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Magister Dominatus

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Magister Dominatus

Snape. That was the only word on the cover of the dusty book sitting on the teacher's desk. Harry wondered what those thick pages contained and his hands almost itched to undo the clasp and lock binding the book closed. Still wary after the incident with looking into Snape's memories in the Pensieve, he left the book alone and continued scrubbing down the desks and cauldrons as he was supposed to be doing. Another Friday night, another detention.

Snape had left him to his own devices once he'd given Harry his orders, going into his private office to do whatever it was he did in there. The door between the office and the classroom was closed and Harry's mind wandered to that intriguing book again and again. What was in it? Was it a diary or a journal? Did Snape write down his private thoughts in there? Maybe it was Potions recipes, but the book was so dusty that it couldn't have been used very frequently.

Maybe it was Snape's school records. All the things he'd done as a student. His grades, his detentions. Harry guessed that Snape gave out so many detentions because he had so many himself at school and was getting even. It seemed like the sort of thing he would do, getting even like that.

Maybe Snape was a writer and the book contained his novel or poetry. Or maybe he wrote erotica and the book was locked so that no unsuspecting student could read it and be scarred for life. At seventeen, with no more experience than his own hand, Harry very much wanted to be scarred by anything remotely smacking of erotica and he edged closer to the teacher's desk again on his way to the sink to rinse out the last cauldron.

He glanced at the door to the office, it was still shut fast and he had an hour before his detention was due to finish. What did Snape do in there? Harry wasn’t surprised that the professor hadn't supervised every second of his detention. Snape normally gave Harry instructions then went into his office, only returning when Harry's detention was over to check his work and send him on his way.

Harry had been doing this same detention so often that he was rather skilled at cleaning cauldrons and desks these days and as a result, he normally finished his tasks long before his detention was over. He finished rinsing out the last cauldron and hung it back on its hook by the ceiling. What he tended to do once he'd finished his tasks, was to wank while sitting in Snape's chair. There was just something so exciting and forbidden about doing it in the classroom that he was usually half-hard by the time his detention work was finished.

Probably what he should have done was knock on the office door and tell Snape he'd finished and be ready for the man to give him something else to do. Things would have worked out a lot differently if he'd done that.

Harry sat down on the teacher's chair and surveyed the rows of desks in front of him. It was a different perspective from up here; Snape's desk was on a dais and Harry was looking down on the students. Was that a deliberate arrangement?

There was nothing else on the desk except for that book. Harry trailed his fingers in the dust along the cover and traced Snape's name in the gold foil embossing. Would Alohomora even open the lock? Snape probably knew more hexes and jinxes to keep prying eyes out. But if he didn't want anyone to pry, what was the book doing on his desk in full view? Harry tried to reason with himself, but it was pointless really. He'd known as soon as he saw the book that he was going to attempt to open it.

He heard a groan coming from the office and all the blood rushed straight to his prick. Was Snape wanking in there? That's certainly what it sounded like. Breathless moans coming faster and faster. Harry's mind supplied him with an image of the Potions Master loose limbed and sprawled naked in a chair on the other side of a door. No, not naked, he couldn't quite imagine the man unbending enough for that. Harry closed his eyes to better realise the fantasy, helped along by the wonderful sound effects.

Snape sitting on a chair, still fully clothed, touching himself through all those layers. Yes, Harry could imagine that quite well. His own trousers were getting rather tight and he pressed a hand to his groin, rubbing in slow circles, teasing himself. Did Snape get horny during lessons? Is that why he wore so many layers, so no one would notice his erection? Harry's hand was moving frantically across his jean-clad erection now, his imagination running away with him as he imagined the look of bliss on his teacher's face as he pleasured himself.

Harry remembered all the teasing from his friends and classmates when for the past few years he hadn't been too interested in chasing the opposite sex. His libido hadn't really kicked in until he'd defeated Voldemort; Harry guessed there had just been too much on his mind before that but now it was a different story.

Harry thought maybe he was a bit oversexed; he masturbated three or four times every day and his mind was never far from sex. He wondered about Ron and Hermione and if they'd done it yet and what exactly it might entail. Too embarrassed to ask Ron and too worried about offending Hermione he kept his questions to himself. His relatives had never told him anything and when he'd had his first wet dream, he’d thought there was something really wrong with him but an embarrassing check-up with Madam Pomfrey soon put him clear and he left with a fistful of pamphlets and a bemused grin.

They made him more confused than anything, for nowhere in them did it mention the sort of dreams Harry was having. A lot of them made great issues about how to please a woman and what to look for in a girlfriend. The trouble was Harry had no desire to seek out any woman's company; he'd kissed two girls in his life, Cho in fifth year and at the last Yule Ball, he'd kissed Luna goodnight after their date.

He had no desire to repeat the experiences. It was hard chests he dreamed of, not softness. He wanted hard jaws with a hint of stubble, sweat and musk, not flowery scents. There was nothing in the books Madam Pomfrey gave him about two men being together and nothing about two women come to that. Since accidentally discovering Luna and Ginny in the Astronomy Tower trying to suck each other's faces off; he guessed that something happened between women just as he hoped something happened between men too.

