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Fire Meet Gasoline

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Three days later and they were packing their things before heading to Great Barrier Island.  Bea had booked them a cottage for four nights, wanting to spend some quality alone time with her girlfriend, and after the blonde’s confession the other day, was also hoping to find a nice secluded beach somewhere along the way.  Seeing Allie parading around in that bikini for the past couple of days had left her feeling in a constant state of arousal, and no matter how many times they made love, she still craved more.

They arrived early afternoon, and Allie was thankful the flight over had only been half an hour long.  She had thought Bea was joking when she saw what could only be described as a model aeroplane, but unfortunately that hadn’t been the case, and the small ten seater aircraft had been their mode of transport for the journey.  She had thought their adventures at the top of the Sky Tower would have eased her fear slightly, but judging by the way she practically sat in the redhead’s lap the entire journey, she was still very much afraid.

A few hours later they were curled up in bed, looking out over the sea, as the sun set behind the rocks, Allie’s head resting on her girlfriend’s chest.

“It really is beautiful here, but I wish you wouldn’t waste your money on me” Allie said, her fingers playing with the redhead’s, Bea’s hand ran up and down her lover’s back gently.

“I’ve always wanted to come but never had anyone worth sharing it with until you came along.  You’re my girl and I want to spoil you.  You could never be a waste of anything Allie” the redhead replied, flipping them over so she was straddling her girlfriend, their lips coming together in a slow, passionate kiss.


The following morning they tried their hand at paddle boarding, Bea picking it up much quicker than Allie, although she couldn’t fault the blonde’s effort and determination.  She had tried for over an hour, but the longest she lasted, stood on the board was about ten seconds, and that was probably being generous.  She couldn’t help but laugh as Allie got up on the board the last time, looking rather pleased with herself.  After doing a little victory dance at her achievement, she lost her balance and ended up crashing face first into the sea, again. 

The rest of the day was spent in the cottage, Bea sketching for a couple of hours while Allie finished off her book.  That evening they had a barbeque on the deck, before watching the sun go down as they laid together on one of the sun loungers.

The next day, they explored the island, Bea convincing Allie to go on one of the hiking trails, but conveniently forgetting to mention it would take them around five hours to complete.  After forty five minutes they arrived at a stream and waterfall, the view was absolutely spectacular, and even Allie decided it had been worth the walk.  They swam in the stream for a while, cooling off, when Allie pulled Bea under the waterfall, soaking them both through, before tugging on her girlfriend’s hand, bringing them in towards the rocks and behind the wall of water.  Wrapping her arms around the older woman, she peppered kisses across her collar bone and along her neck, before capturing her lips, smiling into the kiss when she heard the redhead moan, Bea’s hands roaming all over the younger woman’s back before coming to rest on her bikini covered arse.

After their swim, and a rather heated make-out session behind the waterfall they continued on the trail, arriving at the first of the hot springs just over an hour later, the second coming towards the end of their trek, soothing their aching bodies.  It was a hot day and they were both tired when they got back to the cottage.  After grabbing a shower they headed out to one of the small restaurants to grab an early dinner.  Allie had told Bea that it would be an early start for them the following morning, but refused to tell her what she had planned, two can play that game after all.



It was still dark outside when Bea awoke to soft kisses, Allie’s fingers tracing patterns lightly on her stomach as she smiled down at her, the moonlight streaming in through the window illuminating her blonde locks.

“Morning baby”

“Mmm…I wish I could wake up like this every morning.   What time is it Alliecat?”

“It’s just gone four thirty.  Come on, we need to get going if we’re going to get there in time”

“It’s too early, let’s just stay here”

“Please baby, I’ll make it up to you later” Allie whispered, running her hand up the inside of the redhead’s thigh slowly, letting her know exactly how she was planning on doing so.  Feeling her lover tremble under her touch, she stepped back, breaking all contact, before heading into the bathroom, leaving her girlfriend frustrated and complaining at the loss of contact.

