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Love Twice

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Swipe. Swipe. Swipe.

For the past thirty minutes, Cloud occupied his time on the phone during lunch break.


He shouldn't be wasting his time like this, yet here he was swiping his thumb across his cellphone screen, his lunch long forgotten.


It all began when Cloud and his then-girlfriend, Tifa, moved to Midgar a few years ago. Their hometown of Nibelheim was exactly the type of backwater town one saw in the movies. But Cloud and Tifa left the mundane life as a young couple who wanted better opportunities in the giant city of Midgar. However, during their junior year of college, Tifa confessed that she dated a girl behind his back and came out to Cloud as a lesbian. Ironically, Cloud also fooled around with his male classmates and, at the same time, came out to Tifa as gay. The two lived together as friends until they afforded their own place. Recently, they moved to a slightly nicer two-bedroom apartment for more privacy.

Although Tifa dated her girlfriend long before she came out to him, Cloud struggled to keep a decent boyfriend. After they broke up, the number of guys he slept with was higher than the number of days he maintained a relationship. It wasn’t because he held high standards for men. In fact, he felt his standards to be lower than most people’s preferences. But lately it seemed that the guys he tried to date were only after sex and money. Cloud was known to give more than take, and his dates exploited him multiple times. The last guy scammed him out of a couple hundred gil, claiming that it was for school, until Cloud discovered the man wanted money for other dates’ meals. Cloud eventually gave up and entertained himself with random hookups. That way, he didn't have to waste his time and money with stupid men.

Tifa advised Cloud to be more assertive towards his dates and rev up his standards; but each time Cloud said he would try, his relationship status never lasted long. She hated watching Cloud go through men like tissue, and the ones he remotely liked broke his heart. She asked her peers for help and they told her about a dating app.

“It’s called Love Twice," she explained to him one day. "Hopefully you can just see their interests right here,” she tapped on the screen of her cellphone. “All you have to do is swipe to the right to say that you like them, and swipe left if you don’t like them. And if both of you like each other’s profiles, it’s a match! Simple, no?”

“It’s…” Cloud glanced down at Tifa’s cellphone. He didn’t exactly have the right words to express how he felt about this whole gig.

Tifa laughed. “Cloud, you’re one of the few people I trust who knows more about technology than the inventors themselves! This shouldn’t be a shock to you.”

“It’s not that!” he exclaimed. “I just feel like I’m doing online shopping.”

“Ex-act-ly!” she enunciated while wagging her finger.

“But that sounds kinda wrong,” he looked at her. “Won’t I hurt their feelings if I swipe no?”

“They won’t know if you viewed their profile. But the message would get across to them if they liked you and never got a match.”

He remained silent. His eyes glanced at the random person’s profile. The black-haired girl looked cute in the photo. She wore a black tank top, showing off her cleavage, and shorts that stopped at the upper part of her thighs. She stood next to the statue of President Shin-Ra and made the thumbs-up gesture. Underneath her photo stated that she was a political science major at Midgar University.

Cloud tilted his head to the side and pondered Tifa’s words. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if he at least took a shot. And if he found it boring, he could delete the app and go back to the old fashioned way. However, with this app, he could filter potential dates based on their similar interests. That sounded like a better option compared to the numerous awkward silences at the dinner table. “Alright. I’ll download the app and go from there.”

Now sitting at his job's cafeteria, Cloud blindly reached for his soda and searched for the straw with his mouth, not caring if he looked like a fish out of water. His eyes remained glued to his phone as his thumb made a line from right to left on his cellphone. When his mouth finally made contact with his straw, he sucked and tasted the sugary beverage on his tongue.

“I’m actually eighteen but my profile says fifteen?” he read aloud with a confused expression.

What Tifa also told him was that the app linked to his ShinraConnect profile. There’s no way someone would falsify their age on ShinraConnect when most people befriended their relatives and old classmates on there. He shook his head. That’s none of his business.


