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The Dragon Rises

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Book cover for The Dragon Rises: Arthur leaning forward, his sword in a downward slash; Merlin behind him, short sword aimed at the sky, his other arm stretched out in invocation as magic swirls around them.



Tarot Card of the World Tree (Renewal, Rebirth, Immortality).  Merlin sitting in a nest of magic, his cloak a feathered blue, a crown of golden acorns on his head.  He is tattooed, and they gleam with magic as he touches the oak tree, which brightens on contact.





When Myrddin's Oak shall tumble down
The shield of Ironwood will burn
Then shall fall all of Albion
Until the Great World Tree returns.


The Dragon rises in Carmarthen
Where it shatters the acorn's chains
The Great Oak grown will Rage and ring
The peace that only Freedom brings.
Tarot Card of the Pen y Ddraig (Life, Chaos, Change).  Arthur as he emerges from combat, bloodied and beaten but alive, his shoulder gleaming with the tattooed pauldron of dragonskin.