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Fire Meet Gasoline

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As the guys started to play, Allie hung back.  They had discussed her helping them out with one song that morning, but it had now turned into two, the first one in this slot, and the other one in the second.  They were four songs in when she headed off to grab another round of drinks, Bea’s eyes locking with hers as she approached the bar.  Walking over to stand beside her girlfriend, she placed her order with Shayne, her fingers running along the redhead’s thigh as she leaned in.

“I saw you setting your guitar up, are you playing?” Bea asked

“You’ll just have to wait and see” the blonde replied before leaning in closer, “Oh and for future reference, upstairs, earlier, I liked it when you got all demanding…so hot” she added, winking at the redhead, before walking away, drinks in hand.

They had just finishing the penultimate song of the first set when Allie jumped up on the stage, grabbing her guitar.

“We needed a little help on this one, Ash here was having a little trouble with some of the pronunciation so Allie offered to save his sorry arse” Dylan said into the mic, as Allie turned to face the crowd, her eyes locking with Bea’s, her girlfriend offering her an encouraging smile.

Dylan started to play the opening chords, Allie’s guitar joining in with his as she stepped up to the front of the stage and started to sing, Ash joining in when it came to the chorus, before stepping back, letting the blonde continue.


I will die before Methusalah

So I’ll fight sleep with Ammonia

And every morning with eyes all red

I’ll miss then for all the tears they shed



But I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we’re tilted

I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we

I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we’re tilted

I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we’re tilted


I miss prosthesis and mended souls

Trample over beauty while singing their thoughts

I match them with my euphoria

When they said "Je suis plus folle que toi"



But I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we’re tilted

I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we

I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we’re tilted

I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we’re tilted


Nous et la man on est sortie

Pire qu’une simple moiti é

On compte à demi-demi

Pile sur un des bas côtés

Comme des origamis

Le bras tendu paraît cassé

Tout n’est qu'épis et éclis


Ces enfants bizarres

Crachés dehors comme par hasard

Cachant l'effort dans le griffoir

Et une creepy song en étendard

Qui fait


Bea was mesmerised, Allie looked so comfortable up there, and she was incredibly good.  The redhead had no idea she could speak French, but oh my god, it sounded so hot.


I’m doing my face

With magic marker

I’m in my right place

Don’t be a downer


I’m doing my face

With magic marker

I’m in my right place

Don’t be a downer




But I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we’re tilted

I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we

I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we’re tilted

I’m actually good

Can’t help it if we’re tilted


Stepping off stage to a room full of applause, Allie walked over to the bar, the guys following her over.  Spotting them heading his way, Shayne lined four beers up on the bar in front of them, chatting to the guys as they took a drink.  Grabbing her bottle, Allie headed over to the end of the bar where Bea, and her friends were sitting.  Coming to a stop beside her girlfriend, she held her hand, out of view of the others.

“So you are playing, I knew it, you were amazing baby.  I didn’t know you could speak French, it was incredibly hot” Bea said, leaning in close so no one could overhear, rubbing her thumb over the blonde’s hand

“Why thank you, although I don’t speak French”

“I’m pretty sure you just did”

“They’re just words, I have no idea what I just sang, could have been a shopping list for all I know.  Don’t tell anyone though, especially not the guys” the blonde replied, winking at her girlfriend as she turned and walked over to the rest of the band.

Half an hour later the guys headed back over to the stage, Allie wandering back over to Bea for a while, before she was due back onstage.  She joined them for the last song again, a cover of Use Somebody by the Kings of Leon.  It was nice to be back up there again, singing in front of a busy bar, and in some ways she missed it, but she wouldn’t want to do it on a regular basis.