Half an hour later they were leaving the cottage, Allie leading her girlfriend down a tree lined footpath, only the light from the moon above and a very small torch aiding their movement.  A short while later and the trees cleared, revealing a small, secluded beach.  Taking Bea’s hand in hers, Allie led them down the rocks carefully, before laying the blanket down on the sand so it was hidden by the rocks.

“I spotted this place when we were walking yesterday, thought we could watch the sunrise together” the blonde said, pulling Bea down so they were sitting side by side on the blanket.

“How long have we got before it comes up?” Bea asked, tucking a strand of hair behind her girlfriend’s ear

“About forty minutes, why?” Allie replied after checking the time on her phone

Smirking at her girlfriend, Bea pushed her down onto the blanket, straddling her hips as she brought their lips together in a slow, sensual kiss, her left hand roaming up the blonde’s thigh, stopping just below the hem of the blue sundress she was wearing

“I want to make love to you under the moonlight” she said as her hand trailed further up Allie’s leg, gasping when she realised the younger woman wasn’t wearing any underwear, her girlfriend obviously had a similar idea on how they could pass the time.

Moving her hand up, she cupped the blonde’s core, evidence of her arousal coating Bea’s fingers as Allie let out a soft moan at the contact.  Pushing her hips down onto her girlfriend’s hand, she tugged at the redhead’s shorts, desperate to feel her skin.  Pulling back slightly, Bea moved to the side, removing her shorts and t shirt, before tugging Allie’s dress over her head, as the blonde made short work of the older woman’s bra.  Once all the barriers had been removed, Bea crawled back up her lover’s body, both of them gasping when their breasts came into contact.

Pulling the second blanket over them she positioned herself so her left leg was between Allie’s legs, she pressed her thigh into the blonde’s core, her girlfriend’s arousal coating her skin as she rolled her hips, causing her leg to come into contact with the area Bea needed her the most.  Leaning down, she took Allie’s left nipple into her mouth, her right arm moving underneath her girlfriend, pulling their bodies closer and increasing the contact.  A soft moan escaping the blonde’s lips as Bea rocked above her, Allie’s movements matching her own as the friction built them both up.  Capturing her lips in a hard, passionate kiss, the younger woman scratching at her back as she upped the pace, Bea thrusting into her lover slowly, loving the control their current position gave her.  The sounds coming from the blonde’s mouth were making her head spin, but she was determined not to lose control, wanting things to last as long as possible.

“Fuck…Allie” she moaned as the blonde’s fingers dug into her back, bringing them even closer

“Oh god, faster baby…fuck me…please” Allie said, her voice thick with desire as she sucked hard on the redhead’s pulse point, before biting gently on her lover’s right nipple, her tongue flicking over the hardened bud, causing Bea’s hips to jerk forward, her thigh slamming hard against Allie’s clit, the blonde moaning loudly

“Look at me Allie” Bea said, the blonde’s eyes locking with hers as she picked up speed.  She could tell by the way her girlfriend’s body was trembling beneath her that she was close, and the way Allie was looking at her was almost enough to make her come

“I love you” Allie moaned breathlessly as she grabbed Bea’s arse, slamming their bodies together as their orgasms tore through them, a guttural moan escaping Bea’s lips as her eyes slammed shut.  Exhausted, and completely spent, she crashed down on the blanket beside Allie, both of them breathless and covered in a light sheen of sweat.



A short while later Allie was sat on the blanket, Bea between her legs, leaning back so the blonde’s breasts were pressed firmly against her back.  Her arms were wrapped around the older woman, while the red comforter covered them as they watched the sunrise, their discarded clothes lying on the sand beside them.

“Thank you for coming into my life and showing me that real love does exist.  To me it was always just a fairy tale, something that other people had but never me.  I’m so in love with you, I hope you know that” Allie said, her voice so quiet that the redhead only just heard her

“I know, and I love you too beautiful girl, so much.  You made me feel again, and I never want to be without you, ever” Bea replied, turning slightly in the blonde’s arms, her head resting against her lover’s chest.

