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Luck of the Irish

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Levi was in a right mood. Eren had not vacated the cockpit the entire flight and the older man had spent the hours attempting to read the various papers and documents he’d brought with him and had retained perhaps three words of the lot. He could hear his lover chattering on amicably with Farlan and he was irritated because he had hoped to spend some time with Eren before they’d landed, but he was more irritated because he did not want to selfishly take Eren away from the simple pleasure of first flight; no doubt Farlan was giving him the show of his life. Levi couldn’t rightly fault the younger man for his excitement, but he also couldn’t reconcile his jealous agitation for being essentially ignored the entire way.

His expression was impassive, but his gaze was dark as he followed Farlan and Eren off the plane. He remained quiet all the way until they’d made it to the penthouse at his main hotel in the thick of the city, the one with the brilliant view. He was so annoyed, more so as the moment they’d arrived, he’d been informed that some urgent business required his attention. He supposed it would be at least a better outlet for his frustration than making his lover suffer his horrid mood for the rest of the day.

“I’m afraid I have to attend to some pressing matters love, why don’t you freshen up and relax? There’s billiards in the bar on the ground floor and if you’re hungry, just give them a ring down at the desk and they’ll send up whatever you fancy,” he said, voice deeper than he’d meant for it to be, rougher and accent heavier as he pulled off his jacket and loosed a couple of the buttons at his throat, running his other hand through his hair restlessly.

Eren was busy twirling around the most extravagant room he’d ever seen. From the view to the bathroom, to the monstrous bed, he couldn’t help bouncing around as he inspected his surroundings, oblivious to Levi’s mood. He was just about to jump on the bed like a child when Levi’s voice made him pause. Eren trotted back to Levi with a bright smile. “I can come with you!” he said, not wanting to be left on his own.

Levi reached to brush his knuckles along Eren's jaw, the touch fond and tender despite the simmering ire beneath his skin, and shook his head, “It's nothing you need to be concerned with love. I won't be long. Perhaps when I'm done, we’ll go down to the sea?”

There was an edge to Levi’s voice, a tension in his muscles, a problem that Eren could now tell existed but couldn’t quite put his finger on. Levi didn’t usually seem feral, holding himself back from what Eren didn’t know, and he didn’t particularly like it. He thought about protesting further, but the sharpness of Levi’s stare made Eren clench his jaw shut, accepting his orders like he was a thug not a lover. Levi was usually so gentle with him, so eager to please that Eren didn’t quite know what to do when Levi denied him. Maybe he did something wrong?

“I’ve never been to the sea,” Eren said quietly, his previous exuberance seemingly doused by the stiffness in Levi’s shoulders. He must have really fucked up somehow.

“You'll be madly in love with it no doubt,” Levi said, ruffling Eren's hair, aware of the shift in Eren's mood, undoubtedly affected by his own, “Smile for me Shamrock. Don’t worry. We'll be on the beach before you know it.”

“Let’s go now… We just got here… Do you really need to leave right now?” Eren whined, lifting a hand to tug on Levi’s shirt, eyes wide and pleading. If Levi just stayed, Eren was sure he could cheer him up.

“Would that I could love, but this bit of business is time sensitive. Have patience,” Levi said somewhat regretfully. Surely given long enough, Eren might chase his dark mood away, but as he’d said, this particular business had been left for far too long already. “Have a bath and a bite and I'll be back before you can miss me,” he finished, pulling away with some reluctance, desire battling with the furious restlessness that still prickled in his blood.

There was enough bite in Levi’s tone that Eren listened, dropping his hand and turning his head away. He nodded in acknowledgement but was slowly becoming angry himself. Why in the hell had Levi dragged him all this way if he was just going to leave him hidden in a hotel room? Was Eren seriously here just to warm his bed and wait for him to come back? The thought made him bristle so he turned his back on the man, unwilling to watch Levi walk out the door.

Taking the hint for what it was, Levi exhaled and crossed the room to the door. If he stayed now, they’d only end up arguing and though Levi was irritated and frustrated, it was not at his lover. It’d be better to wait until he’d released the pent up aggression elsewhere before he spent anymore time in Eren's company.

Eren stood tense and still until the door opened and quietly clicked shut moments later, signaling Levi’s departure. The young man then sighed a groan, dragging his feet over to the bed and flopping down. Why did it have to be like this? Levi was treating him like an extra set of luggage; like a burden. “Fuck him,” Eren decided, “I can entertain myself.”


