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50 Shades of Allie Novak

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She’s like a breath of fresh air.

Whether it’s seeing her smile, shy away, flirt or in the throes of passion, she feels like my inevitable. The first moment I laid eyes on her, I knew, she was absolute perfection. Her inability to hold my gaze when we first met, I found both endearing and saddening, not able to see her beautiful brown eyes. Our, brief, conversation and the feeling of her fingers running through my hair, sending an ease through my body I haven’t felt before.

Being an actual part of the wedding, I was unable to interact with her but I was able to catch glances of her, sitting, in the back. She stood out in a crowd, naturally, flaming red hair enhacing her already strong features. I remember Franky giving her vows as I turned my head and found Beas eyes holding mine. Her eyes, softening with each word and a small smile pulling at her lips. My heart melted instantly, wondering how someone can be so breathtaking. She made me curious, not only sexually but I wanted to know all the layers in between. I wanted to know more about this beautiful stranger, I only knew as Bea.

Even as I hold her now, passed out from her exertion, I still want to know even more. I hold her close, her head resting on my chest and I start to play lightly in her hair. I listen to her even breathing, her arm draped across my waist, holding me tightly and I smile at the sight. Her flaming red hair fanned out over my chest, creating a beautiful contrast that starts to ignite a fire within me. I start to run feather light touches to her arm, watching as she pulls away in her sleep and I smirk at the adorable reaction.

Her hand reaches up and she sleepily rest it on my right breast, my smile dropping. I’m brought back to reality when I see a tan line on her ring finger, reminding me, painfully, of my inability to have her, fully. She may have removed the wedding ring but it reminds me that she will be leaving me tonight, returning to her married life. Bea never speaks about her marriage or her husband so, I assume, we are carrying on an illicit affair. I agreed on this the moment I saw the band in the bar, saw past it, needing to have as much of this woman as she was willing to give.

I feel her hand starting to, firmly, squeeze my breasts, announcing her return from a deep sleep. I look down at her stirring body before landing on her sleepy eyes, opening slowly,

“Welcome back, beautiful”, I say warmly, taking in her entire being. I was wrong before. Waking up next to Bea, with her body wrapped around mine is absolute perfection.

“Hello to you too, gorgoeus”, she says in a husky voice, sending a shiver down my spine at the sound. I fall completely blank when she turns her head, capturing my nipple in her mouth as she, lightly, plays with the other. My eyes shut, the physical and emotional reactions I’m feeling, are too much to bear. I feel her lips leave my body and I open my eyes, looking down into hers,

“Thank you for letting me do that, earlier”, her words coming out as a shy, muffled whisper against my chest. I smile in understanding, it’s not only her first time doing something that adventurous,

“You’re welcome.. And that’s the first time I’ve ever let someone restrain me.” She leans up on her elbow, confused,

“Huh? But the scarves..”, I chuckle, lightly, before responding,

“Yeah, babe, they’re scarves. I wear them, not use them to tie myself up with. It was the closest thing I had to a restraint.” She drops her head onto my chest, laughing lightly, clearly embarrassed.

“But I enjoyed it, immensely. I’ve never had someone touch me like you did, I’ve never given someone that trust”, I continued, deciding it was my turn to be honest. She looks up at me, eyes peeking through red hair, a simple look that reduces me to a puddle.

She rises up and over my body, settling between my legs, her eyes never leaving mine. She takes her time examining every inch of my face before kissing me gently. I, lightly, place my hands on her back and tangle my legs around hers, our bodies fitting perfectly together. She pulls away, her hand coming up to rest gently on my cheek,

“Thank you”, she says in a low whisper, her eyes glistening with joy and light tears. She leans down and kisses me with a passion I have never felt before, my heartbeat thundering in my ears. I’m falling for this woman at break neck speed but I can’t stop myself, I can’t stop the feeling that overcomes me, each time she is near and away. I pull away from our kiss, her eyes dark and hooded,

“Make love to me, Bea”, I whisper softly, her eyes holding mine. I was about to apologize, thinking I had just stepped over a line, when I feel her hand return to my cheek and her thumb stroking my bottom lip. She pulled on my chin with her thumb, leaning down, kissing my upper lip before, slowly, making love to my mouth.

What she does to my body next has me feeling blessed our paths have crossed again.


