the blonde’s hand, pointing up towards the top of the tower.

“In an hour we’ll be up there”

“What?” Allie replied, had her girlfriend lost her mind?

“The SkyWalk, I booked us in at three” the redhead replied, unable to hold in her excitement

Allie felt sick, she could see how much Bea was looking forward to it, but there was no way she was setting foot out there.  She would happily watch her girlfriend from the safety of the tower, and by the tower she meant inside, but that was as close as she would get to that ledge.

Sensing Allie’s apprehension, she took her hand, leading them into the building.  Stepping out of the elevator they wandered onto the viewing deck.  Allie couldn’t deny that the views were spectacular from up there, and she was perfectly happy looking out, safe in the knowledge that she had a good, solid floor below her feet.  It wasn’t Bea’s fault, her girlfriend had no idea she was shit scared of heights, and she knew she would be devastated when she told her she couldn’t do it, despite pretending that it didn’t matter to her.

At two fifteen they were called over to get suited up and harnessed in.  She couldn’t put it off any longer, it was time to confess.  Pulling Bea to one side, she took a deep breath, calming her nerves before she spoke.

“Baby I’m sorry but there’s no way I can go out there”

“We’re harnessed in Allie, it’s perfectly safe.  I would never do anything that would put you at risk” the redhead said

“I know it’s safe, but that’s not the issue Bea”

“Then what is?”

“I’m shit scared of heights ok, have been since I was a kid.  I’m really sorry, but the thought of stepping out there makes me want to throw up” Allie said, holding her hand up so the redhead could see how much she was shaking

“Hey, it’s ok.  I’m sorry, I should have spoken to you before I booked it. I had no idea”

“Why would you, I never said anything.  It’s fine Bea, really.  Now go, have fun.  I’m perfectly happy watching you from in here” she replied, kissing her girlfriend on the cheek before pushing her towards the door to the holding area.


Watching on as they suited up she could see some guy wander over to Bea, placing his hand on her arm as he spoke to her.  They continued to chat for a few minutes, Bea continuing what she was doing as he watched her.  Allie didn’t like the way he was staring at her girlfriend, like she was a piece of meat.  Leaning forward to speak to Bea again, he placed his hand on her waist, the redhead stepping back to break all contact instantly.  Not giving up, his hand went back to her arm again, before he grabbed at her harness, trying to help her into it.

Other than the guides, she expected that Bea was probably the most experienced there, and despite her stepping back from him for the second time, he wasn’t giving up, and that was the exact moment that Allie lost her mind.  Speaking to the member of staff on the gate and handing over her ticket she opened the door to the holding area, grabbing an orange jumpsuit and pulling it on quickly before making her way over to the line of people waiting to go out.

Walking past the guy, she stepped in front of Bea, and waited to be clipped in.

“Allie what are you doing?” Bea asked, clearly confused by her sudden change of heart

“I don’t like the way he keeps pawing at you, so I’m coming with you” Allie said, leaning back slightly so no one else could hear their conversation

Bea was about to protest when the guide checked their harnesses before ushering them out onto the platform.  The second they were out there she could see Allie tense up.  Stepping in close behind her she placed her hand on the blonde’s waist

“I’m right here, and I promise I will keep you safe.  But if you want to go back in that’s fine too” she said, feeling the blonde tremble beneath her hands

Taking a deep breath, Allie nodded.  Clenching her fists she took a tentative step, happy that her girlfriend’s hands were still on her waist, keeping her safe.  After the first few steps she relaxed slightly, although she would still rather be inside with a stiff drink than out here dicing with death.

When they were half way around the guide stopped them, asking them to line up facing the tower.  Standing opposite he began to demonstrate what he wanted them to do.  Turning around, with his back to the drop, he leaded backwards, over the ledge, his feet on the edge of the metal walkway.

Glancing over to her girlfriend, Bea saw the fear in her eyes.  Turning around, she took both her hands in hers, before leaning in closer.

“Please don’t feel like you have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.  I know how hard it is for you just being out here, and I’m so proud of you beautiful girl” she said, their lips touching quickly before she pulled away again.

The four others were now leaning out over the edge, as the guide took their picture.  Closing her eyes briefly, Allie swallowed down the lump that had formed in her throat at her girlfriend’s words.  Taking her hand, she turned around, nodding at the redhead, as they both leaned back over the edge of the walkway.  The guide turning to them instantly, taking their photo as Allie tried to smile, and not throw up, or piss herself.

As soon as the photo had been taken she pulled on her harness, bringing her back over the walkway, and on to slightly safer ground.  After getting her breath back, she turned to find Bea speaking to the instructor, before facing the drop and leaning forward, and over the ledge.  It was official, her girlfriend was crazy.  Once the redhead had finished toying with the laws of gravity, they posed for another photo, this time Allie was able to smile a little easier.



Half an hour later they were back in the safety of the tower, and Allie was feeling a lot better, having just downed a large whiskey.  Bea hadn’t been able to get the smile off her face since they had come back in, there was nothing like a rush of adrenaline to get the blood pumping, well nothing you could do in public without being arrested for anyway.  She was so proud of Allie, facing her fear head on like that, although she wasn’t sure if she’d have been so keen had that guy not been quite so hands on. 

After the blonde had excused herself to go to the bathroom, Bea headed over to the desk to purchase the USB stick containing a video of their experience, along with the photos the guide took.  Allie had been gone a while, and she was just about to go and look for her, wondering if she was feeling unwell after their little adventure, when she came walking towards her, a smug grin on her face.

“You’re looking pleased with yourself” Bea said, when Allie was standing beside her

“I am. You loved that didn’t you, being out there, dangling over a ledge?”

“I did, but I loved it more because you were by my side”

“Let’s see how brave you really are then babe” Allie said, handing a ticket over to her girlfriend

Taking the offered item, Bea read it, seeing it was a ticket for the SkyJump. She had wanted to do that as well but wasn’t sure Allie would be up for it.  It was one thing to walk around the edge of a tower, but jumping off it was a whole other ball game.

She had seen the sign for it on her way to the bathroom, a wired base jump from 192 metres up, and thought that even Bea would turn her nose up at that.  After finishing in the bathroom she quickly ran to the reception desk and booked her girlfriend in.  It was time to see just how brave she was, although judging by the big grin on her face right now, she was probably going to love it.

“Thank you.  I wanted to do this when I booked us in but thought it might be a step too far.  I’m so excited” the older woman said, pulling Allie in to a kiss

Breaking apart, she headed over to the check in desk to book herself in, as Allie headed back down in the elevator, wanting to be at the bottom, waiting for Bea when she landed, hopefully still in one piece.


Fifteen minutes later, after being briefed by the instructor, Bea was standing on the edge of the jump platform.  He had warned her that a lot of people were fine until they got out there, but one look down and they decided that it wasn’t for them.  It wasn’t the case for Bea, the jump being a lot safer than most days in her job.  Looking down briefly to the street below, she held her arms out and leapt off the platform, falling quickly towards the ground.

Looking up, Allie could see her girlfriend hurtling towards her at an alarmingly quick pace.  As she got closer she could see the smile on her face, her red curls blowing wildly as she fell through the air.  The controls kicking in far too late for Allie’s liking, and her decent slowed considerably, before she came to a gentle stop, a few inches off the ground.  Stepping out of the harness, she walked over to Allie, a huge grin plastered across her face.

“You’re crazy, did you know that?” Allie said, wrapping her arms around the older woman

“I’m crazy in love with you.  Thank you, that was so much fun, and Franky will be so jealous” Bea replied, pulling the blonde in to a long, slow kiss.

Taking her girlfriend’s hand, she led them back into the building so she could return the jumpsuit and collect her belongings.  While Bea was getting changed Allie headed over to the counter to get the video and photos added to their USB, wanting the redhead to have something to remember the experience by.  Once they were both finished with their tasks they wandered back out onto the street, grabbing a taxi and heading back to the hotel to shower and change before going out for dinner that evening.




The following morning, after having breakfast in the hotel they headed to the shop.  Allie was adamant that she wanted to take Bea’s Gran something.  She wanted to make a good impression, and it felt terribly rude turning up empty handed.  The redhead had insisted that it wasn’t necessary, but she wasn’t giving in this time.  Bea had eventually folded, and told her that Edith loved her single malt, promising to stop off at the shop on the way to her Gran’s.

With their shopping finished thy headed over to Edith’s apartment, Allie’s hand in Bea’s as they wandered through the complex.  Stopping outside number 70 Bea knocked on the door.  After a couple of minutes they could hear the latch being removed, causing Allie to let go of her girlfriend’s hand. Nudging the blonde’s shoulder gently, Bea took her hand again as Edith opened the door.

Taking in the scene before her, Edith noticed their joined hands, and the way Bea had been gazing at the blonde beside her when she had opened the door.  The photograph really hadn’t done her justice, Allie was absolutely breath-taking.  She couldn’t help but notice how nervous the blonde looked.  Smiling at her she stepped forward slightly

“You must be Allie, lovely to finally meet the woman who put that smile on my little Bea’s face” she said, pulling Allie into a hug

“Nice to meet you too Mrs. King” Allie replied, handing the bottle bag over to Bea’s Gran

“You shouldn’t have wasted your money on me dear, but thank you.  And please call me Edith or Gran, Mrs. King makes me sound so bloody old” she replied, smiling at the blonde before stepping to the side and hugging her granddaughter.

Allie had been nervous at first, but Edith was such a character, and had her in stitches almost instantly.  She could see a lot of Edith in Bea, and they both seemed to have the ability to calm her down with great ease.  They had been chatting for about an hour when Edith sent Bea down to one of the restaurants in the complex to pick up some lunch for them, wanting a few minutes alone with Allie.



The minute Bea left the room Allie felt her pulse quicken, and the frown that had appeared on Edith’s face told her that it was right in doing so.  Clasping her hands together so the old woman wouldn’t see how much they were trembling she lifted her head, their eyes locking.

“So tell me Allie, what is it you’re really after here?” the older woman asked

“I’m sorry, I’m not following”

“Bea’s obviously not thinking straight, and you’ve clearly got some kind of hold over her.  I’m guessing it’s probably the sex.  Harry didn’t look like the giving type, so I can’t imagine it was ever any good with him.  But I am thinking clearly, and I’m telling you now that I want you to stay away from my granddaughter.  You’re a lot younger than she is, and in six months’ time, when the honeymoon period wears off, and you realise you’re too young to be tied down, with a kid might I add, you’ll be long gone and she’ll be heartbroken.  You need to do everyone a favour and walk away now, and that’s not a suggestion, do I make myself clear?” Edith said, glaring at the young blonde in front of her

Allie couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and that the sweet old lady who sat in front of her fifteen minutes ago was long gone.  The woman sitting before her was a force to be reckoned with, and despite her first thought being to run for the hills, she loved Bea, and would not be bullied by anyone, even her beloved Gran.  Taking a deep breath, she fixed Edith with a glare that she hoped was somewhere near as intimidating as the old woman’s, before speaking

“You made yourself perfectly clear Mrs King, but I’m afraid I can’t do that.  I love Bea, and she loves me too.  I’m not about to throw that away because you can’t accept that.  The one and only time I will walk away from her is if she wants me to, not because of anyone else.  And even then I don’t plan on giving up without a fight.  She’s my entire world, both her and Debbie, and I have no intention of walking away, ever” Allie replied, her eyes never leaving Edith’s as she stood up

“I hope you enjoy your lunch with Bea, but I think I’ll wait in the car, I seem to have lost my appetite.  It was nice to meet you, and thank you for the coffee” she added as she started walking towards the door, stopping when she heard the old woman laugh.  Spinning around, she glared at her, shocked at the audacity of her.  As their eyes locked she saw no traces of the fierce woman that had just ordered her to break up with Bea.

“I’m sorry dear, I just had to see it for myself, I had to know”

“Know what?”

“If you would be willing to fight for her” Edith replied

“There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her”

“You hurt her and I’ll come after you.  I may be older than god, but I have my ways.  That poor girl’s had enough shit in her life, and I’ll be damned if I sit back and watch it happen all over again.  Now come and sit down.  If you’re not here when she gets back I’ll get the biggest bollocking, and she’s got a temper on her that one”

“I would never hurt her Edith.  I love her so much.  I’ve never felt this way about anyone, ever.  I know she’s had it tough, but I would never pressure her into anything.  Her happiness is the most important thing to me, and Debbie of course, she’s great, and a credit to her Mum.  And I promise you, if anyone so much as lays a finger on her, they’ll have me to deal with, and I’m tougher that I look” Allie replied, smiling at the old woman across from her as she took a seat



Bea knew what her Gran was up to, she just hoped she wasn’t giving Allie a hard time.  In hindsight she should have warned her about the blonde’s family history, but she wasn’t expecting the old woman to interrogate her girlfriend, not this quickly at least.  It had taken her about twenty minutes to get lunch.  Heading back up the stairs she walked along the corridor, and knocked on the apartment door.  After hearing her Gran call out to let her know it was open, she took a deep breath, braced herself for what she was about to find, and opened the door.  They were both seated at the dining table, and Allie had tears streaming down her face.  Placing the food down on the kitchen counter she ran over to her girlfriend, stopping a few feet away when she realised the blonde was laughing, and not crying.

“Don’t worry little Bea, I’m playing nice” her Gran said, smiling at her

Both of them turning to face Allie as the blonde let out a loud laugh, holding up an old photo

“Something funny Novak?” Bea asked, grabbing the picture from her girlfriend’s hand.  Looking down at it she saw it had been taken in Edith’s garden, and she remembered the day very well.  Her cousins Logan and Oscar, were building a tree house and they wouldn’t let her join in because she was a girl.  When it was just Oscar they got on fine, and she was allowed to help out, but Logan didn’t want her around, and made it perfectly obvious, hence the scowl on her face in the picture, her curls falling wildly around her face

“She still makes that face now doesn’t she” Edith said to Allie, as they both laughed at the now sulking redhead

“Oh all the time, although it is kind of cute” Allie replied, placing her hand on Bea’s arm

“Come on babe, no need to sulk.  We’re only teasing” she added, as Bea continued to scowl at her


After Edith put the photographs away, promising to show Allie some other good ones another day, they ate lunch.  The conversation flowed easily, and Bea was glad that Allie and her Gran were getting on so well.  The way the blonde’s family had treated her was awful, and she wanted her to feel like she was part of her family now, even though she didn’t see her Gran much.

An hour later they said their goodbyes, Bea suggesting they take Edith and Basil to dinner in a few days.  She had hoped he would be around today but her Gran had said he was busy, not that she bought the excuse for a minute.  As they were walking back to the car she took Allie’s hand, dropping a quick kiss on her cheek as they crossed the gardens

“She wasn’t too hard on you while I was gone was she?  She can be a little full on sometimes” she asked, hoping her Gran had been on her best behaviour, although she doubted that would be the case

“She was a pussycat, although if the A SIO are ever short of interrogators they should give her a call” Allie replied, unable to stop the sarcasm creeping into her voice

“Was she really that bad?”

“She ordered me to break up with you, and implied that I’d run for the hills once the thrill of all the sex we were having had worn off” the blonde replied, trying not to laugh at the look of horror on her girlfriend’s face

“She did what?  Right, wait here, I won’t be long” Bea said, turning to head back towards her Gran’s apartment.  She loved the old woman to bits, but there was no way she would let her speak to Allie like that

“Babe wait, its ok.  She was just testing me.  She wanted to know if I would be willing to fight for you, for us.  She was just looking out for you, and although her method was a little unorthodox.  I like her.  I can see where you got your feisty, stubborn streak from now” Allie replied, grabbing the redhead’s arm to stop her storming off to reprimand her Gran

“She had no right treating you like that, this isn’t over” the redhead said, pulling the same face she had been doing in the old photograph

“Yes it is.  Let it go please, for me.  I’ll make it worth your while later” the blonde said, throwing her girlfriend a wink before running towards the car, the older woman right behind her



A couple of days later they drove out to the beach that Bea used to go to when she was a kid.  It was midweek so wasn’t overly busy, and they had managed to find a quiet spot far enough away from other people to camp down for the day.  They had picked up lunch on the way in, and had just finished eating when Bea went over to the kiosk to grab them both a drink.  She was half way back to her girlfriend when she heard someone call her name.  Stopping, she turned around, coming face to face with her cousin, Logan.  What were the odds of that, in a city with a population of around one point five million people, she bumps into him.  It couldn’t have been his twin, Oscar, the nice one of the pair could it.

“Bea.  I thought it was you when you walked past the first time, but figured I must be imagining it.  What are you doing here, I thought you still lived in Aus”

“I do.  I’m here to see Gran, we thought we’d take a couple of weeks off and do a bit of sightseeing while we’re here”


“Yeah, I’m here with Allie, my partner”

“I’ll come and meet him.  It was such a shame you and Harry didn’t work out, he was a good guy” Logan replied, following his cousin across the sand, completely missing the glare she threw his way.



Allie spotted the guy approach her girlfriend.  Watching them closely, she thought he was trying to hit on her, not that she could blame him, she looked unbelievably hot in her little black bikini.  But then she saw that they were both walking towards her, and that the redhead really didn’t look happy about him being there.  Standing up as they approached her, she noticed a look of confusion on his face, before her girlfriend began making the introductions.

“Allie, this is Logan, my cousin.  Logan, this is my partner Allie” Bea said, looking utterly pissed off at the interruption to their day

“Ah, I didn’t realise you were here on business.  Nice to meet you Allie”

“You too Logan” Allie replied, a little confused by the business comment

“We’re not, we’re here on holiday” Bea added

“But you said you were here with your business partner”

“No I said partner, as in girlfriend.  Allie and I are a couple” Bea said, hoping to clear up the obvious mix up

“But…she’s a woman”

“Well spotted Einstein” the redhead threw back, her tone dripping in sarcasm

“So you’re a filthy dyke now.  No wonder Harry fucked off.  You make me sick, the pair of you.  I think it’s disgusting, and you should be ashamed of yourselves” he said, raising his voice at them

“I’m glad you don’t approve Logan, if you did I would know I was doing something wrong.  Now if you don’t mind, piss off back under whatever rock you crawled out from and leave us in peace” Bea replied, taking Allie’s hand in hers as she glared at her cousin

“Come on darlin’, five minutes with a real man like me and you’ll be cured for life” he sneered.  Lunging forward he grabbed at Allie, his fingers grazing over her left breast, the blonde jumping back out of his reach.

Stepping in front of Allie so she was between the blonde and her cousin, Bea swung her right arm, her fist connecting with Logan’s nose, the force of the blow causing him to stumble and fall on his arse.

“Touch her again and I’ll break your fucking arm” she growled at him, before turning to Allie

“Are you alright sweetheart?” Bea asked, her fingers ghosting lightly over the blonde’s jaw

Grabbing Bea’s right hand she brought it up to her mouth, kissing her knuckles, that were turning red from the impact

“I think we should go” she replied, keeping hold of the older woman’s hand

“We did nothing wrong, why should we have to leave?” Bea said, glaring at her cousin who was heading back to where he came from, mumbling something under his breath

“Do you have any idea how turned on I am right now.  If you don’t take me to bed soon I can’t promise that I won’t fuck you right here.  And as much as I want to make love to you on a beach, and believe me, I really, really want to, this one is a little too crowded, even for me” Allie replied, her teeth tugging gently at the redhead’s bottom lip before crashing their lips together, her hands roaming over her girlfriend’s strong back.

Breaking apart after a couple of minutes, they were both gasping for breath, and Bea could feel the wetness pooling in her bikini bottoms.  Packing their things quickly, they threw their shorts and vests tops on, grabbed the bags and raced off the beach.  Jumping in the car, Bea drove them straight back to the hotel, desperate to feel her girlfriend’s body trembling beneath her as soon as possible, all thoughts of her confrontation with Logan completely forgotten.

Chapter Text

Three days later and they were packing their things before heading to Great Barrier Island.  Bea had booked them a cottage for four nights, wanting to spend some quality alone time with her girlfriend, and after the blonde’s confession the other day, was also hoping to find a nice secluded beach somewhere along the way.  Seeing Allie parading around in that bikini for the past couple of days had left her feeling in a constant state of arousal, and no matter how many times they made love, she still craved more.

They arrived early afternoon, and Allie was thankful the flight over had only been half an hour long.  She had thought Bea was joking when she saw what could only be described as a model aeroplane, but unfortunately that hadn’t been the case, and the small ten seater aircraft had been their mode of transport for the journey.  She had thought their adventures at the top of the Sky Tower would have eased her fear slightly, but judging by the way she practically sat in the redhead’s lap the entire journey, she was still very much afraid.

A few hours later they were curled up in bed, looking out over the sea, as the sun set behind the rocks, Allie’s head resting on her girlfriend’s chest.

“It really is beautiful here, but I wish you wouldn’t waste your money on me” Allie said, her fingers playing with the redhead’s, Bea’s hand ran up and down her lover’s back gently.

“I’ve always wanted to come but never had anyone worth sharing it with until you came along.  You’re my girl and I want to spoil you.  You could never be a waste of anything Allie” the redhead replied, flipping them over so she was straddling her girlfriend, their lips coming together in a slow, passionate kiss.


The following morning they tried their hand at paddle boarding, Bea picking it up much quicker than Allie, although she couldn’t fault the blonde’s effort and determination.  She had tried for over an hour, but the longest she lasted, stood on the board was about ten seconds, and that was probably being generous.  She couldn’t help but laugh as Allie got up on the board the last time, looking rather pleased with herself.  After doing a little victory dance at her achievement, she lost her balance and ended up crashing face first into the sea, again. 

The rest of the day was spent in the cottage, Bea sketching for a couple of hours while Allie finished off her book.  That evening they had a barbeque on the deck, before watching the sun go down as they laid together on one of the sun loungers.

The next day, they explored the island, Bea convincing Allie to go on one of the hiking trails, but conveniently forgetting to mention it would take them around five hours to complete.  After forty five minutes they arrived at a stream and waterfall, the view was absolutely spectacular, and even Allie decided it had been worth the walk.  They swam in the stream for a while, cooling off, when Allie pulled Bea under the waterfall, soaking them both through, before tugging on her girlfriend’s hand, bringing them in towards the rocks and behind the wall of water.  Wrapping her arms around the older woman, she peppered kisses across her collar bone and along her neck, before capturing her lips, smiling into the kiss when she heard the redhead moan, Bea’s hands roaming all over the younger woman’s back before coming to rest on her bikini covered arse.

After their swim, and a rather heated make-out session behind the waterfall they continued on the trail, arriving at the first of the hot springs just over an hour later, the second coming towards the end of their trek, soothing their aching bodies.  It was a hot day and they were both tired when they got back to the cottage.  After grabbing a shower they headed out to one of the small restaurants to grab an early dinner.  Allie had told Bea that it would be an early start for them the following morning, but refused to tell her what she had planned, two can play that game after all.



It was still dark outside when Bea awoke to soft kisses, Allie’s fingers tracing patterns lightly on her stomach as she smiled down at her, the moonlight streaming in through the window illuminating her blonde locks.

“Morning baby”

“Mmm…I wish I could wake up like this every morning.   What time is it Alliecat?”

“It’s just gone four thirty.  Come on, we need to get going if we’re going to get there in time”

“It’s too early, let’s just stay here”

“Please baby, I’ll make it up to you later” Allie whispered, running her hand up the inside of the redhead’s thigh slowly, letting her know exactly how she was planning on doing so.  Feeling her lover tremble under her touch, she stepped back, breaking all contact, before heading into the bathroom, leaving her girlfriend frustrated and complaining at the loss of contact.

Half an hour later they were leaving the cottage, Allie leading her girlfriend down a tree lined footpath, only the light from the moon above and a very small torch aiding their movement.  A short while later and the trees cleared, revealing a small, secluded beach.  Taking Bea’s hand in hers, Allie led them down the rocks carefully, before laying the blanket down on the sand so it was hidden by the rocks.

“I spotted this place when we were walking yesterday, thought we could watch the sunrise together” the blonde said, pulling Bea down so they were sitting side by side on the blanket.

“How long have we got before it comes up?” Bea asked, tucking a strand of hair behind her girlfriend’s ear

“About forty minutes, why?” Allie replied after checking the time on her phone

Smirking at her girlfriend, Bea pushed her down onto the blanket, straddling her hips as she brought their lips together in a slow, sensual kiss, her left hand roaming up the blonde’s thigh, stopping just below the hem of the blue sundress she was wearing

“I want to make love to you under the moonlight” she said as her hand trailed further up Allie’s leg, gasping when she realised the younger woman wasn’t wearing any underwear, her girlfriend obviously had a similar idea on how they could pass the time.

Moving her hand up, she cupped the blonde’s core, evidence of her arousal coating Bea’s fingers as Allie let out a soft moan at the contact.  Pushing her hips down onto her girlfriend’s hand, she tugged at the redhead’s shorts, desperate to feel her skin.  Pulling back slightly, Bea moved to the side, removing her shorts and t shirt, before tugging Allie’s dress over her head, as the blonde made short work of the older woman’s bra.  Once all the barriers had been removed, Bea crawled back up her lover’s body, both of them gasping when their breasts came into contact.

Pulling the second blanket over them she positioned herself so her left leg was between Allie’s legs, she pressed her thigh into the blonde’s core, her girlfriend’s arousal coating her skin as she rolled her hips, causing her leg to come into contact with the area Bea needed her the most.  Leaning down, she took Allie’s left nipple into her mouth, her right arm moving underneath her girlfriend, pulling their bodies closer and increasing the contact.  A soft moan escaping the blonde’s lips as Bea rocked above her, Allie’s movements matching her own as the friction built them both up.  Capturing her lips in a hard, passionate kiss, the younger woman scratching at her back as she upped the pace, Bea thrusting into her lover slowly, loving the control their current position gave her.  The sounds coming from the blonde’s mouth were making her head spin, but she was determined not to lose control, wanting things to last as long as possible.

“Fuck…Allie” she moaned as the blonde’s fingers dug into her back, bringing them even closer

“Oh god, faster baby…fuck me…please” Allie said, her voice thick with desire as she sucked hard on the redhead’s pulse point, before biting gently on her lover’s right nipple, her tongue flicking over the hardened bud, causing Bea’s hips to jerk forward, her thigh slamming hard against Allie’s clit, the blonde moaning loudly

“Look at me Allie” Bea said, the blonde’s eyes locking with hers as she picked up speed.  She could tell by the way her girlfriend’s body was trembling beneath her that she was close, and the way Allie was looking at her was almost enough to make her come

“I love you” Allie moaned breathlessly as she grabbed Bea’s arse, slamming their bodies together as their orgasms tore through them, a guttural moan escaping Bea’s lips as her eyes slammed shut.  Exhausted, and completely spent, she crashed down on the blanket beside Allie, both of them breathless and covered in a light sheen of sweat.



A short while later Allie was sat on the blanket, Bea between her legs, leaning back so the blonde’s breasts were pressed firmly against her back.  Her arms were wrapped around the older woman, while the red comforter covered them as they watched the sunrise, their discarded clothes lying on the sand beside them.

“Thank you for coming into my life and showing me that real love does exist.  To me it was always just a fairy tale, something that other people had but never me.  I’m so in love with you, I hope you know that” Allie said, her voice so quiet that the redhead only just heard her

“I know, and I love you too beautiful girl, so much.  You made me feel again, and I never want to be without you, ever” Bea replied, turning slightly in the blonde’s arms, her head resting against her lover’s chest.

They stayed like that for a while longer, before Bea suggested that they should probably head back to the cottage.  Being with Allie like that on the beach had been nothing short of spectacular, but she didn’t want to risk getting caught by some early morning walkers, and what she had in mind for her girlfriend would require several hours.

Their last day on the island was spent on the beach, Allie finally getting to grips with paddle boarding, before they headed back to the cottage for a quick shower.  They should have known better than to get in together, and were now running late yet again.  After racing around the cottage, making sure they had everything, they took a taxi to the airport, Bea promising to look after her girlfriend again during the return flight.  Allie really hated the little aircraft, but when the redhead’s fingers were drawing patterns on her thigh like they currently were, she forgot all about being in a tin can in the sky, her thoughts consumed with how she was planning on thanking the older woman once they got back to their Auckland hotel.



1635 miles away Kaz was making the all too familiar journey to the prison.  She knew deep down that the chance of her and Harry having any kind of future together was slim, but even after everything, all these years later, she still loved him, and probably always would.  After going through the usual process, she was escorted into the visiting room.  Spotting him in the far corner she crossed the room, wrapping her arms around him and holding him close.

She took a seat opposite him and they chatted for a while, Harry informing her that he’d applied for a conjugal visit and was hoping to get it approved within the next few days

“I miss you Harry, I wish things could be different”

“Me too sweetheart, but if it gets approved at least we can be alone together for a couple of hours.  I know it’s not ideal, but I’m working on an appeal” he replied, taking her hand across the table

They chatted about everyday stuff for a while, before Kaz raised the subject of his ex-wife.

“I need you to find as much information as you can on her little girlfriend” he said, smirking at the blonde sitting opposite

“What’s the plan?” Kaz asked

“Not sure yet, I’m still working on it.  Just get me the information and I’ll deal with the rest” Harry replied, his tone a lot firmer that usual

“I’m on it” she said, a little disappointed that he wouldn’t let her in on it.

He knew exactly what he was doing, and she couldn’t help but feel like she was being used.  Changing the subject so they didn’t waste what little time they had, they chatted for a while longer, before the prison officer called time on the visits.  Kaz couldn’t settle on the drive home, Harry had never spoken to her like that before.  Putting it down to the stress of being locked up, she pushed the thought to the back of her mind, concentrating on the task at hand instead.



Bea called her Gran when they arrived back in Auckland, Edith suggesting that they get together so she can introduce her granddaughter to Basil.  After chatting for a while, she told Bea she would make the arrangements and call her back with the details.

A few hours later, they were getting ready to go out when Bea’s phone rang, her Gran giving her the details for their dinner the following evening.  She had just ended the call when Allie came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel.

“Gran called while you were in the shower.  She wants to know if we want to go out to dinner tomorrow night, and she promised not to interrogate you this time”

“Sure, and tell her to bring it on, I can take it.  Is she bringing Basil?”

“She is, maybe it’s time for a little bit of payback” the redhead joked, pulling Allie into to her as her hands made short work of removing the towel that was covering her girlfriend, dinner could wait a while, right now she needed to taste something else.



They arrived at the restaurant at seven thirty the following evening, and Bea was surprised to say the least, it wasn’t the type of place that she expected her Gran to frequent.  The building was a converted warehouse, and was very minimalistic in style.  After giving her Gran’s name they were escorted to their table, surprised to find they were the first there.  Noticing the table was set for six, she wondered who else would be joining them.

A few minutes later Edith arrived with a man, who they correctly assumed was Basil.  Once the introductions were out of the way they took a seat, Allie taking the chair opposite Bea, and beside Basil, while Bea sat beside her Gran, an empty seat to the other side of each of the girls.  They chatted for a while, getting to know Edith’s friend, the blonde taking an instant liking to him.  Basil was just as sharp as her Gran, and Bea was happy that she had found someone that could keep up with her, even though Edith had assured her during their phone call they were only friends.  He seemed to have taken a shine to Allie too, the blonde deep in conversation with him as both Edith and Bea looked on, smiling.

Twenty minute later Bea saw her girlfriend tense up.  Turning around in her chair to face the same direction as the blonde, she spotted Oscar walking towards them, his wife Mickey beside him.  They must be regulars here, she thought to herself, as the few staff members that were nearby greeted them both as they crossed the room.

Oscar and Logan were identical twins so she could see why Allie was feeling uncomfortable, especially after the not so warm welcome the latter gave them on the beach the previous week.

“It’s Oscar Alliecat, they’re twins, don’t worry” she said, reaching over and taking her girlfriend’s hand over the table.

Standing up, she pulled her cousin into a hug.  At six foot five he towered over her small frame as he picked her up and, spun her around

“Hey bumble, looking good” he said, putting her back down again

“I’m guessing it’s the hot blonde that’s doing it.  You don’t do things by halves do you, I’m impressed” he added, causing the redhead to blush, and Allie to smirk at his remark.  She could tell by the way he was with Bea that he was nothing like his dickhead of a brother, even if they did look the same.

Standing up, Allie wandered around the table towards her girlfriend and the new arrivals, the redhead introducing her to Oscar and his wife, Mickey. 

“I hear you met my brother last week” Oscar said to Allie as he took the seat beside her

“Yeah, we ran into him at the beach” she replied

“Sorry about that, he’s an…”

“Arsehole” Bea, Edith and Mickey said at the exact same time, causing the rest of the table to laugh

“What they said.  But I guess every family has one right?” Oscar added

“Yeah well you’re lucky, my family’s got more than one” Allie said

“You’re not close to your family I take it?” Mickey asked, keen to get to know the woman who had put a smile on Bea’s face

“I haven’t seen them for thirteen years, and if it can stay that way for the next fifty I’ll be very happy” the blonde said, and she genuinely meant it

“That’s a shame love” Edith said.  Her granddaughter had mentioned that they didn’t get along but hadn’t gone into any detail

“It’s ok, I’ve got all the family I need” Allie replied, her eyes finding Bea’s across the table



The rest of the evening went well, Allie finding she had a lot in common with Mickey, and Oscar was fun, the way him and Bea bickered playfully gave the blonde an insight as to what her girlfriend’s childhood had been like.  She loved finding out new things about the older woman, and she looked absolutely adorable when she blushed as Oscar and Edith relived memories from when they were kids.

After they had eaten one of the waiters came over to the table, heading straight for Oscar

“Sorry to bother you boss, but Arti needs you for a minute” she said, smiling at Mickey as Oscar stood and followed her across the restaurant and into the kitchen.  Arti was an excellent chef, but loved the drama a little bit too much.

“Boss?” Bea asked

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell her Edith.  Sorry Bea, this is our restaurant” Mickey said, clearing up the confusion

“That explains it, I thought that it didn’t look like the sort of place to do pensioners specials” the redhead replied, Allie laughing as Edith feigned a look of hurt

“Wow, this place is fantastic, and the food…incredible” Allie said, clearly impressed by what the couple had achieved.

Fifteen minutes later Oscar returned after dealing with the mini crisis in the kitchen, the conversation turning to Bea’s job, or sleeping on the job as Oscar referred to it as.

At nine thirty Edith and Basil said their goodbyes, saying it was well past their bedtime, leaving the four of them to continue their evening.  Mickey had been chatting to Allie about their shared love of music, so suggested they headed to the karaoke bar down the street, both Bea and Allie failing to mention the blonde’s experience on the stage.



They arrived at the bar, Allie and Mickey grabbing a table while Oscar and Bea headed to the bar to get a round of drinks

“I like her bumble.  She’s clearly good for you, and after everything you went through with that cockwomble of an ex-husband you deserve to be happy” he said, nudging his cousin with his shoulder

“She’s the best thing that’s happened to me since Debbie, I love her Ozzie.  And please stop calling me that”

“I can tell, and judging by the way she been undressing you with her eyes all evening I’d say the feeling’s mutual.  Just don’t forget my invite to the wedding…bumble” he replied as they grabbed the drinks and headed over to the two women in their lives.