It was a man he wanted, but none of his classmates made him feel all fluttery and nervous, not like Snape did. Harry wanted one man – the man on the other side of that door; but how did you go about it? Should he ask him on a date? Somehow Harry couldn't imagine the man taking him to Hogsmeade. Or should he just face up to him and kiss him breathless to let him know he was interested in him?

Harry moved his hand from the book and unbuttoned his jeans, letting his prick spring free. He sighed in relief and trailed his hand along the tip, so damp already. His eyes were drawn again to the book. He gave his prick a teasing squeeze and investigated the lock, half-expecting some sort of alarm to sound as he cast Alohomora on it.

No sirens wailed and the lock fell open, revealing a blank page. Harry turned them all and they were all the same, nothing but blank page after blank page. Uncomfortably reminded of Riddle's diary, he set the book down again and took out a quill from his pocket. There was a little bit of ink left on the nib, just enough to test the book.

Harry Potter he scrawled on the first page and it didn't disappear, but something else happened. The book slammed shut by itself and a disembodied voice floated through the dungeons.

Harry Potter. Bonding accepted and in the next instant Professor Snape came storming out of the office, his face like thunder.

"Potter! You imbecile! You should know better than to write anything in a book you know nothing about! And for Merlin's sake, make yourself decent!"

Harry flushed when he realised his jeans were still unbuttoned. He hastily put himself away and looked at the floor, feeling his eyes sting as he struggled to hold back tears. The man hated him… just because Harry had a silly schoolboy crush on him didn't mean the man returned it.

"We have to see the headmaster, see if he can reverse it."

"Reverse what, sir?" asked Harry, still unable to look at him.


Severus Snape took one look at the cowed student before him and realised that it had started already. The Harry Potter he knew would have been ranting and raving about the unfairness of it all, not sitting there meekly like a lamb to be led to the slaughter. But he was a lamb, Severus' lamb now to do with what he pleased and Severus couldn't stop the shudder of possessive desire that ran through him at the thought that Potter was now his. He shook his head as though to clear it. No, he couldn't do this. It was the magic from the book. Potter was his student. Nothing more.

There was a knock on the door and Severus knew without answering it that it would be the headmaster. The castle was alert to the magic practiced within its walls and the magic in that book hadn't been invoked for centuries.

"Stay there, Potter," ordered Severus as he opened the door to Albus Dumbledore.

"Ah, Severus. It seems the wards think that some unusual magic has taken place in your rooms this evening."

"Yes, Albus. Potter has somehow managed to find my ancestor's Magister Dominatus and signed his name in the book."

"Oh dear. Oh dear… and what happened? Harry?"

"Um, I signed my name and a voice said Bonding accepted. "

"Oh," said Albus. "Then at least one of you must have been willing for this bonding to take place. The magic would not have worked otherwise."

"I assure you that it was none of mine, Albus! He's seventeen! He's my student!"

"Sir? Professor, what does it mean about bonding?"

"You have no idea what you've just done, have you, Potter? That's you all over, isn't it? Dive in feet first with no thought! The Magister Dominatus was a book used by a lot of older Wizarding families in olden times to bind slaves to them. Personal slaves."

The boy's head jerked up, green eyes sparkling with defiance. "Slave? I'm not your slave!"

Severus' groin tightened at the sight; this is why it would be so good. There would always be that small spark of defiance within the boy, despite writing his name in the book.

"Yes you are, Potter. You've signed your name in the Snape Magister Dominatus. You now belong to me, to do with what I see fit."

"That can't be right! I didn't know what the book was!"

"I'm afraid Professor Snape is right, Harry. The magic has been invoked, you now belong to him."

"Belong to him?" Potter's voice was beginning to crack. "What does that mean?"

"It means that you and Severus are now magically bonded, a marriage if you will, but because the book was used to bind slaves and masters together, one of you will be dominant and one of you will be submissive to the other. Since the Magister belonged to the Snape family, it is Professor Snape who will be dominant over you."

"Albus, you cannot be serious! He's a child!"

"I'm not!" retorted Potter vehemently. "I'm seventeen, I'm of age!"

Severus snorted.

"Now, Severus. There is nothing else to be done. You know as well as I that bonding magics are unbreakable. You will have to teach Harry how to be your subicio, that's all there is to it."

Severus stared at him then at the boy he was now magically bonded to. The magic only worked if at least one of the partners was willing for the bond, usually it was the Master who wanted to bond to a slave, the slave's feelings were never taken into account. Since Severus knew he had never even thought of bonding to the brat, that meant Potter must have been willing for the magic to invoke the bond. Potter was thinking of him like that? Severus remembered how he'd caught him earlier, with his cock hanging out of his trousers. Had he been wanking instead of doing his detention?

"I'll send a house elf along with your things, Harry. You'll be living with Professor Snape now. I'll let the rest of the school know tomorrow, but I suggest both of you take the rest of the weekend to sort things out between you."

