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Learning To Love Again

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‘I fought for them.’

Flashes of battles across many different scenes, two figures-one blue, one green-present in every one.

‘I killed for them.’

Flashes of different species, slaughtered at the hands of the two warriors combined might.

‘I shattered him for them.’

A fight. The green gem, broken, abandoned, thought dead. The blue gem, dull, made into a weapon, and-eventually-cracked.

‘All of it, for the Diamonds, for my Diamond.’

The weapon, abandoned, the gem, cracked.

‘How foolish of me…to believe their lies for so long…’

A battlefield, long abandoned, long forgotten.

‘Heh…but I guess it does not matter anymore…’

Weapons lie strewn across it, abandoned. A bow lies in the dirt, a cracked, tear-drop shaped gem attached to it, with cracks marring its once bright, shiny surface.

‘I am trapped…I cannot manifest my physical form…’

The gem glows briefly, before going dark, the gem’s surface growing cloudier.

‘It is dark…so dark…am I…am I dying…?’

A shuttle lands near the outskirts of the battlefield. A few figures of varying shapes and sizes emerge, after a brief discussion they split up and start to wander the field of weapons. One figure slowly nears the bow, and, unbeknownst to them, the dying gem.

“Now what do we have here?” a masculine voice with a distinctly southern accent cuts through the gems thoughts.


The owner of the voice stoops down to pick up the bow, gently brushing off the dirt and dust. “Let’s see here…hold on…a gem?”

‘No…nononono…a Gemwatch soldier…he will recognize me…but…maybe, he will detach me from this weapon so I can take my physical form…but, what then? I am damaged…I will revert…but, I shall go down fighting.’

“Yer pretty battered up too aintcha? I reckon you’ve been through quite the ringer…Les’ see if I can’t get ya’ll off of this thing, eh pardner?” With a grin the man, now identified as a Gemwatch soldier, starts to try and pry the tear-drop shaped gem off of the weapon. With a grunt and a hard pull, the gem pops off, only to fly out of the ‘soldier’s’ hand. The gem glows brightly as it takes its humanoid form, solidifying to reveal…