A while later, after they had watched a few people perform Allie’s name was called, the blonde dropping a quick kiss on her girlfriend’s cheek as she slid out of the booth and headed for the stage.  Winking at the redhead whose eyes were fixed on her, she grabbed the mic and started to sing.


All along it was a fever

A cold sweat, hot headed believer

I threw my hands in the air I said show me something

She said, if you dare come a little closer


Round and around and around and around we go

Oh now tell me, now tell me, now tell me now you know


Allie’s eyes locked with Bea’s, as they always did whenever she performed.  Every time it felt like they were the only two people in the room, and the blonde hoped it would always be that way between them.


Not really sure how to feel about it

Something in the way you move

Makes me feel like I can’t live without you

It takes me all the way

I want you to stay


It’s not much of a life you’re living

It’s not just something you take, it’s given

Round and around and around and around we go

Oh now tell me, now tell me, now tell me now you know


Not really sure how to feel about it

Something in the way you move

Makes me feel like I can’t live without you

It takes me all the way

I want you to stay


Oh the reason I hold on

Oh ‘cause I need this hole gone

Funny you’re the broken one but I’m the only one who needed saving

‘Cause when you never see the light, it’s hard to know which one of us is caving


Not really sure how to feel about it

Something in the way you move

Makes me feel like I can’t live without you

It takes me all the way

I want you to stay, stay

I want you to stay, oh


“Fucking hell she’s good.  There’s no way I’m following that!” Mickey said as she watched Allie step off the stage and walk back towards them

“She plays in a band sometimes.  I should have warned you, but the look on your face was priceless” Bea replied, laughing at her

“Says the one that was practically drooling” Oscar said as Allie sat down beside her girlfriend

“What did I miss” she asked, both Oscar and Mickey were laughing when she arrived at the table, while her girlfriend was scowling at her cousin

“Our little bumble here was drooling”

“Hey, leave her alone” Allie said, swatting her hand at Oscar before turning to face the redhead

“Ignore him baby.  You know how much I love it when you watch me, especially when you’re screaming my name” she added, embarrassing the older woman a little bit more, much to the amusement of Mickey and Oscar

“I like her, she can stay” Oscar said, laughing as his cousins cheeks coloured up again


They had spent the last hour on the dancefloor, and the blonde was wound up like a coiled spring.  It was her own fault for embarrassing her girlfriend earlier on in the evening.  Bea had taken great pleasure in dancing extremely close, her fingers ghosting lightly all over Allie’s body as her head rested on her shoulder.  The older woman’s hot breath on her neck had been the final straw.  Grabbing Bea’s hand, she had dragged her off the dancefloor and into the bathroom.  Closing the stall door behind them, she pushed her up against the wall, her lips kissing and biting at the redhead’s neck as her hands wandered under her shirt, caressing her breasts over her bra.

Throwing her head back against the wall, Bea gave the younger woman better access to her neck as her fingers trailed over Allie’s hips, before grabbing her arse and pulling her in close.

“We need to go, now.  I don’t want to fuck you here, but if we keep this up I won’t be able to control myself” Bea said, her voice lower than usual.

Grabbing at the back of the redhead’s neck, Allie crashed their lips together, biting down on the older woman’s bottom lip before sucking on it, taking the sting away

“I love it when you talk like that, it’s fucking hot, and it makes me so wet.  Take me to bed baby, please.  I need you inside me” the blonde said, kissing her girlfriend once more before unlocking the door and leading them back out of the bathroom and into the bar.

Ten minutes later they had said goodnight to Oscar and Mickey, the pair promising to fly over to Australia for a visit soon.  Once they were outside they jumped in a taxi and headed for the hotel.  They had both thoroughly enjoyed their night, Allie loving how accepting the majority of Bea’s family had been towards her, but right now all she wanted to do was get back to their room and show her girlfriend just how much she loved her, over and over again.

Chapter Text

They visited Edith again before they left New Zealand, Basil suggesting to Bea that they take a walk so they could get to know each other better.  The redhead knew her Gran had instigated it to get some time alone with Allie, she just hoped she would be better behaved this time around

“I owe you an apology Allie, my behaviour the first time we met was nothing short of disgraceful.   I truly am sorry, and I should never have said what I did.  I can see now how much you love Bea, and how happy she is with you”

“Please don’t ever apologise for being protective of her, I know I never would.  I’m glad she has her family behind her, well most of them anyway.  I never had that, and I would hate Bea to have to go through the same because of her relationship with me.  I want to spend the rest of my life with her.  I know we haven’t been together that long, but I honestly can’t imagine my life without her, and I hope I never have to”

“I know my granddaughter, and believe me, she feels the same, I can tell every time she looks at you.  I hated Harry from the second I met him, he was a smug bastard.  But it was Bea’s choice, and who was I to come between them, even though I knew he was no good for her.  We both know how that turned out, and the only good thing to come out of that car crash of a marriage was young Debbie.  But I can honestly say that in all the time they were together, Bea never once looked at him the way she looks at you, so hold on to that and don’t ever let it go.  You’re family now, and we stick together no matter what” Edith said, holding on to Allie’s arm and pulling her into a hug

“I don’t intend to, I promise” Allie replied, both of them pulling away when they heard the door open

As Bea opened the door her girlfriend looked over to her with tears in her eyes, and her Gran’s eyes were firmly fixed on the floor

“What did you say this time Gran?  Because whatever it is it won’t change anything.  I love Allie, and there’s nothing you, or anyone can say to change that, so please, stop trying” the redhead said, staring straight at her Gran

“It’s ok baby, I’m just happy that’s all” Allie said, placing her hand on her girlfriend’s arm, hoping to reassure her that everything was fine

“You sure?” Bea asked, her eyes still fixed on her Gran still

“Bea, I’m good, really” Allie confirmed, kissing her girlfriend on the cheek, the redhead visibly relaxing at the feel of the younger woman’s lips on her skin.

The four of them had lunch together before Bea and Allie headed back into the city.  They were leaving the following day, and wanted to do a bit of shopping before they left.  Edith had told her granddaughter not to leave it so long before her next visit as she wasn’t getting any younger and wanted to spend more time with both Bea and Allie.

It had been a strange couple of weeks for Allie, the few days they had spent at Great Barrier Island had been perfect, and she had enjoyed having Bea all to herself for a while.  But she also loved the time they had spent with her girlfriend’s family.  Edith had scared the crap out of her the first time they met, but she had grown really fond of her over the past few days.  It was clear from the start that she was very protective of Bea, and anyone that was looking out for her girlfriend was fine in her books.  Oscar and Mickey had been very welcoming too, and the redhead had clearly been very close to her cousin, despite the distance and limited visits.  She hoped they had been serious when they said they would come and visit them.  It would be nice to be a part of a family again, even if they weren’t her blood relatives.



After leaving Edith’s apartment they headed into the city to pick a few things up.  Bea wanted to get a gift for Debbie as it had been the first time in a long time that the young Smith hadn’t been there with her Mum.  They were walking past a jewellery store when the redhead stopped, something in the window catching her eye.  Entering the store she headed over to the display by the window to get a closer look at the earrings that she was sure her daughter would love.  After speaking to one of the sales assistants he headed over to the display to get the earrings, Bea wandering over to another display to take a look while she waited.

Looking at the jewellery in front of her, she spotted a necklace and pendant, the colour of the stone reminding her of her girlfriend’s eyes.  Turning around to face the sales assistant, she looked at the earrings, calling Allie over to get her opinion on them.  Both women thought the same, that Debbie would love them.  Walking over to the till to pay for them, she quietly asked him about the necklace.  Looking over her shoulder, she spotted that the blonde was pre-occupied, so asked to take a look at it.  The colour of the stone was even more prominent once it was out from behind the glass, and she knew it would bring out the colour in Allie’s eyes even more. 

After paying for both items they walked back out onto the street, Bea taking the blonde’s hand in hers as they wandered around for a while before heading back to the hotel to shower and change.  They were finishing getting ready when Allie turned to her girlfriend, tucking a stray curl behind the redhead’s ear

“Do I look ok?” the blonde asked.  Stepping back slightly Bea took in the sight before her.  Allie was wearing a figure hugging black dress, clinging to her body in all the right places, and it was making the older woman crazy with want. 

“There’s something missing” she said, trying to hide a smile as she spoke

“Really?  I can change if you don’t like it” Allie replied, sounding more than a little self-conscious

“Turn around and close your eyes” Bea told her, smiling when she saw the confusion in her girlfriend’s eyes.  Grabbing the box from under the pillow she opened it.  Picking up the necklace, she stepped up behind Allie, placing the jewellery around her neck before fastening it.

“You can open them now” the older woman said, placing a soft kiss on her girlfriend’s exposed shoulder before taking a small step back, her eyes watching Allie through the mirror as she opened her eyes, her fingers tracing the pendant around her neck before she turned to face her.

“It’s beautiful.  I love it, thank you”

“It’s not as beautiful as you Alliecat, I’m glad you like it.  Now come on, we need to go before I drag you to bed.  Do you have any idea what you do to me?”

“The same thing you do to me hopefully.  But I need food if I’m going to have enough energy for what I want to do to you later” Allie replied, pulling her girlfriend in for a kiss before heading for the door, Bea’s hand in hers.




They arrived back in Melbourne late afternoon, heading straight to Bea’s house from the airport.  Bridget had been looking after Cormack while they were away, but she had sent Bea a message that morning letting them know she would be at work when they got home.  After unpacking their luggage Allie jumped in the shower while Bea sorted through her mail.

After piling up the bills, she was still very much in holiday mode so would deal with those tomorrow, and throwing away all the crap, she came across an envelope with the Melbourne Fire Service stamp on it.  She knew exactly what was in the envelope, her exam results.  Picking it up off the table she headed back upstairs, dropping the envelope on the bed before jumping in the shower her girlfriend had just vacated, she would deal with that later.

Finishing up in the bathroom, Allie headed into Bea’s room to get dressed, spotting an envelope on the bed as she crossed the room.  Curiosity getting the better of her, she changed direction, taking a few steps to the right, and coming to a stop beside the bed.  Glancing down at the envelope she spotted the fire service stamp on the front, knowing instantly what would be in it.  After getting dressed she sat down on the bed, her back resting against the headboard, picking the envelope back up she held onto it and waited for her girlfriend.

Fifteen minutes later Bea came walking out of the en-suite, wrapped in a towel, spotting the blonde on the bed with her letter in her hand.  Wandering over to the bed she stood beside it, watching Allie.

“So are you going to open this, or just leave it here and hope it disappears?” the younger woman asked, a playful tone to her voice

“No one likes a smart arse Alliecat” Bea replied, sticking her tongue out at her girlfriend

“Will you open it for me?” she added, the slight tremble in her voice giving away just how nervous she was

“Sure” the blonde replied, patting the space beside her on the bed, Bea coming to sit beside her, her head resting on Allie’s shoulder.

Turning the envelope over in her hands, Allie opened it slowly.  Keeping her face neutral as she read it, she placed the letter down on the bedside table before turning towards her girlfriend, taking both Bea’s hands in hers.  Allie’s expression was unreadable, and Bea could feel the nerves building, the butterflies in her stomach appeared to be having some sort of party.

“I’m sorry baby…” Allie said, her gaze fixed firmly on the redhead’s as she spoke

“It’s ok, I can take it again I suppose”

“I’m sorry that you’re going to have to put up with Doyle hounding you about her exam”


“You passed Bea.  No, you aced it, and I’m so proud of you baby” the blonde replied, leaning forward and kissing her girlfriend slowly, her left hand resting on the nape of her neck as she held her close

“Really?  I can’t believe it, I really thought I’d screwed it up” Bea said after they broke apart

"Really, and I never had any doubt.  You know what this means don’t you?” the blonde asked

“What does it mean?”

“We’re going to have to break your new office in, I want to fuck you on the desk” she said, her fingers running along the older woman’s chest where the towel stopped

 “You’re a bad influence on me Novak.  Oh and did I mention that there’s a sofa in there as well?”

“Even better, double the fun.  And you love it Smith, don’t even bother trying to deny it”

“I don’t know, maybe you could show me what you had in mind, convince me a little” the redhead replied as she unbuttoned her girlfriend’s shirt



The following day Bea headed over to Bridget’s house to collect Cormack after dropping Allie off at the flat.  The blonde needed to check with Liz to see what her shift pattern was for the next few weeks, but would be heading back over to her girlfriend’s house later that day.  She had suggested that she stayed at the flat, wanting to give the older woman some space, afraid that she would get sick of her.  Bea had been adamant that she didn’t want space, and would go wherever Allie was, the younger woman deciding to go to the house as there was less chance of them being interrupted.  Debbie would be home in a few weeks, and both women wanted to make the most of having the house to themselves.

A few days later Bea invited Franky and Bridget over for dinner.  The brunette had asked her the previous day about running through the key areas she would need to focus on for her upcoming exam, and she wanted to thank the doctor for looking after Cormack, so decided to combine the two.  Allie had been working the lunchtime shift and had arrived an hour ago to help her with the food preparation, or at least that had been the plan.  One look at the older woman in her tight vest top and short shorts and she had her pushed up against the breakfast bar, her lips on her neck as her right hand found its way into her shorts.

A while later they had both showered and were back in the kitchen finishing off dinner preparations, both of them unable to keep the smile off their face as they thought about the activities of the last hour.  Bea still found it strange, even after six months together, how much she wanted Allie, and she wondered if it would always be this way between them.

After dinner Bridget had offered to help Allie clear up, leaving Bea to go over the core areas of study with Franky.  They had been chatting about the brunette’s upcoming exam for about an hour, Allie checking on them a couple of times and bringing them drinks, before heading back through into the lounge, and Bridget, when out of the blue, Franky changed the subject.

“I want to ask Gidge to marry me, but I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do”

“What are you afraid of?”

“Everything.  That it’s too soon, that she’ll say no, or that I’ll end up hurting her.   Whenever I was with anyone I was always on the lookout for the next one, but since Bridget came along, I don’t want anyone else, I love her.  I’m just scared that she’ll get bored of me, I know that I’m not good enough for her” the brunette said

“Bridget’s crazy about you, and it’s blatantly obvious how much she loves you just by being in the same room as the both of you.  There’s no way she’ll say no Franky, trust me.  And don’t worry about the rest of it, you’re more than good enough for anyone, so don’t ever doubt that ok, I know Bridget doesn’t” the redhead said.  It was very rare that Franky showed her vulnerable side, so it was obvious how much all this meant to her

“Thanks Red, although I wasn’t good enough for you was I?  Needed a bit of blonde for you to switch teams” Franky replied, her ability to flip a conversation on its head always amazed Bea

“I love you Franky, but not in that way.  Do you realise that we almost got through an entire conversation without you embarrassing me, or hitting on me.  Almost”

“Yeah well, I’m a one woman woman these days, and having witnessed Blondie’s temper I have no intention of being on the receiving end of it.  Plus, the second you set eyes on her that evening at the station I knew you were hooked, even if you didn’t” the brunette replied

Later that night they were laid in bed, Allie’s head resting on the older woman’s chest as the redhead’s fingers trailed up and down her back gently.

“I want to find Oli again, will you help me?”

“Of course I will, whatever it takes.  I just want you to be happy.  What brought this on?”

“You make me happy, and I loved getting to know your family.  It just got me thinking about how much I miss him”

“What about the rest of your family?”

“Oliver’s the only one I want to find, the rest of them are dead to me.  You’re my family now, you and Debbie” the younger woman replied, cuddling into her girlfriend, sleep claiming both women shortly after



The following week the crew had arranged to meet at fuel that evening.  It was open mic night and knowing Bea would be there anyway, especially as Allie was working, Franky asked them all to be there, saying she had an announcement to make.

The blonde hadn’t planned on playing any more solo gigs any time soon, if ever, but one of the artists had pulled out at the last minute and the guys from 11:11 had said they would cover half of the free slot on the condition that Allie did the rest.  They would be driving over to Adelaide in a couple of days to play at the student union, and they had managed to secure a few small gigs while they were there.  They would be away for just over a week and had asked the blonde to go with them but she wasn’t; sure if she could stand to be away from Bea for that long, and had no intention of finding out, so had declined.  It had been too short notice to draft anyone else in for that evening, or change the schedule, so Allie had no other option but to fill the gap.

They were meeting at seven thirty, Franky and Bridget arriving fifteen minutes late to ensure their friends would all be there on arrival.  Bea had told Allie about the brunette’s plan to propose to Bridget, and both of them expected that this was the reason Franky wanted them all to be there.  The redhead was happy for their friend’s but it had gotten her to thinking about her own relationship.  After her divorce came through she swore she would never marry anyone ever again, but that had been before Allie.  She had no idea what her girlfriend’s views on marriage were, or if it was even something she would want to do further down the line, but suddenly the thought didn’t seem so daunting anymore.

Gathering everyone together, Franky made the announcement, she was getting married.  Liz had run around the bar and wrapped her arms around the tattooed brunette who, like Bea, had always been more of a daughter to her than a friend.  After congratulation Franky, Liz turned to Bridget, pulling her into a hug and welcoming her to the family.

Boomer had been unusually quiet, standing off to one side on her own as everyone fussed over the newly engaged couple.  Spotting her friend’s unusual behaviour, Allie wandered over to check on her.

“Everything ok here Booms?” she asked

“Yeah, I’m good”

“”Well you don’t look it.  You can talk to me you know, if something’s bothering you”

“Nah, there’s nothing wrong” boomer said, although she wasn’t convincing anyone

“So you’re not upset that Franky’s getting married, not worried that you’ll lose your best friend?”

“Shit, is it that obvious?  I’m happy for her, I’ll just miss her that’s all”

“You’ll never lose her Booms, Franky loves you and she’ll always be there, and Bridget would never do anything to affect your friendship.  Plus, think of all the ammo you’ll get out of this, you’ll be able to tease her for months, especially when she’s all stressed out about the wedding” Allie said, hoping that would cheer her friend up

“I didn’t think about that, I’m gonna have so much fun” Boomer said, a wide smile on her face as she turned and headed over to Franky, picking her up and squeezing her until she shouted at her to put her down.



Walking back over to her girlfriend, Allie pulled her in for a quick kiss before heading through into the back to get everything organised and check on the first few artists.  She had been gone about twenty minutes when there was a knock on the office door, shouting to whoever was there to come in, she turned around, finding Bea leaning against the door frame.

Stepping into the room, she closed the door before walking over to Allie.  Grabbing the front of her shirt, she pulled her up out of her chair, crashing their lips together.

“What was that for, not that I’m complaining”

“It was really sweet what you did for Boomer back there, I just wanted to say thank you”

“You can thank me more often if that’s how you do it” the blonde replied, kissing her girlfriend again before ushering her towards the door

“Now scram before I have my wicked way with you” she added

“Well now I want to stay”

“Later, I promise it will be worth the wait”

“It always is” Bea replied, throwing a wink at the younger woman as she walked down the corridor and back into the bar, already looking forward to the end of the night.

Allie would be performing in the penultimate slot, 11:11 headlining again.  She would only have to perform four songs, as the guys had added a few new songs to their set, wanting to use Fuel as a guinea pig to see how they went down.  Throughout the evening she kept nipping out into the bar to chat with her friends.  She had found the previous week at dinner, that she got on really well with Bridget.  She had been surprised initially, at how easy she was to talk to, and the doctor had turned out to be much more down to earth that Allie had expected.  But then again she was marrying Franky.  After spending half an hour with the newly engaged couple she headed through into the back again, she was due on stage soon and needed to get everything ready.



Stepping up onto the stage she apologised for the change in schedule, explaining that one of the acts had to drop out, and she was the only one who could fill in at such short notice.  After telling the crowd that she wouldn’t take up much of their time, and that the real musicians would be back shortly, she began to play, the crowd captivated by her from the start.

Every time she played her confidence grew, and once again, having her girlfriend there with her helped to settle her nerves.  Thanking everyone for their time she announced that this would be her last song.  After dedicating it to Franky and Bridget, she smiled at her girlfriend before starting to sing.


You’re the light, you’re the night

You’re the colour of my blood

You’re the cure, you’re the pain

You’re the only thing I want to touch

Never knew that it could mean so much, so much


You’re the fear, I don’t care

‘Cause I’ve never been so high

Follow me to the dark

You can see the world you brought to life, to life


So love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do

Love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do

Touch me like you do, to-to-touch me like you do

What are you waiting for?


Fading in, fading out

On the edge of paradise

Every inch of your skin is a holy grail I’ve got to find

Only you can set my heart on fire, on fire


Allie sang, focusing on Bea as the words passed over her lips.  She had never felt anything like what she did for the redhead with anyone else, and doubted that it was even possible.  She could see the love radiating from Bea’s eyes, and every time she looked at her like that, she fell in love with her a little bit more


Yeah, I’ll let you set the pace

‘Cause I’m not thinking straight

My head’s spinning around I can’t see clear no more

What are you waiting for?


Love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do

Love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do

Touch me like you do, to-to-touch me like you do

What are you waiting for?


I’ll let you set the pace

‘Cause I’m not thinking straight

My head’s spinning around I can’t see clear no more

What are you waiting for?


Love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do

Love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do

Touch me like you do, to-to-touch me like you do

What are you waiting for?


Thanking everyone again, she introduced 11:11 before grabbing her guitar and stepping off the stage.  Heading back into the office, she left her guitar and wandered back out into the bar, Bea pulling her in for a kiss as soon as she was within reaching distance.

“Another thank you?” Allie asked

“Of course” the redhead replied, leaning in to her girlfriend, her lips hovering next to the younger woman’s ear

“I want to thank you all night” she added, her tongue flicking over Allie’s ear before she kissed her neck, pulling away she held on to her girlfriend’s hand as they watched the guys play, both of them looking forward to being alone later.

Chapter Text

Two weeks later Debbie arrived home.  Bea was working nights so Allie had offered to pick her up from the station.  She would be staying for two weeks so she didn’t want the young Smith to be dragging her luggage across the city, or waste her money on a taxi.  It was her night off anyway, and as her girlfriend wasn’t around she had nothing else to do.  She was looking forward to spending a bit of time alone with Debbie, and it would give them a chance to get to know one another better.

The conversation in the car had been light, Debbie filling the blonde in on how her course was going and about her new job in the bar at the student union.  The young brunette confessed that she was a little bit worried about telling her mum about the job as she knew the redhead would worry that she was taking too much on, asking Allie to be there when she told her.  That way she would be less likely to lose ‘her shit’, and demand that she quit the bar.

Once Debbie was settled Allie stood, ready to leave, the brunette asking her to stay for dinner and suggesting that she stay over.  She was pretty sure that they spent most nights together, and she knew her Mum would love coming home to find the blonde at the house, plus she liked her company.  She had been surprised when she initially found out about their relationship, and wondered if it would just be a fling for Allie, but several months later and they appeared stronger than ever.  She was glad her Mum had found someone, and she could tell by the way the blonde smiled every time the redhead’s name came up in conversation that she was very much in love.


They chatted about Bea and Allie’s recent trip to New Zealand, and how the blonde almost had a heart attack when she had stepped out onto the walkway at the top of the tower.

“So if you’re so scared of heights why the hell did you go out there?  You know Mum would have understood right?” Debbie said

“I know, and she did, she was great about it.  But this guy kept hitting on her and I didn’t like it, I didn’t want him near her so…”

“So you risked shitting yourself a couple of hundred metres up because you were jealous of some idiot that she wouldn’t look twice at?” Debbie said, laughing at Allie

“Pretty much.  When you put it like that it does sound crazy”

“Sound! It is crazy, it’s also kind of cute.  You know she wouldn’t so much as look at anyone else though, she loves you”

“I know, I just get a bit jelly bean sometimes.  She’s perfect, and she could have anyone she wanted.   I just worry that she’ll find someone better than me” the blonde replied


They sat there for over an hour, Allie filling Debbie in on her past.  The young brunette had been shocked when she had told them about her parents kicking her out, she knew her Mum would never do anything like that, and couldn’t understand why anyone would disown their child for something like that.  The blonde told her about the children’s shelter she stayed at, her time working at Crystal, and how she ended up involved with Mia, and the fallout from that.

“So where were you when you met my Mum?”

“I was sleeping rough in an old warehouse when it caught fire.  She rescued me and I went looking for her after I left the hospital”

“How come you didn’t get out, were you hurt badly?”

“No, just smoke inhalation and a few scratches.  I…err…this is going to sound bad, it is bad, but will you let me explain everything before you yell or throw me out?” Allie asked, knowing this could go either way

“Ok sure, but you’ve got me worried now”

“I was pinned that night, I’d taken some gear that I bought from this guy I knew.  I’d been living on the streets for almost three years and I’d had enough.  I couldn’t take any more, I wanted out, so I took more than I usually did, hoping it would end the shit storm that was my miserable life.  I must have blacked out before the fire started.  I woke up in the hospital and didn’t have a clue how I got there until Bridget told me”

“So you have a drug problem?” Debbie asked.  Of all the things, she hadn’t been expecting that

“No, not any more.  I’ve been clean for ten months now and I intend to keep in that way”

“Is there anything else I should know?” the young brunette asked, hoping there wasn’t any more

“You may as well tell me.  I’ll find out eventually, and then I’ll be pissed at you” she added

“I’d been on the streets for about six months.  I had no money, no food, nothing, I couldn’t even afford a cup of coffee.  One of the other girls was making a lot of money, she gave me bits when she could, but there were so many of us that it wasn’t enough for me to live on.  She was a prostitute, so one night I tried it.  I cried for days afterwards, but the money ran out again, so I did it again.  I already hated myself so I couldn’t feel any worse, or so I thought.  Then the beatings started, some of my customers weren’t exactly friendly or well mannered.  I took a few pills one night after a particularly bad client and they helped me to escape for a few hours, so it became a regular thing.  The more I took, the more I needed, and before I knew it I was addicted”

“Does Mum know about this?”

“Yeah, I told her everything, she knew right from the start”

“So what made you want to stop after all that time?  What changed?”

“Bea.  I was pretty out of it in the hospital, but I overheard her talking to Bridget.  The doc had found my stash of gear and was going to contact the police but your Mum talked her out of it, then got rid of the drugs.  She took a chance on me, no one had ever done anything like that for me before.  She didn’t know me, but she still did it, and I knew I had to find her and thank her.  I was embarrassed, ashamed of myself and my life, and I didn’t want her to see me like that, I wanted to be a better person for her, if that makes any sense.  I think I fell in love with her a little bit that day in the hospital, despite the fact that I hadn’t even seen her.  Bridget told me where I could find her, so the next time they were on shift I went looking for her.  She treated me like I was a person, like I meant something, not just a toy to be used then thrown away when I was of no use anymore.  The more time I spent with her the harder I fell, and when she told me about Harry I wanted to kill the bastard for hurting her.  Sorry, I know he’s still your Dad” Allie said, worried she had crossed a line.  No matter what she thought of the prick, he was still Debbie’s parent

“Don’t apologise, he is a bastard.  As far as I’m concerned I don’t have a Dad anymore.  So who made the first move?  I’m guessing it was you, I doubt Mum has got it in her”

“Technically it was me, but she had already kissed me so I’m not sure.  I’d been flirting with her for three months by that point though.  I couldn’t help it, she’s amazing”

“She kissed you?  Wow!  I was not expecting that”

“We ran into my ex, Mia, when we’d gone out for lunch one day.  I tried to sneak out but she spotted me, followed me outside.  I must have looked as uncomfortable as I felt, so your Mum pretended to be my girlfriend to get rid of her.  I’m not sure she’d really thought it through, but I’m glad she did it.  We got together the following day.  She was scared at first, worried that I would get bored of her, or hurt her, not that I can blame her after what that arsehole did.  I would never do anything to hurt her, and I’d have waited forever for her if that’s what it took.  I love your Mum so much, and I promise you I will take care of her.  I know my past isn’t pretty, but that’s not who I am, and I will never touch another drug again.  But if you want me to leave I understand”

“I don’t want you to go Allie, and thank you for being honest with me, I can’t imagine how difficult that was for you.  As long as you stay clean and keep doing whatever it is that makes Mum smile like that then we’re good.  Can I ask you something?” Debbie asked

“Sure, go ahead”

“Do you still get cravings, for the drugs?”

“Yeah I do.  If I’m upset, or under pressure I feel like I need something to take the edge off.  It’s a bit like feeling angry, like a rage.  Some people scream and shout, or storm off, I feel like I need drugs”

“So what stops you from taking them when you feel like that?”

“Your Mum.  I never want her to see me like that, the person they turn me into isn’t good, and I know I’d lose her if she did.  She means more to me than anything, and although it’s hard sometimes, losing her would be so much worse.  I can live without the gear, but I can’t live without her” Allie replied honestly.

The rest of the night was much lighter, the two of them watching a movie, although they spent most of it commenting on how bad the acting was, and laughing at the poor excuse for a plot.  It was about two when they headed to bed.  Allie was exhausted, the evening had been mentally draining for her, but in a way she felt so much lighter.  She was happy that there were no secrets between her and Debbie, these things had a habit of coming back to bite you in the arse if you tried to bury them.



Bea arrived home just before eight thirty, finding the house surprisingly quiet.  She figured Debbie must still be in bed, there was no way a student would be up and out at this time in the morning.  Their shift had been unusually quiet, and she had managed to get quite a bit of sleep.  Not wanting to make too much noise and disturb her daughter she crept up the stairs, wanting to grab her sketchbook from her bedroom.  She wanted to talk to Allie but didn’t want to call her too early, so decided to spend an hour drawing while she had a bit of peace and quiet.

Opening the bedroom door she wandered into the room, picking her sketchbook and pencils up off the drawers.  As she turned around she noticed a lump in the bed, blonde locks sticking out from under the covers.  Placing her book back down she removed her jeans and climbed into bed, pressing up against Allie she placed a soft kiss on her shoulder as she pulled her in closer, the blonde’s hand finding hers as she slept on.  She wasn’t sure how long they had been laying there, an hour, maybe more, but she didn’t care.  Right there, with her sleeping girlfriend in her arms was the only place she wanted to be, and she had loved coming home to find Allie waiting for her.  She would ask her to move in in a heartbeat, but didn’t want to rush things, and she wasn’t sure how the younger woman felt about them living together so soon.  Bea loved watching the blonde sleep, she was so beautiful, and she still found it hard to believe that Allie would be interested in someone like her.  Her girlfriend had turned over in her sleep, and was now facing the redhead, a small smile on her face as she slept soundly.

“You’re staring” Allie said quietly, her eyes flickering open

“I can’t help it, I can’t take my eyes off you”

“Good, I like it when you look at me.  Promise me you’ll never stop”

“I promise” Bea replied, kissing the younger woman gently, her fingers caressing her cheek

Rolling them over until she was laid on top of the older woman, Allie deepened the kiss, her right hand moving under her girlfriend’s shirt, the blonde’s pulse quickening when she discovered Bea wasn’t wearing a bra.  Tugging at the redhead’s shirt, she pulled it over her head, tossing it on the bed, her lips finding her girlfriend’s breast, as Bea’s hip bucked up into her.

“As much as I want you, and my god do I want you, we can’t, not with Debbie next door.  I don’t want her to hear us again, it was embarrassing enough the first time around” Bea said, pulling the blonde up to her before connecting their lips again.

Pulling away, Allie climbed off her girlfriend and stood beside the bed, holding her hand out to the older woman

“Come on” she said, pulling her up and leading her into the bathroom, locking the door behind them.

Turning the shower on, she removed her shirt and Bea’s underwear before stepping under the stream of water, pulling the redhead in with her, their lips finding each other again as hands wandered over exposed skin, both of them hoping the sound of the water would drowned out their moans.



Kaz was buzzing with excitement, her friend really had come up with the goods this time, and she owed her big time.  She was expecting to get a little bit of dirt on Smith’s little girlfriend, but she had gotten a whole football field full, and she couldn’t wait to tell Harry.  She was glad things were back on track with him, after her visit the previous month she had been worried that he was still hung up on Bea, but after their conjugal visit two weeks ago, she was confident that he was well and truly over her.

It had been so long since the last time they had been together, almost five years since he had last touched her like that, but it had been worth the wait.  He had been so attentive to her needs, so gentle and loving, and she couldn’t remember it ever being like that, even when they were young.  He had told her that he loved her as she laid beside him, her head resting on his chest. She just wished they could have had a whole night together, not just two hours.  But a few hours, once a month, were better that nothing, for now at least.  She just had to find a way to lodge an appeal and get him out of there, and home with her where he belonged.

After going through processing she wandered across the visitation room, Harry wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close, nuzzling on her neck as she held on to him.  Once they were seated he took her hand over the table and told her that he loved her.  She was so caught up in him she almost forgot what she had come here for in the first place.  It was time to put the wheels in motion, and Bea Smith wouldn’t know what had hit her by the time they were finished.

“Did you find anything out?” Harry asked, stroking his thumb over her hand as he spoke

“I did, and it’s so much better than I was expecting.  It turns out that Bea’s little friend had a bit of a drug problem.  She had rich girl Mummy and Daddy issues and ran away from home, but it didn’t turn out quite like she expected it to, so ended up selling herself for cash.  You’re ex-wife’s girlfriend is a drug fucked street whore” Kaz said, unable to keep the smile off her face as she watched Harry process everything

“Bullshit, there’s no way she’d go anywhere near anyone like that.  She was always such a prude, she wouldn’t fuck a hooker, your source must have got it wrong”

“I swear, she hasn’t got it wrong.  I’ve got proof at home, I’ll get JS to bring it in for you”

“Ok so assuming that everything you’ve just told me is true, what’s she up to now?”

“She’s working at that bar teal watch all go to, I think it’s called Fuel.  One of Doyle’s friends is co-owner, but I’m guessing Bea got her the job”

“And you’re sure they’re still together?”

“Yeah I’m sure, they’ve just come back from holiday, been over to visit Bea’s family in New Zealand.  I overheard her talking to Conway about it a few days ago, and it sounds like it’s pretty serious between them.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re shacked up together soon, you know what dykes are like”

“Get me the proof I need and then we can get started.  If she thinks she can swan around with that whore, making a fool of me, then she’s got another thing coming.  Her bitch had better watch her back” he replied, lost in thought as he started to put a plan together.

The rest of the visits had been a little strained, Harry paying very little attention to her.  After visiting was over Kaz headed home, calling Jake on the way to set up the drop. Once she got home she gathered everything together, making copies to give to the prison officer.  She was hoping that the change in Harry’s mood was a result of the shock of her findings, but she wanted to keep the original documents just in case they came in handy at some point.  She would be seeing him again in a couple of weeks, she just hoped that things were a little better between them then, otherwise she may have to re-think her plan.



