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"Jeon fucking Jungkook! How many times have I told you to cut the shit and stop doing shit on your own?"

Jungkook looks up from his desk, where's he's been subconsciously doodling badass kittens with guns all over the report that he should've actually finished half an hour ago. "Oh shit." he breathes out, realizing that he's been drawing with a pen and not pencil, which means he's going to have to grab himself another copy to get started on it. He quickly crumples the pieces of paper as he sees Namjoon approaching him, the captain's eyes flaring red and his chin jutted out at an almost unnatural angle. Jungkook throws the ball of paper into the bin next to him and does a little fist bump in celebration, but it is short-lived as Namjoon slaps him across the back of his head with a folder.

"Ow! That hurt, captain!"

"Don't lie," Namjoon huffs, crossing his arms in front of him. He looks down at his fellow policeman, and then pulls up the ball of paper out of the bin. Jungkook opens his mouth and stretches his arm out to protest but is immediately shushed by Namjoon, who gives a sharp look that loosely translates to "Don't you fucking dare." Jungkook groans and buries his face into his hands when Namjoon stares at his gunslinger felines before giving him a judgmental look.

"Really? Oh look, this one even has a revolver. Good work, officer Jeon," Namjoon compliments sarcastically. "It's good to see that your artistic creativity procedes actual work," he continues with a fake smile. Jungkook reciprocates it before snatching the evidence out of the chief's hand and tossing it back into the bin.

"I swear I'll have it finished it by the end of the day."

"You're damn right you will. But that's not the point. What the hell did I tell you about going solo?"

"Oh come on, chief, the fucker was right there, and I got him, so what's the big deal?" Jungkook laments with a roll of his eyes, even crossing his arms like a petulant child for emphasis.

"The point is that it's dangerous. Not just for you, but for your partner. Don't be an asshole, Jeon."

"OK. Fine."

"Plus, Min's going to lose his patience with you real soon and probably kill him yourself," Namjoon continues with a scoff, leaning against the desk.

"Are police officers allowed to joke about murder like that?" Jungkook retorts with a snort as he digs for another copy of the blank police report file.

"You think I'm joking?"

"I'm not joking either," a gruff voice says from behind Namjoon.

The two men turn to find Min Yoongi standing with his trademark scowl, wiping something out of his uniform. "Goddamn it, Jeon, that ketchup you spilled on me isn't coming off."

"Oh shit, yeah, remind me to pay for you to get that cleaned," Jungkook calls out from his chair. He had been shoving a hotdog down his throat while they were in the car, despite Yoongi's protest to just wait till they're on break, when Yoongi had to turn a sharp curve to track down an asshole who thought the busy streets of Seoul was his private F1 racetrack. Jungkook had fun arresting that one when he tried to pull out the "do you know who my father is?" bullshit on him.

Jungkook likes being a cop. He likes knowing that he's bringing justice to the world and keeping the streets safe for people, but the best part of his job is tackling an asshole down onto the ground or handcuffing dumbasses who think "I swear I didn't do anything" is a plausible excuse to get them out of trouble. He continues being a cop, despite its dangers, because he absolutely loves the thrill of chasing down bad guys (being able to cut through traffic with the sirens on is an added bonus. He know he's not supposed to, but he can't arrest himself now, can he?).

Min Yoongi and he have been partners since basically day 1 of his career in the department. Yoongi was a senior officer who refused to have a partner until captain Kim decided that Jungkook, the rookie, was going to have to be paired up with the only remaining solo officer (Yoongi), and while Yoongi wasn't exactly a peach to work with, they somehow got along just fine. Jungkook was immune to Yoongi's scathing looks and remarks, and Yoongi learned to accept that Jungkook, while he may be hot-blooded and perhaps a bit too eager to run after suspects, is a more than capable officer.

"I expect that report on my desk, 6pm sharp," Namjoon says with a point of his index finger and Jungkook nods with both his hands up in surrender. Yoongi smirks from where he's standing and as soon as Jungkook opens his mouth for help, the blond officer lets out a low "don't even" before walking to his desk. Jungkook sighs and bangs his head against his desk. He loves all the action, but he really, really hates all the paperwork. On his first report, he described the suspect as "a complete dickbag who couldn't run for shit and clearly had to steal money to get himself a new haircut," and since then, captain Kim had been on his ass about making sure all the reports are perfect. Well, damn.

"Why 6? Are you going on a date?" Jungkook asks with a mischievous grin, twirling around in his chair. Yoongi sighs besides him, mumbling "idiot" under his breath. Jungkook shoots him a pointed look before wiggling his eyebrows at the captain. It's common knowledge around the precinct that Kim Namjoon is in some desperate need to be in some kind of a relationship. The guy was a hopeless romantic, with a divorce under his belt and whose last long-term relationship ended horrendously (the said person ended up being a gang member who had been trying to get information out of him), and everyone wanted the chief to just find the right person and settle down.

Personally, Jungkook wants the chief to date so he'll stop being a hard ass about his solo endeavors.