Eren couldn’t entertain himself. He’d had a shower like Levi’d suggested, but couldn’t figure out which knob was which so it ended up being freezing cold. The phone was different too, but he managed to figure it out, ordering everything on the menu because he had no idea what a lot of the words meant since most were in French. When it all came up, on seven different food carts, Eren told them to set it up on the patio, hoping that Levi would come back and tell him what the food was and then they could eat dinner and watch the sunset together. Cheesy; Eren knew, except that Levi didn’t come back for the sunset, so Eren was just sitting in the dark watching the lights of the city turn on surrounded by cold food.

Eren finally gave up with another deep sigh, lifting one silver lid to look at the food beneath. Odd, weird sort of buttery circles greeted him with a little label that said ‘Escargot’. Using his fingers, he popped one greasy morsel in his mouth and chewed, the outer layer crunchy with the inner layer cold and slimy. Eren immediately spat it out, shooting whatever it was over the railing. Disgusting. Looking at the other platters, he was now too afraid to try anything else.

Standing up with a huff, Eren thought he would explore the hotel instead of being cooped up in this room. It was much too large and fancy for Eren without Levi there. But when he managed to figure out the private elevator and arrived at the lobby, Eren immediately noticed he stuck out like a sore thumb.

Beautiful, fancy people all milled through the main floor, wearing clothes that Eren knew probably cost more than his entire house let alone the meager wage he made working for Marco, even with the raise. As he passed them by, they stuck their noses up at him, no doubt wondering who’d let the riff-raff in, and now Eren was more embarrassed than ever. Even in his best Sunday clothes, he still looked like a street kid in comparison to the people looking down their noses at him.

“Hey you!” a man suddenly yelled from behind Eren making him startle as a hand flipped Eren around, “You’re not supposed to be in the lobby.”

“B-But Levi said…” Eren spluttered immediately But was cut off.

“The Irishman does his business this way,” the man said with a huff, “He doesn’t need his customers to see your sort, stick to your area.” With that, the impeccably dressed man pushed Eren away from the lobby and down a couple hallways to what seemed like ground level rooms. Eren was so tongue tied that he didn’t even struggle, wondering to himself how he would explain he’s a guest here before this man kicked him straight out of the hotel into a city he’d never been to before. Eren was just beginning to fret when he saw the familiar silhouette of one of Levi’s associates, Annie.

“Your boy here was running around… Disturbing the customers. Keep your low life men in check,” the man said rudely before he turned on his heel and stalked off.

Annie’s piercing blue eyes shifted to Eren as she stood leaning against the wall beside a door, making Eren fidget in front of her. “I- um- I guess I look too much like a thug… Levi said I could explore, but then I stuck out…” Eren tried to explain, then got curious; what was Annie guarding? “Whatcha doing?” he asked bluntly, eyes now on the door with curiosity. He couldn’t hear anything so maybe it was just an empty room, but for some reason, Eren knew that Levi was in there. He didn’t know how, but he knew.

Annie snorted under her breath as the hotel security walked off purposefully, having deposited the boss’ fella rather rudely before her. He was so going to regret his ignorance later; Levi wasn’t going to be happy and considering what mood he’d been in before he’d gone into the room she was currently stationed outside… She gave her head a little shake before her focus settled on Eren. Her icy eyes ran the length of him twice over; he looked somehow more… vulnerable than when she’d last seen him, like he’d had a long and trying day. Maybe he had, was probably lonely and lost; the boss had been in there a good long while after all.

“Never you mind what I’m doing. What have you been doing, getting into trouble greenie?” she said, following his gaze to the door aside her. She wondered if he could sense his lover or maybe he could just smell the blood…

“Levi said I could!” Eren argued firmly. “It’s not my fault those uppity bastards think I’m trash! I even wore my Sunday best... I wear this to church and no one bats an eye,” he huffed. He tried to take very good care of his things because he didn’t have many. But his eyes strayed back to the door for a moment. “Levi’s in there, ain’t he?” he asked abruptly, taking a step closer like he was going to find out.

