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Fire Meet Gasoline

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The taxi dropped them off just after seven thirty.  They had spent almost two hours getting ready, Debbie helping her Mum decide what to wear, claiming it was one of the many perks of having a teenage daughter.  The redhead was nervous about tonight, the day had been difficult enough already, what with Debbie finding out about them, but she now had to tell all her friends, well, all except for Franky and Liz.

Allie had been racing around all day again.  They had everything set up by lunch and she had spent most of the afternoon trying to work out her set list.  She would only be playing for about half an hour, but up until an hour ago it was twenty five minutes too long.  Dylan had dropped his old electric guitar over earlier for her to borrow.  She would be using hers for most of the set, but a couple of songs worked better with that than the acoustic.  She was really nervous, and having Debbie there wasn’t helping.  She had been really great about her relationship with Bea, but she couldn’t help but feel like she was on probation with the young brunette.

Heading over to the bar they grabbed a couple of stools beside Franky and Bridget, Bea excusing herself to go and check on her girlfriend.  After searching the bar for the blonde she headed upstairs, hoping to find her there.  Unlocking the door, she stepped inside, closing it behind her.  Looking across the room she spotted her girlfriend pacing up and down, looking like she could throw up any second.  Walking over to her, Bea took her hands in hers, stroking her right wrist with her thumb.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?”

“I’m shitting myself.  It’s one thing playing a couple of songs with the guys, but on my own.  I don’t think I can do it” the blonde said, her nerves showing as she spoke

“You’re incredibly talented Allie, and I know that you’ll smash it out of the park, but if you’re not comfortable then don’t play”

“I can’t let Boomer down it wouldn’t be fair, especially on her birthday.  I should have never played the other night, wouldn’t be in this mess now”

“If you really don’t want to do it Boomer will understand, but I’m glad you played the other night.  I love hearing you sing, and those fingers of yours, we both know how much I love what they can do” Bea said, playing with her girlfriend’s fingers as she leaned forward and kissed her, the blonde relaxing into her touch.

Wrapping her arms around her, she pulled the younger woman in, holding her tight.  Her hand stroking her back, calming the blonde instantly.  Allie loved how even the smallest of touches from her girlfriend would make her feel so relaxed.  She loved being wrapped up in Bea’s strong arms, and wished she could just stay there forever.  She hadn’t realised she’d said the last bit out loud until the older woman spoke

“Me too, although going to the bathroom may be a little difficult” the redhead said, smiling at the younger woman.  “You didn’t mean to say that out loud did you?” she added, laughing as her girlfriend blushed

“No I didn’t, I meant it though.  I feel so safe when you hold me like this, promise me you won’t let go” Allie said, sounding so vulnerable it almost made the older woman cry

“I promise Alliecat.  I won’t let go, ever.  I love you”

“Good, because I love you too.  I should go downstairs, get everything ready”

“You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with ok”

“No, I need to put my big girl pants on and suck it up.  Will you stay where I can see you, it will make me feel better?”

“Of course I will, I’ll do anything for you” the redhead said, kissing Allie before stepping back and following her down the stairs and into the bar.



Allie went straight over to the guys from the band, while Bea headed back to her daughter, grabbing the beer that Liz had placed on the bar for her.  They chatted for a while, Boomer filling them in on her date the previous evening.  Bea could feel Franky’s eyes on her, and knew what was coming, but was trying not to engage with her friend, especially with her daughter sitting beside her.  She had survived around fifteen minutes when it came, Debbie was chatting to Shayne over the bar about some obscure band they both liked, and the tattooed brunette saw her opportunity, and took it.

“So Red, do anything interesting last night?” she said, a smug grin on her face

“Not really, stayed in and watched a movie”

“Right.  Was that before or after you got caught rooting your girl?” Franky asked, leaning in so no one else could hear her

“Fuck off Franky, don’t give me shit.  And to answer your question I have no idea what time Deb came home, so it could have been either” the redhead said, figuring she may as well play along with her friend, she was going to rip it out of her either way

“Look on the bright side Red, it saved you from an awkward conversation”

“And finding out your daughter heard you doesn’t make for an awkward conversation?”

