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Restraint, Reverse

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Satou, as it turns out, is chatty. He’s chatty as he raids the lab, changing shamelessly into clothes that are a bit too baggy, but at least less bloody. He’s chatty as he picks his way through people’s pockets to find the car keys to get them out of there. He’s chatty even as they drive away, leaving the lab in the dust.

Ogura really doesn’t think there’s anyone left. The entire lab was still as a tomb, without any signs of any reinforcements coming.

He suspects no one even had time to radio for help.

To Ogura’s intense annoyance, it rapidly becomes obvious that Satou doesn’t need to eat. Long after anyone else would have stopped for food, Satou simply keeps on driving, and Ogura gives up trying to follow the road signs. What little he’s seen is clear enough--they’re headed back to Tokyo, and they’re doing so in a hurry.

Ogura regrets sitting in front almost immediately. Satou continues to chatter, making polite small talk without ever actually giving him anything concrete, and having just watched more than a hundred people die, Ogura is tired. He wants to sleep, and Satou isn’t going to let him.

Despite Satou’s constant talk, he does eventually nod off, only to wake hungry hours later. It’s dark, the sun having dipped behind the mountains, and Ogura realizes that Satou isn’t going to stop for anything like bodily needs unless he asks.

“We need to stop,” Ogura mutters under his breath, reaching up to rub at his eyes. He has a headache. He hasn’t had a cigarette in more than twelve hours, and he hasn’t eaten in even longer than that.

Satou doesn’t take his eyes off the road, but he does turn his head slightly, acknowledging the statement.


“I haven’t eaten anything in hours, I need to pee, I need some water, and I need a cigarette. I’d even settle for something that isn’t my FKs at this point.” He’d take anything, as long as it has nicotine.

Satou smiles pleasantly as usual and doesn’t say a word, but the next exit he pulls off the highway, wandering through the town until he locates a convenience store and pulling in.

“You stay in the car,” Satou insists, getting out himself. He doesn’t even attempt to lock the door or confine him in any way. Even if Ogura runs, he has nowhere to go--the remote keeps him from ever escaping.

Ogura cranks the seat back so he can rest, trying to sleep and being interrupted by his stomach any time he gets anywhere close. Satou seems to take an awfully long time in the store before finally emerging carrying two large bags.

“I brought you presents,” Satou says as he climbs into the driver’s seat, dropping the bags on Ogura’s lap. He sounds as if he means it, although Ogura is firmly skeptical he’s going to enjoy anything in the bags.

He’s proven wrong immediately when he pulls open the first bag and is met immediately with several nikuman in a variety of flavors.

He doesn’t even bother to say thank you--instead, he simply digs in, devouring his way through three curry-man before settling back in his seat.

Satou pulls out of the parking lot, humming pleasantly to himself as he gets them back to the highway.

Digging through the bag, Ogura retrieves a bottle of water and washes his dinner down before holding it out for Satou to take. Unsurprisingly, Satou simply waves it off.

“You don’t eat, do you?”


“Do you drink anything?”


Ogura’s pretty sure that Satou’s telling the truth, because the man seems to lie only sparingly, but it isn’t exactly an encouraging sign. Satou’s firmly divorced from any of his usual bodily needs, and Ogura suspects that means they aren’t going to be stopping at a hotel to sleep any time soon.

Despite his rather desperate need for cigarettes, there’s no obvious carton anywhere in either bag, so he simply drops both on the floor by his feet and leans back to try and sleep.

He wakes hours later to the car door slamming. He’s groggy enough had can’t quite follow what’s happening, but he recognizes the sound of a gunshot, and he leans up to squint through the window, realizing that Satou’s left the car at some point.

Satou returns almost immediately, looking no worse for the wear and infuriatingly plucky as he climbs back in.

“Where are we even going?” Ogura mumbles, wanting to actually sleep almost more than he wants a smoke. Sleeping in the car simply isn’t the same as sleeping in a bed.

“What do I need most of all, Ogura-san?” Satou asks, and somehow the fact that he’s still calling him Ogura-san just grates on his nerves. Considering that Satou can literally decide to kill him at any moment--regardless of whether or not they’re even in the same room--the san simply comes off as patronizing.

“Your band of merry men?” Ogura asks, wondering how in the hell Satou expects to find them.

Satou lets out a laugh that tells Ogura he’s wrong, and then shakes his head for added effect. Ogura hates being wrong, and his irritable mood is only worsened by it.

“We’re going to get guns, of course. The tranquilizer guns the guards had aren’t going to be much use to me, and I don’t have enough ammo to make the few actual guns very worthwhile. They’re not to my taste anyway.”

Ogura wonders when it was that Satou developed enough of a taste in guns to be picky about it, but decides not to ask. Instead he rolls onto his side, grumbling lightly as he squeezes his eyes shut.

“Get some sleep, Ogura-san. We have quite a ways to go.”