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Luck of the Irish

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Levi insisted Eren drive them to the Circus. Eren was so engaged, grinning wildly as he gripped the steering wheel and shifted into drive, he didn’t even notice the older man watching him. The expression on the brunette’s face was just so bloody endearing, so captivating that Levi couldn’t help but stare at him and he couldn’t quite feel his own smile, but he knew it was there. He was completely smitten. And those fucking eyes…

He was careful when he touched him, just setting his hand on Eren’s forearm, not gripping or caressing, just an easy, affectionate pressure so that he didn’t startle him while he was driving. He didn’t intend to distract; he’d just wanted to touch him. He couldn’t remember if ever there had been such a time when he had been on a proper date and certainly not one that included dinner with his fella’s family; it made this one with Eren something special and he was already looking forward to more.

The drive was too short, but not, and they parked in a grassy lot where many other vehicles were already. The Circus was bright lit, alive with music and sound, laughter, cheers, the calls of various animals and performers. Large tents made up most of the grounds and a number of people wandered in and out of them while they waited for the main show of the evening to be announced. A man in pin-striped trousers, tailcoat and tophat, made several feet taller by the stilts he was wearing, was directing folks as a doll-like young girl in feathers and tutu collected their tickets.

“How long has it been since you’ve been to the circus Shamrock?” Levi asked as they made their way from his car to the entrance to give the girl their tickets.

“Couple years…” Eren answered, bouncing with childlike glee as his head turned this way and that to take in their surroundings. “It looks like they added a lot more attractions…” he added, grabbing Levi’s arm to lightly shake the man before Eren turned to look at him and ask, “When’s the last time you went?”

“In Italy with Hange and Erwin. I'd never been before that,” Levi answered, smiling at his lover as Eren practically vibrated with excitement. He kept pace with him easily, not particularly minding the contact. He handed over their tickets to the porcelain-faced girl and she winked at Eren as she passed him two little charm trinkets in return for the admission Levi had handed her.

Eren nodded his head bashfully at the girl, suddenly embarrassed by his immaturity and tried to rein it in. He grabbed Levi by the wrist and started to drag him forward, attempting to put his energy into finding something for them to do. He wanted to forget that Levi had already been to the circus with Erwin. There was no use comparing himself, but he couldn’t help himself; it seemed inevitable.

“What do you want to do first?” Eren finally turned to ask when he realized he’d dragged Levi to the centre of all the tents. Sure, there was a lot to do, but there was almost too much, making Eren indecisive. What if he picked something Levi didn’t like?

“Whatever you like Shamrock. Tonight is for you, remember?” Levi answered in a fond murmur, watching the nerves flickering across Eren’s expression. He bumped Eren’s shoulder with his, “You’re thinking too much again. I’m here with you Shamrock, just you, because there is nowhere else I would rather be. And there’s not a thing you could do to bugger it up, I promise you that. Don’t be shy, pick something you want to see love.”

Eren bit his lip trying to hide the beaming smile that threatened to spread across his face as a hand lifted to the rub the back of his neck, looking from tent to tent stalling for time. Finally, his green eyes drifted back to the man before him, glancing at the silver eyes that watched him patiently before they fell to the relaxed smirk below. Eren couldn’t help the sudden urge to kiss Levi silly as they stood in the clearing, dozens of circus goers streaming around them but to him, they were the only two that made up the entire grounds or even the entire world. What would Levi do if he kissed him here? Would he like it? Or was this something to be kept a secret? Eren realized he had never asked Levi what his thoughts were on public displays of affection.

Just when he decided to go for it, eyes crossing as he leaned closer with a shy smile revealing his intentions, a pair of men just over Levi’s shoulder caught Eren’s attention loitering to the side of a tent in the shadows.

Eren knew the two well as Kirstein’s favourite goons and they knew Eren. Both were already watching, one flicking a cigarette then snuffing it out as the other lifted from his crouched down position, hostility in their posture and in their eyes looking for trouble.

If they were looking for trouble, they could find it somewhere else, Eren swiftly decided. He wasn’t about to let Jean ruin another moment with Levi, no sir.

With hardened green eyes, Eren stood up straight to turn away, spotting the first tent he could find in the opposite direction and said, “Let’s go see that one… There’s no way a person could actually swallow a sword, I want to see them try.” Jerking his head towards the tent with a smile, he shoved his hands in his pockets and began to walk, not waiting for Levi’s answer as he moved, people dodging him as he walked in a straight line. If it came to trouble, he would go deal with it then come back, Eren decided. No need to drag Levi into it, especially since the Irishman was guardless tonight, the young thug quickly would be his muscle. He would protect Levi, no matter what.