They stayed like that for a while longer, before Bea suggested that they should probably head back to the cottage.  Being with Allie like that on the beach had been nothing short of spectacular, but she didn’t want to risk getting caught by some early morning walkers, and what she had in mind for her girlfriend would require several hours.

Their last day on the island was spent on the beach, Allie finally getting to grips with paddle boarding, before they headed back to the cottage for a quick shower.  They should have known better than to get in together, and were now running late yet again.  After racing around the cottage, making sure they had everything, they took a taxi to the airport, Bea promising to look after her girlfriend again during the return flight.  Allie really hated the little aircraft, but when the redhead’s fingers were drawing patterns on her thigh like they currently were, she forgot all about being in a tin can in the sky, her thoughts consumed with how she was planning on thanking the older woman once they got back to their Auckland hotel.



1635 miles away Kaz was making the all too familiar journey to the prison.  She knew deep down that the chance of her and Harry having any kind of future together was slim, but even after everything, all these years later, she still loved him, and probably always would.  After going through the usual process, she was escorted into the visiting room.  Spotting him in the far corner she crossed the room, wrapping her arms around him and holding him close.

She took a seat opposite him and they chatted for a while, Harry informing her that he’d applied for a conjugal visit and was hoping to get it approved within the next few days

“I miss you Harry, I wish things could be different”

“Me too sweetheart, but if it gets approved at least we can be alone together for a couple of hours.  I know it’s not ideal, but I’m working on an appeal” he replied, taking her hand across the table

They chatted about everyday stuff for a while, before Kaz raised the subject of his ex-wife.

“I need you to find as much information as you can on her little girlfriend” he said, smirking at the blonde sitting opposite

“What’s the plan?” Kaz asked

“Not sure yet, I’m still working on it.  Just get me the information and I’ll deal with the rest” Harry replied, his tone a lot firmer that usual

“I’m on it” she said, a little disappointed that he wouldn’t let her in on it.

He knew exactly what he was doing, and she couldn’t help but feel like she was being used.  Changing the subject so they didn’t waste what little time they had, they chatted for a while longer, before the prison officer called time on the visits.  Kaz couldn’t settle on the drive home, Harry had never spoken to her like that before.  Putting it down to the stress of being locked up, she pushed the thought to the back of her mind, concentrating on the task at hand instead.



Bea called her Gran when they arrived back in Auckland, Edith suggesting that they get together so she can introduce her granddaughter to Basil.  After chatting for a while, she told Bea she would make the arrangements and call her back with the details.

A few hours later, they were getting ready to go out when Bea’s phone rang, her Gran giving her the details for their dinner the following evening.  She had just ended the call when Allie came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel.

“Gran called while you were in the shower.  She wants to know if we want to go out to dinner tomorrow night, and she promised not to interrogate you this time”

“Sure, and tell her to bring it on, I can take it.  Is she bringing Basil?”

“She is, maybe it’s time for a little bit of payback” the redhead joked, pulling Allie into to her as her hands made short work of removing the towel that was covering her girlfriend, dinner could wait a while, right now she needed to taste something else.



They arrived at the restaurant at seven thirty the following evening, and Bea was surprised to say the least, it wasn’t the type of place that she expected her Gran to frequent.  The building was a converted warehouse, and was very minimalistic in style.  After giving her Gran’s name they were escorted to their table, surprised to find they were the first there.  Noticing the table was set for six, she wondered who else would be joining them.

A few minutes later Edith arrived with a man, who they correctly assumed was Basil.  Once the introductions were out of the way they took a seat, Allie taking the chair opposite Bea, and beside Basil, while Bea sat beside her Gran, an empty seat to the other side of each of the girls.  They chatted for a while, getting to know Edith’s friend, the blonde taking an instant liking to him.  Basil was just as sharp as her Gran, and Bea was happy that she had found someone that could keep up with her, even though Edith had assured her during their phone call they were only friends.  He seemed to have taken a shine to Allie too, the blonde deep in conversation with him as both Edith and Bea looked on, smiling.

