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Fire Meet Gasoline

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As soon as they entered the house Allie turned to Bea, her girlfriend looking everywhere but at her.  The redhead’s behaviour had puzzled her, she knew she was protective of her daughter, but it had been so out of character, Allie was beginning to wonder if she was drunk.  Mumbling something about the bathroom, Bea shot out of the room and ran up the stairs, away from the blonde.  Ten minutes later there was still no sign of Bea.  Grabbing a couple of bottles for water from the fridge, Allie headed up the stairs, in search of the redhead.

Bea was standing beside the bed, her back to the door when Allie entered the room.  Placing the bottles of water down, the blonde walked up behind her, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend’s waist, she inhaled the scent that was uniquely Bea.  She could feel the tension in the older woman’s body, knowing she was feeling bad about dinner.

“Talk to me, what happened tonight?”

“I fucked up, and now Debbie’s pissed at me.  I can’t say that I blame her either, I was an arsehole”

“Not gonna argue with you on that one” Allie replied, holding the older woman tighter as she felt her try to pull away.  “You made a mistake but you were coming from a good place.  Talk to her in the morning when she’s had time to calm down.   And don’t worry about Shayne, you didn’t scare him off, although he may get someone else to serve you at the bar for a while…in case you go all psycho on his arse again” she added, kissing her girlfriend’s neck as her hands slipped under the redhead’s shirt

“He must think I’m crazy, I’m so embarrassed.  That’s the last time I listen to Gran, I should have known this would happen”

“Babe, everything will be fine, please stop worrying “ the blonde said, her hands making short work of the button on the older woman’s pants as she pressed herself closer against Bea

Bea could feel her heart rate increasing as Allie’s hand slipped into her underwear.  Her head was spinning from the events earlier in the evening, but as she felt her girlfriend’s fingers massaging her clit her mind went blank.  “I…oh…oh god” she groaned, pushing back into Allie, needing to feel more of her.

They weren’t in the best position, and Allie’s movement was a little restricted, but she didn’t care.  The sounds coming from her girlfriend’s mouth were driving her crazy.  She was in a constant state of arousal whenever Bea was near, and sometimes when she wasn’t.  Just thinking about the redhead was usually enough to get her all worked up, and on a few occasions it had happened at a really inconvenient time, like right in the middle of a shift at the bar.  Once Allie’s mind had gone ‘there’, she found it very difficult to get the images out of her mind, and had tackled Bea as soon as she walked through the door to the house on more than one occasion after getting herself into a state.

Running her tongue along the redhead’s jaw, she trust two fingers deep inside her, causing the older woman to cry out.  Allie’s other hand drifted up under her girlfriend’s shirt, pushed her bra to one side and found her left breast, Bea’s nipple hardening instantly at the blonde’s touch.

“I love how your body responds when I touch you”

“I love how you touch me.  Please Allie, I need you…”

“Tell me what you want me to do”

“Fuck me…please…just fuck me”

Removing her fingers, Allie spun her girlfriend around and pushed her back until her back was against the wall.  Tugging on Bea’s pants, she dragged them down, along with her underwear, supporting her as she stepped out of them.  Standing up, Allie tore Bea’s shirt open, buttons flying everywhere, before dipping her head and taking the older woman’s right nipple into her mouth, biting and sucking hard as she thrust her fingers back into her lover.  There were times to be gentle, but right now wasn’t one of them.

“Allie…oh fuck…yes” Bea moaned as she rode her girlfriend’s fingers, her hips matching Allie’s thrusts as she felt the blonde fill her

“Fuck Bea, you’re making me so wet” Allie said, increasing the pace as she felt the redhead’s walls tighten around her fingers, signalling that she was close.  She could feel her own arousal building as Bea clung onto her, her nails digging into her shoulders as her hips bucked erratically.

Curling her fingers inside her lover, Allie pushed the palm of her hand against Bea’s clit, sending her tumbling over the edge, the blonde following a few seconds later, calling Bea’s name as she let go.

Bea’s legs felt weak, and she was struggling to stand.  Allie had well and truly rocked her world.  Feeling her girlfriend’s arms tighten around her waist, she leaned forward, resting her head on the blonde’s shoulder as her breathing started to return to normal.