Boomer jumped on her as soon as she came off stage, begging her to play at her party.  After twenty minutes of relentless nagging she finally gave in, agreeing to play a few songs while the guys were having a break between sets.  Moving the stool in closer, she sat beside her girlfriend, the older woman’s hand finding hers, under the cover of the bar.  It was getting more and more difficult to be together around their friends.  Right now, all Allie wanted to do was wrap her arms around the redhead and hold her tight.  Forty five minutes later Bea jumped down off the stool, said her goodbyes and headed for the door, pausing briefly to hug the blonde

“I’ll be waiting for you in your bed…don’t be long” she whispered in her ear as she pulled back from the hug, before turning and leaving the bar.  Walking around the side of the building she unlocked the side door, climbed the stairs and let herself into the flat, hoping her girlfriend would join her soon.

It was half an hour before Allie managed to escape.  Franky had deliberately kept her chatting, knowing full well that Bea hadn’t gone home.  Eventually Bridget had taken pity on her and whispered something into the tattooed brunettes ear, they had left pretty quickly after that.  Saying goodnight to Shayne and Boomer she rushed up the stairs, bursting through the door to the flat.  The place was in darkness, thinking that her girlfriend must be asleep she crept across the room, jumping when the bedside light flicked on.  Looking over towards the bed she spotted the redhead laying there, covers pulled back, completely naked.  Removing her clothes as she crossed the room, she climbed in beside her lover, the older woman pulling the duvet over them as Allie’s lips found hers.



Teal watch were on nights Thursday, and Allie was working at the bar.  She had arranged to take Friday night off, Debbie was due home on Saturday and she wanted to spend as much time with her girlfriend as possible before her daughter arrived.  She would only be sitting around missing the older woman anyway so she may as well keep herself busy and work.  Thursdays were usually quite busy so it wasn’t a bad shift to take.

The following day Allie headed over to her girlfriend’s house, picking up some lunch on the way.  It had been a surprisingly quiet shift for the firefighters, and Bea had managed to get some sleep at the station, texting the blonde as she was leaving work and asking her if she wanted to come over earlier than they had originally arranged.  The younger woman had jumped at the chance to spend more time with her, she was still worried that everything would change once Debbie found out about their relationship, and wanted to savour every minute they had together.

Allie had been a little quiet over lunch, and the older woman was worried about her.  She knew what was on her mind, and if she was being honest, she was a little apprehensive about coming out to her daughter.  Given her girlfriend’s issues with her own family, there was no wonder she was concerned, and Bea knew she had to be strong, and take care of her girl, as she had done for her so many times, both before and after they got  together.

After clearing the dishes they headed into the lounge, Bea pulling her girlfriend into her arms once they were seated on the sofa.

“Everything ok?  You’ve been quiet” the redhead asked, running her fingers through Allie’s soft blonde locks

“Mmm…it is now” Allie hummed, loving the feeling of Bea’s fingers running through her hair

“You know you can talk to me, if something’s bothering you”

“I know, I’m just a bit nervous about tomorrow”

“Me too, everything will be ok though, please don’t worry.  Do you need me to distract you?”

“That’s the best suggestion you’ve had all day” Allie said, turning in her girlfriend’s arm and bringing their lips together

“So…this thing you have for my uniform…” Bea said, her girlfriend’s eyes glazing over as she mentioned it

“Yeah” the younger woman replied, her voice coming out a little lower than usual

“You never did elaborate on why you want me to bring it home”

“I didn’t?”

“No, why don’t you tell me?”

“It would be better if I showed you…” the blonde said, her hand slipping under her girlfriend’s shirt as she kissed her way along her jaw

Things became heated quickly, Bea’s lips kissing their way down her girlfriend’s neck, her hands grabbing at the blonde’s arse as she flipped them over.  Misjudging the depth of the sofa she lost her balance, sending them both crashing to the floor, the younger woman landing on top of her, both of them giggling like a couple of teenagers.

Standing up, Allie held her hand out to her girlfriend, pulling her up off the floor and into her arms, the older woman’s lips continuing their assault on her neck, as her fingers tugged at the blonde’s belt

“Too…many…clothes…” Bea said between kisses, her girlfriend taking her hand and leading her down the hallway, both women discarding their clothes as they went.

