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Buffy-Champion of Ankhseram

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Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon, Fairy Tail belong to Mashima. I own nothing or earning money from writing this.

Summary: During summer break, while she was in LA staying with her father. She went to explore her father's attic, because she heard a thumping at night, where she found a book, which was planted there by god of life and death and was pulled inside by a black and gold vortex.

Author note: Time difference, dear readers, doesn't make sense don't try to make sense of it. Just roll with it. – This is about the only thing that I won't try to clarify anywhere.

                            Journal of the woman that existed, died and then lived her life to the fullest

It is raining today, which is also the main reason why I went trough the boxes that were not unpacked. We, that is, mom and I, managed to salvage some things, after the fire in our home on 1630 Revello Drive burned the house down.

Fire was courtesy of Natsu going over board of getting rid of Nigerian mask powered zombies that were attacking us. Just as house guests of my mother and some students from school were in the middle of the party no less. For some people that was final straw and they admitted, that yes magic and vampires and demons, and fire breathing lizard boys, (yes Natsu I know you are reading this --- STOP THAT!)

It was regular dead man's party.

Back to the topic, I found this journal of mine, that I haven’t used yet. So it’s like new house for my mom and me, new beginning and me writing in pristine white of this little diary.

It’s like new lease on life. If only … not that I have bad life so far, except that dying wasn’t so great, and there was a time when I was stuck in demon dimension for a while, where humans were treated as slaves … or as the demons themselves called humans, “cows”.

I know I am rambling but I have so much to tell, and no clear idea where to start.

Perhaps at the beginning

My name is Buffy Anne Summers. I’m currently 20 years old. But on record of California I’m 17 year old, well, 18 on January 19th.

We just moved from our previous address to 1630 Crestview, Sunnydale, because our house on Revello Drive burned down, because of faulty gas pipes, according to official report by fire fighters on the scene.

I wrote in my first diary when I learned to write. It was the gift from my mom, who give me brightly wrapped packet with a huge bow, with the words, "Buffy, sweetheart, I received mine when I learned to write, so I cannot think of a better gift for you now that you've done the same."

She also advised that I write down my thoughts, feelings, and events.

I can't say I wasn't happy to receive the little booklet with the tiny lock and key. I still remember that it had Walt Disney's Cinderella in a ball gown painted on the front. That journal is long gone, destroyed in the fire like most of my possessions. The one I'm writing in now has a red and orange bird of paradise in green foliage. It is thicker and bigger as well, and made to withstand most afflictions with magic. I wasn't going to make the same mistake twice.

After years of gathering dust, I unearthed this diary; I think it was a birthday gift from my dad, Hank – for reaching 15 year of age. It was the last gift I received from him, just a couple of weeks after the arguments between my parents escalated.

They divorced not long after, but that was before I landed the death sentence lottery. Of course, at 15 I didn't see it like that. I saw being the Chosen One as a burden to my social life. In my defence I didn't know much beyond my life as a socialite in LA. I was the darling daughter to my mother and Princess to my father. I was elected both Prom and Fiesta Queen and had been head cheerleader at Hemery High School. My grades weren't bad either and I was popular. It happened one sunny afternoon when I was waiting for my girlfriends minions really.

I was approached by a middle aged man named Merrick. I also remember how I often compared Merrick to Dr. Watson from Sherlock Holmes movies and books, later on when I got to know him better. I mean he already looked the part, on that first meeting.

He introduced himself as Merrick Jamison-Smythe and then he dropped the bomb.

He told me I'd been Chosen with a capital C to fight vampires. I didn't believe a word he said, or rather refused to, but what he was saying so closely resembled dreams I had. Dreams of a barmaid in Italy, serving ale to knights. Dreams of a pretty girl, a princess in a castle during Dark Ages, an Asian girl, and all of them fought vampires. Death - they all found death by fighting vampires. I thought they were a result of reading Bram Stoker's Dracula. But Merrick proved me wrong that night in the local cemetery.

We didn't get along at first, Merrick and I. In fact the first words he ever said to me were "Do you know how many girls I've trained to be Slayers? Five. They worked harder than you've worked in your entire life and I saw them all ripped apart, Buffy."