The two rival gangsters did not escape Levi’s notice but he took Eren’s cue for what it was and aside casting a warning glare over his shoulder at the loitering pair, he simply followed after his lover, catching up with Eren as they stepped inside the large tent among the rest of the queue. Once inside, it was almost easy to forget their uninvited company while Eren watched the show with wide-eyed awe and intrigue and Levi watched Eren.


Levi’s hand sought Eren’s in the tide of people that washed around them as they left the show, interlocking their fingers firmly so that they would not be separated and lose one another. He kept pace with the taller male, intimately closer than was strictly necessary, but he hardly had reason to hide. He looked sidelong at Eren, cocking a grin and squeezing the hand gripping his. “How do you suppose they keep from bloodying their tongues on the blades?” he commented as he led Eren down a less crowded path between the tent they’d come from and the one to the left of it, aware but unconcerned that they were being watched.

For the thug Eren claimed to be, he had managed to forget the earlier threat, eagerly bouncing alongside Levi, having been thoroughly entertained and distracted by the show. He appreciated that Levi didn’t mind his gasps and points during the performance, but the thrill of watching a man swallow a broadsword hadn’t left him just yet. “It had to be dull! There’s no way that blade could even cut a piece of paper! What I want to know is how he managed to get it down? Grease? How didn’t he choke?” Eren exclaimed in outrage. “There has to be a trick to it! I gag just brushing my teeth sometimes, so I don’t think I could attempt something like that even with practice,” he mused in addition, brows furrowing as he thought about how he could attempt the trick. The closest thing he had to a sword at his house was a switchblade and there was no way he was going to stick that down his throat. Little did Eren know, the subject of sword swallowing could mean a whole new avenue of topics that he had no idea about.

“Mmn,” Levi hummed thoughtfully, a decidedly devilish glint to his mercurial gaze and flirtation in his tone as he continued, “You might be surprised what lengths you could swallow with ‘nough practice Shamrock. I wouldn't mind showing you how it's done sometime.”

Eren frowned, turning his puzzled expression on Levi. “Really? You know how he did it?” he asked, an innocent and excited smile lifting on his face as he wondered how Levi had learned, “You’ll have to show me! But where would we get a sword?”

“I can guess how he did it love and I don't need a blade to demonstrate,” the older man replied with a wicked smirk still curling his lips and a heatedly endeared expression on his face. He glanced around a second after before he abruptly tugged Eren into his arms for a quick kiss, palms warm at the vague curve of the young man’s waist and fingers spreading over the dip at the base of his spine. They broke apart breathless, though the liplock had been almost tame and he was about to say something when the telltale snick of a switchblade sounded some feet up the path from them and he whirled around with a low growl of irritation. He wasn't happy for the interruption.

“Well, well, well… what do we have ‘ere?” the goon sang, flashing his switchblade in front of him. The path was now empty and dark, the regular circus goers up ahead, cut off by tents and Eren’s head was still spinning from Levi’s sudden kiss, lost in the heat of the Irishman’s embrace.

“Didn’t take you for a sword swallower, Jaeger, but I can’t say I’m surprised,” the thug said as his buddies snickered around him, the ten rough men fanning out to surround the pair. “Why don’t you give me a go? I got a blade you can suck right here,” he said, grabbing the front of his pants obscenely while his friends snickers turned to raucous laughter, clearly thinking they all had the upper hand, “Then once I’m done, I’m sure my buddies would like to have a go too… You’d like that eh, little fairy slut.” The goons all grinned like wolves in unison, nodding in agreement to their leaders words.

Eren blinked then blinked again, face scrunching in confusion about the sword swallowing comment until he grimaced in disgust. He didn’t know what they were talking about, but he could tell from the crude inflection, it was probably disgusting. “Go fuck yourself,” he answered in confused anger as he took a step forward, unable to come up with a good comeback when he didn’t exactly understand how he was being insulted.

“Why don’t you come and do it for me?” the man answered, unafraid of the Bodt’s Suicidal Bastard when he had so much backup, “I ain’t no sissy, but I hear an asshole is tighter than a pussy, Jaeger. I’ll fuck you from behind and you’ll look just like a dame with those pretty eyes. You’d probably feel like one too. Whaddaya say Jaeger? Huh?” The thug lowered the knife like it was his genitals and began thrusting his hips forward while the group of men around them bent with laughter.