Turning around, Bea pushed her girlfriend up against the wall, knocking one of her vases over in the process.  Tugging at the blonde’s bra she took her right nipple into her mouth, rolling her tongue over the hardened bud, the younger woman’s moans echoing in the otherwise quiet house.  Grabbing the older woman’s hand again, Allie pulled her up the stairs and into her room.

By the time they reached the redhead’s bedroom they were both down to their underwear, the older woman pouncing on her girlfriend as she turned to face her, stripping her of her remaining clothes before removing her own.  Stepping forward slightly she picked her lover up, the blonde’s legs wrapping around her waist as she kissed her hard.  Carrying her across the room she laid her down before crawling up her body leaving a trail of hot, wet kisses as she went.



Debbie’s afternoon lecture had been cancelled, their tutor had been taken ill and they couldn’t get anyone to cover at short notice.  Her friends had decided to grab something to eat straight after their morning lecture instead as two others besides Debbie were planning on heading home for the weekend.  Lunch wrapped up around two thirty, and they all went their separate ways, Debbie deciding to head home early.  It would be an early start for her if she left in the morning, well early for her anyway, and she hadn’t been looking forward to that, plus this way she could spend more time with her Mum.

Walking back to her dorm she packed a few things before heading to the station, if she made it in time for the next train she should be back home around four.  She knew her Mum had been on nights the previous evening, and would probably be asleep so didn’t want to call and disturb her, deciding to surprise her instead.  Jumping off the train, she grabbed a cab.  It was only a short journey, and she could have taken the tram but the heavens had just opened, and she wasn’t a fan of the drowned rat look.

It was just after four when the taxi pulled up outside the house, paying the driver she grabbed her bag and walked down the drive.  Unlocking the door she wandered through into the kitchen to get herself a drink, tripping over a pair of shoes as she crossed the room.  The house was quiet so her Mum must still be asleep.  Moving the shoes out of the way she headed for the fridge, grabbing a bottle of water before checking the contents, thinking that she could cook dinner for both of them.

After planning what she was going to cook she headed through into the lounge, surprised to see a shirt thrown over the edge of the sofa.  Her Mum was usually so tidy, and had given her a lecture about leaving things lying around on more than one occasion.  Grabbing her bag she made her way towards the stairs, spotting another shirt and a pair of jeans in the hallway, along with a dislodged picture and a broken vase.  What the hell was going on, it looked like they’d been burgled.

Placing her bag down, and moving slowly so she didn’t make a sound, Debbie headed for her bedroom.  She was half way up the stairs when she heard what sounded like a strangled cry coming from her Mums room, stopping her in her track.  Everything went quiet again, but a few seconds later, as she continued up the stairs, she heard it again, only this time she could make out voices, and one sounded like he Mum.  She had just taken another step when she heard it

“Fuck…oh god…Allie…please…” she heard her Mum moan loudly

“Please what baby?  Tell me what you want…” the other person, who she now knew was Allie replied.

Turning around she ran down the stairs as quietly as she could, grabbed her bag and left the house, hoping somehow that she would be able to erase what she had just heard from her brain.



It had been about half an hour since Allie had her fourth orgasm of the afternoon, her girlfriend really was insatiable today, not that she was complaining.  She was so exhausted she had fallen asleep briefly, waking a few minutes ago to the feeling of the redhead’s fingers drawing light patterns across her exposed stomach.

“Hey there beautiful girl” Bea said, kissing her girlfriend’s soft lips gently, feeling her lover smile into the kiss

“Hi” Allie replied, tears filling her eyes.  No one had ever touched her like Bea, or made love to her the way the older woman had, and she had never felt so wanted, or loved in her life.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?”

“Nothing’s wrong, I’m just so happy.  I love being here with you, and I’ve never felt this way about anyone before”

“Neither have I, I didn’t even know it was possible to feel this way.  Allie I…I love you” Bea said, her fingers stroking the younger woman’s cheek, wiping her tears away.

