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But it solves every problem!

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Everything was falling apart. Metatron, Gadreel, Abbadon, the Mark, the hits just kept coming and Sam didn’t know how much longer they were going to be able to hold out. He actually found himself missing the apocalypse. At least then things had been simple.

Sam, Dean and Castiel were still standing in the car park. Metatron had waltzed in and treated their wards like a cheap parlor trick. Sam was still trying to work out why he would give Cass back? He certainly hadn’t needed to. He was frustrated and angry, made even worse by seeing Gadreel.

Cass and Dean were getting bogged down in taking a star wars metaphor way too far, so Sam jumped back in.
“What happened Cass? Did he tell you anything?”
He was hoping Metatron might have let something slip. He seemed like the type who liked to hear himself talk. Sometimes that was useful, even if it was annoying.

Cass looked at Sam.
“He wants me to lead the angels against him.”
Dean scoffed loudly.
“What? Why?”
“He wants me to be his villain.” Cass replied, straight forward as always. “He sent Gabriel to try and convince me to lead them. He was unsuccessful.”

Sam could see Dean was about to protest, probably something reassuring about Cass not being a villain. But Sam got in first.
“Gabriel’s alive?”
“I don’t believe so. He was an illusion created by Metatron. When I asked if he was really there he didn’t reply. His reaction was vague and confusing. But if he was alive, I believe we would know.”
“How?” Dean cut in again. “Guy was here hiding for like a bazillion years. What makes you think you’d be able to find him?”
“I don’t believe he would abandon us. Not with Metatron.” Cass said earnestly.
“Yeah cause sticking his neck out worked so well for him before.” Dean countered.
“That was different. That was a fight between archangels. It was destined. This is not.” Cass repled, unconvinced by Dean’s doubt.

Sam meanwhile was busy thinking. Because he’d just come up with an idea. It was desperate, and maybe impossible. But they’d passed desperate a few mile markers back. It was at least worth running by Cass.
“What if we could bring him back?” Sam asked, focusing on Cass.
“Having an archangel on our side would be very helpful. But I don’t see how it would be possible.” Cass stated confused.
“There’s a spell.” Sam admitted. “I found it in some of Kevin’s notes from the angel tablet.”
His voice cracked slightly saying his name. He couldn’t think about the kid without also remembering that it was his hands that had been used to kill him. But he needed to focus. The guilt spiral could wait till he was alone.

Both Cass and Dean looked at him in surprise.
“And when were you going to tell us about this?” Dean asked, with more hostility than necessary. He was always on edge these days.
“Look, with everything that’s been going it kind of slipped my mind ok? We’ve been pretty busy. Besides…” Sam kind of trailed off, not able to get any more of the words out, but Dean could read him. He’d always been able to see what Sam meant, even if he couldn’t say it. Dean could only imagine where Sam’s head had been at going through Kevin’s notes for anything useful. He filled the sudden silence.

“Yeh, yeh ok, so what, you’re thinking we bring him back, he can round up all the angels, maybe take out Metatron?”
It didn’t sound like a bad plan. Assuming he’d go along with it. Dean had mostly got over his resentment of the Trickster when he’d gone to bat for them, and then handed them the key (literally) they needed to beat Lucifer. He didn’t like him, but if he could solve their angel problem, he was willing to take the chance.

Cass too looked thoughtful.
“Assuming it could be done, having an archangel that isn’t trying to start the apocalypse would be very helpful in heaven. The angels need a leader. So many of our brothers and sisters have fallen, factions are fighting among themselves. We need someone to take control. Gabriel would be an excellent candidate.”

“Alright, well then we’ll head back, see what we can dig up and we’ll let you know.”
Dean was keen to get out of there. Not only did they have a kind of plan, but he was anxious to avoid Cass from noticing the Mark. He had already been looking at him strangely and that was one can of worms he wanted to keep a lid on. He didn’t need the lecture, or the look of disappointment he was sure he’d get. So he just turned and headed for the car. Castiel turned to Sam.

“Keep an eye on him.” He warned.
Sam wondered how much he really knew, but didn’t say anything, just nodded.
“Take care of yourself. We’ll keep in touch.”