Levi shifted his stance, shadowing his lover, hackles raised dangerously. He didn’t care for their insinuations or their threats. The thought of Eren being made victim to such filth sparked his ire with such fierce protectiveness that he could hardly restrain the desire to feel bone breaking beneath his knuckles. His fingers twitched and curled into fists and his eyes narrowed to feral slits as he watched the vulgar motions though his expression remained dispassionately impassive. “M’afraid he’s gonna have to decline boys. And if you gobshites don’t fancy crawling home bloody, I’d suggest you apologize before I lose my patience,” his voice was cold, dark and promising pain as he cracked his neck idly, eyeing the group for long seconds before his eyes slid to Eren’s briefly, just for a moment, an unspoken understanding passing between them before his gaze settled back on the low level bruiser brandishing the blade.

“Why don’t you make-” he began with a smirk, but was interrupted as Eren took three steps and launched himself at the ring leader, tackling him to the ground as he sat on the man’s chest, wailing down punches as the switchblade flew out of the thug’s hands. The rest of the goon’s back up were glacier slow to respond, in no way expecting a queer, even one with a reputation like Eren’s, to tackle their ring leader to the ground when he was holding a knife.

Levi moved as soon as Eren did, his movements silent, swift and fluid as he stepped to engage the next closest of the brawlers in the mock mob, his blood heating and rushing under his skin as his knuckles met flesh with a satisfying crack. He was ruthless, pulled none of his punches and sent the first two sprawling, only spurred on further by the sound of Eren fist-feeding the leader his own words remorselessly. Perhaps his lover was naive, innocent in so many ways, but Eren was no stranger to violence and he was certainly no weakling. Levi could feel the thick, rolling heat of desire twist in his guts, mingling with the bloodlust in his veins and driving his hits twice as hard for it. It was almost disappointing he could not just stand back and watch his Shamrock break the man. Eren was like a storm, vicious, merciless, and brutally beautiful.

The thug beneath Eren laid motionless, but the burnette didn’t let up his punches until the goon’s face was swollen, purple, bleeding, and unrecognizable. His knuckles were beginning to bleed as they bounced off bone and cartilage, but still Eren didn’t stop, face twisted into a snarl as he hit the man again and again. It wasn’t until a blunt object came in smarting contact with the side of his head that he paused long enough to look up at the goon holding a plank of wood, staring wide-eyed and terrified down at Eren, the image of a smiling and bloody demon staring back up at him.

Jumping up, Eren ripped the plank of wood from his attacker’s hands and smacked him across the face with it, continuing to swing at the next two that came at him knocking them flat to the ground then raising his newly acquired weapon above his head to viciously beat the last guy down with it. Again and again, the plank swung down, until it was soaked with blood and Eren was heaving with exertion, looking around for the next victim to unleash his wrath on. The bruisers should have rushed Levi and Eren long before the two had the upper hand, but it was much too late now.

All talk and nothing to back it up with; absolutely pathetic.

Levi spat off to the side as he let the last of the men fall limp and whimpering to the packed earth of the shadowed pathway. His narrowed quicksilver gaze flickered swiftly over the downed men, surveying damage and gauging them all to be unlikely to get up again. A rhythmic sound drew his attention and he blinked slow as he watched the bloodied plank come down on a man’s ribs, the sound like splintering lightning as bone shattered and the downed man curled futilely in on himself, barely able to bemoan the pain he was in.

Levi stepped forward abruptly as his lover raised the board again. His skin pulsed and throbbed, hot with a cocktail of adrenaline, bloodlust and arousal. He heard distant voices drawing closer. And he might not have stopped him if it wasn’t for those voices.

“S’enough now Eren,” he ordered lowly, accent thick in the words as he reached for the young man, staying his movement firmly, anticipating and never underestimating his young lover’s strength.

It was instantaneous, the way Eren’s body froze, knowing that voice and those hands enough to not turn his violence on his lover and listening to the order without hesitation. And like coming out of a fog, Eren blinked and the rage was lifted, looking back at Levi then down at the half-conscious and cowering man beneath him. Stepping back, Eren quickly hid the plank behind his back unsuccessfully, looking this way and that as he squirmed under Levi’s stare. He was acting more like he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar than beating a man to death, blushing and bashful as he tried to come up with excuses and falling short. Last thing he wanted was for any of this to happen on their date but what was done was done, there was no going back.

Finally Eren bowed his head and looked up at Levi through his lashes with a shy smile and a small shrug, hoping that Levi wouldn’t be cross from his rampage. Sometimes his anger got the best of him, but he was glad he was aware enough to not turn his rage on Levi. That would be unforgivable.

