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100 ways to say I love you

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They trudged back to the miraculously intact military jeep, exhausted and worn out. Covered in dirt and wounds that were already healing thanks to the demons within them.

Shinya sighed as he settled himself next to Guren, his weapon still out and his tired eyes scanning their surroundings as Guren drove them away. The rest of the squad piled up on the back in silence. Too tired to bother being their usual boisterous selves.

Soon, only the noises of soft breathing and snoring could be heard above the quiet purr of the heavily spelled car. Shinya paused in his guard to take a look to the back. He laughed softly as he saw Goshi sprawled in the middle with both Mito and Sayuri using him as a pillow. Shigure was tightly curled up in a corner.

A deep sigh interrupted his thoughts and he turned to look at Guren.

He looks tired.

More tired than fighting vampires merited at least. He had deep bags under his bloodshot eyes and his shoulders were hunched over as if he had a large weight on his shoulders.



“When did you sleep last?”

Guren’s eyes flickered to him before returning to the road.

“Yesterday… maybe the day before. I’m not really sure.”

Shinya huffed, annoyed at Guren’s stupid martyr complex but with unbelievable fondness warming up his chest. Guren had volunteered for driving duty both to and from their mission. It was such a Guren thing to do.

“Pull over.”

“What?” Guren threw him a confused look and Shinya smiled softly.

“Pull over. Let me drive for a while.”

“And who is going to kill the horsemen if you are driving?”

Shinya snorted and looked around to the completely empty city. He raised an eyebrow but Guren didn’t look convinced.

“Come on Guren, you’re falling asleep on the wheel.”

“I am not!” Guren snapped as he bristled like an angry cat. Shinya leaned closer, his hand squeezing Guren’s shoulder.

“Only for a little while. We both know you need it.” He whispered, quiet enough that none of the others would hear him even if they awoke.

Shinya pulled back and watched as Guren debated with himself. Eventually he sighed and stopped the car.

Shinya kept his smile out of his face as they got out of the car and exchanged places. Knowing that if Guren saw it he might get mad enough to not let him drive.

The car came alive with a quiet purr as Shinya turned the key and soon they were off to Shibuya once more. It wasn’t even a minute before Shinya looked out of the corner of his eye and saw Guren fast asleep, his head leaning against the door and his breath fogging the window, looking even younger than his 18 years.

“Idiot. You could’ve asked.” Shinya whispered. His voice, too soft and gentle, taking the bite out of his words.

He focused back on the road and let his warm thoughts entertain him as he drove them back to the safety behind the walls.