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Luck of the Irish

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In the billiards room, a number of his most trusted and high ranked members of his group were gathered. Hange was leaning into Petra and murmuring into the redheaded woman's ear, making the shorter blush and giggle in response to whatever she was saying while Gunther and Eld shot a game of pool against Isabel and Farlan and Oluo poured drinks and served them whilst intermittently taking bets from others that were crowded into the room as well to watch the games and talk.

"Oi boss, what'd ya bring the brawlin' beanstalk here for?" Eld called, straightening up from his position at the pool table and chalking his cue idly, eyeing the young man in question with a sort of taunting interest.

Oluo was already scrambling to poor a couple pints of Guinness for the boss and his guest as Levi snorted. "A pint, what else?" Levi said in response.

"Yeah, a pint and a shag if he'd 'ave ya, eh Finny?" Hange called, her arm looped around the waist of the shorter woman at her side.

Eren blushed scarlet as the room roared with laughter at Hange's joke, but he would stand his ground with this lot. He would not crack under their teasing. "My ass is worth more than a pint," he argued, gesturing to his perfectly round buttocks displayed in sinfully tailored suit pants. "Levi's stuck wooing me like a broad," Eren said looking at Levi with a smile and a teasing shrug.

Hange cackled in response, "'Atta boy. Finny should be so lucky to woo such a pretty dame. And one that knows how to throw a punch at that," she crowed, winking at Eren, seemingly the most friendly of the bunch in the room. Most of the others chuckled, but there were a few that cast irritated glares in Eren's direction for having addressed their respected boss so casually when he hadn't, in their opinion, earned the right.

Oluo was one that seemed particularly miffed as he approached with the drinks, handing one to Levi immediately and very nearly spilling Eren's on the young man as he shoved it at him, an annoyed look on his face. "You oughta have more respect for the boss. He's the only reason you ain't been dead yet. Don't get a fat head just 'cause he took a shine to you. You ain't look like no lucky clover to me," he said gruffly, furrowing his brow and frowning.

Eren looked at the man then down at the specks of beer that splattered the nice suit that Marco used hard earned money to gift him. "Is that so?" Eren commented, his green eyes blazing in rage as he glared at the man. "I find it queer that someone so lowly ranked would be able to speak for their boss..." he trailed off sarcastically, gesturing to his host as he lifted his drink for a gulp and lowering once again. "The Irishman has made no mention of my manners, and until he does, I will remain as I am." Eren sat the beer down and stepped forward to stand toe to toe with the man, looking every bit the brawler thug ranked highly in the Bodt family that he was. No way he'd take any shit lying down and Levi did give him permission to throw punches if words didn't work.

Oluo scowled and scoffed rudely. "Don't get cocky brat. Just 'cause the boss is overlooking your shitty manners don't mean the rest of us are going to. I oughta smack that smart mouth o' yours," he said, puffing his chest arrogantly.

There was some laughter from Hange and several others. Levi smirked and crossed his arms over his chest, cocking a hip and simply watching Eren square off with the older man.

Eren nodded his head. Stepping back, he silently removed his suit jacket, folding it carefully and then draping it over the back of a nearby empty chair. Next, he tore off his tie and laid it on top of his jacket, unbuttoning the top button of his shirt so that he could breathe.

Eren turned around, facing Levi's man once again as he started to roll up his white sleeves, grinning from ear to ear at a new challenge. "Try it," he said with his arms wide open, welcoming the first hit.

Oluo spluttered and gesticulated wildly when he bit his tongue and couldn't respond, immediately backing off, obviously not having expected the young man to take the challenge so easily.

Levi started to laugh. "Oi Oluo, shut your bloody useless gob and get back to your job. People look awful thirsty," he said, eyes shimmering with mirth at the display of the older man's cowardice. Several of the others laughed again as well and lifted their empty glasses.

"Yeah, leave the pretty clover alone before he gives you worse than a bitten tongue. You ain't seen him fight. I got better things to do than dig a grave tonight," Hange called, waving her own empty glass intently and giving Petra a squeeze around the waist.

"Aw c'mon!" Eren whined, pouting at Levi then Hange, "Let him hit me! I ain't have a good brawl since the ring with Levi." No one listened though as the man named Oluo went back to his job with a mouth full of blood. Eren crossed his arms with a scowl. "No fair," he huffed beside Levi.

