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Shinobi of the Sand

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Sakura staggered, chest heaving, lungs burning as she felt her heart beating wildly in her chest. She leaned heavily on the tree trunk behind her, steadying her feet on its strong branch, trying to catch her breath. She looked behind her, though it was unnecessary. No one would know she was gone for hours. Tsunade's words echoed in her head. Do not over exert yourself, you must go at a steady pace or you will never make it. She pushed herself off the tree and landed softly on the ground. She straightened herself, adjusting the bundle on her back as she started to walk west.

Shizune is sending word now, the Kazekage will be expecting you, you must head west, only stop for small naps and to eat, you  cannot  afford to lose time, once he finds out...

Sakura physically shook at the thought of what would happen once he found out. She had to force herself to continue walking, and not run at the thought of him.

She had left Konoha six hours ago, but it felt like days. She constantly checked behind her, thinking that the Fifth Hokage wouldn't be able to keep her promise and to stallhim. "He's not stupid...he'll know something is up... he was called a genius for a rea-" she tensed, stopping her verbal thinking. She heard rustling off to her left. She slowly drew her only weapon, a lone kunai, ears perk, straining to hear what the noise was. As she traveled farther northwest (she must not forget she must head west) the sound got louder. As the trees started to clear, her eyes shined as the rustling gave way to a sprinkling noise. She almost cried as she saw two grand statues staring at each other in the distance.

"The valley of the end...We made it..." She laughed as she rushed to the shoreline, crouching down to drink. She was almost there, almost free. Tsunade said to rest here, and travel during the night to Suna...It will be another two days until I reach the village...I wonder if I will make it…

She looked around, searching for a cave or some sort of opening to hide in. She walked along the shore, eyes wide and ears sharp. She saw a small opening across the lake about ten feet above the water and smiled softly. "It's a bit obvious, will have to do." she quickly dashed across the water and into the crevice. She crouched as she entered the small cave, walking two meters from the opening before carefully removing the bundle from her back. She looked down at the small form that lay snuggled up in the blankets, sound asleep. She smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek as she carefully unraveled the blankets. "Come here, Obito-kun." She whispered, cradling the one week old baby. "I'm so sorry about all of this Obito, I really screwed up." she choked, as the baby grabbed the front of her shirt. "I wish...I wish it didn't have to be this way...but," she rocked him softly, pulling the blanket over both of them. "But, if this is the life we must live, running from Sasuke, then that is what we must do." she fluffed the small patch of grey hair on the top of his head, smiling. "I just wish that your father could have been able to see look just like him." she smiled sadly, pulling the baby closer to her, knowing that sleep will not come easily, but the rest was welcome.