“Good point.  So, who’s the loudest?”

“Fuck sake.  I am not having this conversation” Bea said, shaking her head at her friend, but unable to be mad at her

“What conversation?” Allie asked as she approached them

“I was just asking which one of you is the loudest, my money’s on Red” Franky said

“Definitely me.  She does this thing with her fingers while her…” the blonde said, her girlfriend’s hand clasping over her mouth, stopping her from saying any more.

“Makes me scream…” Allie added once she’d wriggled free, Franky letting out a loud laugh while her girlfriend scowled at her.  Squeezing the redhead’s hand, she headed off towards the stage, the guys were about to start their first set and she had a couple of things to sort before she went on.



The band had just finished playing.  Introducing Allie, they hopped off the stage to a round of applause.  Taking a deep breath, she grabbed the guitars and backing track, before stepping up onto the stage.  Plugging both guitars into their associated amps, she grabbed the electric one and turned to face the front of the stage.  Scanning the room she felt her nerves ease as her eyes locked with deep brown ones, smiling at her girlfriend she began to play along with the backing track.

Bea couldn’t take her eyes off her girlfriend.  The lights from behind the stage shinning down on her, highlighting the blonde in her hair, and she looked every bit the goddess that she was.  Allie was dressed in skin tight black jeans, a snug white t shirt with a very low neck line and a leather jacket that looked very much like one of Bea’s, taking a closer look she spotted that it was hers, the sneaky minx had swiped it when she wasn’t looking.

She watched on as one of the girls that had come along with the band undressed Allie with her eyes.  It took every ounce of self-control not to walk over there and bash her.  Clenching her jaw she turned back to the stage, and her girlfriend, visibly relaxing when the blonde smiled at her like she was the only one in the room.

Standing off to one side with Franky and Bridget, Debbie watched the exchange between her Mum and Allie.  It was blatantly obvious just watching them that they were head over heels for each other, and the tattooed brunette had been right, they were adorable.  She had never seen this side of her Mum before, but then again she had never seen her truly happy until now either.

Allie was half way through her next song, a cover of ‘Don’t Cry’ by Guns N’ Roses, when the redhead felt the temperature in the room increase.  Her girlfriend was in the middle of a guitar solo, and she couldn’t take her eyes off her hands.  The speed in which her fingers moved up and down the neck of the guitar was driving her wild, and her mind had gone straight to the gutter, imagining those magical fingers playing her the way they were doing the strings.  Biting down on her bottom lip to stop the moan that was threatening to escape, she closed her eyes briefly before taking a deep breath, trying to calm her racing heart.  Opening her eyes she looked to the stage again.  Of course Allie had been watching her the whole time, smirking as their eyes met, she threw her a suggestive wink before looking away.

After playing another song she switched guitars, the remainder of her set better suiting her acoustic.  The mini gig had gone well so far, and she was pleased that she had gone through with it.  She knew how much Boomer was looking forward to her playing and didn’t want to let her down.  Thanking everyone for having her she let them know that this was her final song.  Starting the backing track she turned to face the room, spotting her girlfriend, she winked at her, the redhead smiling back at her in encouragement as she stared to sing.


My mind is a warrior,

My heart is a foreigner,

My eyes are the colour of red like the sunset,

I’ll never keep it bottled up,

Left to the hands of the coroner,

Be a true heart not a follower,

We’re not done yet now,

I see it in your movements tonight,

If we can ever do this right,

I’m never going to let you down,

Oh I’ll never let you down,

Now keep it on the down low,

And I’ll keep you around so I’ll know,

I’ll never let you down


Locking eyes with her girlfriend, Allie sang the words straight to her.