“You do?”

“Yeah I do.  I’m so in love with you, and it scares and excites me all at the same time”

“I love you too, so much.  Please don’t be scared baby, I’ll never hurt you, I promise” the younger woman said, flipping them over so she was straddling her girlfriend

“I know baby” the older woman replied, taking Allie’s bottom lip between her teeth briefly before crashing their lips together, pulling the blonde down on top of her.

Allie’s leg had fallen between her girlfriend’s, raising her thigh slightly she brought it into contact with the redhead’s centre, gasping at the wetness she felt there.

“You’re so wet baby”

“It’s your fault for being so fucking sexy.  I need you, need to feel you all over me”

“Like this?” the younger woman replied, taking her lover’s left nipple in her mouth, as her right hand roamed all over her body, her thigh pressed firmly against the older woman’s slick core

“Fuck…oh god…Allie…please…” the redhead moaned, grinding down on the blonde’s thigh

“Please what baby?  Tell me what you want…” Allie replied as she kissed her way down her lover’s body

“Fuck me…please…” Bea gasped as she felt her girlfriend’s fingers enter her



Debbie had been walking for around twenty minutes when she arrived at the bar, hoping Boomer would let her stay the night at hers, she really couldn’t face her Mum just yet.  She couldn’t believe she had caught her doing that…with Allie.  She had no idea her Mum was even into women, and although her and the blonde had seemed close the last time she was home, she hadn’t realised they were that close.  She was just glad she hadn’t arrived home any earlier, judging by the trail of clothes through the house, whatever they were doing had clearly started downstairs.  It was one thing hearing them, but seeing it would have been so much worse.

Entering the bar she spotted Franky sitting on one of the stools, beer in hand, chatting to a guy who looked around her own age.  Wandering over she took a seat next to the tattooed brunette, her Mum’s friend turning towards her as she sat down.

“Hey little Red, what brings you here?” Franky asked

“I was looking for Boomer, needed to speak to her about something”

“She’s on a date, some guy called Daz, sound’s a right prick if you ask me.  Anything I can help with?”

“No it’s ok, thanks though” Debbie replied, as she went to stand

“Stay, have a beer with me.  I haven’t seen you in ages, I want all the uni gossip” Franky said before turning to the guy behind the bar “Shayne, grab us a couple of beers will you”

Placing the bottles down on the bar he smiled at Debbie, before taking the money from Franky

“Debbie, this is Shayne, a friend of mine.  Shayne, this is Debbie, Reds daughter”

“Hi” the young brunette said, smiling at the bartender

“Hey, I haven’t seen you round here before, not that I’ve been here long myself” Shayne replied, stumbling over his words.  Bea’s daughter was really cute.

An hour and a half, and three beers later Franky quizzed the younger Smith again, it was obvious that something was on her mind.

“Come on Deb, I can see something’s bothering you, you can talk to Auntie Franky” she said, leading them over to a table in the corner, away from everyone else.

“I wasn’t meant to be coming home until tomorrow but my lecture got cancelled so I thought I’d come back early and surprise Mum” Debbie said

“Ok, so what are you doing here, shouldn’t you be at home?”

“I’ve already been”

“You haven’t had another fight have you?  I thought you’d sorted everything out last time you were back” Franky asked, hoping that Harry hadn’t been stirring shit up again, Bea really didn’t need that

“We did, and no, we haven’t had a fight.  I haven’t even spoken to her yet”

“So what’s the problem?”

“I went straight home from the train station.  I knew she’d been on nights so I let myself in, grabbed a drink and pottered around for a bit.  When I went through into the lounge some of her clothes were on the sofa.  I thought it was a bit odd, you know how much of a neat freak she is.  Anyway, I went through into the hallway and there were more clothes on the floor, and one of her vases was broken.  I thought we’d been robbed so I crept up the stairs, and that’s when I heard it” the young brunette said, her eyes fixed on the table

“Heard what?”