Sort things out? Dear Merlin, sort out what? How to teach Potter to be a subicio? Severus' subicio? Until this evening Severus had never thought of Potter as a rather annoying brat and now the magic was playing havoc with him. He wanted Potter as his subicio. Wanted to teach the boy everything.

"You are condoning this, Headmaster?"

"The magic on a Magister Dominatus is older than Hogwarts, my boy. It wouldn't take into account that you were teacher and student, only that you wished to be bonded. Since it is a form of marriage, there is nothing wrong with you both being together. As I said, I will explain to everyone that you are now both bonded, but for now I think you both have a lot to discuss. Goodnight, Severus, Harry."

"Goodnight, Headmaster," said Potter but Severus couldn't find breath enough to say the words. Once the headmaster was gone, he paced up and down the classroom, trying to fight the urge that wanted him to take the boy there and then and damn the consequences. Only he knew there would be consequences no matter how much the headmaster tried to explain to everyone else.

Severus knelt down so that he was kneeling in front of the boy. The magic was strong, but Severus had never been a rapist and he wasn't about to start now.

"Potter, the magic in this book is real. It has bonded both of us together as Master and slave, Dominant and submissive if you will. If you truly do not wish to take it further, leave now. This is your one chance. If you stay, you will have to obey me in every way. I will punish you for infractions, but I can give pleasure too."

"I - I don't want to go," the boy admitted and Severus wondered if that was what he truly wished or if it was the spell. It wouldn't matter soon anyway.

"Very well, you have had your chance. Now, what shall your first punishment be?" Severus asked softly.

"P- punishment?" Potter squawked.

"You tried to argue with me, Potter and we can't have that, can we? The sooner you learn you belong to me, the better. Eventually you will come round. You will crave my touch, my words, my affection. It's how the spell works. You will want to be on your knees. You will want to please me."

Much to Severus' surprise, the boy sank to his knees on the floor and hung his head. "Yes, Master."

Severus hadn't expected the magic to kick in that quickly, but he wasn't one to question his good fortune. He had never desired taking a pet before and he had no idea how his ancestor's book came to be sitting on his desk where Harry Potter could find it, but he was doing more than contemplating it now. Severus knew part of it was the magic inherent in the book's bonding spells, it decided which Master and which pet were suited to each other and only then would the bonding have been accepted. Who would have thought that he and Potter were suited to this? And that Potter would be the submissive?

"Much as I enjoy you on your knees in front of me, you still need to be punished for arguing. Stand up and remove your trousers and underwear, then bend over my desk."

Green eyes glassy with unshed tears glanced up at him and then looked as quickly away again. Though the threat of tears were there, they didn't fall and Severus wondered what upset the boy more. That he was about to be half naked in his Master's presence or that he was being punished for disappointing him?

Severus watched intently as the boy stripped out of his clothes. First the jeans were pushed down those muscular thighs (Quidditch was good for some things it seemed) and then a pair of plain blue boxer shorts soon followed. Once the items were removed, Potter just stood there with his back to Severus and made no move to lean over the desk like he had been told to. That would earn him another punishment.

"Bend over the desk, face down like I told you. You will obey me or you merit more punishment. You may speak when I speak to you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," the boy gasped and leaned over the desk, in the act of doing so his shirt tail rode up and Severus was treated to the view of his delicious bare arse. Harry Potter stretched out on his desk, a hand gripping the far edge, straining on tip toes to hold his position was the most erotic sight Severus Snape had ever seen and his cock throbbed in his trousers.

He conjured a paddle to him and patted it against his hand. "I am going to paddle you. Ten strokes in all. You will call out the number after each stroke and after you have received all ten, you will thank me for punishing you. Are we clear?"

"Yes, sir. Thank you sir."

Severus brought the paddle down hard and saw the cheeks beneath the wood ripen pale pink as Potter gasped and gripped the far edge of the desk. "O- one! One!"

Again and again he brought the paddle down on those reddening cheeks, loving Harry's whimpers and moans as he called out each number. The fifth stroke, Severus put all his weight behind it and the boy on the desk yelped.


Six and seven he aimed at the boy's arse in quick succession, watching Harry writhing on the desk and when he moaned out on the eighth stroke, Severus knew what he'd started to suspect from number four.

"You slut!" he landed the paddle hard on the brat's arse for the ninth time. "This is making you hard, isn't it?"

"N- n -nine!" he groaned, but didn't answer the question.

"This is a punishment, Potter! Don't you dare come over that desk!"

"No, sir! I'm sorry, sir!"

Severus swung his arm and let the paddle fall for the final time. "Ten! Ten!" shrieked Potter and although he moved a little on the desk, Severus knew he hadn't come yet. "Thank you, Master. Thank you!" he sobbed.

"Stand and face me," ordered Severus. The boy turned and it seemed he could no longer hold back on the tears.

"Sir! I'm - sorry! I didn't mean to get hard!"