Two of the Slayers Merrick trained was killed by a master vampire that went by the name of Lothos. That bit of morbid information that I accidentally found, and still recall with vivid detail even now, years later. It was, perhaps because Lothos targeted me as well, and it had become personal for Merrick. That he didn’t want to loose any more of his Slayers to the master vampire.
Back to Merrick, he was raised in Britain from a young age to be a Watcher.

His father, who was a navy officer before he retired due to an injury and joined his wife, who was working for the Watchers' Council, taught him "a lot of subtleties the Council never bothered with" regarding training, legends, and research. Unfortunately he wasn't able pass anything on to me besides training and fond memories of him.

At first, Merrick's attitude towards me was sarcastic, even more so than me, though, which was probably due to being trained by his father and not the Council. Neither Giles nor Wesley had that. Merrick was stern; again something that neither of my later Watchers had. But he grew frustrated by my lack of commitment to the calling. That he had in common with Giles and Wesley.
I still do even now, years later, when they'd long retired from being field Watchers. It's funny how Wes still stutters and how Giles clucks his tongue and polishes glasses.

And Merrick, he grew somewhat attached to me the longer we worked together, and I came to respect him a great deal almost like a grumpy uncle. Later when I had brought myself to actually read his Watcher's journal, I never told anyone that I had it, and now it is destroyed in the dragon fire anyway. He wrote, "Buffy, she possesses an inner strength that I had rarely seen in Slayers, even if she doesn't acknowledge it herself."

Those words touched me, deeply.

He did something for me that no Watcher would have ever done for a Slayer, not even Giles. As a human for another human. This shows me when I look back now that Watchers in general do not look at Slayers and see a person. A girl. A young woman. The Chosen One. Not even a tool… They see a disposable tissue.

While patrolling the streets of LA with Merrick, we dispatched fledgling vampires with ease, but what we could not know was that Lothos had become obsessed with me. Come to think, of it he started a trend of master level vampires that became obsessed with me.

I'm still unsure if I should be flattered by that – the more vain part of me is flattered by that; the other, larger part is creeped out beyond belief, even though two of the obsessed vampires, Lothos and Sam Lawson, are dust in the wind. But Dracula and Angel are still around. Not that Angel is a threat, as he had his soul returned by vengeful tribe of Gypsies. And nowadays he is not even a vampire anymore.

Sam Lawson was vampire that Angel made during Second World War, and trough he was not exactly master vampire he was obsessed and did a lot of damage before being staked, by Drusilla of all people.

Dracula, Angel mentioned that, some of the Bram Stoker book was spot on, and for some reason he seemed to loathe Spike, Drusilla and Darla.

As for Angel, Drusilla, and Spike, well they are good now. They had regained their humanity, and in fact they are like some kind of male slayers. Drusilla, however, had received psychological help when she regained her soul. She is more or less sane now.

To return back to beginning, Lothos, I don't know how, but Merrick found out Lothos' plans for me. Those were not to simply kill me and be done with it, but making me his partner, his female counterpart in his group of vampires.

Merrick was truly concerned for my safety. Being newly called, I was perhaps four months old as a Slayer and I was no match physically or mentally for a Master Vampire like Lothos. In fact it was an achievement to fight Amilyn to a draw, on my fourteenth night as The Slayer, a feat which earned me Lothos' obsession.

Merrick used his gun to distract Lothos while I had run away to a local homeless shelter, where Merrick had some contacts and was Vampire proofed. Just as I had passed the threshold to safety I heard a gunshot. Later I found out from the news on TV that a man, committed suicide by shooting himself and was found in the alley.

It was Merrick whom shot himself to prevent Lothos is siring him, and with that he not only saved my life, but knowingly sacrificed his own. He knew that he won’t survive past this night.
I had nearly given up slaying after that, but Pike pulled me out of my depression to attend the school dance with him – now that was a classic 'Lady and the Tramp' story, Pike and I. That is, if we'd stayed a couple. Now Pike is a good friend, hitched with another good friend of mine – I hadn't seen that couple coming, considering how that witch was obsessed with some other boy, but that again is another story that I'll come back to later.

Considering how Pike and I have started off, it was pretty mind boggling how the head cheerleader and valley girl that I was got together with Oliver Pike.

