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The Thief and the Captain | Questions

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The Titan pulled back the cloth panel that made up the door, and stepped into the dimly lit tent.

The tent was setup as a makeshift headquarters for their camp. To its left a table sat with maps and papers thrown about it. People bent over, looking over the information they held. To the right, a racks of weapons and ammunition, ready for Guardians, if enemies were to attack.

He scanned the area, searching the faces that occupied the room.

“Who are you looking for friend?”

His body jumped, snapping his head toward the voice.

In a chair in the corner, legs propped up on a crate of supplies, sat a Hunter dress in dark armor. Blending into the surrounding.

“You startled me Andal.” the Titan said. “I didn't see you there.”

Andal laughed “Guess I'm too good at my job. Didn't answer my question though.”

The Titan chuckled.

“I'm looking for the new guardian. Kety. I found a spare mark for her.”

Andal reached over to pick up a pair of scissors from the dirt floor.

“So she choose to be a Titan?” he asked, snipping the thread.

“Nooo, but I thought I would find one just in case. We could always use another.”

“What about Warlock? Is she not looking into them?”

“She did but … didn't go well. She said she liked the sciences and the history but hated not being able to be more, hands on. Too much talking.”

Andal laughed “I know the feeling.”

The Titan leaned on one of the post that held up the tent.

“I'm surprise Andal that your hunters haven't gone after her. I haven't even seen any hunters around her, save you.”

“Oh they're around.”

He watch the Hunter thread a needle through the black cloth that lay in his lap. Tying a knot and cutting the thread.

“What are you doing.” he asked curious to what the Hunter was doing.

“Working on a gift.” Andal tested the freshly made seam then folded it up cloth.

The Hunter rise from his seat and stretched, then picked up his bag that laid at his feet, stuffing the item in.

“Kety’s in the wilds. Saw her wander out this morning.” he said pulling his sniper from the corner behind the chair.

The Titan sighed “Again? She always wandering off. I would like her to pick a class before heading out. Then we would be able to teach her how to wield the light.”

Andal walked up and patted the him on the back.

“I'll find her. I'm becoming stir crazy anyway.” he said as left the tent.

He followed out and watch the Hunter head for the forest.

“Don't you take my Titan Andal!!” he yelled jokingly.

“Not yours yet!!”