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Mark woke up to the sound of water splashing. From the bed, he saw his gorgeous boyfriend Jaebum or known as JB brushing his teeth. JB looked up, rinsed his mouth and walk over to Mark and planted a kiss on his forehead.
“Morning Baby.”
Just two words made Mark felt like a million dollars.
“Morning B. You are up early?”
“Yups. Early bird catches the work,” JB replied. Mark looked at him skeptically.
“Who are you and what have you done with my boyfriend?”
JB quickly pounced on Mark and started tickling him mercilessly. Mark tried to move away but JB trapped him with his body. Mark couldn’t stop laughing.
“B, stop it. Please! I can’t breath.”
“Never!” JB announced and he stop tickling Mark while giggling.
“That’s not fair,” said Mark pouting. “You know what I said it’s true,” while sticking his tongue out to JB.
“I know babe,” while kissing Mark on the mouth.
“Needed to settle some things before the party tonight. Don’t want anything to distract me from my baby’s day. So, I’ll get ready and get a move on while you can continue and laze all day.” While giving Mark, his baby, kisses in between words.

Mark felt like the luckiest guy in the world. How did he manage to snag Im Jaebum, the 25 year old CEO of IM Care Corp, the largest recycling company in the country, with jet black hair, beauty marks above his left eyes and a killer smile that could make any girl or guy swoon. His body, phewww… Toned but not overly muscular shows that he works out. He was also one of the most eligible bachelor in the country. Yet, Im Jaebum or JB chose him, Mark Tuan Yi En as his partner, his boyfriend.

They met when JB commissioned Mark, a freelancer to do the interior design for his new office space at the new headquarters and because he really liked what he saw, he went on to ask Mark to do the interior design of his new penthouse condo. Mark was highly recommended by people in the industry as he really understands his client’s wants and sometimes needs better than they do.

What started out as a professional relationship, slowly developed into a romantic one. It wasn’t love at first sight for Mark, but when he slowly got to know JB, he slowly fell in love with him. He is not only a kind hearted person. He is passionate about his company and the people around him. He treats his employees like family. Even though he has about 1000 people in his company, it is amazing how much he knows about them or at least knows their name. He makes it a point to know their name if he doesn’t.

From meeting up because of work, JB was finding ways to hang out with Mark after work such as an emergency design that he wanted Mark to figure out etc. Any excuses he could think of, he would used it to his advantage. One night when JB asked him to look over some things that he wanted to change in the penthouse condo, a storm broke and Mark couldn’t get home. So they stayed up the whole night talking about random things while sharing a few bottles of white wine, and all of a sudden, JB leaned in and kissed Mark as they were just sitting next to each other on the couch. Mark was shocked but he was even more shocked that he responded to the kiss. It lasted for what seems like an eternity but actually a few seconds, Mark realized that he had slowly fallen for JB throughout the entire time he was doing work for him.

According to JB, he had fallen for Mark as soon as he walked into his office. He swears that it was as if an angel had walked in with his side swept blonde lavender hair, wearing a simple pair of faded blue jeans paired with a black shirt and red Y3 Adidas shoes. He knew there and then that he had to make Mark his and was finding every way that he could to spend more time with Mark and eventually a way to steal his heart.

Later Mark found out that JB not only loved his designs, he also loved his ass. Of course, what does a hot guy like JB see in a guy like him? That was 2 years ago. Today, they are always staying over in each others place, but usually Mark stayed over at JB’s place more often that the other way round because it was closer for JB to go to work and for Mark, he could pretty much do his work anywhere since he is a freelancer. Mark didn’t want to move in with JB as he likes the idea of having a place of his own to unwind after a project or just a hideaway if he had a bad day or had a fight with JB.

If you would have asked Mark 5 years ago where he thought he would be, most probably Mark wouldn’t have been able to answer you then. Mark was sure of that.

5 years ago he was a 21 year old naive boy on his 3rd year of design school. He would be graduating the next year. 5 years ago he was still staying in a one room apartment with… All of a sudden his train of thoughts took him back to what happened 5 years ago.

5 years ago he fell in love for the first time. 5 years ago he shared his apartment and his heart with Jackson Wang. Jackson Wang Jia Er. His first love. Some may call it puppy love but for Mark, it was very real. It was the most exciting and fun time he had ever had at that point. But it was also the most painful thing he had ever had to experience in his lifetime when they broke up. It was as if his heart was shattered into a million pieces and stomped on and there was no way that anybody could put back it back together, like a mirror which was thrown on the ground and walk over by people. Sure, maybe you can glue the pieces back together but there would still be small pieces that you couldn’t find or grind into dust. It would never be truly whole when you actually put it back together.

“Ugh… why am I thinking all this. Stop it Mark! Snap yourself out of it. Let the past stay in the past. Get your butt moving and run some errands before tonight. Time to get out of bed!” Mark told himself while slapping his cheeks. “I will not let myself think of the past. Not today. Not anyday.”

Mark finally got out of bed and into the shower. He loved the overhead shower that made him feel like he was standing under the rain. He love rainy weathers and this was as close as it get when the weather was cheerful and sunny like today. Most people associate rain with gloom and sadness, but for Mark, it was peaceful and silence. For him, it was solace.

He quickly got out of the shower and grab a pair of worn out jeans, paired it up with a white long sleeve Hurley top and grey hoody and a pair of emerald green Converse. Mark looked in the mirror and thought that he looked pretty good for a guy who turned 26 today. As he walk out and took his keys from the fish bowl, he saw a note that JB had left for him on the counter…

I’m not going to wish you yet but have a nice day! See you later & I LOVE YOU MY BABY YI EN! Don’t forget to miss me baby because I’m missing you already. Love your B.

Mark blushed and took out his phone to send a message to JB while walking out the door. It’s gonna be a good day.
Baby: missing you & loving you too B ;* see you soon.