A few days later and Debbie had gone to the beach for the day with her friend’s, and after making the most of having the house to themselves by staying in bed until early afternoon, they finally got around to showering and having lunch.  After they had eaten Allie grabbed her girlfriend’s laptop and searched the internet, trying to find information on her brother.  He had been working in Sydney when she had last spoken to him, four years ago, but she had no idea if he was still there.  Three hours later and she had discovered that he was now coaching the national team.  There was a contact number and email address, but it was for general enquiries and she didn’t want to make contact so publicly.  Sighing loudly, she placed the laptop on the coffee table before crashing back down on the sofa, Bea wandering in a couple of minutes later with a cup of coffee for her.  Noticing the frown on Allie’s face, the redhead placed the mugs on the coffee table, and sat beside her girlfriend, wrapping her arms around her and stroking her hair.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?”

“It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, I’m never going to find him Bea”

“Ok so what do you know?”

“He’s still coaching, with the national team now.  But I have no idea where they are based and the only contact details are for general enquiries.  I’m wasting my time” the blonde replied, her voice breaking slightly as she spoke, giving away just how disappointed she was

“Don’t go anywhere, I won’t be long” Bea said, untangling herself from the younger woman’s embrace and heading through into the kitchen.  Ten minutes later she walked back into the lounge, sitting down beside Allie again and taking her hand in hers.

“I’ve just spoken to Franky, thought she may be able to do a bit of digging while she’s at legal aid.  She’s not sure if she can help but Bridget’s brother’s a cop and she’s offered to ask him to see if he can get you a contact number.  It’s a long shot, but it’s worth a try.  Don’t give up Alliecat, we’ll find him, even if we have to go to every cricket match in the country…and I hate cricket”

“You’d do that?”

“I’d do anything for you, surely you know that by now” the redhead replied, tucking a lock of blonde hair behind her girlfriend’s ear as their gaze locked.  She loved Allie’s blue eyes, and every time she looked into them it felt like coming home.



Debbie arrived home later that afternoon, walking through the house slowly, she listened out for any noise, hoping not to have a repeat of last time.  As she wandered into the lounge she stopped, taking in the sight before her.  Allie was laid on the sofa, her Mum cuddled into her, head resting on her chest, and the blonde’s arms were wrapped protectively around her, both of them fast asleep.  Grabbing the red comforter from the chair she draped it over them both before heading upstairs to take a shower and get rid of the sand from the beach.

An hour later she came back downstairs, finding them exactly as she had left them.  Heading through into the kitchen she checked the fridge, before making a start on dinner.  Her friend’s had suggested going out to a bar but both Allie and her Mum had the night off, so she had arranged to go out the following evening, wanting some family time while she was home.  She felt closer to the blonde after they had talked the other night.  Allie clearly hadn’t had it easy, and considering everything she had been through, she was surprisingly well put together.  It was clear that she would do anything for her Mum, and would never hurt her the way her bastard of a Dad had done, and for the first time in ages, she felt like her family was back on track.

With dinner in the oven she wandered back into the lounge to wake the sleeping duo up.  As she stood over them, wondering what would be the best way to do it, Cormack launched himself on top of her Mum, waking her up instantly.  Jumping up, startled by the cat, Bea held on to the blonde below her, both of them tumbling off the sofa and crashing down onto the floor.  Debbie tried not to laugh, but the look on both of their faces was priceless, and she couldn’t hold it in.

“What the fuck!” Bea groaned as she tried to get up, the weight of Allie’s body pinning her down.  Looking up she saw Cormack curled up on the sofa, a smug look on his face as he stared down at them.

She could hear Debbie laughing, and by the vibrations coming from the blonde’s body, she was clearly finding their situation rather amusing as well.  Looking over to her daughter, who had tears streaming down her face, she couldn’t help but join in

“I was trying to figure out the best way to wake you up, but he did it for me” Debbie said, still laughing at them as they clambered to their feet

“Thanks for that, I thought you were my buddy.  No more ear rubs for you little man” Allie said, trying, but failing to glare at Cormack, the cat showing absolutely no interest in her whatsoever.

“Right, now everyone’s awake, the food will be ready in about fifteen minutes.  I’m guessing you’re staying Allie?”

“Yeah she is” Bea replied, kissing her girlfriend on the cheek before grabbing her hand and following her daughter into the kitchen.

As they sat around the table, eating dinner and chatting, Bea had never felt safer, or more content.  Things had been pretty rough over the years, but sitting there with her new family, she knew that she would go through it all again if it meant getting here.

Chapter Text

Franky felt sick, she knew she was capable of passing the exam with ease, but what if something went wrong, how could she face everyone at the station if she failed.  Bea had called round the night before to help her go through a few last minute things.  The redhead had tried to reassure her that everything would be fine, but she couldn’t shift that feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Bridget had been amazing, changing her shift so she could be there with her.  She had brought her breakfast in bed that morning, and despite the churning feeling in her stomach, Franky has discovered that she was rather hungry after all.  She had been studying late into the night, wanting to cram as much in as possible, until the older blonde had taken her hand, pulling her up from the chair at her desk, and lead her through into the bedroom.  Franky had been restless to start with, but as Bridget’s lips trailed down her body, she had relaxed her in a way that no one else could.

She never thought she’d get here, a good job with a chance of promotion, the best friend’s anyone could ask for, and a woman that she loved more that life itself.  She had spotted Bridget as soon as they entered the hospital, thinking that she must be new, there was no way she would forget a body like that.  She had flirted unashamedly from the start, and her initial goal had been to get the petite blonde into bed, but the more she got to know her, the more she wanted.  Bridget was a firecracker, she had rebuffed the tattooed brunettes attempt at flirting initially, but to Franky it became a game that she had no intention of losing.  The older blonde challenged her, didn’t fall for her usual sweet talk and smooth lines, and without realising it, the connection between them became much more than sexual.

For the first time in her life, Franky wanted more than a meaningless fuck, more than a one night stand.  She wanted a relationship, walks on the beach at sunset, holding hands, waking up to the beautiful blonde every morning, and she craved her company.  Even if it was just a few words as they passed in the hospital corridor, it still brightened her day.  It had terrified her at first, she had never felt like this about any woman, and there had been plenty, but none of them had affected her like the doctor had, and they hadn’t even kissed at that point.  The second she felt the blonde’s lips on hers she had been hooked, she just hoped she wasn’t about to get her heart broken.

Trust had always been an issue for Franky, her childhood had been far from stable, and as an adult she protected herself by never getting too close to anyone.  The feisty blonde had changed that with one kiss, and there wasn’t a thing that Franky could do to stop it, or wouldn’t do to feel those perfect lips on hers again.  She had taken a big risk handing the note over to the doctor that evening in the car park, and she hadn’t slept a wink that night, worried that she had misread the signals.

She had arrived at the restaurant early the following evening, her hands clammy and her stomach in knots.  All the worry had disappeared the second she laid eyes on the older blonde as she crossed the restaurant, and she knew, right there in that moment, that she wanted Bridget Westfall in her life, in every way possible.   Smiling to herself at the thought of her fiancé, who would be waiting for her once the exam was over, she turned the paper over and began answering the questions.



A couple of days later, Bea had the house to herself, Debbie had said she was going out with one of her friend’s, but she suspected it may be a date.  She trusted her daughter though, and knew she would tell her when she was ready.  Bridget had called in at the station earlier that day to let Bea know that her brother Jack had tracked down and spoken to Oliver Novak, passing on Allie’s mobile number.

The blonde had been working the lunchtime shift and was due over any minute.  Bea wanted to tell her in person as she wasn’t sure how her girlfriend would react.  She expected her to be nervous, she hadn’t spoken to her brother in years and anyone it that situation would feel the same.  She just hoped that he would contact her, and she would get the response she was hoping for, if Oli rejected her, Allie would be heartbroken.

It was just after seven when Allie arrived, her shirt was stuck to her and she smelt like a brewery.  Finding Bea in the kitchen she crossed the room, her arms out as she tried to pull her girlfriend into a hug, the redhead stepping to the side, and out of her reach.

“You stink, what the hell happened?”

“Boomer happened.  She tried to spin a cocktail shaker but she hadn’t put the lid on properly, I ended up wearing most of it” the blonde replied, stepping closer to Bea, who backed away again

“Don’t even think about it, I’m not coming anywhere near you until you’ve had a shower” Bea said, ushering her girlfriend up the stairs, Allie stopping every few steps to try and steal a kiss.



Once the blonde was in the shower Bea headed back out to finish cooking dinner, Allie’s mobile ringing as she was about to leave the bedroom.  Picking it up she called to her girlfriend, the younger woman asking her to answer it for her, thinking to would probably be Liz.

Sitting down on the bed, Bea answered the call, a man’s voice echoing down the line.


“No, Allie can’t get to the phone at the minute.  Can I take a message for her?”

“Yeah sure.  It’s…err…it’s Oliver, her brother.  I got a message to call her” he said, his voice giving away how nervous he was

“She shouldn’t be too long, she’s just in the shower.  I can get her to call you when she gets out”

“That would be great, thank you”

After taking down Oli’s number she ended the call, racing down the stairs to turn the oven off.  Dinner could wait, she wasn’t sure if Allie would want her there when she called her brother, but if she needed her, she would be by her side.  The blonde was wandering out of the bathroom by the time Bea made it back to her bedroom.

“Was that Liz?  She said she’d call about next week’s roster”

“No it wasn’t Liz.  Come and sit down” Bea replied, patting the space next to her a she sat down on the edge of her bed

“What’s wrong?  Did something happen?”

“Nothing’s wrong sweetheart.  The call, it was Oliver.  He’s left his number for you to call him back” Bea replied.  Feeling the blonde tense beside her she moved from the bed, kneeling down in front of the younger woman

“Hey, it’s ok Allie.  I’m here if you need me ok” she added, her hands running up and down her girlfriend’s thighs

“He called?  I can’t believe it, what do I do?”

“Call him back.  If it’s any consolation, he sounded nervous, but he made the effort.  You miss him so what have you got to lose?  I’ll give you some space” Bea replied, kissing the blonde before standing up and heading for the door, despite her girlfriend’s protests.  She waited until she heard Oliver answer before leaving the room




Allie had been on the phone for about twenty minutes, her girlfriend had gone downstairs to give her some privacy, not that she needed it.  She had stayed with her until Oli had answered the call, before slipping out of the room.  Heading back up the stairs Bea popped her head around the door, relieved when she saw a smile on the blonde’s face, the conversation seemed to be going well.  Placing the bottle of beer down on the bedside table, she dropped a kiss on the top of Allie’s head and left the room again.

Half an hour later Allie wandered downstairs and into the kitchen, finding the redhead huddled over her sketchbook, pencil in hand.  Walking up behind her she leaned in, placing soft kisses along Bea’s jaw, the older woman stopping what she was doing as she tilted her head, allowing the blonde better access.  The soft moans coming from her girlfriend’s mouth were driving Allie wild.  Turning Bea’s chair, she straddled her, sitting in her lap, the older woman’s hands snaking under her shirt.

“Thank you” Allie said between kisses

“What for?”

“For being here, for being you”

“I’ll always be here Alliecat.  So, how did it go?”

“Good, really good actually.  He’s in Melbourne with the cricket team next month and he wants to get together.  He’s married now, his wife Regan is coming with him so I thought we could all get together, if you want to that is. I told him about us”

“Of course I want to, I’ll be there every step of the way, and I’d love to meet your family.  I think you should probably talk before though, face to face, just the two of you.  Why don’t you invite him over here when I’m on shift, that way you can have all the privacy you need” Bea suggested, not wanting Allie to have to deal with what would more than likely be an emotional encounter in public

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“Of course not, anything to make my girl smile.  Now how about dinner, it should be ready in a few minutes”

“Sure, although I’m looking forward to dessert more” the blonde replied, capturing Bea’s lips in a kiss that left them both gasping for breath.



It was just before midnight when Debbie arrived home.  Shayne had dropped her off at the door, not wanting her to travel home alone.  They had been out for dinner, then on to see a movie, and she had really enjoyed his company.  She had been out with a couple of guys from university, but there had been no spark, and the conversation had been strained.  That hadn’t been the case tonight though, Shayne had been the perfect gentleman, the conversation had flowed freely, and he made her laugh.  It helped that he was cute as well.

Allie woke up needing the bathroom.  Dessert had lasted about three hours and they had both fallen asleep, exhausted from their activities.  As she crossed the room on her way back to bed she heard a car pull up outside the house, wandering over to the window she pulled the curtain to one side slightly, spotting Debbie getting out of the passenger seat.  Taking a closer look she saw Shayne exit the vehicle, before walking around to the young brunette.  Kissing her on the cheek, he hugged her, before getting back in the car, waiting until she was safely in the house until he drove away.

She had seen them chatting together on a couple of occasions at the bar, and could tell that he liked Debbie, but she wasn’t sure how Bea would take it.  Shayne was a good kid, he’d had issues in the past, but who hadn’t.  The most important thing was that he was turning his life around, and he appeared to be treating Debbie well.  Deciding to keep it to herself for now she pulled back the covers and slipped into bed beside her girlfriend, the redhead’s arms wrapping around her instantly.



The following evening both Bea and Allie were working.  Liz had been upset when Allie arrived to start her shift at the bar mid-afternoon.  She had tried to talk to the older blonde, but she had promised that she was fine, before rushing off into the back to sort out her paperwork.  Boomer had taken a few days off, leaving Allie and Shayne to work the bar that particular day.  Doreen hadn’t been around much recently, and Allie wondered if that was anything to do with Liz’s current emotional state.  From the few shifts she had worked with Doreen she had learnt that her and Nash were struggling for money, but she had to reduce her hours due to the cost of childcare.  Turning to Shayne, she wondered if he was any the wiser about what was bothering her friend

“Is everything ok with Liz?  She didn’t seem herself”

“I’m not sure, Doreen was here earlier, they went into the back for a while, and Liz hasn’t be right since she left”

Thanking Shayne, she headed through into the back office, hoping there was some way she could help her friend out.  Knocking on the door she waited until she heard the older blonde call for her to come in.  Walking in, she closed the door behind her, pulling up a chair and sitting down so she was facing her boss, and friend.

“I know you said you were ok but I’m not buying it.  I know I’m not Franky or Bea, but I’m here, and you can talk to me.  You’ve done so much for me and I’d like to help if I can” Allie said, hoping the older woman would trust her enough to let her in

“Dor quit.  Nash lost his job last year and things have been tough ever since.  He’s taken work wherever he could get it, but the hours were irregular, which is why Doreen had to cut her shifts, they had no one to look after little Josh.  He’s been offered a job at his cousin’s panel beating business, but it’s in Perth so they’re leaving town.  I’m going to miss her around here, she’s been a good friend to me”

“Hey, you can skype her all the time, that way you’ll still she her and Josh.  I know it won’t be the same, but you’ll get to see him grow up still.  And don’t worry about the shifts here, we can pick up the slack between us.  I’ll help out any way I can and I know Shayne would love more hours, he’s a good kid”

“He is, I was a bit worried at first, but Franky’s judgement is usually on the money, and she was right again, I like him.  What’s this ‘skip’ thing you mentioned, and how do I get it?”

“It’s skype, and you download it on the computer.  I can set it up for you, show you how to work it if you want” Allie replied, smiling at her boss’s lack of technical knowledge

“Thanks love.  It would be great to see little Josh, and I think I’ll talk to Shayne about a few more hours, see how things go.  Can you ask him to come through?” Liz said, her hand resting on the younger blonde’s arm

“Sure, and I’m here if you need to talk again, and so is Bea.  Oh, I almost forgot.  I may know someone who might be willing to help out this week, while Boomer’s away, leave it with me” Allie replied, heading back through into the bar to speak to Shayne.



Twenty minutes later he came back into the bar, looking a lot less nervous than when he left.  After they had served the waiting customers he wandered over to Allie, thanking her for putting his name forward for the extra shifts.

“Yeah well, I know how tough it can be.  Plus, you’ll be needing the extra cash for your next date with Debbie, assuming there will be another one”

“I…err…how did you know?” Shayne said, stumbling over his words

“I saw you dropping her off.  I’m not going to lecture you, it’s none of my business, but hurt her, and Bea will kill you.  She’s incredibly strong, and there’s no way I could stop her, plus she’d put me on a sex ban…and I’m not risking that for anything!” Allie replied, smirking at Shayne as all the colour drained from his face

“Does she know?”

“No, not yet.  I wanted to speak to Debbie first, but I won’t lie to her either.  Try not to worry, I’m sure everything will be fine” the blonde said, although by the look on Shayne’s face, he wasn’t convinced.

Debbie arrived a few hours later, taking a seat at the bar she chatted to Allie for a while, the blonde mentioning that Liz needed a bit of help over the next few days if she was interested.  Allie figured it would be a good way for Debbie to break her job at the student union to Bea, and if she saw how capable she was, maybe the redhead wouldn’t worry so much.  Agreeing that it may help with her Mum, the young brunette headed through to the back office to speak to Liz, coming back a few minutes later and stepping behind the bar.  Liz had accepted her offer on two conditions, one that she knew what she was doing, and two, Bea was ok with it.  She had witnessed the redhead’s temper, and had no intention of being on the receiving end of it.



The following evening Debbie was working at the bar, Allie had swapped with her so the young Smith could work the evening shift with Shayne.  Bea was on nights again, and her daughter hadn’t mentioned her new, temporary job, or the more permanent one at the union.  Allie felt awful, she didn’t want to keep things from her girlfriend, but it was between Bea and her daughter, and it really wasn’t her place to get involved.  She would give the young brunette until the following evening, then she would have to bring it up.  She knew how important trust was to Bea, and she would hate to do anything to break that.

She had been sitting on the sofa with her guitar and notebook for about an hour when she got a text from her brother Oli, asking if it would be ok to Skype her.  Logging on to her laptop she messaged him back, the call coming through a few minutes later.  The nerves were back again, this would be the first time she had seen him in fourteen years.  They had spoken a few times after she left home, but hadn’t seen him since he left for university all those years ago.

Accepting the call, she sat back, his face appearing on her screen a few seconds later.  It was weird, he had obviously aged, but to her he was still the same eighteen year old who had fled the nest, and escaped the prison that was their family home.  The conversation remained light again, neither of them wanting to get into anything heavy over the phone, even if it was a video call.  Oli told his sister about his wife, Regan.  She was a nurse at the hospital and was currently on a night shift.  They had met when he accompanied one of the players to A and E after picking up an injury during a training session.  Allie filled him in on Bea’s job, both of them being in the same boat with their significant others being out at work.


She was in the middle of telling Oli about the open mic nights that she had been organising when she heard the door open, and Bea call out to her.

“It’s only me Alliecat, forgot my bloody phone” the redhead said as she wandered through into the lounge.

She must have called in on the way back from a shout as other than her helmet, she was in full turnout gear.  Allie felt the temperature in the room increase as soon as she laid eyes on her, and for a few minutes she completely forgot about her brother, her eyes never leaving her girlfriend as she crossed the room, picking up her phone.  As the redhead walked back towards her, Allie grabbed her arm, pulling her forwards and into a very heated kiss.  She had no idea what it was about the uniform, she had seen plenty of firefighters and never had this reaction before, but as soon as she saw Bea wearing it, she was instantly wet.  Running her fingers through the short hair of her girlfriend’s undercut, Allie moaned loudly as she felt the redhead’s hand slip under her shirt, pulling her closer.  As the kiss deepened Allie grabbed at Bea’s breast through her shirt, feeling her girlfriend’s nipple hardening under her touch, a loud cough behind her snapped her out of her lust filled haze, as she remembered that she had been chatting to Oli.  Hearing the cough, Bea jumped back out of the blonde’s embrace, scanning the room for the source of the interruption.

“I’m still here Scrappy” Oliver said through the screen, reverting back to her childhood nickname, and trying to stifle a laugh as he spoke

“Sorry Ol, forgot…got distracted” Allie said, stumbling over her words, her mind still foggy from her girlfriend’s touch

“Clearly.  You must be Bea, nice to meet you.  I’m Oliver, and my sister seems to have forgotten how to formulate a sentence” he said, looking over to the blushing redhead standing beside his sister.

“Hi, nice to meet you, and sorry about that, I didn’t realise you were there.  I hate to rush off but I’m on shift and my crew are waiting for me in the truck outside” Bea said, looking towards the screen.  Oli was very handsome, and she could see the family resemblance, but he didn’t come close to the other Novak, the one that held her heart, and would be in so much trouble when she got home the following morning.

“I’ll deal with you later” she added as she passed Allie, the blonde dropping a quick kiss on her cheek as she walked out of the room

“I’m holding you to that” Allie called after her before returning to the sofa, her focus back on the laptop, and her brother’s face.

“How long did you say you’ve been together?” Oli asked after his sister had taken a seat in front of the screen again

“About ten months, why?”

“Just wondered, you looked like you were in the honeymoon stage that’s all”

“We always are, the uniform doesn’t help.  You saw her, can you honestly blame me?”

“She is very beautiful, you’ve done well there scrappy”

“Believe me, I know” the blonde replied, and she really did know how lucky she was

They chatted for another half an hour before Oli’s landline rang, ending their chat.  He had filled Allie in on when they were due to arrive in Melbourne, and they had arranged to meet up at Bea’s house, just the two of them, the night after he got here.  Once they were in town she would check on her girlfriends shift pattern and book a restaurant.  Allie was keen to get to know Regan, and wanted Bea to meet her brother properly.  They had lost so much time, she just hoped things would be better from now on.



Allie had just made a start on breakfast when her girlfriend arrived home, tired from a busy shift.  Debbie had got in late the previous evening, Shayne driving her home again after they had finished working at the bar.  The smell of coffee must have drifted upstairs as just after Bea arrived, Debbie came stumbling into the kitchen, hair a mess and still in her pyjamas.  Grunting at them both, she flopped down in one of the chairs, her head resting on the table as she closed her eyes.  Placing a cup of coffee down beside her, Allie ruffled her hair before waking over to the redhead and wrapping her arms around her.

“Morning baby, you hungry?”

“Starving” Bea replied, kissing the blonde softly before taking a seat at the table, beside her daughter

A few minutes later Allie brought a plate full of pancakes over, grabbing the empty mugs, she re-filled them before joining to two Smith women at the table.  Once they had eaten Debbie woke up a bit, although she still looked like she needed another eight hours sleep.

“Bloody hell Deb, you look worse than me, and I’m the one that’s just done a night shift” Bea said, assuming her daughter had been out with friends again

“It was busy last night, and worked my arse off.  I’m allowed to be tired”


“I…err…” the young Smith said, looking to Allie for help

“Doreen quit, Nash got a job in Perth so we’re short staffed with Boomer being away.  Debbie’s helping out for a few nights” the blonde said

“But you don’t know anything about working in a bar” Bea said, wondering why this as the first she was hearing about this

“I do, I’ve been working at the student union for the past three months”

“What?  You need to concentrate on your studies, besides, you don’t need to work, I’ happy to support you, whatever you need”

“I know, and I’m grateful, I really am, but I want to do it.  It’s fun, and I get to see my friends, and get paid for doing it, win, win.  I’m up to date with all my work, and it stops me from getting bored…and we both know what happens when I’m bored”

“Shopping” both Bea and Debbie said at the same time, Allie laughing at the pair of them

“Ok, but what about Fuel?  A regular bar is a lot different to a student bar, I’ve seen some of the people who go in there, and that’s just my crew” the redhead replied, still concerned for her daughter, although she knew she would be perfectly safe.  The joys of being a parent, she wondered if she would ever stop worrying.

“Babe, she’s fine, she knows what she’s doing.  And while she’s at Fuel I’ll be there, or Liz.  And I know Shayne will look after her, right Deb?”  Allie said, giving the young brunette a gentle push.  She really hated keeping secrets from the redhead, and needed everything out in the open as soon as possible, for her own sanity as much as anything else

“Yeah, about that.  I’m kind of seeing Shayne.  We’ve only been out a couple of times, but I really like him” Debbie said, trying to gage her Mum’s reaction

“Right, so let me get this straight.  You’ve had a job at the university Bar for three months, you’re working at Fuel, and dating Shayne.  Anything else you forgot to mention…while you’re on such a roll?”

“Nope, that about covers it…for now” Debbie said, relief washing over her as she watched her Mum trying not to smile.

After they had finished their breakfast, Debbie offered to wash up so her Mum could get some sleep, although the way she dragged Allie upstairs with her, she wasn’t sure if sleep was what they would be doing.  Deciding to make herself scarce she sent a message to Shayne before grabbing a quick shower and heading out to meet him, leaving her Mum and Allie to it, whatever it was, and she really didn’t want to know.

Chapter Text

Kaz was confused, Harry was definitely blowing hot and cold, and she couldn’t figure out what she had done to make him act that way.  Things had been great a couple of days ago, when they had their second conjugal visit, he had been so unbelievably sweet and gentle, the complete opposite to the person she had just spoken to on the phone.  He had never once spoken to her the way he had half an hour ago, and she was pissed at him, and at herself for letting him upset her like he had.

They hadn’t discussed Bea when she saw him the other day, although discussing your ex-wife while you’re in bed with another woman really wouldn’t be the best way to make it pleasurable.  They had talked quite a bit as well, and everything was perfect, well as perfect as it could be in a prison with a guard outside the door, but the minute queen Bea’s name came up, things changed, he changed, and it was really starting to fuck her off.

She had done everything that he had asked of her, and it still wasn’t good enough.  He had claimed that he was embarrassed about what was going on.  One of the guys in his unit had found some of the photos of Bea and Allie together, and knowing the redhead was his ex-wife had been giving him shit about turning her into a lesbo.  He had shown the photos to a few others, some wanting a copy to help get themselves off during the many lonely nights behind bars.  While she sympathised with him, Bea was exactly that, his ex-wife.  They were together now, like they always should have been, she just didn’t understand why the redhead still affected him so much if he didn’t have any feelings for her.



The bar was packed, 11:11’s gig at the university had been posted online, along with details of the next venue they were playing, and people had turned up in numbers to see them, despite them only having a forty five minute slot at the end of the evening.  Of all nights, tonight was one that Allie had promised to play with them as well.  She had been writing with Ash, and they were planning on playing a few original tracks to see how they went down.  If all went well, Liz had agreed to let them play a gig the following weekend, but if the number of people in the bar was anything to go by, she would welcome them with open arms.

Debbie would be heading back to university in a few days, and Bea had booked a table at her daughter’s favourite restaurant for the following evening, telling the younger Smith to invite Shayne.  She also wanted to catch up with some of her old school friends while she was in town, and as a result, tonight would be the last night she could help out behind the bar, but Boomer was due back tomorrow, so it had worked out quite well.  Liz, Shayne and Debbie were behind the bar, and Allie was helping out between sorting out the artists, and preparing for her upcoming set.

She was a little bit apprehensive, playing in front of so many people was scary enough, without putting their own material out there, she was just glad two of the three tracks were a joint effort.  She had enjoyed spending some time with Ash, and they worked well together, finding that between them, the lyrics flowed easily.

All the gang were there, including her girlfriend, who was looking particularly hot tonight, not that she didn’t all the time.  Allie had gone back to the flat after breakfast, needing to get together with Ash for a couple of hours to go over a couple of last minute tweaks to one of the songs.  It was crazy really, they had only been apart about six hours, but she missed Bea so much, and as she watched her walk through the door, she wanted to drag her upstairs and make up for the time they had spent apart.  The redhead was like a drug, and she was well and truly addicted.  Allie had worried initially that she would be too full on for her inexperienced lover, but they longer they were together, the more Bea’s confidence had grown, and the older woman was insatiable.

She had never connected with someone like she did Bea, and the evenings they spent cuddled up on the sofa, or lying in bed chatting were some of her favourite moments.  She loved getting to see a side of the redhead that no one else did, that parts of her she saved just for Allie.  Bea was always so strong, hiding the majority of her feelings from everyone but Franky and Liz, and even they only got the edited version, but with Allie she let go completely, and she was honoured to be able to witness everything about the incredible woman who she was allowed to call her girlfriend.

Ash nudging her brought her out of her thoughts.  They were upstairs in the flat, going over one of the new songs one last time.  Allie was taking the lead vocal on this one, it was a song that she had written a while ago, and after sneaking a look at her lyrics book when she had gone to the bathroom, Ash insisted that they use it as part of their set.  She was apprehensive at first, she had written the lyrics the day after she first had breakfast with Bea, while she was trying to come off the drugs, and it felt a little too close to home to be sharing with a room full of strangers, not that most people in the room would know it was from personal experience.   Only Bea really knew what she went through, although Franky, Bridget and Debbie did to some extent.  She wasn’t sure how much Bea had shared with Liz when she initially spoke to her about renting the flat, and while the older blonde was aware she hadn’t had the best time, Allie hadn’t shared any real details with her.

Maybe she was overthinking it, even Ash had commented on her ability to identify with unfamiliar situations, and make the listeners believe she had experienced it personally.  She decided to go with it for now, but wanted to speak to Bea before making any final decisions.  The lyrics were pretty much there, they just had to work on the melody.  It was the most personal performance she had ever done and she wanted to get as much rehearsal time in as possible.  She had to cut their session short earlier in the afternoon as she was covering the early evening shift for a few hours until Liz came in, so was using every minute she could get to perfect the track.

Once they had gone through it a couple more times they headed back downstairs, Ash joining the rest of the band, while Allie went to check on the artists that were playing that evening.  There were three more before they were due on the stage so the blonde went to collect some glasses and take them back over to the bar, trying to help out as much as she could.  After serving a couple of customers she headed round the other side of the bar and over to her girlfriend, wanting to get a few minutes with her before she had to head back to the guys.

“You look good enough to eat” Allie said, as her tongue flicked gently over the redhead’s ear

Wrapping her arms around the younger woman, Bea pressed her body against Allie’s, the blonde moaning at the increased contact “Dessert…later” she said, her husky voice lower than usual as her fingers caressed the exposed skin at her lover’s hips where her shirt had risen up slightly

“I’ll hold you to that” Allie replied, rolling her hips forward slightly, causing the redhead to gasp

“There’s no way I’ll forget, I can promise you that”

“Can I talk to you about something, it won’t take long” the younger woman asked

“Of course, and I don’t care how long it takes, any time I get with you is good” Bea replied, as Allie lead them through into the back office

“Ash read some of my lyrics, the little shit went through my notebook while I was peeing.  He wants to use one of my songs but I’m not sure”

“What’s bothering you?  I know it will be incredible, you’re so talented Allie”

“Yeah and you’re biased.  I wrote it a while ago, when my life was a mess, and I’m afraid everyone will look at me differently if they hear it.  I’ve been there before, with everyone judging me, and it’s not nice.  I don’t want that again, especially from your friends”

“First of all you should be proud of how far you’ve come, I know I am.  Second, people will judge you no matter what, fuck them.  Third, ‘our’ friends would never judge you, and fourth, no one will know you actually lived it.  People take inspiration from everywhere, and for all they know, it could be exactly that”

“Would you be disappointed in me if I don’t do it?”

“I could never be disappointed in you Alliecat, ever.  Do what feels right, and there’s only you that can make that decision.  I love you, no matter what you chose to do” Bea replied, kissing the blonde on the lips quickly, knowing she had to get back to the guys.

She was looking forward to hearing the songs Allie had been working on with Ash, she knew how talented the blonde was, and she was in no doubt that they would be great.  She wasn’t sure how much input Allie had in the other new tracks, but she would know her girlfriend’s work as soon as she heard it.  After a quick trip to the bathroom, Bea grabbed another round of drinks for her friends, before dragging them closer to the stage.  Allie had said a while ago that she felt more relaxed when she could see Bea, and she wanted to be there for the younger woman in any way she could.  She hoped that the blonde would play her song, but she understood her apprehension, and didn’t want it to cause her any unnecessary stress.  All she could do was sit back and wait, and be there for Allie as and when she needed her.



They were three quarters of the way through their set, and the two original tracks they had played so far had been well received.  The crowd was buzzing, and Allie was loving it.  She was yet to take the lead vocal, one of their songs both her and Ash shared, and on the other he took the lead.  Their third original song, her song, would be the penultimate track, followed by a cover, and she was taking the lead on both of those.

After stepping forward she adjusted the mic, her eyes locking with Bea’s briefly.  One look from the redhead and she forgot how nervous she was.  Turning slightly, she nodded to the guys as Dylan set the beat on the drums, Ethan and Ash joining in straight away as Allie held the mic stand and started to sing.


I don't wanna be the girl who laughs the loudest

Or the girl who never wants to be alone

I don't wanna be that call at 4 o'clock in the mornin’

‘Cause I'm the only one you know in the world that won't be home


Ah, the sun is blindin’

I stayed up again

Oh, I am findin’

That that's not the way I want my story to end


I'm safe

Up high

Nothing can touch me

But why do I feel this party's over?

No pain


You're my protection

But how do I feel this good sober?


I don't wanna be the girl that has to fill the silence

The quiet scares me 'cause it screams the truth

Please don't tell me that we had that conversation

Cause I won't remember, save your breath, 'cause what's the use?


Ah, the night is callin’

And it whispers to me softly come and play

But I, I am fallin’

And If I let myself go I'm the only one to blame


Bea knew as soon as she heard the first couple of lines that this was the song Allie had been worrying about, and she pictured her in a small room at the shelter, writing in her book, as she tried to make sense of everything.  Her heart went out to the blonde, she had been through so much yet she was so strong, so together, and she made Bea feel so safe and secure.  It was a big step for her girlfriend, putting herself out there like this, and she was so proud of her.  She could see the pain in Allie’s eyes as the words left her lips, and she wanted nothing more than to wrap her arms around her and make it all better



I'm safe

Up high

Nothing can touch me

But why do I feel this party's over?

No pain


You're like perfection

But how do I feel this good sober?


Comin’ down, comin’ down, comin’ down

Spinnin’ 'round, spinnin’ 'round, spinnin’ 'round

I'm looking for myself, sober

Comin’ down, comin’ down, comin’ down

Spinnin’ 'round, spinnin’ 'round, spinnin’ 'round

Looking for myself, sober


Allie had never felt as exposed as she did right there on that stage.  She had almost bolted half way through the song, but the way Bea was looking at her, like she had handpicked the stars, was enough to keep her grounded.  Smiling at the redhead briefly, she continued to sing, her eyes never leaving the older woman’s.



When it's good, then it's good, it's so good 'till it goes bad

'Till you're trying to find the you that you once had

I have heard myself cry, never again

Broken down in agony just tryin' to find a friend


I'm safe

Up high

Nothing can touch me

But why do I feel this party's over?

No pain


You're like perfection

But how do I feel this good sober?


I'm safe

Up high

Nothing can touch me

But why do I feel this party's over?

No pain


You're like perfection

But how do I feel this good sober?



Bea had gravitated to the side of the stage during her girlfriend’s performance, wanting to be as close to her as possible.  As the song ended, Allie turned around slightly so she was facing Bea.  Grabbing the front of the blonde’s shirt, Bea pulled her forward slightly so she could whisper in her ear.  “You’re amazing, and I love you so much”, she said, kissing her on the cheek before heading back towards her friends to watch the rest of the set.

Her song had gone down well, as had the rest of the set.  After wrapping up on stage Allie needed a few minutes before facing everyone.  She was still feeling pretty raw from her performance, and was sure their friends would see straight through her act if she didn’t compose herself.  Letting the guys know that she would be back soon, the blonde headed upstairs to the flat, hoping to clear her head quickly, so no one realised she was gone.