"No, I have to school Tae," Namjoon answers gruffly, referring to his son who's more trouble than tame. That's not to say that Taehyung is a bad kid. Far from it. A strong sense of justice runs through his blood, just like his father, but the problem was that Taehyung was a lot more impulsive and was prone to punching classmates who bully other kids. That meant Taehyung was sent off to detention quite frequently, which meant he got a phonecall each and every time, and well, Namjoon needs to teach Taehyung that it's not OK to go around hitting other kids.

"Uh oh, did he punch another kid again?" Jungkook asks, crossing his arms. He likes Taehyung. The kid is an exellence balance of eccentric and wise, and it's always entertaining when he comes around to talk about his perspectives on otherwise boring subjects.

Namjoon nods with a sigh.

"You should bring him around more often. I miss the kid," Jungkook says idly, playing with the pen in his hand. "I can take him on our patrols."

"Do that and see what happens," Namjoon warns lowly before walking back to his office.

Jungkook goes back to finishing the report, humming a tune to himself. Yoongi throws a ball of crumpled paper onto his head, hissing "shut the hell up," but Jungkook doesn't let that dampen his mood. It's almost time for him to go home, which means he will finally be able to see him.

"Yo Jeon."

Jungkook looks up to find officer Jackson Wang standing over his desk with a knowing grin on his face.

"Sup Wang."

"You stalking that kid again today?"

Jungkook rolls his eyes. "One, we don't use that word around here. And two, he's hardly a kid. He's in college."

"And how the hell would you know that? Tell me you did a background check and I'm telling cap," Jackson says with an exaggerated look of disgust.

"I just saw him reading through college textbooks. It's called paying attention to details. Something we, as officers of law, should be constantly doing," Jungkook answers with a smug grin an scribbles a few more words onto the piece of paper in front of him. "Now leave me alone so i can finish in time to go see him."

"Yeah, sure. Man you're a sad case," Jackson mumbles before heading back to his desk, greeting Yoongi on his way.

Jungkook finishes the report in record time, basically throws it onto Namjoon's office before changing into his casual wear and bolting towards the door. Yoongi rolls his eyes when Jungkook waves him a hurried good bye, knowing exactly where his partner is going off to.

It takes Jungkook exactly 27 minutes to get to a convenience store located right around the corner of the block that leads to his small apartment. Without a moment's hesitation, Jungkook marches right into the store and is greeted by a chirpy and familiar "welcome!" Jungkook nods, says a quick hello and then makes his way towards where the riceballs are located before looking through the day's selection. His favorite is nowhere to be seen, and he's perhaps a bit more disappointed than he should be.

"I saved one for you."

He turns towards the counter when he hears the familar voice speaking to him. The cashier is smiling at him, holding a packaged riceball in his hand. "This one's your favorite, right?"

Jungkook glances at it and finds that it is indeed his favorite, and the notion sends a warm, fuzzy feeling spreading through his entire body. He first stumbled across this establishment when he figured he deserved a can of cold beer after a particularly action-packed day. He entered the place with a bruise on his face (one of the asshole elbowed him in the face during the struggle), picked up a can of beer and then went to pay for it when suddenly, angels began to sing, a harp began playing, lights shone from the heavens and bells began ringing. Jungkook, never in his life, had ever seen a creature so beautiful. The man standing in front of him, scanning his can of beer, was the more perfect being he had ever laid eyes on. It was love at first sight. No question there. And ever since that day, Jungkook came back to the store every day the cute little cashier was on his shift and bought himself a riceball.

"Uh wow, thank you," Jungkook says with a lopsided grin as he takes the riceball into his own hand. "How did you know?"

"Not that hard. You come here everyday to get the same thing," the other man answers with a bright smile. "Is that your dinner?"


"Is that enough?"

"Usually," Jungkook lies. He ends up eating enough for three people as soon as he goes back home, but Mr. Adorable doesn't need to know that.

"I know I shouldn't be saying this, since I work here, but you should probably be eating stuff other than riceballs everyday. For health reasons."

Then I'd have to come up with another excuse to see you, Jungkook thinks but doesn't voice it. Instead, he goes with "nah, I eat big lunches," hoping it'll be convincing enough. Now, Jungkook doesn't even know the guy's name (so he can't even be doing a background check even if he wanted to), and he needs a clever way to get it (and hopefully his phone number as well). But he doesn't, because while he may be one badass motherfucker on duty, he doesn't know a thing about dating or initiating a date. So instead, he chooses to head over to the counter where he can much his food in piece while oggling the unsuspecting cashier.

Jungkook chews slowly, taking his sweet time watching the cashier put some bags of chips on one of the shelves. Then there's another ding, followed by a hooded figure walking into the store. Now, Jungkook instinctively goes into full blown police mode every time he sees a person with their face concealed. Now, he knows not to stereotype, but it's not his fault that a lot of the thieves, robbers and other criminals walk around like that, and well, it's better to be safe than sorry, right?

