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My Thoughts on Dracula

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My Thoughts on Dracula

Few figures are so well known and strike as much terror into the heart as that of the vampire known as “Dracula”. This creature — not yet dead, but no longer alive — has, at one time or another, tempted, fascinated and repelled us all. When Irish novelist and writer Bram Stoker published Dracula in 1897, he couldn’t have predicted that he was creating a figure who was larger than death.

Today, he might be timeless, but back in the 15th century, however, he was all too real. His name was Prince Vlad Dracula (as well as Vlad Tsepesh), whom history has come to know as Vlad the Impaler (since the surname “Tsepesh”, which is also known as “Tepesh”, means “impaler” in Romanian).

In many ways, the reality of Dracula’s life was more terrifying than the vampire literature and fanfiction he helped inspire, his story more shocking than anything Hollywood could manufacture.

I’ve noticed that Dracula has become quite famous ever since the Bram Stoker novel bearing his name came out in 1897.

Dracula’s popularity soared as he was portrayed by many different actors (such as Frank Langella in 1979 and Gary Oldman in 1992) in the movies bearing his name over the years as well (although, as usually happens with movies based on books, the Dracula films took liberties with the source material by changing it sometimes).

As a matter of fact, Dracula was a real person. However, the real Vlad Dracula happened to be a whole lot scarier than his fictional vampire namesake.