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A collection of Barson fics

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Olivia had been against getting them the guns in the first place. She didn't like Noah being exposed to guns that early, but Rafael pointed out that they wouldn't hurt anybody and that he could practice for when he became a cop, which Noah had said he wanted to be for the past two years, and her control waivered, and she bought them for Noah's 6th birthday.

And he absolutely loved them. He was a good shot and he and Rafael often played together, having fights and pretend that Rafael was a bad guy and Noah was the hero cop, shooting him the the leg(Olivia had quickly taught him the real cops try not to shoot to kill unless it was necessary). Olivia still wasn't to happy, especially today.

She'd been doing some of her pointless paperwork, rubbing her eyes and sipping at coffee to try to stay awake. It wasn't easy. She knew that Rafael was watching Noah, playing in the other room, but she was still taken aback when the two of them ran into the room, giggling and Noah squealing as Rafael was shooting at him.

"Mommy! Papi's a really bad guy!" He gasped out, jumping onto her lap. She was none to happy when one of Rafael's poorly aimed shots hit her in the face, the little nerf bullet sticking to her face. It stung a little bit on impact, but had no lasting pain. She raised an eyebrow.

"Did you just shoot me? What is wrong with you?" She admonished, he looked at her sheepishly.

"If it makes you feel any better, I didn't do it on purpose."

"No! It does not, in fact, make me feel any better!" She had to suppress giggles at the situation. She knew she should be mad, but she wasn't, not really, especially not when Noah stood up in front of her, his little body protecting her as best as he could as he stood on the couch in front of her, blocking her view of Rafael.

"Don't worry ma'am. I'll take care of him. Surrender, NYPD!" He said. She definetly smiled this time. She was teaching him well.

"Never!" He started firing at Noah, hitting him in the chest. He pretended to groan, but then lifted up his shirt. Nothing was there(other than his stomach) but he was definelty willing to pretend there was.

"Bulletproof vest. I doubt you have that." He said, shooting Rafael in the stomach when Rafael starting running toward the two of them. He groaned loudly, nothing compared to Noah's earlier groan, and fell to the ground, clutching his stomach. Olivia swelled with pride at how Noah handled the situation and that he'd only shot Rafael in the stomach.

"Good job, Noah. Now what do you do?"

"Mirandize him?"

"First call paramedics."

"Right!" Noah jumped off the couch, rushing to Rafael, who was protending that he was actually shot. Noah followed what would be considered proper procedure, calling help before putting Rafael in imaginary cuffs and mirandizing him, speaking the words from heart.

"Do you understand these rights as I've explained them to you?" Olivia smiled. He really was a smart little boy. Maybe Rafael had been right, and getting the nerf guns hadn't been such a bad idea after all.