Wrapping her arms around the older woman, Allie guided her over to the bed, pushed her down and straddled her hips.  Pulling Bea’s shirt and bra off, she quickly removed her own dress, thankful that she wasn’t wearing a bra.  She needing to feel all of her lover, and she needed it now.

Settling herself down, she laid beside her girlfriend, one leg draped over her as her fingers drew patterns across the older woman’s stomach, feeling her muscles twitch beneath her touch.

“So…back to earlier at dinner.  What caused it?  It’s clear that something other than Shayne is bothering you”

“You want to talk about that now?” Bea asked, surprised by the change in direction her girlfriend appeared to be taking, and struggling to concentrate with her lover’s naked body so close

“I figured you’d be more lucid after I made you come” the blonde replied, nuzzling on the older woman’s neck as she spoke

“I was nervous.  I know Shayne isn’t a stranger but Debbie’s my baby, and I know she’s not a kid anymore, it’s just hard for me to accept that she’s all grown up.  It’s crazy, she’s off at university, living her own life, but she’s still my little girl.  It scares me, and it hurts that she doesn’t need me anymore”

“She does need you, and she always will.  No one will ever replace you, and she could do a lot worse than Shayne.  He’s a good kid, and I know he’s had his issues, but haven’t we all.  He cares about Debbie, he treats her well, and he seemed to understand your crazy behaviour.  What more can you ask for?”

“I know.  I like him and I can see how much he cares about her, I just hope I haven’t driven him away with my crazy.  I was talking to Gran earlier and she made the whole interrogation thing seem like a good idea.  But she’s crazy enough to pull it off, unlike me, I just make an arse of myself” the redhead said, stumbling over her words as Allie peppered kisses across her stomach

“It’ll take more than that to put him off.  And yeah, you made an arse of yourself, but so what.  I happen to think you’re incredibly hot when you’re in protective mode” Allie replied, crawling back up the older woman’s body to claim her lips

“Yeah?” Bea asked, breathless from their kiss

“Yeah.  I wanted to drag you to the bathroom and ravish you, but I didn’t think it would help the situation.  I’ve been so turned on all night, you drive me wild Bea Smith” Allie replied, giggling as Bea flipped them over.  “You know it baby” the older woman groaned, as her lips trailing a path down the blonde’s body, closing in on her destination.



A few hours later they were so wrapped up in each other that neither of them heard Debbie arrive home.  The young brunette moved quietly through the house in case her Mum and Allie were asleep.  As she reached the top of the stairs she heard voices, letting her know that they were still awake.  Not wanting to disturb them, she headed for her bedroom, overhearing their conversation as she passed her Mum’s door.

They were cuddled up together, a sheet thrown over them as Bea played with Allie’s fingers.  She had been so tense when they arrived home, but Allie had spent the last few hours relaxing her, and showing her just how loved she was.  The blonde was perfect in every way, and she always knew exactly what to do to make Bea feel better.

Pulling her in closer, she kissed the top of Allie’s head.   “Thank you”

“What for?” the younger woman asked

“For being here, for being you, and for being so perfect”

“I’m far from perfect, but I will be here for as long as you want me to be”

“You’re perfect to me, and how does forever sound” Bea replied, dropping a soft kiss on her girlfriend‘s lips

“Not long enough.  Are you ok now?”

“Yeah, thanks to you.  Do you think Debbie really still need me?”

“Of course she does, and once you’ve explained everything she’ll understand. She loves you, and you’re not losing her, but you have to let her make her own decisions” Allie replied, pulling Bea in closer as her eyes began to close.  “I know” Bea mumbled, as sleep started to claim her.



Stopping outside her Mum’s door, she heard her speak.  “…do you think Debbie really still needs me?...”

“Of course she does, and once you’ve explained everything she’ll understand. She loves you, and you’re not losing her, but you have to let her make her own decisions” she heard Allie reply.  Her Mums behaviour had both puzzled and annoyed her, but listening to how insecure she sounded, Debbie couldn’t help but feel for her.  She loved her Mum, and no matter where she was, or who she was with, she would always need her. 