“I’m looking for a Dom to satisfy by sub needs…” his eyes widened at the suggestive photo presented in front of him. It was a short-haired blond guy holding what looked to be a whip in his mouth. He was naked from the waist up and he faced the camera while kneeling. Cloud actually found him to be slightly attractive, but those interests were way out of his league. He had such a bad experience with kink, that he vowed to never go near a whip, or chains, or whatever the fuck those people liked to do. 

Not his thing. Swipe.

Cloud sat his soda back on the table and picked up one of his fries. So far, nobody sounded remotely interesting. There were a couple of people who passed all of his likes until he saw a random interest that was a deal-breaker for him. “What is up with these people and drugs?” he muttered to himself and popped the fry in his mouth. About sixty percent of the people he viewed on this app talked about finding smoking buddies to get high with. Cloud wasn’t into that lifestyle, and even after he tried it once, he spent the entire month worrying that he would fail his random drug test at his job.

He cringed. Nope.


“I really thought finding men would be easier than if I went home." he sighed and placed a couple more fries in his mouth. Last he checked, Midgar was pretty open about sexuality. In fact, he read that more than half the city's population were open to the non-traditional couples. Yet most of these profiles haven’t explicitly stated a desire for the same sex. Cloud picked up on a couple of hints – such as two blue-clad emojis smiling next to each other, or rainbow emojis that followed the description about the person. He found one such profile and swiped it to the right.

The second he lifted his thumb away from the screen, the app displayed that he received a match. Curious, Cloud re-read the profile again. It was some twenty-five-year-old named David. He didn’t have much to say about his career or interests. But other than that, his description was pretty basic.

The blond also received a message from the guy.


Cloud was grateful that he didn’t have soda in his mouth or else he would have choked. That was really fucking fast. Perhaps this guy was currently on his phone too?

Hey! He sent back.

No more than a minute later, the guy replied, Whatcha up to?

On lunch break. You?


Blond eyebrows twitched. Whatever. Aww! It’ll get better!

It took longer this time for the guy to respond. At first, Cloud thought he also bored him, but the message that was sent made him roll his eyes.

I’m lonely.

Yesterday, he received a similar message from some guy who was out looking for a booty call. At first, it didn’t register to Cloud that that was the ulterior motive. But it soon became known that sex was the only thing on that stranger's mind. And today, it looked like another person was horny rather than lonely. He knew exactly where the conversation headed. 

With a snort, the young blond typed, You should check out Honey Bee Inn. I’m sure they will give you more attention than I ever will. He didn’t even wait for a reply as he requested the app to un-match him with this David person.

Cloud honestly would be down for a quickie if the guy was a little more attractive... However, he promised himself to not engage in hookup culture anymore.

With a huff, Cloud finished the rest of his fries. He wasn’t in the mood to eat the remainder of his burger. Glancing at the clock, he calculated about fifteen minutes left before he needed to return to his desk. He placed the half-eaten burger in its wrapper and set it aside on the tray. Okay, a few more and he’s done for now.

He spent the remainder of his lunch period swiping left at people’s profiles. There were a few he actually liked, and he prayed that one of them showed mutual interest. 

Cloud almost closed the app until a handsome face caught his attention. Rather, the man’s eyes caught his attention.

The most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen stared back at him. A dazzling smile, along with a handsome face just intensified how utterly perfect this man looked to him. His spiky black hair did not deter his boy-next-door look. Cloud was secretly grateful that someone else in this city could pull off a hairstyle similar to his. He felt his face flush as he continued to stare at this person’s profile. His name was Zack Fair-- twenty three years old-- and according to his description, he was in law school.


But why did he look familiar?

Cloud continued reading his description. He grabbed his soda and finished it a loud slurp. His mind was heavily preoccupied with Zack’s profile that he didn't care how obnoxious those sounds were.

Heya! I’m Zack! New to this, so puleeze be gentle! I’m only interested in men (sorry ladies :( ).