The raven chuckled, "Don't pout Shamrock, Oluo's not worth your time. You want a challenge, you ought to piss off Annie. Only blade I know that holds her own in the ring against brutes three times her size," he said, gesturing to a tiny blonde woman that was standing by the dartboard, counting cash from the bet she'd won on the game of pool. She glanced up when she heard her name, her icy eyes traveling up and down Eren before a slow smile curled on her lips, but she didn't say anything and simply went back to her counting.

"Oi, don't sell me short Finny, I could hold my own 'gainst your Oona," Hange boasted, a bright smile on her mouth and brighter eyes, just barely visible over the rim of her round sunglasses.

"Yeah?" Eren said, perking up and looking over to inspect Annie. If Levi said she was a worthy opponent, then she must be. He moved past Levi and went directly to the small blonde. "Hi, I'm Eren Jaeger," he said, holding out his hand to the girl to introduce himself. "We should have a friendly scrap sometime. Do you have the same style as Levi? Using your opponent’s size against them? Or do you have a different way of taking down the big guys? I'm not very good at fighting people who use their weight against me," he rambled on with questions excitedly, always wanting to learn from different types of fighters.

Annie looked at the offered hand and then Eren's face, not taking his hand, but her smirk stayed curled on her lips. "My style is my own. You'll just have to wait and see in the ring. Maybe you'll learn something greenie. Can't have the boss' trick being some kinda wimp," she said, voice quiet and monotone, though there was a hint of mirth in her chilly blue eyes. She might just have some fun with the bright eyed brunette. He seemed way too damn honest and naïve in her opinion. It was no wonder the boss liked him so much.

While Eren introduced himself to the girl, Levi made his way over to the pool table where Eld clapped him on the back and offered him his cue. The others were watching and conversing, several of them glancing at Eren, gesturing and murmuring to one another, some amused, others annoyed. Levi rested the cue against the table a moment and set his pint on the lip of the table in order to slide his suspenders off his shoulders and unbutton his collared shirt , peeling it off and leaving himself in a white, formfitting tank top beneath, revealing a number of intricate Celtic tattoos on his biceps that disappeared beneath his shirt. He tossed his collared shirt at a chuckling Hange and took a long swig of his beer as Gunther racked up the balls on the table for their game.

Eren dropped his hand, uncaring about the slight as he continued his questions. "You're right. Next time I'm in the ring with your boss, I wanna get more than one hit down, but he's fucking slippery as all hell," Eren said with a laugh. "Oh man, I haven't met many dames that like to fight. I wonder if you've had a go with my sister already? She's been kicking my ass my whole life and is the best fighter I know other than your boss." When Eren mentioned Levi, he turned around to spot the man then for a moment went back to bugging Annie. His sentence died when he whipped his head back around to stare with mouth wide open at Levi who was now without his usual shirt. The last time Eren saw him like this was at the ring, but the sight of Levi relaxed and open, not covered in blood and looking fierce did strange things to the boy. Gulping, he whispered, "Well I'm completely fucked."

Annie let out a breathy chuckle and set a hand on Eren's shoulder, leaning in to speak to him as she followed his gaze. "Not yet, but you will be. The boss doesn't believe in doing things halfway," she murmured before she pulled away again. "Bring your sister around the ring sometime and I'll have a go with her," she said by way of farewell before she was off towards the bar to refill her own drink, leaving Eren staring at the raven across the room.

Levi bent, sinewy muscle twitching and shifting beneath milky inked skin as he aimed his cue to break. Hange looked around, catching Eren's eye and gesturing for him to join them.

Eren noticed Hange, and made his way towards them as he kept his eyes trained on Levi. When he got to the pair of women, Hange gave him a new pint and he downed it like water after being in the desert for weeks. Wiping his mouth on the back of his hand, he said, "I think your boss is trying to kill me."

Hange grinned knowingly and Petra covered a giggle with her hand daintily, leaning against the taller woman. "Nah, it'd be no fun for him if you died. But he might be showin' off just a tad for ya. Didn't think you were into the fellas, but he's got some kinda fairy magic, Finny does," Hange said with a wicked grin, clapping Eren's shoulder roughly.