Walking into her room, she closed the door before crashing down on the bed.  She had been exhausted after dinner, and after an hour with her friends had wanted to leave the bar.  Everything that had happened with her Mum was spinning around in her head, and she wasn’t in the mood to socialise anymore.  Shayne had suggested that they drive around for a while, telling her that it always helped him make sense of things.  Thinking back to earlier in the evening, she couldn’t help but smile as she thought of Shayne.

They had been driving for about forty minutes when he pulled off the road and into a car park by the beach.  Jumping out, he ran around the car, opening Debbie’s door and holding out his hand to her.  Grabbing Shayne’s hand, she stepped out of the car, closed the door and let him lead her onto one of the large rocks on the edge of the sand.  Once she was seated, he sat down behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder.

“Don’t be too hard on her” he said as both of them looked out across the beach, the lights from the promenade illuminating the sand

“She acted like a crazy person”

“She did, but it’s only because she cares.  She was in the wrong, and I’d bet that she knows that.  But she did it because she loves you, try not to forget that.  I never knew my Mum, and I’d give anything for her to be able to lose her shit with me.  Talk to her tomorrow, you’ll both feel better once you’ve had some sleep, just promise me you’ll hear her out”

“I’ll try.  What happened to your Mum?  If you don’t want to talk about it I understand”

“’I don’t know all the details, only that she had me while she was in prison.  She couldn’t look after me properly so social services took me away and put me in care.  She died a while later, and I never got a chance to meet her properly.  We were together for six months but was so young that I can’t even remember her, I don’t even know what she looked like.  I stayed with a family for just over six years but he got sick and they couldn’t look after me anymore.  After that I was moved from one foster home to another, every one worse than the last.  I took off from my last one, I was nearly seventeen anyway, so they would have been kicking me out in another year” he said, holding on to her a little bit tighter as he relived his past

“That’s awful, I’m so sorry.  Where did you go after you left there?”

“I crashed on Rusty’s couch, we’d been mates a while by then.  It wasn’t ideal, but it was a roof over my head, and better than where I’d come from”

“Do you still see him?”

“No.  He got sprung busting cars and I took the wrap for him, thought it was the least I could do after he let me stay.  He already had a record and I was a minor so thought they’d go easy on me.  That was until my legal aid told me I’d be moved from juvi once I turned eighteen.  Franky was really tough with me, but I’m glad she was, I would have thrown my life away if she hadn’t made me see sense.  I told the truth, got community service, and Rusty got sent down.  He cut me off the day he got sentenced”

“I’m glad Franky made you see sense”

“Yeah, she is pretty cool, so is Allie.  And your Mum, when she’s not acting all wacko” he replied, laughing as Debbie slapped him playfully

“I feel like such an arse for complaining about my Mum after everything you just told me.  Don’t get me wrong, my childhood was far from perfect, but at least I had one parent that loved me”

“What about your Dad, where’s he?”

Leaning back into Shayne, Debbie rested her head on his chest before starting to speak.  She told him about the fire, and how Harry had tried to blame Bea for everything.  About the huge fight she’d had with her Mum six months ago, and how awful she had felt once she found out how much he had hurt Bea, and what she had gone through to protect her over the years.

“I had no idea most of it was going on, she hid it so well.  He nearly killed her on more than one occasion, and she took it every time, just to keep me safe”

“It kind of makes sense now, why she acted the way she did.  She’s spent the last eighteen years protecting you, and that’s all she knows.  Go easy on her, she meant well” Shayne said, his thumb brushing across Debbie’s cheek as he wiped her tears away.

Turning off the lamp beside her bed, she pulled the sheet over her, replaying the conversation between her Mum and Allie that she had just overheard.  Shayne had been right all along, and she hadn’t even considered that Bea may have been feeling a little bit insecure.  She had assumed that now she had Allie, she wouldn’t need her as much.  Deciding to talk it through with her Mum in the morning, and try to reassure her that she was still needed, she fell into a restless sleep.