“Mum.  She was…err…with Allie…in her bedroom”

“I’m guessing they weren’t sleeping” Franky said, trying not to laugh

“No, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at either of them again after hearing that” the young brunette said, pulling a face at the thought as she turned to face her Mum’s friend.

“It’s not funny Franky” she added, seeing the older woman trying not to laugh

“No, I know, I’m sorry.  It’s just…” the tattooed brunette said, unable to contain her laughter any longer

“I’m guessing you knew about this.  Wait, how long has this been going on.  Are they together, or was it just a…” Debbie said, unable to finish her sentence

“No, they’re together.  As for how long, that’s something you need to speak to your Mum about.  They didn’t tell me if that’s any consolation, I caught Red with her tongue down blondie’s throat one night when I went out the back”

“Eww, Franky, that’s my Mum you’re talking about”

“Sorry kiddo.  It’s just that I’ve never seen her so happy before, Allie’s good for her.  Wait until you see them together, they’re so fucking adorable”

They chatted for a while longer, Franky offering Debbie her spare room for the night, after the young brunette confessed that she had come over to see if she could stay with Boomer.  Debbie was telling the older woman about a party she’d been to the previous weekend when Shayne came over, placing a couple of beers on the table in front of them, smiling at Debbie as he grabbed the empties and headed back towards the bar.

“Looks like you’ve got yourself an admirer there kiddo” Franky teased

“He’s quite cute, I suppose” Debbie replied, blushing slightly

A while later, they headed back to Franky’s, ordering a takeaway and having a movie marathon.  It had been ages since the older brunette had a girl’s night, and it had been great to catch up with Debbie, even if it had been under unusual circumstances.  She couldn’t wait to see Red the following day, she was going to have a field day with this one.

They had made it back downstairs later that evening, Bea clearing up the mess they had made while they waited for the takeaway to arrive.  The redhead had offered to cook but Allie suggested they ordered in instead, planning on dragging her girlfriend back to bed as soon as they had eaten.  There was a good chance that things would turn to rat shit tomorrow, and she wasn’t sure when she would get to see the older woman again if that was the case.  She wanted to spend as much time with her as possible beforehand, memorise every inch of her beautiful body.



The next morning Franky dropped Debbie off at home before heading over to Bridget’s place, telling her to call if she needed anything.  They had chatted briefly over breakfast about Bea and Allie’s relationship, the young brunette seemed to take some comfort in knowing that the blonde made her Mum happy, she just hoped everything would be ok.

Taking a deep breath, Debbie unlocked the door, calling out to her Mum as she walked through into the house.  A few seconds later Bea came rushing through into the kitchen, wrapping her arms around her daughter.

“Hey Deb, I missed you so much” the redhead said

“I missed you too Mum.  How are you?”

“I’m good, great actually.  How’s uni, you still enjoying it?”

They chatted for a while, Debbie filling her in on what she’d been up to at university, although she couldn’t quite look her in the eye.  Her Mum looked nervous, and she was starting to wonder if Franky had tipped her off about the previous day when she spoke.

“I need to talk to you about something…” her Mum said, nerves evident in her voice



They had overlaid again, not they needed to be up that early, having been up until the early hours, the older woman determined to distract her lover as much as possible, in the hope that she would be able to get some sleep.  Bea knew that her girlfriend was worried about her daughter’s reaction, and that it would put a strain on their relationship if Debbie had an issue with it, and she also knew that she was more afraid than she was letting on.

It had surprised her when she had seen the first glimpse of it, how insecure the blonde really was.  You would never tell looking at her, or by the way she acted around everyone.  She always came across as confident and comfortable in her own skin, and in many ways she was, but underneath all her armour, she was just as scared as Bea.  The redhead had spotted it early on, the first night she had let her stay after the fire, and that was part of the reason she was so drawn to her.