Twenty minute later Bea saw her girlfriend tense up.  Turning around in her chair to face the same direction as the blonde, she spotted Oscar walking towards them, his wife Mickey beside him.  They must be regulars here, she thought to herself, as the few staff members that were nearby greeted them both as they crossed the room.

Oscar and Logan were identical twins so she could see why Allie was feeling uncomfortable, especially after the not so warm welcome the latter gave them on the beach the previous week.

“It’s Oscar Alliecat, they’re twins, don’t worry” she said, reaching over and taking her girlfriend’s hand over the table.

Standing up, she pulled her cousin into a hug.  At six foot five he towered over her small frame as he picked her up and, spun her around

“Hey bumble, looking good” he said, putting her back down again

“I’m guessing it’s the hot blonde that’s doing it.  You don’t do things by halves do you, I’m impressed” he added, causing the redhead to blush, and Allie to smirk at his remark.  She could tell by the way he was with Bea that he was nothing like his dickhead of a brother, even if they did look the same.

Standing up, Allie wandered around the table towards her girlfriend and the new arrivals, the redhead introducing her to Oscar and his wife, Mickey. 

“I hear you met my brother last week” Oscar said to Allie as he took the seat beside her

“Yeah, we ran into him at the beach” she replied

“Sorry about that, he’s an…”

“Arsehole” Bea, Edith and Mickey said at the exact same time, causing the rest of the table to laugh

“What they said.  But I guess every family has one right?” Oscar added

“Yeah well you’re lucky, my family’s got more than one” Allie said

“You’re not close to your family I take it?” Mickey asked, keen to get to know the woman who had put a smile on Bea’s face

“I haven’t seen them for thirteen years, and if it can stay that way for the next fifty I’ll be very happy” the blonde said, and she genuinely meant it

“That’s a shame love” Edith said.  Her granddaughter had mentioned that they didn’t get along but hadn’t gone into any detail

“It’s ok, I’ve got all the family I need” Allie replied, her eyes finding Bea’s across the table



The rest of the evening went well, Allie finding she had a lot in common with Mickey, and Oscar was fun, the way him and Bea bickered playfully gave the blonde an insight as to what her girlfriend’s childhood had been like.  She loved finding out new things about the older woman, and she looked absolutely adorable when she blushed as Oscar and Edith relived memories from when they were kids.

After they had eaten one of the waiters came over to the table, heading straight for Oscar

“Sorry to bother you boss, but Arti needs you for a minute” she said, smiling at Mickey as Oscar stood and followed her across the restaurant and into the kitchen.  Arti was an excellent chef, but loved the drama a little bit too much.

“Boss?” Bea asked

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell her Edith.  Sorry Bea, this is our restaurant” Mickey said, clearing up the confusion

“That explains it, I thought that it didn’t look like the sort of place to do pensioners specials” the redhead replied, Allie laughing as Edith feigned a look of hurt

“Wow, this place is fantastic, and the food…incredible” Allie said, clearly impressed by what the couple had achieved.

Fifteen minutes later Oscar returned after dealing with the mini crisis in the kitchen, the conversation turning to Bea’s job, or sleeping on the job as Oscar referred to it as.

At nine thirty Edith and Basil said their goodbyes, saying it was well past their bedtime, leaving the four of them to continue their evening.  Mickey had been chatting to Allie about their shared love of music, so suggested they headed to the karaoke bar down the street, both Bea and Allie failing to mention the blonde’s experience on the stage.



They arrived at the bar, Allie and Mickey grabbing a table while Oscar and Bea headed to the bar to get a round of drinks

“I like her bumble.  She’s clearly good for you, and after everything you went through with that cockwomble of an ex-husband you deserve to be happy” he said, nudging his cousin with his shoulder

“She’s the best thing that’s happened to me since Debbie, I love her Ozzie.  And please stop calling me that”

“I can tell, and judging by the way she been undressing you with her eyes all evening I’d say the feeling’s mutual.  Just don’t forget my invite to the wedding…bumble” he replied as they grabbed the drinks and headed over to the two women in their lives.

