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Renovate My Heart

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Levi was pacing… Again. It had been hours. He was grateful he had finally managed to get all of the others to go back to Eren’s place and home with promises that when he knew something, they’d know. Eren’s father had even tried to use his name to get answers sooner. But the doctor, the one Eren had been referred to, was actually some kind of specialist in dynamic fertility and reproduction, Gynecology and Obstetrics (he looked her up) and she was on her way, but was coming from a conference some hours away. They’d at least gotten in touch with her and she’d ordered a whole list of tests which no matter what Grisha (or Carla for that matter) had threatened, they could have the results of no faster.

It didn’t matter, Levi was sure he knew already, though it did little to quell the anxious worry that had come from finding his mate passed out cold in his walk-in closet. That certainly wasn’t a usual occurrence even if Eren was…

He hadn’t seen him yet either. Apparently, Eren had been sleeping a while since they had given him an antinauseant that had put him out and the attending had said the rest was probably for the best. Really all of the chaos with the family had delayed everything probably three times as long. At first, the hospital staff didn’t even want to speak to him as Eren’s bonded mate.

Finally, it was quiet, visiting hours had probably ended and it was probably even later than it seemed, but Levi hadn’t gone anywhere, pacing, sitting, pretending that he could focus enough to read anything in any of the magazines, pacing again.

A bespectacled Alpha woman with about five different pens sticking out of her messily pulled up hair and a tablet in her hand came bustling into the waiting room. “Mr. Ackerman, Mr. Jaeger’s mate?” She greeted cheerily with a lopsided grin, offering him her unoccupied hand, “Doctor Hange Zoe. I’m sorry about the delay. Busy business, you know. So!” She let go of his hand and looked down at the tablet instead.

“Is everything alright? Is Eren okay? Is he–”

“Eren and the babies are doing just fine. He was lacking in a few odd vitamins, causing anemia and he was a bit dehydrated, no surprise when he’s supporting a couple of freeloaders there,” she interjected before Levi’s anxiety turned to panic and caused anymore of a commotion, “We’ve gotten that all sorted out now though. We’re going to keep him overnight just to monitor and I’ll certainly be following up later this coming week given how far along we are here.”

Levi blinked and blinked again. He’d already suspected, and he wasn’t surprised per se, but he was speechless. Hearing it confirmed, and had she said, “Babies?”

As in plural?

Looking up from her chart, Dr. Zoe eyed the Alpha to make sure he wasn’t about to pass out. “I take it you guys didn’t know? Makes sense since he missed all his first trimester check-ups. I was worried you’d be one of those holistic, science denier types. But, all is well! The little rascals are roughly sixteen weeks along and have hit every developmental milestone we wanna be seeing. Have a look-see,” Hange said, stepping beside the Alpha to show Levi the ultrasound images, “Here’s baby A’s foot, and look baby B is smiling, ain’t that cute!”

Levi looked at the vaguely baby shaped blobs on the image the doctor had pulled up on her tablet. He just stared at them for a long minute, like he couldn’t find the right words. Eren was never going to believe it; he was having a hard time believing it. Maybe it wasn’t going to be just a couple weeks, but Mikasa was going to be getting those siblings sooner than they could have ever imagined. “How– Can I tell him?” A sort of relieved elation creeping into his voice and into his scent.

“Of course,” Dr. Zoe said, clapping Levi on the shoulder then steering the dazed Alpha back in front of the door to Eren’s room. “The nurses told me he was a little out of it during all the tests but the drowsiness should be gone by now. I’m just gonna go print these pictures out for you guys then I’ll be back for any questions you might have.”

The Alpha nodded though he was only half-listening, attention hyper fixated on the door which separated him from his mate. He’d been waiting so long, anxious, concerned and feeling oddly unbalanced being unable to be with the Omega.

He opened the door as the doctor turned away to stride off down the hall again.

The entire room was drenched with the smell of distress and anxiety. Eren swore his mind was going a mile a minute as he scrolled through google, trying to ignore all the wires he was attached to that were pulling on him. Not to mention how itchy the hideous, poorly constructed hospital gown he’d been forced into that barely covered his body and smelled like chemicals.

