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The Lady and the Madman

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I shall tell a tale of a man who goes by many names, but who is known to most as Alex. His hunt for power has destroyed cities, and an entire mountain. He had betrayed many to achieve his own ends. But, the question is, why? Why did he betray everyone he loved and cause mass destruction just to achieve such power. You're about to find out:

It all started in the town of Imil, the place where Alex was born. For those who don't know, Imil is a snowy town, once home to the Mercury Clan. The only living descendants of the once great clan were Alex, and his uncle, who had taken him in. When Alex was born, he was abandoned by his family. They left him in the care of his uncle, who was more than happy to take him in. Alex had never known who his parents were, but he had considered this man a father figure. His uncle wore an elegant robe, and had long, flowing blue hair and an aqua blue moustache to match. He had watched over Alex for a year. He had taught this boy to wield a staff. When Alex was one, his uncle saw that Alex had magical powers, similar to his own.

"This must be the power of the Mercury Clan," he said. "Alex, you have a gift." Alex looked at his uncle. He couldn't begin to comprehend his own power. "You have a power passed down to generations upon generations. When you are the right age, you shall become my apprentice." He smiled as he put Alex on a table. He was loved in this house. Two years had passed, and Alex was three. His uncle had married a beautiful woman, and they had a child on the way. Alex was living the life of kings. His uncle walked over to Alex. "Alex, it's finally time to start your training," he said."

"Training?" He asked. "Yay! I get to be uncle!"

"Alex. This is a difficult thing to do. Are you sure you're ready?"

"I ready! I ready!" baby Alex yelled. He jumped up and down in excitement. His uncle gave him a headband. "With this headband, you are now my apprentice.

"Yay!" Alex sat down. His uncle called upon the power of Ply, a power that is genetically inherited by members of the Mercury Clan. Alex saw what he was doing and tried focusing his little energy to use Ply. Unfortunately, he failed to use it.

"We'll try again later," his uncle said. For the next five months, Alex tried to master the power of Ply. During the sixth month, he had finally been able to use the power of Ply. "Good job!" His uncle said in joy. "Your reward can be saying hello to your new cousin. Her name is Mia." He brought a small baby girl into the room.

"Hello Mia," the toddler said. He looked at the small helpless babe. "She's so cute."

"She is." Mia's father took her away to care for her.

Three years later...

Alex had turned six and Mia was only three. Alex still loved his cousin with all his heart. He loved her short light blue hair that babies have. Mia's father had been away and asked Alex to watch Mia. Alex refused to say no. He loved playing with her. He had been mastering his snow power.

"You're still adorable," said Alex. Mia smiled.

"Thank you Alex," she said cheerfully. Alex smiled.

"Mia, you're very important. You're part of something called the 'Mercury Clan.' They are great healers who protect the tower up north." Mia smiled. He took her small, frail hands and softly clapped them together. Minutes later, Mia's father returned. Alex was to continue his training. "Goodbye Mia."

"Goodbye Alex!"

Three years later...

Alex was nine and Mia was six. When Alex was done practicing his powers, Mia's father let him play outside with Mia. They had snowball fights and made snow angels. Mia also started to learn the secrets of the Mercury Clan. She had learned the Ply power that Alex had learned almost six years ago. He smiled at the thought of Mia. Even though they were destined to protect the Mercury Lighthouse, Alex still loved when he got to spend time with his best friend.

"Mia," said Alex, "I love these moments. They remind me that I have to have fun every once in a while."

"I love these moments too Alex," said Mia as she ran through the snow and hugged Alex. Alex freed his arms and hugged her back. "Promise me that we'll always have moments like these together."

"I promise."

Five years later...

Alex had turned fourteen and Mia was only eleven when her father died. It was a very depressing time. When he had died, he left Alex and Mia with the tremendous burden of protecting the lighthouse. When learning that his mentor had died, Alex had snapped. He devoted most of his time studying various of different techniques, hoping that one of them could revive his uncle. All time not spent doing research, he was around Mia. She was heartbroken about the death of her father, and she needed someone to be there for her. They still played in the snow like they did five years ago. However, it wasn't the same. When everyone was asleep, Alex broke out the scrolls and continued to learn the secrets of his power. He learned that his power was called "Psynergy," and that it was connected to the power of Alchemy. In his studies, Alex learned that Alchemy was an ancient sealed magic. It had many powers, including the reversal of death. Alex read on. He read that if the four lighthouses are lit, then they Alchemical power will gather at the top of Mt. Aleph. They combine and form the Golden Sun, and whoever bathes in it's light will control the building blocks of creation. Alex could bring Mia's father back to life. Before he went to sleep, he read something shocking. He learned that he and Mia's father weren't related at all. He was just a stranger, but this man, his master, still felt like a father figure to him. He was still a descendant of the Mercury Clan, but his birth father was only a good friend of Mia's father. He blew out his candle and went to bed.

Two years later...