Jungkook watches the figure with abated breath, and of course, the giant sack of shit has to pull out a knife and point it right at the cashier, who looks like he's about to pass out. Jungkook can already tell by the way the robber is holding the knife that he's a complete noob and is more prone to hurting himself that getting away with whatever the hell he's trying to pull. Jungkook sighs, finishes his rice ball in a single big bite and even bins the wrapper before clearing his throat.

"Hey asshole," Jungkook starts, rolling his sleeves up. The robber, who had obviously been too stupid to figure out how many people are in the store, jumps at the sound and grabs Jimin to push the blade against the small man's neck. Clearly, the guy's seen too many movies, and Jungkook has zero patience for this turd. Plus, how dare he lay a finger on his Mr. Adorable.

Jungkook pulls out his badge with a scowl, flashing it at the dumb robber. "I'm sure you know what this is. Now you have two options. You drop the knife, go with me to the station, or you continue this shit and I beat you into a fucking pulp, handcuff your ass and then still drag you to the station and charge you with everything I can come up with. What's it gonna be, tough guy?" the officer continues, lifting his chin and staring down at the criminal.

The criminal fidgets nervously for a long minute before running straight out the store. How typical, Jungkook thinks before he cracks his neck and begins running after the asshole. All he wanted was a nice few minutes where he can watch Mr. Adorable in peace, but the asshole had to ruin it and make him run out of uniform. Goddman it. He's going to make sure the piece of shit is dragged back to the station.

Jungkook runs, the rush of wind hitting him against his face. The hooded man jumps over fences, and Jungkook follows suit with ease, moving like a panther chasing its prey. "Your ass is mine!" he yells right before jumping at tackling the novice criminal down onto the ground with a familiar thud. Yes, another one for the win. Jungkook pulls out the spare handcuff he carries around everywhere (because surprise, criminal activities occur after his shift as well) and cuffs the bastard before pulling him up.

"Alright asshole, you're coming with me," he grits out, heading towards the station. He's going to have to say hello to all the night shift officers again and maybe steal some of their food while he's at it. The robber makes some excuse about how he didn't steal anything or why he should be let go, which Jungkook ignores with ease. He enters the station and waves at the two officers who greet him as well.

"Hey Jeon. Good to see you're keeping yourself busy off duty," officer Choi Seungcheol calls out with a grin. Jungkook nods and pushes the still talking idiot towards him.

"Armed robbery. Pulled a knife on the cashier while I was still in the building, like a fucking idiot. I expect better quality," Jungkook explains as he watches officer Choi take him off his hands.

"Let me guess. At that convenience store by your apartment?" officer Yoon Jeonghan, who had been watching the entire interaction, teases with a grin.

"Man, does everyone know about this?" Jungkook grumbles, taking a piece of fry off of Seungcheol's desk. "Fucking Jackson Wang."

"Yeah well, if the chief knows, then everyone knows. Plus, we keep ourselves entertained betting when you're going to grow a pair and just ask this mysterious person out on a date," Yoon Jeonghan replies, swatting Jungkook's hand away when he tries to reach for his chicken nuggets. "These are mine. Steal Cheol's."

"You guys need a life."

"I can't hear you over how sad your crush is."

"Ha ha, hilarious. Give me a form so I can fill one out."

Jeonghan gives the other officer a knowing smile before handing him a sheet of paper. "Let me guess. You're going right back to that place to ask for that cute cashier's name, number and address huh?"

"Standard procedure."

"Right. Since when did you volunteer to do the reports on your own? You always made me or Seungcheol do it."

"I'm feeling generous."

"Bullshit. Anyway go, run along," Jeonghan says with a laugh and waves the other man off. Jungkook leaves the station and heads straight back to Mr. Adorable, hoping that the man isn't too traumatized. He knows what it's like to be held at knifepoint (and gunpoint). It's not a pleasant experience, even for a person as well-trained as himself, so it must have been terrorizing for Mr. fluffy kitten back at the store.

"Oh you're here," the cashier says, his voice still trembling, as Jungkook walks in with a ding. "I wasn't sure if I had to call the cops since you're a cop too...I uh...." he continues uncertainly from behind the counter, and Jungkook has to give it to the man. Even despite the traumatic experience, he's doing his work. Kudos.

"I just need to ask you a few questions. Police report," he explains, putting up the piece of paper. "Can I get your name first?"

"Oh, of course. It's Jimin. Park Jimin."

Jimin. Finally a name! Jungkook proceeds to jot down Jimin's number and date of birth, committing it to case of further investigation (cough).

"I'm so glad you were here, officer..."

"Officer Jeon. Jeon Jungkook."

"Officer Jeon. Thank you for saving my life back then."

"No big deal. Plus, the guy was obviously a novice and wasn't going to actually hurt you."


"It's my job. Now, I just need to speak to your manager to sort through a couple of things. Here's my number...just in case something goes wrong or you have any question," he continues after clearing his throat and writes his number down on the top right corner of the paper before ripping it off and handing it to Jimin. He knows he's going to have to rewrite the report all over again for doing that, but it's so worth it.