Dropping a quick kiss on her forehead, she slid out of bed, heading through into the en-suite to take a shower, deciding to let the younger woman sleep for a while longer.  Debbie was due home around eleven, checking her phone she saw it was just gone nine thirty, so they still had a bit of time.  After finishing in the bathroom she woke Allie up, heading downstairs to put the coffee on while her girlfriend took a quick shower.

She heard the key in the door as she was approaching the kitchen.  “Shit” she mumbled to herself, how the hell was she going to let Allie know not to come downstairs?  Looking up, her eyes locked with Debbie’s.  Knowing she couldn’t turn around and head back upstairs to warn the blonde she stepped forward, pulling her daughter into a hug.

After making them both a coffee they sat at the table chatting, Bea sending her girlfriend a quick text, her phone hidden from Debbie as she did, her heart sinking as she heard Allie’s phone beep from the lounge.  She must have left it there the previous evening after they got distracted again.  After her daughter had filled her in on the recent events of campus life, she took a deep breath.  Time to get it over with Smith, she thought to herself as she started to speak

“I need to talk to you about something…” she said, unable to keep the nerves from her voice

“Is it about Allie?  I know you’re seeing her” Debbie replied, her Mum gasping in shock at her response

“I…err…yeah it is, and I am.  How do you know?”

“My afternoon lecture got cancelled yesterday so I came home instead.  You were…busy…when I got here, so I stayed at Franky’s.  She dropped me off this morning” the young brunette said

“Oh god, I’m so sorry.  You didn’t see anything did you?”

“No, but I heard you, and that was more than enough.  So, is she your girlfriend? And how long has it been going on?”

“Yeah she is.  It’s been almost three months now.  I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.  I wanted to, it’s just taken me a while to figure it all out, and I wanted to be sure first”

“So are you gay now?”

“Honestly, I don’t know.  I’ve never really thought about another woman like that before.  But Allie, there’s just something about her, she’s been so patient and gentle with me.  I think for me it’s more about the individual than the gender, if that makes any sense” Bea replied

“I guess.  Does she know about Dad?”

“She does, I told her and she was fantastic.  It’s not been easy for her, your Dad left me with so many hang-ups, but she took it all in her stride, she helped me through it, and never once got frustrated with me”

“So it’s serious then?”

“I love her Deb.  I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.  Are you ok with all this, I know it’s a lot to process, especially given how you found out.  I’m sorry about that too, I’m so embarrassed” the redhead said, her cheeks colouring again

“It’s ok, I’ll make sure I make a lot of noise next time I come home, and phone ahead, give you a heads up.  It’s a bit of a shock, I’m not going to lie.  Are you happy?”

“I’ve never been happier” Bea said genuinely, a big smile spreading across her face as she thought of her girlfriend, which didn’t go unnoticed by the young brunette.

They chatted for a few more minutes when Bea grabbed their mugs, standing up she crossed the room to get them a refill.  This was not a conversation she could do without more caffeine.  She was heading back over towards the table when she heard Allie’s voice, the blonde walking in seconds later.



Checking the clock, Allie noticed it was approaching ten fifteen.  Debbie would be here soon so she needed to get going.  After searching everywhere for her shirt, she grabbed one of her girlfriends, heading downstairs to speak to the redhead.  Grabbing her phone from the coffee table she headed for the kitchen, the smell of coffee pulling her in that direction.

“Beautiful, have you seen my…” Allie said as she walked into the kitchen, stopping when she saw Debbie sitting at the table, her girlfriend walking over to the table with two mugs in her hands

“Shit…sorry.  I should go, I’ll see you later” she said, her stomach churning at the thought of what was to come

“It’s ok, I know.  You don’t have to leave” Debbie replied

“I…err…ok” Allie said, taking a seat beside her girlfriend, the older woman taking her hand under the table, feeling the nerves radiating off of the blonde

“Can I talk to Allie alone please” the young Smith said to her Mum

“You ok with that?” Bea asked the blonde

“I’m good, honestly” Allie replied, hoping she sounded more confident than she felt

Bea stood up and headed out of the room, squeezing her girlfriend’s shoulder as she passed.  She was worried about the blonde, she had seen the panic on her face the minute she spotted Debbie sitting at the table.  Neither of them were expecting her back so early, and she just hoped she wasn’t grilling her girlfriend too much.