Alex had devoted every waking moment of his sixteen year old life formulating a plan to resurrect Mia's father. He wasn't just doing it for him. He was doing it for Mia. Ever since he learned the truth, he started reexamining his life. He remembered all of that time spent with Mia. He came to one conclusion.

"I'm in love with Mia," he deduced. He wanted to see her happy. He wanted to do this for her. "I need to do this, for her. She needs to be happy." He continued looking at the maps of Weyward and learning advanced Psynergy techniques that only the most powerful people have successfully mastered. He had become distant with everyone in Imil. He had to find people to steal the Elemental Stars in Sol Sanctum. He had no choice but to leave the town he held dear. He waited until the sun set before he took off. It took a year to find the individuals known as Saturos and Menardi who would assist Alex in the raiding of the Sol Sanctum.

Three years after Mt. Aleph's eruption...

By then Alex had manipulated many in order to achieve ultimate power. He had used Saturos and Menardi, Karst and Agaito, and even betrayed the Warriors of Vale. He understood gaining this power may destroy the world. He knew that he may be hated by everyone, including Mia, but he didn't care any more. He only cares about resurrecting Mia's deceased father, and his mentor. He had Felix unwittingly light the Lighthouses for him so he may start his climb up Mt. Aleph. He hoped The Wise One had warned the village to evacuate immediately. After days, he had finally reached the summit moments after the Mars Lighthouse had been lit. He finally had the chance to bathe in the light of Alchemy. Once the light dispersed, Alex tried conjuring a simple storm as a test of his powers. The storm failed to conjure. The mystic rock known as The Wise One had teleported itself to Mt. Aleph.

"They call you The Wise One, correct?" Alex asked, "Why doesn't my power work?"

"Silly Alex," The Wise One said, "I could not possibly let you have all of the power, so I simply gave the power of the Mars Element to Isaac."

"Impossible! I shall destroy you!" He tried to defeat The Wise One, but he was pushed to the ground.

"Alex, when will you learn that you're not as powerful as you think?" Alex felt a something rumbling.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Mt. Aleph is being devoured by Weyward, as is the village of Vale." Alex could not move as he was consumed by the Earth.

One year later...

Alex had finally escaped his earthly prison, and planned to see Mia again to explain himself. He was far to weak to use any Psynergy, so he had to make the trip on foot. In two months time, Alex had reached the snowy town of Imil, his home.

"I'm home," he said to himself. He searched for Mia, but she wasn't there. He had to seek the guidance of a local townsman. "Excuse me, but do you know where Mia is?" He nodded.

"She's up at the Lighthouse," he said. Alex thanked the man and ran to the Mercury Lighthouse. There he found Mia, praying over the Hermes Fountain. He walked closer, for he was curious about what she was praying for.

"I pray that Alex will make it home safe, and that life will return to normal." She said, hands clasped.

"She's praying for my return," he said. He walked closer and placed his hand on her shoulder. She jumped, and turned around to see Alex standing there next to her.

"H-hello Alex," Mia said, relieved that Alex was okay.

"Hello Mia," Alex said. He stared into her big sky blue eyes. They shined like a polished diamond. He remembered the little girl he played with many years ago, with the exact same sparkle. "I want a chance to explain myself."

"I'm listening," Mia said softly.

"The only reason I wanted the power of the Golden Sun is because of what it could do. I read that it could bring the dead back to life. Not just the recently dead either. It could've brought your father back."

"Alex, I never knew."

"I didn't want to tell you because I wanted to keep you safe. I didn't want you to get hurt. I love you Mia, and I mean as more than cousins. We're not related."

"W-what?" She stuttered as she took this in.

"Years ago, during my research I learned that we aren't blood related. Mia, all of this, I just wanted to make you happy." Mia started to cry. "What's wrong?"

"Alex; you didn't have to do any of this. All you had to do was tell me the truth."

"I wish I'd known that sooner. Mia, believe me, I wanted to tell you everything. Every time I saw you my heart broke."

"You should've just told me we weren't related Alex. I loved you too, but it's too late for me now. All I see is the madman who craved power."

"Mia, I want to redeem myself. Tell me, how can I do that?"

"You can tell me the truth." Alex and Mia sat down in the snow, talking for hours upon hours before the sun went down again. "Alex?"


"Thank you."

"There's just one thing I need to do before I have to go." He walked back to Mia and kissed her on the lips. She melted into the kiss and it became a passionate embrace of love.

"Stay the night, Alex." Mia said. Alex nodded his head and they went back to the town and slept in each other's arms. The next morning, it was time for Alex to leave. "Are you sure you have to leave?" Mia asked.

"It's better this way, Mia," Alex said, "No one will accept me anywhere anymore. I have to leave Imil and start a new life."

"Can I at least say goodbye?" She asked.

"Yes." Alex said. Mia walked up to Alex and they kissed once more before Alex left the town of Imil, never to be seen again.

You have now heard the tale of this man's rise, fall, and redemption. But, this is not the end of the story. This man's story evolves over the next thirty years. But the tale of a man named Arcanus is for another day...