You’re strumming on my heart strings

Like you were a grade eight but I never felt this way,

I’ll pick your feet up off of the ground

And never ever let you down,

You’re strumming on my heart strings

Like you were a grade eight but I never felt this way,

I’ll pick your feet up off of the ground

And never ever let you down,


My eyes are a river filler,

This drink is a liver killer,

My chest is a pillow for your weary head to lay to rest again,

Your body is my ballpoint pen


And your mind is my new best friend,

Your eyes are my mirror to take me to the edge again,

Now I see it in your movements tonight,

If we should ever do this right,

I’m never going to let you down,

Oh I’ll never let you down,

Now keep it on the down low,

And I’ll keep you around so I’ll know,

That I’ll never let you down,

I’ll never let you down


You’re strumming on my heart strings

Like you were a grade eight but I never felt this way,

I’ll pick your feet up off of the ground

And never ever let you down,

You’re strumming on my heart strings

Like you were a grade eight but I never felt this way,

I’ll pick your feet up off of the ground

And never ever let you down,


Bea couldn’t stop smiling, and having the blonde pretty much serenade her in front of a busy bar was doing other things to her body as well.


Hold my heart to stop me bleeding now, now, now,

And I’ll never let you down

Hold my heart to stop me bleeding now, now, now,

And I’ll never let you down


You’re strumming on my heart strings

Like you were a grade eight but I never felt this way,

I’ll pick your feet up off of the ground

And never ever let you down,

You’re strumming on my heart strings

Like you were a grade eight but I never felt this way,

I’ll pick your feet up off of the ground

And never ever let you down,


Finishing the song she thanked everyone, letting them know that 11:11 would be back for their second set after a short break.  Walking to the back of the stage she placed her guitar down, turning around when she felt a hand on her arm.  Looking up she came face to face with a short blonde woman, her eyes roaming all over Allies body as she leaned in.

Bea was watching from the side.  She had started walking towards the stage when she saw her, the one that had been ogling her girlfriend, stepping up onto the stage, and standing far too close to Allie for her liking.  Stopping, she observed the interaction, pleased when she saw Allie politely give her the brush off.  Unfortunately the woman didn’t appear to be taking the hint, stepping in closer to her girlfriend.  Feeling her anger rise, Bea put her drink down before striding across the room.

Franky had spotted the woman earlier, eyeing Allie up from across the room, and was hoping that Bea wouldn’t see her.  The redhead had a fiery temper when pushed, and someone hitting on her girl would definitely be a push.  Turning her head she spotted the woman up on the stage with Allie, her friend was clearly trying to get rid of her, not that she was having much luck.

“This is going to be fun, Red mists on the war path” she said to Bridget.  Spotting a flash of red off to the side as Bea marched over to the stage.

Jumping up onto the stage she strode over to the women.  Nudging the short blonde out of the way, she grabbed the front if Allie’s shirt, pulling her forward and crashing their lips together.  Burying her hands in red curls, Allie pulled her in closer, deepening the kiss, as her girlfriend wrapped her arms around her waist, both of them oblivious to the whistles and cat calls, mainly coming from Boomer and the guys.

Breaking apart to catch her breath, Bea turned her head, throwing a glare at the woman who was still on the stage, letting her know in no uncertain terms that Allie was hers.

“Did you just claim me?” the blonde asked, grinning at her girlfriend

“I told you a while back, I don’t share”

“Good, because I only want you” Allie replied, pulling the redhead in for another heated kiss.

Stepping back, she picked the electric guitar up, handing it to Bea as she grabbed the other one, taking her girlfriends hand she stepped down off the stage and headed over to the guys.

“That’s one way to end a set Al” Ash said to her as she approached them, her hand clasped around the red haired firefighters from the other day.

“You know me, like to be different.  Guys, I want you to meet Bea, my girlfriend” the blonde replied



They stayed and chatted to the guys for a while, all three of them teasing the blonde about the state she had been in a few days ago when Bea had stopped by on her way back from a shout.

