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Fire Meet Gasoline

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The following morning Bea headed home early, promising to call Allie as soon as she had spoken to her daughter.  Boomer had text her ten minutes ago, letting her know they were on their way over, she just hoped Debbie was in a better mood than the previous night.  Hearing a key in the door, Bea’s heart rate increased, wiping her clammy hands on her jeans she turned to face the door, her eyes locking with her daughter.

“Sit down Deb, we need to talk” the redhead said, indicating to the empty chairs at the table, the young brunette crossing the room before flopping down in the chair opposite her, her gaze fixed on the table.

“Ok I’ll go first.  You were out of line last night, Liz told me you were rude to Franky as well.  I know things have been hard on you, but you need to talk to me, believe it or not I’m not the enemy here.  Now I haven’t been completely honest with you about what happened between me and your Dad, but I need you to know that I was only trying to protect you”

“Don’t worry about it, he told me everything.  How could you do it though, if you only wanted what was best for me how could you send my Dad to prison when he didn’t do anything wrong?” Debbie said, finally looking at her Mum

“Harry has only got himself to blame for his current situation.  What exactly has he told you?”

“That you went to the police and told them he had been beating you for years.  He said that you had been having an affair with Will Jackson since you started working at Wentworth, and that you did it because you wanted him out of the way.  I don’t understand, why didn’t you just divorce him?  I lost my Dad because of you” Debbie yelled, standing up and heading for the door

“Don’t even think about walking out, you’re going to sit down and listen.  If you want to leave after you’ve heard what I have to say then I won’t stop you” Bea said, her voice raising slightly

“Come on then, let’s have it.  Tell me why you fucked Dad’s life up, as well as mine” the young brunette said, scowling at the redhead as she sat back down

“That’s not what happened, some of this is going to be difficult to hear, no, most of it will be, but trust me, it’s not easy for me to say it either.  When you were two your Dad wanted me to do something that I didn’t want to, so he hit me.  It was only a slap, but he did it.  After that, every time I said or did something he didn’t like, he would hit me.  I could handle it at first, it was just a punch, sometimes a kick as well, but I could hide the bruising, and I was ok.  I don’t know if you remember but when you were nine you went to stay with Liz for a few days”

“I remember, you had gone away together, I wanted to go with you but she wouldn’t let me.  What’s that got to do with anything anyway?” Debbie snapped

“We hadn’t gone away, I was in the hospital.  Your Dad came home drunk and in a bad mood, he beat me and left me for dead.  I managed to call Liz and she came over and took you home with her while the ambulance took me away.  I was pregnant at the time but I lost the baby”

“But I didn’t see you, when Liz came over you weren’t there”

“She stayed with you in your room until the ambulance left, I didn’t want you to see me like that.  After that the beatings got worse, I was lucky in a way, I could blame some of the cuts and bruises on my job, and then it happened again.  That week we spent in the flat above the bar, he had done it again because I was late home.  We were called to a fire half way through our shift, it was a bad one at an old people’s home, and we were late getting back to the station.  I raced home as fast as I could and I’d only just gotten through the door when he attacked me.  If Franky hadn’t have found me when she did I wouldn’t be here now.  I couldn’t take any more, I was scared that one day he would turn on you so a few months later I told him I wanted a divorce.  We fought and he left, the next thing I knew the house was on fire.  I had no idea what was going on, I just had to get you out of there safe.  The following day I went back to the house to try and piece together what had happened when Mr Page from next door called me over.  He showed me the footage from his security camera and that’s when I saw him. Harry had gone into the house with a couple of petrol cans, a few minutes later he came running out as flames engulfed the building.  He started the fire Debbie, he thought you were at Megan’s so it was me he was going after not you, but he did it, he tried to kill me”

“I can’t believe what you’re telling me, Dad’s version of events is so different” the younger smith said, her eyes filling with tears

“I know it’s a lot to take in, and that you’re going to need time to process everything, but I’ll be here when you need me ok” Bea replied, taking her daughter’s hand in hers

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me any of this.  Is that why he’s in prison, because of the fire?”