Bea had spotted Allie heading into the back, but decided to give her some time to herself.  She could tell that the blonde was struggling during her song, and didn’t want to crowd her.  Fifteen minutes later there was still no sign of Allie, and the redhead was starting to get worried.  Walking over to the bar, she found Debbie, letting her know she was going to find Allie and would be back soon.  The younger Smith had received a message from one of her friends, and was planning on heading over to her house after her shift finished, and would probably stay the night, so she told her Mum to take her time.  After telling Debbie to call her if she needed a lift the following morning, she wandered through into the back, and up the stairs to the flat.  She would check on her girlfriend, then head back down to the others.  As she approached the door to the flat she could hear sniffling. Taking out her key, she let herself in, finding Allie standing over by the window, her arms wrapped around herself as she cried.

Crossing the room, Bea pulled the blonde into a hug, Allie clinging to her as she sobbed on her shoulder.  She wasn’t sure how long they stayed like that, ten minutes, maybe longer, when Allie pulled back, apologising for wetting her girlfriend’s shirt.

“I don’t care about my shirt, it’ll dry.  I’m more worried about you” the redhead said as she rubbed the blonde’s back soothingly

“I’m ok, really.  It just got me thinking about all the awful things I did, and it made me, no, makes me feel dirty.  I can barely stand to be around myself right now, how can you want to be here?”

“Because I love you, all of you, the good and the bad.  You were dealt a shit hand, and you did what you had to do to survive.  It’s what makes you who you are, and you’re beautiful to me, inside and out” Bea said, kissing away Allie’s tears

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to ruin your night.  Debbie will be finishing soon so you should probably head back down, I’ll be ok here”

“I’m not leaving you, and she’s going over to Megan’s for the night.  Do you want to sleep here or go home with me?  And I’ll be wherever you are, just so you know”

“I want to go home” the blonde replied, not realising that she had referred to Bea’s house as home.  Her words were not lost on the redhead though, and she loved that her girlfriend thought of it as her home, hopefully they could make it permanent in the not too distant future.




The following evening the three women headed out, climbing into the waiting taxi.  Bea had suggested that they pick Shayne up on the way, but Debbie said he was going to drive as they were planning on going somewhere else after dinner.  Shayne was already there when they arrived at the restaurant, and Allie could see how nervous he was.  She was planning on distracting Bea as much as possible to take the heat off him.  The redhead was very protective of her daughter, which was understandable given what Harry had put them both through, and although Allie found her girlfriend’s fierce streak a huge turn on, most people just found her scary and intimidating.

Once they were all seated and the food had been ordered Allie tried to keep the conversation flowing.  Bea was watching Shayne across the table, and the poor kid looked like he was going to throw up any second.  She managed to steer the conversation onto Debbie, and her studies, thinking it would be a safe ground, but the redhead took this as an opportunity to grill him on his career prospects and plans for the future.

The food arriving brought a break in the tension, and quietened Bea a little while she ate her meal.  Debbie looked like she wanted the ground to open up and swallow her.  She had expected a little bit of awkwardness but her Mum was just being difficult and she couldn’t understand why.  The waiter had just cleared the plates when Bea started grilling Shayne again, and Allie could see how much her behaviour was upsetting Debbie.  Running her foot up the inside of her girlfriend’s leg, she tried to distract her enough so they could change the subject.  When she heard the redhead catch her breath, Allie thought she had succeeded, relaxing slightly when Bea flashed her a bright smile.  Her happiness was short lived though as she went into another rant, letting Shayne know in no uncertain terms that she wasn’t happy about his relationship with her daughter.

Bea knew she was being a bitch, and she hated how upset it was making Debbie.  She liked Shayne, but she needed to know that he had substance, and that he would be strong enough to stand up for himself if challenged.  It was a trick she had learnt from her Gran, and it was extremely affective.  She knew Edith had used it on Allie when they went to visit, and that her girlfriend had passed with flying colours.  She was a little surprised that the blonde hadn’t picked up on what she was doing, but she loved how she was trying to keep everything as civil as possible.

Once dessert was finished, Allie suggested that they call it a night, knowing Debbie and Shayne were planning on catching up with some of her friends, and she didn’t want them to have to suffer Bea’s mood any longer than was necessary.  She was annoyed with her girlfriend, and thought she was acting like a child.  She didn’t want to make things worse in the restaurant, but she would be having words with her once they left.

After settling the bill, which caused yet another disagreement as to who would pay it, they left the restaurant.  Shayne had been adamant that he was paying for dinner, and knowing how much he was earning Allie wished that he hadn’t.  He was just getting settled in a new flat, and she was worried he wouldn’t be able to cover his bills, she would have to make sure he got some of it back in tips.  Debbie was upset when they got outside, laying into her Mum for being so rude.  Things got heated quickly between the Smith women, and Bea was beginning to wonder if she had played this all wrong.  When she had spoken to her Gran on the phone earlier, she had made it sound so easy, but things weren’t exactly going to plan, and she was running the risk of pushing her daughter away.  She clearly wasn’t as devious as her dear old Gran after all.

Shayne had had enough.  He had tried to stay calm, not wanting to rile his girlfriend’s Mum any more than she already was.  He could handle her attitude towards him, but Debbie was getting upset, and that wasn’t something that he was willing to tolerate.

Stepping in front of the young brunette he locked eyes with Bea.   “You don’t’ think I’m good enough for Debbie, and you’re probably right.  But I care about her, and I have no intention of hurting her.  You can say anything you want to me, but please don’t speak to Deb like that.  I know you’re her Mum, and I don’t mean to be rude, but you’re out of line”

No one spoke for what felt like an eternity, but was probably only a few seconds, until Bea surprised everyone, and burst out laughing.

“What the hell Mum?” Debbie asked, completely confused by the redhead’s sudden change in mood

“I wanted to see if he would stand up for himself, and for you.  I’m sorry, both of you, I really am.  It was your Gran’s idea, and it didn’t exactly go to plan, I’m clearly not as crazy as she is, although after tonight that’s probably debatable” Bea said, her cheeks colouring in embarrassment

“That was a shit move Mum.  We’re going, but this isn’t over” Debbie said, clearly still pissed at her Mum

“I’m sorry Shayne, I just needed to be sure, and more importantly, I need her to be safe.  We’re having a family meal on Sunday before Debbie heads back to university.  I’d like it you came over, and I promise I to behave this time” the redhead said, trying to put things right

 “Sure, I’d like that, and I understand, Debbie will too when she calms down” Shayne replied before turning and following Debbie, who had started walking towards his car

Placing her hand on Shayne’s arm as he passed Allie spoke. “I apologise for my girlfriend’s arshole-ishness, but it’s nothing personal.  They’re been through a lot together and she just worries.  Have a good night and I’ll see you at work tomorrow”

“Thanks Allie, and its ok, really.  I can see how close they are, and I’m glad Deb has someone willing to terrorise for her” he replied, smiling at the blonde before heading off to catch up with Debbie

Once Debbie and Shayne were out of sight Allie turned to face her girlfriend, the redhead suddenly finding her boots very interesting.  Taking her hand, Allie led them down the street to find a taxi, deciding it would be better to wait until they were back at the house to talk.  Bea was quiet on the journey home, she knew she had handled things badly at dinner, and she hoped that Debbie would understand why she behaved the way she did.

Chapter Text

As soon as they entered the house Allie turned to Bea, her girlfriend looking everywhere but at her.  The redhead’s behaviour had puzzled her, she knew she was protective of her daughter, but it had been so out of character, Allie was beginning to wonder if she was drunk.  Mumbling something about the bathroom, Bea shot out of the room and ran up the stairs, away from the blonde.  Ten minutes later there was still no sign of Bea.  Grabbing a couple of bottles for water from the fridge, Allie headed up the stairs, in search of the redhead.

Bea was standing beside the bed, her back to the door when Allie entered the room.  Placing the bottles of water down, the blonde walked up behind her, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend’s waist, she inhaled the scent that was uniquely Bea.  She could feel the tension in the older woman’s body, knowing she was feeling bad about dinner.

“Talk to me, what happened tonight?”

“I fucked up, and now Debbie’s pissed at me.  I can’t say that I blame her either, I was an arsehole”

“Not gonna argue with you on that one” Allie replied, holding the older woman tighter as she felt her try to pull away.  “You made a mistake but you were coming from a good place.  Talk to her in the morning when she’s had time to calm down.   And don’t worry about Shayne, you didn’t scare him off, although he may get someone else to serve you at the bar for a while…in case you go all psycho on his arse again” she added, kissing her girlfriend’s neck as her hands slipped under the redhead’s shirt

“He must think I’m crazy, I’m so embarrassed.  That’s the last time I listen to Gran, I should have known this would happen”

“Babe, everything will be fine, please stop worrying “ the blonde said, her hands making short work of the button on the older woman’s pants as she pressed herself closer against Bea

Bea could feel her heart rate increasing as Allie’s hand slipped into her underwear.  Her head was spinning from the events earlier in the evening, but as she felt her girlfriend’s fingers massaging her clit her mind went blank.  “I…oh…oh god” she groaned, pushing back into Allie, needing to feel more of her.

They weren’t in the best position, and Allie’s movement was a little restricted, but she didn’t care.  The sounds coming from her girlfriend’s mouth were driving her crazy.  She was in a constant state of arousal whenever Bea was near, and sometimes when she wasn’t.  Just thinking about the redhead was usually enough to get her all worked up, and on a few occasions it had happened at a really inconvenient time, like right in the middle of a shift at the bar.  Once Allie’s mind had gone ‘there’, she found it very difficult to get the images out of her mind, and had tackled Bea as soon as she walked through the door to the house on more than one occasion after getting herself into a state.

Running her tongue along the redhead’s jaw, she trust two fingers deep inside her, causing the older woman to cry out.  Allie’s other hand drifted up under her girlfriend’s shirt, pushed her bra to one side and found her left breast, Bea’s nipple hardening instantly at the blonde’s touch.

“I love how your body responds when I touch you”

“I love how you touch me.  Please Allie, I need you…”

“Tell me what you want me to do”

“Fuck me…please…just fuck me”

Removing her fingers, Allie spun her girlfriend around and pushed her back until her back was against the wall.  Tugging on Bea’s pants, she dragged them down, along with her underwear, supporting her as she stepped out of them.  Standing up, Allie tore Bea’s shirt open, buttons flying everywhere, before dipping her head and taking the older woman’s right nipple into her mouth, biting and sucking hard as she thrust her fingers back into her lover.  There were times to be gentle, but right now wasn’t one of them.

“Allie…oh fuck…yes” Bea moaned as she rode her girlfriend’s fingers, her hips matching Allie’s thrusts as she felt the blonde fill her

“Fuck Bea, you’re making me so wet” Allie said, increasing the pace as she felt the redhead’s walls tighten around her fingers, signalling that she was close.  She could feel her own arousal building as Bea clung onto her, her nails digging into her shoulders as her hips bucked erratically.

Curling her fingers inside her lover, Allie pushed the palm of her hand against Bea’s clit, sending her tumbling over the edge, the blonde following a few seconds later, calling Bea’s name as she let go.

Bea’s legs felt weak, and she was struggling to stand.  Allie had well and truly rocked her world.  Feeling her girlfriend’s arms tighten around her waist, she leaned forward, resting her head on the blonde’s shoulder as her breathing started to return to normal.

Wrapping her arms around the older woman, Allie guided her over to the bed, pushed her down and straddled her hips.  Pulling Bea’s shirt and bra off, she quickly removed her own dress, thankful that she wasn’t wearing a bra.  She needing to feel all of her lover, and she needed it now.

Settling herself down, she laid beside her girlfriend, one leg draped over her as her fingers drew patterns across the older woman’s stomach, feeling her muscles twitch beneath her touch.

“So…back to earlier at dinner.  What caused it?  It’s clear that something other than Shayne is bothering you”

“You want to talk about that now?” Bea asked, surprised by the change in direction her girlfriend appeared to be taking, and struggling to concentrate with her lover’s naked body so close

“I figured you’d be more lucid after I made you come” the blonde replied, nuzzling on the older woman’s neck as she spoke

“I was nervous.  I know Shayne isn’t a stranger but Debbie’s my baby, and I know she’s not a kid anymore, it’s just hard for me to accept that she’s all grown up.  It’s crazy, she’s off at university, living her own life, but she’s still my little girl.  It scares me, and it hurts that she doesn’t need me anymore”

“She does need you, and she always will.  No one will ever replace you, and she could do a lot worse than Shayne.  He’s a good kid, and I know he’s had his issues, but haven’t we all.  He cares about Debbie, he treats her well, and he seemed to understand your crazy behaviour.  What more can you ask for?”

“I know.  I like him and I can see how much he cares about her, I just hope I haven’t driven him away with my crazy.  I was talking to Gran earlier and she made the whole interrogation thing seem like a good idea.  But she’s crazy enough to pull it off, unlike me, I just make an arse of myself” the redhead said, stumbling over her words as Allie peppered kisses across her stomach

“It’ll take more than that to put him off.  And yeah, you made an arse of yourself, but so what.  I happen to think you’re incredibly hot when you’re in protective mode” Allie replied, crawling back up the older woman’s body to claim her lips

“Yeah?” Bea asked, breathless from their kiss

“Yeah.  I wanted to drag you to the bathroom and ravish you, but I didn’t think it would help the situation.  I’ve been so turned on all night, you drive me wild Bea Smith” Allie replied, giggling as Bea flipped them over.  “You know it baby” the older woman groaned, as her lips trailing a path down the blonde’s body, closing in on her destination.



A few hours later they were so wrapped up in each other that neither of them heard Debbie arrive home.  The young brunette moved quietly through the house in case her Mum and Allie were asleep.  As she reached the top of the stairs she heard voices, letting her know that they were still awake.  Not wanting to disturb them, she headed for her bedroom, overhearing their conversation as she passed her Mum’s door.

They were cuddled up together, a sheet thrown over them as Bea played with Allie’s fingers.  She had been so tense when they arrived home, but Allie had spent the last few hours relaxing her, and showing her just how loved she was.  The blonde was perfect in every way, and she always knew exactly what to do to make Bea feel better.

Pulling her in closer, she kissed the top of Allie’s head.   “Thank you”

“What for?” the younger woman asked

“For being here, for being you, and for being so perfect”

“I’m far from perfect, but I will be here for as long as you want me to be”

“You’re perfect to me, and how does forever sound” Bea replied, dropping a soft kiss on her girlfriend‘s lips

“Not long enough.  Are you ok now?”

“Yeah, thanks to you.  Do you think Debbie really still need me?”

“Of course she does, and once you’ve explained everything she’ll understand. She loves you, and you’re not losing her, but you have to let her make her own decisions” Allie replied, pulling Bea in closer as her eyes began to close.  “I know” Bea mumbled, as sleep started to claim her.



Stopping outside her Mum’s door, she heard her speak.  “…do you think Debbie really still needs me?...”

“Of course she does, and once you’ve explained everything she’ll understand. She loves you, and you’re not losing her, but you have to let her make her own decisions” she heard Allie reply.  Her Mums behaviour had both puzzled and annoyed her, but listening to how insecure she sounded, Debbie couldn’t help but feel for her.  She loved her Mum, and no matter where she was, or who she was with, she would always need her. 

Walking into her room, she closed the door before crashing down on the bed.  She had been exhausted after dinner, and after an hour with her friends had wanted to leave the bar.  Everything that had happened with her Mum was spinning around in her head, and she wasn’t in the mood to socialise anymore.  Shayne had suggested that they drive around for a while, telling her that it always helped him make sense of things.  Thinking back to earlier in the evening, she couldn’t help but smile as she thought of Shayne.

They had been driving for about forty minutes when he pulled off the road and into a car park by the beach.  Jumping out, he ran around the car, opening Debbie’s door and holding out his hand to her.  Grabbing Shayne’s hand, she stepped out of the car, closed the door and let him lead her onto one of the large rocks on the edge of the sand.  Once she was seated, he sat down behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder.

“Don’t be too hard on her” he said as both of them looked out across the beach, the lights from the promenade illuminating the sand

“She acted like a crazy person”

“She did, but it’s only because she cares.  She was in the wrong, and I’d bet that she knows that.  But she did it because she loves you, try not to forget that.  I never knew my Mum, and I’d give anything for her to be able to lose her shit with me.  Talk to her tomorrow, you’ll both feel better once you’ve had some sleep, just promise me you’ll hear her out”

“I’ll try.  What happened to your Mum?  If you don’t want to talk about it I understand”

“’I don’t know all the details, only that she had me while she was in prison.  She couldn’t look after me properly so social services took me away and put me in care.  She died a while later, and I never got a chance to meet her properly.  We were together for six months but was so young that I can’t even remember her, I don’t even know what she looked like.  I stayed with a family for just over six years but he got sick and they couldn’t look after me anymore.  After that I was moved from one foster home to another, every one worse than the last.  I took off from my last one, I was nearly seventeen anyway, so they would have been kicking me out in another year” he said, holding on to her a little bit tighter as he relived his past

“That’s awful, I’m so sorry.  Where did you go after you left there?”

“I crashed on Rusty’s couch, we’d been mates a while by then.  It wasn’t ideal, but it was a roof over my head, and better than where I’d come from”

“Do you still see him?”

“No.  He got sprung busting cars and I took the wrap for him, thought it was the least I could do after he let me stay.  He already had a record and I was a minor so thought they’d go easy on me.  That was until my legal aid told me I’d be moved from juvi once I turned eighteen.  Franky was really tough with me, but I’m glad she was, I would have thrown my life away if she hadn’t made me see sense.  I told the truth, got community service, and Rusty got sent down.  He cut me off the day he got sentenced”

“I’m glad Franky made you see sense”

“Yeah, she is pretty cool, so is Allie.  And your Mum, when she’s not acting all wacko” he replied, laughing as Debbie slapped him playfully

“I feel like such an arse for complaining about my Mum after everything you just told me.  Don’t get me wrong, my childhood was far from perfect, but at least I had one parent that loved me”

“What about your Dad, where’s he?”

Leaning back into Shayne, Debbie rested her head on his chest before starting to speak.  She told him about the fire, and how Harry had tried to blame Bea for everything.  About the huge fight she’d had with her Mum six months ago, and how awful she had felt once she found out how much he had hurt Bea, and what she had gone through to protect her over the years.

“I had no idea most of it was going on, she hid it so well.  He nearly killed her on more than one occasion, and she took it every time, just to keep me safe”

“It kind of makes sense now, why she acted the way she did.  She’s spent the last eighteen years protecting you, and that’s all she knows.  Go easy on her, she meant well” Shayne said, his thumb brushing across Debbie’s cheek as he wiped her tears away.

Turning off the lamp beside her bed, she pulled the sheet over her, replaying the conversation between her Mum and Allie that she had just overheard.  Shayne had been right all along, and she hadn’t even considered that Bea may have been feeling a little bit insecure.  She had assumed that now she had Allie, she wouldn’t need her as much.  Deciding to talk it through with her Mum in the morning, and try to reassure her that she was still needed, she fell into a restless sleep.



Bea was up early, despite not getting to sleep until the early hours.  She had woken up an hour ago, and tried, unsuccessfully to get back to sleep.  Not wanting to disturb her girlfriend, she got out of bed and headed into the en-suite.  Once she had showered and dressed, she wandered back into the bedroom, heading downstairs when she saw that Allie was still fast asleep.

She had been sketching in her book for around an hour when Allie walked into the kitchen, the blonde kissing her on the cheek as she crossed the room and poured herself a coffee, refilling Bea’s mug while she was there.  After placing the mugs down, Allie grabbed a chair, moving it closer to her girlfriend before she sat down.  “What are you drawing?” she asked.  Resting her head on the older woman’s shoulder, she looked over at her sketchbook, seeing herself, Debbie and Bea staring back at her.

“My family” Bea said, as Allie took her hand in hers.  “I love you” the blonde replied, moving in closer as Debbie came walking through the door.

“Morning” she said, grabbing a coffee before talking a seat at the table as Allie stood up and headed out of the room.  “I’ll leave you to it” she said when she got to the door.

“You don’t have to go Allie” Debbie said, not wanting the blonde to leave on her account.

“I need a shower, and you two should talk” Allie replied before heading up the stairs.  She just hoped they could smooth things over, the last thing either of them needed was tension before Debbie left again.

“I’m sorry, I was an arse”

“Yeah you were, but I think I understand.  Shayne’s really sweet, you should give him a chance.  He never knew his Mum, and he made me promise to talk to you.  I overheard you talking to Allie when I got home.  You’re not losing me, and wherever I am, I will always need you.  You’re my Mum, and no one could ever replace you”

“I know, Allie said something very similar.  I’m so sorry, and I need to apologise to Shayne again, he must think I’m insane”

“A little, but he wouldn’t be far wrong would he?” the brunette replied, smiling as her Mum scowled at her.  “When is it you leave again?” Bea threw back, both of them laughing, relieved that they had cleared the air.

The smell of bacon drew Allie back down the stairs.  After she had taken a shower she sat on the bed with her notebook and guitar, trying to finish off her latest song.  She had wanted to give Bea and Debbie some time to talk things through, but she was starving after her activities with the redhead the previous night.  Walking into the kitchen, she found both Smith women chatting and laughing as they cooked together, having clearly put the previous evenings issues behind them.




The house was in chaos Sunday morning.  Debbie was racing around packing her bag, getting everything ready for her train journey back to university while Bea and Allie prepared lunch.  The young brunette had gone out with her old school friends Friday night, and had spent the previous evening at home with her Mum and Allie.  They had all huddle together on the sofa, a blanket draped over them as they watched a movie and ate junk food.  Allie had suggested that she spent the night at her flat so they could have some mother daughter time but Debbie had insisted that she stayed, wanting to spend her last night with her family.  The blonde had excused herself for a while after that, disappearing off into the kitchen to feed Cormack.  Her eyes were red when she came back in, and both Bea and Debbie could tell that she had been crying.  Sitting back down on the sofa, Allie leaned into Bea, who wrapped one arm around the blonde, and the other around her daughter.  They stayed that way throughout the movie, only moving to dig into the sugary snacks that filled the coffee table.

They had all stayed up late chatting, so had overslept, resulting in them all racing around that morning.  Shayne was coming over at one, and there was still so much to do.  Once Debbie had packed her bag she headed downstairs to help her Mum and Allie, the blonde ushering Bea out of the kitchen and ordering her to go and take a shower.

“I love your Mum but she can be so bossy at times”

“Tell me about it.  It’s like being in the military sometimes, especially when she’s nervous”

“I can hear you…both of you” Bea called from somewhere upstairs.  Clearly they weren’t speaking as quietly as they thought.  “And you can stop laughing Novak, I can always send you to the dog house” the redhead added after hearing her girlfriend giggling

Once everything was prepared Allie headed upstairs to take a shower, telling Bea to stay out of the kitchen and spend some time with her daughter instead, not that she would listen, she never did.  After showering, she got dressed and went back downstairs, finding both Bea and Debbie in the kitchen.  Ushering them both out, she closed the door, putting a chair under the handle to keep them out, “And I don’t care if you put me in the dog house, we both know you’ll cave first babe” she called after hearing the redhead complaining in the other room.

It was just gone twelve thirty when Shayne arrived, bottle of wine in hand.  Opening the door, Debbie greeted him, before leading him through into the lounge where her Mum was sitting on the sofa.  Standing up, Bea greeted him, accepting the bottle that he was holding out to her.

“Thanks for this, but you didn’t have to bring anything.  I’d put it in the fridge but ALLIE has barricaded herself in the kitchen and won’t let us in” Bea shouted out, hearing her girlfriend chucking from the other side of the door.

“Bite me” the blonde called out in response

“You wish”

A few seconds later they heard a noise, and the door opened slightly, Allie’s face appearing in gap.  “You know it baby” she replied, winking at the redhead before turning to face Shayne

“Hey Shayne, can I get you a drink?  This one’s so lazy that she’s left me to do everything” she said, nodding her head in Bea’s direction as he looked between the two women and laughed

“Sorry, they’re always like this.  I’m the only sane one in this family” Debbie said, smiling at their antics

“That’s debatable” both Bea and Allie said at the same time

“I was just thinking the same thing” Shayne added, receiving a slap on the arm from Debbie in return



The meal had gone a lot better than it had the other night, the conversation flowing easily between the four of them.  After they had eaten Allie ushered Bea and Shayne into the lounge, dragging Debbie through into the kitchen to help her clean up.  She knew her girlfriend would want some time alone with Shayne to apologise for her behaviour the other night, and saw this as a good opportunity, plus she would get some help with the dishes so it was a win, win situation.

They sat opposite one another, neither of them knowing what to say for a few minutes, until Bea took a deep breath and spoke.

“I’m sorry about the other night, there really is no excuse for the way I behaved.  I just want you to know I’m not usually like that, that’s not who I am”

“I know, and it’s ok, really.  Debbie told me what you did to keep her safe when she was younger, and I understand that you just want to protect her, but I care about her, and I’m not out to hurt her in any way.  I know she’s busy with her degree, and there’s the whole distance thing, but I promise I will never get in the way of her studies.  I’m happy to visit her if she wants me to, otherwise we can see each other when she’s back here.  She loves you, and Allie, and I’m not trying to come between you, I promise”

“Thank you.  Debbie told me what you said to her the other night, and I appreciate your honesty, but I overreacted.  It happens sometimes, and I can’t always control it.  Ask Allie, she’s been on the receiving end a few times.  I’m not proud of it, but it is something I’m working on with Allie’s help.  I really don’t know why she sticks around”

“You can’t be serious.  She’s like a love sick puppy when you’re not around, but please don’t tell her I said that, she may hurt me” he replied, laughing as Bea nodded, confirming his fears

Half an hour later Debbie and Allie came walking into the room, making sure everything was ok before sitting down.  They chatted until it was time for Debbie to leave.  She didn’t really want to go, but knew she would miss her train if she left it much longer.  Bea had asked Shayne if he would drop her off at the station, thinking that it would give them some time alone together before she left.  She had wanted to take her herself, but knew she was being selfish so had put her feelings to one side, and tried to see things from Debbie’s point of view, something she would have to work on in the future.

After saying their goodbyes, Bea and Allie headed back into the lounge, both of them collapsing on the sofa.  It had been a tiring few days, and both of them had a busy week ahead.  Oli and his wife would be arriving in Melbourne the following week, and Allie knew it would be difficult, despite how well their conversations had gone so far, they still had a lot of ground to cover.  Grabbing the remote, she flicked through the channels, stopping when they found a movie neither of them had seen before.

They had been watching it for a while when Bea spoke, “Is it crazy that I miss her already?”

“No sweetheart, of course not.  What can I do?”

“Keep me busy”

“Do you have anything in particular in mind?”

“Maybe I could take you up on your invitation from this morning”

“And what invitation would that be?” Allie asked, catching her breath as she felt her girlfriend’s teeth biting gently at her shoulder.  “Was that enough of a clue?” the older woman replied, “or do you need me to show you in detail?”

“Show me…please” the blonde moaned into Bea’s kiss, the redhead’s hands wandering under her shirt as she crawled on top of her, the movie completely forgotten.

Chapter Text

Allie was in the middle of a shift at the bar when Oli messaged her, letting her know that they had arrived safely.  They had spoken on the phone the previous day, and he would be busy for the first two days with work.  They had a couple of training sessions, and a game the following day, but after that he had taken a few days off.  Bea was on a night shift on Tuesday, and Allie had arranged for Oli to go over to the house so they could chat.

She hadn’t slept much the night before, her mind racing as she ran through the different ways her meeting with Oli could go.  Allie wanted to be completely honest with him but was worried that he would disown her like her parents did when she told him the bad stuff.  Bea had been incredibly supportive, staying awake and talking to her, and Allie felt terribly guilty.  Her girlfriend was on nights later and she had managed three hours sleep at best. Despite the blonde’s attempts at trying to get her to take a nap she had ensured her that she wasn’t tired, the constant yawning giving her away.

It was just after lunch and Bea was struggling to keep her eyes open.  Dragging her into the other room, Allie laid down on the sofa, pulling her girlfriend down with her and wrapping her arms around her waist.  She was still feeling restless but knew the only way Bea would sleep was if she was with her.  Despite her reservations Allie fell asleep shortly after the redhead, her girlfriend’s steady breathing luring her into a deep slumber.

Bea was the first to wake.  Untangling herself from the sleeping blonde she headed up the stairs to grab a quick shower before getting ready for work.  She still had an hour and a half before she left so decided to wake Allie up, knowing she would want to freshen up before Oliver arrived.  Crossing the room, she knelt down beside the sofa, leaning over, Bea kissed her girlfriend gently, knowing she had woken up when she felt herself being pulled down.

Ten minutes later Bea reluctantly pulled away before climbing off the sofa.  She would have to leave for work soon and didn’t want to start anything they couldn’t finish, nor did she want to spend her entire shift worked up and frustrated. She had done that a few times, and according to Franky, was a complete bitch the entire shift.  After ushering her girlfriend up the stairs to take a shower she started preparing dinner.  They had gone shopping the previous day after Allie had said that she wanted to cook dinner for when Oli came over.  Opening the fridge, Bea took the ingredients out and made a start, hoping to take some of the pressure off of her already stressed out girlfriend.

Half an hour later Allie appeared, fresh from her shower.  Leaning against the frame of the door she watched as the redhead moved around the kitchen with such ease.  Allie wasn’t a bad cook, but she hadn’t really had much opportunity until recently.  Bea however was fantastic, and she was glad that her girlfriend had taken it upon herself to make dinner.  She was incredibly nervous about spending time with her brother, and although she had tried to hide it, she knew that Bea had seen straight through her act.

Walking across the room she came to a stop behind the redhead, wrapping her arms around her waist and resting her chin on Bea’s shoulder.  “Thank you for doing this, I’m so nervous I would have probably lost a finger chopping the veggies”

“I thought as much, and I happen to love your fingers so I’m being completely selfish really” Bea replied, turning in Allie’s arms and kissing her softly

“Are you sure you have to go to work?” Allie replied, slipping her hands under Bea’s shirt as the older woman tried to step back out of her embrace

“As much as I’d love to drag you up the stairs and throw you down on the bed, I really do have to go.  And I don’t think I’d make a great first impression on Oliver if he caught me with my head between your legs”

“As tempting as that sounds, you’re probably right. Tomorrow however, there will be no escaping”

“I wasn’t planning on trying to, or leaving the bedroom either.  Now try and stay calm, and call me if you need me ok, any time.  If I’m on a shout I’ll call you back as soon as we’re done.  I love you, and I’m so proud of you, please don’t ever forget that”

“I won’t, I promise, and I love you too, so much.  Now go before I make you really late” Allie said, kissing Bea again before ushering her out of the door.

After closing the door she walked back into the kitchen, dropping down in one of the chairs as she thought about what Bea had said.  She missed her brother terribly, and really hoped they could become close again.  It would hurt like hell if he rejected her when she told him about the past few years, but whatever happened, she knew her girlfriend would always be there, no matter what.




The knock on the door came just before six thirty, and after taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, Allie headed down the hallway to answer it.  She opened the door, finding Oliver standing there, a bottle in one hand and a bunch of flowers in the other.  He was obviously miles away as he hadn’t noticed that she was there.  Making the most of his distraction Allie spend a few seconds studying him, and by the way his feet were shuffling around he was just as nervous as she was.  Sensing that he was being watched, his head shot up, eyes locking with his sisters for the first time in thirteen years.

“Hi Sis” he said, holding out the bottle of wine and flowers.  “I wasn’t sure what to bring so Regan suggested both, cover all options right?” he added, smiling nervously at Allie

“You didn’t need to bring anything, but tell Regan thank you, and the flowers are lovely.  Come on in” Allie said, stepping aside to allow Oliver to walk through the door.

Once they were in the kitchen, he handed the bottle and flowers over to Allie, the blonde quickly putting them in some water before taking his coat and getting him a drink.

“Dinner will be ready in a few minutes, make yourself comfortable” she said, leading him over to the dining table

“You didn’t need to go to so much trouble, a pizza would have been fine.  Just don’t tell Regan, she says I eat too much crap as it is”

“I wish I could take the credit.  Bea did most of the work before her shift, I just put it in the oven.  And it’s no trouble, honestly” she replied, heading back into the kitchen to check on the food.



Dinner was comfortable, both of them keeping the conversation light as they ate.  The food was delicious as always, Bea was a fabulous cook, but Allie didn’t have much of an appetite, she was too nervous about the upcoming conversation.  Oliver however didn’t seem to be having any trouble, and even managed to polish of a second helping.  Once they had finished eating they took their plates through into the kitchen, returning to the table a few minutes later with their glasses filled.

Sensing the mood change, Allie took a long drink of wine before locking eyes with her brother.

“What happened Allie?  I thought we were good but then you stopped returning my calls.  I tried for months and all I got was your voicemail.  I even tried your office and they told me you just quit and took off.  I was worried sick, I just wanted to know you were ok.  Did I do or say something to make you cut me off?  If so I’m sorry, I never wanted that”

“No, it wasn’t anything you did or said, and it wasn’t your fault.  I’m sorry Oli, everything came crashing down around me and I lost everything I thought I loved in a matter of half an hour.  I was a mess, and I no longer had my mobile or my apartment.  I wasn’t ignoring you, I never got your messages.  Things were really bad and I didn’t want you to see me like that.  My plan was to get back on my feet quickly, then get in contact with you again, it just took a lot longer than I expected”

“What happened?  And just how bad is really bad?” Oliver asked, concerned about what his sister was about to disclose

“Will you promise that you’ll let me tell you everything before you judge me, and if you want to leave after that then I understand.  But I really hope that you’ll stay” Allie replied, feeling like she wanted to throw up

“You’ve got me worried now Al, but I promise” he said, reaching over the table and placing his hand on top of Allie’s, squeezing it gently

Deciding that they would both need something stronger to tackle this conversation, Allie stood up and walked into the other room, coming back a couple of minutes later with a bottle of scotch and two glasses. Pouring them both a large measure, she placed the bottle down on the table, locked eyes with Oliver and started to fill him in on the events of the past four years.

She told him about Mia, and how she ended up on the streets, about her time on the streets and what she ended up doing to survive, the drugs, the prostitution, and how she had felt so low towards the end, and hadn’t really cared if she lived or died.

“So what changed?  How did you get out of it?”

“Bea.  I was sleeping in an abandoned building one night when it caught fire.  Bea’s crew responded to the call and she was the one that pulled me out of the building.  I was out of my head and didn’t know anything about it until I woke up in the hospital the next day.  The doctor had found my stash and was going to call the cops but someone stopped her, got rid of the evidence instead.  I found out the next day that it was the firefighter that had rescued me.  I was a stranger to her, but she treated me better than the people who claimed to love me.  She treated me like I mattered, despite where she found me.  I found out when she was next on shift and went to find her.  I hadn’t even seen her by this point, but I think I’d already started to fall for her.  I went over to the station and there she was, like a goddess in uniform, and she was so sweet.  I had lost what little money I had in the fire, but she had found it.  I went back to the station the following night to pick it up but they were on a shout.  The weather was horrendous and I’d got caught out in it.  She let me take a shower, lent me some dry clothes, fed me and gave me her bed for the rest of the night.  She was the first person in three years to show me any real kindness, and I wanted to spend more time with her, get to know her better, but I didn’t want her to see the drugged up version of me.  It wasn’t pretty, and I was so ashamed of myself so I went cold turkey.  I stayed at a shelter every night, started applying for jobs, and more importantly, stayed away from the drugs”

“Did she know about everything?”