Allie felt like she was going to throw up.  This was it, make or break.  One wrong word and it could all be over.  She loved Bea so much, and the thought of losing her terrified her more than anything.  Taking a deep breath, she lifted her head, her eyes locking with the young brunettes.

“Mum clearly cares about you, and Franky says she’s happy with you, but I need to know how you feel.  I don’t know how much she’s told you about what he did to her, but my dad is a fucking arsehole, and he hurt her, a lot.  I won’t let it happen again” Debbie said, her eyes fixed on the nervous blonde opposite

“She told me everything, and it kills me that she had to go through all that.  If there was any way I could take it all away I would.  I’ve never met anyone like your Mum before, she’s incredible.  I’m sorry, I know this must be difficult for you, and the last thing I want is to come between you”

“Ok, I have a few questions.  How did you meet?” the young brunette asked

“Through work, your Mum rescued me from a fire” the blonde replied, unsure of what Bea had told her, but not wanting to lie either

“Are you gay?”

“Yeah, I’ve known since I was about nine”

“How old are you?” Debbie asked

“I’m 28”

“Do you love her?”

“I do, so much.  I’ve never felt like this about anyone before, she’s my world” Allie replied, smiling at the thought of the redhead

“Hurt her and you’ll have me to deal with, and I’m a lot tougher than I look” Debbie said, fixing Allie with a steely look, the blonde thinking how much she looked like her Mum when she did that

“I would never hurt her, I promise you” Allie replied, the young brunette nodding at her, a small smile on her face.

Taking a sip of her coffee she watched the blonde opposite.  She seemed genuine, and the way her eyes lit up when she spoke about her Mum, there was no way she could fake that.  Her mind was racing at a hundred miles an hour, she hadn’t been expecting any of this when she jumped on the train yesterday afternoon.  But she wanted her Mum to be happy, and if Allie was the one to do that then she wouldn’t stand in their way. 

“Mum, you can stop hiding behind the door now, I’m done with my interrogation” she called out, the redhead creeping out from her hiding place behind the door, blushing at being caught out.

Walking over to the table, she stopped beside her girlfriend, her fingers playing with her hair as she spoke to the blonde

“You ok?”

“Yeah, I’m good” Allie replied.

Watching the exchange, Debbie noticed how her Mum’s eyes shone as she looked at Allie, and how the blonde visibly relaxed under her touch.  Franky was right, they really were cute together.

After having breakfast together Allie excused herself, saying she needed to set up for the party.  Things had been a little awkward, but she liked the blonde, and it was obvious how much she cared for her Mum just by looking at her.  Debbie felt guilty though, she was sure Allie had only left because of her, her Mum reassuring her that wasn’t the case.  Bea told her daughter about the open mic night’s that her girlfriend had been organising, the band that were playing that night, and how Allie had played with them a few days ago.

“She’s playing again tonight, on her own though this time.  Boomer was giving her shit, nagged her until she agreed”

“Is she any good?” the young brunette asked

“She’s fantastic”

“Yeah but you’re a little bit biased.  I guess I’ll find out later.  You really like her don’t you?”

“I do.  I’ve never felt so safe with anyone before, it’s nice” Bea replied, glad that her daughter seemed ok with everything.

They spend the afternoon shopping, Debbie quizzing her Mum about her girlfriend every chance she got.  She’d never seen the redhead like this, so relaxed and carefree, being in love clearly suited her.  Heading back home they went to get ready for the party, Debbie looking forward to seeing Allie play.