Cloud thanked every god and goddess known to man before he continued to read the rest of the profile. He caught the disapproving eye of someone sitting at a table across from him and realized that he still offensively slurped his drink. He smiled sheepishly and placed the cup back on the table.

My interests include: video games, food, corny jokes, romantic getaways to Costa del Sol (hint hint to rich people reading this), and just having a good time! I warn you, I will fall asleep if you discuss books around me. I tend to avoid those unless they relate to my education. On a serious note, I will ignore you if you solicit sex or drugs to me during our chat. Please respect others if you want equal reciprocation.

This man was too good to be true. The blond didn’t even hesitate as his thumb pressed ‘Super Like’ after reading his description. Hopefully that option sent a notification to this Zack person. He sounded funny and charming. Cloud hadn’t even met the guy yet and he already pictured their future dates.

Nope, too soon. Zack had to like him back first.

It was time to head back to the office. Cloud pocketed his phone and stood before gathering his trash. Unfortunately, he will have to wait until after work to check his phone. The company had a no cellphone policy during work hours, yet his anxiety of wondering if Zack would like him back will bother him until the day was over.




“Are you done yet?” A man whined while half sprawled on the counter and clad in a powder blue, button-down shirt with black slacks.

“Nope. I have about five more to do.

“At this rate I’ll be dead from starvation.”

“You can cook for yourself. Or you can order takeout.”

“It’s not the same as your cooking though.”

The man wearing a white, double-breasted jacket and black trousers briefly turned to regard his pouting companion. He adjusted his white toque situated on top of his head. “Genesis, you are a grown man. You can take care of yourself.”

“I’m well aware of that, but your delectable dishes are what keep me alive, Angeal.” He slid off the counter and stepped closer to him, wrapping his arms around a muscled waist and rested his cheek between thick shoulder blades. He took a whiff of Angeal’s scent, which was drowned by several different spices that clung to him each time he diligently worked on his meals. Genesis couldn’t get enough of Angeal smelling like food. He was already gorgeous enough to eat.

The chef patted one of the arms around his waist and went back to decorating his desserts. His class tomorrow will learn how to detect and identify different flavors within desserts and understand how these flavors can enhance one another when combined. Although he was pretty sure that the students would be more excited that he baked something for them.

“Can I at least taste-test one of your desserts as an appetizer?”

Angeal chuckled. “No, because then I’ll have to make another one from scratch. These are all for my students.”

“Lucky bastards…” Genesis mumbled before releasing Angeal.

“Again, you can either wait for me to finish, or leave and order take-out if you’re so damn hungry.”

The auburn-haired man glanced at the clock situated above the row of fridges. By the time Angeal finished his tasks, the sun will rise. “What about you?”

“I’ll be too tired to cook after this, so I planned to order something at one of the restaurants down the street once I’m done.”

With a huff, Genesis reached for his phone. “Fine, I’ll go on and order something for both of us.” He unlocked his phone with a code. “The usual at Langston’s, right?”

“You bet.”

They often ate at a mutual friend's restaurant whenever they had to work late, or were too tired from their classes. Angeal knew Langston since the two were in culinary school together. One of the biggest perks about dating a chef were the free meals and discounts at high-class restaurants. 

Genesis leaned against the counter next to Angeal as he ordered their meals to go. He hung up while letting out a growl of annoyance, “One fucking hour.”

“Oh good. That means our food won’t be cold when I’m done.”

“It’s a fucking work day. Is there some kind of special going on that I don’t know about?” He checked some of his unread text messages.

The dark haired man sighed and placed his cookware on the table. “I told you beforehand that I will be working late and that you should go on and eat without me.” He pushed the finished dessert far back with the others and moved onto the next one. “Did you not get that text?”

As soon as Angeal said that, Genesis saw the message Angeal left him hours ago. Apparently, Genesis already typed out a response but forgot to send it. Frowning, he went back to his list of other unread messages. “No.”