“Not at that point, no.  I went back to the station a couple of days later to return her clothes but she wasn’t there.  I hadn’t seen her for just over a week, so decided to visit the station, hoping she would be there.  I was on my way when I ran into one of my old clients, and he was not happy that I had decided to quit.  He tried roughing me up, forcing himself on me, then someone grabbed him, punched him and kicked him in the bollocks.  It was Bea.  They were on their way back from a shout and she saw him drag me into the doorway.  She took me back to the station with her, got me some clean clothes and took care of me again.  She gave me a lift back to the shelter but I had missed curfew, so she took me back to her house.  I told her everything that night, and expected her to throw me out, but she didn’t.  She cooked me dinner, let me stay and found me somewhere to live.  I’ve got a flat above the bar I work at.  Bea was meeting her friends from work the following night, and asked me to go with her.  One of the bar staff had called in sick and it was really busy so I offered to help.  At the end of the night Liz, my new landlady, offered me a job.  My whole life had turned around in a matter of two days, and I had Bea to thank for it all”

“Sounds like an incredible woman you’ve got there Scrappy.  So, when did things change between you?”

“We were spending a lot of time together as friends, but I was already head over heels in love with her.  Then one day, about three months later we went out for lunch.  We had just finished eating when Mia walked in, my ex from four years ago.  Bea could see something was wrong, and when I told her what it was she suggested that I waited outside while she paid so I wouldn’t have to see her.  Mia spotted me and followed me outside.  Bea came out a few minutes later, and I must have looked really uncomfortable, so she walked over to where we were standing, wrapped her arms around me and introduced herself as my girlfriend.  Mia couldn’t have looked that convinced, so Bea kissed me.  I know it’s a cliché, but I saw stars.  When she pulled away Mia had gone.  We both had to go to work so didn’t talk about it until the following day.  I came over here, she apologised and I told her I liked her as more than a friend.  I wasn’t expecting anything from her, she’s really shy and the only relationship she’d ever had was with her arsehole of an ex-husband, but I had to try.  Turned out that she felt the same, and we’ve been together ever since”

Standing up, Oliver walked around the table, pulling Allie to her feet.  He wrapped his arms around her as he spoke.  “I’m glad she was there, I just wish you would have called me Allie.  You’re my baby sister and I would never turn my back on you, no matter what happens.  I’m not Mum or Dad, and I love you no matter what.  I’m so sorry you had to go through all that, but it seems like you’ve found someone really special”

“I love you too you big doofus.  And I have, she’s amazing” Allie replied.  Grabbing the bottle of scotch and their glasses, she led Oliver through into the lounge.  Placing the bottle and glasses down, she excused herself and headed to the bathroom, leaving him to sit the sofa.  Allie could feel the tears building up, and needed a few minutes to compose herself.  The evening had gone better than expected so far, she just hoped she could make it through the rest of it without screwing up.



Scanning the room, Oliver noticed several photographs.  Standing up, he wandered over, picking one of them up he looked down at an image of Allie and Bea together on a beach.  He could tell by the way that they were looking at each other that they were very much in love.  Placing the photo back down, he picked up the next one, the picture showing Bea and a teenage girl, both smiling at the camera.

“That’s Debbie, Bea’s daughter” Allie said as she came back into the room, spotting Oli holding one of the photos

“Where is she tonight?” he asked, placing the photo back down and taking a seat beside Allie on the sofa

“She’s at university.  She was home a couple of weeks ago for the holidays but Bea really misses her when she’s gone”

“So that makes her at least eighteen then.  How old is Bea?”

“She’s thirty seven, and yeah, Debbie’s eighteen…going on thirty”

“And you get on ok with her?”

“Yeah she’s great.  I was really worried at first in case she flipped when she found out about us.  Bea said it wouldn’t change anything between us but I knew it would.  I was so scared that I was going to lose her, but Debbie took it really well.  I’ve never met anyone like Bea before, she see’s thing so differently to most people.  She saw me, or at least the person I wanted to be, and everything seems so much better when she’s with me”

“I’m glad.  She seems really good for you, and I can’t wait to meet her” Oliver said, a buzzing sound coming from Allie’s phone temporarily stopping the conversation.  Reaching down, Allie grabbed her phone, noticing she had a message from Bea

Hey beautiful, is everything ok? B xx

Good, really good.  I miss you though A xx

I miss you too baby, I can’t wait to see your beautiful face B xx

Feeling her phone vibrate, Bea opened the message, seeing Allie and Oliver sitting on the sofa, smiling into the camera.

“Your girl switch teams Red?” Franky asked, grabbing Bea’s phone out of her hand and looking at the photo

“It’s her brother you arsehole”

Draping her arm around the redhead’s shoulder, Franky opened the camera on Bea’s phone and switched it to selfie mode.  “Smile Red” she said, leaning in and kissing Bea on the cheek before snapping a photo and sending it to Allie

Opening the photo, Allie laughed at the look on her girlfriend’s face as Franky kissed her on the cheek.  Turning the screen, she showed it to Oli.  “They’re a bunch of nutters”

“She’s hot, well done sis.  The brunette’s fit too”

“First of all that’s my girlfriend you’re perving on, second, Franky’s engaged, and very, very gay, and third, you’re married”

“I know, and I would never cheat on Regan, she’s the only one for me.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a beautiful woman, or women when I see them”

Grapping her phone, she pushed her brother playfully, before sending a message to Franky

Hands off my girl Doyle!



They chatted for a while, and to Allie it felt like they had never been apart.  Oliver told her he had to work for a few more days while he was in town, but wanted her and Bea to come to the game the night before he left.  Allie knew that Bea wasn’t a fan of cricket, and she didn’t have a clue either, but she could see how important it was to her brother and knew her girlfriend wouldn’t mind going along with her, especially if she promised to make it up to her afterwards.

Allie had just returned from the kitchen with a couple of beers when Oliver turned to her and spoke.  “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“I was just wondering why you decided to track me down now.  I’m glad you did, but what changed?”

“Bea.  I was so ashamed of myself and what I had become, but she never judged me.  I still don’t know what she sees in me, and I know she can do so much better than me, but she believes in me in a way that no one ever has done.  She’s from New Zealand originally, and we went over there to visit her Gran.  Edith’s a force to be reckoned with, and after she sent Bea to pick up some lunch she ordered me to stay away from her, claimed I would get bored of her and leave.  I’d never been so angry in my life, and never wanted to fight for someone so much.  I knew how important Edith was to Bea, but I couldn’t have her undermining our relationship like that.  I lost it with her, told her I loved Bea and was about to leave when she laughed at me.  Turned out it was all a test to see if I loved Bea enough to fight for us.  I passed and she accepted me as part of the family.  I met one of Bea’s cousins and his wife as well, and they made me feel like part of the family.  As good as it was, it made me realise how much I missed you.  I felt stronger too, like I was worthy of being loved for who I was”

“I’m glad you called.  I tried for so long to find you, I was so worried.  I figured you decided to cut all ties with the family, not that I could blame you.  I saw Sam six months ago, he was in town so decided to call in at the training ground”

“You were never like the others, and I’m sorry I disappeared like that, I promise it won’t happen again.  How was Sam?”

“He was an obnoxious arsehole, just like Dad.  It was the first time I’d seen him in two years, and he gets worse every time”

“What about the parents, do you see them?” she asked

“I got a letter from Dad when I first started working with the international team, guess I’d finally done something he could brag about to his friends.  I didn’t reply.  Mum left him two years after you took off.  She lives in the states now.  The last I heard she was living with some guy not much older than you, and she had a new face, the joys of living in LA,  Sam has seen her a handful of times but he’s still really close to Dad”

“Guess that explains his arshole-ishness then.  He always was a mini version of Dad, even when we were young”

“Are you going to contact any of them?” Oliver asked, although deep down he already knew the answer.

“No, I’m happy for the first time in what feels like forever.  I don’t want any of their negative bullshit spoiling that.  I’m sorry if that sounds harsh”

“No not at all.  And I’m glad you’re happy, you deserve it Allie.  Now enough of the heavy stuff, tell me more about that hot girlfriend of yours” Oliver said, nudging his sister and laughing as her face lit up at the mention of her girlfriend.  They had come a long way in a few hours, and he was so happy that she was back in his life again.

They chatted for another couple of hours, Allie learning more about Oli’s wife Regan, and how they met.  She told her brother about Bea’s cousin Logan, and how the redhead had punched him after he had tried to grab her.  After hearing that, Oliver made a mental note not to get on Bea’s bad side, but he was glad that Allie had someone looking out for her.  His sister was tough, she always had been, but it comforted him knowing Bea had her back.

Allie had told her brother about the open mic night that she sometimes played at, and he asked if it would be ok with her if they came to see her.  After a quick call to Ash, she had arranged to join them for a few songs, and had even agreed to play another original track.  It was only after she had given Oli the details that she began to wonder what she had done.  “Way to go and put extra pressure on yourself Novak”, she thought to herself.  She was just glad her girlfriend would be there to calm her down.

It was just after midnight when Oliver left, not wanting to leave Regan alone for too long.  After unloading the dishwasher, and cleaning the kitchen Allie headed to upstairs.  She hated sleeping alone, but felt so much closer to Bea when she was in her bed.  The whole house smelt of the redhead, and Allie loved it.  Climbing into bed, she grabbed her phone and called Bea, hoping her girlfriend would be available to chat for a while.  If she couldn’t feel her arms around her, she needed to hear her voice.  The phone rang for a while then went to voicemail.  Leaving a quick message, Allie hung up, knowing the redhead would be on a shout.  Placing her phone down, Allie snuggled up in the duvet, falling asleep a short while later.


They had just got back from a shout, another lift entrapment.  Those things had a mind of their own recently, they had been called out to more incidents in the past month than the six months previous, and Bea knew there was a reason she preferred to take the stairs.  After removing her turnout gear she headed into her quarters to make a start on her paperwork.  Fletch was on cooking duty and she was hoping to get a good start on the report before she ate, knowing she wouldn’t be able to move afterwards.  Franky was by far the best cook out of her crew, but Fletch was a close second.  Sitting down at her desk, she grabbed her phone, noticing she had a missed call from Allie.  After checking the time of the call and listening to the voicemail, she decided to send her girlfriend a message, thinking she would be asleep by now as the call was over an hour ago.  Allie sounded happy so hopefully her evening who her brother had gone well, the last thing the blonde needed was to be rejected by another member of her family.

The remainder of their shift had passed without any more callouts, which was a good thing.  The food had been fantastic, and most of the crew had collapsed on the sofa or their bunks afterwards, needing time to recover.  The only one not affected by it was Vera, which should have been surprising given her tiny frame.  Had Bea not suspected for a while that there was something between her and Fletch, she would have been shocked at how well she dealt with his portion sizes.  It was quite obvious that she was accustomed to it, especially given how well they seemed to move around the kitchen together.  She made a mental note to speak to Vera about it on their next shift.  The fire department didn’t like to promote partners working together, but unless it became an issue and affected either of their jobs, Bea was happy for them.

After taking a shower, she dressed and jumped on her bike, riding home to her girlfriend.  She had worried about Allie last night, and didn’t want to disturb them, but couldn’t stop herself from sending her a message.  She figured it would be less disruptive than a phone call, and when she had received the image of Allie and Oliver smiling into the camera, she felt so much better.  The next big hurdle was meeting them herself.  Bea knew how important Oliver was to her girlfriend, and she really hoped that he liked her, the last thing Allie needed was tension between the two of them.  Pulling up into the garage, she cut the engine, climbed off the bike and headed inside, needing to feel Allie in her arms.  Fourteen hours was far too long.

Chapter Text

Allie was still asleep when Bea arrived home.  Not wanting to wake her, she headed back downstairs to make a start on breakfast.  Half an hour later, she wandered into the bedroom and placed the tray on top of the drawers before crossing the room. Climbing on the bed, she crawled over to Allie, the blonde still fast asleep and unaware that she was there.  Bea sat beside her for a few minutes, watching her sleep.  She was so beautiful, and she loved coming home to find Allie in her bed.  She never wanted to be apart from the blonde, and the first time the thought ran through her mind, she expected the panic to follow, but it never did.  Things were a little bit crazy at the minute, with Oliver and Regan visiting, but once things had calmed down she was planning on asking Allie to move in with her.

Allie felt like she was being watched.  Opening her eyes slightly, she could see the light coming from the window, as well as a figure sitting beside her.  Knowing it was Bea, she rolled over onto her back, stretching out her muscles.  “What are the chances of you being in uniform when I open my eyes?” she asked, having just woken from a very pleasant dream involving her girlfriend in her turnout gear.

“I hate to disappoint, but I left it back at the station.  I did make you breakfast though, does that get me any brownie points?” Bea replied, leaning down and kissing Allie on the forehead

Opening her eyes, Allie smiled at Bea, her gaze raking over the older woman’s body, taking in the Melbourne Fire Department shirt.  It wasn’t quite the same as in the dream, but getting to remove any type of clothing from the redhead was something she would never get tired of doing.

Jumping out of bed, Allie headed for the bathroom to brush her teeth, peering back around the doorframe she locked eyes with Bea. “Best girlfriend ever.  Be right back babe” she said, blowing the older woman a kiss before disappearing into the bathroom

After brushing her teeth and freshening up, Allie headed back into the bedroom, finding Bea sitting on the bed, her back resting on the headboard and a tray on her lap.  Taking a seat beside her girlfriend, she accepted the cup of coffee that was being handed to her. “What did I do to deserve this?” she asked, turning to face the older woman.

“I love you being here when I get home.  That, and I figured you didn’t eat that much last night so thought you might be hungry”

“I’m hungry for you” the blonde said, winking at her girlfriend as she stroked her thigh teasingly

“Then eat up, you’re going to need the energy” Bea replied, kissing Allie quickly before placing the tray of food between them.



Allie filled Bea in on the events of the previous evening as they ate breakfast, telling her that Oli and Regan would be coming to Fuel to see her play that night.

“How do you feel about that?” Bea asked

“Ok I think.  I’m glad he wants to come and see me, but I’m so nervous already, and its hours away”

“I’m sure I can find a way to take your mind off everything” Bea replied.  Grabbing the tray, she placed it on the bedside table, before turning back to her girlfriend.  Leaning forward, she captured Allie’s lips in a long, slow kiss, her hand moving under the blonde’s top and roaming gently over her stomach.  Wrapping her arms around Bea’s waist, Allie pulled her down so she was laying on top of her.  Deepening the kiss, her hands moved down, grabbing onto her girlfriend’s arse as she raised her hips, causing Bea to whimper.

Breathless, Allie reluctantly broke away.  Tugging on her girlfriend’s shirt, she lifted it up and over her head, throwing it down, before removing her bra.  Sitting up slightly, she pushed Bea back, taking her right nipple into her mouth.  Allie could feel her arousal building as Bea threw her head back, pushing her chest forward.  Grazing her teeth over her lover’s hardened nipple, she fumbled with the button on Bea’s pants, desperate to remove any remaining barrier between her and the body she was dying to worship.

Pulling back slightly, Bea removed Allie’s shirt before climbing off of both her, and the bed.  Removing her own pants and underwear, she climbed back on the bottom of the bed, positioning herself between Allie’s ankles.  Slowly, she kissed her way up the younger woman’s right leg, nipping and biting gently when she reached her inner thigh, her heart racing as she felt Allie trembling beneath her touch.  Stopping as she reached the apex of her girlfriend’s thighs, Bea hooked her fingers in the waistband of the blonde’s underwear, dragging them down her legs and discarding them on the floor.  Kissing her way up Allie’s other leg, she settled herself between the younger woman’s legs, lifting her girlfriend’s hips slightly as she swiped her tongue along her dripping wet centre.

“Fuck…” Allie cried out as she felt Bea’s tongue on her.  She was so turned on that she knew she wouldn’t last long

Pulling away slightly, Bea kissed her way up Allie’s body, stopping to pay her breasts the attention that they deserved.  She loved Allie’s breasts, they fit perfectly in her hands, and the way the blonde arched her back off the bed when she nipped and sucked at the hardened buds sent a fresh wave of arousal cursing through her body.

“Please baby” Allie groaned.  She had woken up aroused following her dream, and Bea’s mouth on her was driving her crazy

“Tell me what you want Allie, I need to hear you say it”

“Fuck me, please.  I need your fingers deep inside me, filling me, fucking me…hard…”

Bea loved it when Allie talked dirty, and it made her so wet.  “That’s one hell of a dirty mouth you’ve got on you Novak” Bea said, slipping two fingers inside her girlfriend, the blonde moaning loudly as she entered her

“’You love it.  I bet your so fucking wet for me right now”

“Always, you make me crazy Allie.  I don’t want anyone else touching you like this, ever”

“I’m yours, I only want you.  You turn me on so much.  I only have to look at you and my panties are dripping wet.  You’re so fucking hot Bea, I could come just looking at you.  Please…don’t stop”

“Never” the redhead replied, her voice thick with arousal as she added another finger, thrusting hard into the younger woman as Allie wrapped her legs around Bea’s waist, opening herself up to be taken completely.

Bea’s hand was soaked through, Allie was so wet, and it was making her crazy, knowing it was all for her.  Leaning down, she took the blonde’s bottom lip between her teeth, tugging on it slightly before crashing their lips together in a dirty kiss.

“Come for me baby” the redhead said, before kissing and biting at Allie’s pulse point, her thumb flicking over the blonde’s clit.

Allie felt her muscles tense and her entire body tremble, before her orgasm tore through her.  She came hard, screaming Bea’s name as her back arched off the bed, desperate to drag it out as long as possible.  She could feel Bea’s fingers deep inside her, guiding her through wave after wave of pleasure.  Hearing a loud moan, she watched as Bea collapsed on top of her, her eyes clamped shut, cheeks flushed and breathing heavy.

Be loved watching Allie lose control like that, and all the dirty talk had worked her up into a frenzy.  She had been close just listening to the words fall from her girlfriend’s beautiful mouth, but as she felt her walls tighten around her fingers, and watched as her back arched, it was all too much.  She had tried to ignore the throbbing between her legs as she touched Allie, but as she called her name, Bea lost all control, coming hard as Allie continued to move beneath her, riding out her own high.



A couple of hours later, Allie was much more relaxed than she had been earlier that morning.  They had just taken a shower, resulting in round six, or was it seven?  Her brain had gone to mush a while ago, and she had lost the ability to count.  She was just glad the neighbours were at work, there was no way they wouldn’t have heard her screaming Bea’s name had they been home.

Once they were dressed they headed downstairs to grab some lunch before they headed out.  Allie needed to go and see Ash to run over a couple of the songs before their gig that night, and Bea wanted to speak to Franky.  She was worried that she was moving too fast, and as much as she wanted Allie to move in, she didn’t want to scare her girlfriend off.  The whole relationship thing was still so alien to her in so many ways, and she knew that out of all her friends, Franky would be completely honest with her, even if she didn’t like the answer.

After lunch, Allie headed over to Ash’s place to meet with the guys, Bea had suggested that she take the car, and she would use the bike.  They were planning on staying at the flat as it would be late by the time Allie had wrapped everything up at the bar, and that way the redhead could go straight to the station the following morning.  Allie spent a couple of hours with the guys going over the two new tracks, before she headed over to the bar to set everything up.



Franky had been surprised when she received the message from Bea, asking if she could come over for a chat.  She knew that Allie would be working the late shift at the bar, and possibly performing as well, so had assumed the redhead would want to spend the day with her girlfriend while she had the chance.  She just hoped that there wasn’t trouble in paradise.  Bea had been through so much over the years, and it was great to see her finally happy.  And despite not knowing Allie for that long, she had grown fond of the cheeky blonde.  She was clearly smitten with Bea, and they were really good together.

Hearing a knock on the door, she headed down the hallway and answered it.  Stepping aside to allow Bea to enter, she closed the door before leading her friend into the lounge.  Once they were both seated on the sofa, Franky turned to face her friend before speaking.  “Spit it out Red, I know something’s got your undies in a knot”

“I…err…I want to ask Allie to move in with me but I don’t want to scare her off” Bea said, her nerves showing as she spoke

“Why would you scare her off?”

“I don’t know if I’m moving too fast.  I have no idea how these things work, what the timescale is for this kind of commitment”

“There are no rules Red, and everyone is different.  Does it feel too soon to you?”

“No.  I would have asked her months ago but I’ve been shit scared”

“You don’t think I was when I asked Gidge to marry me?  I was shitting tower blocks.  But sometimes you have to take a leap and go for it.  You might fall on your arse, and you might not, but if you love her like I think you do then you have to take that chance”

“So you think she’ll say no?” Bea asked, almost afraid to hear the answer

“Fucking hell Red, have you seen the way she looks at you? Blondie’s completely smitten, and there’s no way she’ll say no.  I’m pretty sure she’d have U-hauled after a couple of days given half the chance” Franky replied.  Surely Bea could see how much Allie loved her.  Everyone who came into contact with them could see, it was blindingly obvious.



Once everything was set up, Allie headed upstairs to take a shower and get ready.  Liz had given her the night off from the bar, knowing she would be busy enough with all the artists as well as her own performance.  She was grateful, the previous day had been exhausting, and it would give her a bit of time to relax before she was needed downstairs.  Bea had messaged her ten minutes ago, letting her know she was on her way, and she was looking forward to being alone with her.  No matter how much time they spent together, Allie couldn’t get enough, she just hoped that she wasn’t smothering the older woman.  The last thing she wanted to do was scare her off.

She was in her underwear, going through her closet trying to decide what to wear when she heard Bea come in.  A few seconds later she felt her girlfriend’s arms wrap around her waist, and soft lips ghosting over her neck.  “Miss me?” she asked, leaning back in the girlfriend’s embrace

“So much” Bea replied, closing her eyes and inhaling the scent that was uniquely Allie.  “I need to jump in the shower, how long have you got until you need to be downstairs?” she added, her fingers drawing patterns on the blonde’s exposed stomach.  Having Allie so close, especially in only her underwear, was extremely distracting, and Bea could feel her arousal building again.  It was crazy, she was nearly thirty eight, yet she felt like a horny teenager.

“About forty minutes, but if you keep doing that I won’t be going anywhere.  Now go and get in the shower before I jump you.  I’ve got plans for you later, and I’ll need a lot more time than that” the blonde replied, stepping out of her girlfriend’s embrace and pushing her towards the bathroom.

Allie dressed quickly and headed downstairs when she heard the shower being turned off.  She knew she wouldn’t be able to keep her hands off Bea if she hung around in the flat any longer, so decided to put a bit of distance between them.  The last thing she wanted was to be all flushed when Oli and Regan arrived.  She didn’t have time for another shower, and meeting your brother’s wife for the first time, smelling like sex, probably wasn’t the best way to make a good first impression.

When Bea stepped out of the bathroom, she noticed that Allie had gone.  Disappointment ran through her, quickly followed my relief.  She had no idea what had gotten into her recently, every time she saw Allie, she wanted, no, needed her.  From the minute they had taken that step in their relationship the pull between them had been electric, but for the past couple of months Bea had been struggling to control herself around her girlfriend, not that the blonde ever complained.  She just didn’t want Allie to think that was all she was interested in.  After drying her hair and putting on a little make-up, Bea got dressed and headed downstairs.  She could feel another conversation with Franky coming on, and she knew the tattooed brunette wouldn’t let her live this one down for a very long time.

Walking through the door leading to the bar, Bea scanned the room.  Allie was busy helping the first act set up, and Franky, Maxine and Smiles were over by the bar chatting.  Crossing the room, she spoke to Liz briefly, before walking over to the trio and dragging Franky off to one side.

“Sup Red?”

“I need to talk to you again.  It’s important and kind of embarrassing.  Come through into the back for a few minutes, we can’t talk here” the redhead replied, leading Franky through into the office

Franky perched against the edge of the desk, watching Bea pace up and down the small room.  A few minutes had passed and the redhead hadn’t said a word.  Deciding to take control, Franky reached out and grabbed her friend’s arm, stopping her from pacing.

“Come on Red, it can’t be that bad surely.  You didn’t get caught rooting did you?”

“What?  No! I err…it’s just”

“Fuck sake, spit it out.  Whatever it is I’m sure I’ve done worse, several times”

“How many times a week do you and Bridget…”


“You’re going to make me say it aren’t you?”

“Yep, now grow a pair and spit it out.  Neither of us are getting any younger”

“Have sex.  How many times a week do you and Bridget have sex.  There, happy now?”

“Very.  And it depends”

“On what?”

“Shift patterns mainly.  On a bad week we can go for days without seeing each other.  We find other ways though, you’ve got to improvise.  Why do you ask, is the honeymoon period over already?”

“No, the opposite, or at least from my side.  I want her all the time, and I’m worried that there’s something wrong with me.  I haven’t got a fucking clue about relationships and I expected it at first, but we’ve been together for ten months now and I can’t keep my hands off her.  Is that normal?”

“There are no rules Red, and every relationship’s different.  But for the record, when you stop wanting each other that’s usually when there’s a problem, so stop worrying and enjoy yourself for once”

“But I don’t want her to think that’s all I want her for, or for her to feel like she has to…you know…to make me happy.  I love just sitting and talking to her, and doing simple things together like cooking dinner.  It’s not just about the sex, as fantastic as it is, and I don’t want her to think that it is”

“Talk to her, tell her what’s on your mind.  I think you might be surprised, and I’m sure you’re not the only one feeling like this.  I see how she looks at you, and it’s definitely not PG.  But you need to be honest with her.  I know it’s hard, and Gidge still gets frustrated with me sometimes for bottling shit up, but it’s the only way”

“Thanks Franky, I appreciate it, again.  Twice in one day, I’m making a habit of this aren’t I?”

“Anytime Red, especially if it’s a good problem like this one.  I always knew you were a secret Lezza, I’m just surprised you’ve managed to resist my charms all these years.  Novak must be something special”

“She is, and I can’t imagine ever being without her”

“Right, enough of the mushy crap, I want details.  What’s your favourite position?  I like it when Gidge…”

“Fuck sake Franky.  I’m never going to discuss that with you…ever.  Now come on, I owe you a drink and I don’t want Allie sending out a search party for me.  Plus she’ll kick your arse if she finds us in here together” Bea replied, pushing a laughing Franky out of the door before locking it behind her.

Once they were back in the bar, Bea ordered a round of drinks, ordering Franky a JD and coke as well as her usual beer.  She was loud, blunt, and would tease her relentlessly over this, but she really was a great friend, and Bea was grateful.



Looking up from the stage, Allie spotted her girlfriend practically dragging Franky through into the back.  She had no idea what was going on, but from the look on the redhead’s face it was serious.  She just hoped everything was ok.  About twenty minutes later she saw them both come back through into the bar, Bea ordering a round of drinks for all her friends before turning and heading towards her, a bottle of water in her hand.  It was still quite early, and the bar was only just starting to fill up, giving Allie the opportunity to study her girlfriend as she crossed the room.  Coming to a stop in front of her, Bea handed her the bottle of water before tucking a strand of blonde hair behind her ear, her touch sending a rush of heat through Allie’s body.

“Thanks.  Is everything ok?  I saw you marching Franky into the back”

“Everything’s fine Alliecat.  I just needed to talk to her about something and didn’t want to do it in front of the others.  You look stunning by the way, are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

“I’m glad you like.  I don’t want your eyes on anyone but me tonight”

“I don’t want to look at anyone else, only you.  Although I may need a cold shower by the end of the night”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of that when we go upstairs” the blonde replied, running her finger across the exposed section of Bea’s collar bone, before dipping lower, towards her breasts.

“Hey, Oli’s here.  Come on, let’s go and say hi” she added, as she stepped away from her girlfriend, laughing as Bea growled in frustration at the break in contact

“Fucking tease” Bea whispered in her ear as they crossed the room, hand in hand.


Allie could feel the nerves radiating off of her girlfriend as they crossed the room.  She knew exactly how Bea was feeling, having felt the same when she met Edith and Oscar when they were in New Zealand.

“Relax, they’ll love you” she said, stopping and pulling Bea in close

“I hope so, I’m scared Allie”

“I’ve got you, and I won’t let you fall.  You’re safe with me and I’m so in love with you.  Just be yourself, and everything will be fine.  Trust me”

“I do, and I love you too, I just don’t want to fuck this up” Bea replied.  Taking a deep breath, she squeezed Allie’s hand.  “Right, let’s get this over with” she added as they continued their journey across the room, their hands locked together.

As she approached her brother, Allie could see the same look in Regan’s eyes as she’d just seen in Bea’s, this couldn’t be easy for her either.  Running her thumb over the back of her girlfriend’s hand, Allie broke the contact, pulling Oli into a quick hug, not wanting to leave Bea and Regan standing there for long.

“You must be Regan.  It’s great to meet you, and well done for putting up with this doofus” Allie said, hugging her brother’s wife.  She wasn’t quite sure how to handle it, but decided to take the plunge and go in for a hug.  Luckily she seemed ok with the contact, hugging Allie back almost instantly.

Pulling back she turned to Bea, her hand coming to rest at the bottom of the redhead’s back, hoping to provide her some comfort.  “I’d like you to meet my girlfriend, Bea” she said, stepping back when Oliver grabbed the redhead, and pulled her into what can only be described as a bear hug.

“I’m so happy to finally meet you.  Scrappy talked about you nonstop last night, I feel like I know you already”

“It’s great to meet you too.  I was so nervous” Bea replied

“Me too, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one.  I’m Regan by the way.  If I wait for Oliver here to introduce us we’ll all have aged ten years”

Once everyone had gotten acquainted, Bea headed to the bar to get a round of drinks, Oli offering to help.  The pair returned a few minutes later and began to chat.

“I’m so happy to finally meet the woman that’s got my baby sister so whipped.  What’s your secret?  I really want to know” Oliver said, noticing Allie’s cheeks colour as her eyes locked with Bea’s.  “On second thoughts, maybe I don’t want to know” he added, causing the three of them to burst out laughing

“I have my ways, but I’m afraid that’s all I can divulge” Bea replied, causing Allie to blush again.  The tables were well and truly turned, and she was loving watching the blonde squirm for a change.

They chatted for a while longer, Bea pointing out their friend’s across the room, as Allie gave a brief description of them all, telling Regan to watch out for Franky.  “She’s harmless, she just can’t help herself”

“I thought she was engaged?” Oliver said, remembering her from the photo on Allie’s phone the previous evening

“She is, but that’s just Franky.  She’s been hitting on me for years, it’s just how she is.  If she bothers you let me know and I’ll deal with her” Bea said, knowing it was only a matter of time before the tattooed brunette spotted Regan. She knew most people who came to the bar, so any new face was a challenge.

“Deal with her?” Oliver asked

“Yeah.  I’ll threaten to tell Bridget, her fiancé.  I’ve known Franky a long time, and I’ve never seen her so whipped.  She’s a natural flirt but she doesn’t mean any harm” Bea replied.

Half an hour later Allie had to go and help set up for the next artist, leaving Bea with Oliver and Regan.  Liz had wandered over a few minutes ago, and was currently deep in conversation with Oliver about cricket.  He had tried to talk to Bea about it, but she had absolutely no idea, and it appeared Regan didn’t either, much to Oliver’s obvious frustration.  So when Liz appeared, and showed the slightest bit of interest, there was no stopping him.

“We could literally leave here, see a movie, and take a two week vacation…and he’d still be talking about bloody cricket when we got back” Regan said to Bea, both of them laughing at his enthusiasm

Allie watched them from across the room. Oli was deep in conversation with Liz, and Bea and Regan appeared to be getting on well.  As if sensing she was being watched, Bea turned her head, her eyes locking with Allie’s.  The intensity of the redhead’s gaze sent a shiver down Allie’s spine, and all she wanted to do way walk over there, wrap her arms around her, and never let go.  Franky approaching them broke her focus, her eyes glancing between the brunette’s and Bea’s, hoping her girlfriend was picking up on her message.  Watching on, she saw as Bea positioned herself close to Regan as Franky arrived beside her.  The tattooed brunette leaned in and said something to Regan, and Allie felt herself tense up.  Continuing to watch, she saw Regan reply, and whatever she said caused Franky to throw her head back laughing, it looked like her sister-in-law could handle herself after all.  Smiling at Bea, she went back to what she was doing, happy that things were ok.  She just had to get through the gig later, and the evening would be a success.

Chapter Text


Ash had made a couple of changes to their set list, swapping the order of a few tracks around.  They would be finishing with Allie’s song, and she wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not.  She was happy that he thought it was good enough, but it added to the mountain of pressure she was already putting on herself.  They had almost finished their penultimate song, and as Allie scanned the room, she took in the sight before her.  Oli and Regan were in the middle of the crowd, dancing like a pair of lunatics, only being slightly upstaged by Boomer, who was currently on a break from the bar.  She was pretty sure her friend had created a whole new genre, and what she lacked in rhythm she made up for in enthusiasm.  Bea had been standing with Franky and Smiles, but had gradually gotten closer to the stage during their set, knowing it helped her girlfriend having her close by.

As they finished the track, Ash let everyone know that the next song would be their last of the evening, before handing control over to Allie.  It was her song, so he thought it only fair that she took the credit.

“Thanks for coming to see us and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have.  As Ash said, this is our last song and it’s one of mine, so blame me if it’s shit.  I hope you all like it, and I want to dedicate this one to my girl.  Thank you for believing in me, and I love you, always” she said, her eyes locking with Bea, who looked back at her with tears in her eyes.

Smiling at the redhead, Allie stepped forward as the music started.  Grabbing the stand, she secured the mic before starting to sing.


I remember us alone
Waiting for the light to go
Don't you feel that hunger
I've got, so many secrets to show
When I saw you on that stage
I shiver with the look you gave
Don't you hear that rhythm, can you
Show me how we can escape

(Ooh oh oh oh, ooh oh oh ooh)
I was biting my tongue
I was trying to hide
(Ooh oh oh oh, ooh oh oh ooh)
I'll forget what I've done
I'll be redefined

It's shaking the sky
And I'm following lightning
I'll recover if you keep me alive
Don't leave me behind
Can you see me I'm shining
And it's you that I've been waiting to find
I'm holding it all tonight
I'm folding it all tonight
You know that you make it shine
And it's you that I've been waiting to find
I'm holding it all tonight
I'm folding it all tonight
You know that you make it shine
It's you that I've been waiting to find


Allie was like a drug, and Bea was well and truly addicted.  Everyone’s eyes were on the blonde standing centre stage, and Allie’s eyes were still on her.  It always amazed Bea how with one look from her girlfriend, she could forget everyone and everything around her.