“Wasn’t into anyone, skirt or pants, but he’s different,” Eren said, trying to pry his eyes off the man. but unable to. “He explained tonight what he wanted from me and since then I can’t get him outta my head, so he probably is magic,” he explained with an exasperated sigh. Finally, he managed to look at Hange instead and asked, “Your boss normally into chumps like me?”

"Like you? I don't think he's ever had a boy like you. He's got shamrocks in his eyes. He'll take a cute boy for a toss when the fancy strikes, but you... Well, I think he wants you for more than a quick shag. He don't usually let anyone he don't like make him bleed," she said, glancing at the man in question, making eye contact over the felt covered table, waggling her brows over the frame of her dark glasses.

"He dared me to so I did," Eren said with a shrug, uncaring that he’d made the man bleed and probably not understanding its significance. No one was untouchable in the ring and Eren only fought because he thought rank wouldn't matter. "I hope he does want me for more than that like you say ‘cause he'll be disappointed otherwise."

Hange grinned at the young man and nodded, "So you did. He likes you more for it love. He ain't afraid to work for it, so don't be afraid to make him beg for your arse. Or your prick for that matter," she replied with a wink, shifting her dark glasses onto the top of her head with her free hand, the other subtly climbing up and down her girlfriend's side.

"She's right you know. I haven't seen him so ensnared. He's got it bad for you," Petra said lightly, her tone encouraging, obviously supportive in opposition to the majority of the group aside from Hange and a handful of others. The alliance was to their benefit in her opinion and the boss getting a fella he could keep was certainly a perk. God knew, Levi needed a lover he could trust.

"Yeah?" Eren asked, blushing brightly and smiling shyly at the floor as he rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. "I like him..." Eren admitted, "He's very sweet. Ain't no one treat me like he has. Too honest and brash for most."

"S'good to hear. You best not hurt him or your body'll never be found, just a forewarning," the taller woman said casually, though there was a dangerous glint in her cocoa eyes. Petra gave one nod of agreement, though her sweet smile remained on her lips.

"You just try your best to take care of him as good as he takes care of you and there won't be no problems," she said in a friendly tone.

Eren just shrugged at Hange's threat. "And I'd deserve it. Make sure to spit on wherever you leave me," he answered idly.

There was a whoop of loud cheers, some jeering and laughter as Levi grinned triumphantly and pocketed his portion of his winnings as Gunther scowled good naturedly. "You're too good boss. You could let us win once in awhile," he griped as he leaned his cue against the table and took up his beer.

Levi chuckled, "And where would the sport in that be? Ain't my fault you got shite aim. S'why you can't keep a broad on your prick for more than five minutes," he teased, laughing with the others as Gunther flushed and sputtered which only made the laughter louder.

"Ay, Gunther can't even practice 'cause he ain't as smooth as you with a cock eh boss, even when it's 'is own," Eld chuckled and nudged Levi before he looked over towards Eren and the two women, "How's your boy's aim?"

Eren's attention was turned to the man that he heard mention him. "Complete shit," he called as an answer for Levi with a laugh, "I'd rather save my pennies and bet on your boss to double em."

Eld laughed, "You'll get in the ring with 'im, but you're squeamish over a friendly game of pool, eh greenie?" he taunted while Levi turned to look at Eren, cue in one hand and his nearly finished pint in his other, bringing it to his lips as he raised a challenging brow at the young man.

Eren sighed as he set down his empty glass. Walking towards the men, Eren grabbed an unused pool cue to rub chalk on as he frowned. "At least in the ring I can go down swinging and keep some of my pride," Eren muttered with a pout as he stood beside Levi while his men racked the balls for a new game. "You breaking again?" Eren asked Levi.

“Nah, it's all yours love," the Irishman said with a roguish half smile, leaning on his cue as he watched Eren while Oluo came to retrieve his emptied glass and replaced it with another.

"Care to make a wager?"

Eren was about to grab the cue ball to line up his break shot, but paused at Levi's words. He raised his eyebrows and gave Levi a curious look, tossing the white ball up to catch in the air lazily. "What kind of wager? I'm not much of a gambler."