A breathy chuckle escaped the young woman’s upturned lips. She liked this one; she wouldn’t mind if the boss kept him around a while. “And if he is?” she replied after a moment, tone vaguely taunting as a shapely blonde brow rose in challenge. She raised her arm across the door and curled her hand around the knob,

“D’you want to see for yourself?” It was his ass after all; she wasn’t going to take any heat for anything that happened before or after she cracked the door, vague noises filtering out, some wet, harsh and rhythmic accompanied by muffled guttural voices. Then her arm retreated to cross over her other against her chest.

Eren’s eyes widened in surprise since he’d thought she was going to stop him, but he nodded his head and slowly inched his way through the door then silently closed it behind him. Somehow he knew that whatever was going on inside, he didn’t want to interrupt.

Inside the room, there were three occupants, one of which was slumped in a chair, Levi’s right hand hard on his jaw, his left held aloft, already bloodied brass knuckles glinting dully in the low light in the smoky room, his own head tilted down to hear whatever the man was raspily mumbling to him. And the last; Farlan stood across the room from the door behind the man in the chair, facing Eren and the Irishman and his eyes immediately found Eren’s from his lax position propped against the padded wall.

He cleared his throat abruptly and Levi stepped back, releasing the man from his grip, muscle shifting beneath the fabric of his shirt, left hand changing it's violent course to the cigarette at his mouth instead and took it between blood-stained fingertips so that he could speak, rerolling his sleeve with his other hand as he rolled his head on his shoulders, cracking his neck. “Y’see all I ask for ‘sa little honesty, but you fancied yerself a good liar an’ made one of me instead... Put out your cheating tongue then traitor. You don’t want me to help you, I promise.” The man in the chair made a sound somewhere between a raspy moan of protest and a whine, but his trembling tongue settled between his split and fattened lips.

Levi pressed the nearly finished cigarette out on the muscle, ignoring the pathetic pained sounds and jerking of the unrecognizable man in the chair, turning towards his lover. He’d known it was Eren as soon as Farlan had drawn his attention; he could smell him.

His shirt was unbuttoned and untucked from his trousers, the undershirt beneath stained with bloodied splatters and his suspenders hung down his thighs from his waistband. He flexed his armoured fingers as his ferally winter warm gaze traveled over the young man and a half smile ghosted his lips, unabashed by what his lover had happened upon, “Got tired of waiting love?” He hadn’t meant for Eren to see this side of him just yet, especially when he had been in such a foul mood, but he supposed it couldn’t be helped and he had never truly intended to keep it a secret anyway. It wasn’t as if Eren didn’t know; they were capable of the same brutality. Levi just had more control than his lover, but that came with experience.

Eren was like a deer in the headlights, caught by the burning stare of the Irishman covered in blood. His heart was beating in his throat as his eyes trailed down Levi’s body, taking in the dark and dangerous demon that stood before him. It was enough to make Eren feel weak in the knees.

He should feel afraid since all those rumours he shrugged off were true, seeing the Irishman live up to his brutal reputation with his own eyes. However, any shiver of fear that went up and down his spine was overshadowed by the fierce want that rushed through his veins and clouded his vision. All those warnings, all those people that swore up and down that Levi was evil incarnate just biding his time and acting sweet before he would swallow Eren whole. Eren hadn’t believed them; Levi was so gentle and so loving but now he knew and it changed nothing. What those people didn’t understand was that if Levi wanted to own Eren body and soul, then Eren would gladly offer himself up to the beast. He didn’t care if Levi was a monster; the Irishman was his.

“I did,” Eren exhaled, stepping forward with glowing green eyes that refused to stray from the carnage, “I apologize for the interruption, sir. Please continue.”

Levi’s tongue ran across his teeth as if he could taste Eren’s desire and his smile broadened. “Not to worry love, m’nearly finished here,” he said thickly, staring for a long moment at the younger man; it was definitely about bloody time to pay some proper attention to his lover. He was in a much better mood now.

He slipped the brass knuckles from his fingers, dropping them with a muted thud on cement flooring, turning back towards the man that was still blubbering and swaying vaguely in his seat. Levi lifted a foot and pressed it to the man’s chest, staying the drunken motions as he reached back into his waistband for the ivory handled, matte steel pistol tucked there with his left hand as his right fisted in the hair at the man’s crown and he loomed over him. He pressed the barrel between the thieving bastard’s brows and met the fear in the swollen eyes.

