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2016 - September

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Zoe glanced at Cordelia, then at Queenie, who shook her head a little.

“Er, Cordelia, are you sure...?” - Zoe attempted, but the Supreme just put her hand up in irritation.

“I appreciate your input, Zoe, you know I do, however, at this moment, I don't need it”

“Cordelia, she's right. I'm right” - Queenie went next - “This is not very Supreme-like”

“Excuse me?” - Cordelia's voice turned cold enough to freeze the room, but neither girl moved an inch on it.

“This is the kind of bullshit Fiona would've pulled, and you know it” - Queenie stated, and Cordelia slowly looked at her. The Supreme's eyes shot daggers at the girl, as effective as they were.

“You two are excused”

“No, we're not leaving” - Zoe said softly - “Cordelia-”

“You forget whom you are speaking to, girls. You may call me-”

“Again, Fiona” - Queenie said, and Cordelia paused.

“I don't know what you want from me” - she said after a beat.

“We just want you to take a deep breath” - Zoe began - “and to remember that you are not your mother, and what more, you are the best Supreme in generations. You're above... This” - she grimaced and looked sideways. Queenie followed her gaze, and Cordelia sighed.

“I have been too kind a Supreme” - Cordelia said, moving over to stand closer to the strung up, bleeding girl - “This is what happens when you're not feared enough. These girls have no idea what a Supreme is really capable of, and thus they disobey, they step out of bounds, and I need to impose myself on them”

“Impose or torture?” - Queenie mumbled when the bleeding girl opened her eyes and started thrashing.

“A Supreme does not torture” - Cordelia said, straightening up - “A Supreme teaches. A Supreme is a leader, a Supreme is an educator”

“And how is this teaching her anything?” - Zoe asked hesitantly when Cordelia absently waved a hand at the girl, making hey scream and flay as flames danced on her skin. Queenie winced beside her as the heat came and hit them with the force of a fireplace.

“This is teaching her and any other girls who think they are above my rules what happens when I catch them” - she leaned over onto the girl, whose skin was reddening as the flames continued burning her - “And I will always catch them”


“If either of you have a better way to do this, then please, go right on ahead, I am fully open to suggestions”

“Well” - Queenie started, then stopped when the girl started screaming again, but Cordelia quickly shut her up by cutting off her air.


“I don't like any of this, you know it, but... If you are going to do this...”

“Queenie” - Zoe hissed.

“Let her speak, Zoe”

“If you're gonna 'teach' girls how they should behave, what's the point in doing it away from the rest of the girls? They ain't gonna learn shit this way, Cordelia. In my opinion”

“Queenie!” - Zoe gasped.

“What? It's true! An example is only good when everyone sees it, you can't just show 'em the end result, that won't help any” - Cordelia nodded as Zoe covered her mouth.

“You are absolutely correct, Queenie, thank you very much for that, I don't know what I was thinking!”

“We are your advisers” - Queenie shrugged.

“Zoe, anything you would like to add?” - Cordelia asked sweetly.

“... I guess... I mean, if you're going to do this...”


“You can't let her live, that would be too cruel”

“Would it?”

“What good is she going to be anyway, all messed up and alive? Better that she... Serves as an example to the rest of the girls, then dies”

“She could become a martyr” - Cordelia countered.

“She's kind of right” - Queenie interjected - “A dead girl could be a martyr, but at least she won't be around to try and cut your throat in the middle of the night. She's got plenty of friends, they could get in their heads to do it, and you know it”

“I suppose I will have to work that much harder to keep the rest of the girls in line once I'm done with her”

“You should let her parents know she was in a horrible accident” - Zoe shook her head - “She never should have ran from the school, this city is not safe for pretty, reckless girls like her”

“Very good, Zoe. Queenie, will you help me move her? Zoe, please write me a summary of the accident, her parents will likely have many questions”

“Of course, I'll get right to it. Were there other people involved? Was she...”

“No, no, no rape, that would be too tough a blow for her parents to handle, no. She ran, she met some terrible people... And so. You'll get it right, I have no doubt”

“Sure thing”

“Now, Queenie, do you have any ideas as to how we ought to discipline our wayward student?”

“Something slow, something painful... And anything a bunch of rednecks would do to a pretty girl without raping her”

The girl gasped for air as Queenie and Cordelia moved her out of the room, and Zoe could hear the entire 'discipline' lesson even as she wrote down the details of the tragic turn of events that led to that girl's untimely demise.