Now that we can hear that sound
Now that you can hold me down
You can pull me under
You can raise everything to the ground
Everything I can arrange,
Every part of me you change
Just hold me together, tell me
You'll always want me to stay

(Ooh oh oh oh, oh oh oh ooh)
I was biting my tongue
I was trying to hide
(Ooh oh oh oh, oh oh oh ooh)
I'll forget what I've done
I'll be redefined


Glancing around the room, Allie spotted Oli and Regan, her brother’s wide smile giving her a much needed confidence boost.  She had felt extra pressure with them being there, but they both seemed to be enjoying themselves, which was a good sign.  Hopefully.


It's shaking the sky
And I'm following lightning
I'll recover if you keep me alive
Don't leave me behind
Can you see me I'm shining
And it's you that I've been waiting to find

I wanna be the one you steal
I wanna be the one you shield
I wanna be the one
That your love, that your love
Can heal
I wanna be the one you steal
I wanna be the one you shield
I wanna be the one
That you'll love, that you'll love

It's shaking the sky
And I'm following lightning
I'll recover if you keep me alive
Don't leave me behind
Can you see me I'm shining
And it's you that I've been waiting to find
I'm holding it all tonight
I'm folding it all tonight

You know that you make it shine
It's you that I've be waiting to find
I'm holding it all tonight
I'm folding it all tonight
You know that you make it shine
It's you that I've been waiting to find
It's you that I've be waiting to find
It's you that I've been waiting to find


As they wrapped up the applause rang through the bar, and Allie couldn’t stop smiling.  Turning round, she saw the guys were as caught up in it as she was.  After thanking everyone for listening, they jumped down off the stage, Allie heading straight for Bea, who was beside the stage like usual.  A few seconds later and she was buried under a pile of bodies.  Oli had rushed across the room and dived on her, shortly followed by the rest of the band.  Once they had all congratulated her, she turned to Bea, needing to be close to her.  As if sensing Allie’s need, Bea stepped forward, wrapping her arms around the blonde and pulling her in for a kiss.  “Thank you for doing that, you have no idea how much that meant to me” she said, kissing Allie again.

“I think I do, and I feel the same.  Plus I wanted everyone to know that the hot redhead was mine” Allie replied, holding on to Bea as if her life depended on it.

The rest of the evening went well, and they had stayed behind after closing time to continue the party.  It was just gone two in the morning by the time they got to bed, and Allie had been conscious that Bea was working the following day.  She didn’t want her to be tired, but the older woman had been adamant that she would rather spent time with Allie and her family than sleep, Oli joking that sleeping was all firefighters did on shift anyway.




The next morning Bea reluctantly dragged herself out of her girlfriend’s arms, and nice warm bed.  Not wanting to disturb Allie, she grabbed her clothes and quietly headed to the bathroom.  Once she was showered and dressed, she headed out, jumped in the car and drove to the coffee shop a couple of blocks away.  Twenty minutes later she returned with coffee and breakfast.  Placing it on the kitchen counter, she wandered over to the bed, throwing herself down beside Allie, the blonde waking with a start.  “The fuck?” Allie yelled, jumping up.

“Sorry Alliecat, I didn’t want you to wake up alone.  I’ve got to go but I brought you breakfast and coffee” Bea said, laughing as Allie’s arms flailed around, the blonde calming once she realised it was just Bea.

“Thanks babe, although I can think of another way you could have woken me up” the blonde replied, snuggling up against her girlfriend.

“Mind out of the gutter Novak, can’t have you making me late again”

“I was talking about a hug, looks like I’m not the only one with the dirty mind.  Now get out of here” Allie replied, pushing the redhead off the bed.  “Oh and Bea?” she added, causing the older woman to stop and turn to face her


“Stay safe, and I love you”

“I love you too Alliecat.  I’ll see you tonight at home” Bea said, winking at the blonde before heading out of the door and off to work.

Allie loved it when the older woman referred to her house as home, it was never something she ever felt like she had.  Her parent’s house never felt like home, and although she had been comfortable in the apartment a few years ago, she never felt it there either.  The only place she had ever felt truly comfortable was Bea’s house, but she was pretty sure it had more to do with the beautiful firefighter than the bricks and mortar.



The shift had been a busy one, three car accidents, a small house fire, and a kid stuck on a roof.  It was days like these that had Bea longing for a hot bath, and a nice relaxing evening.  Allie was working until seven, but had called earlier to say she would pick up some dinner on the way over.  She had offered to stay at the flat so that Bea could have a night to herself, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to relax unless the blonde was with her.

After dinner, they were sitting on the sofa, the TV playing in the background, not that either of them were paying much attention to it.  Allie was laid with her head in her girlfriend’s lap, and Bea was absentmindedly playing with her hair.  She needed to talk to Allie about how she had been feeling, but wasn’t sure how to approach it.  Deciding to just go for it, she took a deep breath, and ploughed on.  “I need to talk to you about something” she said, sounding a lot more confident than she felt

“Sounds serious.  Am I in trouble” Allie joked, her smile falling as she noticed the serious look on her girlfriend’s face.  “Are you breaking up with me?  Because whatever I did I can fix it.  Please Bea”

“I’m not breaking up with you, why would you think that?  I love you Allie” Bea replied, running her thumb across her girlfriend’s cheek

“Then what is it?  Did I do something wrong?”

“No baby.  It’s me, I’m just feeling a little bit…ahh…I don’t know”

“You can tell me anything Bea, you know that” Allie said.  Sitting up and turning to face the redhead, she took her hand in hers, urging her on

“I’m worried that I’ve been asking too much of you, and I don’t want you to think that’s all I want”

Babe, you’re not making any sense”

“Sorry.  This is really embarrassing.  I…err…I want you Allie”

“I want you too” the blonde said, winking at Bea

“No, I mean all the time.  Every time I look at you I want to touch you, all of you”

“So what’s the problem?  I love it when you touch me”

“I don’t want you to think that all I want is sex.  I love you so much, all of you.  And I love just being here with you, whatever we do, as long as we’re together” Bea said, finally lifting her head and looking at her girlfriend, who appeared to be laughing at her.  “Something funny?” she added, not sure what was going on

“You’re so cute”

“I’m not cute, Allie I…”

“Yeah you are.  Do you honestly think I’m doing any better?  If I had it my way we’d never leave the house…or the bed.  I’ve never felt like this before, and I know it’s more than just sex, for both of us.  You’re my whole world Bea Smith, and I love being with you too.  You’re home to me, and that’s something that I’ve never had, so thank you” Allie replied, pulling Bea close.  Wrapping her arms around her, she rested her forehead against Bea’s, “I’m so in love with you” she added, before pulling her in for a long, slow kiss.



The next few days were a little crazy for both of them.  Allie had taken Oliver and Regan on a tour of the city while Bea was at work the other day.  Oli had been to Melbourne a few times, but hadn’t seen much outside of the cricket ground and hotel, and it was Regan’s first visit.  She hadn’t seen her brother for a couple of days, wanting to give them some time alone, they were on vacation after all and she didn’t want to crowd them.  They had surprised her the previous evening, showing up at the bar while she was working.  Allie hadn’t spent as much time with Bea as she usually did, their rota’s battling against them had caused some of it, and the redhead had taken a step back to let her spend time with her family.

They were both off work that day, and had arranged a day out at the beach with Oli and Regan.  Allie was looking forward to it for two reasons, having all her family together, and getting to see Bea in a bikini.  It was sweet torture, and she always returned home from a trip to the beach incredibly worked up, but she loved watching the redhead, knowing that no matter who had their eyes on her, she was going home with her.

After packing the car, they headed to the hotel to pick the others up.  It was a weekday so they decided to go for one of the main beaches, knowing it wouldn’t be too crowded.  After parking up, they unloaded the car and wandered down to the beach.  Crossing the sand, they found a quiet spot, not too far away from the water, and set up the parasol.

After laying down their towels, they unpacked their bags, and stripped down to their swimwear.  All except Bea, who was still wearing her vest and shorts.  There was a nervousness coming from Bea, and Allie couldn’t understand why, surely her girlfriend wasn’t shy about being in her bikini in front of the others.  The redhead was incredibly fit, in every sense of the word, and had a body to die for.  She really had nothing to be insecure about.  Leaning in towards Bea, Allie nudged her shoulder to get her attention.  “Please don’t be shy babe.  You look so fucking hot in that bikini, and it makes me crazy.  Please don’t cover yourself up” she whispered, her finger toying with the bottom of Bea’s vest top.


Pulling back slightly, Allie grabbed the sun cream and started to apply it, putting on a show for her girlfriend in the process.  She was hoping that by getting the redhead all hot and bothered, she would forget her shyness and enjoy the day.  She could feel Bea’s eyes on her as she ran her hands up her legs, rubbing the lotion in as she went.  Turning around, she handed the bottle to the redhead, “Would you do my back babe?” she asked, grinning at the faraway look in Bea’s eyes.  “Bea?”

Hearing her name, Bea’s eyes shot up, locking with her girlfriend’s.  She had spaced out for a few minutes, watching Allie applying sun cream.  Her eyes following the blonde’s hands as they moved over her body.  She knew Allie was doing it on purpose to get a reaction from her, but no matter how hard she tried to ignore it, she couldn’t help the way her body betrayed her.  Snapping out of her daze, she grabbed the bottle from Allie, sprayed the cream and began to rub her hands across her back.  Deciding to go for a little payback, Bea ran her hands down the blonde’s back, around to her stomach, and began to move up, grazing the underside of her girlfriend's breasts.  Hearing Allie’s breath hitch, Bea chuckled quietly, “Two can play that game Novak” she whispered in her ear, before stepping back and handing the bottle back to Allie.

After removing her shorts and vest, Bea applied some sun cream, grabbed her book, and laid down on her towel.  She must have fallen asleep at some point, as the next thing she felt was cold water covering her body.  Jumping up, she saw Allie running away laughing, her hair soaking wet.  To the side of Bea, Regan wasn’t faring much better, it appeared Oli had treated her to the same wakeup call.

“Novak!” they both called at the same time, jumping up and chasing after their partners.  Regan couldn’t catch Oliver, but Allie was no match for Bea, the redhead tackling her to the ground within a few seconds.

Allie was wriggling around in the sand as Bea straddled her hips, tickling her mercilessly.  Regan was still chasing a laughing Oliver around the beach, but as they ran towards her, Bea saw an opportunity too good to miss.  As Oli approached them, she tickled Allie’s side, causing her to kick her leg out, tripping him as he passed, and allowing Regan to catch him.

A while later Bea had gone for a swim, leaving the others sunbathing.  She had been skipping her runs lately in favour of staying in bed with Allie, and so wanted to get some exercise in.  Bea had tried to get up early and go for a run a couple of days ago, but had been pulled back into bed before both feet had hit the ground, Allie claiming she would give her a better workout than any run.  She was heading back towards shore when something grabbed her leg.  Splashing, she turned around and came face to face with Allie, the blonde wrapping her arms around her waist and pulling her in for a kiss.  They stayed in the water for a while, making out like a couple of teenagers, before returning to the beach, where Oliver was setting up a mini cricket set, despite Regan’s protests.

“I’m sorry girls, I tried to hide it this morning but he must have sneaked it into the bag when I wasn’t looking.  If we all pretend to be really bad he’ll get frustrated and give up” she said, laughing when he stuck his tongue out at her

“I’m not sure about Allie, but I don’t need to pretend” Bea replied

“Me neither, I’m no good at anything that involve balls!” Allie added, causing Regan to choke on the water she’d just taken a drink of.

Oliver, completely oblivious to the antics of the three women came wandering over holding the cricket bat.  After deciding teams, Allie and Oliver against Regan and Bea, they started the game, Regan batting first.  She wasn’t bad, but wasn’t good either, managing to hit the ball but not send it far enough.  It didn’t help that Oli had insisted on bowling, throwing in a few spins to put her off.  Bea was up next, and he let Allie take a turn at bowling, the closest the ball came to the redhead was about a metre wide.  After four wide throws, Oliver took over again, going easier on Bea than he had Regan. 

Despite his more controlled throw, Bea missed the first ball, Allie laughing at her as she kicked the sand in frustration.  She knew how competitive the redhead was, and losing really pissed her off.  Looking up, she saw Bea scowling at her.  Throwing her girlfriend a cheeky wink, Allie noticed that her frown had been replaced with a smirk, she was clearly up to something.  Bea manages to connect with the second ball, it’s not the best hit, but it’s a hit, and they manage to get a couple of runs in.



Spurred on by Allie’s heckling, Bea decides to play a little dirty.  As Regan prepares to bowl the ball, Bea gets into position off to the side where Allie’s last shot went.  Just as Regan winds up to bowl, Bea pulls her vest over her head, tossing it to the side.  Locking eyes with Allie, she winked, before stretching her arms above her head, the ball sailing past Allie’s bat as she failed to even swing.  “Hey, that’s cheating” Allie called, Regan and Oli chuckling in the background adding to her frustration

“All’s fair in love and cricket Alliecat” Bea replied, walking over to her pouting girlfriend

“You’ll pay for that later”

“Promise?” Bea shot back, before wandering back to their things and grabbing a bottle of water

The rest of the afternoon passed quickly, and Bea found that she really enjoyed spending time with Oliver and Regan.  They had gotten along well the other night at the bar, but it was loud, and they were in a room full of people, which made things so much easier.  She had been a little apprehensive about today, not that she would have admitted it had she been called on it.  Bea knew how much Allie was enjoying spending time with her brother, she had just hoped that she would be able to overcome her natural nervousness, and not make things awkward. 

They had just dropped Oli and Regan off at their hotel, and were heading back to the house, and Bea was thinking how stupid she had been that morning.  She got along really well with Regan, and found that they had a lot in common.  It helped that the raven haired woman was incredibly easy to talk to, and had put her at ease almost straight away.  And then there was Oliver.  He was so similar to Allie in so many ways.  He was as cheeky as she was, and charm seemed to run in the Novak family, although from what she had heard, maybe only the two of them had it.  She had warmed to him quickly, and he seemed genuinely interested in getting to know her.  It helped that he had the same ocean blue eyes as Allie, which seemed to calm her a little.  He was a good looking guy, but not a patch on her Alliecat, her mind wandering back to earlier that day.  Bea was laid on her stomach, looking out over the ocean when Allie walked out of the sea, droplets of water cascading down her body.  As she got closer, Bea’s eyes had fixed on one particular bead of water as it moved down over the blonde’s collar bone, before disappearing between her breasts.  Jumping up, she had run past Allie, and straight into the water, desperate to cool the burning desire building inside her.

“Everything ok?” Allie asked from the drivers seat, bringing her out of her thoughts

“Yeah.  Sorry, I was miles away”

“Anywhere nice?” the blonde replied.  The blush that ruched across her girlfriend’s cheeks providing all the answer that she needed.



The following day they were both working again, and for Bea, it had been one of those shifts.  Will had taken a day’s holiday so she was covering his role as well as doing hers.  She would have asked Franky to look after her duties but smiles had called in sick that morning, so they were already down a crew member as it was.  On top of that, it had been a really busy shift so far.  With an hour and a half to go, the siren sounded again, dragging her from her ever growing pile of paperwork.

It had been a relatively straightforward call, but it had run on past their scheduled hours, and it was just before seven when they returned to the station.  Most of red watch were in the mess room when they returned, waiting to start their duties.  Allie was working at the bar that night so Bea was in no rush to get home.  Deciding to take a shower, she headed straight for the locker room to grab her things.  Half an hour later she wandered through the station and out into the car park, surprised to see Vera standing by her bike.

“Hey Vera, thought you’d be on your way home by now”

“I was, but there’s something I need to talk to you about”

“Do you want to talk here or grab a drink somewhere?”

“Could we go somewhere else?  If that’s ok.  You probably want to get home though so…”

“Vera, it’s fine, really.  Why don’t you come back to my place, Allie’s working so we can talk there”

Vera followed Bea back home.  She was a little nervous and hoped she was doing the right thing.  The first time it happened she thought nothing of it, but she had caught her twice now, and her gut feeling was telling her that there was more to this than Kaz had made out.  She knew there was no love lost between the two station managers, and that it was more from Proctor’s side than Bea’s, but the last thing she wanted was to get caught in the middle of it, whatever ‘it’ was.

After grabbing them a drink, Bea led Vera through into the lounge, taking a seat beside her on the sofa.  She could feel the nerves bouncing off her colleague, and wondered what could possibly have gotten her so riled up, and if it had anything to do with Fletch.  “So what did you want to talk to me about?” she asked after a couple of minutes of silence

“It’s probably nothing, and maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it just seemed odd, so I thought I should mention it just in case”

“Talk to me Vera”

“Last week when we came back from the fire at the diner, I caught Proctor going through your desk drawer.  She didn’t see me, but she looked like she was on edge.  I didn’t think that much of it, but then tonight I saw her coming out of your quarters again.  I asked her what she was doing but she played it off, saying she was looking for an incident report.  Like I said, it might be nothing, but she just seemed off, well more off than usual”

“Thanks Vera.  I’m not sure what she thought she might find in there, but I’d bet money than she was up to something.  Thanks for telling me though, I’ll keep an eye on her”

“No problem.  If I see anything else I’ll let you know”

“I’d appreciate that.  So how are things with you?  We never seem to get a chance to talk”

“Good, really good actually.  How about you, things still good with Allie?”

“Great, better than great actually, she’s incredible.  So…tell me about Fletch, the two of you seem close”

“We are, he’s a good friend”

“Is that all he is, a friend?” Bea asked, watching her colleague as her eyes scanned the room, looking everywhere but at Bea.  “Look, I know there’s the unwritten rule about dating co-workers, but as long as you don’t bring any drama to the station then I’m happy for you”

“, he’s more than a friend.  We’re taking things slow, but so far so good.  I really like him Bea”

“I’m glad, you deserve to be happy”

“So do you, and I’m glad things are good with Allie”

Vera ended up staying for dinner.  Bea was cooking anyway, and figured it would be a good opportunity to get to know her colleague a little better.  They chatted for a while, Vera leaving just after ten.  Bea had just gotten into bed when Allie arrived home.  It was late, and she looked exhausted. After taking a quick shower, the blonde crawled into bed, cuddling up into Bea.

“Rough night?” the redhead asked

“Long night”

“Can I do anything?”

“Just keep doing what you’re doing” Allie replied, snuggling in closer to her girlfriend, both of them falling asleep quickly.

Chapter Text

It had been a week since Oliver and Regan had visited.  The four of them had gone out to dinner together on their last night, ending up in some bar downtown, dancing until the early hours.  Regan had called Allie early the following morning, deciding that it was only fair to wake them up, given she had to drag Oli’s hungover arse to the airport.  They had spoken again later that evening, when they were back in Sydney, and her brother was feeling a little more human, and a little embarrassed about being out drunk by three women.

The week that followed their visit had been hectic, with Allie picking up extra shifts at the bar to help cover while Liz took a holiday.  On top of that, Will had asked Bea to shadow him, sensing that his promotion would be coming up sooner rather than later, and wanted her to be as prepared as possible.  They had also had a change in their shift pattern, and would be working 24 hours on, and 48 hours off, as part of a new trial.

With everything going on, Allie and Bea hadn’t had a chance to spend much time together, the blonde crashing at the flat a few nights after working both the day, and evening shift, and being too exhausted to make it any further than up the stairs.  To make matters worse, 11:11 had a gig the following week at the local university union and wanted Allie to play with them. She had been trying to get as much rehearsal time in with them as possible, but with her additional workload, it cut into the already sparse time with her girlfriend.

Allie was exhausted, and was extremely thankful that Liz would be back the following day.  Both Shayne and Boomer had also taken on additional shifts, but he had come down with the flu a couple of days ago, leaving just the two of them to keep things running.  Boomer was trying to keep up to date on the paperwork as well, and with it not being her strong point, was taking twice as long as it should.  Boomer had told her to take the following day off, but Bea was on shift so she would rather be at work.  That way, when she did get some time off, she could spend it with her girlfriend.

Bea was frustrated, she hadn’t seen Allie in three days.  They had spoken on the phone whenever they had a spare minute, but it wasn’t the same, and she missed her terribly.  Franky had been at her all shift about her short fuse, and it was really starting to piss her off.  It was six thirty in the morning and they had half an hour left on their shift.  Bea was sitting in the mess room trying to relax when Maxine walked over, sitting beside her on the sofa.

“Everything ok hun?  You’ve been a little off recently”

“Yeah I’m fine”

“Sure love.  Come on, you can talk to me”

“I’m ok, I just miss Allie.  Her schedule’s been crazy this past week, and with the change in shift patterns we’ve hardly seen each other.  Liz and Boomer are trying to find someone but they’re really struggling.  She’s off today though so at least we’ll get a bit of time together” Bea replied, smiling at her friend.



Kaz had arrived early for her shift, and was wandering down the corridor towards the locker room when she overheard a conversation between Smith and Conway.  She knew Smith had gotten her girlfriend a job with Liz at the bar they all hung out in, but hadn’t realised they were so short staffed.  Seeing this as an opportunity to get close to Allie, she smiled to herself, continuing on her journey to the locker room.  She would make the phone call once teal watch had left the station.  Her last visit with Harry hadn’t got particularly well, which in all honesty, was an understatement.  He had accused her of dragging her feet, and not wanting to help him with the Bea situation, and if she were to be completely honest, he was probably right. 

While she wasn’t Smith’s biggest fan, the redhead was out of his life for good, and had clearly moved on.  She no longer saw Bea as a threat to her relationship with Harry, and would rather be concentrating on getting his sentence reduced than getting revenge.  Unfortunately he didn’t see it that way, and had been particularly hard on her a couple of days ago.  Kaz had left the prison wondering what the hell she was doing.   She had spent years pining after him, and when she unexpectedly ran into him again, thought things were looking up.  That was until he went and got himself arrested and locked up.  Ten years, and she was willing to wait for him, yet he was treating her like shit.  She hoped he’d just had a bad day, and that things would be better when she saw him next.



Bea had already taken a shower, so when their shift was over she jumped on her bike, and rode straight home.  Parking up, she headed into the house and up the stairs.  Removing her clothes, she threw on an old t shirt, pulled back the covers and slipped into bed beside Allie, the blonde turning in her sleep and wrapping her arms around her.  Bea loved that even when sleeping, Allie naturally gravitated towards her, and the only time she had truly felt safe was when she was in the blonde’s arms.

Allie stirred a couple of hours later, finding herself wrapped around Bea.  The redhead was still sleeping and despite not wanting to disturb her, Allie couldn’t resist the urge to reach out and touch her.  She’d had another late night at the bar, and had considered staying at the flat last night, but waking up to find Bea beside her had made the extra journey worth it.  Reaching out, she ran her fingers lightly over Bea’s exposed stomach, feeling the muscles twitch slightly beneath her touch.  The redhead’s shirt had risen up as she slept, granting Allie unrestricted access to her perfect body.  Shuffling slightly, Allie replaced her fingers with her lips, kissing her way across her girlfriend’s stomach, and up towards her breasts.

Bea woke up to fingers gently caressing her stomach.  Loving the feeling Allie’s touch was igniting in her, she kept her eyes closed, wanting to savour the moment.  When she felt her girlfriend’s lips on her, she couldn’t control it any longer, letting out a deep sigh.  Opening her eyes, her hands found their way into Allie’s blonde locks, brushing the hair away from her face. “Hi” she said, smiling down at her girlfriend.  She had missed waking up with her, and she didn’t care if that made her needy.  Allie was her everything, and she needed her like she needed air.

“Hey, good morning beautiful.  I didn’t hear you come in, you should have woken me up” Allie mumbled, still half asleep

“I wanted you to get some sleep, I know how tired you’ve been”

“I want you, not sleep. Don’t go anywhere, I won’t be long” Allie replied, climbing out of bed and stumbling to the bathroom.

After Allie had freshened up, they spent a couple of hours getting reacquainted.  She had missed Bea so much, and knew it was crazy.  She had managed for twenty seven years without her, but the past three days had felt like a lifetime.  After taking a shower together they decided to go out for lunch, knowing it would be the only way they would actually eat something.  If they stayed in the house she was pretty sure they would end up back in bed within a few minutes, not that she would ever complain, the noise coming from her stomach telling her otherwise.



After lunch they walked along the promenade hand in hand, both of them happy just to be together again.  Bea knew they would always have weeks like the last one, where they would be apart more than they’d be together, and she knew it would make them stronger, but she had missed Allie so much.  She couldn’t help but think how crazy it was.  If someone had asked her twelve months ago where she saw herself, she would have never have said here.  She was so determined not to let anyone get close to her again, that if anyone had so much as suggested that she would be walking through the city, hand in hand with the love of her life, who happened to be a woman, she would have thought they were insane.  But here she was, and she wouldn’t change a thing.  Allie had turned her world on its axis and sent her headfirst into a tailspin, and she couldn’t be happier.

Later that evening they were sitting on the sofa, Allie cuddled up against Bea, music playing softly in the background.  They were chatting about the previous week, catching up on what had been going on in each other’s lives.

“I saw Lexi yesterday, she came into the bar.  Boomer said that she’d been in the other day looking for me but I wasn’t working” Allie said, smiling as she thought about seeing her friend walk through the door

“How is she?”

“She’s doing really well.  She’s off the gear and starts a job next week.  It’s only a few hours in the kitchen at a diner, but it’s a start, and hopefully she’ll be able to get a place of her own if it works out.  She said the shelter got taken over and they’re working with a local charity to get the girls into rehab.  She looked good, I almost didn’t recognise her.  I said we’d get together in a couple of weeks, once she’s settled into the job, see how she’s getting on”

“That’s great, I’m really happy for her.  And it’s about time the shelter started trying to help the women more.  That night I took you back there, I couldn’t believe that they would turn you away for being a few minutes late, although I’m glad they did.  I hated the thought of leaving you there” Bea replied, thinking back to that night.  She had felt a connection with Allie, even back then, she just didn’t realise what it all meant.

“Me too.  That night you brought me here, it was the first time I’d ever really felt comfortable anywhere.  It’s weird, and we were practically strangers, but I felt so at ease here”

“Comfortable enough to live here permanently?” the redhead asked, locking eyes with Allie

“Are you asking me to move in with you?”

“Yeah I am.  I hate being apart from you, and I don’t want to push you into anything you’re not ready for, but I’d love it if you were here with me”

“Yes” Allie replied, unable to stop the wide grin spreading across her face

“Yes I’m pushing you, or yes, you’ll move in with me?”

“I’d love to live with you.  I hate every minute we’re apart, and I know we can’t be together all the time, but knowing I’ll be coming home to you will make it so much better” Allie replied, turning slightly so she could capture Bea’s lips in a kiss so full of promise that it left them both weak at the knees.



The following week was almost as crazy for Allie.  Even with Liz back, she is still taking on more shifts to help out.  Liz and Boomer have interview eleven people in two days, and still haven’t found anyone remotely suitable to take over Doreen’s job.  They had two more to see that afternoon, but Allie could tell they were getting frustrated.  She was behind the bar with Shayne when the next applicant walked in.  She was a little older than the others, maybe three or four years younger than herself, Allie thought.  She just hoped one of them would be at least half decent, and worthy of a shot.

It had been a relatively quiet day, as Tuesdays often were, and Liz had gathered them all together after closing.  They had hired the woman from the day before, Kim Chang, and she would be starting the following day.  Allie was playing in the evening, but Liz asked if she would mind working a few hours in the afternoon to help show her the ropes.  She had been hoping to get a few hours off that afternoon, but the bonus was that Liz had given her the two days off afterwards, knowing Bea was off too.   

The following day Allie arrived at the bar an hour before her shift.  She had moved most of her things into Bea’s house, their house, a couple of days ago but there were still a few things she needed to sort out.  She had felt bad about leaving the flat.  Liz had been so good to her, and had taken a huge risk letting her stay there, not that she would ever bite the hand that feeds.  She had been adamant that she was paying the next two months’ rent as her moving out had come at short notice.  Liz had insisted that it wasn’t necessary, and that she was happy they would be living together, but Allie was having none of it, and had already transferred the money over to her.

After setting up the bar, she waited for the new starter to arrive.  Shayne was coming in at three, so she would hopefully be able to head upstairs for an hour and collect the rest of her things.  Kim arrived at quarter to twelve, and was keen to get started.  She was friendly enough, and despite a few mistakes early on, seemed to be picking things up quite quickly.  Liz had called to make sure everything was going ok, and by the time Shayne arrived, Kim was handling things really well.

It was just gone five when Allie took a break.  Boomer and Liz would be there in an hour, and Shayne had things under control so she headed upstairs to pack the last few things.  She had left her guitar up there, wanting to run through one of the songs a couple of times before the set later.  It was one that she had written with Ash, and was slightly different to their usual sound, but both of them really liked it so wanted to include it in the set.  Their gig at the university was in two days, and they figured it would be good to test the reaction to it.  She had also brought a change of clothes so she could take a shower and get ready without having to go back home.  That would be the only downside of not living here anymore, but it was more than worth it to get to wake up beside Bea every day.

The first few days of living together had gone really well.  They had gotten into an argument the day before over money, but Allie put it down to both of them being tired, as well as stubborn.  She wanted to pay half towards everything, but Bea was adamant that she had paid the mortgage and bills fine on her own, so didn’t see any reason to change things.  Allie knew she didn’t earn anywhere near as much as her girlfriend, but since leaving home, she had always paid her own way.  She had paid Bea back for the flat within the first three months of starting work at the bar, and she hated being in debt to anyone.  They had bickered for a couple of hours, and Bea had refused to budge.  They came to a compromise after Allie threatened to move back out again.  She didn’t want to, and she loved living there, but she had to pay her way, there was no other option.  The make-up sex had been fantastic though, and as much as she hated fighting with Bea, she had thoroughly enjoyed the outcome.



It was just gone seven when Allie went back down.  Dropping her guitar off in the office, she headed back through into the bar.  This would be the first set she would be playing without Bea there, and she wasn’t sure how her nerves would hold up.  The redhead had offered to rearrange her shift, but that would mean her missing the university gig, and out of the two, she was more nervous about that one.  She knew the crowd at the bar, and although there were always new faces, the majority of the customers were regulars, or followers of the artists.

After chatting with Liz and Boomer, and filling them in on how Kim had got on, she headed over to the stage and started setting up.  Shayne had been helping her whenever he had the time, and was keen to learn the ropes.  If she could get him trained on the set-up, then on the Wednesdays she wasn’t playing, she could take some time off.  Plus, it was good to have someone to banter with while she worked.

Kim’s first shift had gone well, and although she had finished for the day, decided to stick around to watch the bands play.  Once they had set most of the stage up, Shayne went for his break, leaving Allie to finish off.  She could feel someone watching her as she was doing her final checks.  Looking up, she spotted Kim sitting at the bar, her eyes fixed on her.  Noticing Allie had spotted her, she wandered over, stopping just in front of the blonde.  “I’ve always been fascinated by the behind the scenes stuff.  When you go to a gig all you see is the final display, not the mass of wires, lights and everything else tucked away behind the curtain” she said

“Yeah well, we’re not that lucky here, nowhere to hide the wires.  My biggest concern is some drunk tripping over them and suing our arses” Allie joked

“Shayne said you were playing later, I’m looking forward to hearing you.  Have you been playing long?”

“Guitar, since I was about five.  I haven’t been playing here long though.  I just help the guys out now and then, nothing special” Allie replied.  The first band arriving putting an end to their conversation.  As Kim headed back to the bar, Allie helped the band set up before heading through into the back to check the schedule for the evening.

Everything was running smoothly, and she had just finished speaking to Bea on the phone.  The redhead had called her to wish her luck with the set, and had apologised at least ten times for not being there.  Allie would be lying if she said she didn’t miss her, but Bea had a job to do, and she knew that as much as she loved having her stage side, it just wasn’t practical all the time.  It didn’t make her miss the older woman any less though.  Dylan’s new girlfriend had promised to record their set, so at least Bea could watch it later.

They were half way through their set when they got to the new track.  Both Allie and Ash were nervous about this one.  Dylan and Ethan had loved it instantly, but they were still apprehensive.  Allie took a deep breath as the guys began to play her in, they had tried the song with her and Ash sharing the vocals, and again with just Ash singing, but he couldn’t reach the notes that she could.  In the end they decided it sounded better with just Allie singing, and Ash on backing vocal.  Stepping forward, she momentarily forgot as her eyes scanned the room, looking for Bea.  Remembering she wasn’t there, she glanced back at Ash.  Receiving the nod, she turned to face the room, grabbed the mic stand and started to sing.


I'm a headless horseman on quilted sand dunes

With my neck wide open, I pray for refuge


Cause since I've been found I've been living a life in cages

Withering down to the champagne quicksand

Wrestling doubt I've been dragging around for ages

I tried to let it drain but my veins are hopeless


Cause I loved in cold blood and got used to it

Angels say trust the detox

But I'm shaking I need it like bourbon in my coffee cup


I'm a tritone bible with misprint logic;

I count lunar cycles with faithless prophets


Cause since I've been found I've been living a life in cages

Withering down to the champagne quicksand

Wrestling doubt I've been dragging around for ages

I tried to let it drain but my veins are hopeless


Cause I loved in cold blood and got used to it

Angels say trust the detox

But I'm shaking I need it like bourbon in my coffee cup


I'm a mountainless valley

Never comforted crashing

I'm just another stone on broken walls

Racing the winds in a hurricane

I'm not as brave as I once was

I've been kicking these rocks in a river

And they've been sinking low, low, low, low, low

Low, low, low, low, low [Ash]

Oh they've been going low, low, low, low, low

Low, low, low, low, low [Ash]

I mean, I lied, how long?

Cause they've been sinking low, low, low, low, low

Low, low, low, low, low [Ash]

Won't keep a promise I can't make

Cause I've been going low, low, low, low, low

Low, low, low, low, low [Ash]


Cause I loved in cold blood and got used to it

Angels say trust the detox

But I'm shaking I need it like bourbon in my coffee cup


Low, low, low, low, low [Ash]

Low, low, low, low, low [Ash]

Low, low, low, low, low [Ash]

Low, low, low, low, low [Ash]

We've been going low, low, low, low, low

Low, low, low, low, low [Ash]

Going low, low, low, low, low

Low, low, low, low, low [Ash]


The song went down really well, as did the rest of the gig, and before long, they were thanking the audience and packing up.  Shayne was helping them so they got finished earlier than usual.  Bea wouldn’t be home until the following morning, so Allie decided to hang around for a while and grab a drink with the guys.  Kim had left after the gig, along with Liz, but Boomer and Shayne had decided to stay back for a drink.  They were discussing their upcoming gig when Shayne disappeared into the back to take a call from Debbie.  By the time he had come back through they had already started on the shots, Boomer being the one to instigate it as usual.

It was Bea’s birthday in six days, and Debbie’s four days after that.  She would be home from university by then, but had an exam on Bea’s birthday so wouldn’t be back until the day after.  Allie and Shayne had arranged a party for them once the younger Smith was back, leaving both their birthday’s free.  She had already planned a surprise for Bea, and was just waiting on a call from the jewellers, letting her know that the gift was ready to collect.