Recognizing his mate’s scent, Eren managed to pull his eyes up. “Do you have a will?” He asked, half crazed and on the edge of panic, “I had to do one as a part of the adoption but we haven’t even completed your paperwork to adopt Mikasa!”

Levi’s brow furrowed in confusion, answering slowly as he approached his mate, taking in the state of him as his scent reacted to soothe, “Yes, I have one. Eren, why are you worried about that right now? We have time to get that all worked out, Ilse said it was all formalities anyway.”

Shoving his phone in Levi’s face, “Ovarian cancer! It fits all the symptoms!” Eren said then snatched his phone back. “It has to be pretty advanced! I need everything prepared for Mikasa. Where’s the doctor? I want to discuss treatment options!”

“No Sweetness,” the Alpha murmured, shaking his head as he reached to pry Eren’s phone away from him, and set it aside. “That’s not it…You weren’t getting enough essential vitamins and it caused anemia,” he explained further, tilting his head and catching Eren’s gaze.

“But that only explains the fatigue, not the nausea!” Eren burst out in frustration then tried to reach for his phone again. “See just look, I’ve been reading through articles since I woke up- hey!” He whined when Levi shoved it in his pocket instead.

Just to be sure the Omega didn’t attempt to get the device from his pocket, Levi settled onto the edge of the bed next to his mate. He caught Eren’s hands and held them, still watching him as his scent curled around them with a pleasant calmness that clashed with the anxiety of Eren’s.

“You’re right, but the cause of both that and the deficiency is the same,” Levi answered, a soft smile creeping over his mouth as he settled one hand against Eren’s thinly covered belly, “I know you said you couldn’t, but there really is no other explanation now Sweetness.”

The Omega’s face scrunched up in confusion as he stared down at Levi’s hand before his mind caught up and he froze. It took a few tense moments for him to speak.

“That is not funny,” Eren said through gritted teeth, glaring at the Alpha venomously before shoving his hand away.

Undeterred by Eren’s expected denial and upset, Levi stayed close to him and reached for him again anyway; Eren knew that his mate would never joke about something so devastating and Levi knew he was only lashing out.

“Eren, I know you’re too scared to believe it and I don’t know how exactly, but… Doctor Zoe said it’s been about sixteen weeks and that they’re both perfectly healthy despite taking too much from you for the past couple months,” the Alpha continued in a hushed and honest tone after a moment, imploring Eren to believe him, “This is real Sweetness.”

“Stop it!” Eren yelled, yanking his hands away as his breath started to come quicker. He needed to get the fuck out of here before he exploded into a million pieces. Pulling the heart monitor wires from his chest then flicking the SAT monitor off his finger, multiple machines began to beep as he wrestled his way out of the blankets and onto shaking legs. He considered tugging his IV out as well but thought better of it, grabbing the IV pole to storm out of the room.

But Levi once again got in his way, blocking the path to the door.

“Move!” Eren screeched right in the Alpha’s face but Levi remained, forcing the Omega to change directions altogether and storm into the bathroom instead, slamming the door and locking it. He paced around the small space, trying to get a handle on his breath that was coming in gasps now, but he couldn’t.

Ripping the door back open, he found the Alpha standing right outside it. “So you regret mating me then? You said- no, you promised- that me being infertile didn’t bother you! How dare you do this to me! How dare you say shit that can’t possibly be true!” he hissed, scent filled with hurt and betrayal.

Levi didn’t even move consciously, crowding into Eren’s space, gathering him into his arms as gently as possible and refusing to let him go though the Omega fussed and struggled. “I’d never regret bonding you Eren. Not even for a second. I’m not even scared anymore…” His voice was low and breathy as he spoke, trying to follow the Omega’s hurt and convince him he didn’t need to be, “I wanted to be the one to tell you even though I knew you were going to make it hard. I’m sorry you’re scared, but you know I’d never lie about this Sweetness.”

