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Eloise and the Voice of the Forest

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In Paris, Tech was tutoring Eloise as he did from now on and replaced her former 'mean and boring' tutor, Phillip. Phillip was a little sad to lose his agreement with Darla, but in a way, he was also relieved, because then, he wouldn't have to deal with Eloise's misbehavior again. Eloise also loved Tech's tutoring a lot better and she found herself understanding things better and found learning to be a little more fun with the futuristic coyote teaching her. Darla and Urchin decided to spend the day together to let Tech and Eloise have their time, of course along with Skipperdee, Ditto, and Weenie.

"If only you could've been in the tower more, El," Tech smiled to the blonde girl. "Akito and Estelle loved it, especially Vincent's girlfriend, Jenny."

"It sure has been a while since we last saw the Loonatics," Eloise agreed. "Besides you of course."

"I wonder how the Fudo siblings are doing." Tech said.

"You think Mother and Daddy will let us visit my cousins?" Eloise spoke up.

"Sure... After you finish your science homework." Tech smirked.

Eloise hid an eye roll to that and she did her schoolwork at the desk the coyote had made for her as opposed to sitting on the floor while he would sit in a chair above her like with Phillip. "I've been trying to train Ditto too, I hope I can meet Ash, Misty, and Brock like the others."

"Maybe someday." Tech smiled to her.

"Or maybe sooner than you think." Celestia's voice said.

Eloise looked around as she thought she heard a voice. Her Pokemon, pug dog, and turtle seemed to have the same feeling.

Meanwhile at the Cafe...

"Oh, Urchin, this was such a lovely date..." Darla smiled to her husband. "It's great to do things with you like this now that we're finally married."

"I know the feeling." Urchin smiled.

The two clinked their tea cups together and took another sip as they enjoyed Paris together as a couple for a change instead of Darla being in the place alone all the time due to her fashion job which made her leave Eloise in New York and Urchin in Atlantica.

"Eloise should go out with her friends sometime, we've been here quite a while," Urchin suggested. "Her cousins too. I mean, remember when we were kids and we had adventures?"

"Yeah, but we'll have to wait until someone invites her," Darla understood. "I wonder what those Loonatics have been up to since Ace and Lexi got married?"

"Who knows?" Urchin shrugged before he saw a light shinning as bright as Celestia.

Darla wondered what he saw, then looked in his gaze as she also saw a bright light. Could it had been the alicorn princess from Equestria? And where it was along with Tech, Eloise, Ditto, Weenie, and Skipperdee.

"Celestia...?" Darla asked as Urchin held Eloise close in his arms.

"Oh, Darla, look at how much you've grown." Celestia smiled to the all grown up blonde woman.

"What are you doing here, Princess?" Darla smiled.

"It is your daughter's time." Celestia replied.

"Time?" Urchin asked.

"Yes, she has her own Pokemon, so she must venture with the Ketchum siblings and their friends, just like her cousins." Celestia informed with a nod.

"Will my cousins be there with me?" Eloise smiled.

"Of course they will since this is a Pokemon adventure after all," Celestia said. "Also, there'll be a little reunion on the way before you go though, please allow me to take you there."

The family then was with Eloise this time as they were sent to a distant planet in the future, it looked odd at first, but after thinking for a minute, Eloise knew exactly where they were. The others were already there, but they were hiding and being quiet as they were going to plan a surprise for a certain couple who was not there yet.

"We're on Planet Blanc." Ditto smiled.

"Shh!" the others shushed before whispering.

"What's going on?" Eloise asked her cousins.

"We are planning a surprise for Ace and Lexi." Felicity whispered.

"They're coming back from the hospital." Vincent added in.

"Why?" Eloise whispered back. "What happened?"

"We don't know, but Lexi had an appointment, though I have a strong feeling." Akito said.

"I feel it too." Estelle agreed.

Duck was on look out, then looked to the others. "They're here!"