Severus stared at the boy's cock which jutted out just below the edge of his shirt, already dampening it with precome. He stalked over to the boy and caressed the leaking tip. The boy shuddered, groaned and spilled himself over Severus' fingers.

"What is the matter with you, Potter? Anyone would think no one had ever touched you before!"

Oh Merlin, there it was, an embarrassed blush painting the boy's face crimson and Severus fought hard not to come in his own trousers. Potter was untouched – a virgin.

"You're a virgin," said Severus. It wasn't a question, but Potter answered anyway.

"Yes, sir. I'm sorry." His voice was still a little shaky after his tears.

"My dear pet, that is one thing you will never have to apologise for. Take off the rest of your clothes and follow me."


Harry's hands shook as he unbuttoned his shirt and his legs felt like they were about to give way at any moment. His arse burned where he'd been paddled and he winced as the tail of his shirt brushed over his sensitive skin. Oh God, he'd come over his Master's hand with barely a touch.

"I'm waiting!" came a disembodied voice from what Harry assumed to be the bedroom. Harry quickly removed the rest of his clothes and followed the voice, wondering if he would get another punishment for being so slow at obeying.

As he edged into the room, he saw Snape sitting cross-legged in the middle of the bed, his teaching robes removed, but he was still dressed in a white shirt and black trousers. His sleeves were rolled up to the elbows and Harry's eye were drawn to the paler patch of skin on the man's left arm where the Dark Mark used to be.

"Come over to the bed," ordered Snape. Harry moved away from the doorway, only for Snape to raise a hand to halt him. "Not like that. Surely you know better?"

Harry shook his head, feeling nervous tears threaten again. All he'd ever imagined was perhaps kissing the man, touching him or being touched. He had no idea how a subicio was supposed to behave and hadn't Dumbledore said that Snape was supposed to teach him? Harry didn't want to do it wrong, he wanted to please Snape, but he didn't know how.

"On your hands and knees," said Snape in a softer tone.

"Thank you, sir. Thank you," said Harry, so grateful that his Master gave him a direct instruction and that he hadn't seemed to merit a punishment for not knowing what he should have done. Harry sank to the floor on all floors and crawled towards the bed, stopping when he reached the bottom of the bed, but he did not get to his feet again. He heard the mattress shift as Snape moved and then he felt fingers carding through his hair. "Good boy," said Snape as Harry arched his neck into the caress, loving every minute of it.

"Look at me," said Snape, reaching under Harry's chin to tilt his face up. "I know you're a virgin, but what else have you done? You may speak freely."

Harry was lost in that dark gaze and felt himself flush under the scrutiny. "Um, just kissing, sir and you know..."

"No, I don't know. You need to explain yourself better. There are to be no secrets between us."

"T- touching myself," said Harry at last, feeling as if his whole body was blushing by now.

"You've not experimented with your classmates at all? No fumblings in the showers or the Quidditch changing rooms?"

Harry shook his head. "I - I'm glad I've saved myself for you, sir," Harry admitted.

Harry flushed with desire at how good it felt to be kneeling at his Master's feet. He belonged to Snape now and although part of Harry thought he ought to be horrified at how quickly he’d accepted the situation, another part of him thought that it had been the best thing that had ever happened to him. For so long Harry's only wish was to belong somewhere, with someone and now he had his wish.

"So am I, so am I, Harry," said Snape leaning down to kiss him. Harry held his breath. He knew, even before Snape's lips came down hard on his own that this kiss would be nothing like those he had shared with Cho or Luna and he was right. The kiss was not sweet, not tender in the least. It was a claiming, a devouring. Someone moaned; Harry wasn't sure who but it didn't matter as soon both of them were moaning and groaning into each other's mouth and grabbing hold of each other like two men drowning.

Harry was hard again already, the twitching of his groin making the marks on his arse tingle and he wasn't sure whether it was with pleasure or pain now. Snape's tongue traced along Harry's bottom lip and as he opened his mouth a little bit further, the tongue ventured inside and Harry was convinced he might come again just from that - the feel of Snape's tongue inside him, so hot and wet and he moaned anew.

Harry could feel his cock rubbing up against the base of the bed and he shifted trying to get more pressure on it, but his Master saw and pulled away from the wonderful kisses. Snape swatted Harry's already sore arse and he cried out in pain.

"Are you really unable to control that wayward cock of yours?" demanded his Master. Harry hung his head and stared at the floor. "Look at me when I'm speaking to you!"

Harry looked up; feeling frightened and close to tears as he tried to fight the spells, tried to fight his Master but he knew it was no use. They were bound now, for all intents and purposes Severus Snape was his husband and his Master and there was nothing Harry could do about it. His body started shaking again but with fear this time, not desire. Snape had been a Death Eater, he probably knew a hundred ways to torture someone and there was nothing to stop him torturing Harry if that was his desire.


Severus saw the tears filling those wide green eyes and he almost cursed himself for how quickly he'd fallen under the spell of the Dominatus Magister. It had been designed to give Masters total control over their slaves, but he didn't want a slave and never had. Severus reached out and caressed Harry's cheek.