Levi hummed thoughtfully and lolled his head on one shoulder, silver gaze following the young man's motions. "If I win, you'll let me kiss you however I like and if you win..." he trailed off, raising a brow at Eren in question, "Whatever you want."

Eren stared wide eyed at Levi for a moment, before he burst out laughing, bending over and clutching his sides. It took him a few moments to get ahold of himself before he looked up at Levi, still giggling as he wiped tears from his eyes. He held out his hand for Levi to shake and said, "That's the kind of bet I like; one where I don't lose either way."

Levi's smile broadened and he shook Eren's hand, grip lingering perhaps a tad longer than was really necessary, the simmering heat in his smoldering mercury eyes flaring, pleased by the boy's laughter and his acceptance of the challenge. "Just to make it fair, since you say you're not so skilled at the game, I have to win in five shots or less or I forfeit, how's that?"

Eren rolled his eyes, turning from the man to finally line up his shot. "Sure, Mr. Big Shot. A win is a win to me no matter my opponents handicap," he said, setting down the ball and bending over the table with an arch of his back. Eren was competitive, so he was immediately serious about winning no matter his skill. He aimed his cue on his fingers as he stuck out his tongue in concentration before he struck the ball, sending the rest scattering across the table and some into the pockets.

"Solids," Eren remarked, chalking his cue once more before he moved to line up again, bending right in front of Levi. Eren wasn't really paying attention to how the position looked and ignored the chuckles around him as he sent another ball into the pocket.

Levi licked his lips, watching Eren as he bent to take his shots, the grip on his own cue tightening when the young man bent over right in front of him, giving him an entirely too tempting view of his pert backside. Hange whistled and several of the gathered group members snickered and nudged one another, making some lewd noises and jokes which Levi ignored entirely, eyes glued to the brunette. He shifted his weight as he felt his cock stir with interest in the confines of his trousers and he lifted his pint to his mouth for another long swig of the dark brew.

Eren was completely focused on the game and didn't notice the joke he was being made into, as he put two more balls in the pockets. He bounced on his toes, high off of playing well and smiled at Levi. "Eating your words yet?" he asked Levi tauntingly although he knew this wouldn't last. All the easy shots were made, so now the game would become a lot trickier.

Levi ran his tongue over his teeth, the look in his half lidded eyes completely predatory. "I suppose that depends on what you're going to ask for if you win Shamrock," he murmured huskily, cocking his head a little and running his gaze up and down Eren with obvious appreciation.

Eld nudged Gunther and chuckled, "Words ain't what the boss wants to be eatin’," he commented, watching the game that was overlaid with sexual tension so thick, it could likely be cut with a knife.

"I'm not sure yet," Eren said, eyes back on the table, scouting his next move. He frowned as he mapped out his choices and found that only a trick shot would do. He shifted the cue to his less dominant hand and practically draped himself across the table to try and slide the ball into the pocket. Inevitably, he missed. "Fuck," he swore, standing up and wanting to break the stick over his leg in frustration, but refrained. "Alright, here’s your shot," he said to Levi, standing back to lean against an empty chair and silently berate himself for missing. He hated losing.

Levi rubbed his jaw with one hand, a devilish half smirk curving his lips as he surveyed the table, "Three shots," he said confidently, chalking his cue before he bent to line up the first. Pale fingers spread over the crimson felt and he rested the cue tip on his thumb, lips pursing as his eyes narrowed and he pulled the cue back with his other hand before thrusting it forward in a swift motion, the harsh clack of the balls impacting rising through the suddenly quiet room. Three balls went into the pockets, bouncing off one another and banking off the sides, effectively putting him in a tie with Eren. He smirked as he straightened up and stepped around the table to line up the next shot, sinking another two.

On the third shot, he sank yet another two, but the white also went in and he growled his annoyance. It left him with only the black ball to sink, but he'd have to wait until his next turn to do so. He wanted to win that wager and he was irritated that he'd missed his chance. He was eating his own words already. He hadn't made it in three shots though he technically still had two as long as Eren didn't take the game.

Eren stood up straight in triumph, grinning wildly at Levi's mistake. "Thought you were supposed to be a god at this," Eren teased, walking around the table excitedly, looking to line up a shot.