The chef sighed in disappointment. Genesis was always on his phone texting a bunch of people. And his multi-tasking attempts sucked. He often sent the wrong text to someone, or was halfway typing his thoughts before another text came through and distracted him. It never failed. “Just be patient, Gen. Don’t you have some papers to grade, or e-mails to type?”

With a groan, he closed his messaging app and looked at the red number above the envelope icon. One hundred and three… Fuck this. “I could grade but I don’t feel like it.”

“Have the students even gotten back their first exam?”


“You should let them know how they’re performing in class or else it will increase their anxiety.”

“Do you know how much effort it takes to grade essays? Their writing skills are already atrocious enough. I have to grade their content and pray to the Goddess that I can do it without taking pain meds.”

Angeal stopped and turned to stare at him. “Instead of making essay exams, why not use multiple choice, or whatever test style is quick to grade?”

“Because literature requires critical thinking; and essays are the best way to let me know if the students understood what the hell they read.”

He waved a hand in the air. “There you go. Now you have a reason to grade besides deadlines.”

With another huff, he opened a random app on his phone. “Fine. After dinner I’ll go back to grading.”

A curl of his lips was the reply as he went back to his desserts. On a typical day, he would give Genesis about thirty minutes into the grading session before complaining. Angeal needed to find a way to get him to complete his task. “Their midterms should be next week or so. If they don’t know their grades by then, they can easily report you to the department head; which is bad for you because you haven’t been a professor for long.”

Genesis paused at what he was doing, and looked at his lover. “They can do that?”

The black haired man nodded. “A friend of mine who was in college had a new professor who never graded their exams or assignments. And when he found out that his grade was a C without any explanation or warning, he filed a complaint to the department head which eventually got the professor fired. A lot of the other students voiced their complaints because the professor never touched their assignments.” He glanced at him again. “I don’t want the same thing to happen to you.”

Was this a scare tactic or…? Genesis was only a professor for one year. He taught three introductory courses last semester, but there were so many students that he had teaching assistants who pretty much did all of the work for him. But this semester, he taught three upper level courses, each with a much smaller number of students. The department felt that he didn’t need an assistant for those classes, which annoyed him because he was so used to having someone else do all of the grading. Now, after listening to Angeal’s story, he thought about shoving his deterrence for grading aside and actually become more serious. “Okay. Whatever. You got me. I’ll be serious from now on.” He went back to his phone, opening another app.

“I’ll hold you to that.”

He remained silent and closed the app, his eyes now lingering on the nearby blue flower icon. It's been a long time since he used Love Twice. He should see if any new people used it. As he waited for the app to load, he sat on top of the counter, briefly looking to the side to make sure he wasn’t disturbing the cakes.

Genesis almost laughed at his old profile picture.  The app notified him of his neglect with an old profile picture, over ninety-nine likes and super likes, and dead profiles from people he used to talk to.

It took a good fifteen minutes for everything to be fixed. Genesis was pleased with his short biography after editing it a couple of times. He checked to make sure nothing weird changed with the app. When he saw that it was roughly the same since he last used it, he swiped left at all of the profile pics. Eww, most of these men were either super traditional, or sounded uncultured. After all these years, Love Twice should have more people like him...

Then he realized that the age range was too young . Now that he was a professor, he had to be careful with who he dated. Although he was only thirty-two, the last thing he wanted to do (literally speaking) was encounter someone from his classroom. He barely remembered his students’ names, let alone faces. It was best to play it safe. Genesis entered the settings and scaled the age range at twenty-six to thirty-five. There. That should weed out the idiots. Usually people around his age or a little younger already had their lives together.


His expectations were short-lived as he read through more questionable profiles.

Looking for a sugar daddy!

Someone to get high with me!

Just want a fuck buddy.

Looking for another male to surprise my wife.