Levi couldn’t help the grin that spread over his lips in response to the shy smile on Eren’s and a chuckle rippled through his chest. How was it that even splattered with blood and having just been viciously pulverizing a man, Eren could retain his charming bashfulness? His Shamrock was an endearingly savage thing and Levi wanted him more for it.

“C’mon Shamrock, we best bugger off,” he said, not waiting for a response as he reached for Eren’s wrist, knocking the board from his grip and tugged him away from the brutal scene towards the treeline outside the spread of brightly coloured tents.

He stopped only after they were some yards away, far enough for the lights to just barely be made out winking back the way they’d come. He was breathing heavier, heartbeat quick and heavy in his chest, blood thick, but swift in his veins and breathy laughter whispered from between his lips as he looked at his lover. He reached into his left pocket and pulled out a handkerchief, crowding Eren back against the nearest tree and reaching to clear away the speckles of blood and sweat from the young man’s face. “What would a date with you be without a little blood, eh love,” he mused, a handsome half-smirk on his mouth as his skin throbbed beneath his clothes so close to Eren.

“I’m sorry,” Eren began, eyes lowered as he bit his already fattened lip, completely misunderstanding Levi’s words, “I shouldn’t have got angry… I shouldn’t have lost control… They were… They were making fun of me. I don’t… I don’t quite understand what they meant… but it couldn’t have been good right?” He began to ramble, unmoving from his position up against the tree and allowing Levi to clean him up. “Maybe… Maybe I’m just not cut out for dates… I let my excitement get the better of me, and look, we got jumped,” he added, looking completely put out.

Levi’s fingers curled beneath Eren’s chin and the pad of his thumb brushed under the swell of his trapped bottom lip. “Eren, look at me,” he murmured, accent heavy and a coaxing in his grip, “I wasn’t complaining. It’s the honest you that caught my fancy and I’d ‘ave you no other way love.” He paused, wetting his lips as he thumbed away a fresh bead of blood from the split in his lover’s lip, “If you ask me, you let ‘em off easy for what they said. Even without knowing what they meant, you weren’t wrong to be offended. I’d’ve laid ‘em out myself if you ‘adn’t.”

Eren’s eyes widened in surprise before a beaming smile slowly lifted on his face once again, only just then taking in Levi’s disheveled appearance standing before him. “If I remember correctly,” Eren said, voice filled with amusement as one hand lifted to poke his finger through all the fresh rips in Levi’s crisp white button down, “You did lay most of them out while I was preoccupied…” A giggle then escaped Eren, his smile turning crooked as one finger hooked onto a suspender and gave it a light tug. “Oh Mr. Irishman, sir, you sure are fearsome…” he teased breathily, tilting his head to the side with hooded eyes. And it was true; there was barely a scratch on the man after so many came at them. Eren was highly impressed. Impressed enough to feel heat in his veins and jelly in his legs. Could Levi feel the heat between them? Could he feel Eren’s heart beginning to beat out of his chest? Eren didn’t know, but he was hoping to soon find out.

“Ay, so I am,” Levi hummed agreeably, liquid mercury dilated with wanting and that sinful smirk still on his lips as he tucked the now soiled handkerchief away in his pocket again and let Eren draw him closer. “But you fancy a little danger don’t you Shamrock?” he finished in a decidedly salacious tone, fingers finding their way to Eren’s sides as he pressed him back up against the broad tree trunk behind his lover. He could feel the pulse of Eren’s heated skin even through the fabric of clothing and knew that Eren’s blood and heartbeat were racing the same as his own.

Eren batted his eyelashes at the man, playing innocent like he had no idea what Levi was talking about. “Oh no sir, Mr. Irishman sir,” he said his voice still light and teasing, “I’m a good boy. I go to church on Sunday, I say my prayers before bed. Little ol’ me wouldn’t even hurt a fly…” Eren’s words didn’t match his smirk or even the splatters of blood that Levi was unable to mop up. His grip tightened on Levi’s suspender and pulled even harder, their breathes mingling now as they were inches apart. A small part of Eren’s mind wondered where in the hell he was getting the confidence to keep up this little act right now, but he managed to hush it, pretending to be a damsel in distress.

The older male leaned into Eren’s grip, molding himself to his lover's body and nosed his way along Eren's throat. His nose brushed behind Eren's ear, inhaling the scent of him with a low guttural sound of approval and his words caressed Eren's erratic pulse as his lips whispered over the hot-damp skin, “You're a bloody awful liar love, you always have a tell.”