“You should have seen her Bea, I swear she was drooling at one point” Dylan said, laughing at the blonde

“It’s not my fault, it’s that uniform.  I can’t help it” Allie replied, kissing the older woman on the cheek

Fifteen minutes later and the guys were getting ready to go back on the stage.  Pulling her in, Allie kissed her girlfriend before heading out into the main part of the bar, and over to their friends, holding Bea’s hand as she sensed the tension in the older woman.  Approaching the bar, they sat down and ordered a drink, waiting for the barrage of questions that would inevitably be coming their way.  Bea had been so focused on the woman hitting on Allie that she hadn’t thought about everyone else that would see her as she claimed what was hers, completely forgetting that her friends had no idea about their relationship.

Boomer was confused.  Bea was straight, she’d been married for years, granted, he was a fucking arsehole, but he was still a he.  Yet twenty minutes ago she was stood on the stage kissing Allie, and it wasn’t just a friendly kiss, they were full on making out.

“I’m confused Bea.  Why were you kissing Allie?” she asked

“Allie and I, we’re together” Bea said, holding on to the blonde’s hand as she spoke

“Congratulations love, I’m happy for you” Maxine said.  She had her suspicions early on, but Bea had always denied that anything was going on between them

“Together as in fucking?” Boomer asked, still not quite catching on

“Yeah” Debbie said, causing Franky to laugh loudly at the look of horror on Bea’s face

“Together as in she’s my girlfriend” the redhead clarified

“So you’re rooting her then?”

“Yes Booms, we’re fucking.  Happy now” Allie stepped in, sensing that the conversation could go on for some time otherwise, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend as she spoke

“Yeah, cool.  Right, time for birthday shots” Boomer said, turning towards the bar, their previous conversation a distant memory to her

“I didn’t know you spoke Boomer” the redhead said, as Allie kissed her cheek

“It’s one of my many skills, some of which I still need to show you” the younger woman replied, turning her girlfriend around and bringing their lips together, Bea’s hands running through Allie’s hair as she deepened the kiss.

“Guys, I’m right here you know” Debbie said jokingly

“Sorry Deb” Bea replied, a big smile on her face

“Yeah, you don’t look it” the younger Smith said, smiling at the pair as the band started to play again.



They all wandered over to the stage area, Allie standing behind the redhead, wrapping her arms around her waist as she rested her chin on her girlfriend’s shoulder.  She loved that they didn’t have to hide anymore, it had been really difficult lately, especially since Bea’s confidence had grown, not to kiss her when they were out together.  She’ never had this before, the overwhelming urge to touch someone, even if it was just to hold her hand, but Bea was like a magnet, pulling her in.  Boomer and Franky had been on the shots and were now dancing in front of the stage.  As a few others joined in, Allie leaned forward, pacing a soft kiss on Bea’s neck before speaking

“Dance with me” she whispered, running her tongue over the edge of her girlfriend’s ear

Turning around, she grabbed the redhead’s hand, leading her closer to the stage.  Standing behind the older woman again she pulled her back into her as she began to move to the music, Allie’s front grinding against Bea’s arse as she wrapped her arms around her waist, holding her close.

Allie’s body pressing against her own was driving her wild, and to make matters worse the blonde would be staying at the flat tonight.  Bea had told her that it wasn’t necessary but she wanted to give her sometime alone with Debbie, and she loved her all the more for it.  It still felt strange to her, having someone who put her first, but she was learning quickly that to Allie, she would always come first.  Of course none of that was helping her at the minute.  She needed the younger woman so much it was a physical pain, she had never ached for someone’s touch before.

Spinning around, she crashed their lips together, biting down on the blonde’s bottom lip, causing her to moan loudly, luckily the music drowned it out.  Grabbing hold of her hand she dragged Allie out of the bar and upstairs to the flat, pushing her up against the now closed door, her lips kissing along her neck as her hands slipped under the younger woman’s shirt, grabbing her right breast.

“Fuck…” Allie moaned, spinning them around so the older woman was now pinned against the door. 