“You should have known. No one can cheat death,” he said before he pulled the trigger remorselessly, the resounding clap of the shot ricocheting off the floor but quickly absorbed by the padded walls of the room. Farlan grimaced at the sound, but didn’t comment or move otherwise as the now lifeless body slumped back, gore dripping onto the floor beneath.

Levi didn’t even flinch, immediately stepping back with a scoff of disgust, tossing the gun to Farlan without warning, knowing he would catch it without fumble, and turned back towards Eren once again. “Should we be on our way now love? I believe I’ve a promise to make up for breaking,” he suggested candidly as he stepped towards the brunette, the death of a traitor not worth another thought.

“You do, sir,” Eren replied darkly, lifting his chin defiantly. Some part of him wanted to be difficult, bring out more of the aggression that made his blood sing with desire. He could feel his pants grow tighter as he watched the blood drip from Levi’s hands. As dark as the Irishman was, Eren was just as shadowed, finding a new facet of want that he’d never known existed inside himself, wholly attracted by the danger.

Levi hummed his amusement in response to the dangerous tone; he had a feeling he was going to enjoy making this amends a great deal. He didn’t say anything in reply, but smirked ferally and stalked Eren with his eyes as he approached him, wrapping an arm around his waist when he was close enough and drawing him in with some force before leading him back out of the room and down the opposite end of the hall from where Eren had come. He didn’t even glance Annie’s way, wholly focused on returning to the penthouse as soon as possible. He wanted a shower and he wanted Eren; not necessarily in that order or exclusive of one another if he could manage to convince his lover to join him.

He abruptly came to a stop before the private elevator and viciously thumbed the button until it opened, letting Eren proceed him inside. He didn’t reach for him again, aware that if he did, they would not make it to the room at all. Instead, he stared at him, shamelessly ravenous. And he knew from the red in his cheeks and the crease in his trousers that Eren was as starved as he was.

The elevator doors had not even shut on their suite before Levi had lost his restraint. His hands found their way to Eren’s jaw and hip respectively, pressed in and didn’t stop until his lover’s back had met the nearest wall. The kiss was not gentle, but rather savage, enough for the bite of teeth to leave the taste of copper on his tongue as passion and lust rolled between the press of their bodies and he growled his approval gutturally into Eren's mouth.

The last rational thought that crossed Eren’s mind was that Levi was going to get blood on his Sunday best, but he couldn’t find a part of him that much minded at the moment. One hand immediately thread through Levi’s undercut, pulling at the strands while his other wrapped in Levi’s loose suspender tangling his arm in the elastic. “Sir-... Levi,” he managed to hiss into the mouth that was attacking his own. The kiss reminded him of their first at the bar, except a hundred times more aggressive, but Eren didn’t want to punch Levi in the face. No, he wanted to pull him closer, close in ways he’d never wanted to get before.

Levi swallowed the hiss of his name before his mouth migrated down along Eren’s throat. “Hm?” he murmured breathily, quite aware and with no intention to break any other promises to his lover, but that didn’t mean they had to stop. And certainly, Eren wasn’t asking him to, not when he was grinding into the rolling motions of Levi’s hips and gripping his hair like that. Mindful of the boundaries his lover had previously set, he groped Eren’s sides, sliding his palms down firmly, kneading in both warning and appreciation as his fingers traveled to Eren’s thighs and slipped back around his backside to encourage his lover’s desire to rut against him further. A hardness in his trousers to mirror Eren’s and throbbing just as wantonly trapped between the press of their hips and a deep rumble of pleasure sounded in his chest as he ran his tongue over Eren’s pulse.

“I-... Please,” Eren moaned, not quite knowing what he wanted. Everything? Was he ready for everything? His body was begging for it, but he wasn’t even sure if he knew what exactly everything meant. Eren couldn’t think straight with Levi licking his neck, his hips rutting against Levi’s as one leg lifted to hook around the man’s hips.

Levi nipped and sucked at the column of Eren’s neck, remembering every weak spot he’d discovered and exploiting them mercilessly as he curled his hands around the backs of Eren’s thighs, grip rough with lust as he hoisted the younger man’s other leg up as well, letting out a breathy chuckle when Eren squeezed him for his trouble and he pulled away from Eren’s neck to look at him properly, gaze half lidded and fatly dilated with arousal. “D’you fancy joining me for a shower love?” he inquired, voice low and husky, and he leaned up to ghost his lips over Eren’s, “Say yes. Y’won’t be disappointed...”