"Quick, hide." Jenny whispered before she grabbed him and pulled him down.

Duck yelped and flopped down.

It was then pitch dark as the Bunny couple came home and flicked on the lights which had the kids, Pokemon, and Loonatics pop out. "SURPRISE!"

"Whoa!" Lexi blinked, but then smiled. "Oh, you guys..." she then did a double take once she saw the human kids. "Oh, my gosh, guys, it's been too long!"

"Yeah, sorry we haven't been visiting more often." Akito said.

"Great to see ya kids again," Ace smiled. "How's your own time been?"

"Oh, just same old same old..." Vincent shrugged. "Kinda stale compared to our adventures in the 28th century with you guys."

"Well, it's good to have you back," Lexi beamed. "Um, where's Zadavia, Ixta, and Captain Planet?"

"Oh, they'll be right here later, they're picking up a cake, I hope it's not coconut, I really hate coconut, ick!" Rev muttered.

"There is actually something new." Estelle smiled as she and her brothers and Felicity brought out their Pokeballs.

"What have you kids been up to since you went back home?" Lexi smiled back, looking excited about the Pokeballs.

"We've been on many adventures." Akito said.

They soon let out their Pokemon. The Pokemon did their usual cries once they were out and about.

"Not just me with Ditto after Princess Ixta gave him to me." Eloise smiled as her new Pokemon sat on top of her head as usual.

The kids then introduced their Pokemon and introduced them to the Loonatics in return. And where Felicity even explained how she got her Mismagius.

"So, when was the last time ya saw these Pokemon friends?" Ace asked.

"At Christmas, we were hoping to see them again until Princess Celestia brought us here for your surprise party." Akito smiled.

"Wait, didn't we also see them that one time when we also got to meet the clone Pokémon and MewTwo?" Estelle asked.

"You remember that...?" Mo asked her daughter in surprise.

"Of course I do, only those that would use the information of MewTwo's location for evil would forget." Estelle said.

"We'll discuss that later, it's party time!" Ace smirked.

There was then music and a while later, Zadavia, Captain Planet, and Princess Ixta finally came with the cake which was vanilla so it would be to everyone's liking.

"Ixta!" Ditto slithered up to his former owner/trainer.

"Hey, Ditto, you being a good boy for Eloise?" Ixta smiled to her former Pokemon.

"I sure am and having lots of fun." Ditto smiled.

"Good." Ixta smiled back proudly.

"I got to meet a prince too." Ditto then said.

"A prince?" Ixta asked.

"The Prince of Kushin came to the hotel and we had the most absolute fun!" Eloise beamed about Leon, she seemed to blush though while talking about him however.

"So, Uncle Planet, how have things been between you and Zadavia?" Akito asked.

"Oh, they're going very well, thank you," Captain Planet smiled down to his great-nephew. "Don't get me wrong, I was happy before, but it's even better to have Zadavia there with me."

"Likewise." Zadavia agreed.

"So have you two kissed yet?" Estelle smiled.

Captain Planet and Zadavia blushed to that question.

"I'm right, aren't I?" Estelle giggled to their reactions.

Captain Planet and Zadavia blushed once again at that. Akito and Estelle giggled to them.

"I sometimes have to tell them to get a room." Ixta smirked to the twins.

"So, what were the results?" Duck asked Ace and Lexi.

"Well, turns out that my tiredness makes sense..." Lexi replied. "I know this is gonna surprise you all, but... Pretty soon, Ace and I will be hearing the pitter patter of little feet."

"You mean, you're-" Urchin asked.

Lexi smiled and nodded. "I'm due in a couple of months."

This caused for everyone there to cheer. Ace and Lexi smiled to each other, Lexi seemed to have joyful tears in her eyes. Everybody sent their congratulations of course.

"And get this," Lexi said to Akito and Estelle. "I'm having twins!"

"We know." Akito and Estelle smiled.

"Ya do?" Ace asked.

