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As If You Could Get Away Without It

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"I know you have psychic powers."

The simple letter was a very serious shock to the usually unamused boy. He had kept his powers secret for years, and there wasn't any memories he could recall of someone possibly seeing it as he could hear all the thoughts in his large radius. The sender was supposed to meet up with him soon, but as soon as he finished reading, there was a visitor for him.

"I'm Toritsuka Reita! I live in a temple and I can interact with ghosts, but I really want to use real powers like all the ghosts say you do!"


"You forget sometimes that I can read your thoughts don't you?" Months from that encounter, they were in the same room, but for different intentions this time around.

"Look- Saiki I know this probably seems kinda... invasive-"

"Your ghosts have been watching me change on your demands, you can't lie to me," Saiki stepped closer to the purple-haired boy slowing backing up into the bed. His knees buckled in nervousness and sat on the bed ungracefully, Saiki looming threatening over him.

There was a moment of tense silence before Saiki said softly, "If you're going to use your powers on me, it's only fair if I use mine, right?" Reita froze. His hands were suddenly grabbed and held tight above his head, and his body was slowly lifted entirely on the bed, his head resting on the pillow.

Piece by piece his uniform was taken apart, adrenaline and a very shameful amount of excitement rose in him. Saiki was in the same place as before, leering with a bored face. First his shirt was unbutton, following his coat and socks. Once they were out of the way, Saiki spread Reita's legs, and as much as he tried, he couldn't break free of the other boy's incredibly strong psychic grip.

"Saiki! I'm- I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I was just curious-"Reita choked as his hardening cock was gripped in Saiki's hand.

"Seems like you still are. You're totally into this, with your face as red as a cherry. It's funny, how even though you own porn mags and creepily hit on girls, you're still a total virgin to sex, right Reita?" An small smirk appeared on the pink-haired psychic, and Reita couldn't help closing his eyes in embarrassment. It was unfortunately all true, and with Saiki's mind-reading abilities, it would only make him mad if he denied it. It was also a turn-on, fear mixing with the arousal in his gut.

"I want you to tell me everything, Reita. If not, I'll make this worse for you. You own me for stalking me all those months, even trying to deny it," His hand moved up and down his clothed erection, eliciting hiccuping moans from the purple-haired boy. His shirt and coat were crumpled underneath him, and his pants soaked in one spot.

"But- But I just wanted to..hnn... know how all your powers w-worked at first! And... Ah! Someone told me you owned incredibly cute underwear... so I-" His sentence was cut off by a long moan after Saiki began sucking on his pert nipples. "I kept asking to see it, that's all!"

Saiki bit the pink nub gently before saying, "That wasn't so bad, wasn't it? Maybe if you had asked nicely... or perhaps not. You wanted to see just how easily I could tie you down, that's all that you're chanting in your head right now. How I could..." Rita's dirtied pants were swiftly taken and thrown on the floor. "-Make you scream." The leaking cock was rapidly pumped up and down inside his underwear, the purple-haired moaning shameless, overwhelmed with arousal. He came quickly, tears dribbling down his face in pure pleasure. The cum was still inside the other's boxer briefs, darkening the gray material.

"S-Saiki..." Reita arched in the afterglow, cock still being rubbed.

"I'm not quite done yet," He was placed on his side, a hand slipping in the catch some liquid. The moans were getting longer, the spent cock filling back up again slowly. Rita's boxer briefs were pulled down to get a nice view of his ass, a wet finger circling his hole. It clenched for a couple moments before relaxing to let Saiki's fingers in, Reita's voice getting shakier by the moment. His face was blissed out, entirely succumbing to the pyschic's ministrations.

More fingers were added, and the position changed. The purple-haired boy went back to lying on his back, his legs bent upwards for more leverage. His leaking cock peeked out, still wet with leftover come. By the time Reita adjusted to three fingers, Saiki had already discarded his own pants and shirt.

"Please- Saiki!" His weak voice was trembling in desperation. His cute pink cock twitched at the sight of the other rubbing his erection through the infamous baby blue briefs that looked like panties, according to his spies. They were taken off and His thicker cock was placed in front of his entrance.

"I'm glad I can read your mind... good to know you play with yourself all the time about me, right?" Rita was quickly impaled, back arching in wave of pleasure. It was slow thrust after another, all the while being filthily talked to.

"You have a pink vibrator at home, even though you live in a temple. You hide it with your porn mags under a floorboard, and when no one's home, you love to bounce on it, Toritsuka, thinking it's me-" The constant flood of humiliation and ecstasy was too much.

"I'm gonna cum Saiki-!" Reita screamed as Saiki slammed harder into him, a bullseye on his prostrate. The pink-haired psychic emptied in him as his entrance tightened around him, moaning low, bent over. They stayed in that position for a bit, entirely blissed from the experience. Reita's head was blank, essentially fucked to oblivion. Saiki slipped out, gently resting beside the other, releasing the psychic hold he had on the other's appendages.

They breathed in silence until it almost back to normal, until Reita spoke up. "I think I still owe you..." He mumbled lowly, facing away from the other. Saiki laughed softy, hearing the other's scrambling, panicked thoughts about his own reply.

"Indeed... Seems like the message hasn't truly reached you. Maybe if you visit me enough, you'll earn back forgiveness."