Bea was up early, despite not getting to sleep until the early hours.  She had woken up an hour ago, and tried, unsuccessfully to get back to sleep.  Not wanting to disturb her girlfriend, she got out of bed and headed into the en-suite.  Once she had showered and dressed, she wandered back into the bedroom, heading downstairs when she saw that Allie was still fast asleep.

She had been sketching in her book for around an hour when Allie walked into the kitchen, the blonde kissing her on the cheek as she crossed the room and poured herself a coffee, refilling Bea’s mug while she was there.  After placing the mugs down, Allie grabbed a chair, moving it closer to her girlfriend before she sat down.  “What are you drawing?” she asked.  Resting her head on the older woman’s shoulder, she looked over at her sketchbook, seeing herself, Debbie and Bea staring back at her.

“My family” Bea said, as Allie took her hand in hers.  “I love you” the blonde replied, moving in closer as Debbie came walking through the door.

“Morning” she said, grabbing a coffee before talking a seat at the table as Allie stood up and headed out of the room.  “I’ll leave you to it” she said when she got to the door.

“You don’t have to go Allie” Debbie said, not wanting the blonde to leave on her account.

“I need a shower, and you two should talk” Allie replied before heading up the stairs.  She just hoped they could smooth things over, the last thing either of them needed was tension before Debbie left again.

“I’m sorry, I was an arse”

“Yeah you were, but I think I understand.  Shayne’s really sweet, you should give him a chance.  He never knew his Mum, and he made me promise to talk to you.  I overheard you talking to Allie when I got home.  You’re not losing me, and wherever I am, I will always need you.  You’re my Mum, and no one could ever replace you”

“I know, Allie said something very similar.  I’m so sorry, and I need to apologise to Shayne again, he must think I’m insane”

“A little, but he wouldn’t be far wrong would he?” the brunette replied, smiling as her Mum scowled at her.  “When is it you leave again?” Bea threw back, both of them laughing, relieved that they had cleared the air.

The smell of bacon drew Allie back down the stairs.  After she had taken a shower she sat on the bed with her notebook and guitar, trying to finish off her latest song.  She had wanted to give Bea and Debbie some time to talk things through, but she was starving after her activities with the redhead the previous night.  Walking into the kitchen, she found both Smith women chatting and laughing as they cooked together, having clearly put the previous evenings issues behind them.




The house was in chaos Sunday morning.  Debbie was racing around packing her bag, getting everything ready for her train journey back to university while Bea and Allie prepared lunch.  The young brunette had gone out with her old school friends Friday night, and had spent the previous evening at home with her Mum and Allie.  They had all huddle together on the sofa, a blanket draped over them as they watched a movie and ate junk food.  Allie had suggested that she spent the night at her flat so they could have some mother daughter time but Debbie had insisted that she stayed, wanting to spend her last night with her family.  The blonde had excused herself for a while after that, disappearing off into the kitchen to feed Cormack.  Her eyes were red when she came back in, and both Bea and Debbie could tell that she had been crying.  Sitting back down on the sofa, Allie leaned into Bea, who wrapped one arm around the blonde, and the other around her daughter.  They stayed that way throughout the movie, only moving to dig into the sugary snacks that filled the coffee table.

They had all stayed up late chatting, so had overslept, resulting in them all racing around that morning.  Shayne was coming over at one, and there was still so much to do.  Once Debbie had packed her bag she headed downstairs to help her Mum and Allie, the blonde ushering Bea out of the kitchen and ordering her to go and take a shower.

“I love your Mum but she can be so bossy at times”

“Tell me about it.  It’s like being in the military sometimes, especially when she’s nervous”

“I can hear you…both of you” Bea called from somewhere upstairs.  Clearly they weren’t speaking as quietly as they thought.  “And you can stop laughing Novak, I can always send you to the dog house” the redhead added after hearing her girlfriend giggling

Once everything was prepared Allie headed upstairs to take a shower, telling Bea to stay out of the kitchen and spend some time with her daughter instead, not that she would listen, she never did.  After showering, she got dressed and went back downstairs, finding both Bea and Debbie in the kitchen.  Ushering them both out, she closed the door, putting a chair under the handle to keep them out, “And I don’t care if you put me in the dog house, we both know you’ll cave first babe” she called after hearing the redhead complaining in the other room.