"Harry, I'm sorry. Forgive me; the magic is making us do things we might not want. Come, sit on my lap, we need to have a talk."

Harry started sobbing again. "Have I displeased you, Master?"

"No, no, nothing like that. Just sit on my lap, pet."

He watched as Harry stood up, all gangling limbs as if he hadn't quite grown into them yet. Harry would never be tall, but he had gained a few inches this past year and his face had hardened; now he was all planes and angles rather than the softness of childhood. Harry sat down on his lap and sat as stiffly as if he was on a horse and was afraid of falling off. The boy's teeth were chattering and his skin was like ice. Severus saw him wince as his sore bottom settled on Severus' thighs. He'd have to heal that before he took the boy. He wanted Harry's first time to be pleasurable; they had plenty of time to play afterwards.

Severus pulled the coverlet off the bed and wrapped Harry in it, making sure that he was warm. Harry snuggled deep into the blue velvet so that all Severus could see was the wild hair on the top of his husband's head.

"Harry, the Magister Dominatus is old magic, set at a time when it was seen as acceptable and even desirable to keep slaves. We have moved on since then. I do not want you to be my slave, but because of the bonding, that's what the magic thinks we are, Master and slave. It's why you feel the need to obey me, no matter what I say. I don't want you to obey everything. If there is really something you are not comfortable with, I want you to tell me. You need a safeword."

"A safeword?" echoed Harry. "What's that, sir?"

"A safeword is a word you would use to get you out of any situation you find uncomfortable. Once you use your word, I will stop whatever we are doing and we can discuss why you felt the need to use it. But as soon as you say the word, I will stop. I promise."

"W- will the spell let you do that? I thought I had to do everything you said."

"We are both strong wizards, Harry. We cannot fight everything the spell does, but we can make the relationship the way we want it. So, what's your word to be?"

"I don't know."

"Come on, surely you can think of something?"

"Sugar Quills?"

"That will do admirably," said Severus, leaning down to place a kiss on Harry's head. "And now I think it's time you had some sleep."

Harry's head shot out of its velvet cocoon. "But, sir - I - never - you never got to..."

"Harry, you're tired and upset, a lot has happened today. I will never make you go without sleep just because I didn't happen to get off. We will have plenty of time to explore the bond and each other further once you've had some sleep."

Severus stood up with Harry still in his arms and placed him in the middle of the bed. "The house elves haven't brought your things yet; you can borrow one of my nightshirts for now."

Harry wrapped the coverlet around his naked body again. "Thank you, sir. I don't mean to be a bother."

Severus wandered over to his dresser and plucked out a black nightshirt with white buttons. "You aren't a bother," he whispered and wondered if Harry had even heard.


Harry woke up and panicked at first when he realised he was in a strange bed. What had happened yesterday came back to him in a flood. He was bonded to Snape. He was Snape's slave – Snape's subicio. Harry looked around at the room that he hadn't been able to pay much attention to last night.

The walls were panelled in a pale wood with wrought iron sconces holding white candles, unlit now as morning sunlight edged into the room from a charmed window. There was a beech wardrobe along with a dressing table and stool to match it. Somehow Harry couldn't imagine Snape using a dressing table and even as he thought it, he saw the top of it was strewn with books, papers, quills and inkwells, but not a beauty product in sight.

The bed was a large four-poster with roses carved around the posts and on the headboard. Blue velvet curtains were tied around it with white silk tassels but despite its size, the other side of the bed was empty. Harry's heart beat against his chest in a nervous rhythm. Had he ousted Snape, his Master, from his bed?

Just as he was contemplating that and what punishment it might have merited; the bedroom door opened and Snape came striding in, waving his wand at another door which swung open. "The bathroom is through there, Harry. Make yourself presentable and then we will have breakfast."

"Thank you," Harry said to his Master's retreating back before making his way to the bathroom. Snape had a large tub along with a separate shower cubicle, toilet and washbasin, all of them in white porcelain. Shelves around the room held towels, soaps and shampoos for greasy hair. Harry plucked two white towels and toiletries from a shelf and slung them over the shower door. He showered quickly, guessing that his Master expected him to make breakfast, like Harry had done for years at the Dursleys'.

Once showered, he used the toilet and got dressed in a pair of jeans and a long sleeved blue shirt. He wasn't quite sure how 'presentable' it was, but it was the weekend, so surely Snape didn't expect him to wear his uniform?

When Harry went back out to the living room, he saw a small table that he hadn't seen last night and Snape was already sitting down at it. The table itself was already set for two and food and drink was already there.

"Have a seat, Harry," said Snape, waving at the empty chair. Harry slid into it, nervously twisting his hands as Snape poured both of them a glass of pumpkin juice. "I thought we'd go over some ground rules today, what I expect of you and what you can expect of me."

"Yes, sir," said Harry.