His teeth grazed against flushed flesh, nipped teasingly as his palm pressed hard against Eren's hip and he rolled his own with rough friction, the motion quite telling itself.

Eren’s breath hitched, eyes fluttering closed as he melted in Levi’s hands. “I may not be sweet and soft… But I’d be sweet and soft for you if you wanted,” Eren breathed, both hands now gripping Levi’s suspenders for dear life, not knowing where this was going, but surprisingly willing to find out. He could feel his anxiety just under the surface of his skin, burning like embers and ready to ignite at any moment. All he could tell himself was just a little more, Levi wouldn’t push too far; just little more.

“Mmn, I don’t know about that Shamrock, you’ve always been soft and sweet where it counts,” Levi replied, leaving a string of fresh red marks up the column of Eren’s neck and taking his time to nip along his jaw towards his mouth. His grip on Eren’s hip remained firm, kneading as his other snaked between them. He boldly pressed the heel of his calloused palm against the hot stiffness already straining against the front of Eren’s trousers, a wicked curl to his lips, “Besides I’m rather fond of the hard parts of you.” And following the words came a sinful kiss from those same lips on Eren’s as Levi rubbed his palm over the bulge with now familiar desire.

Eren immediately went rigid, unable to stop his hand from snapping between them to grip Levi’s wrist much too tightly. There was a very tense moment where he was about to react negatively if not violently, but it seemed the more Levi touched him, the more Eren was inclined to allow him to, trust building with every caress. “Y-You shouldn’t surprise me. I don’t… I don’t want to hurt you Levi,” Eren said warily, slowly releasing his grip on Levi’s wrist. It was all the consent that Eren would give, his confidence swallowed up by embarrassment as he stood bright red and wanting.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out, a small smile returned along with a shudder as Eren accidentally moved into the now welcome pressure of Levi’s palm. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to you just touching me so easily,” Eren said before his hips began slightly thrusting against Levi’s hand, seemingly unable to help himself now that he’d started. “But… I want to try… to get used to it that is,” Eren breathed, forehead falling against Levi’s, eyes pleading.

“S’alright love, you won’t hurt me,” Levi murmured, warm, dilated eyes watching his lover for long moments as Eren rested their foreheads against one another, the breath between them heavy and damp, lips still only inches apart. Slowly, he shifted, brushing his lips along Eren’s cheek and jaw to his ear. “But, what if I do more than touch?” he breathed huskily, drawing the soft lobe of the other man’s ear between his teeth as his hands worked at kneading and stroking Eren’s hip and hardness. “What if... I fancy a taste?” he finished with a teasing flick of his tongue.

Eren’s nose scrunched as he looked at Levi in confusion. “You can kiss me,” he answered, obviously not understanding. “But… I want… I need… I um…” Eren began, unable to voice his burning need to do more than kiss. Levi had him wanting more to the point that his head was spinning with how hard his cock was. He swore all the blood in his body was headed south and Eren couldn’t help the desperate whine that sounded high in the back of his throat when he was unable to ask Levi for what he wanted, no… What he needed. Maybe they could kiss for a bit and Eren could slink off to take care of it himself? He didn’t like the idea of rubbing himself raw alone, but what choice did he have when Levi only seemed to want to kiss and Eren didn’t know how to ask for more. Desperate times called for desperate measures, he supposed.

Levi chuckled breathily against Eren’s throat, taking the needy and fading words as permission. Eren would no doubt stop him if he didn’t feel comfortable anyway and maybe it was a little underhanded to take advantage of Eren’s naivety, but Levi couldn’t help himself. His Shamrock was just so responsive and so lovely when he was lost in pleasure. It was bloody beautiful watching him come undone. And Eren had said he could kiss him...

He nibbled and sucked a mark into the sweat-salted skin at the base of Eren’s neck as the hand on the brunette’s hip migrated, untucking Eren’s shirt and pushing it up his chest. Then his mouth was moving again, nibbling at collarbones and lower, kissing, sucking and raking his teeth over the firm expanse of his lover’s chest, sought and lingered to torture a peaked and rouged nipple.Then the other, humming his appreciation of the taste and feel of Eren as his hands both found their way to the younger man’s waistband, rough fingertips massaging and tauntingly dipping beneath.

“Mother of God, yes,” Eren moaned, unable to help the way he trembled and his back arched against the tree. “Please touch me Levi, please,” he begged, not wanting to be teased any longer. He could already imagine those pale fingers wrapped around his member and heaven help him, he was close to cumming just thinking about it.