“Partly.  He was arrested for attempted murder, and when they started looking into our relationship they checked my medical records.  The hospital had notified the police on a couple of occasions, when I was really bad, not that I ever took it any further, my punishment would have been a lot worse if I had.  He had already been arrested so I knew we were safe, when they asked me about it I told them everything.  I can call the police station and see if I can get copies of the reports if that would put your mind at rest?”

“You would do that?” Debbie asked

“Why not, I’ve got nothing to hide, I just told you everything” Bea said, hoping that wouldn’t be necessary.  She really didn’t want to go digging it all up again, but if that’s what she had to do to prove herself to her daughter then so be it.

“No that’s not necessary.  So how does Will Jackson fit into all this?”

“He’s a good friend, more like a big brother actually.  The house we stayed in before moving here, he lent me some money to cover the rent.  I had lost everything in the fire, and when I filed for divorce our joint accounts were frozen.  I needed ID to get access to my personal account, but needed money to get replacement documents.  Liz helped where she could but things were hard for her too back then, she had her own stuff to deal with.  Franky was my rock through the whole thing, but Will was in a better position financially to help.  I paid him back as soon as the divorce came through” the redhead said

“So you’re not seeing him then?”

“No, he’s been with Rose for just over a year, she’s a nurse at the hospital.  I don’t think of him like that, not that I was ready for another relationship back then anyway”

“What about your blonde friend from the bar, you seemed close”

“We are, Allie’s great.  I haven’t known her very long but I feel really comfortable with her”

"She was flirting with you, I saw her” Debbie said, smiling when she saw her Mum’s cheeks colour up

“Yeah, she does that” Bea replied, unable to keep the smile from her face at the thought of Allie’s flirting

“Does it bother you?”

“It did at first but not anymore.  Does it bother you?”

“I’m not sure, I don’t know enough about her yet.  It’s a lot to take in.  Boomer thinks she’s pretty awesome though so she can’t be that bad.  I’m reserving judgement for now” the young brunette replied, this Allie was clearly important to her Mum so she would make the effort with her next time they met.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you the whole story at the time, I could see you were struggling and I didn’t want to dump any more of my shit on you, it wasn’t fair.  I screwed up Deb, and I’m sorry”

“You’ve got nothing to apologies for, it’s me that’s been the grade A bitch here, I’m so sorry for everything Mum.  I feel like such and idiot, he fed me a pack of lies and I believed him.  I didn’t want to believe that he could do those things that people said he’d done.  I’ve been visiting him more since I left, he really played me didn’t he.  I need to speak to Franky, I was such a bitch to her”

“Don’t worry too much, she can give as good as she gets.  She’ll be at the bar again tonight if you want to see her”

“Will you come with me?”

“Of course I will”

“I’m sorry about last night, if I had known I would never have said any of those things, especially in front of all your friends” the young brunette said.  She couldn’t believe how horrible she had been, she had always been closer to her Mum, and she was pissed at herself for letting him get between them

“How about we forget everything and start a fresh from now, a clean slate.  What do you say?”

“Deal” Debbie said, wrapping her arms around her Mum’s neck, she had missed her so much while she was away, and was glad they had sorted things out.  She was still curious about this Allie woman, although maybe she would get the chance to speak to her later if she was working.



Allie was getting worried, she hadn’t heard from the redhead since that morning.  She had text her a few times but was yet to receive a reply, thinking she was probably just busy with Debbie she headed downstairs to start her shift.  At three thirty she headed back upstairs for her break, grabbing her mobile she dialled Bea’s number, the call going straight to voicemail.  Trying her landline and receiving no reply she grabbed a snack before returning to the bar to finish the rest of her shift.