Anyway just because I was grieving for Merrick and hurting over my parents constantly screaming at each other, that didn't mean that Lothos' obsession, had gone away. Far from it. He, Amilyn, and their minions attacked the dance that was held at the high school. Pike took on the minions and Amilyn, as well as Lothos' right hand man included, and staked his best friend, Benny Jacks, who had turned.

Minions, I recognized most of them as former students, caught fire that started, when I started to fight Lothos himself. I remembered sparks when I accidentally missed Lothos with a flag pole and hit a stereo, perhaps the lose wiring coaxed that fire.

I didn't see how the fire happened, but Pike told me later. I was to intent on my fight with Lothos, right until the fights conclusion, where I staked him with broken of piece of flag pole. Let's just say that alcohol, sparks, and flammable ornaments are not a good combination. Amilyn was staked later in an alley.

After the dance, we went to Las Vegas – we meaning Pike and I with his motorcycle. He taught me how to drive his bike, how to pick a lock, and how to play billiards and poker.

When I returned to LA, Pike suddenly felt that that he was more of a hindrance than an aid to my Slaying career. He said that I spent more time focused on his safety than slaying.

He cited that, when we were in Vagas, fighting vampires on the roof was an eye opener for him and that this was the reason why he tried to jump off the roof. To take himself out of the picture and that he could give me the chance to focus on the fight. I had to retreat soon after since the vampires had reinforcements. So I had to come up with a plan to solve the problem. I got a priest and had him bless the hotel's water tanks before activating the sprinkler system.

After Pikes break up with me, he returned to Vegas and I went home. But then – even now it's difficult to write the words. Mom and dad went through my things and found my diary. The result of that were me being committed to a hospital for delusions about vampires and me being The Chosen One.

I wasn't in that hospital for long, and of course my stay wasn't demon free. One of the doctors there was a demon in disguise. The demon somehow fed on the mental energy of the patients that were committed, slowly driving them crazier by each feeding.

That was the first time I faced and after a long and difficult battle defeated the demon.

Fortunately for me the other doctor, who was human, witnessed the battle, and later declared that I didn’t have any hallucinations or delusions. Citing that I only done some creative writing in first person to try garnering my parent’s attention and get them to stop arguing.

Anyway, after that my mom got me out and we moved to Sunnydale. There I have met Rupert Giles, Sunnydale high librarian and resident Watcher straight from land of tweed, aka Britain.

Giles had some strange way of introducing himself, by dropping a thick old book about Vampires in front of me, instead of my school books. It upset me so much that I reeled on him and said or rather yelled at him: “It’s my first day! I was afraid I was gonna be behind in all my classes, that I wouldn’t make any friends, that I would have last month’s hair. I didn’t think there’d bee vampires on campus!”

I cant say I regret those words, of course it wasn’t just run of the mill town, oh no, my mom and I managed to move to demon central and to make matters even more ironic, Sunnydale’s High school library was located directly above mouth of hell. Well, a nexus of energy that was also a weak point where beings - mostly other dimensional demons - could enter Earth.

Later I met Willow Rosenberg, resident computer genius and total nerd, but she was a shy, sweet girl. Now she is not as shy, in fact she is becoming a typical redhead and a witch. I met Cordelia Chase who was like a mirror of me from my pre-slayer gig, but she still helps. Xander Harris, class clown but steadfast friend. In a way they made Slaying fun and it was cathartic to save people from monsters and vampires.

Sunnydale was also place, where I’ve met Angel. The only vampire that had a soul returned to him – at the time, now there are more of vampires with souls roaming Sunnydale.

As much as Angel annoyed me with his mysteries ways, I was also attracted to him – he was the only person that I could see in romantic light that made sense to me in my whacky world.

Or so I've said.

We were slowly drawn together and then a prophecy about my death was discovered. I went down to where an ancient vampire was trapped where I found out that it is my death what sets him free. I drowned in a puddle of water and was revived with CPR by Xander, who was guided there by Angel. Master got dusted and I danced with Angel the entire prom night. The next day however, I sat on the bus on my way to spend almost an entire summer vacation with my dad in LA.

And that was the beginning of the adventure of my lifetime. An adventure that I'm still living in.
An adventure that really started off after my nightmare and then visiting the Renaissance Faire with my dad.

This is where it started .... the adventure of Buffy of Fairy Tail.