“Patience Shamrock, I got you,” Levi’s words were heavy with his accent and his arousal, lips moving along tanned, toned skin, fingers deftly unbuckling Eren’s belt and unbuttoning his trousers to greedily delve inside. “M’gonna make you feel so good love,” words muffled as his mouth mapped its way down Eren’s torso, tongue tracing the grooves of muscle, circling his navel and boldly treading down further as Levi sank to his knees before his lover.

His hands slipped beneath the fabric of Eren’s trousers and the shorts beneath, seeking and drawing out the angrily throbbing length from within. He gave it slow, loose strokes with his left hand as his other sidled its way back to Eren’s hip to steady him when Levi dipped his head to have a taste, teeth grazing over Eren’s other hipbone in warning before he drew away only for his tongue to find Eren’s tip a breath later.

Eren was too entranced to voice his confusion over Levi’s descent downwards. He thought it weird that the man wanted to get that up close and personal, but maybe Levi wanted a closer look, Eren could handle the embarrassment of the scrutiny so long as Levi put his hands where he wanted them right the fuck now. His eyes crossed and his head fell back when Levi finally grabbed hold of his cock and gave it a tug like Eren wanted, but the distinctly wet and warm feeling that came next had Eren jumping a foot into the air as he squealed girlishly in surprise.

“What the… what the fuck Levi!?” Eren yelled, still panting and hard but too surprised and too freaked out to allow Levi to continue. “Did you just… did you seriously just do that…? Why-… What-... Levi what the fuck?” he repeated, beginning to try and grab his pants and scramble away. But the way Levi continued to kneel before him and smile had him slowing his retreat, trying to calm himself to let Levi explain what the hell he thought he was doing. “You can’t just-” he started, “That’s not-” Eren began to run one hand through his hair, messing it up as he fretted in front of his lover. “It’s dirty...” he finally managed to whine.

Levi raised a brow and ran his tongue over his teeth, the hand on Eren’s cock giving him a squeeze. “You said I could kiss you Shamrock, you didn’t say where and there’s not a bloody thing that’s dirty about you. Just relax love, trust me,” he coaxed roughly, sliding his fist up Eren’s prick and pressing the pad of his thumb just under the head while his other kneaded soothing circles into Eren’s hipbone. “D’you truly want me to stop?”

Eren whined again, biting his lip and squirming as his hips stuttered against Levi’s grip on his cock. No, he didn’t want Levi to stop. The answer was instant in his head. No, no, no, no, he didn’t want to stop. But this… Putting his mouth on it? That’s really what Levi wanted to do? Eren was a mixture of mortified and aroused at the thought. Mouths in places like that were something Eren had never really considered to be a possibility before and now he was on the spot, watching Levi lick his lips as he waited for a reply. Those soft lips that made him melt just by smiling let alone… this. What would it feel like? Well with just what Levi had done already, it’d probably be wet… and hot. And oh god, Eren shuddered as his dick flinched hard in Levi’s grip.

Face a shade of scarlet so bright it was probably reflective enough to be used as a stop light, Eren said in the tiniest voice he could muster, “N-No… but are you… are you sure you want to? I haven’t washed since earlier… I’m not… I’m not clean…” He was fretting but at this point he was so aroused, the throb in his cock was becoming painful, dark red and leaking all over Levi’s hand as it begged for attention. Eren couldn’t hold himself back much longer, he just couldn’t.

Levi batted his lashes up at Eren, an amusedly, endeared expression on his face and desire in his eyes. “Love, I wouldn’t be on my knees in the dirt if I wasn’t bloody well sure I wanted to suck your cock,” he teased huskily, grinning up at Eren for a second before, with a cheeky wink, he ducked his head again, steadying Eren’s manhood as he drew it between his lips and stroked his tongue over the tip, growling his approval as the bitter-salt of Eren’s precum coated his mouth. Fucking finally…

Since the night at the pub, probably even before then, he’d been wanting to taste Eren proper, but the younger man had been so shy, still was, but quite obviously too desperate to argue any further at the moment. And Levi was bloody well grateful, revelling in the fact that only he’d ever gotten to see Eren this way. Only he got to feel him this way. And if he had his way, he’d be the only one that ever did. He held Eren’s hip still, grip firm enough to whiten the skin under it as his mouth sank another couple inches down Eren’s length, breathing heavily through his nose and humming at the heady scent of his lover’s lust.