"Normally, you will not sit at the table with me, you will sit on my lap and I will feed you from my plate. If you are being punished for something -"

"Yes, sir. I know," Harry interrupted and felt his heart fall to somewhere near his feet. He was used to food being withheld from him as a punishment but he had hoped that things with Snape would be different than with his relatives.

Snape arched an eyebrow at him. "You know what, Harry?"

"That if I'm being punished, I won't get fed at all," said Harry miserably.

"Harry, no. I will never withhold food from you. Ever. Sometimes you may be punished by sitting on the floor by my chair rather than sitting on my lap, but you will be fed. I expect you to eat well in point of fact; I won't have you starving yourself. In the Great Hall, you will kneel beside me to be fed, but that isn't a punishment, it's just the way things have to be there. There would be riots if I fed you on my lap."

Harry blushed, wondering what his friends and the rest of the school would think once they saw him kneeling in front of Snape.

"The house elves do most chores around here, but I expect you to keep our bedroom and bathroom tidy at all times. I don't want to find wet towels and dirty clothes strewn about the place. You will go to lessons on time and do your homework to the standards I will set down. If you lose points or get detention for any reason, you will have extra punishment from me as well, that punishment something I will decide at the time. It may be spanking, paddling or removal of privileges. You will obey me without question or you will merit punishment. The only exception to this is during bedroom play if you feel the need to use your safeword. Your safeword will not get you off doing detention or out of a punishment earned for getting a detention or losing points in the first place. Do you have any questions?"

"No, Master."

"In return for your obedience, I will ensure that you are fed and well kept and that you will want for nothing. If you require something you only need to ask, I will not deny any reasonable requests. I will also teach you all you need to know about sexual pleasure and the pleasures of pain and submission as well. The things I might do to you are not to hurt you, but to push your limits and let you find for yourself what you can manage. You may surprise yourself. In short, I will look after your every need just as you will look after mine."

Harry shifted in his chair and winced as he felt the sting from the paddling once again.

"We will see to that after breakfast," said Snape and Harry wasn't sure whether that was supposed to be a threat or a promise.


Half an hour later found Harry lying face down on the large bed, naked except for his underwear which Snape had pulled down to his thighs, so he may as well have been completely nude. Snape's hands rubbed a scented salve into the skin of his buttocks and thighs, wherever Harry had been hit with the paddle.

"I should have done this last night," said Snape. "Although I may punish you for disobedience, there is no need for you to be in pain all night. You have my permission to remind me if I haven't healed you before we go to bed."

"Thank you, sir," said Harry, very surprised. Whenever he'd been hurt by the Dursleys, there was no concept of healing him afterwards; they'd never taken him to a doctor or tended him when he was sick. Snape's hands continued rubbing the cooling gel onto his skin and soon Harry was free from pain, but the touches didn't stop.

Harry felt almost breathless as his Master continued to caress him; there was no doubt in his mind now that these touches were a caress. He felt his cock hardening against the mattress and Harry hid his flushing face in the pillow. It was so embarrassing being naked and having your body touched and looked at. Harry had half-expected Snape to laugh at him. To laugh at Harry's awkward, gangling limbs; his hairless chest and the size of his prick. Compared to the other boys in the showers, Harry knew he was lacking in that department and he felt very self-conscious about his body.

Due to the abuse and neglect courtesy of the Dursleys, Harry knew he would never be as tall as he might have been and unless he had a sudden growth spurt, he would never be as big down there either. Snape hadn't laughed at him, not even when Harry had lost it the night before and had come with barely a touch.

Snape's hands kept stroking him and Harry felt himself slide into a blissful half-sleep until Snape's fingers got closer and closer to his crease. He felt a weird, twitching sensation back there and when Snape slid one salve-covered finger down between his cheeks he almost yelped in surprise. He hadn't been at all been prepared for that.

The finger pressed deeper and deeper until it was inside him. Harry squirmed, not sure what to make of the sensation. "Sir!" he gasped. "Wh - what are you doing?"

The finger inside him stilled but it wasn't removed. "Does it hurt?"

"No, Master. It just feels strange," admitted Harry.

"It would feel even stranger if I just shoved my cock up there without any preparation."

Stick his - up there? He was joking, wasn't he? Harry panted for breath; his fingers scrabbling at the pillows as he tried to crawl away, but he couldn't dislodge that finger. "No!! Sugar Quills! Sugar Quills!" yelled Harry and at last, the finger moved away.

Harry heard Snape cast a cleaning charm and then he was grabbed by the waist and turned over so that he was facing his Master, his erection bobbing between them. Snape's eyes were glittering like two black gemstones and he looked angry. Was he angry that Harry had used his word?

"Would you care to explain that?" demanded Snape. "We're not going to get very far if you balk at one finger. What's the matter?"

"I - I was just surprised, sir. Do... um... do people really do that?"


Severus stared down at his pet in surprise. Did Harry mean that he didn't actually know what two men could do together? Then again, who would have told him? It wasn't illegal to be gay in the Wizarding world, but it was not considered entirely proper either. There was no sexual education curriculum at Hogwarts and from what Severus knew of Harry's friends, they had all paired off with witches. So no, Harry probably hadn't known what they were going to do.