Making short work of the redhead’s belt and zipper, she trailed her hand down into her underwear, slipping two fingers inside her girlfriend.  Pulling out she added a third, thrusting back into her as she set a steady rhythm, Bea moved her hips in time with the blonde’s fingers, increasing the pressure against her clit, the younger woman increasing the pace as Bea’s movements became more frantic.  It wasn’t long before the redhead came hard, coating her girlfriend’s fingers.  Pulling out, Allie licked them clean, loving the taste of the redhead on her tongue.   Spinning them around, Bea pushed her girlfriend back against the door, returning the favour.



Half an hour later they headed back down the stairs, joining their friends in the bar.  Franky and Boomer were still dancing but they decided to give it a miss, choosing to watch the band play instead.  It was going to be a long night without her girlfriend beside her, and Allie really didn’t want to get herself all worked up again.  Maxine had been quick to tease Bea about their absence, the redhead starting to come up with an excuse before stopping herself, cuddling into Allie she smiled at her friend, not even bothering to hide it.

The party had wrapped up and they stayed behind, helping Liz, Doreen and Shayne clear up.  Boomer and Franky were still doing shots, the tattooed brunette always came off worse, not that she ever learnt her lesson.  Maxine had offered to share a taxi with them so she could help Bridget get her drunken girlfriend home.  Once everything was sorted Bea and Debbie said their goodbyes, pulling Allie into her, Bea captured her lips in a long, passionate kiss that left them both wanting more.

Pulling back when she needed to breathe, she rested her forehead against the younger woman’s

“I love you beautiful girl” she said, her fingers trailing over Allie’s cheek as their eyes locked

“I love you too baby, and I’m going to miss you tonight”

“Me too.  I’ll see you tomorrow though?” the redhead asked, suddenly feeling nervous, not wanting to come across as needy

“Try and stop me.  Goodnight Bea” the blonde replied, kissing the older woman gently before turning and walking away

“Night Alliecat” Bea called after her, her eyes fixed firmly on her girlfriend’s jean clad arse



The following day Bea called her girlfriend, inviting her around for lunch, the blonde adamant that she didn’t want to intrude on her time with Debbie, the younger Smith eventually taking the phone from her Mum, telling Allie to get her arse over there.  She was keen to spend some time with her Mum and her girlfriend, wanting to make sure the redhead was in good hands before she went back to campus later that day.  She had a lecture early the next morning otherwise she would have stayed another night.

Allie had arrived early, bringing dessert and wine with her, along with a packet of treats for Cormack.  Debbie had insisted on cooking, sending her Mum and Allie into the lounge out of the way while she got everything ready.  An hour later she wandered through into the other room, pausing to take in the sight before her.  The blonde was sitting on the sofa, her Mum cuddled into her side, and the cat asleep in her lap, Allie’s fingers running through Bea’s red curls.  She stood and watched them for a while, it was obvious just by looking at them how much they cared for each other, and Debbie was glad her Mum was happy for possibly the first time ever.

She hated disturbing them, but lunch was cooked, wandering further into the room she called out to them, letting them know the food was ready.  Standing up, Bea pulled her girlfriend to her feet, forcing Cormack to move, much to his annoyance.  Pulling her in for a quick kiss she took her hand, leading her through into the dining room as Debbie served lunch.

The food was excellent, Bea had clearly passed her cooking skills on to her daughter.  They chatted over lunch, all getting on well.  The redhead was thankful that Debbie was making an effort to include Allie in their conversation, the last thing she wanted was for her girlfriend to feel like she was on the outside.  Allie, in return had shown an interest in her daughters studies, finding a common ground in their love for anything arts related, and the antics of some of the young brunettes fellow students highly entertaining.

Once they had finished eating the blonde dismissed her girlfriend and Debbie, saying it was only right that she did the dishes, the young brunette commenting that Allie was a keeper.  Bea caught the smile that spread across her girlfriend’s face at Debbie’s words.  Heading through into the lounge they sat on the sofa, Cormack jumping up and snuggling in between them.