It was just gone twelve thirty when Shayne arrived, bottle of wine in hand.  Opening the door, Debbie greeted him, before leading him through into the lounge where her Mum was sitting on the sofa.  Standing up, Bea greeted him, accepting the bottle that he was holding out to her.

“Thanks for this, but you didn’t have to bring anything.  I’d put it in the fridge but ALLIE has barricaded herself in the kitchen and won’t let us in” Bea shouted out, hearing her girlfriend chucking from the other side of the door.

“Bite me” the blonde called out in response

“You wish”

A few seconds later they heard a noise, and the door opened slightly, Allie’s face appearing in gap.  “You know it baby” she replied, winking at the redhead before turning to face Shayne

“Hey Shayne, can I get you a drink?  This one’s so lazy that she’s left me to do everything” she said, nodding her head in Bea’s direction as he looked between the two women and laughed

“Sorry, they’re always like this.  I’m the only sane one in this family” Debbie said, smiling at their antics

“That’s debatable” both Bea and Allie said at the same time

“I was just thinking the same thing” Shayne added, receiving a slap on the arm from Debbie in return



The meal had gone a lot better than it had the other night, the conversation flowing easily between the four of them.  After they had eaten Allie ushered Bea and Shayne into the lounge, dragging Debbie through into the kitchen to help her clean up.  She knew her girlfriend would want some time alone with Shayne to apologise for her behaviour the other night, and saw this as a good opportunity, plus she would get some help with the dishes so it was a win, win situation.

They sat opposite one another, neither of them knowing what to say for a few minutes, until Bea took a deep breath and spoke.

“I’m sorry about the other night, there really is no excuse for the way I behaved.  I just want you to know I’m not usually like that, that’s not who I am”

“I know, and it’s ok, really.  Debbie told me what you did to keep her safe when she was younger, and I understand that you just want to protect her, but I care about her, and I’m not out to hurt her in any way.  I know she’s busy with her degree, and there’s the whole distance thing, but I promise I will never get in the way of her studies.  I’m happy to visit her if she wants me to, otherwise we can see each other when she’s back here.  She loves you, and Allie, and I’m not trying to come between you, I promise”

“Thank you.  Debbie told me what you said to her the other night, and I appreciate your honesty, but I overreacted.  It happens sometimes, and I can’t always control it.  Ask Allie, she’s been on the receiving end a few times.  I’m not proud of it, but it is something I’m working on with Allie’s help.  I really don’t know why she sticks around”

“You can’t be serious.  She’s like a love sick puppy when you’re not around, but please don’t tell her I said that, she may hurt me” he replied, laughing as Bea nodded, confirming his fears

Half an hour later Debbie and Allie came walking into the room, making sure everything was ok before sitting down.  They chatted until it was time for Debbie to leave.  She didn’t really want to go, but knew she would miss her train if she left it much longer.  Bea had asked Shayne if he would drop her off at the station, thinking that it would give them some time alone together before she left.  She had wanted to take her herself, but knew she was being selfish so had put her feelings to one side, and tried to see things from Debbie’s point of view, something she would have to work on in the future.

After saying their goodbyes, Bea and Allie headed back into the lounge, both of them collapsing on the sofa.  It had been a tiring few days, and both of them had a busy week ahead.  Oli and his wife would be arriving in Melbourne the following week, and Allie knew it would be difficult, despite how well their conversations had gone so far, they still had a lot of ground to cover.  Grabbing the remote, she flicked through the channels, stopping when they found a movie neither of them had seen before.

They had been watching it for a while when Bea spoke, “Is it crazy that I miss her already?”

“No sweetheart, of course not.  What can I do?”

“Keep me busy”

“Do you have anything in particular in mind?”

“Maybe I could take you up on your invitation from this morning”

“And what invitation would that be?” Allie asked, catching her breath as she felt her girlfriend’s teeth biting gently at her shoulder.  “Was that enough of a clue?” the older woman replied, “or do you need me to show you in detail?”

“Show me…please” the blonde moaned into Bea’s kiss, the redhead’s hands wandering under her shirt as she crawled on top of her, the movie completely forgotten.