She had just served her last customer for the day and was wiping the bar down before she finished when Liz took the cloth from Allie’s hand, placing it down of top of the bar

“What’s wrong love, you’ve not been yourself all afternoon”

“I’m just worried about Bea, I haven’t heard from her all day and she was really upset last night” the younger woman replied

“She’s ok love, things are a bit up in the air with Debbie, but I spoke to her this morning and she’s fine, don’t worry.  You head off love, Boomer will be here in a minute and it’s pretty quiet anyway” the older woman replied

“Thanks Liz” Allie replied, as she turned and headed back upstairs, a tear running down her cheek.  Why would Bea speak to Liz but not her, she had thought that everything was fine that morning, what the hell could have happened to make the redhead shut her out like this?  Walking through the flat she dropped down onto her bed, reaching for her notebook and pen, she began to write.



It was just gone seven thirty when Bea and Debbie arrived at Fuel, pulling up a couple of stools they sat at the bar and ordered a drink, Boomer smiling when she saw them both together, and getting along.  Bea was disappointed that Allie wasn’t there, she had missed her terribly and it had only been a few hours.  She was so used to the blonde’s light flirtatious texts throughout the day, but she figured the younger woman had wanted to give her space to sort things out with Debbie.

They had been there about twenty minutes when Liz came over to speak to Bea, Boomer was showing Debbie a trick Allie had taught her with the cocktail shaker.

“Hey love, how are things?”

“Good, we spent most of the day talking and we’re on the same page now.  I’m sorry about last night, it was unfair of me to bring my problems here” Bea said

“Don’t you worry about that love, I’m just happy that everything’s ok.  Young Allie’s been worried sick all afternoon”

“She has?  I haven’t heard from her” Bea replied, grabbing her phone from her pocket and noticing it was switched off.  She tried to turn it back on but the battery was flat

“Shit, you haven’t got a charger have you?” she asked the older blonde

“No love, Allie’s upstairs though, she’ll have one, and I’m sure she’ll be glad to see you” Liz replied, Bea thinking that she didn’t seem her usual cheery self

“I’ll go ask her then.  Is everything ok, you seem a bit down?”

“Business has been a bit slow recently, I think we need to shake things up a bit, trouble is I haven’t a bloody clue where to start”

“You should talk to Allie, she used to be an event’s organiser, she might have a few ideas” Bea said

“I will love, thanks” the older blonde replied before turning to serve another customer



Jumping off the bar stool she told Debbie that she wouldn’t be long, before heading through the back and up the stairs, in search of Allie.  Grabbing her keys she unlocked the door before stepping through it, finding the blonde sitting on her bed, writing in her book.

Allie couldn’t concentrate, her head filled with thoughts of the redhead, she hoped that she was ok.  Hearing a key in the door she turned around, coming face to face with the woman that was constantly on her mind.

“Bea...are you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m good.  I’m so sorry Allie, my battery died and I only just noticed” the redhead replied as the younger woman ran across the room and wrapped her arms around her.

“I’ve been so worried, is everything ok with Debbie?” Allie asked, still clinging on to the older woman, her fingers playing with her soft red curls

“We’ve talked everything through and we’re good.  She’s downstairs so I can’t stay long.  I actually came to see if I could charge my phone” Bea said, stepping back slightly so she could get a better look at the blonde.

“And here I was thinking you’d come to see me.  You can charge your phone but I want something in return”

“Oh yeah, and what’s that”

“I want you to kiss me” Allie replied, watching as the older woman’s gaze fell to her lips

Stepping forward, Bea took the blonde’s bottom lip between her teeth, tugging gently at it before locking their lips together, her hands running through Allie’s soft hair.  The younger woman’s hands were roaming over her back, pulling her in as close as possible, moaning loudly as Bea’s leg slipped between her own.

Pulling back when breathing became an issue, Allie rested her forehead on her girlfriend’s, unable to keep the smile off her face.

“Now you can charge the phone” the blonde said, leaning in and kissing Bea again before pulling away and going to grab her charger. 