“Do you know if Bea’s got anything planned for Debbie’s birthday?” Shayne asked as he sat down beside her

“I’m not sure, I’ll speak to her about it tomorrow.  I’m guessing you’d like to do something together”

“Yeah, but if Bea’s already got something arranged I don’t mind.  I’m just happy she’s coming home”

“We’ll work something out.  So, things are going well with Debbie then?”

“Yeah, really good.  We’ve been skyping a lot, and I was going to go and see her but I didn’t want to get in the way”

“I’m sure you wouldn’t be, and Deb would love to see you” Allie replied.

They chatted for a while longer before heading home.  It was just after three am by the time Allie made it into bed.  She was exhausted again, but was looking forward to spending two full days with Bea, and now Kim had started she hoped things would calm down a bit.  She seemed nice enough, and was quick to learn, Allie just hoped she would stick around as they could all use a break from the hectic schedule.  Collapsing on the bed, she fell asleep straight away, her dreams filled with red hair and chestnut brown eyes.

Chapter Text

The following morning Allie woke to an empty bed.  She could tell by the covers that Bea hadn’t joined her.  Jumping up, she checked the clock before heading downstairs.  It was just before nine thirty so she was surprised to find the house empty.  Running back upstairs she checked her phone, finding a couple of messages from her girlfriend.

09:08 Sorry Alliecat, late back from a shout.  I’m just grabbing a shower then I’ll be home.  B xx

09:13 Oh and good morning…and I love you B xx

Checking the time, she saw that the last message was sent twenty minutes ago so Bea would be home soon.  Grabbing a quick shower, she dressed then headed back downstairs to make breakfast.  It sounded like they’d had a rough shift and she wanted to take care of her girl.  By the time Bea arrived home, breakfast was almost ready.

Parking her bike, Bea unlocked the door, and headed into the house.  Following the delicious smell of bacon, she walked into the kitchen, finding Allie singing along to some 80’s rock band as she set the table.  She had her back to the door, so hadn’t seen Bea.  Leaning against the doorframe, Bea watched her as she sang and danced her way around the room.  She loved looking at Allie especially when she was unaware she was being watched.  Her girlfriend looked so relaxed and carefree, and despite the fact that she probably hadn’t had much sleep, she looked sexy as hell.

Stepping into the room, Bea walked up behind her, placing her hands on the counter edge, either side of Allie, trapping her in place.  “Something smells good” she said, leaning in closer and kissing her way down the side of Allie’s neck.  “Taste’s good too”, she added, pressing against her girlfriend.  She could feel her arousal building just from being close to Allie, and could see that her girlfriend had gone to a lot of effort with breakfast, so tried to concentrate on that, rather than the burning heat in her groin.

Allie had sensed Bea’s presence before she felt herself being pinned against the counter.  She loved the feeling that the redhead’s touch evoked in her, and she could feel every nerve end tingling with want.  And when she felt her girlfriend’s lips on her neck, she almost came right there.  Allie wasn’t sure if she was glad Bea had taken a step back or not, putting a small gap between them.  But when she turned around, and saw the raw desire in the redhead’s eyes, she knew she wasn’t the only one affected by their closeness.

They managed to get through breakfast, despite the electricity in the room.  It was so intense that Bea could almost hear it crackling.  After clearing the table she made a start on the dishes.  Her hands were buried deep in soapy water when Allie walked up behind her, pinning her against the kitchen cupboard, as she had done to her half an hour ago.  A loud moan escaped Bea’s lips as she felt Allie’s hands slip under her shirt, caressing the underside of her breasts.  Pushing back, she could feel Allie’s hips roll, grinding against her arse.  Lifting her hands out of the water, Bea turned in her girlfriend’s embrace, her hands running through the blonde’s hair, leaving a trail of water and suds running down the side of Allie’s face.

“Fuck Bea, you’ve got me all wet” Allie moaned, her left hand undoing the clasp on Bea’s bra as her right hand found its way to her arse

“I’d better do something about that then” Bea replied, spinning them around and pushing Allie against the wall, moving her thigh between the blonde’s legs, holding her in place, the washing up completely forgotten.  Bea was going to enjoy spending the next two days with her girlfriend, she had missed her, and everything seemed so much better when she was there.




They had spent the previous day wrapped up in each other, as well as part of the morning, only leaving the house when it was absolutely necessary.  But with the evening’s gig fast approaching, the band really needed to rehearse.  Bea had cleared out the back of the garage so Allie and the guys had somewhere to practice, other than Ash’s apartment.  She had arranged for a contractor to come and convert it properly, making it more comfortable for them, but she wasn’t due for another few weeks, so they had to improvise.  It was warm out, so the temperature wasn’t a problem, and she loved having the guys over.  They were clearly very fond of Allie, and Bea loved how they all joked with each other with an ease usually associated with old friends.  There was another perk to having them practice in the garage, and having Allie close by, even though she was busy, made her so happy.

Bea loved watching Allie play, and had tried to sneak in to watch them after coming back from her run, but had been ushered out by Ash after Allie had forgotten her words.  The first time, Bea had put it down to it being a new song, but after the third time she had been ordered back into the house.  It would appear that her girlfriend had found her running gear a little distracting, and Bea loved that she had that effect on her.  She would store that information for a later date, sure it would come in handy at some point.

The guys left around five, giving them a couple of hours to shower, change and get to the venue.  Allie had suggested that they showered together, claiming it would not only save water, but also time, something that had in fact turned out to be incorrect.  Maybe if they had actually stuck to simply showering, they wouldn’t be racing around the bedroom, tripping over each other in a rush to get ready.  It was a quarter to seven when they finally left the house, and they still had to pick Franky up from Fuel.  The tattooed brunette had decided to tag along to keep Bea company, not wanting her friend to be alone while Allie and the guys were playing.  When they arrived at Fuel, Shayne had decided to tag along at the last minute, after Liz had given him the night off.  Once everyone was in, Bea pulled away and headed towards the university.

They arrived at the student union just after seven fifteen.  Once they had set up and run a quick sound check, they all headed into the dressing room to relax for an hour before everything got going.  They all hung out in the dressing room for a while, before Bea, Franky and Shayne headed out and into the bar, leaving the others to get ready.  They had been in the bar for about half an hour before it started to fill up, and Bea had been pleasantly surprised at how nice it was.  She had expected it to be a dark and dirty place where you stuck to the floor, and didn’t dare touch anything, but it turned out to be nothing like that.  It made her feel a little better about Debbie working at her union bar, not that she knew what that one was like, for all she knew it could be the complete opposite of this place.

The bar was packed by the time they took to the stage.  It was much bigger than Fuel, and was the largest crowd Allie had ever played to.  She was nervous, but somehow, knowing Bea was there waiting for her, made things a whole lot better.  They had gone through their set a few times that afternoon, and by the end of rehearsal, were sounding great.  Most of the new songs they had tried out at Fuel had made the set list, and while Allie was still a bit apprehensive about a couple of them, she trusted the guys, and knew they had her back.



Bea was getting frustrated.  She could feel him watching her from across the room.  He had seemed like a nice enough guy, and came over quite friendly, but that didn’t stop her from feeling uncomfortable.  He had first approached her at the bar, asking what she was studying as he hadn’t seen her around before.  She had explained that she was there with the band and wasn’t a student, and had initially been quite surprised that he thought she was.  As the bar filled up, she studied the room.  Noticing a varied age range, his question made a little more sense.  She had assumed that most people there would be around Debbie’s age, maybe a couple of years older, but it appeared to not be the case.

Matty, or at least that’s what she thought he said his name was, was studying computer programming, and was twenty six.  She hadn’t asked for any of the information, but for some reason he decided to share.  Not wanting to be rude, she had humoured him for a while, before excusing herself and heading back to Franky and Shayne.  Since then, she could feel his eyes on her wherever she went.

Allie and the guys had just stepped onto the stage, and were doing their last minute checks.  Bea, Franky and Shayne were standing in front of the stage, and slightly off to one side.  Shayne had promised to video the gig for Debbie, as they were always looking for bands to play at their union bar, and she would love to see them play there.  Shayne had gone to the bathroom and Franky to the bar to get another round of drinks before the gig started, leaving Bea alone for a few minutes.  They had only just gone when she saw him start to walk over.  Thankfully Franky had got served quickly, and was on her way back, stopping him from coming too close.  He was standing with a group of guys, all of them looked in their early twenties, and every time she turned in their direction, he was watching her.

Trying to ignore him, Bea focused on the stage, or the hot blonde currently moving around on it, to be more precise.  Allie was wearing black skinny jeans that clung to her perfect curves like a second skin, and when she bent over to plug her guitar into the amp, it took all of Bea’s self-control not to jump up on the stage and grab her arse.  Bea’s mind instantly went to earlier that morning, when her hands had a firm grip on that arse as Allie fucked her.  They had finally made it out of bed around eleven, and had headed to the kitchen to grab some food.  She wasn’t even sure what had instigated it, but one minute they were discussing what to have for lunch, and the next her back was against the wall and Allie was knuckle deep inside her.  Closing her eyes briefly, Bea let the images flash through her mind.  She could almost feel Allie’s hands on her, and it was making her extremely aroused.  Opening her eyes, she looked over to the stage, finding blue eyes staring back at her, and the smirk on her girlfriend’s face let her know that Allie knew exactly what she had been thinking about.

Despite how far she had come over the last ten months, Bea still couldn’t stop herself from blushing when the blonde looked at her like that.  There was something about the intensity of Allie’s gaze that made her feel completely undone.  Walking to the side of the stage, Allie leant forward to grab one of the wires, the swell of her breasts just about visible below the low v of her shirt.  Winking at Bea, she stood up, turned around and headed over to Ethan, who was sat behind his drum kit.  Taking a deep breath, Bea turned to face Franky, who was deep in conversation with Shayne.  She was thankful that her friend had missed the exchange with Allie, knowing Franky would take great pleasure in teasing her about her drooling, not that she could help it if she tried.



Once they started playing, Bea forgot about everything else around her, her only focus being the blonde on stage.  They were a third of their way into the set, and they were killing it.  Franky and Shayne had wandered over to centre stage, and were in the middle of a group of dancing students, leaving Bea alone beside the stage.  She was so wrapped up in Allie, that she hadn’t realised Marky, or whatever his name was, had come up behind her until she felt a hand on her arm.  Turning slightly, she moved her arm away, breaking the contact.  Oblivious to her discomfort, he stepped in closer, leaning in towards her.  “They’re really good, I can see why you follow them”

“Yeah, they are pretty amazing” Bea replied, her eyes fixed on Allie again as she switched guitars, grabbing her electric this time.

The guys started to play again, and Bea look a few steps to the side, bringing her closer to Franky and Shayne, and putting some distance between her and her new fan.

As she turned around to grab her other guitar Allie took a deep breath.  She had seen him talking to Bea earlier, while they were setting up, and noticed how he watched her from across the room.  She knew she had nothing to worry about, she trusted Bea completely, and she couldn’t really blame him, the redhead was incredibly hot, but she did not appreciate his eyes on her girlfriend.  Trying to get her head back in the game, she turned to Ash, nodding to let him know that she was ready, before starting to play again.

Allie kept her eye on him through the next couple of songs, and the way he was pawing at her girlfriend was really starting to get to piss her off.  She could see the frustration on Bea’s face as well, which wasn’t helping her current mood.

As the band played on, he approached Bea again, placing his hand on her lower back, and leaning in close.  “Can I get you another drink?” he asked, standing far too close to her.

Stepping out of his reach for the second time, Bea turned slightly, holding up her almost full bottle of water.  “I’m good, thanks though” she replied, not wanting to be rude.  For every step away from him Bea took, he moved in closer again, finding a way to touch her in some way.  She felt his hot breath on her neck briefly, before being pulled away.

As the guitar solo kicked in, Dylan began to play hard.  During rehearsal, Allie had joined him, but at that minute, her mind was elsewhere.  Removing the strap from over her shoulder, she laid her guitar down, jumped off the stage, and strode over to Bea.  Grabbing the front of her shirt, she pulled her forward, and kissed her.  Time stood still as she felt Bea’s lips move with her own, the loud cheering around them bringing her out of her daze. 

Bea felt Allie pull back slightly and turn to face Mikky, or whatever he was called.  The look the blonde gave him was enough to put the fear of god into anyone, and she was pretty sure her girlfriend had just growled at him.  Tugging on Allie’s jacket, she pulled her in close, dropping light kisses along her collar bone and neck.  “You’re not jealous are you Alliecat?” she asked, nibbling gently on the blonde’s ear

“Mine” Allie replied as she tucked a stray curl behind Bea’s ear, her lips finding the redhead’s again in a softer kiss this time.  The moment ended when the song did, Ash calling out over the mic, causing them to break apart.

“We’re 11:11 and it’s great to be here playing for you guys.  We’re going to take a short break but will be back as soon as we’ve tracked down our fourth member.  If anyone spots a blonde, about five eight, killer voice and huge jealous streak send her our way.  Oh and she answers to the name Allie” he said, laughter ringing around the room as Allie buried her head in the crook of Bea’s neck, the redhead laughing at her discomfort

“I’m so embarrassed”

“Don’t be, it was kind of hot” Bea said, her heart beating out of her chest as Allie snuggled closer


“Yeah.  I like it when you get all possessive”

“You do, do you.  Does it get you all wet?” Allie asked, her earlier embarrassment replaced by desire

“You’ll just have to wait until we get home to find out” Bea replied, squeezing her girlfriend’s arse quickly before stepping out of her embrace and pushing her towards the stage, and waiting bandmates.

As Bea watched Allie walk over towards the guys, Franky and Shayne appeared beside her, the tattooed brunette smirking at her friend’s blatant leering.

“Fucking hell Red, you’re worse than me.  And what the fuck was that little show all about?”

“First of all, I’m nowhere near your level, and second, what show?”

“Oh come on, don’t give me that shit.  The whole room saw Novak stake a claim on you.  She may as well have just walked up and pissed on your leg” Franky said, laughing at the look of horror on the redhead’s face

“Oh that”

“Yeah that.  Shayne’s going to have to edit that before he sends it to Debbie” Franky replied, laughing as Bea’s cheeks coloured

The remainder of the set went without a hitch, and the feedback from the students was extremely positive.  Hopefully their performance would lead to another booking, and a few more gigs at other universities.  After Allie’s little display, Bea had been left in peace to enjoy the rest of the gig, and she couldn’t be more proud of her girlfriend.




After the gig the guys decided to go to a club.  Bea wasn’t particularly bothered about going, but was willing to go along with whatever Allie wanted to do.  Franky and Shayne were going, and she didn’t want her girlfriend to miss out on a night with friends, especially as their spirits were so high, following a very successful evening.

Bea had driven there, as she was working the next day, and would need to drop the car off, whatever they decided to do.  After arranging to meet at The Grind, a club in town, Bea grabbed one of Allie’s guitars, as well as an amp, and headed for the car.  She had just loaded everything in, when Allie came rushing over, telling her about the change of plan.  She had offered to take all their gear home and store it in the garage overnight, so Franky and Shayne could ride with the guys, allowing them to go straight out.

Once they arrived home, they unloaded the car, securing all the equipment in the room at the rear of the garage.  After locking it up, Allie headed into the house to get changed.  She didn’t really want to go to the club, and would rather stay home with Bea, but her girlfriend seemed to be looking forward to a night out, and she wouldn’t deny her anything.

After removing her top, Allie wandered over to the closet to grab a shirt.  As she reached up to grab the hanger, she felt Bea step up behind her, her hands roaming over her exposed stomach. Moving her hands up, she cupped Allie’s bra clad breasts, rubbing her thumbs over the hardening nipples.  She hadn’t meant to take it this far when she approached her girlfriend, and had only intended to hug her.  But the feeling of Allie’s bare skin under her fingers was too much for her to handle, and she couldn’t stop her hands from wandering.  Her body had a mind of its own whenever the blonde was near.  Allie seemed to be having a similar issue, as Bea felt her girlfriend’s back arch, pushing her breasts further into her hands.  Slipping her leg between Allie’s, she pulled the blonde tight against her, feeling the younger woman grinding down on her thigh.  “Fuck Bea, what are you doing to me?” Allie moaned, throwing her head back as she felt her girlfriend’s soft lips nipping gently at her neck

“Shit, sorry.  I didn’t mean to…I know we don’t have time, I just…” Bea said, stumbling over her words as she tried to pull away from the blonde

Turning around, Allie guided Bea backwards, pushed her down onto the bed and crawled on top of her.  “Don’t every apologies, I want your hands on me”

“You do?”

“Yeah I do.  I want your lips on me too, but you know what I want most of all?” Allie asked, her eyes burning with desire for the woman below her

“What?…Tell me Alliecat”

“I…want…to…taste…you” Allie replied as she pushed Bea’s shirt up, kissing and nipped her way across the older woman’s stomach

Tugging at Bea’s shirt, she pulled the redhead up, dragging her shirt over her head before unfastening her bra quickly.  Throwing the clothing on the floor, she pushed her girlfriend back down on the bed, their lips crashing together as her right hand grazed over Bea’s breast, the older woman arching off the bed as she felt Allie’s skilled fingers teasing her nipple.

“Allie…oh…fuck…” she moaned as Allie’s mouth replaced her fingers, nipping and sucking at her left breast, before moving over to the right one.

As her teeth grazed over Bea’s hardened nipple, her right hand stroked its way down the redhead’s toned stomach, feeling the muscles twitch below her fingers.  She loved how strong Bea was, both physically and mentally, and it made her feel incredibly safe, and extremely turned on, all at the same time.

Moving down, her fingers made short work of the zipper on Bea’s pants, the redhead lifting off the bed slightly to allow Allie to remove them, along with her underwear.  Once she had Bea completely naked, Allie quickly removed her own bra, throwing it down before frantically tugging at her pants.  She had gotten herself all worked up, kissing Bea, and was extremely wet, making removing her skinny jeans rather difficult.

Bea couldn’t help but laugh as she watched her girlfriend hop around the room while trying to remove her jeans, cursing to herself as she stumbled on the redhead’s discarded clothes.  “Fuck sake...” Allie mumbled, getting more frustrated by the second.

Jumping up, Bea placed her hands on Allie’s hips, steadying her, before turning her around and pushing her down onto the bed, tugging at the material.  After freeing Allie from her denim clad prison, Bea removed her underwear, leaving no more barriers between them.  Grabbing a pillow, she pushed it under Allie’s back, raising her hips off the bed, before kissing and nipping at the inside of her thigh.  Bea loved the sounds coming from her girlfriend’s mouth as her tongue flicked over her swollen clit, and she could feel her own arousal building with every taste.

The moment was broken by the sound of a phone ringing.  Looking up from her spot between Allie’s legs, she saw the blonde reach over and hit the phone, stopping the noise instantly, groaning at the disturbance.

Allie could feel Bea giggling, the redhead’s mouth still pressed against her now throbbing centre was sending jolts of electricity to her already swollen clit.  Threading her fingers through her girlfriend’s soft curls, she raised her hips slightly, urging her to continue.

As she felt her girlfriend’s tongue tracing patterns on her clit, while her left hand massaged her breast, Allie arched her back off the bed.  She knew she was close, and if Bea kept this up, it wouldn’t be long before she crashed.  Desperate for release, Allie gripped Bea’s hair tighter, pushing her hips up and increasing the contact.  “Please…” she moaned, as the redhead sucked hard on her clit, her fingers teasing her nipple, and driving her wild.

Her phone chose that moment to ring again.  Slamming her hand down, she stopped the irritating sound momentarily, before it rang again.

Snatching the phone from the bedside table, Allie pressed the button, answering the call with a sharp “What!”

“We’re at the club, you coming or what Novak?” Franky’s voice asked, down the phone line.

“I was until someone interrupted” she barked, clearly unimpressed at being disturbed

“Shit, sorry blondie.  Well, I can tell you’re busy so I’ll let you get back to it.  Oh and Novak…”

“What Doyle?”

“Try not to wake the neighbours…” Franky replied, laughing at the frustration in Allie’s voice

Throwing the phone back down on the bedside table, Allie’s eyes locked with Bea’s, as the redhead smirked at her, before continuing the assault with her tongue, the blonde moaning and whimpering underneath her as she built her back up again, neither of them realising that the phone was still connected, and Franky could hear everything.

“Oh god…Bea…fuck…please don’t stop…” Allie moaned as her girlfriend inserted two fingers, stilling for a moment, before starting to move again in a long, steady stroke.  Her mouth sucking on her clit as her other hand massaged Allie’s right breast.

Franky couldn’t believe what she had just heard.  Out of the two of them, she had Bea down as the pillow princess, but going by the noises Allie was making, it looked like she was way off the mark.  Laughing to herself, she hung up.  This was too good, and she would be sure to tease blondie about this the next time she saw her.

Moving her hand down, Bea grabbed Allie’s hip, holding her down as she started to thrash around.  Increasing the pressure, she pumped her fingers into her girlfriend, sucking hard as Allie came undone.  She loved how Allie tasted, and had been surprised the first time she had gone down on her girlfriend, not expecting to enjoy it as much as she did,

After working Allie through her orgasm, Bea kissed the inside of her thigh, her hand resting on the blonde’s stomach as she slowly removed her fingers, before licking them clean.

“Fuck…you’re so good at that” Allie panted, as she came down from her high.  Pulling Bea up, she kissed her, tasting herself on her girlfriend’s lips.

They collapsed on the bed a couple of hours later, and after glancing at the clock, Bea knew she wouldn’t be getting much sleep.  It was going to be a long shift, and she just hoped it would be a quiet one.  She was completely exhausted, but one look at the smiling blonde beside her, and she didn’t care.  She was exactly where she wanted, and needed to be, and sleep could wait.

Chapter Text

The past few days had been busy again, and interesting, especially a few nights ago.  Debbie had been stressing over her exams so Bea had decided to stay home and chat to her.  Allie was working, and although she missed having her girlfriend sitting at the bar, Debbie’s sanity was much more important.  Plus she’d been having a little trouble concentrating recently.  Whenever the redhead gave her ‘that’ look, she would spill a drink, break a glass, or just pour the wrong thing.  Boomer thought it was hilarious, but Allie was just frustrated.

Franky had been sitting at the bar most of the night, as Bridget was working.  Allie wasn’t sure what had happened, or if she had missed something, but the tattooed brunette had been at her all night.  It was nothing malicious, and she was clearly just teasing, but Allie had no idea what she was on about.  It all became clear later in the evening, and Allie still hadn’t decided whether to mention anything to Bea or not.

She had been carrying a box of beer around the back of the bar when Franky called over to Boomer, telling her to switch jobs, claiming Allie liked to sit back and let someone else do the work.  A while later, Allie had been reaching up to grab a bottle from the top shelf, when Franky chirped at her again.  “I’m surprised Novak, you’re more a bottom than a top aren’t you?”

“What’s up your arse tonight Doyle?” she asked, confused by the brunette’s comments

“Tip for you blondie, make sure the phone’s disconnected next time.  You never know who’s listening”

“What the fuck are you on about?”

“I called you from the club Friday night, remember?”

“Yeah, and?” Allie asked, wandering over to stand opposite the brunette

“Fuck…Bea…please don’t stop…” Franky moaned, laughing as Allie finally caught on

“Fuck…” Allie gasped.  Oh god, she was never going to live this one down

“Yeah, pretty sure you were.  I’ve got to say I’m surprised, thought Red would have been the pillow princess, not you”

“Fuck off, I’m no pillow princess.  I just…”

“Hey, it‘s ok, I get it.  My girl’s clearly got skills, I’m so proud”

“First of all, that’s just weird.  And second, she’s got more than skills, trust me on that one”

“Who are you and what have you done with Red?” the brunette replied.  “Seriously though, I’m glad you came along. She’s had a shit hand, and she deserves to be happy.  You’re good for her Novak, just don’t hurt her”

“I’d die before I hurt her”

“And I’d make sure of it” Franky said, smiling at Allie, although the look in her eyes told the blonde she wasn’t joking

Franky had spent the rest of the evening making jokes at Allie’s expense, not that it bothered her.  She knew that this was Franky’s way of showing she cared, and it was worth it.  That night with Bea was worth a lifetime of teasing, as was any moment they shared.



Allie had been helping to organise the party for when Debbie returned, as well as getting everything together for Bea’s birthday over the past few days, and between that and their work schedules, some days it felt like they’d hardly seen each other.  Allie had been sneaking around for the past week, trying to get everything ready for her girlfriend’s surprise.  She had called at the jewellers the previous day to collect one of her gifts, and all she needed to do was speak to Franky about getting the meal there, then they were good to go.  Bea hadn’t got in until seven thirty that morning, and had crashed as soon as her head hit the pillow.  It must have been a busy shift as she usually woke up when Allie got out of bed, but that morning she was dead to the world, something that Allie was thankful for.

Grabbing her clothes, Allie crept out of the bedroom and into the main bathroom, thinking there would be less chance of disturbing the sleeping redhead if she showered in there instead of their en-suite.  Once she was dressed, Allie headed downstairs to make a start on breakfast, and despite it being almost lunchtime, she was making Bea’s favourites, blueberry pancakes.  Hearing movement upstairs, Allie sent a quick text message to Debbie.  She had spoken to the young brunette the previous evening, and arranged for her to call Bea, should she wake up earlier than planned.  That way, Allie would still be able to make brunch without her girlfriend coming to look for her.  She could hear Bea talking on the phone as she continued to cook.  The gift was wrapped, and once the table was set, everything was about ready.  As she started to serve the food, she heard Bea’s footsteps approaching.  Grabbing the plates, she set them down on the table, placing the coffee and orange juice down as her girlfriend walked through the door.

“Happy birthday baby” Allie said, pulling the chair out and indicating for Bea to sit down

Walking over to the table, Bea leaned in, kissing Allie before taking the offered chair.  “You didn’t need to go to so much trouble, but thank you.  It smells delicious” she said, spotting the blueberry pancakes for the first time.

Once they had eaten breakfast, Allie cleaned up, dismissing Bea’s several attempts to help.  Once the dishes were done, she took the redhead’s hand and led her through into the lounge.  Once Bea had taken a seat on the sofa, Allie ran out of the room, returning a couple of minutes later with her girlfriend’s present.  Sitting down beside her, she handed Bea a pile of cards, her own at the bottom of the pile.

After opening her cards, Bea brushed the tears away, she had been doing fine until she got to Debbie’s.  Determined not to cry, she had taken a deep breath, composing herself before opening the one from Allie.  Any resolve she had left disappeared as she read the words written by her girlfriend’s beautiful hands.  Placing the cards down, she rubbed her eyes, wiping away the tears that were building again.

Dropping a kiss on Bea’s forehead, Allie reached down, grabbing the gift, before handing it over to her girlfriend, smiling at the look of shock on Bea’s face.  She’s adorable, Allie thought, as she watched her girlfriend cautiously open it.

Tugging gently at the wrapping paper, Bea revealed a square black box, a red ribbon keeping it closed.  After discarding the paper, she grabbed the ribbon, undoing it, before opening the box, revealing a bracelet with five charms on.  Reaching down, she picked it up, her eyes raking over the charms.  The first one was a Firefighters helmet, the second a pallet and paintbrush, the third, a seahorse, there was a moon, and the last one a heart.   The first two were self-explanatory, and the seahorse she remembered from months ago, when they had linked pinkies while cuddled on the sofa.  She knew the moon was for Debbie, she had always told her she loved her to the moon and back, it was just their thing.  And the heart, she knew Allie had hers, all of it.  Turning the bracelet over, she spotted engraving on the back of the heart.  Bringing it closer, she noticed that it was a date, and not just any date.  It was the day that Allie came to the station for the first time to thank her.

“That was the day you stole my heart” the blonde said, her voice barely above a whisper, as Bea gazed at her, before burying her face in Allie’s shirt, as her tears started to fall.

Wrapping her arms around the redhead, Allie held her close, rubbing her back as she cried.  “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to upset you”

Pulling back slightly, Bea swiped at her cheeks, brushing away her tears.  “You didn’t upset me, it’s just I’m not used to all this.  In all the years we were together, Harry never even sent me a card”

“Yeah well, he’s an arsehole.  I mean what kind of sane person would ever let you go, fucking idiot” Allie said, her heart beating out of her chest when she saw the smile on Bea’s face.  “Have I told you today that I love you?” she added, caressing the redhead’s beautiful jaw

“Yeah, but I could never get tired of hearing you say it”

“I love you Bea Smith.  I am totally, completely, head over heels, crazy in love with you” Allie said, her thumb ghosting over the redhead’s cheek, after securing the bracelet around her girlfriend’s wrist, their eyes locked together the whole time

“Show me” Bea replied, leaning in slightly and kissing Allie, her arms wrapping around the blonde, pulling her in closer

Things were starting to get a little heated when Allie’s mobile rang.  Jumping up, she grabbed the phone and answered it, heading into the kitchen as she spoke.  Coming back through into the lounge, Allie knelt down in front of her girlfriend, taking her hand in hers.

“I’m so sorry baby.  That was Liz, she needs me to go into work for a couple of hours.  She’s got a problem and she needs my help.  I won’t be long, and I’ll make it up to you, I promise”

Bea hated that she had to leave, and she could tell Allie hated it too.  Figuring it must be something major for Liz to call Allie, today of all days, she decided to go easy on her girlfriend.  “It’s ok Alliecat, just come home as soon as you can ok”

“I promise, and I love you” the blonde replied, leaning forward and capturing Bea’s lips again.  She knew she had to leave for a couple of hours to get everything set up, but hated lying to her girlfriend.   Pulling back, she stood up, grabbed her phone and wallet, and headed out.



An hour later Bea got a message from Allie, letting her know she would be home in an hour and to dress casual.  She was starting to wonder if the blonde had been called in to work after all.  After grabbing a shower, Bea dressed in a pair of cut offs, and white shirt.  She had just finished drying her hair when her mobile rang, it was Allie, letting her know that she was outside in the car.  She was a little surprised that Allie hadn’t come inside, and had a feeling she was up to something.  Grabbing her phone, she ran down the stairs and out of the door, locking up before jumping in the car.

Allie had been quiet since they left the house, making up some story about Liz having an issue with the computer in the office at the bar.  She knew that computers weren’t Liz’s speciality, but found it strange that she would call Allie out, knowing it was her birthday.  Shayne was good with these things, and she knew he was working today, surely Liz could have asked him, assuming that’s where Allie had really been.  She trusted her girlfriend, but couldn’t help but feel like she was keeping something from her.

They drove through the city, and out the other side.  Once they were about ten miles out, Allie slowed down, pulling the car to a stop in a layby.  Opening the glovebox, she grabbed a black scarf before turning to face Bea, wrapping it around her head, and covering her eyes.

“Is this really necessary?” the redhead asked, not entirely comfortable about being blindfolded

“Yeah, I want it to be a surprise.  Please baby” Allie replied, kissing her girlfriend quickly as she adjusted the black fabric, making sure she couldn’t see through it.  “It won’t be for long, we’re almost there” she added, caressing Bea’s cheek before turning back around and starting the car.  Pulling out of the layby, she continued down the road, towards their destination.

Fifteen minutes later Bea felt the car slow and come to a stop.  They had left the main road a while back, and if it had been anyone but Allie sitting beside her, she would have been freaking out by now, but the feeling the blonde’s fingers were eliciting, as they ran up and down her denim clad thigh, calmed her, and took her mind to a whole other place.

Hearing her door opening, Bea fumbled with the clip, unfastening her seatbelt.  Feeling Allie’s hand in hers, she allowed herself to be guided out of the seat, the blonde’s arms wrapping around her as soon as they were both out of the car.  Reaching up, Allie untied the blindfold, watching as Bea blinked a few times, her eyes adjusting to the bright sunlight.  Rushing back to the car, she grabbed her girlfriend’s sunglasses, before walking back over and placing them over the older woman’s eyes.  “Better?” she asked, grabbing on to Bea’s jaw and turning her head slightly, their lips meeting in a long, slow kiss.

“Mmm, much better” Bea moaned, as she pulled away

Allie opened the boot of the car, handing the towels to Bea, before grabbing a couple of bags.  After locking the car, she wandered down onto the beach, her eyes scanning the sand, looking for the exact location from the photo.  Once she spotted it, she led Bea over, dropping the bags on the sand, before taking the towels from her girlfriend, and laying them down.  It was quite warm, so she had brought an umbrella, allowing them some shade if needed.  They were going to be there a while, and the last thing she wanted was for Bea to be uncomfortable.



After applying sun cream to themselves, and each other, they laid down on their towels, Bea taking Allie’s hand in hers, her thumb stroking over the back of the blonde’s hand.  There were a few other people on the beach, and after working the sun cream into her girlfriend’s back, and working herself up in the process, she needed to feel some contact, no matter how small.  They had been laid there for about forty minutes when Allie sensed that her girlfriend was getting restless.  Never one for staying still for too long, she knew Bea wouldn’t be able to just lie on the beach all afternoon.  Luckily she had come prepared.

They had been looking through an old photo album a few weeks ago, one of the few things that Bea had managed to salvage from the fire, when they came to a picture of Bea and Debbie on the beach, a kite lying on a towel beside them, and a very large sand castle in front of them, both of them smiling into the camera.  It had been taken on Bea’s birthday eight years ago, after Harry had dropped them off for the day, before heading off to do whatever, or whoever was important to him at the time.  Allie remembered how Bea had said that was the last birthday that she had actually enjoyed, even though she had spent the day entertaining her daughter, who was just ten at the time.

Sitting up, Allie grabbed one of the bags, pulling out two castle shaped buckets, and a couple of spades.  Handing one over to Bea, she grabbed her girlfriend’s hand, pulling her to her feet, and moving them away from under the umbrella.  She knew her girlfriend was upset that Debbie couldn’t be there, so hoped that by replaying some of the memories, she would feel a little bit closer to her daughter.

After running over to the sea, Allie filled her bucket with water, before walking back to her girlfriend, and pouring the water over a pile of sand.  Sitting down beside Bea, they mixed the sand, filled their buckets and started on their castle.

A while later, once the castle had been perfected, Allie stood up, kissed Bea on the cheek, then took off in the direction of the car.  She came back a few minutes later with a kite in her hand, and Bea couldn’t help but laugh at the look of excitement on the blonde’s face.  She looked like a kid at Christmas, and it made Bea’s heart flutter.  Wandering over to her girlfriend, Allie held her hand out.  As Bea took it, she pulled her to her feet, and led her away from the sandcastle and into the open space, handing the kite over to the redhead.

“Don’t you think I’m a little bit old to be flying a kite?” Bea said, laughing as she took the offered item from the blonde

“Bullshit.  You’re only as old as you feel, and trust me, you feel fucking incredible” Allie replied, wrapping her arms around Bea from behind, holding her tight as she tugged on the kite strings, her smile lighting up the entire beach as it took flight.

There was only slight breeze, so it wasn’t the best weather for kite flying, but Bea managed to get it in the air a few times, Allie laughing at her frustration every time it fell from the sky.  It was late afternoon by the time the sandcastles were built, and they had finished with the kite, and other than a couple down the other end, they had the beach to themselves.



