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Roommates & Soulmates

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The room was plain and square. The twin beds in either corner were unwelcoming with their bare mattresses. There was a window, but the grey carpet rather detracted from any welcome the sunlight created.

With a groan he threw his duffel bag onto the lower bunk and hoped with all his might the girls were at least as hot in university as they had been in high school. Or if they weren't as hot he hoped they would at least be easier.

He started unpacking. His mother had always wanted him to fold his clothes but had never actually succeeded in making him do it. He found sheets for the bed in one of the empty drawers, and deciding he would take the left bed, started laying the fitted sheet over the bare mattress. His mother had also tried to teach him the importance of something called a hospital bed corner, but he firmly believed as long as the sheets were on the bed it didn't matter what kind of corner it had.

Despite her constant nagging he was going to miss his mother, especially her cooking. He suspected university food would not be as good as homemade.

He heard the door creak and turned to see a guy standing awkwardly in the doorway, apparently not sure if the open door meant he was supposed to knock or not. The guy had black hair and was of a similar age and height to him, though slightly taller.

"You must be my roommate," he said going over to greet the man. "I'm Jace Herondale."

"Alec Lightwood," the man said.

"Lightwood," Jace said thoughtfully. "Did we go to the same high school? Cause that sounds familiar." Now that he thought about it Alec looked familiar too.

"Yeah we did," Alec said. "You hit on my sister a lot."

"Long legs and dark silky hair!" Jace exclaimed, remembering the way he had thought of Alec's sister back in high school. Jace always recalled women like this, by description rather than by name.

"Izzy," Alec corrected him

"I like my name better," Jace said. "More descriptive." But Alec didn't seem happy about this so Jace added. "Either way she never gave me the time of day."

"That's because she isn't stupid," Alec yelled. "Arg! I can't believe I am stuck with you are a roommate!"

"Now wait a minute!" Jace said. "I am not all bad. I mean just look at me." He grinned and gestured to himself.

Alec did not look impressed. He walked over to the unclaimed bed and threw his bag on it. Alec then started to unpack keeping his back to Jace.

"So," Jace said after a moment of awkward silence. "I never really got to know you in high school." Alec didn't say anything. "I figure we can just start now." Alec was focused on unpacking and didn't turn around. "I am here on a wrestling scholarship, but your family is loaded right?" Still no acknowledgement from his audience. "You know I heard rumors back in high school about you." Alec stiffened. "They say you bat for the other team." Alec spun around and glared at him as if expecting to be attacked.

"So what if I do?" Alec asked.

"Finally a reaction!" Jace said. Alec turned back around but Jace could see he was fuming. "Geez relax would you. This is probably a good thing. Most straight guys I know like to try and steal my dates or they get jealous of my many dates. It's annoying." Jace didn't count his ultimate wingman in this. Sebastian never stole his dates.

Alec snorted.

"I mean it!" Jace said. "I don't care if you're gay. I do care that you hate me on sight though. I mean we are going to be forced to live together. You can't hate me forever."

"Yes I can," Alec said. "I heard rumors about you in high school too you know."

"Don't you mean my reputation with the ladies?" Jace smirked.

"Your reputation for never dating the same girl twice," Alec said. "No. Dating is the wrong word since you never date them so much as sleep with them, never remember their name and then never talk to them again."

"What can I say?" Jace replied. "Once you have gone through all the bases there really isn't much left to do with a girl, you know?"

"No," Alec said pointedly. "I don't know."

"Oh right," Jace laughed. He decided then to give up on the idea of being friends with his roommate. Alec obviously hated him and wasn't about to change his mind. It was time to blow this popsicle stand and go find his ultimate wingman; time to see if university life could live up to its reputation.

Jace found Sebastian sitting outside, smoking like always. There was only one smoking pit on campus so Jace had known where to look.

"Hey," Jace called as he jogged over. "Meet your new roommate yet?"

"Yep," Sebastian said. "So far all I know about him is that he really likes heavy metal bands. Every inch of the wall on his side is covered with them!"

"Well my roommate went to our high school," Jace said. He was making sure to stand up wind of Sebastian's cigarette smoke like he usually did. "Do you remember Alec?"

"The fag?" Sebastian said. "Didn't his sister shoot you down like a million times?"

"Yeah she did," Jace said. He ignored Sebastian's derogatory term for Alec. It was just Sebastian being Sebastian, and Jace didn't think anything of it. "But I didn't really try very hard. She was too much in the game herself."

"I heard that about her," Sebastian said. "So do you want to go to that sort-of-a-party they are having in the Quad?"

"If you want," Jace said. "I mean it sounded kinda lame is all."

"Do you wanna hit a bar?"

"Bit early for that," Jace said.

"It's happy hour somewhere," Sebastian argued. Jace agreed and Sebastian grinned at him then put out his cigarette.

When they entered the bar Jace did his usual perusal for any particularly attractive women. He disregarded any of them who were obviously with another man. That tended to lead to more trouble than it was worth. That scratched the two brunettes and the strawberry blonde off his list of possibilities. There was, however, a lovely dirty blonde with a low neckline which revealed lots of cleavage at the bar and a dark haired asian beauty in a tight green dress sitting alone by the fire.

"I call the blonde," Sebastian said and Jace knew his friend had done the same assessment he had. Jace and Sebastian were the exact same shade of blonde themselves. They were also the same height and their faces similar enough that even Jace's mother mixed them up sometimes. The feature that could best distinguish them was their eyes. Sebastian had green eyes while Jace's were golden.

