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The Art of Seduction

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Leslie had decided that this was probably the sexiest thing she had ever seen in her life.

There, out on the stage addressing a good 1000 people was her husband, Ben Wyatt. Congressman Candidate and the sexiest man alive right now. She had seen him practice multiple times before and he was nowhere near as passionate and assertive as he was now.

They were having a debate before the election, Hartwell stood a few metres away from Ben leaning against his podium in an arrogant manor, Ben however, remained calm and cool and in Leslie’s opinion, he looked like sex on a stick.

He stood tall and proud in front of the podium, answering all questions eloquently. His brown eyes making contact with every person in that auditorium and they laughed at his jokes and applauded him after he made a good point. Leslie had never seen him like this, he was in the zone.

Ben stayed cool even when Hartwell targeted him, talking about Icetown and his impeachment. Ben refused to sink to his level and had prepared, he answered all of Hartwell’s bullying tactics with a cool and suave answer.

Every now and then Ben would look out to the wings at Leslie and give her a smile or a wink, he wasn’t scared, sure he had been nervous before he stepped out and had to go to the bathroom like five times in ten minutes but as soon as he got out on the stage everything just fell into place and the nervous, trembling Ben vanished. In his place stood confident, strong Ben, a true Congressman.

As Ben made his closing statement to the thunderous sound of applause, Leslie clapped along taking slow breaths, Ben waved to the crowd with a smile on his face so big that Leslie was sure he would never be able to wipe it from his face.

She was going to bone him so hard later.

Ben gathered his notes and walked off stage and straight into the arms of Leslie, she gripped him tightly, her hands running down his back.

“So how’d I do?” Ben asked as he pulled away and cupped Leslie’s face.

“You did amazing, Ben. Oh my god, watching you up there was just the sexiest thing I have ever seen” Leslie said, her voice catching in her throat as she spoke.

Ben was amped up and the adrenaline was shaking through his body, “Yeah? You think so? Hartwell tried so many dirty tricks like talking about Minnesota and everything but I just…crushed him! I wasn’t going to take any of his shit, but did I come across too strong? Maybe people thought I looked too mean? But still he deserved it because he’s an ass. But did you see how the crowd reacted when I talked about education? They just went crazy and-.”

Leslie quickly placed a single finger over Ben’s lips, stopping his frantic talking.

“I’m gonna need you to stop talking” Leslie said, her voice low and husky, “Watching your mouth move that quickly is doing strange things to me”.

Ben’s eyes widened, maybe she wouldn’t be able to wait until they got home.

“Really?” Ben said, “You liked that?”

“You looked so sexy and powerful up there, babe” Leslie said, her hands moving down his back and cupping his ass. The backstage areas had cleared out fairly quickly after the debate so they two were alone for the moment.

“You wanna do it here?” Ben asked, “I think there’s a supply closet around here”.

Leslie nodded frantically, “Yes, yes that sound good, but I think I saw Jen grab some random guy and drag him into one so we’ll have to play closet roulette with them”.

Ben smirked, “That’s a risk I’m willing to take”.

He grabbed hold of her hand and whisked her away, down the corridors of the auditorium, they could hear Ben’s campaign team celebrating in one of the rooms and popping open bottles of champagne, they slunk past them and hoped that no one saw, they would celebrate Ben’s successful debate later.

Right now, they wanted to have their own celebration.

They reached a storage closet and Ben pressed his ear against the door, listening for any sounds, he quickly motioned to her that it was clear and opened the door for them both to slip in to.

A low hanging light bulb hung over them and Ben switched it on, immediately Leslie pressed her lips against Ben’s, her tongue diving straight in to meet with his own. Ben groaned audibly into her mouth, making Leslie’s lower stomach clench.

“You are hands down the sexiest Congressman that I have ever laid eyes on” Leslie moaned as she yanked off Ben’s blazer, her fingers working at double speed on the buttons of his shirt.

“I haven’t won yet,” Ben reminded her as her hands travelled down to his belt and trousers.

“You will” She said, determined, “No one else came close to you, and no one else has a cuter butt than you”.

She loosened the trousers around his waist and she got down on her knees, her hands travelling back round to his ass and lightly digging her nails into it, her hands tugging at his boxers, letting Ben’s erection spring free.

“Now, Congressman Ben Wyatt” She practically purred, “You’re mouth did some wonderful things tonight, it’s time for mine to shine”.

Ben gasped out a low moan as Leslie’s mouth clamped around his hard dick, sucking low and fast. His hands gripped onto her blonde hair, mussing it but he knew she wouldn’t care.

As Leslie sucked, her movements spurring Ben on, he found himself rocking his hips slightly into her, meeting more of his member with her mouth, Leslie’s hand reached from his ass to his balls and she massaged them gently.

Her tongue flew over Ben’s dick, licking and sucking as he let out loud moans, his head arched backwards and his hands practically yanking strands out of Leslie’s head.

“Oh fuck, Leslie I’m gonna -.” Ben couldn’t finish that sentence as he exploded into Leslie’s mouth; she swallowed straight away as Ben’s dick pulsed the last few moments of his orgasm into her mouth.

Leslie wiped her mouth as she released Ben; he slid down the cold walls of the supply closet and next to her, his bare chest panting as he rested his head backwards.

“I don’t know why you’re so tired, I did all the hard work” Leslie teased as she crawled next to him, curling into his chest.

“I’m still working off a lot of adrenaline right now” Ben joked as he pulled his boxers and trousers back up around his waist, “We should probably go join the others soon, plus I could do with a drink!”

Leslie agreed but refused to move, “In a bit, I want to be alone with my Congressman a little while longer”.

Ben wasn’t sure if he liked Leslie calling him that right now, he still had a good two months of campaigning left and he had no idea how the voting would pan out. But Leslie’s confidence and faith in him made him feel a little better.

Plus a good blowjob never failed either.