After packing the buckets away, Allie suggested that they take a walk.  Grabbing their towels and bag, she rushed over to the car, opened the door, and threw everything in.  Locking up, she raced back over the sand, talking Beas‘s hand in hers, as they started to walk down the beach.  The sun was still up, but it wouldn’t be long until it started to set.  Everything was going to plan, and Allie couldn’t take her eyes off Bea as they walked along the water’s edge, gentle waves lapping up over their feet as they strolled hand in hand.

“Thank you for today, it’s been perfect.  I can’t believe you remembered” Bea said, stopping and turning to face her girlfriend.  She had recognised the spot the second they sat down, and when the buckets and kite appeared, she had to fight to hold back the tears.  It had been months ago, and something so trivial, yet Allie had remembered, and to find the exact spot where they had sat, just blew her mind.

“I remember everything about you, you’re my favourite subject” Allie replied, placing a light kiss on Bea’s cheek before turning and starting to walk again.  “Come on, I’ve got something else for you” she added, tugging gently on Bea’s hand, pulling her along.

Rounding the sand dune, Bea spotted a small table and two chairs, sitting on what looked like a homemade deck.  The table was set for two, a lit candle in the centre of it, and a row of tea lights around the edge of the deck.  Stopping, she turned to face Allie, the blonde gazing back at her with a wide smile on her face.  “Surprise” Allie said, pulling her into a tight embrace.  “Happy birthday sweetheart” she whispered in her ear

Pulling back slightly, Bea’s tear filled eyes locked with Allie’s.  “I can’t believe you did all this.  No one has ever done anything like this for me before” she said as a stray tear ran down her cheek.

Reaching up, Allie’s thumb brushed the tear away from Bea’s cheek, her other hand tangled in her girlfriend’s red curls.  “I know you’ve never really celebrated much over the last few years, but that ends right now.  To me, this is the greatest day ever because it gave me you, and from now on, we celebrate.  Ok?”

“Yeah, ok.  I love you Allie”

“I love you too baby.  Now come on, let’s eat before it gets cold” Allie said, taking Bea’s hand again and leading her over to the table.

Pulling a chair out, Allie made sure Bea was seated, before walking around the table and sitting down opposite her.  There were metal covers over the plates, which Bea hadn’t spotted before, and as Allie lifted the covers off their plates, she felt her mouth water.  Reaching down under the table, Allie grabbed the bottle of champagne, popped the cork, and then filled their glasses.

“How did you manage all of this?” Bea asked after they had finished eating

“I had some help.  Let’s just say that I’ll be in debt to Franky for a few years”

“Oh god, rather you than me” Bea replied, giggling at the fake panicked look on Allie’s face.  “She’s a good friend, I’m not sure I’d be here if it wasn’t for her” she added, thinking back to the day Franky found her on the floor

“You’re strong Bea, the strongest person I’ve ever met.  And I know there’s no way you would have given up fighting, especially for Debbie” Allie replied, talking her hand over the table.  Bea’s strength was what drove her to stay clean, even before they were together.  When the redhead had first told her about Harry, she had been shocked at how much she had dealt with, but the more she learnt, the more she admired the older woman.  So many people would have given up, but not Bea, she was a fighter, through and through.



After dinner they walked back up the beach towards where they had been earlier.  In the distance, Bea could see a small flame.  As they got closer, she saw that it was a bonfire.  Two beanbags had been placed nearby, along with Allie’s guitar.  Clearly her girlfriend’s helpers were close by. 

As they approached the bonfire, Allie moved to stand behind her girlfriend, wrapping her arms around Bea’s waist, and pulling her back into her body.  “What are you thinking about?” she asked, noticing the faraway look in the redhead’s eyes

“You.  I’m just wondering how I got so lucky”

“I’m the lucky one” Allie replied.  “Come and sit down, I’ve got one more gift for you” she said, talking Bea’s hand and leading her over to one of the beanbags

Turning around, she grabbed her guitar from the other one, threw the strap over her shoulder and wandered back over towards the fire, needing to put a little bit of distance between them.  She was about to lay her heart on the line, and the butterflies in her stomach were in overdrive.  Taking a deep breath, she started to play the opening chords, her eyes raking over her girlfriend’s perfect form, before coming to rest on her face.

Bea couldn’t stop smiling. The day had been absolutely perfect, from the playfulness of the kite flying and sandcastle building, to the delicious meal at sunset, and now Allie was playing for her.  She could watch the blonde on stage for hours, there was a light in her eyes that was so captivating, but moments like this were her favourite.  She loved it when it was just the two of them, and Allie’s guitar.  As she gazed out towards the ocean, her eyes locked with the blonde’s as she started to sing.


What would I do without your smart mouth

Drawing me in, and you kicking me out

Got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down

What’s going on in that beautiful mind

I’m on your magical mystery ride

And I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me, but I’ll be alright


My head’s under water

But I’m breathing fine

You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind


'Cause all of me

Loves all of you

Love your curves and all your edges

All your perfect imperfections

Give your all to me

I’ll give my all to you

You’re my end and my beginning

Even when I lose I’m winning

Cause I give you all, all of me

And you give me all, all of you


How many times do I have to tell you

Even when you’re crying you’re beautiful too

The world is beating you down, I’m around through every move

You’re my downfall, you’re my muse

My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues

I can’t stop singing, it’s ringing, in my head for you


Allie could feel her heart racing as she slowly walked towards Bea, singing the lyrics straight from her heart, their eyes never leaving each other’s


My head’s under water

But I’m breathing fine

You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind


'Cause all of me

Loves all of you

Love your curves and all your edges

All your perfect imperfections

Give your all to me

I’ll give my all to you

You’re my end and my beginning

Even when I lose I’m winning

Cause I give you all of me

And you give me all, all of you

Give me all of you


Cards on the table, we’re both showing hearts

Risking it all, though it’s hard

Bea could feel the tears running down her face.  She didn’t think it was possible, but in that moment, she fell in love with Allie all over again.  The blonde was now kneeling in front of her, pouring her heart out through the song, and all she wanted to do was jump up and launch herself into Allie’s arms


'Cause all of me

Loves all of you

Love your curves and all your edges

All your perfect imperfections

Give your all to me

I’ll give my all to you

You’re my end and my beginning

Even when I lose I’m winning

Cause I give you all of me

And you give me all of you 


I give you all, all of me

And you give me all, all of you


As she finished the song, she removed the strap and placed the guitar down on the sand, watching as Bea stood up, dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms around her.  They held each other for what felt like an eternity, finally breaking apart when Bea pulled back slightly, before capturing Allie’s lips, her fingers running through her soft, blonde locks, pulling her in close again.


Standing up, Allie grabbed a couple of blankets before walking back over to Bea.  Laying one down beside her, she sat down, pulling the redhead over so her head was resting in her lap. 

“This has been the best birthday ever.  I love you, beautiful girl” 

“I love you too, my queen” Allie replied, “Hey, queen Bea, got a good ring to it don’t you think?” 

“You doofus” the redhead said, nudging her girlfriend’s shoulder 

“Yeah but I’m your doofus.  Are you cold?  We should probably get back” Allie asked, feeling Bea shiver slightly 

“I don’t want to go.  Can we stay here tonight?  We could sleep in the car” Bea asked.  Sitting up, she turned around, throwing one leg over Allie’s, and straddled her.  “Although I’m actually not that tired…” she added before launching herself forward, sending them both crashing down onto the sand, lips locked together and hands frantically roaming over each other, desperate to be as close as possible.


After a pretty heavy make out session, they pulled apart, both of them gasping for breath.  They had been so wrapped up in each other, they had forgotten to breathe.  Standing up, Bea extinguished the fire, while Allie folded the chairs and grabbed her guitar.  After picking up the blankets, Bea wrapped her arm around the blonde’s waist as they walked back to the car.  Opening the door, they threw the chairs and blankets in.  After placing her guitar on the back seat, Allie closed the door before finding herself pinned against it, Bea’s hands wandering under her shirt as she kissed her neck.

“You sure you don’t want to go home?” Allie asked

“Too far away…can’t wait” Bea mumbled against the blonde’s neck, her fingers tugging at the drawstring on Allie’s shorts.

Opening the car door, Allie moved her guitar into the driver’s seat, and placed the bags and chairs on the passenger seat.  Lifting the leaver, she dropped the back seats, laying one of the blankets down, before climbing in, dragging Bea in with her.  Reaching around the older woman, she grabbed the other blanket, pulling it over them before capturing the redhead’s lips.  The urgency from the beach was still there, and hands tugged at clothing, as lips tasted skin.

“Well that was a first.  I feel like a teenager getting it on in the back of a car” Bea said, both of them still slightly breathless as they recovered from their orgasms

“Glad I could help, and I love that I get to experience a first with you” Allie replied, her hand running up Bea’s left side, ghosting over the side of her breast

“I’ve had so many firsts with you, and I know there will be more to come”

“There will be, I promise.  I’ve had my fair share of firsts with you too”

“Yeah?” Bea asked, unsure.  Allie was so experienced in this department, surely she must have done everything?

“Yeah.  This is my first real relationship, after what Mia did, she doesn’t count.  I’ve never lived with anyone before, or wanted to, and I’ve never reacted to anyone like I do you, both mentally and physically.  You consume me completely, control every part of me Bea, and I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you, not even close.  Another first”

“Alliecat” Bea said, her voice barely above a whisper as she gazed lovingly at the blonde lying beside her.  Reaching out, she ran her fingers over Allie’s cheek, before kissing her so softly, it made the younger woman shiver.

They made love again, although their kisses and caresses were much slower this time.  The way Allie looked at her as her fingers explored her body reminded Bea of their first time together, and she felt like they connected on a whole new level.  They fell asleep a while later, cuddled up together with the blanket covering them, Bea’s fingers entwined with Allie’s needing to be as close to her girlfriend as possible.

The sun blasting through the windows woke them.  It was still early, but they decided to head home, not wanting to get caught.  After dressing quickly, they put the seats back, moved their things to the boot and set off home, Allie’s hand resting on Bea’s thigh as she drove.  Bea couldn’t stop smiling, yesterday had been perfect, and after last night, she felt closer to Allie than ever.

Chapter Text

It was visitation day again, and after making the familiar journey, Kaz had gone through processing, and was sitting opposite Harry once again.  She could tell the minute he walked through the door that he was in a mood, and part of her wished she hadn’t bothered coming at all.  It was hard for her, only getting an hour every couple of weeks, and despite everything, she genuinely thought he was a good man, so when he spent their precious hour sulking and feeling sorry for himself, it really pissed her off.  This wasn’t exactly how she had pictured their future together, and it was tough on her as well, but here they were, and all they could do was make the best of their time together until she could get him out of here.

He had challenged her over Bea and Allie’s relationship again, implying she had purposely taken the shots at the precise moment that would make their interaction look more than what it actually was.  He was struggling to believe that the woman he was married to for fourteen years, and the one in the photos were the same person.  The Bea he knew would never have the confidence to get into another relationship, never mind with another woman.  The blonde was hot, he’d give her that, and her picture had helped him out on a few occasions when he was alone in his cell at night, but she wouldn’t look twice at someone like Bea, would she?

His ex-wife was an attractive woman, he would never deny that, but she was so timid, so pathetic, that he was struggling to believe that someone like Allie would give her the time of day, hooker or not.  Harry knew he had no reason to doubt what Kaz was telling him, and she had done so much for him, but he couldn’t help but wonder.

“I just can’t see it Kaz, Bea’s not like that.  That whore must have brainwashed her, assuming they are fucking, like you claim they are” he said, his voice barely above a whisper.  He’d had enough shit from some of the other guys when they’d found the photos in his cell

“Why would I lie to you Harry?  I don’t know how else I can prove it, or why you’re still so fucking hung up on her.  If she’s as dull as you say she is, then why does it bother you so much?”

“First she fucks my life up, then she swans around fucking some slut.  Do you have any idea how much shit I’ve taken from the guys in here, they’re saying I turned her into a fucking dyke”

“Forget about her Harry.  I need you to focus on us, on getting out of here, but I need to know you’re with me, and only me.  Can you do that, because if not, we’re done?” she shot back, her tone clipped as she felt her anger rise

He’s never seen Kaz so angry before, and knew he’d pushed her too far.  It wasn’t that he didn’t want her, he just couldn’t let the whole Bea thing go, not without knowing for sure.  He would have to cut Kaz out and go straight to Stewart, but he would need her on side if he was ever going to get out of this hellhole.

“I’m sorry, it’s just been a rough couple of weeks.  I miss you Kaz, and I want to get out of here and be with you, more than anything.  Maybe, once I’m away from this place, we could get married” he said, knowing how much she wanted them to build a life together.  He knew he wasn’t being fair, but right now he needed her by his side, that was the only way he could get through all of this.

His words had calmed her down, and the last twenty minutes of their visit had gone a lot better.  She would be coming in for a conjugal in a couple of weeks, and no matter what Stewart managed to find, he would make sure to fuck away any doubt she may be having.



Debbie had arrived home the previous day, and Allie could tell that Bea was glad to have her home for a while.  She would be getting her exam results in a couple of weeks, and although it was only her first year, Allie knew how nervous the younger Smith was.  She was very much like her Mum in that way, and that alone led Allie to believe that she would be just fine.

They had stayed in the previous evening, favouring takeaway and a couple of movies over going out, and for Bea, it had been the perfect night. She loved it when she got to spend time with the two most important women in her life, and having Debbie home made her family complete again.  She wasn’t stupid, and she knew that there was a good chance that Debbie wouldn’t move back home once she was finished with university, but she would take what time they had together, and cling on to it as tight as she could.

Debbie loved university, and she had made some fantastic friends, but she missed her Mum, and it was great to be home, even if it was only for a couple of months.  She had missed Allie too.  They had spoken on the phone on a regular basis over the past few months, and she was the one that Allie had gone to for help when she was planning her Mum’s birthday surprises.  It was strange how she had felt a stronger familial bond over the last few months than she had in all the time her Mum and Dad were together.

Bea was at work the following day, leaving Allie and Debbie to entertain themselves.  Allie had thought that Debbie would want to be off somewhere with Shayne, knowing he wasn’t working that night, but she had been adamant that she wanted a girls night with the blonde.  They hadn’t done much really, Debbie had cooked dinner, and they had spent a couple of hours after that on one of her old dance games.  They were both pretty good, so things had gotten quite competitive, Debbie finally taking the victory on the last track, although she was sure Allie had messed up on purpose, not that the blonde would admit it, claiming she had been beaten fairly.

By the time they had finished they were worn out.  Falling back on the sofa, Allie turned on the television, flicking over to the music channel, while Debbie went to grab them a beer.  Crashing down on the sofa beside Allie, she handed on of the bottles to the blonde, before taking a long drink.  “That’s so good” Debbie said, her eyes closing as she savoured the taste of the beer.  She wasn’t much of a drinker, but had been partaking more since starting university, not that she drank a lot still.

They had been discussing music for a while, when Debbie turned to the blonde, a serious look on her face.  “What made you start playing?” she asked

“I had piano lessons when I was little.  I’d always loved music, even from an early age, and while I enjoyed it, I wanted to play the guitar.  My mother finally caved, after I’d pestered her for months, and let me try it.  I loved it, and got my first guitar a few weeks later” Allie replied, knowing the only reason her mother had bought her the guitar was to shut her up

“You play the piano?” Debbie asked, surprised by the blonde’s admission

“I do, although it’s been a while so I’d probably be shit at it now”

“Will you teach me to play, the guitar I mean?  I’ve always wanted to try”

“Sure” Allie replied, standing up and grabbing her guitar, before coming to sit beside Debbie again on the sofa.

She talked her through the different chords, showing her when to position her fingers for each one, then handed the guitar over to the young brunette.  Allie made it look so easy, but no matter how Debbie positioned her hands, she couldn’t get it right.  The blonde had told her that once she learnt the basics, it should be a quick learning curve, but getting to grips with the chords would be the most frustrating part.  She had expected to at least have a couple of the chords down after an hour though.  Sensing Debbie’s frustrations, Allie took the guitar from the young Smith, setting it down beside the sofa, before turning to face her.

“Don’t try to rush it.  I know it feels like you’re never going to pick it up, but give it time”

“It looks so simple when you do it”

“Yeah well, not everyone can be as good as me”

“It clearly wasn’t your modestly that caught Mum’s attention” the young brunette said, as Allie punched her arm softly, both of them laughing as she fell of the sofa

After another round on the dance game, they called it a night.  Debbie had arranged to spend the following day with Shayne, and Allie was working the evening shift, so wanted to spend a few hours alone with Bea while they had the chance.  She loved that Debbie was home, but it meant they had to be careful.  They had gotten used to having the house to themselves, and the last thing they wanted was Debbie catching them…again.



The day of the party had finally arrived, and Liz and Boomer had closed the bar so they could host.  The guys had offered to play, and had bullied Allie into doing a couple of songs with them.  They knew she would want to spend the evening with her girlfriend and Debbie, but also knew how much Bea loved watching her play.  Both Allie and Shayne had been given the night off so they could spend the evening with the birthday girls, and Liz and Kim would be tending the bar, with Boomer helping out when necessary.

The bar was filled with a mixture of Bea’s and Debbie’s friends, and had filled up pretty well.  The guys from the station had come out for the evening, Vera and Fletch arriving together, and looking very happy.  Bea had spoken to her a couple of times about Kaz, but she hadn’t seen anything suspicious recently, and Proctor had been almost pleasant the past couple of weeks, and although Bea found it odd, would take it while it lasted.  Smiles had turned up with her latest conquest.  They had stopped trying to remember their names a long time ago, the poor guys never lasting long enough to warrant the effort.  Last to arrive from the station was Will, and he had brought his girlfriend Rose along.  Bea had seen her in passing when she dropped him off at the station, but they had never had the chance to speak.  Hopefully that would change over the course of the evening.

The party was in full swing by the time they took to the stage, the guys playing alone for the first few songs, giving Allie some time with her family.  She had become like a sister to them, and it was blindingly obvious how much she loved both Bea and Debbie.  Out of the three of them, Ash was closest to Allie, the pair spending hours together writing songs, and while he knew she hadn’t had an easy life, the blonde never really divulged any information.  The bits he did know, she had given away in her lyrics.  He was glad she had someone like Bea, and like the blonde’s, Bea’s face would light up every time she looked at Allie.  It was clear they were meant for each other, and he was pleased for them, Allie deserved to be happy.

She joined them on stage after five songs, and had decided to cover on of Debbie’s favourite artists.  There were also a few lines in the song that she really connected with, and made her think of the beautiful redhead across the room.  Deciding to leave her guitar, she stepped up to the mic stand, waited for the guys to start playing, and then started to sing.

Trying hard not to fall

On the way home

You were trying to wear me down, down

Kissing up on fences

And up on walls

On the way home

I guess it's all working out, now


Cause there's still too long to the weekend

Too long till I drown in your hands

Too long since I've been a fool, oh


Leave this blue neighbourhood

Never knew loving could hurt this good, oh

And it drives me wild

Cause when you look like that

I've never ever wanted to be so bad, oh

It drives me wild

You're driving me wild, wild, wild

You're driving me wild, wild, wild

You're driving me wild


We’re alike you and I

Two blue hearts locked in our wrong minds

So can we make the most out of no time?

Can you hold me?

Can you make me leave my demons & my broken pieces behind?


Cause there's still too long to the weekend

Too long till I drown in your hands

Too long since I've been a fool, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah


Leave this blue neighbourhood

Never knew loving could hurt this good, oh

And it drives me wild

Cause when you look like that

I've never ever wanted to be so bad, oh

It drives me wild

You're driving me wild, wild, wild


As she sang, Allie winked at her girlfriend, who had a huge grin on her face.  Glancing across the bar, she spotted Debbie, Shayne and Boomer throwing down some interesting dance moves.  She knew Debbie could dance, so could only assume she was playing down to Boomer’s level so her friend didn’t feel quite so self-conscious.


You make my heart shake

Bend and break

But I can't turn away

And it's driving me wild

You're driving me wild


You make my heart shake

Bend and break

But I can't turn away

And it's driving me wild

You're driving me wild

Leave this blue neighbourhood

Never knew loving could hurt this good, oh

And it drives me wild

Cause when you look like that

I've never ever wanted to be so bad, oh

It drives me wild


She grabbed her guitar and did another three songs, before jumping off the stage and leaving the guys to it.  She had done her bit, and wanted to spend the remainder of the evening with her girlfriend and Debbie.

The rest of the evening went well, and after spending a bit of time with Rose, Will’s girlfriend, Bea found that she really liked her.  She was a nurse, and knew Bridget from the hospital, but hadn’t realised the connection between Will and Franky until the tattooed brunette had referred to him as boss.  Rose had been nervous about going to the party, and when they first got together, had been suspicious of Will’s relationship with Bea, despite him telling her on numerous occasions that they were just friends.  One look at her and Allie together and it was blatantly obvious she only had eyes for the blonde.  It was late, or early morning, by the time they made it home, and they were all more than a little drunk, but it had been a good night, and there was no harm in letting their hair down every now and then.



It had been two days since the party, and the three of them were just about recovered.  Allie made a mental note to never try and keep up with Boomer again.  They had all been a little rough the morning after, and Debbie had vowed never to drink again, although Bea was sure she would change her mind once her birthday arrived.  Bea was working, and the following day, her and Allie were planning on going into town to get a couple of last minute things for Debbie’s birthday, as well as collect her main present.  In order to save time, Allie had offered to pick her girlfriend up from the station, that way they could grab some breakfast, then head to the shops before it got too busy.

Jake Stewart couldn’t believe the opportunity that had just presented itself.  He had been watching Smith’s ex-wife and her tart for just under a week, when he hit the jackpot, there was no way Harry could misinterpret the photos he’d just managed to get.  He had been watching the bar where the blonde worked, and was just about to leave, knowing she was alone, when a fire truck pulled up outside, and Bea Smith jumped out.  She looked different in her turnout gear, and if it wasn’t for her trademark red hair, he would have missed her.  Jake watched on as she approached the front door, knocking, she waited briefly before it opened, the blonde grabbing a fist full of her jacket and pulling her inside.

Liz had called Allie the previous afternoon and asked her to set the bar up for Kim, who was working the lunchtime shift, as the older blonde had an emergency dentist appointment, so wouldn’t be able to do it.  Allie had called Bea last night to let her know, the redhead suggesting that they call at the bar for an hour, once Allie had picked her up, before heading out for the day.  Once they had picked up Debbie’s birthday present, they could then grab some lunch, as breakfast would be a distant memory by that point.  After receiving a message from her girlfriend letting her know they were still on a shout, and would be late, Allie replied, telling her that she would go and set up the bar while she waited.  Checking her phone again when she arrived at Fuel, she found another message from Bea, telling her to wait at the bar as Franky was going to drop her off once they got back to the station.

The fire took longer to put out than she had expected, and Bea was conscious that Allie was waiting for her, so in the spur of the moment, had asked Fletch to take a slight detour on the way back in and drop her off at the bar.  She could call at the station later to drop her turnout gear off, as well as collect the stuff from her locker, but right now, she needed to see her girlfriend.  After jumping out of the truck, she wandered around to the front of the bar, knocking on the door.  A minute or two later the door opened, and going by the look on Allie’s face, she had made the right call.  Bea barely had time to take a breath before she was dragged inside, the blonde’s eyes black with desire.

Hearing a knock on the door, Allie prepared herself for some drunk, needing an early morning tipple, so was pleasantly surprised to find her girlfriend standing there, in her uniform, looking all dirty and sexy.  She could feel the wetness pooling in her underwear as her eyes raked over the redhead standing in front of her.  Reaching out, she grabbed a handful of Bea’s jacket, pulled her inside, and kissed her.  Slamming the door shut, she pushed Bea up against it, a soft groan escaping her girlfriend’s lips as her back slammed against the wood of the door, Allie’s hands slipping insider her turnout coat, holding her close.

“So…fucking…hot” Allie moaned between kisses, as she ran her hands up her girlfriend’s sides, pushing her coat off in the process.

Stepping back slightly, her eyes roamed the full length of Bea’s body, coming to rest on her beautiful face.  She had a few soot smudges on her face, and she smelt like a bonfire, but Allie had never been so aroused.  Kim wasn’t due for another hour, and she knew they needed to go into town, but all she could think about in that moment was the redhead’s hands on her burning skin.  “I’m burning up baby…” she said, stepping away from Bea until her back hit the bar, smirking at the redhead opposite

“You need me to put your flames out?” Bea replied, slowly walking towards the blonde.  Bea could tell by the rapid rise and fall of Allie’s chest that she was as affected as she was

“Fuck yes” Allie practically growled as Bea stepped in front of her, pinning her against the bar as her hands roamed over her breasts, the blonde’s shirt rising up with Bea’s movements.





Crossing the road, Jake had kept a lookout, making sure no one saw him as he crept around the side of the building and jumped the wall, having spotted a window there when he was checking the place out a couple of days ago.  He couldn’t have set this up better if he had tried, and the position of the window gave him the perfect view of the couple, who were completely unaware they had an audience.  Grabbing his camera, he moved quietly, adjusted his position so he could get a better shot.  He watched them for a few minutes before aiming the camera.  This was going to be sweet torture, and he could already feel his arousal building, but there was no way he was missing this.

Forty five minutes later, he stumbled back over the wall, the throbbing in his pants making the movement much more difficult.  Reaching his car, he threw the camera down on the passenger seat, climbed in, and drove home as quickly as possible.  He would download and print the photos later, right now he had a more pressing issue to deal with.



Kim arrived to start her shift, and was surprised to find Allie and her girlfriend walking back through the office door.  After saying hello, they headed out, the redhead keeping her head down as they quickly crossed the room left the building.  She knew Liz had asked Allie to set up for her, but had expected her to be gone by now, although judging by the dirty handprints on the front of her white shirt, she had clearly gotten side-tracked.  She liked Allie, and if the circumstances were different, the blonde would make a good friend.  But she was there to do a job, and there was too much riding on this to fuck it up.

They drove home quickly, knowing they were now short on time, but my god it had been worth it.  Allie was mortified when she saw her girlfriend’s handprints on the chest of her shirt.  There was no way Kim hadn’t seen that, and she was thankful that her colleague hadn’t called her on it.  After showering separately, that was the only way they would ever make it out of the house, they dressed and headed into town to pick up Debbie’s birthday present.  After calling at the jewellers, they picked up another couple of gifts before grabbing a late lunch, their earlier activities throwing their schedule out, not that either of them cared.

After lunch, Allie drove them over to the station so Bea could drop her turnout gear off, and collect a few things from her locker.  The redhead had been gone for about fifteen minutes when Allie decided to get out of the car, it was a warm day, and it was getting a bit stuffy in there.  Grabbing her sunglasses, she closed the door, wandered around to the front and leaned against the bonnet.  She could hear the chatter from the crew across the other side of the yard, but as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back, enjoying the warmth from the sun on her face, the sounds faded into the background.  She wasn’t sure how long she had been standing there, but one minute she was basking in the heat, and the next she was being blasted with ice cold water.

She let out a loud scream as she jumped forward, trying to escape the freezing cold jet that for some reason seemed to be following her.  Running across the yard, she finally escaped the icy torture, water dripping from her hair onto her clothes that were equally as wet, the heat from the sun doing nothing to combat the chill from her wet clothing.  Pushing her wet locks away from her eyes, she looked up, and into the face of a smirking Kaz, who was standing there with a hosepipe in her hand, the water now spraying over the concrete yard.

Bea had dropped her gear off, grabbed the few things she would need from her locker, and was walking back down the corridor when Will Jackson stopped her.  Following him into his office, she closed the door and took a seat.  He explained that there had been a bit of a re-shuffle in headquarters, which had delayed his promotion, but he was expecting it to happen within the next couple of months.  He wanted her to start working with Franky to prepare the brunette for the handover, and to give her a bit of hands on experience for when she took over Bea’s job.

After finalising the details, she left his office, Will walking beside her as she headed towards the yard, and her waiting girlfriend.  They were just rounding the corner when she heard a scream, and it sounded a lot like it was coming from Allie.  Picking up the pace, she started to run, the sound of shouting ringing through the otherwise quiet corridor.  Bursting through the door, she saw a drenched Allie, standing toe to toe with Kaz, and it looked like her girlfriend was about to kill Proctor.

“What the fuck was that?” Allie yelled, water running down her face as she glared at the older blonde. 

Stepping forward, Bea positioned herself between the two women, her arm instinctively reaching back to protect her girlfriend.  Allie was fuming, and as much as Bea’s protectiveness made her heart skip a beat, she could feel her anger building, and was struggling to stop her fist from connecting with that bitches face.  Stepping out from behind her girlfriend, she stood beside her, her eyes finding the redhead’s letting her know she was ok

“It’s Allie isn’t it?  I’m sorry, my hand slipped, and when I tried to drag the hose away I made it worse” Kaz said, loud enough for Jackson to hear.  “No point in cleaning the yard if you don’t wash away all the filth” she added, her voice much quieter so only Allie and Bea could hear

In the split second it took for Allie to register what she had said, Bea had launched herself forward, her fist connecting with Kaz’s chin, sending the older blonde sprawling across the floor.  Allie grabbed hold of Bea’s arm, pulling her back slightly, the last thing she wanted was her girlfriend to get into trouble at work.

“Enough” Will yelled, his voice booming across the yard, making Kaz wince slightly, as she held her jaw.  “Proctor, my office.  Now.  Allie, go and get yourself cleaned up.  Smith, I’ll deal with you later” he added before turning and heading back into the station, Kaz following him, a smirk still plastered on her face.

Chapter Text

Grabbing Allie's hand, Bea led her across the yard, through the station and into the locker room.  Opening her locker, she took out a towel and her toiletry bag, handing them to Allie, before grabbing a clean t shirt and pair of jeans.  Reaching out, she took the blonde’s hand in hers and lead her through to the showers, Allie smirking as the shower curtain caught her eye, remembering the last time they were in here.  Shaking her head, Bea turned to face her girlfriend.  “I bet I can guess what you’re thinking about” she said, blushing as she thought about how her stomach had done somersaults when the blonde had dropped to her knees.  Even back then she had no control over her body’s reaction to Allie.

“You must be thinking the same then.  How about I finish what I started”

“Later, now go take a shower before you catch a cold.  I need to grab some ice” Bea replied, holding up her right hand, her knuckles red from where they had connected with Kaz’s face

“Aww poor baby.  It’s really hot when you defend my honour like that, but I hate seeing you hurt, and I don’t want you getting into trouble because of me” Allie said, taking Bea’s hand in hers and gently kissing her knuckles

“I can’t just stand there and let someone talk shit about you, especially Kaz.  You’re the most beautiful, kind, loving person I’ve ever met, and nobody messes with my girl.  Now get in that shower” Bea replied, placing the dry clothes down on the bench and pushing the blonde towards the cubicle.

Turning around, Bea pulled the door open as Allie’s head peered around the shower curtain.  “Love it when you’re bossy” she called, winking at the redhead before stepping back under the stream of water.

Bea headed through into the kitchen, opened the freezer and popped a few ice cubes out.  Covering them in a cloth, she wrapped it around her hand, hoping to reduce the slight swelling that had started.  Sitting down at the table she though back to the past few months.  Kaz was the second person she had punched for badmouthing her girlfriend, and as much as she hated violence, she couldn’t help herself.  When someone threatened or insulted Allie she saw red, and the only other person she was so protective of was Debbie.

Ten minutes later red watch filtered through into the mess room, although Kaz was still missing.  Not wanting to get into anything again, she stood up and left the room, wandering through the corridor until she came to the locker room.  Allie was just fastening the button on her borrowed jeans, and Bea couldn’t help but laugh.  They were a few inches too short, which made them look like a throwback from the 80’s, and the blonde looked adorable.  Pulling her in, Bea wrapped her arms around Allie’s waist, placing a soft kiss on her temple.  “Take me home” she said, her fingers running up and down the blonde’s back briefly before she stepped back.  Grabbing Bea’s hand, Allie wandered back through the station and out to the car, wanting nothing more than to put some distance between her girlfriend and Proctor.  She hated how she treated Bea, and just hoped she hadn’t made things worse for the redhead.

Bea had received a call from Will Jackson later that afternoon, informing her that he wanted to see her as soon as her shift started in two days, and he didn’t sound happy.  Tomorrow was Debbie’s birthday, and she wasn’t going to let some minor incident at work spoil things.  And it wasn’t like it was the first time she’d gotten herself into the shit.  She didn’t want Allie to worry though, so decided to keep quiet until she had spoken to Will.



The following day was Debbie’s birthday, and the young brunette had asked for a barbeque at home, not wanting anything too big after the party the other night.  Bea had asked her if she wanted to invite a few friends, but other than Shayne, she wasn’t bothered.  They had been at the bar the other night, and had already planned a night out the following evening, so just wanted it to be family.  Bea and Allie had piled into Debbie’s room just after nine, Allie holding a pile of cards, and Bea a bag with her gifts in.  After jumping on the bed, one of them sitting either side of her, the blonde handed her cards over, before wishing her happy birthday.

Allie had offered stay in their room, giving Bea some alone time with her daughter, but the redhead had argued the point, telling her that Debbie would be upset if she wasn’t there.  Despite still being a little apprehensive, Allie followed her girlfriend into Debbie’s room, knowing she couldn’t deny Bea anything.

After she had opened her cards, Bea handed her a gift bag, along with another envelope.  Placing the bag down, she opened the envelope, finding a hand drawn voucher for a holiday of her choice.  Turning her head, she looked to her Mum, confusion on her face.

“The past few years have been crazy, and I know how hard it’s been on you.  I want us all to go away somewhere together, anywhere you want.  You can bring a friend, or Shayne, so you’re not stuck with a couple of old farts” Bea said, laughing at the face Allie was pulling

“Hey, speak for yourself, some of us haven’t even hit thirty yet” the blonde said, Debbie laughing at the pair of them.

“I don’t know what to say, this is too much” Debbie said

Thinking she was pushing her daughter into doing something she didn’t want to do, Bea looked down as she spoke, “It’s not, but if you just want to go away with your friends then that’s ok too”

“God no, I want you guys there.  Thank you, both of you” Debbie said, leaning forward and hugging them both

Putting the paper down on her bed, Debbie reached for the bag, pulling out a black box.  Opening it up, she revealed a silver necklace with a moon pendant.  She could tell it was handmade by the hammer marks on it, giving it a more authentic look.  Launching herself forward, she tackled her Mum, both of them falling down on the bed.  Wrapping her arms around the redhead, she hugged her tight.  They had been through so much together, and she wouldn’t change her for the world.  Siting back up, she turned to the side, but Allie wasn’t there.  Frowning, she turned back to face her Mum, who shrugged her shoulders in confusion.

A couple of minutes later the blonde returned, carrying a guitar with a bow tied around the neck.  “Now you can practice when you’re at uni, and when you got really good, we can play together” she said, sitting back down on the bed, and handing it over to Debbie

It was all too much for