"Christ,” Eren swore, falling back against the tree as his body began to shake. It was warm, it was wet, it was like nothing Eren had ever experienced before in his life. It felt good to the point of painful, and he didn’t know what to do with himself, hands hovering in the air above Levi’s head, ready to push him away but twitching to pull him closer at the same time. Instincts were screaming at him to push further inside, but inexperience kept him frozen, knowing that it couldn’t be easy to just swallow something like that down. He wouldn’t be able to, he knew that much.

Lewd, wet noises began to sound between the guttural growls, curses and swift breaths as Levi released the grip he had on Eren’s cock to stuff more into his mouth. His freed hand slid up Eren’s belly, brushing against Eren’s hovering hands. As he steadily began to bob over the young man’s cock, he reached blindly to catch one of the awkwardly poised appendages and guided it to his head, offering his overwhelmed lover an anchor. And his other hand began to guide Eren’s hips, smoothing out the jerky half-thrusts of inexperience to a rhythmic and delicious pace to match the friction of his mouth.

Eren’s babbles became unintelligible, mostly swears and muffled prayers that were half moaned, struggling to keep his eyes from closing in ecstacy while they remained locked with Levi’s below him. The only warning he was about to cum was the desperate widening of his eyes, the tightening of his grip in Levi’s hair, and the hitch in his breath before he thrust his cock forward as far as he could push. It was there his length erupted, painting the back of Levi’s throat in thick white ropes of cum, leaving him twitching and gasping while the smooth tissue spasmed around him. It felt like ages before he was done, but the moment he was, he had enough time to pop his flagging cock from the confines of Levi’s throat before his knees buckled and he collapsed to the ground.

Levi swallowed reflexively when Eren came, wiped the wetness from his lips on the back of his hand and managed to catch his lover as Eren’s legs gave out under him. He chuckled breathily as he leaned over the young man’s slouched form, steadying himself with a palm to the tree behind his lover and pressed a kiss just under Eren’s ear. He wasn’t surprised Eren hadn’t lasted, couldn’t find fault in him for it and though his own cock throbbed irately in the confines of his pants, he couldn’t be bothered to pay it any mind. He didn’t mind just reveling in Eren’s pleasure. He affectionately carded the fingers of his other hand through his lover’s hair repeatedly, lips still against Eren’s skin and the scent of sweat and arousal clinging to the both of them as they caught their breath. “You alright Shamrock?” he asked after a few seconds, voice still rough and breathless.

Eren’s chest was still heaving, eyes fluttering like he was trying to stay awake as he stared up at Levi hazily. An exhausted smile spread across his face as he looked up at Levi in wonder, like he was seeing the sun for the first time after a lifetime of rain. “I love you…” he managed to mumble, seemingly content to spend his night half naked in a pile on the cold and dirty ground. He had no desire to move after that, even though he should be worried about getting caught, undressed as he was. Eren was too busy looking up at Levi with unrivalled affection, a way in which he had never looked at someone before. Levi could say the sky was purple, God was dead, and the rapture was coming and Eren probably wouldn’t move a muscle except to protect his lover before him. Eren could die a happy death after an orgasm like that.

Levi tossed his lover a roguish smile and cocked his head, watching Eren as he watched him. “I love you too Shamrock, you're a fucking masterpiece, you know that?” he responded without hesitation, lazily shifting to tenderly tuck Eren's spent cock back in his drawers and straightening out the rest of his clothing as best he could.”Pretty as you are, you look wrecked. Time to take you home I think. Mine or yours love?”

Eren blinked and blinked again, struggling to understand a possibility where they parted. “Go… with you…” he finally answered, words forming slowly, “Wherever you go I go…”

“Mine it is,” Levi replied, completely agreeable and in favor of taking Eren home to share his bed again. Their date had perhaps not gone quite according to plan, but any ending in which his Shamrock shared his sheets was a good one. He straightened his posture, getting to his feet and offering his lover a hand up. “Think your legs’ll hold you yet love?” he questioned, perfectly prepared to carry him if Eren couldn't manage to walk. He could just imagine how red Eren would turn.

Eren looked down like he was surprised he was on the ground, then tried to wiggle his legs from where they were splayed out beneath them. “I can’t feel my feet,” he answered, still trying to shake feeling back into his legs. He was beginning to fret, just then looking around them to see if anyone had seen. Oh god they’d done this in public, where anyone could have stumbled upon them. Panic was beginning to set in as he looked back to Levi helpless and upset now that he was coming to his senses.