Our bodies, tired and spent, collapse on the bed. I look at the time, seeing it’s still pretty early to grab dinner or order in,


“Bea… come on babe, we need to eat something and shower”, I say, laughing deeply, at her intelligible response. I wrap her in both of my arms and hold her close, enjoying whatever time I have left with her, tonight.

A couple of minutes have passed when I feel her lips on my neck,

“Let’s order in and shower while we wait”, she finally answers, exhausted and rightfully so. I giggle, lightly, looking at the woman in my arms, in amazement.

“You read my mind. Start the shower, while I order?” I offer, she nods her head, gently, looking up at me. She gives me a loving smile, kissing me before rising up and making her way to the bathroom. I watch, as she walks away, tracing every muscle with my eyes, creating a scorching memory. I reach over onto my nightstand, grabbing my phone when I hear a loud gasp from the bathroom.

“You okay, babe?”, I instantly yell out, concerned.

“Yes, sorry, water was too hot”, I relax, releasing the breath I didn’t know I was holding,

“Be careful hun, I’m coming in a few. Preference for dinner?”, I call out to her, giving her the choice.

“Something hot and fast”, she calls out and I chuckle at her vaugueness.

I open my phone, deciding Italian sounded best, it’s hot but might not be fast. I smile, selfishly, wanting to enjoy every second of my shower with Bea, I can’t get enough of her. I place the order, expecting it to arrive in an hours time and throw the phone to the bed, walking to join Bea in the shower. I grab an extra towel from a nearby closet before walking into the bathroom and draping it over the hook.

I look at her silhouetted body moving through the clear curtains, appreciating her toned form before opening it and joining her.

Just as Bea and I finish our shower and dress, the bell rings. I turn, almost, running out of the room,

“Should be the food”, I throw over my shoulder.

“I’ll be out in a few hun”, I hear Bea yell out as soon as I reach the front door. I’m met by a familiar pair of brown eyes and curly hair, I feel I’ve seen before.

“Allie Novak?”, I hear the voice question.

“Yes”, I reply, confirming the order name but still trying to piece together, where I have seen her before.

She lifts my order, placing the bags in my hand. I hand her the money due and a generous tip,

“Have a goodnight”, she says with a smile before turning and I take in her name tag before she completely turns out of view,




I have our food set and prepared, when Bea enters the living room,

“I figured we watch some tele while we eat” I say, watching her take a seat next to me, lifting my leg to drape over hers. She grabs her food, eyes straight ahead,

“Anything good on?”, she ask, taking a bite of her food, enjoying it. I just smile at her, passing her the remote to choose.

“You choose babe, I just want to sit here with you”, the sincerity in her words causing my smile to widen. I’ve already fallen for her.

I flip through the channels, finally settling on an old classic, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. We fall into a comfortable silence as we eat and watch the film, stealing glances back and forth.



The movie hits a musical number when Bea breaks the silence,

“I wanted to talk to you about something..”, her voice trails off and I fear the worse,

“I’m working tomorrow morning but I’m free the rest of the weekend and...I was hoping… I wanted to ask you..”, Bea stumbles, I place my hand under her chin, lifting her eyes, that dropped, to meet mine. I see her calm, instantly, at my touch before continuing,

“I wanted to spend more time with you. Hold you, while we slept”, she says softly and I finally understand, what I’m feeling isn’t a one way street. We have something and she craves it just as much as I do,

“I’m all yours”, I whisper, kissing her lightly, pulling her down, with me, to lie on my chest, our legs tangling on the couch. We resume watching the film, silence falling again and a smile, reaches my lips. I play in her hair as I watch her eyes, get heavy.

I reach for the remote once I see her eyes have completely shut, turning off the tele. I look around at the, empty, containers and decide it can wait till morning, not wanting to disturb her peaceful slumber. I reach for the red blanket, hanging over the back of the couch and cover us both, closing my eyes and wishing this would never end but knowing it can’t be forever. I hold Bea, tightly, the further I drifted into sleep, her light breathing easing me into a deep sleep.



I wake the next morning to the feeling of lips on my neck and fingers playing with mine. I moan when her teeth, lightly, graze at my pulsepoint. She pulls back, her eyes full of mirth,

“Sorry, beautiful, just had to make sure you were real.”