“I should get back, Debbie will wonder where I’ve got to.  You coming with me?” Bea said, handing her phone over to her girlfriend

“I don’t want to be in the way”

“Never.  Besides, she was asking after you earlier, apparently she spotted you hitting on me last night”

“Shit, I’m so sorry, I bet she hates me”

“She’s curious about you, Boomer was singing your praises though so try not to worry too much ok” Bea replied, grabbing the blonde’s hand and leading her back downstairs.



Bea had been gone about ten minutes when Debbie spotted her walking back in, the blonde from behind the bar following close behind.  Watching on she saw her squeeze Bea’s hand quickly before heading over to Franky and Bridget, Bea walking back over to her daughter.

“Sorry about that, my phone was dead so I went to see if Allie could charge it for me” the redhead said

“It’s ok, Boomer was just showing me a trick she learnt”

“That’s nothing kiddo, wait till you see Allie, she’s got skills, right Bea?”

“Err…yeah…” Bea choked out, her mind clearly not on her girlfriend’s drink making ability.

“Hey Blondie, show Mini Bea a few tricks will you” Boomer hollered across the bar, scaring the crap out of Liz, who was walking past carrying a stack of glasses.

Hearing Boomer’s request Allie walked back around the bar, calling for her friend to come over and be her assistant.  Debbie watched on as the blonde performed a juggling act with liquor, ice and glasses, spinning, throwing and catching the bottles as she went on.  Calling out to Boomer for some glasses, she spun the cocktail shaker in her fingers before opening it, filling the two glasses that had been laid out for her.  Sliding the drinks over to Debbie and Bea, she turned around, high fived Booms then walked back around the bar, coming to stand beside the redhead

“That was pretty impressive, can you teach me a few things before I go back to uni?” Debbie said, the blonde was really good and she knew it would impress her roommates

“If Boomer can pick it up I’m sure I can teach anyone” Allie replied, the tall brunette flipping her the bird from behind the bar as she grabbed one of the cocktail shakers and started to teach the younger Smith how to spin it.

The evening was going much better than the previous one, and Allie and Debbie seemed to be getting on well, much to Bea’s delight.  She was sitting with Franky, Bridget had been called to the hospital an hour ago so the tattooed brunette was flying solo and hell bend on teasing Bea at every opportunity.

“So, Red, is Blondie any good in the sack?  I bet she is” Franky said, leaning in so no one else could hear their conversation

“Piss off” the redhead said, her face colouring up

 “Ok, so have you, uh…”


“Tried the McMuff?” Franky asked, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively

“Piss off…not yet”

“It tastes like chicken”


“No!  So what base did you get to?”

“I don’t even know what the bases are” Bea replied, blushing again

“Of course you do.  I’ll break it down for you, you’ve got fingers, and you’ve got a tongue.  I can give you some tips if you like, come on Red, give me something”

“I’m not discussing this with you so stop asking” Bea said, wishing the ground would open up and swallow her.  Maxine chose that moment to walk through the door, saving Bea from any further teasing.



Debbie had gone back to university that morning, and Bea missed her already.  After the second night when everything had come to a head they had been getting on really well.  The young brunette had apologised to Franky and they had cleared the air, and she seemed to be getting on with Allie as well.  The blonde had given her another cocktail making lesson one morning while Bea was on shift, and the bar was closed, her daughter insisting on using her as a guinea pig that night, using the cocktail set that Allie had given her as a gift.

Allie had been amazing this past week, they had hardly seen each other since the night Bea had stayed over, and she had been so understanding and supportive that it made Bea’s heart swell.  She had fallen hard for the younger woman, and it didn’t scare her half as much as she thought it would, she suspected that it had a lot to do with the blonde’s patience.  Bea had just started a night shift, but had a couple of days off after this, and was planning on spending as much time with her girlfriend as possible.

She was having serious withdrawals, it had been almost a week since they had spent any time together, and now the redhead was on a night shift.  Allie had never craved anything like she craved Bea, and coming from an ex-junkie that was saying something.  She was just glad she had a project to sink her teeth into.  Liz had asked for her help with idea’s for the bar, wanting to boost trade as things had been a little quiet recently.  She had suggested trialling an open mic night, it had always gone down well at the other bar she worked at.  It had been a few years but everyone loved live music right?   The only issue was that she now had the task of organising it.