“So, does she pass the test then?” Bea asked, turning to face her daughter

“With flying colours.  She’s funny, makes a mean cocktail and plays the guitar like a pro, what’s not to like” Debbie joked

“She is pretty incredible”

“Then there’s the small matter of how much she clearly loves you.  I’m glad you found your person.  I worried about you being on your own after I left.  Even when I was being an insufferable little shit, I still worried.  But now I don’t have to, I can see how happy she makes you, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile as much as you have the past two days” the young brunette replied

“I can’t help it.  I didn’t think it was possible to feel like this, especially after everything with your Dad, I didn’t think I’d ever be happy but she changed all that.  I love her so much Debbie” the redhead said, smiling again as she thought of her girlfriend.

Fifteen minutes later Allie came through into the lounge, sitting down on the other sofa.  Cormack jumped up from his position between the two Smith women, before crossing the room and leaping onto the other sofa, curling up in the blonde’s lap again

“Traitor” Bea mumbled, causing her daughter and girlfriend to laugh

“He can’t help having good taste, can you buddy” Allie said, stroking the ball of fur in her lap

“You’re so full of it Novak”

“You love it Smith, and don’t pretend you don’t, we both know that’s a lie” the blonde replied, winking at her girlfriend



They chatted for another hour, before Debbie stood up, saying she needed to get going if she was going to make it in time for the train.  Bea offered to drive her to the station, wanting to spend as much time with her as she could before she left again.  Her daughter had gone upstairs to grab her bag when Allie stood up, ready to leave, the older woman stopping her in her tracks.  They had just spent one night apart, and she had no intention of making it two

“And where do you think you’re going Alliecat?”

“Back to the flat, I bet you’re sick of the sight of me by now”

“Don’t even think about it.  When I get back from dropping Debbie off I expect to find you here waiting for me.  I have plans for you”

“What if I’ve already made plans of my own?” Allie said, a look of mischief flashing across her ocean blue eyes

“Then you’d better cancel.  Mine will be much more fun, trust me”

“I don’t know, I think I’m going to need a bit more encouragement than that” the blonde said, smirking at her girlfriend

“I want to make love to you all night long” Bea whispered into her girlfriend’s ear, her raspy tones sending a jolt of electricity through the blonde’s body, making her shiver

“Well in that case, I’m not planning on going anywhere” Allie replied, pulling her into a kiss that left them both aching for more.

“I leave the room for five minutes and you’re at it again” Debbie said, laughing as they sprang apart

“Sorry” they said at the same time, both of them giggling at being caught, yet again.

Once Debbie was ready to leave Bea grabbed her bag, taking it out to the car, leaving her daughter alone with Allie.

“Promise me you’ll take care of her” the young brunette said

“I promise” she replied as Debbie pulled her into a hug before turning and walking out of the door, leaving Allie alone with her thoughts.



She was relieved that things had gone well with Debbie, and now that everything was out in the open they could be a proper couple.  As much fun as it was, sneaking around, she longed to be able to hold her girlfriend’s hand when they were out in public, or around their friends.  Bea had handled the whole coming out thing better than she had expected, and in some twisted way she had the woman that tried hitting on her to thank.  The redhead had been so concerned with letting her know that she was hers, she had forgotten they had an audience, saving her from actually having to tell them.  Of course the penny hadn’t dropped with Boomer, Bea having a little bit of explaining to do, along with a little teasing, but she had taken it all in her stride.

She couldn’t believe how far her girlfriend had come in just a few months.  Although she had meant it when she had told Bea she would take whatever she was willing to give, no matter how little, the minute she had felt the redhead’s lips on hers she knew she was hooked.  And if that had turned out to be all the older woman could offer, she would have taken it, as long as she got to spend time with her.  But after Bea had kissed her outside the restaurant that day she knew she wanted it all, the older woman completely taking over her thoughts and her senses, and she needed her like she needed air.