Wow. Years ago, when Genesis first downloaded the app, he stated on his profile that he was polyamorous and received quite a number of messages from people who assumed that he was only looking for one-time threesomes. Even though he participated in plenty of adult group activities during his days in sector eight, he finally agreed with Angeal to look for serious partners who were willing to partake in the polyamorous lifestyle.

However, Genesis and Angeal took a break after several bad breakups and spent more time with each other. But lately, Genesis desired another partner. He loved Angeal to death, yet this time, they would limit to only one person that both of them liked.

He will talk to Angeal again later. Right now, Genesis was curious to see if anyone interesting appeared after so many years of disappointment.

He continued swiping for a while, with only the sound of the fridges and deep freezers buzzing in the quiet kitchen. The professor was about to give up until he came across a peculiar profile. The picture was a close-up of a man whose green eyes peeked from the top of a black book he didn’t recognize. Genesis hummed to himself upon gazing at silver hair in the picture. Perhaps this man wore a wig, or dyed his hair on weekends. He doubted anyone naturally had a hair color often associated with old people.

The man, named 'S', only stated that he was a doctor in a private clinic. Genesis wondered what his ShinraConnect profile looked like because usually the descriptions were often… well… descriptive. There wasn’t anything else interesting about this person, but a disclaimer:

If you attempt to offer me illegal drugs in the message section, I will send you a list of all of my police connections along with the obituaries of previous patients who decided to have fun with these drugs. Don’t even think about soliciting sex to me.

Genesis couldn’t help but chuckle. Apparently this ‘S’ person dealt with some weirdos as well. The professor knew when someone filtered their notifications due to constant unsavory people bombarding profiles with stupid messages. But he knew the game quite well and accepted the challenge to like the profile.

Super Like.



His head was about to explode.

Zack let out a loud sigh as he closed the thick book and rested his head on the cover. He wore a black sweater, with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and dark blue jeans. His tennis shoes, that saw better days, were off his feet underneath the table. He sat in the library for so long that he probably formed a butt print on the wooden surface of the old chair. The books containing content from human rights to controversial cases stacked high enough on the the table to block his view of anyone approaching him.

Two exams were coming up and he was about seventy percent prepared. It was already two nights before doomsday and he spent his entire previous weekend buried in old books. If he wasn’t in class, or at work, then he was at the library. He barely remembered how his apartment looked outside of his bedroom. At this rate he should just move into the library. At least he wouldn't have to worry about paying rent. Maybe if he cleared a shelf or two, he could squeeze a mattress and blankets as well.

Digging in his pocket for his phone, he wondered if any of his law school peers checked to see if he was still alive. Zack held down the ‘on/off’ button, contemplating if he should have brought his charger since he hadn’t used his phone in quite a while. His screen finally glowed to life and it froze for a second before a wave of notifications appeared on it. He turned his phone off for two days and this was the result. Pressing the code to unlock his phone, he saw that he had thirty unread texts, fifty emails, and ten to fifteen notifications from each app. Shit.

Filtering through his texts, he replied to all of them in record time. He finally reached the last text and smiled.

Make sure to get plenty of rest and eat a well-balanced meal. Hope to talk to you soon.

That’s right, he hadn’t spoken to him in almost three weeks, with their schedules being busy and all. He should probably let the guy know he was still alive and kicking.

Just finished a book. I’m gonna kick ass on these exams!

Once the weekend arrived, he will definitely call him up for a night of drinks and relaxation.

He read through his notifications, quietly laughing at some of the posts he saw and shook his head at the captions. His friends were a mess – always causing trouble wherever they went. He warned them that they should be careful around him since he will have to abide by the law. They called him a ‘goody-two-shoes.’

About an hour later, he finally reached the other app, Love Twice, and saw that he had a few notifications. Sighing he hoped that it wasn’t more people wanting a one night stand. He made sure that his profile explicitly stated that he wasn’t down for that. He’d rather get to know a guy before he wanted to go any further. Zack had a couple of matches from people who were a tiny bit interesting. He read their profiles and let out a small “eh” sound as he didn’t bother to send them messages.