"Shut your gob brat. It's your fault for distracting me," Levi groused, though there was humour in his tone and in his heated gaze. He leaned on his cue again and drained half his Guinness from his glass. He licked his lips, waiting until Eren was bent over the table again before he leaned in over his back, pressing his half hard crotch to the young man's rear. "Keep teasing me my Shamrock... You're only making me want you more," he murmured lowly, breath stirring against the back of Eren's neck before he backed off as if nothing had happened while the group cat called and laughter rose once again, new bets being placed, most of which had nothing to do with the game of pool being played.

Eren immediately stood up straight, glaring at Levi as his face flushed heatedly from his cheeks down his neck. He wasn't really upset with the other man teasing him, but there was no way he could concentrate now that he’d felt Levi's body on his own.

"That's gotta be against the rules! He almost made me mess up! That's no fair," he barked to Hange, looking for someone to take his side.

The woman laughed heartily, "All's fair in love and war sweet pea. 'Sides, red looks good on ya," she called back, grinning brightly. Others agreed with her, raising their glasses while the still skeptical members scoffed and grumbled into their own.

A Cheshire grin curled over Levi's mouth and he shifted his grip on his cue innocently enough, lowering his lashes coyly as he watched the boy turn red and sputter indignantly. "I thought you were winning either way love. You getting cold feet?"

Eren scowled and grumbled to himself, not answering the man, as he walked around the table and situated himself furthest away from Levi. He did it purposely so that the man was denied the view of him bending over and he would see Levi coming if he tried to touch him again.

He lined up his cue and took a couple deep breaths before he tapped the cue ball, sending one of his last balls towards the pocket. It was about to go in, but then hit the side of the table last minute and veered just enough so it stopped just before dropping. "Fuck," Eren yelled, feeling his blood boil at the miss.

Levi chuckled and set his pint aside once again to circle the table, surveying the remaining balls. The best pocket to drop the black was the one blocked by Eren's ball and he hummed low in his throat as he considered how he would manage his own shot, considering another of Eren's balls was in the way of the cue ball. "Watch closely love, I'm about to win that kiss," he said cheekily as he leaned in to take his shot.

He hit the white low and the ball jumped, clearing the one in front of the black and rocketing the black to the pocket, bumping Eren's out of the way and dropping down the hole and Levi stood back with a cocky grin.

Eren sighed dramatically, but relaxed now that the game was over. His anger seeped out of him pretty quickly as he smiled back at Levi while the room hooted and hollered for their boss’ win. "Yeah, yeah. You win. I'm a man of my word, even if you did cheat a little. You get your kiss if you want it," he said, setting his stick against the table and facing Levi square on, trying to swallow down his nerves and fear.

Levi handed off his cue to Eld and stepped closer to Eren, palming at the young man's hips and drawing him in. "Don't look so nervous Shamrock, it's only a kiss," he murmured lowly, leaning up, eyes alight with mischief and desire. His lips were only inches from Eren's when he swiftly changed course and pressed them against Eren's neck instead, open mouthed, tongue and teeth greedily marking the skin before he pulled away with a triumphant grin, winking at Eren.

Eren flinched hard when Levi went for his neck. He stood shocked as a hand went to feel the wetness at his neck as Levi backed away from him. He immediately started to whine, "B-but you said you wanted a k-kiss!"

"So I did, but I didn't say where I wanted to kiss you. Are you disappointed love?" Levi replied coyly, licking his lips and considering the taste of salt and spice that lingered in his mouth from the young man's skin. There was raucous laughter, whistles and comments from some of the group.

"Yes," Eren said defiantly, green eyes blazing with challenge, "But I guess I didn't want my first real kiss to be in front of all your goons anyway," he said with a sniff before he sauntered past Levi to head to the bathroom, snubbing he man with a tilt of his chin.

Eren found the men's room, and stood in front of the mirror, bending over to splash water on his hot face. He was embarrassed, aroused, angry, happy, and a large mixture of emotions he couldn't even put a name to. He was sure of it now; Levi was trying to kill him by making his heart beat out of his chest.

The boy sighed as he stared at his wet and still hot face in the mirror. "Get it together, Jaeger," he said to himself.