Finishing her shift she rode home, fed the cat, and then headed straight to bed, Allie was coming over later and she didn’t want to be falling asleep during dinner.  Waking up late afternoon, Bea grabbed a shower before starting on dinner preparations, once everything was ready she headed back upstairs to get changed.  She was almost ready when she heard the door bell, running down the stairs she skidded to a halt in the hallway, taking a few seconds to compose herself she opened the door, finding Allie standing there, a bottle of wine in one hand and treats for Cormack in the other.

Stepping back to let the blonde in she closed the door, before she could turn around she felt Allie’s arms wrapping around her, the younger woman stepping in behind her, pulling her close as she trailed feather light kisses along her neck.  Bea’s entire body was tingling, and she couldn’t stop the low moan escaping her lips if she had wanted to.

“God I’ve missed you” Allie said, her teeth grazing over the older woman’s ear as she spoke, feeling her tremble in her arms, she loved the way Bea reacted to her touch.

“I missed you too baby” the redhead replied, turning in her girlfriend’s arms so they were facing one another.  Grabbing the front of her shirt she crashed their lips together, her other hand running through soft blonde locks.  Breaking apart when they both became breathless, Bea took the blonde’s hands in hers, leading her over to the table.  Opening the wine that Allie had brought over, she handed her a glass and served dinner before taking a seat opposite her girlfriend.

As they laid in bed that night, Bea’s mind was racing, the need to touch the younger woman was getting greater with every moment they spent together.  She had thought about what it would feel like to have Allie lose control as a result of her touch, or what the blonde would taste like.  She wanted to kiss every inch of her body, and surprisingly that didn’t scare her, it was the thought of Allie touching her that was holding her back.

She knew it was all in her head, Allie was the polar opposite of Harry, and the younger woman would never hurt her, she had been so patient and attentive towards her, never crossing the boundaries that Bea had put in place to protect herself.  One thing she did know was that she never wanted to go another week without holding her in her arms again, and if that meant going public with their relationship then so be it.

She needed to tell Debbie, and it was a conversation that needed to be had face to face, despite how awkward she knew it would be, she owed her daughter that much at least.  The young brunette was coming home for the weekend in three weeks for Boomer’s birthday, she would talk to her then, although that did mean three more weeks of hiding their relationship  She wanted Debbie to hear it from her, not someone else, that would be unfair on her, and would no dubitably strain their recently mended relationship.  Feeling the tiredness wash over her she pulled the sleeping blonde in closer, placing a light kiss on her forehead before closing her eyes.



A week later, and teal watch were five hours into their shift when the call came in, a house fire a few blocks away from the station.  The flames had taken hold by the time they arrived, the neighbour informing them that he hadn’t seen the occupants leave the building.  Masking up, Bea and Franky headed in, while Maxine and Fletch vented the property.  The smoke was thick and Bea knew they didn’t have long, they raced through, sweeping the rooms thoroughly, finding no sign of any occupants until they reached the back of the house.  On the floor, in the doorway to one of the bedrooms, was a woman.  Bending down, they went to pick her up, noticing a second body beneath her, a girl.  Grabbing the woman Franky raced back out, leaving Bea to grab the girl. As Bea carried her over to the ambulance she could see she was in a bad way, she just hoped that they had gotten to them in time.

With the victims on their way to hospital they set about extinguishing the flames, heading back to the station once they were sure that the fire was out.  The remainder of the shift had been quiet, and Bea was thankful for that, she couldn’t get the image of the woman laying over the girl out of her mind, that could so easily have been her and Debbie.

Once their shift was over she headed over to the hospital to check on the victims of the earlier fire, the doctor informing her that the woman was suffering from third degree burns, and was in a serious but stable condition.  The young girl, her daughter, hadn’t made it.  She was just fourteen, the same age Debbie had been when Harry had torched their house.  She couldn’t breathe, her throat felt like it was closing up.  Thanking the doctor, she raced through the corridors, shooting out of the hospital doors, she gasped for air.