"Yes, people do that, Harry, but it is not something discussed in polite company, just like any aspect of sex isn't. Do you have any more questions?" Severus tried his best to get back to teacher mode, but really, all he wanted to do was to fuck the boy into the mattress. His cock was so hard it hurt, pressing against the seam in his trousers.

"Um - wouldn't it hurt?" Harry asked, eyes wide as he tried to focus without his glasses. They were such a deep shade and Severus found himself staring into them as Harry talked.

"It can hurt, particularly the first time, but it should be minimal with the proper preparation. There is pleasure too, something that you may not have discovered for yourself yet. You just have to trust me. The sooner we do this the better, Harry. Once the bond is consummated, the magic will settle down further and you will probably not feel so upset about things that we do. Lie down, let me show you."

As he talked, Severus' hands had wandered all over Harry's back and shoulders and the boy was almost purring in his arms as any reluctance was washed away by Severus' touches. He knew just where to touch, where to press to have Harry like putty in his arms. He was determined to drive the boy so mindless with pleasure that he would not want another's touch. Only his Master's.

"Yes, Master," said Harry as he slipped from Severus' arms and lay down, his erection almost standing vertical from the soft, dark curls at his groin, the elastic of his underwear just sitting below his sac. Severus pulled them down and off, throwing them over the side of the bed. They wouldn't be needed for a while.

He sat up to unbutton his shirt, but he kept his trousers on for now; he didn't want Harry to panic.


Harry licked his lips and swallowed as he watched Snape remove his shirt. The man's chest was broader than the man's frame would indicate and almost as hairless as Harry's own. There were dark hairs in a circle round his nipples and a furred trail led from his bellybutton and dipped beneath the waistband of his trousers. Harry was glad Snape hadn't removed his trousers yet; he was still a bit nervous and wasn't sure he was ready for this yet.

Seeing that dark gaze fixed on his body, Harry blushed and placed his hands over his groin.

"No. Let me see you. All of you."

Harry obeyed, but had to close his eyes. He couldn't take the intensity of his Master's gaze any longer. It felt as though he was burning from the inside out and he didn't know how to stop it. Maybe if Snape touched him rather than just kept staring at him it would be better. "Please," Harry begged, although he wasn't entirely sure what for.

He felt the weight of his Master's body settled atop his, driving the breath from his lungs and he gasped just as Snape brought his lips down to Harry's and kissed him soundly. Snape nibbled on his bottom lip, soothing the bites with his tongue then pushed and prodded so that Harry had no option but to open his mouth. Their tongues danced around each other and the longer they kissed, the harder Harry got. It was as if there was an electrical wire running from his tongue directly to his groin and he bucked up against the man on top of him, moaning and mewling in pleasure.

Not much longer after they'd started kissing and rubbing, Harry felt the ache in his balls and cock as his orgasm approached. He clung to Snape's back, his nails digging into his Master's skin and he tried to get even more pressure on his cock. Nearly there. Nearly - ah - there -ah - ah!

Harry felt his Master's hands grip the base of his cock and his orgasm was averted. He made a disappointed wail into his Snape's mouth as his release was thwarted.

Snape pulled away from his mouth. "You will learn control, Harry. You will not come today until I am deep inside you, is that clear?"

"Yes, sir," Harry whispered hoarsely, feeling awful that he had disappointed his Master.

Snape trailed his hands along Harry's collarbone, the touch so light Harry wasn't sure he was feeling it at all.

"Bend your knees and open your legs," ordered his Master and Harry obeyed without thought. He wouldn't disappoint his Master again. Snape dipped his fingers in the jar of salve which had still been sitting on the bed and coated them liberally with the gel. Harry closed his eyes.

"No. Look at me."

Harry opened them again and stared at his Master, whose hands had disappeared between Harry's legs. Snape caressed Harry's inner thighs with a gentle touch, so much so that Harry's legs went wobbly and they fell open even further. When Harry felt the finger try to enter him again, he tensed up and tried to back away, hating himself for it. That was not what his Master wanted.

"Relax, Harry. It'll hurt more the more tense you are. There is room, breathe through it." His Master's words and his voice were soothing and Harry did as he suggested. It did get easier after a while and he relaxed into it. This wasn't a punishment. His Master wouldn't hurt him, not for this. Sex was supposed to be fun, wasn't it?

"Good boy, good," said Snape as he reached up with his other hand and stroked Harry's erection, making Harry forget about what was happening in his arse altogether. His heart was pounding in his ears, his body was covered in perspiration and he was panting like a horse that’d just finished a race. Harry had never felt anything like this before in his life and wondered at how it felt so much more when someone else was touching him.