“Ohhhh… a super like!” He rested his elbows on the table while holding his phone with both hands. His leg started bouncing underneath the table as he checked to see this mysterious person.

The cutest, sweetest-looking, adorable, spiky-haired blond guy with eyes as blue as the sky turned out to be the culprit. “Oh my gods…” Was there such a thing as love at first sight because he’s pretty sure he experienced it at this very moment.

His name was Cloud Strife and he was a twenty-two year old intern at Tuesti Industries.

Cute and smart. He heard it was hard to even get a call back from that place. They often worked with Shin-Ra Company, which increased their prestige over the years. In fact, Tuesti was responsible for most of Midgar’s construction back in the day. So for a guy like Cloud to even hold an internship there meant that he’s good at whatever he does. That’s definitely a plus in Zack’s books.

Hi! I’m Cloud! I’m extremely new to this social media thing so please forgive me if I come off a bit strange. My interests include: engineering (particularly architectural), art, video games, music (if you like the band 7Neves please message me!), low-budget movies, and anything that can make me laugh. I enjoy having fun and I hope you do too!

Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. From that simple description alone, Zack knew that Cloud was perfect. They even liked the same underground band. What were the chances of that? Did the gods reward him for studying so damn hard for the past week? If so then he should ace his exams to receive an even better gift such as setting up a date with Cloud soon.

Super Like.

He closed the little ‘x’ on the match notification. He immediately entered the message section, briefly considering what he should say. He looked at the ceiling, mentally going over different conversation starters. With a smirk, he eyed his phone and typed what he thought would be a great way to get to know someone.

He pressed send and stared at the message again before closing out of the app and setting his phone on the table. If he looked at it any more, he would lose precious time studying. It was a nice break from the boring old books, but he had to get back to work.

He picked up another book from one of the high stacks and opened to the table of contents. He searched for the subject of interest and turned to the exact page. Zack realized after ten minutes that he read the same line over and over because a certain blond occupied more of his thoughts.




“Now if there are no other questions, I will have you check out at the front desk.”

The lady continued to stare at her doctor, not registering what he just said. The man snapped his fingers in front of her face multiple times, causing her to jolt and blush. “Oh! Um… sorry…” she mumbled as she gathered her belongings, still embarrassed that she was caught staring at him.

With a tired sigh he rubbed the bridge of his nose and waited for his patient to leave. As soon as the door closed, he leaned back against his chair and thanked the gods that this day was over.

Sephiroth was overbooked again despite his plea to the secretary. He will have to sit down and have a long talk with her because this issue needed to stop.

With his legs crossed and the clipboard in his lap, he folded the papers back to their proper place and wrote down a few more notes. He will have to refer her to a specialist tomorrow morning after reviewing her exam results.

Standing and pushing the chair to the side, he turned off the light and left the private room. He closed the door and walked down the hallway, turning left and right in the process, and opened another door to the records room. He saw that someone was already there, typing away on the keyboard.

“Aerith,” he greeted.

The young woman’s fingers hovered over the keyboard and turned around to smile at him. “Hello. Did you manage to survive her flirting attempts?”

“Fortunately.” He kept the door halfway open and approached her chair. “Do you happen to be logged into the system?”

She turned back to the computer, nodding and typing again. “Yep.”

“I will close down the clinic for tonight while you enter in this information about her, deal?”


He gave her a small smile, even though her back was facing him. Ever since she arrived at the clinic, things were a lot smoother here. He knew she would be a good addition to the medical team when he interviewed her. Her recommendation letters from the nursing school were not wrong. Not only did she have a perfect GPA, but her personable nature was exactly what he needed for his clinic. It’s a shame she didn’t attend medical school because she would have been a wonderful doctor.