A while later, after they had watched a few people perform Allie’s name was called, the blonde dropping a quick kiss on her girlfriend’s cheek as she slid out of the booth and headed for the stage.  Winking at the redhead whose eyes were fixed on her, she grabbed the mic and started to sing.


All along it was a fever

A cold sweat, hot headed believer

I threw my hands in the air I said show me something

She said, if you dare come a little closer


Round and around and around and around we go

Oh now tell me, now tell me, now tell me now you know


Allie’s eyes locked with Bea’s, as they always did whenever she performed.  Every time it felt like they were the only two people in the room, and the blonde hoped it would always be that way between them.


Not really sure how to feel about it

Something in the way you move

Makes me feel like I can’t live without you

It takes me all the way

I want you to stay


It’s not much of a life you’re living

It’s not just something you take, it’s given

Round and around and around and around we go

Oh now tell me, now tell me, now tell me now you know


Not really sure how to feel about it

Something in the way you move

Makes me feel like I can’t live without you

It takes me all the way

I want you to stay


Oh the reason I hold on

Oh ‘cause I need this hole gone

Funny you’re the broken one but I’m the only one who needed saving

‘Cause when you never see the light, it’s hard to know which one of us is caving


Not really sure how to feel about it

Something in the way you move

Makes me feel like I can’t live without you

It takes me all the way

I want you to stay, stay

I want you to stay, oh


“Fucking hell she’s good.  There’s no way I’m following that!” Mickey said as she watched Allie step off the stage and walk back towards them

“She plays in a band sometimes.  I should have warned you, but the look on your face was priceless” Bea replied, laughing at her

“Says the one that was practically drooling” Oscar said as Allie sat down beside her girlfriend

“What did I miss” she asked, both Oscar and Mickey were laughing when she arrived at the table, while her girlfriend was scowling at her cousin

“Our little bumble here was drooling”

“Hey, leave her alone” Allie said, swatting her hand at Oscar before turning to face the redhead

“Ignore him baby.  You know how much I love it when you watch me, especially when you’re screaming my name” she added, embarrassing the older woman a little bit more, much to the amusement of Mickey and Oscar

“I like her, she can stay” Oscar said, laughing as his cousins cheeks coloured up again


They had spent the last hour on the dancefloor, and the blonde was wound up like a coiled spring.  It was her own fault for embarrassing her girlfriend earlier on in the evening.  Bea had taken great pleasure in dancing extremely close, her fingers ghosting lightly all over Allie’s body as her head rested on her shoulder.  The older woman’s hot breath on her neck had been the final straw.  Grabbing Bea’s hand, she had dragged her off the dancefloor and into the bathroom.  Closing the stall door behind them, she pushed her up against the wall, her lips kissing and biting at the redhead’s neck as her hands wandered under her shirt, caressing her breasts over her bra.

Throwing her head back against the wall, Bea gave the younger woman better access to her neck as her fingers trailed over Allie’s hips, before grabbing her arse and pulling her in close.

“We need to go, now.  I don’t want to fuck you here, but if we keep this up I won’t be able to control myself” Bea said, her voice lower than usual.

Grabbing at the back of the redhead’s neck, Allie crashed their lips together, biting down on the older woman’s bottom lip before sucking on it, taking the sting away

“I love it when you talk like that, it’s fucking hot, and it makes me so wet.  Take me to bed baby, please.  I need you inside me” the blonde said, kissing her girlfriend once more before unlocking the door and leading them back out of the bathroom and into the bar.

Ten minutes later they had said goodnight to Oscar and Mickey, the pair promising to fly over to Australia for a visit soon.  Once they were outside they jumped in a taxi and headed for the hotel.  They had both thoroughly enjoyed their night, Allie loving how accepting the majority of Bea’s family had been towards her, but right now all she wanted to do was get back to their room and show her girlfriend just how much she loved her, over and over again.