Eren fought for as long as he could against the trap of Levi’s arms, but he was exhausted and running on fumes way before this panic attack had begun. He made one last valiant effort to break free then failed, collapsing into Levi’s arms as a wave of lightheadedness overtook him. The Alpha held him up as he tried not to pass out once again and maneuvered his limp body to sit on the side of the hospital bed. He could hear Levi directing him to slow his breathing and though it felt like the room was closing in on him and his heart was beating out of his chest. But after a while, it got easier and he didn’t feel like he needed to gasp for air anymore. It was then that Eren could see Levi now kneeling on the floor in front of him, looking up at his mate in concern.

“I need–” Eren started, but his voice cracked and he had to try again, “I need proof.” He didn’t want to doubt his Alpha, but he was still overcome with it. So much doubt it was crippling him and ruining him from the inside out.

“I knew you would,” Levi agreed, shuffling forward on his knees to prop his chin on Eren’s knees with a thick sigh, looking up at his mate with understanding, “The doctor said she was going to print off the pictures…” He paused for a thoughtful second, “You know, it’s probably why I haven’t been knotting you…”

Eren frowned. That actually made sense. But it didn’t matter. His reality was set in stone.

“I still don’t believe you,” he muttered, unable to stop himself from running his fingers through Levi’s messed up hair. The Alpha didn’t respond, closing his eyes and enjoying his mate’s touch. Still so calm and resolute.

Eren wanted to believe him. He did. But he couldn’t, not yet.

It was then that his nurse walked in, huffing at the state of his patient.

“You aren’t supposed to be out of bed,” Moblit tutted, ignoring the tumultuous scents in the room. He motioned for Levi to get up and help Eren back into bed properly then began reconnecting wires, “Dr. Zoe is right behind me, they just had to check on another patient.”

The Alpha didn’t leave Eren’s side, shifting out of the way only as long as the nurse needed to do his job before Levi was dominating the space again, instinctively overprotective because of the fragile state his mate was in. He offered Eren his hand to hold silently as Doctor Zoe came in some minutes later with probably more pens sticking out of the messy bun atop the Alpha’s head and that same broad and somewhat manic grin.

“Mr. Jaeger, I’m Doctor Zoe, it’s good to finally meet you awake and aware. You gave your mate and your families quite the scare this morning. How are we feeling now?”

Eren didn’t really know how to answer that question. He felt like he was dangling over the edge of a cliff and any moment he’d tumble all the way over. The only thing stopping him from falling apart were Levi’s fingers threaded through his own.

“I’m exhausted,” Eren finally settled on and watched as the doctor flipped through his chart.

“Your heart rate and blood pressure are a bit high, but you’ve had a stressful day. I’m sure your mate told you I wanted to keep you overnight to make sure everything’s okay,” Hange said, still reading through the nurse's notes. “Oh! Before I forget!” She handed the ultrasound image to Eren, “I told Mr. Ackerman I’d print this out for you guys!”

The Omega took the photo with shaking hands and stared hard at the image for a solid minute while Dr. Zoe continued to yammer on. Double checking the name in the corner, his breath hitched and he promptly began to bawl, startling the doctor out of her rambling.

“H-How is this p-possible!” Eren managed to gasp out between sobs.

Hange grinned awkwardly, frozen with her hands up. “Well… When an Alpha loves an Omega,” Dr. Zoe started jokingly before Eren began to wail louder. “Right sorry! You must’ve shared your heat with your mate approximately four months ago? Ring any bells?”

Levi seated himself on the side of the hospital bed again, wrapping an arm around Eren and drawing him against his side in an attempt to soothe the obviously overwhelmed Omega as he set a decidedly unimpressed glare on the doctor.

“That’s true, but that’s not the problem. Eren wasn’t supposed to be able to conceive. He’s never been able before, we’re gonna need a little more explanation than that,” he explained, watching Hange’s expression change to one more serious as they looked over Eren’s chart again and then at the tablet they’d had tucked under their arm, scrolling and humming in response to whatever was on the screen.