"We're not sure how it happened, but after we came back home after our last mission together, they came from the further future to meet us, they were named Apollo and Diana." Estelle explained.

"Those names actually fit them perfectly." Lexi said.

"Couldn't have said it better myself." Ace agreed.

Akito and Estelle then hugged the Bunny couple.

Duck cut the cake. "Alright, who wants the first slice?"

Slam reached out, then took the whole cake and ate it, leaving one slice behind which made everyone glare to him since the cake was for everybody.

"Slam!" Atticus glared.

"Sorry." Slam smiled sheepishly.

Atticus sighed and shook his head before using his magic to make more cake for everyone. Everyone thanked Atticus so they could enjoy the cake and luckily, Slam didn't eat this one.

"So, Eloise, how's tutoring with Tech going?" Felicity asked.

"It's so much more fun." Eloise smiled which slightly surprised that Eloise said that about being tutored.

"Somehow, I knew Tech would be a better fit with you." Akito said.

"So, your daughter doesn't go to school?" Lexi asked.

"Eloise 'absolutely dislikes' school," Darla replied. "So that's why I had hired Phillip who had went to college with Atticus before he went to Princeton."

"So how did Philip not work out for her?" Duck asked.

"In Eloise's words, he was basically mean and boring," Darla shrugged, not really knowing of Phillip's sessions with her daughter since she was in Paris at the time. "Apparently she had a lack of focus and her behavior was rather intolerable at times."

"She gets that from me." Urchin smiled sheepishly.

"Really? Because I haven't had any trouble with her." Tech said.

"You must be special." Darla said.

"It's only for an hour and a half, but she never seems to want me to go when we're done." Tech said with a smile.

"Aw!" Darla smiled.

"So what's this about a Pokémon adventure?" Eloise smiled at Celestia.

"Do either of you know what a Celebi is?" Celestia quizzed the kids on their Pokemon trivia.

"I do!" the Fudo twins beamed.

"Umm..." Celestia smirked as she put her hoof up and then pointed to the girl. "Estelle."

"Celebi is a green fairy-like creature. It has round toeless feet, three-fingered hands, and clear wings on its back. It has a round head that comes to a curved point. It has large baby-blue eyes with thick black rings around them, and a pair of green antennae with blue tips." Estelle said.

The others clapped while Estelle curtsied to the others for her knowledge.

"So then is that Pokémon who we will meet?" Akito smiled.

"Yes, it is, I believe you've all encountered one during Christmas when you met King Adam and Queen Belle." Celestia replied.

"Yeah, they took us back to 'The Enchanted Christmas' back when the castle was still cursed." Estelle nodded in memory.

"Yeah." Akito nodded.

"That is the newest Pokemon you will meet." Celestia told the kids.

"What did it evolve from?" Felicity asked. "And what will it then become?"

"Actually, Celebi don't evolve to or from anything." Celestia informed.

"It's true." The Fudo twins said.

"Whoa." Felicity blinked.

"That's wonderfully unusual." Eloise commented about Celebi.

"I'll send you all to your friends after the party." Celestia told the kids.

"Aww..." the Loonatics frowned about the human kids leaving so soon.

"We'll visit every once and a while." Akito said.

"But ya kids just got here!" Duck frowned.

"Duck, I didn't know you cared." Jenny smirked.

"I-I don't, it just seems unfair," Duck said. "I mean, why can't we come along?"

"Frankly I didn't think you would be interested." Celestia commented.

"Well, I'd like to come," Ixta said as she stood beside Eloise. "I did have my own Pokemon before I saw he looked happier with Eloise and I was more close with my pet Tweetums."

"Great, oh, before anything else; Eloise, you will need your own Pokeballs and Pokedex just like your cousins." Celestia said.

"Yes, you need more than just Ditto's." Ixta agreed.

"Thanks, Ixta." Eloise smiled to the alicorn princess and once evil queen's granddaughter.