Levi’s breathy laughter filtered through the otherwise muted surroundings again and he shook his head as he bent to assist Eren up off the ground. He could guess what the look of upset the younger male was sporting was in regards to. Seemed Eren had only just realized now, that they had not been anywhere particularly private for that bit of intimacy.

“Don’t worry Shamrock, nobody’s looking,” he assured, tone still humoured and full of fondness, “Up we go love. No reason to linger; I’m in the mood for a cuddle.” And without warning or a shred of shame, he hitched Eren into his arms like a princess and started walking back towards where his car was parked.

Eren squeaked in protest, but knew that there was no hope in struggling. Though taller than the Irishman, Levi was much stronger, his short stature deceptively hiding a thick powerful body that could no doubt wrestle Eren into submission at a moment’s notice. Now that he thought about it, he felt like struggling against Levi just to feel the man overpower him; the idea strangely arousing. Sighing, he tucked his face against Levi’s neck and muttered, “You better not tell anyone about this, or else.” Accepting his fate, his arms reached up to wrap around Levi’s neck, nuzzling into soft skin and giving the man small kisses and nibbles.

He wondered if Levi felt any need as well, but was too afraid to ask. Asking meant offering and the words were stuck in his throat. Eren would have to mull this whole event over before he could offer such a thing.

“Or else what love?” Levi hummed, a playful quality to the words and to the affectionate smile on his face, giving Eren a squeeze. He didn’t really expect an answer since Eren seemed to be occupied with making the Irishman’s pulse race again.

He had to pause halfway to the car and adjust himself briefly so that it wouldn’t be so bloody uncomfortable walking with his cock at half mast, full mast if Eren kept biting like that. And the worse of it was that his lover didn’t even seem to realize how much of a damned tease he was. Levi had no intention of asking for more than a cuddle and a handful of kisses in return for his intimate generosity. He’d promised to be patient, to go at Eren’s pace which was both torturous and gratifying and he didn’t mind waiting. Perhaps for anyone else he’d judge it not to be worth the effort, but not for Eren; his Shamrock was… Exceptional. And quite honestly, he was rather enjoying introducing his lover to pleasure in steps. Eren didn’t seem to know it, but Levi would do anything for him. To keep him, Levi would keep every promise he’d made.

Eren was barely conscious by the time Levi had gotten him into the car and he was asleep when Levi took him home, undressed him and redressed him in a borrowed pair of loose pajama bottoms and tucked him into his bed. He’d showered and dealt with the prick between his thighs before he returned to his lover. And when he crawled in next to him and Eren immediately sought him out and curled against him, Levi couldn’t help but drop a kiss to his head and whisper his adoration into Eren’s hair.

He left Eren a note, a key, and a car when he left in the morning. He had an early meeting with Hange and he had to make a call to Marco in regards to what had happened the previous night. Kirstein was likely to retaliate. So he let his lover sleep, more than trusting Eren alone in his home.


It was some days later around four in the afternoon when the private line in Levi’s office rang.

“SWORD SWALLOWING!” Eren yelled indignantly as soon as he heard Levi pick up the phone.

The unexpectedly loud greeting gave Levi pause, but as he listened to Eren panting after his exclamation, he started to smile. “Ay, Shamrock, what of it? Or is this your way of saying you fancy another lesson?” he finally responded, reclining in his chair and flipping Hange the bird as she snickered and waggled her brows at him on the other side of his desk.

“COCK SUCKING! YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT COCK SUCKING! ARGHHHH,” the strangled scream of embarrassed rage sounded before an abrupt click signaled that Eren had hung up the phone.

Levi tried, but he couldn’t hide the broadening of his grin, shaking his head as he quietly hung up on his end. He could just imagine how red Eren must have been, how furiously embarrassed and hopelessly flustered.

Hange cocked a hip and her head, “Yer Oona didn’ sound too ‘appy. Pull another fast ‘un on ‘im, didn’ ya? Ya sure are some kinda masochist Finny.”

“Shut your gob and get on with the Los Angeles business, as you well heard, I’ve other more pressing engagements to attend to.”


Shite - Shit
Ay - yes/yeah
Blades - girls
Fancy - like/want
Bent as a crowbar - homosexual
Fancy a buck - want to fuck
Bloody - a lot/very
Pannin' 'em out - fighting
Gob - mouth
Fella - man/boyfriend
Knickers - underwear
Manky Git- Essentially a shithead
Git- dumb/idiot, etc
I want to eat chips out of your knickers- Give Oral sex
Mate- friend
Bugger off- fuck off
Wanker- ‘nother term for shithead
Gage- Marijuana

Snogging- kissing