“I’m sorry, I should have read back further. Today has been a day for me too,” Hange excused, adjusting their glasses and continuing as Eren’s sobs finally subsided to hiccuping sniffles, “Weak uterus and inconsistent hormone levels most commonly seen in male Omegas are often misdiagnosed as infertility. In the event of implantation, the likelihood of carrying past the first trimester is dangerously low. But pheromone and hormone therapy are a constantly changing and growing science. Even just a few years ago, we had less understanding than we do now of just how powerful the effects of bonding can be on a couple, especially when it comes to hormone balancing and fertility. More tests would have to be run and of course we’ll monitor throughout the pregnancy to collect further data, but what it really comes down to is that the human body is an amazing and miraculous thing.”

Eren could barely understand what the doctor was saying, but it made sense enough for him to accept his new reality.

The picture of baby shaped blobs in his lap also helped. So he nodded along as she continued to ramble until she finally, for the love of god finally stopped talking and left the room, leaving the mated pair alone. They stayed like that for a long time just sitting in the quiet together until the Omega finally managed to speak.

“I’m pregnant,” Eren said like he was testing out how the words sounded, continuing to stare down into his lap.

Levi rested his head against Eren’s, following his line of sight to look at the picture as well, giving him a comforting squeeze, and unable to keep from smiling in response, “Yeah.” He pressed a kiss to Eren’s temple, “It never bothered me that you couldn’t, but I knew you wanted them. I don’t know when, but I started to wish I could give them to you… How do you feel Sweetness, really?”

Eren turned his head so that they could press their foreheads together, green eyes rimmed with red looking into grey.

“I don’t know. I feel… Lost,” the Omega finally managed. “It took me so long to be okay with being infertile. It was my dream to have kids and when I couldn’t… I put that dream in a little box and put it away, then I made myself a new dream and planned out my life accordingly.” Taking a shuddering breath, he closed his eyes, “This… This wasn’t the plan.”

Levi hummed, watching Eren’s closed eyes, voice hushed between them, “I know. I wasn’t part of that plan either in the beginning.” He went quiet for a breath before finishing his thought, “It’s okay if you’re scared of this, feeling lost. I don’t anymore. I have no doubt I am right where I’m meant to be and I’m not going anywhere. We can make a new plan together…”

Eren sniffled then whined, “I don’t want to cry anymore! This is all I’ve ever wanted but now that it’s here I’m overwhelmed…” The Omega pulled away then rubbed at his face furiously to try and get rid of the tears. “Of course you would be the Alpha to knock me up!” Eren said jokingly, shoving the Alpha’s shoulder as he tried to dispel the tension. “Just had to go and be better than any other Alpha, huh?”

“Hey, I promised to do my best. What can I say if I’m naturally an overachiever,” the Alpha grinned in response, bumping Eren back and shifting further onto the bed with him, his hand sneaking back to Eren’s belly again, “We even got a two for one special.”

“Wait- what?” Eren asked, eyes blown wide before he snatched up the ultrasound to take another look. He really hadn’t been listening, too absorbed in his own shock. Now he was once again surprised as he saw the outlines of both baby A and baby B.

“What the fuck?” he whispered to himself. “Are you fucking kidding me right now? Twins? Seriously?”

“Beginner’s luck?” Levi chuckled, looking back at the ultrasound with his mate, fingers vaguely kneading at his belly beneath the hospital gown.

Eren didn’t hesitate to yank the hospital gown up, revealing his abdomen to inspect it closer. “It doesn’t look like there is one baby in there, let alone two babies… Didn’t she say I was pretty far along? I look like I ate too much, not that I’m pregnant,” Eren grumbled, poking at his belly.

“Yeah, four months, but she also said they were right on track… Maybe it’s just too early still…” The Alpha said, catching Eren’s hand and flattening it beneath his own against the Omega’s softening stomach, “And for the record, you look beautiful.”

Eren scrunched up his nose. “I’m covered in snot and tears, riddled with wires, really need to shower, and I’m stuck in the most unflattering piece of clothing I’ve ever seen… And you are still gonna call me beautiful?”