Bridget had been on her way to check on a patient when she saw Bea Smith running through the hospital corridor, the redhead was pale and looked like she was about throw up.  She called out to her but she was either too far ahead to hear or lost in her thoughts.  Bridget’s first thoughts going to the fire crew, she knew her girlfriend’s job was dangerous but Franky played it down so often that she sometimes forgot they put their lives on the lie every time they responded to a call.  After checking on her patient she headed to the staff room, grabbing her phone from her locker she called Franky to make sure she was ok.

Ending the call, she had discovered that their crew had responded to the call that had left a woman fighting for her life, and her daughter dead.  Franky had told her a bit about Bea’s past but had never gone into detail, although she had known about the fire.  It must have triggered some pretty awful memories for her, no wonder the redhead had looked so wiped out.  Bridget informed her girlfriend that the girl had died, and they weren’t sure if the mother would pull through.  She could tell the brunette was worried about her friend, having been there with her all through the troubles with her ex-husband.  At least Bea had Allie now, Franky had told her about catching them together that night in the yard, but had sworn her to secrecy.  She was happy for them, Bea deserved some happiness, and Allie clearly cared deeply for her.

Once her breathing was under control Bea jumped in the car and headed home, her mind racing at a million miles an hour.  She called Debbie as soon as she got back, her phone going to voicemail she left her a message letting her know that she loved her to the moon and back and that she missed her.  Heading upstairs she took a shower before getting changed and going to bed.  She had been laying there for over an hour, every time she closed her eyes she could see her laying there on the floor in that house.  Jumping out of bed she got dressed and headed out, hoping a bit of fresh air would help.  She had been walking around for about an hour when she found herself outside the bar, it was just after 3:30pm so she knew it would be quiet, heading inside she greeted Liz before ordering a drink.

She had been there a couple of hours when Allie appeared, taking the stool next to her.  Turning to face the older woman she tucked a stray curl behind her ear before grabbing on to her hand, her thumb tracing a pattern over her skin gently.

“I’m here if you need me” she said, not wanting to push her fragile girlfriend too much.  Franky had called her an hour ago, having been worried about Bea since they returned from a shout late last night.  She couldn’t give too much away but had told the blonde that they had rescued a mother and daughter, and although the circumstances were different to hers it had really shaken the redhead.

Bea hadn’t said much, she just held onto the blonde’s hand that was resting on her thigh while she drank.  Allie knew she’d had too much but didn’t want to upset her any more than she already was, and Liz’s worrying glances were not helping her concern for her girlfriend.  When the redhead had gone to the bathroom the older blonde approached her, clearly concerned for her friend.

“We need to stop her drinking love, and she’s not going to like it”

“Have you ever seen her like this before?”

“She was like this about four years ago, something happened with her ex-husband and it she was in a bad way for a while” Liz replied, she wasn’t sure how much Bea had shared with the young blonde and didn’t want to give too much away.

“Was that after the fire?  She told me what happened” the younger woman said, sensing Liz’s reluctance to share

“She did?  Yeah, even though they both got out it really pulled the rug from under her.  I’m glad she’s talking to you, she has a tendency to bottle things up and it’s not good for her.  You really care about her don’t you?”

“More than anything” Allie said as Bea came back through into the bar.  Jumping down from the bar stool she walked over the redhead, placing her hand on the other woman’s shoulder.

“Come with me, I need your help with something” the blonde said, grabbing Bea’s hand and leading her through the back and upstairs to the flat, hoping the older woman would open up to her once they were alone.




The minute they had gotten through the door Bea’s lips were on hers, pushing her hard into the door the redhead began tugging at her shirt, pulling it over Allie’s head before her hands grasped at the button on her jeans.  Bea couldn’t get the image of the girl out of her head, only now when she saw her it was Debbie’s face staring back at her instead.  She needed to feel, needed to escape her thoughts, she needed Allie.