Sephiroth walked around the clinic, making sure that everything was back in its proper place. He gave a thorough check in each of the private rooms to look for any biohazard wastes, or discarded trash. When he found none, he stepped into his office and removed his lab coat, tossing it on his desk and slumped into his chair. Now clad in his all-black dress shirt and pants, he tilted his chair back and closed his eyes for a moment, reveling in the silence. Only the sound of his clock could be heard ticking away on the wall. He turned his head to the side and glanced at it. Four hours longer than the posted business hours. That’s a record compared to the past two weeks, where he was stuck in his office until one o’ clock in the morning. Sighing and placing his hands on his face, he let out a tired groan and considered taking the rest of the week off. He could push his patients onto Hojo and relax for a while.

Speaking of relax…

He opened the bottom drawer and pulled out his personal cellphone. He had two phones: one for work (which was in his pants pocket) and one for leisure. Hardly anyone knew his personal cell number and he preferred to keep it that way. He crossed his leg over his knee and held his phone with both hands. His lock screen indicated that he received a text message from the person who happened to be on his mind. A small smile crept on his face and he entered his personal code to unlock his phone and read the full message.

“Hmph.” Sephiroth typed a reply, Then afterwards we should get together.

For a split second he thought he would receive an immediate response, but realized that his hopes were merely wishful thinking. He closed out of the messaging screen and noticed that one of his apps had a number next to it. Gods, he completely forgot about that app.

With a sigh, he figured he could amuse himself before he went home for the evening. He loaded the app and waited for the notifications to annoy him. Sephiroth didn’t like anybody on this stupid social platform. The person who suggested it  stated that it was a good way to meet new people. So far, it made the doctor hate people.

He had four super likes. Incredible. Even though he barely posted anything in his profile, he still managed to arouse someone's curiosity.

The first person was rather unattractive and didn’t sound very exciting in the least bit.


The second person was a wine distributor. His profile seemed remotely interesting, but at the same time, nothing really stood out to him. He reminded Sephiroth of the type of guy he would meet at a conference, and forget about once he returned home. Sephiroth preferred his partners to be attractive, and have a personality trait that would grab his attention. Otherwise, he would become bored.


The third person was a pretty brunette. She was a high school mathematics teacher and enjoyed surfing at Costa del Sol. Sephiroth paused for a moment, and leaned forward to rest his head in his hand, his elbow placed close to the edge of his desk. The cellphone was now held in one hand as he ran his thumb over the screen to scroll down the entire profile. Honestly, he wasn't ready to be with a woman again. His experience with his recent ex became… exhausting. For now, he will limit himself to men, until he was ready to start dating women again-- if he wanted a woman again.

Oh well.

The fourth person made him freeze in place, as if a spell was cast on him.

The man had a haughty flair about him as he sat on an off-white couch holding a mug in his lap. His clothes looked just as expensive as the couch he sat on. The sun peeking through the window behind him illuminated his short, auburn colored hair and emphasized his dark blue eyes. A smile that looked more like a smirk graced his androgynous face as he looked directly at the camera.

Sephiroth was transfixed.

Sitting up in his chair and once again holding his phone in both hands, the silver-haired man read that the person’s name was Genesis who was a professor at the university. Scrolling further down the profile, it read:

Educator. Passion for literature. Food connoisseur. If you wish to know more, swipe right. However, I am very meticulous when it comes to dating.

When the war of the beasts brings about the world's end/ The goddess descends from the sky/ Wings of light and dark spread afar/ She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting.

“Loveless…” Sephiroth said aloud. That quote came from the infamous story. He remembered reading it during his medical school days when his ex-girlfriend recommended it to him. It was a classic, and served as a great read outside of the medical books.

Genesis was… intriguing. Sephiroth couldn’t exactly describe it, but something pulled him towards this person. He also looked very familiar, but the doctor couldn’t put his finger on it at the moment. Genesis’s unique appearance was the main reason for the sudden interest. He wondered if the professor knew the type of reaction he'd cause after viewing the profile. If so, they already had something in common.

Super Like.