“As the day I met you Sweetness,” Levi replied without skipping a beat, flashing his mate a handsome smile and watching him with no small amount of affection, “Maybe even prettier…”

“You're ridiculous,” Eren scoffed, but couldn’t help but smile as he pulled his gown back down. Even at the Omega’s worst, Levi still knew how to make him feel better.

“How insufferable is our family going to be about this?” Eren wondered aloud, finally able to sink back into the bed as the Alpha put his arms around his shoulders comfortably.

“Probably pretty insufferable, but we can worry about them tomorrow. It’s too late now anyways. This can be just for us tonight I guess,” Levi adjusted his hold, leaning back and stretching out in the narrow bed with Eren finally relaxing against him, “You know who else is gonna be insufferable about it?”


“Your boss,” Levi let out a breathy laugh, “They couldn’t even handle a couple days without a major meltdown. Just wait ‘til you tell them you aren’t coming back since you’ll be taking maternity leave…”

“Don’t remind me,” Eren groaned, burying his face in Levi’s neck as if he could hide from the world there. “I’m starving,” the Omega said, changing the subject, “The food here is shit. You think they will let me eat Mcdonald’s?”

“I think, they didn’t strictly say you couldn’t. Anything specific you have a craving for?” The Alpha easily latched onto the subject change, itching to see to his mate’s needs. Eren hadn’t eaten all day and now that it was mentioned, neither had Levi; late or not, they could both use something to eat.

“Chicken nuggets, large fries, large rootbeer… You think ice cream is overkill?” Eren asked. He wasn’t kidding when he said he was starving.

“Nope, you have whatever you want Princess, anything else before I go?” Levi smiled, sitting up to slip out of the bed.

“No… Just don’t be too long. I hate it here,” Eren said, a little anxious that Levi was leaving but too hungry to try and make him stay.

“I know,” Levi could sense and smell the Omega’s discomfort, pressing in to scent and kiss him before he pulled away again to leave, “I’ll be back before you know it, love you.”

Because of the hour, traffic was nonexistent and the line up at the fast food restaurant was empty, so the Alpha really was back in record time with everything his mate had ordered and nearly double for himself. They situated themselves back in the uncomfortably narrow hospital bed and ate together and talked and at some point slept though neither of them remembered falling asleep later.

It’d been one helluva day.


Given the all clear by Doctor Zoe with some instructions for Eren’s vitamin intake and a follow up appointment for the end of the week, Eren and Levi had left the hospital just before lunch. Levi had let the family know they would be coming home, though he hadn’t said exactly when, not that it mattered because upon arriving at Eren’s place, it was rather clear everyone was there already.

“At least they left me a space in the driveway,” the Alpha commented as he pulled in, slanting his gaze and a smile at his mate, “You ready for this Sweetness?”

“Do you think it's too late to grab Mikasa and run,” Eren asked, nervous, nauseous, and not wanting to deal with the shitstorm that awaited him inside. He didn’t even know why he was dreading it so much. Eren felt like he should be excited to tell his family the news, but he barely had time to come to terms with it himself.

“I suppose I could have them send her out, but you know they’d never stop looking for us,” Levi replied humouredly, reaching across the seat to give Eren’s thigh a supportive squeeze, “How about I distract them while you go shower and change?”

“I don’t think it’ll be possible to distract them,” Eren grumbled, then undid his seatbelt and went to open the door only for the Alpha to suddenly materialize outside to help him down. The Omega normally would have yelled about being perfectly able to get down from the truck, but it pleased his instincts for his mate to take care of him. So Eren let Levi help him all the way to the front door, took a deep breath then opened the front door to find their entire family waiting on the other side.

Everyone was talking at once, asking questions, offering him things, and Eren was instantly overwhelmed, looking to Levi to take control.

“Quiet,” Levi’s voice was low, steady and commanding and his scent went up like a physical barrier, silencing all the chaos at once. The only one left unaffected by the dominant scent broke through the crowd.

“Mama!” Mikasa cried as she finally managed to squeeze out from between everyone. She hadn’t been told anything for forever and no one seemed to know when her daddy and mama were gonna be home. She flung herself right into Eren’s waiting arms, immediately snuggling into him as he picked her and took her with him to his bedroom as Levi ushered their collective family into the living room.