"What do you wanna do tonight?" Jace asked.

"Oh I don't feel creative," Sebastian said. "Just the usual?" Jace nodded and headed toward the bar.

"Is this seat taken?" Jace asked. The dirty blonde haired women turned to him. She had make up around her eyes, a oval face and deep pink lips.

"If you are going to give me some stupid pick up line," the women said. "Like 'did it hurt when you felt from heaven' or something I am not interested."

"Now why would I do a thing like that," Jace said smoothly as he took the seat beside her.

"You look the type," the women said.

"I resent that," Jace said smiling at her. He knew what his smile did to women and he could see how it was already affecting her. Slowly as he continued to speak, her body language changed. Her legs uncrossed, her hand came up to play with her hair and her voice softened.

Pretending he had received a text Jace looked down at his phone.

"Do you have to go?" the women asked, obviously opposed to the idea.

"Actually," Jace said. "I was wondering if you wanted to meet my friend? He was too shy to come over here and talk to you himself."

"Oh," the women said, even more enthralled than before, now that she thought there was a more sensitive shy guy interested in her.

"I'll get him over here," Jace said as he pulled out his phone again and texted Sebastian. "He's been hiding watching us."

"What does he look like?" the women asked.

"A lot like me," Jace said. "Oh here he comes now." Sebastian came up to stand just slightly behind Jace.

"Wow," the women said. "You weren't kidding. Are you twins?"

"Just best friends," he heard Sebastian say as Jace quietly slipped away to check his phone. He had a text from Sebastian.

'Chair by the fire. All yours mate.'

Jace grinned as he put his phone away and sauntered over to the middle of the bar where his date for the evening sat staring at the fire. She had short black hair and porcelain skin. Her short green dress showed off her long legs. The neckline of her dress was more conservative than the dirty blonde's had been but her chest was much smaller so it suited her.

"Ah," the stunning asian women said as he approached. "You do look alike."

"Guilty," Jace said sitting down next to her.

"Why didn't you just come and talk to me yourself?" She was playing with her hair and looking up at him with wide eyes.

"Well you are just so beautiful," Jace said. "I would have been tongue tied." Half of this was true. Jace did find her very attractive but he never got tongue tied around women. As they always did, his words had the desired effect. She giggled and uncrossed her legs. Jace had long ago learned this less defensive body language was a good sign. He leaned in closer to her and waited to see if she would lean in as well. When she did, he kissed her. He liked to think he was very good at kissing. He had a great deal of practice and knew he could make a woman melt with just his tongue. She was no exception. He congratulated himself when he earned a moan from her.

"Tongue tied indeed," the women whispered as they broke apart. She was looking at him now with more desire than before. He suspected she knew most of this was an act but she suddenly didn't seem to care.

"Do you wanna get out of here?" Jace asked gently.

"An angel's face," the woman whispered. "But a sinful heart."

Jace held out his hand and she took it. He led her out of the bar.

"Where are we going?" the women asked. Jace turned her in his arms and kissed her long and deep until he heard her moan again.

"Where do you want to go?" Jace breathed against her neck. He felt her knees start to give out a little and got the answer he wanted in the whispered words she spoke next. Together they went back to his dorm room.

Once they were inside the room and the door was closed, Jace kissed her again but this time he got his hands under her dress, hiking it up to her hips. He knew the more turned on she got the more fun he would have so he slowly ran his hands over the soft skin of her stomach and hips bones, slowly moving up to undo her bra.

She seemed to suddenly notice how many clothes he still had on and rectified the situation quickly. The second his shirt fell to the ground her hands were running over the powerful muscles of his arms. While she was doing that, Jace rid himself of his now very uncomfortable pants and underwear. She stopped and looked down at his arousal before switching her focus. When her hands gripped his hard penis he lost patience with foreplay.

Throwing her down on the bed, he quickly grabbed a condom from his bed side drawer and opened it. She watched him put it on so there was no need to speak about what protection he planned on using. He went over to the bed and ran his hands up her legs to hook his fingers into her panties, pulling them down and off.

Slowly moving his hands back up he gently ran the tips of his fingers over her most sensitive areas. Once she was moaning and groaning the way he wanted he shimmied her dress up to her shoulders so he could place his hands on her breasts. Without removing his hands, Jace positioned himself and thrust in. She gasped and her legs went wider still as her hands came up to press down on his back, as if asking for him to go deeper.

Inside her was warm and sticky. He loved it when it was like this, when the woman wanted it as much as he did. He moved faster and faster and soon he could feel her muscles contract around him. He couldn't stop the gasp that escaped him as she squeezed him again. This was not going to last much longer if she kept doing that.

Trying to get her to finish with him, Jace brought his hand down to where they were joined and intensified the experience for her. He could easily hold up his own weight with one arm and his reputation was at stake here.

Jace felt rather smug when her body arched under him and her toes curled. He thrust once, twice more as he watched the look of pleasure on her face. When he came she was still riding her high. They slumped together down onto the bed, breathing hard.

Jace had a strange sensation on the back of his neck almost as if someone was watching him. He turned to look and met the eyes of his new roommate standing awkwardly by the open door. Alec was holding the sock Jace had placed on the doorknob with a rather shocked expression.

If this guy didn't understand what a sock on the door meant, Jace was not looking forward to having him for a roommate.