By the time Snape had three fingers inside him, Harry was writhing and arching on the bed, trying to impale himself on those fingers. He ached with want and when Snape crooked his fingers just so… Harry screamed as a jolt of intense pleasure shot through him like lightning. Harry's toes curled; his hands clutched the sheets as he came hard over his belly and chest and his Master's hand. Harry's whole body felt like rubber as he stared horrified, into the dark eyes of his Master. He'd come without permission!

"What did I just tell you?"

"I'm sorry, Master. I didn't mean to!"

Snape whispered a spell and then he was completely naked. Harry didn't know where to look. He looked so big there! Surely that prick would never fit inside him? Snape saw him looking and his face darkened.

"Is this how it's going to be, Potter? Defying me at every turn? On your hands and knees, now!"

Harry felt sick at the man's angry tone and he had every right to be angry. Harry had disobeyed. As soon as Snape removed his fingers from Harry's arse; Harry turned over and assumed the position he'd been ordered into.

"I'm sorry, sir!" he sobbed. "I didn't mean it! I didn't mean it!" Harry was almost swaying in his distress, come dripping down from his body to pool on the sheets below him. He felt Snape grip his hips and suddenly something longer and thicker than fingers was pressing against him.

Harry wasn't prepared for the rough entry and he stifled his cries by sheer force of will. His Master owned his body; Harry was just there for his Master's pleasure. Harry didn't matter. Harry had never mattered. Silent tears dripped down his cheeks and onto the bed mixing with his earlier emission.

Snape was grunting with effort, pounding into Harry and kissing the back of his neck. Sometimes Snape caught that magic spot inside and despite himself, Harry felt the arousal building once again. He didn't want it. He didn't want to come and disappoint his Master again.

"Merlin, Harry! Do you know how good you feel? So tight! Fuck! I could do this all day!"

Harry hoped he wouldn't. He hoped it would be over soon. "Please!" he begged. "Please!"

"All right, Harry. Touch yourself, make yourself come."

Harry sobbed again. That wasn't what he wanted. He just wanted it over with, but his Master had given him an order and he had already disappointed the man enough today. Harry gripped his cock and roughly pulled at it, wanting to come as quickly as possible so that this could end. Moaning and mewling through his sobs, it wasn't long before Harry felt his belly coiling, a heavy ache in his sac and knew he was going to come soon.

Harry clenched his buttocks as the first waves of his climax washed over him and he was barely aware of the wet warmth filling him from his Master's almost at the same time. Harry shuddered as he spilled himself over his hand and the bed below him, feeling a little faint.

He felt Snape kiss his neck and it was too much; he collapsed onto the bed in a sobbing heap, making Snape fall on top of him.


Severus pulled out of Harry and felt his heart fall to somewhere near his shoes as he took in the sobbing boy. What had he done? What on Earth had he done? He saw a trickle of pink from Harry's anus, blood mixed with the semen and he cursed himself for losing his temper like that and using sex as a way of subduing Harry. He'd all but raped him.

"Harry, I'm sorry."

Harry turned his head, tear-filled jade eyes staring up at him. "No, Master. It's my fault. I'll try to be good. I promise! Please don't send me away!" Harry's words became incoherent as he wept and wept.

Severus wrapped the boy up in his arms and tried his best to soothe him, although he wasn't entirely sure how. "Harry, you didn't want it, did you? You weren't ready for this yet. Why didn't you use your word, pet?" Severus stroked the sweaty hair and kissed his forehead.

"This slave is not important, Master. Only my Master's pleasure is important."

"What's your name?" asked Severus, having a terrible suspicion as to what had happened to them both.

"Slaves don't have names, Master," said Harry.

And for the Snapes who had created that damn Magister, that was entirely true. They didn't care about their slaves, only how they could be used by their Masters.

"Wait here, Harry," said Severus, conjuring a robe to wrap around himself and then stalked back to the office and that damn book! As soon as he'd seen the blood it was as if a veil had been lifted from him and he saw things as they really were. Harry Potter, one of his students, sobbing and cowering in the bed where Severus had forced himself on the boy. They had both been more affected by the magic than he'd anticipated and it was going no further.

Severus waved his wand at the dusty tome and blasted it to smithereens. Let's see the magic try to take control of them now! With a satisfied smirk, Severus headed back to the bedroom.

Harry wasn't in the bed; he was kneeling by the side of it, his head bowed, hands resting on his thighs and though he was still sobbing a little, he was trying to hide it.

"Harry, it's all right. You don't have to do that anymore. I destroyed the book."

Much to Severus' horror, Harry dashed forward and wrapped his arms around Severus' lower legs. "Please, Master! Please don't send me away! I'll be good! I'll be good!"

Merlin, no! Had the act of destroying the book trapped Harry in the role of his slave forevermore?

"I'll never send you away, Harry. I promise. I'll look after you from now on."

Severus scooped Harry up in his arms and carried him through to the bathroom. Maybe one day Harry would come back to himself, but for now, Severus bathed his pet and gave him a dose of Dreamless Sleep.

No matter what happened, he would always be there for Harry.

He was the only one for Harry now.



A/N: Magister - master
Dominatus - domination
Subicio – submissive