Grabbing the redhead’s wrists, Allie stilled her movements, stepping out from her position against the door.

“Hey, talk to me Bea, I’m here for you” she said walking over towards the sofa, pulling Bea along with her.

As they approached the sofa Bea pushed the blonde down so she was laying on her back, climbing on top of her, her hands fumbling with the button of her pants again, frustration showing when she couldn’t undo it.  Leaving the button for now, she tugged on Allie’s bra, exposing her breasts, palming her left one while taking her right nipple into her mouth, sucking hard.  Grabbing at Allie’s jeans she finally managed to undo the button, pulling the zipper down, her right hand tugged at the waistband of the blonde’s underwear.

Allie was unbelievably turned on, but she knew that her girlfriend wasn’t in a good headspace, and as much as she craved her touch, this was not the time.  She knew where it would lead and she wanted their first time to be special, not some drunken fumble on the sofa that the redhead would no doubt regret in the morning, and she loved and respected her too much to let that happen.  Placing her hands on her girlfriend’s shoulders she pushed her back gently, before sitting up and adjusting her bra.

“Why did you stop?”

“We can’t, not tonight, not like this.  Bea I…”

“I thought this is what you wanted, or was it all about the chase for you.  Now that I’m interested you’re not, is that it?” Bea shouted, standing up and racing for the door, tears streaming down her face.

“Shit” Allie yelled out, fastening her jeans she threw her shirt back on before running after the older woman.  Racing down the stairs she slammed straight into Franky, and the brunette did not look happy to see her.

“I’ve just seen Red, and she’s a mess, what the fuck did you do to her?”

“I didn’t do anything, that’s the problem.  Where is she, I need to talk to her”

“She’s gone, jumped in a taxi and took off.  You’ve got five minutes to explain before I kick your arse”

“Not here, you’d better come upstairs” Allie said, turning and leading the pissed off brunette up into the flat, before taking a seat on the sofa.

“Clock’s ticking Novak” Franky said, when the blonde showed no sign of talking

“After I got your call I went down to see Liz to ask for a few hours off, Bea was in the bar when I got there.  I went to sit with her but she wouldn’t talk, she just kept drinking.  I thought if we came up here she would open up more, it’s difficult when no one knows what’s going on between us.  As soon as I closed the door she jumped me, I’ve never seen her like that before, it just wasn’t Bea.  I pulled away and tried to get her to talk but she came at me again, pulling my clothes off.  I knew where it was heading and we haven’t gone that far yet.  I didn’t want her to do something she would regret once she sobered up.  She thought I was rejecting her and ran off” Allie said, her voice breaking as she relayed the events to Franky.

“You really like her don’t you?”

“I love her Franky, and now she’s on her own somewhere thinking that I don’t want her” Allie said, bursting into tears

“Hey, she knows how you feel, she’s just pissed and emotional.  Let her sleep it off and go talk to her in the morning” the brunette said, pulling the sobbing woman into a hug

“I’m worried about her, she shouldn’t be on her own, not like this” Allie replied, wiping he eyes with her shirtsleeve as she pulled back from Franky

“She needs time to clear her head.  I’ll give you a tip on our Red, she’ll rant, swear and shout, then she’ll wear the carpet thin pacing the room, and then she’ll calm down, that’s what she does.  You need to let her get it out of her system.  That shout we went on obviously brought back all the crap with Harry, but she clearly trusts you, she’s never let anyone get this close before, ever.  I’ll call by on my way home, make sure she’s ok if that would make you feel better”

“Thank you, that would help.  I just hate the thought of her thinking that I don’t want her”

“Get some rest then go over there tomorrow and tell her how you feel.  Red’s a stubborn fucker so it won’t be easy, but nothing that’s worth having ever is” Franky said, standing up, ruffling the blonde’s hair before leaving.

An hour later she received a text from the brunette, letting her know that Bea was home safe, and had told her to fuck off, so was perfectly fine, and reacting in her usual way.