The second he closed the door, Eren began nuzzling Mikasa, irritated by her smelling like anything that wasn’t himself or Levi. “I missed you so much! Did you have fun with grandma and nana?” Eren asked, flopping down on their bed with his daughter still curled in his arms.

“It would have been funner if everyone wasn’t so worried the whole time. Gramma even tried to sneak out and Papa had to stop her,” Mikasa told her mother, stretching in his arms and enjoying his attention, and voicing her own concerns, “I missed you and daddy too. You were at the hopsital a long time. Are you all better now?”

“I’m sorry Mika… But I’m feeling much better now and I’ve brought you home a surprise!” Eren said, turning on his back and getting comfortable in the pillows. “Can you guess what it is?”

The little Alpha perked up, looking at Eren with curiosity-bright eyes as she hummed and sucked on her bottom lip in thought, “Mm, you has to gimme a clue Mama.”

“Okay,” Eren giggled, “Let’s see… You asked me for it recently, and I have it on me right now!”

“Umm,” her face scrunched up; she didn’t remember asking for anything too big most recently and not anything she hadn’t already received… Except. “I wanted a baby brother or sister, but you don’t have a baby with you, so it can’t be that,” she mumbled, eyeing her mama suspiciously, sure he was tricking her somehow.

Eren tried to bite back his smile and failed. God how did he get such a smart kid as his daughter?

“Here give me your hand,” Eren said, taking her little palm and pressing it flat to his stomach. “You won’t get to meet them for a couple months, but you have two little siblings growing right in here!”

Mikasa was quiet for a long moment, processing the information and rubbing her hand over her mother’s belly idly, her eyes widening and then narrowing as she finally answered, drawing the only plausible conclusions, “You weren’t ‘uposed to eat them Mama! How long are they gonna be stuck in your belly now?”

Eren burst out into laughter, unable to contain it. “I didn’t eat them! Gosh I shoulda googled a kid friendly explanation… Okay… so! Remember when we baked those cookies?”

“I ‘member you ate lots of ‘em,” Mikasa replied skeptically, watching Eren with still suspicious and expectant eyes, uncertain how baking cookies had anything to do with babies.

“Well um, me and your daddy… Together we made your siblings like we mixed up that cookie dough… Then Daddy put them into my belly to bake! And in five months, you’ll be a big sister!” Eren stumbled through the explanation, hoping it would work and not give her some sort of cannibalism complex.

“You ‘spect me to believe babies are made like cookies and baked in a belly oven?” Mikasa crossed her arms over her chest, staring Eren down, scrutinizing him, sure he wasn’t really telling her the truth, or at least not the whole truth. She’d have to ask her daddy later and compare, but she was willing to take his word for it for now if it meant she was going to be getting those baby siblings.

“You know what, ask your father later, in front of the whole family preferably,” Eren said, completely throwing Levi under the bus. He decided it was the Alpha’s fault for getting him pregnant to begin with. “Either way, they are right here! I bet they can even hear you right now!” he said even though he had no idea when hearing developed in the womb.

“Really?” The little girl’s eyes went wide again, effectively distracted from her suspicion by the concept that her siblings could actually hear her from inside her mother. “Lemme see if they can hear me,” she demanded, not waiting for permission before she dove down to press her face to Eren’s belly, whatever words she was saying to the babies inside muffled and lost against him before she peeked back up at him with a wide grin.

Eren melted at the scene before him, scent filled with happiness. “They can’t wait to meet you,” Eren said, gathering Mikasa up in his arms to give her a big hug. “I already know you are gonna be the best big sister in the whole world!”

“Of course!” Mikasa agreed brightly, giving Eren a hard squeeze in return, “You don’t have to worry Mama, I told them they don’t have to be scared, we have the best family… Even if you did eat them.”

Yup, he definitely made his daughter think he was a cannibal. Oh well, it was a problem Levi could solve later.

Hugging her to his chest, they stayed in each other's arms and only when she fell asleep did he tuck her into the bed and finally go shower the hospital off of himself.